is a 1 1/2 year old male Border Collie. He is very affectionate and loves to show off his heart of gold with kisses. He is definitely a people-oriented dog. Rex socializes well and loves to be outdoors and play with other dogs. His favorite activity is to cuddle and to be near his human companion.  He is energetic but quickly settles when content. Rex is submissive and does well with other male dogs.  He is cat tested and is generally is good but occasionally wants to play with them. Rex must have a fenced yard, electronic or normal fencing as he tends to be an explorer.   Rex was a stray at a shelter. Rex is being fostered in eastern PA.

These two became pals, Rex & Dash, upon meeting at the farm, both young Border Collies, filled with energy to run and now will live happily together in Vermont with their new guardians who know the breed and love their intelligence and good natured ways. It was quite clear that this daring duo belong with their new humans who adored them from the first meeting out in the paddocks and it just got better!

DASH:  A 10 month old Border Collie, Dash is very smart, focused and ready to play!  He's fast and loves to race with other dogs as well as play ball.  Dash is friendly and very sweet as well as energetic since he's a young dog.  He has basic obedience but will benefit from continued obedience work.  Dash is not showing herding or nipping tendencies but would be happiest in a home with another dog since he is so energetic. He is good with cats. He was a stray taken in by a caring animal person.

Kelsi, now Tresa, found her forever home as part of a trio of beautiful Border Collies! She's the youngest and bound to enjoy agility with her new furmom as well as regular border collie play! Her new guardians had waited patiently to hear of Kelsi's availability after agility training, hoping that she could live with her forever because she felt so drawn to her from the minute she saw her picture! Kelsi now lives in Vermont.

KELSI:  A 1 year old purebred Border Collie, Kelsi is stunning and brilliant and loving.  She is always interested in human connection and will thrive with the right guardians.  She fits in fine with other dogs, loves running and playing with other young border collies but her main interest is finding companionship from a human.  Kelsi is very affectionate, cuddly and friendly to everyone.  She is energetic but calms down inside, just enjoying being with people.  Kelsi is also incredibly AGILE...she easily jumps as high as 5 feet and JUMPS STRAIGHT INTO YOUR ARMS, or can grab your shoulders and pull herself into your arms or over your back, much like someone may have taught her to do for agility matches and/or frisbee.  She is amazingly athletic! Kelsi will need to be placed in an active sport oriented Border Collie home. She is also good with cats. Kelsi was previously at Best Friends from the age of 3 months where a caring staff member bought her at a dog auction in order to save her from the wrong hands. Kelsi is being fostered in upstate NY where she is actively learning agility.

Good natured Morgen found his forever home with his foster furmom and furdad who hadn't intended to add a fourth dog so soon but couldn't part with him, especially since he completed their pack so perfectly. He joins Zoe, who they also fostered and kept, as well as their original twosome, Becky and Sandy. Now a houseful, Morgen and Zoe can happily be safe forever and are now living in Long Island. Chris & Nancy are Friends of the Farm and will be moving here soon to assist in the farm activities on a daily basis so we'll be seeing Morgen and Zoe for a long time!!!

MORGEN: A 1 1/2 year old handsome purebred, Morgen is fun loving, easy going and eager to be with people. He is good with other dogs and enjoys dog play as well as easily settles once inside. Morgen is not showing heavy herding instincts though he does love dog play and is energetic since he is a young bc and is also interested in frisbee.  Morgen has not been tested on cats. He was found tied to the fence of a business. Morgen is being fostered in Long Island. 

Good natured Mac found his forever home with another wonderful dog, a golden retriever who upon meeting Mac, decided she was the boss which was just fine with him! He loved the kids and was happy to race with his new furry friend and let her lead the way. Mac now happily lives in New Jersey.

: Mac is a wonderful sweetheart, teddy bear boy with the desire to be with people and play. Only 8 months old, he is one of Rennie's pups, the Mom found on the streets of Brooklyn who we took in this past April. Like all the pups, Mac has been very well socialized, is great with kids, wonderful with other dogs and just a love bug. He was kept by the person fostering Rennie through her pregnancy but seems Mac has a taste for chickens and rabbits and since she has a small farm, it just was not a good fit. Mac has a fabulous temperament though we doubt much border collie since he's playful but fairly mellow and obviously a big boy, 60 pounds. Mac would love people around all the time as well as another dog, ideally. 

Sweet Bella found her forever home just in time to have packages under the xmas tree! She'll be joining another young bc/aussie, Smudge where she'll be able to play keep away games and race around forever.  The two of them quickly invented new games together upon meeting at the Farm plus they'll both be doing agility on a regular basis! Little Bella now lives in upstate NY.

BELLA:  Tiny Bella is a 4 month old petite purebred who may be small in size but she is huge in personality and  has tons of energy for agility or herding.... Born two days before the 4th of July, she is full of sparkle and pop!  She is truly alive, bursting with energy, incredibly fast to learn anything and everything and clearly shows interest in herding as well as all toys and activities around her.  Bella is great with all dogs, loves to engage, chase, play and nip, everything perfectly in line with the breed.  She is also very people oriented but will first need activities to match her intensity.  Bella is lovely and already knows sit and comes when called.  She will be placed only within a border collie home with other young border collies.  She is about 20 pounds.  Bella was 'rescued' from a pet store where she was obviously ill, turning out to have pneumonia. Thankfully, a caring animal lover helped her find her way to the Farm.


Sweet, good natured Beau needed someone who understood his shyness and skittish nature and he found it in the couple who volunteered to foster him! Afraid to get in or out of the car; afraid of loud noises and movement; Beau needed tender loving care which is why a foster home was so important. Well, like many wonderful dogs from the Farm, Beau won their hearts with his willingness to try; desire to join them in their lives; and his gentle nature, obviously working hard to overcome a very rough past. Beau used to live with Jag, another Border Collie who came to the farm, both given up when their caretakers lost their home. We suspect both dogs endured a less than ideal existence, as both were quite shy and cowered often.  We are so so pleased that Beau found his forever home, now always safe in loving hands! Beau now lives in Ct.

BEAU:  A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie Mix, Beau is a sweetheart, very very friendly and easy going though he can be shy at first.  He plays with other dogs like a puppy and is definitely on the submissive side, not interested in any conflict whatsoever.  Beau is the kind of dog that once he gives you his heart, will blossom beautifully.  Beau is athletic and would be happiest playing with another young dog.  He is about 40 pounds typical in size for the breed but a bit long legged.  Beau is good with cats.  Beau was relinquished when the guardians had to give up their home.  Beau is being fostered in Ct.

NICHOLAS: Little 8 week old Nicolas found his forever home before he even landed at the Farm.  Picked up by a volunteer who would transport him right after xmas, she just couldn't bear leaving him in the shelter over the holidays and as they say, the rest is history! Nicolas now lives in a loving border collie home in Pennsylvania, ironically 10 minutes from the shelter where he was waiting for his new family! 

The sweet, good natured Pye found his forever home with two dogs and a family we know very well! Ozzy (on Pye's left) was also adopted from the Farm and Ruby (on the right) came to visit to help out with the kids summer camp cause their furdad, Tom, taught the kids authentic native american pottery. Pye seemed right at home with two pals to race around and catch, as well as play his favorite game of 'catch me if you can'. Pye happily now lives in Rhode Island where he also has two boys to play with non-stop.

PYE, (Pirate), a 7 month old purebred Border Collie with ABC papers, Pye is a blast!  He is fast, fun and ready to go and loves being the lead dog in chase (he's ahead of little 4 month old Bella who is also quite fast!). Pye is very people oriented, friendly with everyone and wants to be involved with human interaction.  He is alert, eager to please and full of classic border collie energy though not showing any herding or nipping tendencies.  He is, however, a bit under socialized with other dogs so will stay at the Farm long enough to work that out.  Pye is about 30 pounds, typical in size.  His former caretaker was 80 years old and felt she could not provide him with what he needed so made sure he got to safety at the Farm.

BENTON: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie/Lab mix, Benton is a playful, fun-loving dog, ready to interact with everyone he meets. He is good with kids and enjoys family activities, just wanting to be a part of everything. He has some basic obedience already and is eager to learn. Benton is also good with cats. He is about 65 pounds and fairly tall, showing his lab (we assume) size. As a mix, he does not have the herding, nipping traits of a purebred.  We are happy to bring him to the Farm for anyone to meet. He is currently at our vet's office where he was taken in as a stray.

Sweet, shy Tyler found his forever home with another border collie and a family that completely adored him. Once he cuddled next to them on the couch, that was it! And he and his new furbud raced around in mounds of snow at the Farm, chasing each other like they had been pals for a very long time. Tyler now lives in Massachusetts where he can continue to come out of his shell and find his confidence!

TYLER: a 8 month old purebred Border Collie, Tyler is a very sweet gentle boy, yet his instinct to herd is already evident as he watches and stalks everything that moves. He is a very smart, observant dog though not hyperactive at all, instead very focused. Tyler is very eager to connect with people and is affectionate. He can be a little reserved, possibly indicating he has some mistreatment in his background though he quickly wants to be loved and give his love back. He will be placed with another border collie to handle his level of activity though he does not necessarily need to work. Tyler is about 25 pounds. He has not yet been tested on cats. He was turned into a shelter for having too much energy.

Gentle natured Piper found his forever home with a new furbuddy, Willy, who doesn;t mind if he herds him everywhere he goes!  Piper is a bit cautious in new situations as obvious from the picture but his new person understands and is happy to give him plenty of time to adjust.  Piper now happily lives in upstate NY.

PIPER (Oreo): Piper is a 3 1/2 year old petite purebred Border Collie who is used to a lot of activity and chaos because he lived with 12 children!  He is very friendly , gentle and sweet , happy to sit in your lap for affection.  He is also a busy border collie so would do best with another dog or an outlet for his herding instinct and/or play.  He is interested in everything around him though he can be a bit shy and prefers a predictable routine in his life.  Piper is not good with cats.  He is about 30 pounds, a more petite dog.   Piper was given up because he was jumping a 3 foot fence and had to be tied out which wasn't working for his energy level.  

Brilliant Miga found her forever home with two border collie lovers who will be taking her through agility, giving her lots of stimulation and for fun, she now lives near the beach at Cape Cod so gets to chase waves, too! Miga is already busy herding the cats and ready to tackle her new sport! Miga now lives in Massachusetts.

MIGA:  a brilliant 5 year old tri-color purebred, Miga is keenly aware and eager to interact with everyone she meets.  She is quite wonderful, knowing hand signals to circle behind and around, go left as well as many obedience commands - sit, stay, leave it, come, down, over, get busy, eat, easy, etc.  She has been introduced to agility and is a natural with slides, tunnels, jumps as well as loving frisbee or ball.  Miga -short for the spanish word, friend - amiga - she is truly that, friendly with people.  She likes to nudge and snuggle around your neck and will happily be by your side for affection.  She would be happiest as the solo dog since she's used to that though can, over time, get used to another more submissive dog.  Miga also loves to swim and to go for walks and explore the world with her person at her side. She also is a frisbee nut, happy to play and play.  She has not been tested yet on cats.  She is about 40 pounds, typical in size. Miga was relinquished due to her interaction with a toddler, she is not fond of the activity level and would do best with older children or in an adult home.

Freeman was adopted 1 1/2 years ago into a home with very young children, and due to one incident over food, he has been returned to the Farm. Any dog, food and young kids do not mix well without supervision which is why we no longer adopt into homes with children under 7. No matter the situation, the dog always looses out.

The wonderful, good natured Freeman found a new home right away, this time forever cause he found his ball buddy in the 13 year old - together they'll be playing soccer, lacrosse, frisbee and everything else that moves! Freeman LOVES balls! And, he even gets to sleep side by side with his new friend! He now lives in CT.

FREEMAN, a purebred 5 1/2 year old border collie w/papers, Freeman is very focused on retrieving his toys...balls, stuffed animals, his buster cube, you name it, he will gladly bring back anything you throw for him, for hours and hours...this is how he's channeled his border collie working instinct and LOVES it. Freeman is very obedient, eager to please and really good with people, including children. He grew up in a  house with kids and will be happiest having a youngster to play fetch and/or frisbee. He is best as the solo dog. Freeman needs lots of exercise, like all border collies, is good on leash, likes to ride in the car and loves water.  Freeman, Relinquished by guardian.

Gyp is fantastic at solo soccer, moving the ball with such precision she could score!

Gorgeous Gyp found her new home with two border collie lovers who were happy to have another fun loving, ball chasing, soccer pushing girl to add to their lives! Gyp now has another border collie friend, Sweep, and both get to enjoy agility and flyball on a regular basis as well as the adoring love of a new home! Gyp now lives in Ct.

GYP:  A 6 year old purebred with papers, Gyp is one of the friendliest , people oriented Border Collies around! She is happy to lick your face with a big hello, and totally focus on being with you. Within moments of meeting, you would think she had been with you forever.   She is an easy-going girl, happy to be around other dogs though like most females, she is in charge so would be best with submissive dogs or males.  Gyp likes to play ball and also loves the snow, happily nosing around for fun. She is very obedient and also good with cats.  Gyp is presently carrying about 10 -15 pounds too much so will be her most gorgeous self after playing at the Farm.  Gyp was relinquished because the guardians felt she was no longer content living with them & needed something more (she was not as settled as their lab). 

Ginger Rogers, as we affectionately call her, found a fantastic forever home that most humans would love as much as she will! She lives with two loving guardians who adore border collies, another mature border collie who loves balls as much as she does and will let her be in charge (he doesn't mind at all) plus she gets to travel cross-country to her summer home in Montana!!! Ginger has loads of space to run, chase squirrels and hang with her new furry boyfriend, Sherlock as well as get tummy rubs all the time! Ginger now lives in PA and Montana.

GINGER: a stunning purebred with classic markings and lines, Ginger is 10 years old and full of love. She adores people and immediately comes for loving and attention. She's very very obedient and eager to be with people and please you. She settles right down next to you and curls up quietly waiting for what's next. She's an ideal companion without the challenges of a young border collie. She is however, full of energy outside and runs and herds like any younger border collie. She lives to work the perimeter of the property, patrolling and keeping an eye on things. She will chase cars so must be on leash if walked outside the yard.  Ginger was in one home for 7 years and recently surrendered because through no fault of her own, the owner's new boyfriend didn't want a dog. Ginger, Relinquished by guardian. 

Lovely Lille found her forever home and it suits her perfectly - she'll join in hiking, snow-shoeing, cross country skiing and gets to play tons of frisbee! Plus, in the summer, she even gets to spend lots of time hiking while her new person photographs wildflowers as part of her work! Her new guardian is a very active outdoor oriented person and immediately fell in love with Lille's playful spirit! As she said, "I don't know who is luckier...I can't believe I have such a great dog!" Lille now lives in Vermont.

LILLE- Lille is a very confident, energetic 2 yr old border collie, ready to play ball or frisbee or engage in any sport event! She loves people and would be happiest with someone who is active. She is quite alert and brilliant, eager to learn and be challenged mentally.  She is good with other dogs but would be happy as the solo dog in an active home. She is about 30 pounds, typical in size for the breed, is good with cats and has been trained on the invisible fence.  She was a stray in a kill shelter.   

A petite gorgeous 7 year old border collie.   Dutch came to the Farm with his sister, Samantha.  They are intelligent, very alert and responsive to everyone around them and very eager to be involved in all activities.  Dutch is very friendly and playful (toys and balls) and enjoys being with other dogs, as well as being with people.  He is a well balanced, involved dog, typical of the breed yet not as intense as a young Border Collie.  Dutch loves to jump up on the couch with you and will give you a nudge for a pet on the head or drop the "toy of the hour" in your lap.  He has been trained on the electronic fence system.   Dutch is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats.  He can be adopted with his sister Samantha or with other dogs.  The duo was given up to a move, changing their environment. 

This daring duo, Samantha & Dutch,  found their forever home together in Vermont, with guardians who are home a lot of the time to enjoy their escapades and keep them company. They now have three acres for lots of room to run, play frisbee, chase balls and make up the brother-sister games they love to create. We are so pleased that this family saw what we did in them...two wonderful, sweet, good natured Border Collies full of life and love to give!

SAMANTHA: A petite 7 year old, gorgeous tri-color purebred border collie, Samantha came to the Farm with her brother Dutch.  They are intelligent, very alert and responsive to everyone around them and very eager to be involved in all activities.  Samantha loves watching all the action of the Farm (especially in her herding position next to the tub)- and will easily jump from paddock to paddock to be with people.  Her favorite place is at your knee, melting you with the sweetest eyes, begging for a hug and cuddle.  She has been trained on the electronic fence system. Samantha is only about 25 pounds and is not good with cats.  She can be adopted with her brother Dutch - or as an only dog.  The duo was given up to a move, changing their environment.

RADAR:  a 1 year old Border Collie mix, Radar is full of life, truly ready to play and go anywhere you go!  He is very eager to connect with a human an form a relationship, happy to be in your company.  He is also good with other dogs though a bit rough in play with his body blocking and puppy like behaviors.   He would be happiest with another young dog for play or someone who can really focus on him.  Radar is very friendly, has some basic obedience but can be mouthy so will be placed with adults or with teenage children only.  He is so eager to bond, it is likely that he will be very trainable.  Radar is good with cats   Radar is a bit larger at 55 pounds.  Radar has been bounced around 4 times, among a family who kept passing him from one relative to the next, obviously not managing this young pup very well or helping to give him a stable life.  

Wonderful Radar found his forever home himself! When Britt's family (now called Sadie) came to see her two weeks ago, it was Radar who responded to the whistle, coming over to say hello! That one moment sealed his fate when they saw his sweet nature in his eyes, they had to come back to add Radar to their family. And, even better news is that Sadie and Radar were best buds at the farm, playing constantly - they loved each other! so now get to enjoy 252 acres of countryside, racing and rolling and playing chase. Radar, Sadie and Harry have a devoted family who adores them all and will never be unwanted and abandoned again.

This is one of my all time favorite adoptions because Radar came to us as a big bully with no manners and full of less than desirable behaviors. No one had invested any time in him whatsoever and he  needed help. If he'd been in a shelter, he would have been destroyed and if adopted out, bounced back yet again. But, with training and guidance and love, he did the work to transform into a focused, loving, playful friend. I am so so proud of him. Many thanks to all who made it possible for Radar to be safe -  Sharon from S.A.V.E. who pulled him from the kill shelter, Chris who took the pictures in Brooklyn, Nikki and Alan who drove him to the farm, Teresa who showed me how to work with a puppy brain in a big body and Ally who spotted him on the internet and thankfully started the whole process.    Radar is a perfect example of why we continue to rescue dog after dog after dog!  Lillie

Sweet beautiful Britt found her forever home with another Border Collie mix and two kids who are dog lovers plus she now has 252 acres to explore on hikes and trails with two ponds. Britt now lives in scenic upstate NY with a doggie playground we would all love!

BRITT:  A sweet 4 month old border collie mix, Brit is a gentle-natured dog who loves to be in your lap all the time, as well as lick your face with kisses.  Her coat coloring is brindle in addition to the black and white.  She is very very sweet, a bit shy and reserved but she does love to play with other young dogs.  Britt would do best with a more submissive dog as a buddy since she can be timid. We feel she would be happiest with another dog for play which also helps her confidence.  She is interested in cats but shows no harm and will instantly take a correction because she is eager to please.  Britt is able to climb a 6 foot chain link fence since she is quite agile so will need secure containment.   Britt is about 25 pounds and looks like she may be a bit bigger than the average 45 pound border collie but it's hard to say.  She was abandoned in an apartment and confiscated by the animal control officer.

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