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Our greatest need, by far, has been covering the costs of the Sprakers dogs rescued earlier this year. We still have 20 dogs going through rehabilitation, step by step, helping them prepare for the real world. Ten have successfully started new lives and are dearly loved. We are committed to all the others finding loving homes, no matter how long it takes. Please take a moment to understand the depth of the work being done to help these particular dogs - it is a very very long road ahead for these innocent dogs who were so tragically damaged by a backyard breeder.

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GHF swelled to over 60 dogs with the intake of the confiscated dogs and are now still way above normal with 50 dogs currently in rescue. Some of the dogs require specialized care including four heartworm positive dogs so far this year with significant complications: Guinness & Connor; Ace and Prince. Each dog had no place to go and desperately needed help. Prince has been suffering the longest from heartworm disease, lyme disease as well as mange, truly heart wrenching at age 7.

No matter the level of need, GHF steps up and counts on everyone’s support to right these problems.


Since the opening, we have run at full capacity with 12 dogs in residence. These Border Collies are thriving beautifully at GHF, reversing difficult health conditions that would have killed them without proper treatment and all are absolutely happier than the day they arrived. Many are here due to deaths of their guardians.  These seniors literally had no other place to go. Their lives depended on the GHF Farmhouse Sanctuary.

With your generosity, we have dealt with substantial medical needs to bring these dogs into happier times for the final days of their lives. (Click here to meet them)


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Derek Summary:
 - great as a solo dog


Thanks to our transporters Ellen Simcik, Beth Luther, Erica Snyder, Flo Garlinger, Gail Hartman, Dick and Carolyn Dumaresq, Jacki Jones, Susan Myers and Jane Locacio.
DEREK: A 3 month old Border Collie mix, Derek is an amazing boy - so brilliant, really focused and clearly interested in one thing - his person! He is very eager to lock in on someone he can call his own. Unlike a chaotic pup, Derek watches everything that goes on around him and sorts out what makes sense, a real thinker. We like to think of him as an ‘old soul’ pup who is looking for just the right life that makes sense. This little guy is very special and needs someone who can be with him, developing this very special bond. He loves his toys but most importantly, he loves his person. Derek is approximately 15 pounds and is good with cats. He is a spectacular dog with so much heart, a very special pup for sure!

Ivy Summary:
canine friend(s) preferred
 - Sport Potential


IVY: A 4 month old Border Collie mix, IVY is an amazing pup with tons of enthusiasm for life - she is ready to GO! A fearless happy girl, she joined the founder’s pack like she’d lived here all her life, reading all the adult dogs beautifully and enjoying all the action. Ivy can clearly adjust to new situations and is curious about everything. She would be a fabulous candidate for sports with her agile, athletic nature. She is also the sweetest girl, soliticing attention with a wiggle and kiss and then back off for fun! Ivy loves toys and instantly enjoyed tug games with GHF foster Dillon who loved having a young chase buddy! She is about 25 pound and not yet tested on cats. She was living in NY with a guardian who felt their situation didn’t suit her well.

Lexi Summary:
 - Sport Potential


LEXI, a 5 mo old border collie will be arriving at the Farm soon.  We are told she is curious, is learning about living with many dogs, and is fairly high drive in her interests.  She is very connected to people and also enjoys a good cuddle.  Her bio will be updated next week.

Rosie Summary:
 - good as a solo dog

 - Sport Potential
 - dog savvy cats


Rosie's Angel
Melissa Cicetti, in memory of Berry

ROSIE: A 5 month old Border Collie/Aussie pup, Rosie is a busy girl with lots of drive to do something - action, action, action!  She is smart and focused and could do well in sports or could enjoy an active life with a savvy adopter. Rosie will need someone who understands herding dogs. Rosie likes to play with other dogs but is happiest with focused attention on her! She is very affectionate and loves attention, happy to cuddle but then go, go, go. She is about 30 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. She came from a PA guardian who could not handle her needs.

Special thanks to Ilene Fischman & Sue Basehore & Gail Hartman for helping get Rosie to GHF.

Maizey Summary:
 - Solo dog preferred
 - BC savvy adopter
 - NO cats


Special thanks to Peg Fuller for helping get Maizey to safety at GHF
Maizey's Angel
In Memory of Zeli, GHF camper
MAIZEY: A 7 month old Border Collie, Maizey is a sweetheart, absolutely a doll with people, loving everyone instantly. She curls up right by your side, happy to be in your lap and give kisses. Maizey is also a high energy girl who is blossoming with a focus on toys. She’s learning to really enjoy using her mind on an activity and her real Border Collie focus is developing beautifully.  In her previous home, Maizey’s life involved toddlers so she was not the focus which didn't serve her well at all. Maizey loves the ball and is just a doll, happy to join you in any activity.  She is about 30 pounds and is not good with cats.  We really feel Maizey will thrive as a solo dog with people devoted to her needs.

In an ironic twist of fate, two sisters landed at GHF at the same time, from different homes. Soon as we saw the second girl arrive, we were certain they were related and then the paperwork confirmed it!  Both were sold to people with toddlers and neither were a good fit with the chaos.  Of course, this is one of the main reasons young BC’s come into rescue. While many people are told they are great for families, they are best with children SEVEN and over, not younger.  

Maizey and Annabelle are wonderful girls, just being active, herding Border Collies!

Sweet ANNABELLE found a new life with a former GHF adopter who wanted to add another buddy for their BC pack.  Belle fit the gang perfectly with her style of play and they knew would easily slid into their lives to become yet another, beloved family member. Belle will have plenty of fun with canine herding games as well as all kinds of activities her new guardians love to do!  She now lives in Massachusetts.

ANNABELLE: A 6 month old Border Collie, Annabelle is an adorable, smart, attentive girl who joins in the action instantly. She is fast and focused with lots of potential to do sports or learn any activity.  She’d also be very happy as a beloved canine friend since she’s quite the cuddler.  A super sweet, good natured girl, Annabelle is high energy so needs a BC savvy guardian who can stimulate her mind as well as give her a physical outlet. She loves playing with the other BC’s so would be thrilled to have a BC buddy. She is about 30 pounds and is good with cats.

Faith Summary:
 - solo dog

 - Adult home
 - Seasoned BC home ONLY
 - NO cats


Faith's Angel
From Tillie's Tuggies, in memory of Tillie

FAITH: A 8 month old Border Collie, Faith is a super sweet, smart girl who loves to be with her person. She really thrives in a setting with lots of people around since she is so affectionate and friendly. Everyone loves Faith and she loves them right back!  Faith is a drivey girl who needs something to do so will be best with someone savvy who understands Border Collies. She loves toys and loves her person so bonds quickly and will enjoy learning whatever is presented to her. She will thrive as a solo pup.  Faith is 30 pounds and is not good with cats. She came to GHF from a CT family with toddlers which was not a great fit for her. 

Special thanks to Joy Moll in NY, for opening her home to help Faith.

CODY found exactly the life tailored to who he is - a FurDad who wants to do everything with him and lots of canine activities to enjoy!  Cody will be hiking lots of places which he clearly loves and jump into water sports, literally, which he also loves! Plus, he’ll get to try flyball and frisbee competitively as well as have plenty of ball play since the ‘chuck-it’ game is a big activity with his new canine pack already.  His new guardians overnighted at the Farm to see how Cody fit their family and he slid in, happy as a clam!  Cody is off to CT for a very active life!

CODY: A 7 month old Border Collie, Cody is a curious, observant, out-going boy who clearly wants to DO something!  A classic high energy pup, he is loving hanging with the Farm BC’s and learning all about herding games as well as high-speed chase games.  He is very sweet, good natured but will need an active home and young BC buddy and he needs to be with a BC savvy guardian only.  Cody loves toys and entertains himself though loves a good ball toss game, too.  He is about 40 pounds and good with cats. Cody was relinquished from a NJ guardian who felt the 12 hour workdays gated in the kitchen, was not ideal for him.

Dillon Summary:
 - Canine friends REQUIRED
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - dog savvy cats


Dillon's Angel
Twist, BC rescue
DILLON: A 9 month old Border Collie, Dillon is a sweet, interesting guy who loves attention and blossoms with reassurance.  He is an active boy with lots of interest in playing with other BC’s so we want him to have a young play friend.  Dillon is people oriented and toy oriented but not yet super focused so he’ll be shaped a lot by someone who adopts him. He needs some confidence building and a chance to experience life in a bigger way. He was tied out for the last 4 months in an unfenced setting so is really loving all the racing he can do at GHF. His coordination is changing and we expect he’ll really change in a few weeks where other BC’s can guide him. He’d do well with a confident BC as his buddy.  He is about 35 pounds and good with dog savvy cats.  Dillon needs a fenced yard. He was relinquished to the Farm by guardians who couldn’t meet his needs.

COOPER is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
He will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter 
 - other bc friends REQUIRED
 - hard fenced yard REQUIRED
 - adult only home


Cooper at 6 months old (above)

Cooper's Angel
In loving memory of Kirby, who loved coming to your Farm.

COOPER: An 8 month old Border Collie, Cooper is a gentle soul who really loves to be with his person. He is a good-natured companion BC without herding drive so loves to curl up next to someone and is happy to shadow you around the house or outside.  He is very easy going and can also be timid with anything new so does best with a confident, young BC buddy who he can follow.  When he’s with a buddy, he wrestles and chases and has a blast playing.  Cooper really needs a simple life with a dog friend to call his own and a person devoted to him.  He’s curious about the big world he’s never known and watches everything intently but will need someone patient to take him step by step through things that overwhelm him.  Like the other Sprakers dogs, he was left outside 24/7 with other dogs and little human interaction, so he’s now learning about human relationships and appropriate care.  He’s a wonderful little guy who shares his heart fully, just a sweetheart.  He is about 40 pounds and good with cats.

Special thanks to Gigi Frostick who is fostering Cooper. 
He can be seen in PA or at the Farm.

KELSEA is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter 
 - other bc friends preferred - male dogs or bc mixes
 - hard fenced yard REQUIRED


Kelsea's Angel
Bonnie & John Yurga in celebration of Oscar's 11th anniversary!
KELSEA: A 1 year old Border Collie, Kelsea is all about action! She is learning about the frisbee and having a great time racing to catch a toss, quite the athlete.  Kelsea is enthusiastic about everything in life, full of joy and energy to play, especially with another young dog.  She likes a fast game of chase and moves like the wind, happily free to run.  She is smart and super sweet, a real cuddler, snuggling right next to you on the couch or happily laying by your feet. Kelsea is very good natured and friendly with new people. Having said all this, Kelsea did come from the Flat Creek Sprakers NY group of dogs recently confiscated so she may have some things that pop up where she'll need some help. For example, she often barks seeing new dogs or new people so would be best not living in an active suburban setting.  She is now learning that car rides are great but is still a bit nervous.  Some home appliances scare her into barking too but with help she investigates and realizes there is nothing to worry about.  All in all, Kelsea is one of the few young Flat Creek dogs really ready for a great life, with someone skilled who can continue helping her blossom. She is so eager to learn. Kelsea is best with male Border Collies or BC mixes. She is about 35 pounds and is good with cats.

WISP is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED

Wisp's Angel
Lara Avery

WISP: A 1 year old Border Collie, Wisp is a sweet, gentle girl who is blossoming with attention. She loves lying across people's laps, truly content to be touched. In fact, she loves it! She's discovered that she likes belly rubs and although sometimes hesitant, she really wants to connect with a person. Wisp really relies on the reassurance of a person and a dog buddy to show her the way as she encounters anything new and frightening. Unlike many of the confiscated Sprakers/Flat Creek dogs, Wisp adores men - she thinks they are just wonderful and will happily take treats and solicit attention.  Wisp is a super gentle, good natured girl who will do best in a quiet home with a canine friend and a patient guardian. She doesn’t need a big life, going all kinds of places and is really enjoying her own home and safe spots as well as the yard where she can freely explore.  She is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Wisp is one of 46 BC's taken from the Sprakers NY breeding situation, living outside 24/7 with little or no human contact. 

Special thanks to Carol Bradford for opening her home to help Wisp.

Jetta Summary:
solo dog OK
 - NO cats


Jetta's Angels
Dale & Douglas Rutherford - Pace and Minna

JETTA: A VERY petite 1 yr old Border Collie mix, possibly jack russell terrier, Jetta is a sweet girl, really adorable. She loves everyone and loves attention, happy to be with her person instantly. Such a charmer, she wants to meet everyone who comes to the Farm and happily wags her tail with excitement to get attention.  She's quite the cuddler, too, nestling right in on the chair or couch for relaxing time.  Jetta is smart as can be, eager to learn and loves the stimulation of new activities. She is also super fast and can race around the Farm fields beating any BC out there. Jetta is a toy girl, too, hilarious as she races around having found her favorite 'teddy'! Jetta can be good with some dogs but bossy with others so is best as a solo dog. She is about 30 pounds and not good with cats.  You can see her actual size much easier standing with a normal 45 pounds purebred BC. Jetta is very PETITE! 

PIP is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED
 - NO cats


Pip's Angel
Mary Beth Boucher
PIP: A 1 year old Border Collie, Pip is aptly named - she's curious about everything, eager to learn and please and truly one of a kind, according to her FosterMom who finds herself chuckling at Pip's antics. She's a pretty independent girl and will join in the action around her, pretty fearlessly. She loves to have belly rubs and is ready to get attention especially if there are yummy treats like cheese around! Pip is going to Manner's classes where she has learned to sit, lie down, go to her mat and now learning to come, on command. These are big strides for a little girl who was stuck outside 24/7 with little or no human contact. Pip is part of 46 dogs living in a bad situation in Sprakers NY. Fortunately, she is one of the few who is bold enough to adjust to her new life more quickly but it's still step by step so she's not overwhelmed. She does best with confident canine friends since she's comfortable enough to test other dogs to see where she fits in the order of things. Pip is a great petite girl who will need someone patient with skills to help keep her blossoming. She has enough courage to try new things and be in new situations but still needs someone to make those into successes. Pip can be overwhelmed by new things that she’s never seen so will only go to a BC savvy home to help continue teaching her that life’s surprises are nothing to be worried about.  Pip is about 30 pounds and best in a no cat home. She's quite a character and truly charming!

Special thanks to Kathy Morgan for helping Pip 
get ready for a real loving life.

TAIT is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter 
 - other bc friends or solo dog
 - fenced yard is REQUIRED

Tait's Angel        
Lynn Hettinger - in honor of Alum Kai's first birthday 

TAIT: A 1 year old Border Collie, Tait is a friendly, happy girl who loves to curl up in your lap.  She is instant friends with everyone she meets and everyone adores her!  She is quite playful with toys and will make up her own games if you’re not free to interact but she prefers to be the center of attention.  Her Foster Mom calls her ’the sweet comedian’ cause she’s such a quick learner and so adorable to watch as she figures things out! She blossoms with encouragement. She’s very eager to please and loves to learn.  A super athlete, she also loves to race and chase and make up games with other dogs but can be a bit barky. Tait could either live as a solo dog or with another dog who is easy going and allows her to get comfortable over time. Once she feels settled, she joins in dog games easily.  

Since Tait came from the Sprakers group of 46 confiscated dogs, she can get overwhelmed by some new things so will need a patient person to guide her at times.  She is about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.

Special thanks to Anne Cattaneo for opening her home 
and family life so Tait could learn.

Carter Summary:
 - other bc friends preferred 
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - adult home
 - NO cats


Special thanks to Ann Gardner who helped get Carter to GHF.

Carter's Angels
Gregg, Jodi, Flash, Skid, Cassie and Rave; In loving memory of Deirdre’s forever co-pilot Reve

CARTER: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Carter is a smart, sweet, sensitive guy who is discovering that having another BC buddy is a blast! He’s really enjoying life at the Farm, meeting lots of other young dogs who love to play, wrestle and herd like he does. Carter is a good natured BC who loves his toys and loves a person who loves him! He is friendly and affectionate and clearly eager to bond but he sure loves having a buddy. Like all young Border Collies, we can see he’ll be happiest with a BC friend. Carter is a bit taller than some BC’s and weighs about 50 pounds. He is not good with cats.  He was relinquished to the Farm from a PA guardian who knew he couldn’t handle the chaos of young children and needed an adult home.

Jiggs Summary:
 - Great as solo dog 
 - fenced yard REQUIRED


Jigg's Angels
Plattsburg, NY April Agility Seminar Participants -in memory of GHF's Blaze

JIGGS:  A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Jiggs is a doll, absolutely a blast to play with and enjoy! He is such a huge toy dog - no matter what kind- he’s up for a big game and he’s quite the athlete to see in action. He’s smart as a whip, loves to learn and needs the challenge of a stimulating relationship with a person who understands the breed. Jiggs will only be placed in a BC savvy home.  He already knows plenty of tricks and took to clicker training quickly, a brilliant boy with tons of energy. Jiggs is VERY friendly with everyone and happy to say hello, hoping for something fun to do, together.  He is happiest without the competition of another dog in the house so will be placed as a solo dog. Jiggs is about 40 pounds and is best with dog savvy cats since Jiggs is a herder though won’t hurt the cat. His previous guardian felt he needed a home setting more focused on him vs living with her pack which didn’t work for him.

Special thanks to Susan Monnelly for bringing Jiggs to GHF.

Niko Summary:
 - Great as solo dog or with canine friend
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - dog savvy cats
 - Adult home preferred


Thanks to Christine and Jay Potter who transported Niko to the Farm
Niko's Angel
Anonymous "Secret Admirer"
NIKO: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Niko is super friendly, so eager to be with people and loves attention, a real cuddler! He is easy going yet loves his ball play. A classic mix, he is not herding oriented or overly intense, instead, a real canine pal, one happy boy. He really likes other dogs and could be happy with a friend or as a solo dog with someone home to interact with him. Niko is a people dog so will flourish with someone devoted to him. He is about 40 pounds and is best with cats that are used to dogs since Niko is intrigued by a cat but he will not hurt them. He was a stray in a NY shelter that works with GHF.

COLIN is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
He will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to his skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Colin's Angels
- the "6" from NJ

COLIN:  A 2 year old Border Collie, Colin is a very soft boy who so wants to trust this new world he’s encountering. He’s making great progress, step by step.  Colin learns best from the other dogs in his foster home, taking cues about how life works in a home so he'll need a canine friend for sure. He could easily join a multiple dog household. Colin has learned all about stairs and his yard and the fun of dog play but most importantly, he's starting to understand that humans are good. His FosterMom is working slowly,  to give him a sense that good things come from people like peanut butter stuffed kongs and nylabones and loving touch. Colin is so incredibly sweet and so wants to be brave so we know, with time, patience and the right person, plus all the help in his foster home will pay off for a new life.  He is going to do best in a calm, quiet home with loving people that understand his history and don't overwhelm him with too many expectations. He is good with cats.  Colin is about 40 pounds.  Colin came from the Sprakers NY confiscation where he and 45 other BC's were living outside 24/7 with little or no human contact

Special thanks to Deb Lazaro for giving Colin 
the help he needs in foster care.

XAN is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
He will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to his skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Xan's Angel
Lisa Barrett
XAN: A 2 year old Border Collie, Xan is a sweet, good-natured, gentle boy. He quietly comes over for attention and happily enjoys having someone notice how special he really is!  That’s a long cry from the scared boy who first came to GHF. Xan clearly now wants a person to call his own and is ready to continue growing, enjoying human interaction. He is not a heavy herder, instead, happy to hang inside and then explore the great outdoors. Xan does well having a canine friend or even multiple dog pals and can easily follow their lead to learn more about this new life.  He will do best with a patient person in a calm setting so he can continue trusting all the new experiences. He was part of the 46 confiscated Sparkers/Flat Creek dogs so had a very hard life living outside 24/7 without human connection.  Xan is making great strides now.  He will clearly enjoy a simple life with someone who can adore him.   He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats.

Brice Summary:
fenced yard REQUIRED
 - adult home


Special thanks to Donna Deal who helped get Brice to GHF.
Brice's Angels
Plattsburg, NY April Agility Seminar Participants -in memory of GHF's Blaze

BRICE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Brice is not only gorgeous, he’s so smart! He understands what you want and is eager to show you his brilliance, a classic BC.  Brice is a big time ball boy so loves a great game as well as other retrieval games like frisbee. He is very friendly, very sweet and clearly, needs someone who understands him. He’ll do best in a savvy BC home with seasoned guardians who understand the complexity of the breed. He is very very affectionate.  Brice is fine with cats and about 45 pounds. He was found as a stray in upstate NY, landing in a shelter that thankfully works with rescue.

OSCAR landed with his buddies, Abby & Ritter, when their guardians came to pick them up.  They knew he had been rooming with them since his arrival and were open to meeting him since they made such a great trio.  After overnighting, they agreed that Oscar surely needed to come home with them, too!! So, Oscar joins the duo forever and they truly are such a great pack!  He’ll have plenty of attention and love plus tons of play time!!

OSCAR: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Oscar is a much happier guy at GHF where he can hang with other herding dogs and really enjoy creating games. He's confidently exploring, curious about everything and follows the lead of a more confident dog, really enjoying his new life.  Oscar is a sweet guy who likes attention from anyone willing to say hello but he truly does love another BC buddy so we're going to make sure he has a friend.   He is a fairly calm boy, happy to hang out inside after a bit of fun outside. He is very companion oriented, a people dog and used to going wherever his former guardians went -they took him everywhere.  Oscar is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He came to GHF directly from a PA guardian who had two toddlers and could no longer give Oscar the attention he needed.

Every now and then a dog arrives in rescue just at the moment when someone is looking to rescue a dog just like THAT one!  And, TOBY is the lucky boy who had that happen.  His new guardians are former GHF adopters and were set to come, hoping to find a family dog but after much conversation, it was clear that the dog that could fit their family best, just wasn’t here….YET. In came TOBY, and OUT went Toby!  Such a sweet, fun, loving boy, exactly the personality they wanted for their active life in Nanctucket Mass.  Toby has a BC buddy and plenty of people who will adore him, forever.  He happily hopped into the car and out to his new life! Lots of beach time fun ahead!!

Merlin Summary:
canine friends preferred
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - Adult home


Special thanks to Leisl Bryant and Susan Monnelly for getting Merlin to his fosterer in Vermont, Lisa Barrett who understands timid dogs very well, having a GHF alum with the same traits.
Merlin's Angels
Richard Lasky & Dash & Dot
MERLIN: A 5 year old Border Collie, Merlin is a really interesting, sweet guy who is enjoying his new life!  He absolutely loves toys - a major ball nut - so happy to play and play.  He is an affectionate boy, too, though is most comfortable with women since that's what he is used to from his previous situation.  Merlin is a bit of a 'velcro' dog cause he sticks right by your side, really bonded to his main person.   He is good with other dogs so could have a canine buddy or be the center of attention with the right, patient, yet active person since he sure loves to play! Merlin is good with cats. He will need someone who understands that while Merlin is an adult dog, he is very innocent and puppy like in his new experiences. He can also get overwhelmed and extremely nervous so cannot be rushed.  He is about 40 pounds. He came to GHF from a PA guardian who stopped breeding and wanted a better life for him.

CORA needs an angel - click here to learn more
Cora Summary:
solo dog or canine friends
 - NO cats


CORA: A petite 5 year old Border Collie mix, Cora is the cutest thing, full of personality and spunk, making everyone chuckle. She gets so excited that her whole body wiggles as she comes over for attention. If you play a little game of moving around back and forth, she just is over-joyed with excitement!  Cora is a gem, truly delightful.  She came to GHF from a PA shelter clearly in rough shape with an awful skin condition and very very underweight.  She’s gaining now and her skin and coat look good and she’s feeling great! Cora gets along well with other dogs though seems to be a bit of a boss so likely to do best with submissive dogs.  Cora is 30 pounds and is not good with cats.

NELLA landed with just the right guardians who will give her time to adjust to her new life and reassure her that she is home forever!  A sensitive girl, she needed understanding and care to make this new transition easier for her which they completely understood. She lept into their laps for attention and eagerly looked to the door to head out to the car, giving her vote of confidence that they were the ones for her!  They felt exactly the same way.  Sweet Nella had her head out the car window toward the road, moving forward to her new life as they drove away from the Farm - happy as can be!

NELLA: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Nella is a sweet girl who loves attention. She is also very very smart and thinks about everything around her. She does really well with someone she knows who gives her reassurance that all is well since she is very observant, trying to understand when anything changes. Nella lost her home due to a divorce and has had some trouble adjusting to rescue but is doing better day by day. She lived in one home since a pup so she’s trying to make sense of such a big change. Nella will do best with a savvy adopter who understand how sensitive a Border Collie can be. She is very good with other dogs and cats and about 40 pounds.

Scarlet & Serena summary:
- Great together
 - trained on invisible fence


Serena (photo above)
Scarlet (photo below)

Scarlet & Serena Angels
-Cathy & Steve Bouck, Mika & Cassy 
-Heidi Bilodeau

SERENA & SCARLET are 6 year old sisters with ABCA papers, who get along beautifully and have been together since pups. They are very sweet, friendly girls who come instantly to the whistle and a 'here girls!'  Both are smart, confident and curious and love playing with toys, entertaining themselves. Their room looks like a toy store! Scarlet and Serena are very very sweet and love attention and cuddling. They were originally purchased to work cows but the farm was downsized and they began having problems with the livestock so they were surrendered to GHF.  We want to place them together in a rural setting, not suburban, but they will need invisible fencing since both can clear a 6 foot fence easily. Most farm BC's are used to flying over fences to accompany their guardians all over the farm.



Robbie Summary:
 - best as SOLO dog
 - Skilled BC home
 - NO cats


Robbie's Angel
-In Memory of Princess Dee Dee, the wonderful Briard 
-Janet James
-Linda Whitman & Sky

ROBBIE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Robbie is a smiler! He loves life and wants to be in the middle of the fun, wherever it is! At first, he is VERY nervous and will need a positive approach to showing him that he is safe with someone new. It's harder for Robbie to be comfortable with men than women so he will only be placed with a skilled, patient BC person. He loves to make up his own games with toys, happily entertaining himself tossing them in the air. He is funny and sweet but does have a very sensitive side and needs to gain a person's trust before he can be comfortable. He is about 45 pounds and is not good with cats. An adult home is best for him since clear direction and guidance is important. He is more nervous with men and will need a woman in the home for him to do his best, at first.   Robbie came with 6 other BC's from an Ohio rescuer who became ill and gave all the dogs to GHF.

Special thanks to Jane Locacio and Ann Gardner who dropped everything to travel to get the 7 Ohio dogs to the Farm.

TESS is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED

Tess' Angels
-Rebecca Plantz
-in memory of Lulu

TESS: A 6 year old Border Collie, Tess is a beautiful girl, gentle, sweet and so eager to be with people. When she’s out in public, she is good when people stop by to say hello and handles visits with a tail wag!  She loves to snuggle and be near her person, happy to say hello the minute you come home and be next to you, by your side.  Her Foster Mom says, Tess is so wonderfully affectionate, gazing up at her for attention, a real sweetheart.  Tess is a wonderful girl with plenty of tail wags to go around!  She is great with other dogs and loves to play if another dog will chase and wrestle, she'll join right in.  She also enjoys toys, having her favorite to carry around.  Tess would love a life where she had a canine buddy and someone who understands her when she gets a bit worried with something new.  She was one of 46 dogs removed from a very bad situation in Sprakers, NY, left outside 24/7, with very little human contact.  Fortunately, Tess made it to safety and is clearly on the mend, truly happy to have a cozy, loving experience with people. She can be wary of some men so will need a woman leading the way for her continued healing.  She'll only be placed in a calmer home with another BC and with savvy adopters.  She is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.

Special thanks to Rosie Sutherland for opening her home to foster Tess 

ANNEY is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - other bc friends or solo dog
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - fenced yard is REQUIRED

See Anney playing in her back yard

Anney's Angels
-Babs & Paul McCauley
ANNEY: A 6 year old Border Collie, Anney is all about having a person to call her own.  She loves to go for walks and rides in the car, curious about what is going on in the world. She does need someone special to help her navigate if something is overwhelming but she looks for reassurance and is content to carry on, once feeling settled. Anney is a brave girl when she explores and a more settled, easy going girl inside, content to hang out.  She’s very comfortable in the house, a super affectionate girl.  Anney is one of the 46 confiscated Sprakers/Flat Creek dogs so she has some worries, especially men, so will need a savvy person to help her continue to blossom. Anney leaps on the bed now for special time with her Foster Mom and happily stays by her side, truly enjoying a whole new way of living. Anney loves going for walks in the neighborhood as well as trails, happy to be with her person. She is good with cats and about 40 pounds.

Special thanks to Carol Bradford helping Anney grow 
and blossom in her foster life.

CONNELL is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
He will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter 
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED

Connell's Angels
-Lynn and Larry Adelsohn In honor of wonderful Flash
-In Memory of Emie from her friends at the Farm

CONNELL: A 6 year old Border Collie, Connell is a gentle soul with the desire to enjoy people and so wants to trust everyone. He has blossomed over the past few months, learning that life is great and humans are wonderful but he'll still need a patient, kind-hearted guardian to help his confidence grow.  Connell is a very sweet boy who  loves other Border Collies and is interested in all the herding action but is a pretty easy going fellow himself. He loves to join in the herding games but then easily settles once asked to do so. He will truly transform in the right hands and has so much potential to grow into a  true friend to the right person but he can't be rushed. Step by step, he so wants to meet people for a cuddle and attention.  He was part of the 46 dogs taken from a backyard breeder situation in Sprakers NY. Connell will only be placed with a BC savvy guardian in a relatively quiet home with a fenced yard. He really loves dogs so needs a BC friend. Connell is about 50 pounds and is good with cats.

FAE is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter 
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - fenced yard is REQUIRED

Fae's Angels
-Susan Strange
-Joan Hough
FAE: A petite 6 year old Border Collie, Fae is an adorable girl, quite the charmer. Even though she can be timid at first, her gentle nature is wonderful, sweetly coming to your side for attention.  She is calm and settles beautifully with everyone who says hello to her.  She loves to explore outside checking out the great outdoors, just trotting around as if she’s found a slice of
doggie heaven.  She comes instantly when called and is happy to hang with you inside, joyful to be with someone and be loved.  Fae is easy going, a great companion and will continue to blossom with someone patient who understands her nature.  Once she trusts all is well, Fae happily complies with whatever is asked of her.  Fae is one of the 46 confiscated Sprakers/Flat Creek dogs so has a rough history of living outside 24/7 with little human attention. She adjusted easily to a new life of appropriate care and has really blossomed.  She is about 30 pounds and is good with cats.

She is best buddies with Glenna and would be thrilled to live a life as part of this pairing though we will consider sending Fae on her own, too.

Simon & Jaz Summary:
 - Adopted together - a great pair
 - NO cats


JAZ is the leader, the catalyst for motion. You throw, she chases and that's what she loves the most. Focused, smart and attentive, she's got all the traits of a classic BC. Jaz is an incredible frisbee dog, turning mid-air to catch whatever is tossed her way. She loves to play and she also loves people, a very friendly high energy girl. A very responsive girl, she knows how to have fun!  She is good with cats but since Simon isn't, they will only go into a "no cats" home

Simon and Jazz Angels
Mike & Peg Fuller

SIMON and JAZ, both 7 yr old bc's.  They are absolutely terrific with people, very eager to say hello to anyone and everyone and they are great with other dogs. They were very well socialized and befriend everyone they meet. This fabulous pair are great friends, loving life, happy to share their charm and brilliance and joy of having fun, BC style! Both athletic and playful, they need an active guardian who adores this breed. 

 is a thinker, paying attention to everything around him to decide whether it's ball time or not. A bit sensitive, he likes some reassurance before he joins in the action. But, he LOVES his ball and makes up games with Jaz as they both are toy dogs! He's happy to have attention and also happy to entertain himself. He is not good with cats.
SIMON & JAZZ thought everyone picked the perfect toys for them - Jaz couldn't decide which one....  even though Simon spotted his instantly. This wonderful duo absolutely love to play, play, play and love anyone who will join them in the game!!!  

Jack Summary:
great as a solo dog 
 - fenced yard required


Jack' Angels
-Stacey Greenberg
-Marisa Bernston, Rowan & Bean

JACK: A 7 year old Border Collie, Jack is an amazing guy, with a big heart who loves people. He is smart as a whip and so observant, thinking through everything going on around him. Jack is a classic BC bred from years ago with clear intelligence and charm, a very in-tune dog.  He would love to be involved with someone most of the day and is used to a life like that.  His only reason for needing a new home was the toddlers in the house who were not making him comfortable.  He loves his toys, loves to run and loves his people but screaming, chaotic kids were not for him. Jack was relinquished to the Farm directly so he could find a better situation. He had been a beloved family member since a puppy.

All mature BC's (dogs 9 yrs and older) have undergone a geriatric screen which includes bloodwork, a thyroid panel and urinalysis. The dogs are available for adoption once those results indicate they are healthy and ready to go!

NICK needs angels - click here to learn more


Nick Summary:
 - active solo home
 - dog savvy cats


Thanks to Jane Locacio who brought him to meet up with Christine Chady for the drive to the Farm
Nick's Angels
-Caley, Chase, Jacqui and Dave Bain
-Jeff & Kelley Hoffman
-Brian & Dash

NICK: A 9 year old Border Collie, Nick is an incredible ball nut! A classic focused BC who loves to play and play and will happily respond to anyone kind enough to toss that ball!  He's a very smart guy, settled and balanced, very clear that people are great to be around and eager to join the fun with a person. He can settle well when there is no game to play and enjoys hanging out at home too. Nick is good with other dogs but possessive over his toys so best as a solo dog. He lived in one home since a pup but was relinquished to GHF due to allergies their toddler developed. Both dogs in the home were given up. Nick is about 45 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. He came from PA guardians who wanted to be sure he had the opportunity to have another loving home. 

Sweet LENNOX found someone perfect for him, who would understand his gentle, soft nature and be willing to reassure him that he would be safe, now and forever.  A little bit of cheese and a big hug, allowed Lennox to cuddle up for attention and then head home with his new FurMom.  He happily hopped in her car, ready for the new journey to Ct where he’ll be her constant companion. They’ll enjoy plenty of long walks which he loves and he’ll go everywhere with her! She said it best as she patted his head, ‘we’re going to be pals for life’. We are so deeply touched to see this ex-Sprakers boy land so beautifully.

LENNOX: A 9 year old Border Collie, Lennox is a love. He is so good natured and gentle, truly asking for very little but so appreciative of attention. He loves to come to your side for a neck scratch and assurance that he is loved -he's quite endearing. Everyone wants to cuddle this sweet boy. He does also love, however, to trot along checking out everything outside. He’ll race around on patrol for any action, keeping an eye for all that is unfolding, classic BC style!  Lennox is smart as can be and knows every activity at the Farm and would be clearly aware of all the action in a new life, too.  Everyone loves Lennox and we know he has so much to give someone special.  Lennox is one of the Sprakers/Flat Creek confiscated dogs so had a hard life left outside 24/7 with little human connection. Now, it’s clear Lennox wants someone to call his own. He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats.

GLENNA is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - other bc friends or solo dog
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - fenced yard is REQUIRED

Glenna's Angels
-Kelly Welch,in memory of Cuillin
-Donald and Margaret Rose

GLENNA: A petite 10 year old Border Collie, Glenna is one gorgeous, sweet girl who loves attention! She is gentle and shy but comes up politely asking for a little recognition for being such a doll. She is enjoying the fun of being able to run, explore and be a happy Border Collie and we’re thrilled to see her blossom. She is from the tough situation in Sprakers NY where she was left outside 24/7 with little human connection. So, for Glenna, life is now grand and she is thriving. She loves hanging with anyone who will be with her, including some men that are patient and kind.  She also enjoys her buddy, Fae, pairing up to hang together and race around the Farm. She is a strong girl so does best with submissive Border Collies. We’re pretty sure that Glenna was the matriarch of the gang though clearly a sweetheart with people!  Glenna is about 30 pounds and is good with cats.

Glenna, like all mature dogs, has had diagnostic tests: thyroid, bloodwork and urinalysis and is healthy to be adopted

Chip Summary:
 - Adult home only
- fenced yard - invisible fence OK
 - Other canine friend or active solo home
 - NO cats


Chip's Angel
-Amy & Robert Barilla, In Laddie's memory
-Fiona Robertson,In memory of GHF's Blaze

CHIP: A 10 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Chip is all about the ball and will race and chase til he drops! He loves action, a classic BC!  Chip is smart as they come and as sweet as can be and focused to work that ball!  He is great with other BC's, and just as happy to be by himself, engaged with his person though he likes to play with other BC's too. He's an adorable guy with tons of personality, smart as a whip.  Chip is friends with everyone he meets and has no worries about new situations or anything thrown his way - he rolls with it all, just like the ball! Chip will do best in a rural setting far from traffic and chaos. He is a doll to be around and really full of personality - fast to learn, eager to act and loving everyone. Chip's previous VA guardians felt it was best to find him a life that suited him better. He is about 50 pounds and is not good with cats

Special thanks to fosterer Linda Wood 
for opening her home and heart to Chip.

JENNEY is from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation
She will only be placed:
 - other bc friends or solo dog
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - fenced yard is REQUIRED
 - dog savvy cats

Jenney's Angels
-Jay and Michelle Monitz in honor of Michelle
-Evelyn Ehrlich & Steve Jensen
JENNEY: A 10 year old Border Collie, Jenney is a real love, just all about being the center of attention and sharing her heart.She is smart as can be and eager to join in whatever is going on around her. Jenney can also be a bit timid at first so does well when someone is patient and not overwhelming so she trusts it’s ok to be herself. Speaking to her in a gentle voice calms any worries and she’s as sweet as can be.  She loves to take walks and check out the great outdoors, trotting along on her own or with her person.  As her Foster Mom says, Jenney is a very spunky gal with a big heart, like Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady.  She’s happy to have a cozy warm indoor life now, snuggling and also out sniffing around the great outdoors! Jenney was one of the 46 confiscated Sprakers/Flat Creek dogs so had a hard life living outside 24/7 without human interaction. She now clearly cherishes all that humans can give and has blossomed beautifully.  Jenney loves her puzzle toys and will take on the challenge to figure out whatever is asked of her. She is about 40 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. Jenney could live with an easy going submissive male BC or as a solo dog.

Jenney, like all mature dogs, has had diagnostic tests: thyroid, bloodwork and urinalysis and is healthy to be adopted

Jenny soliciting play:

Special thanks to Liz Shaw for opening her home to foster Jenney in New Hampshire

Ace Summary:
friends or solo dog


Many thanks to Ace transporters Andy Simcik, Erica Snyder, Deb and Harry Johnston, Cindy Tier, Borden Loving and Phil Dalke, Sue Myers, and Jennifer Royce.

Ace's Angels
Luann Madison & Sadie & Gene  

ACE: A 10 year old Border Collie, ACE is such a wonderful guy, with the sweetest nature! Ace loves tennis balls and really any toy you toss for him - he goes to pick up a toy before heading outside so it’s handy for that game of fetch. After a few tosses and some happy ‘woo woo’ howls, he loves to walk with you, or explore the yard on his own. Ace has a great recall! Indoors he’s very content to hang out with you, such an easy-going guy! He “aced” his heartworm treatment and is ready to enjoy a loving, happy life with someone special. Ace is 45 pounds, he is not good with cats and would do best as an only dog. He was a stray in Pennsylvania, landing in a shelter that fortunately works with GHF.

MAVERICK needs angels - click here to learn more


Maverick Summary:
 - Other canine friend or solo home
 - NO cats
 - fence yard required


Special thanks to our transporters – Ellen Simcik, Teresa and Dan Landon, Dick Dumaresq, Gail Hartman, Sue Myers, and Debbie and Tony Grassi.
Maverick's Angel
-Lisa Ramsay-In loving memory of BoBo, another Senior GHF alum
-Gail Hartman
-Nancy and Robert Marston

MAVERICK: An 11 year old Border Collie, Maverick is a character - he is a strong willed guy who likes to check out everything going on around him!  He loves exploring outside to see where the Farm dogs are going and will happily trot along to join them, all about the action.  He is very athletic and loves to play with other dogs, clearly happy to have canine buddies.  He's an engaging BC with plenty of spunk, a bit like the old style BC's from working farms who know how to think and observe and use their minds non-stop, very curious and ready to be a part of everything….he's quite special. Maverick is easy going but certainly a 'young senior' so would love a life where he has 'work' to do and a BC buddy, too.  He is 47 pounds, a bit underweight so likely to be close to 55 once at full weight. He was a stray in PA, found matted, dirty and truly a mess. Once at GHF, we was vetted properly and had 12 teeth extracted! So, this boy is feeling much better NOW!  He is not good with cats.

Lacie Summary:
 - Other canine friend or solo home
 - dog savvy cats
 - tennis balls required


Special thanks to our transporters Krysta Barnhart, Dick Dumaresq and Paul Elkins.
Lacie's Angels
-Carolyn & Dick Dumaresq

LACIE An 11 year old Border Collie, Lacie is the cutest thing. She's got plenty of spunk and total confidence about everything she wants to do and willingly checks out the world as if she can handle it all! She's a classic BC. One of the reasons she's so secure in her own way of handling the world is because she did in fact work on a sheep farm, so her brilliance was put to good use. Lacie is good with other dogs and likes her ball games, too!  She found herself without a home when her guardian aged so his grandson was selling her for $50 since she was old.  Lacie lived outside all her life but is loving the Farmhouse Sanctuary, happy to be warm and cozy. She has perfect manners and such a friendly personality, it's hard to imagine anyone parting with these really wonderful girl. Fortunately, we were able to bring her into rescue at GHF. She is not good with cats.

PRINCE needs angels - click here to learn more
At least 4 angels are needed to tackle his medical situation.
Prince Summary:
friends or solo dog


Prince's Angels
-Carolyn & Dick Dumaresq
-Nancy and Greg Vorbach & Lupa
-Brenda and Harvey Pardy
-Linda Whitman and Sky

PRINCE: A 7 year old Border Collie, Prince is now in good hands and on his way to a much better, healthier life.  He’s lived in one home since a pup but most of the time he was chained outside or in the basement alone.  Fortunately for Prince, his guardian realized he was sick and visited a vet who then advocated for Prince to go to someone else. Thrilled that we could step in, the vet handled preliminary needs for Prince and GHF stepped in to take on the rest of his care. 

Prince has a host of problems that are all about to be solved, one by one - sarcoptic mange; lyme disease and heart worm disease and a severe load of parasites. To say that Prince needs help is an understatement. We are all relieved to now have him in rescue. We’re presently tackling these diseases in the order it makes sense to help keep Prince gain his strength.  His heartworm disease is the riskiest problem so we’ll be carefully handling that medical need when it’s best to do so. We’ll update his progress as the months unfold. 

We are always saddened to see such extreme lack of care but heartened to know that veterinarians and other dog lovers step in to share stories to get these dogs the serious help they need.

Several of the border collies from the Flat Creek  - Sprakers NY confiscation are still not available for adoption - they will continue their healing in foster homes - and you can follow their progress - Click here

Pixel - 1 yr old

Hallie - 1 yr old

Kayla - 1 yr old

Nevan - 14 mo yr old

Jackson - 2 yr old

Owen - 6 yr old


We are looking for loving homes to help with special dogs who need some tender loving care on a foster basis. Whether it is an older dog a bit disoriented from the big change to rescue or a young dog with special needs, we NEED YOU. The Farm can succeed in helping Border Collies by having special people who offer to bring a dog into their lives as a foster family.
Please contact us if you can 
We need homes within a two hour drive of upstate NY 

Support the Farm House Sanctuary and all the dogs at the Farm
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Glen Highland Farm now has the first facility devoted to the needs of this group


where only aging and ill Border Collies live.  

 CLICK HERE to find out more about the Farmhouse Sanctuary

The Farmhouse Sanctuary residents will live out their lives at the Farm. Please consider supporting their care by being an angel. 
We will need ongoing financial assistance for their needs.

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Meet the wonderful residents of THE FARMHOUSE SANCTUARY 
 Click here 


Jesse - 12 yr old

Codey - 13 yr old

Jack - 14 yr old

Casey - 14 yr old

Bentley - 14 yr old

Jasper - 14 yr old

Skip - 16 yr old

who kindly help ALL the dogs at GHF on a continual basis. 
We are deeply grateful to you all.

Diane & David Behlen
Sharon Blydenburgh
Kim Brant
Debby & Steve Cartney
Joseph Depirri
Wendy Donoghue
Linda Dragoo
Karen & Stan Edwards
Ninette Franz
Kimberly Grike
Karen & Wayne Groteke
Laurent Gaudry & Elena Shifflette
Mary Huber
Su Walenta Hunt
Janet James

Nina & Mike Marciniszyn
Betty Meyer
Tania Moore
Alison Morgan
Jolene & John Patrick
James & Pamela Sacks
Stacey & John Simon
Kimberly Smith
Terri Smith
Erica Snyder
Lisa Vaughn
Sharon & Jim Votraw
Pamela Whitlock
Linda Wood
John & Bonnie Yurga

We are looking for a special person to join the GHF team.
Someone who loves this breed and has a positive team attitude in supporting this exceptional rescue effort.  The Caretaker lives onsite, working full-time at the Farm, including weekends.
There will be a paid 'try-out' period to  help evaluate the fit for both parties.

GHF provides a rent-free home, pays partial utility costs and provides a vet compensation for 
your animals.  Health benefits are also provided. The yearly salary is very competitive with vet tech/animal welfare positions.

Qualified candidates MUST meet this criteria to be considered:
-have vet tech skills
-border collie experience
-multiple dog handling expertise
-be in good physical shape - strong and active
-make a minimum 3 yr commitment

Send resumes to Lillie at
NOTE: "Caretaker" in subject line please

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