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Lillie Goodrich
Founder, Executive Director, President

President/CEO, Goodrich & Partners, Morris NY

Reviewing a career of work usually leads you to write a pretty standard biography of experiences but now that we're here, committed to the Farm, the past is barely relevant to who we really are, day to day.  Gone are the schedules and timelines, meeting other people's needs; gone are the political agendas manufactured to suit someone's ego; gone are the pressure cooker environments where everything is critical yet totally out of proportion....  instead, what I experience with Farm work is far more gentle, yet more demanding in a very different way.  We are literally now working 24/7, not because of the internet, but because animals need you up by 6am, filling their tummies and back out at 8pm, for a final piece of business.  In between, these living, loving creatures lure you into being with them as much as possible.  Their bark for attention is so honest, so direct (unlike the business world) and so easily handled...they just want to be with you. 

Some people tell me they are jealous of our life's work, they've always wanted to do it themselves.  I find that so interesting because I always carried this dream within me but I vowed to actually DO IT, not dream it which means both John and I had to walk away from all security, from everything we ever knew, in order to DO IT.   We sold our Ct home, took the proceeds and poured into the farm.  There has been no large fund of money to pull from, just our the money from that house.  Most people would never take this kind of risk.  So, while some may feel envious, we have to chuckle because what we've done is put ourselves in complete jeopardy in order to act on this desire. Not for the faint-hearted or security conscious, this is a decision to align our careers with our life's purpose, rather than wait for when we had the money or the time... those never come, as dreamers sadly know.

Our days are now filled with barking, crying dogs; continual calls and emails about dogs, adopting and giving them up; promotional efforts and mailings; fund-raising efforts and of course, operational farm work, which is a continual process of creation and repair each and every day.  So, here we sit, on the edge of a cliff, trusting something far greater than ourselves to guide us.  Why? Because it has.  Call it divine intervention, call it a deep  knowing, call it trust and matter what it's called, both John and I answered the call and here we are.  So, what gave us the courage to get to this point? Some simple facts from the past might help fill out the picture.

My background has been full of creation - everything from scratch, original ideas becoming a reality - twenty years experience in highly competitive industries  - television, advertising, and marketing, acting as a catalyst for innovative projects, leading multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies (Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lexus, Maybelline Cosmetics), television broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Time-Warner) and international businesses - also working as a Management Consultant, versed in the psychology of motivation, time management, sales skills and leadership development.  I graduated from the University of Maryland with a Journalism degree but ended chasing the glamour of television.

Three years ago (prior to rescue), I combined my creative background with 14 years of my own extensive personal growth work to offer expertise as an 'intuitive coach' and founded Goodrich & Partners.  I assist individuals and executives in decision making and transitions to enable them to trust themselves and their intuition in order to create whatever they desire.  Trained in energy work, intuitive communication and spiritual development, my approach is deeply transformative, as well as practical.  My book, The Little Book of Everyday Soul, is to be published this fall.

While glamorous projects have been exciting and working intimately with individuals has been very fulfilling, ,my real inner passion had always been to assist animals.  Ever since the age of five, I'd dreamt of helping animals who were hurt, abandoned or uncared for. In fact, I prayed every night for the safe-keeping of those in danger. My own 'inner-tuning' led to an intuitive relationship with border collies who's sharp focus and instinctive brilliance is well-noted in the dog world.  This breed tunes into the people and situations around them in order to understand what's needed. Finally, the dogs led me to my life's work.

That 'calling' led me to co-found Glen Highland Farm with life partner, John Andersen.  As Executive Director, I am channeling my intuition into matching border collies with new guardians, as well as utilizing my professional experience to oversee the day-to-day rescue operation and affiliated programs.  I am trained as an Animal Communicator, studying with the renown Penelope Smith and also versed in Tellington Touch as well as other holistic approaches.

I am sincerely committed to assisting this highly intuitive breed of dogs and relate to them on a deep spirit level.  My connection to their capacity to heal and transform people is profound.  As a Native American, I am drawn to the land of Glen Highland Farm to birth a vision where nature, animals and children join and bond in the energy of unconditional love so that healing may unfold. 

John Andersen 
Founder, Treasurer

President/CEO, Genesis Consulting, Morris, NY

"Those who bring any of God's creatures into the shelter of compassion and love, 
will always deal likewise with their
fellow  human beings".

John has been the CEO of six different major US corporations over a period of 20+ years ranging in size from small ($10 million) to large ($1 billion +) in a broad range of industries.  He is a graduate of Northwestern University (BS) and has a widely diverse business background including advertising, marketing, sales, manufacturing, distribution, finance, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, new product development, and capital formation.

John is currently the President and Founder of GENESIS CONSULTING (management consulting) and a co-founder of Glen Highland Farm in Morris, New York.  With Executive Director, Lillie Goodrich, John shares in the overall operation of GHF and the functional responsibilities of the Border Collie rescue operation including evaluation, rehabilitation, training and adoption.  He heads up the Border Collie Camp for kids  program and is an active participant in the regular teaching and leadership activities of that camp.

John has been a long-term outdoor activist and a long-term "dog-person".  He has had and trained more than 20 personal companion dogs and became a border collie enthusiast more than 15 years ago during his travels to Scotland,  Ireland and the Western US.  His outdoor skills were honed during a ten-year period of annual wilderness pack trips to Alaska, Canada, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado.  John is a skilled and active participant in a wide range of outdoor activities including fly-fishing, scuba diving, hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, cross country skiing, and golf.

He has traveled extensively throughout world cultures and is a gifted teacher and coach.  In the 90', John spent several years absorbed in the study of Eastern religion and philosophy and is today a practicing Buddhist continuing his study with masters Lama Surya Das and Thay Thich Nhat Hanh.  John is a member of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and ICT (International Campaign for Tibet).

Gina Garrubbo - 
Vice President

President & CEO, National Public Media

For the past six years, Gina has helped raise the funds to send hundreds of inner city children to the Camp Border for Kids summer program.  “I am honored and thrilled to be a part of such an innovative program.  It is a life-changing experience for both dogs and children.”

Garrubbo is the CEO of  Natural Beauty Innovations, LLC™ which has created Terralina™, a luxurious line of skin care products, made without harsh or potentially harmful ingredients.  Terralina’s mission is to provide high quality skin care, and to educate consumers about what they are putting on the skin, as it is what goes into the body.  In addition, the company is committed to environmentally sensitive business practices such as under-packaging, and the use of recycled, recyclable and  reusable materials.

Prior to Natural Beauty Innovations, Garrubbo was one of the builders of, one of the first websites for consumers, and managed advertising sales divisions of media companies such as Discovery Communications and Oxygen Media.

Gina is most recently a Senior Vice President for Hearst Global Women's Digital Ad Network

Garrubbo holds a BA from Wells College and resides in North Jersey with her daughter.

Colin Kagel - 
Vice President

President/CEO, C.T. Kagel & Associates, Middletown CT

Colin has been a senior corporate executive at Norwest Corporation, Air Products, and Pfizer Corporation.  He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy (B.S.) George Washington University (M.S.) and the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School.  He has a distinguished military career with the U.S. Marine Corps and as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine program.

Colin is currently President of C.T. Kagel and Associates, Inc. (management consulting) and the owner/manager of the Bishops Gate Inn in East Haddam, CT.  He states that he is "owned" by his three German Shorthair Pointers -- Larney, Dutch and Raider, who share him with the rest of the family at their Inn on the Connecticut River.

Colin has had a lifetime relationship with dogs.  He has bred, raised, rescued, and trained dogs professionally for more than 40 years.  In his early work with Labrador Retrievers in field trials, he would commonly handle as many as 30 dogs at one time.  More recently, Colin has focused his "dog-time" in training and field trials with German Shorthair Pointers throughout the mid-west.

Children have also been an important focus.  In addition to raising his two grown sons, he has been a working guide and counselor at summer camps for inner-city children.  Colin transferred his extensive naval experience and love of sailing to the creation of sailing camps to introduce inner-city children to the nautical out-of-doors.  While a senior executive at  Pfizer, he led the establishment of an "alternate education system" for high school children and rescued scores of potential dropouts from an overcrowded and strained environment.

Active in local, state, and federal government, Colin was the Chairman of the Minneapolis Private Industry Council, a Board Member of local Red Cross and United Way and has served on numerous state and city task forces on employment and job development.

Cindy Rollins - 
Website Director; 

Cindy has been an executive in computer sales, service, and training for over 20 years.  She is currently working at BCR, Inc, a computer sales and service company based in New Jersey.   Prior to establishing this business, her management skills were utilized by ComputerLand Corporation, Inc. to oversee franchise operations and increase profitability in various locations throughout New England, including New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey.

Cindy has been certified as an instructor in conflict resolution and teamwork training and has consulted with many New Jersey corporations in an effort to instill empathy and tolerance in the work place.

An involved member of the community, Cindy has volunteered at local shelters, participated in programs through Girl Scouts of America and served as vice-president of the local school board spending countless hours organizing fundraising events and raising parent awareness to the technology needs of children.

Animals have always been a part of her life.  Even as she relocated throughout her career, her dog (sometimes a parakeet, gerbil, lizard or fish), always moved with her.  After spending the last eight years putting her husband through medical school and raising 2 wonderful children, she found a life-altering connection to the border collie and has completely embraced the vision of Glen Highland Farm.   Her strong commitment to creating a better quality of life for the unwanted, has enriched her family with the addition of Sami and Dart, and many other Border Collie rescue dogs adopted.

Realizing the strong impact of dogs in our environment, Cindy brings the dogs to her office where they are a strong positive influence for her co-workers and customers as well.  No better way to start the day than to be greeted by a wagging tail!

Dr. Margot Unkel 

Assistant Director and Treasurer of Spring Farm CARES

Dr. Margot Unkel is currently an Assistant Director and Treasurer of Spring Farm CARES animal sanctuary/educational facility. Before that, she  taught recreation and park management at Texas A & M and Ithaca College, and was Assistant Research Professor at the University of Washington College of Forest Resources. She also spent 8 years with IBM as a Systems Engineer, and with Boise Cascade as a Management Consultant. Along the way she co-founded Service Dogs, Inc., in Oakland California, and Animals in Distress, a wildlife rehabilitation organization in Boise, Idaho. During an eight-year period she was a volunteer at the Idaho Humane Society, acting variously as treasurer, vice-President and President, while also creating their computerized animal shelter management system, and writing important surveys. 

Dawn Hayman

ofounder and Vice President of Spring Farm CARES

Dawn Hayman is cofounder and Vice President of Spring Farm CARES animal sanctuary/educational facility.  She graduated from SUNY Brockport with a B.S. in Social Work. She was a T.T.E.A.M. practitioner and professional hypnotists before founding Spring Farm CARES in 1991. Dawn was in her last semester of training for a career in Social Work when she became disenchanted with that system and nearly quit college. She was persuaded to stay, and did graduate, Summa Cum Laude, but, after graduation, she turned her back on Social Work and came to work at Spring Farm as a gardener! In 1987 she joined her employer, Bonnie Reynolds, as a TT.E.A.M. Practitioner and full partner in the running of the farm. 

In 1989, she began to share her abilities in animal communication  with the world.  In more than 15,000 phone and face-to-face consultations, she has served over 6000 clients, talked to over 25,000 animals, given close to 200 workshops at Spring Farm and around the country – and is accounted one of the foremost Interspecies Communicators in the world.

Ashley Andersen



In the summer of 2003 Ashley decided to join the work at Glen Highland Farm and accepted the position to be the girls counselor for Camp Border Collie for Kids. Since that summer, Ashley has been an active part of the camp and Glen Highland Farm as a whole.  Dogs have always been a significant part of Ashley’s life and on both a personal and professional level, she has a great understanding and appreciation for the importance of the human-animal connection. Working her way up to head counselor and then later, assistant camp director, Ashley has had many roles at camp.  In addition, Ashley has been involved in working closely with the schools and agencies from where the children who attend Camp Border Collie for Kids are selected.

Ashley has always had an interest in working with at-risk youth, volunteering at a young age for organizations whose focus was on this vulnerable population.  Ashley has had exposure and experience with a variety of issues which affect children and their families and has been able to use her experiences to help further develop the Camp Border Collie program.

In addition to working at camp, Ashley has also spent time as a full time employee of Glen Highland Farm, working hands on with the dogs in the rescue program as well as in on the administrative side of operations.  From daily care, to assisting in adoptions, and fundraising, Ashley has had experience in all facets of what takes place at Glen Highland Farm

After receiving her Master’s degree in Social Work, where she completed her thesis on the benefits of animal assisted therapy, Ashley moved to Colorado where she is currently working in child protection in the Denver metro area.  Although she has traveled far from the farm, the overall vision of Camp Border Collie and Glen Highland Farm continues to be of great importance to her and her participation on the Board of Directors allows Ashley to continue to be a part of the work that takes place at Glen Highland Farm.



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