Wonderful OLLIE landed a home with former GHF adopters who soon as they saw his face, knew he was the one they wanted to add to their lives! His sweet eyes and wonderful nature were just what they wanted, knowing he had big paws to fill from their beloved Checkers. Ollie won their hearts within minutes and he happily joined them side by side, as if he’d been with them all his life. We know he’ll be completely cherished and once a bit more mature, get a chance to try therapy work! He’s got a huge heart to share! Ollie now lives in Massachusetts.

OLLIE: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, likely retriever, Ollie is a wonderful, gentle, fun-loving boy. He thinks everyone in the world is his friend and happily enjoys attention, affection and fun! He loves toys and he loves to run outside with other dogs, with big long strides of chase games that are hilarious to watch. However, his favorite thing is cuddling with his person. He’s quite a character. Ollie was adopted 6 months ago and returned due to issues with the other two dogs in the house so we’ll find a spot for him as a solo dog this time. He’s absolutely wonderful playing outside with other dogs and not aggressive at all. He is about 50 pounds and is good with cats.

 BUD is smart as can be cause soon as he met his new family, he clearly let them know he was their dog!  His new FurMom chuckled at his antics and began ball games to entice his mind and challenge him and being Bud, he was ready to join in the fun!  The two of them clicked like he’d been with her forever.  His new guardians overnighted so by morning, Bud gave the GHF caretakers a lukewarm ‘hello’ as he pranced off, following his people!  We are so thrilled for this sweet guy who deserves all the attention he will now have!  He lives in Maryland.

BUD: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Bud is the friendliest guy around -he loves to meet everyone and anyone! Every vacationing camper meets Bud and loves him! He’s a smart guy eager to figure out where to use his brainpower. He’s been living with 4 kids and learned to play a great game of catch but he is so ready to learn new things and eager to do so, very curious about this new life he’s found himself in. Bud is a sponge, happy to follow the direction of his person and truly going to blossom in the right hands. He really loves cuddling and being with a person though he’s got lots of energy for play, too.  Bud is very athletic, springing right off the ground up to your face so would love some physical challenges, too. Bud is able to monkey right over a 5 foot fence so will be placed on an invisible fence system only. He is about 23 pounds and good with cats.

 Brilliant HOPE has a big family to call her own and clearly, after overnighting with them at GHF, felt right at home! “Happy Hope” became her new nickname, thanks to one of the kids who loved having another Border Collie in their lives.  Hope’s new guardians were thrilled to get to know this great girl and offer her a life of love and happiness. She’ll be with her new FurMom all the time, going everywhere she goes, enjoying a busy life as well as tons of ball play, which Hope loves!!! She now lives in PA.

HOPE: A petite 4 yr old Border Collie, Hope is adorable - she absolutely turns on a dime soon as she hears her name - hoping that another toy is coming her way! She is very focused and very energetic, an athletic girl eager to play, play, play. She will need safe containment within a fenced yard. Hope is very friendly with everyone and enjoys having someone joining her in activities, whether it’s a hike or toy play or cuddling.  Affectionate and sweet, she’s a wonderful girl.  Hope is good with other dogs and could join another BC or be a solo dog, as she was before.  Her original guardian died leaving Hope in need of a new home.  She is about 35 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats.

 Sweet, wonderful PEPPER found someone who fits her personality perfectly where she will be her constant companion, exactly what Pepper loves! She’ll have 120 acres to explore and enjoy as the two of them go on daily walks in the community where she lives plus meet all the other residents who are dog lovers but no longer have their own dogs. Pepper will befriend them all, of that we are sure, and she’ll be the ‘belle of the ball’! We chuckled because it turns out her new FurMom has always named her dogs after teas so Pepper leant itself to Peppermint for her new nickname…that suits her well too! She is THE SWEETEST Border Collie we know! She now lives in PA.

PEPPER: A 10 year old Border Collie, Pepper is a loving, sweet, interesting girl. She loves to keep an eye on anything going on around her and clearly, is a thinker. Smart as can be, she also loves attention and was known as the ‘love bug’ in her former home.  Pepper is a ball fiend as well as one to enjoy exploring outdoors. Pepper visited GHF when her FurMom vacationed here many years ago so we know just how great this girl really is and are sad to see her in of a new home. She was a beloved family member but an illness of her FurMom led her to be at GHF.  Pepper lived with Corky and they pair up well.  Pepper is good with cats. Pepper is a bit hard of hearing so needs a fenced yard. She does hear a loud whistle, barking and other sounds but the less than perfect hearing, makes unfenced properties too risky.

 Sweet, wonderful REMI found a couple who really understand just how special the breed is and wanted to give a great life to a senior who deserved to be home!  Remi was exactly the right fit for their busy young boy, Mickey, who adds a spark to Remi’s life and Remi can mentor him to settle down a bit - it was an adorable match!  Remi will have plenty of hikes and time to explore outside since they’ve got lots of nearby acreage they go to everyday and she’ll even go swimming!  She now lives in NJ and clearly, will be totally adored.

REMI: A petite 11 year old Border Collie, Remi is as sweet and pretty as she looks but very shy. She likes a quieter life without chaos and with people she knows so her routine is not disturbed. Another BC buddy is great for her if they are confident and good natured but no one too overpowering. This lovely little girl came to GHF when she was 1 from a NJ breeder that was closing down. Her adopter gained her trust and she happily had a loving home til recently when he had financial problems that forced him to return her. Remi has lots of commands she happily does for her person but she’s going to need someone patient to regain her trust in a new situation. She is about 30 pounds and good with cats.

 Little LIAM found a great new life with guardians who adore the herding breeds and knew he would be a perfect fit for them!   They came for this special pup in honor of their beloved Colby, who opened their hearts so fully and would have wanted them to share their love and life again with another great dog.  Liam will be with his FurDad at work and go hiking each day with them both plus have his canine buddy, Lulu, to show him the ropes.  We’re excited Liam landed with such loving people who we got to know well at one of GHF’s vacation camps. 

Liam is more easy-going, showing the aussie traits and will slide into new situations fairly well, joining in the fun. He would be happiest with a canine buddy who loves to race, chase and wrestle. Liam loves toys and would love to learn, too.

 BREEZE came to GHF the day our adopter could travel to meet him, hoping the fit would be perfect for their pack and indeed it was! He’s now settling in with two GHF alums and enjoying hiking in the countryside of Canada!  They loved him instantly and he was great pals with all the BC buddies of course!  Breeze was just too much for his NJ guardian who had no experience with these busy busy young BC’s and fortunately, passed him to GHF for a more appropriate life.  He’s now in very good hands.

 Wonderful RHETT came back to GHF under unexpected circumstances but clearly found his way to a loving home quickly!  He went to foster care and the day his fosterMom came, her sister came along and little did we know right then, that this was Rhett’s new person!  Within a short time, it became clear that this special boy had won her heart so much that when the two sisters began to chat about where he should go - they both agreed it was to stay in the family!! So, Rhett is about to share his heart again with people who welcomed him with open arms and open hearts! We’re so incredibly thrilled. He’s walked the neighborhood and hanging out in his new life like he’d been there all along!

RHETT: A 9 year old Border Collie mix, Rhett is looking and feeling his handsome best after a total grooming and vetting. This sweet, gentle soul is adjusting back again at GHF after 7 years away.  He lived with two other dogs and thoroughly enjoys canine friends though really loves having a person near his side.  Rhett is very, very affectionate, one of the easiest, good natured boys to ever land in rescue.  We’re eager to see him renew his spirit and true nature. Rhett is now carrying double his weight so will need to time to gain back his athletic stamina.  He is good with cats. All his vetting needs have now been handled properly, too.  We’re glad we could be here for him, again, when the adopter lost the ability to care for him properly.  We’re deeply saddened by the unfortunate lack of care but are sure Rhett has much love to give with someone special again.

 LUCY found her new life the day she went for her herding instinct testing - she’s staying right there with her fosterer who offered to develop her skill!! We’re thrilled for this special girl who clearly has all the talents the breed is bred to do and now will get to do just that! She’s an intense working dog who now has the job of her dreams, her own sheep and someone completely skilled to help her grow.

LUCY: A petite 10 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Lucy is quite a focused herder and loves action, a classic young BC however she is also shy. She will need a patient person to work with her so the bond is strong, building her confidence in new situations. Lucy is very very sweet and smart so will do well with a seasoned BC person. As we are getting to know Lucy’s needs better, we’ll update her bio but at this time, we are likely to place her without another dog since she is such a strong herder. She is about 30 pounds and not good with cats. She was relinquished to GHF from her CT guardian due to issues with herding the cat.

 THISTLE, a 1 yr high energy BC needed a new home since her guardian felt she wasn’t getting what she needed. That request for help came at the exact time one of our former GHF adopters was searching for a sport dog to add to her pack and happened to live very close by. With two GHF dogs, one a pup and one a senior, she wanted another young super active dog to round out the group and join her in agility. So, we connected the two parties and Thistle, now affectionately also known as Sizzle! has a new life, HOME to HOME!! We’re so happy this worked so well.

 Beautiful 2 year old BELLE was heading for GHF, needing a new life after the ‘breeder’ decided she wanted to stop breeding Border Collies. Well, lucky for Belle, the GHF volunteer helping out, offered an overnight stay and as they say, the rest is history. Once Belle met her new guardian, it was love at first sight. She now is his constant companion, happy as can be and enjoying a big life as his best friend. As we always see over and over again at GHF, these dogs find their people!!

 VAL found the perfect people to adore her so completely that she would blossom even more fully! They came to meet her, walking in the Farm field and found her so enchanting, they decided to hang awhile - Val agreed that was the best idea ever!! She’ll be their constant companion, accompanying them wherever they go and clearly sharing all her love with them 24/7. We’re thrilled for this sweet girl and these wonderful people who were a perfect pairing! She now lives in NY.

VAL: A petite 6 year old Border Collie, Val is a gentle soul who always wants to be touched even though she is a bit timid asking for attention. She comes over to your side instantly and hopes to be loved and with reassurance, happily stays right there.  A good natured girl, she is happily exploring her new life, herding other BC’s and checking out the great outdoors. Everyone who meets her, just loves her sweet charming nature.  She would love a canine buddy since she’s used to living with her sibling, Viva, and tends to like to follow another dog.  She has no toy interest but can be quite a herdy girl so would do best with a buddy who doesn’t mind her natural tendencies to circle and herd.  She is quite a cuddler once she feels secure.  Val came to rescue a bit chunky but will knock that off with warmer temps to run around more outside. She could be adopted with Viva or separately.

                    Little BRADIE is going to have a big life - trying herding! His BC buddies have had their chance and now he gets to see what he thinks! All for fun, but also for learning how to think and problem solve, BC style! If he’s good at it, he’ll get plenty of time to work sheep enjoy the work he was meant to do. He’ll also be the 24/7 companion to his new FurMom and enjoy all kinds of ball play and hiking, too! She was looking to add another good-natured pup and knew soon as she met Bradie, that he was a perfect fit. He now lives in MA.

BRADIE: A 5 month old Border Collie, pup Bradie is full of spunk, energy and brilliance! Like any youngster, he is looking for action all the time and so eager to join in the fun. He loves having a BC buddy or two and is already having a blast at GHF. He’s confident, outgoing, loves everyone and adjusted easily to his new situation. He’s doing well understanding adult dogs but would love a young pal to wrestle and chase and make up games. He loves toys, dogs and lots of human attention and cuddling. He’ll only be placed with a BC savvy adopter. He was too much for his previous guardians. He’s about 20 pounds and best with dog savvy cats since when bored, he chases the cats.

 Sweet, wonderful CHARLEY found the right people and the right friend to give him the best Border Collie life, which he so deserves. Soon as he saw everyone, he ran for a big kiss hello and enthusiastic greeting like long lost friends! He adorably won them over, instantly.  Then with a bit of ball play and racing around the field, he and his female BC buddy, Lea, were in sync and Charley had his new home!  He’ll have tons of activity including lots of hiking at the nearby preserve but even more importantly, be the center of attention, sharing his big heart 24/7!  He now lives in PA.

CHARLEY: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Charley is a gorgeous guy with a personality to match. Super friendly and eager to jump into whatever activity is going on, he’s very people oriented and eager to please. Charley hasn’t had a big life, going lots of places, so will need someone willing to guide him into new experiences so they are all positive. He’s a trusting guy but needs some confidence building to be the bold Border Collie he can be! He’s a super sweet boy, loving attention from everyone and very, very friendly. Charley is really enjoying toy play, so enthusiastic for a good game of fetch or squeaky toy play. He lived with another female Border Collie previously so could have a BC buddy or go alone. He is about 40 pounds, normal for his size and good with cats.

Thanks to Sue Campion, Sue Myers and Peg Fuller for safely transporting Charley to the Farm

 KIZZY landed her dream home with everything a BC girl could want - two guardians who adore the breed and understand their quirks; a BC buddy who loves to make up chase games just like she does; another canine pal to add to the fun AND, Kizzy will get to try agility and herding..we know this girl could grow into enjoying one of those…we bet herding! Her new FurDad had been looking for a rescue dog to partner with him in all the fun activities that this breed loves and the two of them clicked quickly. With an overnight at GHF, this trio was ready go the next morning home to Maryland. Kizzy also has her own boat, kayak and lives right on the water, another fun activity ahead!

KIZZY: A 1 1/2  year old Border Collie, Kizzy is all action! She is one of the fastest dogs we’ve seen, covering ground in such an agile way -she just loves to run. Kizzy is also the sweetest girl and loves to cuddle up for attention with her person. She can be a bit worried with new situations so Kizzy is gaining confidence meeting strangers. She is super smart and eager to please so she’s made great strides, step by step.  She will need a BC savvy person who is willing to devote the time to continue the foundational work she has been given.  Always positive based rewards, Kizzy eagerly awaits direction and relies on her person to shape great experiences for her.  She also loves another BC buddy so a very confident friend will also mentor her as she matures.  She is from an Ohio breeder, bought as a family companion. She was abandoned at a PA vet hospital due to limited funds for a medical procedure. Thankfully for her, the vet stepped in to call GHF and now, Kizzy can land in a more appropriate home.  She is good with dog savvy cats

 MEGI will live with the founders at GHF as her forever home. Watching her extremely fearful nature surface with any new person or new situation, including basic sounds that scare her, made us realize this unpressured life would be best for her. Megi is extremely skittish by nature, supposedly like this since a pup. However, Megi also endured 3 weeks in a training boot camp, complete with a prong collar training approach which clearly added to her fears. Prong collars on a smart, sensitive BC are never appropriate and certainly NEVER for a highly fearful, insecure dog. Some trainers call this ‘leadership training’ and all it does is cause a dog to feel pain so they are coerced to do what they are told. This then creates an "obedient dog" which of course, teaches the dog nothing whatsoever, except to fear you. As the trainer told me, ’she listened better’ with the prong collar. Of course she did..what else would she do? She’s already terrified of everything around her, including people. Listening to a trainer justify something so very wrong was so disheartening and nauseating and then realizing that a caring guardian was coaxed into this as ‘proper training’, made the whole situation for this dog, so incredibly awful. Megi had no chance to overcome her fears with such misguided, abusive techniques, no chance at all.

Watching Megi NOW make her own choices, with support and positive guidance is amazing. She is a dog who panics with new people and new situations but she’s learning from the other BC’s and us, that she is safe and can be braver. This is what she needs and deserves - time to understand her world and how she fits in it. We’d like Megi to now have a lifetime to overcome her fears, at her own pace. She’s joined well in the pack and found comfort in a simpler, BC dog life, without the pressures of the outside world right on top of her and WITHOUT FEAR. We’re very happy to have her with us permanently.

MEGI: A 11 month old Border Collie, Megi is super sweet and loves attention however Megi is also extremely shy of new people and will need a few things to help her build confidence - a patient person who understands the mental nature of the breed where a dog can over think everything - as well as someone who has time to work with Megi, step by step, without rushing.  She so wants to trust a person but too much pressure too quickly, sends her into a worried state.  Lastly, she will need an easy going BC buddy who she can follow - a real leader.  Megi absolutely loves other herding dogs and will easily relax with another dog around however she is a very intense herder so can really impact another toy oriented BC or one who is also intense. A more easy going BC buddy is what she needs, someone who loves playing and chasing. She is well trained with many commands and eager to please, once she feels secure.  Megi came from a NC breeder who breeds very high drive dogs but Megi ’s traits were not fully utilized due to her shyness.  Her CT guardian relinquished her to GHF because she felt she needed more attention. She is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. Megi will only be placed in a fenced yard with a seasoned and skilled BC person.


 NILES found a great couple who love dogs and wanted to enjoy the brilliance of a Border Collie so came to meet this smart, little guy and fell in love! He was thrilled to be by their side, enjoying whatever they suggested for fun and will now have plenty to do at home, with lots of challenges. He’ll be hiking and going to work each day with his FurDad as well as get a chance to try agility. Niles is going to love his new life! He now lives in MA.

NILES: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Niles is a great boy, truly a friend of everyone, ready to have fun with every person he can! He loves his toys and enjoys cuddling, equally, clearly a happy go lucky dog. Niles also likes learning new things like tricks and frisbee and any other activity that stimulates his mind. He previously lived in a home that could not manage his energy and weren’t sure how to respond to his mental needs so contacted GHF to give him a better life. He is a wonderful Border Collie and so ready to be shaped by someone who understands the mental, physical AND emotional needs of this breed. He will give you his heart and soul for a relationship where he is understood. He came to GHF from NY.

 KOBEY found a wonderful life on 35 acres with two guardians who adore the herding dogs and fell in love with him, instantly! He’ll be a non-stop buddy, going everywhere with his new FurDad…for hikes on the property; for car rides into town; for swims in the pond…whatever it is, he and Kobey will go together! Kobey is such a sweet, smart guy, who really blossomed at GHF and will now have a loving life, truly belonging with two people who care deeply about his well-being. He now lives in NY.

KOBEY: A 3 year old Border Collie, camera shy Kobey is a gentle soul who loves attention. He’s always jumping up for a hello and then sits right down to get his treat. Quite a cuddler, he’s good natured and very people focused. Kobey's not overly active at all, preferring to hang on the couch and join his person.  He can be a bit cautious about some new experiences and the camera is one of those. He also needs reassurance from his person that he’s doing well and not ‘in the wrong’. Very eager to please, Kobey is a softer, sensitive Border Collie and will do best in an adult home with someone who can help build his confidence.  Koby is best as a solo dog and must have a fenced yard.  He was given up to due a move and had lived for a year with a family who took him from a ‘breeder’. He is about 50 pounds and good with cats


 FLY: A 6 year old Border Collie found herself in need of a new home due to her guardian’s unforeseen life changes. He contacted GHF, asking for help. Fly had a history trained as a service dog so has a super temperament, great with everyone she meets. In a twist of fate, an adopter near to Fly’s current home city, was looking to add a BC to his life and contacted GHF. He was used to high energy dogs with great personalities so seemed like the exact fit for this wonderful girl. He eagerly agree to meet her and as the saying goes, ’the rest is history,’ obvious in the pictures of Fly in her new home!

As her previous guardian said: I was very concerned with finding a good match for Fly, someone familiar with border collies as well as a dog lover in general. When I opened the car door for Fly, she fell on her nose so eager to run over and greet this new person, I knew that he was the one... Within an hour I could tell that it was a perfect fit. We exchanged stories and information and then It was time for Fly to start the next chapter of an exciting life. I am happy, sad and grateful all at once. Thank you again for being the integral part in this whole process. I hope you know that your work is rewarded by the happiness and comfort you have brought to me, Roger and Fly. Thank you so very much. Michael

 MOLLY: Good golly, miss Molly! Sometimes through a twist of fate, things work out differently than planned so Molly came back 4 days after her adoption due to dog issues and happily met her NEW guardians that very day they were coming to adopt. They had so wanted to meet HER. When she was adopted earlier in the week, they were disappointed but kept their plans to visit GHF. Well, seems the universe and Molly knew better as to what was meant to be, so Molly is now on her way to her forever home. Our former GHF adopters were thrilled she was still available and just knew in their hearts, that she was the one!!! She now lives in NJ and has a country home, too! She’ll be with her FurMom 24/7, her beloved companion!

MOLLY: A 7 year old Border Collie, Molly is a hoot - she’s a ball girl through and through, loving retrieval and the fun of the chase. She’s such a sweetheart, loves everyone and is eager to say hello to everyone, too. This love bug is enjoying her new found freedom at GHF, no longer in an outdoor pen, instead cozy inside and playing outside each day with someone focused on her! Molly is really blossoming. She is a strong female so we’re assessing whether she’ll be best as a solo dog or with a male friend. Molly is smart, focused, sweet, loving and fun - the perfect combination of traits in a mature BC who wants to be someone’s companion. She is about 45 pounds and good with cats.

 Well, Lennon is home! He’s really been home all along since arrival at GHF in December but it took a little while for everything to become crystal clear. This special, sensitive boy survived the deadly parvo virus at 2 months old, with all of us praying he would make it. Then three more months of quarantine means almost 6 months he’s been with us, with everyone at GHF, rooting for his happiness. Lennon has become a Farm favorite, coming every day to work with one of our Caretakers, as she and her husband kindly fostered him throughout this journey. She was also the one involved in both Lennon and Liam’s care from the moment they survived the illness. So, as they discussed his next step to a new life, it had become clearer and clearer to them that this little character with some special needs and worries, just fit their life best. Best for him for sure and best for them, too. He loves their pack, he loves their pond and he loves them and even most of all, he loves his extended Farm family! Their hearts would be broken to let him go, so Lennon now has his forever home. And, best of all, we’ll continue rooting him along for the happiest, most loving life ahead and we’ll get to be the onlookers, continuing to watch it all unfold!! Lucky Lennon, lucky us! We’re pretty sure Lennon knew all along!

LENNON: A 6 month old Border Collie/Aussie, Lennon is a thinker. He likes mental challenges, easily figuring out the ‘hide-a-bee’ toys as well as treat puzzles, clearly a smart focused boy.  His sharp mind makes him observe everything around him - new situations and new people - so he does really well with a canine friend as the mentor dog.   Plus, Lennon loves to chase, wrestle and explore like any young pup so is happiest with a friend. He’s super athletic, a natural swimmer and is a great hiking buddy already.  He will do best in a home with plenty of space to keep him active physically and mentally.  He’s quite a cuddle bug and loves to be loved. He’s an adorable hugger and lap dog, quite the doll!  He is about 25 pounds and good with cats.


 At age 7, MAGGIE found herself needing a new home due to the allergies of a grandchild. Heartbroken, her guardians sought help from GHF. They were extremely worried about her ability to handle this change so when the opportunity of an adopter suitable to Maggie emerged, we arranged for both parties to meet on the same day. Amidst tears and hugs, Maggie was passed to wonderful new guardians who were thrilled to have her join their lives. They had been planning to adopt this spring and wanted a mature easy-going, good-natured girl and Maggie fit them perfectly. They spent the night together and by morning, Maggie was happily connected to them and ready to head out for her new life! She now lives in Massachusetts where she’ll be doing lots of hikes and ball play, the constant companion to her new FurDad.

 DOC will be surrounded in love for the rest of his life, so cherished and adored, it’s perfect! His new guardians traveled from Maryland to meet him, waiting for just the right BC that called out to them. When they saw his picture, they wrote to come right away and soon as they met him, they were madly in love. Doc thought they were perfect, too, cuddled up next to them and ready for an overnight at GHF. He happily enjoyed some walks in the fields and then settled inside to get to know them! He’ll be the 24/7 companion to his new FurMom, enjoying hikes and go everywhere she goes!

DOC: An 11 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Doc is quite special, such a smart, observant thoughtful Border Collie. We see this kind of mind when a dog has had a chance to actually work which Doc did, herding cattle, up until six years ago. He’s been problem solving and responding to a human with tasks for him to accomplish so he’s very sensitive to what is asked of him and wants to do well. Doc is the sweetest guy, too, loving attention and happy for a cuddle on your lap. Clearly, his more recent years of not working, have been just fine for him cause he loves living inside as a buddy to his person! As is often the case with Border Collies who have worked, Doc needs reassurance sometimes because he will assume he’s done something wrong if spoken too with any firmness, even if it’s not about him directly. He literally walks away, hoping to avoid any confrontation. We expect he’ll really blossom in the Farm Sanctuary as he realizes he’s perfect just the way he is! which literally, is perfect. Doc is great with cats and about 40 pounds. He’s fine with other dogs but seems very content as a solo dog. Doc was being given away free at a garage sale when we stepped in to offer him a place in rescue. All his diagnostic lab work- a full geriatric screen - came out perfect so this wonderful boy is ready for a new home!

 Seventeen months is a long time to foster a Border Collie, with hopes that one day you’ve done your job well enough to let them go to a new life.  For some fosterers, like the one who has given her heart and soul to Kayla, a simple business trip away for many days, led to real clarity that giving Kayla away to anyone else, just wouldn’t feel right.  Not right for Kayla, not right for her.  SO KAYLA IS HOME!  We are overjoyed for this to happen since these Sprakers dogs had such a rough, rough life and making a move is not so easy for them to endure. Kayla learned the ropes in her new home and had finally begun to truly blossom - she was the most damaged, the most nervous about everything so took the longest to show her potential.  Kayla can now continue on the journey to a rich, loving life where she belongs, safe and sound. 

KAYLA: A 2 year old Border Collie, Kayla is making great strides in understanding there is a great life for her now! She is more confident, tail wagging and engaged. She takes treats from the hands of strangers and she’s much more curious and inquisitive about everything. Kayla is an affectionate girl, too and once she’s comfortable, will give you her heart. A big breakthrough for Kayla has been getting comfortable with men since her former life included rough handling. She’s beginning to trust, step by step and is showing great potential. Kayla is one of 46 dogs taken from a bad breeding situation where the dogs were all left outside 24/7, with little or no human contact. This sweet, gentle girl is trying to make sense of a loving life inside a home where someone cares about her happiness and well-being. Kayla is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Kayla, clearly wants to trust a person and just needs someone patient and understanding, to guide her through all the new things she has never experienced. For Kayla, a great background, a loving person and lots of toys, would be plenty to make her happy. She is good with other dogs and does well with a confident dog as part of her learning.

          Little LEXI landed in a foster home once we realized she needed time to understand the real world cause she was fearful. Well, lucky for this girl that it happened that way, cause she now has a permanent home! Lexi won’t have to be worried again because she’s totally adored and safely set in her new life, with a canine pack who will continue to teach her the ropes and guardians who know exactly what she needs to blossom. We are thrilled for everyone involved and especially happy for this sweet girl who deserves to be cherished.

LEXI: A 7 month old Border Collie, little Lexi is gaining courage in her foster home so she can realize that life is going to be fantastic!  She’s been pretty petrified meeting dogs, meeting people and handling a home setting but she’s doing well, step by step.

We’ll update her bio as she gains more confidence. Her foster Mom says she is the sweetest thing and loves watching her learn what it means to be a Border Collie, with her mentor gang of GHF alums!  She is being fostered in PA. She is about 25 pounds and fine with cats.

 SKIP found a great new life with three GHF alums and another BC (at home in Canada) so we know this wonderful boy will have a fabulous life with tons of hiking, toy play and serious BC fun!  Skip, (left to right), joins Breeze (new name Busy!), Rook and Blu, also deaf.  This marvelous pack chased, racing and mixed it up at GHF soon as they met, clearly a dynamic group, a winning combination of brains and beauty!  We are just thrilled for Skip who will be deeply adored and finally have a life that suits him!

We love seeing the alums so happy!!!

SKIP: A 11 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Skip is a great boy, absolutely people focused and eager to go wherever you go! He loves everyone and as they say, ‘hasn’t met a stranger yet’. This gorgeous boy is deaf so now learning commands to make it easier for him to interact with people, other than a big jump up and loving lick hello. He’s incredibly intelligent and rapidly excelling at everything he’s being taught. Skip will be a marvelous, active, playful and loving friend to someone who would enjoy the close bond that happens with a deaf dog. They are so intimately connected to their person and seek them out, making the whole interaction, a very special experience for both human and dog. Skip was clearly loved but just not the right energy level for his guardians who relinquished him to GHF, for a better life. He’s about 50 pounds, a bit larger than some BC’s, and great with cats. He has the most adorable, directional ears, showing off his personality even more! Skip came to GHF from NY.

 LENA found the perfect people, father and daughter, who really understand the breed, having had many in their lives. Her new FurDad really wanted to give his heart again to another BC so traveled from Maine to meet a few, with Lena at the top of the list. Although a timid girl with new people, the overnight at GHF, sealed the deal cause she showed all her charm once she felt safe. She cuddled and played and walked the fields with them both, clearly voting for her new life. When we saw her in the morning, she gave a happy hello and then promptly went right back to her new people!! Lena will have tons of fun in Maine, on the beach, on long hikes and loads of frisbee play, all of which she loves!

LENA: A 3 year old Border Collie, gorgeous Lena is as sweet as she is beautiful. Everyone loves this cuddler! A bit shy at first, once she warms up, she is a classic girl that’s smart as can be and a real thinker. She watches everything intently, deciding all about her new environment and then once she knows what she thinks, she acts! She absolutely loves the ball and frisbee and is a good athlete. Lena is a gentle girl and a bit submissive with other dogs so could do well with a gentle male BC or go solo. Since she is a bit timid, she’ll only be placed in an adult home and in a fenced yard. Lena will need a patient guardian who gives her time to settle into new things without pressuring her. She is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats. Lena came from a PA shelter that works regularly with GHF.

 ANNA found her new life quickly with former GHF adopters who had been so hoping to find a friend for GHF alum, Merlyn. Now he has a pal and so does she, plus tons of adoring love from guardians who adore the breed. They were instantly smitten meeting this super sweet girl! She’ll have lots of hiking fun each day and even a creek for some wading and splashing which she will love.

ANNA: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Anna is the sweetest thing, really quite the cuddler and very friendly. She loves people though at first, can be a little timid however once she knows you, she’s all love! She loves to be in your lap or right by your side. Anna is fairly easy going for a young BC, not yet interested in toys and showing no herding instinct so she’d be a great companion. She has just come into GHF so we’ll update her bio as we get to know her, but she’s clearly, a very lovely little girl. She is fine with cats and is about 35 pounds. She was rescued from an abusive situation at 6 months old, then lived a loving life til now when the guardians felt she really needed more attention so she came to GHF.


 WAHOOOOO… BAXTER landed a life where he’ll be the constant companions to his new guardians 24/7 and have tons of love which he so richly deserves! This special, sweet, good natured boy has been through two homes through no fault of his own..both times divorces so when his new guardians asked to meet him..we just had to know…were they sticking together?!? Well, 53 years of marriage, the answer is MOST DEFINITELY YES, so Baxter has his forever home now! Ten acres to call his own for running and playing and a great couch for cuddling! We are just thrilled for Baxter who started his journey at GHF long ago! Their niece came to meet him, too and gave the thumbs up for this wonderful boy!! Baxter agreed that having people to call his own, again, was a grand idea!

BAXTER: A wonderful 7 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Baxter is a toy boy! He absolutely loves toys of any kind and is quite athletic a player.  He is smart, sweet and wants to please. Call his name and he’ll be by your side, ready to go wherever you go!  Baxter is very observant, quite a thinker so loves to do puzzles and learn.  He would do well with someone who enjoys stimulating his mind but also wants a partner to go places with them.  Baxter loves being with his person, quite the cuddler and happy to hang in the house, side by side.  He’s super obedient and easy going so slides into a home easily. He has not been socialized with dogs so will be placed as a solo dog.  He is good with dog savvy cats since he will chase but lived with them safely.  Baxter is about 60 pounds a bit taller than the standard.  He was adopted from the Farm as a a 1 year old due to divorce and found himself, going through the same thing six years later so he came back to GHF. So, again, through no fault of his own, he needs a new home

 Lucky LUKE! found the right FurDad who wants a great canine pal to hang with him 24/7, even at work! Luke will love that, hopping in the car for a ride, enjoying hikes on weekends and hanging out as the office buddy….he loves people so he’ll love all that attention. He’s now an ambassador for the breed, sharing his wonderful nature to all he meets! His new guardian overnighted with him and knew that they would have great time together! He now lives in Virginia.

LUKEE: An 8 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Lukee is a great guy, gentle and smart and a solid citizen - he aims to please! Everyone he meets is a friend and he’d be happy to enjoy attention near you or outside on a great walk. Lukee is a classic BC who watches everything around him with quite an eye like when the action starts with  the other dogs here - he crouches down waiting for the next move - fabulous to watch. He loves to herd dogs but gets along with them, too. He is easy going and good natured. Lukee is absolutely loving GHF and all the fields to explore, really blossoming here. He’s got some extra pounds from living in the pen outside in his former home. He was the daughter’s dog and once she left, he had a lot less attention and activity. Lukee is a fabulous guy. He is not yet tested on cats.

 Miss MILEIGH landed an unbelievable life that will suit her perfectly!!! She is joining The Dynamo Dogs, a pack of canine performers who love showing off their stuff  - www.thedynamodogs.com/Home.html  She’ll join another GHF alum, Tag, and become a frisbee star, too as well as as perfect all kinds of other fun activities like high jumps and dock diving. Mileigh needed a really busy life to match her drive and her new FurMom knows exactly what to do with all this talent…we’re so looking forward to hearing of her new adventures!! She will now have a Farm to call her own with ponds and plenty of hiking ahead!!

MILEIGH: A 1 1/2 year old powerhouse, this petite girl is one high energy Border Collie who would love real work like ball, frisbee, agility, hiking, swimming, anything and everything you can imagine, she would be game to try! She’s brilliant, focused and fun. Mileigh loves everyone, too, clearly a very social girl.  She’s a delight to teach, learning tricks and concepts quickly and ready for more, more, more.  We really want her to have an active, BC savvy home that will stimulate and challenge her mind, body and heart so she’s happiest.  Mileigh is good with other dogs so could have a submissive male BC buddy who could keep up with her energy level.  She settles nicely inside and enjoys lots of cuddling too. We’ll update her bio with action pictures soon and she is good  with dog savvy cats. Mileigh is  about 30 pounds.   She came from a NY shelter who luckily works with GHF so she could find a home more suited to her needs.

 Petite MADDIE, a 1 1/2 year old BC mix, needed a new home due to illness of her guardian. One of our Intake Team opened her own home to Maddie and within a few days, had a good friend who fell in love with her! So, Maddie goes to a new life of love and attention and lots to do!!

 Little VIVA found her new life with former GHF adopters who wanted to help rescue another BC in need and give their BC friend, Scout, a pal. She suited their lifestyle perfectly and happily won their hearts with her sweet, sweet nature. She’s now going to have a loving home forever with proper care and no longer in pain with untreated vet needs and an injury. We’re so thrilled for her and for her new guardians! She now lives in CT.

VIVA: A petite 6 year old Border Collie, little Viva is sweet, sweet, sweet, all she wants is to be by your side wherever you go! Viva gets along with other dogs beautifully and enjoys having a companion. Mostly though, she wants a person for a few loving pets and attention, such a gentle girl. She is attentive and eager to please, happy to be your friend. She is starting to be interested in toys and is really interested in other dog play. We know she would be happy with a canine buddy but could also be happy as a solo dog. She is fine with cats. Everyone who has met her, adores her and she feels the same about every person she meets! Viva came to rescue with a sibling. Soon as we met her, we realized her backend was very odd and it turns out Viva had a dislocated hip and was balancing carefully in order to stand up. Now, she’s undergone a femoral head surgery as well as many weeks of physical therapy, she is walking really well and clearly pain free! Viva’s medical needs cost a total of $5000 so we are grateful to have angel support to help with these extraordinary costs. Viva is now a very, very happy, outgoing girl, coming to life with lots of energy and fun!

LUNA landed her new person right at Cornell,
as the Doctor attending to her needs fell in love!

 He said, ‘she’s amazing, so sweet, it’s hard to describe how I feel’. He kindly took her home after her spay, hoping to help her improve eating. That was a week ago. “She’s now part of the family”, joining a corgi buddy in a loving life where her care will the best available! He will be considering cataract surgery once her diabetes is fully regulated.

We are beyond THRILLED for this lovely lovely girl who now found the life she truly deserves!

A huge thanks to every one who donated to help cover the extraordinary costs to save her life…  We’ve all given LUNA a completely new start for a truly loving life, forever!!!!


 JAX happily headed out to his new life with everything he could want - his very own kids; his very own canine pals; and guardians who not only love dogs, but they are ready for the fun of a Border Collie! His new FurMom wanted an agility partner who could really enjoy learning and actively excel so she was thrilled to find a new furry partner who could not only do that, but also be a family member! Jax loved everything about this family, two-legged and four, so will now enjoy a wonderful life that he so deserves! He now lives in Mass.

JAX: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Jax is a sweet, sweet guy. He loves everyone he meets and is ready for fun at any time. His good nature is impressive and he handles all the changes from his original home to shelter to foster to rescue, beautifully. He’s smart, fun and focused but not maniacal about needing something to do, like a purebred. While he could be pure, we’re pretty sure he’s a mix though no clue with what. He loves to play with other dogs, with big time wrestling and chasing games so he’d love a dog friend full time. However, he loves people just as much so really needs someone to challenge him one on one, too. He is a delight and loves to learn and be connected with his person. Jax is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He was surrendered to a NJ shelter due to a move and then landed at GHF.

 DREW found the perfect guardians who would understand his sweetness as well as brilliant mind, giving him activities to do! His new FurDad had a K9 drug detection dog years ago so he loved Drew’s sharp focus and athletic nature. They bonded very quickly! And, his new FurMom felt the cuddly side of him suited her just fine like their canine pal, Coco. They overnighted at GHF to help make the best decision for all involved and felt secure that Drew would blossom in their care. Drew totally agreed and enthusiastically hopped in their car, clearly voting for his new life! We were thrilled to watch it all unfold. He now lives in NY.

DREW: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Drew is a smart, funny guy, curious and outgoing but like a puppy in a big body! He is full of energy and eager to see everything as quickly as possible which in Drew’s case, means racing toward it full speed. He also loves squeaky toys and has tons of interest in play, like every young BC. The thing that makes Drew so exceptional is how quickly he learns - he is brilliant and loves challenges, totally engaged in mind games like tricks. Also, quite a cuddler, he loves being right by your side. Drew loves to play with very physical dogs like other BC mixes so would enjoy a good natured canine friend about his size who loves to wrestle and play and chase..he just loves it. He could, however, be happy as a solo dog in a home with lots to do, too!  He’s just getting a chance to use his energy productively since he was crated all day and all night and chained outside. He’s a bigger boy at 60 pounds.  Drew is good with dog savvy cats.  He was relinquished to the Farm due to no time for him.


 NEVAN makes seven! as his new guardian said when they decided today, Father’s Day, was the official celebration day! Nevan is HOME!!!! He’s been in foster care for 1 1/2 years due to his damaged nature - Nevan was the worst of the Sprakers group - so we all knew it would be a very slow process for him. As time went on, his FosterMom and Dad also knew that he fit in fine, seemed to be becoming a happy boy, letting go of his fears and could easily flourish in their setting without the disruption of a move. Having Nevan join their lives permanently had been a discussion for quite some time so making an official day to celebrate seemed only fitting! Nevan loves their pack, their kids and their country life. He is completely adored and life is tailored around what he can handle, baby steps into the world around him, with his FosterMom side by side, helping him learn to trust. We are completely thrilled for him and for his new family who have fostered so many, many confiscation dogs, all with tragic histories that through their help, evolve into happy Border Collies in loving homes. But, Nevan is different…he needed to make this one move and no more…he agrees…life is finally GOOD!

NEVAN: A 2 yr old Border Collie, Nevan is a very very skittish boy, coming from the difficult situation at Sprakers NY. He is incredibly sweet and gentle but afraid of the world around him.  He had lived outside 24/7 in electrified pen enclosures, with other BC's, used for breeding. We don't know if Nevan was a breeding male or just a young boy who didn't sell fast enough, but either way, he was stuck in an awful situation. Fortunately, he made it to GHF after being lost for 12 days, mistakenly allowed to jump out of a car by the relinquisher passing him to another rescue. Nevan, like most of the dogs from this situation, will flee in a panic, which he did. We're happy to have him here and will take him, step by step, through this new opportunity for a wonderful loving life.  Nevan has a wonderful nature, enjoys other Border Collies and will be given plenty of time to learn he is safe with humans. He will only be placed in a BC savvy home and with skilled adopters who understand the impact of being so under socialized and afraid of people.  He is about 45 pounds and not yet tested on cats.  

 Sweet BEN landed his home in a round-a-bout way of fate, when his new guardians came to GHF, looking for a wonderful BC mix friend for their Dahlia, plus someone who would enjoy agility! Once they spent some time getting to know this great boy, Ben fit that bill instantly. Irony is…they had seen Ben posted on petfinder in a shelter but felt it was too far to travel so once they saw him on the GHF site, they were thrilled to get the chance to meet him. His fosterers traveled for the meeting and within short order, it was crystal clear that a bit of destiny was at work! Ben was the perfect fit for them!! Ben and Dahlia were like ’two peas in a pod’ so off he went to a new life in Ny where he’ll have plenty of time with his new guardians as well as a chance to see his sport potential fulfilled. A huge thanks to Ian and Noelle, former GHF adopters, who stepped in to rescue Ben and help him find a great life! We’re very happy GHF could help make this great match!

BEN: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, he is great with other dogs, would really loving to have a canine friend! He loves fast chase games and toy play, too. Ben is cuddly and affectionate with everyone he meets, a wonderful companion BC, really happy to be with his person. He’s a quick learner and showing those smart BC traits so will do best with someone who understands the mental stimulation he will need. Ben is presently being fostered with three Border Collies and done beautifully. Ben is good with cats. He can be placed from Hackettstown NJ or be seen at the Farm. Contact: Ian (908) 441-8165 or GHF, via email.


 Sweet, wonderful SASHA found two guardians who fit her perfectly and they felt she was just what they were looking for, too. They overnighted at GHF and by next morning, knew they were heading home with this great girl.  She’ll have her own yard for fun but also 13 nearby acres for lots of long walks each day.  She’ll be their constant companion 24/7 which she will just love!  Sasha now lives in PA and we are so happy for everyone!

SASHA (SARA): An 11 yr old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Sasha is the sweetest girl around, so happy to be with you and wanting to go wherever you go. She loves her toys but she loves her person even more! She originally came to GHF in 2011 and was adopted in 2012 but is back due to the guardian's illness and a move. We are happy to have Sasha return but know she would be far happier with a loving guardian again. She is one of the nicest girls around and so easy to live with, snuggled under the computer while you work and then ready for a walk or game outside whenever you are..  she is a gem! Sasha is good with cats and a tiny bit overweight but will knock those extra pounds off easily at GHF.

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