TROY found exactly the perfect life for him - another BC friend who chases and races and plays plus a family of kids to throw the ball(picture soon) and a new FurMom and FurGrandDad who love him totally - already! He'll be hanging with a GHF alum, too so have plenty of herding fun as well as cuddling which he absolutely loves. He now lives in NJ.

TROY: A 5 month old Border Collie, Troy is all energy, running and playing and racing with all the BC's. He clearly is having a blast at the Farm. Troy is super sweet, instantly affectionate and bonds closely with his person. He gets a little nervous with strangers so needs a patient guardian to help build his confidence with this.  This outgoing boy has all the great traits of a young BC but seems more easy going, not as intensely focused to herd everything that moves. He just wants to play. He is smart and very responsive to whatever is asked of him,  clearly focused on what to DO! Troy is from upstate NY, living in a home with guardians who could not meet his needs. He is 35 pounds and is good with cats. 

LEX: A 6 month old Border Collie, Lex came into rescue and had waiting adopters eager to meet her. This bundle of energy, smart, focused and go, go go will have a great life now where she can do agility all the time. Her new FurMom trains every week as well as dog sits so she'll enjoy plenty of canine friends for fun, as well as her own canine buddies she lives with! Lex fit in as if she'd lived in her new family all her life, excited to do everything and go everywhere! She now lives in NJ. She came from MD from guardians who knew she needed more than they could give so selflessly relinquished her to rescue. 
Special thanks to Tim Toomey who kindly transported Lex into rescue!

DALTON found a new life that suits him in exactly the way he needs - he'll be the constant companion to his new FurDad, with him day in and day out, enjoying BC games together and with someone who understands the quirks of the breed. (including being camera shy!) He warmed right up to his new FurDad and clearly voted, too as well as his new guardian who fell in love with this sweet guy. After lots of toy play and time to get comfortable, Dalton was next to him, giving kisses and happy as could be to head home! He now lives in NY.

DALTON: A 2 year old Border Collie, Dalton is a people oriented dog who really loves companionship. He sits near you instantly for belly scratches and happily offers his affection right back. He can be a bit skittish with new people so needs time to warm up and then he shows up his good nature. He is smart and responsive and absolutely loves to play ball, too.  Dalton is good with other dogs but seeks out the people more than the dogs. He is camera shy so his pictures only capture a bit of his true personality. He is about 50 pounds and is not good with cats. He lived with a retired couple in NY and spent a lot of time tied out since they had no fence. He does best in an adult home rather than in the chaos of toddlers. 

KOOPER found a fabulous life with two canine friends and a furMom who is around all the time, which he will love! He'll get to explore and enjoy 170 acres with lots of running and walking, too as he is the constant companion to his new FurMom. She loved him and understood his shy nature and has all the patience in the world to help him gain confidence about life. He'll have a canine buddy too and plenty to do!! He lives in PA, near where he was fostered.

KOOPER: A 1 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Kooper is a great little guy who is learning that life is going to work out just fine. He's watching other BC's in his foster home and so curious about them, he's really relaxing and having fun. Kooper is a shy guy but gaining confidence week by week.  Kooper is a smart, responsive BC and like most young dogs, he wants to play. He'll only be placed with another easy going BC who is soft and playful with him since he was living with another BC who beat up on him. Kooper is about 40 pounds and has a summer clip so will have gorgeous long hair soon. He is not yet tested on cats. He's being fostered in the Pittsburgh area for awhile so he can benefit from home time. 

DALLAS found a great home with GHF alumns who love to chase and race and play like he does! He'll have a blast playing in his new yard and enjoying tons of attention. His new guardians wanted a buddy for Jock and turns out he's a buddy for both Jock and Tarra! Dallas happily hopped into the back of the car as if he'd been with these two all his life. He now lives in NY, adored forever.

DALLAS: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, possible Golden Retriever, Dallas is friendly boy who likes to play with toys and other dogs. He loves to race and chase around the fields and make up games with his canine buddies. He is very sweet and responsive to anyone who he meets, a good natured personality. He is taller like a Golden and a bit mouthy like young dogs are, so best with older kids or an adult home. He is very athletic and light on his feet, graceful to watch as he moves. Dallas is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He came to us from a PA shelter who adopted him out and the people returned him for too much energy, very common in BC's, even mixes. Dallas is a delightful guy, active but much easier than a purebred Border Collie. 

KEAGAN found a great life where he'll join his guardians for lots of exploring and outdoor activities, including frisbee of course, which he loves! He'll be the constant companion to his new FurMom, going to work with her each day and have other dog friends at work for play. He's got the best of everything - companionship with humans and dogs! And, Keagan loved them! Keagan now lives in Vt.

KEAGAN: A 4 year old Border Collie, Keagan is very smart and very sweet. He loves everyone and is eager to play ball or hang out by your side. He is, however, an active boy who needs an outlet for his mind and body and loves to play ball! Keagan is great with other dogs so we want to give him another BC for active play to help with his energy needs, too though, in the right home, he'd be fine as a solo dog. He'd love to meet other dogs in his day to day life, too.  Keagan is one of those Border Collies with the perfect 'off-switch'...he settles completely in the house and hangs wherever you are and then outside, he's all about ball play. He loves toys of any kind and really blossoms with a person who is engaged in playing with him. Keagan is a big time frisbee player and really loves it! He is good off leash and smart as can be.  He is fine with cats and about 45 poundsKeagan was a stray in PA and lived for a month with someone who wanted to keep him but couldn't for landlord reasons. Keagan is being fostered in New Hampshire with our former Caretaker so can be met there or at the Farm.

VIV found the life she needed and loves...working sheep! She'll be working to help her new FurMom manage their Farm in moving the sheep field to field which Viv knows exactly how to do. She'll have 54 acres to call her own, hiking and exploring for time off, too. Viv is a treasured family member, enjoying the love she deserves in being their beloved companion as well as important worker! She now lives in Ct.

VIV: A petite 6 year old Border Collie, Viv is an amazing girl, super smart, watchful of everything around her. She is always working to make sense of what is going on to see how she can fit in. Viv is smart as they come, a classic BC. She has worked all her life, weekend herding of sheep and goats on a farm. She always offered her best effort. She gets along with other dogs well and cats, too. She's a tiny girl who could easily be a wonderful companion with someone who can include her in their day, so her person is her job. Viv is very quiet and composed when inside. We will consider working situations carefully but Viv clearly could enjoy life as an active friend. She is not good with chickens. She came from PA. 

BUDDY found a great home with six acres he can call his own and two guardians who love the ball playing as much as he does! And, more importantly, loved him with his sweet and friendly nature. Within short order, he was happily giving kisses to his new FurDad and eager to go out for more play! He now lives in NY.

BUDDY: A 6 six year old Border Collie, Buddy is aptly named for his personality. He likes to be your friend. He can be a bit shy at first but once he's comfortable, he is a real love. He is very friendly and loves affection. He's a big ball dog but not as intense as a younger BC so will enjoy hanging with you as well as playing. Buddy is great with other dogs and will do best with another BC friend, female or male, he's good with both.  He is smart and focused but not overly wound up. He's at that great age when he can settle and enjoy whatever you want to do with him. Buddy is good with cats but will chase in play so best with dog savvy cats.  He is about 40 pounds. Buddy would be happiest in an adult home with someone focused on his needs. Both Buddy and Rebel came to the Farm when their PA guardian entered a nursing home. They lived together in one home but tend to squabble so will be separated so they are happier.

BO had plans to find his new life fast and he did! A wonderful family had visited the Farm, met a few dogs and were patiently waiting for just the right guy to join their lives. Soon as they saw Bo's picture and read about him, they traveled to meet him. And, Bo knew they were coming cause he showed himself as Mr. Personality, happy, friendly, ready to play and all about the kids! He hopped into their car thrilled to head to his new life in MA.

BO: A 5-6 year old Border Collie mix, Bo is a sweet guy who loves people. He's eager to say hello wherever he goes and loes attention. A good natured boy, Bo loves cuddling next to you and loves to go in the car wherever you go. Bo likes tennis balls and rope toys and is good with kids. He never lived in a fence yard so is enjoying running at the Farm. He will be happiest as the solo dog though is ok with other dogs. Bo is not yet tested on cats and weighs about 50 pounds though he is not a tall dog. He was relinquished to the Farm when his guardian had an injury can could no longer walk him on leash. He is from NY. 

PADDY found the perfect life - chasing geese! He's now all set with daily work as the companion to his new FurDad who goes out each day to handle geese problems in NJ. Soon as Paddy saw the birds, he was off after them, showing the potential to not only do well but absolutely love what he's doing. He'll be in good hands with guardians who have been working in geese chasing for years and understand the needs of the breed. THey fell in love with Paddy's charming nature and knew he'd be a wonderful family member,too. He now lives in NJ.

ADDY: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Paddy (or Paterson), is a live- wire, fun loving happy guy who loves to run with other dogs. He loves to wrestle and chase and roll around non-stop. But, Paddy has a soft side where he wants to cuddle endlessly, tucked into your lap just right so he can rest his head on your arm. He'll stay there for long periods of time, so content to be with his person. He also loves to sit curled up next to you on the couch, relaxed and settled for a nap. While Paddy has that soft, affectionate side, he does need another canine friend for his energy needs. He is smart and active and wants to play. Paddy would enjoy being the companion to someone who is active and would take him everywhere. He will need an invisible fence since he can clear a fence in seconds in order to get to his person or the action of other dogs playing. Paddy is also a sensitive dog with some history of being yelled at so will do best in an adult home that is patient, consistent and loving. Though he has some worries, he absolutely LOVES everyone he meets and instantly is their friend so blossoms instantly in the right situation. He is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats. He came from a shelter in NJ. Paddy is being fostered in NJ

ORIE found exactly the best place for him...with two canine friends and guardians who really love dogs and more than that, love finding great things for them to do! Orie will be doing agility, tracking and coming to camp at GHF, too! We know he'll be the happiest guy with all this activity but even more important is all the love this affectionate guy loves to give and will receive - it's perfect! Orie will their constant lap dog except when he's sailing over obstacles in agility! He now lives in NJ.

ORIE: A 7 month old Border Collie, Orie is a smart guy who like all young BC's, needs something to do! He loves to play with jolly balls and other toys and run, run, run. Orie is fast and focused and really enjoying all his new BC friends at the Farm. He is high energy and will be placed with another young BC who likes to play. Orie is very very people oriented and really wants to be next to his person all the time, other than playing of course. He's quite the cuddler in bed and sitting next to your side. He is very responsive and food oriented and could easily learn whatever is taught of him. He will do best in an adult BC savvy home. Orie is a cat chaser so best without them. He is about 35 pounds. He was relinquished to the Farm from NJ guardians due to his energy level. 

KENNA: a 3 month old Border Collie found her way to the Farm and quickly found her way to a great home with former adopters who had been patiently waiting to add a rescue pup to their lives. Soon as they heard she was here, they dropped everything and drove to meet her...she showed her appreciation with puppy kisses. She'll have a really fun life, playing with her BC friend and they quickly started into chase games and keep away games only two young BC's could make up.. they were adorable to watch. Kenna now lives in NJ and will have a life perfectly suited to her needs. 

Beautiful TERA: A 6 month old Border Collie, TERA or 'baby girl' as she was called, came to the Farm when her guardians realized they weren't the right home for her. They took her in to help out a relative who could no longer care for her but felt another guardian could provide the undivided attention that would be best for Tera. She is the sweetest, most gentle girl who only wants to be in your lap, sharing love. She landed in exactly the home that wanted that. She now lives with guardians who lost their beloved BC from the Farm, a few months ago and were patiently waiting for another special girl to grace their lives. Soon as Tera came to the Farm, it was clear she was the one! She has won their hearts and brought the joy back into their lives as they get to know her spirit and wonderful nature, so similar to their other girl. Tera will be cherished forever. She is now living in NY.

ABBY found a wonderful family who she instantly charmed with her sweet nature! She now has a life with everything - loving guardians with two little girls who adore her, a canine pal for exploring their 13 acres and she'll be the constant companion to her FurDad who works from home. He loves frisbee and ball and is eager to teach Abby. She now lives in NJ.

ABBY: A 10 month old Border Collie, Abby is a sweet girl who loves attention and is very good natured. She's a little shy at first in new situations but once comfortable, she's a doll. A very smart, observant BC, Abby is going to blossom at the Farm as she gets more and more comfortable She has a lovely nature. She will be happiest with another BC friend who is more confident. Abby is about 35 pounds.  She will herd cats and has an interest in who they are and what they do but won't hurt them so best with dog savvy cats.  She came from a PA breeder who died and a family member dropped her a shelter, that fortunately works with GHF. She came in with a scrape on her nose from some previous dog situation. 

LEE found a great home where she'll have a life of fun and stimulation, doing agility, rally obedience and any other sport that suits her. She'll also be able to work with kids in a reading program that her new guardian loves to do. Lee captured her attention soon as she saw her and she just knew, 'this was her dog'. Lee will enjoy 4 other canine friends for lots of play and be the constant companion to her new FurMom which Lee will love. She now lives in NJ with a guardian who adores her!

LEE is a very petite 1 year old Border Collie.  She is great with other dogs, though is a heavy herder and needs other dogs who don't mind her "in your face" personality.  Lee is ALL action, all the time - she loves to play and is especially driven to play frisbee.  She is comfortable on agility equipment and will do anything asked of her.  Lee is mainly motivated by toy play, not food - she loves to learn and knows many basic obedience commands.  Lee has a solid foundation for playing disc or beginning a career in agility.  She needs to use her mind or she will make up her own games to occupy her time.  She is not accustomed to being left home alone for more than an hour or two - she was brought to work with her former owners from puppyhood and she has been living in a home where she is not left home alone.  Lee is an incredible little girl who would like a home with lots of one-on-one time. She loves the water, too. She only good with dog savvy cats or small animals. 

ROOK found the best home with two canine friends who chase, wrestle and play like him and a loving guardian who was charmed instantly by Rook's wonderful nature. He quickly fit her duo and now makes a perfect trio! His cuddly nature also made him the perfect fit for her. He now lives in NH.

ROOK: A 4 year old Border Collie, Rook is a nice guy who likes people and wants to be involved in your life.  He can be a little shy but once he lands at the Farm, with other Border Collies, we are sure he'll unfold beautifully.   He is a great dog who had a hard start, left outside day and night.  He loves inside living now, including herding the cats so will need a dog savvy home.  He came from another rescue in VA unable to find him a home

MEGEN: A 9 week old Border Collie (possibly mix), Megen is oriented to people and wants to be with you as much as possible. She's also a strong little pup, showing her female tendencies already to be fearless in telling other dogs she counts, too. Megen is going to be the boss, like most girls. She is a toy girl, too, loving to play. She is very smart and responsive soon as you call to her, she's right there. Little Megen was in the wrong home and will happily now land in the right place that can adore her.

MEGEN & MARLEIGH found a life together! and we are thrilled they did! Both of them played and played while in their foster home and soon as they arrived at the Farm, it was clear, they made a marvelous pair, all curled up together and constant friends. They found the perfect guardians who love the breed and will be joining their senior friend, Charlie, to enjoy lots of outdoor play including frisbee. They'll be the constant companion to their FurDad whose business is at home so they'll surely get tons of attention. They now live in NY. 

MARLEIGH: A 9 week old Border Collie, Marleigh is a sweet little guy who likes to follow other dogs and see where the action is cause he loves to play. He's curious and outgoing and loves attention, too. He's happy to be a follower and join in whatever is going on around him, whether it's exploring or dog play. He's just starting to show that BC eye and stalking another dog. Marleigh was in the wrong home and needs just the right place that understands him.

: A 1 year old Border Collie, Skip is a sweet guy with a sensitive side. He responds well to people who give him some time to get his bearings, not crowding him. He's thoughtful and observant and makes sense of what's around him when in new situations, clearly a smart guy. He'll do best in an adult home with BC savvy people since he can shut down easily. He loves to play with other dogs, preferably female BC's and he also loves the ball. He's a classic BC with energy and smarts but he's not overly active so could enjoy a companionship life. Skip is about 40 pounds and good with cats. Skip is in rescue because his person died and family members could not keep him. He came from PA. 
LEXIE & SKIP found a great life together! They really hit it off meeting at the Farm, running, chasing and wrestling, really good friends and now they are together for life. We are certain these two will love this life with all the attention since they are both so loving and affectionate. They'll also have plenty of excitement as the constant companion to their guardians who run their business at home and love playing frisbee and hanging with their dogs. Lexie & Skip will enjoy hikes on the thousands of acres of state land nearby as well as their very own 8 acres to call their own! They now live in Massachusetts.

LEXIE: An 10 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Lexie is all action. She loves to run and herd and play frisbee, full of plenty of young BC enthusiasm and energy. She is very responsive to whatever is asked of her and is an eager learner. Lexie is attentive and smart and quickly observes what is going on around her to make sense of it all. She can be a bit shy in new situations but her toys are the way to her heart and she instantly sparks to play! She is great with other dogs and really enjoys racing and chasing BC style. She is about 35 pound and OK with dog savvy cats. She was relinquished to the Farm due to a move from a home to an apartment that left Lexie less than happy. She lived in one home in NJ, since a pup. 

BRODI found his forever home on 8 1/2 acres in the countryside of upstate NY where he'll have not only a wonderful world to explore, he'll be with his FurDad and Mom all the time! He'll be joining them for hiking and lots of toy play and helping his FurDad who works from home. Brodi has exactly what every Border Collie wants - work and play!

BRODI: A 5 yr old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Brodi is a real character, full of spirit and spunk!  He loves to run, run and run but he also loves to be with his person.  He's super friendly with everyone. Brodi also loves toys and has his own keep-away game that makes you chuckle, standing right by his toy waiting for you to take it and then running around once he's got it back!  A comical teddy-bear (in size & looks), he is a sweet guy who is soft in nature and eager to please. He is quite the cuddler and very responsive to his person, a very enjoyable guy to live with who adjusts to whatever you want to do. His NY guardian abandoned them and the landlord thankfully contacted the Farm for help. Brodi is 55 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.

LUCY found a great life where she'll now have her own family with kids who loved her as much as she loved them! It was an instant fit for a wonderful life filled with love and fun. Lucy and the kids hung out in the adoption office as if they'd been together forever, cuddled up side by side in their own world, one that only kids and a great dog can create - it was fabulous. to watch it all unfold. Lucy now lives in Massachusetts and will surely be the center of attention which will make her one happy girl.

LUCY: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Lucy is a loving, happy, good natured girl who is all about fun - human or canine! She loves toys, she loves dogs and she loves to play. Lucy is really sweet and makes you chuckle with her antics. She is high energy though not in a herding, intense way, more in a playful way so would be happiest with a canine friend who loves to wrestle and play. She instigates chase me games and loves to roll around on the floor with her buddies now, wrestling. Lucy is super food motivated so is easy to train and loves to learn. She is a taller girl and about 45 pounds, not yet tested on cats. She came from a PA shelter where she had been adopted out and returned for too much energy. 

TUCK found exactly the life he needs with exactly the right person who really gets him! She wanted another smart BC like she had, someone she could talk to and they'd be totally engaged with her and that is Tuck for sure! He is all about trying to understand what you have to say or want. His new FurMom got a chance to see his mind at work as he did the 'cup game', sorting out which cup had the hidden ball. Tuck got it right every time, turning the cup, excited as could be to have his beloved ball! This quick witted boy now has a person who will challenge him as well as adore him and he'll have 80 acres to enjoy at the farm where she visits to ride her horse. A perfect life for Tuck!

TUCK: A petite 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Tuck is all about his ball and will enjoy long throws with ease as he flies across the field to retrieve the throw. He is super athletic and very responsive. Tuck is smart as a whip and will thrive with someone who understands his mind as well as his physical needs since he is a classic BC wired to work/play. He's a friendly guy who is happy to be involved with someone who understands him. He settles beautifully once inside and knows lots of commands. Tuck is one of those brilliant Border Collies who could have a large vocabulary of words for the various things in life that matter to him... he gets it! He'll be happiest in an adult home and could easily be a solo dog or join in with other toy oriented BC's. He doesn't play with BC's but co-exists just fine if they are more like him. He is about 35 pounds and fine with cats. 

TOBIN found just the right place to heal his body and share his heart...he's going to live with the vet's assistant where all his physical therapy work has taken place! She's had him in her home to help accelerate his mobility the past two weeks and of course, no surprise, she fell madly in love. Tobin will be joining a wonderful family where he'll also have a canine playmate who already adores him. His fun lovin' puppy nature brought the playgirl out in her and she has been nurturing him - a perfect pairing! Tobin is a very special boy who found a very special life where his needs can be carefully managed so his body will continue improving. A very heartfelt thanks to Kristin and Dana Browne at Thera-vet in Rochester NY who provided his rehab care at no cost to rescue. And, another huge thanks to Katie O'Brien, who opened her heart and home to Tobin in the early days when crate rest was required. All the love she gave then continued with everyone who met him...Tobin is a serious heart worker!


Little 4 month old Tobin, a BC mix pup, was spotted on a road in KY, dragging himself off the road. He had been hit by a car. A good samaritan stopped and asked the woman nearby who had other pups, if this was hers.  She replied "yes, but you can just drop him off somewhere, I don't want him".  This devastating act of cruelty then linked so many people to meet one little pup who needed them.  Tobin's story is one of amazing hope.  Thankfully, the man scooped up Tobin, took him right to the vet and that was when he met his first 'angel' : the man who saved his life. 

Tobin then met Darci Turtur, his second 'angel',  who volunteered to care for him. The Lake Cumberland Animal Hospital was his third 'angel', offering to treat him at no charge if he could find a rescue.  Well, that was enough for Darci to spring into action.  She used to live in upstate NY so knew GHF well and that's where Tobin found his next 'angel'.  Off to Upstate Veterinary Surgical Center in Syracuse with Dr. Paul Bookbinder who reset his cast and splint, with incredible precision.  Tobin had numerous fractures that were so horrible, the future held a dismal picture of likely amputation. But, little Tobin is one unique spirit, full of life and spunk and determination - you can just feel it when you meet him!  And, clearly, this little guy has a lot of support on his side!  Within a matter of days, he was in the perfect hands to help him heal. I t turned out that all the fractures missed the growth plates by 1/4 to 1/8th of an inch which means if his bones could knit together just right, he could potentially have full bone growth and save the back legs.  Surgery was impossible due to the nature of the fractures, but with close monitoring and restricted exercise, Tobin just might have legs to run and play, like all other puppies. Only time would tell.
His next 'angel' was Darci's sister, Katie O'Brien, who lived right in Syracuse and agreed to foster him in a quiet setting and take him for regular xray appointments.

So, since November 29th, Tobin's been visiting Dr. Bookbinder for check-ins. And, now, right before the holidays, we're so excited to share the great news that Tobin is having AMAZING healing and will very likely have normal use of those back legs!  Everyone is astonished. The xrays were devastating but somehow this little pup had just the right help at just the right time to lead him to just the right healing!!!

Tobin has two more weeks of restriction and then he'll be on his way to physical therapy. His muscles are totally atrophied so he needs special help.

And, we're excited that he has yet another 'angel' waiting - Kristin & Dana Browne of Theravet Rehabilitation & Fitness in Rochester.  Then, once he's gained strength to use those back legs, Tobin will be able to race right into the arms of someone who wants him forever! 

Whether you literally believe in angels or not, this story of one little pup, barely weighing 8 pounds is stunning.  All of us who have met him can feel that he has a purpose for his life and he will surely find the person to help carry that out! All of us at Glen Highland Farm, are very grateful we've had a chance to be of help to Tobin. He has graced us with an unforgettable presence.  We'll update his pictures and information as it unfolds into the New Year. If you'd like to help with his care, please note your donation to LITTLE TOBIN. - Thank you.


ROXY attracted the right guardians with her wonderful pictures on site and when they heard she has shadow chasing problems, they were not deterred. In fact, they were even more sure that they were the perfect people for her! Their history included an OCD Border Collie who they adored no matter how quirky he was so Roxy's tendencies were nothing new to them. They work from home so can provide her with plenty to do plus all their love! She'll be running each day with her FurMom plus enjoying plenty of hikes in nearby parks daily and in the summer, she's off to Maine for swimming and outdoor exploring which Roxy absolutely loves. They came to the Farm on one of the snowiest, coldest days yet, just to meet Roxy and knew soon as they'd spent time with her, that their intuition was right...Roxy was their girl! She hopped into their car and headed home to CT.

ROXY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Roxy is a smart, sweet girl who likes to be involved with people and enjoys playing with other Border Collies as well. She is smart and loves to play with toys. Roxy is also great off leash, a wonderful hiking partner and loves car rides, too. She has some shadow chasing tendencies which need to be addressed so that she can fully enjoy a great life. Roxy is about 35 lbs and needs dog savvy cats because she will chase them.

REECE is going to have the best life that suits him - living in a great family with two little girls to love him AND chasing geese! He's going to be with his new FurDad every day and learn the ropes of geesework from his BC mentor, Thomas, who has been by his side for 14 years. We are sure Reece, now named Chase, will do just fine since this boy is fearless, fast and focused and needs a job! Reece's new family had a crate all set in the car with special signs "We love you Chase and big red hearts"! One loved little pup will grow up one happy boy on 200 acres, helping his FurDad and being the mascot of the club. He now lives in Rhode Island.

REECE: A 3 1/2 month old Border Collie mix, Reece is a playful, focused, agile boy in love with toys. He is very very smart and loves to race and chase with the other dogs, too. He's also super friendly and cuddly, laying across your lap when it's time to relax. There isn't a toy this boy doesn't like and he's eager to join in any activity. A very attentive boy, he'll easily learn whatever is asked of him. He came from a PA shelter given up by the guardian. 

MADDIE found a life with lots to do and plenty of room to do it in on a large farm in upstate NY...she'll be the constant companion to her new camera-shy FurMom (hidden behind her new canine buddy, Harley) and, she'll have plenty of laps for lots of love and attention with her new family. Maddie was happy to share her sweet nature and the whole family fell in love with her. She happily headed out to her new life!

MADDIE: A 7 month old Border Collie, Maddie is a sweet, gentle, loving girl who starts out on the shy side and then ends up following you wherever you go. She loves to play with other young dogs and is really blossoming at the Farm. Maddie is easy going and could be a wonderful companion, not needing a super active situation but happy with another dog friend for fun! Since she can be skittish at times, we want to place her with another canine friend, rather than alone.  She'll need a patient home to continue building her confidence. She is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. She came to the Farm from a NY guardian upstate.

DESI found the ideal place for her with GHF alum, Kevin (aka Rooney) and two guardians who adore high energy BC's! She'll get a chance to play flyball, go hiking and be totally challenged and clearly adored. They loved watching these two make up all the games that only BC's can do together. This pair had instant chemistry, racing, chasing, instigating each other to play, play, play and it was non-stop, in the adoption office and outside. These kindred spirits were thrilled to find each other! Desi hopped into their car as if she knew she was the luckiest girl around and her guardians felt exactly the same way. She now lives in NY.

DESSI: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Dessi is a smart girl who is alert, observant and thinking all the time. She loves to join the action of other BC's, and quickly joins in the fun of any herding games or jolly ball play..she's one happy girl then! Dessi is sweet and loves attention though a bit shy at first so needs to feel she can trust the people around her so will benefit from another BC that is confident and outgoing. Like many skittish BC's, Dessi watches the other dogs race up to say hello and then she wants to join in, too. Dessi loves to hike off leash and has great recall to return. She's got a lot of energy so another young BC gives her plenty to do. Dessi will be placed with BC savvy guardians in an adult home or with older kids. She is about 35 pounds and needs dog savvy cats since she might chase. She was relinquished from NY guardians who could not meet her needs properly. 

KELIE finally found the right person and right situation just for her! Her new FurMom just adored her subtle, sweet nature and knew she'd fit right into her life perfectly. So, Kelie is now her constant companion and has canine friends, too plus her own 100  acres for exploring on long walks. This special girl will have a cozy, warm, loving life full of everything she never had, even a barn full of fun little creatures to hunt down and some sheep to call her own. Kelie waited a long time and she got it all! She now lives in upstate NY. We're all incredibly happy to see this gentle soul find her place in a great life.

KELIE:  A petite 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Kelie is a sweet girl who likes people but also likes to do her 'job', in this case, the ball. She has made up her own game of two-ball, where she bats one around as she has the other one nearby. It's very cute.  She is a gentle girl who gets along with other dogs and also loves being with her person.  She is smart and attentive but not overly intense. Kelli would be happiest in an adult home with another outgoing, confident dog since she can be shy and a little worried meeting new people and takes her cue from another dog, then comes right over for attention. She does best with easy going male Border Collies as her buddy and does especially well with older dogs. Kelie loves to bat her ball around, making up games as she discovers how much fun toys really can be!   Kelie is new to toy experiences since she was chained outside at a farm (chained not far from Stan, her Dad recently adopted) and she was also allowed to run loose around the Farm.  She never left, instead she considered the Farm 'her job', though it wasn't an ideal life. The day we met Kelie, it was subzero weather and her 5 foot chain was pulled across packed down snow and there was no water, only food thrown on the snow.   She is good with cats and about 35 lbs.

REBEL found the family he had been waiting for, with enough kids to throw the ball forever and enough laps for lovin'! He was thrilled to meet them and so happy to hop in the car to head home to CT. His new guardians felt he was the perfect focused BC who fit their life and could also enjoy all the fun places they go, as a great companion. His new canine friend, Claudio, gave his vote of approval too! Rebel will be the center of attention in a houseful in a doggie paradise!

REBEL: A 5 year old Border Collie, Rebel is very outgoing, friendly with everyone instantly and is all about action. He is a mature dog but has tons of energy for ball and could learn anything easily. He is super focused and eager to connect with anyone who will do something with him. Rebel loves ball play and does need an active life with someone who really loves the breed and wants a fun, active BC.  He is good with other dogs but could easily live by himself, too. He would be a great family oriented BC with kids who love to play.   Rebel will not a harm a cat but does growl when they are near so is best in a non-cat home or with a savvy cat.  He is petite, about 34 pounds.Both Rebel and Buddy came to the Farm when their PA guardian entered a nursing home. They lived together in one home but tend to squabble so will be separated so they are happier.

CHAMP found the right guardians with the right canine friend to make his new life, a wonderful one! He'll have 20 acres to enjoy as well as be the constant companion to his new guardians. He loved his new BC friend, playing instantly and was completely at ease with his FurMom and FurDad. This boy will enjoy lots of freedom to run, chase balls and play frisbee, all things he loves! He now lives in NY. 

CHAMP: A 6 year old Border Collie, Champ is a sweet guy who loves attention, giving it and getting it, clearly a people dog. He's very comfortable in new situations and with people he meets, a friendly boy. He loves to play with other dogs and he loves toys, too. He's been around cats, ferrets, rabbits, chickens and horses and done well with them, a little chasing but responsive when asked to stop. He aims to please and is a classic mature BC, able to settle when asked but excited to join in anything going on around him. He is about 45 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. He is being fostered just outside the Philadelphia area of PA. 

GEO found a wonderful home on 130 acres with plenty to do and a FurMom who's around most of the time, to do it with! He absolutely loved her and got along just fine with the canine boss, Jackie, who thought he was the one for her, too. Geo will have goats and a horse to check out and get a chance to even try agility but mostly, he'll be the beloved friend his new guardian was looking for! He now lives in PA.

GEO: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Geo (George) loves to play with other Border Collies and comes into full action when he gets the chance. He's a young BC with curiosity for everything around him, including toys which he'll enjoy for awhile too. He is very timid at first with new people so will do best with another BC friend and people who understand the breed. He's a sweetheart with a gentle nature. His favorite thing in life is wrestling, chasing and racing with the other young dogs at the Farm but he also enjoys cuddling with the person he knows and trusts. He is about 40 pound and best with dog savvy cats. 

JR found a FurDad to call his own, someone who really wanted a full time buddy to go everywhere with him - exactly what JR loves! JR happily enjoyed his new 25 acre property too heading out back for ball play and without competition from other dogs who wanted the ball, JR got it every time!  His new life will be full of love and lots to do, including hanging out inside!  No matter chained outdoor living for's all good now! He lives now far from our fosterer who helped JR find his new life!

JR: A 9 year old Border Collie, JR is a great guy who loves people, the ball and dogs...he's got it all! He is super sweet too and enjoys attention from anyone he gets a chance to meet. He is a good natured BC who likes to play but isn't over the top like the youngsters. JR would love being the constant companion to a person who understands the breed and of course, loves to toss the jolly ball his way! He is sight impaired but easily sees the jolly ball for lots of play, much like Nick, also at GHF. JR really sticks with the person he's with and bonds quickly. He is good with cats and about 45 pounds. He came from NY guardian who had used him for breeding. JR has Progressive Retinal Atrophy which is a genetic problem that will eventually cause blindness. The good news for JR is that his PRA is advanced but not progressing quickly so it's possible he'll keep the level of sight he has now, for many years. He has no night vision but better day vision and clearly, sees well enough to enjoy a great game of jolly ball! 

RANDI finally found exactly what she was looking for - people who would fall in love with her big, bright spirit and love her personality AND a place for her to run and explore! Randi has 125 acres to call her own and will be the constant companion to her guardians who know exactly what a Border Collie needs. They have plans for tons of ball play, hiking and a 'go everywhere' life, even to their upstate cabin to get away. She won their hearts within minutes and this wonderfully radiant, happy go lucky girl is now home!!! She lives in NY.

RANDI: A 1 yr old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Randi is classic, high energy, ready to go, go, go! She would excel in sports and will need an active guardian who loves to hike or can engage her in play. She'd do best with another young BC since her energy needs are high. Randi is super sweet, absolutely loves everyone, is eager to say hello to new people and always willing to give affection. She is smart and wants to learn and is at a great age, to try anything new. She is fearless and can easily clear a fence to follow her fosterer wherever she is going. Randi is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. 

KC found a marvelous home with two guardians who came to the Farm just for him! They had seen him on the site, read his story and felt they wanted to provide a loving home for him. His new FurMom is a big time animal person and she's already read the book we suggested; crawled around the house to feel all the floor areas from his perspective and even lined up a cardiologist for his future needs! But, it was his FurDad who was so drawn to KC, he knew they had to hop in the car for a long drive to get him! KC happily agreed that they were just right for him too as he trotted along with them and their dog, Maggie, for a walk in the fields and then cuddled up next to his FurDad for love. We are all incredibly happy for KC and for his new life where he'll be their constant companion. He now lives in PA. A very special thanks again to Linda Wood who fostered KC for 8 months and was overjoyed with this wonderful moment, albeit bittersweet, just right for KC!

KC: An 1 yr old Border Collie, KC is a sweet, happy, incredibly good natured boy who comes the minute you call his name and loves to cuddle soon as he arrives at your side. He grabs your heart with sweetness and joy, instantly. The amazing thing is that KC is blind but that doesn't bother him one bit. He is brave and excited about life, a joyous little guy. He'll do great with another BC friend to guide him and be his 'mentor' so will only be placed with another dog. KC also has a congenital heart defect, with a small hole that unfortunately cannot be fixed.  He is showing no signs of problems but will need to be monitored to determine if heart medication is necessary.  A recent evaluation with the Cornell cardiology department showed that KC's heart condition is similar to his first test so he can be adopted now. We did do an abdominal ultrasound and all of KC's organs are normal and working perfectly. KC's heart condition is stable and he does not need medicine so can be an active young BC.  KC came to the Farm from upstate NY, part of a 1st breeding.  KC is 30 pounds and good with cats. 

OREN found a BC buddy who loves toys like he does and two guardians who really understand what Border Collies like to do - play, play, play! He had a blast in the fields with them and gave his own vote for this new home, with a big lick and cuddle with his new FurMom, then back to the ball. Oren will get to try chasing geese on the golf course where his FurDad works, along side Gemma, who loves to do that job. Oren now lives in PA.

OREN: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Oren is a ball boy, absolutely loving to catch and retrieve with lots of focus. He's very agile and eager to engage with his person in play and also hanging around. He loves attention and has a great nature. He is sweet as can be and friendly with everyone, a very loving boy. Of course, Oren is smart and attentive, and would be easy to teach any activity. Oren loves other dogs and will play and play and play til his ball comes out, and then he is all about retrieving! He is about 45 pounds and great with cats. He lived in a home with kids and did beautifully but due to a divorce, he was dropped at a PA shelter that works with the Farm.  Oren is the brother to DOREE. In a unique twist of fate, they have both come into rescue exactly at the same time though from completely different situations. 

RANGER absolutely loved his guardians, instantly, with a quick run up to say hello and then lots of cuddles and even showing off his tricks! Ranger can 'high five' and 'high ten' with both paws which charmed them to no end. This little guy with the big personality found the life he wanted, with people who will be his constant companion and know exactly what he likes...lots of love and outside time exploring, with them. He now lives happily in NY.

RANGER: A 4 year old male border collie, Ranger is a friendly, sweet guy who loves to be with people and wants to be involved in whatever is going on. He is super responsive to coming along wherever you go and happily trots off to explore while he's with you, never going far from your side.  Ranger loves chase games and is quite a speedy little guy as he races around all excited when you play with him. He is not, however, high energy and could easily hang with his person during the day with some good walks for fun. He is good with other BC's though so people focused, he'd be happiest as the solo dog.  Ranger would be a great companion, happy to be by your side.  He is 40lbs (petite) and not good with cats.  His original guardian died so he landed in rescue from PA. We think it might have been a man since he really loves all the guys that work at the Farm.

SASHA was all set, waiting for a spot to come to the Farm but instead we were able to send the adopter right to her home. When her new guardians met her, they knew they wanted to add her to their lives! She needed someone who understood the breed and could better meet her needs so she's happily now settled in NJ. 

MISTY: A 5 year old Border Collie/Sheltie, Misty is a loving girl who says hello to everyone she meets and shares her affectionate nature easily. She likes squeaky toys and walks in the neighborhood but most of all, loves being with her person wherever they go. She is smart and observant, a very easy going, good natured companion. She has lived in one home since a pup but now needs a new home due to a move. She was surrendered to the Farm from her PA guardians.
NICK found the perfect family who absolutely love him for all his sweet cuddling nature; his ball playing antics and his connection to them for guidance in his life. He was exactly what they hoped to add to their lives and he clearly loved them right back! And, Nick is joining new rescue, MISTY, who came to meet them, too and fit so perfectly with him that she got adopted, too. These two were like long lost friends who needed to live together and now, will, forever! NICK & MISTY will share a wonderful life as constant companions to their new guardians in PA, exploring their yard, playing and cuddling all the time, too. We are so excited for Nick and for Misty who have great hearts to share!

NICK: A 5 year old Border Collie, Nick is one special boy. He is smart, sweet and super friendly and ready to jump into life, all four paws at once...he is fearless and trusting which is so amazing considering he has impaired vision. He can see a ball and absolutely loves the jolly ball which is very easy for him to see yet he has to manage doorways and other obstacles with a bit of caution. Yet, Nick, always gives it his all.. he so wants to race up to you to say hello but he is naturally careful as he understands his environment. He is one very smart BC and reads everything around him very quickly and then easily brings the ball for another throw. Nick is adorable and charming and everything that makes a Border Collie special. He is great with other dogs, too and would benefit from one friend to give him some comfort in negotiating things that are new to him. Nick is one of the most affectionate boys in rescue, loving attention and eager to give a kiss to say hello.. a really sweet dog who loves people. Our trip to Cornell gave us the info we needed: Nick as PRA, Progressive Retinal Atrophy which means he will go blind. Since his deterioration is advanced, we would really love to find him a home NOW while he can still see and learn where he lives! Another BC with this same diagnosis has maintained his sight for years so that could happen with Nick.Nick is about 40 pounds, fairly petite and is good with catsHe was abandoned at a PA shelter who fortunately works with  GHF.

REBEL is going to enjoy a life that suits him perfectly - as the only dog! He'll get all the ball playing and attention which he can handle and in return, he'll go to work with his FurMom as well as accompany her on lots of hikes which he will love. Rebel charmed her with his great nature and easily won her heart. He now lives in Ct in a home he can call his OWN!

REBEL: A 5 year old Border Collie, Rebel is very outgoing, friendly with everyone instantly and is all about action. He is super focused and eager to connect with anyone who will do something with him. Rebel loves ball play and does need an active life with someone who really loves the breed and wants a fun, active BC. He is super sweet and loves to cuddle, too.  He would be a great family oriented BC with kids who love to play. Rebel is great off leash and won't leave his person's side.   Rebel will not a harm a cat but does growl when they are near so is best in a non-cat home or with a savvy cat.  He is petite, about 35 pounds.  Rebel came to the Farm when the PA guardian entered a nursing home. 

SHAY found exactly what she wanted - a person to adore her, play with her and be with her all the time! She happily hopped up next to her for cuddles and ran around the adoption office playing with toys like she knew it was her day to go home! She will be the constant companion to her new FurMom who absolutely adored her and was thrilled to have her come home with her to NY.

SHAY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Shay is a loving, gentle girl who really wants to be by your side. She is totally people focused and eager to bond. Shay is smart and friendly with everyone and while she'll enjoy toys, her main interest is her person. She is easy going and good natured with the sweetest, loving personality. Shay also loves to give her paw even when asked for the camera! She is good with other dogs but doesn't like bigger dogs that well who intimidate her or pushy BC's who get in her space. She does well with nice, confident males who she can hang with and enjoy exploring. Shay is about 40 pounds and  is best with dog savvy cats cause she'll bark at them though not hurt them. She was a stray in PA. 

STAR found her forever home with GHF adopters who love the seniors and knew this girl belonged with them! They were excited by her smiling face and sweet, good nature and knew from all their experience adopting GHF seniors, she would be a delight and she is! Star joins alum Judd and another senior, Dexter, who didn't make the ride to get her cause of course, seniors like hanging at home! Sweet Star so deserved this loving life. She now lives in PA.

STAR: A 10 year old Border Collie,Star is a gracious, observant thinker who takes in everything around with all the wordly wisdom of any mature BC! She is brilliant, focused and in the middle of everything in her calm, centered way. She's just a doll. Star is good with other dogs though they are not as important as her person. She enjoys the companionship of being the special girl that she definitely is and will cherish a new life with someone who appreciates her. Star is not a demanding girl, she'd rather go with the flow and enjoy the good things that come her way. She is fine with cats and about 50 pounds. Star had a rough life, chained out since she was a pup but you wouldn't know it from the great temperament this girl has, just enjoying life however it comes to her. She's a very very special Border Collie. She came to the Farm from PA when neighbors stepped in to help give her the freedom she now enjoys. 



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