MISTY found her forever home with a wonderful pack of furry friends where she'll have lots of fun playing but also enjoy agility, rally obedience and even herding! Her new guardian fell in love with her sweet nature and classic border collie focus! Misty fit in perfectly and happily headed out to her new life in NY.

MISTY: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Misty is a loving, happy, good natured, active dog. She is super smart and very eager to respond and relate to a person. She is also very very cuddly and loves to be in your lap. Misty has lots of energy like any young BC and will do best with another young Border Collie or in an active home. Misty is about 30 pounds and will herd cats, so they need to be bc savvy. Misty also happens to be very camera shy so we're working on better shots. She was a stray in PA. 

DEE found her forever home with Miles, happily keeping tabs on him for the rest of his life. Her new guardians really wanted two friends and once they met Dee the day they were adopting Miles, they knew they would come back for her. Dee now lives on her own farm with lots to explore and do, which she loves, in upstate NY.

DEE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Dee is a petite, sweet girl who likes to be with people. She is very gentle and also a bit comical with her antics. Like most female Border Collies, Dee is keeping track of everything going on around her, with an eye out for all the action, though she fits in with all the dogs just fine and likes to play. She is attentive and smart and bonds quickly with new people. Dee is a sweetheart and could easily be a solo dog or live with other dogs, too. She is about 35 pounds and good with cats. Dee was relinquished directly to the Farm from NY when her person had landlord problems after she moved. 

LAIR found his forever home with a loving guardian who adores the breed and felt Lair was the perfect match for him, for long hikes outside as well as his constant companion. Lair thought so too, as they went for a trail walk at the Farm, and the two of them clearly connected. Lair headed out for his new life, with his jolly ball, to live in MA.

LAIR is a 6 year old Border Collie who loves to explore outside and play with toys but most importantly, wants to be with his person. He is very relaxed and enjoys hanging inside, very content to be with you. Lair is not showing herding tendencies at the Farm but apparently loved to round up the chickens and ducks. He is happiest in a calm setting and with a companion relationship so will be placed in an adult only home. Lair is best as a solo dog since he can be strong in meeting other dogs though he lived with many dogs previously. He is typical in size for the breed and good with cats. He was relinquished due to neighboring kids agitating him. He came to the farm from upstate NY. 

RIGGS won the hearts of his new family instantly cause he gave his sweet kisses and then asked for his wonderful belly rubs, which made all the kids fall in love with him. Then he ran the fields with them, enjoying clearly enjoying his new family fun! He now will be playing with Trooper aka Charlie, adopted from the Farm not long ago and have a wonderful life being adored by a loving family. He'll never need to worry again about where his meal is or who cares for him...Riggs found his forever home in Ct.!!

RIGGS: A 6 month old Border Collie mix (probably retriever), Riggs is a good natured, happy go lucky sweetheart. He is really loving and cuddly and so happy to be with people. Riggs is proud to show off his obedient nature and surely deserves a treat for his brilliance. He is good with other dogs and likes to run and play and of course, he likes squeaky toys. Riggs will be a wonderful friend and is not as wound up with herding tendencies as a purebred. He is good with cats.  He was a stray in PA.

BURKE found his forever him with loving guardians who were smitten with his sweet, good nature and were thrilled to have him join their lives. Burke will soon have another dog friend to enjoy his 160 acre farm! Lots of land and lots of fun and certainly lots of love, a long way from his days as a stray. Burke now lives in upstate NY.

BURKE: A 7 month old Border Collie mix (possibly golden retriever/bc), Burke is a lovebug, a real cuddler who loves people. Soon as he sees you, he wants hugs and gives kisses, gently and sweetly. Burke is all play, too. He loves to run and race with toys and enjoys all the dogs he meets, really needing a good young canine friend. He is easy going like most BC mixes without any herding tendencies. Burke was a stray in upstate NY in a shelter. He has not yet been tested on cats. 

ROSEY found her forever home when she met her new guardian and charmed her with all her sweetness, classic Rosey style! She will be her constant companion and enjoy chasing squirrels and exploring her new yard as well as lots of cuddling and kisses. Rosey happily headed out to her new life living in upstate NY.

ROSEY is a very petite 1 yr old Border Collie pup with tons of energy - tons! She loves to play, play, play and is happiest with another dog for wrestling, chasing and games they make up together. She is super sweet and friendly and loves everyone instantly, a very happy go lucky, confident girl. Rosey is also a character, full of spunk and makes you chuckle watching her antics. She is not showing any herding tendencies but instead is most interested in toys and dogs and play. She will go to an active home with another young dog only. Rosey is small for her age and likely to remain petite, about 30 pounds. She will need obedience and could certainly do agility or any other sport, once focused on the task. Rosey has a lot of puppy energy is very curious about cats so will need cats used to dogs. She was surrendered to a PA shelter due to landlord issues. 

HATTIE found her forever home where she'll get to try agility, flyball, frisbee, freestyle and everything else sport related. Her new guardian came to find her first Border Collie to jump into all these activities and more and Hattie won her heart. Clearly, Hattie new she'd finally found her place after wading through three different homes and even a stint on the streets of NYC. We are thrilled for this sweet Border Collie and so happy for her new furMom. Hattie now lives in Vermont and will have plenty of ball fun with her new furry friend, too.

HATTIE: A 6 month old Border Collie, Hattie is all action, a classic BC pup who can go and go and go. She would love activities like sports to stimulate her mind plus she is so agile, she could easily excel at them. Hattie is also a love bug, with a little wiggle as she comes up for attention. A few cuddly moments and she's ready to go with lots of play. Hattie needs another young Border Collie for play and would be best with a submissive male since she seems to be a classically strong girl, common in the breed. She is super smart and focused. Hattie is about 25 pounds and not good with cats, cause she will chase them.  She was relinquished to the Farm by another rescue who had placed her with a  guardian who could not meet her needs and returned her.

SPRING found a wonderful life with guardians she adored instantly and fell in love with her, too. Clearly, a perfect match but Spring will also have her own flock of sheep which she'll be working to move on her 15 acre farm. Her new guardians met Spring when we tested her on sheep and quickly discovered she was a great candidate for a working life. Spring will have the best of both worlds: lots of love and lots to do!! We are thrilled for her. She now lives in MA.

SPRING: A petite 7 month old Border Collie, Spring is a love bug who wants to be with her person and is quite the cuddler, very very loving. She is also very very high energy and ready to go, go, go. She would be a great candidate for sports especially since she is so relationship oriented. Spring is incredibly agile and can monkey-up and over our 5 foot fence easily, a great candidate for agility but will need an invisible fence system for safe containment. Spring could be happy with another more mature dog though she is a strong female so likely to be the top dog as she matures. She is very smart and very responsive to being with people, good with everyone. Spring has not yet been tested on cats. She is 25 pounds and likely to stay petite. Spring was chained outside in sub-zero weather in upstate NY and fortunately, through the help of a kind hearted observer, she found her way to the Farm. 

BUZZ finally found a ball throwing family which is perfect for him since his one passion in life is balls! He was thrilled to have so many good tosses and happily enjoyed the cuddles and attention, too. Buzz won their hearts the minute they read about him on the site and soon as they met him, knew he was meant to live with them. Buzz now lives in NJ.

BUZZ: A 1 year old Border Collie, Buzz is all about the ball! He absolutely loves retrieving and uses his Border Collie "eye" to ace any catch! He is also very affectionate, loving to cuddle and give kisses. A happy go lucky, good natured dog, Buzz likes to learn new things and is quick to catch on so could be great in sports. He gets along with other dogs really well and would love a friend for play, making up border collie herding games. Buzz is about 35 pounds and is OK with dog savvy cats. He came into rescue in the Pittsburgh area so is currently being fostered in PA. 

MIRA: A petite 9 month old Border Collie mix, Mira is a lovely, good natured dog who loves to race at full speed chasing and being chased by other dogs. She comes to life with other dogs and is at her happiest. She is also a very gentle dog who does best with calm people who don't crowd her, rather it's best to let her come up for attention. Mira is timid but clearly wants to be with people so will need patient guardians who work on her trust. She loves belly rubs and is happy to get affection and attention but not in a rushed way. We expect Mira will do well at the Farm in gaining more confidence but will be happiest with other dogs in her life since she loves to play and that brings out her confidence the most. Mira has not yet been tested on cats. She was a stray in PA with a shelter that works with the Farm and gladly sent her to us. 
LIAM & MIRA found their forever home together after being roommates at the Farm in The Connor House. Their new guardians fell in love instantly and within short order, knew these two were going to be their new furry friends. They loved the energy and outgoing nature of Liam who just loves everyone and were happy to patiently help Mira gain full trust that life is grand since she is very timid. These two will have a blast playing and being pampered for sure. They now live in upstate NY.

LIAM: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Liam is a sweetheart, loves people and wants to be with you, quickly bonding. He is super affectionate and full of charm. His antics make you chuckle and he adores everyone he meets. He is great with female dogs since he is a strong male. Liam loves squeaky toys and is happy to toss a squeaky ball in the air and run and fetch, even entertaining himself. He is a gentle dog yet very lively and playful. Good natured and easy going, Liam will be a great companion and is great with kids. He is good with cats and about 45 pounds. Liam is a strong male so does best with female Border Collies only. Liam was a stray in PA in a shelter that contacted us to help out with him. 

CASIE: A 5 year old Border Collie, Casie is all action, ready to retrieve balls or toys and endlessly enjoy a good game. She is super sweet and loving but lives for those moments of play, working to get the ball over and over again. Casie is a classic Border Collie who makes age 5 seem irrelevant cause she acts more like a 1 year old. She is very very smart, eager to learn and would be wonderful in sports activities. Casie is also a real cuddler, and loves to be close to people, happily greeting everyone she meets. She is also good with cats and great with other dogs. Casie was relinquished to the Farm from CT guardians who felt they could not meet her needs. 
CASSIE & RANDI found their forever home together with a loving guardian who was smitten by their gorgeous good looks and their wild maniacal ball focus! She loves the continual movement setting up for the ball throw and happily played with these two at the Farm, thrilled to have them join her life. They jumped into the car ready for their new adventure in upstate NY where ball play will be an everyday event they share forever and they will most certainly be adored.

RANDI: A petite 1 1/2 year old, Randi is a ball nut, a marvelous athlete ready to jump and turn and twist to get any ball or any toy anywhere. She is so coordinated, she can even sit straight up using her paws like hands! She is fun and playful and also very very focused, eager to work the ball. She could easily be a wonderful sports candidate since her petite size works in her favor to make her fast. Randi is fine with other dogs but more focused on toys and the ball so could live as a solo dog, too. Randi is a bit skittish with strangers at first but once she knows you, is very comfortable. She will need a guardian who understands this and helps build her confidence and of course, playing with the ball, makes it much easier.  She is not yet tested on cats. Randi was abandoned at a PA shelter due to a move. 

NASHE found his forever home not too far from the Farm with loving guardians who wanted a good natured friend for their dog and were happy to open their hearts and their home to Nashe. Soon as he met them, he charmed them with his sweet nature and affectionately bonded. He loves his new life watching the geese in the pond and exploring his new 85 acre Farm each day on hikes. He now lives happily in upstate NY.

NASH: A 5 year old Border Collie, Nash is a toy nut. He absolutely loves jolly balls and racing around after any toy thrown to him and he's quite a good catch. He has a fun loving personality, happy to be with his person, happy to play or happy to hang out.  He is very very sweet and loving, especially having his tummy scratched. Nash is good with other dogs but would be happiest as the solo dog where he can have a more interactive one on one relationship. He is about 50 pounds and good with cats. Nash was abandoned at a shelter because he did not want to herd geese. He came from NY. 

MOLIE found a loving home with guardians who had seen her on our site before but the timing prevented them from coming for her then. So this time, soon as they saw her return, the appointment was made to meet her and off she went to her new life. Molie is exactly the Border Collie they wanted and she was clearly happy to go with them, too! Molie will have plenty to do with another Border Collie friend, together taking care of their 125 acre farm in upstate NY.

MOLIE is a 7 1/2 year old  Border Collie. She is a wonderful girl, sweet, affectionate and bright eyed. She loves people and is a great friend, so happy to be with her person. A real cuddler, she is very affectionate and responsive to whatever is asked of her. Molie is well trained, knows all the basic commands, has a great recall and is a very fast learner. Molie does best with submissive male Border Collies since she is a strong female. She is good with cats. Molie came to the Farm in 2006, was adopted out and unexpectedly the adopter died. She was with him that night as well as taken to the funeral and wake where she continually kept her eye on the casket. Molie is an exceptional Border Collie, clearly bonded to her person. We are hoping she can quickly find another person to share her heart with. She originally came from the Pittsburgh area. 

LUCEY: A 4 year old Border Collie, Lucey loves the ball! She will play and play and play. She is also is quite the frisbee girl, with a classic Border Collie focus, able to catch whatever is thrown her way. Lucey is very easy going and good natured and can relax inside when not playing but is happy to gear up for any toy play at any time. She is great off leash, very obedient and good with kids. Lucey knows lots of commands and even waves 'bye-bye'! She is great with other dogs so could live with another Border Collie or as a solo dog with someone who enjoys an interactive play relationship. She is good with cats. Lucey has some extra weight on now but will easily knock that off with more play at the Farm. She was turned into a PA shelter due to landlord problems. Thankfully, the shelter regularly works with us so called for help. 
SPENCE & LUCEY  have been rooming at the Farm since the day they both landed in rescue and being good friends, it's fantastic they got adopted together where they'll be able to continue playing and chasing and herding each other. Their new guardians met many dogs who could be paired together for life but felt these two really captured their hearts and would fit their life perfectly. Spence and Lucey will have tons of love and lots of activity, clearly a perfect match in many ways. They now live in upstate NY.

SPENCE: A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Spence is good natured and easy going though loves to play a good game of ball. He even knows a fun game of 'find it' where you can hide a piece of food and he'll search til he gets it. He loves any challenge. Spence likes to be with his person and develops a close bond quickly. He also loves other dogs so could easily live with another dog or as a solo dog. He previously lived with another dog since he was a puppy. Spence loves to swim and will retrieve any toy from the water. He is a friendly boy who fits in easily wherever he goes. Spence is a bit overweight but will loose that quickly at the Farm. He is good with cats. Spence was relinquished to the Farm because they could no longer meet his needs. He came from PA 

SHAW found a marvelous home with two loving guardians and two fun loving active dogs who will be his friends for life. He quickly fit in his new pack as if he had lived with them his whole life, chasing the ball, playing tug and loving his new people. They were smitten with his wonderful nature and excited to have him join their lives. Shaw will soon be attending a special training academy with his furdad where he'll spend 12 weeks learning every dog activity imaginable. We know he'll do great because he just loves to learn new things! Shaw now lives in MA.

SHAW: A 6 month old Border Collie, Shaw is all fun and games. He loves to play with anything and everything and especially other young dogs. He is smart and ready to interact with anyone who will play with him. Shaw is also incredibly affectionate and cuddly, loving to be in your lap resting on you for a moment of down time. He is a classic high energy pup who needs a dog friend to keep him stimulated. He is about 20 pounds, likely to be good with cats since most puppies are trainable. Shaw was dumped in the night box of a PA shelter who fortunately works with rescue so he found safe haven at the Farm.

BECKA found her forever home where she'll put all her herding talent to use, working sheep at a special farm that also teaches children about farm animals. So, Becka will be with plenty of children, helping them learn how she uses her mind and body to herd as well as keeping them company as they learn about themselves. We are so excited for her and what she will offer to her new guardians as well as the school itself, doing what she was bred to do - herd!! She now lives in MA.

BECKA: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Becka is super focused and ready to go, herding other dogs and playing with any toy available. She is fast and eager to play. Becka is friendly with everyone she meets and could easily excel in sports and would love it. Becka is gentle and responsive to learning, a classic young BC with lots of energy and the ability to learn anything. She would be happiest with another young Border Collie, preferably a submissive male since she is a strong girl. Becka is about 35 pounds and is OK with cats. She was relinquished directly to the Farm from guardians who could not meet her needs. She came from upstate NY.  Becka has a 'summer grooming clip' but her normal long coat will return shortly.

CHARLY will have plenty of belly rubs in his new life and happily return his affection as a thank you, forever. He captured his new guardian's heart with his sweet, loving nature and of course his gorgeous good looks! Charly will be the center of attention in his home, as well as have neighboring border collies for lots of herding games. He now lives in Maine.

CHARLY: A 4 year old Border Collie, Charly is all love, absolutely loves being with people and is a real cuddler. He is gentle and responsive, eager to please. Charly also loves dogs and easily fits in with new dogs and new situations, very comfortable, very quickly. He is good natured and easy going though does enjoy herding other Border Collies so could easily enjoy have a furry friend around. Charly is about 45 pounds and not good with cats cause he chases them. He was abandoned at a NY shelter that contacted us for help. 

TILLY found her forever home with another furry friend and two loving guardians who are happy to have a new companion in their lives. Her sweet nature and friendly ways won them over and their dog was happy to have a buddy, too. Tilly will have a wonderful life living on 60 acres which she can explore and enjoy being the constant companion to her new people! She now lives in upstate NY.

TILLY: A 6 year old Border Collie, Tilly is a people dog, she absolutely loves everyone and just wants to be with you. She is very very gentle and sweet and eager to bond. A wonderful friend, Tilly is easy going and good natured. She is not hyperactive and not a herder, instead happy to be in the middle of activities of her people and sharing her love and cuddles. Tilly could live with other dogs since she is easy going and good with them or could be an only dog for someone who wants to have her with them. She would enjoy being a marvelous companion and friend. Tilly is a bit overweight at the moment but will knock that off quickly. She is not yet tested on cats and has a summer clip so her normally gorgeous coat will be back shortly. Tilly was adopted from the farm five years ago when she was a puppy but returned recently because the toddler in the family needed all their attention and they no longer had time for Tilly. Tilly is being fostered in Ct and can be seen at the Farm. 

SAWYER: A 7 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Sawyer is a wonderful young pup full of energy to play, play, play. He loves other dogs and makes up herding games all day long. He is very loving and sweet with everyone he meets, friendly and good natured, a real cuddler. Sawyer is also super smart and could easily do sports or any other activity and would love the challenge of learning new things. He loves to roll around his basketball, making up his own games, too. Sawyer is a classic young BC who will do best with another young BC or in an active home since he is great with other dogs and loves to play. He is about 30 pounds and good with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from a loving family who could not meet his needs and knew he would have a better life where someone understood the breed. He came from NY. 
JILLIE & SAWYER found their forever home together, happily cherished where they can play with toys and each other endlessly and most importantly, share their loving hearts with their new guardians. After meeting many great dogs, they both felt these two just had to come live with them and they were thrilled to have them join their family. Jillie & Sawyer happily headed out to their new life in MA.

JILLIE: A 1 year old Border Collie, Jillie is friendly, eager to be with everyone and quite the thinker. She is very very smart and observant of everything around her, clearly a savvy girl, very tuned into people. She will be a marvelous companion, happy to go anywhere with her person. Jillie is confident and while young, settles easily inside. She is good with other dogs though could be happy as the solo dog. She is 40 pounds and good with cats. Jillie manages on three legs beautifully, it's actually hard to realize she is missing a back leg. A car hit her at 4 months of age so she has really adapted well since it happened when she was so young. The previous guardians bought her on a whim and then let her roam the neighborhood unsupervised, actually leaving her out when they went away for days. This history is probably what's led to Jillie's more mature orientation to everything, unlike a young pup who is more chaotic. She is a delightful, good natured girl. Jillie was surrendered to another rescue in NY who contacted us for help

TOOTSIE: AN 8 year old Border Collie, Tootsie is a very gentle, good natured girl and happily loves people. She is feeling more comfortable in her temporary foster home, having been abandoned at a PA shelter. She'll be coming to the Farm shortly.

TOOTSIE found her forever home as the constant companion to a her new guardian. They enjoyed a few walks near her new home and fell in love with each other. Tootsie will be living close to her foster mom too and get the chance to say hello now and then. She clearly loved being the focus of her new furmom and they happily now live together in PA.

BIDDY found her forever home with a loving guardian who really understands the breed and fell in love with her online and then of course, in person. Biddy will have a great life on 24 acres where she can herd the mini-horses and help move them from pasture to pasture, just like the older Border Collie, Libby, who now does that job. Clearly Biddy will have a grand time doing what she was bred to do, plus she'll have other dog friends and tons to do! Biddy now lives in Rhode Island. (Maizee joins Biddy - see below)

BIDDY: A 8-9 week old pup, she is a delight, all border collie, all focus as she watches the other Border Collies at the Farm and wants to join in the action. Biddy is nipping heels already and eager to play. She will be placed in a border collie savvy home with another young Border Collie. She is only 8 pounds, a tiny girl who made it to the Farm from the south when she was transported to a rescue in CT that neglected to meet the transport. We're thrilled to have her here. She will be placed with a contract for spaying and a $100 deposit to be returned once spayed. 

MAIZEE & BIDDY together working their new farm! While Biddy's new guardian came to get Biddy, she also wanted to meet Maizee and again, a great match was clear. Maizee is an incredible herder and instantly enjoyed Biddy as well as herding her wherever she went. Her new guardian knew instantly that Maizee and Biddy would be a delightful pair to add to their lives and we agreed completely. Maizee can jump in to help with herding duties and Biddy can learn from her as well as the other Border Collie, Libby. Maizee will happily enjoy a very active life that uses her mind and body and emotions, working and of course, being loved!

MAIZEE: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Maizee is a love bug with people and also quite the herder with other Border Collies. She loves to initiate play with another BC getting them excited about toys she is playing with and then herding them. She also loves squeaky toys and is happy to play with you endlessly, too. Maizee is focused and smart and bonds once she is comfortable. She can be a little shy at first but warms up quickly. Maizee is good with cats and is about 35 pounds. She was relinquished due to herding tendencies with a toddler in the home. She was then left in a 10x10 pen outside since spring until we brought her into rescue. She came from upstate NY.

KAT found her forever home with a loving family who not only thought she was beautiful and sweet but felt she was exactly the furry friend they wanted to add to their lives. They weren't leaving the farm without taking her! She was smitten with them, too and happily headed off to a wonderful new life in upstate NY with her own 7 acres for exploring, ball play and lots of fun! Kat will surely be adored and never have to worry about being homeless again.

KAT: A 2 year old Border Collie, Kat is not only a stunning girl, she is super smart and eager to play. She is focused and absolutely loves toys of every kind and is ready to play, play, play. She is fast and agile and easily could do sports. Kat is also very very sweet, loves affection and is great with everyone she meets. She is an energetic Border Collie but also well balanced and good natured. She could easily be a solo dog since she is a strong female but could also mix with submissive males just fine. Kat is not good with cats and is approx 45lbs. Kat came from TN after no other rescue would take her in. A special thanks to Jeanne Chancellor who saved her from euthanasia at the shelter and cared for her until we could make space to take her in. 

MOLLEE found her forever home with loving guardians who will give her a try at agility and flyball and lots of other sports, using her wonderful focus and agile nature to excel. They fell in love with Mollee's sweet ways and were excited to have her join their lives and jump into all the fun border collie activities. Mollee was ready to go, eager to learn and quickly bonded! Mollee now lives in upstate NY.

MOLLEE: A 7 month old Border Collie, Mollee is all action, eager to go, go, go, after toys or herding other Border Collies. She is also very loving and sweet, with a gentle personality. She is smart and eager to learn and could excel at anything she tries. Mollee gets along great with other dogs and would do best in a BC savvy home with another Border Collie. She loves the frisbee and all toy play. She has been involved in 4-H projects in her former home and is good with cats. Mollee and her brother, Celt, were part of an accidental litter and the guardians were unable to find them homes. She came from PA. 

Sweet, little Rue found her forever home unexpectedly when a camper came on a tour of the barn and fell in love! Not hard to do with Rue cause when she loves you, she just loves you, happily jumping up, licking your face and instantly your best friend. And, that is exactly what she did plus she raced and playing and tumbled and rolled with her new canine friend, also a little dog...the two of them were two peas in a pod...adorable to see! Rue happily headed out after a night in the RV at the Farm and now lives in PA, cherished and adored.

RUE: A 6 month old Border Collie mix, Rue is very very petite, likely to stay quite small. She is extremely loving, happy to cuddle up next to you. She is also a live wire, once she feels comfortable with you, and will race and play, getting the 'zoomies'! She is eager to interact and very food motivated. Rue can be a little shy so will need some confidence building once in her new home. She is good with other dogs and is good with cats. Rue is about 30 pounds. She was a stray in the Philadelphia area and the shelter contacted us for help. 

BRUE found the perfect life for him, as the constant companion to his new FurDad, joining him in his truck running errands, in his workshop each day and even in his kayak on the lake where he now will live. He loves the water so a life of swimming and ball play is ahead as well as hanging with other dogs at the lake. Brue now lives in MA, happily busy with lots to do and adored as a beloved canine friend.

BRUE is a 4 year old Border Collie who is quite a character. He absolutely loves the ball and lives for the moment of the toss to him. He is very focused yet very relaxed and steady in his intent, not frantic at all like some BC's. He is a wonderful companion and very calm, much like a serious working Border Collie. Brue is quite charming in a more serious way, watching what you do and joining you in any activity, exploring or playing. Brue is very loving and good natured, quite the charmer with his own style. Brue is fine with cats but will probably herd them so should be with cats used to herding dogs.  He is carrying some extra weight which he'll knock off easily at the Farm. He will be placed in an adult home since he is more relaxed in nature. Brue was relinquished to the Farm because he was always herding a child in the house. He came from upstate NY, a beloved family member.  Brue is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm.

MITCH found his forever home with loving guardians who adored his gentle sweet nature and also loved his maniacal frisbee focus, real fans of the breed. They felt Mitch would be the perfect companion in their lives. Mitch will enjoy 10 acres and his own pond, plus plenty of frisbee time!! He now lives in MA.

MITCH is a 6 yr old border collie that is fun, fast and focused.  He is the frisbee king, willing to play as long as there is someone to throw!  Mitch is good with other dogs and is very affectionate with people. He's also great on the leash and good in the car, happy to be with his person. He is a great companion, like all the mature Border Collies, not a frantic, chaotic youngster. He was surrendered to a PA shelter.

SCOT found his perfect canine friend, racing, chasing and playing instantly like long lost pals. It was marvelous to watch, clearly a wonderful pair. Scot now lives with guardians who fell in love with him and him with them, so he'll have a wonderful life in PA playing and even trying sports like rally and agility.

SCOT: A 1 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Scot is a very gentle, very smart, sweet guy. He is attentive to people and quickly wants to be your friend. He likes to play with toys plus enjoys other dogs and all the play of doggie games. Scot is observant of everything around him but not off the wall in energy level. Scot is not high energy or intense, he just loves to play with other dogs and cuddle with people, a very easy companion to enjoy and he loves everyone. He is clearly a wonderful good natured dog and is good with cats. Scot is 45 lbs, typical in size. Scot came from PA where he was a stray in a shelter. 

, an 11 yr old border collie is looking for a new home due to a recent divorce in the family.  Sally is used to having a big back yard, and people around most of the day, and her fur mom is now working all day and living in an apartment.  Sally grew up with 4 boys, and is fine with other dogs.  She has slowed down just a little - but still enjoys a nice romp in the back yard and lots of long walks.  She would make a wonderful companion.  Please contact the Farm for more information - Sally is currently in her home, and can be placed from there - she is located in New Jersey. 

Sally found her forever home with a wonderful couple who offered to foster older dogs in need of homes. Sally's former guardian agreed to continue providing for her medical needs, making it possible for this great couple to adopt her directly, knowing the costs were covered going forward. For Sally, it means she will continue living in a loving home, adored and cherished, playing her chase games, nudging them for tidbits of table scraps and delighting them with her antics. We are thrilled for Sally and her new furMom and furDad. She now lives in upstate NY

IZZY quickly found her new life with one of our adopters and Matty (in the front), who was recently adopted from the Farm, too. Izzy will have plenty of Border Collie action as well as lots of fun in her new pack and with her new person, who loves the breed and understands all their quirks and brilliance. Izzy won her heart and fit in with the group so well, she was clearly the best one to head through the gates to her new home in New Hampshire! She'll get a chance to try agility and herding for fun, too.

IZZY: A 5 month old Border Collie, Izzy is a sweet, affectionate pup with tons of energy like all BC pups. She is very focused and smart and bonds quickly. Izzy likes hugs and attention but also likes action. She will be placed in a border collie savvy home. She and her brother, Duncan, came from working lineage so we are currently assessing their herding tendencies to see if they might also work. Izzy is smaller than Duncan, she is about 25 pounds. Izzy already knows obedience commands. Both were saved from being breeder dogs in an Amish breeding business, by a dog lover who stepped in when they were being sold at 3 months old and paid full price to the original breeder. A wonderful person, she loved these two dearly, cared for them perfectly but knew that they were more than she herself could add to her life. We are thankful for what she did and happy to be of help finding them new homes. They came from PA. They will be placed separately into new homes. 

BOLTON met his forever FurMom and it was instant love. He thought his FurDad was just great, too but he had been waiting for her and she for him. After being seen by many adopters and each time, having something not quite work out right, this time it was magic and both he and his FurMom knew it, too. She had joked the morning heading to the Farm that she was coming for Bolton and that she did. Bolton gave us a sweet lick goodbye and headed out to his new life where he'll be a cherished friend forever. He'll even get to try sailing which could work well since he loves the water! Bolton now lives in Ct.

BOLTON: A 1 year old Border Collie, Bolton is a loving, easy going, friendly dog. He likes everyone he meets and adjusts easily to new situations. He loves attention and is also ready for lots of activity, playing and running. Bolton enjoys other dogs and like any young BC, would do best with another young dog for play and is good with cats. Bolton loves the water and is happy to splash and play and swim all the time.  Bolton would love a sport or activity where he could use his mind. He has a strong interest in learning and is very athletic so could easily focus on sports or enjoy hiking with is person. He is eager to be connected to someone doing something fun. Bolton is 50 lbs.  He was a stray in PA. 

Sweet, adorable CORRIE found her forever home with loving guardians who were smitten from her picture and then when they met her. This little charmer won their hearts and she headed off to Connecticut for a life of fun, love and even agility!! She can now rest easily knowing she'll never be abandoned on the street again.

CORRIE is a 4 month old Border Collie mix with tons of energy and lots of focus, ready to play and play. She is classic BC, smart and connected to people.  She is a sweetheart, absolutely adorable and loving. Corrie is also  quite the ball girl already. She and her brother, Colen, were found wandering down a  PA street near an Amish breeder. When the breeder was asked if he knew his dogs were loose, he said yes and he didn't want them. Fortunately, they found their way to the Farm through another shelter that wanted to see them go to rescue. 

Marvelous MAXIE found a fabulous home with real dog lovers who will not only enjoy tons of ball play with him but plenty of hiking, swimming on exploring on his own 750 acres! Maxie is one lucky dog and his new guardians felt the same, lucky to have him in their lives. He now lives in Rhode Island with all the room to run he needs.

MAXIE: An 1 yr old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Maxie is focused, fast and full of life! He loves to chase, race and herd, clearly a energetic boy who needs a home that understands his nature. He is super smart, eager to connect with people and very obedient, ready to take direction. He loves toys of any kind, especially a good tennis ball game of retrieval and he is very good at getting the ball. Maxie is friendly with everyone and enjoys attention, very loving and full of affection and he is good with cats. He was abandoned at a PA shelter due to a move. 

CINNY found her forever home with guardians who have another dog from the Farm and also a working Border Collie who herds geese. She was instantly in sync herding him, cutting and angling and clearly in her element being the focused herding maniac she is meant to be. This sweetheart will be adored forever and even visit the Farm this summer at camp. We'll also get to see her mature since her life will include an upstate NY farm which will be hers to enjoy, too! She might even get her own sheep! Cinny now lives in Massachusetts.

CINNY:  A 4 1/2 month old Border Collie, Cinny is all Border Collie through and through. She is high energy, super focused, fearless and agile.  She will race across the field top speed to catch another Border Collie and keep pace with any adult dog.  Cinny turns on a dime and herds already, clearly a classic BC.  She will only go to a home who understands the breed and can provide her an outlet for her mind, body and emotions. Cinny is not for a first time Border Collie adopter. She needs a sport or herding home. She is a terrific girl who fits the traits perfectly - she is a joy to experience.  She is also housetrained, good on leash and bonds instantly, always checking back with her person.  Cinny loves everyone and is great with other herding dogs.  She is also good with cats. Cinny is very petite as she was the runt of the litter.  She was given away by a farmer who couldn't sell her, to a man who left her in an apartment and tied her out for yard time.  Fortunately another rescue person grabbed her and got her to us.   


We are so excited that Shannon found her new life with such a loving person, just perfect for her! The daughter of a veterinarian, she knew that Shannon's condition wasn't the end of the world at all and she could enjoy a very active, loving life with this great dog. Shannon clearly loved being with her too as she played tug and raced and chased with toys, so happy to have a person who played with her just the way she loves to play. Sweet Shannon holds a very very special place in all our hearts and we are thrilled that her 1 1/2 year wait led to such a wonderful match. She now lives in upstate NY.

SHANNON: Beautiful Shannon is 4 years old, a very lively, playful, happy girl who loves toys and will happily enjoy lots of ball throws as well as herding other dogs. She is incredibly alert and eager to race, chase and run like the wind.  She is quite a cuddler too and loves everyone she meets. Shannon is easy going, brilliant and loving. She will have special needs in the future due to her degenerative osteoarthritis. She can run well now but will have less of an ability to do that in the future and will require a quiet home for rest yet with mental stimulation.  Shannon is a remarkable girl who absolutely loves everyone so will surely be a great companion even when she is less active. Shannon is also a talker, vocal about lots of things! She is good with cats. Shannon came from an Amish breeder in western NY who no longer wanted her.


Contact the Farm sweetbcrescue@citlink.net
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