We are hoping to heal Mack's nerve damage in the next 3-6 weeks 
Hoping for a miracle! 

MACK had a special Cornell visit 1/13 with the veterinary experts at the Pain Desk, Dr. Andi Looney and her team. He of course won their hearts instantly with his incredible gaze and sweet, gentle nature. He gently stands up on his hind legs, resting his paws on your hands and looks right at you with his beautiful golden, brown eyes and he melts every person. He is therapy dog material for sure! 

The remarkable news today was that Mack was wagging his tail! Everyone saw the bottom half move whenever anyone new came into the room! And, he walked into the exam room and lifted his leg in three different places, not a lot came out but he did give it a royal try.

So, the plan involve a step by step process, hoping for improvements. Mack had a special treatment for spinal injuries - http://nanotechwire.com/news.asp?nid=6721&ntid=190&pg=1 this treatment of a material called PEG for spinal injuries is having great results...yet to be seen if Mack's injury was too  long ago to have an impact but we wanted to try nonetheless. He also has acupuncture while under sedation in order to stimulate flow in his back end area. We've also started Mack on a human drug, pregabalin, that may also help the nerve damage. We saw the actual xray of injury and it appears there is a spinal injury and a fracture right at the top of the tail where the  tail bone is moved inches over from the trauma.  Because the nerves controlling the bladder are above the actual injuries, it is believed he may regain his bladder control fully.

It is unlikely he'll regain bowel control. Mack will also begin Tellington Touch treatments shortly as well as other healing energy work and we'll update his bio step by step.  We're excited with the possibilities of all the unusual approaches working together to help him.

MACK UPDATE:  We're happy to report that Mack is doing really well. He has been receiving energetic work and daily Tellington Touch sessions with Dawn Hayman of Spring Farm Cares. Mack is a very willing client, happily sitting or standing right in front, calmly allowing her to do this special work. 

Mack has also been to Cornell with Dr. Andi Looney's pain clinic team, receiving acupuncture in addition to special medicines. 

The GREAT NEWS is that Mack is holding his tail higher now, actually pooping more normally and urinating on his own. While each day varies in his ability to do this, we are incredibly encouraged by the results. Mack is making tremendous strides with everyone's help! 

MACK: A 4 year old Border Collie, Mack is a remarkable sweet guy with an unbeatable spirit. He is incredibly sweet and friendly. He also loves toys of any kind - the ball, the squeaky- he is ready to play! We all adore this guy!  Mack has some trauma evident in his back-end impacting his ability to control pooping and peeing. In seeing a surgical specialist, Mack apparently injured his spine weeks ago which is the cause of his problem.  It was fractured right near the end of his back causing the loss of control of the tail, anus and bladder.  Any further up the spine, and he would be in a wheelchair. There is a possibility of the nerve damage healing, a long shot, but a possibility.  So, we are beginning homeopathic treatment and Tellington Touch massage with hopes we can see some changes in three - six weeks.   Please send Mack your good thoughts...he really deserves them. He was found in an area where dogs are often dumped. Mack is very underweight now.  He was found near Fort Drum in upstate NY, basically a bag of bones. 

Mack's Angels - Jennifer Cherney, Jane Locacio, Scott & Yvette Babiyan, Linda Wood, Lucy & Rio, Lynn and Larry Adelsohn

For nine years, we have watched as Border Collie after Border Collie come to Glen Highland Farm to find their new work. No longer herding sheep, they are focused on people and what they can do to help them find joy and purpose. As their people bring them into their hearts, something is set free in both dog and humans. We know this because we hear it, see it and live it ourselves, just by being with them in rescue and then hearing from our adopters. Miracles are happening all the time in this search for dogs to find their people and people to find their dogs.

And, now another miracle is underway. Mack has found his work - his calling - with children and with people, way beyond one home.

For Mack, the journey has been a tough one, at least six months of being in the wilderness of upstate NY and now battling through health situations that make it tough for him to find a 'normal' home. His continence is improved but certainly not normal. Now, he doesn't have to look for anything normal any longer. Mack will be staying at Spring Farm Cares, the sanctuary that has been helping him heal.  http://www.springfarmcares.org/miracles.htm#mack  

All this became clear when Mack recently met local school children visiting Spring Farm one day, as part of their program on Humane Education. Words cannot describe the amazing heart work that unfolded as Mack realized he had found his true work. Every staff member saw him come to life in a way that brought tears to their eyes. He was a magnet for children, the stuff of children's tales in storybooks. Mack found hearts so open and willing to meet his, that they rejoiced in their newfound friendship.

For those of us who have actually had the privilege to meet him, his heartfelt love for each person he meets is larger than life. He literally wraps himself around you with a sense of joy and caring, an amazing experience to feel. Whether it was the team at Cornell or the caretakers at GHF or the employees at Spring Farm or the people who helped transport Mack the day he was found, Mack has made his mark, deeply in their hearts. 

Everyone has been rooting for Mack. And now, thanks to the kindness of Spring Farm, he will do this heart work for the rest of his life, with many many people and of course, children. 

Mack will visit GHF for the summer Camp Border Collie for Kids, too. GHF and SFC will construct a special living situation for Mack that can handle his health needs. And, from this wonderful sanctuary, he will become a legend we are sure. His story and his message of hope and love and kindness will carry on, way beyond the simple job of herding sheep.

We are thrilled for Mack!!

WELCOME HOME MACK!!  Your Spring Farm family!

A letter from Mack

April 11, 2009
Dear Friends,

You have all given me the greatest gift in the world.  When I was out wandering lost for so long, I truly lost all hope.  There was a person who I loved dearly and who loved me and we got separated.  All I wanted was to find that person again.  It never occurred to me at the time, that there might be more to my life and more to my mission.  I knew I had touched that other personís heart deeply and it meant a lot to me.  I still do miss him.

However, out of much pain, sometimes comes the greatest healing.  My body suffered some serious blows, and my heart was giving up.  Then, like through magic, I found myself at Glen Highland Farm,  a place where border collies are understood, treasured, cherished, and given reason to hope again.  People seemed to really like me and care about me.  They didnít cast me away.  I will forever be grateful to you for that space and that love and that connection which I now know I will have forever.  Lillie, you helped me understand that my mission was intact even though I couldnít see it.  You told me youíd find me a home and someone to share with and be with who would also love me in return.  You were so right.

When I came here to Spring Farm, I was worried as to now what would happen to me.  The other animals told me that it didnít matter if I was injured or had problems.  They told me that they all had issues too but that people loved them for who they were.  I thought that was wonderful and wished I could find a place just like that.  Lillie kept telling me not to worry, that I was safe and would find my place.  Dawn started working with me too and they told me just to relax and heal.  But I knew I was only here for a brief time at the farm and I tried really fast to get better.  The people here really seemed to care about me.  It didnít take long for me to really settle in and like it here at the farm.  I never want to get lost again.  I just want to be in my home.  They have big towers here on the farm (the windmills) and I love to look out at them.  I can see them from my room and no matter where I go on the farm, I can always see them.  I told myself that Iíd always watch for those towers and no matter where I was, as long as I could see them, I was home.  I really began to work with lots of people who take care of me and who come to visit me.  And, just as Lillie told me, I found my mission again.  I found out that human hearts are really easy to reach and touch and that they respond so well to me.  I love that.  It felt like the one thing I so desperately needed when I was lost, the one thing that I myself had lost, was hope.  And now that is the gift I seem to be able to bring to them.  Its kind of funny really, but it all makes sense to me now.   

It seemed like I should never leave here.  I understood that I did find my home and where I wanted to be and the work that I could do.  From here, I could still be a part of both farms, as I still see Lillie, and work with her too.  I think I actually found my paradise.  The problem was that they thought I was only going to stay a short while.  I decided that I couldnít lose that hope again.  I couldnít go off somewhere to start over one more time.  This was it.  This was the place I choose to work and live and heal.  I decided that if I couldnít stay here, then it was time to leave this physical realm.

The gift you all gave to me today is that you listened and heard me and you gave me the one thing that means more to me than anything in my life.  You showed me that I can trust in a home.  You will all be blessed by whatever my heart can offer to you.  You are all my family now and together we can all live, give, and love.  It is my most perfect outcome.  I have found my home.  Thank you for sharing your hearts with me.


Sweet, wonderful ZACH found his forever home with guardians who really understand the breed and all their complexity. They loved his high drive energy and quickly had him focused on every toy and frisbee out in the field, which he loved.  He'll get a chance to do lots of agility and we suspect be quite the star! His new guardians fell in love instantly and knew he would be a great addition to their family. He now lives in upstate NY.

ZACH: A 6 month old Border Collie, Zach is a high drive boy who wants to go, go, go and LOVES ball play as well as any other toy. He is non-stop action.  Zach is also a serious tugger who brings any toy over, pushing it at you to tug with him.  He is wickedly smart and easy to teach anything. He learns fast.  Zach also loves to run and chase with the other adult Border Collies and knows all the rules of the dog pack, fitting right in.  He is smart, attentive and focused and could easily do sports. Zach also bonds very fast to a person because he was left alone 8-10 hours a day. His emotional connection to a person is super strong so he'll need someone who meets that need, not leaving him alone long periods during the day.  Zach settles well, left alone with other dogs. Zach is typical in size for the breed. He was abandoned at a PA shelter for too much energy. We are so happy to have him in rescue where he can find the perfect spot for a great life.  

RUSTIE found the perfect home with guardians who understand the breed and love to throw the ball! He's going to be going everywhere with them, being the ambassador that he is, happily greeting everyone, in his usual charming Rustie way. His new guardians felt he would fit their life perfectly and were thrilled to have him join them. Rustie now lives in CT where he's happily loved and enjoyed forever.

RUSTIE: A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Rustie is a doll. He's very easy going and loves to be with people. The only thing he loves just as much is playing retrieval with his tennis ball and he's quite great at that. He is smart, good natured and not hyper, a more companion oriented BC. He enjoys exploring the Farm and seems happiest when he's the center of attention. He is 45 pounds and not good with cats. Rustie was relinquished directly to the Farm from a MA guardian because he was jumping their 4 foot fence. Rustie has never attempted to jump our 5 -6 foot fences here at all and clearly wants to be with us, rather than anywhere else. 

JAX found his forever home with another canine friend who thought he was a great pal, quickly enjoying herding and chasing him as he played with his jolly ball. Jax of course won the hearts of his new guardians soon as he hugged them and gave them plenty of kisses and then happily hopped into their truck for a test drive. He had one thing to say...let's go home! So, Jax now lives on 26 acres where he'll have plenty of great explorations and plenty of wonderful play time with his new friend. He now lives in upstate NY.

JAX, a 5 1/2 year old Border Collie, Jax is all about being with his person. He loves people and is happy to accompany you wherever you go. He is very easy going, good natured and relaxes well once inside. Outside, he loves the ball, and will happily chase again and again for a good throw.  He also loves the frisbee and lots of other toys. Jax is very intelligent and has lived with other dogs and several cats, but would be more than happy to be the constant companion to his person.  Jax is very good in the car, enjoying being the co-pilot, likes to go for walks and give lots of hugs and kisses.  He is good with cats.  He does best with adults and older children so will be placed accordingly. Jax was returned to the farm one year after adoption due to a move.  

We're thrilled that LOVEY found the perfect spot for her. She waited a long time for exactly the right combination of lots of love and lots of work - Lovey will be chasing geese at a Long Island golf course and we know, having seen her do her work, that this is going to be one very happy girl. But, even better, she has three little girls who will LOVE her dearly and all of us who know Lovey know that she got that name for one reason - she's a real lovey! Her new guardians were thrilled to have her join their lives and excited to start the adventure of living with a working girl!!

LOVEY: A petite 5 yr old border collie with ABCA papers, Lovey's name suits her well, she is a lover for sure. She loves people and responds quickly to attention and affection. She is a doll. Lovey is also very focused and a classic Border Collie with strong herding instincts. She could do anything athletic and in fact, chased geese at her former home. Lovey is a real swimmer and loves challenges. She is very very smart and very obedient. Lovey is a strong female so does best with submissive male Border Collies. She is about 35 pounds and not good with cats. Lovey was relinquished from NJ due to the family moving. She is camera shy so hard to capture her gorgeous beauty.

JAQ found a great life with his new guardian who is part of a family owned organic farming business with 80 acres for him to enjoy! He's joining other Border Collies that live there with family members so he'll have plenty of canine friends to herd and race and chase with, so we know Jaq, who is already showing herding 'eye' will enjoy this big life with so much to do! He'll be the constant companion to his new FurDad as he  grows up enjoying farm life in MA.
JIGGS found his new life quickly with a new guardian who loves to do agility and obedience and really wanted to enjoy doing all the fun stuff with a Border Collie. She and Jiggs were the perfect fit, as well as he with all her dogs, a great easy going, happy canine family. We know we'll hear lots of great things about Jiggs as he grows up in the land of sports since he'll be in the same club with one of our intake team, not far from the Farm. Jiggs now lives in upstate NY.

JIGG & JAQ, two 9 week old Border Collie pups have arrived at the Farm and are ready to go, go, go. They are adorable, sweet and love people. They also love racing around after the ball and other dogs, easily joining in a pack of adult dogs. Curious explorers, they are already using their great minds to figure out how everything works at the Farm and having a blast!. They will only be adopted into border collie savvy homes, with experience, ideally with another young Border Collie. 

GAEL found a new home with a Border Collie friend she really liked and a new guardian who fell in love with her gentle, sweet nature. This gorgeous little pup will have 17 acres to explore, a horse farm to keep an eye on and lots of toys to play with as she joins her new family in NY. Gael will surely have plenty to do and most importantly, share her loving way with all those who visit. Her new guardians love the breed and know exactly what she needs to be happy. SOon as Gael's big 'brother' hopped into the car, she wanted to join him!

GAEL: A 5 1/2 month old Border Collie, (possibly mix), Gael is a sweet, happy, good natured pup who wants to be with her person. She loves everyone and loves attention, too. Gael enjoys playing ball and squeaky toys but isn't as intense as some BC pups so will likely be a wonderful companion, not demanding non-stop play. She is good with other dogs and enjoys joining in for play. She loves to run and get the zoomies, even racing into the pond for a quick dip. Gael is a real doll, even with the potential for therapy work since her nature is so good and calm. She is good with cats and is about 25 pounds. Gael was found as a stray and the PA shelter she landed in, asked us for help. 

JESSI found her forever home before we could even get her picture on the site! The perfect canine friend came for her and clearly, they were a great match for continual chasing and wrestling and racing. Her new FurMom loved her instantly and felt she would be a great addition to their family. Jessi now has 65 acres on which to play and explore, enjoying her new life as the constant companion to her new guardians who work from home. She now lives in upstate NY.

JESSI: A 2 year old Border Collie, Jessi is a sweetheart with an easy going personality. She loves being with people and is also happy to play chase and toy games with a furry friend, as she does each day with Jaff (they love each other). Jessi is a more gentle BC, not high energy but sure loves a good game of ball and is a great catch. She is eager to bond and happily enjoys belly rubs. She is good with cats and is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Jessi was a stray in PA who fortunately made it to the Farm. A special thanks to LuAnn Heller who paid for boarding Jessi until we had room to take her at the Farm. 

SUMMIT found a wonderful home with loving guardians who love frisbee as much as Summit does! He was thrilled to be playing and happily headed out to his new life, knowing he'd have tons of love plus tons of play! Watching Summit follow his new family around the Farm was great cause clearly he knew exactly where he wanted to be - in their lives! He now lives in upstate NY, a long way from Louisiana!

SUMMIT: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Summit is very smart and very connected to everything around him. He is a classic Border Collie in his watchfulness and intelligence. He is great with other dogs and would love a Border Collie friend to herd and be with. Summit learns quickly and enjoys challenges. He is very fast, very focused and eager to please. He is great off leash and comfortable in new situations. He once worked cattle on a farm but his back leg was injured by the tractor. He is completely healed and ready to race but not suited for serious herding work but he likes to swim, really enjoying the water. He is 35 pounds and great with cats. He came to the Farm from Louisiana with our new caretaker. 

FLINT found a wonderful new life with his new guardians who love to kayak and snowshoe and camp and be their constant companion! They even have a special doggie seat in the truck so their dogs have a great view of the road, which we know Flint will love! Flint quickly cuddled up for belly rubs and enjoyed spending time outside and inside, the sweet good natured guy that he is - he won their hearts quickly. We know Flint will be loved and have a blast in his new life, living in upstate NY.

FLINT: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Flint is a people dog, happy to meet anyone and everyone. He loves attention and is super friendly and affectionate. Flint is also eager to play and run and enjoy toys of any kind, a lively young BC, full of energy.  But, Flint also is quite the cuddler inside and settles well inside. He is smart and eager to bond and would be a wonderful companion. Flint would be best as a solo dog since his dog interactions sometimes cause other dogs to be nervous, he's a bit too forward. Flint is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. He came from a PA shelter where he was a stray. 

BLAST found the perfect home with two kids of her own that want to play, play, play plus love having her cuddle on the bed with them. She now has her own doggie paradise, living with guardians who understand the breed and fell in love with her sweet nature, brilliance and love of play. She spent the night with them in the Inn in town and happily checked each bed to make sure everyone was right where they were supposed to be and then settled with them as if she'd found the doggie heaven she'd been dreaming of for so long. We are so thrilled for this sweet girl who deserved a life where she could be cherished. She now lives in upstate NY.

BLAST:  A 3 year old Border Collie, Blast is smart as a whip.  She knows tons of tricks: sit, down, roll over, shake, back, wait, hugs, kisses and look, plus she absolutely loves to learn whatever you want to teach her.  She is super smart and loves toys of any kind.  She will retrieve anything you toss her way!.  Blast really bonds with her person and blossoms with the attention of being a solo dog, loyal and content to be your companion.  She is incredibly friendly with everyone she meets and able to jump to give you a quick lick on the nose to say hi.  Blast lives up to her name...a blast of energy and a blast of fun and love, too.  She was adopted from the Farm as a young pup and has been living with a pack of shelties.  Like most female Border Collies, she is the dominant female so it's best for her to have a home without other dogs or with a submissive male.  This is very common with this breed which is why we don't like to place females together. Blast is about 35 pounds and good with cats. She will be placed in a hard fence situation only, not underground electronic fence systems

Big BARNEY found his home soon as he came out to say hello. In his own charming way, Barney put his head in his new FurDad's hands to say hello and that was that! Then, he went over to his new FurMom sitting in her wheelchair and she gently stroked his head as he gave her that big eyed look that only Barney can do! The other dogs stood no chance after that, so Barney will start his new life in upstate NY on his 35 acre farm, the constant companion to his new family, former farmers who know just how special a beloved canine friend can be. We know Barney will keep everyone safe there, keeping watch like he always does and he'll also win some new hearts with his sweet ways.

BARNEY: A 7 year old border collie/great pyrenees mix, Barney is all about people, he just loves everyone. He is super friendly, easy going and a great companion. Barney is fine with other dogs and good with cats but he's happiest with people.  He is sweet as they come and very good natured. Barney enjoys being in the middle of everything and will play ball but just as easily relax next to you. He is about 65-70 pounds. Barney was returned to a NY shelter adopted 5 years ago. The people could no longer keep him. 

SHELBIE came a long way from Kuwait to find her forever home with a loving family in Vermont! The wonderful thing for her, is that they were surely HER family. The minute they saw her and experienced her sweet, gentle, smart nature, they were in love and she loved them right back. We think of Shelbie as a princess who traveled from afar, a self-assured little pup, who now has the life she wanted! We're so happy for her and her new guardians.

SHELBIE: A 5 1/2 month old Border Collie, Shelbie is very smart, very observant and very confident. She loves to explore wherever the other dogs go and is happily at ease. She loves people and eagerly follows anyone who enjoys being with her. A real cuddler, she hops right into your arms for attention and kisses. Shelbie is a classic female Border Collie, already in charge of her universe and eager to interact with everyone and anything around. She is good with other dogs but could be happy as the solo dog in an active home. She will only be placed in a Border Collie savvy home and will need stimulation mentally to satisfy her, like all young BC's. Shelbie is fine with cats. She was a stray in Kuwait. The Humane Society knows of GHF and asked us to take her. She is the 2nd Border Collie we have taken from Kuwait. 

ANGEL found her forever home with a wonderful couple who love the breed and felt Angel would be a delightful companion to add to their lives. She'll have another BOrder Collie friend to join her in all the fun as well as a little dachshund so Angel will have plenty of canine excitement. And, most importantly, she'll have loving guardians who understand her needs and cherish her for just how special she is...We are really happy for Angel and her new life. A special thanks to Ann & Christian Cattaneo who fostered Angel til she found her way!

ANGEL: A 6 month old Border Collie, Angel is incredibly sweet and loves to be next to her person. She also loves to race and chase with other Border Collies and is learning that the Farm is a blast. Angel is toy oriented and fast on her feet. She is also deaf so will require special training but already has basic obedience commands. She is very relationship oriented and will be a great learner. Angel is 26 pounds and is good with cats. She was a present to an elderly woman in NY near the Farm who of course realized she couldn't care for her properly. 

JETT found his forever home when his new guardians came for a visit at the foster home and absolutely fell in love. Soon as they saw him on the other side of the fence, they knew he had to come home with them so Jett happily hopped in their car for his new life in Rhode Island. He loved all their attention and of course, showed his fabulous full tooth grin which made them chuckle to no end! Jett will surely receive all the love he needs and he'll give back twice as much to them! We're so happy for this sweet little guy.

JETT: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Jett is a very sweet boy who enjoys attention from people. He has a comical full tooth smile when he sees you coming and is happy to say hello to anyone. He is also a bit nervous being touched at first so will need a patient person who understands him. Jett will change a great deal in the coming weeks at the Farm, gaining confidence and playing with other dogs.  He doesn't know anything about toy play, yet. He is a softer Border Collie so would do best in a home that's not too busy or noisy.  He is 35 pounds and is not good with cats. He was a stray in PA in a shelter that contacted us for help. Jett is being fostered in CT and can be seen at the Farm

DOUGEE, now DUNCAN found a marvelous home with two canine friends and lots of acres for fun and border collie interest - llamas, alpacas, horses, and his people around all the time.  He'll be their constant companions on their farm, enjoying a life where he can use his mind and enjoy in tons of play.  We are sure Duncan will love all of it! He now lives in upstate NY.

DOUGEE: A 4 month old Border Collie, Dougee is a happy, good natured Border Collie who likes to play and wrestle and join in BC chase games. He loves toys of any kind and will play by himself endlessly. He is interested in lots of attention and being involved with people, especially when it comes to belly rubs. Dougee is clearly a smart, focused pup. He was in a CT home and too much for them to handle. 

BANNIN found the perfect people for him...loving, caring, devoted Border Collie lovers and he knew it instantly, sitting right with them asking for belly rubs and attention. He was so happy to have his own people and a Border Collie friend, too, that it was crystal clear that he had found his new life!  Bannin will have tons of attention and lots of BC game playing, living in his new home in upstate NY. He happily hopped in the car and cuddled on his way home!

BANNIN: A 2 1/2 year old, Bannin is a blast. He loves people and is super friendly, a really fun Border Collie. He also loves other dogs and quickly makes friends with all of them, racing, running and making up herding games. Bannin is very very smart and attentive to everything and everyone around him. He could easily learn anything asked of him and is eager to try things. Bannin has a great temperament and personality. He is about 45 pounds and not good with cats. He was in one home in PA since a puppy, given up to the Farm due to no time for him and his energy level. 

PUCK found his forever home with guardians who were drawn him seeing him on the site and soon as they met him, they knew they were even more sure. He and their Border Collie spent the night in the nearby Inn in town and come morning, they were most certainly in love. Puck was so comfortable with them and his new canine friend, that he headed off to NJ for his new life. He'll have plenty of land to explore, no longer constrained by a chain and neglected. Puck will be deeply loved.

PUCK: A 4  year old Border Collie, Puck is super friendly with everyone, nudging your hand for more petting and attention. He is very smart, very alert and eager to please. He is a gentle dog and not overly intense like many young Border Collies. He has a wonderful personality and good nature. Puck is thrilled with his new situation where he can run, run, run because he was chained out previously. Puck would be happiest as the solo dog.  He is about 40 pounds and  is best with dog savvy cats since he will chase them but basically ignores them unless they are running.   Puck came from PA when the SPCA confiscated him because his chain had gotten caught leaving him exposed to horrible weather. He dug a hole in the snow to attempt to protect himself and neighbors saw the distress and fortunately contacted the SPCA.  He's now happily enjoying a warm bed and great food, truly having a blast.  

CECI found the perfect home for her where she is the center of attention and the constant companion to her new guardians. Her new FurDad came to visit, drawn to her picture on the site and he found exactly what he was hoping for...a sweet, loving girl who responded instantly to him. She happily enjoyed his company, playing and walking and easily at ease, a wonderful pairing. Soon as she hopped into the car, it was clear Ceci knew she was home for good! She now lives in upstate NY.

CECI: A 5 1/2 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Ceci is a friendly, outgoing, happy girl who jumps straight up for a hello and attention, then races off to grab her toy. She charges around the fields at the Farm, happily with her toy in her mouth. She is adorable to watch. Ceci is very smart, watching everything around her, figuring out exactly what's going on, very quickly. She is calm inside but a real player outside, a great combination. Ceci is a great hiking companion, too. Ceci does have some quirks about handling and also meeting strangers so does needs some leadership for both, helping her to feel comfortable. She is about 50 pounds and good with cats. Ceci is afraid of children so will placed in an adult home. She was given up from PA guardians when the two young boxers they added to the family didn't get along with Ceci (formerly Stacy).  

JAZ & SOX caught the attention of their new guardians when they looked on the site for a pair of good canine friends and saw their sweet faces. Their new FurDad and FurMom were completely taken by this duo and came to take them home, sure they were exactly the fit for their lives. And, they were certainly right. Jaz & Sox spent the night in the nearby Inn and within short order, were going home, completely content with their new guardian. Once back in their home in Canada, their FurMom reported all was well with both cuddling on the couch watching tv after long hikes in the woods. Jaz & Sox have acres and acres to explore while they enjoy tons of love too.

JAZ & SOX are 1 1/2 year old tri-color Border Collies (not siblings) who are gentle, sweet and sensitive dogs. They are a lovely duo, easy to enjoy inside and a delight to watch outside, as they run and play together. Jaz is the leader, more outgoing and Sox follows whatever she does, a very happy duo. They will only be placed together since their relationship is so positive for both of them. They are interested in people but do need some time to feel safe and someone who is sensitive to letting them adjust to a new situation. Both of them love being outside and would happily enjoy an active person as their guardian. They are 40 pounds and good with dog savvy cats.  Jaz & Sox were living  with a NY guardian who felt they had too much to handle to have two more dogs. They had bought them from someone who had them as a breeding pair but decided to not pursue breeding border collies, thankfully. 

EME found the perfect people to fall in love with her powerhouse nature, a petite package of fun and games. They chuckled and watched her with her fast game of chase and funny antics, knowing they couldn't leave the Farm without her! She won their hearts quickly and once they'd spent the night at the nearby Inn, she was part of their life forever. Eme now lives in Canada, their constant companion cavorting around town.

EME:  A petite 5 year old Border Collie mix, Eme is very very smart and very eager to interact with a person, playing ball and retrieving.  She has a number of commands and is very attentive to learning anything new. She is brilliant and can learn anything instantly.  Eme is super sweet, nudging you for attention and loves people, but she is high drive and absolutely eager to play ball endlessly. She's fast and loves to play. She is great off leash and loves to chase squirrels and even geese for fun, but will come back well.  Eme is good with other dogs but could be a solo dog, too. She is best with male dogs since she can be a classic bossy female.  She is about 35 pounds, more petite than the typical size. She is good with catsShe came to the Farm from NY,  being  returned to the farm due to the guardian's personal problems and a move to an apartment.

KYM found her forever home right with her foster family who felt she fit their life perfectly. They adore her sweet nature and cuddly ways plus love the mornings and evenings heading out to the nature preserve for their walks. Kym is happy as can be, exploring everywhere, checking back in as they enjoy the great outdoors! We are thrilled for Kym who clearly had a hard life that didn't include  lots of freedom or love.  Now she has it all!  Kym lives in upstate NY.

KYM: An 8 year old Border Collie, Kym is sweet, sweet, sweet! She loves people and will happily enjoy a cuddle in your lap as well as sitting by your feet. She is very smart and good natured, loving to explore outdoors and play. Kym is a gentle girl who would love being with her person, a true companion Border Collie. She is happiest as a solo dog and doesn't enjoy interaction with other dogs except puppies probably due to the fact that she had a number of puppies herself. Kym is about 45 pounds, typical BC size and good with cats. She came from the New England area. 

JAC found the perfect life with plenty of acreage for exploring and ball play and guardians who were thrilled to have a new partner in their lives. He'll be with them 24/7, at home and at work on their tree farm, a gorgeous paradise he can call his own, accompanying them day in and day out. And, best of all, they fell in love with his brilliance and sweet, good natured ways plus his incredible talent in catching anything thrown his way...a great canine friend for tons of fun! He now lives in PA.

JACK: An 11 year old Border Collie, Jack is a very classic Border Collie, a perfect combination of sweetness and drive.  Jack LOVES frisbee, although playing ball comes in a close second and would love to have someone to play with regularly.  Jack knows many obedience commands, and enjoys working one-on-one with a person who will challenge him to use his mind.  Jack is a complete gentleman and seems to love everyone.  He is fine with small animals and other dogs, enjoys car rides and walks and loves making new friends - two legged and four legged alike.  Jack will connect with someone who is looking for a dog who exemplifies all of the things a that make him a Border Collie, without the overwhelming energy of a younger dog. Jack is being relinquished from someone who took him because a relative could no longer care for him and then they felt their situation didn't fit him either.  Jack is being fostered in NY

FRANCIE found her forever home in Vermont and she was welcomed there with a neighborhood 'dog party', everyone was so excited to meet her! Francie explored her new home, quickly deciding where her special spots were to relax and watch the world go by. She's charmed her new guardians instantly and fit in like she knew right where she belonged. In true Francie style, she won everyone's hearts and is happy to have her own home and own people again. She's now living with friends of the farm who we know will cherish her and love her wonderful ways.

FRANCIE: A 13 year old Border Collie mix, Francie is the sweetest girl, so happy to be with her person.  She talks to you from all her excitement and lets you know how thrilled she is to have your company. She is a bit camera shy so it's hard to capture how gorgeous she is but she is one healthy, beautiful, happy girl.  Francie is fine with other dogs and while she's happy to have them around, she's happiest with her person so would probably enjoy life most as a solo dog. She loves long walks and snuggling with her person on the couch. Francie lived in one home since a pup and lived with another dog and lots of kids. She also lived with cats. Francie was surrendered to the Farm due to the loss of a job. She was a pastor's dog and he lost his parish in PA. Francie is being fostered in NJ and can be seen there or at the Farm

DALE has found his new forever home! He headed off to foster care with adopters from the Farm who have 4 GHF rescue dogs and within the day, they knew they wanted him to join their pack.  Waiting to see how things unfolded within the canine group, it was a matter of days and then the email came: "Dale is thriving...he's even barking and has learned how to use the doggie door.  He's a delight.  Last night, he slept on our bed the entire night. We can't imagine deciding not to adopt him.  We are now calling him Micah, which, in Hebrew, means "Gift from G-d."  He truly is and that was a major factor in selecting his name. We promise to give him our love and devotion, and to nurture him.  His future furry brothers and sisters concur that he is a good addition to the family."

DALE: A 7 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Dale is super smart, incredibly sweet and very focused.  Dale has a good eye for working sheep or possibly geese.  Dale is also a cuddler and happy go lucky guy so could be happy with other BC's in an active home.  He is great with dogs and cats.  He loves to swim and has good recall and joins into the action easily.  Dale had one seizure so we are watching him for a few months to see what might be needed for him to live a happy, healthy life.  He came to us from a NY guardian who felt she could not manage his needs.  (In error, we misunderstood, Dale was not bred by Carol Campion.)

JAFF found the best life where he'd have a canine buddy to pal with, racing and chasing and making up his fun games plus guardians who are with him 24/7 at their horse farm. Jaff will enjoy tons of play time and hiking time exploring plus plenty of love as he lives a life a bit similar to the Farm where he'll have acres and acres to call his own. Jaff won his new FurMom's heart soon as she laid eyes on him!

JAFF: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Jaff is a lover, a real snuggler with everyone he meets. He also loves to chase and race with other dogs, following their lead.  He is a sensitive dog so does best with easy going dogs who aren't big herders or too dominant. Jaff joins in new situations easily and loves being with his person. He is very puppy like in his mannerisms and does need some confidence building with some men he meets, who seem to make him nervous. He loves treats so can be helped to realize everyone is a friend and especially with another dog with him, he feels more secure. Jaff is good with cats and is about 40 pounds. He was as stray in PA with a shelter that regularly works with the Farm. 

MICKEE found a wonderful home with loving guardians who were drawn to his remarkable spirit and when they met him, knew he was the one for them. He raced and chased and showed his loving nature, winning their hearts quickly and easily. Mickee will have a canine friend to join him in a life of fun and play and lots of exploring, exactly what he likes to do best. He will definitely be adored forever, a great match. His new guardians said they have his jolly ball ready! They were so pleased he was still available since they'd had their eye on him long ago. Mickee now lives in upstate NY.

MICKEE: A gorgeous, sweet, super friendly 5 1/2 yr old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Mickee has an incredible spirit and a contagious enthusiasm to play. He is so full of life and outgoing, that everyone who meets him is drawn to say hello. He absolutely loves people and would be a marvelous family dog because he also adores kids. Mickee is a real play dog, happy to chase after any toy but he is crazy for his jolly balls and even entertains himself endlessly. Mickee enjoys swimming and exploring in the woods. Mickee enjoys the fun of being with other dogs but could also be the only dog. He is not good with cats.  Mickee is about 50 pounds. Mickee recently had an injury which left him with less control of his back leg. He runs and walks without any problems at all, just a little less weight one of the back legs.  He can fit into an active home life or a calmer one where playing with toys is an outlet for his energy. Like any active Border Collie, Mickee carries on, undeterred by any worry in the world. He loves life and is a joy to be around. Mickee is in foster care in upstate NY with one of our adopters, who owns and runs THERAVET Acres Rehabilitation and Fitness Clinic. where he's getting better muscle development thanks to their wonderful resources

Petite, sweet PIPER joined a pack of other dogs as if he lived with them his whole life, easily accepted by everyone. Soon as that happened, his new guardians knew he was the one for them! One of their dogs is deaf so they have plenty of experience in meeting his needs. His charm and intelligence was quickly evident and they knew he would be a great addition to their family. Piper now lives in PA on lots of acres for playing and toy games as well as 100 acres nearby for plenty of hiking.

PIPER:  A 5-1/2 month old border collie, Piper is a sweet, gentle boy with lots of energy who loves to run and play with other border collies. He fits in easily with other dogs and follows their lead, like any pup.  He also loves being with people and is super friendly and enjoys meeting everyone.  Piper is deaf which doesn't deter him from being like any young BC...smart, alert and very curious about everything around him.  He'll do best with another Border Collie or two and someone who understands how intelligent he is, regardless of what he cannot hear.  Piper is an incredible focused young BC and good with cats.  Piper came from a shelter in PA where the breeder abandoned him due to his deafness.

MAGGIE found a fabulous home with a former adopter who saw her on the site and knew she was the one for them to meet. Getting a chance to see Donato, all grown up from his puppy days at the Farm was fun but watching Maggie and her new friend discover each other, was even more fun. Her new guardians were charmed, as everyone has been, by this sweet, loving, long-legged ball of energy! So, Maggie headed out to a life of fun, agility, hiking, and love of course! She now lives in upstate NY.

MAGGIE: A 5 month old Border Collie mix, Maggie is all about love, cuddles and belly rubs. She absolutely loves every person she meets and wants to jump into their arms or laps. She is also super athletic with long legs that allow her to race at full speed and jump high. She could do agility for sure though as a pup, she still has that gangly a bit uncoordinated nature to all that movement, providing endless chuckles about her antics. Maggie is super sweet and very attentive so could easily learn anything. She loves toys of any kind and will entertain herself as well as join in games with other dogs. She is fine with cats, about 35 pounds. She was relinquished to the Farm from a PA guardian who could not meet her needs since she had a houseful of toddlers, too. We were told her grandmother is bc/ shepherd and her mother was border collie. 

CAL found his new guardians and canine friend quickly! They were patiently awaiting his arrival at the Farm and soon as he landed, they came to see him. Of course, he won their hearts quickly and he and his new furry friend were off to play. He loves to race and chase as does his new friend so he'll surely have a life that's fun and full of love! He now lives in upstate NY where he's their constant companion.

CAL: A 6 month old Border Collie, Cal is a comical guy who loves to race with other dogs and then cuddle with his person. He's sweet as they come and loves every person he meets. We've nicknamed him the 'nibbler' cause he tends to nibble on your hand or arm to say hello, a classic puppy trait. Cal is very very smart, easy going and good natured. He made friends with 12 Border Collies easily and slid into his temporary home as if he'd lived there all his life. Cal is a gentle soul with lots of energy to play, play, play. He was abandoned in a MD shelter for too much energy. 

WINNIE found her forever home with guardians who fell in love instantly! They met lots of dogs but soon as Winnie came out to say hello, their hearts knew who they would take home! They chuckled and watched as she did her wonderful Winnie ball toss antics and roll in the grass. She now lives in upstate NY where she can explore lots of acres all her own and even chase the geese cause her new home is right on a lake!

WINNIE: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Winnie is a charmer. She is comical with her antics and play style, happily chasing after a toy, rolling in the grass, happy as can be. Winnie is really sweet and friendly and loves to cuddle but she also loves exploring, checking out everything in the fields. She is a character, her original guardian said she'd sometimes steal clothes from inside the house to make you chase her around outside with them, just for fun. Or, play a hiding game under the bed covers and she'd pop her head up to be found. She is about 35 pounds and will chase cats so will go in a non cat home. Winnie's original guardian had a stroke and could not keep her. She came to the Farm from a NY shelter. 

ROMEO: A 2 year old Border Collie/Aussie found his home soon after he came to GHF. He showed his sweet, smart nature and won their hearts instantly so off he went to five acres of his own to explore and enjoy. He'll be the constant companion to his FurDad who works from home. So, Romeo has his new life of love, fun and freedom. He was relinquished to GHF due to no time for him.

RORIE will live at the Farm with the founders since he joined their pack easily in a foster situation and has blossomed. Rorie's special needs can be met well at the Farm and he'll happily live a life of love and action, the best of both worlds.

RORIE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Rorie is a sweet, gentle dog who will blossom with patience and love. He is happy to cuddle and wants to be close but he will need a quieter home since he is sensitive. Rorie is also a real Border Collie and loves to herd other dogs. He would love living with two or three Border Collies where he can join in herding games. He's a fantastic frisbee dog and enjoys playing with jolly balls, eager to race and retrieve. Rorie is smart and attentive but will need help building his confidence so will only go to a skilled Border Collie home with patient people who understand positive reinforcement training. Rorie really wants to be with a person, he just needs some help trusting everything is safe. Rorie is about 40 pounds and good with cats.  Rorie will be placed in a hard fence situation only, not underground electronic fence systems Rorie was abandoned at Animal Control in NY when his guardian died.  

TESSIE truly picked her family. She met a few people in the past few weeks but when her new guardians arrived, she quickly decided they fit her perfectly. After a walk around the Farm, she settled right in front of them, not budging an inch. They were thrilled because she was the only one they came to see and were hoping she would be theirs and she is! Tessie will be the center of attention at her new home and even have 20 acres in the country to enjoy! She lives in Ct.

TESSIE: A 3 year old Border Collie mix, Tessie is a lovely, good natured, friendly girl who wants to be with her person more than anything. She is gentle and easy to be with but also gets so excited to play ball, quite the catch! She plays with enthusiasm but then relaxes and enjoys exploring the fields. Tessie is very smart and aware of all that goes on around her. She could easily join someone as their constant companion and she could also enjoy other canine friends, too. She's very sweet and loves to be connected with people. Tessie is about 50 pounds , and is good with cats. She was in one home since a puppy, originally from a shelter but then abandoned in the same shelter, years later, when the family could not meet her needs any longer. 

BELLA found her forever home where she'll be the center of attention with guardians who really understand her needs. Being Border Collie savvy, they know how to keep Bella happy and comfortable while enjoying all her marvelous traits. She'll have plenty of space to explore and enjoy and be their constant companion. Bella now lives in Vermont where she will be cherished and appreciated which she richly deserves. A special thanks to Ashley Porter who took in Bella and helped her get to the point where she could enjoy this new life.

BELLA: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Bella is a very smart and agile girl, who can ace a frisbee competition, outperforming other Border Collies, in a heart beat which is just what she recently did. Bella is all about the action! She is also a sensitive dog who needs a seasoned guardian who really understands the quirks of the breed. She is not always comfortable with strangers or new situations, of course the frisbee changes all that. She is eager to bond with someone who connects with her, on her terms, and guides her through life with consistency. Bella is smart so understands when that person is with her. She is fine with other dogs so can live with others though her main focus is her person so would be happiest where that can be possible. Bella will be placed in an adult only home. She is fine with cats. Bella weighs about 35 pounds. She was relinquished to the Farm by her VT guardian who could not meet her needs. 

EMMA found the perfect people and dogs and life for her...with one of our dearest Friends of the Farm, the people who supply our food, DogWild.  She will join two other Border Collies adopted from GHF so we know she'll have a great time playing and running and being herself, the real BC that we see but most visitors cannot since she's so shy.  Her canine pack includes two older dogs too so she feels right at home. We've been waiting to hear of her development and are so happy to know she's settling in well and now will have a life to call her own, forever.  Sometimes it takes awhile for the skittish rescues to find their place but when they do, it's always just perfect!  Emma lives near the Farm, so we get to see her when the dog food is delivered...she happily sits in the back of the car with a big doggie smile!

A 4 year old Border Collie, Emma is a gorgeous girl, the rare sable color. She is one of the sweetest, most gentle dogs, too. She loves to be by your side and nudge you for attention. Emma is a bit shy with a lot of people but a real lovey with one person who understands her. She is good with other dogs, happiest with submissive dogs who like to play. Once she comes out of her shell, she loves to run and wrestle and herd, though not intense. Emma is learning about toys, dogs and people since she lived outside previously. When in the house, she is very calm and needs some reassurance to feel confident which is why we will only place her in a home with other dogs. She will blossom beautifully in a patient understanding home. She is about 35 pounds and good with cats. Emma will be placed in a hard fence situation only, not underground electronic fence systems She came from PA given up due to a move. 

ORIN found the perfect life of lots of love, other canine friends (including a BC adopted from the Farm not pictured here) and sports!  He'll get a chance to try agility and every other sport that is interesting to him.  We know he'll have a blast cause he loves to learn and go, go, go. His new guardian was waiting for that special blue merle BC to find her, watching our site for years and when Orin popped up, she had to meet him!  Orin gave his vote of approval and off they went together for his new life in Vermont.

ORIN: A petite 7 month old Border Collie, Orin is all action, a classic Border Collie who is raring to go and will go, go, go. He is smart, focused and super fast. He is showing a great BC 'eye' already herding the other dogs. He loves to race, chase and make up herding games, clearly agile and amazing. Orin could easily do sports and would do well. He is great with other dogs and will only go to a Border Collie experienced home. Orin is a sweet, cuddly, good natured easy companion but he is also incredibly active and needs a real outlet for his mind, body and emotions. He is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was abandoned at a CT shelter by people unable to meet his needs. Orin is being fostered in Massachusetts to get a chance to try agility.

BRADIE found his new life with a Border Collie who likes to race and chase like he does. His new guardians loved his easy going nature and felt he complemented their more intense BC perfectly. He now lives in Ct where he's with his new guardians all the time, happily joining their life day in and day out. He adored all the attention and shared his gentle nature with them instantly.

BRADIE: A 7 month old Border Collie/Great Pyrennes mix, Bradie is a cuddler, gentle and sweet and happy to lay by your feet. He also loves to play and run with other dogs, happily learning all about life in the meantime. He is very good natured and more easy going than a purebred though he will have the traits of a Great Pyr, too. He came from a sheep farm in NY, abandoned at a shelter who was happy to have us place him in a new home. 

JUNE quickly found a new home with people who fell in love with her sweet nature! She showed them all her tricks chasing the ball and then cuddled for attention! June happily headed out, in their laps, for the car ride to upstate NY. No longer a city girl, she's now got acres to call her own.

JUNE or June Bug as we affectionately call her is one funny girl. She's a petite 9 month old Border Collie mix who loves to jump around, chase in quick circles and leap in the air. We chuckle watching this happy, good natured girl explore the world. She absolutely loves to play with dogs though her style is not all BC so she does best with other BC mixes who aren't herding oriented. June also loves to play ball and will happily chase after anything thrown her way. She is sweet as they come and very good natured. She was a stray in NYC. 

CODIE came through the gate to say hello with all the energy he could muster, racing out with a dash to grab a jolly ball and play! His new guardians were smitten by his brilliance and then got to experience his sweet, cuddly nature as he hopped up into their laps for a quick hello kiss before he headed back out for more play. He felt just right for their lives, exactly like their Border Collie, Bella, also a ball of energy. When Codie left them so they could meet another candidate, he longingly looked back and resisted going away, clearly sure THEY were HIS people! And, so it came to be. Codie now lives in PA where he'll be the center of attention, playing non-stop and being cherished and adored.

CODIE: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Codie is all about action -he loves to run, run, run. He is very active and enjoys playing with other Border Collies so would be happiest with another friend. He is also super focused with quite an eye and could excel in an sport activity. He has been on agility equipment and is fearless, smart and eager to try anything. Codie is also a sweet guy who loves attention and relaxes well once he's had enough activity. He will be placed in a Border Collie savvy home since Codie is a very active, energetic, focused BC. He is 35 pounds and fine with cats. He was a stray in PA. Codie was evaluated on agility equipment and showed interest and talent. He is fearless about all the obstacles and eager to learn and do anything asked of him.

SADIE found her forever home not far from the Farm with guardians who love the breed and heard they might find their new beloved Border Collie from us. And, that is exactly what happened. They came to meet two dogs and within short order, felt Sadie tugged at their hearts with her sweet nature and loving ways, that they knew she'd fit them perfectly. Sadie felt the same way and headed off to her new life in upstate NY where she'll be the constant companion to her FurMom who works from home. She'll also enjoy plenty of hiking with her FurDad, exploring the countryside together

SADIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Sadie is a love bug, absolutely crazy about people and happy to cuddle or be with anyone and everyone. She is very smart and very observant of everything going on around her, a classic Border Collie focus. Sadie will herd other dogs and has quite an eye but seems happiest with her person. She is good with cats and about 40 pounds. She was relinquished to the Farm from NY guardians due to issues with the other female BC in the home. 

Sweet Cadee went to foster with dear Friends of the Farm who have four GHF rescues and here is what happened!

Once again itís time to say
Our dear, sweet foster is here to stay

She was used for six litters in her four short years
It left her hallow with nothing but fears
But with much time, love, and devotion
Sheís getting the notion
That life can be good--the way that it should

Mom and dad werenít expecting me
They just lost their dearly beloved Plaidy
But sometimes in life things come your way
That you thank God out loud for each time you pray

I gobble my supper and look all around
I spook at any movement or the slightest of sound
Iím learning to drink from the big water bowl
But I have my own little dish until I feel whole.

Iím content to sit on  my dadís comfy lap
He puts up his feet and we both take a nap
I love my four sisters and my brother, too
Iím still scared of everything
But they all help me through

My one sister MacCroi looks a lot like me
Dad gets us confused as if he canít see.
Mom call us twins born years apart
ďCroi,Ē you know, is Scottish for heart

I was a mother to many but no one mothered me
Now my mom loves me dearly
She thinks Iím cute as could be

Inside of me somewhere is a very happy little girl
I slap with my front paws, stand there and whirl
Mom says ďgood jobĒ
And I wiggle my sheltie-like butt
Iím a very unique blue-gray border collie and a bit of a nut

I have two new collars and a blanket trimmed in pink
A house full of dog toys and baths in the sink.
Itís not a big farm with kids everywhere
Just my mom and my dad with a great love to share

At night I sit with them at the computer while they play a game
I wish I were here as a puppy, Oh! what a shame
But my life has taken a turn for the best
Lillie you helped me find my forever home
Now Iíll do the rest

My new nameís MacBlae (aka Blaezee), which is Scottish for clan of blue/gray
Itís easy to spell and just fun to say
Iím FIVE from the Farm: thereís Brither and Meghan and MacCroi and Babby
And letís not forget Zaine from Maine, whoís as old as could be.

So my adoption fee is in the mail
Please put up my BIG red heart
Iím so happy to be home, I canít stop wagging my tail!!!!!

CADEE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Cadee is very petite and a beautiful BLUE, the rare grey-blue color in Border Collies. She is sweet as they come and loves to play with other Border Collies. She is gentle and also skittish at first so will only be placed with other dogs. She loves attention but does need a BC savvy home that understands her shyness and sound sensitivity. Cadee is fine with cats, weighs about 30 pounds. She was purchased from a NJ breeder but the person who bought her felt she was too shut down in their home. Fortunately, she came to the Farm and is doing beautifully with other Border Collies. Cadee is being fostered in NY

BAILY found the perfect spot with a new FurMom who really understands Border Collies, having them all her life. He joins a pack of two others, elder BC's, so he'll be the active guy who gets to try agility and hike each day with her. He will flourish, we're sure, on acres of land, not far from the Farm. We're thrilled for Baily who really wants to join his person as their constant companion which he'll now be. He lives in upstate NY. Special thanks to fosterers Ashley Porter and Shad Treat who helped Baily get ready for his new life.

BAILYA 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Baily is all about fun -frisbee, balls, toys of any kind- he's ready to go! He is super smart, obedient and very eager to connect with someone who will play with him. He loves people and truly wants someone to connect to for something fun to do, a classic Border Collie. Baily would be a great hiking partner, with perfect recall. He is very good with other dogs and happy to interact though could easily enjoy being a solo dog with someone who is active. Baily is 45 pounds and good with cats, though he will herd them. He is trained on the Invisible Fence. Baily was relinquished to the Farm due to nipping children, very common in active Border Collies. He will only be placed in an adult home with seasoned BC adopters who understand his issues with children. He came from a home in PA where he lived since a puppy.  Baily is being fostered in VT and can be seen at the Farm

Sweet SCOOBIE found his forever home where he'll be the constant companion to his new FurMom as she works from home. Scoobie will love this new life of greeting clients each day, being his sweet friendly self, with a wiggle of his rump and kiss on the hand. He won the heart of his new guardian quickly with that same wonderful gesture so off he went to Massachusetts for his new life!

SCOOBIE: A 4 year old Border Collie, Scoobie is sweet as they come, super friendly and easy going. He just loves people! He isn't as intense as some Border Collies so he'd be a wonderful companion, happy to be by your side. Scoobie is the kind of BC who comes when you call his name, happily sits by you for a pet and then heads off to explore, only to return to you again when you call. He has clearly been well loved and enjoys everyone, men or women. He's great with dogs and enjoys playing and meeting each and every one of them. He is good with cats. Scoobie is 55 pounds. He lived in one home until his guardian died and he was passed  to someone else who had him but is now moving. He came to the Farm from PA. 

WESS found the perfect home for him with a 15 year old boy he can call his own who will endlessly throw the frisbee and ball. Once Wess spent a few minutes with him, the world as he knew it previously ended. Wess was happier than ever! He hopped in their car next to his new best friend like he'd won the lottery. Wess's new guardians felt exactly the same way, they adored him! Wess now lives on 4 acres in Long Island where he'll happily race and chase and play.

WESS: A 6 1/2 month old Border Collie mix, Wess is a fun guy who absolutely loves toys of any kind. He will throw them around, dive after them, squeak them and retrieve whatever is tossed - he is all about play. He is also super sweet, a classic puppy with an innocent, loving nature happy to be with anyone and everyone. Wess is also a big player with other dogs...he wrestles and chases and runs so he would love another canine friend. He could easily join other dogs and a family because he is so friendly and easy going but he needs that outlet of play like any young BC. Wess is good with cats and weighs about 40 pounds. He was abandoned at a PA shelter where he had been adopted originally as a little pup but the adopters felt he needed more than they could give.

LILAH found the perfect life for a young Border Collie! She will be doing agility and frisbee and playing with a canine pack, including two Border Collies adopted from the Farm and she'll be on long hikes in the great outdoors of Vermont! Lilah's life will be full of lots to do and tons of love as she joins her new FurMom who fell in love with her eyes the minute she saw her on the site and instantly drove down to the Farm to meet her. It only took moments together, for her to know Lilah was HER dog!

IGGY found a great life with another Border Collie who can play and play and play, just like him! The two of them were non-stop wrestling and chasing and racing as they met and spent time in the fields at the Farm as well as in the Adoption Office. A great duo, their life will surely be a blast as they keep the geese away from their home property and enjoy tons of fun lake-side! Their new guardians laughed as they watched these two hit their stride, border collie style. Iggy now lives in CT.

IGGY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Iggy is all about play..he loves to race, chase and wrestle. He's a doll, happy to be with people and eager to be your friend. Iggy is full of energy like any young BC so really is happiest when he has a canine friend. He now lives it up with five young BC's at the Farm and he instigates tons of play. He is very smart and focused and could easily learn anything new. Iggy is a real cuddler, happy to have attention and share some kisses with you. He is good with cats and about 40 pounds. 

MERLIN found a wonderful life with a new guardian who came just for him! He didn't want to meet anyone else and drove from Canada to discover that Merlin was, as he had hoped and felt, exactly the dog for him! Merlin will have a great time hiking through forests and exploring the great outdoors and also being the constant companion to his new FurDad. He happily hopped into the car and set off on his new journey!

MERLIN: A 5 year old Border Collie mix, is a sweet, energetic boy.  Fabulous with children of all ages, he is eager to make new friends and please old ones.  He has the potential to do well in advanced obedience training, as he wants to please.  He is a wonderful companion inside the house, and a great walking buddy outside - he adores a long walk in the woods and swimming three seasons of the year, and is happy to provide a nice cuddle on the cold winter days.  He will sit, lie down, and stay on command, and wait until instructed to eat his meals.  He has lived on a busy road with an electric fence and is very comfortable with boundaries once he understands them.  He can be very territorial about his "turf", but gets along with other dogs on their property or neutral territory.  Merlin would be happiest as the only dog in the home.  He lives with an outdoor  cat that he tolerates with good humor. He would be best with dog savvy cats or no cats at all He is not destructive, though he does occasionally find reason to dig and counter surf, is completely house-trained, and has a tendency to bark at motorcycle traffic and loud machinery.  His family is only giving him up because their living circumstances have changed and they will no longer be able to offer him the country setting that he has enjoyed and requires.  He truly has a most generous and loving heart. He was relinquished from his home in western NY.

LEIGH found her forever home with a former adopter who was ready to add a new rescue Border Collie to her life after loosing her beloved Farm rescue girl, Flora. Well, little Leigh caught her eye and she knew she had to come meet her. No stranger to high energy and focused BC's, Leigh's new guardian felt she was a perfect addition to her life. She'll go everywhere with her, day in and day out, even to the horse barn where she works, joining other dogs on hikes and playing. Leigh, now Lea, quickly agreed that her person had finally come to give her the forever home she deserved...they were an instant match. Leigh/Lea now lives in NJ.

LEIGH: A 5 month old Border Collie, Leigh is ALL action - she is fast and loves to run, turn, chase and race, stalking the other dogs as they move. She is a classic high energy young BC who will only be placed in a sports home or with experienced BC savvy people who have plenty of time and physical and mental stimulation for her. Leigh is smart and focused and very food motivated and bonds instantly with her person, clearly well loved in her previous home. She is sweet and loves to cuddle next to you but that's after she's had plenty to do for the day. She is about 25 pounds and may be petite or grow a bit more, she's pretty normal size for her age. Leigh came from a guardian in PA who bought from a breeder in Texas. She has introduced her to some agility equipment which Leigh absolutely loved. She also loves the water and dives in for a swim and play. She was too much energy for the guardian's life so she was relinquished directly to the Farm. 

BEAU or BEAR (his original name) landed at the Farm with front elbows that clearly caused pain and frustration when he went running for balls. It was heartbreaking to see him suffering when he so wanted to race and chase around like the other Border Collies. His physical disability limited his play as did his emotional worry, clearly with a history of abuse. Bear was afraid to go through the doorways and hit the floor ready to cower, expecting a blow. His sweet, gentle nature was so fragile, as was his body. After a few weeks, it became clear that Bear could blossom living with the founders of the Farm, with no timeline pushing him to trust too fast. He could also continue his trips to Cornell for innovative shock wave treatment to help gain some mobility. Both reasons led us to add him to our pack, as well as the true fact that we fell in love from the minute he landed at the Farm.

BEAU: An 8 year old Border Collie, Beau is classic in his focus and love for toys. He will chase anything thrown his way and is happiest doing so. He is fast and fun to play with plus has a wonderful gentle nature. Beau loves people and easily fits in wherever he is, as well as being fantastic with other dogs and cats. For Beau, life is all about a good game with his person. Beau is very smart and responsive and can be a bit sensitive so needs guardians who understand his nature so he trusts that he is loved and hasn't done anything wrong. He is very eager to please. Beau loves the water, happily going in to swim and would enjoy retrieving a stick endlessly.  Beau does have arthritis in his front elbow so while he wants to go non-stop, does need to rest, too. Beau was abandoned at a CT shelter from someone who had an unfenced yard and did nothing to meet Beau's needs. 


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