Maine's Angels
Richard and Diane Legere
F. William Lawton
Mary & John Schaefer, Betsy's furparents

We had numerous costs with Maine's situation so appreciate all the support to cover her care. Her angels gave her the funds needed as well as the love and attention to attract her new home. We know that often when rescue dogs have angels, 
that loving focus makes a difference! 

MAINE needed a special place to renew and recover from her surgery so off to foster care she went.  Of course, in pure Maine style, she won their hearts within a day and they instantly asked to adopt her! No surprise on our end because all of us who met her at the Farm, were totally charmed and felt she was such a special girl! So, Maine lives not too far from the Farm, in upstate NY, now happily adored, never to be out in the woods, covered in ticks, unwanted and pregnant. She found the life she so richly deserves.  We are thrilled to have helped her.  As her new guardians said: "we're completely in love and couldn't bear to give her up.. she's everything I hoped for in a dog, only so much more!"

MAINE: A sweet, gentle, loving 4 year old Border Collie mix, Maine won our hearts the minute she arrived. What a gem. She adores everyone and in such a quiet, unassuming way, Maine has a fabulous temperament. Maine's litter had to be aborted in an emergency vet visit Saturday 3/22/08. She had not been feeling well, not eating, vomiting and a heavy discharge. Her health was worsening which led the vet to conclude that the litter was in trouble which in fact, turned out to be the case. Maine is recovering well now in our home and will be ready for adoption shortly. She is getting back to her happier self, the sweet, upbeat girl we first met. Maine was a stray in PA, found roaming the woods with a male Border Collie.

Tiny Tag came to us as a small pup and headed to his new life a bit bigger and a lot more focused and ready to handle any challenge with ease. His brilliance to learn anything and fearless nature to try anything landed him in a unique home with a trainer we know well who felt he was the perfect addition to her gang of Border Collies and Aussies. Already showing his athletic abilities in frisbee and agility, he'll now learn the ropes in order to perform in public, joining her dog team that is part of the Ringling Brothers Circus. Tag has been winning hearts and attention in his foster home and will now enchant audiences all across the country. His new life is filled with love and he'll forever be adored in a real dog lover's life since his furMom loves training and being with her pack 24/7. Whatever she does or wherever she goes, they are always with her. A noted sport trainer and performer, she is thrilled to have such a lively, agile pup who clearly has the ability to take on the world. We knew from the minute we met this little guy at three months old, he was destined for something big! Now, he'll share that spark with everyone he meets.

A special thanks to the Catteneo's for fostering Tag through the early confusing days just out of the shelter to giving him a fantastic foundation of love and structure so he could shine! They gave their hearts and it helped him find a way to give his! 

TAG: A 4 mo old Border Collie, Tag is a brilliant little guy who clearly thinks through everything, even at this young age. He is very very smart.  Tag is also confident and high energy and really needs an outlet for his mind and body, like any young Border Collie. He is fearless and super athletic, happy to tackle any challenge.  He loves toys of any kind and will play with any young dog who engages him.  He is great with mature dogs and can read them well, which allows him to fit in well.  Tag will go to a skilled Border Collie home that really understands how to meet his needs.  He could easily learn agility or any sport or fit in an active home. He is a remarkable dog already.  He is about 15 pounds, typical in size for this age and good with cats. He was abandoned at a shelter in PA due to his energy  levels. Tag is being fostered in VT

BELLAH found her perfect canine match, a furry friend for life! The two of them chased and tugged and wrestled and played like they were together since birth. A fabulous pair of friends! Bellah will join Wallace in agility, hiking and living on lots of acreage so they can both chase birds and squirrels which they do! Her new guardians were thrilled with this sweet girl and headed home for lots of fun ahead. She now lives in Ct.

BELLAH: A 1 year old Border Collie, Bellah is not only beautiful, she is graceful and sweet. She is also all energy and loves to play chase games with the ball endlessly. She loves to race and enjoys other dogs completely so will be happiest with another canine friend. Bellah is very easy to be with and connects quickly with everyone, a great friend instantly. Bellah is very good natured. She would be best with dog savvy cats and weighs about 40 pounds. Bellah was given up because her guardians lived on a road without fencing and Bellah could not run free. She is from PA. 

JAX found his forever home with Border Collie guardians who understand his needs and fell in love with his great nature. He's got two boys for lots of frisbee and ball play and will join in an active life, even getting a chance to chase geese at a nearby park. Jax fit into his new family like he'd lived there forever. He now lives in NJ

JAX, a gorgeous 2 1/2 yr old tri-color border collie is classic in his connection to people and love of the frisbee.  Jax has chased geese (for fun) and is ready to go when the balls and frisbee come out.  He gets along with other dogs, and enjoys being part of everything going on.  He likes the car and loves to swim.  He is approx 45lbs and has not been tested with cats.  Jax came from NJ due to a pending relocation for his family.  Jax is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm.

Lovely LASS found the perfect life for her! She' joining three other Border Collie friends (one didn't travel) who love to explore, play and make up herding games so shy Lass instantly found herself herding like she was one of the pack. She dropped her worries and joined right in. Her new guardians just adored her and knew they could offer a happy, safe life for her, forever. She'll even get to try sheepherding which we suspect she'll be quite good at! Lass's new furMom saw her picture and knew: "I want to rescue her, no matter what she needs, she's the one" and so off Lass went to her new life in Canada, living with real Border Collie lovers who will understand her needs perfectly.

LASS is a petite 5 1/2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers. She is a very sweet, affectionate girl who loves to cuddle but also loves to chase the ball. Lass comes to life when she is playing or herding other Border Collies, which she also loves to do non-stop. She is shy at first but once she knows you, she comes to life and is happy to be in the middle of the action. An active girl, she is very calm once inside and tends to curl up in the corner for a nap. Lass needs the confidence of living with another dog and would actually do really well with a multiple dog BC household since she likes dogs so much and gets along with everyone. Lass is always a bit skittish in new situations so needs a patient guardian who understands not to push her too fast but rather give her time to feel comfortable and then she'll blossom.  She came from a home where she was loved but she needed more one on one attention than they could provide.  Lass is about 32 pounds and good with cats. She was relinquished to the Farm from Pittsburgh PA 

SPREE came into foster care in Vermont after being tied to an old shed on a farm where she supposedly worked cows. Assuming she needed a job, we soon discovered her real job - she loved people and cuddling inside on the couch. As she got to meet friends visiting her foster family, a deep bond formed with one special young girl and in short order, they clearly were meant to be together. Her new guardians spent plenty of time getting to know her as a foster dog and now will switch gears as she becomes their dog! They are thrilled and so is Spree, starting a new life of love and commitment to her well being. She now lives in Vermont!

SPREE: A 4 year old Border Collie, Spree is a love bug, super affectionate, happy to be with her person.  She is also great with other Border Collies and likes to play.  She has working instincts and did work cattle most recently. We'll be instinct testing her to see if a working home is the best fit or if an active companion home can work, too.  She is good with cats.  Spree is in Vermont, temporarily being fostered.

AARON found his forever home with guardians who were smitten with his puppy nature and wonderful easy going way, cuddling and giving them  puppy kisses. A real love-bug, he'll now have lots of love and tons of fun with his new canine friend and a great life as their constant companion, enjoying lots of exploration in his yard as well as all around the neighborhood. He now lives in upstate NY.

AARON: a 4 mo old border collie, Aaron is outgoing and happy and loves attention! He is full of energy of course but  also loves being with someone to cuddle - he'll be a wonderful companion and would love having other Border Collie friends! Aaron is very observant and enjoys all the action around him as well as playing with toys. He's not overly intense so could join into a home setting easily.  He was abandoned at a high kill shelter in Maryland who lost interest in selling Border Collies.  He will be placed with a neuter contract and a $100 deposit, to be held til proof of neuter is provided.  The fee is $300.

ABIE found her forever home with another canine friend who fit perfectly with her, running and playing, both the same sweet good natured dogs. She won the hearts of her new guardians instantly even though they had actually come to see another dog. Soon as they saw this pup, they knew she was the right one for their life and they could give her a great home forever. Besides constant companionship, she'll get to head out the beach every summer for lots of play. Abie now lives in New Hampshire for a life of love and fun!

ABBI: a 4 mo old border collie, Abbi is such a sweetheart.  She's very petite and just loves to cuddle in your lap and give puppy kisses.  She is adorable following you around the fields, exploring and enjoying her first efforts at herding the other big dogs. She is so alert and eager to be with someone though is not overly intense and will be a wonderful companion for someone who loves the breed.  She is growing into a gorgeous girl with all the brilliance of any BC.  She loves to play and would be best with another canine friend. She was abandoned at a high kill shelter in Maryland, all from an Amish breeder who lost interest in selling Border Collie. She will be placed with a spay  contract and a $100 deposit, to be held til proof of spay  is provided. The adoption fee is $300

OZIE found his forever home with an adopter who came to the Farm a few months ago to adopt sweet Emie. They had been waiting to find a friend, and waiting for just the right dog. Soon as Ozie came to the Farm, she knew it was time to come visit. Ironically, she had been hoping to adopt an Aussie so soon as she met him, that was it! Ozie was thrilled of course too, to have two boys, a canine friend who plays like he does and a new guardian who loves him. He now lives in upstate NY.

OZIE: A 2 year old BC-Aussie mix, Ozie is all about people and wants to be with you at your side. He is good natured and outgoing, friendly to everyone. He also loves to retrieve a ball and play but is not as high drive as a purebred. Ozie is a cuddler, eager to connect and happiest being with someone so would not do well left alone for long periods. He is smart and can learn well since he puts people first. Ozie is 50 pounds and very strong. He is not yet tested on cats. He was a stray in a Maryland shelter. 

NYA happily found her new guardians and it was love at first sight, for both of them. She'll be joining them on long walks each day and their constant companion which she will absolutely love. Nya will never have to spend 15 hours a day alone again. Now, she'll be showered with love and able to give her heart back in return. She now lives in PA.

NYA:  A 5 year old Border Collie mix: Nya is almost certainly a BC-Belgian Sheepdog cross. She has the charming qualities of each of these smart, engaging breeds. Very slightly timid at first, she warms up to a stranger in about a minute, and with those she knows she is eager for their attention but not demanding. She has probably had little chance to play with people - she seems to want to but doesn't really know how. She bounces happily and barks a little: "come on, lets play!" She is excellent with other dogs, essentially ignoring them but able to be quite appropriate when approached. Her weight and the typically Belgian "frosting" around her muzzle (not a sign of age in that breed) make her look older than she is. She could be a lovely, easy companion alone or with other dogs. Nya is not yet tested on cats and weights 50 pounds, with some extra weight to loose to get her to 40.  Nya is being fostered in Pa and can be seen there or at the Farm.

MADISON found the perfect home for her with another Border Collie who loves the ball just like she does, continually ready to go for a throw. And, now Madison has her own kids who will play with her endlessly and a family that will adore her. They fell in love the minute she raced out to say hello in true friendly Madison style plus the kids just loved her freckles and sweet nature which of course made Madison just charm them more. She'll be the constant companion to her new  furMom exploring and playing, exactly what she loves to do. Madison happily hopped in the car to head to her new life in Ct. We were thrilled to see her find the perfect place.

MADISON: A 9 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Madison is a delightful, smart, responsive girl who loves to play ball and be with her person. She is good natured and easy going, very happy to go anywhere and do anything as long as she can be a companion. Madison is also very loving and affectionate but like any focused Border Collie, once the ball or frisbee appears, she's all about the game. She is good with other Border Collies, easily playing herding games, though would be happiest as the solo dog which she had been til her relinquishment to the Farm. She is trained on the invisible fence and not good with cats. Madison is about 40 pounds. She was given up due to Madison not being comfortable around a new baby and toddler in the home. She came from Maryland. 

MERKE found his forever home as the constant companion to his new FurDad who will take him everywhere, including on long hikes through nearby forests and farms and on his runs each day. He loves the breed and happily knew Merke would be the perfect buddy for a non-stop life of fun and exploration. Merke will never want for love and attention and will be an adored family member. He came from a situation where he had been cast off, left outside due to a new relationship. He now happily lives in upstate NY. 

KIPP landed the perfect life for him - he is chasing geese on a CT golf course with 200 acres to keep him busy. He'll be diving into water to move the geese wherever he wants them to go. He'll be the constant companion to his new guardian and also work side by side with another Border Collie, Kaylee, previously adopted who also lives and works there.

KIPP: A 3 year old Border Collie, Kipp is an amazing athlete, all set to race after balls endlessly and is one fast dog. He is also incredibly friendly, full of energy to say hello and sweetly stops to sit for attention and a cookie. He is a remarkable Border Collie and great with other dogs. Kipp is good with cats and was around horses, too. He is about 45 pounds. KIPP will need an invisible fence or large acreage farm since he can easily scale a fence, classic in a working Border Collie. Kipp was given up because his NY  guardian no longer had sheep. 

EVIE found a great new life with guardians who love dogs and also love agility. She'll get to take a turn on the obstacles each weekend, showing off her great mind and fast, agile body. Evie is a fearless natural and will surely excel with her new furDad who will be her sport companion. She'll be showered with lots of love and have lots of fun, too, in her new life in MA.

EVIE: A 6 month old Border Collie mix, Evie is a gem, a wonderful sweet, good natured high energy girl. She loves toys of any kind and loves to learn, a very very smart girl. She is super smart and eager to learn anything and could easily excel in any sport home.  Evie can stop the action, too and enjoys lots of cuddling. Evie is great with other dogs and will be happy with a canine friend or in a home that is active in sports. She always gets other dogs to play, play, play and loves a good game of tug.  She has a wonderful nature, easy to live with and easy to enjoy her brilliance and sweetness alike. Evie adores children and comes to life around them, easily a wonderful girl for special needs children. She has a sweet, yet playful nature, that kids just spark to.   Evie has all the traits of a Border Collie and is such a doll. Evie was abandoned in shelter in PA. Evie is being fostered in upstate NY and can be seen at the Farm.

Sweet little Cassidy knew what she wanted and she found her new furMom soon as she met her. En route to get the pups to safety in rescue, this sweet girl showed her charming ways and landed a home right away, with only a short visit at the Farm. Cassidy will have three other Border Collies for lots of play. She now lives in PA.

COURTNEY a 2 month old Border Collie that is full of spunk, absolutely classic to the breed. They are fast, focused and already need something to do! Not for the faint-hearted, these sweet pups can learn anything and want to do so. They are in love with everyone and want to explore and meet everyone, too. They came to the farm from PA, unwanted by someone who bought them and changed their mind. They weigh about 8 pounds each. 

BUD found the perfect home that any Border Collie would love - he'll be moving his own flock of sheep on his own farm! He showed great promise in his introduction to herding so he got the lucky life being loved and working! Bud won their hearts with his gentle nature and his new guardians were thrilled to have a good canine friend and a partner to help on the farm. He'll have plenty of time for hiking and exploring but of course, it's the herding that he'll love. He now lives in MA.

BUD,  a 1yr old border collie with ABCA papers, Bud is gorgeous and has the classical wonderful border collie personality.  He will chase any toy thrown, and wants to have his connection to his person. He's fast, focused and sweet as can be, ready to be with you or play. Bud loves to swim, is great off leash and has great recall, very eager to go anywhere and do anything. Bud gets along great with other Border Collies and could live with others or be a solo dog in an active home. He is super smart and loves everyone, very very friendly. Bud loves to meet children and will wag his whole body to say hello. He's naturally interested in them and would enjoy interactive play as well as cuddling.  Bud was relinquished from NJ due to a lack of time to meet his needs.  He had been crated almost 24 hours for the last five months so is incredibly happy to be at the Farm.

JIM came all the way across the sea to land where he'll have a country club golf course as his playground as he learns to chase geese! Jim won the hearts of his new guardians with his charm and energy, the perfect combination in one small body. Of course, they haven't yet seen the Jim grin! He'll also get to try agility with his new Furmom and certainly be an adored member of the family. He now lives in NJ.

JIM: A 1 year old Border Collie, Jim is a petite little guy full of speed and focus..he loves to play and is quick as can be! He is very smart and observant, connecting with people easily and quickly. A fun loving boy, he is also super affectionate and loves to cuddle. Jim has all the qualities of a classic BC but in a small package! He is great with other dogs and could happily live with a canine friend, wrestling and chasing and playing. Jim is a real livewire, such a joy to be around and he even has his own cheshire cat full teeth grin! He is not yet tested on cats and weight about 30 pounds. Jim came a long way to find safe haven at the Farm...he came from Kuwait, when a friend of a friend who runs the Humane Society there contacted us for help. Jim had been purchased by someone living there, in an apartment and of course, he was then abandoned at the shelter. We're happy to bring this international charmer here! 

FINLY found his forever home, winning the heart of his new guardian soon as she saw his picture. She'd been to the Farm to volunteer and patiently waited for just the right dog to appear and then came Finly! Such a love and play dog, he will have a great life on acres and acres of fields to explore and race around plus his own pond, and more importantly, be her constant companion day in and day out. He will be cherished and give all that love right back. He now lives in upstate NY.

FINLY: A 1 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Finly is one happy guy. He absolutely loves everyone and is happy to say hello anytime. He is super friendly, easy going and eager to play, play, play. He loves toys of any kind and especially the ball. He is very athletic and strong and so outgoing, he can knock you over with enthusiasm. Finly is a sweetheart, a really nice guy who would be a wonderful companion for an active person. He loves to cuddle too and can easily settle once inside, happy to be at your side. He also loves dogs but needs a friend who can match his physical style of running and chasing. Finly is 50 pounds. Finly is a larger dog with lots of energy so should be with dog savvy cats though doesn't want to hurt them, in fact, he has no clue what to make of a cat.  He was a stray in PA in a shelter that works with us. 

MONTY found his forever home with exactly the right guardians and right canine friend! He'll have plenty of fun exploring the country side, camping and hiking but even more importantly, he'll be the constant companion to his new FurMom. Both his guardians loved his gentle ways and understood his sensitive nature instantly and he adored them, too. Monty happily headed out to live in Maine.

MONTY: A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Monty is a wonderful, loving boy who can be shy in new situations but once comfortable, gives you his whole heart.  A gentle nature, he approaches quietly for attention and then runs like the wind to chase a ball thrown his way.  He loves toys of any kind and quickly enjoys a good game of toss.  He is smart and sensitive so will placed  in a calm home with another outgoing Border Collie.  He loves playing with more submissive dogs who really bring him out of his shyness. Monty lived with his sister all his life so will do best with another dog. Monty lived with cats and is fine with them.  He weighs about 50 pounds. Monty's guardian died and his family thankfully found rescue. He came from upstate NY. 

FLYER won the hearts of his new guardians instantly. A real charmer, he was very quickly the only one they felt had to head home with them and boy was he happy about that! He jumped into their laps, gave lots of kisses, played with the other Border Collies that came along who visit at his new home and hopped right in the truck to head out to his new life in upstate NY. Flyer will have a large horse farm for his fun and plenty of humans who adore the breed plus lots of canine buddies. He will surely have a blast!

FLYER, A 2 year old Border Collie, Flyer is true to his name. He's fast, fun and loves to play, play, play. He is incredibly sweet and easy going but full of energy so needs an active home. He is wonderful with other dogs and loves to play so could enjoy another Border Collie to be happy. He is smart, eager to bond and really eager to learn anything and everything. Flyer has a good balanced personality, active but not overly intense. He loves cuddling too. He is 42 lbs and is good with cats. Flyer's previous guardians were deployed in the military and abandoned him a Delaware shelter. Fortunately, we were able to get him into rescue.

KENDALL found special people who would understand him and help him come back into balance. He loved them instantly and they loved him! We shed some tears with this match, knowing that Kendall had waited a long time to find his place and now, would wait no longer. He is going to be cherished forever and the constant companion to his new furMom who is patiently happy to give her total heart to him. She had seen him on the site and knew he was the one for her family. We wish the very best for Kendall. He now lives in NJ.

KENDALL: A 2 year old Border Collie, Kendall is a charmer, loves to be hugged and loves to give kisses. He is incredibly sweet with people and really needs to be a companion to someone who appreciates his soft nature. Kendall is also active and can run and run, tossing toys and having a blast. Kendall requires a special home that can work with him as we will be doing in a foster home. He was in a shelter for two months and has developed the habit of turning to catch his tail in order to keep himself mentally occupied. This is a typical kennel stress reaction that happens to intelligent breeds stuck in tiny concrete spaces with a lot of commotion around them. It's heartbreaking to see and will take some time to undo. The good news is that Kendall is completely responsive to people, loves to be involved in toy play and in your lap, even at the same time! And, Kendall enjoys other Border Collies. He is super smart and we feel confident, will come back into balance. We'll be pairing him with other dogs and also considering foster homes to work closely with him. Kendall was stuck in a shelter in MA unfortunately without getting any help quickly.

Angel support would be helpful as we want to try homeopathy as well as other approaches and we assume Kendall will be in the rescue program for some time so financial support for him would be helpful.

TUCKE found the perfect people and life to help him trust that the world is really good. He made great progress here but needed the open hearts and patience of his new guardians to take him to the next level with love. He found just the right home and we're thrilled for this sweet guy. Innocent and sweet and shy, he'll surely blossom with his new Border Collie friends, one previously adopted from the Farm. He now lives in NY where he'll be adored.

TUCKE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Tucke is a sweet, easy going dog without heavy herding tendencies. He likes to race and chase other dogs and is happiest playing canine games. He is a very shy, undersocialized boy who will need a patient guardian who understands that gaining his trust will take time. Tucke is a very gentle Border Collie and once comfortable, will come for affection and truly wants more of a connection. He will do well at the Farm and blossom in a new life once adopted. Tucke will only be adopted with other dogs and with a hard fence since he can be skittish. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed and good with cats. He was abandoned at a PA shelter when the guardian became ill. Tucke is making such great progress:  he now comes up for attention and will enjoy time on your lap or near your side, gleeful in being with you.  It's been wonderful to see him blossom and trust people.

SAMI found his forever home in Canada on 70 acres with a canine friend who likes to explore and hike, too. His new guardians spent the weekend at the Farm, hiking trails and found these two had a blast. He won their hearts with belly rubs and cuddling on the couch, clearly happy to have his new people and they were happy to have him. Sami bonded quickly and happily headed out to a wonderful life as their constant companion.

SAMI: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Sami is delightful. He is not only unique and gorgeous in his markings, his personality is wonderful. Sami is sweet, gentle and so happy. He loves to play with dogs, wrestling, chasing and racing. He is fast, focused and fun. Sami is easy going and good natured and so wants to be with his person and have a canine friend, too. He is not high strung or overly intense but does love to play. He's also quite the cuddler and loves belly rubs. He is about 35 pounds and  is very curious about cats but doesn't want to hurt them, but best with dog savvy cats.  He was a stay in PA and landed in a shelter that works with us. 

DAISIE found the perfect life for her: she has a canine buddy who she can play with all day long but then heads home to her guardians to have all the spotlight on her. Since the parent's of her new FurMom are retired, they share a yard so that their dog and Daisie can play all day while her guardians are at work. It's perfect for this girl who just loves attention but also loves to wrestle, and race and chase, too. Daisie went from wandering the streets to a loving home with lots of fun. Her new guardians were totally smitten the minute they met her!! She now lives in upstate NY.

DAISIE: A 2 year old Border Collie/hound mix, Daisie found her way to the Farm one day and won our hearts. She is so much fun and a sweet, friendly, a love everyone kind of girl that we wanted to help find her a great new home. She loves to race after toys and has fun trying to fit two in her mouth at once, so excited to not leave one behind. She is quite affectionate and gentle, very well behaved and loving. She is fine with other dogs but would be happy as the solo dog since she's so people focused. Daisie is about 30 pounds and not good with cats. She was a stray nearby. 

CHAPPY won the hearts of his new family the minute they met him. His charm and sweet nature was a perfect match for the children and they squealed with delight, hearing that he would go home with them! Chappy will have a great life sharing all that love and all his antics as he enjoys growing up. He now lives in PA. 

CHAPPY: 10 week old border collie mix puppy.  Extremely sociable and very loveable.  He does not have high energy levels or any herding instincts making him a good candidate for a companion/family dog.  He loves going for rides and does very well in the car. He plays well with toys and other dogs, not easily intimidated by them he will make sure he gets what he wants!  Quite the independent type of 'Chappy', not needy or clingy - when he has had enough of play, he takes himself off to bed or a place of rest. Settles down extremely well for such a young pup.  He has enjoyed playing with other dogs and another puppy while in his present foster home and loves children. He has a strong character so will need a dog savvy person to direct him appropriately.  A very handsome guy and totally cuddly! He is presently being fostered in south eastern PA and can be seen at the farm.

KIZZY found the perfect home with loving guardians who fell in love with her on the site and then soon as they met her, knew she had completely stolen their hearts. She'll have a blast with her canine friends, too, one previously adopted from the Farm. Besides trying agility and lots of other fun sports, Kizzy will get to try therapy dog work, specifically with children as part of her FurMom's school. She can join hundreds of children in a special reading program, sharing the magic only she can bring 'cause she lights up when kids are around. Kizzy now lives in Ct.

KIZZEY: A 7 month old Border Collie, Kizzey is a brilliant young girl ready to tackle whatever comes her way. Kizzey is a gorgeous 'blue', the description for the rare grey color Border Collie. She enjoys learning and is very attentive and focused. She does great with other dogs and loves to play so will be placed with another young BC ideally. Kizzey is active but also thoughtful and settles down well, even for a pup. She is a classic Border Collie with a great mind and will blossom when her mind is used, as well as she gets the exercise she needs. She is not high drive, a bit more easy going, than some border collie pups.  Kizzey loves children and gravitates to them, especially quieter ones though she loves to retrieve balls and will happily play, she'll come right up and snuggle, too. Kizzey will be place with another young Border Collie since she is happiest having a friend for constant racing, chasing and wrestling play. She has not been tested with cats. She came from PA, from another rescuer who had taken in a litter of pups who needed safe haven and then, asked for our help.

SCOTTE found his forever home where he'll be with his new guardians all the time, enjoying the attention and giving his sweet love to them. A real cuddly, people dog, he wanted this life and happily climbed in their laps to show them exactly that! He'll have lots of fun with his Border Collie friend, too, making up games and enjoying lots of ball play! Scotte now lives in New Jersey.

SCOTTE: A 9 month old Border Collie, Scotte is all about playing. He loves chasing other dogs and is pretty good at catching them and then enjoys a good wrestle. He is not showing herding tendencies and could easily enjoy various dogs. Scotte is super sweet , a real cuddler and really wants to be with a person as well as a dog or two. He is one happy guy who enjoys himself thoroughly. Scotte is easy going, fun and smart. He is good with cats. He weighs about 40 pounds. Scotte was from a pa shelter where he had been a stray. 

MAVERICK now enjoys non stop action on a golf course, joining another Border Collie who works chasing geese. In reality, however, Maverick,  is still more focused on the ball and happiest when he can chase after that rather than geese. Regardless, his new guardian fell in love with this little guy and though he's slowly showing some interest in geese chasing, he sure showed his interest in living with his new person so that is exactly what is happening. Maverick now lives in upstate NY, charming everyone he meets at the golf course, as well as his new furDad.

MAVERICK: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Maverick is a doll, so tuned into people and so eager to be involved with someone willing to throw the ball. He's super friendly with everyone. He would do well in any sport as he is fast, focused and so relationship oriented. Maverick knows all kinds of tricks and has great recall, too.  He's a wonderful good natured young Border Collie who definitely needs an active life. Once inside, he settles beautifully and is happy to hang out. Maverick has excellent recall and is great off leash, too. He is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats as he will chase. He was relinquished from a NJ guardian due to a divorce. Maverick was a beloved family member living with children who played with him a lot. 

RILEY found his forever home with guardians who loved his sweet nature and people oriented ways and he happily charmed his way into their hearts quickly. He settled in beautifully as he headed out the gate, happy to be the center of attention. He'll be the constant companion to his new furMom and join her in all that she does, day in and day out, which he will love. He now lives in MA.

RILEY: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Riley is a gorgeous, more petite size BC who loves affection. He is friendly with everyone, happy to be petted and spend time with anyone he meets. He is good natured and good with other dogs but happiest as the solo dog where he can be with someone as their constant companion.  Riley is less active and intense than most purebreds due to his breeding which was to make a smaller border collie without herding instincts, more like a 'show' BC. We took in 6 of Riley's siblings awhile ago from the NJ breeder when he stopped breeding so know, based on his looks, this is where he came from, too. Riley is a nice, easy going companion, happy to have a wonderful life with his person. Riley is no good with cats. Riley was a stray in NJ, landing in a shelter that works with the Farm. 

LOGAN shared all his love with his new kids and guardians soon as they met eachother and it was totally returned to him. They were absolutely thrilled to meet him and so excited to have him join their family. Logan will be the center of attention as the new family member, totally cherished and adored forever. They had been looking and looking for just the right dog and Logan was the one they all agreed was perfect! He now lives in Ct.

LOGAN: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Logan is a very gentle, very smart, sweet guy. He is attentive to people and quickly wants to be your friend. He likes to play with toys plus enjoys other dogs and all the play of doggie games. Logan is observant of everything around him but not off the wall in energy level. Logan is not high energy or intense, he just loves to play with other dogs and cuddle with people, a very easy companion to enjoy and he loves everyone. He is clearly a wonderful good natured dog and is good with cats. Logan is 45 lbs, typical in size. Logan came from PA where he was a stray in a shelter.

RUSTY found his forever family soon as they met him...they knew 'he was the one!' and he felt the same way. He jumped into their laps, cuddled and of course, then brought every toy and ball to them for a toss. Being Border Collie lovers, they were thrilled so he happily headed out to his new life in New York. He'll be their constant companion, enjoying running and hikes and even canoeing!

RUSTY, a 2 yr old purebred border collie with papers, is a high energy "lovebug".  He knows how to play soccer, and will play as long as his person will throw the ball.  Rusty loves interaction with people, either playing or will settle nicely for a long cuddle. He is a very focused, sweet guy.  Rusty is a soccer nut and will actually move the ball all over the yard and could easily play with a human partner. He's a huge toy lover and came to the Farm with a ton of toys, clearly a beloved canine friend and a play dog for sure. He is good with cats and weighs about 35 pounds. He's lived in one home since a puppy, but a recent move to NJ, meant no yard and being left alone 10 hours a day which was making him unhappy.

MUNDEE found a fabulous home with another canine friend who loves balls just like she does and has the energy to make up toy games with her. They were quickly doing just that in the adoption office and having fun, mentally connecting, obviously on the same wave length. She'll be joining him for tons of exploration on acres and acres of yard that will know be hers to enjoy. She loved her new Furmom and headed out to a great life in upstate NY. She'll surely have a blast racing and playing and being the high energy playful girl we all know!

MUNDEE: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Mundee is a fabulous toy girl! She can catch anything and is fast as can be to bring it back. She loves to play endlessly and she'll entertain herself with her favorite toys, too. She is a really sweet, good natured cuddler who can relax with you or be all action, ready to go. Plus, she's smart as a whip and eager to be with her person learning anything. Mundee is best with submissive dogs since like many female BC"s, she's the leader. She is about 40 pounds and good with cats. She came from a shelter in PA when she was abandoned at a shelter due to a move. 

Dear Lillie,
Well, this letter has been a very long time in coming but having  prayed…..a lot! 
My mom has finally realized what you and I both knew…..I’m home! I just wanted to take this time and opportunity to really Thank You so very much for hanging on in there until she got it too!
With love from, Ozzy xx

Ozzy's foster Mom fell in love so he stays right where he first landed, happy, healthy and dearly loved.

OZZY is a 3 year old Border Collie or Australian Shepherd.  He is a calm, sweet boy who needs someone he can bond with and love forever. Ozzy gets along great with other Border Collies and enjoys herding games. Ozzy is very, very  shy and can be skittish meeting people or in new situations, so will only be placed in a home with another herding dog or two to give him confidence. He tends to hide and will regress to being skittish when placed in a new home but once he is comfortable with his home, he is delightful.  He loves car rides and romping off leash and is great with kids. He will share food and toys and will wait his turn, a very well behaved boy! He is good with cats. Since Ozzy is skittish, he will only be placed with a hard fence. Once he knows his person, he sticks by their side and goes off leash just fine. Ozzy was a stray, rescued from a shelter in PA. The day we evaluated him was two days before he was to be euthanized, so tail or no tail, he came into rescue! He is presently being fostered in south eastern PA.

PAIGE, a 5 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, is one gentle, good natured girl, happy to be with her person. She came to the Farm due to health issues of her guardian. She lived in one home since 6 months old, so, we were thrilled when one of our former adopters wanted to meet her soon as she came in. Paige was happy to start her new life and headed out to upstate NY where she will be very adored and cherished. Paige loves to be the constant companion to her person so she'll be very very happy. 

KANDIE found the perfect person to love her dearly, play with her constantly and even offer her the most wonderful people food which Kandie fact, her new person lovingly caters to her picky tendencies cause she clearly adores her.  They are a perfect pair, happy to share life together! We're thrilled for Kandie who truly is a real character, full of spunk and in need of someone who enjoys all that brilliance! She now lives in NJ.

KANDIE: A petite 11 year old Border Collie, Kandie is a gem. She is interested in everything around her but most importantly, wants to be with her person. She happily sits by your side and enjoys belly rubs and affection. Kandie can be a little timid at first introductions but once comfortable, she is a wonderful companion. Kandie also loves squeaky toys, she happily carries them around, playing and will even bark right while she has a toy in her mouth! She loves to squeak the toy and herd other dogs, too. Kandie loves the car and does just fine at home when left alone. She is a classic Border Collie, very smart and attentive. She is ok with other dogs but doesn't like anyone in her face so could happily enjoy life as the solo dog.  She is not good with cats.   Kandie came to the farm from PA guardians who had to move into a retirement community and could not take her. She lived with them for 10 years. Kandie is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm

LUCY & SPY found their forever home with guardians who love the breed and have always had two and just fell in love with the sweet nature of Lucy & Spy. Lucy & Spy happily gave all their love back, cuddling in their lap and laid out at their feet, content to have a home again. They'll be the constant companion to their new FurMom enjoying a great yard with lots to do and surely adored. They now live in NJ.

LUCY & SPY are gorgeous 8 month old Border Collies who are true to the breed, high energy, fun and focused and ready to go! They are very good natured and incredibly sweet. Lucy is the lead and more confident in tackling anything new, very curious and eager to please.  Spy is super sweet and loving and very happy to be with you, once he feels comfortable. They make all kinds of border collie games together, stalking and chasing and love toys. They are fast and focused. Both have great recall and Lucy even knows some tricks. They are each 40 pounds and good with cats. We want to place them together since they really get along well and enjoy herding each other and making up all kinds of games together. They both adore people as well, not jealous at all of attention paid to one or the other.  Lucy & Spy had an incident with a 5 year old child visiting their home who was knocked down and scratched, and nipped. The family loved these two but felt it was best to put them into another situation since they had a home with many young children visiting. Spy & Lucy were absolutely fine with their own children, age 5 & 8 so we have no worries about them. This was an unfortunate episode. Spy and Lucy are trained on the invisible fence They came to the Farm from a shelter in PA that works with us. 

CASSY found her forever home with two aussies and another Border Collie so she'll have plenty of canine fun but she also has her own agility handler, the young girl of the home who seriously competes in agility and plans to head for Nationals with Cas/Cassy at her side. They are a perfect pair! Cas will love learning and being loved, at the same time. The whole family is thrilled with 'the sweetest, mushy, beautiful Border Collie' and feel it's as if she's lived with them all her life. Cas lives in NY.

CASSY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Cassy is so smart, alert and ready to focus on whatever is asked of her. She is a classic BC, with all the focus, speed and brilliance you would expect. She is so agile that for her, it's easier to cross the room, going over the furniture rather than around it. She also is able to balance on her back legs, standing fully upright so she can see whatever is above her normal vision with all four feet on the floor. Cassy is adorable and comical at the same time. She is great with other dogs and happy to have another Border Collie for herding games and play. She needs to be actively engaged with a person or canine friend. Cassy has been tested on sheep and is showing great promise to do herding. She could also easily excel in agility. She will only be placed in a sport home where she can be challenged in activities like herding or agility. She is good with cats and weighs 30 pounds. Cassy was left unattended without a fence so running the neighborhood, though she never went far. She was relinquished to the Farm from a nearby town. Cassy is being fostered in western NJ and can be seen there or at the Farm.

BODIE found his forever home with another Border Collie who loves to play ball just like he does - a fanatic! - so his new guardians have the solution..a great chuck-it for a long toss! Bodie loved it of course. He'll also get to try agility, flyball and herding so he'll be one busy dog, along with playing with his new friend. He's also the constant companion to his FurDad so has the whole package he needs for one happy life! He now lives in Canada.

BODIE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Bodie is a ball nut, happy to chase and retrieve endlessly. He is also very easy going and friendly, a wonderful good natured but energetic Border Collie. He could easily join with other dogs or be a solo dog in an active home. He adjusts well to new situations and just wants to play, play, play! He would be happiest where he could run and be very active though he settles great inside. Bodie is good with cats but will herd them. He is trained on the invisible fence. He came to the Farm from PA due to a not being able to meet his needs. 

As fate would have it, Mollie came to the rescue and caught the eye of one of our intake team who is a dear Friend of the Farm and now she is Mollie's furMom.  Soon as she heard about her and saw her pictures, she wanted to meet her. In classic Mollie fashion, she showed off all her frisbee skills and maniacal ball focus which meant she'd be the perfect fit for her pack of disc dogs. Mollie's health will be managed beautifully since her furMom understands her needs and of course, she'll be totally adored. Mollie now lives in Vermont.

MOLLIE: A 3 year old Border Collie, this beautiful girl is sweeter than sweet, absolutely so loving. She is a real hugger and loves to give kisses. She's also a big ball dog, happy to chase and play endlessly. Mollie has lots of drive and is very very smart.  Mollie also has a health issue that made Glen Highland Farm her last resort to live. She has a pancreatic enzyme disorder which means her meal is supplemented with a powder to pre-digest food. This is not that problematic but her enzyme disorder led to diabetes which unfortunately wasn't treated by her guardians due to lack of funds. Mollie dropped to 21 pounds when she should be at least 35 -40 pounds. 

UPDATE: Mollie is doing so well, she's ready for a new home! Her health needs are now stable. She's running two- three miles a day and having a blast playing border collie games. She is a brilliant girl with the desire to play, play, play. Mollie is super sweet and loves everyone she meets. 

Over and over again, miracles happen at the Farm yet there is no way to know it's about to happen until after the event. Sweet tiny Baby found her way to Border Collie rescue, probably with a bit of Border Collie in her but certainly not a lot and yet, when she arrived, she seemed to be on a mission. She was all full of herself, confident as can be and very content to have found her way to the Farm. Sometimes, we'd wonder exactly why this little dog was in THIS rescue and each time that question arose, so came an answer: There is a reason and we just have to trust it will be clear at some point.

Adopters expressed interest and yet nothing seemed quite right for Baby. Being a comical circus clown kind of girl, she needed a place to share her joy to keep the laughter rolling AND she needed a place where she could offer her heart to another who needed her. And, that she has most certainly done. She has found her mission. One of our dearest Friends of the Farm since the inception, lost her beloved Border Jack, Annie, another tiny girl who made it to the Farm six years ago on her own mission. Akin to Baby, powerhouse Annie owned the Farm within short order and was then renamed, the Queen, such a princess and mischievous ruler of her empire. This little dog won her foster Mom's heart so deeply that she kept her and felt she had found her kindred spirit, a deep, rich connection unlike any other. But, the devastating news of bone cancer broke her heart in two. Within days of hearing this tough news, Baby's mission was crystal clear and she was sent to Annie's furMom to be fostered. In stepped Baby, who brightened her days as she watched those last months roll by as the disease claimed her beloved Annie. In some twist of mystery, it was Baby who knew that her foster Mom needed her to help lessen the blow and it was Annie who knew that she couldn't leave until there was a way to leave laughter in the home with the person she so cherished.

So, today, Babydoll, as she's now known, continues a legacy, proving that love is forever, whether in spirit or in the physical body. Annie and Baby work together to keep a hurting heart open, fully embracing love.

That is the miracle of dogs.

BABY: A very petite 5 year old Border Collie mix, Baby is a really sweet, comical little girl who actually sings! Well, she has a howling talk that sounds like singing and she happily talks to you all the time. Baby is adorable and friendly to everyone, really good natured. She loves to be with her person and would be happiest as the constant companion to someone or in a family with lots of people. She is good with kids and loves to play. Baby is good with other dogs though could live as the solo dog. She is 25 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She was given up by guardians in NY who couldn't afford to care for her properly. Baby is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm

OTTO found a marvelous Border Collie paradise on 65 acres of trails and a pond and plenty of land to explore - perfect for him! He loves to swim, hike and enjoy the great outdoors. His new guardian was smitten by his charm and affection plus his incredible frisbee talent! She knew instantly that he was the one to enjoy life with her and he happily headed right out to the car for a great life, as if he knew he landed a dream home! He now lives in NY.

OTTO: An 7 year old Border Collie, Otto is an amazing dog. He is so smart and so alert and responsive, having him around is like having a dog that has lived with you forever. Otto is wonderful. He loves to play ball, he is fast and agile and quite the catch with any toy thrown his way. Otto loves to retrieve balls and frisbees so much, he'll even dive underwater for them! Otto is quite the athlete, he can climb any fence and he loves to swim and loves to hike and explore. He also herds well. He is a talker with a little bark asking you to quickly throw his ball. He is great with other dogs though would be happy with a person as his companion who wanted to play. Otto can go off leash and enjoy a hike as well as enjoy hanging at home with you. He is about 40 pounds and good with cats. Otto was given up due to issues with the toddler in his house. He is fine with mature children. He came to the  Farm from PA.

FENNE found the perfect life with the person who knew she was meant to be hers. Her new Furmom saw her picture and for weeks, kept looking at her, waiting for her skin to heal. She was eager to meet her and with each delay, knew that this was the dog she wanted in her life. She looked at the site five times a day to make sure she was still available. When they met, it was an amazing hello from Fenne as if she said, 'hey, what took you so long?' and nuzzled by her side, not moving an inch. It was clear that these two belonged together. Fenne was saying this was her person so together, they headed out for a great life in MA. Fenne will have huge acres to explore and be the constant companion to her guardian's Mom who works from home which Fenne will love.

FENNE: A 1 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Fenne has a wonderful temperament. She is so easy going and friendly, absolutely one of the happiest dogs in rescue. She is everyone's best friend instantly. Fenne is smart and focused so could do sports but could also enjoy being a constant companion to her person. She's a real lover, too, a cuddly, wiggly girl who loves attention. She is super agile, comes off the ground with all four feet and could outrace another dog pretty easily. Fenne is about 35 pounds, not yet tested on cats. She is great with other dogs and would love a canine friend but doesn't do well with little dogs. She is growing hair back from a possible flea allergy and will have a gorgeous coat soon. Fenne came to the Farm from PA where she had been abandoned in a shelter. 

MAGGIE & JAZZ found their forever home deep in the woods of Northern Maine where they'll have tons of space to race, chase and play with their new guardians as well as each other. We are so happy they found a great life where they will be adored and continue being together, making up their sister games. Maggie happily ran after every ball throw and Jazz went for cuddles inside. Their new guardians came specifically just for them and were thrilled to add them to their lives.

MAGGIE, age 5, and JAZZ, age 4, are half sister border collies who have lived together in the same home all their lives.  They will be placed together because they clearly love each other and get along so well. Maggie, is the more confident of the pair.  She loves to play fetch or tug and shows a lot of interest in tracking-type activities.  Jazz, is a Border Collie/Aussie mix, a bit more petite. She is the more cuddly of the two, enjoys herding her sister and playing "two-ball" - entertaining herself by playing with one ball in her mouth and batting one with her feet. Jazz is a little shy and relies on Maggie to help her feel safe. They are both super affectionate and love being with people, absolutely adorable girls to be with. They are also very smart and eager to please and not as intense as some. Both dogs are fast, focused, love car rides, are good with other dogs and with cats and are exceptionally loyal and obedient once bonded with their person. They both are from a NY guardian who can no longer meet their needs. They were her beloved friends since they were puppies and it clearly shows.

NORA found the perfect life or her with two other canine friends who race and play like she does and two guardians who fell in love, knowing she was the perfect addition to round out their trio. They enjoyed a trail walk at the Farm and then headed out to Pennsylvania, looking like they all had been together forever. Nora will adore the attention and all the constant play ahead.

NORA: A 4 year old Border Collie/Belgian Malinois, Nora is a doll. Her beautiful silver markings on her face are from the Malinois side.  She is very very friendly to everyone and absolutely loves people. She is smart and responds quickly, coming the minute you call her name. Nora is also gorgeous to watch as she runs, a graceful girl with moves that show the Malinois style. She can bound full speed to you and stop one a dime. She loves water and happily jumps in our tub to splash and play. Nora is great with other dogs , especially easy going ones, since she is a female. She is not good with cats since she mercilessly herds them. She came to the Farm due to issues with the sheltie in the house, from the NY area. 

CAREY: a 10 month old Border Collie, Carey came into rescue with a desire to play, play, play and also loves other dogs. So he had a blast at the Farm but quickly found his forever home with guardians who love the breed and are excited to introduce him to agility for fun as well as their dog park friends who love to play, too. Carey was a stray in PA and now lives in CT where he will be happily loved. 

CODY found his forever home with another Border Collie who will be his constant friend plus guardians who just love having a pair to love and adore. He'll have plenty of fun at their lake as well as daily hikes and playing his new rural property where he can bark and run and explore all day long! He now lives in MA.

CODY: A 3 year old tri-color merle Border Collie, Cody is a very very sweet, attentive boy who loves to be with people. He's loveable and loyal and happy to be a beloved companion.  He's lived with one family since a puppy and is quite a people dog,  being with his person, like a shadow. He gets along with other dogs, and is learning all about dog play in his foster home.  In fact , he loves playing outside and is having a blast chasing one of the other Border Collies in the house. Cody would be happiest having another dog since the fun of dog play is so great for him.  He is thrilled to go outside each day!  He is so happy to go for walks and even enjoys running along side his foster mom. Cody is also great off leash and enjoying lots of ball play. Cody is also learning to meet lots of new people since he's included in a much more active lifestyle now. He is good with cats and is caring a little extra weight, which will come off with exercise. Cody was relinquished from PA, due to family health issues. Cody had been living in the house for long periods so had become sedentary.  Cody is being fostered in central NY and can be transported upstate to be seen at the Farm


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