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WE ONLY ADOPT INTO THE NORTHEAST REGION, furthest south is Virginia, furthest west is Pennsylvania and north all through New England and SE Canada

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we’ll be holding adoptions at GHF - if you are interested, pls forward an application NOW

MOM LAYLA - a 6 yr old working girl from upstate NY.  She is sweet & people oriented, and very good natured.

She was pregnant upon arrival to GHF,
the pups were born 11/16/16.


(We feel that all of these pups would greatly benefit with another herding dog in their lives.)

AMAZING! She has real confidence and curiosity. She handles drivey adult bc's beautifully, loves toys, focuses on all the action even stalking other dogs already! clear thinking & super smart.

MYLOH…BRILLIANT! outgoing, bold and in the action. He does well with drivey adult bc’s, has the focused interest to engage easily- already modeling adult BC’s. He is learning fast, loves his toys.

(We feel that all of these pups would greatly benefit with another herding dog in their lives.)


CURIOUS! Alert, observant and eager to play, he loves his toys. He is curious and joins his puppy pals to explore. Would love a mentor bc to show him the rules. Smart, sweet and gaining confidence quickly.


MYSTIC - people focused, playful, cuddly, likes
 to be in the middle of the action

(We feel that all of these pups would greatly benefit with another herding dog in their lives.)

More attentive, he watches activity before taking any action. He loves his puppy pals & would enjoy a mentor BC. He has a soft nature and bonds easily to people. A real thinker, he is gaining confidence easily.

GENTLE! A gentle soul who blossoms with a person. She takes her time to join in the action, following her bc pals. Curious and easy going, she bonds easily. Her wonderful nature is captivating.


He loves to play with his pals and also loves his people time. His easy going, balanced nature is obvious. Sweet and smart, he is ready to learn and love. Another gentle soul, he is blossoming quickly.

 Little MYRON has a new name and a new life - TREK is joining GHF alum, Zain and rescue BC, Envy to be the center of a loving home. He’ll be just as famous as his BC pals who are the star of many photos well know for their hugging!  

Now, Trek will share center stage! He’ll have a blast doing agility, too, plus learning all the BC activities that his new parents love to do with their gang! He now lives in Pennsylvania.


We’ve been overloaded with 20 puppies, all requiring tons of attention but also buckets of money to cover their needs. None were vetted before rescue and some have special needs we are addressing so THE PUPPY ANGELS provide a fund for this special situation.  

-Rob & Amy Barilla
-Pete & Renate Goodloe & Doc & Rosie
-Lydia & John Henshaw and GHF Alum Maggie
-Carolyn & Karl Behnke
-Deb Myers & Eugene Bleecker GHF alum, Quill
-Gayle Marriner-Smith & Sweet Sir William Braveheart
-The Phillips family

Lyza Summary:
 - bc friend required
 - bc savvy home required


Special thanks to Peg Fuller who transported the pups to GHF.

LYZA: A petite 3 mo old Border Collie, this little pup has a huge presence already showing itself..she is extremely smart, very brave and clearly confident…a true female BC package already set to go! An impressive spirit is shining through with Lyza and she’ll only be handed off to a seasoned BC guardian for sure. She is a sweetheart, marvelous with her good nature and cuddly ways but when the action starts, she is the great thinker, observing, taking notes and then deciding what matters. This little girl jumped her way up onto a 42 inch high crate, determined to get out the window…not one try but numerous ones til she got what she wanted…a willful, brilliant pup who is bound to be a huge amount of fun for someone who understands this brain power.  If there is a door that is closed, she wants to go behind it. If there is a window to look out, she will monkey up anyway possible to see outside. Whatever she wants to do, she does, including now hanging with the founder’s big pack which is what she wanted all along. Lyza needs a serious job to do or she will invent one, non-stop!!!  She is about 15 pounds. Lyza was surrendered to GHF along with Lyle when her NY guardian, four days in, realized she’d made a huge mistake buying two BC pups. Thankfully, she trusted GHF to find them more proper lives. She’s originally from Utah.

 Little LYLE is about to have a big Border Collie life, joining two herding pals who hike all the time on their six acres and nearby farm land in PA. His new FurMom is eager to introduce him to swimming too as well as agility, giving him a chance to see what he likes best. He happily met his new buds and headed off to just the right life for him!

LYLE: A 3 mo old Border Collie, Lyle is a fun loving, outgoing, check out the world kind of pup! He is good natured and boldly enjoys whatever comes his way with all four feet first - quite a character. He is not overly intense but just energetic like most BC’s so would benefit from a canine pal to handle his energy. He loves other dogs and truly wants to join whatever action means fun. A big toy boy, he is also sweet and cuddly, quite the charmer. Lyle is about 15 pounds. Lyle & Lyza were surrendered to GHF by their NY guardian who realized, four days into life with the pups, that she had made a mistake and knew they needed something more than she could provide. Thankfully, she trusted GHF would provide. They originally came from Utah. Lyle is a white with red merle accents.

  KAINE found a new life with a mentor BC pal to provide some leadership and an extended family of dogs at home for lots of puppy action play, too! His new guardians were thrilled to make the drive for this spectacular pup, knowing he was exactly what they had been patiently waiting to find. Kaine, now named Flash, will have lots of outdoor activity as they ski and hike and live on 65 acres which is the perfect paradise for this active boy! He now lives in Massachusetts.

KAINE: A 4 month old Border Collie, little Kaine is aptly named cause he is "raising cain”- what a pistol this boy is! He came into GHF and integrated with the founder’s large pack with all the confidence of a pup who had been there his whole life…clearly little Kaine needs something to do and has big ambitions! He is very agile, leaping from the floor to the couch with perfect balance and happily ducks into the fridge the minute the door opens…curious and bold to help himself to any findings. Kaine will do well with a seasoned BC adopter who understands the intellect as well as energy needs cause while Kaine is a sweetheart, loves everyone and is as friendly as can be, he is a spitfire. He is fine with cats. Kaine is here cause like all Border Collie puppies, he was adorable when little and then a handful as he was ready for the big world!

  WILL found a great new life fast cause he was ready for action! So active and so eager to jump into anything, Will now gets a life where sports are a big part of the fun…agility and herding! He joins three aussie pals for a busy life of play and learning. He’ll also get plenty of hiking and swims in since his new FurMom loves to mix up sport training with outdoor fun! We’re thrilled for this wonderful pup and his new family. He now lives in NY.

WILL: A 5 month old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Will is a live-wire, joyful and curious and bold. He loves to do everything super fast, whether it’s jumping up on the couch or checking out a new space, he clearly has lots of energy. Will is super friendly, outgoing and likes to say hi, a beaming, bright boy who loves life. He is a player with young friends and appropriate with more mature ones. Will came to GHF from a dog lover who stepped in to help three pups from an Amish farm. They were an accidental litter who, without help, would have met a sad fate, being shot. Thankfully, that’s no longer a worry, and we’re celebrating along with Will since he’s going to have a loving home soon! He is good with dog savvy cats and about 30 pounds.

Webb Summary:
 - mature herding pal required
 - dog savvy cats


Special thanks to Judy Dillman who alerted GHF to his need and our team, Mary Beggs and Cindy Packard, hopped in the car to go get Webb along with 7 other pups

Webb's Angels
-Lorena and Jay Doherty, in memory of Wiley

WEBB: A 5 month old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Webb is a smart little guy, eager and curious, boldly checking out new things with glee. He is a happy character and already blossoming at GHF. He is energetic and playful but not overly intense. Webb has played happily with young herding pals but does best with mature dogs, especially females. We feel strongly that he will blossom with a mentor BC or Aussie to show him the ropes about his new life. He has a super sweet, soft side, hesitating with new situations so a strong female dog instantly gives him guidance. Webb bonds very quickly to his person and is very loving. Webb came to GHF from a dog lover who stepped in to help three pups from an Amish farm. They were an accidental litter who, without help, would have met a sad fate, being shot. Thankfully, that’s no longer a worry, and we’re celebrating along with Webb since he’s going to have a loving home soon! He is good with dog savvy cats and about 30 pounds

Wyatt Summary:
 - canine friend required


Special thanks to Judy Dillman who alerted GHF to his need and our team, Mary Beggs and Cindy Packard, hopped in the car to go get Wyatt along with 7 other pups.

Wyatt's Angels
Lorena and Jay Doherty, in memory of Wiley
-Annette Otis Effie & GHF alum, Keene
-Judith Dillman

WYATT: A 5 month old Border Collie/Aussie pup, Wyatt is a shy fellow who does well with a canine pal to give him signals that he’s secure and safe. He attaches to a person quickly and is very affectionate, asking for reassurance. He is going to a foster home to gain some confidence. A gentle soul, he should blossom well and become a wonderful companion. Wyatt came to GHF from a dog lover who stepped in to help three pups from an Amish farm. They were an accidental litter who, without help, would have met a sad fate, being shot. Thankfully, that’s no longer a worry. He is good with cats and about 30 pounds.

Special thanks to Lori Coon & her family for fostering Wyatt

Waite Summary:
 - canine herding friend preferred


WAITE: A 4 month old Border Collie/Aussie/ Cattle dog, Waite is a gentle, sweet, people oriented boy. Quite the cuddler, he makes friends easily and loves everyone he meets. He is focused and observant, really watching everything around him, clearly a thinker. Waite loves to play with other herding dogs and also loves toys, especially the squeakers! He is a charming guy with potential to easily join a pack of another canine mentor pal. He is 35 pounds and good with cats. Waite is from a PA Amish farm, with the same father as the other 4 month old pups but a different mother.

Special thanks to everyone who made it possible for him to land in rescue: Judith Dillman, Jennifer Royce, Sue Myers and Jane Locacio.

Wes Summary:
 - canine herding friend required
 - fenced yard required


Special thanks to Judy Dillman who alerted GHF to his need and our team, Mary Beggs and Cindy Packard, hopped in the car to go get Wes along with 7 other pups.

Wes Angels
-Lorena and Jay Doherty, in memory of Wiley

WES: A 4 month old Border Collie/ Aussie /Cattle dog, Wes is a sweet guy with a gentle nature. He is curious and easy going, a bit of a follower so would benefit from another canine pal. Since his nature is soft, we will only place him with an easy going mature dog. He is quite the charmer with people, gently asking for attention and happy to give back lots of affection. He loves toys, too and will join into play easily. Wes is 25 pounds and good with cats. Wes has a hearing deficit so we will only place him with another canine friend. He is one of 7 pups from NY Amish farms where they were all allowed to roam the property, interacting with adult dogs as well as siblings. While this is not ideal from a dog lover’s perspective, this situation does make for outgoing, confident pups who are at ease with new things so Wes, like the other pups, are very unique. A neighboring dog lover stepped in to insure their safety, getting them to GHF.

Whit Summary:
 - herding friend required
 - sport potential


Special thanks to Judy Dillman who alerted GHF to his need and our team, Mary Beggs and Cindy Packard, hopped in the car to go get Whit along with 7 other pups.

Whit's Angels
-Lorena and Jay Doherty, in memory of Wiley

WHIT: A 4 month old Border Collie/Aussie/Cattle dog, Whit is brilliant. He is super focused and action oriented, confident in doing what makes sense to him! He is very agile, moving his body easily to match where his mind wants to go - quite impressive compared to his siblings. Whit would really blossom with a job! He is attentive, learns fast and is eager for direction. Food oriented and so mentally sharp, he would be a blast to train. Whit is a strong willed pup so best with someone who understands the cattle dog nature. He is best with a confident mature dog since he ‘reads’ dogs beautifully and will interact in a much more mature way. He is 25 pounds and good with cats. Whit is one of 7 pups from NY Amish farms where they were all allowed to roam the property, interacting with adult dogs as well as siblings. While this is not ideal from a dog lover’s perspective, this situation does make for outgoing, confident pups who are at ease with new things so Whit, like the other pups, are very unique. A neighboring dog lover stepped in to insure their safety, getting them to GHF.

Wade Summary:
 - Herding dog friend required


Special thanks to Judy Dillman who alerted GHF to his need and our team, Mary Beggs and Cindy Packard, hopped in the car to go get Wade  along with 7 other pups.

Wade's Angels
-Gregg, Jodi, Skid, Cassie and Rave in memory of GHF wacky & lovable alumni Jett
WADE: A 4 month old Border Collie/Aussie/Cattle dog, Wade is very sweet and also very active. Curious and outgoing, he loves to explore checking out everything wherever he goes. He is very observant and quick to try something new. Wade has good body awareness for his age, likely coming from the freedom he had as a pup. He loves toys and also other herding pals, mixing very well with adults and younger friends. We want Wade to have a very active life with another herding pal since he’s so enjoys the interaction. He has the perfect balance of energy, focus and attentiveness with a person plus great dog skills. He is 25 pounds and good with cats. He is one of 7 pups from NY Amish farms where they were all allowed to roam the property, interacting with adult dogs as well as siblings. While this is not ideal from a dog lover’s perspective, this situation does make for outgoing, confident pups who are at ease with new things so Wade, like the other pups, are very unique. A neighboring dog lover stepped in to insure their safety, getting them to GHF

Wren Summary:
 - canine friend preferred
 - fenced yard required


Special thanks to Judy Dillman who alerted GHF to his need and our team, Mary Beggs and Cindy Packard, hopped in the car to go get Wren along with 7 other pups.

Wren's Angels
-Jay & Michelle Monitz

WREN: A 4 month old Border Collie/Aussie /Cattle dog mix, Wren is a sweetheart. He is a gentle soul who joins in with other dogs easily and enjoys following wherever the action goes. Observant and smart, he is quickly learning about his new foster pack and special commands, too, since he has a hearing deficit. Wren is easy going and athletic, with good body awareness, exploring the world around him comfortably. He is good with cats and 25 pounds. Wren is benefiting from a foster setting since he can easily gain a good foundation with individual attention. He is one of 7 pups from NY Amish farms where they were all allowed to roam the property, interacting with adult dogs as well as siblings.  While this is not ideal from a dog lover’s perspective, this situation does make for outgoing, confident pups who are at ease with new things so Wren, like the other pups, are very unique.  A neighboring dog lover stepped in to insure their safety, getting them to GHF

Special thanks to Sarah Cummings for fostering Wren

Nash Summary:
  - canine friend(s) preferred


We are excited that Nash has a clean bill of health after numerous tests at Cornell!
This little sweetheart is now ready to be adopted!

Special thanks to Erica Snyder, Kristine Hammar, Carol Cunningham, Paul Elkins and Norah & Todd Doyle who made sure Nash made it to the Farm

Nash's Angels
-Maureen & Dick Ware Jem & Robby, GHF Alums
-Kathy & Mike Hoar in honor of Brennan
-Marta & John Aberg, in memory of Andrew Slyter
Zach & Tux in memory of their mom, Theresa Opalinski
-The Fuller Family- Chris, Jackie, Ruger in memory of Chloe
-Deb Myers & Eugene Bleecker
-GHF alum, Logi

NASH: A 6 month old Border Collie mix, Nash is the cutest guy to land in rescue lately - what a gem! He is very very small, likely mixed with a tiny dog. In no way, will he be a full sized Border Collie and he’s even smaller than a jack russell terrier. Nash is extremely adorable with a super sweet nature and loves toys of all kinds! A brilliant thinker, he really likes challenges and would be happy with someone who wanted to challenge him mentally with training and toys. He has really blossomed on high quality food and good care, looking a million times better than the skinny guy who arrived at GHF. He is still a little overwhelmed with bigger dogs so he has befriended other small mixes and just loves to play!! Nash is good with cats. He was abandoned outside to fend for himself, picked up by someone who spotted him and thankfully took him to a PA shelter where they were happy to have GHF step in to help. To help show his very petite size, we tucked him in the lap of one of our Caretakers.

Pennie Summary:
 - other canine(s) required
 - dog savvy cats OK


Pennie's Angels
The Konnors

PENNIE: A 6 month old Border Collie mix, Pennie is a sweet girl with a gentle side with people, even a bit shy, but then turns on the big play style with dogs, totally confident and ready to race and chase. She loves having a canine pal and could even join a pack. The BC boys love her cause she is rough and tumble and all fun.  Pennie has an adorable, affectionate personality, loving to cuddle and share her heart. She also loves ball play and will entertain herself with a game of ‘two ball’, pushing one out as she drops another to the floor from her mouth. She is about 30 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. She was from a NY litter where the guardian asked GHF to help find her a home.



LULU: An 8 month old Border Collie, Lulu is the real deal. She is smart, focused, sensitive and catches onto everything quickly. She aims to please but also relies on her person to guide her, happy to have reassurance and a loving connection. LuLu seeks out people. She is absolutely happy to herd the other BC’s here but it’s a person that she is really seeking the most. Sweet as can be, her keen mind is apparent and can be developed with someone who really understands the soft yet strong nature of a young Border Collie. LuLu is good with cats. She was surrendered to GHF from a PA guardian due to the mix of toddlers and a herding dog - just not a good combination. She is about 30 pounds


Lucy Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - bc friend(s) required


Special thanks to Kristine Hammar, Sue Myers and Katherine Schule for getting Lucy safely to GHF.
Lucy's Angel
Alice Reath
Gail & Dave Hurley
LUCY: A very petite 10 month old Border Collie, Lucy is an adorable girl who loves attention, quite the cuddle bug, jumping right into your lap on the couch. She takes a little time to warm up to new people in new settings so we’d like to have another BC pal for her, preferably a male. Lucy does very well with other dogs and really enjoys making up chase herding games. She’s also loves to learn and very smart. Her fosterMom has taken her to the agility building and done some introductory work and found that Lucy has some potential. A sport outlet would be fun for her! Lucy is good with cats and about 25 pounds. Lucy was relinquished directly to GHF from a PA guardian with health issues. She previously lived in an apartment so is adjusting well to more freedom and exploration in a yard.

Special thanks to Linda Wood for fostering Lucy.

         LEO found a great life where he’ll be best pals with his new FurDad while he works their Farm, going everywhere he goes and even checking on the sheep! We know Leo loves the tennis ball so not sure what he’ll think of the other ‘work’ available to him now, but his new guardian doesn’t care cause he came for a canine buddy. He instantly loved Leo so off he’s gone to a new life where he’ll share his brilliance and great nature 24/7, loved completely. Leo now lives in Pennsylvania.

LEO: A 1 year old Border Collie, Leo is a doll, joyful, people oriented and of course, toy oriented, too like any young BC! He loves to cuddle and enjoys being by your side but he also absolutely loves other dogs and would be thrilled to have a buddy who likes to play as much as him. He and other young BC’s at GHF, are mixing it up with major chase games every day and he’s happy as can be for that mental and physical stimulation. Leo is a smart boy who easily learns but isn’t overly intense, pushing for a big job. He’s happy about being a companion and adjusts well to new situations. He is good with cats and 45 pounds. Leo came to GHF from a NY home where having two toddlers and Leo just proved to be too much. He lived in one home since a pup.

         Sweet POLLIE went home with former GHF adopters who were so thrilled to have this young girl as their family member. Patiently waiting for the right girl who could happily be a solo dog, Pollie, now Penny, is home forever. They just adored her, instantly. She will even have her own summer camp on 2 acres to explore and enjoy! She lives in Canada

POLLIE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Pollie is a smart girl that blossoms with one on one attention, cuddling and happy to be next to you. She is sensitive and will do best with a quieter home where someone can help her enjoy a new life where she is the center of attention. Pollie is used to sharing life with toddlers, most recently age 2 and 4 and before, that, young children, too so it’s time for her to be important. Having been through two homes already, she’s proof that a young BC is not ideal with a young family - the combination is just too much. Pollie has a lovely nature but will need time to become more settled, not having to react to chaos 24/7. We often see confused young herding dogs who do beautifully once removed from so much activity so they can think with guidance and consistently more geared to the dog. Pollie is about 35 pounds and good with cats. She was surrendered directly to GHF from NY guardians who knew a different life would suit her much better. Pollie is camera shy so we’ll keep working on better pictures!

Maeve & Mick Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats
 - adopted together


Special thanks to Ken Lee who made sure they made it safely to GHF.

Maeve & Mick Angels
-Forever grateful to Glen Highland Farm for our beautiful, sweet and amazing girl River!!
Rebecca Plantz
-Kelley Hoffman

MAEVE & MICK: Two year old Border Collies, this pair is clearly bonded and love hanging together…they race and chase and explore at the Farm, happy to see what the world has in store for them. Super friendly, outgoing and joyful, they really keep us chuckling with their enthusiasm for life. They are enjoying all the action at GHF and learning to also enjoy toy play. They have such a good relationship, that we want to keep them together. Mick & Maeve are a nice blend of energy and thoughtfulness with Mick as the well-balanced leader, and petite spitfire Maeve following his direction. Both were strays in VA where a BC lover spotted them, knew about GHF and asked for our help. We’re very happy to have them here. Neither one is good with cats. Maeve is about 25 pounds. Mick about 40.

Martie Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats


A very special thanks to Sue Myers who drove an incredibly long distance to get Martie to safety.

Martie's Angel
Alice Reath
MARTIE: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Martie is a character through and through. He loves his toys, entertaining himself with anything that rolls or tosses into the air. He also really loves to explore the fields at GHF, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, happy to be alive. Martie is extremely outgoing and loves to say hi to people, full of energy and play. He is a pretty bold fellow, confident and engaged, a large personality. He came to GHF from Virginia where his time was up when dog lovers reached out for help. He is about 45 pounds and is not good with cats. We did a DNA test on Martie and he’s part boxer and husky!

Pike Summary:
 - solo dog
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats
 - Adult home


Special thanks to transporter Susan Myers for making  a long trip to the Farm with Pike

Pike's Angels
-Beat Hellstern & Ziggy
-Backyard Agile Dogs Club 

PIKE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Pike is a serious toy boy and loves the interaction of the game plus he will entertain himself, happily tossing the toy in the air for lots of fun! He is a very smart, focused boy who is eager to please and responds easily to direction. Pike clearly focuses on a person for guidance and will bond quickly. He is a sweet, friendly guy who would be happy as a solo dog since he connects so well with people. He is not very good with other dogs so a fenced yard would be best for him. Pike will do best with a BC savvy guardian who understands how intelligent he is and satisfies his desire to be someone’s companion. He is about 40 pounds and not good with cats.

Gus Summary:
solo dog

 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - NO cats


Gus' Angels
-Geoff & Chris Phillips & Jesse
Elaine Cave
GUS: A 2 year old Border Collie, Gus is a powerhouse BC, with tons of energy and plenty of drive to do what he wants. He is a friendly guy who loves attention but most of all, he needs a real task to carry out, like lots of toy play. Gus excels at learning and is exuberant about toys. A mentally smart boy, he will need a seasoned BC person who understands that this boy will make up his own work unless stimulated properly. Gus is a great BC, in the right hands. Loving, affectionate and eager to please, he is also extremely responsive to someone who is teaching him new activities. He is not good with other dogs and is not good with cats. He came to GHF from a NY farm where he was allowed to work sheep, on his own. The elderly guardians could not manage he or the other BC, both surrendered to GHF. Gus will only be placed in a fenced yard with a BC savvy adopter. He is 50 pounds, a bit larger than the standard size.

Special thanks to Mary Beggs & Jeff Beck who transported Gus safely to GHF.

Sadie Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - canine
friend -submissive male or solo
 - NO cats


Sadie's Angels
-Pete & Renate Goodloe, Doc & Rosie
Reid and Elliot Roche
SADIE: A very petite 2 year old Border Collie mix, Sadie is absolutely adorable. She’s like a pint-sized BC with tons of energy now that she has a fenced yard for racing around. We barely got any pictures where she wasn’t off the ground in full flight! And, what a happy girl she was as she flew across the field. She loves squeaky toys and loves to investigate anything, quite curious. Sadie is also such an affectionate, cuddly girl, loving to be right in your lap, sweet as can be. She is also a big time thinker, digesting everything around before she decides what she wants to do. Sadie will need a guardian who wants to help her blossom, discovering activities that she likes to do. She is a strong female so mixes well with submissive male dogs. She is 25 pounds and is not good with cats. Sadie was adopted four months ago from another rescue into a NYC home but her previous guardian felt it was really unfair to keep her leashed and alone all day while she worked - we agree - this little girl is going to love moving freely and choosing what she wants to do!

Haley Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - solo dog
 - more rural home setting
 - NO cats


Haley's Angel
-Cappy's Woods
Josh & Sharron, Patty & Drake, in memory of Oliver
HALEY: A 3 year old Border Collie, Haley is a gorgeous girl with lots of energy to race and chase and play! She’s active like any BC this age and she wants something to DO so will need a BC savvy guardian who understands her needs. She loves people and bonds quickly, eager to be with her person, side by side for whatever activities can be done together. Haley is focused and smart and very observant, a delightfully confident girl. She keeps tabs on everything around, including cars so will need to live in a more rural setting, with a fenced yard where traffic is not in sight. She is a strong female so likely best as a solo dog. She is not good with cats and Haley is about 40 pounds. She came to GHF from a PA shelter, moved north after having puppies.

Special thanks to Ellen Simcik, Joanne Cook, Tony & Debbie Grassi, Donnie Ross and Erica Snyder for transporting Haley to GHF

Haley is such a character with unbelievable talent to make us all chuckle!

Shawnee Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - solo dog


Shawnee's Angels
Love from your puppy, Jude
-Bob & Jeanne Yarrow

SHAWNEE: A petite 4 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Shawnee is extremely sweet and gentle and hilarious with her toys! We keep trying to get pictures of this girl but she’s afraid of the camera - watching her toss around her toys and zoom around like a puppy, is just adorable! Shawnee is full of personality and such a character Her little face is joyful just seeing someone she knows, almost a smile! She loves attention and is very affectionate with someone who is patient. She is a wonderful companion and would love going on walks, car rides and spending time at home with someone who enjoys an easy going, lovely, soft-natured girl. She is a strong female BC with other dogs so best as a solo dog. Her previous life was a breeding female, having a couple litters, living with a few other Border Collies in PA. She originally came from Nebraska. She is about 40 pounds and good with cats. She will be placed in an adult home

Special thanks to Sue Myers for driving Shawnee from PA to GHF so she would have safety in rescue.

        Sweet, lovely NAYA found a new life with a pal named Kaia, ironically, instant pals soon as they met at GHF. Her new guardians came thinking a puppy was the fit for Kaia and couldn’t believe what happened when these two said hello - chase games and happy wiggles, like kindred spirits reunited - it was adorable to see. So, Naya found her new life in NJ.

NAYA: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Naya is a sweet, sweet girl, a bit timid in fact, at first. She takes awhile to feel secure about being with someone new but once she knows you, she is just adorable, very affectionate. She loves attention and does her little ‘happy dance’ when all excited, bouncing around. Naya’s not very intense like some BC’s, she’s more companion oriented happy to be where you are though she will play with a ball for fun. She is very good natured and easy going. She lived with two small dogs and got along just fine so now she’s interacting with Border Collies and we’ll see how if her ‘inner BC’ kicks in at all being with other herding dogs. She is fine with cats and about 35 pounds. Naya must have a fenced yard since she got into the habit of running around the neighborhood where she lived in PA

MOLLY needs angels -   click here to learn more
Molly Summary:
 - invisible fence trained
 - solo dog or male bc friend



Molly's Angels
The Boves

MOLLY IS READY FOR A NEW HOME!!! Good news from our orthopedic specialist, Dr. Paul Bookbinder: he is recommending to NOT do the second surgery. The looseness of the left leg stifle is no longer there, perhaps due to all the many, many months of restricted exercise or just mother nature creating scar tissue around that knee but either way, he would not interfere with anything surgically. She definitely has significant arthritis in both knees and will need to be on cosequin for life and/or pain medication as needed.  Unless she develops lameness in the left leg, she won’t need anything but supportive care.  Surgery on the right leg was in June and since October, she has been running happily, full speed ahead, extremely mobile and very content! WE ARE THRILLED FOR THIS OUTCOME so now Molly can find the perfect person to adore her. 

At age 6, Molly loves her jolly ball the most and will endlessly play with anyone willing to give a toss. Molly is very focused, very smart and very, very sweet. She is super affectionate and cuddly, too, happy to hop on the couch for watching TV.  She is very outgoing though can be a bit territorial about her yard so will need a fenced yard so she can be managed with strangers who arrive unannounced. She loves having a male BC buddy though can be bossy so could live as a solo dog.  Molly lived in one home since a pup with another BC, both relinquished due to the PA guardian’s death. She is good with cats and 36 pounds.

MURPHY needs an angel -   click here to learn more
Murphy Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats


Special thanks to all who helped Murphy land at GHF: Susan Monnelly, Olivia Tandon,  Kathy & Jim Milavec, Debbie Lind, Linda Wood & Kimberly Meyerer and Jane Locacio.
MURPHY: A 6 year old Border Collie mix, Murphy is a super nice guy and really happy to hang with his person, especially if there could be a ball toss coming his way! Quite the ball nut, he enjoys all kinds of toys but especially a retrieval game. When you stop playing, he gives a good woof and howl to tell you he wants more!! He is a good natured, easy going dog, not as intense as a purebred though just as smart. Murphy relaxes easily inside and is joyful bounding around outside, exploring. His previous NJ guardian lost his home, leaving Murphy homeless, too. While it’s not ideal that he isn’t living the life he is used to, he is most certainly LOVING having a fenced yard for freedom. He’s been a delight to watch as he dashes out the door, head high, for a jaunt through the Farm fields. But, no matter how far he runs, he always wants to know you are right nearby, happiest with his person. Murphy is about 50 pounds, a bit overweight and is not good with cats.

ANA is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Ana's Angels
-Matthew & Nicole Belk, in loving memory of Lexi
-Mike & Nina Marciniszyn, in honor of the puppy mill BC’s who deserve a great life!

ANA: A petite 6 year old Border Collie, Ana is very shy but becoming more courageous as time goes by. She is intrigued by all the changes in her life but needs the greatest reassurance to bravely try anything new. She is so incredibly gentle and sweet and so wants to trust people. Ana loves to chase the other dogs and is really coming out of her shell, step by step. She is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. Ana suffered through an awful situation caged inside without access to the outside and without appropriate care of any kind, part of a breeder operation.

Special thanks to Anne Cattaneo for fostering Ana in Vermont.

Riley Summary:
 - fenced yard required


RILEY: A 7 year old Border Collie/lab, Riley is adorable. He is fun, good-natured and just plain and simple JOY! This boy knows how to enjoy life and is one happy fellow. A ball toss game gives him great pleasure and he’ll race and chase til he just finally plops down for a rest and then get up and do it all again…classic Border Collie traits. The lab side of him is just easy and fun and aims to please, a very charming combination. We are hoping to help Riley find a fenced yard in his new home so he can really enjoy the freedom of exploring - he loves to run! He also loves to swim! He is about 60 pounds and sweet as can be. Riley has been in one home since he was about a year old and his NY guardians feel someone else could better meet his energy needs since he’s so puppy like and playful which isn’t quite right for their situation.

Riley is in his home in Oneonta NY but can be seen at GHF, by appointment. Please contact his current guardian, David at 607-432-5573 and e-mail at   dshearer@stny.rr.com

Shay Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - submissive male for friend


Special thanks to Sue Myers for driving Shay from PA to GHF so she would have safety in rescue.
Shay's Angels
-Glory D in memory of Sky's No Limit
Myra Westphal, Dazzling Paws Jewelry
SHAY: An 8 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Shay is an observant girl who likes to watch all the action around her before she decides what she wants to do. Very intelligent, she needs time to understand new settings and feel comfortable before she shows her friendly, sweet side. She is a softer girl and responds beautifully to someone to call her own. Quite a cuddler, she loves attention. Shay can be a bit strong with other dogs so would need a submissive male if paired with another dog. She was relinquished from a breeder who wanted to ‘lighten their load’ of dogs so both Shay & Shawnee came to rescue. She is about 45 pounds and good with cats. She lived with other Border Collies and has been in one home all her life.

Brodie Summary:
fenced yard required
 - adult home
 - solo dog preferred
 - NO cats


Brodie's Angels
-Carolyn Jacobson and Logan
-Linda Johnson & Bedford Village Frame Shop

BRODIE: A petite 8 year old petite Border Collie, Brodie is a super thoughtful boy, really observing everything around him before he decides what to do. He is not impulsive in a new situation, clearly a thinker and smart as a whip. He loves toys and is a joy to watch as he lets loose in play, especially with a frisbee game! He also loves to explore all the fields at GHF and is fast and agile as he checks out everything. Brodie is very smart and also sensitive so will only be placed in adult home with a BC savvy guardian. He is super responsive to his person has a classic BC nature of bonding very closely. Brodie lived as a solo dog so we feel he’d be happiest continuing that way in his new life. He came to GHF from NY guardians who had a toddler that didn’t mix well with him though he was fine with the older child in the home. Brodie is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats.

       Sweet LOUIE found a new life with dear Friends of the Farm who were ready to add a gentle soul to their lives. Louie is exactly who they were hoping to find and fell in love instantly, happy to have him as a new family member! He will have long walks exploring the countryside of Ct as well as beach walks which should be a blast for him! We’re thrilled he has a new forever home, really forever!

LOUIE: A 10 year old Border Collie, Louie came in as sweet as can be, hoping for someone he knows to be around but he’s doing pretty well with this big change to GHF, hanging in the Farmhouse Senior Sanctuary. He is getting some special TLC to help this boy handle his third move. Louie's first home changed years ago, thanks to Hurricane Sandy and now, due to a change in the family situation with a young toddler taking up the focus, he’s again homeless. We’re very happy to have Louie here and know that he will have another journey with someone soon cause he is certainly a gem. Sweet, smart and easy going, he’s not a major toy dog but loves to be with his person. Louie has never lived unfenced so we’d prefer a fenced yard at his age. He is good with cats and other dogs though like many mature BC’s, is most connected to his person. He is 45lbs. He came to GHF from NJ guardians who wanted to be sure he landed in good hands.

Ella Summary:
- adult home
 - solo dog


Ella's Angels
-Fran & Emily McCloskey
Caroline Rhee
Jim & Maryellen Mayer
-Gerry Morosco
Susan & Brian Mumford
-Larry & Lynn Adelsohn

ELLA: A 10 year old tri-color Border Collie, Ella is super friendly, good natured and a classic BC girl - she loves her person and her ball equally! Her ‘summer clip’ hides a beautiful long rough coat so we’ll update her pictures when she’s returned to normal but for now, it’s easy to see that alert, excited ‘gonna throw my ball?’ face! She is good with everyone she meets though nervous with toddlers which is why she was relinquished to GHF. Ella lived in one home since a puppy, long before the babies arrived but like many herding dogs, she does best in an adult home without chaos. Ella is extremely smart, focused and has the energy of a young dog, ready to enjoy the great outdoors with her person! She is good with cats and about 45 pounds. Ella has lived as a solo dog so will be happiest without competing for attention with other dogs around.

ELLA is fabulous off-leash and loves the GHF trails and pond, finding the biggest stick ever for big time BC fun!

TYLER needs angels -   click here to learn more
Tyler Summary:
- large property preferred


A huge thanks to our transporters who dropped everything with a day’s notice to move him to safety from Virginia: Jennifer Royce, Janine & Dan Choplick, Tory VanReenen, Flo Garlinger and of course, volunteer Jane Locacio who tirelessly coordinators all our transporters. And thanks to Joanne Cook who reached out on Tyler’s behalf, asking for help
TYLER: An 11 year old Border Collie, Tyler is amazing! He came into GHF as if he’d lived here all his life, mixed with other BC’s, racing through the fields and happily joining in whatever was going on around him. It’s hard to believe he lost his person just days ago and has rebounded just fine to explore a new life, a testament to how he is a well adjusted dog. Tyler lived with two Aussies for the last six years but the recent death of his VA guardian led him to be homeless. He has clearly been a beloved family member and values a close relationship with a person. Tyler also loves to run, a gorgeous dog to watch as he moves outside. We want to give him a large enough property that he can really enjoy since he’s so athletic and in good shape. He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats.

GINNY needs angels -   click here to learn more
Ginny Summary:
 - solo dog


Special thanks to our transporters: Susan Myers, Scottie Burkhalter and Abby Mack and Richard and Sheila Thompson.
Ginny's Angels
- Renate & Peter Goodloe & GHF alums, Doc & Rosie
-Erin, John and Freja Islo
-Michelle Ouellette, on behalf of Telos
Rhonda & Vince Viapiano
Fiona Robertson
GINNY: A petite 12 year old Border Collie, Ginny is a vibrant, observant, curious girl, classic in her BC focus and interest in everything around her! She is on duty already at GHF, keeping track of all the other BC’s and wanting to meet everyone who is part of the rescue. This super sweet, friendly sweetheart is adorable!! She has really blossomed at GHF coming into great health and happiness. Quite the character, Ginny is now ready to head off to be someone’s sunshine - she loves every human she meets! She is 35 pounds and good with cats. She also loves her toys though is not too interested in sharing any attention with a dog friend so she’s happily best as a solo dog. She came to GHF from a PA vet hospital that stepped in to save her life when her previous guardians no longer wanted to care for her. A special thanks to Dr. Jennifer Carpenter who reached out to GHF for help.

One of our volunteer transporters, Richard Thompson, had this to say about just how special Ginny is:
Ginny was a perfect lady on our leg of the transport and seemed like an old friend after being with her for only an hour. One highlight of the trip was when she first settled into her bed with a far off look. Then I said "Hey, Ginny Girl, do you want to go for another ride?"  Her head picked up, her ears perked up (as much as they can anyway), and her eyes got big as she looked at me in amazement that I actually knew her name and was giving her attention. Then she settled into a peaceful sleep. But whenever I got out of the car, she was right up at the window to check out why I was leaving her. Her heart is wide open for a new, special person. She is indeed a sweet gem.

Shilo Summary:
- fenced yard required


Special thanks to Kiersten Anderson who kindly transported Shilo to GHF.
Shilo's Angels
Rene & Jim Duffy
-Marcy Levine
-Lisa Barrett
-Lydia & John Henshaw
-Timothy Hunt
-Taboo,Lucid, and Tracey
-Deb Myers & Eugene Bleecker
-BC rescue, Twist

SHILO: A 13 year old Border Collie, this girl is one gorgeous, good-natured BC, absolutely the quintessential personality of what draws everyone to want this breed. She is smart, focused and super friendly. However, she is serious about her ‘work’…her ball play…always just hoping for one more throw. With that charming, eager look of ‘how about it?!’…it’s hard to resist not tossing one more toy her way and she knows that! Shilo is lovely and so much fun, a spirited girl. Sometimes, people think age 12 is old but if you really spend time with this breed, you know first-hand that many mature dogs have the energy of a youthful dog cause when they have drive to ‘work/play’, they want to go, go, go, no matter their age and that is Shilo for sure. Shilo was from a PA home that bred Border Collies, relinquished to GHF when they wanted to stop breeding. She is about 40 pounds and good with dog savvy cats.

The Farmhouse Sanctuary residents will live out their lives at the Farm.
Please consider supporting their care by being an angel. 
We will need ongoing financial assistance for their needs.

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Meet the wonderful residents of THE FARMHOUSE SANCTUARY 
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Ella - 10 yr old

Tyler - 11 yr old

Shilo - 13 yr old

Ginny - 12 yr old

Frannie - 10 yr old

Betsie - 12 yr old

Theo - 15 yr old

Cassy - 16 yr old

Bo - 17 yr old




Oree Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - other canine(s) required
 - NO cats


Special thanks to Liz Boucher, Norah & Todd Doyle and Jane Locacio for making it possible for Oree to get to GHF.

Oree's Angels
-Beverle Lessley & Tom Pizza
-Laura Langworthy
Vicky Buono, in memory of Syd, & GHF alums Mav & Skye

OREE: A 8 month old Border Collie mix, Oree is hilarious, full of energy and happiness being able to run in the fields at GHF. He is clearly mixed with a joyful breed, ready to abandon all reason for a big romp! He would love a canine pal for play, another mix who just loves to race, chase and cavort around, truly have a dog game of fun. He is not super focused or intense, he’s just playful. Oree has some very mouthy tendencies so needs an adult home to help shape his focus to be more appropriate. He is extremely friendly and sweet and happy to say hello to everyone. He is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. He came to GHF from a NJ shelter where he had been abandoned due to a move.


Special thanks to Ellen & Andy Simcik who are again being foster parents to a Mom & babies, in their home in PA.

Layla's Angels
Alexis Ressler, In Honor of McCoy
LAYLA: A 6 year old Border Collie, beautiful Layla is smart, sweet, super loving and eager to say hello to everyone! Layla is a wonderful girl and also VERY pregnant! We’ll soon update her bio once we know all is well, hopefully sharing beautiful pictures and news of puppy arrivals. She will be available for adoption in January. Layla and her BC pal, Luna, both came to GHF after the owner could not care for them and a neighbor stepped in to help keep them safe. They both lived on a large farm setting in NY, working the dairy cows, playing some ball and being companions, too. They lived outside as farm dogs and there is no way to know who the father of the pups is so it’s a mystery!

Rossi's Angels
- Rosie Sutherland, In Honor of GHF alum, Maddox
- Leslie Wehr & Whitley
- Lisa Barrett & Joe Newell, in honor of Tigg’s 5th anniversary & in memory of GHF alums, Tweed and sweet, sweet Zoey.
- Gregg, Jodi, Skid, Cassie and Rave; In memory of Flash & Guinness’s magic

- Renate & Peter Goodloe & GHF alums, Doc & Rosie
- Cathy & Steve, Mika (GHF alum) & in memory of GHF alum, Cassy
- Susan Strange
- Bill Gebert and GHF alum Peyton
Josh & Sharron, Patty & Drake, in memory of Oliver
- Ilene & Sue, Lucy & Ray
Lynn & Larry Adelsohn
- The Arrison gang:  Leela, Rudy, Reggie (in spirit) and DeeDee.
Rossi Summary:
bc friend required
 - special needs


ROSSI: A 5 month old Border Collie, Rossi is sharp as can be, fast and agile and classic in all the BC traits! He loves herding games with other BC’s and also loves his toys. A big time cuddler, he’s a great combination of being people oriented and also confident about the world around him. He would love a BC buddy who plays like he does and also someone around to be a real companion to him! Rossi has special medical needs with Megaesophagus which has been diagnosed fully by Cornell. He also underwent assessment at the University of Missouri for a breakthrough surgery option. At this time, he is not able to have that done but will be retested by March 2017. Once we know the outcome of this additional ‘swallow study’, we’ll be able to understand his needs more fully and if he will be able to benefit from surgery.

Applicants will be considered close to spring 2017.

A huge thanks to Peg Fuller and Tracy Beck who helped with the drive 2200 miles to Missouri

Special thanks to our GHF transporters who kindly found the time to help drive Rossi to the Farm: Jane Locacio, Sue Myers, Kathy Devaney, Scottie & Abby Burkhalter, Dave & Kathy Staff

ROSSI - Jan 1, 2017 - almost 5 mo old

Milo Summary:
bc friend required
 - fenced yard required
 - dog savvy cats OK


Milo's Angels
-Greg & Helen Crowell, in Tanner's memory
-Jonathan & Franny Ilany, Rye & Moss, GHF alums
MILO: A 7 month old Border Collie, Milo is a sweet guy really beginning to blossom. He has some worries with new situations so we want to give him some time at GHF to experience a consistent loving situation with lots of BC play, too. He is so happy having a friend so we’ll want to give him that in a new life. He also loves toys of any kind and really engages with other dogs in toy play, too. Milo came to GHF directly from a BC lover who found him listed on a garage sale facebook site. Fortunately soon as she met him where he was living in a garage in NY, she took him home to be sure he didn’t land in the wrong place. We are glad she asked GHF to help. He is about 35 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats.

Special thanks to Jeff Beck for transporting Milo to GHF

who kindly help ALL the dogs at GHF on a continual basis. 
We are deeply grateful to you all.

Carol Andrews
Dave & Diane Behlen
Dylan Behlen
 Shannon Blydenburgh
Kim & Steve Brant
Sam Bristol
Betty & Tom Bunch
Eileen & Denis Byrne
Joseph Depirri III
Janet Diorio
Wendy Donoghue
Linda Dragoo
Karen Edwards
Rolayne & Gary Fickes
Robyn Fontaine
Laurent Gaudry & Elena Shifflette
Jim Gordon
Kim Grike
Karen & Wayne Groteke
Mary Huber
Janet James
Donald & Barbara Johns
Marian Bradshaw Knapton
Kathleen Long
Kathryn Malley

Nina & Mike Marciniszyn
John Marcus
Jim & Kathy Milavec
Carol Miller
Kathleen Molatch
Alison Morgan
Sandra Nicholson
Stephanie Perry
Nancy Ralph
Jim & LeAnn Russell
Jim and Pam Sacks
Katherine Silta
Stacey & John Simon
Kimberly  Smith
Terri & Charles Smith
Rebecca Symmes
Zoraida Vaher
Lisa Vaughn
 Sharon & Jim Votraw
Susan Walenta-Hunt
Pamela Whitlock
Linda  Wood
Lynda Yoder
John & Bonnie Yurga

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