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Many of you may know that GHF will be relocating to the warmer climate of Virginia to help improve the health and happiness of the Senior Border Collies, who are now the focus of our rescue efforts.

Until that move, it’s business as usual with adoptions and intake of new dogs into rescue, as well as continuing the Getaway vacation season through September 2019!

We’re providing sale information in the event you or someone you might know would be interested in purchase of the Farm or Home on adjoining property - Click below for information:

Farm at 217 Pegg Road
Home at 242 Pegg Road


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Sometimes at GHF, we are so very, very lucky to meet a special Border Collie on a special mission and this was CLYDE who passed on to spirit on 6/12/19. Wow, what a massively unique being he was, carrying all his focus and energy purposely toward the objective that made sense to him! Whether it was overseeing the other dogs and their behaviors or guiding those who needed a leader, Clyde stepped right into it all! We are deeply touched by having 15 months to watch this guy in action and feel his sweet, sweet heart, too. Clyde "worked" at GHF, taking his self assigned jobs seriously but he also shared an immense heart for loving the people he met, too. If there was a classic BC with the traits that everyone loves, Clyde was it - all rolled into one brilliant, focused, content and wise BC. We'll miss you 'big man'... more than you know!


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