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 - BC friend required

DRUE: A 10 week old Border Collie, Drue is a little guy with a big personality, so outgoing and eager to see the world! He is very confident and very good natured, loving everyone he meets. Drue absolutely loves cuddling and a human connection! He’s learning all about adult dogs and doing beautifully fitting in with various ages. He would be happiest with another herding pal so will not be placed as a solo pup. Drue is a big toy boy already, loving squeakies and retrieving, clearly ready to try anything offered to him. He was part of an accidental litter of two purebred BCs and relinquished to GHF, thanks to the help of a GHF adopter who stepped in.

Pup SONNY arrived at GHF New Year’s Eve and quickly found his new life with a GHF former adopter who is volunteering here. She had been hoping to find a friend for alum Daphne and knew this pup was exactly the friend they were both waiting to add to their lives. Now named Bodhi, he's joining her for a few months at the Farm, along with Isabella, his new kitty friend, and then heading off on the road in their RV to ‘see the country’…what a great life for a little guy with such great curiosity and boldness! We’re thrilled for this wonderful ‘reunion’ since Bodhi has destiny tied to the this return to his new FurMom, honoring her beloved Sydney.

 - Solo dog or female friend
 - NO cats
 - Rural setting
 - Fenced yard required

Rudy's Angels
-Scott & Tina Jensen in memory of GHF alums, Cody & Sera
-David & Ellie Robitaille & GHF Alum Cody
-Karyn & Paul Deagle, in memory of GHF alum, Speck

RUDY: An 2 yr old Border Collie/Aussie, Rudy is all joyful fun, energy and enthusiasm for life! He is one happy boy with the desire to play, play, play. He loves other young herding dogs and plays endlessly, making up herding chase games that are really fun to see. He is a sweet boy who loves attention as much as he loves action. So, while you’re tossing his toys, he’s happy to have a quick cuddle, too. Rudy will be happiest with a female canine pal and a guardian who is around a lot so he is not stuck inside all day. He would be a wonderful hiking partner. Eager to please and smart as can be, Rudy is a delightful young BC mix who bonds quickly and loyally. Rudy does have a strong habit of barking at novel things - sounds, people, dogs - whatever catches his attention so he will do better with less stimulation around, in a more rural setting. A savvy guardian can work on this behavior and likely improve it, but it seems to be part of his true nature. He is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. He was originally placed as a puppy in a home where the guardian worked and he was crated more than he could handle so he returned to GHF.  He requires a fenced yard.


Special thanks to Joanne Cook for opening her home to Rudy, giving him a chance for lots of fun and a real home setting!  He’s got a canine pal already his best friend!

Male BC friend preferred

 - Fenced yard REQUIRED
 - BC savvy adopter

Roxy's Angels
-Rebecca Xie, “hope Roxy & her friends enjoy life in rescue before finding their forever homes"
Deb Myers & Twist

ROXY: A very petite 2 year old Border Collie, little Roxy is a spitfire who thinks life is all about action, fun and a person to do things with - classic! She is very bright, very alert and very busy so not for first time BC adopters. She is extremely sweet and good natured, totally a love-bug and great with everyone she meets. She will do best with someone savvy who really enjoys the mental capacity she has and also understands her quirks like catching rain drops or barking at high pitched sounds, all fairly typical for high energy Border Collies. Roxy does have obsessive tendencies so will need someone involved in her activities that knows how to handle OCD behaviors. Roxy is very obedient, eager to please and wants to be involved in anything around her. She’s fine with any dogs but clicks with other BC’s instantly and loves to make up games with them. We’d like to see Roxy live with a male BC, ideally, so she has the companionship of another dog who thinks the way she does. Roxy is a major toy girl so loves to play with anything and anyone ready to go! She is about 30 pounds and good with cats. She requires a BC savvy guardian.

Roxy was born without hip sockets and has undergone femoral head surgery while at GHF. While this offered some improvement, Roxy’s gait will always be a bit different and she will go lame with too much repetitive exercise. Thankfully, she is a tiny, small-framed girl so she could care less and just carries on, happily!

Special thanks to Rose Lynch, Gail Mirabella & Sue Myers who helped insure that Roxy made it to GHF from southern VA.

Special thanks to Leslie Wehr for fostering Roxy
and giving her time in a real home setting!

 - Solo dog or canine friend
 - Fenced yard required
 - Special needs

Special thanks to Judy Colvin, Diane Bolten & Sue Myers who helped get Bolton to GHF.

Bolton's Angels
-Marilyn Waterston
-Judy Colvin in honor of Bolton

We are so happy to share the good news that Bolton is heartworm free and clearly, happy to be unrestricted and on the move! He is the sweetest guy who loves everyone who says hello and enjoys exploring the world around him. A 6 year old, BOLTON has a gentle nature and with his blindness, has such a strong sense of sound that he would be fulfilling to train with audible commands. He comes to the whistle instantly and with encouragement, tracks along side right where you are going. Bolton loves squeaky toys and like any Border Collie, has a keen sense of intelligence in understanding the world around him. With the right guardian, he would be a marvelous, loyal friend bonding instantly with heartfelt love. He is such a wonderful guy and now happy and healthy and ready for a new journey. He is about 45 pounds and good with cats. He is a bit overwhelmed inside with other dogs but does well outside. With some assistance from his person, we feel he could adjust to having a canine friend but it is not critical that he does.

Bolton was originally as a stray found wandering in Virginia. Once at GHF late December 2017, Cornell ophthalmology determined he could not have cataract surgery since he most likely has PRA, Progressive Retinal Atrophy which led to the blindness. The condition is not painful. He will require routine recheck exams since he could develop inflammation inside the eyes. As long as his eyes appear comfortable, he will not require any treatment.

Thank you to everyone who supported this opportunity for Bolton to survive and find love and real happiness!

Bolton really wants a best friend, someone to have a deep connection with whom he can trust. He is easily guided with verbal requests and some hand sounds like clapping, snapping or tapping your leg, following around nearby. He listens intently to foot steps or whatever sounds mean his human is on the move. Bolton would love attention all day with lots of nudges or putting his paw up on you for another hello. He’s a squeaky toy boy, too as well as loving to play with other dogs! While Bolton cannot see, that in no way stops his classic Border Collies instincts from giving him great joy!

Medical: Bolton has had a few seizures, not requiring medication but for any adopter, understanding this is important in order to monitor the need to starts meds.

Happy days!!! Bolton has been enjoying more than Border Collies at his foster home in Vermont! Immediately him and Penny, the brindle boxer, play bowed and took off running!!

Special thanks to Anne Cattaneo and her family for fostering Bolton so he can learn the basics of negotiating life as a blind Border Collie. He’s ready now that his heartworm disease is cured! He is in Vermont

Fenced yard required
- Solo dog


Shaye's Angels
-With love and gratitude for all you do for this marvelous breed Sandy and Mike Fazio and their blessing, Ace
-Sue Basehore, in honor of all the dogs I've loved

SHAYE: A 9 year old Border Collie mix, Shaye is a classic focused ball boy who loves to play the game! He’s fast and full of energy, a joyful guy for sure. Super friendly with every human he meets, he loves attention and loves to learn. Smart and attentive, he’s a thinking dog up for any challenge - long walks, car rides, new toys, food puzzles, new situations - he’s curious, confident and ready to go.  We’ve made Shaye the ‘office dog’ as we continue understanding his skin allergies cause he’s such a great greeter! (thought he’s giving his life lessons, too)  He’s making great progress with the help of Dr. Julia Miller at Cornell but we’re pretty sure he’ll need medication year-round.   He actually started out in even worse condition landing at a MD shelter in March when he was confiscated from his home. After making progress with his health and placing him in a new home, he was returned to the shelter, in poor shape again and the shelter put out a plea for rescue help. Shaye is about 45 pounds and not yet tested on cats.

- Solo dog preferred

Tip's Angels
-Leslie Wehr & Merlin
-Scott Trapp & Daimler Trucks
-Sara & Rick Pisani, we are grateful to be angels for Tip & blessed to have owned a deaf dog and know how special these dogs can be.
-Gregg Ruff & Jodi Adelsohn-Ruff, in memory of Maddie, Leah & Matthew’s incredible Corgi

TIP: An 11 year old Border Collie, Tip is all action, absolutely crazy for a ball toss if someone will oblige! He is also so affectionate and very, very people oriented, happy to hang with his person inside and out. He’s a great explorer on the trails at GHF and loves the water, too, full of spunk and curiosity. Tip is athletic but has that wonderful ‘off switch’ where he can relax, too. He and his pal, Jet (age 13), came to GHF when the guardian had to move. Tip has so much energy and spunk, we feel he would benefit from a home ready for him without the competition of Jet. While they could be adopted together and have worked out their relationship, having lived together since youngsters, Tip has different needs from Jet and would love an active life. He is good with cats and about 40 pounds. Tip comes from Kuykendall lineage and has ABCA papers. Tip is pretty strong in his herding nature when meeting other dogs so will be best as a solo dog.

Tip was adopted but didn’t fit neighborhood walks since he has issues greeting dogs as well as his lack of hearing, being an older dog now.

 - Adopted together
 - Fenced yard required



Nellie & Duncan Angels
-Peg & Mike Fuller & GHF alums Tripp, Andie & Bo 

NELLIE & DUNCAN, this 12 year old duo have lived together for almost their whole life. They are both fantastic with people and love attention. Nellie is a classic sweetheart of a Border Collie, involved in anything and everything that goes on around her. She befriends everyone she meets with a fabulous nature to be friendly and also watchful of all the action. She is attentive and focused and loves to have things to challenge her mind, with ball play or with her person. She is just fine with other dogs though loves to herd them as they go for their toys. She, herself, is hilarious to watch as she plays her own ball game! Nellie has some physical limitations with bi-lateral hip dysplasia and spondylosis. Her condition requires pain management in order to give her comfort.

Duncan is a real character with a huge personality, ’talking’ about everything. He barks to let you know what he wants and then happily woo-woos, in appreciation. He is a very outgoing, lively boy who loves his ball games! He is also affectionate and used to being side by side with his person, bonding quickly with everyone. He’s always been a beloved pal to all who meet him. Nellie & Duncan are both around 50 pounds and good with cats. He was originally adopted in 2007 from GHF at a year old and then Nellie joined the home a year later, living together until the recent death of her guardian

Snow or cold, these two love
their ball games! (video)

Duncan & Nellie love the Rescue Glen where the wooded area is so much fun!

Special thanks to Cindy Packard and Darryl Novak who transported them to GHF on a moment’s notice of the guardian’s passing.

- Adopted together
Fenced yard required


Billie & Bear's Angels
-Judy & Liam English, in honor of GHF alums Tess, Ben & Arlo
-Jennifer Kwiecen, in honor of GHF alum Echo

BILLIE, age 11 & BEAR, age 12 have been together since pups, living in one home. Their guardian bred Border Collies so an extended family of parents and grandparents all lived together with them, as well as many puppies. He was incarcerated this summer with an uncertain outcome, leaving these two needing safe haven. A caring dog lover stepped in but after trying five different situations, she contacted GHF, realizing rescue was the only hope.

Billie & Bear are truly easy going and relaxed. Both are quite confused with all the changes but have great natures, very people oriented Bear was tied out most of the time so is really enjoying the freedom of a big yard and lots of running, now feeling his own body move with such energy! It’s adorable to see him come to life, so thrilled to be active! Billie, having had four litters, is used to lots of attention so hopped right up on the couch for cuddles and is more reserved, gently saying hello to anyone new, sharing her affection. Neither show any understanding of toy play.

Both have not been vetted so will receive proper medical care to insure their health is solid. We will update the site once that is completed. Neither have been tested on cats. They came to GHF from Vermont.


- No stairs preferred
- Solo dog preferred

SAM & his ball fun!


Sam's Angels
-Sue Basehore, in honor of all the dogs I’ve loved
SAM: At 12, Sam has lots of energy and interest in a good ball game, truly a classic BC ready to GO! He is very inquisitive and loves to engage with his person, especially for his favorite game. He also enjoys leisurely walks where he can sniff and see the scenery, happy to explore. A sweet, smart guy, he has quite a big personality, a real thinker who figures everything out very quickly. Sam will do best as a solo dog. He’s lived with his sister, Roxie since a pup where they spent 12 hour workdays together til they came to GHF. They each have really blossomed and enjoy more individual attention. Sam is fine with cats and about 60 pounds. Sam has arthritic issues in his back-end so needs one floor living and pain meds. His guardian had to move from VA to the west coast to care for an elderly relative so relinquished him to the Farm.

- No stairs preferred
- Solo dog preferred


Roxie's Angels
-Sue Basehore, in honor of all the dogs I’ve loved
ROXIE: At age 12, Roxie is still showing a vibrancy in her thoughts and interest in her work - the ball! She comes alive, happy to trot after any throw anywhere anytime. A very sweet girl, she is a gentle BC with a lovely nature. Roxie has compromised hips so needs a lift up at times and pain meds to make life easier for her. Once she is on the move, all that intensity returns and she is so happy and enjoys a run for the ball. Like most focused BC’s, she still has the same drive to play, no matter the changes in her body but Roxie will need a quieter home setting with no stairs and someone who can patiently manage her compromised mobility. Roxie will do best as a solo dog. She's lived with her brother, Sam since a pup where they spent 12 hour workdays together til they came to GHF. They each have really blossomed and enjoy more individual attention. Roxie is fine with cats and about 60 pounds. Her guardian had to move from VA to the west coast to care for an elderly relative so relinquished her to the Farm.

- Calmer environment preferred
- NO cats

Jet's Angels
-In honor of our wonderful BC Coltrane, Daryl, Becca and Lise
-Leslie Wehr & Merlin
-With Love- Sandy and Mike and Ace Fazio
-Scott Trapp & Daimler Trucks

JET, A 13 year old Border Collie, Jet is one big love-bug, he loves to lay by your feet and enjoys a big belly rub, too. He is super sweet and good natured, loving every person he meets. Jet enjoys some toy play and exploring in fields at GHF but is also equally as happy to hang with his person and enjoy some lovin’. He would be a marvelous companion in a quieter home setting where he can patrol his yard and use that BC mind of his while being attentive to his guardians. Jet is now deaf at this age so needs a fenced yard plus his back-end is not strong so daily pain medication helps improve his mobility.  However, a one story home would be best vs stairs. He and canine pal, Jet, age 11, came to GHF due to a divorce. He is bred from the Kuykendall lineage and has ABCA papers. Jet is about 50 pounds and not good with cats. 


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