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The following border collies mixes are available through other agencies or as independent placements by owners.  The adoption of the dogs listed below will be handled by the individual home or shelter listed in the dog's bio.  Glen Highland Farm is available to assist if needed.  For more information about these dogs, please use the contact information provided with each dog.
Glen Highland Farm volunteers have temperament tested those dogs displaying the GHF logo in their bio on the date indicated.  The evaluation and information provided is accurate, only as of that date.  All others are listed solely as a courtesy.

PLEASE BE AWARE that you need to check people out before handing over your dog to someone you do not know. There are unscrupulous people who appear to be good adopters so be cautious and check references, especially asking for a neighbor's phone number so you can be sure that the information about them is accurate. We recommend a  TRANSFER OF  OWNERSHIP agreement so that you can have some written agreement about  your dog's future situation in the event it does not work out for the person to keep the dog. It is important to insure that your dog does not eventually land in a shelter where he or she could be euthanized.  Instead, the person agrees in writing to notify you so that you can then step in and take an appropriate course of action. 

Click on your region for the dogs located near you
Dogs located in New Jersey


Approximately 1 year old male, not neutered Lucky is a beautiful, friendly boy.  He is a happy, energetic pup and knows “sit” and “paw” and loves to run!  He seems to get along with other nice dogs and has a beautiful fluffy coat and the cutest ears! Please contact us if you’d like to meet Lucky!

The Livingston Animal Shelter
81 Naylon Avenue
Livingston NJ 07039
GerriAnn Petrullo 987-885-9796
email: friendsoflivingstonshelter@gmail.com


Dogs located in New York 
Meet Cara and Cleo. Sisters forever.

Seeking a loving home. Cara is a 5 year old lab mix easy to get along with and affectionate Cleo is a 5 year old Border Collie mix, smart and affectionate. Rescued at 12 weeks old, by seniors. These lovely sisters have all their shots and are healthy. Their loving owners are no longer able to care for them and are hoping to find them a loving furever home. We are hoping to keep them together however understand this may not be possible. Although they tolerate other dogs, they are probably best as a pair by themselves. Please contact: Rosemary Leo-Pappas jleopapp@nycap.rr.com

CLEO has been accepted into the GHF rescue program but since the owner is not going into assisted living until March, the hope is that these two can find a home together. Both dogs are extremely friendly and good natured. They are located at Croton-on-Hudson in the Hudson Valley


Murray is a 3 yo border collie/ Aussie mix who is loyal, loving, and energetic. He does have a lame right front leg but it doesn't stop him. He has a lot of energy and loves to play. He needs a home that provides enough space for him and attention. Someone who understands this breed of dog.

Please contact Meghan at 315-525-9832, Rochester NY.  He needs a new home because we have a baby on the way and less time for him.  He is about 75 pounds.

Hi, my name is Izzy. I am an adorable, loving and energetic female Border Collie mix. My parents adopted me as a young puppy and have taken great care of me. I am a healthy 5 years old, have been spayed and am up to date on vaccinations. I have two sisters who are thirteen years old and now in need of a more relaxed life. Due to our very different needs I am looking for a family who will love me as much as they do.

I enjoy just about everything you do…playing with toys, walking, hiking, fetching, doing puzzles and cuddling on the couch. I need daily exercise to keep me happy and healthy. I love being with people and I am good with kids, but it’s better if they are older than toddlers. I am house and crate trained. I follow basic commands such as sit, stay, down and come. I’ve also been trained to walk with a gentle leader so I don’t pull on the leash. I like to be lead dog so my parents would probably say I’d be best as the only dog in your home.

You can find me in the Binghamton, NY area and if you would like to learn more about me, please contact my owners Matt and Sherri at: mattyagley@gmail.com

Molly – McNab/Heeler mix born August 2012 in KY. I bought her at a pet store in November 2012. All shots and vet checkups are up to date. Spayed in 2013, no health issues. She gets a little heat rash under her pink arm pits in the summer, but a little cream calms it right down.

I fell in love with her adorable, loving personality and since we have a boxer with a cropped tail, it was too cute to have another tail less dog. I spoke with the breeder, who explained that the heelers are herding dogs and the tails are cropped so the sheep and goats don’t bite their tails.

Molly is the Alpha dog in the house, pushy to be first out the door or get the treat that fell on the floor. I try whenever possible to counter act that behavior and ask her to sit and wait. The dogs eat at will and share food from the 2 bowls I put down.

If Molly is chewing on a bone and I don’t want her to have it any longer, she lets me take the bone. No hesitation or possessiveness or growl ever. If we are playing fetch, it is harder for her to let go of the ball or toy, because she is very intense with the play. So we taught her to sit and “leave it” so we can pick it up without fighting for it.

Personality: Alert, curious, happy and always ready for a command. Keen eye contact, always looking for a clue of what I am going to do or ask next. Eager to please and she hoots at me and gives me her paw if she really wants something. Mornings are fun and full of yowling and excited squeaky yawns and pouncing around the mellow boxer and the family, waiting to go out for a run and get fed.

Molly loves to chew marrow bones and likes to play with her blankets. She does not touch anything that isn’t hers. Maybe a pencil or a popsicle stick that fell on the floor, but she is not destructive at all. She is an oral dog, licks anything she wants to know more about and if you have exposed skin – she will sneak in a lick, or if the boxer was out and about, she gets her ears and face licked as a welcome back! Molly greets all dogs, kids, people, delivery guys like UPS/Fed Ex with a friendly welcoming wag and wants to be pet. I don’t recall if she has ever met a cat – we don’t have any in the neighborhood.

Off leash Molly listens to voice, whistle and hand commands. She will run ahead and circle back to check on us. An open palm “off” keeps her from jumping up and she sits when told, before opening the door to go out or to put on a leash. She would be a fantastic agility or Frisbee dog. She jumps in the air to catch a ball and anticipates the direction and distance of the throw. We have an invisible fence that enforces the boundries of the yard. Both dogs no longer wear the collar, since they stay in the yard.

Restful time is spent lounging on her back with feet in the air or snuggled with her blanket that she sometimes chews on. She also likes to squeeze into the “bread bowl” with the boxer or lay on top of her. She loves being outside and would be out there all day if we were with her. She likes to be with people. She is not a loner. We laugh daily at Molly’s antics and funny playtime pranks or the way she talks back.

My job has changed from full time work at home, to a minimum of 4 days on the road, and since my husband works long hours at the office, I do not find it acceptable to keep Molly locked in the house for 9+ hours a day. I just can’t do that to her and I won’t have time to take her for the daily morning run. She is an outdoor dog that loves to romp and play and be busy. She would be miserable and bored inside all day. I am hoping her new home will be with a family on a farm or with a family that hikes regularly, plays outside and has land for her to be outside most of the day with other people or animals.

Nash is a two year old pointer/border collie located in Suffolk County, Long Island. Nash is fully vetted and has been trained by Tai Nero, a well respected trainer in the working dog field.  Due to family circumstances, Nash’s family must find him a new home as soon as possible. 

Nash would do best in an active family with well-behaved children, if any.  Nash does not mind dogs of any size provided they allow him to warm up to his environment and do not attempt to assert dominance.  Nash has a protective instinct and will bond with his family.  Nash relies on his invaluable training to be the best boy he can,  so a new family must commit to using the commands he knows on a daily basis.  

Nash has his own Facebook page called Help Nash Find His Forever Home.  If you are interested in Nash please contact Tai Nero directly at 516-770-8712.” 

Dogs located in Pennsylvania 

Phoebe and Dione

Two females about 4 ½ years old, adopted as puppies, littermates. Presumably some kind of herding dog mix. Energetic Fast runners Friendly Extremely intelligent and learn commands quickly. Both love attention from people. Both have basic commands like sit, down, off, leave it, touch and come. They have both been to Level 1 training class and worked with a professional trainer at home. They sometimes go to doggy daycare. They love to hike and go for walks/runs.

The black and brown sister can be leash reactive when passing other dogs. The light brown sister ignores other dogs on leash when passing other dogs. The light brown sister is more playful with other dogs than the black and brown sister. She likes her personal space and doesn’t like it when other dogs are overly-attentive. Both will work for treats and love peanut butter bones. They do not need to be crated at all. They are used to being allowed on furniture. They are trained to an in-ground electric fence. They currently live with children and cats and other dogs.

The ideal home for these sweet girls would be one in which they would get plenty of physical and mental exercise. Ideally, we would like someone interested in teaching them agility exercises and tricks. In their current environment, they are bored without a job. They need a person or family with the time and financial means to continue their training and give them the physical and mental stimulation they need to live full lives. They do not play much at their age – they prefer to relax on a comfy couch when indoors. Outside they like to explore their environment but can be content to sit and observe their surroundings in nice weather.

Both are up-to-date on wellness checks and vaccines. Both are on heartworm and flea/tick preventative.

Located in the greater Philadelphia region. Please email adoptourdogs44@gmail.com . We will require a vet check, 3 personal references and the option to do a home visit if we feel it’s necessary.

Kobe is a Border Collie mix and is about seven years old. He has a lovable spirit and energy. He deserves to be in a home where he is not often left alone (he has separation anxiety) and gets plenty of loving attention. His separation anxiety is exhibited through shaking and barking. Kobe would enjoy living in the suburbs or the country, so he could have plenty of access to the outdoors. Most of all Kobe needs patience and hugs.

He does like to enthusiastically welcome visitors with barking and jumping, but he eventually calms and becomes good friends with guests. Even though he is a gentle soul, Kobe’s excitement would be paired best in a household without small children.

Our goal is to make sure Kobe is in a home where he is doted on and loved. If you would like to see if Kobe would be a good fit to join your family, please contact us and we can setup a time to discuss this possibility. Kobe is located in Philadelphia PA.

Contact:  Anna Marie Trantas  amtsynchro@hotmail.com  215-680-9003 or Steve Scaduto sscaduto@yahoo.com   215-518-7337

Dogs located in New England

ABEL is a wonderful 4 year old border collie/lab mix. My family and I rescued Abel when he was less than 6 months. He has been our companion, pet, protector, since he and another rescue came home together. This is not where I would ever think this is where Abel’s time with me would end.

Last year, I got divorced, she got the kids, I got the dogs. Since then, I have moved from the country like home I had and moved to the city. It is extremely difficult to admit, but it would be best for Abel to find a home where he would have more space to run and be free. He is a very smart dog, learning new traits and tricks quickly. He doesn’t have the perfect border collie look, but has a lot of the things that make collies, well, collies. He is slightly less energetic than a full collie, but still loves to run and definitely has the herding tendency.

Abel gets along well with other dogs after the normal dog introductions. He starts off a little resistant, but after a few minutes of sniffing, he is fine. He is the same way with people. He loves attention and will let you pet him until your arm falls off. He is extremely faithful and will follow you wherever you may roam. He listens well and instantly comes when called.

I hope to find a home with outside space where he is free to roam, have a purpose, maybe even on a farm with sheep to herd. It will not be easy giving Abel up, but I feel it is necessary so he can have the life he deserves

He is in Manchester NH - contact Tom at tsheldon71@comcast.net

Hello - my name is Stark - I'm a 1 1/2 year old, 60lb, lab/border collie mix.  I love the soft toys and LOVE people!  I'll cuddle with anyone that knows how to give a good belly rub!  I like other dogs, especially those that enjoy a chase game, but, if I have person that will include me in the daily activity of life, I won't miss the 4 legged friend. I came from San Antonio, TX but because the shelter didn't have room to keep me (I was about to leave this earth) my foster mom stepped up to save my life so I could meet you!!  I'd REALLY like a fenced yard (I'm not apposed to exploring if I can't play with you!) - so "mom" will definitely ask you about that. At the moment, I tend jump on you to say "HI", I'm learning that this might not be the best approach - but if you have young kids in the house, I might get very excited to be with them and their friends.

I'm neutered, UTD on all my shots, and waiting for you - if you'd like to meet me - send "foster mom" an email at Tweee2@aol.com - her name is Barbara and we are located in Weymouth MA

Hi - my name is Bear. (Kind of a weird name for a sweet, timid 2 yr old FEMALE bc mix - but, I'm dealing with that!) I was pulled from the euthanasia room in a San Antonio TX shelter. I haven't been exposed to a lot of real life situations, with people and other dogs, so will need a quieter home and a patient guardian and some dog friends that I can learn from, but I can promise you, whatever effort you put into helping me - I'll return it 4X's as we move thru our journey together,  My foster 'mom' loves me, I have the "sweetest eyes", but I am looking for the person that will help me break through my hesitance to experience all life has to offer me.  I now have a second chance to do that - I just need my people to come get me so I can become all I am meant to be!  I am almost 2 yrs old and only about 40lbs.

I'm spayed, UTD on all my shots, and waiting for you - if you'd like to meet me - send "foster mom" an email at Tweee2@aol.com - her name is Barbara and we are located in Weymouth MA

Glad to meet you - my name is Jen!  I'm a 45lb border collie from a San Antonio TX shelter!  I am currently being treated for "heart worm" (I'm not sure what that is, but I understand it' deadly, and easily avoidable!) so will be living with my "foster mom" in Weymouth MA for a few more months. (If you'd like to meet me, she'll be happy to introduce us before my treatment is finished!) I'm 4 yrs old, spayed, and UTD on all my vet visits!  I love a good bone and I love people!! I get along with other dogs (but of course, I'm a female border collie, so they need to realize I'm not a "push over") My foster mom is telling everyone I'm very smart.   (of course) and so sweet.  I like to jump up to say "hi" -so might not be suited for a home with very small children - and I love a good bone!  I'd like to be a partner in an active life with my human family and can't wait to meet them,

I'm waiting for you - if you'd like to meet me - send "foster mom" an email at Tweee2@aol.com - her name is Barbara and we are located in Weymouth MA

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