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Double the Dollars Challenge!
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We're halfway through the year and we've spent $25k on our vet needs for the rescue Border Collies to date, which means we'll need another $25k to cover the diagnostic needs, medications and supplements for the remainder of 2019 for our Adoptable Seniors and our Sanctuary Residents.

Our generous donor is willing to give us invaluable support for these costs...

If we can match their $25k donation!

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Please help us cover the medical needs of our
Adoptable Seniors and Sanctuary Residents!

How do we use the money?
The needs of 26 Glen Highand Farm rescues are varied: 22 are seniors, age 10 and up, with many medical challenges. One has heartworm disease, one has a glucose imbalance, one has severe skin allergies and one has glaucoma. One younger rescue has megaesophagus. Three seniors have hypothryoidism, four have long-term lyme, another four have heart disease and six have kidney disease. And 10 dogs have orthopedic issues requiring pain management!

This assortment of health needs requires specialized medications and/or supplements, as well as regular labwork to track progression of their conditions. Many older dogs enter Glen Highland Farm without any illness, but aging leads to much needed treatments. And, while one Border Collie may require nothing at age 12, another will come in at age 10 with extraordinary medical needs like treatment for heartworm disease, uncovered in the normal budget plan at $2k.

Our wonderful spry and sassy Senior Border Collies
want to keep going, going, going...

They deny the orthopedic obstacles they face, of course! However, we know better and keep pain management top of mind each day. We reach for anti-inflammatories like Metacam and Galliprant, as well as a Gabapentin, a nerve block med, which works beautifully with this breed - no GI troubles at all. We've also experimented with CBD oil and chews from ElleVet Sciences, as well as laser treatments at our Vet office.

Meet a few of our special medical cases:

Roxie age 13ROXIE, age 13, is one of our toughest cases to manage since her back is severely compromised as well as her front shoulders and hips. Our ortho vet said Roxie was one of the worst ortho cases he'd seen in this breed. Keeping her rested and yet mentally fufilled is a tall order considering she is one of the driviest dogs at GHF! The ball is her game and her focus for a toss or two far outweighs the limits of her body. A pain-free Roxie, using Metacam and Gabapentin, makes for a very content Border Collie... well, after a few ball tosses!

Dougie age 10DOUGIE, age 10, has three big medical challenges. The first is genetic - he was born without hip sockets which means he has very, very painful movement every day of his life since his legs are literally not joining with his hips to create movement. The second challenge - he has low blood sugar since his pancreas is not making glucose properly which requires quarterly labwork and numerous mini-meals throughout the day. We are keeping tabs on the potential for insulinoma, a cancerous process. Lastly, Dougie has kidney disease, a likely outcome from all the years of pain meds given before his arrival at GHF. Dougie is now on a renal diet and gets Gabapentin and CBD oil to help with pain. Another high-drive spunky BC, this boy demands an active life so we work very carefully to make that possible.

Hunter age 11, Roze age 12 and Leo age 15

HUNTER age 11 , ROZE age 12, and LEO age 15, share big medical issues - renal failure and severe orthopedic pain from a rough combination of hip dysplasia and spondylosis. For them, any movement - walking, running, laying down - is super painful. All are on a renal diet and receive Telmisartan and Azodyl to support the kidneys and Gabapentin for pain management. This group of Border Collies would love to go, go, go but need careful monitoring.

Penny age 10PENNY, age 10, broke hearts of all those who met her, hearing she had to undergo painful Heartworm treatments. Her first injection didn't feel good at all, but day by day she's rebounding better now, a bit more upbeat. Restricted activity for a month, she still faces one more injection and another docile month before any green light for action.

Meet all the Rescues!
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The dogs at GHF need special care and time to heal back into good health and happiness.

Any amount is appreciated!
Help us get all of the sheep in the pen and double the $25k!

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