TIMM:  Little Timm is now living in central NY in a family that is devoted to animals and consider him to be the most wonderful new addition!  They have 32 cats they care for and now Timm can meet many of them but he'll be the ONLY dog, so he's king of the house!

Little Timm is a 3- month old, petite border collie mix, maybe jack russell or corgi or something else, but no matter what, he's so friendly and sweet and easy going that he's wonderful.  Timm is playful with other dogs yet okay being by himself, bonding with a person.  He does, however love to play with the young puppy now in rescue, Loki.  Timm is not showing heavy border collie instincts, though he is very interested in playing with toys and the ball.  He has a thoughtful temperament for a puppy, not pushy or bold, instead more observant and affectionate.  Timm weighs about 10 pounds now and will be a small dog since he's mixed with a tinier breed.  Timm was a stray.

Daizy found a great new home with lots of room to run and two humans who are devoted to enjoying her brilliance and wonderful personality.. as soon as they took Daizy for a walk, they fell in love! Daizy now lives in CT.

DAIZY:  a beautiful two year old smooth-coat border collie, Daizy may be purebred.  She is a real sweetheart, very, very people oriented and eager to please.  Daizy has performed well in agility though she's happy to be in a home where she's the family companion.  When she first meets people, she comes right over to say hello & give a kiss.  She's very energetic and playful, able to jump 6 feet high!  She retrieves the ball and is interested in all toys.   She's lived with other dogs and socializes easily and quickly.  Daizy is obedient, knows sit, stay and come.  She is a very confident, balanced border collie and could fit into almost any environment easily.   Daizy was well loved by her previous guardian who invested great care and time in training her and helping her blossom into a terrific dog.  DAIZY was relinquished from a rescue person who'd adopted her but felt she needed more attention

DYLAN:  Dylan found the dream home where's the center of attention and will have two sets of border collies to hike with when his new guardians hike with their good friends.  They fell in love with his unique color and face and then he fell in love with them, quite instant bonding!

DYLAN:  a stunning 2 year old tri-color purebred, Dylan is a classic border collie, showing great sensitivity to people and everything around him.  His tri-color markings are a beautiful creamy camel color with white and deep red, hard to see in the picturesHe's very sweet and affectionate though he is spirited and also independent.  He is good with other dogs though just having been neutered, may still have some issues with male dogs, but nothing extreme.  Dylan is very obedient, knows sit, lay down, come and stay and will respond eagerly to bonding with a person.  He also loves to play ball and will herd or chase squirrels and other wildlife, as well as cats.  He is very, very smart and food motivated so highly trainable.   A real love, Dylan was given up because the teenagers wrestled with him, causing him to nip.  He would do best in a home with adults and/or other border collies.  He is approximately 35 - 40 pounds, typical in size.  DYLAN relinquished by guardian

HANNAH & CALI (aka PIPPA & NICKIE): Both about 6 months old, and beautiful border collies, these two girls found a fantastic home together! Sort of a yin/yang combination, shy Hannah will have the bolder Cali to give her confidence and teach her the ropes while they enjoy 40 acres in Vermont, living with another Border Collie, the 13 year old matriarch Pearl....she'll definitely teach them both everything from the  rules to playing soccer which she still does with a fervor. This wonderful family are border collie lovers and their two boys fell madly in love with this pair!

PIPPA: Sweet, little Pippa is 6 months old and as charming as can be!  She is friendly once she feels safe but quite shy at first. Pippa is learning to socialize with other dogs and absolutely loves other border collies, especially one on one and she  will be placed in a home with another border collie as that helps her confidence tremendously.   Pippa is showing all the instincts of herding, running and the need for mental activities, typical of a border collie. Pippa's socialization with people and other dogs is important in insuring that she does not remain shy and fearful of new things....she is a sensitive border collie and will need careful guidance overcoming her hesitations.   Pippa loves to leap up into your lap, nestling under your chin for safety and will happily give endless kisses.  She needs some TLC to gain her confidence but her curiosity and interest in everything will eventually outweigh her shyness. She is, however, very afraid of children so would be best in a home with older children only.  She weighs 24 pounds and will probably be a smaller size border collie.   PIPPA came from a backyard breeder situation with less than ideal conditions.

NICKIE:  approximately 6 - 7 months old, Nickie is a lively purebred border collie with the classic instincts already showing...fast speed, a bit of herding other dogs, and sharp awareness of everything going on around her.    She is very affectionate, fine meeting new people and eager to bond.  Very loving and friendly, she, can however, be afraid of large men and will bark so will need some socialization to help her overcome that fear rather than enlarge it.  She LOVES to play ball and with toys and easily interacts with other dogs.  Nickie is approximately 25 pounds and average for her age.  She is very food motivated and frantically eats, much like dogs do when they've been on the street for awhile.  Nickie's name describes her situation....she was saved just in the 'nick of time' when a rescue person persuaded shelter staff to pull her off the euthanasia table where she was slated to die.  Fortunately, she is safe now and as lively as can be! NICKIE was a stray.

ANDY:(aka Loki)  Little Andy now has a big brother, another border collie names Jaxx who will play with him day and night.  His new guardians are devoted border collie lovers so Andy will be dearly loved, get a chance to learn frisbee, ball and play endlessly.  

LOKI, a 2 month old purebred border collie named for the trickster god in Scotland, Loki is all puppy, happy to be in the middle of tons of activity or happy to be wandering on his own, exploring.  He's very good with other full grown dogs and holds his own, even when they are rough. And, he especially loves playing with the other puppy now at the farm, Timm.  He bonds quickly with people and loves toys, especially ones for chewing!  Loki is an adorable, affectionate little guy and already showing a high level of energy so will most likely have classic border collie traits.  Loki is approximately 10 pounds now. LOKI was a stray.

Sparky went to a wonderful home in Ct with an older border collie, where he is dearly loved.

Brandy went to a great home with another furry friend, a female border collie mix and he's doing beautifully.


Scout's life has certainly changed for the better. Scout was rescued out of a shelter in TN that kills 1400 dogs a month.  Now he lives with a lovely family in Kennebunk, Maine. He has two cats of his very own--or that is his version--plus two teenage girls and a great mom and dad. He gets to romp in a big, wooded yard, go in the car with his mom, attend puppy obedience, and be the center of attention. Scout is a happy boy.

is a three-month-old smooth-coated border collie mix. His face looks like it has been painted, eye-liner and all. Scout is a friendly, sweet puppy; he loves to play with other dogs yet is content to lie quietly beside his person and watch the evening news. He will make some lucky person a loyal friend and faithful companion. Scout still needs to learn to walk on a leash and ask to get outside. So a patient, puppy-savvy guardian is required. If you want the intelligence of a border collie in a beautiful, calm package, Scout is your guy.

For more information, contact Chris at 617-492-3299.  He is being fostered in Massachusetts.

Fiona found a wonderful home where she can be the star on the agility course as well as in the house! She'll have another furry pal, an Australian cattle dog, to play with but her new guardian is most excited to teach her all about tires, obstacles and a-frames...they'll be together almost every weekend....doing what every border collies loves!

FIONA...a 1 1/2 year old purebred, Fiona is a delightful, fun-loving, people oriented border collie.  She loves to play ball, drops it upon return and also enjoys other dogs but is not pushy at all. She also has a beautiful silver blue color in one eye which gives her a very distinctive look. She can be shy when she first meets someone new but really wants to connect so with a bit of patience, she comes right over and her affectionate nature takes over!   Fiona loves to play ball, with a fast race to get the ball, retrieve it and return it, dropping it right at your feet.  She is very energetic and would benefit from lots of activity or another dog to play with.  She is also quite agile so might be good at agility.   Fiona weighs 36 pounds, typical for a more lean female.  FIONA was relinquished by her guardian because she was too timid

Rowdy has found his forever home--5 acres near New Haven, CT. He is the only dog in a warm and loving family. He likes the fact that his people know all about border collies and appreciate that he is particularly laid back and mellow. All Rowdy ever wanted was to adore and to be adored. Now he has that chance.

is a 7-month-old border collie/bearded collie mix. Actually, he isn't a bit rowdy although he does like playing with other dogs. Rowdy is extremely affectionate and desperately wants a person to call his own. As you can see, he is quite beautiful with the markings of a border collie and the coarser hair of a beardie. Rowdy has the biggest, most glorious smile and loves being in the house with his person. It's hard to believe that Rowdy's owners didn't come to claim him at the shelter. He's such a completely lovely boy. 

For more information, contact Chris at 617-492-3299.  He is being fostered in Massachusetts.

Gorgeous Max is now living happily on lots of acres in Vermont, with another beautiful border collie! His new family met us at a local sheepdog trial in NY and got so enthused with adopting another dog, they visited the site and decided Max was it! Well, Max thought so, too!! No more chaos and confusion with a house full of kids and a small yard, just lots of focused attention with who really understand him!

MAX is a stunning 4 year old purebred border collie.  He is also a fabulously intense Border Collie, full of spirit.   Max loves Frisbee and ball toss and would be great at agility, as both his focus and recall are amazing.  He will need regular exercise to channel this energy.  He is house trained and very good with other dogs.  He walks on leash, knows sit and down.  Max can be hesitant with strangers, at first, but if allowed to greet them, at his own pace, warms up quickly.  Max settles in the house quickly and is very quiet and prefers a quieter house.  In fact, he becomes agitated with yelling and noise.  Max would do best in a calm yet active household with confident adults. Max was relinquished due to the lifestyle of his guardian who had two young children and a baby.  Max is registered with the North American Sheep Dog Society.  Max is being fostered in CT  MAX, relinquished by guardian. 

Deke (aka Jake) found a new home, believe it or not, with another Jake, a 5 year old border collie who loves to play  ball just as intensely as he does! So, with two teenagers to throw the ball after school for hours, both Deke & Jake will enjoy racing to reach the ball, again and again and again!

JAKE, a beautiful 3 year old purebred border collie, Jake is a really loving dog.  He bonds instantly and wants to be with people and is very eager to please.   He is really affectionate, gentle and even a bit shy at first.  He does, however, LOVE  to play ball and as you can see from the pictures, he is very focused on  his ball game!  Jake knows basic obedience and is fine with other dogs though he does not like overly pushy dogs that need to play a lot and would do better in a home where the other dog is more confident and independent yet would benefit from another canine companion.  He is presently on a diet as he is about 10-15 pounds overweight...yet just as active as a more typical size border collie.  JAKE was relinquished to rescue from his guardian who dearly loved him but moved & could not provide what he needed for exercise.

Little Clemie now has her own family - three kids, a big house in new jersey and a large yard to run and play and wreak 'puppy havoc'....meeting them said it all.. she jumped up to kiss everyone and raced around with excitement to say hello to each and every one of them....she'd found her forever home!

CLEMIE: a bc/spaniel mix, Clemie is 6 months old and full of puppy energy and mischievousness...she's a sweet little thing!  She will need obedience and consistency in rules and routine as she tends to test everything. Clemie is doing beautifully with housetraining and is learning to get along well with other dogs. She had not previously been socialized with other dogs so tends to bond very tightly with people but will be a more confident dog as she learns the rules of dog play. She knows sit and responds well to initial training. CLEMIE relinquished by guardian.

Finn found his forever home with a european accent.. .his new family is fluent in french so he'll be getting commands in two languages! and, he'll be getting plenty of love from the two children and mom & dad, who he promptly showed great affection for the instant they arrived - it's true! When that happens, we see the truth of what we always know about adoptions...THE DOGS CHOOSE THEIR NEW LIVES... we're just the facilitators to put the two parties together... so little Finn is no longer unwanted and rejected... instead, he's very much loved.

FINN:  Finn is an adorable 7 - 8 month old border collie pup with the unique blue coloring coat.  He is incredibly sweet, easy-going and friendly.  He mixes well with other dogs and likes to play though loves the attention of people, too.  He will need obedience training and while he is not heavily food motivated, he is eager to please and responds well to people.  Finn is not yet showing strong instincts like herding or nipping. He is now about 35 pounds.   FINN was a stray. 

PERRY (aka Matty) found the perfect forever home...one will he will be the center of attention and he gets to travel! He's now living in upstate NY with a retired couple who will spend every day with him as well as take him to Florida in their RV in the winter....what a life!!!

MATTY:  A 6 month old border collie mix, Matty is a sweetheart. Very curious, eager to connect with people and wanting to play, Matty is a typical young puppy, with puppy energy and mischievousness.  He will need obedience classes and a comforting guardian to help him feel secure.  He is a little nervous when meeting strangers and in new situations but quickly warms up when reassured.  Matty really needs a stable home situation that he can count on.  He's good with other dogs though will be more socialized here at the farm, meeting many different age dogs.  He can be hesitant with new dogs. It seems likely that his hair will grow longer as it's already longer and wavier on top. Matty is approximately 25 pounds. MATTY, a stray about to be euthanized due to lack of space at a local vet hospital. 

....Perry (aka Matty) in the RV, heading to Florida for the winter!

Beautiful STORM (aka Blue) landed the dream home! - he's going to a flyball home where he'll be part of a team competing! With Storm's maniacal drive to play ball, we're sure he'll win. He is now living with another ball playing Border Collie in New Jersey.

BLUE: a beautiful purebred border collie, Blue is 3 years old and incredibly responsive to people....he wants to play ball ALL the time and/or frisbee. Blue would be a wonderful companion for someone who wants a strong interactive relationship and understands the border collie need for physical, mental and emotional stimulation. He knows sit, lay down and comes on call and is imminently trainable to do anything that is fun.  Blue is exceptionally intelligent and focused, easily able to learn anything quickly. Blue also loves to play 'hose' and is so agile, he leaps high into the air, landing perfectly on all four feet, even when he adds a twist or turn - great frisbee potential! He is about 45 pounds, typical in size for a border collie.  Blue will be best in a home with experienced border collie guardians.   BLUE was a stray.

Krissy (aka Bella) now has a fantastic forever home with her own furry friend, another border collie mix named Iggy. Krissy and Iggy became fast friends right away and she also has two young boys who will lavish hugs, kisses and lots of ball throwing on both of them. Krissy left the streets as a stray and now lives in upstate New York on 3 acres she can really call HOME.

BELLA:   a 10 -11 month old female border collie mix, beautiful Bella is absolutely wonderful.   She is very, very sweet, easy-going and friendly to everyone, including all dogs she meets.  She'd be fine in almost any home environment.   She shows no signs of typical border collie behavior, just typical young dog behavior.  Bella has gone through consistent obedience training and knows sit, stay and come. She was part of our Camp Border Collie for Kids program working with the Fresh Air Fund children in dog training. Bella received an 'A' on her skills, working every day. .  She also tends to chew and mouth, again because she's a young dog.  She is very responsive to people and wants to please.  BELLA was found as a stray.

Tucker has found an incredible family in Ct as his forever home! with three children and a large yard, Tucker is now in heaven and at some point soon, they are going to add another dog to keep him company.  Considering Tucker was going to be put down just because of overcrowded conditions at the pound, he's now luckily going to live a very long life!

TUCKER is an adorable 3 year old shepherd/bc mix (we think - either that or tri-colored bc with something else - he's got a mardi-gras head on this skinny little body).  He weighs 43 lbs., and is a medium to large sized dog.  He is learning the invisible fence, and is EXTREMELY obedient.  He comes to you when you call him, he understands no, good boy, stay, come and sit.  Tucker LOVES his playmates and has met other strange dogs and has been friendly toward them.  He is definitely a people dog/dog dog.  We've given him the cat/ferret test and he passed with flying colors!! yeh!  He likes to lean on you and marches up and down when you scratch his back.  He loves to give kisses and is very quiet in the house.  Tucker likes live music and will "sing" along with whatever song you happen to be playing. He is a great dog for someone who has children (any age) or even an elderly person.  He's not a high-strung dog at all, but does have energy to play.  It could that he may have been abused at one point and only wants to please now because he is SO obedient. I love him!  He doesn't nip and is not mouthy at all.  He'll bark when he hears something strange - and that's all.  TUCKER, relinquished to a local shelter.

Zack found a border collie girlfriend as well as a great home where he's in the spotlight as the 'kids' in the family. He now lives where ball and frisbee are everyday activities and doggie fun is the focus! Lucky Zack is now in New Jersey.

ZACK:  a border collie mix, Zack is approximately 6 - 7 months old.  He is very, very friendly with everyone and other dogs and has tons of puppy energy.  He loves to retrieve the ball and run and run.  Zack has a well-rounded personality, an easy going dog but as a young puppy, he can be very nippy and will need to be monitored for his mouthiness so should only go with children over 10.   Zack is smaller in size than the average border collie, though the picture doesn't quite show it...he's about 30 - 35 pounds but shorter.   ZACK, was  a stray in  a local pound.

"He is the sweetest loving dog.. always wanting affection...he does great at keeping up with Oreo on our walking trails and they run and play through the woods like deer... It is great to see them so happy out in the woods... We are heading for a hike now... but as I was waiting for Rich to get ready... I thought I would write you and let you know how happy we are with How wonderful a dog Zack is..."  12/30/01  

     We are really excited by Dart's new home...a pleasant and wonderful surprise! Our first adopters and our web creator came to visit the Farm with their dog Sami (our first adoption at GHF) and they fell in love with Dart who also fell in love with them and Sami. So, he's now living happily in New Jersey, racing around keeping Sami busy (who loves other dogs) and finding out how great his new family life can be.

DART:   Little Dart is obviously a border collie mix...or the first ever miniature border collie in history!  He is about 1 - 2 years old and to see how small he is, just look at his size next to a full-grown border collie, yet notice that all the markings are exactly that of a border collie, so we guess he's mixed with a terrier.  Dart is a very gentle, people-oriented sweetie.  He's a little overwhelmed with some big border collies that are very physical yet loves others, like Chance he absolutely adores.  He's very alert and runs and plays just like any other border collie.  He's about 10 - 12 pounds.  DART was a stray about to be euthanized due to space at the pound

SPRYTE (aka Shae) has found the ideal home - she's been adopted by a wonderful agility instructor who also happens to be the editor of Dog n Handler magazine ...she taught at Camp Border Collie & Friends and fell madly in love with Spryte. She tried her on the agility course and even sheep and decided she had to add this little Spryte to her life! We're so so happy because Spryte really needs a home to keep her busy and utilize all her brilliance, physicality and yet still love her deeply cause she's so so affectionate. Expect to hear about Spryte in the magazine!

SHAE:  a 1 year old purebred, Shae is an intense border collie who wants to be active, whether it's agility, obedience, flyball or frisbee or ball retrieval. She has the infamous border collie 'eye' and the quick mind to match.  At a mere 28 pounds, she is extremely agile, super fast and very, very tuned into everything around her.  Incredibly responsive, she is eager to please and connect in a relationship with someone.  Shae gets along beautifully with other dogs and has been tested on sheep and is showing strong potential for herding and definite potential for agility, flyball or any other border collie activity.   She is a smaller than average border collie, very petite.  SHAE was relinquished by her owner as too active for their family

BRITHER (aka Merlin): lucky Brither now has 3 border collies to play with and share his new life! and even luckier for him, he's the only boy so he's rather special...his new guardians absolutely fell in love with him upon first meeting and will create an incredible place in their home and heart for Brither ...from an uncared for stray in PA, he's now living in upstate New York where he'll play frisbee, ball, and do some agility for fun!

MERLIN: A 3 year old purebred, Merlin is a more mellow border collie, active but not hyper and he is very attentive to people and affectionate. He has beautiful eyes (the pictures can't really show them) and he is great with other dogs and good with everyone he meets. Merlin loves to play in the water and retrieve balls! He has a quirky habit of shadow chasing as many border collies do but as soon as he sees a ball, he's ready to run and retrieve it. Very easy-going, Merlin would fit into many home situations. At 38 pounds, he's typical in size. MERLIN was found as a stray.

Contact the Farm sweetbcrescue@citlink.net
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