SHELBY is an 8 week old border collie mix puppy. Energetic and curious, but loves to be in your lap for a cuddle and kisses. She  will be placed with another young dog so she has an outlet for their energy. Shelby is currently being fostered in Pittsburgh with Sera and will be at the farm in January for adoption.  They are both very smart and love people.  Shelby was abandoned in a shelter in PA that asked us for help.

SERA & SHELBY found their forever homes together! They love being with each other and playing all the time so will now have a great life of doing just that, plus agility and obedience! They won't be too far from their foster mom who hopes to see them growing up!

SERA: an 8-week old Border Collie mix puppy, is very energetic, and full of curiosity and ready to go, go, go. She  will be placed with another young dog so she has an outlet for their energy. Sera is currently being fostered in Pittsburgh with Shelby and will be at the farm in January for adoption.  They are both very smart and love people.  Sera was abandoned in a shelter in PA that asked us for help.

RASCAL found his new family very quickly soon as he met the kids in the family - he just loved them and of course, he wanted to play with his new Border Collie friend, Douglas, too. They ran and chased and made up games, starting a great relationship together. Rascal will be absolutely adored and lucky for him, he may get to try agility, too! He now lives in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts.

RASCAL: A 4 month old Border Collie, Rascal is a delightful, smart little guy who wants to explore everything. He is curious and outgoing and eager to meet other dogs. He'll clearly enjoy a canine friend and will play endlessly. He loves to play ball, comes to the whistle and is ready to learn lots of new things, like any young pup. Rascal is from a breeder in NY but his guardians felt he was too much for them with a toddler, too. He is good with cats and average in size for his age, about 25 pounds. 

FINNEGAN found his forever home with another canine friend who loves the great outdoors as much as he does and loves to play, too! Finnegan will be the constant companion to his new Furdad and enjoy lots of hiking and play! He now lives happily in MA.

FINNEGAN: A 7 month old Border Collie mix, Finnegan is a friendly, outgoing, happy guy. He wants to be with his person and wants to play, play, play. He is a great little guy who enjoys other dogs and would be happiest with a young canine friend to join in his games. He is very responsive to people and eager to please. He is very eager to learn new things and quite obedient already. Finnegan has a wonderful nature, energetic but not a herder. He is best with dog savvy cats and is about 35 pounds. He was relinquished to the farm from NY guardians who felt they could not meet his needs. 

TRINA found her forever home not far from her foster mom who works with them.  They came to the office one day and fell in love with Trina the next.  After a few visits, they wanted to have her join their lives and were so happy she could do just that.  Their kindness and patience will help Trina blossom and clearly join their hearts together.  Trina lives in NY.

TRINA: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Trina is a gentle, sweet, good natured girl who also has quite a herding instinct. She is very focused and fast. Trina can be timid at first but is eager to meet everyone once she's comfortable. She is smart and watches everything around her, carefully deciding what she wants to do...herd or play or just relax. She can settle just fine and is happy to be with her person. Trina will blossom beautifully with a seasoned BC person who is patient and helps build her confidence. She is great with other dogs and good with cats. Trina is about 35 pounds. She was living with Tucke and Nicke in an outside situation til the guardian became ill and could not keep them. She came from a PA shelter. Trina is being fostered in NY and can be see at the Farm

JERSEY was en route to the Farm with a stop over for temporary housing before the transport started and of course, she won the hearts of the transporter. So, Jersey won't have to travel anywhere cause she is already home! At 1 1/2 years old, she's thrilled to have two new border collie friends for constant play and they love her, too. She now lives in PA. She had been abandoned at a PA shelter with a tag around her neck that said "jersey". We have no idea why this wonderful petite girl was dumped but her new FurMom is thrilled she came her way and now has joined her life.

JANN found her forever home with another Border Collie who can show her the ropes all around her new 80 acre farm where the goats and sheep and other animals are all hers to herd. Little Jann was already herding her big 'sis' but will soon be enjoying the fun of all the other creatures to herd. For now, she is playing and cuddling with her new furDad who absolutely adores her! Her new name is Dash since she's so quick to race around the house. She now lives in in NY, not far from the Farm so we'll get a chance to see her grow up!

JANN is a 10 week old pup with gorgeous merle coloring. She is sweet, affectionate cuddler, loving to be with people. She snuggles when you bring her close and is happy to lay by your feet. Jann will be placed with another canine friend so that she is a stimulating life of play and love and to handle her energy needs as she develops. She came from a breeder in Vermont. 

JINNI found her forever home in a roundabout way. Her foster  Mom fell in love immediately when the two sisters came in but decided she should have a chance at a home elsewhere. Once in the process at the Farm, her heartache over possibly loosing little Jinni became obvious and she knew she just couldn't let her go. So, Jinni loaded right back in the car she came in and headed back to her forever home in Vermont.

JINNI is a 10 week old pup with the beautiful coloring known as 'blue'. She is very confident and outgoing and loves toys. It's already clear that Jinni needs a job to do and will be a classic active Border Collie. She is also quite the cuddler and loves to snuggle. Jinni will be placed with another young Border Collie in order to handle her energy needs. She came from Vermont, from a breeder. 

BEAU found the perfect new life with a loving family who adores the breed and knows exactly what he needs to do - herd geese! He'll join their other Border Collie, Gracie doing just that. They will pair up in upstate NY living a life of chasing geese in the community. Beau will easily fit into his new journey!

BEAU: A 5 1/2 year old Border Collie, Beau is a working dog, with lots of experience herding geese. He can handle moving hundreds right where they need to be and he loves every minute of it. Beau is brilliant, responsive and a great herder. If he doesn't have geese, he'll choose a cat or dog or ball and like any talented Border Collie, he has the 'eye' to be ready and move in an instant. Beau get along with other dogs, but is only good with dog savvy cats. He is about 40 pounds. Beau was given up from a NJ home due to issues with a child in the family though he lived happily around children previously. He will only go to working home situation since he is fully trained and needs to work to be happy. 

KAYLEE found her forever home where she'll have a job to do! She'll be chasing geese at a golf course and be the constant companion to her new furDad which will delight her to no end. Kaylee has quite an eye for anything that moves and is a focused girl so will excel in her new life and be adored! She won his heart quickly once they met. She now lives in Ct.

KAYLEE: A 9 month old Border Collie, Kaylee is fast, focused and ready to go. She is classic with lots of energy and very smart, eager to bond. She would be a wonderful sport dog and excel in anything she is given to do. Kaylee is very alert and focused. She also loves to race and make up chase games with other dogs. She is a very gentle dog and very good natured. Kaylee is about 35 pounds, typical in size for the breed and is good with cats. She came to the Farm from Vermont where she had been in a shelter as a stray. 

BIGGS found the perfect home for him where he'll be able to use all his herding instincts and be loved at the same time! He won their hearts before they even arrived but once his new furparents saw him herding, they knew he'd fit perfectly. Biggs will get a chance to do sheepherding and even trial once he and his furMom learn the ropes together. He's got the herding part of course but now they'll become a team! Biggs now lives in PA.

BIGGS: A 4 yr old border collie with ABCA papers, Biggs is an amazing Border Collie, a classic herder with tons of focus yet a quiet, calm boy once with his people. He is very very friendly and gentle, loving attention. Biggs bonds quickly. He is also very focused and could easily herd geese which he did in his previous home, as well as probably work sheep. He is a very smart, alert, intelligent dog and very well balanced. Biggs also likes to swim and does a fine job of keeping the geese off the property. Biggs is 50 pounds and trained on the invisible fence.  He could live with dog savvy cats.  Biggs was relinquished from NJ due to the family moving. He is camera shy so it's hard to see just how gorgeous he really is, very stunning.

PEP found his forever home with another canine friend who he enjoyed playing with plus he loved all the affection of his new family. He quickly curled up on the couch for cuddling and happily headed out to his new life in upstate NY. He'll have lots of land to run on and lots of love. He was one happy Border Collie!

PEP: A 10 month old Border Collie, Pep is a very friendly, outgoing Border Collie who loves everyone. He is good natured and classic in his energy level so loves to play with other dogs. He would love to engage in activities with his person, too and could easily learn anything. He has a full body jump, all fours off the ground, clearly an agility prospect. Pep loves toys and can entertain himself easily. He is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He came from a shelter in PA where he had been abandoned because the kids in the home were allergic. 

Lovely LAUREN finally found the perfect spot where she can share all her wonderful sweet nature non-stop (she loves children) and she'll be an agility star, trying every obstacle and we're sure she'll excel at it all. She is fearless and curious and brilliant, the best combination for a sport dog and of course, a gentle cuddler for the kids. She has a canine friend who she also loved chasing in the fields while visiting at the Farm. She now lives in Ct. We are so thrilled for Lauren and her new life and so happy we could help make it possible for her to share her glorious spirit! A special thanks again to all the donors who helped us with Lauren's Cornell care that saved her life. 

LAUREN:  A 10 month old Border Collie, Lauren is super smart, very very agile and fast and she loves any challenge. She is very interested in all kinds of toys and loves all kinds of dog tricks. Lauren is so agile she can actually dance and twirl around on her hind legs. She know shake and catch and does the fastest crawl ever seen. And, when she's really excited about something, she just bounces straight up on all fours! She is brilliant, attentive and eager to work and play. Lauren would be wonderful with another Border Collie friend and would be a great sport candidate. She completed her medical treatment to handle the rat poison she had eaten before coming to the Farm and is fully recovered. She is in perfect medical condition and clearly, watching her, one of the happiest, healthiest girls!  Lauren is good with cats.  Lauren was relinquished from NY.

Andy has been named in memory of a very special 3 year old boy, Andrew Slyter
Andy's angels
John & Marta Aberg, Andrew's grandparents
Others donating in memory of Andrew:
Warren & Janet Burgess
Laura Hungerford
Lottie Sanders
Frank & Ann Schneer
Sue Smith
Col. Charles Tupper
The adopters of Andy have decided to keep his name since it is in honor of a very special little boy who loved Border Collies.  We are very touched by this kind gesture and feel the heartfelt blessing of this decision. 

ANDY found his forever home with another canine friend who loved racing and chasing just like he does. They were quickly a pair of buddies, a real match!  Andy will get to be around lots of other dogs and try agility as well as other sports, using his great mind and good nature to have fun and learn all kinds of new things. He now lives in upstate NY.

ANDY: A 7 month old Border Collie, Andy is a friendly, outgoing young BC, curious about everything. He is not a hyperactive youngster, rather a more thoughtful observer, keen to see what's going on around him. He is very smart and very very sweet. Andy is presently in foster care and we'll update his bio as we get to know him better. He does get along with other dogs beautifully and loves to play. Andy came to us from a NY shelter. 

MARCY found her forever home where she'll be the center of attention and the constant companion to her new guardians. She'll get to try agility and even flyball plus get a chance to go boating! Marcy won their hearts with her affectionate nature, asking for belly rubs and happy to be on the couch and then hopping off quickly for playing with squeaky toys. Marcy now lives in Virginia.

MARCY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Marcy is all about action....  she loves to run, play and chase balls. She is friendly and good natured and truly a Border Collie with all the energy and focus that means. She is eager to be with people and happy to cuddle but really wants to go, busily playing. She is fine with other dogs but a stronger female so will be happiest as the solo dog or with a submissive male. She is about 40 pounds and good with cats. Marcy was a stray at a NY shelter. 

LOTTE found her forever home where she'll have plenty of fun running on the beach, playing frisbee and ball and being loved by a family who just adored her as soon as they met her. She will happily live in NJ, being their beloved canine friend.

LOTTEa petite 2 1/2 year old tri-color red Border Collie. She is a very sweet, affectionate girl who loves to cuddle but also loves to chase the frisbee. She loves to sit on your lap and provide kisses for attention.  Lotte thrives with a connection to her person, ready to go and try anything.  She is a great catch and can race fast to get the frisbee thrown her way. She is best with submissive dogs since she's a classic female BC who likes to run her world. She is afraid of cats, will bark at them. Lotte is 33lbs.  Lotte was relinquished from DE.  She is currently in a foster home in NJ

JB found his new forever home with a family that does agility and thought he would be a wonderful addition to their life and so much fun! And, when they met him, they knew they were right. JB will have three small canine cocker spaniel friends who also do agility. Watching them walk right under him as they moved around the room, him being so much taller, was very humorous. JB happily hopped up on the couch with his new guardians and soaked in all the love and attention and once the toys came out, he was back on the floor ready to go! JB now lives in Canada.

JB - (aka JONNY): A 2 year old Border Collie/Ňussie, JB is a major toy dog..he loves every kind of toy and will play endlessly and also entertain himself happily! He is a striking dog to watch running across the fields, almost like a prance, he is light on his feet and super fast. He could easily do sports and is very eager to learn. JB is very very smart and fits in great with other dogs but is most happiest when someone is engaged in toy play with him. He is easy going and good natured and loves attention, too. He will be OK with dog savvy cats - he likes to chase them, but won't hurt them. JB is about 45 pounds. JB was given up from a NY guardian who could not meet his needs.

MAXY: A 4 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Maxy is a happy, good natured, loveable dog who enjoys racing and exploring. He loves people and quickly jumps up for a full shoulder hug since it's easy for him to reach you head to head. Maxy is Mr Affection, a real love-bug. He spent one evening with a group of 13 teenagers enjoying a slumber party and he was the center of the attention at his foster home. Maxy is attentive and would be eager to learn whatever challenge he is given. He settles well inside and wants to be part of the activities around him. Maxy is not yet tested on cats. He is 65 pounds. He was abandoned at a PA shelter.

Maxy & Pipp found the perfect people for a new life together. They quickly fell in love with Maxy's high energy and wonderful sweet nature and when they met Pipp, they knew their home would be a safe, gentle place for him to continue blossoming. The three dogs happily met and seemed like they lived together all their lives. Maxy will be running each day and of course playing and even learning agility. Pipp will enjoy a wonderful property for playing and exploring and join their canine friend, Whitman, who has always lived with at least four dogs so got his pack back too! They now live in NY.

PIPP is a 2 yr old Border Collie mix who traveled a long way from Ecuador to the states in order to find safe haven. He is a sweet, gentle dog who is curious about everything. He is fairly timid but interested in everything that goes on around him and very food motivated so so it's easy to build a relationship. Pipp is wonderful with other dogs and loves dog play of any kind and really comes to life, a very happy guy. He will be placed with another confident dog since he quickly learns from other dogs and needs some time to feel comfortable with people and new situations. Pipp must have a hard fence since he is skittish. Pipp was originally part of a litter dumped at the door of a caring person in Ecuador. We appreciate the angel support to bring him to the Farm. He is about 35 pounds, and is fine with cats.

CHARLOTTE found her forever home with a family that absolutely adored her on the site and then fell in love when they met her. She won their hearts and enjoyed lots of cuddling plus racing across the fields at the Farm with her new canine friend, Rio. Charlotte will clearly be  adored living in her new home in NJ. And, she'll even be camping in the adirondacks enjoying the great outdoors.

CHARLOTTE: A 9 year old Border Collie, Charlotte is a lover, one very happy well-adjusted girl. She loves people and loves dogs, basically enjoying life. She runs and plays with other Border Collies and gets along beautifully. She is not a dominant female, instead she mixes in quickly and other dogs enjoy her, too. Charlotte is very smart and while she loves playing, she also adores attention and happily enjoys cuddling. She is about 45 pounds and good with dog savvy cats since she likes to chase, but won't hurt them. Charlotte was dumped at a PA shelter due to a divorce and fortunately made it to the Farm. 

Fabulous Flashy found his forever home with loving guardians who really understand the breed. His furDad had two Border Collies before and loves the way they think and play. Flashy will be his constant companion enjoying great fun on hikes, going with him in the car and being the center of attention! They enjoyed time together at the Inn in town and got off to a great start with Flashy sacked out next to him and happily heading out in the morning to his new life in NY.

FLASHY- A 3 year old Border Collie, Flashy is fast, focused and very very agile. He loves to race and herd at top speed. He is good with other dogs and could clearly do agility or geesework or pretty much anything asked of him. Flashy is smart and also very affectionate and sweet. A really good guy, he wants to connect with someone quickly. He is about 40 pounds and trained on the invisible fence. If living with cats, they would need to be dog savvy. Flashy used to herd geese at his home property but was relinquished to the farm from NJ due to a move.

JIMMI won the hearts of his new family as they've been looking for another pup to join their family.  As soon as they saw Jimmi, they knew he was the one! He'll be living with another canine friend, three children, spend time playing  with 4 other dogs from the Farm and be the center of attention for sure! Jimmi now lives in NJ.

JIMMI: A 10 week old Border Collie/Lab mix, Jimmi is a love bug, truly a wonderful little guy who adores people. He follows his person around, happy for attention and happy to play. He loves toys of any kind and also loves to play with dogs. He has the mind of a Border Collie for sure and the easy going nature of a lab. He is now about 15 pounds. Jimmy came from Vermont, being bred intentionally for this mix. We luckily got him into rescue. 

BUDI: A 6 month old Border Collie, Budi is all about people and lots of attention. He loves to cuddle and easily wants to be in your lap.  He also loves to play and chase and is learning all about herding games  since being at the Farm. He lived with eight children in his home in  PA, bought as a gift from the grandmother. But, without a fence, he was  barking on a tie-out and about to be euthanized by animal control.  Thankfully, he made it to the Farm.
SHELBY & BUDI found their forever homes together! Shelby was thrilled to have people who understood her ball throwing antics and happily love her focus and need to 'work-play'. She'll be their constant companion which she'll of course love. Plus, Budi will join in all the fun, learning all about toys and border collie games as he grows up 'under her wing'. Their new guardians fell in love with them and quickly knew this pair was exactly what they wanted to add to their life. Shelby and Budi now live in central NY.

SHELBY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Shelby is a focused, fast and brilliant girl who is great with other dogs but is crazy about her  ball. She will retrieve endlessly and is super fast and ready to go, happily pushing  the ball toward you over and over again. Shelby came to the Farm from  the Cape Cod area originally when her guardian could not meet her  needs

BOB found his forever home not far from the Farm when his new guardian was looking for another beloved Border Collie mix and realized we were right in her back yard. More importantly, it was Bob that was so close. She knew he was exactly what she was looking for - a wonderful, sweet, smart companion to share her home. He hopped right up on the couch next to her, with his favorite ball, and basically, said 'let's go!" and off he went to a new life where he will be cherished.

TOMMY found the perfect life for him where he'll be doing agility, herding and any other border collie game that is of interest to him! His new furMom fell in love and wants to enjoy exposing him to all the challenges he wants and we are pretty sure, knowing Tommy, he'll excel at them all. Tommy will have canine friends, another Border Collie and a little dachshund who didn't mind all his intensity at all. We're thrilled for Tommy and his new family. He now lives in upstate NY.

TOMMY is a petite 7 month old liver colored Border Collie with ABCA papers who is all about sports. He is a frisbee nut, ready to catch any toss and play any game with any toy at any time. He is a wonderful guy and very focused, great in new situations, fitting just beautifully. Tommy is the perfect size for agility or flyball, and could excel easily since he is so agile. He is fine with other dogs but could easily live as the only dog since he really wants an active relationship with a person for his play which to him, is his work. He has a great temperament and while he is high energy, he is also very good natured and easy going. Tommy is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was given up due to a break-up, from PA. Tommy is being fostered in upstate Ny and can be seen at the farm.

SANDIE found her forever home with another Border Collie mix who loves to race and chase and play just like she does. The two of them were instant friends, happy to be together and her new guardians fell in love with her, too. They were the perfect pair, happily tugging a toy and making up games like they had always lived together. Sandie now lives in PA, happily adored forever.

SANDIE is a 1 year old female Border Collie mix. She is a sweet, friendly girl who truly wants to bond with her person. She has pulled at the heartstrings of everyone she has met but hasn't yet found a family to call her own. Sandie gets along great with other dogs and enjoys their company. She settles well in the car. Sandie adapts well to new situations, fitting right in wherever she goes. Sandie was a stray in PA and is presently being fostered in western PA.

TERRELL found her forever home with a loving family who was smitten by her sweet nature and focused ball play, even at this young age. She won their hearts instantly and headed off to her new life in NY where she'll be with them as a constant companion and have her very own little boy to love and adore.

TERRELL: An 10 week old Border Collie (or mix), Terrell is a funny, sweet little girl who is eager to see the world and fearless about it. She is very alert and keen to be in the action. She's comfortable with other dogs already and loves to play. Terrell is 12 pounds. She came from a PA Amish Farm selling BC pups, where someone bought her, realized they couldn't keep her and knew it wasn't good to bring her back there so found the Farm, thankfully. 

COOP found his new life with loving guardians who adored him the minute they met him and hadn't even come to see him but soon as their dog arrived, it was crystal clear that her play style and his would match perfectly and that's exactly what happened. They raced full speed around the field, wrestled and playing like they had been living together forever. Coop loved his new family, happy for belly rubs and happy to have a new canine friend, too. He now lives in Ct and will be forever adored and never be cast off again.

COOP: a 2 year old Border Collie, Coop is a loving, sweet guy who is friendly with everyone, a really cuddly, good natured guy. He is one of the sweetest Border Collies, a very soft, gentle dog so would do best with submissive dogs or even as a solo dog. He bonds quickly and wants to be with his person. Coop is so people oriented, we feel he could be a superb therapy dog candidate. His love pours out to everyone he meets and he is so gentle so could easily be with people in need and not scare them or overwhelm them. He is fine with cats and about 45 pounds. He was in a bad situation uncared for properly in TN, was enroute to a maryland rescue who had no space so we took him in at the Farm.  

Sweet Samm picked his people himself, barking from across the fields, catching their attention. He wasn't on the list to see but his new guardian immediately realized he wanted to see them and as they say, the rest is history. They fell in love with his gentle nature combined with his brilliance and once he landed in their laps, he was not leaving, that's for sure. Samm will have another Border Collie friend, Fly, adopted from the Farm, too. He'll get to try agility and hike every day in beautiful forests, enjoying his new life.

SAMM: A 4 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Samm is a gorgeous brindle color and has a sweet nature to match his good looks. He is very very smart and eager to bond with a person. Samm loves everyone and also enjoys playing with toys for a good game of chase. He is not overly intense, instead would be a wonderful companion accompanying his person everywhere. He is great with other dogs and could easily live with another Border Collie or be a solo dog. He is not yet tested on cats and about 50 pounds. Samm came to the Farm from Vermont, given up because he was chasing the horses in an unfenced situation. 

Sweet Bennett found his forever home with another canine friend who instantly liked him, showing a play bow and feeling comfortable. He felt the same way plus loved his new guardians who were charmed by his gentle, sweet nature, nicknaming 'gentle Ben'. Bennett will be their beloved canine friend and he may get a chance to help out his furMom in charming the senior citizens she works with as a part of her job. He could go to work with her on visits and share his big heart! Bennett now lives in MA.

BENNETT: A 5 year old Border Collie, Bennett is a wonderful boy with a sweet, sweet, gentle nature. He loves to say hello, quietly coming over for attention. No matter who Bennett meets, he loves everyone and they love him, too. Then, he races off in a fast pace, around the fields, making up his herding games. He is super quick and light on his feet, a classic Border Collie. Bennett is fine with other dogs and not yet tested on cats. He has some vision impairment, much like a person who needs glasses, so sometimes has some challenges with shapes. It doesn't bother him much and he can see fine otherwise. He was a stray in PA. Bennett is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm.

RAYE:A 3 year old Border Collie, Raye is a ball nut - he absolutely loves to play and play and play. He will chase high speed after any throw and quickly return to drop it at your feet, hoping for another good toss. Raye is easy going but can get nervous in new situations so will need a seasoned Border Collie guardian. He is very sweet with everyone and eager to meet anyone nearby. Raye is about 45 pounds and good with cats. He came to the farm from a NY vet hospital where he had been abandoned.  Raye was returned to the Farm recently due to issues that we'll be working on to improve.

RAYE and BANDIT found a new life with people who can provide geese chasing work, keeping them active and busy using their minds and bodies. Both Raye and Bandit needed a special situation where their issues could be worked on without the pressures of suburban life, kids and chaos. They both are part of a unique program, living and herding geese at a correctional facility in MA. They have a 200 acre farm that is theirs to explore and with so many people, they'll have plenty of ball and frisbee play, too, as well as chasing the geese each day. They both will enjoy constant companionship offered in this setting, as well as being the special resident border collies. Raye's previous guardian gave him up when he went to jail and Bandit's previous guardian was a police officer so in an interesting twist of fate, they found a place that can  tolerate their quirkiness, as well as help their more serious issues.

BANDIT: A 4 year old Border Collie with AKC papers, Bandit is not only gorgeous, he is fun and very very smart. He is very attentive to anyone he is with and absolutely loves to play ball and frisbee. He has a strong drive so needs an outlet like sports or an active home or another Border Collie for play. Bandit loves challenges and will need mental engagement but he is not hyper or overly intense. He is quite obedient and eager to please. Bandit is best with dog savvy cats. He is 50 pounds. Bandit was given up due to issues with the toddler in the house but he lived with a 10 year old and was fine with older children. He came to the Farm from NY. 

KC: A 3 year old Border Collie, KC is athletic and lively and quite agile, loving to catch her ball racing for it as fast as she can. KC is very very smart and observant about everything going on around her. She can also be very shy at first and needs a safe spot to hide while she understands new situations around her. Once she is comfortable, she is a fun, loving, live-wire. KC is good with other dogs though can be nervous so needs another dog friend to help with her confidence but it would need to be a submissive Border Collie since she is so submissive. She is enjoying all the action at the Farm and blossoming. KC is sound sensitive and needs a patient guardian who understands the quirkiness that comes with Border Collies. KC is about 40 pounds and good with cats. She was given up by guardians in NJ who had little toddlers that made KC anxious. 
KC & CHANCE found their forever home together! They've been rooming together for quite awhile and really like each other so when their new guardians came to adopt and fell in love with Chance, they decided to meet KC, too and she won their hearts as well. They are patient and understand the quirky nature of KC since they've had many border collies and aussies so knew they could help her blossom even further in their home. Chance quickly enjoyed his new aussie friend, Abby, as KC herded around them both as they played in the adoption office. A great trio for sure! KC & Chance now have 50 acres to explore as well as sheep, horses, chickens and ducks to keep an eye on which will keep them both very busy. Of course, most importantly, they'll enjoy lots of love as they explore their new world.

CHANCE: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Chance is all about toys -he just loves to play, play, play. He also adores people and enjoys lots of affection, a really cuddly guy. Chance is very smart and focused though not overly intense like some Border Collies so would be a great companion. He likes to learn and would love being with a person who stimulates his mind. Chance is good with cats and weighs 35 pounds He came from a shelter in PA where he was abandoned. 

LARKE found her forever home with a family that met her briefly before she came into rescue and patiently waited to meet her again, once she was ready. She clearly remembered them, with a lick on everyone's cheek and a jump for joy which for Larke means all four paws way off the ground! She happily headed out to her new life in New Jersey with people who truly have the patience to love her and help her trust that the world is a great place, not one where she's left in a room all alone all day.

LARKE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Larke is super smart and observant of everything around her. She is also incredibly agile, able to jump 3 feet off the ground with her whole body. She races at super high speed chasing toys and could easily excel at agility. Larke is skittish at first so needs a patient home that can help her build her confidence and once that is done, she's one very very happy girl. Larke will only go to a seasoned border collie home since she can be nippy when she is afraid of new people. She is good with more submissive dogs but could be happy as a solo dog. She is 25 pounds. She is interested in cats and could chase so would do best in a dog savvy cat home. She won't hurt them if they tell her what they think! . Larke was abandoned at a shelter in NJ because she had nipped.

JAY JAY found his forever home!!! While the picture isn;t the best, the meeting sure was...JayJay and his new canine friend, ran and ran and enjoyed playing so well, it looked like they had been friends forever. His new guardians just adored him instantly and didn't want to meet anyone else. They had a feeling JayJay was the one they wanted to take home before they came to the farm, and within minutes, knew he was the one heading home with them forever. JayJay took his bed from his Border Collie angel, the Yurga family and said a special thanks to the Hoger family, who kindly fostered him these past few months. All the love from them, his angel and Ann Gardner, our intake person who pulled JayJay out of a rough situation, really showed today, when this handsome 65 pound gorgeous boy headed out to his new life in NY.

A very special thanks to the Crotty family who kindly took Sunday to bring JayJay back to the farm so he could meet his new guardians and start a new life!  They were generous with their time to also bring Mitzi back to rescue and then turn around and transport both Lass and Riley to their foster homes. A very important effort made today and a big thanks to them. 

: An 12 year old Border Collie, Jay Jay is a doll, a friendly, happy good natured dog who loves everyone. He truly makes friends wherever he goes because he is so sweet. He is good with other dogs and cats and enjoys being in the middle of the fun of the household. Jay Jay also loves riding in the car and enjoys walking on leash. He has a lot of weight to go before he's back to his fully spirited self thanks to a guardian who kept feeding him junk food. We'll get him in good shape again and his body will match his wonderful good nature soon. Jay Jay lived in one home since a puppy and really bonds to his person. He doesn't even need a fence. He was given up in a difficult divorce case. He came to the Farm from Ct . JJ is being fostered in Central NY

BLAKE found an amazing life that suits him perfectly. Blake will be living with his new guardians at a Buddhist Retreat center in Maine, where he'll be the doggie greeter to all the visitors and share his wonderful heart. He has the perfect nature to be with people in quiet meditation as well as exploring the gorgeous trails and great outdoors at his new home. We are sure Blake will win everyone over instantly and has great work to do sharing his own teachings about love.

BLAKE: A 4 month Border Collie/Collie mix, Blake is all about cuddling and love, love, love. He's certainly therapy dog material! Blake is super sweet with people and also loves other dogs. Like any puppy, he wants to play, play, play, wrestling and racing. He is quite a good natured, more submissive boy so would be best with an easy going canine friend. He is attentive and focused but not intense like a purebred. He has a more gentle nature like a collie. We know his lineage so know this is his mix. Blake is about 25 pounds. He was surrendered to a PA shelter from 'breeders' who could not sell him so routinely pass pups onto the shelter. Fortunately the shelter works with us and were happy to have him at the Farm. 

QUE found his forever home with former adopters who kindly evaluate dogs in shelters who need to come into rescue.  Well, one snowy day, they shoveled their driveway at a moment's notice and headed to a shelter nearby and there, unbeknownst to them, was their new dog!  Que won their hearts as soon as they met him but he came into foster care anyway to get healthy.  As the days rolled by, they felt surer and surer that he had to come live with them! So, Que found his way home!  He now lives in PA with two other Border Collies and he'll be plenty busy with flyball and other bc games!

QUE, a 1 yr old border collie (possibly a mix or possibly a miniature bc), he is adorable with his one blue eye and one blond. Que is puppy like in his play, bouncing after toys and using his paws to play with your hands.  He's also a great cuddler.  At 19lbs, Que is a perfect lap companion, and is ready to go when you are.  He loves the car, gets along with cats, and other dogs. He can be a little shy in new situations or with men, but warms up quickly with a treat and a scratch on the head.  He was a stray in a PA shelter that asked for our help.  He is being fostered in NJ.

BUDDY found his forever family finally!! This wonderful dog found people who fell in love with his story on the site and as soon as they met, knew he was the perfect addition to their family. Buddy met them at their son's hockey match and of course Buddy's way with children was obvious, he loved them all and they loved him...Buddy has started his new life! He is dearly loved already! We are so happy for Buddy and his new guardians. He now lives in upstate NY.

BUDDY is an 8 yr old Border Collie that is loving, gentle and loves to play ball. Buddy loves to be with his person and is the perfect companion, well mannered and wonderful with everyone. He also loves kids and is wonderfully gentle with them. Buddy is deaf, but loves to be part of the action, happy to race after balls and retrieve. He loves to meet new people and quickly nudges your hand for a pet on the head. Buddy is about 60 lbs and not yet tested with cats. He is trained on the invisible fence which he will need since he can scale any hard fence easily. Buddy was relinquished by a caring family in NJ after the death of his guardian. Buddy is being fostered in NY and can be seen at the Farm.

DAVIS found his new life with a wonderful family who loved his sweet kisses and were happy to have him cuddle in their laps but besides that, Davis is about to learn flyball and become a fast, focused ball nut! He joins another canine ball nut, Ginger, his lab friend who thought Davis was just the perfect friend for her, too. We're surely hear great updates about this wonderful guy who deserves all the love he is about to receive.

DAVIS: A 9 month old Border Collie, Davis is a playful, happy, easy going dog who loves people. He is super friendly and quite the cuddler. He also loves to play with other dogs and would be happy with another young furry friend for sure. Davis is not as intense as some purebreds and could easily be a companion, content with love and attention. He is a bit comical with his antics and we chuckle watching him learn all the new things he's learning here at the Farm. He was quite surprised by the quacking toy duck, trying to make sense of that funny odd sound.  He is good with cats Davis was relinquished from another rescue in NY who got him to safety and then wanted him placed by us. 

Toe-tapping Tipp found his forever home with two other canine friends who thought he was just great and new guardians who were charmed by his great nature, dancing ways and fun, loving personality. Tipp will enjoy lots of hikes, exploring and even agility. He now lives in NJ and will be adored for all his wonderful ways.

TIP: A 1 year old Border Collie, Tip is a love bug with a comical nature. He earned his name from his tip-toe dance he does all the time as he moves around, sort of a like a boxer getting ready for the punch. He is our 'tiny dancer', light on his feet, always moving. He is quite the cuddler, too, happy to get attention and when you make funny sounds, he gets all excited to play. Tip is smart and attentive and will do well with less pressured training. He was a in an unstructured situation on a farm, running with other Border Collies. He might be happiest as a solo dog where he can be the focus of attention or with a strong female Border Collie since that is what he's used to. Tip is not good with cats. He came from upstate NY. 

RILEY charmed everyone with his gorgeous good looks and sweet nature, actually attracting eight applicants! His smiling face caught everyone's eye but he had a plan all his own. His foster Mom had transported him to the Farm and kindly overnighted him, then offered to foster him long term since he was stressed at the Farm. He fit perfectly in her home but she wanted the best possible life for him, so traveled to the Farm for his first adoptive meeting. She watched as he sat himself right next to her most of the time and as the people watched his interactions with their dogs and decided another dog was a better fit. She breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she knew what she had to do so Riley now lives with the person who got to know him the best and he is one happy Border Collie! We are so happy for both canine and human since we know he'll be cherished by one of our long time supporters and key volunteers - congratulations Jane and Riley! 

RILEY: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Riley is a gorgeous, more petite size BC who loves affection. He is friendly with everyone, happy to be petted and spend time with anyone he meets. He is good natured and likes other dogs but could be a solo dog, too. Riley is less active and intense than most purebreds due to his breeding which was to make a smaller border collie without herding instincts, more like a 'show' BC. We took in 6 of Riley's siblings awhile ago from the NJ breeder when he stopped breeding so know, based on his looks, this is where he came from, too. Riley is a nice, easy going companion, happy to have a wonderful life with his person. Riley was a stray in NJ, landing in a shelter that works with the Farm. 

: a 4 year old purebred border collie, Timm is a friendly, smart, toy focused dog. He would be an exceptional sport dog as has incredible eye for frisbee, balls and all toys. He is fast, focused and very very smart. He is eager to relate to people and would be happy interacting with an active person for play. Timm loves to show you his brilliance, eager for a person to connect with. He loves canoes and kayak rides and he even gives great 'high fives'! He also has a continual 'roll over' when asked to work for a treat.  He would be happiest as a solo dog since he doesn't get along with all breeds, except he loves Border Collies so could be with another BC. He is about 45 pounds, typical in size for the breed and will chase cats but not hurt them and is easily corrected but will be best with cats used to border collies . Timm came from a shelter in PA to the Farm in 2005, was adopted out and then returned when his guardian had financial troubles. He was a beloved companion and devoted frisbee friend til this bad luck. 
CJ & TIMM found their new life together! They had been together at the Farm and now will continue their herding games with their new guardians who were smitten with them both. They knew they wanted to adopt two but had come thinking of taking only one now and one later but once they met these two special Border Collies, they had to take them both home for sure. CJ shared her loving sweet nature and Timm showed off his athletic frisbee and ball talents...making them the perfect pair! They will have plenty of land to explore, lots of activities and tons of love in their new home in NJ with loving people who are just as active as this pair.

CJ: A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, CJ is a sweet, gentle girl who loves her person and loves to give kisses. She comes to life when people are around and is now learning about other dogs at the Farm. She is a strong female so would be happy with another submissive Border Collie or a solo dog. She is very smart and showing herding tendencies though not an overly intense Border Collie. She could certainly excel in learning anything but also would enjoy be a companion to a person. She is about 40 pounds and previously lived with cats. Her previous guardian died and fortunately the family found the Farm. She came from NY. 

JOE loved his new guardians as soon as he met them and especially loved that his furDad could throw the longest ball throw ever! Of course, Joe raced after it endlessly. Joe will enjoy his new canine friend in his new life with active guardians who will take him hiking in the nearby 100 acre conservation park and jogging and for swims to play 'stick'. He happily hopped into their car and headed out to his new life in Massachusetts with loving guardians who adore him.

JOE A 1 year old Border Collie, Joe is a doll, so easy going and good natured. He loves to play with other Border Collies and race and chase. Joe is very smart and focused and could easily learn anything. Joe is a thoughtful, serious thinker who is classic in his energy needs and attentiveness. He could definitely excel in sports and even herding since he has quite an eye. Joe is also super affectionate and loving, a really big cuddler. Joe does best with teenage children or in an adult home. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from a PA guardian who could not meet his needs. He was a beloved companion. 

ALEC found his forever home with two other Border Collies who he will join in working geese at a country club in MA. His guardians love the breed and were thrilled with this little guy, his thoughtful nature and his focused action! He's going to have plenty of love for sure and thrive on doing what he's bred to do - herd! Alec happily started his new life!

found the perfect home for her...she joins another Border Collie and a canine friend for a life of lots of love and tons of agility, too! She'll be in puppy classes soon and learning all about the exciting world of sports which she'll be great at doing, no doubt. She also gets to swim and hike and explore, going everywhere with her new family. Ashley now lives in NY.

ALLEY joins another Border Collie in a home with guardians who adore the breed. She'll join a group of friends with border collies where they'll all be together for frisbee and ball. Little Alley won their hearts and fit their lives perfectly. She now lives in Ct.

ANNEY found the love she wants where she'll enjoy all the attention from her new guardians who were charmed by her sweet nature. Little Anney will eventually have another Border Collie friend as soon as she's a bit bigger so we'll see her soon. She's going to be adored! Anney now lives in MA.

AMIE & FLYNIE found a new life together, growing up with loving guardians who know the breed well and expect tons of fun forever. This duo plus their new canine friend, Lillie, will have 28 acres to explore and enjoy plus constant companionship with their new furDad who works from home. They had come for one little pup and fell in love with both of them! Amie & Flynie now live in Ct.

PEGG found her forever home where she'll be the constant companion to her new Furmom on her own farm of 100 acres! Pegg will join her new guardians each day, helping out, exploring and of course, playing with the other dogs at the Farm. They fell in love with her instantly and off she went to her new life in Vermont.

PEGG: A pretty sweet 6 month old Border Collie mix, Pegg is as friendly as she is cute. She loves everyone she meets and is so happy to say hello and give loving licks. She is also very energetic and could excel at any sport but also really loves to play with other dogs. She wrestles and chases and plays endlessly, one very happy girl. She is smart as a whip and could easily learn whatever she is taught. Pegg loves the snow which sparkles on her pretty black coat. Pegg is 30 pounds and  needs an introduction to cats since she's a pup and unsure about them. She came from upstate NY0 where she had been abandoned at a shelter that works with the Farm. She was given up from a guardian who had landlord issues. 

PHILLY found his new home with a special role where he'll be the constant companion to the boy in the home, who excitedly saved money to adopt Philly, as well as buy all the things needed to properly care for him: toothpaste & brush; safety harness; toys; name it, he's read up about it and is thrilled to have a new friend! Watching these two find each other was wonderful, clearly the perfect dog for the perfect boy! Philly now lives in NY.

PHILLY, a 1 1/2 yr old border collie/collie mix has all the sweetness and charm of his collie breeding. He is such a real cuddler and loves everyone. He was such a hit at the vet, they all fell in love. Philly likes to chase his toys and will happily paw at you when it's time for some more hugs and petting. He is great with other dogs, happy to chase and play and make up all kinds of games. He is energetic but not an intense herder. Philly is only 45 pounds, more similar in build to a Border Collie and is good with cats. Philly was a stray from a PA shelter who works with the Farm.

MAX found his new life with the perfect people...they have a ball maniac just like him and felt these two would be a great pair! Max enjoyed his new Border Collie friend for sure but loved the great ball throws coming his way even more! And his new guardians chuckled when they saw his whole body wiggle as he was excited to have all the fun playing! He now lives in New York.

MAX: A 2 year old Border Collie, Max is all about the ball...a focused, fast, fun loving ball nut. He loves to chase a ball and is very agile. Max is super smart and could learn anything quickly, a classic BC. He is good with other dogs, but could easily live as a solo dog in an active home since the ball and his person matter the most. He is one sweet, good natured boy but he needs an outlet for his mind and body, like agility or flyball. Max came to the Farm from a shelter in Delaware when his guardian moved. 

ZORRO found a wonderful life filled with love and his very own boy, for endless ball toss. He fit in their family instantly and they knew they had the perfect dog for them! He now lives in Ct. where he'll love being the center of attention and sharing his wonderful sweet brilliant nature with everyone.

ZORRO: A 3 year old Border Collie, Zorro is classic: smart, fast, fun and ready to go. He loves people, loves to run and play with toys, especially balls. He is good with other dogs and could easily join with another canine friend or he could be a solo dog. He is very very smart and would thrive with challenges. Zorro is good with cats and about 45 pounds. He came to the Farm from PA guardians who could not meet his needs.' 

SCOOBY found his new life with a former adopter who patiently waited for him to come to the Farm, "knowing" he was the perfect dog for them. He joins Molie, another Farm alum, for a life on a farm where he'll help out accompanying his new guardians with their daily tasks. Scooby happily headed out to a life where he would join in everything that goes on each day and night, using his brilliant mind and sharing his loving nature. He now lives in NY.

SCOOBY, a 5 yr old border collie with ABCA papers, Scooby is a lover.  He wants lots of attention and gives as much love as he gets.  He is one sweet boy.  Scooby is not an intense herder, he is a more mellow personality that enjoys being with his people and cuddling.  He is very easy going and friendly with everyone. Scooby loves kids and is good with cats. He is also great with other dogs and could live with them or be a solo dog. Scooby was relinquished to the Farm from a NJ home where he had been separated, living in the basement, because the family's two other dogs did not like him.  Through no fault of his own, Scooby had a very inactive life and is now ready to have some border collie fun! 

ZACK found his forever home with another canine friend who plays just like him...wrestle, roll, chase and play, play, play. These two hit it off instantly and charged around the field at the Farm, happy as could be. Of course, Zack then charmed his new guardians with his wonderful personality and good looks so off he's headed to Massachusetts for a life of fun and even agility.

ZACK: A 6 month old Border Collie, Zack is a wonderful boy with tons of charm. He is friendly, good natured and happy to meet everyone and all dogs, alike. Zack really wants to play and easily engages other dogs in action. He is focused and smart and clearly ready to go! Zack is about 45 pounds and good with cats. He was relinquished to the farm from a guardian in upstate NY who felt finding him a different home could better meet his needs.

MILLY found her forever home with another canine friend who likes to play as rough and fun as she does...they raced and wrestled and played as if they'd lived together already. Milly won the hearts of her new guardians with her sweet good-natured personality and she headed off to her new life in MA where she'll have plenty of room to run and will be cherished.

MILLY: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Milly is a smart, outgoing young girl who wants to be in the middle of the action. She loves to play and learn and would be great for a sport or active home. She learns very quickly. She is thoughtful, taking in everything around her and quite attentive and focused.  She is also quite the toy girl, loving a great game of retrieval and always loving to squeak the squeaky toys!  Milly is good with other dogs and ok with dog savvy cats who understand border collies.  She was relinquished from PA because her guardian cannot meet her needs


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