MARCO landed precisely in a life with loving people who fit him to a "t"! He now has a soccer playing boy to call his own who was so thrilled to have him as a canine buddy, too! And a FurMom and FurDad who absolutely adored him soon as they met him, loving his energy, sweetness and smarts, all the same! His new guardians drove 12 hours roundtrip just to come for Marco, so certain he was the beloved friend they wanted in their lives. They'd been searching for a new dog ever since their son had a concussion playing soccer last fall (now all healed) so when they spotted Marco, he sparked their attention. Then, when they realized he was bilingual, they got even more excited since their daughter (not pictured) is fluent in Spanish…truly a fit meant to be! His new family even toured the soccer stadium in Spain so they understand how this little Border Collies feels about the game! Marco will be totally adored and cherished.

MARCO: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Marco is a sweet, attentive guy who is very observant, quite the thinker. He is clearly bright as can be and curious though never pushy about what interests him. Marco is a sensitive guy who loves attention however he loves playing soccer, too! He's a real ball nut and would happily play all the time if he could. Though Marco does settle well inside and is happy to be by your side. He is good with other dogs and could have a canine buddy, though a more submissive dog is best for him. He loves playing if the dog is easy going. Marco is good with cats and about 35 pounds. He originally came from a breeder in Mexico where the guardians lived. He is most comfortable with older children or in an adult home since toddlers make him very nervous.Marco is bilingual, having come from Mexico!

MATTY found a great life with a canine buddy who thought he was the best guy around! The two of them hit it off like long lost friends, racing around the field and wrestling inside the Adoption Center. Just a blast to see these two so happy together. His new FurMom was thrilled to see them, exactly what she was hoping to find to add to her life! Matty will get to try agility, enjoy plenty of hiking and of course, non-stop dog fun, too!

MATTY: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Matty is a nice guy, very easy going and good natured. He's enjoying the fields at the Farm with so much space to run cause he loves to play outside.  He's a toy boy, enjoying a good came of fetch anytime but also happy to explore.  Matty loves attention and being with his person.  He's smart and focused and bonds well.  Matty can be a bit timid meeting strangers so does best with his person helping with introductions. He really loves other dogs so would be happiest with a canine buddy who also helps with his confidence. He lived with a Yorkie and liked them but seems to really enjoy the BC buddy he's hanging with now, Leah.  She instigates chase games and he loves that.  Matty is not as intense as some BC's so could easily be a wonderful companion and enjoy learning new activities, too.  He is about 50 pounds and good with cats. He was abandoned at a PA shelter due to a move and thankfully, the shelter works with GHF.

Sweet, lovely DANCER joined GHF alum, Bella, for a loving life where she can be the couch girl, for tons of belly rubs and cuddling. She'll also get plenty of outdoor play with her new canine buds and especially Bella, who loves to make up chase games. The two of them hit it off instantly as well as little Max who thought Dancer was really great, too. This adorable trio looked content hanging out as if they'd been together all their lives! Dancer now lives in NY.

DANCER: A 1 year old Border Collie, possibly BC/Aussie, Dancer is a lovely girl. She likes attention, gently nudging for a hello and happy to cuddle. She also loves other dogs and jumped right into the GHF rescue gang easily, joining in herding games. Dancer would clearly love having a BC buddy. She's smart, focused and loves to part of the action. She needs to be with a savvy guardian who understands her mental needs, like any young herding dog. She is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. She came to GHF from a NY guardian who had to make the tough choice of giving her up for the happiness of her cats. She is trained on the invisible fence system and lived on 6 acres so is used to all that space. 

ROXY, a non-stop girl, (even for her adoption picture!) found the life that she really needs and will absolutely love - she'll be doing agility and geese chasing each week, joining her new FurMom 24/7! Roxy LOVES to learn and instantly showed off all the fun things she can do and just how eager she is to focus on whatever is next! She'll join a pack of cavaliers (picture to come) for a lot of play at home as well as the mental stimulation she needs with her new guardian who loves smart dogs!!! Roxy now lives in NY.

ROXY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Roxy is a doll. She is super friendly with every person she meets and sweet as can be, so eager to be with someone. She is ready to learn and take direction, happy to follow the lead of her person and learns super fast. Clearly, a loving girl, Roxy will be a wonderful companion. She needs an active home to handle her energy needs so sports would be a great outlet for fun. Roxy is a charmer, winning friends as soon as she meets someone. She could be very happy with someone involved with just her in an active life.  She will chase cats so is best in a no cat home. Roxy is about 40 pounds. She was passed to GHF from another rescuer in MD who thought we could find her a great home. 

EVAN found the perfect BC buddy that loves to play just as rough and tumble as he does and even more! The two of them were like kindred spirits, thrilled to find each other so much so that they headed out through the snow making up chase games, totally unaware of anything or anyone else around! They were fabulous to watch as they connected mentally and physically and emotionally - clearly a great pair. Evan will be very active with lots of hikes and tons of fun at home with his new guardians who adore the breed and are so happy to find a friend for their beloved Luna. Evan now lives in Vermont.

EVAN: A petite 8 month old Border Collie, Evan is a small powerhouse, fast and wiggly and eager to race and chase. He can cover ground quickly, a classic young BC with lots of energy. He's also a sensitive boy who aims to please and thinks through whatever is being asked of him. He learns things very fast, clearly bright as can be but he will need a seasoned BC person who understands the soft nature of a young BC or he could easily worry about being wrong. Evan is great with other dogs, loves to play and jumps right into herding games. He could easily gain greater confidence in sports though would be happy as a companion. Evan loves everyone he meets, happily joyful to say hello. He is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. He was in a PA shelter as a stray.

Sweet little MIA is joining a pack that is smaller than her, but not by much!  She will have a blast with this canine crowd and her new FurMom loved all that BC focus in a tinier body so can't wait to have her try agility and maybe even flyball.  Mia clearly thought her new buddies were fun for chase games and instantly knew her new guardian adored her…it was adorable to see this match come together!  Mia now lives in NY.

MIA: A very petite 4 month old Border Collie mix pup, little Mia is quite the charmer! She is super friendly and smart as a whip and funny as can be when she gets the zoomies outside, happily going as fast as she can! Since Mia is a mix, she's got the focus of a BC but not the herding instinct so she's a delightful companion. She is super agile, however, and could easily do agility - this girl climbs up on anything! and goes under anything! A fearless little wonder, Mia is adorable. She also loves other dogs and would be thrilled to have a canine buddy. She is about 18 pounds and OK with cats.

DEENE found a wonderful home with loving guardians who adore dogs and felt Deene was the perfect boy to add to their lives. He has a new BC buddy, Milo, and both had a great chemistry to be long-term buddies! He also has two great kids to call his own, for lots of cuddling and his new FurDad will be playing lots of frisbee with him and giving him a chance to do agility, too! Deene has a wonderful new life and a new start, now named Tucker!! He now lives in Ct. His new family drove in a snowstorm to come for this special boy!

DEENE: A 4 year old Border Collie, Deene has tons of energy and a real desire to DO - he's all action! He loves to learn and eagerly responds of what is asked of him. He loves the ball and could easily learn frisbee since he flies all four feet off the ground, without hesitation. Deene is very friendly and likes to play with other dogs but clearly, would love someone to focus all his mental and physical abilities together - he'd be a happy guy then! He is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. Deene was a stray from a shelter PA.

Sweet ZOE found the right person who will totally adore her and help her discover that humans are loving and wonderful! Her new FurMom is used to timid Border Collies so knows her patient nature will work beautifully for Zoe to blossom. Since Zoe did so well at the Farm, she was ready for the next step so off she headed to a new life. Zoe and her new guardian will together 24/7 and she'll even go to training classes each week to try agility!

ZOE: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Zoe is a sweet, gentle girl who is curious about everything around her, very bright and observant. She is the sweetest thing, loves attention and happily follows you wherever you go, loving to be iwth her person. She is a bit shy at first and will take some time to feel secure in a new situation but instantly looks to a person for reassurance. Zoe is just quite the charmer, everyone loves this girl. She loves toys and will happily squeak and toss and make up her own games.  She would fit with another BC or as as solo dog with someone devoted to her.  Zoe is one of those gentle girls who has lots of energy for play but loves attention just as much.  She is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. She was surrendered to the Farm by a PA breeder who wanted to get out of the business.

KIRAN found a great new life with guardians who understand his tendencies since they adopted a wonderful, sweet girl with some OCD traits, too. They wanted to help this little guy blossom which we know they will! He'll get to do lots of hiking and be with them 24/7 and now they have a 'border bundle' of fun as they like to say! He now lives in CT.

KIRAN: A 5 month old Border Collie, Kiran is a gorgeous little guy who wins your heart right away, sweet and friendly and eager to know you. He does, however, have specific needs that require a a very committed adopter who can help him progress. Kiran happens to be deaf which is not difficult at all but he also happens to be obsessive compulsive (OCD) which is a genetic condition common in Border Collies. We are seeing more and more dogs with OCD tendencies. Once this gene is triggered, the remedy is an anti-anxiety drug like Prozac combined with a very structured program of Behavior Modification. OCD behaviors that Kiran exhibits are circling in repetitive patterns as well as barking as he circles and grabbing at the ground. This OCD behavior is often described as 'shadow chasing'. GHF has participated in OCD studies at Cornell and Tufts where the best resources exist for helping BC's with this condition.

Kiran is wonderful with other dogs and cats and can easily join in a home life that is active. However, he must have a committed person willing to work with him daily, and create a 'program' to adjust his OCD reactions. Kiran cannot be allowed on his own without structure, at this point, or he will revert to these isolating behaviors.

We are presently working with him at the Farm and happy to discuss him with guardians who are seriously interested in this wonderful boy and his needs. He deserves the opportunity to have a rewarding life, with a very special person.

RYNN & BRYANT are two little pups now with one big life, together! Their new family wanted to add a pair to their lives and their beloved canine pals chose these two! They made the best foursome where the pups now have mentors and lots of love, too. Their new family patiently helped this duo feel secure rather than shy so when they all went outside for snow filled fun - they were having a blast!  Rynn & Bryant now live in NY with 19 acres to call home, their own goats and horses and a fabulous set of kids to call their own!!

RYNN & BRYANT: Three month old Border Collie/Cattle dogs pups, they are both super sweet and people oriented. Both are very gentle and eager to be someone, gaining reassurance about all the fun things to explore in life. Rynn is very petite and a little bit timid in new settings while Bryant is much bigger for his age and more confidence though also takes a bit of time to boldly do new things, too. They have just arrived at GHF from a NY shelter that works with us when pups come in, eager to have them land properly with people understand their needs.

THATCHER came in with his siblings and luckily had a guardian wanting to adopt one of the pups upon arrival. Since Thatcher is the boldest of the three and clearly athletic and very focused, he found a new life with a FurDad who loves agility and is excited to introduce him to this exciting fun sport. He now lives in PA with his canine buddy, Sheba, who thought he was going to fit their life just fine! They were quickly a great pair.

NANO found his home by coming to the Farm, of course, but we chuckle at how this came to be!  Turns out we were jammed at GHF with all the Flat Creek dogs so Nano hung out for a week with one of our adopter's relatives. He won her heart big-time but having agreed it was temporary, she sent him to GHF, only to check every day on his progress and long to have him back - so he is heading back HOME! We're thrilled for this wonderful boy and for his new guardians who are totally smitten!

NANO: A 7 year old Border Collie, Nano is a doll. He is so sweet and so smart, very connected to people and eager to please. Nano is fine with other dogs too, but clearly a BC who wants a personal connection with someone. He is crazy for toys and loves to nudge anything around, making up his own games but at the end of the day, he's happiest next to someone. Nano is a really sweet guy who is handling all this change so well, we know he'd do great in a new life, a pretty flexible boy. He is about 40 pounds and good with dog savvy cats. He was confiscated from an odd situation in PA where he lived inside most of his life rather than enjoying the excitement of outdoor life, too so he will do well with someone, guiding him into the great new world that is available to him! Nano is a wonderful dog with a great nature, ready to enjoy a new experience.

Sweet, loveable HARLEY found his new life when his FurMom and her son saw him on the site and knew they wanted to meet him! They traveled to NJ and discovered he was exactly what they had hoped he would be- THE sweetest charmer around - so Harley headed off to his new home where he'll be the center of attention and totally adored! He now lives in NY. We are so appreciative that the Toomey family could give Harley safe haven and love when we were overloaded with all the Sprakers dogs and had no room at the Farm!

HARLEY: A 3 year old Border Collie mix, Harley is a sweet guy, very gentle and sensitive. He is eager to be with his person and stays right by your side, loving to be in your lap or nearby. He also loves playing with other dogs and gets along with everyone. He's friendly with every person he meets and enjoys all the attention. He's learning how to play with toys and really blossoming in his foster home. Harley will need a patient person to keep reassuring him about the world cause he can be a little bit timid with new things. He looks to the person he knows to help him, step by step, a really nice little guy. Harley is not yet tested on cats. He landed in a NJ shelter when he was found as a stray drinking from a puddle, covered in mud and matted. He is being fostered in NJ, near Philadelphia and can be seen there or at the Farm. Harley is a smaller dog (about 35lbs) even though his pictures don't make him appear that way. 



SKYE is a spectacular girl from an awful situation and now, that is all behind her. In a bit of destiny, a former GHF adopter wrote after the death of her beloved BC Corbin, asking for a new companion and since she was so close to Skye, it seemed like a great fit.  Of course, Skye was already on her list to meet so soon as she was given the go-ahead, off she went to say hello! To say that her new FurMom and Skye were a match, is a simplistic way of saying that kindred spirits find each other…these two belong together. Sweet Skye has so much  heart to give and her new guardian, has exactly the same. They were a fabulous pairing, totally meant to be…yes, it sounds a bit whimsical but here at GHF, we see these things happen all the time so we know how these dogs find their humans!  And, in this case, with Skye's history of clear neglect and cruelty, we are so deeply touched to know she NOW has true love and caring for her many years ahead.  We rejoice in this special moment and know that amazing things are possible, with open hearts. 

As her foster mom aptly saidSkye still has more sadness to let go - but she has let go of so much since that first photo of her that I am stunned at her ability to move forward. I called it Mission Bright Skye for a reason. Skye is soaring above the rest of us. I have been crying a lot this afternoon. I don't even know why. But I know that Skye unlocked that for me. And I know that it is good. What an amazing being.  She doesn't need much but time and patience and love. She is an old soul and seems to have some inner resources that the other dogs haven't. I have worked with literally hundreds of rescue and shelter dogs and only a few capture me.  I can count on one hand the number of dogs that reached in and grabbed my heart the way Skye did.  Her new guardian is so lucky to have her, and she will have the patience that Skye needs to heal.

SKYE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Skye is really the sweetest, most charming girl. She's got a heart of gold and shares it with those that open up to her. We all think of Skye as quite a healer/heart worker but first she had to find healing herself. Skye came from the group of 46 Border Collies removed from an awful situation in upstate NY. She lived outside 24/7, fending for herself without human contact. She came to us with a severe bladder infection, truly ill. Fortunately almost 2 months have passed and Skye is full of spunk and clearly feeling better.  She's an easy going girl who really wants to be by a person's side, the best companion anyone could want. Skye has enjoyed her foster experience and is ready for a new life.

A big thank you to her angel, Nancy Frakes, who helped offset some of her vet costs. All of the Flat Creek dogs required significant expense to restore them to good health. Skye's total was $1250.

ALLIE came to GHF with a bit of spunk, curious and eager to see what was about to unfold. Not at her best health-wise, she still embraced all the change with courage. Coming from an awful life of neglect, this girl looked forward and we're glad she did! One of our former adopters knew that her special boy, Skye, needed another female buddy so when she wrote, it was clear that Allie was the right candidate. Their energy is so similar and their depth and soulfulness so much the same, that she led the list to meet. Her new guardian felt it right away. Another canine partner in her life. Allie, now known as Sadie, deeply touched her heart as she felt her desire to connect and trust. This innocent yet so savvy girl Allie bonded quickly with Skye, ready for a new step. Our tears of joy flowed instantly, all of us absolutely content to see a loving life ahead. Her new FurMom is a reiki healer and knows exactly how to help Allie balance beautifully in this new life, the perfect trio.

ALLIE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Allie is a curious girl who loves to explore. She's quite a personality with her charm winning everyone over instantly. She is pretty easy going but really enjoys the company of another BC, especially a male, who she instantly befriends. We will only place Allie with a BC companion and in a seasoned savvy home. Allie is pretty classic in her nature, a bit independent but also happy to be with a person. Allie came from the group of 46 Border Collies removed from an awful situation in upstate NY. She lived outside 24/7, fending for herself without human contact. Her smart, balanced nature kept her able to endure this situation and now adjust well. Almost 2 months have passed, Allie's health needs have been fully handled and she's clearly ready for a new life. She is one of the very few of this group who is ready for adoption. She is not yet cat tested and is about 35 pounds.

A big thank you to Joy Moll who is an angel to her and helped offset some of her vet costs. All of the Flat Creek dogs required significant expense to restore them to good health. Allie's total was $1770.

Luna's Angel
Marian Edmond 

LUNA: A 4 year old Border Collie mix, Luna is a love. She is interested in everyone around her and wants to know who is her person - then she quickly wants to cuddle, play some ball and follow along for the fun. She is very sweet and really loves a chance to run and play outside.. She is a ball and toy nut, loving to play non-stop though happy to relax if need be. She's quite a good girl with a wonderful nature however she doesn't like to be overwhelmed too quickly by strangers.  She needs her space without being crowded so will only be placed with a skilled BC person and a calmer household.  Once she knows who you are, she loves all the attention and affection.  She'd be content as a solo dog. Luna is about 55 pounds, a bit overweight but trimming up well. She is good with cats. She came to GHF when her guardians arrived at a PA shelter explaining that they all lived in the car and it was too hot for Luna to stay there. 

Sweet, wonderful SOPHIE landed in a home tailored to her!  She's got a canine buddy who likes to play ball like she does and enjoys the great outdoors just as much! Her new guardian just loved everything about her, including that sensitive thinking nature and knew she would fit their lives perfectly. Sophie will be hiking each day, enjoying an all natural homemade diet and be with her FurDad 24/7, even going to work with him.  This girl deserved a real partnership in life and now, she's got it, totally adored!  Sophie now lives in NY.

SOPHIE: A 6 month old Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix, Sophie is a very, very observant girl, noticing anything going on around her and making sense of it all, very quickly, clearly a thinker. She can be intense in her focus and then also playful like her puppy age.  She loves attention but is also independent and happy to head out to check out the action. Sophie is also very athletic and loves to race, chase and make up games with the dogs. Sophie must have a dog friend for her play energy.  Sophie loves her toys and the ball and is quite focused on toy games when it's time to play. We'd like to see Sophie in an adult home that challenges her mentally and meets her physical needs since she is going to physically strong girl. She could be a great hiking partner!  Sophie has the protective nature of a Great Pyrenees and will alert to the arrival of anyone new as well as watch the property, very much 'working'  Sophie is now about 40 pounds and not good with cats. She was relinquished to the Farm by a NY family who could not meet her needs properly.

Sweet, gentle RUE came to GHF from the awful situation in Sprakers NY, living outside 24/7 in freezing cold, contained by electrified fencing, left with no human contact and absolutely nothing to do…no matter how you looked at this situation…nothing worked to help a wonderful puppy become a wonderful, happy adult Border Collie. Rue was removed from that setting, along with 45 other Border Collies and thankfully, safely landed at GHF. 

But, even more wonderful news has changed her life…her foster Mom spent that the last 4 weeks getting to know and help this girl and has fallen in love. With all the challenges and fears little Rue has, her new FurMom and FurDad, feel they want to help her, forever. They know they've got the patience, passion and heart for giving her a loving life, no matter how she wants it to unfold.

We are incredibly happy for Rue, who was one of THE most skittish, shut down dogs. All the dogs from Flat Creek need loving homes just like this one…with tons of understanding. Hugs to both humans and canines alike…we'll celebrate at GHF for Rue! We'll never forget scooping Rue up in our arms to get her to safety, totally terrified of what was happening and now, knowing she has a lifetime to understand that it's all GOOD, very very GOOD. Tears of joy! Rue's vet care totaled $625.

CHEVY found a great life with tons of fun on plenty of acres to call her own, in rural Vermont. She'll be the constant companion to her new guardians who just adored this gorgeous girl and knew she'd fit their active lives perfectly. They're coming back for a BC buddy for her soon as GHF has some puppies to consider, so Chevy will be one very happy, active, adored girl!

CHEVY:A petite 6 year old Border Collie, Chevy is super sweet and wants to be connected to her person. She is timid at first and will need a patient person who understands her history of limited socialization. This lovely girl is a gentle dog who loves attention from people but just needs time to show that!  With dogs, on the other hand, she is an amazing herder, focused and fast and ready to go!  She is about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.  She was a breeding dog given up to GHF because the people no longer wanted to be in the business.  She and another female, BC, Zoe came in together from PA

Sweet LOKI landed beautifully in a new life with GHF alum, Cela, and another canine friend, Callie, both happy to have another pal to round out the trio.He'll have plenty of time to play his frisbee and toy games and enjoy some chase games with friends, too. Loki will love his new life cause his FurMom is around all the time and happy to make him the center of attention!  He now lives in PA.

LOKI: A 7 year old Border Collie/Aussie, Loki is a wonderful guy, happy to play frisbee all day if you'd let him! He's got tons of energy outside for non-stop playing and running but settles beautifully inside, common to this more mature age. He is super obedient and eager to please, but also has such enthusiasm for saying hello to everyone! Loki makes you smile, just seeing how happy he is to race and chase and run. He loves everyone and is always ready to enjoy life! He's also a very affectionate boy, eager to sit next to you on the couch, relaxing. Loki has been the running partner to his former guardian, logging 8-10 miles three times a week so he's in great shape. He is good with other dogs and could have a canine buddy or could be a solo dog. Loki is about 50 pounds and is good with cats. He was relinquished to GHF from NY guardians who felt their aussie was picking fights and causing too much stress for Loki.

KANE found a new life where he'll be center stage, joining GHF alum, Shiloh and two other canine buddies!  They have a blast, hiking, playing and just being adored so while it's all new for Kane right now, we know he'll LOVE what's about to unfold.  Kane's new guardians always want to help the seniors, making room for one more to join their pack. With the passing of GHF alum, Quest, they came right to GHF to help the next one in need!  Lucky Kane!! He now lives in Ct.

KANE: An 11 year old Border Collie, Kane is such a doll. Happily curious about everything at the Farm, he says hello to all the dogs and everyone he meets.  Kane is smart, focused and really good natured. He likes toys but he also likes hugs just as much. He is about 45 pounds and good with cats. Kane lived in one home since a puppy, originally adopted as a pup who was given up for not herding well enough at 8 weeks old!  Kane doesn't have strong herding instincts so had a loving home instead, until his NJ guardians recently had triplets!  Kane didn't handle the chaos well so, was relinquished to the Farm.

SAM found a peaceful life with one of our Friends of the Farm so he'll be the center of the universe, lovingly cherished.

SAM: A 12 year old Border Collie/Austrailan Shepherd mix, Sam is a character! He speaks his mind with a big woof, woof and watches everything around him, keen to sort out whatever is going on.  He's quite friendly with people, very good natured until they walk away to leave and then he has to herd them out the door with a nip..yep, even at 12!  So, Sam needs an adult home that understands that his 'eye' to herd is still very present.  He's learning quickly at GHF that it's best not to do that and he's a good guy who aims to please so he's improving quickly.  Sam is such a sweet guy, even happy to meet the vet and curious to explore everything there, too. Sam reminds us of one of those herding dogs that everyone in the neighborhood would know and love cause he's got such a charismatic presence (without the nip! he's perfect). He's not a big toy dog, or even that into other dogs, he's really eager to be with his person and be their companion. Sam is fine with cats and about 50 pounds, a bit taller than the average BC. He was abandoned in a shelter in Maine due to the doorway herding behavior.  We felt strongly that he deserved a chance at another home.

ZAIN landed right where he needed to be, with a friend of the Farm who we knew would fall in love with him! She saw his bio and pictures and offered to help and within short order, she confirmed for herself, that letting him go, would be impossible!  She described it best: "My girl, Envy, absolutely ADORES him. They sleep on my bed together- sometimes he's literally sleeping on top of her (something she has NEVER let another dog do).  He is so smart, absolutely loves to cuddle, and shares a lot of the same characteristics of my former dog that I love and missed. He sleeps all night on the bed - just makes himself perfectly comfortable. I honestly can't imagine not having him in my life now- he's not a perfect dog, but he really is perfect for us."  Zain now lives in PA.

ZAIN: A 1 year old Border Collie, Zain is GREAT! He's an active, smart, focused, fun-loving BC but he is all BC and needs a place to use that mind, body and heart of his with someone who knows how to channel all his energy. He loves to learn and is eager to please, able to focus his sharp mind quickly. This super-friendly boy is also a gorgeous runner, with a long stride as he stretches out exploring the Farm fields. Zain would be a great sport candidate and would enjoy anything athletic, especially being someone's hiking partner. Zain does well with other dogs but really enjoys females the best, mixing up his rough and tumble play style, happy to take their direction. Zain is also a real lover, snuggling up when things are calm, sharing his gentle, good-natured side. Zain will only be placed with a BC savvy guardian who enjoys the vibrant attitude of a young BC. He is about 45 pounds and good with dog savvy cats. Zain came to GHF from a family member who felt his guardian, the daughter, didn't have the appropriate set-up to meet his needs.

BEN found the right life that suits him so well - with former GHF adopters who LOVE the breed and really understand their needs. He's got a canine buddy to herd and play with who will also let him be the main ball dog, which makes Ben super happy!  Ben will enjoy 30 acres to call his own but most importantly, tons of love which he really wants. He quickly cuddled on the couch with his new guardians, giving his vote of approval for his new life. He now lives in Vermont

BEN: A petite 9 year old Border Collie, Ben is a sweetheart, gentle and good natured and eager to say hello to everyone. He can be a bit timid at first but really just wants to come right over for attention and follow you everywhere you go. In Ben's earlier years, he had done obedience work in 4-H programs, so soon as he's on a leash, he's happily trotting next to you and takes all the commands you give in stride. This eager to please boy is a charmer and comical, too when the ball comes out! He's a ball maniac and comes to life like a 2 year old, jumping all over, racing around, so intense to play, it's hilarious. Ben could easily live without other dogs but did have a number of dogs in his previous situation since his PA guardians were breeding. They no longer wanted to do so and relinquished Ben, along with Merlin, his grandson, to GHF. Ben is good with cats and weighs about 35 pounds.

Sweet, little ELLIE found a great big life where she has 140 acres to explore, enjoying woods and meadows plus horses she gets to check on every morning!  Ellie's new guardian is a GHF adopter who loves the senior dogs and happily came to add Ellie into her life. She'll be with her canine buddies and her new FurMom 24/7 as she paints and teaches art workshops in her studio at home.  Ellie will love all the attention of visitors and enjoy the beauty of being in the country, including chasing the rabbits and squirrels!  Ellie now lives in NY.

ELLIE: A 14 year old Border Collie/maybe corgi/jrt mix, this girl is one hilarious charmer! No clue what she's mixed with but she's a pint-sized version of a BC with all the brains and curiosity and focus. She's absolutely not a dog who acts her age either. Ellie arrived at the Farm and began checking out everything, figuring it all out quickly and then settled right in. While she is a senior for sure and can live out her life at the Farmhouse Sanctuary, we are hoping someone decides to add this girl to their life cause she deserves all the one-on-one focused love she can get!  Ellie is good with other dogs but mostly focused on a person, her person, and will shadow them wherever they go and enjoys cuddling with them, too, of course.  She is good with cats and about 30 pounds. Ellie has a food allergy which caused her skin condition so we're working through that now and she's doing well. She was abandoned at a PA shelter due to the allergies.

CAL will be the center of attention of his new FurMom who saw his picture and re-arranged everything to quickly come visit him at the Farm! She just knew this sweet, good natured boy would fit her life.  Cal will get to meet clients as she works from home, sharing his big heart and sweet nature but he'll most of all, be her beloved canine buddy 24/7, enjoying a wonderful life with her wherever she goes.  Cal now lives in NY, clearly adored. 

CAL: A 5 year old Border Collie mix, Cal is a delightful little guy who is up for anything! He enjoys meeting new people and happily loves a great ball game, even entertaining himself. He's a sweet guy with a nice nature and even won over our vet instantly. Cal is good with other dogs and fine with cats. He is about 40 pounds.


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