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Milt & Bach Summary:
- fenced yard required
 - rural setting
 - adopted together


Special thanks to Marybeth Powers who helped in the process of the brothers landing at GHF.

Bach's Angels
-Carrie Sarno & John Goldthwaite, in memory of Noah
Milt's Angels
-Find peace and happiness- Phil, Sue and the family!

MILT & BACH : Brothers at 1 year old, have tons of energy and lots of love to share and clearly have a solid relationship with each other so are going to be placed together. They are super friendly and sweet and just hilarious to watch as they check out everything around them. “Gung-ho” in classic BC style, their good nature is obvious. They are different though with Bach, the major toy dog, being more high energy. Milt is more of a thinker and attentive what a person is asking of him. Together, they blend nicely, balancing out each other’s temperament. Both happily engage in toy play and will self-entertain, making up tug games and racing around together with jolly balls in their mouths. One word to sum up this wonderful pair is JOY! They are about 45 pounds, good with cats and fine with other Border Collies. Their previous guardians had financial problems and had to relinquish both to GHF. They lived in a rural setting so would do best that way again. They are originally from a PA breeder.

Daisy Summary:
 - solo dog or canine friend
 - NO cats
 - rural setting
 - fenced yard required


Daisy's Angels
-Lisa and George Williams

DAISY: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Daisy is a doll - a real sweetheart! A hugely affectionate girl, she loves to cuddle right in your lap for attention and happy to be everyone’s friend. One of the most good natured dogs at GHF, Daisy is a delightful and joyful girl, ready for anything you ask of her. She is very, very bright, focused and athletic - a natural for agility or any stimulating canine sport. She would also be a marvelous hiking partner since she bonds quickly and loyally. She also loves to swim and learns anything quickly and easily. Daisy is wonderful with other dogs and could easily have a BC pal to enjoy or be a solo dog, however she really needs an outlet for her mind, body and emotions…Daisy has a ton of potential yet to be developed. Her exuberant nature is classic Border Collie, all about her person and what they can do together! She is 34 pounds and not good with cats. She was relinquished directly to the farm by a NJ guardian who adored her but realized she was more dog than he had expected since his last dog was a BC mix. He gave Daisy a great start in life which shows the minute you meet her - everyone is her new best friend

Rudy Summary:
 - solo dog or female friend
 - NO cats
 - rural setting
 - fenced yard required


Rudy's Angels
-Dave & Ellie Robitaille & GHF alum, Cody
RUDY: An 1 1/2 yr old Border Collie/Aussie, Rudy is all joyful fun, energy and enthusiasm for life! He is one happy boy with the desire to play, play, play. He loves other young herding dogs and plays endlessly, making up herding chase games that are really fun to see. He is a sweet boy who loves attention as much as he loves action. So, while you’re tossing his toys, he’s happy to have a quick cuddle, too. Rudy will be happiest with a female canine pal and a guardian who is around a lot so he is not stuck inside all day. He would be a wonderful hiking partner. Eager to please and smart as can be, Rudy is a delightful young BC mix who bonds quickly and loyally. Rudy does have a strong habit of barking at novel things - sounds, people, dogs - whatever catches his attention so he will do better with less stimulation around, in a more rural setting. A savvy guardian can work on this behavior and likely improve it, but it seems to be part of his true nature. He is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. He was originally placed as a puppy in a home where the guardian worked and he was crated more than he could handle so he returned to GHF.  He requires a fenced yard.


Finn Summary:
- fenced yard required
 - solo dog
 - NO cats


Special thanks to Laurie Bowen, Sue Myers, Suzin Webb and Jane Locacio for getting Finn to the Farm

Finn's Angels
-Carole Doerr Allen & ghf alum, Reba
-Nutmeg Border Collie Club
-Marjorie Emerson
-Lisa & Bill Stettler and GHF alums Zac and Cosbie
-Christina Cruz
-Erika Anderson
-Paula, Peter & GHF alum, Ella Francese
-Linda Whitman, Sky & GHF alumns, Anney & Connell
-Mary Colby
-Michael Miskulin
-Peter & Renate Goodloe and GHF alums, Doc and Rosie
-George Konder and GHF alum, Sara
-Adrienne Hettig
-Diane Heller in honor of George Kondor’s retirement

FINN: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Finn is a gorgeous boy with tons of energy - he loves to go, go, go! He is a major toy boy with interest in any toy he can find and with endless desire to play, even entertaining himself, racing around throwing toys in the air or making up his own games. Finn is classic with his focus and intensity and really needs space to race, chase and move! A stunning athlete, he is a blast for someone who loves an engaged life with a very brilliant BC. Super loving and cuddly, he does think he is also a lap dog, happily in your arms anytime you invite him! Finn is so friendly and outgoing, with lots of confidence but will only be placed with BC savvy guardians who understand the demanding needs of young dogs. He loves to be challenged mentally and learns everything super quick. He is best as a solo dog since he will be protective of his toys with other dogs around. Finn was crated 8 - 10 hours a day because his previous guardians had no idea what to do with all his energy except contain it which is the worst situation for young BC’s. He is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. Thankfully, BC lovers stepped in to get him to GHF. He requires a fenced yard.

Finn had bi-lateral osteocondritis surgery and has recovered beautifully with full motion and proper healing so is good to go for a new life!! We are so thankful for all the support to make these surgeries possible and a huge thanks to Dr. Paul Bookbinder and Dr Hayashi for their excellent expertise.

Roxy Summary:
Male BC friend preferred

 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - BC savvy adopter


Roxy's Angels
-Emma Clute, in memory of Shadow

ROXY: A very petite 2 year old Border Collie, little Roxy is a spitfire who thinks life is all about action, fun and a person to do things with - classic! She is very bright, very alert and very busy so not for first time BC adopters. She is extremely sweet and good natured, totally a love-bug and great with everyone she meets. She will do best with someone savvy who really enjoys the mental capacity she has and also understands her quirks like catching rain drops or barking at high pitched sounds, all fairly typical for high energy Border Collies. Roxy does have obsessive tendencies so will need someone involved in her activities that knows how to handle OCD behaviors. Roxy is very obedient, eager to please and wants to be involved in anything around her. She’s fine with any dogs but clicks with other BC’s instantly and loves to make up games with them. We’d like to see Roxy live with a male BC, ideally, so she has the companionship of another dog who thinks the way she does. Roxy is a major toy girl so loves to play with anything and anyone ready to go! She is about 30 pounds and good with cats. She requires a BC savvy guardian.

Special thanks to Rose Lynch, Gail Mirabella & Sue Myers who helped insure that Roxy made it to GHF from southern VA.

RHY needs an angel - click here to learn more
Rhy Summary:
solo dog or female friend

 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - NO cats


RHY - 8 mos old.
RHY: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, (We did a DNA test on RHY and discovered he is part Border Collie, Cattle Dog & Kelpie!) Rhy is a very smart, sweet boy who loves the great outdoors where he can race, and run and explore. He is a gorgeous athlete to watch as he bounds across fields in big gallops, clearly a happy, joyful dog! He also love toys of any kind and will happily play with his person or alone, having fun with all the goodies he calls his own. Rhy is an affectionate, sensitive dog when it comes to people and really blossoms with someone who adores him. Happy, go-lucky, he goes with the flow once he’s settled into a new life. He doesn’t have any herding tendencies since he’s a mix but has the smarts and physical prowess normal to the Border Collie. He is about 50 pounds and not good with cats. Rhy would be happiest as the only dog since he wants a very close relationship with a person. He originally came to GHF at 8 months old, being passed on craiglist ‘free to good home’ so we scooped him up to make sure he landed well. Adopted out with a blind cattle dog, Rhy became too much for the other dog so it was best for both, that he return to GHF. He has lots of obedience commands and is eager to learn and loves people! He requires a fenced yard.  Rhy loves playing with other dogs so could have a canine companion, best with females.

Special thanks to Kim Renak who helped transport RHY  back to GHF

Bella Summary:
 - canine friend preferred
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats


Special thanks to Marybeth Powers, Krysta Barnhart and Sue Myers who made it possible for Bella to make it to GHF. and as always, thanks to Jane Locacio who coordinates all our transports


Bella's Angels
-Cheryl Shank, in memory of her GSD, Emmie.

-Pam Dennison, in memory of GHF alum, EMMA, (A-UD, UD-C, ARCHX Emma Ewe Found Me, RL3, CGC, CDX, TSW)
BELLA: SPECIAL HOME REQUIRED A very petite 2 year old Border Collie mix, Bella is a shy girl, very skittish at first but once settled into a home with her person, sweet as can be! She is really gentle and loves to play with another dog who is easy going and young. She is so small that a dog similar in size seems to suit her best. Bella loves attention from the person she trusts and very sweetly nudges you for more touching but she’s not a girl who will befriend everyone. Instead, she will retreat to try to understand what’s happening. She will only be placed in a calmer setting in an adult home to help her confidence grow. Bella was abandoned in a PA shelter when her guardian didn’t have enough time for her. She is about 30 pounds and not good with cats. She requires a fenced yard. We did a Mars Wisdom DNA test on Bella and the results were interesting: Border Collie mixed with American Eskimo/Cattle dog mix over the last three generations of her lineage

Jack Summary:
- fenced yard REQUIRED
 - canine friend preferred


Special thanks to Krysta Barnhart who made sure Jack made it to GHF to find the next step!
Jack's Angels
-Steff Debottis & GHF alums, Kip & Gracie
-Diana & Tim Strano, GHF Alum Rufus
JACK: A 2 year old Border Collie, Jack is having a grand time being free to race around the GHF fields. He’s spent most of his life on a chain since there was no fenced yard so he is one happy character now! He is a delightful, people oriented BC and really blossoming. Super friendly and curious, he has a joyful nature plus quite the BC eye when herding other dogs. Jack loves having a BC pal so we want to place him with another herding dog rather than alone. Jack loves toys of any kind and everything is all about fun - it’s a delight to watch this good-natured guy really come to life! He’s very gentle with people and quite typical in the traits of a BC who tunes into his person and is eager to please. He loves being outside exploring on long walks, too. Jack is fine with cats and about 40 pounds. He came to GHF from PA guardians who could not meet his needs.

ANYA needs an angel - click here to learn more
Anya Summary:
Male canine friends preferred
 - fenced yard required


ANYA is a sweet 2 1/2 year old Border Collie/Heeler mix. She loves attention and loves to chase (herd) the other dogs. She listens well, has a great recall and no desire to wander, and catches on quickly. Anya is an expert self entertainer. She doesn’t catch a Frisbee but loves to throw it or a ball around and play catch with herself inside or out! She plays hard and gets along better with larger dogs, especially males. Her current BFF weighs 75 pounds and they continually play wrestle. She must be placed in a family where she would have a male partner in crime! As much as she enjoys playing with her Borzoi friend, Anya does have an off switch. Even as a puppy, she didn't have the non stop crazy energy many herders do. She is very content to relax and nap. She never pesters to play but never turns down the opportunity! Anya is very loving and will definitely thrive in the right surroundings. Anya just wants to be loved and shown attention. She's not clingy though; independent but not aloof. She was rescued at 5 months old from a questionable living situation and has been in a multiple dog household for the past 2 years. Anya is sadly being rehomed due to an extreme personality conflict with one of the female dogs in her current pack that has not been able to be resolved. She is currently living in Central Pennsylvania and requires a fenced yard in her new home. Please contact GHF or loujzoo@hotmail.com .

Mick Summary:
solo dog
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - NO cats
 - BC savvy adopter


Special thanks to Jane Locacio, Carolyn & Dick Dumaresq, Sue Myers, Debbie & Tony Grassi and Elana Hulsey for helping Mick get from PA to upstate NY!

Mick's Angel
-Stacey Greenberg & GHF alum, Merlin & the Shollies

MICK: A 3 year old Border Collie, Mick is a gorgeous guy and also a real thinker, sorting out what is happening around him and what he thinks about it all. He is not for first time BC guardians since Mick has a serious side and needs a strong connection with an adult in his life, a partner. He is an orderly guy who would love to join someone each day, side by side, as a companion. He enjoys toys but he would really blossom with someone who can take him along for the day in activities. He is quite affectionate and loves his belly rubs, too. Mick will only be placed in adult home and is not good with cats. He is trained on the invisible fence though did some running along as cars passed or people walked dogs so would likely do better with a hard fence. He was relinquished to GHF when he had difficulties with the child in the house. He is about 40 pounds. He requires a BC savvy guardian.

Gus Summary:
solo dog

 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - NO cats



Special thanks to Mary Beggs & Jeff Beck who transported Gus safely to GHF

Gus' Angels
-Michael Opalinski & Tux, in memory of GHF alum Zach
-Stewart & Brenda Beck

GUS: A 4 year old Border Collie, Gus is a powerhouse BC, with tons of energy and plenty of drive to do what he wants. He is a friendly guy who loves attention but most of all, he needs a real task to carry out, like lots of toy play. Gus excels at learning and is exuberant about toys. A mentally smart boy, he will need a seasoned BC person who understands that this boy will make up his own work unless stimulated properly. Gus is a great BC, in the right hands. Loving, affectionate and eager to please, he is also extremely responsive to someone who is teaching him new activities. He is not good with other dogs and is not good with cats. He came to GHF from a NY farm where he was allowed to work sheep, on his own. The elderly guardians could not manage him or the other BC, both surrendered to GHF. Gus will only be placed in a fenced yard with a BC savvy adopter. He is 50 pounds, a bit larger than the standard size. He requires a fenced yard

Bolton Summary:
 - solo dog or canine friend
 - fenced yard required
 - special needs


Special thanks to Judy Colvin, Diane Bolten & Sue Myers who helped get Bolton to GHF.

Bolton's Angels
-Michael Opalinski & Tux, in memory of Zach and Theresa Opalinski
-Gail Hurley
-Lorena & Jay Doherty, in memory of Wiley J Doherty
-Linda Silverman & Ron Salmon & Luna & GHF alum, Beck
-Gregg Ruff & Jodi Adelsohn-Ruff, in memory of our first BC, Tucker
-In memory of our GHF Alum Nash Boy, Jim & Diane Bolten

We are so happy to share the good news that Bolton is heartworm free and clearly, happy to be unrestricted and on the move! He is the sweetest guy who loves everyone who says hello and enjoys exploring the world around him. A 6 year old, Bolton has a gentle nature and with his blindness, has such a strong sense of sound that he would be fulfilling to train with audible commands. He comes to the whistle instantly and with encouragement, tracks along side right where you are going. Bolton loves squeaky toys and like any Border Collie, has a keen sense of intelligence in understanding the world around him. With the right guardian, he would be a marvelous, loyal friend bonding instantly with heartfelt love. He is such a wonderful guy and now happy and healthy and ready for a new journey. He is about 45 pounds and good with cats. He is a bit overwhelmed inside with other dogs but does well outside. With some assistance from his person, we feel he could adjust to having a canine friend but it is not critical that he does.

Bolton was originally as a stray found wandering in Virginia. Once at GHF late December 2017, Cornell ophthalmology determined he could not have cataract surgery since he most likely has PRA, Progressive Retinal Atrophy which led to the blindness. The condition is not painful. He will require routine recheck exams since he could develop inflammation inside the eyes. As long as his eyes appear comfortable, he will not require any treatment.

Thank you to everyone who supported this opportunity for Bolton to survive and find love and real happiness!

Special thanks to Anne Cattaneo and her family for fostering Bolton so he can learn the basics of negotiating life as a blind Border Collie. He’s ready now that his heartworm disease is cured! He is in Vermont

Murphy Summary:
 - solo dog
 - fenced yard required
 - no cats


Murphy's Angel
-Liz and Al Bush, GHF alum Shane and Kenai
-Andie Simon, in memory of Duke & Bo

MURPHY: A 6 year old Border Collie mix, Murphy is a super nice guy and really happy to hang with his person, especially if there could be a ball toss coming his way! Quite the ball nut, he enjoys all kinds of toys but especially a retrieval game. When you stop playing, he gives a good woof and howl to tell you he wants more!! He is a good natured, easy going dog, not as intense as a purebred though just as smart. Murphy relaxes easily inside and is joyful bounding around outside, exploring. His previous NJ guardian lost his home, leaving Murphy homeless, too. While it’s not ideal that he isn’t living the life he is used to, he is most certainly LOVING having a fenced yard for freedom. He’s been a delight to watch as he dashes out the door, head high, for a jaunt through the Farm fields. But, no matter how far he runs, he always wants to know you are right nearby, happiest with his person. Murphy is about 50 pounds and is not good with cats. Murphy is very bold meeting new dogs so can overwhelm them and would do best as a solo dog. He requires a fenced yard

SAM needs an angel - click here to learn more
Sam Summary:
  - fenced yard required
  - dog savvy cats


Sam's Angels
-Deb Meyers & Logi, GHF alum
SAM: A 7 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Sam is such an easy-going, good natured guy that it’s amazing..exactly why we are pretty sure he’s mixed with another low-key breed. He is smart, focuses right on his person, comes instantly when whistled and wants to be right where you go! Super, super sweet, he absolutely loves everyone. Much like one of those ‘old soul’ dogs that comes to help people, you can feel his big heart jumping right into yours! He has done beautifully at GHF and even at Cornell where we had to understand his eye issues - turns out he is blind in the right eye, possibly an eye infection from a young age causing it. He has full sight in his other eye and it should not change. So, Sam is enjoying life while waiting for his new journey. He is good with dog savvy with cats and 50 pounds. He was abandoned in a PA shelter when his guardian became ill. He lived outside in a pen but visited in the house and on the porch to hang out a bit with his person.

RILEE needs an angel - click here to learn more
Rilee Summary
 - solo dog or canine friend
 - fenced yard required
 - rural setting needed


Special thanks to Kristine Hammar, Sue Myers, Debbie & Tony Grassi, Elana Hulsey and Jane Locacio for making it possible for Rilee to land at GHF.
Rilee's Angels
-Deb Meyers & Twist, BC rescue

RILEE: A petite 8 year old Border Collie, Rilee is a sweet, sensitive girl who has some worries meeting new people but once she knows you, she is very loving and content. In fact, Rilee is a love bug and cuddler, happy to be right by your side. However, her more shy nature means Rilee will need a calm, patient, nurturing adult home that allows her to find her way with time and very little pressure. She is doing beautifully with the BC’s at GHF and could have a canine friend. She and young Lewis are good pals so she likes the mentor role, too. Rilee spent long hours alone in the house since her guardian worked so she is reserved inside with more energy outside where she likes to play with stuffed toys and chases balls, of course! She has some interest in the movement of cars so will need a fenced yard that is more rural. Rilee lived in one PA home since a puppy but a recent divorce, meant Rilee needed a spot in rescue. She is about 40 pounds and good with cats.

RILEE loves riding in the car and is the perfect passenger!

Lil Summary
  - fenced yard required
  - dog savvy cats
  - solo dog


Although 8 1/2 yrs old, Lil is a VERY active girl, loving the ball and running full speed.
Lil's Angels
-Gayle Marriner-Smith & Sweet Sir William Braveheart
-Marica Markstein, in memory of her Dad

LIL: An 8 1/2 year old Border Collie, Lil is lovely, just the nicest girl around and feels the same about everyone she meets! Friendly even when she’s worried on a vet visit, all Lil wants is to share her heart and be with her person, clearly a beloved companion. She is a ‘velcro dog’ who wants the companionship of a human and shadows you wherever you go. So, she’ll need a patient guardian who wants a close relationship with a BC pal, especially as she gets settled into a new life. She also LOVES the ball, quite focused and fast and thrilled for another toss. Lil is best as a solo dog since that is what she is used though she adjusts well meeting dogs while on walks. She can be bossy like most female BC’s when it comes to her toys or space inside a home. She is very good natured and full of energy but easily understands the routine of a home. She is about 45 pounds and good with dog savvy cats. Lil lost her NY home when both guardians became ill, one with a stroke; the other with a heart attack, leaving them too weak to care for her properly. She lived there since a pup. Thankfully, they reached out to GHF.

Henry & Dee Summary:
 - adopted together
 - NO cats




Henry & Dee Angels
-John & Lydia Henshaw & GHF alum, Maggie
-Leslie Wehr, Whitley & Merlin
-Lorena & Jay Doherty, in memory of Wiley J Doherty
-Bob & Lois Kessler & GHF Alum Nim
-John & Stacey Simon & GHF Alums Tucker & Tiger
-Doug & Jeannie Leach, & GHF Alum Rue

HENRY, age 10 and DEE, age 8, are ready to start a new life! Both so very, very sweet and absolutely love everyone they meet - they are a fabulous pair of companions! Henry is the big toy boy, always happy to go for a ball toss and Dee is thrilled to be herding him in anything he does, quite a well choreographed event! They both love long walks, car rides and Henry likes a dip in the pond, too. Both are super affectionate cuddlers, too. These are two of the nicest Border Collies to come to GHF. Originally here in 2012 and adopted, they found themselves back in rescue in 2017 due to an unexpected death. Henry’s hip dysplasia had worsened so we tackled his worst hip joint with our ortho specialist's help. We can see an improvement in his comfort level and mobility though he will need pain support since his backend is still less than ideal. Consulting with Dr. Bookbinder, we will not tackle the other hip since the good results in one will be enough to help both sides. Henry has a tremendous zest for life, full of energy to be the happiest guy around. They are happiest together so will only be adopted as the pair they have always been since pups. Henry & Dee are trained on the invisible fence. Henry is not good with cats. Both around 45-50 pounds.

We are deeply grateful for all the supporters who donated to help Henry with his surgery.

GHF always stands ready to respond to special needs where GHF alums need to return and while we are saddened to see this happen, every GHF Border Collie has a safe haven here, no matter what reason or what age.

NELLIE & DUNCAN need angels - click here to learn more
Nellie & Duncan Summary
 - adopted together
 - fenced yard required




Special thanks to Cindy Packard and Darryl Novak who transported them to GHF on a moment’s notice of the guardian’s passing.
Nellie & Duncan's Angel
-Mary Cusick, in honor of Guinness
-Sue, Bob, Dyson, Snidely & Jack oxoxoxoxoo
-Sandy & Mike Fazio & GHF alum, Ace

NELLIE & DUNCAN, this 10 1/2 year old duo have lived together for almost their whole life. They are both fantastic with people and love attention. Nellie is a classic sweetheart of a Border Collie, involved in anything and everything that goes on around her. She befriends everyone she meets with a fabulous nature to be friendly and also watchful of all the action. She is attentive and focused and loves to have things to challenge her mind, with ball play or with her person. She is just fine with other dogs though loves to herd them as they go for their toys. She, herself, is hilarious to watch as she plays her own ball game! Nellie has some physical limitations with bi-lateral hip dysplasia and spondylosis. Her condition requires pain management in order to give her comfort.

Duncan is a real character with a huge personality, ’talking’ about everything. He barks to let you know what he wants and then happily woo-woos, in appreciation. He is a very outgoing, lively boy who loves his ball games! He is also affectionate and used to being side by side with his person, bonding quickly with everyone. He’s always been a beloved pal to all who meet him. Nellie & Duncan are both around 50 pounds and good with cats. He was originally adopted in 2007 from GHF at a year old and then Nellie joined the home a year later, living together until the recent death of her guardian

Mandy Summary:
- fenced yard
 - solo dog
 - dog savvy cats


Mandy's Angels
-Annette Otis, in honor of the adoption anniversary GHF alum, Keene!
MANDY: A 12 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Mandy is a gorgeous girl who loves people more than anything at all..even the ball won’t deter her from being close by her person. She is super sweet and very loving, a devoted friend which she has been all her years til the loss of her person. Mandy is making great strides with all the change around her and truly enjoying the activity and attention of a more active life, blossoming before our eyes. She can be a very sensitive girl and needs reassurance that everything makes sense, most likely from all the change she has experienced. Mandy is a very special girl with a huge heart she wants to share again…we can clearly feel that. Mandy is also a strong female BC so best as a solo dog though in her history, did visit dog parks. At this point, dogs are the last thing she desires. Mandy is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. Mandy is VERY thunder-phobic so will need a special person to understand her reactions. She also needs a fenced yard

Special thanks to Cindy Rollins who quickly pulled Mandy out of a PA shelter where she had sadly landed. Also a big thanks to Kathy Devaney, Carol Cunningham, Sue Myers and our Transport Coordinator, Jane Locacio  who made it possible for Mandy to make it to GHF.

HARRIS needs an angel - click here to learn more
Harris Summary:
- fenced yard required
 - rural setting required
 - dog savvy cats
 - solo dog OK


Harris' Angels
-Sandy & Carlos Iglesias, In memory of GHF dogs Shiloh, Quest and Kane
-Deb Meyers & Quill, GHF alum
-Liz Kalisiak

HARRIS: A gorgeous 12 year old Border Collie, Harris is one of those old-fashioned BC’s who knows who he is, what he likes and what he wants - no confusion whatsoever - a classic brilliant boy. He is very sweet and very friendly with people and loves attention however he also has a ‘work’ ethic where he wants to explore the perimeter of the property and be sure all is in order. His pleasure comes from the outdoor world that he’s been used to all his life in Maine living on 220 acres and then most recently, 20 acres so he is not going to be happy in the suburbs. He loves to go for long walks with his person, too. He’s never been a ball dog, instead he’ll play what his previous guardian, called, ‘rock hockey’, rolling the rock around and herding it. Harris lived with his sister until his guardian’s recent illness and he is getting along well with mature female BC’s at the Farm however we’re also seeing that Harris is rather picky about his space. He just may be best as a solo dog but we’ll see more once he has more time to settle in at GHF. He will chase cats so is best with dog savvy cats. Harris is about 45 pounds and in great health, very fit and active. He was a beloved friend to his previous guardian who vacationed at GHF in 2007 and then, unexpectedly contracted cancer and had to ask for our help. Harris is a spectacular Border Collie, a true joy to get to know and we are happy to have a place for him.

Special thanks to Suzy Lambert who came to volunteer at GHF and kindly gave Harris a lift here. And, of course thanks to Jane Locacio who handles all the transport organization for all the dogs.

ABBY needs an angel - click here to learn more
Abby Summary:
- fenced yard required
 - solo dog


ABBY loves the trails at GHF!! and swimming
Abby's Angels
-Steff Debottis & GHF alums, Kip & Gracie
ABBY: A petite 12 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Abby is FULL of personality, just a total ball nut with a lot of classic BC ‘eye’ - she is a delight to watch in action! She is also a sweet, sweet girl, a bit shy with strangers but with the toss of the ball, decides you’re just fine by her and then loves you! Abby comes to life herding the balls or other BC’s at GHF, lining up right behind the action of the pack, easily joining all the herding games. She also likes to be the center of attention so will do best as the only dog which is what she’s used to being. Abby has lived in one home since a puppy, from a NY breeder. She was involved in an active, engaged life of hikes and playing until her guardian had a family with the toddlers needing to be the priority. While Abby did fine with them, they felt it was unfair to give her so much less time and the non-stop herding of the kids created chaos in the home. Abby is fine with cats and very, very responsive to doing what is asked of her though best in an adult home. She is about 35 pounds and in great physical condition, very fit.

Flash Summary:
- fenced yard required
 - canine friend(s) required


Flash's Angels
-Linda Whitman, Sky & GHF alums, Anney & Connell
-Java and GHF alums, Jack, Sadie and Lizzie

FLASH: A 7 month old Border Collie, possibly mix, Flash is as sweet as he is gorgeous, with sable markings. He is absolutely loving being able to run, run, run and jumped right into action soon as he met other BC’s at GHF. He is super fast, a natural athlete, moving with speed and cutting style unique to herding dogs. He is very good with other dogs and clearly needs a canine friend for his happiness. Flash is a good-natured, super friendly boy not quite sure what to do with his mind yet so will need someone understanding who realizes he’s like a big puppy who will need time to learn what is expected of him. No one invested a minute in his development until now, crating him almost 24/7 since his energy didn’t fit the two toddlers in the previous home. A GHF adopter stepped in to help give him safe haven in rescue. Flash is about 35 pounds and good with cats.


Rosie Summary:
- fenced yard required
 - bc friend(s) required


Rosie's Angels
-Lynn & Larry Adelsohn

ROSIE: A 10 month old Border Collie, Rosie is a live-wire, ready to go, go, go! She is a quick learner too and eager to be challenged, trying her to best to understand what is wanted of her and wanting to please. She has not had much focused attention prior to arriving at GHF, having been in two inappropriate homes and a shelter setting so we are thrilled to see her balancing as quickly as she is and doing so well. Rosie is high energy though as she gains focus and is starting to show interest in frisbee and toys, again, all new to her. Her lovely nature is evident, a real cuddle-bug sweetheart. She adores people though will do best in an adult home with real BC skills who can provide a solid foundation for her future. She is 35 pounds and good with cats.

Special thanks to Linda Dragoo, Ellen Simcik, Kim & Steve Brant, Sue Myers, Scottie Burkhalter & Abby Mack, Brianne & Joe Gridley, and Jane Locacio, our Transport Coordinator. Everyone made it possible for Rosie to land at GHF!

  TEAH has a loving, wonderful home that will not only provide the attentive medical care she needs if anything arises, they will cherish everything she becomes as she blossoms more and more with their open-hearts. She is joining a bunch of GHF alums, now moving from being a visiting foster dog to home! We are always indebted to Thera-Vet Acres for their expertise in helping so many dogs in need of Physical Therapy. And, like has happened a few other times, once they win their hearts, it’s forever!

TEAH: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE A petite 8 month old Border Collie, little Teah is a gentle, gentle soul who is trying to be brave in her new world, trusting she can enjoy other Border Collies and perhaps, just maybe, trust a human or two, too. Teah is VERY, VERY shy. What really makes her happiest is other dogs. She absolutely loves them and runs like the wind, truly thrilled to make up race and chase games. Thankfully, her physical deficit causes no pain and doesn’t stop her from having fun. It is only noticeable when walking slowly. Then, her odd backend gait is obvious. She was sold at 5 months old over the internet so she was in the crated setting way behind a normal pup size. While we can’t confirm the crate theory, both physical issues could easily come from her history. Puppy mills are notorious for housing dogs inhumanely and this internet breeder has a terrible reputation online. Teah is about 25 pounds and fine with cats..


meaning both her knees pop out as she runs, making her totally lame.

Once Piper arrived, we realized something was wrong as she had recurrent lameness. Once diagnosed by ortho vet, Dr. Paul Bookbinder, surgery clearly had to be done. Piper has undergone repair on the right back knee now and has 12 weeks of serious crate rest, total restriction of movement if we hope to have a success for her. Once she’s finished recovery, her left leg will be evaluated and likely need surgery, too.

PIPER’S SURGERY COSTS $2500 for her first knee so she needs ANGEL support please!

UPDATE: April 11, 2018: Piper is not loving the shutdown post surgery since she surely enjoyed the racing and chasing games the past weeks building muscle to be ready for this 2nd surgery. But, there is just no choice since both knees would dislocate. Twelve weeks of crate restriction and the sweetest girl at GHF, will be ready for a new life! Hang in there Piper!!! Lots of yummy stuffed kongs and bones ahead to keep her as happy as possible. Her first surgery gave her fabulous results on the one leg so we expect the same on this other one, too.
UPDATE March 2018:   PIPER has been really enjoying six weeks of total action! She is beside herself in happiness able to race and chase non-stop, which she is clearly doing now…she goes for her second knee surgery on April 10th but until then, we’ve been given the green light to build up muscle in the knee that had the operation - Piper agrees that’s a good plan!!!
Piper Summary:
other friends required

 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - NO cats


Thank you to the ANGELS & donors
for Piper’s care…
we deeply appreciate your help!

-Jacks Galore Inc
-Helen Harrop & GHF alum, Lucy
-Lynn & Larry Adelsohn

PIPER: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE A petite 3 year old Border Collie mix, Piper is a sweet, sweet girl, gentle as can be and also a sensitive girl who needs some TLC. She blossoms with reassurance and a calm voice, encouraging her to explore and trust that the world is fun! With a canine pal, she comes right to life, loving to make up chase games and wrestle and race, just adorable. She will be happiest with a pal who clearly gives her more confidence. Piper likes toys of any kind and will tug or retrieve a toss, following the fun of her canine buddy if they also like toys. She is also quite a cuddler once she feels secure and will lovingly hang in your lap for lots of attention. She will only be placed into a quiet home where Piper can thrive with support. She is about 30 pounds and not good with cats. She must be in a fenced yard.

Special thanks to all the people who made it possible for Piper to get to GHF: Heather Wallace, Pauline Clark, Gail Hurley, Scottie Burkhalter, Todd Leppert, Janine & Dan Choplick, Tory VanReenen & especially our transport coordinator, Jane Loacacio.


Shaye is heading to Cornell for dermatology diagnostics as well as full assessment of his general health. He is a really friendly boy who is eager to bond with a person so we’re hoping for good news.


Shay Summary:
solo dog

 - fenced yard REQUIRED


Shaye's Angels
-Josh, Sharron, Patty & Drake

SHAYE: A 6 year old Border Collie mix, Shaye is a classic focused ball boy who loves to play the game! He’s fast and full of energy, giving no care to his skin condition which is pretty rough. He actually started out in even worse condition landing at a MD shelter in March when he was confiscated from his home. After making progress with his health and placing him in a new home, he was returned this June, in poor shape again and the shelter put out a plea for rescue help. We’re very happy to step in and had wanted to do so before, but had no space. Now, Shaye is heading to Cornell for dermatology diagnostics as well as full assessment of his general health. He is a really friendly boy who is eager to bond with a person so we’re hoping for good news that he can be on the mend quickly. We’ll update his bio after the visit. Shaye is about 35 pounds but should be closer to 45. He is not yet tested on cats.

We’ve had a few cases just like Shaye’s and with proper medical treatment and time, the outcome will be good.


Dougie’s being assessed by our orthopedic vet, Paul Bookbinder, since we suspect his past ACL injury might have worsened since he is not bearing any weight on one back leg.
UPDATE:  DOUGIE does have an ACL tear in his back leg that will require surgery. We will be undertaking this 12 week process in August once he’s ready. He presently has a skin infection that needs to be treated. The fee for this surgery will be close to $2500.


Dougie Summary:
solo dog or friends

 - NO cats
 - one level home required


Dougie's Angels
-Jared & Frances Markowitz
-Chihiro T Fukuda
-Alexis Ressler and Arnie Kozak
-Vicki B. and Cookie, with hugs
-Abe & Kathy Cleason, GHF Alum Sparky In memory of Jessie

DOUGIE: An 8 year old Border Collie, Dougie is a clever guy with lots on his mind, easy to see he thinks about everything around him thoroughly - smart is smart! He is super sweet and friendly and doing well with his new spot at GHF, blending with other BC’s and finding the place pretty interesting. He’s a big toy boy and will give quite a tug on his favorite toy of the moment as well as enjoying some ball play. Dougie is very people focused and bonds strongly and quickly so would love to be someone’s special friend again. He came to GHF due to a move when his guardians returned from NYC to Australia, with no way to manage his return due to the cost. He was a beloved friend living in one home since a pup til this recent change. He is about 45 pounds and not good with cats.

Dougie also has a genetic orthopedic problem, born without hip sockets so does require pain medication to make him more comfortable. Like most Border Collies, Dougie handles life as if none of this is a problem though he will need less exercise than most dogs his age. He will only be placed in a home with one level since stairs would not be possible for Dougie.

Special thanks to Vicki Buono for transporting Dougie to GHF.

The Senior Sanctuary residents will live out their lives at the Farm.
Please consider supporting their care by being an angel. 
We will need ongoing financial assistance for their needs.

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Meet the wonderful residents of THE SENIOR SANCTUARY 
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Ana - 9 yr old

Brayden - 9 yr old

Frannie - 11 yr old

Storm - 12 yr old

Lacey - 12 yr old

Betsie - 13 yr old

Buddy - 13 yr old

Leo - 14 yr old

Shilo - 14 yr old

Bradley - 14 yr old

Clyde - 14 yr old

Bo - 18 yr old


our costs are very high for their care so having your help is critical!

Tatyana Allen
Betty & Tom Bunch
Vicki Buono
Sue Campion
Shawn & Judy Colvin
Lisa Cousins
Steff & Jim DeBottis
Renate & Pete Goodloe
Family & Friends, in memory of Lina Edmonds
Lydia & John Henshaw
Mike & Kathy Hoar
Jim & Karen Hormel
Sarah Jackett
Andrea Rising
Norton & Sandy Sloan
Paula & Bill VanDeventer
Torrence VanReenen
Chuck & Pat Wheeler
Laura Wingrove
Julie Wolf

who kindly help ALL the dogs at GHF on a continual basis. 
We are deeply grateful to you all.

Pamela Adsit
Carol Andrews
Dave & Diane Behlen
Dylan Behlen
 Shannon Blydenburgh
Kim & Steve Brant
Sam Bristol
Betty & Tom Bunch
Dominick Berhow
Eileen & Denis Byrne
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Susan Walenta-Hunt
Pamela Whitlock
Linda  Wood
Tory VanReenen
Yvonne Vertleib
Don & Sandy White
Bob & Jeanne Yarrow
Lynda Yoder
John & Bonnie Yurga


 substantial general donations are truly so helpful
with the costly care we provide for ALL the dogs!

    Jeanette Adams-Price
Tracey Akitt
John Andersen
Marylee Ashby
 Pete & Bonnie Ault
Sue Basehore & Ilene Fischman
Jeff & Tracy Beck
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The Goldenberg Family Foundation
Renate & Peter Goodloe
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Kathy & Mike Hoar
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