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RUDY has waited almost 2 years to find the person and situation that suited him... and finally he found it in spades!!! He has a female pal who rough houses like he does and loves the jolly ball chase games, too so he’s in heaven. Most importantly, he has 15 acres to call his own and a FurMom who is patient, accepting and has a huge heart for rescue dogs who need a loving home…so the wait was well worth it and we’re thrilled he’s landed so well, forever home with his foster mom who couldn’t bear to think of him having to go through another change when he fit so perfectly there!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that BOLTON has found a home to call his own, forever! This sweet guy had a rough haul to find better health and happiness so being able to hand him to someone we know and trust, means the world to all of us at GHF! A former GHF adopter, his new FurMom will be with him pretty much 24/7 and their partnership will provide the true love and caring he so richly deserves. He’s got a great big yard for lots of exploration and a friendship that we know will be so deeply meaningful. Bolton has a huge heart to give and now can do that with the right person! He’s right at home already!

Fenced yard required
- Solo dog


- Sue Basehore, in honor of all the dogs I've loved

SHAYE: A 9 year old Border Collie mix, Shaye is a classic focused ball boy who loves to play the game! He's fast and full of energy, a joyful guy for sure. Super friendly with every human he meets, he loves attention and loves to learn. Smart and attentive, he's a thinking dog up for any challenge - long walks, car rides, new toys, food puzzles, new situations - he's curious, confident and ready to go. We've made Shaye the 'office dog' as we continue understanding his skin allergies cause he's such a great greeter! He;s making great progress with the help of Dr. Julia Miller at Cornell but we're pretty sure he'll need medication year-round. He actually started out in even worse condition landing at a MD shelter in March when he was confiscated from his home. After making progress with his health and placing him in a new home, he was returned to the shelter, in poor shape again and the shelter put out a plea for rescue help. Shaye is about 45 pounds and is good with cats.

- Solo dog preferred
- Fenced yard required

- Leslie Wehr & Merlin
- Scott Trapp & Daimler Trucks
- Sara & Rick Pisani, "Blessed to have owned a deaf dog and know how special these dogs can be."
- Gregg Ruff & Jodi Adelsohn-Ruff, in memory of Maddie, Leah & Matthew’s incredible Corgi

TIP: A 12 year old Border Collie, Tip is one of those marvelous Border Collies who focuses fully on his person and knows their every move, so intuitive in connecting to the person he loves. His charming personality wins over everyone but it’s that very intimate bond with one person that is so soulful and meaningful. Tip is a true partner with all that means as a beloved canine friend. Tip has lost his hearing so is extra attentive to his person, watching all that you do in order to follow your lead.

Tip also loves the 'game'... balls, frisbees, hikes…the work of his mind and body, together. If someone is willing to send another ball toss his way, he is happy to bring it back for yet another. He has so much energy and spunk, Tip is a very vibrant 'youngster'! He will ‘go nuts’ playing ball and then curl up on the couch as soon as you’re ready to stop, having a wonderful ‘off-switch'’. Always eager to start the day and head out for the action, Tip loves it all! He is a magnificent boy with so much to offer someone who understands this breed and adores them.

He is about 40 pounds and good with cats. Tip comes from the herding lineage of Kuykendall breeders so has a strong nature to herd and control other dogs so will do best as a solo dog. He can be strong-minded meeting other dogs on leash so would be happiest with a nice yard to call his own without a lot of canine competition. Tip landed at GHF when his guardian went through a divorce, leaving both he and Jet (age 13) needing a new life. Both lived in North Carolina.

2/19/19: Tip had the lucky life of 7 weeks with an intern from Vermont, living full-time with her in our Adoption Center... Tip absolutely LOVED it. Our intern headed back to school so Tip is clearly eager to find the person to call his own, permanently.

Here he is happily content one evening this winter….

What he is really dreaming about is the joy of a perfect catch:

 - Adopted together
 - Fenced yard required

- Peg & Mike Fuller & GHF alums Tripp, Andie & Bo

NELLIE & DUNCAN, are a 12 year old duo that have lived together for almost their whole life. They are both fantastic with people and love attention.

Nellie is a classic sweetheart of a Border Collie, involved in anything and everything that goes on around her. She befriends everyone she meets with a fabulous nature to be friendly and also watchful of all the action. She is attentive and focused and loves to have things to challenge her mind, with ball play or with her person. She is just fine with other dogs though loves to herd them as they go for their toys. She, herself, is hilarious to watch as she plays her own ball game! Nellie has some physical limitations with bi-lateral hip dysplasia and spondylosis. Her condition requires pain management in order to give her comfort. Duncan is a real character with a huge personality, 'talking' about everything. He barks to let you know what he wants and then happily woo-woos, in appreciation. He is a very outgoing, lively boy who loves his ball games! He is also affectionate and used to being side by side with his person, bonding quickly with everyone. He's always been a beloved pal to all who meet him. They are both around 50 pounds and good with cats. He was originally adopted in 2007 from GHF at a year old and then Nellie joined the home a year later, living together until the recent death of her guardian.

Snow or cold, these two love
their ball games! Watch the video!

Special thanks to Cindy Packard and Darryl Novak who transported them to GHF on a moment's notice of the guardian's passing.

- Adopted together
Fenced yard required

- No cats

- Judy & Liam English, in honor of GHF alums Tess, Ben & Arlo
- Jennifer Kwiecen, in honor of GHF alum Echo
- Sonia & Ryan Chapin, In honor of Kim & Steve Brant

BILLIE, age 11 & BEAR, age 12 have been together since pups, living in one home. Their guardian bred Border Collies so an extended family of parents and grandparents all lived together with them, as well as many puppies. He was incarcerated this summer with an uncertain outcome, leaving these two needing safe haven. A caring dog lover stepped in but after trying five different situations, she contacted GHF, realizing rescue was the only hope.

Billie & Bear are truly easy going and relaxed. Both are quite confused with all the changes but have great natures, very people oriented Bear was tied out most of the time so is really enjoying the freedom of a big yard and lots of running, now feeling his own body move with such energy! It's adorable to see him come to life, so thrilled to be active! Billie, having had four litters, is used to lots of attention so hopped right up on the couch for cuddles and is more reserved, gently saying hello to anyone new, sharing her affection. Neither show any understanding of toy play. They will be placed in a home without cats since Billie is allergic.

Both have not been vetted so will receive proper medical care to insure their health is solid. We will update the site once that is completed. They came to GHF from Vermont.

- No stairs preferred
- Solo dog preferred


- Sue Basehore, "In honor of all the dogs I've loved"

SAM: At 12, Sam has lots of energy and interest in a good ball game, truly a classic BC ready to GO! He is very inquisitive and loves to engage with his person, especially for his favorite game. He also enjoys leisurely walks where he can sniff and see the scenery, happy to explore. A sweet, smart guy, he has quite a big personality, a real thinker who figures everything out very quickly. Sam will do best as a solo dog. He’s lived with his sister, Roxie since a pup where they spent 12 hour workdays together til they came to GHF. They each have really blossomed and enjoy more individual attention. Sam is fine with cats and about 60 pounds. Sam has arthritic issues in his back-end so needs one floor living and pain meds. His guardian had to move from VA to the west coast to care for an elderly relative so relinquished him to the Farm.

- Linda, Sky & GHF alums Connell & Anney
- Sue Basehore, in honor of all the dogs I've loved

March 2019: Beautiful, sweet ROXIE came to us late in life with very severe orthopedic problems in both front and back legs as well as her back so moving around for Roxie can be a challenge. However, this good-natured 12 year old wants to get up and go for another ball as often as she can! Some days are worse than others so she often needs lots of help to be mobile. We’ve concluded that Roxie’s needs can best be met at GHF as a resident since the Sanctuary provides 24/7 attention without distraction since dogs are all we do! Roxie’s current pain relief protocol is much improved from when she arrived and her overall health is great so we are happy to provide a safe spot for her to enjoy life! She’s made pals with other residents and fits in just fine with everyone.

February 2019: Roxie and Senior Resident Clyde were recently matched up to share a room...the wonderful pair have become good pals! Clyde at 15 is a grand diplomat and Roxie, at 12, is still in charge of her most important possession though happy to have a friend in the action! Both have very, very challenging back-end issues so find themselves resting frequently and often just like this, side by side, kindred spirits in ‘action’ mentally!


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