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The following border collies mixes are available through other agencies or as independent placements by owners.  The adoption of the dogs listed below will be handled by the individual home or shelter listed in the dog's bio.  Glen Highland Farm is available to assist if needed.  For more information about these dogs, please use the contact information provided with each dog.
Glen Highland Farm volunteers have temperament tested those dogs displaying the GHF logo in their bio on the date indicated.  The evaluation and information provided is accurate, only as of that date.  All others are listed solely as a courtesy.

PLEASE BE AWARE that you need to check people out before handing over your dog to someone you do not know. There are unscrupulous people who appear to be good adopters so be cautious and check references, especially asking for a neighbor's phone number so you can be sure that the information about them is accurate. We recommend a  TRANSFER OF  OWNERSHIP agreement so that you can have some written agreement about  your dog's future situation in the event it does not work out for the person to keep the dog. It is important to insure that your dog does not eventually land in a shelter where he or she could be euthanized.  Instead, the person agrees in writing to notify you so that you can then step in and take an appropriate course of action. 

Click on your region for the dogs located near you
Dogs located in New Jersey
Dogs located in New York 

I have (2) 8 year old border collie mixes, a brother and sister, that I can no longer take care of. I 'rescued' these dogs when they were puppies from a hoarder in North Carolina. My intentions were good, but I had no idea what it took to properly take care of such high energy dogs. I've managed thus far with limited success, but my situation has changed (again) and I've found myself in a terrible predicament trying to keep them.

The female, Baby, is the typical looking black and white border collie. She's smart, beautiful, tenderhearted, and just a little bit spiteful if you hurt her feelings. She's very offended by being scolded or even by leaving her alone too long. She's watchful and is looking for direction; she wants to please. She has a human soul....I know it! She is NOT a barker. Baby is spayed, but needs her shots.

The male, Gromit, is a tri-colored, short haired border collie mix. He's long, lean, and very athletic. He'll play fetch as long as anybody is there to throw the ball. He's funny and goofy. He would LOVE to please you if he only knew how. He's more timid and skittish than his sister (unless there's a tennis ball involved). He IS a barker. Of the two he would also be the one who has more nervous energy. He is NOT neutered which may account for that. He also needs his shots.

I am able to get them up to date with their veterinarian care. I'm am also flexible as far as when (if) you're able to take them. They have both been kept indoors too long with very little run/work time. They have the potential to be GREAT dogs for someone.

Both dogs mix well with other dogs, neither dog is food aggressive, thankfully, and neither dog has aggression toward people. They DO bark at 'strangers', i.e. anyone not me that enters the property, but don't jump or act aggressively other than the barking (which can frighten some people).

Kim Johnson 607-437-7271 my cell number, 607-437-7271, and my email, weegie923@yahoo.com  as contact information. We are in Margaretville, NY.

MAX: A 4 year old Border Collie mix, Max is  super friendly happy guy - he loves to say hello to everyone!  Hes eager to learn what you want from him and takes direction well.

Max really enjoys a good ball game but is also happy to sit by your side for attention.  Hes a little unskilled about how to interact with other dogs so loves to rough-house and some dogs get overwhelmed. With the right dog, he would be best buddies. Or, he could live alone, with someone who provided an outlet for his mind.   He gets along with cats, now living them.  He was abandoned with the people who now have him but one of them has allergies so Max is living in the garage. They want to see him find a better life. Max is neutered.

Please contact Kathy  631-219-7769  Max is living in the Hudson Valley NY area, in Walden NY, near Newburgh

TROY: A young BC mix, Troy is a happy guy though a tad shy at first, meeting new people.  Once he relaxes, he's very eager to bond with someone.  He's a sweet, good natured guy having some worries being in the shelter.  Troy gets along with other dogs well and passed his temperament test done by a GHF volunteer, though needs some reassurance to feel safe.  He was a stray in New York and is ready for adoption.

The shelter is open to the public 7-3pm Monday through Friday.  The
shelter phone number is 315-343-1803.  
Caroline Anderson
City of Oswego ACO

Odessa is an eight year old border collie/Aussie mix who is looking for a new home due to her owners' divorce.  Her coat was shaven shortly before these photos were taken - she is a traditional long coated dog.   She has lived in one home since she was a pup, and needs a quiet home with a fenced yard.  Odessa has made up her own amusing herding game with a large ball, and would love to play with a human companion.  See video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqWIRVJFtCI   Odessa is good with cats and very small dogs but is very uncomfortable with dogs her size or larger.  For more information on Odessa, please contact Dan at 315 480 5240.

Dogs located in Pennsylvania 
Hi everyone, Unfortunately I need to reach out again regarding Nickey. She is a 6yr old Aussie mix in need of a new home. Her owner was a regular client of ours at Walkers Pet HoTail in Murrysville PA who can no longer care for her due to failing health. She has asked us to care for Nickey at our boarding facility and to find her a new home. A few weeks ago Nickey was placed in a new home with another Aussie mix who she absolutely adored but unfortunately was recently returned to us because she was having issues sharing treats/toys/attention with her new canine brother. She was an "only dog" for her whole life and is having a hard time learning differently. For her safety and the safety of others we are now looking for a home with no other dogs/cats where Nickey will be an only pet and have all the love to herself. She is still fantastic with other dogs and loves to play and socialize outside of her home environment. She loves to play, swim, and work for treats. She is an awesome girl and deserves another chance at a good home. She is currently at Walkers and anyone interested in information can call. Please share/send this so we can give Nickey another shot at a forever home!

Phone:  732-327-PAWS (7297)
email info@walkerpethotail.com
4603 William Penn Highway - Murrysville, PA  15668

Dogs located throughout the US 
Murphy was rescued from a shelter in Tennessee and is currently being fostered by a family while he waits for his forever home. He is a handsome and friendly Border Collie mix that loves other dogs and is good with small children. He loves to take long walks, is good on a leash, and likes to play fetch. He has all vaccinations up to date and is neutered. He is well behaved but if he is not exercised regularly he can be destructive. He also displayed some guarding issues with other dogs with food and toys but after constant exposure to his foster family's dog he has gotten over most of those issues. He is loyal and obedient and deserves a good home with a patient and active person or family. He will go in his crate when told and can spend short amounts of time there, but prefers to be with people. At night he likes to sleep at the foot of the bed. You have to be a real "dog person" for a boy like Murphy, but for the right family or person he will make an exceptional companion. 
Though we live in Tennessee, if someone is really interested in adopting Murphy, we can travel to accommodate a meeting. Please contact "Roll Over Rescue" in Clarksville Tennessee at 
931 302 4705. They have a re-homing fee of $150.


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