HOPE found the perfect family to love her. They were charmed by her sweet nature and gorgeous little face as she looked at them with that 'impish' look only Hope can do! She played with them outside and inside, happy to have all the attention and content to have her new family. Hope will now live in CT as the constant companion to her FurMom and with plenty of hands to toss toys and scratch her belly, too!

HOPE: A 8 month old Border Collie, Hope is a smart, lively, focused girl who is looking for a place to use her mind and body together. She loves toys and jumps into playing with anything and everything. It would be easy to teach her all kinds of things, including sports since she's got an agile body and can easily focus. She is also a sweet, cuddly girl, too and loves to sit on the top of the couch like a cat, all curled up, watching the world go by. Hope is a classic young BC who really needs a BC savvy home. Hope does best as a solo dog since she's a strong girl She is smart and benefits from direction and being challenged.  She is about 30 pounds and fine with cats. Hope was in a Massachusetts shelter. Hope is loving off-leash hikes on the trails at GHF, swimming, racing and joining a pack of super fast BC's!

MAE found the right guardian to give her a full life of love, security and all the things a border collie needs! She will be her constant companion 24/7 and surely be cherished. As she said coming to the Farm  Easter weekend, Mae is her 'Easter Lily' and that will be her new name! We are certain Lily will be cherished forever. She now lives in Rhode Island.

MAE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Mae is a bit timid at first and then likes the people around her, happy to be close. She is a gentle dog who has not had a lot of exposure to the world other than the backyard where she played with other BC's, in a rural area. Mae will need a quiet home with patient adults who can help her blossom. She will be happiest as the only dog or with an easy going submissive male who gives her space rather than pushing her to play. Mae is good with cats and about 38 pounds. She came to the Farm from a Maine guardian who felt she needed a different life. 

WALLY found a wonderful life with two guardians who love active dogs and knew their life would suit Wally just as well as it does their girl, Maeve. They will both enjoy exploring their 30 acres with lots of swimming, racing and running plus tons of toy play. They loved seeing Wally in action on the trails at the Farm and were thrilled to have him join their lives. He now lives in Maine.

WALLY: A 4 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Wally is hilarious - loving to run, race and chase. He turns on a dime and is eager to meet other dogs, engaging in a quick game of moves! Wally is a funny guy, full of personality and loves everyone he meets. He is high energy and needs a place to really call his own with plenty of space. Wally would be thrilled with a canine buddy as well as lots of toy play. He is good off leash and used to running on the beach with his former guardian. Wally is about 45 pounds and good with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from a NY guardian who stepped in to take him when his original guardian could not care for him. 

NIKO landed perfectly with one of our NJ fosterers who has a huge  heart for seniors and agreed she would help him. Well, that she did  and now, she says he can't leave! She has fallen in love with this sweet boy who needed a great place to live with outdoor fun, canine friends and proper care. Niko is one lucky boy who will now enjoy the rest of his life adored. His new guardian feels she's equally as lucky to have him with her. He is joining another GHF alum, Mitzi.

Niko was in horrific physical condition, having been neglected by his elderly guardian who loved him but could not provide appropriate care. Niko's return to good health required $2100 in vet bills, obviously worth every penny to give him the loving life he so deserves. We appreciate the support from caring BC lovers that make it possible for us to help Niko and so many others like him, especially the senior dogs who land here in such bad shape. Their return to health, happiness and real love is an incredible transformation to be able to provide.

NIKO: An 11 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Niko is a sweet guy who loves attention. He's happy to be near his person and join in whatever is going on. He's quite the cuddler and easy going. Sweet Niko is very good natured and blossoming each day he's in foster care. He has lived in one home since a pup, being the companion to his FurDad who had to move to assisted living. For Niko, that turned out to be a good thing since his care had been lacking for the past four years. Niko came to rescue in very rough shape with muscle atrophy from not being able to get outside for exercise and approx 15lbs over weight. We're hoping that physical therapy on an underwater treadmill will remedy this. We'll also be handling additional vetting needs once he's stronger though we're happy to report that his bloodwork, thyroid and urinalysis showed he is a fairly healthy guy! He came from an apt in NJ.  He is good with cats.

BROCK found the perfect person who will totally understand his needs and love him completely. In a unique twist of fate, he was back at the Farm from his foster home so he could meet two prospective adopters. In order to help keep him balanced and content, we tucked him in with our visiting volunteer/adopter and it was kismet. He clicked with her pack and the two of them were a perfect fit. Brock has some anxiety and worry in new situations so once he seemed so settled with her two dogs and her, we knew this was the ideal place for him! He now lives in CT and will get to visit doggie daycare frequently to help with his energy needs and of course, gets TONS of love from his new FurMom. We'll see the whole trio this summer at Camp Border Collie for Kids when she volunteers to help out, again then too.

BROCK: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Brock is a sweetheart. He loves everyone and is so happy to say hello and in his gentle, friendly nature, says hello instantly. He likes toys and is interested in other dogs and happily says hello to them, too. Brock is a sensitive boy who takes his time to jump into new things and then happily realizes that he's accepted. He can get nervous in some situations at first and worries when left alone but is learning to trust he'll be ok.  He's a really sweet boy, more easy going than some new young BC's. He is about 45 pounds and is fine with cats. Brock loves attention and is a very affectionate, good natured BC. He was a stray in upstate NY.  

JOSIE is joining a BC Buddy, Russ who loves to play and wrestle and chase just as much as she does so life will be great! And, she'll have two guardians who just love the breed and are thrilled to add another to their home. She now lives in Massachusetts with her own yard for plenty of squirrel chasing and bird watching, another Josie favorite. The car ride home had these two happily paired, cuddled together!

JOSIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Josie is all action - she just loves to run, race and chase with other dogs. She's quite gorgeous to watch as she happily races around. Josie is great with other dogs but a real player, wrestling and grabbing and instigating some serious play moves so would be happiest with another dog who enjoys the same style of interaction. She is very very sweet, gentle with people and eager to please. She has some tricks already to show off and can learn anything asked of her. Josie enjoys toy games, too. She is about 35 pounds and not yet tested with cats. Josie was relinquished to the Farm from NY guardians who felt she needed a job and more focused attention. They had adopted her from a shelter where she had been a stray. 

ABBY found the perfect situation with the right people who would not only love her, but understand her and provide all the space for her to run, chase and use that brilliant mind! Her new guardians came to see Abby a few months ago and just felt drawn to come again as she adjusted to being a happy girl and once they saw how ready she was, they knew she was coming home with them! Abby will now have 71 acres to call her own and hang with her FurMom 24/7 for lots of outdoor fun. We're so happy for Abby who clearly deserved a place tailored just to her. She now lives in NY.

ABBY: A 5 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Abby is smart, sweet and focused.  Abby is a classic Border Collie with lots of interest in toys and loves to learn. She is a strong girl so best as a solo dog since she will herd another dog in a very typical female fashion, controlling the other dog. Abby is best with a seasoned BC handler since she has worries meeting strangers and needs to be managed.  She does not like to be overwhelmed or crowded by someone she doesn't  know.  However, once she knows you and is comfortable, she is a cuddler and bonds intensely. She is super responsive and sticks by your side wherever you go, turning on a dime when called.  She will only be placed in an adult home.  Abby is about 35 pounds and not good with cats. She was given up from a PA guardian who could not meet her needs.  Abby is loving off-leash hikes on the trails at GHF, swimming, racing and joining a pack of super fast BC's!

Brilliant BLAST has landed in her forever life! We are thrilled to share the great news that her foster family decided that Miss Blast belonged with them! She came a few times to meet adoptive candidates and for various reasons, she was not chosen. Each time, they took her home and confirmed for themselves, just how unique she really is and how much THEY understand her needs and love the joy she adds to their lives. While Blast was not right for everyone else, she is very very right for them...brilliant, bold, boisterous and a blast! She is an original! And, now, she has a home to call her own FOREVER. We love this girl and are so happy she is now set with all she needs. Blast lives in NY with two other BC's, her own little girl who loves to toss that ball and a FurMom and FurDad who think she's the best!

BLAST:  A 6 year old Border Collie, Blast is smart as a whip.  She knows tons of tricks: sit, down, roll over, shake, back, wait, hugs, kisses and look, plus she absolutely loves to learn whatever you want to teach her.  She is super smart and loves toys of any kind.  She will retrieve anything you toss her way!.  Blast really bonds with her person and blossoms with the attention of being a solo dog, loyal and content to be your companion.  She is incredibly friendly with everyone she meets and able to jump to give you a quick lick on the nose to say hi.  Blast lives up to her name...a blast of energy and a blast of fun and love, too.  Like most female Border Collies, she is the dominant female so it's best for her to have a home without other dogs or with a submissive male.  This is very common with this breed which is why we don't like to place females together. Blast is about 35 pounds and is best with dog savvy cats since she will herd a cat. Blast was adopted two years ago from GHF and returned due to a life change which leaves her alone 10-11 hours a day.

Lucky's Angels
John & Bonnie Yurga - In loving memory of Marlene Merkel
Gretchen Rierson
Lynn & Larry Adelsohn
Carlo & Joanna Grossman 
Mike F. Balm
Cathy & Steve Bouck
Janice Cannizarro & Sugar in loving memory of my precious Oreo


Sometimes life is about handling what was dealt to you and that is exactly what young 10 month old Border Collie, LUCKY, is doing. And, we at GHF, are doing it with him, step by step until the end. His story will break your heart but then again, there is plenty of good news because he'll have the best support he can have to manage the longest life possible, possibly six months to a year.

Lucky has Primary Pulmonary Hypertension meaning a vessel or vessels in his lungs somewhere create high blood pressure at such a level it's causing him to be in heart failure on the right side. When Lucky moves too actively or sometimes, much at all, he faints and collapses. This is a rare physical defect that has never been seen in young dogs. Our cardiologist from Upstate Veterinary Specialties indicated there is absolutely nothing written in veterinary medicine about this condition. 

So, just when this young boy would like to play ball and race around, he cannot. All the things a normal young BC does by nature, Lucky cannot. He moves as if he's a senior BC in those later years when exercise is just too much. Lucky has had this condition since birth and his former guardians did what they could until this point where medications are too expensive.

GHF took Lucky in to determine whether surgery would be an option and now knowing it is not, Lucky needed a place to be til the end. We were happy to give him that. He is going to be on five medications, two of which are extraordinarily expensive, with a monthly total of close to $185. The diagnostics for his care, so far, are closing in on $1500 and he will need regularly EKG check-ups to be sure he is tolerating the medications.

A 10 month old Border Collie who has been aptly named, Lucky, is in need of all your loving thoughts and generous support monetarily
There is no guarantee how much time Lucky will have but we are eager to give him whatever we can. One thing that is so amazing about him is his sweetness. This boy is all joy, just radiating from his heart to everyone he meets - happy, happy, happy. He was a favorite at the vet and now is in long-term foster care with one of our team who has senior dogs so it's a quiet setting for Lucky to live.  

She kindly helped transport him to the vet and felt drawn to help even more so he could have an appropriate place to be loved and carefully monitored. He loves other dogs but cannot be over-stimulated to be too active so is now with three seniors for companionship and loving it.  Please consider being his angel... we will need NUMEROUS people to help offset the costs ahead. And, if by chance, you are drawn to be Lucky's adoptive guardian, we would be happy to talk to you about his care. Lucky is a magnificent, smart boy who is a heart worker, touching all he meets with a very special grace. He originally came from Tennessee to a family who live in Connecticut.

A very special thanks to Ann Gardner for giving Lucky a place, for now.

UPDATE APRIL 10TH:  With the coming of spring, we'd been seeing Lucky have a harder time breathing and actually collapsing quite often with even a small amount of exercise. He had not been eating well and had extremely loose stools due to the medications for his condition. We feared the end was near.

Happily, it's not! In the last few days, Lucky has been eating better and collapsing far less so we are optimistic he may have more happier months ahead. He came for a Farm visit with his fosterMom and had a chance to meet plenty of other BC's which quickly livened his spirit.  For a short while, Lucky appeared almost like any other young pup, running after the other dogs, eager to say hello. Within a half-hour, he had to rest, his chest heaving with the pressure of compressed lungs and half a working heart. But, nonetheless, Lucky closed his eyes happily. Watching this wonderful boy brighten with this active day, was remarkable.

No matter how long the time ahead, we can all see that Lucky is lucky for each day he can enjoy. 
A great teacher with an important lesson for us all.


Exactly two months to the day that Lucky came into rescue, he's gone back to spirit.

Surrounded in love, this brave, wonderful, good natured boy left us today, May 14th. Lucky had two months of fun with other BC's and 24/7 love and attention. He flourished, the happiest guy to watch but, as we all knew, this disease was progressive. He had been worsening in the last few days, with extreme weight loss, and so much fatigue, he could barely stand up. Lucky was clearly ready to go.

Thank you all for your kind, caring support. Border Collies are highly intuitive and feel whatever is around them and in his case, everything from everyone related to GHF has been all good, loving energy. 

A special thanks to Ann Gardner for opening her home and heart to be with Lucky. We are so glad GHF could handle his medical needs, thanks to all your generous support. 

Lucky's Angels
John & Bonnie Yurga - In loving memory of Marlene Merkel
Gretchen Rierson
Lynn & Larry Adelsohn
Carlo & Joanna Grossman 
Mike F. Balm
Cathy & Steve Bouck
Janice Cannizarro & Sugar in loving memory of my precious Oreo

Sweet CORIE found the perfect guardians to love him, guide him and enjoy all his puppy nature. This sensitive yet boisterous boy will now have a loving FurMom and FurDad who will patiently help him settle into his new life. He so craves a person to call his own and now, he has just that! Corie now lives in Massachusetts and will never be out on the streets again, searching for food.

CORIE: A 10 month old Border Collie mix, Corie is a sweet guy, full of puppy energy. He is curious about everything and likes toys of any kind. He's all about cuddling and is quite the character, charming everyone he meets. Corie does great with other dogs, reading them easily, eager to play but can be pushy in his play style. He seems very comfortable in new situations quickly though really relies on a person to guide him. His energy level is playful but not overly intense like a purebred. He can be rather mouthy when playing so best for mature children or an adult home.  Corie will come on the whistle though needs a fenced yard since he was a stray. He is good with cats and about 35 pounds. Corie came to GHF from a PA shelter. 

NICK landed with exactly the right guardian - she actually came back for him! She and her husband had met Nick before and ended up adopting Loki (on the right) when their BC, Hershel, clicked so well with him. But, when she saw that Nick came back to the Farm (through no fault of his own), she contacted us right away and knew another trip from Delaware was in the cards! Her heart had been drawn to him all along and this time, with Loki in the mix, all three dogs clicked beautifully so off they headed to a new life, all together. A joyous reunion unfolded at the Farm...clearly meant to be!

NICK: A 2 year old BC/Aussie mix, Nick is a real people oriented boy. He is super friendly, eager to say hello and ready to be by your side. Nick is so happy, a great natured dog. He loves other dogs but doesn't like a dog to overpower him so does best with playful, softer dogs. He would really enjoy a canine friend since he does love to play though could enjoy being an only dog if someone was his constant friend. He loves to be with you. Nick is very curious about cats, his enthusiasm can be intimidating for a cat so probably best with dog savvy cats. He is about 50 pounds. He came to GHF from a NY shelter where he had been abandoned. Nick was adopted into a nice home with another BC but returned because the adopter felt she could not really meet his needs.

JAX landed beautifully with two guardians who really love the breed and understand his need for thinking through all the things that he encounters. They loved his brilliance combined with easy going nature but also just loved playing frisbee and ball with this athletic boy! He certainly felt they were great, too and happily cuddled up for attention. Jax will be their constant companion, happily going everywhere they go including their summer home where he'll get to explore and swim. Jax now lives in NY.

JAX: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Jax is a sweet guy who loves to play ball! He is very smart and observant and really takes in whatever is going on around him. Jax does best with dog savvy people who understand he needs time to get comfortable and make sense of the world around him. Once he's set, he's off to play ball and is one happy guy. Jax will only be placed in an adult home so he can have focused attention rather than the chaos of children. He is happy to be with his person and an affectionate boy. Jax is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from his PA guardians who felt they could not meet his needs. 

ALFIE landed at GHF with paperwork as a purebred BC - clearly he's a 'borgle'... beagle/border collie or something like that! But, nonetheless, it was very clear that this little guy needed to be here cause he's full of energy and fearless as can be so imagine our delight when one of our long-time fosterers and adopters wrote with excitement to meet him!!!! She had just lost her wonderful mix, Ally, who she adored and felt that Alfie was calling to her. SO, off he went to the best home he could land - agility, hiking, tons of mental stimulation, a pack of canine buddies and plenty of love - all for him!!! He now lives in Rochester and we'll hear all about his exploits!

ALFIE: A 4 1/2 month old Border Collie mix, Alfie is FULL of playful energy, absolutely curious, lively and bold, ready to jump into anything! He loves toys of any kind and will happily play with any dog ready to join in big-time puppy games. Alfie has a wonderful sweet nature and loves every person he meets so can easily join a family or adult home that is very active. His BC nature is obvious with his energy level so he will need an outlet for his mind and body like sports or another young dog for play. A smart little guy, he's going to be small since he's a bit smaller for his age. He is fine with cats and about 17 pounds. A dog lover in PA heard about him and stepped in to get him to GHF. 

LARA landed in the exactly right place with a skilled guardian who understands her needs and a life that suits her perfectly. Her foster Mom wanted to help a dog with special worries and as often happens, Lara won her heart. As she said, "Lara has worked so hard to be a good girl, I feel like I would let her down if I sent her back or to another home. We love Lara." So, Lara is there to stay. She's now living on a 400 acre horse farm with her fosterers who manage the place so can provide her an active but safe setting to minimize her worries. She has four canine friends and joins in all the great activities they do and her new FurMom has high hopes that one day, she'll be a wonderful performance dog. But, if not, she is a good faithful friend. Lara now lives in NY.

LARA: A 2 year old Border Collie, Lara is very, very intelligent and is happiest learning new things. She is also very high energy and loves an outlet that combines her mind and her body. A sweet girl, she loves to hang with her person and bonds quickly to someone who understands her. Lara also loves to play with other dogs and is a rough and tumble, chaser and wrestler. Since Lara is a thinker when it comes to people, she worries with meeting strangers so needs BC savvy guardians who can handle appropriate introductions with new people. She has done beautifully with our training team and now has the foundation for enjoying new people more easily.  Lara will only be placed with skilled BC adopters in an adult home and she will need an activity to stimulate her, like agility, freestyle, hiking, something where she has a clear outlet for her energy and mental needs.  She is a more petite BC and will herd cats so best with dog savvy cats. Lara was dumped at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah and was flown to GHF. 

SOFIE found the right people to understand exactly what she needs -lots to do and someone to do it with! She'll be their companion 24/7,going everywhere they go and enjoying plenty of frisbee and ball play, just like their former beloved BC/Aussie. They traveled to the Farm to meet a few candidates and fell in love with Sofie's gorgeous looks but it's her brilliance and intensity that was what they wanted, being totally used to all that comes with that wonderful package! Sofie will have her own pool for swims and enjoy hikes on their 10 acres, too plus enjoy walks to the nearby pond. Sofie and her new FurMom and FurDad had an overnight in our adoption RV, getting to enjoy their new relationship and then headed out to her new life in Massachusetts.

SOFIE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Sofie is all action! She loves to play ball and could endlessly race to get the ball and be back in a flash - an amazing athlete. She is fast and focused and a classic high energy BC when it's time to play. She settles well inside and loves her people time. Sofie is very very smart and needs a guardian who wants to challenge her mind and engage with her in a very interactive way, teaching her new things and stimulating her to think and be active. While Sofie will settle just fine, she gets frustrated if her needs are not met with enough activity and mental challenges. She also loves to swim and loves playing with other high energy BC's, mostly males. She can race and chase and wrestle endlessly with a good friend. Sofie is good with cats. She originally lived on a large property when her guardian worked at a kids camp so she had plenty to do with lots of people and lots of space. A recent move to the suburbs was too hard for Sofie to handle so she was relinquished by her NY guardian.  She came from a farm in MD as a pup. 

TEDD found a wonderful home that suits him perfectly - guardians who will be with him as his constant companion and 200 acres to enjoy and explore. Plus, Tedd, who loves to swim, now has his own pond! and a flock of sheep to keep an eye on, too. So, all in all, Tedd will his own BC paradise! His new guardians were charmed by his marvelous nature and sweetness. He now lives in NY

TEDD: A 6 1/2 year old Border Collie, Tedd is great. He's friendly and sweet and likes to be involved in everything. He can be a little shy at first but with reassurance, lets that go. He loves toys and playing with other dogs, having lived with a female BC, though he does well with both girls and boys. We would prefer that Tedd has a BC friend again, like he is used to. Tedd is an affectionate boy who really bonds closely with his person. He loves to swim and did live on 10 acres in an unfenced situation successfully. Tedd can go to another unfenced home though needs to be on leash for awhile at first since he can be a bit spooked in new settings. He is 45 pounds and good with cats. He was relinquished due to an illness in the family that made having two BC's in the home, too much. He came from NY and lived in one home since a pup. 

Miss MERCY found her way to the Farm just in time to meet her new guardians...she came, they came days later and it was meant to be! Mercy is now joining another big time ball BC, Zorro, who is as focused on the ball as she is and they hit it off instantly. Racing for the balls, letting each have a chance to get it without arguing, they seemed like they had lived together all their lives. Her new guardians love that ball intensity and are happy to provide all kinds of outlets for focused play and attention. They spent the night in the GHF adoption RV and had a chance to fall in love, adoring Mercy's friendly, sweet, wonderful ways. Mercy now lives in PA. She had been relinquished to the Farm when her previous guardian was moving to Alaska and felt Mercy's houdini fence escapes would be too perilous. Mercy's new guardians felt confident they understand her needs since they have another high energy intense BC just like her! A perfect pair, which was their goal. 

FLIP found the life with the people he needs! and he's off to great long walks and hikes as well as tons of lovin' with his new guardians. They came to visit and felt this guy just fit exactly what they wanted - a lap dog with energy to play! He'll get to go fishing with his new FurDad and do some agility with his FurMom, just a perfect combo for Flip. We're so happy for this very sweet special boy. He now lives in PA.

FLIP: A 2 yr old Border Collie mix, Flip is all about having fun!  He loves to play with other dogs, a real racer and chaser.  He is not high energy but he is young and active so likes a good run. Flip loves his toys and frisbee but can also settle in easily at home on the couch by your side. This sweet guy is like your shadow and loves attention. He's an easy boy to take along for car rides, too. He will do well with someone who understands his 'big puppy nature' and how he likes to be challenged mentally and physically. Flip can be nervous meeting new people so needs an active adult home with another canine friend and a skilled dog person as his guardian. Flip is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He was a stray in NY shelter.

SCARLET: A 3 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Scarlet is a character. She loves to play chase games with her toy in her mouth, her version of keep away and then races around happy and proud. She's a very sweet girl, too, happy to have attention and just loving to be with her person. She is not high energy but does love to have something to do, exploring outside, playing and being with her person. We are just beginning to mix her with other dogs and will update her bio shortly. She seems to be a strong female, like most female herding dogs. She is not yet tested on cats and weighs about 40 pounds. She came to the Farm from a NJ shelter. 

Special thanks to Liz Jordan for helping Scarlett get to safety at the Farm

BRITHER: A sweet young pup was on his way to GHF with the help of adopters who frequently help transport numerous dogs to the Farm. When they saw his picture, they asked to foster him and within short order, clearly knew he was meant to be in their lives. This little guy is one lucky boy. A sweet poem captures all that transpired. He now has a loving home rather than being cast off unwanted.

It was an ordinary day in the middle of May Mom and Dad were at home not contemplating this poem,
When an email from Lillie asked them to take a ride two pups needed transport they had been cast aside.

So up the Northway they sped in their car they had a long journey I had come very far,
When I first saw my Mom I put my front paws on her lap my head to her heart and I never looked back.

I adore my Mom and I won't leave her side I cuddled in her lap the entire ride,
On the streets I had to eat rags and anything I could find I was starving for food and someone to be kind an older dog, Riley, looked after me he's safe at the Farm now which I'm so glad to see.

My vet said I'm malnourished my pulse just a quarter of what it should be she said not to worry she'd take good care of me,
Dad strokes my boney body and says I'm his man he calls me "Mister Muscles" although that's not what I am (just yet).

Mom feeds me good food four times a day and gives me my medicines so someday I'll play, 
I even like an orange wedge which Dad thinks is weird he makes a strange face and rubs at his beard.

I'm learning to lift my leg but it's difficult as could be so I squat like my five sisters when I have to pee, 
From the Farm I'm number eight six here on earth two behind Heaven's Gate

I'm really happy here my hard days are gone 
I love my new family this is where I belong.

So if it's okay with you, Lillie I'd really like to stay Mom and Dad will send you my adoption fee -  what do you say?

Will you put up my Big Red Heart?
I'm all a quiver I've got a good home now 

Kindest regards, Brither

(I'm named in honor and loving memory of my Mom and Dad's first dog from the Farm in 2001, brother Brither Merlin)

BELLA found a great home with a GHF alum who loves the ball as much as she does! Her new guardians understand the BC brain and need for a job so Bella will have plenty to do plus plenty of love. They have been patiently waiting for just the right girl to come into rescue to click with Casey and Bella surely did..they were prancing their hello dance to initiate play and then off to chase balls together, a great pair. She now lives in NY.

BELLA: A 6 year old Border Collie, Bella is a gorgeous girl who loves to play ball and loves to be with her person. She's so sweet and friendly but also has that classic BC focus on her work aka the ball! Bella does enjoy having a BC friend around to race and chase and play so could be fine as a solo dog with someone home a lot or with a canine friend. She is a sensitive girl who does well with reassurance and then quickly aims to please, ready to join in whatever is asked of her. Bella is 36 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She was relinquished from a NJ guardian whose elderly parents could no longer care for her and a family with toddlers didn't suit Bella well, like with most BC's.

BRYN has two new dog friends and a FurMom who adores her! She's already playing like crazy with GHF alum, Rudy and a shadow to sweet Luna, fitting in like she's lived there all her life. Her new guardians are thrilled with the perfect girl to make this great trio and so thankful they came for her. She now lives in CT.

BRYN: A 4 year old Border Collie, Bryn is a really sweet girl, loving attention. She also loves to play with other dogs and is happiest with a BC buddy. She runs and chases and plays, making up games endlessly. She is not high energy but rather more moderate in her drive but does need an outlet for mind and body - in her case, a dog friend is very important. Bryn wants to be near her person as a real companion. She has the most expressive ears that can turn and tilt, giving great signs of Bryn's personality! She is gentle, smart and well mannered, eager to please. However, she doesn't like chaos - in her previous home there was a 14 month old toddler, 1 month old baby coming and lots of people coming for music lessons, it was too much for her. She was not getting her needs met so her NY guardians felt it was better for Bryn to find a new life. She was loved by her family but will do better in an adult home. She is about 45 pounds and likes cats, though will play with them so needs cats used to a dog really involved with them. Bryn also loves playing ball! 

Special thanks to transporters Susan Myers and Jane Locacio for getting Marlee safely to the Farm


Marlee's Angels
Shane Smith & Jeffrey Doucette 
Marlee or as she's known, the Divine Miss M, has a home right where she is! Her foster Mom found that she needed to make this little girl an official part of her canine family. She has fostered five senior BC's for GHF, each absolutely special and adored by her but -  Marlee is different. As she said, "Once settled in, she decided I was hers and that was that."  She loves her dearly and wants to be with her as long as possible, enjoying every moment.  We are thrilled for Marlee and her foster Mom who has a heart of gold for these remarkable seniors. She now lives in NY.

MARLEE: A 11 year old Border Collie, Marlee is a sweetheart and loves her ball! She will race for any catch and happily drop the ball right at your feet, happy to run again! She's quite focused about that ball play- clearly her job! She is really adorable and good natured, happy to say hello to anyone. Marlee is also easy going and relaxed inside but loves her outside walks and playing. She is good with other dogs though like most senior dogs, doesn't like being crowded so needs other dogs to give her some room to herself. She is smart and tuned into everything around her, loving to be with her person. Marlee is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats. She was a stray in PA. Another rescuer asked us to take her in. 

LUCY: A 6 month old possibly BC/lab mix, Lucy is a love. She is the happiest girl around, loving life and loving people. She's easy and sweet and smart though happiest playing with other dogs or in your lap. Lucy is just darling. She and a friend, Nelson, were found in a field as strays in PA. GHF was asked to take them in. Lucy is 29 pounds and fine with cats. 

NELSON & LUCY have a life together forever! Every now and then, certain dogs land at GHF that just belong here, looking for something special that they can give to their guardians. This duo is just that..a very special, loving pair of heart workers. Their sweetest nature shone through soon as they met their new family who were absolutely thrilled to have these two join their family. They had been thinking it was time to add a furry friend when a good friend had visited GHF and seen these two, suggesting they consider them. Well, soon as they saw their pictures, they knew coming to meet them was in order. Nelson & Lucy give their hearts soon as they meet anyone but it was particularly sweet as they cuddled with the kids, content and happy, as if they knew they landed right where they were supposed to be! They now live in MA, constant companions to their FurMom and FurDad who run an organic farm. They'll have plenty of acreage for fun and lots of love, adored forever, sharing their fun antics and love.

NELSON: A 6 month old Border Collie mix, possibly bc/collie, Nelson is a love, absolutely the sweetest couch potato cuddler we've seen in a long time. He's all legs and clearly growing in spurts but his heart is bigger than big, just happy to cuddle and share his love with a person. Nelson will instantly seek out someone for their lap. He also likes to play with other dogs but is not high energy, just a more normal playful pup. He is fine with cats and weighs 35 pounds. Nelson and another pup, Lucy, were found wandering in a field in PA. GHF was asked to help. 

SCOTTIE found a wonderful home not far from his foster family! His new guardians came to meet him, bringing their small dogs along to be sure all went well and it did, just perfectly. He loved the dogs and the people alike and it was clear he fit their lives. He was the dog they had been hoping to add to their family! Scottie now lives in NY where he'll have plenty of outdoor time on walks and hikes as well as playing frisbee and ball and trying agility!

SCOTTIE: A 7 month old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Scottie is a sweet guy who is eager to bond to his person and happy to be by their side. He needs the consistency of his person with him and then he blossoms beautifully, a happy guy who is curious about life. Scottie can get worried in new situations so will need a patient guardian to help build his confidence. He's a super sweet boy and loves kids though we'd like him to be in a calmer setting where someone can focus more on him. He loves toys, including a frisbee and balls, happy to play! He is good with cats and about 40 pounds. Scottie came from a NJ guardian who felt she could not meet his needs. 

Sweet RUDY found his new guardians while they were visiting GHF for  their vacation at the Canine Country Getaway. They came up for a tour with GHF alum Weller and their Bandit, and had an inkling that adding another BC felt right. So, they met a few different rescues and finally it was Rudy who won their hearts, a perfect compliment to their pack. They understand that timid nature since Weller was a TN dog afraid of everything. Their patient nature gave Weller the confidence to trust life is good and now, they can help Rudy with that same experience. Rudy has a canine pack to help him feel safe, including sweet 13 year old Sofie, asleep in the foreground  after a few days of fun at GHF! We're thrilled for Rudy to find such a perfect fit for him. He now lives in PA.

RUDY: A 9 month old Border Collie, Rudy is a gentle, sweet boy who loves attention and enjoys knowing he has his person nearby. He also loves other BC's, and happily joins in the action. He is really blossoming as he gets to join in herding games and following all the action of friends just like him. Rudy is a bit shy at first and will sometimes hide til he knows things are safe. Then, he's like a little colt, springing to action, just galloping and happy as can be as he explores. Rudy will only be placed with another young BC. He will do best in an adult home who understands how to help a timid BC gain confidence. He is evolving into the happiest boy in rescue! Rudy is about 35 pounds and good with cats. 

BOOKER found the life he needed that suited him to a T! Funny that one of his new friends is T-Bone and another Tye, a GHF alum! Booker needed exactly what his new guardians can provide....tons of cuddling and love with lots of lap time and a big yard that he can explore and bark til his heart is content! Booker has 3 acres to call his own with a creek for his swimming exploits and lots of dog play and hiking fun nearby. He'll get to go to their camp for some off leash fun eventually though now, he'll cuddle, race and chase, cuddle, race and chase and all in all, have exactly the life Booker wants...people, dogs, the great outdoors! He now lives in NY. We're thrilled to find a life that works for him!

BOOKER: A 10 month old Border Collie, Booker is a classic young BC who loves to run and is fast as can be. He is having a blast racing around and discovering that chase games with other BC's.  He loves to wrestle and chase and race and is easy going with other dogs.   Booker is a super sweet cuddler and wants to be in your lap for lovin' as well as checking in to be sure he's with you. He is so friendly with everyone he meets, with a classic Booker hello of an affectionate greeting!   He has lots of energy but settles well inside and aims to please.  He can be heartbroken if you're not happy with him, such a sweet, sensitive guy.  Booker needs a good sized property since he really loves to run and explore. He is about 35 pounds and is OK with cats. We want to place Booker with another young BC.  He came to GHF from a shelter in Delaware because his guardians just let him roam free. 

RILEY found the proverbial, 'life of Riley' where he'll have 160 acres to call his own, a wonderful BC friend, Fly and guardians who really love the breed! His new FurMom and her son came to meet various dogs and felt that Riley was just the boy to add to their home where he may even have a chance at therapy dog work one day, like his new buddy Fly. For now, Riley will have a great outdoor life exploring his new home as well as tons of love where his brilliance and sweetness can truly be appreciated. He now lives in PA.

RILEY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Riley is a doll. He's gentle and sweet and loves attention though a bit shy at first so needs reassurance. Then, he blossoms, cuddling and asking for more attention. He is absolutely in love with other BC's and instantly wants to play and race and chase, adorable to watch. Riley's confidence soars with a friend to shadow so we'll place him in a home with a canine buddy. Riley is easy going and playful, not overly intense. He's just starting to learn about toys since it appears no one spent time playing with him but we expect that will change! He was from a NY shelter, abandoned as a stray. He is 36 pounds and is good with cats. 

Miss GRACIE found wonderful guardians who were looking for a special BC to add for their little GHF alum, Kip, to help round out a great duo! And, that she most certainly did! Gracie played and chased and wrestled with Kip, making him happy as could be. The two of them blended beautifully. Gracie provides the guidance for the young pup and he instigates all the play which she loves too. Gracie now joins Kip in upstate Ny for a lifetime of love as their constant companion.

GRACIE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Gracie is a really sweet girl who likes attention and wants a chance to say hello and be with you. She is so friendly with a great disposition and also quite a character!  She loves attention and she also loves to explore the great outdoors and speedily races around like a pup but happily returns to you when you call her name, delighting in the fun of being free! Gracie is good with other dogs and enjoys the companionship and play. She loves frisbees and balls and is eager to play. Gracie was living tied outside for the past 5 years in her previous NY home but due to a move, has now come into GHF rescue. We will only place her in a home where she can be a beloved family member living IN the house. She is fine with cats and about 50 pounds and starting to loose weight enjoying all the activity.

CHELSEA:  A petite 7 month old Border Collie/Scottie, this little girl is a charmer, absolutely the sweetest little thing who wants to be right by your side. Wherever you go, she goes right with you. A real cuddler and love bug, she needs guardians who want to lavish attention on her and she'll be thrilled! Chelsea also loves other dogs and joins in the action easily, happy to race and chase, making up fun games. She's adorable to watch and is enjoying her new rescue buddy, Pace, both exactly the same size though she doesn't mind the bigger dogs at all. She is 20 pounds and is good with cats. She came to GHF from PA guardians who did not have the means to meet her care properly.
CHELSEA & PACE, both little BC mixes, found a life where they can be together which they love! They have raced and chased and wrestled and hiked and even swam in the creek, as best buddies at GHF so now they'll get to do that forever. Their new guardians came from Nantucket Mass looking for a pair of fun-loving, carefree canine buddies and these two were so perfect, they only looked at them. They'll get lots of beach time chasing birds and waves as well as plenty of attention from all the friendly dog lovers on the island. We're thrilled for them both.

PACE: A petite 7 month old Border Collie, possibly mix, this little guy is fabulous. He's focused, fun and ready to go, go, go. He loves toys of any kind and will do a vertical leap with all four feet fully balanced, right off the ground. He's a little guy who is unlikely to get bigger so the perfect sport boy. He also adores other dogs and will play endlessly, racing, chasing and making up games. He is about 20 pounds. Pace would do well with only VERY dog savvy cats as he is very eager to play and can have a pushy style that would overwhelm many cats.  He was a stray in PA 

CALEIGH found the right people who understand her worries and know they can guide her through life so it's all good and she can feel safe and loved. They had been looking at her picture on the site and knew while vacationing at the Farm, they wanted to spend time with her. Their other dog, Norman, seen sleeping after a big day of trail walks, gave his vote for Caleigh, too. She spent the night and in the morning, appeared as though she'd lived with them all her life! Caleigh now lives in PA and we hope to see her at their next Farm vacation. She has acres to race and explore and plenty of ball play as the constant companion to her new guardians.

CALEIGH: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Caleigh is a sweet girl who is starting to realize being a Border Collie is fun. She is loving the action of playing with the dogs at the Farm and coming out of her shell. She can be shy and nervous with new people so will need a seasoned BC person to help her gain confidence. She can get overwhelmed easily so only will be placed in an adult home since she can nip when worried. She loves to play with balls and squeaky toys and joins in herding games quickly, with the other BC's. Caleigh will herd cats so is best with dog savvy cats. She is approx 30 lbs. While she is an adorable little girl, she is not for first time BC adopters. She came to the Farm from elderly PA guardians who could not meet her needs and she has been under socialized with new people. Caleigh is a ball nut and happy to race and chase and play anytime, anywhere!

HARLEY & ZANE are now starting a wonderful life with guardians who adore the breed and love having four dogs and knew once they read about THEM on the website, they were the pair to join their lives! Of course, Harley & Zane showed their loving nature right away, in their laps with lots of kisses. They'll both be joining 13 year old Wally, who gave his BC vote for this pair and their 9 year old mix, Pickles who reigns over the gang. This foursome worked beautifully together and will have a wonderful life as their constant companions enjoying plenty of ball play and great exploration outdoors! They now live in CT.

HARLEY & ZANE are a wonderful, gentle, sweet, loving pair of Border Collies. Both are 7 years old and as lively and fun as any young dog. In fact, Zane, the boy, is a herding live-wire who loves to circle Harley when the ball comes her way. Harley, the female, doesn't mind all that focused staring right at her cause she knows the ball is hers to catch! They are an adorable pair, full of classic BC traits. Harley loves the frisbee, too and Zane will enjoy ball play as much as herding Harley. These two are so good natured, it's wonderful to be with them. They get along beautifully and have lived together for the last 6 years. Harley was bought from a breeder and Zane was adopted from a shelter at one year old. Both are fine with cats. They were relinquished to the Farm due to a divorce. Their PA guardians could not care for them. They are both about 35-40 pounds. 

JACK found the right person who really understands the way he thinks and feels since she has had BC/Husky mixes before and knew her current BC mix, Leo, would fit just right with Jack and that they did! They both tuned into each other perfectly and were a great pairing. Jack will now have 28 acres to call his own where he can explore and enjoy the great outdoors. More importantly, he'll have a best canine buddy and a FurMom who adores him. He now lives in NY.

JACK: A 3 year old BC/probably Husky mix, Jack is a nice guy who loves to race around, enjoying the great outdoors. He loves to swim and hike and enjoy ball play, too. Jack is very athletic but does not have the high energy BC traits of being in constant motion. He's happy to come in and hang with his person, calmly inside. He loves being a companion to his person. He really enjoys male dogs more than dominant females so could live with another dog or be a solo dog, either way. Jack lived on 10 acres unfenced previously so does have good recall once bonded to his person. He is about 60 pounds and will knock off some weight here since his previous guardian had a work schedule that left him inside more often which is why he gave him to GHF. He is not good with cats. 

STELLA & COREY headed out to a new life with guardians who have the time to devote to them and absolutely love the breed. They really wanted two in their lives and soon as they spent time with this pair, they knew they were coming home with them! STella & Corey will have 5 acres to call their own plus the run of 20 acres nearby and a chance to try canoeing as well as swim in their very own pond! We're so happy for these sweet siblings who will now be cherished forever. They live in NY.

STELLA & COREY: This sister and brother duo are 13 months old, sweet as can be and very easy going. They  are a bit timid though both want to be by your side and happily follow you wherever you go. Corey is the braver of the two and quickly heads over to anyone who will show him affection. Stella then follows with reassurance. They both love to swim and happily jump into a pond for a quick cooling break. Toys are not their main interest, it's more about people. We'd like to place them together since they get along very well. They would do best in a more rural setting, not suburbia, since that is what they are used since living in one home since puppies. Their NY guardian could not meet their needs due to an injury. They are about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.  


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