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Glen Highland Farm - 217 Pegg Rd - Morris, NY  13808

Become a Friend of the Farm
Glen Highland Farm is a 175 acre nature sanctuary in upstate New York that was created to protect animals from cruel and inhumane situations and to foster and promote the positive principles of nonviolence between children and their environment through the human/animal/nature relationship.  As a non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of individuals and corporations that are interested in making a difference in the life of a child or uniting the loving spirit of a rescued Border Collie with it's forever family.  Please become a  "Friend of the Farm" and consider participating in one of our sponsorship programs.

Become a "Friend of the Farm"
Needed: Biscuit Buddies, Comfort Caretakers, 
and Special Sponsors

You donít need a border collie companion to be a Friend of the Farm.

Your involvement comes from understanding that you are helping to rescue the discarded sitting on death row in animal shelters, providing comfort to the hearts of the families that need to give up their friend, and changing the lives of kids as they come to the farm to experience the magic of the border collie spirit.


How can you save the life of a dog?  How can you impact the life of a child living in a world of daily  violence?  

Simple....  find 18 cents a day - and become a 
Friend of the Farm. 

That's all it takes - 18 cents a day or a cup of coffee a week, or a sandwich & fries a month.... 

however you look at it - the impact to their lives far out weighs the impact to ours.

There is not a large staff of people at the Farm, there is no trust fund supporting the financial needs of these dogs and kids - it's ALL you - people that want to get involved and make a difference.  

Can 18 cents a day REALLY make a difference?  It's the only thing that does!!  

Dig in your couch cushions, check the cup holder in your car - 
put the 18 cents to good use - become a
Friend of the Farm.

For those that have been blessed with a furry friend from the Farm - the loving family member that makes you smile everyday - someone else, who never met your dog, had 
18 cents a day
available to save him - wouldn't you be willing to do the same for the next family?
CLICK HERE for your application 


Our goal to save 100 - 150 Border Collies each year is very important and meaningful to us and hopefully to you, but we do need help to support this effort.  Rescuing border collies is a costly venture due to the veterinary care needed for almost all the dogs.  The fee of $275 helps offset some of those costs but not all, so you can help us continue our efforts, even if you cannot adopt but want to support saving this breed. Each dog costs us approximately $350 if they remain with us one month.  Many dogs stay as long as six months and some will reside at the Farm permanently because their issues cannot be healed (abuse histories are severe).  Here is a breakdown:

Every dog receives the following:  rabies ($12); distemper ($28);  heartworm test ($19); spay/neuter ($70); heartworm preventative ($5 per month); frontline for fleas & ticks ($10 per month); food ($30 month); toys ($5); bedding ($12); collar ($7); bones & biscuits ($5) plus additional vet care:  antibiotics when sick; eye ointments; special vet visits for cuts, illnesses, etc.; plus each dog costs $20 per office visit (the vet policy).

In addition, the facility itself carries costs in order to foster the dogs and run the program:  telephone & web ($1000/month); electric & heat in the barn ($300 - 500/month); office supplies -paper, copies, postage, etc.; transportation of dogs from kill pounds & owners to the farm ($50 per trip); accounting services for the non-profit; salaries for dog caretakers.

These costs are hard costs that we must cover upfront prior to adoptions.  We need assistance from caring individuals like yourself.  

No amount is too small....every contribution counts, so please consider what you can do to help us help these dogs.  We've had tremendous success finding wonderful homes for what were previously unwanted and rejected dogs...please join us in the joy of caring for creatures that offer us so much love and ask only that we care for them appropriately. 


All shapes & sizes, no flavors please
Galileo nylabones are the best - order from

All-beef bullwrinkles or braided bullwrinkles would be great!  (no rawhide please)

Any flavor is perfect.  We use huge boxes every week.

All shapes, sizes and kinds are needed please -  send dozens!

Order from -
www.PetEdge.com  many toys are $1 each

We happily accept used toys that are washed as well as blankets and towels.