TIG found a marvelous home with a Border Collie friend, previously adopted almost one year to the day, Lucy. When the two of them met, it was instant racing and chasing and tumbling and turning..an amazing connection of two like minded spirits in agile bodies! His new guardians loved the action and knew they'd be a great pair for life! So, off Tig went to his new life in CT.

TIG: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie  mix, Tig is a live wire. He is all action and could easily compete in any sport activity. He is super fast, flying around the fields quicker than many other dogs. He also entertains himself with toys, flipping them in the air and enjoying games he invents. Tig is eager to meet children and settles quickly offering a sit and shake, loving to be connected to any person, young or old. He would be an incredible agility dog for a young teenager who really wants to learn about training. He will happily work for anyone. Tig is obedient and eager to please but when excited, easily clears your head, all four feet off the ground, able to give you a lick on your cheek. He is clearly an athlete. Tig is good with cats and about 40 pounds. He was a stray found outside a vet office in PA. They kindly took him into safety and we were contacted to find him a home. 

DYLAN found his new life in a wonderful home where he'll be enjoying flyball and agility, sports that he will excel in! And, even more importantly, he'll have kids who love him. Dylan is a kid magnet so he will enjoy a full life of Border Collie challenges and lots of love, plus canine friends, too. Dylan now lives in NY.

DYLAN: A 11 month old Border Collie, Dylan is all energy and ready to go, go, go like any young BC. He is very eager to bond and wants to interact with every person he meets. He is super friendly and outgoing, curious about everything. We jokingly call him 'our resident rocket scientist'.  He can learn anything in an instant, offering the behaviors he knows in hopes he will do what will earn him the treat. He'd excel in clicker training and could be taught pretty much anything. Dylan is high energy and can jump straight up, all four feet off the floor and is super fast, so will need an outlet or his mind and body.  Dylan is a classic BC, with all the traits that make this breed so much fun and so challenging - He is smart, focused and very affectionate, a real loving boy.  Dylan is not good with cats and 35 pounds. He came to the Farm from a Long Island shelter where he had been a stray.  

COLT found the perfect home where he can be challenged and loved at the same time. His new FurMom loves to do agility and he'll be her friend in play and learning, the perfect combination for him. Colt loved the connection with someone ready to focus on him and happily headed out to his new life in CT. We know he'll do great!

COLT: A 8 month old Border Collie, Colt is all action. He loves to run and play and chase and enjoys playing with other Border Collies. He's sweet as can be and all ready to go! Colt is very very smart and eager to learn. A very gentle, affectionate boy, he loves people and would enjoy an active home that could meet his needs.  Colt is not hyper however and can settle well, with the great combination of energy and relationship orientation.   He is good with cats and weighs 35 pounds. He was a stray in PA

FLYNE came to the Farm and as soon as he smiled for the camera, he caught the eye of an adopter waiting to come to visit dogs. They saw him and cleared their schedule immediately to drive from Massachusetts to meet him. Of course, he won their hearts in person, just as he had with his sweet face. Flyne will be happily busy with his new family playing and visiting the Cape for some beach time too! Flyne loved them!

FLYNE: A 1 year old Border Collie, Flyne is very very people oriented. He loves everyone and wants to say hello the minute he sees someone new, a very happy friendly boy. Flyne is a gentle, more sensitive Border Collie, not overly intense, just good natured and easy going. He is smart and observes everything around him, taking in all the activity. He is a confident dog, settling into new situations well. He is also great with dogs though would put people at the top of his list of importance. He would enjoy a canine friend but would be happiest accompanying his person in their life. Flyne is about 40 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was relinquished to the Farm due to lack of time for him, from NY. 

KATIE found the perfect life with another canine friend who is a racer and chaser like she is, plus she'll be her big sister, teaching her the ropes about life, which is Katie's favorite role. A sweetheart of a girl, she won her new guardian's heart quickly and happily headed to her new life in upstate NY where she'll have lots of land for exploration and play.

KATIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Katie is an incredibly affectionate people oriented girl. She loves to be with a person. She also loves toys and can pick up speed while chasing, turning her into a flash of black fur. She tosses the toys up and around, making up her own games, too. Katie would be a great sport candidate or a wonderful companion in an active home. Katie is very gentle, sometimes a little shy, but, before long, she is right in your lap for attention. She also loves to play water games, catching the water as it comes out of the hose, a classic Border Collie trait. She is good with other Border Collies but best with submissive dogs since she is like most female Border Collie's, a stronger girl. She is good with cats and about 40 pounds. Katie will be placed in a rural setting or with a hard fence since she has an interest in cars which usually comes from boredom in her previous life. Katie was a stray in Ohio transferred to a NY colleague hoping she would work geese but felt she would be better as a companion. 

Marvelous Mitzi found the perfect person for her and ideal life...she'll get to enjoy being the fabulous dog she is, loved for her gentle ways and rowdy play. Her new FurMom understands Mitzi's shyness and will patiently wait as Mitzi finds her way to more confidence in her new home. Mitzi loves to play so she'll also have the perfect canine friend to race and chase. Mitzi lives in NJ.

MITZI: A 2 year old Border Collie, Mitzi is a very gentle, sweet girl who is quiet and reserved inside but loves to race and herd other dogs outside. She has lots of energy for playing and eagerly wants to join in any games. She is shy around people but comes to life quickly with other dogs around and gains confidence with them so then easily approaches new people. She has a lovely personality and over time, with another dog, will blossom beautifully. Mitzi is smart and focused and could enjoy sports but also enjoys great herding games. She is 40 pounds and good with cats. Mitzi came from another NY rescue who felt we could better place her through our rescue. 

ROSIE found her forever home with two canine friends, one adopted from the Farm six years ago who now is happy to have a friend to run and play and chase. Rosie loved her new guardians instantly and was the perfect match to make a great trio. Rosie now lives in CT. 

ROSIE is a gorgeous 4 yr old, curly haired border collie.  Rosie will gladly chase a tennis ball, but prefers interacting with her person.  She loves a good snuggle, or a run, or car ride, or casual walk with her person. Rosie loves the water and will play in it, endlessly entertaining herself, happy as can be. Rosie is cautious when experiencing new things, so will need a guardian to help build her confidence and independence.  Rosie does fine with other dogs that understand female border collies like to be in "charge" when necessary.  Rosie is about 55 lbs, and will lose some of that weight at the Farm.  She is good with cats, but will chase if they run.  Rosie was a stray in a NJ shelter.

MISSY called in her new guardian quickly and a great life is ahead for her now! She is going to be the constant friend to her new person who absolutely loves the breed and understands their quirks and wonderful nature. Missy happily tucked herself next to her FurMom like she'd been waiting all her life to find her. We are so happy for this adorable 10 year old who is full of spunk and energy and lots of play. She'll now have it all...walking trails, playing ball and sharing her love with her person. Missy loves seniors and once got out of her previous home, headed to a church nearby and schmoozed all the visitors with her charm! We're sure to hear more stories ahead! Missy now lives in Ct.

MISSY: A 10 year old Border Collie, Missy is a sweetheart. All she wants in life is someone to be with and accompany wherever they go and a few dogs to herd every now and then. She's still got quite a border collie eye but all in all, she loves affection and absolutely loves being with people. Missy is very active, nothing like what many people imagine a 10 year old dog to be...she moves as fast as any young BC, able to cover ground side by side with a two year old dog. Missy is smart, sweet and also loves elderly people, she's drawn to them and wonderful with them. Missy is 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Her previous guardian died so family members took her in but the other female BC in their home was her mother and mother and daughter did not get along. She came to the Farm from PA. 

COURTNEY found a wonderful life with 22 acres to explore, other canine friends and a loving guardian who fell in love the minute she met her and knew she was meant to be with her. Courtney will get a chance to try sports but most importantly, spend her time as the constant companion to her new FurMom. She now lives in NY.

COURTNEY: A 4 month old Border Collie, this little pup is unbelievable...a real BC, all ten pounds of her. She jumps up onto high beds, on the back of the couch, easily up onto end tables....she is more agile than some of the adult dogs we've had in rescue.  And, she is absolutely fearless about everything, including adult dogs. She can read other dogs well and knows when to stay out of the way or when to instigate play.  She fit into a pack of nine adult Border Collies as if she'd lived with them her whole life. 

Courtney also loves all toys and is always walking around with a toy in her mouth, even if it's bigger than her.  Like most female Border Collies, she is also showing her strength with a little eye to a dog so she gets them to leave her toy alone.  Looks like Courtney is on her way to running an empire, and if she's in the right hands, she will be fantastic to experience as she matures.  She is also a real lovey, always in your lap (that's why she jumps onto the back of the couch!) and always wanting to sleep next to you or lay on you, that is, unless she's occupied with toys or other dogs.  She is in love with everyone but also quite the thinker. Her little wheels are turning all the time. Courtney is impressive. She is what makes this breed so amazing.

She will ONLY be placed in a border collie experienced home and with other Border Collies.  She would be a fantastic agility candidate!!!  Courtney is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm

BONNY found her forever home with one of our foster Moms who agreed to help Bonny with some of her socialization needs and while she worked on that, discovered that Bonny was a fabulous frisbee girl and fit her pack perfectly. She is everything she had hoped to find one day, a young petite Border Collie for sports so in walked Bonny...a wonderful surprise! We'll hear updates on Bonny for years ahead and are so happy to know she found her place forever. She now lives in Vermont. 

BONNY: A 5 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Bonny is very smart, very alert and observant. She catches onto new things very quickly and is eager to learn. She also bonds strongly and will do best with a person focused on her needs, also helping to increase her confidence. She can be a little timid for a few moments, meeting new people, but quickly overcomes her worries with the toss of a toy or a treat. Bonny is quite the cuddler and loves belly rubs and will happily hop in your lap for lovin'. She will only be placed in a border collie savvy home with another Border Collie. She loves toys of all kinds and is very focused and fast to retrieve them. Bonny is great with other dogs, of all ages. She is fine with cats. Bonny came to the Farm from a guardian who could not meet her energy needs. Bonny is being fostered in VT and can be seen at the Farm

CLAIRE found her forever home with wonderful Friends of the Farm who have adopted before and wanted to add another female to balance their pack. Claire stepped in where beloved Amy had been and she fit in perfectly. They fell in love with her toy play and constant antics and as she did with everyone at the Farm, she charmed them, right into a new life! Claire now lives in NJ.

CLAIR: A 9 year old Border Collie, Clair is a big toy nut, no matter her age, we are sure she played with toys with the same intensity years ago as she does now.. she just loves her squeaky toys and balls. She entertains herself  but is thrilled to retrieve a toss thrown to her. Clair is a wonderful, smart, delightful companion who enjoys everyone. She is quite the socialite, saying hello to everyone around, a quintessential Border Collie. Clair is not yet tested on cats and weighs 44 pounds. She was a stray in PA.

CODEY found his forever home with guardians that fell in love with his winning personality and sweet spirit. Codey wasted no time checking out his new back yard and meeting his new fur friends. He'll be doing lots of boating and trail walking, being a constant companion and source of many smiles for his new family. Codey found the life he truly deserves. He lives in NJ

CODEY: A petite 9 year old Border Collie/Sheltie mix, Codey is full of personality, a really fun, active and sometimes, comical dog. He loves to be involved with his people and is so happy to be included in any activity. He is curious and also loves exploring the yard and meeting other dogs. Codey is full of life and so happy. He loves to go anywhere in the car, no matter where and brings joy to even the most mundane activity. He likes to chase tennis balls in the house and also enjoys cuddling next to his person. Codey can be timid at first, meeting someone new but quickly wants to be their best friend. He's quite the character with a real vocal 'talking' style of connecting with someone he cares about. Codey is about 30 pounds and is not good with cats.  He was with a guardian who could not handle his medical need with a fractured front leg. He came into rescue and thanks to his angels, Codey is now running and playing and absolutely fine on that leg and he is one happy dog. Codey is being fostered in South Jersey

SAMM found his forever home when he dashed out of the barn door right into the lap of his new FurMom! He clearly said where he wanted to live so off he went for an overnight at The Butternut Lodge and of course once morning came, he had won their hearts so deeply, there was no way they could leave the Farm without him. Samm knew what he wanted cause when he went back into the barn so they could meet another dog, he barked and barked and barked, something he never does. His expressive face said it all...that is my home and those are my people! He will have a blast in Virginia, hiking and playing and trying agility and most importantly, being their constant companion and friend for the rest of their lives.

SAMM: A 4 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Samm is a gorgeous brindle color and has a sweet nature to match his good looks. He is very very smart and eager to bond with a person. Samm loves everyone and also enjoys playing with toys for a good game of chase. He is not overly intense, instead would be a wonderful companion accompanying his person everywhere. He is great with other dogs and could easily live with another Border Collie or be a solo dog. He is not yet tested on cats and about 50 pounds. Samm came to the Farm from Vermont, given up because he was chasing the horses in an unfenced situation. 

CASS: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Cass is a love bug and also, all action. She loves to play and is eager to learn. Cass if very sweet and an easy companion. She gets along with other dogs well and she is good with cats but herds them so needs border collie savvy cats. She'll be coming to the Farm shortly and we'll update her bio then. She was a stray taken into a shelter in NJ.

CASS & LUCKY found their forever home together, absolutely happy to play with each other: Lucky herding Cass and Cass making up chase games with the ball - it was like they had lived together their whole lives - fantastic to see!  Their new guardians fell in love with Lucky soon as they met him, their hearts linked together cause he is THE sweetest guy ever and then when Cass came out, they were thrilled to meet her and see how she would be lead dog for Lucky and both played so well. They fell in love quickly with this duo and knew they could provide a fabulous life for both, playing in the yard, hiking and even agility for Cass who would love that. Cass & Lucky now live in NY.

LUCKY: A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Lucky is a wonderful dog with lots of energy to play, play, play. He loves other dogs and gets so excited herding other Border Collies, it's great to watch him in action. He is the sweetest guy, so soft and gentle, a wonderful spirit. Lucky is blind from birth so is happiest with other dogs since he's lived his life with them around. He adjusts beautifully to new situations, bumping around a bit but then he's amazing how quickly he is oriented to where he lives and how things work. Lucky most likely can see shadows since he can navigate around trees outside and inside pretty well. His foster Mom says the cutest thing to see is when he stares up at the sky, cocking his head in that Border Collie way, with a big BC smile. He fits right into a new life like he'd lived all his life, settling down in the house, going right into his crate to eat and enjoying all the affection he can get. He wags his tail every time he hears his name! And, he'll follow you wherever you go hearing your voice and being rewarded with treats. Lucky is good with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm due to a move where his former guardians had to find new homes for all their pets. His original guardian went to buy a Border Collie and the person at the Farm in PA offered her Lucky as well or he was going to be euthanized. Fortunately, Lucky was very lucky that day and now is looking for his next step in life, hoping to share his love again. Lucky is in a foster home in central NY and can be seen at the Farm.

BAER found his forever home with former adopters from the Farm who wanted to add another Border Collie. They love the breed and have always had a soft spot for the mature dogs who need a loving life, having been abandoned for one reason or another. They sparked instantly to Baer and his sensitive, sweet nature and knew he would fit perfectly in their lives and he would have a blast racing around the nearby fields and being their constant companion. He now lives in NY - he'll be turning 9 this fall, happily adored in his new home!!

BAER: An 8 year old Border Collie, Baer is a wonderful dog, really great with everyone he meets and so friendly. He is very, very good natured and bonds quickly, enjoying the company of anyone who enjoys him, too. He is smart and focused though not as intense as a young BC, happier to be a companion. Baer is also gentle and comical with a great personality. He is great with other dogs and also with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from a PA guardian who had him since 8 weeks old but due to hospitalization, could no longer keep him. 

: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Kota is a sweetheart, friendly to everyone she meets. She loves people and is happiest in the middle of everyone, sharing her love and getting affection. She is smart, lively and playful but not overly intense. She's a wonderful companion but needs an outlet for her energy since she's a young BC. She is good with cats and great with other dogs, absolutely loves to play, play, play. She is about 30 pounds. She came to the Farm from PA guardians who divorced. She had lived with them since a puppy. 
BACH & KOTA found their forever home together where they have the best of both worlds...they each have their own boy who will play with them endlessly and love them completely and they have each other for continual chasing, wrestling, and racing, all of which these two LOVE to do. A remarkable home for these two sweet Border Collies! They now live in PA truly living the best life!

BACH: An 11 month old Border Collie, Bach is all about fun, a big toy boy. He just loves to play and chase other Border Collies and would enjoy a canine friend. Bach is easy going, sweet as they come and loves people. While he has lots of energy, he's not as intense as other young BC's so could easily thrive in a companion home. Bach is smart and focused and willing to learn. Bach likes the water and will play and swim. He is about 35 pounds and is ok with cats. He was living in a less than ideal situation, tied out all day, from CT. 

LEGO found his forever home with his foster Mom who decided after months of watching him play his crazy water games and laughing out loud, he needed to stay. Lego is a character, full of quirks and worries but at his now official new home, he relaxed, loved to play with the other dogs and continually enjoying water games!  Always one to make everyone at the Farm chuckle too, Lego needed a very special place to call home and he found it! We are very thankful to his new fosterMom for her kind heart for this sweet but challenging boy. He now lives in NY.

LEGO: A 6 year old Border Collie, Lego is a friendly, good natured Border Collie, who likes people and loves the ball. He is a really even tempered dog, a wonderful companion personality. He is good with other dogs though could be happy as a solo dog with his person or living with another easy going dog. Lego knows lots of tricks and apparently loves vanilla ice cream which he used to get every other weekend cause he was such a good boy. He will herd cats though not hurt them and is about 45 pounds, typical in size for his breed. Lego came from PA where he had been living in a very small home and a 12 x 12 yard for the last 6 months when his previous guardians moved so his new guardians felt it best to find him a better life. 

LUCKI found her forever home with lots of acreage for exploring and even a horse, cow and calf to supervise but most importantly, this little gal will be the constant companion to her new FurMom who has always had Border Collies and really wanted to add her to her life. She and Lucki hit it off instantly and will happily be her 'shadow' for sure, enjoying a wonderful active life full of love. She now lives in NY.

LUCKI: A petite 8 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Lucki is a gem. She is a delightful, happy girl who loves people, a true cuddler.  She loves to sit on your lap or wiggle in right under your arm for attention.  Lucki wants to be by your side and happily enjoys going wherever you go. She knows all kinds of tricks and  easily shows off her brilliance.  Lucki lived with children but seems most comfortable with adults so she will be placed in a home with adults. She is best with submissive dogs since she's a classic female BC who likes to run her world though she's not pushy with easy going dogs.  She would be content as the only dog, too but she needs to be the companion to her people so would be best accompanying someone a lot of the day.  Lucki is a couch cuddler of course and enjoys sharing life side by side. She is great with cats.  She lived in one home as a pup and was abandoned at a NY shelter due to allergies.  Lucki is being fostered in NY and can be seen at the Farm

YORK found his forever home without ever leaving the Farm. He went down to join the volunteer cook at Camp Border Collie for Kids and within a few days, they were fast friends. He bonded quickly with both father and daughter and joined in all the kid's activities at the dining pavilion, even gaining the name "the Duke of York" since he was such a good diplomat for dogs, making all the kids feel comfortable. His wonderful sweet nature won their hearts so off he'll go to his new home in MA where he'll have a canine friend and TONS of love. Sweet York is a long way from NYC and happily on a new journey as a beloved friend.

YORK: A 9 year old Border Collie mix, York is a lover, sweet, sweet, sweet. He just wants to be with his person and will happily follow you around. He also loves to explore the land and trots around enjoying each and every nook and cranny at the Farm. He is great with other dogs, a very submissive boy, only eager to say hello. York is so good natured, it's hard to think of anything to report other than good news. And, the best news is that he made it to the Farm.   York was abandoned in a NYC shelter due to health concerns, then adopted out and returned because no one wanted to undertake his health needs. We did and boy are we glad we stepped in to help. York had a perianal growth that we removed which did turn out to be cancer. Fortunately, our vet surgically removed the mass and through ultrasound checking and chest xrays, we've found he is cancer free! York has a long and happy life ahead.

RUSS won the hearts of his new family after they met numerous dogs and quickly all agreed, he was the one to live with them. Russ thought so too as he headed over to the nearby Inn to overnight, hopped up on the couch in their laps for kisses and then went room to room to be with them. He was in heaven, clearly thrilled with his new life and happy to head out in the car with them, wherever they went! Russ now lives in NJ in a life filled with plenty of love which he surely deserves and of course, his wiggly giggly ball which he cannot live without!

RUSS: A 1 year old Border Collie, Russ is a loving people oriented dog who would enjoy a close relationship with an active person. He is all about affection and cuddling. He's also focused and loves toys and would excel in learning anything and everything. Russ absolutely goes wild for wiggly giggly balls or any ball that makes a sound when he moves it and will happily entertain himself.  He is so toy oriented, he's a blast to play with.  Russ is very very smart and sensitive, a classic combination of BC traits. He is good with other dogs playing outside but is a strong personality so would be best as a solo dog or with female a Border Collie. Russ is energetic but not as intense as some young BC's so would be a good companion, not needing to work but needing a close relationship and lots of play. Russ is about 45 pounds and is good with cats though may herd them. He came to the Farm from NJ when his guardian no longer had time for him and passed him to a family member who felt they could not meet his needs. 

Sweet Sadey found her forever home with a family that loves the breed and quickly fell in love with her gentle, good nature and loving kisses. Sadey will blossom in their care for sure and enjoy lots of love plus in a few months, they're coming back for a friend for her! Sadey will have lots of fun hiking in CT and enjoying a great backyard for exploring.

SADEY: A very, very petite 3 year old Border Collie, Sadey loves people. She always seeks out whoever is near for a hello kiss and then is ready to play.  She enjoys toys and anything that focuses her mind.  Sadey is very focused and smart and could easily be a wonderful companion for endless play.  She is not overly intense however and really enjoys just being with a person. Sadey is about 30 pounds and not good with cats.  She is good with other dogs but needs easy going, submissive dogs since the lab/akita in her previous home started fighting with her and she is now worried about dogs.  Sadey is doing really well at the Farm, already playing with other Border Collies and does enjoy having a submissive friend for play. She could live as the solo dog or with another Border Collie. Sadey came from PA.

BOZLEY found his forever home in Ct with former adopters who wanted to add another Border Collie and felt Bozley fit their life perfectly. He and his new friend, Heidi, will have countless hours together exploring in the yard, playing ball and being the companion to their new guardians who adore the breed. Bozley happily headed out with his jolly ball for lots of play.

BOZLEY: A 4 year old Border Collie, Bozley is a gentle guy who loves people and really wants to be with his person. He is very very sweet and also very smart. Bozley loves to play in water and easily entertains himself. He's not as high energy cause of the extra weight which came from little exercise in his previous home. He is eager to join in activities so will knock that off easily. He is good with other dogs but could easily be the solo dog, a really wonderful easy going companion. He is not yet tested on cats. Bozley came to the farm due to a move to PA and pregnancy which meant he was not getting the time he needed. He was from a breeder in Colorado. 

Special thanks to Bonnie Yurga, Jean Werkheiser, Nancy Vrabel, Debbie Grassi, and Elana Hulsey for helping Dunkin get to the Farm safely
DUNKIN: A 5 month old Border Collie came to the Farm from a NJ guardian who was moving. Soon as he arrived, he was ready to go, into balls, frisbees and any toy that moved. Lucky for Dunkin, an adopter was looking for a pup for flyball and thanks to other adopters from the Farm, he came to visit. Soon as he met Dunkin, he knew he was the one to add to his family so off Dunkin went to a new life filled with activities fit for a Border Collie. He'll have lots of fun making up games with his new Border Collie friend as well as learning flyball! We had previously taken Dunkin's father, Bud, and if Bud is any indication, Dunkin will be an incredible athlete, too. He now lives in Massachusetts. 

KELSEY found her forever home with a great pack of Border Collies, two of them from the Farm! The foursome will be a great group of non-stop action and play and clearly enjoyed each other when they met. Kelsey enjoyed her belly rubs too and happily headed out for her new life in NY where she'll be an adored member of the family.

KELSEY: A 10 month old Border Collie, Kelsey is a dream girl, a real cuddler plus she loves to run, chase and race with canine friends. She can be shy with new people but sweetly sits by your side as she gets to know you, with a little wiggle and hello. She loves squeaky toys and retrieving balls, dropping them right at your feet. Kelsey loves to run in the woods, chase waves at the ocean as well as snuggling and belly rubs, a great combination. She was adopted as a 3 month old puppy from the Farm but due to life changes, returned. She has been in a loving situation and blossomed beautifully. Kelsey is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. 

JACK found his family and boy was he happy!....he played and played and played, chasing after endless toys and balls. He was so thrilled to have his own kids and enjoyed plenty of belly rubs and gave lots of kisses. He had a great day at the Farm with the whole family and then spent the night at the nearby Inn, sharing what will be many evenings including cuddling in the bed, as cozy as could be. Jack will certainly enjoy his new life, filled with love and play. He now lives in Massachusetts.

JACK: A 7 year old Border Collie, Jack is an amazing athlete and a ball fanatic! Any ball of any kind, he wants..  wiggly giggly balls; jolly balls; tennis balls, you throw it, he'll play with it. Jack is all Border Collie through and through, focused, fast and fun. He is happiest playing and will easily join in any herding games with other dogs or playing with a person.  Jack is fantastic off leash and would be a great hiking partner. He also likes the water for retrieving balls and wouldn't take much to learn to swim!. He is good with other dogs and lived with a female BC.  He is about 45 pounds and good with cats. Jack was relinquished from PA due to a divorce.

JACKERS found his forever home with his twin...not truly but from outdoor appearances, they could have been littermates. He was thrilled to have his own girl to throw the ball and happy to have a family focused on playing with him. Jackers and his new canine friend Molly will be constant companions to his new guardians and enjoy a loving life filled with doggie fun. He now lives in NY.

JACKERS: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Jackers is a fun loving happy guy who LOVES to play with dogs, racing and chasing. He can run like the wind and would be an excellent candidate for agility, able to to jump straight off the ground to shoulder height with no problem. Jackers is also quite the snuggler, happy to be with his people and very eager to please. He is a quick learner and and even has some basic agility skills. He is a real sweetheart with everyone he meets.  He's a young Border Collie so will do well with positive training. Jackers will be placed with another dog or could easily join a multiple dog home. He lived with a female lab and a pug and loved the dogs completely. He is good with cats and about 35 pounds. He is trained on the invisible fence. He originally came to the Farm from PA and was adopted out but the suburban yard situation was too chaotic for him. 

KIRBEY headed out to his new life with another Border Collie, Kylie, adopted from the Farm not long ago. He won his new guardian's heart just like Kylie had and she knew she couldn't leave without him. He and Kylie raced around the fields at the Farm like gazelles, just gorgeous to watch and then played their own style of doggie wrestling, a perfect duo. His new guardian was quickly charmed by this sweet guy and chuckled when she realized she had adopted a dog who drooled heavily in car rides cause that is exactly what Kylie does, too...a perfect pair on all fronts! Kirbey now lives in CT and will be very adored, a long way away from a farmer's stall covered in poop! Kirbey will be hiking and swimming and enjoying the great outdoors as well as tons of ball and frisbee. 

A special thanks to Lori Coon and her family who fostered Kirbey, helping him become a more confident Border Collie ready to start his new journey! They did a fantastic job!

KIRBEY: A 9 month old Border Collie, Kirbey is learning that life is good and beginning to trust that people are fun and loving. He is an adorable, friendly boy who needs a patient person and other dogs to keep him blossoming.  Kirbey's innocent, puppy-like nature is so endearing and he will surely be a wonderful companion as he matures. He already knows that the other dogs are so much fun, cause he runs and wrestles and plays in his room all day and outside, too. Kirbey is a very gentle, sweet, soft Border Collie who deserves a ton of love and a patient guardian who will help him continue to gain his confidence. He will be placed with another Border Collie or other dogs to help build his confidence. He loves to play. He is about 30 pounds and good with cats. We rescued Kirbey from a filthy horse stall where he had been neglected, all alone, living on a farm. His good nature is intact. All he needs is time and guidance.

TOOTSIE found the perfect home for her...filled with other  Border Collies so she has lots to do, herding them in circles and guardians who understand her needs to make her happy. She'll be their constant companion, enjoying trips in their mobile home to agility trails and traveling wherever they go. Tootsie fit this group beautifully, well versed in living with a crowd of busy Border Collies. She loved the attention of her new guardians, too, happy to rest her head on their laps for petting. She now lives in NY.

TOOTSIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Tootsie is a gentle girl who loves being with you for attention but is so happy being able to run, run, run. She is gorgeous to watch as she takes a full gallop across the fields, with a toy in her mouth or just on her own. Tootsie loves other dogs and will herd them so would be happy with another Border Collie friend or as a solo dog in an active home. She is very eager to bond and loves people. She's become a very confident girl, eager to be in the middle of the action and loving attention. Tootsie is about 35 pounds and good with cats. She came to the farm from a NJ shelter where she had been a stray.  

TIKKER found his forever home with wonderful guardians who loved his good nature and quirkiness racing for the ball in full Tikker style! He had spent time with his newFurDad last week and his four new canine friends so when his FurMom came to meet him along with one of his new canine friends, Deja, it was a done deal. Tikker landed a great new life with lots to do, tons of love and even his own lake house for swimming and exploring. He'll have a blast as their companion in his new doggie paradise in NY. We've already heard that Tikker now back to his original name, Tucker, slept in the crook of the arm of his new guardian all night long, went into the water splashing in the waves and is feeling at home already.

TIKKER: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Tikker is a sweet boy who loves to play ball. He is quite comical, happily enjoying retrieving over and over again, very playful and quite a character. He is a more sensitive dog and feels most comfortable with someone he knows for awhile. He loves to explore and go for walks, happy to be with his person. Tikker is smart and attentive but not intense, more of a companion, than non-stop working BC. He is good with cats and good with other dogs. Tikker could live as a solo dog or with another Border Collie mix. He is about 40 pounds. He was given up to due health issues in the family and issues with the German Shepherd. 


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