GLEN spent 7 months at GHF and just in time for the New Year, he found the people who would love living with him as their canine pal and also understand his worries if and when they pop up - we’re thrilled for him! Glen had an awful history with in abusive alcoholic home so needed guardians who would understand that it would take more time to heal that chaos and fear from feeling unsafe. Glen did an incredible job of healing while at GHF, and trusting a great life of love and fun. Now, he’ll take that new foundation with him and blossom even more in the hands of his new loving guardians. They came to help a dog who really needed them and it was Glen who pulled at their heartstrings. He’ll be with FurMom 24/7 on 17 acres to all his very own!!

GLEN: A petite 2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Glen is a gorgeous guy with tons of energy! He loves to play with toys, super focused and fast, quite an athlete - he is VERY BC in his nature. Glen would be thrilled to have a person to call his own, where he could accompany them wherever they go. He settles easily once the work/play has stopped and loves to cuddle. He also loves to swim! Glen enjoys other dogs but seems happiest as a solo dog since he wants to enjoy such intense toy attention. Glen has an interest in the motion of traffic so will need a more rural setting and fenced yard. He is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.


                     Pup SEAMUS found a great new life at 4 months old where he’s joined a pack of canines he loves, including a GHF alum. He went to foster care and he’s never leaving, just winning their hearts with his sweet, smart nature! Thanks to a very kind neighbor, Seamus was pulled out of a rough situation where he was alone tied outside all day with no proper care. That’s not the case anymore! He will be cherished and adored!!

                           Little LOTTI, now LEXI will have lots and lots of love! Soon as her new family met her, it was as if nothing else existed for them but this lovely little girl..she was their full focus and it was pure love for all involved. She’ll be with them as their constant companion, going to work with her FurMom and cuddling with her new best friend, their daughter who patiently waited for this rescue pup to arrive! Lotti/Lexi is set forever now in just the right place, exactly what this special pup deserved!!

LOTTI: A 5 month old Border Collie, little Lotti is a love-bug, really soft and sweet and loving attention from her person. She likes to play but she is not overly intense, more of a good natured companion girl who would love to go wherever you go. She is an adorable combination of intelligence and sweetness. Lotti is good with other dogs but best with dogs who do not over-control her. She is 20 pounds and good with cats.

                        Lovely little BELLA will have plenty of fun on 110 acres to call her own but more importantly, she’ll have tons of love, too. Her new guardians were smitten the minute they saw her and couldn’t wait to enjoy a life with this playful girl. She shared her Bella charm and off she went to a new life. She’ll be with her FurDad 24/7, going everywhere he goes as well as hiking with her new FurMom who has been waiting for an athletic canine pal!

BELLA: A petite 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Bella is a live wire, just an adorable sweetheart full of spunk and ready to GO! She loves toys of any kind and will happily race around, playing non-stop if you want to join in. Otherwise, she’ll make up her own games, entertaining herself. She is a friendly, loving girl who thrives on attention. Bella is a classic BC in her focus and interest in having ‘work’ so she’ll need a savvy BC guardian who knows how to keep her happy. She settles nicely inside and loves being with people but she loves being busy just as much. Since Bella is a big time herder of dogs, we’d like her to live as a solo dog which makes her happiest and it’s easier on other dogs. She lived in one home since a pup, originally coming from a Farm. She is good with cats and about 30 pounds.

                       Sweet, wonderful SAM found a new life with a loving guardian who will be with him 24/7 and accompany her as she walks the preservation land trails as part of her volunteer efforts. Sam will love that! Soon as they met, she had a special toy just for him and seeing him so excited, made her thrilled! He was exactly the dog she wanted to join her life. They’ll be hanging together with him curled up on the couch after long walks…what could be better

SAM: A 5 year old Border Collie, Sam is a cool guy, happy as can be and the most good-natured guy to land at GHF in quite awhile! He is super friendly, sweet and loves everyone he meets, literally everyone. We don’t think Sam has ever met a stranger, as the saying goes! He is a moderate energy guy, happy to play some ball games and happy to cuddle on the couch. Sam was a stray in a NJ shelter which thankfully reached out to GHF to help. We’re happy to help Sam return to good health and even more happiness. He is about 40 pounds and good with dog savvy cats since he is curious but no interest in harming them.  from his foster mom: As Sam's foster mom I can honestly say he has been the easiest boy ! He just loves life ! He will follow you around to check out what your doing or just hang out sleeping In His bed he loves car rides, walks and playing ball and he is definitely full of kisses . He likes other dogs too but is very happy to be with his person. He is gonna make someone a very special addition to their family !

 Happy New Year and happy new life to Roo!!! She’s now going to be the constant companion to her new FurDad who had been patiently waiting to adopt another GHF rescue dog! He wanted a friendly, good natured, easy going Border Collie to join him again after the loss of GHF alum, Max so when he got the call about Roo, he quickly came to meet her. Within minutes of seeing this sweet girl, he was ready to go home, with her!!! He and his daughter headed out on New Year’s Day to celebrate his new friendship! Roo quickly agreed he was the best!

ROO: An 8 year old Border Collie, Roo is a lovely girl with a super sweet nature, really happy to say hello with a gentle greeting. She is also quite the toy girl, really loving those squeaky toys, acting like a young pup! Roo is a smart, focused, observant girl who would be thrilled to be with her person wherever they go. Her easy going nature is a pleasure to enjoy. She is best with dog savvy cats since she will chase them, not hurt them though. Roo is a bit overweight but will knock that off with more exercise here at GHF. She was surrendered to GHF from a dog lover that knows the Farm could help find her a home with more time for her.

               KYLE found his new home in a very interesting way. One of our previous adopters visited various dogs with her grand-daughter and it was Kyle who sparked a special connection at the Farm. A month later, he was in need of a foster home to help with some of his emotional worries and they met again. But, it was when the same grand-daughter came to visit at their home a week later, that it all clicked… Kyle had already found his home and those two clearly knew it! Just took a bit of time for all the pieces to come together and now this boy is set for life. He joins three GHF alums for a life of BC fun and most importantly, a reunion that was meant to be!

KYLE: A 6 month old Border Collie, Kyle is a stunning boy with a great mind and plenty of energy, too. He is eager to learn and will only be placed with a BC savvy guardian who will engage in activities with him. He so wants a human connection, loving to be right by your side. He is a super cuddly guy too, quite affectionate and good natured. He comes from working parents who chase geese but Kyle was passed to GHF when the breeder felt there wasn’t enough time to teach him with winter coming. He is extremely sweet and blossoming here at GHF where he’s getting much more attention. We’ll update his bio as he develops. Kyle is about 30 pounds and not good with cats. He and his brother, Tighe, were both surrendered to GHF.

 Sweet SYBBIE found exactly the right situation for her to blossom further, with former GHF adopters who have a sensitivity to the gentle soul that she is and will help her flourish. She will be their companion 24/7, going everywhere they go, including to Georgia for a beach time break from the cold NY winter! Sybbie will be on the ocean playing there and at home, enjoy a great country home, complete with a pond which she loves! We’re so happy this lovely girl found such wonderful guardians to adore her.

SYBBIE: : A petite 1 yr old Border Collie, Sybbie is absolutely stunning in person and is not only gorgeous, she’s so, so sweet. A gentle soul, she is a classic ‘soft’ BC who needs to understand what’s going on around her before she jumps in. When she does jump in, it’s right into your lap for tons of kisses. Sybbie is very smart and also a big toy girl. She loves balls of any kind, especially playing soccer and is quite a good frisbee girl too. She’s fast, focused and full of energy to play! Sybbie is also a great hiking friend and loves to swim, quite the athlete. She will only be placed in a BC savvy home with another male Border Collie who is on the submissive side. Sybbie is fine with cats and about 35 pounds. She was relinquished directly to GHF from guardians in Maine who felt she deserved a life more oriented to her BC nature. They took her as a pup from an inappropriate home. Sybbie is used to rural living so we want to find a more rural setting for her again.

 PANDA found exactly the right person who would understand her sensitive nature as well as her fun, active side. She watched this gentle girl come to life outside with the ball and then cuddle inside with her, hoping she would be her new person which she is! Panda is going to be her constant companion and beloved friend. We’re thrilled for both of them to find each other.

PANDA: A 6 year old Border Collie, Panda is a sweet girl who really craves a relationship with her person and bonds quickly to someone once she knows them. She’s a ball girl who loves a good game but also loves to hang with you, side by side. Panda lived in one home since a pup so is a little confused by all the changes due to a divorce, now leading to rescue. A smart, observant girl, she’ll figure it out and settle in best once she’s back in a home again. Panda does best as a solo dog since she’s got some of the controlling female BC traits. She is about 50 pounds and good with cats. Her exercise levels will be better here at the Farm since she had been left alone 12 hours a day with all the changes which is why she was relinquished.

 Little JEB won the heart of his new FurMom, a former GHF adopter, within seconds of holding him in her arms! His lovely nature is so obvious soon as he meets a person and he is exactly what she had been waiting to find - a heart worker! Jeb, now Wink, will be trained as a therapy dog with children and adults in need, just like his new caninepal, Bodhi. He may even get a chance to work in cancer and diabetes detection, an evolving field where Border Collies are working. This pup is one special sweetheart, like an old soul in a puppy body, happy to lay in your arms and connect deeply with you, so we know he’s going to work his magic to heal many hearts ahead.

JEB, A curious, confident and athletic boy, he loves his toys and loves to explore! He’s very outgoing.

 Little JOC, the ‘old soul’ youngster found a loving couple who wanted a pup just like this..sweet, people focused and off he’s gone to be their 24/7 canine pal along with his new mentor friend, Izzy. Joc will get tons of attention, even going to work with his FurDad as well as plenty of hikes and toy play, exactly what any BC needs, even a low-key one! They knew instantly his lovely nature would create a lifetime of heartfelt connection.

JOC, playful and happy to explore, he happily loves to be connected right by you, a bit softer pup in his nature.

                  SAM found a great new life with former adopters and GHF alum, Jodi, who is a play girl just like he is a play boy! The two of them mixed it up like puppies, chasing and racing and having a blast. His new guardians overnighted having time fall in love even more with this sweet boy and happily headed out to have more fun! Sam will have plenty of time on the beach since he now lives near the water! We can’t wait to see the pictures! Miss Jodi loves those waves and we know Sam will, too!

SAM: A 10 month old Border Collie, Sam is full of spunk and fun, loving life! He is a chaser and racer and quite a player with another BC so would be happiest with a pal. He also loves people and is a very affectionate guy, happy to cuddle and be with you. Sam is friendly, no one is a stranger to him, just a big hello and let’s go! He is a high energy boy and will need an outlet with a friend and and active, engaged guardians. Sam lived on a dairy farm but was never trained to work so he’s clearly all about having fun which is just fine. His guardians had no time to train him so he was tied out, living outside. Sam is happy to be inside, curled up on your lap now! He is not yet tested on cats.

               COOPER found exactly the right guardians who will focus on him 24/7, with a toss of the ball as well as a huge hug, adoring him for all his brilliance and sweetness, alike! He spent the night with them before heading home to Canada where he’ll be center stage as the most special guy around which he so deserves. We’re just thrilled for Cooper to have this special time with people who can cherish him. He is one wonderful Border Collie!

COOPER: An 11 year old Border Collie, Cooper is one of the nicest guys around - he loves everyone and he loves his ball! An active, athletic guy, he’d love to play ball forever since in his mind, he’s no senior! Once the ball is away, he’s an easy going boy, loves attention and thinks everyone is his friend! Truly everyone! This sweetheart fits in easily wherever he goes and is used to living with another BC. He came to GHF with Emma, age 7, both given up due to a divorce and move from the country to an apartment. While they’ve lived together for seven years, Emma gives him quite a hard time every time he goes for his ball, so we’d like to give Cooper a break with a new life where he’s not being bossed around. He is good with cats and about 50 pounds.

 LOUIE landed the right guardians who would cherish him for his fabulous nature and enjoy the challenge of guiding him through life, no matter what obstacles arise. This wonderful boy has all the drive to play and learn and explore and now will have someone 24/7 to do this with him. He’ll have 33 acres to enjoy and be the center of attention, along with a FurDad who joins in the fun, too. Louie lept on the couch for hugging before heading out to his new forever home! A very huge thanks to Judy and Gary Eckenrode who gave their hearts fostering Louie, to help him be ready for this very special moment.

LOUIE: A 1 year old Border Collie, Louie is amazing. He’s outgoing, loves attention and connects quickly with people. While he has sight limitations, watching him play ball and navigate around outside is inspiring.. he’s fearless and joyful! And, we’re pretty sure he can see shapes since he doesn't’ bump into anything at all. He learns quickly and loves his toys, a classic Border Collie player. Louie is great with everyone he meets as well as cats. He loves to race and chase with other dogs but we’d like to give him a life where he is the full focus of his person rather than with other dogs. Louie is 40 pounds, has been evaluated at Cornell ophthalmology and surgery is not likely to yield any change. He was born with ocular anomalies.

 WYNN won the hearts of his new guardians after they met a few of the rescue dogs, having a hard time deciding exactly who was to be their new beloved friend. Wynn’s outgoing, classic BC traits led them to spend more time with him and just as they were thinking of another of the dogs who was super cuddly (Wynn wasn’t cause he’s a toy boy!), he literally jumped right into his new FurDad’s lap, leaning heavily against him settled as if he’d heard their concerns. Then, went right over to his new FurMom and did the exact same thing! They knew in that moment, that all three were clearly in sync and this was the boy to head home to Maine with them. After coming a long day’s drive, they overnighted with Wynn and headed out to their new journey together. He’ll be playing along the beach right outside his back door and be their constant companion which he will surely love!

WYNN: A 1 year old Border Collie, Wynn is a handsome guy and certainly athletic, too. He’s a huge toy dog, happy to chase and return anything tossed his way, non-stop if you let him! Wynn has plenty of energy but does settle nicely inside once he’s been busy enough all day. He is happiest with a BC buddy and since he has some worries about new situations, he really needs a mentor pal to lead the way. He just loves playing with the young BC’s at the Farm. Wynn is a loving boy who is eager to please and a bit sensitive so we’d like to give him a less chaotic household. He will only be adopted to BC savvy guardians. Wynn is good with cats and is 45 pounds. He was found by a dog lover who spotted him loose on a NY road and thankfully helped him find safety. And, yes, his ears are floppy when he’s ball focused, that directional ear that some busy BC’s have!

 Sweet EMMA found a new FurMom who will adore her for all the wonderful sweetness she has to offer plus all the brilliance of that great mind of hers! She’s hoping that Emma will enjoy therapy dog training which they can pursue together and wants to give her a chance at agility, too. We’re pretty sure Emma would love both but feel excited that she might share that loving heart of hers with others who need her ‘cause she sure loves people! Emma happily headed off to a new life where she’ll be center stage!!

EMMA: a petite 7 year old Border Collie, Emma is a gorgeous girl with a great personality, super friendly and super fun! She has plenty of energy for lots of play, in fact meeting her you would think she’s about 4 years old, a drivey go, go, go girl. However, she settles in beautifully inside, right next to you for tons of cuddling, happy as can be so she’s got that wonderful ‘off’ switch that makes living with a BC, so much easier. Smart, focused and a real spitfire, Emma is a great, joyful, good natured girl.  She lived with 11 yr old Cooper but lost her home due to a divorce and move to an apartment. She is good with cats and about 35 pounds. She is a classic in-charge female BC so best with submissive males or as a solo dog.  

 A lovely high energy, 1 yr old, named ADELE popped up on the internet needing a new home so we reached out to offer help and now, Adele has a new life! Her new name is Addie, joining a GHF alum, Breeze, and another canine pal, Killian, who has been a GHF camper for a long time. This ironic twist of fate started with plans for a few overnights awaiting a transport and as the story goes, she never left!! We’re thrilled for her new guardians who instantly saw the perfect match: "These girls act like they've been together forever. I knew I couldn't separate them!” A special thanks to GHF adopter, Jim Geiser.


                     Sweet, wonderful FINN now has a life with loving guardians who adore the breed as he joins a GHF alum, Jemma, for tons of BC fun! Within minutes of ball play, it was clear that Finn, now Jax was going to fit great, almost as fast and as focused as his new canine pal. Both sweet dogs, they were a natural paired together and will bring lots of laughter and fun to their FurMom and FurDad who are on their 3rd GHF rescue! They were thrilled to have another great dog!!

FINN: An 8 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Finn is a great boy, really good natured. He has a ton of energy to race and chase and loves to retrieve, happily playing with anyone who will toss a toy his way. He also loves other dogs and clearly would love a young friend to make up herding games. Finn is a soft dog so best with easy going dogs who don’t over-control him. Curious, smart and good natured, Finn will easily be a great companion. A PA dog lover stepped in to get him out of a bad situation where he was being tied outside, no shelter, food or water. Clearly, she did a great thing for this lucky boy who will now have the life he so deserves! He is about 35 pounds and not good with cats.

 Little JUD waited to find the perfect fit and it was well worth it - not only did he match just right with his new canine pal, Izzy, his new FurMom and FurDad understand the BC brain and energy so he’ll have plenty to do! Jud will get a chance to try herding as well as other fun canine activities like rally, obedience and agility….all in all, the ideal spot for this busy boy! We know his life would unfold beautifully, step by step.

JUD: A 9 week old Border Collie, little Jud is the sweetest guy and full of spunk and curiosity for everything! He loves toys, he loves dogs and he loves people, just the best nature for a pup!  He really would be happy with a young canine pal so we would prefer he have a friend.  He’s a focused guy so could also tackle anything like agility or frisbee, very coordinated and agile.  He is about 10 pounds. He and his brothers came from an Amish dairy farm and now, he’s the last waiting for his new life to start!

             Sweet MAREN landed a wonderful life with her new FurMom and Grandmom where she’ll be the center of attention 24/7. They are both home most of the time so she’ll get to enjoy plenty of fun activities including trail walks and ocean walks along the beach plus tons of cuddling. This gentle pup fits exactly the canine pal they wanted to add to their lives and we are sure Maren will blossom beautifully. She now lives in Maine.

MAREN: An 11 week old Border Collie, Maren is a confident, happy girl who landed at GHF and easily adjusted to enjoy another canine pal as well as exploring the new world around her. This happy, good natured girl is super sweet and will be fun to watch as she unfolds. Her first arrival clearly showed us all just how wonderful she is - we’ll update her bio as we see her focus and drive unfold. She is average in size for her age and came to us from Pennsylvania.

    Little TY landed a life with a family experienced in herding dogs and so thrilled to have another! They had been patiently waiting for many months for just the right pup to fit their two other dogs, missing that herding mind. Ty will be the center of attention, and have some long hikes at the golf course that abutts their home, a perfect place for frisbee too. Ty now lives in Massachusetts

TY, 7 weeks old and as adorable in person as you can imagine. Both are very observant, thoughtful dogs not for adopters inexperienced with herding dogs.  They were part of an accidental litter, mother a purebred BC. While we were told the father was a BC, we’re pretty sure they are bc/cattle dog mixes based on looks and temperament. Before considering these pups, please be sure you read about cattle dogs and understand their intensity.

      Little RIKA found her new life with former GHF adopters who have a great canine pack who will be friends to this little girl, for life!  Rika will be trying agility and freestyle and rally obedience courses - pretty much all the cool stuff that herding dogs love! She won their hearts within the day she was posted on the site and in about 48 hours, Rika, now Blue was going home to Canada!!!!  We hope to see the whole family vacationing again at GHF!

       As we expected, ARCHIE turned some heads upon arrival and within days, he found his new life! Former GHF adopters had been patiently waiting for a mix pup to land at GHF and came right over to meet this little guy. Of course, they fell in love just like everyone else who met him along the way to the Farm. So, Archie will be the adored friend of his new family, have a canine pal, alum Griff, for lots of play and surely, tons of love!

ARCHIE: A 7 month old mini-Aussie mix, (supposedly Border Collie too), Archie is a sweet guy who so loves his person. Like many smaller herding dogs, he blossoms when everything makes sense and then, he really shows his lively, fun nature, wanting to be right by your side. Archie is little lap dog, only 20 pounds and loves to spring off the ground, his whole body straight up to you! He’s a sensitive guy so will do well with someone who understands his nature since many mini-aussies are a bit worried at times. He is smart, cute and sweet as can be and so far, showing no interest in toys but that could change with some help. He loves being with other dogs and makes canine friends easily! Archie was living in an apartment with people who had no clue what he needed so we’re glad to have him at GHF.

 RENO & MILEY found new guardians who fell in love instantly and knew these two were exactly what they had been waiting for! They have a wonderful property near to a beach and plan on long excursions for waterside fun as well as lots of activities like frisbee! Plus their country location means lots of off leash hikes, too! They wanted a pair of canine pals to join in all they do once their lives settled into a rhythm right for dogs. We know this pair will love all this fun and shower their FurMom and FurDad with lots of love.

RENO, age 2 & MILEY, age 1 are two pals that love life, together! They’ve worked out a great relationship with Reno as the lead dog and both seem quite content this way.  They are related from the same parents but different litters and have very similar natures - happy go lucky, friendly and moderate energy levels - lovely affectionate Border Collies who adore people.  Both also really love toys but Reno is clearly the toy maniac with Miley herding him as you play with them, again, a relationship that works just fine for both.  They absolutely love attention but are also independent and can entertain themselves.  Both were surrendered to GHF due to a move which left them in an apartment crated 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. They lived in one home since pups. Reno & Miley are about 40 pounds and not good with cats.  

        PIPPA found a wonderful new life suited exactly to her - she’ll get to learn herding, try agility and hike til her hearts content on her own 10 acres! Plus, with a 600 acre sanctuary nearby, she’ll have plenty of freedom to explore. Her new FurMom has had plenty of BC’s and loved Pippa’s thoughtful nature, clearly a classic girl, a perfect addition to her life. We’re thrilled for Pippa to find such a perfect new home.

PIPPA: A 6 month old Border Collie, Pippa is an amazing pup, very mature for her age and clearly quite the thinker, focused and curious about everything. Pippa is well balanced, stable and adjusts easily to new things, analyzing what is going on around her and sorting out the proper response. She is truly impressive. A confident girl, she will clearly need activities to stimulate her mind so will only go to a BC savvy home who understands the mental needs of the breed. Pippa is not for first time BC guardians. She has a work ethic that is yet to be fulfilled. Pippa is also super sweet, friendly and affectionate, an extremely loving dog. To her, everyone is her friend. She’s good with other BC’s and already showing the controlling female traits so will only be placed with a male BC since the boys and girls do best together or she could be placed alone. She is 25 pounds and good with cats.

          ASH found a loving couple who are so excited to have him join their lives, as a new family member! He’ll be going for hikes and enjoy lots of fun activities but most importantly, be their best friend. Ash absolutely loves all the attention and we know will thrive in their care. We’re so excited for all of them to find each other!

ASH: A 2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Ash is an outgoing, energetic boy with lots of energy for racing, chasing and playing. He will love a youthful guardian who loves to be active WITH him. He’s friendly with everyone and happy to say hello, joining whatever activity is going on at the time. Most of all, he loves toy play with his person as well as playing with other dogs. Ash is a physical player so does best with dogs with that play style. A super sweet guy, he’s tons of fun and a big boy who wants to play, play, play. Ash is good with cats and about 50 pounds, taller than most BC’s. He lived in one home since a pup but a move forced his guardian to pass him to GHF.

 Brilliant TESS found a new FurMom who not only understands that clever mind of hers, she loves it, happy to have a super thinker back in the house! She adores Border Collies and was so thrilled to add Tess to her life with plans of agility!  Tess has the mind and body of an incredible athlete so will likely excel in the sport plus she’ll have thousands of acres to hike, just yards away from her new home in rural Vermont!  These two were instantly a perfect pairing!

TESS: A petite 1 year Border Collie, Tess is a lovely little girl who thinks about everything step by step, then takes action! This intelligent girl is quite orderly and thoughtful. What a lovely cuddle bug just so wiggly and happy to get attention. Everyone loves Tess! She’s also quite a herder of other dogs and has a bit of bossy female attitude with dogs, too, so she can be a bit much for other dogs which is why we’ll find her a home where she’s the center of attention as a solo dog. She is very smart and will do best with a BC savvy guardian. She loves attention and clearly thinks people are wonderful though she’s not one to boldly throw herself at you. She is about 32 pounds and is not good with cats. Tess also has an interest in cars so needs to be in a rural setting to minimize the stimulation. Tess was living an outside farm dog life and was then abandoned after the family moved out, literally leaving her outside on her own, waiting for them to come home. Tess is now, loving the good life, cozy and warm inside and is a huge cuddle-bug!

 ZIVA found new guardians who adore the breed and fell in love with her sweetness and intelligence as she quickly captured their hearts. She will have a canine pal to enjoy tons of fun in a very active life of hiking, running, toy play and being their constant companion since they both work from home. Plus, they live right near a lake so she’ll have a true BC paradise now! She now lives in Massachusetts.

ZIVA: A 3 year old Border Collie, Ziva is a lovely, smart, focused girl and quite a thinker. She likes to make sense of new situations and then, relaxes and joins the fun. She enjoys other dogs but doesn’t like to be controlled, a more typical female BC, in charge but fairly. Ziva loves her toys and has plenty of energy for lots of play, a classic young BC. She is friendly and affectionate but needs some time to settle in so could benefit from a friendly male canine friend. She is best with dog savvy cats and about 45 pounds. She and her sister, Livi, came to GHF due to a divorce, having lived in one home since pups. While they get along, they do better without the sibling relationship so will be placed separately. She is trained on the invisible fence.

While this handsome boy is pretty far from the typical Border Collie looks, clearly more lab with a little BC, we wanted to help him since his situation was so dire and we were not certain another rescue would step up. So say hello to SONNY, named after his sweet, sunny nature, happily friendly to all he meets with no care in the world about his predicament. He’s 55 pounds of joy and fun, approximately 2 years old and good with cats! Good news is Sonny had lots of angels looking over him:
  • First, a caring dog lover stopped after spotting him running down the street as her daughter called, ‘here doggie’ and he jumped right in the car…thank you Michelle Tulumello who contacted GHF!

  • Second, animal control of Broome County NY took him right in, willing to work with GHF!

  • Third, GHF stepped in, arms open for whatever it would take

  • Then lastly , Cornell gave this boy a great surgical team… and even a discount to rescue!

We just received confirmation that Sonny’s mass is totally benign! It was a trichoblastoma, a tumor related to the cells that reside in the hair follicles. There is no danger of cancer whatsoever!!!

 In one of our favorite adoptions of all time, SONNY & TOBIE found a new life together. They’ll see each other all the time though have different households since Mom & Dad live right near their daughter & husband with all the dogs mixing together whenever needed. They live right on the same street and love the fun of a big pack so this canine frat house is going to be tons of fun. The two Border Collies, Bailey & Brenn are GHF alums (adopted when their daughter was in high school) so when it was time to add so many years later, the whole family said GHF was the place to come and we’re so glad they did. Sonny instantly charmed everyone with his fabulous nature and then out came Tobie, the classic BC brain and body in search of a ball! Happy dogs and joyful humans sharing the new journey together really made our day as all the staff smiled ear to ear! Tobie & Sonny now live in CT.

TOBIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Tobie is a gorgeous guy and a great athlete..he is fast and agile and classic in his energy level! He loves to race and run, gorgeous to watch in action. Tobie is a big player so could benefit from a young canine friend who likes chase games, like him. Though he does love to play with dogs, he values his person equally, truly wanting to be right with you. Quite the cuddler, he’s happily a great companion. He will need a guardian who understands his mental and physical needs since he’s looking for activities and something to do! Tobie is changing a lot in his foster home where he has a fenced yard and can really experience being an active BC rather than tied out like in his previous home. Tobie lived with four children so didn’t get the focused attention he really needs. Tobie is from breeding lines in Ohio and Indiana.  Tobie is about 50 pounds and fine with dog savvy cats.

 One of the most wonderful seniors to land at GHF - JACKSON - met one of the most wonderful GHF adopters/fosterers and now they are paired together!  Jackson is officially home.  After a few short months, this match is happily permanent. Not a big surprise cause we knew the odds were likely this would be the outcome and both human and canine, are thrilled!  A former GHF adopter, his new FurDad is incredibly happy to have such a fabulous pal again! They are together 24/7, enjoying lots of ball play, plenty of couch time and really ‘best buds’.

JACKSON: A 12 year old Border Collie, Jackson is one spitfire, absolutely one of the coolest seniors to land here in awhile. He’s ready to rock, playing ball and curious about everything, as vibrant as any youngster around! Jackson is a ball and frisbee nut of course and also a great hiking partner, with a history of off-leash living. He is also very smart, sweet, friendly and truly, just a doll. While he gets along ok with dogs outside, Jackson prefers to be the only dog since that’s been his life since a pup. He lived in one home and sadly, his guardian is moving overseas where he cannot go. Jackson is a trim 40 pounds and is good with cats. He originally came from a breeder in Georgia with a working sheep farm.

 Sweet, gentle ELLIS found a new life with GHF adopters who felt they could offer a wonderful home to him. Experienced with a blind dog and senior dogs, they knew exactly what he would need and were thrilled to have him join their lives. Ellis won their hearts with his loving nature and then joyful toy focus, content to take his ‘find’ and head off for a journey! We’re thrilled for this incredibly special BC, now the 4th GHF dog to be adored by them. His new FurMom will be his constant companion 24/7. He now lives in Massachusetts.

ELLIS: A 10 year old Border Collie, Ellis is a lovely guy, absolutely THE sweetest boy around. Soon as he hears any human voice, he heads right there to say hello even though he needs a little help orienting since Ellis is blind. His eyes may not see a thing but his heart surely does.. he is one AMAZING Border Collie. His desire to be with you brings him right to your side with a simple whistle and encouragement. He will be so easy to orient to a new setting since he’s people focused and in short order, taking guidance for ‘careful’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, commands, happy to have assistance. Ellis is curious, full of spunk and loves to walk to explore. He also loves other dogs, extremely happy to get to know whomever is near him. He is also good with cats. Ellis is about 40 pounds.

Cornell opthomalogy confirmed that Ellis is indeed blind so there is nothing to be done but enjoy this happy, good natured boy. Amazingly, he lived nearly a decade chained to a ‘dog box’ outside. A neighbor witnessed his life alone day in and day out. She saw no one interacting with him, even talking him for a walk. All she longed for was for him to have love, drinkable water, be warm and clean, like any dog should be treated. She contacted the Humane Society pleading for help and a humane officer in PA stepped up to gain his freedom.

This sweet sweet Border Collie carries no sadness for his less than ideal life but only enthusiasm for his new journey. Ellis has a spectacular spirit and will grace all that meet him, just radiating love.  Whoever gets to share a journey with Ellis is very very lucky. We are all grateful to spend time with him.

 Tiny TORI found the home she had been waiting for, with plenty of people to adore her, chuckle over her antics and just make her the spotlight of their life - perfect! This little powerhouse won their hearts after spending some time watching her joyfully race around and then cuddle endlessly, hoping for one more moment of love…a great combination, exactly what they were looking to add! She now lives in upstate NY where she can be the star of the show, sharing that special charisma that is only Tori!!!

TORI: A very petite 1 yr old Border Collie mix, Tori is quite a presence, a real big personality in a little body! This wee one could be incredible in sports cause she’s super agile, has great body awareness and loves to learn. She is very food motivated and very people oriented so a great combo for canine activities. She is not hyper like many pups but focused and observant. She also loves to race and play. Tori requires a fenced yard since she loves to chase squirrels and other animals. Tori is good with other dogs but would be happiest as the solo dog. Tori absolutely adores children and comes to life when they are around, the most good natured outgoing girl! She is only 18 pounds. She is not good with cats. Tori was relinquished directly to the Farm from a PA guardian who could not handle her needs.

 BEAU was truly smiling ear to ear when meeting his new FurMom and FurDad and then clearly showed his appreciation for his new friendship and new life! A wonderful match for all, as he’ll be their constant companion with lots of ball play each day and also enjoy so much love, which he so deserves. Beau will even enjoy time at a nearby lake, getting a chance to go for a swim to cool off. Considering how this boy plays ball non-stop, that’s a perfect life that suits him just fine! We are absolutely thrilled for this wonderful boy to go from such a rough, rough start in life and end up in such good hands, so cherished. We can’t wait to see how gorgeous he is once all his hair has returned! He now lives in New Jersey.

BEAU: A 7 year old Border Collie, Beau is really on the mend over the past two months at GHF. He’s gained weight, his coat is growing in quickly and the condition of his fur is fantastic, thanks to high quality nutrition and salmon oil, too!  We’re thrilled to see this boy feeling strong and healthy. Happy is he, no matter more fur or not, cause he LOVES the ball! He will happily play ball with anyone willing to toss his way and he’s so athletic, he can catch anything!  Beau is an affectionate guy too, loving a belly rub and a good car ride or walk, happy to be with his person. Beau has a marvelous personality, absolutely fabulous with everyone he meets - everyone!  He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats. Beau would do best as a solo dog where he gets full attention and doesn’t need to share his toys!  He came to GHF from a PA shelter. Step by step, he’ll gain all his hair again and is in good health after all the diagnostics at Cornell put him on the right track.


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