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The following border collies mixes are available through other agencies or as independent placements by owners.  The adoption of the dogs listed below will be handled by the individual home or shelter listed in the dog's bio.  Glen Highland Farm is available to assist if needed.  For more information about these dogs, please use the contact information provided with each dog.
Glen Highland Farm volunteers have temperament tested those dogs displaying the GHF logo in their bio on the date indicated.  The evaluation and information provided is accurate, only as of that date.  All others are listed solely as a courtesy.

PLEASE BE AWARE that you need to check people out before handing over your dog to someone you do not know. There are unscrupulous people who appear to be good adopters so be cautious and check references, especially asking for a neighbor's phone number so you can be sure that the information about them is accurate. We recommend a  TRANSFER OF  OWNERSHIP agreement so that you can have some written agreement about  your dog's future situation in the event it does not work out for the person to keep the dog. It is important to insure that your dog does not eventually land in a shelter where he or she could be euthanized.  Instead, the person agrees in writing to notify you so that you can then step in and take an appropriate course of action. 

Click on your region for the dogs located near you
Dogs located in New Jersey
We have a 10 month old wonderful Border Collie mix. She originated from a shelter in SC. She was placed in a home and they did not take care of her needs. She is back at the shelter. She is great with other dogs, loves people. She is learning manners and eager to please.

I'm in this field a very long time and I've learned to cut to the chase. She needs to be with BC ppl to get where she needs to be mentally, physically and emotionally.

Liz Morgan
Acting Director
Montclair Township Animal Shelter
77 North Willow Ave
Montclair NJ 07042 973-744-8600

We rescued Paws at the age of six months from a high kill shelter in Georgia and have had her for over a year.  She will be two in July 2018.  At the moment we got her, she was very loving and extremely playful.  She loved going on walks and on an occasional run.  She has demonstrated how very intelligent she was at the start and picked up on the house training right away.  She worked well with my three little children while they insisted on training her in sitting, laying down and standing up.  She would tell us when she had to go to the bathroom by sitting by the front door and would come find us when she really had to go. 

Over the course of the last five months, her behavior began to change and she started playing rough with the children.  Most of the time she plays nicely with the children, however, her behavior would change in an instant.  Paws has a lot of love to give.  She needs a home without children where she can really be herself.  Paws is all up to date on her shots, spayed and we have all of her medical records. 

Paws deserves a home where her owners can strictly focus their time and attention on her.  I know Paws is a great dog and I refuse to put her into a shelter.  I love her with all of my heart and want to see her with a good family

Point Pleasant, NJ PAWS, age 1 1/2
contact: Nicole: shield154@aol.com (908) 646-4002

Dogs located in New York 
Dogs located in Pennsylvania 
We are looking for a new home for our female, beautiful border collie mixed breed dog, Bella. She is 1.5 years old and very healthy, up to date with vaccines and spayed. She is very intelligent, loyal and affectionate. She loves to be outdoors, and likes to work and be active, patrolling the land constantly. She is very alert, fast and amazing at keeping the property safe, chasing away all deer, rabbits, groundhogs, catching rodents, and other small animals. She will check our property first thing in the morning, running the perimeter to find anything out of place, always eager to make sure that everything is fine. Bella is house trained. We have an invisible fence and she likes to run free within the boundaries.

Unfortunately, she has anxiety issues and doesn't tolerate visitors on the property. She will bark aggressively, and tries to bite ankles. We had a dog trainer who worked with her and she was doing better for a while, but with our newborn in the home, she is more anxious.

She does fine with people, however, off the property. When we take her to the vet, for example, she is scared but not aggressive. She gets along great with our kids and our large breed male dog, not so well with one of our cats.
She would be great for someone who has experience with dogs, who understands high energy working dogs and has dealt with anxiety and aggressive behaviors. Having a yard to run in is a must, and she would be excellent on a farm where she can work, and run all she wants.
The only reason we are looking to rehome her is because we just now had a baby and feel concerned about safety, even though she has not shown any visible signs of aggression. It is a very difficult decision for us. We had her since she was a puppy and want to find her a right home where she will be loved and appreciated. Thank you.

We are located in Downingtown, PA 19335. contact: Inna Garner richinna@me.com

Hello my name is Swayzee, I'm a year old (Dec) I like cats and kids. I'm very sweet and loveable. Im house broke and crate trained I'm also good out of the crate. I love chew toys., balls and frizzbees . I'm just learning how to walk on a leash I'm getting good I like to ride in the car. I'm good at meet n greets. I love tractor supply. I always wag my tail and I wiggle a lot. I'm shy around new people but warm up quickly. I like all dogs I like to play rough so I need a buddy that likes to play a lot. I'm looking for a family that is out going I love to exercise. I need a fenced yard. I'm spayed and UTD on shots and I'm microchipped. I'm a cattle dog mix approx. 45 lbs.

contact Laurie ruffhewn16@gmail.com 570-267-5145 in Clifford PA

This is Kiff or Kiffy, a lover who pretends to be a fighter. At 1 1/2 he is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet and is quick to hop up in your lap for a cuddle or sleep curled up by your feet. Loves fetch so much it's almost a stereotype. He needs someone who can love him 25/8! The reason we have to put him up to rehome is that he needs a more available and experience trainer to bring out the best in him. Kiff has severe anxiety (for which he is medicated); he cannot be left alone and will not tolerate being in a crate for more than a few minutes. He is not aggressive, but lacks any semblance of self-control (y'know, like a dog). Kiff can tolerate well-mannered dogs with a slow introduction but cannot be trusted around small animals. So, cannot live with cats. While Kiff has never met a person he didn't like, he can get overexcited easily and so should not live in a home with children. Kiff has made progress with crate training, is fully house trained (he's never had an accident), walks well on a leash, and loves to go on hikes. Kiff will do best in an experienced home with someone who has plenty of time to spend working and playing with this wonderful pup. If you feel experienced enough to save this pup, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. We are willing to travel to meet prospective owners. More than anything, we want this dog to get into the forever home he deserves!

Eli Straussman estraussman@gmail.com  (215) 995 4492. Kiff is in the Philadelphia PA area

Dogs located in New England
Cooper is 12 years old but still full of life. He LOVES playing fetch, going for hikes, and swimming in rivers. He doesn't have any major medical issues, aside from some mild arthritis in his shoulders. He loves people, giving them very enthusiastic greetings when he meets them, and sleeping at their feet once he's gotten friendly with them. He lived with another dog for about ten years and they got along fine, and he's had some good dog friends over the years, but Cooper isn't always great with new dogs that he meets, especially on-leash. Cooper is a sweet, lovable, and very playful dog, but he can be challenging, too. He has worked with many trainers over the years, but taking him for walks is still extremely difficult because he's very reactive to bikes and other dogs on leash. His Border Collie instincts still kick in, too, and he sometimes tries to 'herd' people if they cross his path too quickly. Because of this, he probably wouldn't be great in a house with kids. He is very responsive to commands and training, but needs a lot of consistency and follow-through to keep him on track. Overall, Cooper would make a great dog for someone who could give him lots of play time, consistent discipline, and a fairly quiet home.
New Haven County New Haven, CT -
Contact: Anthony Sorge 203-767-3365 - anthonywsorge@gmail.com

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