Three month old RICA landed in temporary foster care about a week ago and in a wonderful twist of fate, she was then transported to GHF just when good friends of the Farm were here.  She traveled with adults who needed all our attention so what seemed like a harmless, "would you keep her busy and happy please?", turned into a lifetime of love! This gorgeous girl locked onto her new FurMom, clearly choosing her as her person.  The feeling was instantly mutual. Another aspect of this very special moment, became clear from a communication session with their 14 yr old beloved BC, Radar, when he revealed he was sending a puppy to them to keep their spirits joyful as he prepares to leave.  Even a skeptic observing how this unfolded over a few hours, would turn into a believer! These dogs find their people! Little Rica now known as Dee, for Destiny, is home and totally cherished.

A huge thank you to Erica who is working magic for puppies who need to get to GHF!

 Sweet, wonderful CULLEY found people who really ‘get him’ completely and are willing to keep that great mind stimulated while loving him!  He now has a BC buddy almost identical in mindset and even looks and they hit it off well enough to agree that taking turns playing ball would be possible!  Culley of course hopped up on the bed for his overnight with his new guardians and their hearts were completely captured. This perfect sweetheart full of tons of energy - just what they wanted! He’ll be playing plenty of frisbee, going for hikes and be one of their cherished pack. He now lives in CT.

CULLEY: A 9 month old Border Collie, Culley is an amazing athlete - he is all energy to go, go, go, a classic BC brain and body! Super focused on toys, it’s hard to find a moment where something isn’t in his mouth cause he’s ready to retrieve all the time. He is super smart, very very people oriented but also loves to play with the other young BC’s.... he would love a friend. Culley is also a fabulous cuddled, nestled up right against you when it’s finally time to stop playing or go to bed! He was crated very long periods so is not happy about a crate anymore and we would prefer a home not oriented to using one. He is totally fine in the house and really wants a close relationship with someone who understands his needs. Sweet and smart, the perfect combination however he is HIGH energy. Culley is about 30 pounds, a long-legged skinny boy, not yet tested on cats. The grandchild in the NJ home had allergies so Culley had to go.

 JJ found someone to make his life complete, a loving guardian who cherishes the 24/7 relationship of a great canine pal which is what JJ is!  He’ll be walking with her all the time and even enjoy play at the beach at Cape Cod, with other dogs  - quite a perfect life for this wonderful, friendly boy!  His new FurMom welled up with tears soon as she saw him, just ‘love at first sight’ she said, and ‘second’ and ‘third’!  JJ agreed, already focused totally on her!

JJ: A 13 year old Border Collie mix, JJ is one happy fellow, content to check out the Farm yard and hang with the other seniors. He is such a great, friendly, happy go lucky dog just one to enjoy his person and hang out! JJ is great with cats and could easily join other dogs in a multiple dog household. He’d also do fine as a solo dog accompanying his person wherever they go. JJ has a laid back personality combined with wonderful curiosity so he’s a joy to be around. He is about 50 pounds and was abandoned by his previous PA guardians, left with a dog sitter.

 Sweet ELLEY found a perfect life where she can be in the spotlight and totally adored, as a beloved friend to her new guardians. She’ll be with her FurMom 24/7, going wherever she goes even with daily trips around their Farm to take care of the sheep. We know Elley will find the jobs best suited to her along with loving her new life. She’ll join another GHF alum to have a BC pal, too.  She now lives in Rhode Island. 

ELLEY: A petite 10 year old Border Collie (maybe mix) Miss Elley as we now call her, is quite the lady. She’s a little girl with lots of charm, very very sweet. Happy go-lucky and curious, she’s enjoying the new freedom of the Farm Sanctuary and showing her spirit right away. Elley is clearly a thinker, observing everything step by step. She is good with other dogs and cats.  We’ll enjoy watching this wonderful girl blossom here. Elley is quite the herder so will do best with more submissive dogs who will tolerate that focus. She is hard of hearing so will need a hard fenced yard. Elley came from a rough situation, left in the basement, no light, no windows, crated 23 hours a day, unable to even stand because the crate was so small. Caring dog lovers stepped in to persuade the person to give her up. We are deeply grateful she is now in rescue and certain she will happily share her heart. A resilient girl, she still loves people. Elley is a bit hard of hearing so needs a fenced yard. She does hear a loud whistle, barking and other sounds but the less than perfect hearing, makes unfenced properties too risky.

JAZ is the leader, the catalyst for motion. You throw, she chases and that's what she loves the most. Focused, smart and attentive, she's got all the traits of a classic BC. Jaz is an incredible frisbee dog, turning mid-air to catch whatever is tossed her way. She loves to play and she also loves people, a very friendly high energy girl. A very responsive girl, she knows how to have fun!  She is good with cats but since Simon isn't, they will only go into a "no cats" home

SIMON is a thinker, paying attention to everything around him to decide whether it's ball time or not. A bit sensitive, he likes some reassurance before he joins in the action. But, he LOVES his ball and makes up games with Jaz as they both are toy dogs! He's happy to have attention and also happy to entertain himself. He is not good with cats.
 Today is a day of celebration for SIMON & JAZ who found their people!!!!  It’s been 2 1/2 years as we watched this very, very special pair play at the Farm and settle in, leaving us all to wonder exactly what they wanted to do - well, today, it was quite clear, they wanted to go home with their new FurMom and FurDad - these were the two people they had been waiting for!!  Former GHF adopters, they came after the loss of recent alum, Tyler, knowing their home was way too quiet. They’d had two GHF alums, Tyler & Sloane, as well as another beloved BC friend so after a bit of time in a dogless home, back to GHF they came.  And, it was an instant love affair with Jazz and her sweet, charming ways and Simon and his quirky personality - they both knew this duo was theirs!  

Clearly, a piece of destiny played out today, so heart-warming and touching to see…for the dogs and for the people who found their way to each other.  We are deeply grateful to have spent this much time with Simon & Jaz and know they will share themselves fully and happily.  Many, many people visited GHF and met this remarkable pair of dogs, learning exactly what makes this breed so spectacular.

Thank you Simon and thank you Jaz for being such wonderful ambassadors…now enjoy the hearts of your new people who already ‘get it’!!

SIMON and JAZ, both 7 yr old bc's.  They are absolutely terrific with people, very eager to say hello to anyone and everyone and they are great with other dogs. They were very well socialized and befriend everyone they meet. This fabulous pair are great friends, loving life, happy to share their charm and brilliance and joy of having fun, BC style! Both athletic and playful, they need an active guardian who adores this breed. 

 We are happy to share that GLENNA & FAE found a new life together where they will truly be cherished and never again, in harm’s way. Their new FurMom and Dad loved GHF alum KYE with such special care and wanted to help another in need just as they had for Kye. Glenna and Fae will now have all that wonderful love surrounding THEM now! Both camera shy, it’s easiest to share what happened once home:

“They have both been outside twice now and LOVE their new big yard!! They are very happy with "tails a wagging"!! They are dolls!! I love them very much and will post lots of pictures!! They both are cuddle bugs and love getting petted. They have been sniffing all around their new house and have decided that it is GRAND!! They say "thanks Aunt Lillie" for my new furever home and my new FurMom!! They are definitely "shadow" dogs, as they are two inches behind me at all times."

FAE, age 7 & GLENNA, age 10, are petite and sweet! These two girls are quite charming with Glenna always taking the lead. She is the brave one, happy to say hello and share her happy nature.  Fae tends to be a bit shy and needs time to accept new people so she feels most confident when Glenna is around.  Both are cuddles and love to sit on the couch by your side, quiet and happy. They are not toy dogs but instead, wonderful companions, following you wherever you go.  Happy, cheerful and funny, they are quite a wonderful pair.  They race over soon as they are called and just love to explore outside together. Both are between 35-40 pounds and good with cats.  They are both part of the awful living situation at Sprakers NY, left outside 24/7 with little human attention.  They think life has been grand for the past year and are ready for a new home!


 COLIN landed the right life for him with people who really understand the history of a sensitive, smart BC who needs more time, patience and love. They previously adopted a Texas BC from a large confiscation years ago (on the left) and love the breed (their original with Mom) so having Colin join their home was a natural to them! With hearts of gold and plenty of time to let him find his way, he quickly won their hearts!!  As his foster Mom said, it was as if Colin was ready to go and was so at ease with all of them, she knew it was ideal! He was choosing too!  And, ironically, a year ago today he had come to her for fostering! A happy day for Colin and his new family with a wonderful life ahead. He now lives in NJ, a long long long way from the horrible Sprakers life he had endured.

COLIN:  A 2 year old Border Collie, Colin is a very soft boy who so wants to trust this new world he’s encountering. He’s making great progress, step by step.  Colin learns best from the other dogs in his foster home, taking cues about how life works in a home so he'll need a canine friend for sure. He could easily join a multiple dog household. Colin has learned all about stairs and his yard and the fun of dog play but most importantly, he's starting to understand that humans are good. His FosterMom is working slowly,  to give him a sense that good things come from people like peanut butter stuffed kongs and nylabones and loving touch. Colin is so incredibly sweet and so wants to be brave so we know, with time, patience and the right person, plus all the help in his foster home will pay off for a new life.  He is going to do best in a calm, quiet home with loving people that understand his history and don't overwhelm him with too many expectations. He is good with cats.  Colin is about 40 pounds.  Colin came from the Sprakers NY confiscation where he and 45 other BC's were living outside 24/7 with little or no human contact. Colin will need a great deal of patience and time to adapt and will only be placed in an adult home, ideally with a young BC who is confident and happy to further pull him out and into play mode.

 Sweet, wonderful NICKE found a new life with former GHF adopters who realized they were ready to adopt again!  They saw Nicke on the site and felt so strongly that he was just the right one for them and in fact, they were right! Nicke adored them both and will be their constant companion, enjoying all the attention he so deserves. We’re thrilled for both Nicke and his new guardians!  

NICKE: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Nicke is a love-bug, absolutely focused on being with someone. He just loves being a friend to his person and is so easy to live with when you’re with him..a real joy.  Nicke is a gentle guy with a soft nature and will do best where he can be the focus of attention and share his heart.  Not super active, he likes toys and can easily settle by your side just as well. He is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. He was a stray in Pa and landed in a shelter that works with GHF.

  JUNO found the right guardians who truly understand the breed and could appreciate her thoughtful mind as well as sweet nature. She was exactly the friend they had hoped to find!  Not new to Border Collies, she won their hearts quickly with the wonderful traits common to this breed. Juno will be living right on the ocean in Maine and have a blast on all their acreage, exploring the great outdoors and hanging at home as her new FurMom’s constant companion.

JUNO: A 4 year old Border Collie, Juno is a gorgeous girl with a great mind. She thinks about everything and observes the activities around her, sorting out what everything means - very smart! She is very sweet and really wants to know who her person is but she is cautious at first so will need a patient person who understands how she moves through the world. Juno is a delightful girl, enjoys toys and enjoys finding her way, step by step. She is ok with other dogs but gets a bit overwhelmed at first so again, she needs time, rather than diving in to be every dog’s best bud.  Juno is good with cats and about 45 pounds.  She was given up due to a move and previously lived with two king charles cavaliers so will be best as a solo dog or again, with smaller dogs.

 LACEY quickly found the right guardians who wanted a more gentle, sweet female who can be their friend. She was exactly what they were looking for so lucky Lacey is now home!  We’re so happy for this girl to be where she belongs.

LACEY: A 4 1/2 year old Border Collie, Lacey is a very thoughtful, funny girl with lots of charm. She has a way of checking everything out, very carefully and then deciding, it’s all just grand! She gets pretty excited with her walks and exploring, clearly quite the perimeter girl! Classic in her BC mind, you can see Lacey’s thoughts pretty easily as she thinks her way through whatever is going on.  She loves attention and is quite affectionate. She also loves her toys, especially the squeaky ones but she’s not a maniac about constant play and is just as happy to hang with her person.  Lacey lived with elderly people so is used to a more calm lifestyle but is blossoming at the Farm with more exercise and stimulation.  She’ll be happiest in an adult home as the beloved companion to her person. She is not good with cats. Lacey is carrying some extra weight from the inactive nature of her previous home. She was relinquished to GHF because the other female Border Collie in the house was fighting with her and creating too much stress for all involved.

 Little PACE found exactly the right guardians who would not only adore him, they would help him with his reactive barking when he meets dogs! They understand how to shape behavior in positive ways, with treats and activities, and guide him to different decisions.  Living in the truck cab clearly created his over-reaction so now, with 24/7 time focused on him, that all can change. Pace won their hearts instantly and he and Molly were fast friends, the perfect blend together.  His new canine mentor can show him the big world while his FurMom and FurDad, guid him on how to think about everything.  He will be active, going everywhere they go - camping, backpacking, snow-shoeing, hiking, frisbee and beach walks!  They are so in love with their Molly, she attended their recent wedding as a major participant, never left out of something so important - and, now their heartfelt love for her will be shared with Pace!  Funny thing, too, Pace’s furDad is a serious running, so PACE is his permanent name!!

PACE: A 4 month old Border Collie, Pace is adorable, full of beans and ready to go, go, go! He’s classic in energy and focus, full of drive and super smart. Pace loves his toys and wants to play with someone who understands his mind, challenging him.  He needs a BC savvy home, ready to engage him in activities mentally, physically and emotionally.  A pretty fearless boy, he’s got a strong interest in the big world and wants to jump in completely!  Pace is typical in size for his age and very athletic.  He is meeting other Border Collies and boldly involved, wanting to play.  He was surrendered to the Farm from a NY guardian who realized he could not meet his energy needs since he was a truck driver.  Pace traveled in his cab, keeping him company but needed a much more active life.

 ELSA & FENN are now friends for life, living in the same town, going to the same agility events and with guardians who know each other well!  Our former GHF adopter read about Elsa and knew she’d be perfect for her son who was ready to add a new agility friend. Elsa joins a big pack of sport dogs who trav                          el in their RV for events as well as fun family activities.   She is also the trainer to her student who wanted a BC to add to her life so they traveled together to meet them both, guiding her decision to adopt Fenn! So, home this duo went!  They’ll be playing and learning and having a blast amidst lots of other dogs and people who really love the breed! The irony is they traveled FROM NJ to meet them at the Farm when it turns out they were IN NJ originally to begin with! Sometimes, the matchmaking happens right where it’s meant to be, an unfolding journey to find the dogs that find you

ELSA: At 3 months old, Elsa is one confident, smart, focused girl. She has a mind of her own and knows what is of interest to her – toys! Elsa is a very curious girl who needs a job!  She is quite the thinker, smart as can be and showing classic female BC traits!  Of course she loves people and settles in beautifully by your side when things are calm. She’s an incredible combination of brains, beauty and energy, best for a seasoned Border Collie home.  Elsa is a leader already so will not be placed with another female BC since they often quarrel as they mature.  She’ll do great with a male BC who wants a friend and a boss!  She is about 15 pounds, normal in size for her age. She already does well with adult dogs. Elsa is a beautiful purebred sable Border Collie  - (click here for color info)

FENN: A 4 month old Border Collie, Fenn is wonderful. He is good-natured, playful, smart and focused. A very people oriented pup, he is eager to be in relatioship and ready to learn. He’s confident and energetic, very toy oriented.  Fenn is also a big cuddler,  loving all the attention he can get. He’s fine with his canine buddies and joins in with adult dogs easily. He will only be placed with another canine friend since he needs an outlet for his energy and clearly loves other dogs.  He is about 20 pounds and typical in size for his age.

 JASPER: 4 month old male. Jasper loves to wrestle and play with toys as well as other dogs; he is people oriented too, quite a cuddler but showing some real mind/body coordination to herd the action. 

ZANE: A 13 week old Border Collie mix, Zane is a smart little guy who loves to observe everything, learning super fast. He has joined in the games with the adult dogs and quickly fit right in.  A huge cuddler, he is so curious about everything and loves to play, play, play.  He’s not high energy since he’s a mix, so would be a wonderful companion.  Pretty small for his age, we expect he’ll be a bit petite once full grown. Zane is a happy, good natured guy who would love a canine friend as well as someone who adores his wonderful personality


 RIGBY: A 3 year old Border Collie found his new life thanks to one of our adopters who was temporarily fostering him for GHF. She fosters many BC’s for us and spent some time with her parents who wanted to meet the new dog..well, he won their hearts instantly. Easy going, fun and playful, Rigby slid into their lives like it was destiny.  He previously lived in a home where his emotional needs were not being met so he was continually having accidents in the house, even at this mature age. Nothing medical was the cause so rehoming him became the answer which it truly was…all the issues are gone. Rigby is clearly a happy guy now

 Wonderful WYNN came to GHF as a young pup and now left us a bit more mature! At 7 months old, he’s landed the right home, a generational family who has always had Border Collies and loves their drive, intelligence and focus, all of which describes Wynn. His new guardians will be focused totally on him and then pretty much every day, he gets a BC break for tons of action with GHF alums, Beau & Blazer, as they go hiking in the country acreage in his new home in Massachusetts. And, the fun continues when he’ll travel to their other home in Vermont where hundreds of acres are their backyard for action. Lastly, Wynn clearly won the best home cause he’ll visit a third family spot at the beach house, where catching waves Border Collie style is the grand challenge! We know Wynn will be completely adored, totally understood and have plenty of challenges ahead, all of which he so richly deserves. Wynn became ill at GHF and survived, happily landing a life custom made for him! This active, busy boy is now home, forever! Wynn WON!!!

 GENIE darted in front of a truck and changed her life completely, finding someone totally adoring and devoted to her, in all ways. Her foster Mom has fallen in love, no surprise to any of us who also fell in love meeting this girl, instantly.  Genie has quite a charming nature and clearly, an angel on her shoulder, too! So, Genie has found a new journey and we, at GHF, are all glad we could be part of this!  Congrats to her new FurMom and this lovely little Border Collie! Her recovery is right on track, body, mind and heart!

 SKYE found the person who is hers, for now, forever…with the new change in her life, needing a new home, turns out one of our Friends of the Farm was nearby and able to go pick her up. Well, once they met, they were a bonded pair. And, then when Skye’s health took an unexpected turn, needing surgery, her Foster Mom knew if she survived, she had to stay with her. And, lo and behold, Miss Skye decided that her new life was worth living for so she’s now landed with her new FurMom and she’s recovering well from surgery!  Way to go Skye…such a loving girl with so much to give!

SKYE: A petite 12 year old border collie with ABCA papers, Skye is an affectionate little lady who dearly loves a good belly rub. Always eager, she does not hesitate to offer hers up, cheerfully bestowing kisses in return. She is inquisitive, smart and focused, a thinking girl who observes everything around her. She’s fascinated by her foster Mom’s birds of course!! Young in attitude and energy, she enjoys interactions with dogs and people and is even good with cats. She is happy to engage you in a talkative game of fetch or tug - though short tosses are best. Skye is a sweetheart, quickly capturing your attention and your heart with her steady nature. A charming car companion, she sits up primly watching the road ahead, interested in everything. Indoors, she is a gentle, loving soul, who curls up close beside you, wanting and offering a close connection. Coming from a busy, multi-dog household, Skye's previous owners surrendered her to the farm because she was bullied by a larger dog and demands on their time meant she was getting less time and attention than they felt she deserved. She's carrying a little extra weight, but that will come off quickly with the activity she is now getting.

 TUCKER found a loving home with a FurMom who will be with him pretty much 24/7 as his hiking companion as well as teaching him agility and other BC activities. His new guardians understand the breed having always had Border Collies in their lives so Tucker caught their eye as the perfect fit for their family. He quickly showed off his brilliance, sweet nature and loving ways so it only took minutes to know he was heading home with them! He now lives in Ct with 7 acres to call his own and more importantly, lots of love!

TUCKER: An 8 month old Border Collie, Tucker is a real character! Not only does he have multi-directional ears that show his personality, he has the most curious nature - into everything with a zest for life. Tucker makes everyone laugh with his outgoing nature, happy to meet anyone and go anywhere.  He is very high energy and eager to jump into play with another BC, instantly!  He’s also sweet as can be and loves to cuddle but like any young BC, he goes a hundred miles an hour!  A super athlete, he is a toy maniac and enjoys anything that comes his way! Tucker was loved in his former home but the person had no understanding of the breed so he will do best with a BC savvy guardian who knows how to shape his mind and challenge him. Tucker is about 45 pounds good with cats.

 Marvelous MICK found a new life upon return from his physical therapy work, just in time for St. Paddy’s day!  As his foster Mom said, it’s perfect since he’s got an Irish name to celebrate tomorrow in a big way!  Mick will join GHF alum, Jaffy, for a cool life on a 15 acre farm where he can be with her 24/7, even visiting the barn where her horse lives. Mick will be the best BC diplomat, meeting all the visitors at the farm and enjoying the spotlight.  His new FurMom had been watching his story since arrival last year and knew soon as he was available, she wanted to come for him, which is exactly what she did! We’re just thrilled for him to have such an exciting new start!

MICK: A 12 year old Border Collie, Mick is one of the all-time favorite seniors at GHF! --the coolest character, full of spunk and so much personality! He is also the sweetest boy, loving every single person that crosses his path.  He is really enjoying hanging with so many other BC’s and fits in great with them all, exploring, and making up herding games. Mick spent a couple months of physical therapy at Thera-vet, which improved his gait, using an underwater treadmill and stretching sessions.  He’s on pain meds, too so together, he’s set to go, mobile and moving pretty close to normal.  So it’s time for Mick to find his person! His spirit is remarkable, quite the therapy dog, with an open heart to share and heal and help people. 

Mick came to GHF due to the kindness of a social service worker who helps the homeless in PA.  When Mick’s person had to leave the streets due to cold weather, Mick had nowhere to go.  We are deeply grateful that she reached out to rescue to give this boy safe haven.  Mick was clearly loved by his person. We’ve learned over the years that often the homeless are very connected to their animals, so the dogs feel great purpose and are well balanced having been such a trusted heartfelt friend and often, only friend.   All his health diagnostics are great so Mick is free to find his new person and new journey!

 Little ZANE had patiently waited to meet the family that wanted him.. they spoke with us at GHF and we knew they were exactly the right place but it took awhile to coordinate a visit since they were in Massachusetts and he was in Pittsburgh PA.  So, we worked some magic and they met halfway and as they say, the rest is history…they adore him!  His Foster Mom had a strong feeling that this was where he was supposed to be so when it all worked out, everyone was thrilled! Zane will be the center of attention, their total focus in the family, happy now to add a canine friend to their lives!

 CHASE found the right home with a canine buddy who likes to play as much as he does!  His new guardians understand that he needs time, step by step, to continue building his confidence and are happy to help do that.  They were looking to help a rescue dog grow into being their beloved friend as well as help provide a better life. Chase won their hearts quickly and they knew he was the one they had been searching for!  He now lives in PA 

CHASE: A 1 year old Border Collie/Aussie, Chase is a smart, curious boy who, once he has a chance to get to know you, is an absolute love, super affectionate and easy going. He loves playing herding games, running and wrestling, but likes to snuggle with another dog or his person when things quiet down. He is less intense then the average BC, enjoying an occasional game of ball but he's just as likely to be found at his foster moms feet in her home office. Chase came to the Farm from a divorce situation after spending the first part of his short life, crated while his family was away 10-12 hours a day. He didn't have the opportunity to meet people outside of his immediate family or visit new places and experience life, so it takes him time to warm up to people he doesn't know. He will now sit or lay down for treats from new people but he is hesitant when someone he doesn't know reaches for him or tries to pet him too quickly.  He is a quick learner and will engage with a seasoned person who understands how to connect with a smart, sensitive guy through positive reinforcement without pushing him further then he is ready to go. Chase has come a long way but he will continue to need an experienced advocate that he can trust to keep him safe, help guide him in new situations and build on his experience meeting new people. He is about 35 pounds and good with dog savvy cats.  Chase is being fostered in eastern PA and we’d like for adopters to meet him in the foster setting.  

 TYE found the right guardians who truly understand the breed and love their maniacal focus on toys, action and anything fun. They just loved Tye’s friendly nature and cuddly ways but were thrilled to see how well he clicked with their girl, Maeve. Former GHF adopters, they wanted to return to GHF to find her another great canine friend.  Tye will be chasing the waves on 3 miles of beach near their home and enjoy plenty of hikes and runs in the countryside of their property in Maine.  Their second long trip to adopt proved to be as wonderful a fit as the first!

TYE: A 4 year old Border Collie, Tye is a great guy who really craves being with his person, by your side for whatever activity.  He is super smart, sensitive and very observant, quite typical for a young dog.  Tye’s favorite activity is sitting near his person for attention, such a cuddler. Then, he’s ready to spring into action, grab a toy and go. He’s fast, agile and very physically coordinated.  He would enjoy an outlet like agility or hiking where he could really move! Tye is enjoying all the freedom of running off-leash at the Farm since he was previously tethered to a line when outside. Tye is a sweetheart with a great temperament and would do best with a BC savvy person to help him fulfill his potential. He likes other dogs and wants to play but could also be a solo dog.  He is about 40 pounds, average size for the breed, and is good with dog savvy cats.

CHIP: A 12 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Chip is all about the ball and will race and chase til he drops! He loves action, a classic BC!  Chip is smart as they come and as sweet as can be and focused to work that ball!  He's an adorable guy with tons of personality, smart as a whip.  Chip is friends with everyone he meets and has no worries about new situations or anything thrown his way - he rolls with it all, just like the ball! Chip will do best in a rural setting far from traffic and chaos. He is a doll to be around and really full of personality - fast to learn, eager to act and loving everyone. Chip's previous VA guardians felt it was best to find him a life that suited him better. He is about 50 pounds and is not good with cats
 Marvelous, brilliant CHIP landed a home he’d been waiting for, for a long time! Three years exactly, almost to the day. We chuckled watching Chip with three of his own girls, one by one going down the line to bring them the ball and wait for a catch and repeat the order over and over. (see the video) Three years.. three girls.. three balls over and over, that adds up to be worth waiting for!! Chip will be an adored family member, accompanying his new FurDad while he works as well as hanging with the girls for play!  They had been so excited to meet Chip, and just Chip so when they came together - it was wonderful to see!  Chip was thrilled with the opportunity to play with so many enthusiastic throwers and the girls were beyond thrilled to have a new buddy!  Chip’s new FurDad loves the breed and wanted to help a senior who was active, energetic and in need of a great life rather than simply buy a puppy.  It was inspiring to see an adopter make a choice like this, to teach his children about rescue and open their hearts to a spectacular dog in need. Chip has landed perfectly.  A little camera shy, the video tells it all!

One thing about CHIP is he loves kids and participated in the inner city kids camp at GHF, Camp Border Collie for Kids. He helped many children without anything, living in violence and truly in harm’s way..
Chip gave them his heart and they cherished their time with him. It’s only fitting he now has children to share his heart with again.

JESSIE happily claimed his new huge bed! Lucky boy, his new guardians kindly send these fabulous dog beds to seniors at the Farmhouse, a wonderful way to give them something special! Jessie agrees!

 Sweet JESSIE landed beautifully with former GHF adopters who were looking to add an easy-going boy who needed a kind life of reassurance and love. Exactly what Jessie needs plus GHF alum Bridget will give him lots to do since Jessie likes to hang with the BC girls who are action oriented! Jessie will be an adored companion to his new FurMom and FurDad who have huge hearts to help rescue dogs. We’re thrilled for him. He now lives in Massachusetts.

JESSIE: An 8 year old Border Collie mix, Jessie is one of the sweetest guys ever to land at GHF. He is gentle, innocent and loving, a true companion nature. He loves other dogs and is really enjoying being part of the fun here though he’s best with easy going dogs since that’s how he is…a cuddler with the nature to explore. He loves the fields and checking out everything in nature plus he loves having a canine pal to join him. He is hanging with Corky and Pepper and thinks they are just the best buds to have so they lead the way for adventure. Jessie’s hearing isn’t perfect so he needs a fenced yard. He’s not a toy dog, rather happy to have his freedom to be a happy dog. Jessie is an average size BC, about 40 pounds but he spent a lifetime outside on a chain attached to a dog house, so his coat is an ‘outdoor’ coat, making him appear much bigger.  This good natured boy landed in a PA shelter that thankfully works with GHF and he now has a chance a great life.  He is good with cats.

 Adorable CECIE landed a great life on a 45 acre horse farm where she’ll be the constant companion to her FurMom! Her new BC Buddy, Hawkeye, gave his vote of approval to having a friend to enjoy the action with him.  It was obvious to see that these two would pair up quickly and have a blast! Cecie’s new guardians had been patiently waiting for a pup to land at GHF so when she did, they came right away.




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