Sweet Troy found his forever home with two other furry friends, Alex and Magic and a guardian who just loved his gentle, cuddly nature. She is excited to have Troy qualify to be a therapy dog since he is such a loving Border Collie plus plans to introduce him to agility to build his confidence and of course, lots of fun doggie play in the meantime. Troy loved her equally as much and was right at home racing around with her dogs in the field at the Farm. Troy now lives in PA.

TROY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Troy is a great candidate for a therapy dog because all he wants is to be with a person, giving wonderful sweet kisses and lots of affection. He is always the first one to check in with us en route out to the field for play so he can be sure to say hello. He is not high energy so would make a terrific companion but would be happiest with another dog for play. Troy is OK with cats. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Troy was one of the dogs surrendered from an Indian reservation in NY, along with 7 other Border Collies. 

 Curious Cassie will have a lot to explore in her new home with five dogs, numerous cats and two guardians who really understand animals. She is now living with two of the founders of Spring Farm Cares, an amazing sanctuary in upstate NY (visit their site to find out more http://www.springfarmcares.org . They fell in love with her charming face and knew the she was destined to join their family, especially after their own Border Collie mix, Lacy, jumped for joy upon seeing her picture, saying 'when is she coming, when is she coming!!?' Her new guardians talk with their animals (Dawn is a professional animal communicator) so after consulting with the whole animal family and Cassie and Lillie, it was crystal clear that this was the forever home for her. We're just thrilled that Cassie will be with people and animals who can support her growth and adore her completely.

CASSIE: A gorgeous 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Cassie is a sweetheart. She loves to be touched and wants to be with people. She has an adorable shy way of coming up for attention with a big smile (yes, a smile), then darting away and then coming back. She has done beautifully at the Farm, learning that she can trust people and she now craves a connection. She is very playful and absolutely loves other dogs so will placed with another dog (or dogs). Since she had a background of little human touch, she will need a patient guardian who continues to help her make progress in being a 'normal' pup. Cassie is a very gentle, loving dog who wants so much to be with you and will do well, with time and caring. She will only go to a home with someone with good dog skills, a fenced yard and lots of time for her. She is truly 'a diamond in the rough'. Cassie is about 45 pounds, and is good with cats. She came from a collector situation in PA

Brilliant Brennin found his forever home happily where he can play catch with the tennis ball for endless hours, play with other border collies and be the constant companion for his new guardian who loves the breed. Brennin also loves to cuddle and give kisses so will have lots of time for that, too! Brennin now lives in upstate NY.

BRENNIN: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Brennin is fun, playful and very friendly with everyone. An affectionate, loving Border Collie, he is well balanced and enjoys all activities around him. As a young dog, he has lots of energy so needs an outlet for playing. He is quite smart and inventive, making up his own ball game where he tosses it up and catches it, obviously eager to have a human playing with him. He loves all toys. Brennin is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. He is OK with cats. Brennin was in a NY shelter.

Sweet, fun-loving Ryder found his forever home with a fur-buddy who looks almost like a littermate, another good-natured Border Collie mix, Ron. Ryder will have a wonderful life outdoors with one of his new guardians who is a wilderness photographer and guide so he'll be going canoeing, camping and hiking as well as enjoying lots of play! Ryder now lives in upstate NY.

RYDER: A 10 month old Border Collie (probably lab) mix, Ryder is all play, full of energy and loves to jump, race and run. He is completely puppy in his mouthiness and desire to be in the middle of everything. He is not a chewer and is housetrained so a bit of obedience and lots of guidance will help him blossom into a wonderful companion. Ryder is very very sweet, loving and just craves lots of attentions and loves to give hugs and kisses. He is about 35 pounds, fairly petite and could be lots of fun in agility since he can easily jump with all four feet right off the ground. Ryder is good with cats. He was a stray in southern PA. 

PEPPER is an energetic 4 yr old border collie (maybe a little mix) that loves to play with toys.  He was found as a stray in Newark NJ and is being boarded with Greyhound rescue until we have room for him at the Farm.  Pepper is a petite 31 lbs and can be a little exuberant with his toys - so a home with no small children is recommended. If you're interested in meeting Pepper, please contact Donna Patt 908-654-5790 (home)  or 973-596-6559 or email her dmpatt@hotmail.com  or 908-768-4959 (mobile)

ROWDY is a petite, 1-1/2 year-old neutered male border collie with ABCA papers.  He is gentle, sweet, and ready to play!  Rowdy has been introduced to agility equipment and knows his basic obedience commands.  Rowdy would be happiest with other dog friends for wrestling, chasing, and games.  Rowdy is being fostered near Rochester, and will  be coming to the Farm soon.  He was relinquished by a family who couldn't meet his need for activity. If you're interested in meeting Rowdy in Rochester, please contact the Farm sweetbcrescue@citlink.net

Glorious Glen found his forever home right before Christmas so he'll have lots of toys under the tree just for him and a warm bed that is forever his own! Glen is joining a pack of two border collies, Bonnie & Peach (who came through the farm) and Chessie, a sweet mix. He raced around like he had been one of the pack, tearing around the farm, happy for lots of play. His leg is perfectly healed and he clearly will have lots of fun for a long, long, time never in pain suffering again without proper care. Glen now lives in lower NY.

GLEN: A 1 year old Border Collie, Glen is a love bug, absolutely wants to cuddle for belly rubs and be next to you giving and getting love. He is very smart, involved in everything around him and happy to run and play with other dogs. He is not high energy so would make a terrific companion but would be happiest with another dog or even two for play. Glen is fine with cats. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. He had leg surgery to repair a fracture from a car accident and is doing beautifully, healing just fine. Glen was one of the dogs surrendered from an Indian reservation in NY, along with 7 other Border Collies. 

Sweet York found his forever home with another furry friend and guardians who fell in love with him instantly. He will get a chance to do agility for fun and also get to try therapy work where we are certain he will excel, sharing all his love and sweetness. York now lives in Canada.

YORK: A 1 year old Border Collie, York loves to be hugged and given belly rubs plus he gives back as much love as he gets. A sweet good natured boy, he is playful, running around with other dogs and interested in having a buddy for dog play. He is not high energy so would make a terrific companion but would be happiest with another dog for play. York is OK with cats. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. York was one of the dogs surrendered from an Indian reservation in NY, along with 7 other Border Collies.

Sweet Jax found his forever home on Christmas Eve! He happily hopped up on the couch for lots of attention and didn't want to leave, quite obviously picking his new people just as they instantly fell in love with him. A real bundle of love and gentleness, he won their hearts just as he did ours here at the Farm. We are so thrilled for this sweet boy to share his good nature with loving guardians who understand the patience and care he will need throughout his life. Jax will have his own 32 acre NY farm to enjoy and now lives in PA, never to be left tied to a dog house again.

JAX: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Jax is a sweet, very very loving dog. He loves people and is very friendly with everyone. Jax has a challenge however which is blindness so he will need another dog in the home as a leader as well as patient guardians who understand his special needs. As with most blind dogs, his hearing and smell is acute so he compensates for the lack of sight and does so well, going in and out of doorways, eating, following rolling balls, jumping into the car and lots of other things. He needs to rely on another dog or a person for some direction and guidance at times of course. His ability to compensate is so good that the vet who examined was pretty sure he has blind for quite a long time. He is about 50 pounds, very similar in body shape to a retriever though with border collie markings. He has not yet been tested on cats. Jax and his brother, Jessee, were left tied to a dog house day and night until a neighbor stepped in to take them to a shelter which contacted the Farm for help. He came from western PA. No one realized that he could not see properly until they arrived here.

Sweet, spirited Sam found her forever home and will start the New Year surrounded by love and truly in the spotlight.. she will be the constant companion of her new guardian, Sandy, who just loves border collies and knew she was a perfect fit for him. Being from Scotland himself, he understood her brilliance and feisty, yet cuddly spirit and felt they would be a perfect pair. She took to him right away, loving all the attention..( though being camera shy, it's hard to see the whole picture). Sam will be with him all day at work, enjoy long walks in the park and go with him everywhere and anywhere, just perfect for her! Sam now lives in upstate NY.

SAMANTHA: A petite 8 year old, gorgeous tri-color purebred border collie, Samantha came to the Farm with her brother Dutch.  She is  intelligent, very alert and responsive to everyone around her and very eager to be involved in all activities.  Samantha loves watching all the action of the Farm (especially in her herding position next to the tub)- and will easily jump from paddock to paddock to be with people.  Her favorite place is at your knee, melting you with the sweetest eyes, begging for a hug and cuddle.  She has been trained on the electronic fence system. Samantha is only about 25 pounds and is not good with cats.  Sam was given up due to a move, changing their environment.

Gorgeous Tigg found his new home with another young Border Collie, Kai, who loved to play as rough and hard and fast as he does so they were instant buds, chasing and cutting and angling all over the fields at the Farm. Then, rolling and tumbling and playing tug in the Adoption Office, it was crystal clear these two would have a great life together. Plus, Tigg, now called Rowan, will get to try flyball and agility for even more focused fun! Tigg now lives in MA.

TIGG: An 8 month old red & white Border Collie, Tigg is a sweetheart, very very friendly with everyone and eager to be in the middle of everything. He likes attention and is also affectionate. Tigg is energetic so needs another Border Collie who is young and loves to play physically, racing, chasing and wrestling. Tigg is about 35 pounds typical in size for the breed and is good with cats. Tigg came from ME. 

Pepper found her forever home with a guardian who previously had a border collie just like her...very very intense...  so she was smitten with the quirkiness of Pepper, another incredibly focused intense girl. Pepper will get a chance to use her strong eye and brilliance in agility and obedience, competing in trials. Plus, she'll have someone who loves her demands to play ball over and over and over again! Pepper now lives in PA.

PEPPER: A stunning 2 year old Border Collie, Pepper is remarkable in her focus for toys, able to play ball for hours, catch frisbees anywhere anytime and when there are no toys, she finds leaves and blades of grass to drop at your feet, awaiting a toss in the air. She is a classic sport dog in need of the joy of agility or flyball with someone who loves the sports as much as she does. She is very very focused, agile and striking to watch in action. Pepper is also sweet and curious in nature. She is fine with other dogs but doesn't need a dog playmate as much as she needs an outlet for her mind and body. She is good with cats. She will do best in an adult home or with teen age children since she is so focused on her 'work'. After a day of activity, Pepper also loves to cuddle and relax. She is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Pepper came from PA.

Sweet Finley found his forever home where he has two loving guardians who adore border collies and his own 20 acres to run around in and explore! Plus, one of his new guardians is home all the time so he'll be a constant companion enjoying his new life. He hopped right in the car like he was ready to go and lived with them all his life! Finley now lives in PA.

FINLEY: A 5 1/2 year old Border Collie, Finley (formerly known as Finally), is gorgeous, fun and spirited and also very easy going. He loves to play with toys and makes up his own keep-away game, chasing and racing around throwing the stuffed toys in the air. Finley is good with other dogs and happy to be in the middle of everything or happy to be with a person, too. He is very smart, obedient and happy to please. Since he is a mature dog, he is not hyper or overly intense but will benefit from people who understand the breed. He is OK with cats and will go to a home with older children over 12 since he doesn't like a lot of chaos. He is carrying a little extra weight but is typical in size for the breed. He was relinquished to the farm from his home in Long Island. 

Sweet Skye found his forever home with loving guardians who just fell in love with his sweet nature and gentleness. He will now have a furry friend, lots of room to run and even a great yard filled with squirrels which he loves to chase! And, of course, LOTS of love. Skye now lives in upstate NY.

SKYE: A gorgeous 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Skye is a lovebug. He is very happy with people around and also very happy with other Border Collies, making up toy games like Border Collies do!  He is very smart, attentive and eager to please. He is energetic but not hyper so will settle easily when things are calm though he is happiest playing, racing around with another dog.  He is good with cats. He is about 45 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Skye was surrendered from an owner in Maine who had no time for him. 

Beautiful Brett found his forever home with another fur friend, Buddy, who raced and chased and ran with him like the wind, having a blast in the fields at the Farm! They were fast friends and quite clearly suited for a life together. Brett will have loving guardians who just think he's gorgeous, sweet and brilliant and plan to work with him in lots of dog activities. Plus, he gets his own two sweet girls who like to cuddle just like he does! Brett now lives in NJ.

BRETT: A gorgeous 3 year old Border Collie, Brett is very friendly, loves people and also loves activity. He enjoys the stimulation of other dogs with lots of dog play. He also has an eye for sports like agility and would enjoy a close relationship with a person. A very very sweet dog, he thrives on companionship and is eager to please. Brett needs to be in an active home. He is not good with cats. He is about 45 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Brett was relinquished to the farm from a breeder in NY who felt he didn't have strong enough herding instincts to work.

Storm found his new home with guardians who had a beloved border collie who was their constant companion and again wanted to enjoy that brilliance and gentle nature. Storm clearly fit with them, happy for constant ball tosses as well as being by their sides for attention. He now lives in Canada where he'll be trying agility in the Border Collie Club in their town!

STORM: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie ABCA papers, Storm is a happy dog who loves playing ball. He focuses intently on the ball about to be tossed to him and quickly brings it back, rolling it right back to you for another throw. He is good natured and easy going and calm, not overly intense except with his focus on the ball. Storm is very smart, eager to please and would benefit from someone building a relationship with him in activities where he could go along and be involved. He gets along with other dogs but best with submissive dogs since he doesn't like dogs who crowd him while ball play is going on. Storm is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. He lived with a Lab and Pomeranian previously and was given up because the family felt they could not meet his needs. He was relinquished from upstate NY. 

Adorable Della found her new home with an agility person who just loves the breed and the fantastic things they love to do. Della is so athletic and smart that she will surely thrive in this new home and get a chance to seriously compete in the sport, too. She has three fur friends besides lots and lots of love! Della now lives in PA.

DELLA: A petite liver-colored 10 month old Border Collie, Della is a ball of energy and so so sweet. She is also very tiny, about 25 pounds so is very quick. Della is lively yet not overly frantic but definitely interested in learning and having something to do. Della would do well in sports and is 14 inches tall (competitive measurement). She is curious about everything and ready to explore her environment. She is great with everyone she meets and good with other dogs. She is good with cats.  She came from a shelter in Delaware. 

Gorgeous Chloe found her forever home with a guardian who loves the breed, growing up with them and now will enjoy her own companion Border Collie hiking, swimming, kayaking, running and in agility. Chloe has a furry friend for lots of running and chase games, too. Plus, Chloe will be in the spotlight with lots of students at the University where her new guardian teaches. Chloe now lives in Vermont. Many thanks to Stacy and John who fostered Chloe, helping her get ready for this big day!

CHLOE: A gorgeous 1 year old Border Collie, Chloe is all energy and focus. She can jump all four feet off the ground in pursuit of a ball being thrown and is obviously agile and ready to run, chase and play. Chloe is very smart and learns very quickly. She is being trained in agility and is doing very very well. She knows all the obstacles very well, has a stay at the start and on contact obstacles, and is picking up the weaves very quickly. She can sequence at least 5 obstacles and she is going to be a very tight, fast working dog. She would do well with a novice or advanced handler. She is looking for a connection with a person and will thrive in an interactive relationship. Chloe is friendly and outgoing and affectionate...a great combination but she needs a home that can meet her needs. She is good with other dogs and would do best with another dog to handle her energy needs or in an agility home where she had an outlet for her mind and body. Chloe would be best with cats that are used to dogs, is about 35 pounds. She came to us from one of the Friends of the Farm who wanted to help get her out of a bad situation. Chloe is being fostered In Syracuse, NY, and can be seen at the Farm.

Finn found his forever home in doggie paradise with daily hikes on wooded trails, swims in streams and guardians who work from home so he has constant companionship plus furry friends and he even gets to try agility! Finn happily headed out the gate to his new life with toys in tow ready to enjoy Vermont!

FINN: A 3 year old Border Collie, Finn is all fun! He is a tennis ball fanatic, eager to race and chase and return the ball...he even has a clever return...he goes right behind you and between your legs to drop the ball! Finn is very smart, very alert and high energy. He would enjoy an active home or sport home where he could use his mind and body all the time, typical of a classic Border Collie. He is good with other dogs though most focused on a person who can provide an outlet for fun. Finn is also friendly to everyone and absolutely loves to swim in water and will happily play for hours. He is great off leash and will return quickly with a whistle. Finn 'works' cats, focused on herding them and will chase them when they run. He would do best with dog savvy cats who have been around Border Collies.  He is about 40 pounds, typical in size. Finn was relinquished to the Farm due to lack of time for him, from a guardian in NJ. 

Funny, loveable Flip found his new home with another sweet, gentle Border Collie who likes to race and run and tumble and wrestle just like he does so they became fast friends at the Farm as soon as they met one another. Flip's new guardians just adored his  sweet face and shy ways and couldn't leave without having him go with them to begin his new life. Flip will have plenty of space for endless playing with 7 acres of countryside plus he'll get to try agility. Flip now lives in upstate NY.

FLIP: A 10 month old border collie, Flip is a sweetheart, eager to be with everyone he meets. He is friendly, playful and full of energy so needs an outlet for his mind and body. Flip is great with other dogs, wants to play and run and chase and also loves toys of any kind. He can entertain himself with toys, throwing them in the air and racing around...adorable to see. He is about 30 pounds, a bit petite. He is good with cats. Flip was taken to a NJ shelter by a family who did not want him. 

Camera shy Trinny was all set for the camera the day she found her new home! Happy to race, chase and make up herding games with her new Border Collie friend, Ozzie, she clearly chose her new life with guardians who love the breed. She'll have lots of fun running the nearby beach and even get to try therapy dog work, too. Trinny formerly grew up with an autistic child in the home and will now live with a guardian who works with autistic children so may offer her brilliance 'working' to help the kids! Trinny now lives in Rhode Island.

TRINNY (TRINITY): A 1 year old tri-color Border Collie with ABCA papers, Trinny is a sweet, intelligent girl aware of everything around her and interested in all of it. She can be a little reserved at first in new situations but is very warm and friendly with people and eager to connect. She is active like all Border Collies and needs an outlet for her energy and mind. A home with another Border Collie would be great since she lived with another dog and likes to play. Trinny is not good with cats, will bark and try to herd them, so may do OK with dog savvy cats.  She is trained on the invisible fence system. She came to the farm from New Jersey, given up due to a divorce.  (Trinny is camera shy so hard to catch her beautiful eyes!)



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