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We’re taking a break for the month of October, so adoptions will resume in November.

If you are interested in GHF dogs, please send your application to adopt@glenhighlandfarm.com
We’ll be in touch to chat so we can set up visits in November.

If you need to relinquish a dog, please contact our office. office@glenhighlandfarm.com
The Office team will handle correspondence throughout October to see how we can be helpful or refer you to other rescues.

Nann Summary:
other bc friends REQUIRED


NANN: A 3 month old Border Collie, Nann is a very thoughtful, observant girl who likes to check things out and make sense of everything before she jumps into action. She’s just arrived at GHF so we expect her to really blossom into her true nature as she meets the BC’s here and she is mentally challenged. Nann is a sensitive BC who withdraws when overwhelmed so we want her to have a BC buddy to help her blossom more easily. Nann is a sweet girl with a great nature and will only be placed in a BC savvy home. She’s normal in size for her age.

Miles Summary:
other canine friends preferred


Special thanks to Peg Fuller for getting him safely to GHF.

MILES: A 4 month old Border Collie/Aussie, Miles is a curious boy with the confidence to check things out, whether it be dogs or toys or people. He has a bolder personality though not overly driven like a purebred BC pup, he’s more easy going. He loves to engage with toys and new things, eager to learn. Miles is likely to really blossom with someone helping him reach his potential, with mental challenges. Smart and loving, he loves toys and is looking for an active life. Miles would be thrilled to have a canine pal. He is 13 pounds and fine with cats. He and his brother were relinquished to the Farm by a guardian who felt he could not meet their needs.

Austen Summary:
other canine friends required


AUSTEN: A 5 month old Border Collie, Austen is a gentle guy, truly happy to hang with you and lay by your feet. He loves being with people, blossoming with attention. A cuddle-bug, Austen is easy going plus super thoughtful and observant. He likes time to make sense of the world around him and would do best in a quieter setting. Austen loves other dogs and would really blossom with the right canine pal, clearly a follower, he would welcome a mentor dog. A sweetheart with a nature of an old soul, mature beyond his years, Austen is delightful. He is good with cats and 30 pounds.

Tori Summary:
 - canine friends preferred
 - NO cats


TORI: A very petite 7 month old Border Collie mix, Tori is quite a presence, a real big personality in a little body! This wee one could be incredible in sports cause she’s super agile, has great body awareness and loves to learn. She is very food motivated and very people oriented so a great combo for canine activities. She is not hyper like many pups but focused and observant. She also loves to race and play. Tori is good with other dogs and prefers they don’t crowd her so does well with mature dogs. She is only 18 pounds and we suspect will stay quite petite. She is not good with cats. Tori was relinquished directly to the Farm from a PA guardian who could not handle her needs.

Special thanks to Mary and Mike Beggs  for fostering Tori in NY.

Andie Summary:
other canine friends required
 - fenced yard required


ANDIE: An 8 month old Border Collie, Andie is a gorgeous girl with tons of personality! She loves people and happily says hello to everyone, loving attention. She also loves her toys and will play with pretty much anything tossed her way, enjoying a great game of retrieval. Andie bonds quickly to a person and wants to have someone to call her own, happily going wherever they go. She is really blossoming quickly having dog friends and enjoying the idea of canine play, especially with herding dogs that think like her! She is smart, focused and eager to learn. Andie was living with an autistic child and gave lots of love to him but her previous guardian needed more than Andie could offer so she relinquished her to GHF. We’re happy to have Andie here and clearly see how much she was adored.

Special thanks to Peg Fuller for helping Andie get to GHF

Olly Summary:
 - canine friend preferred
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats


Olly loves the water...

Olly's Angels
Bonnie & John Yurga
OLLY: A 9 month old Border Collie mix, Olly is super smart, eager to learn and loves life. He is exuberant in all he does, whether it’s dog play, toy play or racing around. Full of energy, he’s quickly learning to really use his mind focusing on the activities around him. Olly is blossoming at GHF and just beginning to open up his potential. He will do best with an adopter used to herding breeds since he needs an outlet for his energy. He is also super affectionate and cuddly, really loving attention from everyone he meets. Olly often leaps into your lap for a big hello and then races off for fun, all in one motion! He is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. He was relinquished directly to GHF by a Ny guardian who could not meet his needs.

Special thanks to Mary champagne for fostering Olly in CT.

Louie Summary:
 - fenced yard required

 - special needs - blind


Louie's Angels
Gloria and Sky

LOUIE is a 1 year old blind border collie, needing a special rescue and foster home to help provide structure so he can handle life better. He really craves a close connection with a person and he’s super sweet, sticking close by. Louie learns quickly and a routine helps him settle down well. He loves his toys and will play with them, making up games that are pretty inventive! Louie is fearless and gets around well outside, amazingly aware of where he needs to be or not be.

Louie is being fostered by Judy and Gary Eckenrode who adopted KC, a young blind BC so we’re excited to hear more about Louie’s development.

He is fine with everyone he meets as well as cats.

He is NOT aggressive in any way at all, just very busy compounded by his deficiency. Louie is housetrained and crate trained. Louie is 40 pounds, has been evaluated at Cornell ophthalmology and surgery is not likely to yield any change. He was born with ocular anomalies.


Sybbie Summary:
 - other BC friend(s) required
 - fenced yard required


Special thanks to Linda Whitman for helping Sybbie get to GHF.

Sybbie's Angels
Linda Whitman, Sky and Connell
SYBBIE: A 1 yr old Border Collie, Sybbie is absolutely stunning in person and is not only gorgeous, she’s so, so sweet. A gentle soul, she is a classic ‘soft’ BC who needs to understand what’s going on around her before she jumps in. In her previous home, she lived with 5 chesapeake bay retrievers and was right in the middle of all the action but coming into rescue, she’s more reserved. We’ll update her bio as she relaxes. Sybbie is very smart and also a big toy girl. She loves balls of any kind, especially playing soccer. She’s fast, focused and full of energy to play! She will only be placed in a BC savvy home with another young Border Collie who is on the submissive side. Sybbie is fine with cats and about 35 pounds. She was relinquished directly to GHF from guardians in Maine who felt she deserved a life more oriented to her BC nature. They took her as a pup from an inappropriate home.

Special thanks to Mary and Mike Beggs for fostering Sybbie in NY.

Tess Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - bc savvy guardian


Tess' Angels
Linda Whitman, Connell & Sky
TESS: A petite 1 year Border Collie, Tess is a lovely little girl who thinks about everything step by step, then takes action! She’s quite a herder of other dogs and has a bit of bossy female attitude with some dogs, too, but in general, she’s good natured and enjoys having a BC buddy for play. She is very smart and will do best with a BC savvy guardian. She loves attention and clearly thinks people are wonderful though she’s not one to boldly throw herself at you. This intelligent girl is quite orderly and thoughtful. Tess is starting to blossom at GHF so we’ll update her bio soon. She is about 32 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Tess was living an outside farm dog life and was then abandoned after the family moved out, literally leaving her outside on her own.

Special thanks to Ellen Simcik, Erica Snyder, Debbi & Tony Grassi and Sue Myers for getting her to GHF.

Kenai Summary:
 - invisible fence trained
 - canine friend(s) REQUIRED


Kenai's Angel
-Twist, BC rescue
-Lynn and Larry Adelsohn  
Peg & Mike Fuller and the furry kids
KENAI: A petite 1 year old Border Collie mix, Kenai is a lovely, funny girl with tons of personality! A big GHF favorite, she comes out to meet all the vacationers on tours and wins over everyone! A super friendly girl, she is also fast and agile and loves to play with toys as well as other dogs. She’s had a canine pal since she was a pup, so really loves being with another dog. We will only place with another dog since she surely needs a pal for chasing and running around, a male is best. Kenai is super friendly and loves everyone. She came from PA guardians who were moving. She is trained on the invisible fence. Kenai is about 30 pounds and is good with cats.

Special thanks to Kierston Anderson, Sue Myers and Debbie Grassi for transporting her to GHF.

Remey Summary:
 - canine friend preferred

 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - dog savvy cats


Remey's Angels
-Stacey Greenberg
-Logi, GHF alum  
REMEY: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Remey is a fast, fun, focused, "got to go" boy. He loves to race and chase with other dogs and is quite the ball boy. He’s very driven when playing and not up for sharing but it’s all enthusiasm for his love of retrieving. Remey is very people oriented and connects quickly to anyone around him, super friendly and right in your lap. He easily adjusted to the action at the Farm and fit in with another petite BC mix, Lexey, instantly. They are having a blast together. Remey also loves the water, happily splashing around making up his own fun! Remey is about 35 pounds and will be placed with dog savvy cats since he might chase them.. He was relinquished to a PA shelter that fortunately works with GHF.

Dexter Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED


Dexter's Angels
Sal & Liz Zappala
DEXTER: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Dexter is a handsome boy with lots of energy and enthusiasm and he’s excited to have the space to finally do explore and run! He is sweet and curious and really coming to life at GHF so we’ll update his bio soon. He lived in a tiny concrete yard without the space he needed so neighbors stepped in to help him land at GHF. A big thanks to Sal & Liz Zappala who helped make a new life possible for Dexter. He is about 50 pounds and not yet tested on cats.


Jersie Summary:
 - canine friend required

 - fenced yard REQUIRED


Jersie's Angels
Marilyn, Bill, Jakki, Gabe and Nicky
JERSIE: A very petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Jersie is a sweet, cuddly, loving girl who adores her person and also loves other dogs, truly joining multiple dogs easily for racing and chasing games! She’s adorable to watch as she happily joins in. Jersie will need another canine friend as a ‘mentor dog’ to help her when meeting strangers as she gets nervous.  She barks and needs reassurance from the person that is hers, so she can accept someone new.  She’s been learning, step by step, how to handle the real world, in a foster home and has flourished with attention, guidance and love. Jersie will need a patient savvy adopter who can continue teaching her to relax and properly enjoy meeting new people.  A simpler life with her own yard, people she knows and dog pals, would be ideal.  Jersie was chained outside by someone breeding Border Collies so had a more limited experience of meeting people. She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She is being fostered in Pa and can be seen there or at GHF.

Special thanks Cindy Tier and family for opening their home to Jersie

POTTER needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Potter Summary:
 - canine friend required

 - fenced yard REQUIRED


POTTER: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Potter is a gorgeous dog with a very intelligent nature, classic thinking BC style. He also has a hilarious play style where he body blocks and races and chases and mixes it up like crazy with dogs who like to play, classic for a mix! A great combination for the right dog and right adopter and a sweet guy on top of it. A super affectionate love bug, he doesn’t realize he’s all grown up when he heads for your lap. He’s also a snuggler at night, on the bed, very very cute. Potter will need a young physical dog who really enjoys to play, so he’s happiest, though he adores the humans he meets, too. Potter is 50 pounds and fine with cats. He was relinquished to GHF due to a divorce and lived in one home since a pup.

Special thanks to Margie Flagg who fostered Potter for a few weeks and Peg Fuller who got him safely to the Farm

ZACH needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Zach Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED


ZACH: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Zach is a clever boy who loves his balls and races full speed ahead to retrieve, a super agile fast guy! He is also a thoughtful dog who observes everything to make sense of the world around him. He’s just arrived at GHF so we’ll update his bio soon. Zach is a worldwide citizen, having lived his life in Italy til his guardians made the move to the states. A relative stepped in so Zach could have a chance at a more typical BC life with a country setting, tons to do and guardians who loved the challenge of an active BC! Zach is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats.

KEIRA is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Keira's Angels
-Shuck's Border Collies
-Elaine Wilson - In honor of Ike

KEIRA, A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Kiera is coming to life! This shut down shy girl hid for a long time but through the interaction with the other dogs, she is so much fun to watch now.  She’s curious and absolutely loving the herding games of being with other BC’s, fitting into groups and with other dogs beautifully.  And, thanks to her FosterMom’s efforts to excite her with toys, she is a serious toy lover, too!  The jolly ball and frisbee bring out all her focus for fun!   Keira is still a very skittish girl and will need someone very patient to build on the foundation she now has, step by step.  She needs plenty of time to really trust someone and follow their lead, as well as living with a confident BC who can be her mentor.  Keira is maneuvering around the house almost like normal, a bit nervous but oh so very brave. Keira is a very very gentle dog and incredibly sweet, starting to enjoy the affectionate touch of humans. She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats.  She was living an awful life stuck inside a pen 24/7 covered in feces and urine, never outside part of a breeder operation in Indiana.

Special thanks to Kim & Maury Bouchard for fostering Keira.
She is hanging with former Sprakers dog, Keenan!

Shane Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - other canine friends preferred


Shane absolutely loves the water! He loves swimming & hiking GHF trails, quite the athlete, with great recall!

Shane's Angel
Tracey Akitt
SHANE: A 2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Shane is a smart guy with lots of fun energy - he can literally leap off the ground all four feet to catch a toy or treat. He’s fun and quite the character, too! Shane does have a full teethy grin which makes us all laugh. He is really starting to unwind at GHF no longer crated all day from his previous situation so we expect to update his bio as he’s here longer. He has a classic aussie style of physical play and really enjoys another dog who can match this. Always a busy canine player, he’ll be happiest with a fur Buddy! Shane does really bond closely to a person and sticks right by your side so is likely to do well as a hiking partner, too. He is 45 pounds and is good with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from PA guardians who had a change in their work situation and felt he was home alone too long. He lived in one home since a pup.

Glen Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - other canine friends preferred
 - dog savvy cats


Special thanks to Liz Shaw and Naomi Johnston who helped get Glen to rescue.
Glen's Angels
Stewart & Brenda Beck

GLEN: A 2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Glen is a gorgeous guy with tons of energy! He loves to play and make up race and chase games with other herding dogs. He’s fast and fun and ready for action at any time. Glen is a sweet guy who really likes people. He lived with a fearful Border Collie so often barks at someone new but Glen is blossoming quickly here at GHF and adjusting well, so we’ll update his bio as we get to know him now that he’s on his own. We do see that he loves other dogs so we’d like to find him a confident outgoing canine pal. He loves attention and is enjoying all the freedom to run and then play ball, too! Glen has an interest in the motion of traffic so will need a more rural setting and fenced yard.  He is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.

LEA is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - fenced yard is REQUIRED


Lea's Angels
-Shuck's Border Collies
-Lara Avery
-the Bowers/Paterson family in honor of Kasey, Kenzie and in loving memory for our Kelsey and Kylie, who are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge

LEA: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Lea is gorgeous. She is so thoughtful, really taking in everything around her, trying to understand this totally new life. Lea is learning step by step that people can be good and she asking for more attention and a stronger connection with a person now. She really likes to bond with one person so we want her in a quieter home without a lot of chaos since a lot of change is too much for her. She’s fine with other dogs outside but would do best with one confident male BC as her friend. Lea likes to claim her person so doesn’t fit with a group of dogs very well. However, since she likes to play and needs a mentor dog, a balanced male BC would be ideal. She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Lea, like her other friends from Indiana, lived a horrible life with no appropriate care, confined in a small indoor area so she is VERY undersocialized in the real world. Lea is, however, brave and taking steps to show she wants to do more. A very patient, caring person will be the key to her next steps.

Haley Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - solo dog
 - more rural home setting


Haley's Angels
John Chenosky, Susan Lane, Kaylee & Norman
HALEY: A 3 year old Border Collie, Haley is a gorgeous girl with lots of energy to race and chase and play! She’s active like any BC this age and she wants something to DO so will need a BC savvy guardian who understands her needs. She loves people and bonds quickly, eager to be with her person, side by side for whatever activities can be done together. Haley is focused and smart and very observant, a delightfully confident girl. She keeps tabs on everything around, including cars so will need to live in a more rural setting, with a fenced yard where traffic is not in sight. She is a strong female so likely best as a solo dog. Not yet tested on cats, Haley is about 40 pounds. She came to GHF from a PA shelter, moved north after having puppies.

Special thanks to Ellen Simcik, Joanne Cook, Tony & Debbie Grassi, Donnie Ross and Erica Snyder for transporting Haley to GHF

ANA is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
He will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Ana's Angels
-Shuck's Border Collies
-Sandra & Carlos Iglesias
-Susan Strange

ANA: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Ana is very shy but becoming more courageous as time goes in. She is intrigued by all the changes in her life but needs the greatest reassurance to bravely try anything new. She is so incredibly gentle and sweet and so wants to trust people. Ana loves to chase the other dogs and is really coming out of her shell, step by step. She is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. Ana suffered through an awful situation caged inside without access to the outside and without appropriate care of any kind, part of a breeder operation.

Ana’s foster Mom shares the latest 7/20/15: Now that Ana is out exploring the big world, her personality is really beginning to shine so we are finally seeing the dog she will become. She LOVES to go for walks. I do keep the 30' line on her just in case, but I do not hold it. When we first head out for our walks, she just tears around with a bad case of the zoomies. In and out of the tall grass, back and forth, around and around. She seems to sense when she's gotten too far away from me, and will stop and wait for me to catch up. Once we turn around and head back, she's all border collie. Stays behind or beside me. She has wonderful recall. She will come toward you and touch you with her nose. Occasionally she will allow a pat on the head, or a scratch under the chin. Inside, she is now allowing us to approach her and touch her while she is on her dog bed (safe spot). If she makes an attempt to move away, she will come right back.

Special thanks to Anne Cattaneo for fostering Ana in Vermont.

LOKI needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Loki Summary:
 - adult home
 - solo dog home
- fenced yard required


LOKI: An 8 1/2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Loki loves his frisbee and is quite the athlete when it comes to racing for a catch! As much as he loves his frisbee games, he loves his person even more, content to be quite the cuddler on the couch. Loki is very smart and very sweet, really happiest when his person is around and he can join them in whatever they are doing, even car rides make his day! He’s smart as a whip and eager to please, a great companion, full of fun. He is has not yet been tested on cats. He recently returned to GHF after 1 1/2 years due to issues with visiting grandkids. Loki doesn’t like being cornered by chaotic toddlers and will do best in an adult home. He is about 50 pounds.

Gillie Summary:
 - adult home


Gillie's Angel
-Tracey Akitt
-Harriet Guberman

GILLIE: A 9 year old Border Collie, Gillie is a sensitive, sweet shy girl who so wants to be friends but would never presume to boldly let you know! With patience and kindness, she quickly shows her true nature and enjoys lots of attention. Gillie really comes to life with other Border Collies around, quite the herder and fast as can be, herding the other dogs. Plus she even enjoys frisbee! She’s been in one home since a pup, bred by her guardian and lived an outdoor life in a rural NY setting. Gillie was surrendered to GHF due to her reaction around kids where Gillie wants to hide, very nervous by their chaos, so will do best in an adult home who understands her soft nature. She’s a lovely girl, really starting to blossom at GHF. Gillie is 60 pounds and with exercise at the Farm, will trim down. She is good with cats and submissive with other dogs.

Asher Summary:
friends or solo dog
fenced yard required


Asher's Angels
-Gregg, Jodi, Flash, Skid, Cassie & Rave in loving memory of some very special dogs: Vince & Tasha’s Brinley & Deirdre’s Zen

-Joy Paris-Poe and Larry Poe
-Michael Reath
-Quill, GHF alum

ASHER: An 11.5 year old Border Collie, Asher comes to life herding other dogs, keeping up with all the crowd half his age! We’d love to find a home with at least one other ball dog who wouldn’t mind being herded! Asher lived in a multiple dog household and fit in at the Farm easily. When he isn't keeping tabs on the action of other dogs, he is a sweet, mellow boy who loves to hang out with you, nudging you for a hello and an ear rub. Asher does have hearing loss so a fenced yard is a must. He is fine with cats. His story is a sad one where he was left 12 hours a day alone, no one willing to even let him outside. He was abandoned at a shelter who contacted us. We are really happy to help him renew his energy to find more purpose in life.

(see Asher in action!)

Asher loves the new bed!

Special thanks to Janine and Dan Choplick for helping Asher get to the Farm.

GRACE & ANNIE  need 4 angels -    click here to learn more
Grace & Annie Summary:
- adopted together or separate


Their diagnostics: bloodwork, urine and thyroid checked out great and we are now giving them a dental which has been desperately needed for years. Both are on pain meds for weakened back-ends, normal for this age BC.

Special thanks to Janine & Dan Choplick and Sue Myers for transporting the girls safely to the Farm.

Grace and Annie's Angels
Peg, Mike Ollie, Stanley and Tripp
Peter & Renate Goodloe & Doc!
GRACE (left) and ANNIE are 12 year old sisters who’ve spent their lives together, playing ball and being classic Border Collies! They have all the smarts and agile natures to have enjoyed whatever they tackled, especially ball play. And, today, they are still ball fanatics! These two so remind us of the old style of BC that thinks about everything around them, before deciding what to do…clearly smart as can be, focused as can be and ready to go! Just adorable, both of them. They get along with other dogs beautifully and have joined a pack of 10 in the GHF yard. They slid into the Farmhouse Sanctuary without a bit of trouble and seem pretty excited by all the action around them. However, we know they would love the attention of their own person again. Both are good with cats. They landed at GHF due to a new relationship causing their guardian to move. They can be adopted together or separately.

ADDIE needs 4 angels -    click here to learn more
Addie Summary:
- friends or solo dog OK


Addie's Angel
Dan Roskowsky
Lu Ann Heller
ADDIE: A 12 1/2 year old Border Collie, Addie is not only a gorgeous girl, she is so much fun! Meeting Addie makes the word senior seem completely wrong - she is active, focused, loves her ball game and is ready to go, go, go.. seriously this is one athletic drivey Border Collie.. we can just imagine what she was like when she was younger!  Addie is also extremely good-natured and loves everyone she meets, very easy going, even about the change to a new life.  Clearly, Addie thinks life is grand now with tons to do and lots of BC buddies but she’d trade it all for a human friend to call her own who makes her the center of attention. Addie is a great swimming, really enjoying being in the water!  She lived in one home since a pup but a divorce and work change left her in need of a new home.  Addie is smart as a whip and a joy to be around. She is good with other dogs and cats.  About 35 pounds, Addie is in great health.  She came from a home in NJ.

Special thanks to Peg Fuller for making sure Addie got a ride to GHF.

The Farmhouse Sanctuary residents will live out their lives at the Farm. Please consider supporting their care by being an angel. 
We will need ongoing financial assistance for their needs.

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Meet the wonderful residents of THE FARMHOUSE SANCTUARY 
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Asher - 11 yr old

Grace - 12 yr old

- 12 yr old

Addie - 12 1/2 yr old

Jenney - 12 yr old

Tripper - 12 yr old

Maverick - 12 yr old

Toby - 14 yr old

Bo - 15 yr old

Jack - 16 yr old



JAGG needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Jagg Summary:
 - canine friend required

 - fenced yard REQUIRED


JAGG: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Jagg is a sweet guy, sensitive about everything around him and curious, too. He is eager to be with someone to call his own and also equally loves other dogs, truly a chase, race and play boy! Jagg is quite the athlete, a real toy dog and enjoys whatever game is going on around him. He is good natured but will need someone patient to guide him through a new life since his former guardian left him alone all day outside til dark, then crated at night. Jagg is really ready for a true human/canine friendship where he counts. He is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Jagg luckily landed at GHF when dog lovers who lived in the same building stepped in to get him into a better situation.

A huge thanks to Sam Polsky and Jennifer Pidustwa who stepped in to help Jagg get to GHF, making sure he could have a much better life.

Sprite's Summary:
 - fenced yard 


Special thanks to Sue Myers, Marybeth Powers and Erica Snyder who made her transport to safety, possible.

Sprite's Angel
Renate & Pete Goodloe, Rosie & Doc
SPRITE:  A 5 year old Border Collie, Sprite is starting a new life and one day soon, we hope she believes it's as great as we know it can be. Coming from the tough history as a breeding dog, she has clearly suffered an emotional toll.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had such a burdened BC land here but everyone at GHF knows that healing is possible and there will be a brighter, happier dog ahead.  We’ll update her bio and pictures as she progresses. She’s a sweet girl with a gentle nature.  Thankfully she made it to GHF with the help of another rescue who pulls dogs out of puppy mills.

Mickey Summary:
 - solo dog
 - adult home
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats


Mickey's Angel
In memory of my soul mate, my fur nephew Spot
MICKEY: A 7 year old Border Collie, Mickey is a smart, focused, ready to be by your side guy. He is great off leash and loves to hike plus he is a serious frisbee nut. He's played a lot of frisbee in his earlier years so still loves it! He also loves balls of any kind and is a fast guy for a toss! Mickey is good with other dogs but is a bit herding oriented so best as a solo dog where he can be the only BC around. He loves attention, is super friendly and cuddles instantly with anyone cause everyone is a friend to Mickey. Mickey can be a sensitive guy who worries a bit when he’s in a new situation so does best with a patient guardian who understands all the changes he’s gone through being abandoned and gives him time to settle in. He’s a thinker so observes everything around him, making sense of how he can fit in and what he can do to be a good boy, which matters to him. Mickey aims to please! He was surrendered to the Farm by PA guardians due to a move. He is not good with cats. He is about 45 pounds


who kindly help ALL the dogs at GHF on a continual basis. 
We are deeply grateful to you all.

Carol Andrews
Diane & David Behlen
Sharon Blydenburgh
Marilyn Bradshaw-Knapton
Debra Braiman
Kim Brant
Denis and Eileen Byrne
Joseph Depirri
Wendy Donoghue
Linda Dragoo
Karen & Stan Edwards
Kimberly Grike
Karen & Wayne Groteke
Laurent Gaudry & Elena Shifflette
Herbie Halloran
Mary Huber
Shanon Hunt & Steve Ritland
Su Walenta Hunt
Janet James
Kathleen Long
Kathryn Malley

Nina & Mike Marciniszyn
Betty Meyer
Jim & Kathy Milavec
Alison Morgan
Sandra Nicholson
Jolene & John Patrick
Stephanie Perry
Jim & LeAnn Russell
James & Pamela Sacks
Katherine Silta
Stacey & John Simon
Kimberly Smith
Terri Smith
Erica Snyder
Rebecca Symmes
Lisa Vaughn
Sharon & Jim Votraw
Pamela Whitlock
Linda Wood
Lynda Yoder
John & Bonnie Yurga

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Contact the Farm rescue@glenhighlandfarm.com
Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY  13808
Phone: (607)263-5415  Fax:  (607)263-5325