CARSON found guardians who love the fun, focused energy of Border Collies, having GHF alum, Fagan since a pup! So, they came for Carson, cause they know that two BC's is always better than one. Carson thought Fagan was great, placing, racing, chasing and making up their own games but he also loved his new little boy, whose birthday is the same day as his! Carson jumped into his lap, gave him lots of kisses and then off he went to play with his new canine buddy. He'll have plenty of time to romp outdoors but also lots of fun swimming in the nearby lake and at the Cape, too. Carson now lives in NY.

CARSON: A 6 month old Border Collie, this pup is a gem! He is happy, good natured and full of spunk so much so, that is why he landed in rescue. He's well mannered, eager to please and wants to go, go, go, like all young BC's. He's always been with his person, had a chance to ride on the Quad at his farm and enjoyed non-stop attention and plenty of love but in the end, his need for more to DO was just too much, so coming to GHF made sense. Carson is delightful, honestly through no fault of his own, he's landed here. All he needs is someone who really understands this age and his brilliant mind and athletic body and he'll be just fine. He's quite snuggly and quite busy, true to the breed. And, of course he loves toys of any kind plus racing around like crazy with his herding buddies at the Farm. He will only be placed with another young BC and with an active guardian. Carson is fine with cats and typical in size for his age. He was relinquished to the Farm by a NY guardian who really wanted the very best for him which he knew, was not the life he could offer. We understand how this happens, since so many young BC's land with well meaning people but clearly, not quite the right fit. We're happy to be of help to this special boy who is ready to have a Border Collie life!

MacCoy called in his new life quickly when he met former GHF adopters of Codie, pictured and Lucky, recently passed. They were looking for a sweet guy to add to their life and MacCoy won their hearts instantly. Codie who is the boss, voted 'yes', too, giving him a chance to play with her a bit but most importantly, get all the attention he so needs. He'll be their constant companion 24/7 and enjoy lots of outdoor hikes, too. He now lives in CT and has loving guardians who will make this boy the happiest he's been and so deserves.

MACCOY: A 2 year old Border Collie, MacCoy is full of energy and eager to race, chase and play with other dogs. He came to life instantly when he met the other GHF dogs and clearly loves having a canine friend. He's a very sweet boy who likes everyone and is happy to say hello. He's got a great nature and once we see how he unwinds, we'll update his bio further. He is good with cats.  MacCoy is about 50 pounds, a bit taller than the average BC. He came to the Farm from NJ when his guardian could no longer care for him. He lived in one home since a pup.

All it takes is one person to change a life! Kye finally found that one person who wants to have him join her as her dog!! And, he is ready to go!  This marvelous boy shared his very special spirit with his new FurMom when she sat with him for a few hours to get to know him.  Much like a majestic lion, Kye bathed in the sunlight, keeping watch on all the Farm activity, which he's made his job for the last three years.  He'll now turn that watchful eye on his own yard and even have a lakefront camp home to call his own, too!  Kye loves, loves, loves the water so this is one BIG bonus!  

Love, companionship, a great outdoor yard AND water!! Kye's going to be the happiest Border Collie around!! Kye will even have his own Facebook page!

Watching his new guardian get to know Kye really illustrated what rescue is all about. She came not for the perfect dog, but for the dog perfect for her. She wanted to help a dog who needed her and who she needs, exactly the reason to come to rescue.  When someone knows that it's about hearts connecting to hearts rather than a checklist of the ideal dog you want, THAT is the marvelous thing to witness…real love without conditions.  Kye and his new FurMom will have an incredible journey together and we are forever grateful to be one small step in that union. 

We'll miss this very very special boy but know he has so much more to give to others.

Little Miss LUPA shared all her love with her new foster family and they decided she had to stay! This charmer is a love-bug and soon as she landed at their home for some time away from the Farm, they fell in love. So Lupa now is their constant companion going everywhere they go, including the beach in warm weather and for lots of hikes. We're just thrilled this sweet landed with such loving BC guardians. She now lives in NJ.

LUPA: A 6 year old Border Collie, Lupa is a very sweet girl who likes to be bonded to someone closely. People focused, she gently licks your hand or follows you around, happy to know she's with you. She's been living in one home since a pup so is used to being with her person all the time. She is a focused BC with a lot of herding 'eye', ready to herd any dog that moves and possibly anything else but never had a chance to work the livestock on the farm, instead just happy to accompany her person on chores. She clearly would love her own person again. She is great with other dogs but is such a strong herder, probably best where she can be a solo dog, focused on her person. Lupa will chase cats so is best with no cats. She is about 40 pounds. Her NJ guardian died unexpectedly so Lupa and her half-sister, Jule  both needed new homes.

Sweet MEILA headed home today to Maine where she'll live with two guardians who adore the breed. They've adopted three GHF dogs over the years and knew that living without a dog was just no fun at all! So, once they heard the details of her great personality and need for a loving home, she had to live with them! Meila played a lot of ball before she hopped into the car and headed out to her forever home!!! She'll be the center of attention 24/7 and have plenty of great hikes in the country and tons of ball time!

MEILA: A 9 year old Border Collie, Meila loves the ball and happily entertains herself while she waits for another throw! She also quickly bonds with the person that is hers, clearly loving affection. She is smart and focused and at that great age where she can settle well but have plenty of energy for playing, too. Meila is good with other dogs and cats and lived in one home the past six years but her CT guardians could not afford her care since they have two critical care children in the house, too. Meila will be happiest with another BC or a person who has significant time for her since she loves to connect. She is very focused on her person, eager to please and responsive to whatever is asked of her, clearly a smart thinker!  She is about 40 pounds and good with cats

 Our Farmhouse Senior Sanctuary brings the most wonderful characters to the Farm- some meant to stay, some meant to share their love with others - but soon as one dog landed here, it was clear he had a mission with one person - our Senior Caretaker! ARGOS found his new life with her, here at GHF. He's her 'rock', steady and solid, guiding her through this new role caring for so many others while he's transformed before her very eyes! This sullen, withdrawn sweetheart is now joyful and thrilled to see her each day, giving his heart and soul to her, to keep her right on track! Argos found his new work and it's right here at GHF!!!

ARGOS: An 11 year old Border Collie, Argos is a wonderful boy with a kind, gentle heart. He is calm and reserved and happy to be by your side wherever you go or happily lounging on a soft bed near you in the house. Argos is great with other dogs, though more focused on a person than canine companionship. He would do best in a calmer household. He plays with jolly balls - running around with them and shaking them after a short toss. He is a joy to watch in the yard – it’s as if he discovered running all over again, bursts of playful hops and skips across the yard in random moments. He is also great with cats.  Argos’ original guardian became ill,  leaving family members to sort out his fate, trying to handle his needs. Fortunately, one of the family members had adopted from the Farm and asked GHF for help. Argos came to us in pain from untreated lyme which has now been managed and he's no longer licking his front legs. His labwork included a full CBC panel, thyroid check and urinalysis, all of which came back normal. We also did a dental since he had an infection. His health is quite good now so he's ready for adoption!  He is about 45 pounds and came to us from Rhode Island. 

The adorable little BELLE has found her new home! Probably no surprise, it's her foster Mom who raised her hand to help her over a month ago and now realized that this little bundle of energy fits her life perfectly. Her older aussie sister is like a mentor to Belle and they are always together, making a perfect pairing. Her Mom loves Belle too since she has a senior cattle dog and can easily understand all that brilliant heeler thinking! So, little Belle will not have to move again especially since she clearly settled in beautifully right where she is…as her Foster Mom talked to us about keeping her, Belle promptly came over and sat right on her foot, staring at her! Belle now lives in NY.

Another huge thanks to Thera-Vet in Rochester for making Belle's physical therapy possible!!!!

BELLE is now 4 1/2 months old and will be ready for her new home in one month! She is a lively, smart, spirited girl just like her siblings, all BC/Cattle dog mixes recently at GHF from a NY shelter. Belle is brilliant and totally a toy nut, happy to play play play! She had to wait a bit longer for her forever home since she had a useless back leg we really wanted to improve. As the good news says, Belle is on her way to an active life with all legs working well! Belle is a little powerhouse with a desire to move! She is also a strong female so best with submissive male dogs or even as a solo dog since she loves people and is so used to be cuddled and handled throughout all this time. Belle just loves being in someone's arms!

Lovely LAYAH landed at the Farm and quickly drew lots of interest with those gorgeous eyes! Her new guardians spotted her on Monday and wanted to come meet her Thursday, having a strong feeling she would fit their lives perfectly.They'd been watching the site for just the right dog and they were right - she fit like a dream! She loved her new canine buddy and hopped into their laps with a kiss! She even started playing with the tennis balls they brought, showing all her charm instantly. Clearly, she was voting YES! So, Layah now lives in NY, happily adored, with the new name of Lilah!

LAYAH: A 6 year old Border Collie mix, Layah is a sweet, curious girl who likes to check out everything. She is easy going and good natured since she's a mix so less intense, more companion oriented.  She absolutely loves belly rubs and attention! Layah just arrived at the Farm so we'll update her bio shortly. She is good with other dogs and good with cats. She is about 40 pounds.  She came from a MD shelter where she had been found as a stray. We are presuming that she is related to Brooke since they both came from the same shelter and have such similar looks with those striking blue eyes!

The lovely JULE hopped up next to her new FurMom as if she'd been with her all her life, clearly happy to have someone who would be hers. The two of them clicked soon as they met, both sharing so many similar traits and histories, it was ironic…from health challenges to personality traits, it was like they were meant to be! And, her new guardian even has a friend who can speak Italian which will help in translating commands Jule might know since her previous person was only speaking Italian! Turns out Jule which we thought was like Jewel, just may be pronounced, Ju-lay so we're happy to say that this sweet girl just might have someone who can figure out what she knows better than us! A lovely girl, she happily complied as we asked for 'sit' and 'stay' and 'down', not able to say it like she knew it! This charming Border Collie has a big heart to share and she's now found someone who will love her completely. She now lives in NY.

JULE: A 9 year old Border Collie, Jule is a really sweet girl who loves attention, happy to be right next to you. Her lovely nature is endearing as she looks right in your eyes, asking if she can be with you! Even outside, she sticks very close following her person. Aptly named, Jule was the constant companion to her previous guardian so is used to that close connection. She is such a gentle girl. She also has a nice independent nature where she can entertain herself, enjoying a bone or just settling waiting for the next activity. Jule does love her toys and is hilarious to watch as she tosses them in the air, making up her own games.  Jule is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats since she will chase them. She came to GHF after the unexpected death of her NJ guardian. She and her half-sister, Lupa, were both left homeless. 

Sweet BELLA got everything she dreamed of…a young BC buddy who likes toys just like her…kids to call her own which she just loves…and guardians who really get this breed and know exactly how to meet her needs! She's off to Massachusetts for plenty of love and a fabulous life!!!  And, all on HER BIRTHDAY! Happy 4 months old to Bella!!

BELLA: A 3 1/2 month old Border Collie, Bella is a sweet girl with lots of energy, typical of her age. She is really blossoming having BC buddies and learning all about dog games. Like all young BC pups, she LOVES to play with another young dog and really needs that as an outlet for her energy.  She's not showing any herding tendencies yet but surely is starting to realize what being a BC is all about. Bella bonds strongly with her person and seeks reassurance from that person so will do well with learning.  She's also very food oriented and is a big time cuddler, jumping into your lap for hugs.  Bella loves toys of any kind and has the energy of any young BC - ready to go!  She will only be placed with another young canine friend.

ZOE showed off her wonderful personality as she met her new FurMom and her new canine buddies, being the best BC diplomat around, getting along with everyone! And, in true Zoe style, once she settled down and she and her new guardian focused on each other, they clicked and knew they were meant to be together. This busy girl settled right in with a lick on the face and a vote YES so off she went to Massachusetts. The greatest part of Zoe's life is not only does her new guardian completely understand the breed, she wants Zoe to help in herding sheep which is clearly a natural for this little girl. So, she'll learn what she needs to know step by step, having a job helping on her new 132 acre farm, as the constant companion to her new FurMom.

ZOE: A 1 year old petite Border Collie, Zoe is a very focused, fast and action oriented girl. She loves to make up herding games with other BC's and has tons of energy to go, go, go. Zoe loves toys of any kind and will sharpen her laser focus, joining the action. She is a great girl with a wonderful nature, loving everyone and curious about everything however she will need a BC savvy guardian since she is so high energy. Zoe could be a sport candidate since her body size and alert mind would be a great combination for training. She is exactly what a young BC should be like - ready to go and very eager to DO something! Zoe is good with dog savvy cats. She is about 25 pounds. Zoe was relinquished to the Farm when her NY guardian could not handle her energy level.

FLIP now joins Hunter to live in the Founder's Home forever! After 2 1/2 years in rescue, it's the right thing for Flip. He loves the Farm and certainly is loving his new life, hanging with a great pack of BC buddies. He'll enjoy plenty of trail walks, lots of ball play and have tons of love. Flip's been adopted twice but always had too many worries with visitors in each home so came back. While we had hoped just the right person might fall in love and help him handle the big world, he's waited long enough, so he's now set for life here at GHF! He's joining many others in the Founder's home who had no other place to go where all their worries and OCD behaviors could be understood and managed successfully. We're happy to have this sweet boy share his affection with us and know that everyone who has met him, will agree this boy deserved this simpler and GREAT life with us!

FLIP: A 2  1/2 yr old Border Collie mix, Flip is all about having fun! He is not high energy but he is young and active so likes a good run and he's great off leash hiking.  Flip also loves his toys and frisbee, really excited to 'work' and quite good at frisbee.  But he can also settle in easily at home on the couch by your side. This sweet guy is like your shadow and loves attention. He's an easy boy to take along for car rides, too.  Flip has concerns meeting new people and can overcome his fear with a person who understands how to manage a 'reactive' dog.  He is very very obedient, responsive and has significant training already but he can't be thrown into new encounters without his person being there.He'll only be placed in an adult home that with seasoned dog people. Flip is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He was a stray in NY shelter.

RYNN found the right guardians who love all her energy and BC enthusiasm for life! They adore the breed and were so excited to meet her. Soon as she raced up to jump on her new FurDad with a BIG hello, he knew he was taking this girl home! She'll be his constant companion with tons of frisbee play and racing and chasing toys, which she loves! And his new FurMom is crazy about this breed too so Rynn is destined for plenty of cuddling and love as well. She now lives in New Jersey.

RYNN: A 7 month old Border Collie, Rynn is a very active young BC, like usual, who wants to go, go, go! She is sweet and friendly eager to join in the action with ball play or racing around the open fields. She loves toys and easily entertains herself throwing balls in the air and making up games. Rynn can worry about new things so needs a savvy BC person who can guide her when she encounters something that concerns her. She bonds quickly and will really blossom in the right hands. She is about 35 pounds and not good with cats. Rynn can be selective about which dogs she likes so will do best as a solo dog or with a submissive male BC.  She came from NY shelter that works with rescue, abandoned after the person realized that leaving her in the kitchen all day and then crated all day while she worked, was not a brilliant concept.

 BROC found the right person to help him feel safe and adjust to a new life well. His foster buddy, Brit, came to help out in the first meeting, offering her support. Broc's new Mom has loved other GHF dogs over the years, giving her heart and soul to their happiness and we know that's just what Broc needs! He now lives in NJ.

BROCa 5 yr old border collie mix, is a big-hearted boy in a small body! Quite the personality, he knows what he likes and what he doesn't, very much like many little dogs. He's a very sweet, outgoing boy who loves a good cuddle and hanging with his person, a little shadow.  Broc is happy to meet people and share his big personality but he's not inclined to enjoy being picked up or carried, again, a common reaction of little dogs who get overwhelmed by people. Broc is a smart boy who aims to please and is really blossoming in his foster home, learning to trust that life can be great.  He is not fond of children so clearly something in his history caused that, so he'll only be placed in an adult home. He does love playing with dogs but could also be thrilled as the only dog. A small yard with someone home to be his friend where he can share his heart, is just ideal for Broc. He is best with dog savvy cats since he sometimes barks at them. Broc weighs 18lbs.  He was originally a stray in a NJ shelter and can be adopted in his NJ foster home or at the Farm.

WESS was feeling a little camera shy for his adoption picture but certainly happy as could be walking around the Farm field and getting to say hello to his new guardians. His new FurMom and FurDad came with the grandkids to say hello and Wess gently and sweetly shared his wonderful personality with everyone. He won their hearts with his charm and they knew he needed to come home with them! He'll have a great yard to call his own where he can keep track of everything that goes on, living now in a loving home in PA and be their constant companion!

WESS: A 5 year old Border Collie, Wess is a really, really nice guy, very observant about his environment, checking out everything going on, like any focused BC. He is also super sweet, a big time cuddler, happy to have attention and share his heart. A real people dog, he'd love being a companion to his new person. He's a wonderful, good natured boy who loves life! He will be best as a solo dog since he's got a strong herding instinct though he is fine with other dogs, he just tries to work them. He is very responsive and eager to please. He is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. WESS was abandoned at a PA Farm along with other dogs

Sweet, gorgeous RAYNE went home today with GHF alum, Griffin, adopted ten years ago!!  His guardians felt it was time to add a second dog and so lucky Rayne will now live a great life, adored forever. She'll accompany her new FurDad just like Griff has for all these years, going everywhere with him, rarely ever alone. Rayne will love that! She'll also enjoy a great yard to explore as well as time at a nearby bay for some water fun. Rayne, of course, hopped into their laps for lots of cuddles, clearly happy to head home! She now lives in NY.

RAYNE: AN 8 year old Border Collie, Rayne is a lover, absolutely the sweetest girl around. She's always eager to be with someone and enjoys all the attention she can get and gives the same amount right back. She's a very special, good natured girl.  She enjoys playing with toys and exploring outdoors on walks, eager to accompany her person.  Rayne is very smart and full of energy though not overly intense.  She does love watching everything going on around the Farm, keeping track of it all!  She is about 40 pound and not good with cats.  She came to GHF due to her previous guardian's health situation.

Every now and then, the right dog finds the right people very quickly and unexpectedly and that's what happened today for Megan and her new guardians. Her new FurMom and FurDad wanted to visit the Farm for a break from the winter doldrums. They have been patiently waiting for the right dog to show up at the Farm…understanding one thing or another made their wait a bit longer…but being determined to be around Border Collies again, they came up with the great idea to visit other BC's at the Farm, breaking up their days at home alone without a beloved BC. So, they asked to visit. They had a particular idea of what would work for them but that 'ideal' BC just wasn't here but of course, that wasn't exactly true…turns out just needed to be open-minded to change their 'ideal' and the right dog would find them!

So, they came and met a few dogs, just enjoying being around their favorite breed again but suddenly, the beautiful, sweet Megan came to say hello and then, it was clear she was exactly what they were hoping for - a bit older than they expected but boy, oh boy, oh boy, as sweet as could be and exactly the one for them!!! As Megan's new FurDad said…'we'll never find a dog better than this girl, she's perfect', so home Megan went with them! Her remarkably sweet nature and gorgeous personality won their hearts. Of course, they had a leash and collar in the car…just in case!!

Megan now lives in CT, not far from where we started our rescue over 13 years ago! Her new guardians knew all about our efforts from those many, many years ago so wanted to come to GHF for their next dog once their beloved Zeke, passed on! And, Megan was right here waiting just for them…a wonderful testament to matter the age..the dog picks you, too!! Just open your heart and your mind and there they are!

MEGAN: An 11 1/2 year old Border Collie, Megan is all about people, saying hello to everyone soon as she can. She quickly comes up, sits right in front of you and gives that look with sweet, soulful eyes which of course, makes you reach right out to say hello back! She's a real charmer, adorable and smart as a whip. Megan is super responsive when called to come and eager to please, a classic Border Collie with a wonderful nature. She is attentive and affectionate. She is not a toy dog, rather a farm girl who used to help with herding sheep at her Farm. She never left the property, always ready to help out with her work. Her guardian recently died, leaving her homeless along with her friend, Jake, age 16 1/2. Jake will remain at the Farm but Megan is ready to take on new challenges… she is full of spunk and raring to go. She is good with cats. Megan is carrying some extra weight cause she was free fed and less activity in recent years but will knock that off easily.

Sometimes there are unexpected detours with adoptions and that's what happened to KEADING. She recently went to NJ to a new life with one person but had some issues with dogs which ironically led her to meet her new FurDad who fell in love instantly. He spoke up that he would love to live with Keading and could provide a fabulous life, if it turned out, she was heading back to the Farm. So, Keading did come back to GHF and one week later, he came for her! She now has 140 acres to call her own, accompanying him 24/7 with his landscape business. He loves to hike and kayak and so does Keading so this twist of fate gave her an even better life than anticipated where she would be 'queen of the ball' with all the attention she could ever want! These Border Collies know how to find their place!!

KEADING: A 3 year old Border Collie, Keading is a great girl with a wonderful nature. She is adaptable to new situations and once comfortable, very friendly. She can be a bit timid at first but throw the ball and she's your best friend! Keading is really enjoying all the BC action at the Farm and happy to be around people who understand her needs to play! She loves throwing her toys around, entertaining herself, making up games if you are too busy to play. She also likes to swim and even went kayaking in her former home. Keading is very affectionate and enjoys being with her person. She is good with cats. Keading is about 40 pounds and came to GHF from a PA guardian who could not meet her needs.

 Sweet, marvelous RYE found her new life with one of our winter volunteers who came back to meet a dog she'd stayed with in the adoption rv. As things happen sometimes, their dog just didn't click and soon as Rye came out to say hello, THEY did!!!! Both were happy to greet each other and clearly made a great match instantly. Her new FurMom and FurDad love the ball oriented BC's so Rye will love her new life - lots of ball play! And, she'll have gorgeous meadows and woods for long hikes and walks, which Rye also loves. We're thrilled for this special girl to enjoy the love of new wonderful guardians and companionship of a BC buddy, too! She now lives in Rhode Island.

RYE: An 11 year old petite Border Collie with ABCA papers, Rye is a doll. She is the sweetest girl, just full of charm and lots of love. She's quite the cuddler too and enjoys sleeping right by your side, making sure she's as close as can be. Rye really LOVES to play ball, happy to race around and retrieve as long as you'll throw. Of course, she's a frisbee girl, too, incredibly athletic leaping to get any toss thrown her way. Rye is very focused when it comes to ball time and easily relaxes inside with her person, happy to be by your side. She is a classic BC through and through, just wonderful. Rye is good with cats and is 35 pounds. She was relinquished to the Farm from her NY guardians due to a move.

Puppy ANGUS found a wonderful life with guardians who love the herding breeds and he'll have a canine buddy, Olive, a BC/ACD mix. The two of them began playing quickly, figuring out the game of puppy play, absolutely adorable to watch! His new guardians just loved his looks and quickly fell in love with his personality, too. Angus and Olive will be hanging with them 24/7 as they run their B&B in upstate NY. With 25 acres to explore, these two will have a blast!
Gentle BRODIE found exactly the ideal life where he will be center stage sharing his heart 24/7 with his new FurMom who absolutely loved him. She got to spend the night at the Farm with this wee boy, cuddled together all night. He already happily looks to her as if he's been with her all his life. Brodie now lives in Maine right on the water and will get a chance to enjoy the great outdoors as her constant companion.

DILLON has it all - lots of people in his new family to give him plenty of attention and love and 50 acres to call his own! And, he's also got a canine buddy, Lucy, which will make life even more fun! They fell in love with this little sweetheart instantly. He now lives in MA.
Little LINUS joined GHF Alum, Anne in a great life where he'll be the center of attention. He'll also get to hang with his FurDad 24/7 and learn the ropes of Anne's herding ways! His new FurMom and Dad were thrilled to have this gentle, soulful pup join them. He now lives in NY.
Little LIV found a great life where she'll be the constant companion to her FurMom and have a canine buddy, Gem, to play with all day. Liv loves to wrestle and roll and engage with another dogs and Gem does too. They were a wonderful pairing for a lifetime together. And, Liv's new guardians were instantly charmed by this charming little pup. She now lives in NY with 50 acres to call her own!
MOXIE found the perfect life for her with a FurMom and FurDad who have all the time to be with her and focus on a stimulating, active life that she needs. She'll be their constant companion even going canoeing! She lives on 50 acres and will have lots of fun exploring the great outdoors. She now lives in NY

This wonderful little guy landed at the Farm at the perfect moment when other BC mixes were attracting all the attention to be adopted. With only 6 pups and so many applications, BLUE was next in line to get noticed. His new family came right away hoping to find a confident, curious, good natured pup and that's exactly what he showed them - they quickly fell in love! He now lives in CT with his new canine buddy, Penny plus two boys to call his own! He's already adjusting to his new house and has a new nickname - monkey - cause of all his antics!

BLUE: An 11 week old Border Collie mix, Blue is full of energy and like a little monkey with everything he's curious to explore from one thing to the next to the next, classic puppy! He's a sweetheart, confident, happy and so good-natured.  He loves people and pretty much feels that life is great!  Blue was purchased two weeks ago by a young man who then decided having a puppy was too much work so his roommate made sure to get Blue to GHF. He came to us from Maryland. 

ROGUE found a wonderful life with two kids to call her own and plenty of love. GHF helped to connect a nearby adopter with the person giving her up so Rogue could have a very easy transition. We offered help by temperament testing Rogue who passed with flying colors so the adopter could then go visit. The family  just adored her!  She now lives in NY, happily cherished.

ROGUE: A 1 year old Border Collie/Cattle dog (mix is unsure), Rogue is a loving, people oriented girl who wants to be with her person. She is super-friendly and happily enjoys all the attention anyone lavishes on her - she gives it right back! She's a really good natured girl who now needs a new home more suited to her energy. She currently lives in a townhouse without a yard so she cannot get enough exercise so her guardians feel someone could provide a better life.  She is very smart, has basic obedience commands and knows lots of tricks, too.  She is very food and toy driven, so learns quickly.  Rogue lives with a cat and gently plays with him.  Her only concern is other dogs since she was attacked by a dog when younger, so gets very nervous meeting new dogs so will need help in this area if living around other dogs in a neighborhood.  With the right guidance, Rogue's lack of confidence with dogs that causes her to feel overwhelmed, could be improved.  

We met Rogue and she passed our temperament test beautifully but bringing her to the Farm with so many other dogs, would cause a lot of anxiety so we are helping to find Rogue a new life directly from her home to a new home. She is a petite gorgeous girl.  

The wonderful, good natured BROOKE won the hearts of her foster family and they just could not give this girl up…no surprise since she's a spectacular sweetheart! Brooke fit their pack and their lives perfectly, just sliding in like she'd lived there all her life. Two months of serious motherhood duties bonded Brooke to her Foster Mom who helped her along 24/7 but in the end, if was Brooke's amazing nature and wonderful heart that captured their love. Brooke now lives where she'll be adored forever and we'll even get to see her when they visit the Farm!! A huge thanks to Ellen and Andy Simcik for two months of puppy challenges - we're just thrilled that Brooke is now with them. She lives in PA, joining two other GHF alums.

BROOKE: A 2 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, is a sweet, good natured girl. She is so friendly and so easy going, she just slides into a new situation like she's been there all her life. A lovely personality, Brooke also enjoys the company of canine buds and rapidly decided that Flip and Chip were fun! She's quite the chaser and racer though not showing the intensity of a BC or big toy focus, it's more dog to dog play that makes her happy.  She is quite the cuddler with people and won over everyone who met her during the transport to the Farm. She came to our attention in a MD shelter because she had an injury to her front leg. Soon as she arrived at the Farm, it was clear that old injury didn't stop her whatsoever, so she's ready for adoption. Brooke is about 35 pounds and good with cats. 

Sweet MEG found exactly the right guardian to adore her and give her a great life! She'll have many years ahead up on the couch just like their first meeting day cause her new FurMom loves to cuddle with her beloved BC's. She's one of the GHF team and has fostered many dogs and kept a few who have since passed but soon as she saw this little girl's face, she knew it was time to add another, permanently! Meg's previous kennel only life is long gone now…she'll be with her new FurMom 24/7, enjoying anything and everything she does, wherever she goes including lots of hiking and some geesework too! She now lives in NY.

MEG: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Meg is a gentle, sweet, loving girl. She really wants to be with her person and follows you everywhere. She's focused but not overly intense, more willing to do whatever you are doing, a go everywhere with you kind of girl! She loves to swim and likes the kayak and is great in the car. Meg was originally purchased as a pup to do geese chasing work which is why she's used to water and the car however she wanted to be close to the handler and not work at a distance so she's come to GHF to find a loving companion home. A better lover couldn't be found…she's eager to please and loves everyone. Meg does enjoy playing ball and has great recall off-leash. Meg is best with dog savvy cats since she will chase them. She came to us from a NJ guardian, bought from a PA breeder. She lived in a kennel setting with many other BC's all part of a geese chasing business. She is about 35 pounds.

  BENDER found himself in need of a new home at 7 years old due to issues with the toddler in the home and another baby on the way. A beloved boy, the guardian asked GHF to help. Turns out we had a former GHF adopter who lived nearby who was patiently waiting for a mature BC to add to their life. They live on a farm and so did Bender so he sounded like a perfect match. We temperament tested Bender and discovered what a fabulous boy he was so off he went to his new life on Memorial Day weekend, with lots of family and friends and Bender fit in like he'd lived there all is life. He now lives in NY.

KERRY happened to land at GHF the very weekend we open the Farm so many volunteers were here to help. Of course, checking out the rescue dogs is part of the fun and lucky for Kerry, his new person instantly fell in love. She came back the very next weekend for an adoption visit to be sure GHF alum, Broc and her dog Stella, would approve which of course they did! Kerry now known as Cary Grant and Broc were playing like long lost buddies, a great pairing, wrestling, rolling, chasing, hilarious to watch! Kerry now lives in Ct and we'll get to see him all the time since his FurMom volunteers at GHF.

KERRY: A 10 month old Border Collie, possibly mix, Kerry is hilarious. He's just a comical guy with a curiousity about everything - dogs, people, places - the puppy nature is clearly present!  Kerry is very responsive to a person and eager to please but he's going to need some help with his focus since he's a youngster. He loves the ball and entertaining himself with it as well as catching throws tossed his way. Kerry really loves other dogs and does best with those that really are players, eager to chase and wrestle. He doesn't show any herding 'eye' but is a more easy-going, energetic playful boy, a great companion BC. He is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was found as a stray in PA and thankfully, the shelter works with GHF.  

The marvelous character CHLOE found exactly the life she needed with people who understand her funny antics and love her charming ways but are also willing to help whenever she has worries. They just adored her soon as they read about her on the site and once they spent minutes with her, they were smitten! Chloe shared all her charm and felt totally at ease with them, happily jumping in their car to head out to her new life. She'll love this new life out in the country with plenty to do and as their constant companion 24/7. We chuckled cause Chloe will be going on RV trips with them as they travel during the summer and she just happens to be very experienced in RV living cause her home, while at the Farm, was the adoption RV!! So, Miss Chloe will be right at ease when they hit the road!! She was the one dog all the winter volunteers met as they learned about RV living from this comical girl! She now lives in PA.

CHLOE: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Chloe is a little character, sitting back upright, paws up in the air, ready to take a treat! She balances easily as if it's as natural as walking. Chloe is light on her feet too, a pretty little girl as she prances around. She gives play bows, as she gets ready to get the 'zoomie's, very cute to watch.  She is extremely people oriented, quite the cuddler and is so eager to please however she does get worried meeting strangers at first so will only go to an adult home. If you help Chloe with introductions to new people, she will do well. Chloe will only be placed with a skilled BC savvy person. She is not overly intense inside, curling up inside on her bed,  happy to hang with her person. Our volunteers have spent time overnighting with her and describe her as hilarious, making funny little sounds as she sleeps and stretched out like a cat!  She will be happiest as a solo dog since she is not good meeting other dogs, at this time.  She is good with cats and is about 30 pounds.  Chloe was a stray in CT, fortunately the animal control facility works with rescue and we were able to help her.

QUINN found a life that will suit him so well - as a companion to his new FurDad 24/7 on a Farm with plenty of acreage to explore as he accompanies him each day for work. His new home sits on 182 acres with 1200 that is their harvesting business so Quinn will become a great buddy to help out around the Farm. But, he'll also have two great kids to call his own for tons of ball play and cuddling which he loves. His new FurKids loved him instantly! They had waited patiently for just the right dog to come to GHF and soon as they saw Quinn, they knew they had to come!! And, they'll be back for a buddy for him since they feel two BC's are so happy together! We're thrilled for Quinn and happy to find a friend whenever they are ready. He now lives in NY.

QUINN: A 1 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Quinn is a friendly, good natured, sweet guy who loves everyone, absolutely everyone. He is quite the character, entertaining himself with toys flying all around, jumping up and down excited with the action he creates. Quinn will blossom at the Farm with other Border Collies as he discovers his inner BC nature since he lived as an only dog so far. He is a great companion, happy to be with his person. Quinn is about 50 pounds, and is good with cats. He was relinquished directly to the Farm from a NY guardian who realized his life situation wasn't best for an active, smart BC who needs lots of attention.

CASH found a great new life with a hobby farm to call his own and guardians who will be with him 24/7! They love a ball crazy boy like Cash plus he'll have plenty of chickens to herd, two ponds and a creek to swim in and an adjoining 400 acres for lots of trail walks - a BC paradise! Cash won their hearts within minutes with a charming smile and that brilliant mind, eager to please and ready to go! He hopped into their truck like he had been their dog all along! Cash now lives in NY.

CASH: A 6 year old Border Collie, Cash is a fabulous, classic, highly intelligent BC who is ready to work or play, making the ball his work of course. He is super responsive to whatever is asked of him and very very people oriented. Cash is a fast and focused athlete and loves the ball outlet for his mind and energy however he did work cattle and sheep in his previous life on a farm. We do not yet know much about his commands but would consider a working home once we know more. Cash is only going to be placed in a rural setting since that's his history. He is best as a solo dog or with another BC who understands how he thinks. He's quite affectionate and loves attention. He is good with cats but will chase if they run so best with dog savvy cats. Cash is about 40 pounds. He was abandoned at a PA shelter due to a divorce.

CODY found the right people exactly when he was ready and they were ready and boy, what a pairing! If you've ever wondered if a dog picks their person, check out these photos. Former GHF adopters were coming this time for their son, as well as a good pairing for the GHF dog, Kitt, but wow, when we saw Cody in action, it was clear he was the one to take home! So, Cody is on his way to a life of love, laughs and lots of fun but most importantly, he's got a big job as his new boy's first dog to call his own!!! He now lives in CT with adopters we've known for years, long ago starting in CT so we're absolutely thrilled for Cody to join Kitt in a GREAT life and be the big heart to join this sweet boy! Every dog lover knows that moment when a dog is your best friend and changes your life forever - well Cody is about to do just that!

CODY: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Cody is a curious, good natured, happy boy. He is ready to say hello to everyone and explore everything around him. This energetic boy is eager to please and loves to try new things, especially happy to connect to his person. He is smart and focused though not overly intense like a purebred. He would be happy with another young canine buddy since he has lots of energy to burn! He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. Cody was a stray in PA landing in a shelter that works with GHF. We're happy to have this nice guy here and find him a life that suits him perfectly.

TUCK found the ideal life for him with plenty of canine buddies plus guardians who love the breed and understand the need for mental stimulation.  His new FurMom is one of our caretakers at the Farm so she knows exactly what this boy needs and felt very strongly that he was the one to add to their family! He's jumped in happily and really loves his new life plus he'll even get to try disc dog work which should be right up his alley since this petite boy loves to jump up!! We are so thrilled for Tuck to find such a  wonderful life, especially after such a hard start. He now lives in NY.

TUCK: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Tuck is a doll. He is so excited to meet new people that his whole body wags, a petite body and a happy little guy, full of charm. He's just wonderful. Tuck is eager to please and wants to find a person to call his own, happy to follow your lead. He is also fine with other dogs though at this point, seems more people oriented than dog oriented. Tuck also loves playing ball, like any young BC, the more ball play, the better. This good natured boy is a real diamond in the rough, so ready to land in the right home where he can shine! He is a real cuddler and loves to share his heart and affection. Tuck is about 30 pounds and good with cats. He  will do best on an invisible fence system since he can clear fences quite easily. He came to GHF from a NY colleague who heard of his plight where he was with a family who no longer wanted him and were about to shoot him, yes shoot him, which is what they have done with all their dogs once they are too "old" and "annoying". Someone else stepped in to save him but had no means to do so, so stuck him in a cattle trailer as his home which thankfully ended when he was passed to someone who knows us. This little guy handled his odd history well and clearly, was loved as a pup cause he adores people. We stop trying to understand the thinking or lack of thinking of some people and just stay focused on Tuck and his great life ahead! He so deserves tons of love!

HENRY & DEE found the new life they so wanted - with people who absolutely adored them - and knew the would fit their family perfectly! They came to meet a few dogs but soon as they met this wonderful pair, the entire family agreed these were the ones to come home with them! Henry and Dee thought they were great, too, and happily headed out to their new home in PA, hopping right in the car. We're so excited for these wonderful dogs to have a loving home, now forever.

HENRY, age 4 & DEE, age 2 are both gorgeous, smart, attentive Border Collies. They love to run together and clearly have a good relationship since they've lived together since puppies. Henry is the ball boy and Dee enjoys herding him, which he doesn't mind. He's quite an athlete, ready to play and retrieve balls. Henry is also more confident than Dee, who is a bit shy, especially with new people. She is super sweet and curious though, relying on Henry's more outgoing nature. Both of them are very easy going and good natured, not overly intense BC's at all.  Henry loves everyone, thinking life is all about the ball of course! He is about 50 pounds and Dee, about 40 pounds. He will stalk cats so is best with dog savvy cats. Dee is fine with cats. We'd like to place them together. Both came to GHF from a Maine relinquisher who could not meet their needs.  


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