PIKE found his new home! He waited a long time for his new guardians to come for him and we’re so glad they did! They not only adore the breed, they are open-minded about what a dog will like and dislike so had no problem that Pike couldn’t easily mix with other dogs. As his new FurMom said, "why does everyone expect a dog to like another dog?” We couldn’t agree more, especially since wonderful dogs like Pike (and others still at GHF) are overlooked. Pike won their hearts in an overnight stay, with him gently hopping on the bed to check each of their faces with a quick smell and then right back to his dog bed on the floor. He adored them and by morning, he clearly felt they were his people and trotted out the door and right into their car. He now lives in NY with a great yard for tons of toy play and plenty of cuddles inside, too. We are so happy for this special adoption day!

PIKE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Pike is a serious toy boy and loves the interaction of the game plus he will entertain himself, happily tossing the toy in the air for lots of fun! He is a very smart, focused boy who is eager to please and responds easily to direction. Pike clearly focuses on a person for guidance and will bond quickly. He is a sweet, friendly guy who would be happy as a solo dog since he connects so well with people. He is not very good with other dogs so a fenced yard would be best for him. Pike will do best with a BC savvy guardian who understands how intelligent he is and satisfies his desire to be someone’s companion. He is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. He requires a fenced yard

               Little KOBE is about to have a fun filled busy life with sports and activities suited to him! He joins two other canine pals who he’ll hike with daily since his new FurMom is active all the time! For him, he’ll also be able to do agility, frisbee, dock-diving, freestyle... whatever seems most fun. But, most importantly, he’ll be a cherished family member! He now lives in NJ.

KOBE: A 5 month old Border Collie, this little fella is a curious boy, pretty confidently checking out everything he encounters and happy to see the world without worry. He is very sweet, people focused pup who has not yet realized the inner Border Collie inside! He’s meeting other dogs beautifully and all the humans, too, thinking everyone is his new friend. Kobe may develop more intensity as he’s around the BC’s at GHF but it’s too early to tell. He has a wonderful nature and responds well to new situations, with ease. He is about 20 pounds. He was given up due to allergies.

                  ADDIE joined GHF alum, Ash for a loving life with former adopters who love the breed and were so excited to finally find the perfect friend to complete their family. After waiting many months and trying a couple different dogs, it was sweet Addie who fit perfectly. She is now happily hanging in a new home, totally cherished.

ADDIE: A 14 month old Border Collie, Addie is a beautiful girl inside and out, just a sweetheart. A gentle soul soon ready to discover her inner BC, she is a gem. Her soft nature shows itself with other dogs and people, happy to cuddle up by your side and be friends. She would do great with a friendly canine pal to lead the way and someone home a great deal since that’s what she is used to. Addie is good with cats and about 55 pounds, a taller girl than the normal BC size. She came to GHF from an elderly PA guardian who absolutely adored her but knew she needed more. A friend of the Farm stepped in to make it possible for Addie to have a more active life. We’ll update her bio as the days unfold. She requires a fenced yard

                 Wonderful WILLOW chose her people, clearly loving them instantly.. she shared major "up on the lap hugs and kisses" for them both and settled right in, content to have them be her new guardians. Such a love, she won their hearts within seconds, exactly who they wanted to add to their lives!! Former GHF adopters, they adored their previous girl, Rae, and knew someone special would bring that joy back into their lives, Border Collie style - Willow agreed!!!! She’s now in good hands, hanging with her new FurMom 24/7, taking major walks with her FurDad and a cherished friend and family member.

WILLOW: A 5 year old Border Collie, Willow is full of spunk, sass and has a blast in life, joyfully bounding into all the action! She is a hoot! Willow loves to play ball and race around with any toy, entertaining herself. She also loves people, literally one of the friendliest girls we’ve seen. Never a bad day, this outgoing energetic girl is all fun! Willow is quite a cuddler but she also enjoys exploring outside with her person nearby. A classic female BC, she keeps a watchful eye on all the outside activity in her yard. Willow is good with cats and about 45 pounds. She is very people oriented so would be happiest as a solo dog plus with other dogs, she can be extremely bossy and controlling, making it best for her to be the center of attention. She is overcoming food allergies from the Beneful dog food that didn’t agree with her( a very typical problem with this food). Willow requires a fenced yard.

           Little MARA found a great new life at 4 months old where she’ll have 100 acres to call her own! But, even more importantly than a country paradise, she’ll have an aussie pal and new loving guardians who really understand her. They spent 3 hours at GHF patiently learning some of her worries meeting strangers and watched as this smart little girl thought her way through everything, step by step. Sweet as can be, her fears began to lessen the longer she spent with them and realized her canine buddy would help her, too. We are so thrilled to help this special BC/Aussie pup find her way to the appropriate forever life. Her new guardians had been waiting many, many months to find the right rescue dog and quickly realized she was the one for them! Their positive, patient approach to handling trust issues in a pup this young, will surely help her blossom.

                   GINNY found the ideal life and perfect person to suit her sensitivities, going home with a former GHF adopter we know well. She loves the thoughtful dogs who need some reassurance and then, blossom into being her best pal. That is exactly who Ginny is and exactly what she needs…one person focused on her well-being, allowing her to shine! Ginny will get a chance to try agility and herding since her new FurMom is a big BC person and enjoys all the activities that the breed loves. Ginny will get to enjoy daily hikes too on her Massachusetts property, hanging with her new BC buddy, Moss

GINNY: A 4 year old Border Collie, Ginny is a lively, energized girl who loves to race and run and play so would do best with lots of space to do so. She is also a sensitive girl with people so bonds well with whomever is her person but is not always comfortable with new people. She will need a patient guardian who lets her blossom without pressure from strangers and then helps her meet people with treats and toys. Ginny is quite a thinker, not impulsive so once she connects with someone, it is forever and she is super sweet and loving. She will do best with a BC savvy adopter who truly understands the breed. Ginny can be a strong herder with other dogs so kicks into over-control, making it hard for the other dog to go for a ball so we’re going to consider her a solo dog. She did, however, live with a jack russell who did well with her so perhaps, a non-BC canine friend could work. Ginny is good with cats and about 45 pounds. She was relinquished directly to GHF from NY guardians who had to move to an urban setting. Ginny must be in a fenced yard, more rural setting.

                    Sweet, wonderful SHAWNEE found her new life and it’s a great one with a 100 acre orchard to call her own! She’ll accompany her new guardians whenever they check out the fruit at their Farm, enjoying an apple toss now and then, making ball play have new meaning! She’ll be the constant companion to her new FurMom 24/7 for frisbee and ball play plus trail walks which we know Shawnee absolutely loves. She quickly charmed them with her bright personality and sweetness and then, hopped right in their truck as if she was meant to head home with them! We agreed with her so off Shawnee went to live in upstate NY. Her camera shyness didn’t allow us to capture the fun of the whole adoption but you can be sure, Shawnee was very happy!

SHAWNEE: A petite 5 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Shawnee is extremely sweet and gentle and hilarious with her toys! We keep trying to get pictures of this girl but she’s afraid of the camera - watching her toss around her toys and zoom around like a puppy, is just adorable! Shawnee is full of personality and such a character Her little face is joyful just seeing someone she knows, almost a smile! She loves attention and is very affectionate with someone who is patient. She is a wonderful companion and would love going on walks, car rides and spending time at home with someone who enjoys an easy going, lovely, soft-natured girl. She is a strong female BC with other dogs so best as a solo dog. Her previous life was a breeding female, having a couple litters, living with a few other Border Collies in PA. She originally came from Nebraska. She is about 40 pounds and good with cats. She will be placed in an adult home. She requires a fenced yard

                    CHASE found a new life with former GHF adopters who wanted another great canine pal to be part of their family and when they saw his bio, knew he was the one to come meet! They are big ball players as is Chase but even better, he’ll be with his new FurDad 24/7 on their 4 acre farm, going everywhere he goes! And, there’s a nearby beach for some racing and chasing of waves! He won their hearts instantly with his wonderful nature and classic BC traits, being so focused and smart and loving! Chase now lives in NY

CHASE: An 8 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Chase is a ball nut - loving a good retrieval game as long as you’ll play! Once the ball is gone, he settles beautifully, content to hang with his person, relaxing. Chase is a smart guy with a great temperament, pretty easy going and amenable to most things whether it’s a long walk on the trails, a car ride or meeting other dogs for some socializing. His main interest in his person and ball play, classic to many Border Collies! Chase is a bit bigger than some, weighing in at 65 pounds though he’s an athletic big guy, gorgeous to watch run. He’s been in one home since a pup but a lifestyle change left him alone all day. His NJ guardians felt he’d be happier in another situation. Chase is not good with cats.

            Little BRECC landed with former GHF adopters who were back to find a friend for their new herding girl, Tess, sadly alone after GHF alum Flynn passed. Well, the match was perfect! These two paired up instantly as if they were together forever, absolutely adorable to see! His new canine pal is a ‘soft’ dog just like him so once they both felt secure with each other, the game was ON! Brecc now lives in Massachusetts and even has a camp for fun summers in Maine

              Little BRIA will be the center of attention in her new home with loving guardians who totally adore their dogs. They were so hoping to add another Border Collie mix to their lives and spotted her cute face, falling in love. Well aware that this little one is a spitfire, they were happy to bring her home and give her 24/7 love, attention and fun! She now lives in NY.

                    OREE landed a great home with a canine pack he quickly called his own, making friends and fitting in like he’d been there all along! His new guardians came just to meet HIM, hoping to add a BC mix who could share their lives, enjoy some fun with agility and be a big-time love-bug! Oree showed off all his charm instantly with lots of ball play as well as cuddling and wrestling…exactly what they were looking for! So, Oree has a new life in Massachusetts as well as a cabin on 100 acres in New Hampshire where he’ll have some fun on the trails, too!

OREE: A 1 yr old Border Collie mix, Oree is hilarious, full of energy and happiness being able to run in the fields at GHF. He is clearly mixed with a joyful breed, ready to abandon all reason for a big romp! He would love a canine pal for play, another mix who just loves to race, chase and cavort around, truly have a dog game of fun. He is not super focused or intense, he’s just playful. Oree has some very mouthy tendencies so needs an adult home to help shape his focus to be more appropriate. He is extremely friendly and sweet and happy to say hello to everyone. He is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. He came to GHF from a NJ shelter where he had been abandoned due to a move. He requires a fenced yard

               CAYCE went home about as quick as he came in…some dogs just seem to have amazing timing to find the people that are theirs! Former GHF adopters, they had been patiently waiting for just the right moderate energy young dog and when they heard about him, they came right away. So, off Cayce went to a very loving BC home with plenty of action ahead! He’ll be hiking on trails with them and swimming as well as being their 24/7 companion which he will love! Cayce is certainly set now, forever home.

CAYCE: A 1 year old Border Collie, Cayce is a ball nut, absolutely loves to play and play! He is also very friendly and good natured, happy to say hello especially if you are about to throw the ball! He is classic in his focus and interested in everything around him, curious and observant. He’s pretty easy going once he settles inside and loves attention but he is an energetic guy outside! Cayce is good with other dogs though rather indifferent so could easily live without another canine pal. He is about 45 pounds, a bit taller than some BC’s, and is good with cats. Cayce came from a CT shelter where he had been adopted out but the guardian’s unexpected illness led him back to the shelter. His mother was ABCA registered from working lines, perhaps why Cayce is tall.

                  ASH won the hearts of her new guardians before they even met her! And, once they did, they were even more thrilled to have this wonderful girl in their lives. She instantly jumped into her new FurDad’s lap for tons of cuddling as if he was a long lost friend…getting a picture in focus was nearly impossible..she was so excited to say hello! Ash will get a chance to try agility for fun, learn tricks and other games for mental stimulation and have 7 acres to call her own plus her very own pond! Ash has her own BC paradise in Vermont!

ASH: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Ash is a beautiful girl and she’s very sweet, eager to be by your side. She is, however, sensitive and a bit reserved with new people so will need a skilled Border Collie guardian who does not rush her and can help her gain confidence. Ash bonds very strongly with the person she trusts and can be shy with others. While she is good meeting other dogs, she can be very bossy and controlling with any that she lives with which is in fact, why she was relinquished to GHF. It would take a very special submissive male BC to live with her but it is likely she’ll do better as a solo dog in the household. She is smart and attentive, eager to please and bonds with people but will be best in a calmer setting without a lot of pressure. Ash is 35lbs and good with cats. She is trained on the invisible fence however she lived near enough to a road to get interested in traffic so will chase cars if left alone outside.  She came to GHF from a NY guardian who felt she deserved more focused attention. Ash must be in a fenced yard, more rural setting.


                      Sweet, sensitive CHLOE found a new life with a former GHF adopter who loves having a BC pal by her side. She’ll be with Chloe 24/7, enjoying days with some ball play as well as yard time, sharing her NH home. After tons of cuddling in the overnight stay at the Farm, Chloe hopped right into her car and headed off, clearly choosing her new person just as she was chosen! We’re happy for this wonderful match, for both.

CHLOE: An 8 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Chloe is a gentle soul with the sweetest nature. She’s what we call a ‘soft dog’ who adores her person. She is a lively, playful girl who enjoys a good ball toss or chase game with other dogs but really, really loves the close human connection with someone she loves. Quite a cuddler, Chloe is easy to be with, settles beautifully inside and will join in whatever activity is going on…long walks or good tv time. She does need a little time to get to know new people so would be best in a calmer home with a patient guardian who understands her thoughtful, sensitive nature. While she enjoys the actions of other herding dogs, she can be a strong girl so is likely best as a solo dog or with a very submissive male. She lived with children but became anxious with the chaos of the 2 year old, so her previous guardians felt she needed a quieter life. She is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. Chloe was relinquished to GHF from her Maryland home.

            Little BRADY is about to have a great life with eight acres to call his own, some horses to keep an eye on and a FurMom who is around 24/7 to enjoy him! His new FurDad was thrilled to meet the little guy and loved his spark and energy to confidently check out the world. Brady’s new guardians had been patiently waiting for the right pup to land at GHF and happily headed with their new family member to NJ.

           REEBA found someone who will completely love her but also help her with some of the issues from her previous history, being in the wrong home…we’re thrilled for this little powerhouse to now be in the right hands. Reeba will get to try nosework as well as agility and whatever activities sharpen her mind and grow their relationship stronger. She now lives on 10 acres with a pond which she will also love and has a pack of BC pals for fun, too. We’re happy for Reeba and appreciate the help of her fosterer, Rosie Sutherland, in finding just the right person.

REEBA: A 5 month old Border Collie, Reeba is a great pup with a great mind to learn quickly. She loves people and happily meets anyone and everyone. She is fast, focused and full of energy, classic for her age. Reeba entertains herself with a toy or in play with another Border Collie cause she loves herding, chase games! She’ll be happiest with another herding dog which would need to be a male since she is already showing signs of being a strong female BC, common with the breed. Reeba is confident and curious with a bit of persistence thrown in so will only be placed in a home with skills, savvy with the breed. She is not for anyone new to border collies. In fact, that’s why she is in rescue to begin with. An elderly couple completely unaware to the nature of the breed bought her as a pup and then became thoroughly frustrated unable to meet her needs. Fortunately, she landed here at a young age. She is about 25 pounds and good with cats. Reba has an interest in chasing motion as in cars or bikes so will need mental engagement with her person to be sure this herding instinct doesn’t go the wrong direction into dangerous car chasing.

             BREE found loving guardians who wanted a canine pal to add to their lives, who would accompany them wherever they go and be the center of their world - Bree fit that perfectly! She’ll now share her sweetness with them 24/7 and even live right near a lake where she can swim, which she loves! Soon as they met her, they were thrilled with her wonderful nature and she felt the same about them! Bree is now living in NY.

BREE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Bree is a gem. She is sweet, good natured and loves her person, happy for a belly rub or a great walk in the field. Clearly people focused, Bree wants to be the center of attention and is an affectionate girl, in return. She is a character too as she howls/barks/talking to you with excitement about what she wants, like getting to go outside or making up a chase game with you…she makes you chuckle! Bree is fine with other dogs but is fairly indifferent so we’d like to give her a life where she is the sole focus since that is surely what she wants. She is fine with cats and presently carrying some extra weight which will knock off easily with the more active setting here at GHF. Bree lived in a home with two small dogs and had a very sedate situation when her PA guardian’s health changed. She was relinquished directly to GHF.

           Little BETTE came in with some special needs and quickly found the person able to help her let go of her worries and balance into a loving life. On her fourth move in four short months, this little girl is now set forever, joining a pack of six GHF alums and two girls who know all about Border Collies and their quirky, complex approach to life. We’re thrilled for Bette to share her heart and brilliance while being guided step by step into fully trusting the human/canine bond.

BETTE: A 4 month old Border Collie, Bette is extremely confident and fearless, more than many pups coming into rescue. She is absolutely adorable, wickedly smart and also only appropriate for very seasoned BC guardians. Bette is on her fourth move in her young life so will be at the founder’s home for awhile as we allow her to finally enjoy being a puppy. She’s had to grow up very fast, becoming very independent and decisive about what she will do and what she won’t so we’ll be working on some of her behaviors. Bette loves toys of any kind and will benefit from activities that engage her mentally and physically and emotionally, not just as a companion. We will be placing her with another young BC who wants to play which she absolutely loves. She is a very mature, attentive girl, wise beyond her years, managing a very large pack of BC’s with ease, learning lots of new things! She was relinquished to GHF by a NJ guardian who adopted her from a shelter and felt she needed more than they could give.

          Sweet MIKA found the perfect family to not only adore her but give her a wonderful life - with loving kids who thought she was perfect! and three acres to call her own for exploring and playing. Her new canine pal, Augie, is the ideal mentor dog to show her the ropes, too. Mika will go to work with her FurMom, being the office dog, quite a GHF diplomat we bet! She now lives in NY.

MIKA: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Mika is a bit of a clown with a personality that is evolving each day. Since Mika has very little idea what to do with toys except a grand toss in the air, she comes to life with her ‘zoomies’ around the field as our Caretaker eggs her on for action…adorable! Soon as she grabs a toy, up it goes and around she goes, fast as her long legs will carry her. She is one happy, happy girl and she has good reason to be - Mika is from Mexico, brought into the U.S. by a NY shelter who works with a local rescuer. She was found in an airport, literally starving to death as a stray. Nursed to health, she recently landed in the states and the shelter agreed GHF would be the best place to find her an appropriate home. Mika is sweet, charming and bonds quickly to her person, wanting to be with you. She is not showing the intensity of many BC’s so will be a great companion but we do expect she will change once she begins interacting with the other herding dogs. Mika is most comfortable without other dogs though she is fine around them, she’s very inexperienced with play interaction so we’re going to find a life as the only dog, which is easier for her. We know Mika will blossom at GHF and are happy to have her in rescue. She is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. She requires a fenced yard

           Sweet SAMM found a great life with a new guardian who adores the breed and loves to stimulate their minds with cool things to do! Samm will get a chance to try ‘nosework’, a fun sport of scenting for items that are hidden much like search and rescue except it’s all a game of fun. Samm’s new FurMom absolutely loved his charming nature and he cuddled up to her as if she was his long lost pal, adorable to see. He’ll be happily living in Massachusetts, joining her pack of fun-loving dogs. We have to share the joy of Samm’s first meeting with his new FurMom!

SAMM: An 8 month old Border Collie, Samm is a love, a really sweet guy who only wants to please. He is an affectionate BC who loves to cuddle and a curious guy who loves to explore, a rather innocent soul. He’s learning about the big world now that he’s landed at GHF. Samm does love playing with other easy going dogs, becoming a quick pal to young, submissive dogs. He is a ‘soft’ dog so will shut down if another dog is rough with him but absolutely blossoms with fun loving canine buddies like him. He is a ‘diamond in the rough’, learning new things now that he’s in rescue. His previous life offered little direction since he was running loose on a farm in Texas. A Vermont dog-lover stepped in to help him come north to safety and then passed him to GHF. He is going to develop into a wonderful companion with the right direction since he is so trusting of people and bonds so quickly. He is about 35 pounds, a fairly petite BC. Samm is good with cats. He requires a fenced yard.

                    Sweet, wonderful CHIP found a really great life where he’ll be with his FurMom 24/7 and have canine pals who he’ll join for walks on their 54 acres! Chip loves to walk in nature and will be thrilled when he realizes he has a pond for swimming, too - he is a water dog! His new guardians fell in love with his sweet and quirky nature, missing their beloved BC pal and knew that Chip would fit their pack perfectly. So, Chip hopped into their RV and headed home to Maryland for a loving life where he will be totally cherished. He’ll travel wherever they go so will enjoy the RV more than just this once!

CHIP: A 7 year old Border Collie, Chip is a great guy with a wonderful nature to ‘go with the flow’ and jump into the fun. He is a great hiking partner with solid recall once he knows you and quite the athlete, a joy to watch run. In true BC fashion, he’s a herder with other dogs but not pushy about, just enjoying the like-minded companionship. Chip loves people and blossoms when someone is with him a great deal though he can quietly settle inside once in a routine. He is smart and active but not overly intense since he’s at that perfect age where Border Collies settle down well. Smart, sweet and active, Chip is a wonderful BC. He is good with cats and about 40 pounds. Chip came to GHF through one our volunteers who met the former CT guardian who no longer wanted to care for him. Special thanks to Ann Gardner for caring for Chip so he could find a new life. He requires a fenced yard Chip had a serious gum disease which meant he had to have all his teeth removed, much like a human with gum disease. He clearly could care less about his new situation. The adjustment that makes sense is soaking his food so it’s easier for him.  He used to play a lot of ball games so we assume without the painful gums he was experiencing, he’ll be doing that again soon. His original guardian was going to euthanize him for this issue but fortunately, one of our volunteers stepped in to help Chip.  He’s the happiest guy, teeth or no teeth!

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