FLASH found a wonderful home where he can play with his new canine friend and enjoy hikes and outdoor fun in Vermont with his new guardians. His new FurMom actually was the one who neutered him and realized she had seen him at the shelter and wanted to meet him so when they had an unexpected rendezvous, she knew they had to spend more time together. Once they met, together is now forever, where he'll be their constant companion and friend.

FLASH: A very petite 8 month old Border Collie mix, Flash is fast, hence is name! He is smart, focused and very very eager to do anything asked of him. He is super agile and a great sport candidate. A real toy nut, he has lots of drive and focus. He loves, loves, loves people and wants to be involved in an active life since he is high energy, classic BC puppy drive. Flash is ok with other dogs but mostly interested in engaging with a person. He is 20 pounds at this age so very small. He is OK with dog savvy cats. Flash was in a shelter due to his puppy behavior and was almost euthanized due to his energy level. Thankfully, he made it to safety in GHF rescue. He is now being fostered in Vermont. 

TARA found the perfect life where she'll get to do agility all the time! She now has two Border Collie friends and will have plenty of time for lots of play and exploration in her new home. Her FurMom was thrilled to find her and will start agility immediately since Tara has the foundation to go into the sport right away. We are so thrilled for Tara who now lives in MA. A special thanks to Diane Bauman who helped Tara overcome her skittishness to enjoy a fulfilling BC life!

TARA: A 1 year old Border Collie, Tara is all about toys and her focus to play which is really her 'work'.  She loves a good game of racing and chasing as well as retrieving.  Tara is also a spectacular jumping dog and very fast on her feet, an ideal candidate for agility.  She is learning about the sport and very responsive to whatever is asked of her and driven to work.  She would be jumping a 20 inch level.  She is going through instruction with canine expert, Diane Bauman, in NJ.    She quickly engages with people and wants to join in the action with the other BC's.  Tara is very smart and focuses on everything going on around her, quickly making sense of it all. She can be cautious with new people and new situations so will do best where the guardians understand the breed. She is good with dog savvy cats and about 40 pounds. Tara was relinquished to the Farm due to a divorce, from a NH guardian.

MAIZEY found a fabulous home where she'll have a constant BC friend for play and a wonderful family to understand her. She absolutely loved the kids and cuddled with them on their overnight at the nearby Inn. The greatest thing to see, though, was Maizey with her new friend, Oliver - it was non-stop play, racing, chasing, tugging and making up games all day and night. They are fantastic friends. Maizey now lives in Canada and she'll be trying agility too!

MAIZEY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Maizey is very bright and observant, eager to be involved in everything around her. She is very very sweet and combined with her focus for action, she's all BC! Maizey needs an outlet for her mind, body and emotions, whether it be sports or another young BC, that's how she'll be happiest. She loves dogs and eagerly wants to play, chase and herd. She is very responsive to people and wants to bond quickly. She is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. She came to the Farm from NY guardians who did not understand her needs. 

KOBI found a great life with another high energy BC/Aussie who like him, loves to wrestle, chase and race like crazy. They had a blast meeting each other at the Farm and were fast friends as if they'd lived together their whole lives. Kobi's new guardians fell in love his great nature and were  thrilled to take him home to New Hampshire. They traveled to the Farm once before to meet many dogs but were waiting to come back for just the right one and he was it! He'll have plenty of room to run and tons of love in this family of three adult teenagers and his new FurMom and FurDad.

KOBI: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Kobi is wonderful. He's sweet and friendly and eager to jump into everything going on around him. He loves other dogs and he also loves the ball. He's a very smart guy who adjusts easily to new situations. He is focused and ready to play all the time. He is about 40 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He landed in a NY shelter as a stray, fortunately the shelter works with the Farm regularly. 

RYEN has a new life that suits him perfectly. He is the beloved companion to his new guardians and especially the son, who had patiently waited to find just the right dog. Ryen will be his agility partner, enjoying all the challenges of learning new things and having a great canine friend to do that. Ryen gave his vote of approval with lots of licks and affection, clearly thrilled to join his new family. He now lives in MA. A special thanks to adopter Liz Scott who helped make it possible for Ryen (now Kodee) and Patrick to find each other.

RYEN: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie/Collie mix, Ryen is a sweet, good natured, ready to have fun guy! He landed at the Farm, made some fast friends and enjoyed racing and chasing instantly.  He is very friendly to everyone and eager to connect to a person.  He is a great companion, happy to be wherever his person is going.  Ryen is about 50 pounds and is good with cats. He was a stray from a NY shelter that works with the Farm

LUCY has found a marvelous life with other BC's who adore their FurMom just as Lucy does! She is staying with her foster Mom who felt she fit the group perfectly and would enjoy a wonderful life with her gang! She now lives in NY, forever adored.

LUCY: A 3 year old Border Collie, Lucy is learning all about life where it can be fun to be a Border Collie, joining in games with the other dogs in the foster home. She has a timid nature due to her history but is step by step becoming a happier girl. She will need a patient person with other dogs who can help her continue to blossom and grow through her shyness. She's really thriving with the routine of a doggie household and showing great progress. She is good with cats and about 35 pounds, typical in size for a BC. She is being fostered in Buffalo NY until she finds her home or is ready for the Farm. Lucy had a less than ideal home setting but fortunately she is adjusting well to a loving life. 

FLY loved his new family instantly, meeting them at his foster home in New Hampshire. As his foster mom said, it was like he looked at her and gave his vote that THIS was exactly what he wanted! He has his own Border Collie like boy who was making up chase games with him and happily kicking the jolly ball which delighted Fly to no end. Fly's new family was thrilled. They felt he was the perfect dog they had hoped to find and fell in love instantly. He now lives in NH.

FLY: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Fly is fun and loves to play, with toys and with other dogs. He is a good natured dog who is interested in everything around him and likes to be involved with his person and whatever you are doing. He is smart and focused though not a heavy herder or in need of a full-time job. He loves activities though and needs to be in an active, loving  home. Fly can sometimes be shy with new people at first so needs guardians who can continue building his confidence with training. He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats. He was a stray in western NY. Fly is being fostered in NH and can be seen there or at the FarmFly loves to hike off leash and clearly loves the snow!

MISHA will remain with our caretaker at The Connor House, where he's been living for the last year, happily joining her pack. He loves the Farm, swimming and hiking the trails and happily cuddles on the bed each night. Misha is clearly thrilled with his new life. His behavioral issues are easily managed in this setting and he will thrive in this more rural life.

MISHA: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Misha is all about action - balls, racing, herding games - he wants to be in all of it. He is  super agile and fast and could easily excel in agility or any sport. Misha is also very very smart, attentive, alert and focused so would do well with someone interested in training. Misha is a very smart Border Collie and already knows many obedience commands and is totally responsive. He will only be adopted into a BC savvy home since he needs a leader to occupy his mind, body and emotions. He is great with other dogs, easily plays in a herding style and can outrun many of the rescue dogs. He loves to swim and will retrieve from the water endlessly or just enjoy a swim by himself. He is about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. Misha was surrendered to the Farm due to an inability to meet his energy needs. He came from upstate NY. He was adopted into a home but returned due to his issues with children. He is very nervous around them so needs an adult only home. Misha means 'little bear' in Russian and really captures his adorable petite size and charm. 

SULLY will remain in the founder's home where he has been for the past five months, happily playing ball and enjoying trail walks at the Farm. His physical and behavioral issues are easily managed in this setting and he is a favorite of everyone and will thrive here in this more rural setting.

SULLY: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Sully is a gorgeous boy with an outgoing personality who likes to meet everyone. He also loves his ball and will retrieve endlessly and is happiest with his job of toys and ball play. Sully is smart and focused and very connected to people, quickly bonding. He is great with other dogs and happy to play with another Border Collie. He has such an attentive nature and is eager to work for whomever he is with and is also great off leash for hiking, with fabulous recall. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. He was a stray in western NY, taken to a shelter that works with GHF.  We discovered that Sully had issues with handling his hindquarters so pursued diagnostics with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Paul Bookbinder, in Syracuse, with extensive xrays of his hips and spine. We are so glad we checked this out because we uncovered the source of his reactivity to handling - Sully has what we call in human terms - sciatica - nerve pain in the lower back. This level of nerve pain was causing his behavior problems obviously because he was  hurting. Now, being treated with a low level of prednisone, he is a different dog.  We can move his tail without pain and his back legs.  He can run, play, chase balls and hike now, pain free

PEPPER was beyond thrilled when his new FurMom pulled out toy after toy from her bag of goodies just for him. He was like a puppy grabbing every toy to squeak it and play, one after the other, much to the delight of his new guardian who laughed out loud. She loved him from the minute the met, finding the perfect outgoing match for her shy BC mix, Stella. Stella ran around the fields with Pepper and then watched with curiosity as he became a toy maniac. Pepper will be surely cherished in his new home in Ct and be a beloved companion to both human and canine. We are so happy for this sweet boy.

 PEPPER: An 7 year old Border Collie, Pepper is a gentle guy who loves toys of any kind. He will chase after balls and loves the wiggly giggly ball, happy to roll it around endlessly. He is a very sweet boy who loves attention and is friendly with everyone he meets, happy to go up and say hello and then go on his way to enjoy exploring the Farm. Pepper has a great temperament, is so good natured and is very happy to be with his person. He's been participating in Camp Border Collie for Kids this summer and he's a big favorite, a sweet fun boy that the kids love.  He is good with cats and 50 pounds. Pepper was a stray in CT at a shelter that works with the Farm

JASMINE found the perfect guardians to enjoy the rest of her life! She will be their beloved canine friend, going everywhere they go and exploring her new property, high atop a hill where she can watch everything. She won their hearts with her friendly, out going nature when they met on the first visit. Once home to think everything over, they knew Jasmine was the one they wanted to come back to take home! She now lives in PA.

JASMINE: A 6 year old Border Collie mix, Jasmine is a very smart, observant girl who makes sense of what is going on around her, quickly. She bonds quickly and then is a companion through and through, eager to be with her person. She is affectionate and friendly, loving to be right next to you. She's more easy going than purebred BC's, enjoys walks and swimming and is used to being a real family member. She's lived in one home since a pup and is good with cats.  Jasmine was relinquished to the Farm due to financial reasons, from NY. 

BUDDY: We are incredibly excited to announce Buddy's adoption! A few months ago, unbeknownst to us, Buddy's person arrived. She knew immediately...he knew quickly and then finally, we knew it! Our new employee, Emma, joined the caretaker team and within short order, announced she was in love with Buddy. Of course, we know that lots of people have loved Buddy over the past two years - all of us, of course and the volunteers and campers who walk him - so we didn't think much more than it's another Buddy fan! Well, in a few weeks, she requested a serious conversation about adopting Buddy and as they say, the rest is history.

Buddy is now sleeping on the bed, sprawled out as if he's lived with her his whole life. He's getting numerous ball play sessions each day and plenty of walks in the great outdoors, which he loves. The greatest news is that not only did Buddy finally find his person and his person found him, he also has a canine friend! He lays side by side with his new friend for a snooze and they check on each other constantly. His new canine friend is carefully managed so as not to be too much for Buddy so he's now got it all - a friend; a person who really understands him; tons of ball play and most importantly, at age 10, all the love he so richly deserves.

We always wondered if Buddy would overcome the loss of his person two years ago and now today, we can say, he has most certainly shown he is ready for a new journey. And, in pure Buddy style, he's already learned lots of new hand signals and watches his person intently, not wanting to miss any of the exciting new life he now has with her. When we introduced Buddy to his new canine friend and as we were ready to take Buddy back to the barn, he sat next to Emma with a show of determination, uninterested in moving. We knew then that Buddy had made his own choice. He patiently waited for her day off to then head home forever!!!!

BUDDY is a 10 yr old Border Collie that is loving, gentle and loves to play ball. Buddy loves to be with his person and is the perfect companion, well mannered and wonderful with everyone. Buddy is deaf, but loves to be part of the action, happy to race after balls and retrieve. He loves to meet new people and quickly nudges your hand for a pet on the head. He also loves to ride in the car and is happiest as the constant companion to his person. Buddy is about 50 lbs and good with cats. He is trained on the invisible fence which he will need since he can scale any hard fence easily. Buddy was relinquished by a caring family in NJ after the death of his guardian. 

SUNNY: A 3 month old Border Collie, Sunny is a happy pup with a lot of about everything around her. She is smart and focused and sweet as they come! An adorable girl who found her new life quickly with an adopter who had been patiently hoping to find 'her pup'. Soon as she saw her picture, she wanted to meet her and then tears filled her eyes when she actually saw her in person. She was speechless, happy to see the special little one that grabbed her heart so deeply, so quickly. We were thrilled for Sunny! and her new FurMom. Sunny now lives with another Border Collie and a terrier on lots of acres where she can run and explore in NY. 

RETT found his forever home with wonderful guardians who will be his constant companion and 95 acres to call his home! He will have lots of room to run and explore plus two ponds which he'll love and he gets to join his FurMom at work each day for tons of love and play. Rett won their hearts quickly with his sweet nature and headed out to his new life in NY, along with his canine pal, Luca.

RETT: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Rett is a really good-natured, happy guy who joins into the action wherever he is or makes his own fun with his favorite toy - his basketball which he'll push around and toss in the air if you aren't throwing it. He is a ball nut for sure. Rett is very easy going and eager to be your companion. He has been hiking in the woods off leash and does great as well as loves swimming. He is great with other dogs though happy to be with people just as much. He is smart and playful but not overly intense and responds instantly to attention or requests, very eager to please. Rett is good with cats. He is about 50 pounds. Rett originally came from a breeder in Colorado but his guardian died while living in PA.  A friend took Rett in for a year but felt he needed more time and attention than she could give since she ran a boarding kennel. 

great as solo dog or w/buddy

Special thanks to Cristin Wheat for helping Mason get to safety at the Farm
Mason's Angel
The "Briard Princess" DeeDee

MASON: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Mason is a character. Once he loves you, he is THE most excited boy to ever see you- saying hello with a full body wiggle, jumping up and down and talking with his most excited sounds, barely able to sit still - just asking for a hello back! He is hysterically funny. Mason is super affectionate and eager to be with his person, happy to go anywhere and everywhere with you. He tends to favor women the most and eagerly wants to be your companion. He loves to play frisbee and race and run and then settles easily once inside, just happy to be with you. Mason is fine with other dogs though has no real interest if they are there or not, happier to be with his person. Mason will be placed in an adult only home since he's most comfortable with solid leadership He is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He was a stray in upstate NY in a shelter. Mason is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm

Little ZANE knew what he wanted! - a great life with people who really understand the breed and love to play outdoors, swim, play frisbee and even better, hang with their Border Collies all the time! This smart little guy decided that the exit from his first situation had to happen quickly so he could find something much, much better while he was young enough to really enjoy it all! And he surely did! His new loving guardians have always had Border Collies and were thrilled to add him to their lives. He'll have another BC friend too and exactly the doggie paradise he deserves. Never underestimate a Border Collie for creating their own journey! He now lives in NJ.

ZANE: A 4 month old Border Collie, Zane is a lovely little guy full of mischief with other dogs, wanting to play, play, play. He nips heels and grabs the fur on the neck to wrestle and chase, happiest with a BC friend. Zane is very attentive with people, instantly offering his very best sit and eager to listen for what you want from him. A very gentle boy, he loves to cuddle and is very observant about everything around him, clearly a smart boy. Zane is great with people and happy to join in any activity. He will be placed in a home with BC savvy guardians who can help shape his mind and keep him active. He is 25 pounds and came to the Farm as a stray in the upstate NY area, picked up on the street. 

COSBIE found his forever home with another BC friend who loves to race and chase and is just as fast as him! They really connected in the field at the Farm, finding their own rhythm to be long time friends. It was fabulous to watch these two sort out their friendship so happily. Cosbie will now live in PA, a beloved member of the family, enjoying his new friend, his new guardians and lots of hiking plus trying agility!

COSBIE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Cosbie is people oriented and loves attention though he takes time to warm up to new people. He is reserved and camera shy when inside but comes to life, herding and running outside with his brother, Indie. He is smart and focused, attentive to new situations and very good natured. Quite an athlete, he races around like the wind but is very quiet once inside. He was allowed to herd cows and horses near to his Farm so will need some more structure to adapt to a new life. Cosbie is very eager to bond so will do well with a BC savvy person who is patient. He will be placed with another BC, in an experienced home that can help him  build his confidence with people. He is good with cats and weighs about 40 pounds. He came from PA when his guardian could no longer keep him and his brother. 

MAGGIE & REX happily played with their new guardians, enjoying the fun of kids again. Their new FurDad spent time with them in our adoption  office and outside and knew this was the pair he wanted to take home.  They charmed everyone with their unique personalities - Maggie the toy girl and Rex the cuddler - exactly what they wanted to add to their family. We've already had pictures of them in their new home where they are lounging happily and playing with toys, thrilled to be in a home again! We are so happy for this pair who patiently waited for their new people to come for them. They now live on 10 acres which fits them perfectly since they previously lived on 5 and used all of it for running and playing! They live in upstate NY.

MAGGIE is a three-year-old purebred BC, and REX is her devoted 4 year old BC mix companion.  These two dogs love each other deeply and have a great relationship, always checking in on each other and enjoying games they make up together.  They are not tremendously interested in other dogs, both being more interested in human attention, both incredibly sweet and affectionate. They love people and would enjoy being side by side with their person day in and day out.  They also love the outdoors, having had 5 acres to roam and explore all day in their previous home.  Maggie is also a toy nut and will even throw a toy back to your hands plus she loves frisbee.  Rex is a very sweet boy who adores Maggie and loves to meet new people, super friendly.  Both Maggie and Rex are trained on Invisible Fence and are used to living with cats though will chase so need dog savvy cats.  Maggie and Rex are being relinquished due to their current family moving out of the country.  These two beloved family members really want to join a family again soon and share their love. They've lived in one home all their lives and will easily fit into a new home quickly.  They are both about 40 pounds, typical in size for a border collie though Rex could be shepherd/bc.

LELA found the perfect life where she can have canine friends to herd, a loving guardian to focus on her and a life of agility, rally obedience, herding and any other sport that seems like fun. She will blossom tremendously with the caring furMom who fell in love with her. We're thrilled for Lela who now lives in NJ using her great mind and sharing her sweetness and charm.

LELA: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Lela is a lovely girl, very sweet and eager to connect with everyone. She can be a little shy at first but quickly lands in your lap for tons of affection. Lela is smart and focused and wants to be the center of attention though she is very gentle with people, a love-bug. Lela is also very fast when she's running and loves a good outdoor race. She gets along with other dogs well but could easily live as a solo dog with someone who is active. Lela is about 35 pounds and good with dog savvy cats. She came originally from Texas to a NY guardian who could then not meet her needs.

CASEY found the perfect family and canine friend for a brand new life. He quickly enjoyed playing with his new Border Collie girlfriend, Maddie and then happily asked for belly rubs and cuddling from each human! He fit right in as if he'd lived with everyone all his life and everyone enjoyed the flirty playful games between this special BC duo! Quite charming and fun to see. Casey hopped in the back of their car and headed out to his new life in Vermont.

CASEY: A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Casey is a very smart, observant and focused BC who likes to herd other dogs but also loves to be with his person. He is super responsive to what is asked of him and will easily hang out inside, enjoying the attention of his guardian. Casey has a strong focus so could easily learn whatever he is asked to do but he will also entertain himself, curious about everything. He and his brother, Kai, came into rescue from their Long Island home where they were escaping the fence to chase chickens. He is carrying some extra weight which he'll knock off easily here. Casey is not good with cats. Both he and Kai have wonderful recall and enjoyed off leash trail walks in their previous home. They could be placed together or separately. Casey is trained on the invisible fence

FLYN found a wonderful home where he'll be the constant companion to his new FurDad on his organic farm. He'll have 24 acres of fields to explore, a greenhouse and a retail store where he'll get to say hello to all the customers as they visit. Flyn is quite the ambassador to everyone he meets so will now have new 'work' that suits him perfectly. Flyn will enjoy all the staff that works there as well as his new guardians who fell in love with his charming ways and knew he'd be the perfect addition to their lives.

FLYN: A petite 9 year old Border Collie, Flyn is a smart, observant, classic Border Collie, where he takes in everything going on around him and then decides exactly what he should do. In his case, mostly he loves to follow his person right by their side to accompany them wherever they are going. He'd be great to go each day on chores or activities like at a farm where he could do his 'work' right by your side. He is a dream to live with, a really gentle, sweet guy who demands little but that of being a great companion. He is very easy going. Flyn is good with other dogs though does love being the center of attention himself. He is fine with cats. He is about 35 pounds. Special thanks to adopter Ann Gardner who is fostering Flyn in Ct

Special thanks to Michele Yon, Debra Johnston, Deb Mickey, Lisa Basial, Janine Choplick, Susan Myers, and Debbie Grassi for helping Cassy get to the Farm safely.
Cassy's angels
Quinn, Alex & Magic
: A 1 year old Border Collie, Cassy is adorable, sweet and all action. She loves to run and race and focus on whatever moves, classic to the breed. She is smart and eager to bond. Cassy is good with other Border Collies and could enjoy a friend for all her energy. She really wants to interact with a person and needs the mental stimulation and structure of an activity. Her previous guardians did nothing with her so she needs a Border Collie savvy home to really invest time in her development. Cassy is not good with cats. She is about 35 pounds. Cassy came from PA. She is being fostered in NJ and getting a chance to do sheepherding which is helping with redirecting her OCD behaviors.

Little LUKA is about to have a big life, joining her FurDad on the 5,000 acre estate which he oversees. Once she's a bit bigger, she'll join him in daily duties just like his previous Border Collie did, a great life for any BC. This lucky little girl landed beautifully where she's got it all, even 60 acres to call her own for exploring and fun. Luka joins another BC alum, Ollie and has plenty of other BC's in her extended family, three of which came from the Farm. We hope to hear about Luka's exploits as she grows up living in a border collie paradise, in MD

LUKA: A 7 week old tri-color Border Collie, Luka is a love. She's a classically curious girl who is looking for something to do. She enjoys her two BC friends at her foster home and is really having a blast. Luka will be placed in a Border Collie home only. She is a sweet, smart, highly energetic young pup, as all young BC's are. 

MURDOC found his person and quickly sat in front of her to say hello as if he'd been waiting all along, just for her. It was adorable. He then enjoyed meeting her dog, Bosco, and happily fit in with him, again as if it was meant to be. His new FurMom was thrilled. She had been hoping he would be the little guy she was looking to add to her life. He'll get to try agility and flyball and anything else in the world of doggie games, that interests him. Murdoc now lives in NJ where he'll be happy and adored.

MURDOC: A very petite 9 month old Border Collie mix, Murdoc is a charming little guy with lots of energy to play and lots of love to give. He is excited to say hello to everyone and happily does just that. Murdoc easily adapts to a new situation, grabbing his toy for some fun play and following his person everywhere they go. He loves toys of any kind, especially the wiggly giggly ball and squeaky toys, totally enchanted by the odd sounds they make. He is quite the charmer to be with a funny character to watch, happily entertaining himself. Murdoc still has those puppy tendencies of being mouthy so will need some direction which is normal for young dogs. He is smart and eager to learn and could easily learn sports. He's also fast since he's such a little guy, only 18 inches at the withers. Murdoc came from Georgia as part of another rescue's rehoming effort but their placement didn't work out properly so they contacted us for help. He's a wonderful good natured little guy, a real puppy at heart, but not good with cats

YATES found a furDad who could keep up with his antics and maniacal ball play, enjoying every minute of his puppy tendencies. Yates happily enjoyed hours of ball play at the Farm before headed off to his life in NY. He'll enjoy tons of attention and plenty of play as well as lots of challenges for his great mind.

YATES: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Yates is all about ball play! He'd rather catch a ball tossed his way than a treat. In fact, he's happy to entertain himself with a game of two-ball, one in his mouth and one on the floor, alternating between the two...he just loves to play ball. He is super focused with the Border Collie traits but relaxed much like a lab or golden, an easy going guy. He likes other dogs and fits in well though would be thrilled to have a human friend to call his own, playing ball! Yates loves toys of any kind and would love an active guardian. He's quite a character. Yates is 55 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was a stray in PA. 

KAI found the perfect BC friend who likes to herd just as much as he does but then turns it right into herding games, playing, chasing and rough-housing. These two were wonderful together and had an instant affinity for each other and the same things. They'd crouch and stare at each other for endless moments, then break into an all out chase game, hysterical to watch. Kai happily enjoyed his new 'brother' and headed out to his new life in PA where he'll be doing lots of hiking and exploring, border collie style, with his new FurMom who loves the breed.

KAI: A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Kai is all action, a very smart, very focused and very fast young Border Collie, He loves to run and he's fast as the wind, chasing and herding the other dogs. Kai is also very loving and friendly to everyone. He has no worries about life and loves to jump into everything with gusto. He will do best with an active home that can maximize his mind while keeping him busy since he has plenty of energy to burn. He does, however, settle beautifully once he comes inside, quietly laying down and content. Kai and his brother, Casey, came to the Farm since they were escaping their fenced yard to chase chickens, very typical of active BC's who need focused activities rather than creating their own. Kai could easily do any sport and is super fast to learn anything new. He is about 45 pounds and not good with cats. Kai and his brother Casey came to the Farm from Long Island guardians. Kai is trained on the invisible fence

RYKER found a wonderful place that will nourish his spirit and big lovey heart. He just loves being with his person so now he'll have three guardians, two with him as constant companions and one who is his play buddy so he's got it all! Ryker surely be adored and loved forever. He now lives in MD happily the center of attention.

RYKER: A 2 year old Border Collie, Ryker is a sweet, gentle guy who is interested in people.  He is sensitive and observes everything around him before jumping in. He loves to be touched and seeks out human connection, very content to be with his person.  Ryker could easily live without another dog though does love female BC's and will play with them.  He is making great progress understanding life in a home and is very comfortable now. He will be placed only in a hard fence not an underground fence system. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. Ryker came from TN with the dogs confiscated from a breeder.

DANTE found his forever home not far from where he lives, when an adopter saw him on the site and just knew he would fit into their lives perfectly.  He's now enjoying his new life. We're happy we could help.

DANTE: A 5 year old Border Collie, Dante is a good natured boy who likes to play with his toys and will happily engage with anyone he meets. He gets along well with other Border Collies well and could join others in a new home or be a solo dog. Dante is very smart and eager to learn. He is about 45 pounds and not yet tested with cats. Dante has lived in one home since a puppy but there are now two young toddlers and another baby on the way so he is not getting the attention he needs. He is in Brookhaven PA and can be adopted from his home. Contact the Farm about adoption from his home. He is waiting for space to open up at GHF.

ELLSI: A 3 1/2 month old Border Collie, little Ellsi is a bright light of joy and curiosity always ready to try anything new and explore everything around her. She is such a gem with a really remarkable personality. She is also a very smart girl and found her way to her new home quickly when she landed in foster care with one of our caretakers. Within short order, she had such a special place in the hearts of her new FurFamily that her FurMom knew this was forever! Ellsi is blossoming with her little nose kisses to awake her each time she sleeps, carefully guiding her to know everyone is great. Ellsi is deaf so the special care she is getting now will insure her happiness and stability in the world. We are thrilled for Kay and her family who now have their first Border Collie pup after four years of meeting so many at the Farm! 

FERGIE found her perfect home soon after she arrived at the Farm! She now has two guardians who can focus on her and she'll be the center of their world, along with their grandkids, one who came to help find their new friend. Fergie overnighted at the nearby Inn and within hours, was happily settled in their laps and seemed like she'd lived with them forever. She now lives in PA.

FERGIE: A 4 year old Border Collie, Fergie is a loving, affectionate, in your lap girl. She is also a non-stop race and run girl, a whirlwind of energy. She loves the freedom of a great run so needs a good sized yard for sure. Fergie also loves her people so needs someone around to share her life, one on one. Instantly, Fergie will hop in your lap for cuddles and then instantly, hop down for action. She could live with other dogs but could be happy as a solo dog, too. She is smart and eager to learn, very involved with whatever is asked of her. Fergie is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. She's not great with small dogs either. She came from a PA guardian who could not meet her needs and knew a BC savvy person would understand her better. 

JOCK & TARRA found the perfect home where they can be themselves and be adored for just who they are - happy, sweet, people lovin' Border Collies! Their new guardians fell in love with these two and their sweet nature and knew they could not leave without them. Clearly, Tarra agreed as she cuddled next to her new FurMom, signaling her vote that this new home was what she wanted, too. Jock joined in, in his reserved and gentle way. The two of them looked out the back of the hatchback as they drove away, two heads side by side, with a sweet good-bye! We are incredibly happy for them both and the wonderful people who came for them. Their second time at GHF landed them another great life, which they so richly deserve. They now live in upstate NY

TARRA & JOCK:  Tarra, a 7 year old Border Collie is a sensitive, loving girl who wants to be with her person. She loves to lay on your lap or anywhere nearby, never as happy when you leave. Once she has her person nearby, she comes to life with toys and playing. She loves her friend Jock and also enjoys other dogs and happily fits in with anyone she meets. Jock, an 8 year old Border Collie with ABCA registration is a smart, focused, curious guy who loves to be with dogs and is eager to join in any activity. He absolutely loves to play and loves to learn. Jock is very outgoing and has a great temperament. He can be nervous around small children so they do best in an adult home. Tarra and Jock are both very affectionate and easy going.  They love trail walks and swimming and are great off-leash.  They have lived together for 6 years since they were first adopted from the Farm. Tarra is about 50 pounds and good with cats. Jock is about 55 pounds and not good with cats so they will not be placed in a cat home.   They both came back to the Farm due to their guardian's illness.

WOODY found his forever home right with his foster Mom who loves hiking with him and her other two BC's, one an alum from the Farm. Woody has a winning personality and week after week, it became harder to say goodbye, sending him anywhere else but her home. Woody has a great life there, hiking each day and soon to be doing geese work, which he'll love. We're thrilled for Woody and Debbie, who knew instantly just how special Woody was when she offered to foster him. Woody lives in NY and we'll get to see him, too!

WOODY: An 8 yr old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Woody is all BC - he is smart, tuned in, eager to please and all about the ball!  He would happily enjoy ball play all day as well as hiking.  He is full of energy to play, play, play! He's wonderful off leash for hiking and would accompany his person wherever they go, enjoying racing through the woods, jumping in the water for a swim and a quick ball toss here and there. He is fantastic with other dogs, fitting in beautifully, not interested in much interaction but happy to hang with anyone.  He'd be happiest as the solo dog where he was the constant friend to a person, able to go wherever they go. Woody loves everyone he meets and adjust to new situations perfectly, trusting that life is good and people are great. Like most older BC's that come into rescue, Woody is marvelous, absolutely delightful because he comes from breeding years ago, when care was taken to breed a stable, balanced dog.    The youngsters are great dogs, too but the more mature BC's really exemplify the outstanding features of this breed.  Woody lived in Montana years ago and most recently NY where it turned out he was the cause of allergies in one of the children in the home so Woody had to go.  He was a beloved family member.  Woody is being fostered in NY

JOE quickly found his new family when they fell in love with his sweet face on the internet. In true Joe fashion, he made himself right at home after checking out each room and settling in for belly rubs.  Joe will have a companion and 2 teenage kids to show him the love he deserves - and of course, he will provide many tail wags and opportunities for daily smiles.  Joe lives in NJ.

JOE a 10yr old border collie with curly hair is smart and all sweet.  He doesn't have much toy drive, preferring to be involved with everything his person is doing. Joe has not met a person or other animal he hasn't shared his joy for life with.  Joe is 40lbs and good with cats.  He came from a family in NJ due to a move.

CHAPIN certainly found exactly what he wanted and watching him decide, was adorable. Sitting in the adoption office with Lillie and Emma, (who had both fostered him), he said a quick hello and walked right over and laid down between his new guardians and next to his new friend, Mercy, a GHF alumn. He most certainly cast his vote quickly and happily. He and Mercy were like two peas in a pod, totally content outside and inside, side by side! Chapin now lives in CT where he'll have a blast, Border Collie style. His new guardians loved their previous BC and visited 4 1/2 years ago to adopt BC/Golden, Mercy who they knew now needed another canine friend!

CHAPIN: A 3 month old Border Collie, Chapin is a sweet, gentle, curious little guy who thinks through things before he acts. He is very smart and observant and people oriented. He's eager to learn about dogs and toys but loves the attention of a person. He's a smart little guy who will learn about other dogs and playing once he settles in his foster home. He never lived with other dogs before and was given up by guardians who could not meet his needs. He is about 20 pounds as a pup, typical for his age.  

WILLIS: An 8 month old Border Collie, Willis is a gentle, sweet, good natured guy who loves to play with other dogs and toys, too. He is not super high energy but loves a great doggie game of wrestling and chasing. He will blossom quickly with positive encouragement and he learns quickly with treats, very eager to please. Willis is really sweet and learning all about life in a home setting. He is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. He came from a farmer who breeds but only wants dogs who will work, not play. Willis's play nature is just perfect for the Farm and a new life! 

ORIE & WILLIS found their new home together! Their new guardians wanted puppies and that's what they've got - youngsters with tons of energy and lots of sweetness to share. Orie and Willis became friends at the Farm at The Connor House where they raced and played together beautifully. Orie brought shy Willis right out of his shell and Willis helped Orie settle down a bit so now, they'll deepen that bond forever! We're so happy for them and their new guardians who were instantly smitten. They now live in upstate NY.

ORIE: A 3 1/2 month old Border Collie, Orie is fabulous. He is confident, happy, good natured and fearless. He joins in dog play instantly and races and chases like the big dogs. He reads dogs well and knows when to back away and when to engage. Orie is very very smart and eagerly wants to work for food and learn. He already knows lots of commands and is housetrained, clearly as bright as they come. He has what we call, racing stripes on his back end, quite adorable to see as well as those floppy ears that have not yet decided where they want to be. Orie is such a charmer, quite the cuddler and all action too. He is one wonderful pup and is good with cats. He was abandoned in a NJ shelter due to allergies with children in the home. 

GRAHAM found his forever home a long way from where he started in Kuwait - he's now in Canada! His new guardians were excited to meet him and felt they could provide him with a great home full of love and lots to do. Graham bonded quickly and gave his vote of approval, too. After a night in the nearby Inn, he was happy to head off to his new life!

GRAHAM: A 7 month old Border Collie, Graham is a gentle, sensitive boy who likes to play with other Border Collies but has a shy side with people. He will need a quiet adult home with another confident BC to help him blossom. He is super sweet and loving and wins your heart quickly. Graham is good with cats and about 35 pounds. He came to the Farm from Kuwait where he was found as a stray. He is the third dog to come to us from there, assumed to have been with a U.S. military person originally.

INDIE landed the life he will undoubtedly LOVE...tons of acreage in the countryside of Maine and a Border Collie 'brother' to play and chase and run. His new guardians were thrilled to see this happy go lucky, good natured guy show his true colors as he asked for belly rubs! He headed out to his new life where border collie games will be a daily activity!

INDIE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Indie is a gentle, sweet, good natured Border Collie who kicks into herding gear outside with his brother, Cosbie. He has quite an eye and is eager to 'work'. Indie is smart and also sensitive so will need a patient guardian who understands how to build his confidence with people. He is very loving and bonds once he's comfortable but can be shy at first and takes some time to warm up to new people. He and his brother lived on a farm where they could run and herd on their own so he's unsure what's expected of him in a relationship. He does, however, love people once he knows them. He will be placed with another confident BC with experience BC guardians. Indie is fine with cats and weighs about 40 pounds. He was relinquished, along with his brother, by a guardian who could no longer keep them both, from PA. 

SADEE found the perfect person to share her life, where she can be the center of attention and accompany her wherever she goes which Sadee will love! She will enjoy runs on the beach and tons of play at home, too. She might even try agility which we bet Sadee will also love. She won her new FurMom's heart quickly on the site and then again, so clearly in person, that she just couldn't leave without HER. They overnighted together at the nearby Inn and as she said, 'she's a keeper!'. Sadee now lives in Rhode Island.

SADEE: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Sadee is a loving girl who wants to be with her person. She is a more relaxed girl who just enjoys going wherever you are going. She is smart and observant, checking things out before she decides to jump in. Sadee loves being outdoors for a run in the woods. She has quite a charming way of talking with her howl, asking to go with you. She also loves to play with squeaky toys and will make her funny sounds as she tosses and squeaks the toys, quite adorable, entertaining herself. She is about 40 pounds and OK with dog savvy cats. She came from western PA. She will be placed in an adult only home since toddlers make her nervous. Sadee is best as a solo dog since she has little experience living with other dogs and is uncomfortable.

HAILY found her forever home! Sometimes, just when you think that things are hard, along come just the right people to understand the needs of a special rescue dog like Haily. Her new guardians are both in the medical field so had no worries that they could manage any seizures so felt completely open to adding Haily to their lives. What really made them choose this sweet girl was her wonderful heart. She showed that incredible cuddly nature as well as maniacal ball nature and that was the exact combination they had come to find. The kids just loved her and she loved them! So, Haily, in the midst of a challenging health dilemma, found exactly the family to understand her needs! We were so thrilled to see this unfold as they met numerous dogs and found themselves drawn to Haily!! She now lives in Ct. Besides Haily's wonderful humans, she has an amazing new canine friend, Claudio, a bigger than life Great Dane who she felt was just fine, though a funny sight for the car ride home!

HAILY: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Haily is action-oriented and eager to play ball. She is super fast and very agile, a classic BC with incredible focus.  She loves the frisbee and ball and would be thrilled in an active home. She is a marvelous companion, sweet as can be, an easy going girl who quickly comes to life with her ball!  Haily clearly came from a home where she learned all kinds of things, including being able to sit back and wave! Haily come from a shelter in NJ as a stray. She is 33 pounds. Haily is a strong herder with cats so will stress out cats who are not used to this plus she needs supervision since her herding can turn into a grab, though it's not aggression, it's just intent herding.  We are listing her as no cats for this reason though many homes have bc's just like her and manage fine.

PORTER found his forever home with another alum from GHF, an easy going BC just like him. They met each other and hit it off like long lost buds, happily checking out the fields together and sitting side by side for treats, then laying down for a quick nap...a great pair to see together! Porter's new guardians were happy to meet such a warm, loving guy and knew he'd be wonderful in their life, two very special dogs. He'll get to work his magic on the caregivers visiting their Mom for her long term needs as well as enjoy six acres to call his own for exploring...the best combo for Porter...therapy heart work and doggie paradise! He now lives in upstate NY.

PORTER: A 4 year old Border Collie, Porter is marvelous, friendly and eager to say hello to everyone. He is an easy, good natured guy who fits in easily in new situations, with people and dogs. Porter is also quite the affectionate guy, loving to be with his person, a major belly rub guy and cuddler. Porter is not intense like many Border Collies, and could easily fit in as a great companion. He does love being with someone though so long hours away from his person aren't his idea of a great life. He would be a fantastic therapy dog.  Porter is everyone's friend. He'd be happiest with another canine friend but most importantly, a person who is his!  Porter is about 40 pounds and fine with cats.  He was a stray in NJ. A special thanks to his angel supporters who helped pay some of the costs of his surgery for a hip fracture.  A top orthopedic surgeon brought him back to full use of his back leg and Porter happily sails around the Farm good as new!  We'd like to place Porter in a home without a lot of steps for upstairs/downstairs living since it will be easier on him.

ABBY: Beautiful Abby found her forever home in an unusual way...weeks before she landed at the shelter in Long Island, her yet to be guardian volunteered to foster for GHF. Though he knew we rarely get dogs from that area that need to be fostered, he patiently waited, checking in every now and then. Well, Miss Abby knew he was there because out of the blue, she appeared in a nearby shelter and the rest is history, as the saying goes. She became the foster dog and in short order, the permanent family member! We're just thrilled for her, a wonderful senior Border Collie who deserves the love she now receives! 

DEVIN found a great home where he'll have a canine friend who loves to race, chase and wrestle like he does AND he'll have two guardians who will make him the center of attention. They just love their dogs like kids and knew that Devin would flourish with them, playing frisbee and ball and cuddling on the couch, too. We're so happy for Devin who turned on all that special charm of his, winning their hearts. He now lives in NY.

DEVIN: A 1 year old Border Collie, Devin is really sweet, good natured guy who enjoys being with his person. He loves affection and he also loves to play ball. He's enjoying the games with other Border Collies and really coming to life, having a blast. He had been an only dog but seems happiest now with a friend. Devin is a very smart, observant BC who thinks about everything going on around him before being impulsive so could easily learn whatever is asked of him. He is very gentle and easy going. Devin is about 45 pounds. Devin is unsure of cats so needs some guidance and with dog savvy cats, he'd be fine.  He came to the Farm from a NY guardian who ran a day care and while Devin was good with the kids, she just felt she could not focus on his needs.


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