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Zane Summary:
  - canine friends REQUIRED


Zane's Angel
John Andersen: In Honor of EMA, a spectacular GHF family dog
 ZANE: A 5 month old Border Collie mix, Zane is 50% Border Collie! according to the DNA test, and part fox terrier which explains his lean look. He landed at GHF as a 2 month old pup and has grown into a handsome, wonderful boy. Zane’s favorite thing in life is other dogs - he just loves them - and loves to play endlessly. He’s up for chase games or wrestling or just hanging out and exploring outside. Easy going and good natured, Zane would be happy with someone who enjoys a smart, focused and yet independent boy since he’s got such a unique blend of breeds. He loves to learn with treats and is eager to please but he’s not a demanding, non-stop, ‘gotta do something’ dog, instead he’ll entertain himself. Or, play with his canine pals! The more, the merrier. He is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Zane was adopted into a home without other dogs and it wasn’t the best situation so he came back to GHF.

 Well, Lennon is home! He’s really been home all along since arrival at GHF in December but it took a little while for everything to become crystal clear. This special, sensitive boy survived the deadly parvo virus at 2 months old, with all of us praying he would make it. Then three more months of quarantine means almost 6 months he’s been with us, with everyone at GHF, rooting for his happiness. Lennon has become a Farm favorite, coming every day to work with one of our Caretakers, as she and her husband kindly fostered him throughout this journey. She was also the one involved in both Lennon and Liam’s care from the moment they survived the illness. So, as they discussed his next step to a new life, it had become clearer and clearer to them that this little character with some special needs and worries, just fit their life best. Best for him for sure and best for them, too. He loves their pack, he loves their pond and he loves them and even most of all, he loves his extended Farm family! Their hearts would be broken to let him go, so Lennon now has his forever home. And, best of all, we’ll continue rooting him along for the happiest, most loving life ahead and we’ll get to be the onlookers, continuing to watch it all unfold!! Lucky Lennon, lucky us! We’re pretty sure Lennon knew all along!

LENNON: A 6 month old Border Collie/Aussie, Lennon is a thinker. He likes mental challenges, easily figuring out the ‘hide-a-bee’ toys as well as treat puzzles, clearly a smart focused boy.  His sharp mind makes him observe everything around him - new situations and new people - so he does really well with a canine friend as the mentor dog.   Plus, Lennon loves to chase, wrestle and explore like any young pup so is happiest with a friend. He’s super athletic, a natural swimmer and is a great hiking buddy already.  He will do best in a home with plenty of space to keep him active physically and mentally.  He’s quite a cuddle bug and loves to be loved. He’s an adorable hugger and lap dog, quite the doll!  He is about 25 pounds and good with cats.

Skip Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - bc friend required


Thanks to Donna Deal for getting Skip to safety at the Farm

Skip's Angel
Cindra Macomber
SKIP: A 10 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Skip is a great boy, absolutely people focused and eager to go wherever you go! He loves everyone and as they say, ‘hasn’t met a stranger yet’. This gorgeous boy is deaf so now learning commands to make it easier for him to interact with people, other than a big jump up and loving lick hello. He’s incredibly intelligent and rapidly excelling at everything he’s being taught. Skip will be a marvelous, active, playful and loving friend to someone who would enjoy the close bond that happens with a deaf dog. They are so intimately connected to their person and seek them out, making the whole interaction, a very special experience for both human and dog. Skip was clearly loved but just not the right energy level for his guardians who relinquished him to GHF, for a better life. He’s about 50 pounds, a bit larger than some BC’s, and great with cats. He has the most adorable, directional ears, showing off his personality even more! Skip came to GHF from NY.

 MEGI will live with the founders at GHF as her forever home. Watching her extremely fearful nature surface with any new person or new situation, including basic sounds that scare her, made us realize this unpressured life would be best for her. Megi is extremely skittish by nature, supposedly like this since a pup. However, Megi also endured 3 weeks in a training boot camp, complete with a prong collar training approach which clearly added to her fears. Prong collars on a smart, sensitive BC are never appropriate and certainly NEVER for a highly fearful, insecure dog. Some trainers call this ‘leadership training’ and all it does is cause a dog to feel pain so they are coerced to do what they are told. This then creates an "obedient dog" which of course, teaches the dog nothing whatsoever, except to fear you. As the trainer told me, ’she listened better’ with the prong collar. Of course she did..what else would she do? She’s already terrified of everything around her, including people. Listening to a trainer justify something so very wrong was so disheartening and nauseating and then realizing that a caring guardian was coaxed into this as ‘proper training’, made the whole situation for this dog, so incredibly awful. Megi had no chance to overcome her fears with such misguided, abusive techniques, no chance at all.

Watching Megi NOW make her own choices, with support and positive guidance is amazing. She is a dog who panics with new people and new situations but she’s learning from the other BC’s and us, that she is safe and can be braver. This is what she needs and deserves - time to understand her world and how she fits in it. We’d like Megi to now have a lifetime to overcome her fears, at her own pace. She’s joined well in the pack and found comfort in a simpler, BC dog life, without the pressures of the outside world right on top of her and WITHOUT FEAR. We’re very happy to have her with us permanently.

MEGI: A 11 month old Border Collie, Megi is super sweet and loves attention however Megi is also extremely shy of new people and will need a few things to help her build confidence - a patient person who understands the mental nature of the breed where a dog can over think everything - as well as someone who has time to work with Megi, step by step, without rushing.  She so wants to trust a person but too much pressure too quickly, sends her into a worried state.  Lastly, she will need an easy going BC buddy who she can follow - a real leader.  Megi absolutely loves other herding dogs and will easily relax with another dog around however she is a very intense herder so can really impact another toy oriented BC or one who is also intense. A more easy going BC buddy is what she needs, someone who loves playing and chasing. She is well trained with many commands and eager to please, once she feels secure.  Megi came from a NC breeder who breeds very high drive dogs but Megi ’s traits were not fully utilized due to her shyness.  Her CT guardian relinquished her to GHF because she felt she needed more attention. She is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. Megi will only be placed in a fenced yard with a seasoned and skilled BC person.


Mileigh Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - bc friend - submissive male
 - Sport potential


Thanks to Tammy Brackett, Janet & Dale Brown and Tracy Beck for transporting Mileigh safely to the Farm

Mileigh's Angels
Deb, Quill, Logi and Twist
 MILEIGH: A 1 year old powerhouse, this petite girl is one high energy Border Collie who would love real work like ball, frisbee, agility, hiking, swimming, anything and everything you can imagine, she would be game to try! She’s brilliant, focused and fun. Mileigh loves everyone, too, clearly a very social girl.  She’s a delight to teach, learning tricks and concepts quickly and ready for more, more, more.  We really want her to have an active, BC savvy home that will stimulate and challenge her mind, body and heart so she’s happiest.  Mileigh is good with other dogs so could have a submissive male BC buddy who could keep up with her energy level.  She settles nicely inside and enjoys lots of cuddling too. We’ll update her bio with action pictures soon and see how she does with cats, too. Mileigh is  about 30 pounds.   She came from a NY shelter who luckily works with GHF so she could find a home more suited to her needs.

BO needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Bo Summary:
 - invisible fenced yard REQUIRED
 - bc mix friend(s) REQUIRED
 - dog savvy cats


BO: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Bo is the sweetest guy..he truly is friendly the minute he sees you…no hesitation at all. We feel he’s BC/Collie cause his nature is so gentle and he is so light on his feet, very agile and moves swiftly and beautifully. Bo so wants a play friend, eagerly inviting every Border Collie to play though most just want to herd or catch the ball. Bo is definitely a boy who needs a buddy for chasing and racing games. He’s a submissive guy and easily lets the purebred BC’s be the boss but he’d much rather have a pal for fun! He loves to cuddle and be in your lap, not realizing he’s outgrown those puppy days. We all just think he’s a doll. Bo will need an invisible fence system since he can monkey over a normal hard fence. Bo is about 50 pounds and will chase cats outdoors but is fine with indoor cats, probably ideal if they are dog savvy.  We will update his bio once we see how he does with indoor cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from an elderly couple who felt he was way too much for them.

ANNA needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Anna Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED


Special thanks to Sue Myers who helped transport Anna to GHF.

ANNA: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Anna is the sweetest thing, really quite the cuddler and very friendly. She loves people though at first, can be a little timid however once she knows you, she’s all love! She loves to be in your lap or right by your side. Anna is fairly easy going for a young BC, not yet interested in toys and showing no herding instinct so she’d be a great companion. She has just come into GHF so we’ll update her bio as we get to know her, but she’s clearly, a very lovely little girl. She is fine with cats and is about 35 pounds. She was rescued from an abusive situation at 6 months old, then lived a loving life til now when the guardians felt she really needed more attention so she came to GHF.

 NILES found a great couple who love dogs and wanted to enjoy the brilliance of a Border Collie so came to meet this smart, little guy and fell in love! He was thrilled to be by their side, enjoying whatever they suggested for fun and will now have plenty to do at home, with lots of challenges. He’ll be hiking and going to work each day with his FurDad as well as get a chance to try agility. Niles is going to love his new life! He now lives in MA.

NILES: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Niles is a great boy, truly a friend of everyone, ready to have fun with every person he can! He loves his toys and enjoys cuddling, equally, clearly a happy go lucky dog. Niles also likes learning new things like tricks and frisbee and any other activity that stimulates his mind. He previously lived in a home that could not manage his energy and weren’t sure how to respond to his mental needs so contacted GHF to give him a better life. He is a wonderful Border Collie and so ready to be shaped by someone who understands the mental, physical AND emotional needs of this breed. He will give you his heart and soul for a relationship where he is understood. He came to GHF from NY.

Drew Summary:
 - canine friend preferred

 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - dog savvy cats


Drew's Angels
on behalf of Zach and Tux
DREW: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Drew is a smart, funny guy, curious and outgoing but like a puppy in a big body! He is full of energy and eager to see everything as quickly as possible which in Drew’s case, means racing toward it full speed. He also loves squeaky toys and has tons of interest in play, like every young BC. The thing that makes Drew so exceptional is how quickly he learns - he is brilliant and loves challenges, totally engaged in mind games like tricks. Also, quite a cuddler, he loves being right by your side. Drew loves to play with very physical dogs like other BC mixes so would enjoy a good natured canine friend about his size who loves to wrestle and play and chase..he just loves it. He could, however, be happy as a solo dog in a home with lots to do, too!  He’s just getting a chance to use his energy productively since he was crated all day and all night and chained outside. He’s a bigger boy at 60 pounds.  Drew is good with dog savvy cats.  He was relinquished to the Farm due to no time for him.

CHASER needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Chaser Summary:
 - canine friend
or solo dog

 - fenced yard REQUIRED


CHASER: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Chaser is a super athlete, one of the most graceful runners and jumpers we’ve seen. He loves to move his body and can leap easily over anything, even a fence. He’s not interested in leaving though so will do fine in a fenced yard. Chaser is super intelligent, a very interesting combination of confidence and thoughtfulness. He will only be placed with a savvy person who understands herding breeds since a big part of his satisfaction comes from the connection with a person who ‘gets' him. He is good with other dogs but a bit picky and would prefer a human connection first and foremost. He loves toys and loves attention. Since he has such a mental approach to situations, he will only go to an adult home. He is fine with cats. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size

Jersie Summary:
 - canine friend required

 - fenced yard REQUIRED


Jersie's Angels
Marilyn, Bill, Jakki, Gabe and Nicky
JERSIE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Jersie is a petite girl with a big heart - she is a very loving gentle soul. She can be timid around new people and feel nervous in new situations so will do best with someone patient who can provide a simpler life - her people, her yard - and lots of routine. She has blossomed in her time in foster care, clearly flourishing with attention and love. She still barks at new people and tries to get to a ’safe place’ when afraid. She cannot handle new situations or new people too easily.  Her Foster Mom has taken her places and created a normal Border Collie life in a scaled down size so Jersie has gained confidence, step by step. In her own surroundings, she is ’normal’ but anything new, triggers her fears again.  She loves other dogs and will need a canine buddy to help lead the way, making her feel more secure, faster. She plays so well with her foster dogs!  Jersie was left on a chain outside as a pup, never taken anywhere, when she came to rescue at 7 months old. 

A huge thanks to Cindy Tier and her family for giving Jersie so much time to find her way and unfold. She has been in rescue for a year. Jersie is not yet tested on cats and weighs 30 pounds.  She is being fostered in Pa and can be seen there or at GHF.

GLEN needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Glen Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - other canine friends preferred
 - dog savvy cats


GLEN: A 2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Glen is a gorgeous guy with tons of energy! He loves to play and make up race and chase games with other herding dogs. He’s fast and fun and ready for action at any time. Glen is a sweet guy who really likes people. He lived with a fearful Border Collie so often barks at someone new but Glen is blossoming quickly here at GHF and adjusting well, so we’ll update his bio as we get to know him now that he’s on his own. We do see that he loves other dogs so we’d like to find him a confident outgoing canine pal. He loves attention and is enjoying all the freedom to run and then play ball, too! Glen has an interest in the motion of traffic so will need a more rural setting and fenced yard.  He is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.

Special thanks to Liz Shaw and Naomi Johnston who helped get Glen to rescue.

KAYLA is from the Sprakers NY confiscation (click here)
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED

Kayla's Angels
-Bob Yarrow
-Gloria & Sky

KAYLA: A 2 year old Border Collie, Kayla is making great strides in understanding there is a great life for her now! She is more confident, tail wagging and engaged. She takes treats from the hands of strangers and she’s much more curious and inquisitive about everything. Kayla is an affectionate girl, too and once she’s comfortable, will give you her heart. A big breakthrough for Kayla has been getting comfortable with men since her former life included rough handling. She’s beginning to trust, step by step and is showing great potential. Kayla is one of 46 dogs taken from a bad breeding situation where the dogs were all left outside 24/7, with little or no human contact. This sweet, gentle girl is trying to make sense of a loving life inside a home where someone cares about her happiness and well-being. Kayla is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Kayla, clearly wants to trust a person and just needs someone patient and understanding, to guide her through all the new things she has never experienced. For Kayla, a great background, a loving person and lots of toys, would be plenty to make her happy. She is good with other dogs and does well with a confident dog as part of her learning.

Special thanks to Leslie Benway 
who opened her heart and home to help Kayla.

 KOBEY found a wonderful life on 35 acres with two guardians who adore the herding dogs and fell in love with him, instantly! He’ll be a non-stop buddy, going everywhere with his new FurDad…for hikes on the property; for car rides into town; for swims in the pond…whatever it is, he and Kobey will go together! Kobey is such a sweet, smart guy, who really blossomed at GHF and will now have a loving life, truly belonging with two people who care deeply about his well-being. He now lives in NY.

KOBEY: A 3 year old Border Collie, camera shy Kobey is a gentle soul who loves attention. He’s always jumping up for a hello and then sits right down to get his treat. Quite a cuddler, he’s good natured and very people focused. Kobey's not overly active at all, preferring to hang on the couch and join his person.  He can be a bit cautious about some new experiences and the camera is one of those. He also needs reassurance from his person that he’s doing well and not ‘in the wrong’. Very eager to please, Kobey is a softer, sensitive Border Collie and will do best in an adult home with someone who can help build his confidence.  Koby is best as a solo dog and must have a fenced yard.  He was given up to due a move and had lived for a year with a family who took him from a ‘breeder’. He is about 50 pounds and good with cats

Lena Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - adult home
 - other bc friends or solo dog OK
 - NO cats


Special thanks to Janine Choplick and Jeff Beck who made sure Lena made it to GHF.

Lena's Angels
Linda Whitman, Connell & Sky
LENA: A 3 year old Border Collie, gorgeous Lena is as sweet as she is beautiful. Everyone loves this cuddler! A bit shy at first, once she warms up, she is a classic girl that’s smart as can be and a real thinker. She watches everything intently, deciding all about her new environment and then once she knows what she thinks, she acts! She absolutely loves the ball and frisbee and is a good athlete. Lena is a gentle girl and a bit submissive with other dogs so could do well with a gentle male BC or go solo. Since she is a bit timid, she’ll only be placed in an adult home and in a fenced yard. Lena will need a patient guardian who gives her time to settle into new things without pressuring her. She is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats. Lena came from a PA shelter that works regularly with GHF.

Lena is a frisbee fanatic, happiest after a great day of playing!!

Lena is a real water dog and happily swims and entertains herself!

HALEY needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Haley Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - solo dog
 - more rural home setting


HALEY: A 3 year old Border Collie, Haley is a gorgeous girl with lots of energy to race and chase and play! She’s active like any BC this age and she wants something to DO so will need a BC savvy guardian who understands her needs. She loves people and bonds quickly, eager to be with her person, side by side for whatever activities can be done together. Haley is focused and smart and very observant, a delightfully confident girl. She keeps tabs on everything around, including cars so will need to live in a more rural setting, with a fenced yard where traffic is not in sight. She is a strong female so likely best as a solo dog. Not yet tested on cats, Haley is about 40 pounds. She came to GHF from a PA shelter, moved north after having puppies.

Special thanks to Ellen Simcik, Joanne Cook, Tony & Debbie Grassi, Donnie Ross and Erica Snyder , who transported Haley to GHF


 FLY: A 6 year old Border Collie found herself in need of a new home due to her guardian’s unforeseen life changes. He contacted GHF, asking for help. Fly had a history trained as a service dog so has a super temperament, great with everyone she meets. In a twist of fate, an adopter near to Fly’s current home city, was looking to add a BC to his life and contacted GHF. He was used to high energy dogs with great personalities so seemed like the exact fit for this wonderful girl. He eagerly agree to meet her and as the saying goes, ’the rest is history,’ obvious in the pictures of Fly in her new home!

As her previous guardian said: I was very concerned with finding a good match for Fly, someone familiar with border collies as well as a dog lover in general. When I opened the car door for Fly, she fell on her nose so eager to run over and greet this new person, I knew that he was the one... Within an hour I could tell that it was a perfect fit. We exchanged stories and information and then It was time for Fly to start the next chapter of an exciting life. I am happy, sad and grateful all at once. Thank you again for being the integral part in this whole process. I hope you know that your work is rewarded by the happiness and comfort you have brought to me, Roger and Fly. Thank you so very much. Michael

 MOLLY: Good golly, miss Molly! Sometimes through a twist of fate, things work out differently than planned so Molly came back 4 days after her adoption due to dog issues and happily met her NEW guardians that very day they were coming to adopt. They had so wanted to meet HER. When she was adopted earlier in the week, they were disappointed but kept their plans to visit GHF. Well, seems the universe and Molly knew better as to what was meant to be, so Molly is now on her way to her forever home. Our former GHF adopters were thrilled she was still available and just knew in their hearts, that she was the one!!! She now lives in NJ and has a country home, too! She’ll be with her FurMom 24/7, her beloved companion!

MOLLY: A 7 year old Border Collie, Molly is a hoot - she’s a ball girl through and through, loving retrieval and the fun of the chase. She’s such a sweetheart, loves everyone and is eager to say hello to everyone, too. This love bug is enjoying her new found freedom at GHF, no longer in an outdoor pen, instead cozy inside and playing outside each day with someone focused on her! Molly is really blossoming. She is a strong female so we’re assessing whether she’ll be best as a solo dog or with a male friend. Molly is smart, focused, sweet, loving and fun - the perfect combination of traits in a mature BC who wants to be someone’s companion. She is about 45 pounds and good with cats.

Baxter Summary:
solo dog
 - dog savvy cats
 - trained on invisible fence


Special thanks to transporters Jamie More, Dee Erickson, and Kim Renak who stepped up to help Baxter get to the Farm.

Baxter's Angels
 -Christopher, Jackie, Ruger, and Chloe
BAXTER: A wonderful 7 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Baxter is a toy boy! He absolutely loves toys of any kind and is quite athletic a player.  He is smart, sweet and wants to please. Call his name and he’ll be by your side, ready to go wherever you go!  Baxter is very observant, quite a thinker so loves to do puzzles and learn.  He would do well with someone who enjoys stimulating his mind but also wants a partner to go places with them.  Baxter loves being with his person, quite the cuddler and happy to hang in the house, side by side.  He’s super obedient and easy going so slides into a home easily. He has not been socialized with dogs so will be placed as a solo dog.  He is good with dog savvy cats since he will chase but lived with them safely.  Baxter is about 60 pounds a bit taller than the standard.  He was adopted from the Farm as a a 1 year old due to divorce and found himself, going through the same thing six years later so he came back to GHF. So, again, through no fault of his own, he needs a new home


 At age 7, MAGGIE found herself needing a new home due to the allergies of a grandchild. Heartbroken, her guardians sought help from GHF. They were extremely worried about her ability to handle this change so when the opportunity of an adopter suitable to Maggie emerged, we arranged for both parties to meet on the same day. Amidst tears and hugs, Maggie was passed to wonderful new guardians who were thrilled to have her join their lives. They had been planning to adopt this spring and wanted a mature easy-going, good-natured girl and Maggie fit them perfectly. They spent the night together and by morning, Maggie was happily connected to them and ready to head out for her new life! She now lives in Massachusetts where she’ll be doing lots of hikes and ball play, the constant companion to her new FurDad.

Cora Summary:
solo dog or canine friends
 - NO cats


Cora's Angels 
-Peg & Mike Fuller
-Twist, BC Rescue

CORA: A petite 7 year old Border Collie mix, Cora is the cutest thing, full of personality and spunk, making everyone chuckle. She gets so excited that her whole body wiggles as she comes over for attention. If you play a little game of moving around back and forth, she just is over-joyed with excitement!  Cora is a gem, truly delightful.  She came to GHF from a PA shelter clearly in rough shape with an awful skin condition and very very underweight.  She’s gaining now and her skin and coat look good and she’s feeling great! Cora gets along well with other dogs though seems to be a bit of a boss so likely to do best with submissive dogs.  Cora is 30 pounds and is not good with cats.

Special thanks to Ann Gardner who is fostering 
Cora in Ct so she can enjoy home life!

  Lukee Summary:
 - bc friends or solo dog
 - easy going, good natured


Lukee's Angel
Willie Vadnais

LUKEE: An 8 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Lukee is a great guy, gentle and smart and a solid citizen - he aims to please! Everyone he meets is a friend and he’d be happy to enjoy attention near you or outside on a great walk. Lukee is a classic BC who watches everything around him with quite an eye like when the action starts with  the other dogs here - he crouches down waiting for the next move - fabulous to watch. He loves to herd dogs but gets along with them, too. He is easy going and good natured. Lukee is absolutely loving GHF and all the fields to explore, really blossoming here. He’s got some extra pounds from living in the pen outside in his former home. He was the daughter’s dog and once she left, he had a lot less attention and activity. Lukee is a fabulous guy. He is not yet tested on cats.

Special thanks to Susan Myers and Jane & Dennis Wesloski for helping Lukee get to GHF.


ROSIE needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Rosie Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED


Thanks to Peg Fuller for safely transporting Rosie to the Farm

Rosie's Angels
Nancy Marston, Lulu & Zoe

ROSIE: A 9 year old Border Collie, Rosie is spectacular - responsive, smart, eager to bond, involved in everything around her and ready to go, go, go! This beautiful girl has all the classic traits of a BC with brains and heart. She chooses people as her main interest, thrilled for a cuddle, though she’s quite the herder and keeps tabs on all the action including cars, too. Rosie will need to live in more rural setting, with a fenced yard where traffic is not in sight. She is indifferent to other dogs so we are assessing what would make her happiest, being a solo dog or having a compatible friend. She is about 45 pounds and good with cats. Rosie is loving the ability to explore at GHF, all the fields and dogs and people, truly quite the ambassador of the BC world.

Rosie decided she could help prep for the GHF Getaway camp so hopped right in the kubota to do her share!

 DOC will be surrounded in love for the rest of his life, so cherished and adored, it’s perfect! His new guardians traveled from Maryland to meet him, waiting for just the right BC that called out to them. When they saw his picture, they wrote to come right away and soon as they met him, they were madly in love. Doc thought they were perfect, too, cuddled up next to them and ready for an overnight at GHF. He happily enjoyed some walks in the fields and then settled inside to get to know them! He’ll be the 24/7 companion to his new FurMom, enjoying hikes and go everywhere she goes!

DOC: An 11 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Doc is quite special, such a smart, observant thoughtful Border Collie. We see this kind of mind when a dog has had a chance to actually work which Doc did, herding cattle, up until six years ago. He’s been problem solving and responding to a human with tasks for him to accomplish so he’s very sensitive to what is asked of him and wants to do well. Doc is the sweetest guy, too, loving attention and happy for a cuddle on your lap. Clearly, his more recent years of not working, have been just fine for him cause he loves living inside as a buddy to his person! As is often the case with Border Collies who have worked, Doc needs reassurance sometimes because he will assume he’s done something wrong if spoken too with any firmness, even if it’s not about him directly. He literally walks away, hoping to avoid any confrontation. We expect he’ll really blossom in the Farm Sanctuary as he realizes he’s perfect just the way he is! which literally, is perfect. Doc is great with cats and about 40 pounds. He’s fine with other dogs but seems very content as a solo dog. Doc was being given away free at a garage sale when we stepped in to offer him a place in rescue. All his diagnostic lab work- a full geriatric screen - came out perfect so this wonderful boy is ready for a new home!

Corky Summary:
friends or solo dog
 - hard fence yard required


Special thanks to Erica Snyder, Harry Johnston, Borden Loving and Phil Dalke, and Jeff Beck for transportation assistance

Corky's Angels
-Lina and Brad Edmonds
LuAnn Heller
-Renate Goodloe
Annette Otis
CORKY: A 11 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Corky is a love. She is very very people oriented and loves to be with her person. She also loves a great game of ball and will happily play as long as you throw! She’s a young girl in attitude and energy when outside and then wonderful inside too, curling up at your feet.  She has done agility and obedience and has her Canine Good Citizen certificate as a therapy dog. Corky is one of those exceptional Border Collies born long before the breed became popularized. She is smart, focused and understands what it means to be a close friend and partner with a person.  She used to vacation at GHF with her FurMom so we’ve known Corky for years. She lived with Pepper and Chips, all three relinquished to the Farm due to her guardian’s illness. These were beloved family members who thankfully found safe haven here.  All three are fabulous dogs. Corky is carrying some extra weight now which will come off easily. She is good with cats. Corky would be fine living as a solo dog or with other dogs. She and Pepper get along famously, too. Corky is a bit hard of hearing so needs a fenced yard. She does hear a loud whistle, barking and other sounds but the less than perfect hearing, makes unfenced properties too risky.  (Corky video)

Corky vacationing in 2008, at GHF

Asher Summary:
friends or solo dog
fenced yard


Special thanks to Janine and Dan Choplick for helping Asher get to the Farm.

Asher's Angels
-Gregg, Jodi, Flash, Skid, Cassie & Rave in loving memory of some very special dogs: Vince & Tasha’s Brinley & Deirdre’s Zen

-Joy Paris-Poe and Larry Poe
-Michael Reath
-Quill, GHF alum

ASHER: An 11 year old Border Collie, Asher is a sweet, gentle soul who truly catches your attention quickly, so happy to say hello to everyone! Asher is quite the diplomat for the breed!  He is a spectacular boy who clearly wants people to be with him. He loves to play frisbee, a tad slower at this point since he’s carrying way too much weight but the desire is there and there’s no stopping him from going for it!  He is good natured, gets along beautifully with the other BC’s. Asher lived in a multiple dog household and fit in at the Farm easily.  He is fine with cats.  His story is a sad one where he was left 12 hours a day alone, no one willing to even let him outside.  Asher thankfully landed at GHF and we are really happy to help him renew his energy to find more purpose in life. Fortunately, that shelter where he was abandoned, works with GHF.

ASHER loves to herd other dogs and instantly comes to life, keeping up with all the crowd half his age! We’d love to find a home with at least one other ball dog who wouldn’t mind being herded!
(see Asher in action!)

Asher loves the new Christmas bed!

GRACE & ANNIE  need 4 angels -    click here to learn more
Grace & Annie Summary:
- adopted together or separate


Their diagnostics: bloodwork, urine and thyroid checked out great and we are now giving them a dental which has been desperately needed for years. Both are on pain meds for weakened back-ends, normal for this age BC.

Special thanks to Janine & Dan Choplick and Sue Myers for transporting the girls safely to the Farm.

Grace and Annie's Angels
Peg, Mike Ollie, Stanley and Tripp
Peter & Renate Goodloe & Doc!
GRACE (left) and ANNIE are 12 year old sisters who’ve spent their lives together, playing ball and being classic Border Collies! They have all the smarts and agile natures to have enjoyed whatever they tackled, especially ball play. And, today, they are still ball fanatics! These two so remind us of the old style of BC that thinks about everything around them, before deciding what to do…clearly smart as can be, focused as can be and ready to go! Just adorable, both of them. They get along with other dogs beautifully and have joined a pack of 10 in the GHF yard. They slid into the Farmhouse Sanctuary without a bit of trouble and seem pretty excited by all the action around them. However, we know they would love the attention of their own person again. Both are good with cats. They landed at GHF due to a new relationship causing their guardian to move. They can be adopted together or separately.

Support the Farm House Sanctuary and all the dogs at the Farm
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Glen Highland Farm now has the first facility devoted to the needs of this group


where only aging and ill Border Collies live.  

The Farmhouse Sanctuary residents will live out their lives at the Farm. Please consider supporting their care by being an angel. 
We will need ongoing financial assistance for their needs.

click here
to learn more


Meet the wonderful residents of THE FARMHOUSE SANCTUARY 
 Click here 

Corky - 11 yr old

Asher - 11 yr old

Grace - 12 yr old

- 12 yr old

Jenney - 11 yr old

Maverick - 12 yr old

Toby - 13 yr old

Jack - 15 yr old

Bo - 15 yr old



ROSCOE needs an angel -    click here to learn more
Roscoe Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED


ROSCOE: A petite 1 year old Border Collie mix, Roscoe is loving life with toys to enjoy, people who he can charm and lots of love and attention. He is quite adorable, a real lap dog. He’s learning new things in his foster home and doing beautifully living with new dogs as well as new experiences. He’s got some confidence building ahead in living a bigger life now. We think he’ll do great with the right person who can guide him through new situations with positive training techniques. Roscoe lived in one home since a pup, a very busy home with no real time for him, not even vetting. He started slipping out the door into the road and the mother of a GHF adopter living nearby, happened to be the one to find him. She kindly got him into rescue where he could have a more appropriate home. Special thanks to Pat Tyrell for all her help. Roscoe is 28 pound and fine with cats.

Thanks t
o Donna and Carol Deal for getting Roscoe to the Farm.

Special thanks to Kim Renak for fostering Roscoe

Jamie Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - canine friend preferred
 - cats that will understand PLAY


Special thanks to Janine & Dan Choplick and Sue Myers for transporting Jamie safely to the Farm.

Jamie's Angel
Andrea Rising

JAMIE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Jamie is a funny guy with whiskers, clearly got a bit of some other breed in there that stands out! He is also a tall boy with lots of interest in running   - he bounds around with such abandon - he makes us all laugh. He has no herding tendencies but sure loves toys! Jamie is super sweet and really wants to connect with someone to call his own, very very people oriented.  He’s starting to unwind and trust the routine at the Farm, step by step.  We’re not sure of his previous situation since he was a stray but he is beginning to blossom being in rescue. He absolutely loves to play with other dogs and ‘reads’ them well so gets along with many easily. He’d be happy with another canine buddy who likes to wrestle, chase and play.  Jamie has lots of energy and needs a physical outlet to run. He is good with cats though likes to play with them so needs a cat used to that if a cat is in the home.  He is about 50 pounds and was a stray in PA

NEVAN is from the Sprakers NY confiscation (click here)
He will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to his skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Nevan's Angel
-Gayle Marriner-Smith-"Sweet Sir William Braveheart"

NEVAN: A 2 yr old Border Collie, Nevan is a very very skittish boy, coming from the difficult situation at Sprakers NY. He is incredibly sweet and gentle but afraid of the world around him.  He had lived outside 24/7 in electrified pen enclosures, with other BC's, used for breeding. We don't know if Nevan was a breeding male or just a young boy who didn't sell fast enough, but either way, he was stuck in an awful situation. Fortunately, he made it to GHF after being lost for 12 days, mistakenly allowed to jump out of a car by the relinquisher passing him to another rescue. Nevan, like most of the dogs from this situation, will flee in a panic, which he did. We're happy to have him here and will take him, step by step, through this new opportunity for a wonderful loving life.  Nevan has a wonderful nature, enjoys other Border Collies and will be given plenty of time to learn he is safe with humans. He will only be placed in a BC savvy home and with skilled adopters who understand the impact of being so under socialized and afraid of people.  He is about 45 pounds and not yet tested on cats.  

Special thanks to Anne Cattaneo for helping Nevan 
get the help he needs in foster care.

LEA is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Lea's Angels
-Shuck's Border Collies
-Lara Avery
-the Bowers/Paterson family in honor of Kasey, Kenzie and in loving memory for our Kelsey and Kylie, who are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge

LEA: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Lea is gorgeous. She is so thoughtful, really taking in everything around her, trying to understand this totally new life. Lea is now in foster care and loves sitting in her foster Mom’s lap, really engaged attentively with her.  She’s had an amazing transformation so far, trusting the touch of loving humans.  She doesn’t seem to enjoy competition with other dogs so might actually need a solo dog home. She’s fine with them outside but is craving a life as the center of attention. Lea may change as time goes on so we’ll see.  She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats.  Lea, like her other friends from Indiana, lived a horrible life with no care, treated worse that a street rat…just awful, part of a breeder operation.

Special thanks to Rosie Sutherland for opening her NJ home to foster Lea

KEIRA is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Keira's Angels
-Shuck's Border Collies
-Elaine Wilson - In honor of Ike

KEIRA, A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Kiera is coming to life! This shut down shy girl hid for a long time but through the interaction with the other dogs, she is so much fun to watch. She’s curious and even has some herding instincts, absolutely loving the herding games. She has now moved to a foster home with ex-Sprakers BC Keenan and now she’s racing around with toys in her mouth!  She’s maneuvering around the house almost like normal, a bit nervous but oh so very brave so we know with more time, she’ll really transform. Keira is so gentle and incredibly sweet, starting to enjoy the affectionate touch of humans. Keira is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats.  She was living an awful life stuck inside a pen 24/7 covered in feces and urine, never outside part of a breeder operation.

Special thanks to Kim & Maury Bouchard for fostering Keira.
She is hanging with former Sprakers dog, Keenan!

PRIM is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Prim's Angels
-Shuck's Border Collies
-Lara Avery

PRIM, A VERY petite 2 year old Border Collie, Prim is really thriving at GHF. She’s living at the Connor House and enjoying the interaction of other dogs. she loves to race and chase with toys, making up herding free-for-all games!  She is so tiny and yet so full of personality, just adorable. Prim is also learning about a house as she hops on the bed for cuddling or races out the door for more action!  She’s doing beautifully, step by step. Prim is about 25 pounds and not yet tested on cats.  She lived in a horrible situation with totally inappropriate care.. never touched, never outside and never with clean water or clean quarters, part of a breeding operation.  

Special thanks to Denise & Mike Margist for
opening their hearts and home to help Prim.

Ben Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - canine friends required


Ben's Angel
Luann Madison

BEN: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Ben is sweet and affectionate and just loves to cuddle up to you when hanging in the house. He's also a typical active BC that will play with any kind of ball - retrieving tennis balls and jolly balls. He's quite fast with his long legs and athletic body. Ben loves to race, chase and wrestle with other dogs that like to play. He's in a foster home learning to overcome his fears when meeting strangers so he'll do best with another confident Border Collie to be his mentor. He will only be placed into a home with an experienced person that understands how to work with fear issues. Ben is doing well in a more rural setting vs the more populated suburban setting he was in. He's finally beginning to relax and is starting to meet new people slowly, using positive reinforcement, without overwhelming him. Ben came from a shelter in NH that reached out to GHF for help. Ben and Glen were given up because of financial difficulties. They are being rehomed separately. Ben is about 40 pounds and good with cats.

Special thanks to Susan Monnelly for fostering Ben in NH.

NYA is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
She will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Nya's Angels
-Shuck's Border Collies
-Creekside Cass

NYA: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Nya is a very smart, very interesting girl who watches everything around her to figure it all out. And she does that pretty well. She absolutely loves playing with the other BC’s at GHF and is quite a little herder.  She does best with dogs who don’t mind her style of herding which is coming pretty close to their bodies but she also loves to wrestle and make up other active chase games. Nya is adorable to watch.  She will come to you for treats and engages well with a person.  Like her other Indiana siblings, she will need someone patient to keep building her confidence but Nya, by far, is the bravest of the group and has come the farthest so far.  She is about 30 pounds and not  yet tested on cats.  Nya had an awful life, confined inside amidst feces and urine without clean water or loving human contact, part of a breeder operation.

Special thanks to Sheila Maher for fostering NYA, she’s in MA

ANA is from the Indiana confiscation (click here)
He will only be placed:
 - with a bc savvy adopter due to her skittish nature
 - in an adult ONLY home
 - other bc friends and fenced yard is REQUIRED


Ana's Angels
-Shuck's Border Collies
-Sandra & Carlos Iglesias
-Susan Strange

ANA: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Ana is very shy. She is intrigued by all the changes in her life but needs the greatest reassurance to bravely try anything new. She is so incredibly gentle and sweet and so wants to trust people. She will take treats from your hand and likes to be cuddled but she can’t yet ask for that connection without a person initiating it.  Ana loves to chase the other dogs and is really coming out of her shell, step by step.  She is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. Ana suffered through an awful situation caged inside without access outside and without appropriate care of any kind, part of a breeder operation.

Special thanks to Lisa Newell for fostering Ana in Vermont.

Viva had a dislocated hip from a past injury causing her significant pain, sadly never treated. Orthopedic vet, Paul Bookbinder operated to give her better range of motion and no pain but she now needs physical therapy to help her move that leg more normally. She is a great candidate for Thera-Vet in Rochester, to help, with underwater treadmill therapy as well as passive resistance exercises. We assume she will be ready for adoption early May.

VIVA  needs 4 angels -    click here to learn more
Viva Summary:
- canine friends or solo dog
 - fenced yard REQUIRED


Viva's Angels
-Dale, Doug, Pace and Minna
-Jay & Michelle Monitz, Rookie, Kaylee & Lacey

VIVA: A petite 6 year old Border Collie, little Viva is sweet, sweet, sweet, all she wants is to be by your side wherever you go!  Viva gets along with other dogs beautifully and enjoys having a companion.  Mostly though, she wants a person for a few loving pets and attention, such a gentle girl. She is attentive and eager to please, happy to be your friend. She has no real interest in toys so would be happiest with someone looking for a canine friend.  She is a little confused with the new life at GHF since she lived inside most of her life but she’s learning, step by step, that exploring the outdoor world, can be fun! She just wants you to go with her!  We know she would be happy with a canine buddy but could also be happy as a solo dog. She is fine with cats. Viva is carrying some extra weight now but with exercise outside, she’ll trim down.  Everyone who has met her, adores her and she feels the same about every person she meets! Viva came to rescue with a sibling, Val and could be adopted together or separately.

Special thanks to Alexis Van Saun, Sue Campion, Susan Myers and Peg Fuller for helping Viva find safety at the Farm.

who kindly help ALL the dogs at GHF on a continual basis. 
We are deeply grateful to you all.

Carol Andrews
Diane & David Behlen
Sharon Blydenburgh
Kim Brant
Denis and Eileen Byrne
Joseph Depirri
Wendy Donoghue
Linda Dragoo
Karen & Stan Edwards
Kimberly Grike
Karen & Wayne Groteke
Laurent Gaudry & Elena Shifflette
Herbie Halloran
Mary Huber
Su Walenta Hunt
Janet James
Marilyn Bradshaw-Knapton
Nina & Mike Marciniszyn

Betty Meyer
Jim & Kathy Milavec
Alison Morgan
Jolene & John Patrick
Jim & LeAnn Russell
James & Pamela Sacks
Katherine Silta
Stacey & John Simon
Kimberly Smith
Terri Smith
Erica Snyder
Rebecca Symmes
Lisa Vaughn
Sharon & Jim Votraw
Pamela Whitlock
Linda Wood
John & Bonnie Yurga

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