Little Miss Mae found her new life quickly soon as she met two loving guardians who were searching for a canine friend to join them. Their hearts were wide open and upon seeing Mae, they exclaimed in delight, they had found their next beloved friend! Mae totally agreed, happy to be cuddled and adored and then showed them all her puppy ways of racing and playing non-stop! Mae will have 3 acres to call her own and be their constant companion. She now lives in upstate NY.

MAE: A 4  month old Border Collie mix, Mae is a wonderfully active young girl, she loves everyone she meets, humans, kids dogs and cats.    Loves toys, and a good game of tug.  She is still working on the potty training, but is quickly learning that if she rings the bell she gets to go out.  Outside she gets the zoomies often, runs and jumps everything she can.  She completely loves her person, never far from us.  She does nip, but can easily be distracted with a toy.  She crates wonderful, and knows that when in her crate it is time to settle down. Mae is trying to find out how far she can go as any puppy would. She will respond to a no, but you may have to say it a couple of times.  She is working on a sit, but that is really all we have asked of her.  Mae truly enjoys life, she does great in a car, she mostly sleeps when taking a ride.  Because of Mae's start in life she really needs to have her people around her, she doesn't have separation issues, but wants to be with someone. Mae plays endlessly with other dogs and is currently enjoying life in her foster home with many German Shepherds who keep her occupied.  Mae is 18 pounds, a petite girl and was originally a stray in the Watertown NY area.

KENZIE found the perfect home with another Border Collie from the Farm (formerly Derby, now Wilson) and three other canine friends. Her new guardians thought she was the sweetest girl and just so gorgeous, a perfect pairing for their Border Collie.  Kenzie hopped right up on the couch to show her sweet nature and won their hearts. Kenzie waited a long time to find her new life and now she's all set living in Massachusetts.

KENZIE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Kenzie is a gentle, sweet girl who is eager to be with someone  and  rolls over for belly rubs and loves to get attention by licking your hand. She is very smart and learns quickly and is loves squeaky toys and chasing the soccer ball around the yard.   Kenzie also loves to run with Border Collies and herds them, plus she'll wrestle and play with a dog who loves that, too.  Kenzie will be placed with another Border Collie to help her confidence since she can be shy at first.  She is about 35 pounds and she is good with cats.  Kenzie will be placed in a hard fence situation, not underground electronic fencing.  She is being fostered in New Hampshire where she's learning all about living in a home and trusting people.  She is from the New England area.

GREGG was beside himself with doggie glee when he met his new canine friends, it was marvelous to see. They wrestled, and rolled and chased and played like they lived together their whole lives. His new FurMom was so pleased to see them sitting side by side within minutes, after long periods of play. She fell in love  soon as she met him, watching his graceful race around the Farm fields, a happy, playful, joyful dog - exactly what she wanted to add to her life. Gregg now lives in upstate NY with his new family. We've already seen great shots of Gregg in his new life!

GREGG: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Gregg is all action. He loves to play, play, play and really needs someone who is physically active as his guardian. He is strong and smart and bonds quickly, really looking for a person. He is good with other dogs and could join other canine friends but is most eager to find a person who understands him. Gregg is a very affectionate guy, too and really enjoys belly rubs and attention, giving back as much as he gets. He is about 45 pounds and a bit taller than the average BC. He is good with cats.  He came to the Farm from a PA shelter where he had been abandoned cause he herded the toddlers. 

TOBEY found the perfect life with a young pup who loves to wrestle and chase and play keep away as much as he does! The two of them quickly established a great relationship that won the hearts of his new FurDad who came to choose a new canine companion for he and his fiance and of course, their new BC mix, Luca. Once Tobey charmed him with his smarts and good nature, he became the one to head home to join his life. He'll be hiking in nearby parks all the time as well as enjoying continual fun at home in MA, where he'll be the constant companion of his new guardians. He'll even get to enjoy the  fun of agility!

TOBEY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Tobey is a sweet, loving dog who wants to be with people and in the middle of the action. He is very curious, smart and eager to learn. Tobey loves to wrestle and play and chase with other Border Collies and is having a blast with dog friendships at the Farm.   He would love having a canine friend. Tobey lived with kids and cats and did just fine with both. He's a sweet guy who loves affection, getting it and giving it, a real people dog.  He is about 35 pounds.  He came from a NJ guardian who could not meet his needs

SOPHIE met her match in her new canine friend, Duncan. The two of  them wrestled, and rolled and played like long lost friends. They  were amazing to watch - a classic case of the perfect pair finding each other. They completely adored each other. Her new guardian chuckled as she watched their antics and knew this was exactly the girl to join their lives. Sweet Sophie jumped into the car next to her new buddy and headed out to a great life in NY. We'll hear about Sophie often since she lives not too far from the Farm.  Special thanks to Dana and Ray at Dogwild who kindly posted flyers of Sophie and made her new life possible!

SOPHIE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Sophie is a sweet girl who gives you her whole heart once she knows you, She can be a little timid at first but comes to life quickly and happily, full of joy, She is quite charming with her gentle nature yet once playing, she gets the zoomies with other dogs and starts her herding games to instigate play. Sophie is good with other dogs and would benefit from a canine friend since she takes some times to get comfortable with new people. She is very smart and also sensitive so will be placed with patient guardians who understand how things unfold best for her. She is not good with cats and about 50 pounds. She was relinquished to the Farm from NY guardians who felt they could not meet her needs with their new toddlers at home. She lived in one home since a pup. 

COSBY found the perfect home with another alum from GHF, Cara. His new guardians read about him on the site and saw his gorgeous pictures and intuitively felt he would fit perfectly. Cosby did just that, happily winning their hearts instantly. He and Cara are playing and he's lovin' his new life in Maine, as their constant companion cuddling and then racing and playing with his new canine friends, Cara and Newman. We're thrilled for this sweet guy who deserved a wonderful life.  Special thanks to Susan Monnelly for making the meeting of Cosby and his new guardians so easy! 

COSBY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Cosby is a clown, a fun loving, happy guy who loves absolutely everyone. If he had another name, it would be JOY..he is fun and energetic and playful, all rolled into one. Cosby is not as intense as some BC's with herding, instead he's just full of energy. He loves to play with other dogs and toys and is curious about pretty much everything. He is very good natured. Cosby has no basics in obedience so is like one big puppy who is ready to learn, so he will need someone patient to guide him. He is fine with cats and about 35 pounds. Cosby was a breeding dog dumped at a shelter in PA so no one put any time in developing his manners but all that can come easily - he is very relationship oriented and so eager to please. 

HOOPER happily headed out to his new car, hopped in with his new guardians and laid right down on the dog bed in the back of the car, clearly set to go! He was so ready for his new life and once they met him, they knew he'd fit just right with them. He'll be their constant companion, exploring 18 acres he can call his own and being adored for his sweet, gentle, smart nature. We are so happy for Hooper who really had a hard start, in rough shape when he came to us, and now a happy, about to be totally loved guy!!! Hooper now lives in MA. Way to go Hoop!!

HOOPER: A 5 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Hooper is all about love and people. He just loves everyone and is very affectionate, giving back more than he gets, a happy guy who loves head scratches and back rubs. He's also quite good at showing off his roll-over with a very funny bark and turn, he hits the ground to roll and then up for his treat, really comical.  He is a sweetheart. Hooper is fine with other dogs but much more focused on people so would be happy with someone around most of the time.   He enjoys a good walk and is happy to be by your side relaxed and content. Hooper is good with cats and about 40 pounds. He was a stray in PA in a shelter that works with the Farm. 

Little SKEETER wanted a big job where he could really help people open their hearts. Soon as he came to camp to say hello, all the campers knew this was one special little pup - an 'old soul' who needed just the right place to accomplish his mission. He won over the heart of one of our campers, a special woman with a wonderful family with one child who is blind. She is the full-time caretaker for her son, along with her other dog, Maya who loyally stays by his side. Once we met Skeeter and felt what he wanted, it was so clear that this was the home where he was needed. This wiggly little pup settled quietly and easily with his new FurMom, enjoying lectures and activities and even the trails, as if he had been with her all his life. It was an amazing match to see happen! Skeeter now lives in the Pittsburgh area.

SKEETER is a jolly, adorable 2 month old Border Collie/Aussie mix.  His gorgeous coloration and his sassy, outgoing temperament draw attention everywhere he goes! He loves to romp and play or cuddle too. He is smart, focused and interacts beautifully with other dogs. He was bought from a farmer on a whim by a woman with an elderly Chihuahua that did not appreciate the play style of herding oriented puppy, and she relinquished him to Glen Highland after less than a week. We are delighted to be able to place him in an appropriate home.

GAGE found his forever home right next door to his foster home! He was in foster care while camp was underway and as he visited day in and day out to say hello and play with the neighbor's Border Collie, the family fell in love. Gage got to try agility and did so well, it was clear he could enjoy a wonderful life of lots of sports, play with his new BC friend and a family that understood the breed. Gage now lives in upstate NY and we'll be hearing about him all the time!

GAGE: A 3 month old Border Collie, Gage is the unusual lilac color, a beautiful cast of purple-red. He is a sweet guy who loves to play non-stop and fits right in with older BC's as well as puppies. He is smart and focused, already showing his talent for observation and thinking. He is not overly intense but enjoys every toy he's introduced to as well as anything he learns. He's a curious pup who would love a BC friend and challenges. He was too much for his former guardian. 

COMETT, a 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, found the perfect life where he'll be the constant companion to his new guardians and enjoy 80 acres to call his own, helping them with their blueberry farm! He'll join in all the activities plus enjoy a great life full of love and fun as their beloved BC. Big fans of the breed, they knew his charming nature and smart, sweet ways would fit their lives perfectly. Of course, Comett came for cuddling as well as action, herding the soccer ball!

ROSEE found the perfect home with people who really understand the breed and will give her the chance to do herding and agility, both sports she will surely excel in doing. Rosee is joining another BC, Quinn, adopted 5 years ago from the Farm and another canine friend, Magic. They all clearly loved each other, enjoying good chasing and racing around the fields with big hellos as if they'd been together all their lives. Her new guardians were thrilled to have such a great trio! She now lives in MA with one of our dear friends of the Farm who we know will love and adore her.

ROSEE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Rosee is brilliant, all about focusing on the action and what her person is asking of her. She aims to please and would be a marvelous agility dog, fast and focused. She is also very balanced and relates well to people, easily and comfortably. Rosee is smart and fun, classic BC, with strong herding instincts and will be placed in a Border Collie savvy home that is active and understands her needs. She is great with other dogs and could easily join another BC friend or be a solo dog in an active home. Rosee is good with dog savvy cats. She was a stray in a NY shelter. 

SHEBA & JETER will live happily together for the rest of their lives, joining their new guardians who fell in love with them immediately. Their sweet nature and wonderful play style together won their hearts instantly. They traveled from Virginia hoping to find two new friends to join their lives and after a day and then an overnight with Sheba & Jeter, they were certain this pair was it! Sheba and Jeter loved all the attention and happily cuddled with them and played with toys, clearly at ease and happy to again be with people who would adore them.

SHEBA, age 8 and JEETER, age 5 are two Border Collies who have lived their lives together in one home, happily enjoy a family and fun together. They are very smart and love people, of course they also love toys. Jeeter is very playful and loves to chase with other dogs as well as retrieve anything thrown his way. He also loves to swim and join in with a group of BC's, and their herding games. He is a cuddly guy, easy going and a great companion. Sheba is very smart and observant. She thinks through whatever is going on and can be shy with new situations and people. She is the leader of the pair, like usual with a female and male. Sheba enjoys retrieving toys but at this time, her exercise is limited. Sheba has been treated for Heartworm and done beautifully so has a clean bill of health and is ready for play and a new home! Sheba and Jeeter are about 40 pounds and good with cats. They came from the Rochester NY area where they were abandoned at a shelter that works with GHF. 

SPENCER found his new guardians right at camp when they came back this summer with the idea of adding a new canine friend to their lives. Spencer quickly fit their family and became great pals with his canine buddy, Abby, racing along the trails and enjoying all the activities. Within short order, Spencer was sleeping in their tent, lounging on their laps at lectures and spending each day of camp with them so it was only fitting, that when camp ended, home he went! Spencer now lives in MA! We'll see him this summer at Camp Border Collie for Kids when his guardians return as volunteers!

Spencer is 7  lively, classic BC's in energy and play, they love everyone they meet, too. They are very outgoing and friendly, easy to enjoy instantly as the good natured dogs they are, happy to go for a ball or hang with you. Spencer is the ball guy, a marvelous catch for any toss  Spencer is super sweet and will be a joy to live with, both very responsive to people and adaptable to new situations. They are great with dogs and good with cats. Both are around 45 pounds. They came to the Farm from New Hampshire from a family who no longer had time for them. They lived in one home since they were pups from a nearby breeder. 

Special thanks to one of our caretakers who fostered Glory - Kay DeFlumere, her husband Mike and daughter Cori, who made sure Glory felt that love was hers to have!
GLORY found a great life with guardians who really understand rescue dogs, having all rescues in their family. She'll join three canine lab friends who all came to meet her (one is camera shy). Glory knew she would quickly rise to lead that trio with her brilliant Border Collie mind and her new FurMom and FurDad agreed since their beloved BC had done just the same thing years ago. Glory Glory Halleujiah, this little girl will be loved and adored forever, as she so richly deserves. She now lives in upstate NY.

GLORY: A 4 month old Border Collie, Glory is a gem. She is sweet, affectionate, cuddly and eager to be loved and give love back. Glory is a lovely little BC who is learning all about being a puppy and enjoying a loving family. She is smart and focused, though more easy going than some pups. She'd be a great companion and happy to have a canine friend, too. Glory is fine with cats and about 20 pounds. She was dumped by an Amish breeder who didn't want her or two adults, Genie and Gradie. We were very happy we could bring them to GHF and as always, stunned to hear the comment from the breeder who turned them over: "I'm glad you took them cause I hate to kill the ones I like".  The world is a very scary place for dogs bred by puppy mill oriented breeders and we are relieved that these three made it out of that hell. 

GUNNAR waited over a year to find the life that suits him and boy did he! Gunnar accompanies his new guardian for trail work all throughout the New England area, experiencing a dog paradise day in and day out. We are so thrilled for his new guardian who really wanted a beloved companion to join him, sleeping in tents and cabins and living this unusual life. And, we are thrilled for Gunnar who will absolutely love this life cause it suits his unconventional nature...a perfect pairing for sure! Gunnar is now on location with Magey, adopted not long ago by another trail worker who also wanted an independent Border Collie to join him.   It's an amazing thing to see snapshots of their world.  Congrats Gunnar and Gordon!

A very special thanks to Ann Cattaneo who helped make this possible, giving Gunnar as much time as he needed to land this wonderful new life.

GUNNAR is a 1  1/2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers who is incredibly agile, smart and focused. He can cross a field at high speed to retrieve a toy and be back in seconds..he is super fast. He also jumps all four feet off the ground and happily takes cues to be obedient, too. Gunnar has become quite the frisbee dog, loving to leap in the air for any catch! Gunnar loves to snowshoe and skijore, happy to be outside and on the move..he's the perfect hiking companion.  He's a character too: one time while snowshoeing in the woods, he ran off the trail to grab a big stick that was actually a branch hanging off the tree.   He was off all fours hanging from his mouth shaking the branch!  Gunnar likes people and enjoys a close interaction with someone who plays with him and challenges his mind. He is very affectionate and loving, a real snuggler, very gentle and good natured.  He is good with cats. Gunnar would be happiest as the solo dog and in an adult home where he can enjoy activities with his person.  He was relinquished from guardians with a houseful of kids who he enjoyed immensely. Gunnar is being fostered in Vermont.

SITKA & KENAI found an incredible life together with their new guardian where they'll join him as constant companions at the 400 acre campus where he's on the faculty. They'll be a part of the daily routine there with the teenagers at school, accompanying him to classes and enjoying on-site living during the week and then get to go to his 150 acre farm and play, explore and run all day. He fell in love with their great spirits and knew that he wanted them to enjoy the doggie paradise he could offer which suits them so well since they've always had the freedom off leash to enjoy rural living. Sitka and Kenai seemed clear they had found the person they were looking for to make their forever life possible! They now live in the New England area.

SITKA and KENAI are very petite, 2 1/2 year old half-sister border collies with ABCA papers.  They have been with each other their whole lives.  These two are outstanding in their sense of relationship to their person, totally aware of what is being asked of them at any time.  They are totally focused, super smart and in tune, very classic Border Collies.  They have lived in an unfenced situation, never roaming far, able to walk off leash down the street, moving to the side as cars pass, waiting patiently for the command to continue.  Their obedient nature is quite obvious when you meet them but they also have a comical side where they love to jump in your lap for attention and eagerly shadow your every move. They are super sweet and are completely focused on people, getting along with everyone they meet. They are good with other dogs though can be a little bossy, like classic females.  Neither care about toys at all.  They'd be great hiking partners and need a life where they are constant companions to their person. Sitka and Kenai will be adopted out together into a rural setting since they are used to having large acreage as their playground. They are 30-35 pounds and not good with cats.  Both came to the Farm directly when their NY guardian planned to move west.

SADEY found exactly the life she wanted: with a loving family...the constant companion to her FurDad...a world to explore on 65 acres...sheep, chickens and horses to 'manage'....AND A POND! Watching her settle inside in their home was wonderful but watching her delight in having her own water paradise, was fantastic! Sadie turned for a brief look good-bye as she stood on the dock about to start her new life. It was a wonderful thing to witness unfold. Sadey now lives in upstate NY, not far from the Farm.

SADEY is 5 yr old lively, classic border collie in energy and play, she loves everyone she meets. Sadey is very outgoing and friendly, easy to enjoy instantly as the good natured dog she is, happy to go for a ball or hang with you. Sadey is a water girl, absolutely in love with any water anywhere, a comical girl for sure. She is super sweet and will be a joy to live with, very responsive to people and adaptable to new situations. She is great with dogs and good with cats. Around 45 pounds. Sadey and Spenser came to the Farm from New Hampshire from a family who no longer had time for them. They lived in one home since they were pups from a nearby breeder. 

Wonderful RUBY found her forever home with a Friend of the Farm who has enjoyed the Farm at Camp and this summer, asked about Ruby, who caught her eye on the site. After spending time with Ruby, she came back for an overnight visit to be sure Ruby and her boy, Smokey, would be the play friends that she imagined they could be, from everything she had heard and read. All of us who know Ruby, knew she'd clinch the deal cause when Ruby finds a friend for playing, Ruby can play, play, play. She's certainly no old 8 year old! It was a joy to see Ruby and Smokey together acting like they'd lived life together forever, tugging with toys, vocalizing as they physically pushed each other in play and then happily sitting right before their furMom, content to be in her life. A great adoption for us to witness and a great life for Ruby, who so deserves it! She now lives in NJ.

RUBY:  An 8 year old Border Collie mix (possibly collie), Ruby is a lovely girl who is gentle and affectionate with every person she meets. She absolutely loves people and would be so happy to accompany her person wherever they go. Ruby would be a fantastic resident nursing home dog or office dog since she greets everyone with the same sweetness and good manners. She is very smart, great with other dogs and enjoys a good run, a graceful beauty she is as she races across the field. Ruby is too enamored with cats, watching them endlessly so will do better without cats, however she'd love a canine friend. She is 50 pounds. Ruby was adopted from the Farm six years ago but returned years later because the family's lifestyle changed, leaving her alone 10-12 hours a day which was horrible for Ruby.

CEE CEE found her person, someone who would adore her and enjoy her as a beloved canine companion day in and day out, exactly what this wonderful girl wanted. Once Cee Cee gave him that 'old soul' gentle look that only Cee Cee can do, that was pretty much it! She happily hopped into his car and headed off to upstate NY to start a new life, no longer left to stray on the streets. And, what's most exciting is that Cee Cee will get a chance to earn her therapy credentials so she can go into the library to work with children in the reading programs where dogs encourage more interest and better reading, as the kids  read TO the dog! Cee Cee will share those moonbeam eyes and sweet, gentle ways and surely help many children as she also shares her heart with her new guardian.

CEE CEE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Cee Cee is all about people! She loves being with everyone and would be a fabulous companion, happy to go anywhere her person goes. She is super sweet and smart, very focused though her enjoyment is really being with people. Cee Cee is great with dogs, gets along easily and fits in with all of them well. She is a gentle girl with plenty of energy for exploring outdoors...she loves a good hike. Cee Cee is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. She was in a MD shelter, where her guardian did not reclaim her. 

DUSTIE found a great home with a furMom who understands the breed and is thrilled to have him join her in her geese chasing business in Ct.  He'll be working beaches and large private properties as well as public places, racing after those birds in pursuit. He'll also get plenty of ball play and time to be a loved BC, lounging with his new family. He happily sat on the couch, giving kisses to say it's a "go", then landed right on the floor, ready for a ball or a bird! We're really happy for Dustie to have such a challenging active life.

DUSTIE:  A 4 year old Border Collie, Dustie is a smart, focused Border Collie who responds well to attention. He gets along with other Border Collies well. Dustie loves balls, frisbee and toys of any kind, a classic BC. He is an incredible ball guy, who is fast and focused going after any ball toss sent his way. Dustie loves people and toys pretty much the same so will easily enjoy a new life with someone who understands his BC brilliance and desire to play.  He could be a solo dog or join other BC's in a BC savvy home.  Dustie is a sweet guy who loves to be in the center of the action, for fun and for love. Dustie is OK with dog savvy cats.   He was abandoned at a PA shelter. Dustie learned all about frisbee in his foster home and was superb at it! 

FLASH found a new life where he'll have a Border Collie friend and two guardians who really understand the breed. Plus, he'll be the constant companion to his new FurDad, joining him in everything he does which we know Flash will love! Flash met his new guardians and canine friend and clearly voted a big YES to joining their lives. His current guardian who adopted Flash years ago from the Farm, was thrilled to know he'd be loved and live out a wonderful life. Flash will now lives in VA

FLASH: A 7 year old Border Collie, Flash is a good natured, balanced dog who enjoys everything from cuddles to tug games. He hikes off leash beautifully around dogs, deer and wildlife, trained to stay with his person.  He has basic obedience skills and knows lots of tricks too!  (He’s even been a star, in Milk Bone magazine ads and on a TV show.) Flash loves everyone and his adorable full body wag will melt your heart.  He loves belly rubs and hugs and gives lots of kisses, too.  He is a really sweet, smart Border Collie.  Even though he has border collie smarts, he has a very enjoyable mellow demeanor and therefore does not require extreme amounts of exercise like many BCs.  He has experience in agility, freestyle and tracking games but he is just as happy with simple games of fetch or tug, and long walks in natural settings.  In short, he is ready for fun action at a moment’s notice, but he will also curl up on the couch with you for extensive cuddles if you like that, too.  Flash is great with dogs of all shapes and sizes that he meets on his daily hike in the park.  He is not good with cats.  Flash was adopted from the Farm in 2005 at age 3 but now finds himself in need of a new home because his parents had a baby.  Like most Border Collies, Flash is not comfortable with the poking and pulling that curious toddlers will do.  Therefore, Flash will be best in an adult home without small children.  He is currently living in his home in Clifton, NJ and would love to transition to his new home straight from there. Flash’s guardian is a dog trainer and would be glad to arrange a time and place to introduce Flash to an appropriate adopter.  He can answer any and all questions you may have as well as show you Flash’s obedience and tricks if you like!  Flash is a wonderful and loved family member.  He will need a lifestyle similar to his current one, where he gets a healthy dose of love and stimulation each day in the form of hikes and/or interactive games with toys, which is exactly what all Border Collies need!  Submit applications to the Farm, as usual.

BRYNE now known as Katie, found her forever home where she'll join a pack of Border Collies and enjoy life with someone who really understands the breed. She'll get to try agility and if she loves it, have a lifetime of fun racing, running and challenging herself to learn. Bryne will surely do well and be adored in her new life in NJ with her Fur Mom and Dad who really wanted another beautiful red BC. Bryne/Katie is that girl!

BRYNE: A 6 1/2 month old Border Collie, Bryne is non-stop. She is classic in her high energy level and ready to chase, race and make up herding games instantly. She flies over the furniture en route to whatever is of interest, clearly agile. Bryne loves to play and feels most at ease with other BC's who want to play or are young in age and can keep up with her active play style. She is a thinker, taking in a situation first, whether it's meeting new dogs or new people, she thinks and then decides what to do next. She is very smart and bonds quickly. Bryne is also very affectionate and loves to nestle right in by your side. She will only be placed with BC savvy guardians since her energy needs are high. She would excel in sports and will need another young BC companion for sure. Bryne was abandoned in a PA shelter, given up for no time for her.  Bryne loves the water and is a natural swimmer. She and Darcie are having a blast in the pond at the Farm, with the pack.

BLAKE found a great home with a guardian who loves the breed and will include him in everything in his life, including work. He'll go with him to the cardio rehab unit as well as join him in his daily 3-5 mile run through fields and forests, enjoying the great outdoors. Blake loved the feeling of being with his new FurDad, bonding instantly and racing around the fields of the Farm. Blake has a heart of gold so it's no accident, we think, that he landed where he can help heart patients in recovery. He now lives in upstate NY.

BLAKE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Blake is gentle and sweet and so eager to be with his person, a real cuddler. He is a sensitive BC and does best with a gentle approach. Blake is loving the freedom of running at the Farm and loves to play with Jodi, one of the shy female BC's. They wrestle and play and chase like good pals so he could easily enjoy a female BC friend. Blake was living in a farm situation in PA, uninterested in herding so given up to the Farm 

PATCH found his forever home quickly with one of our former adopters (Dina 2006) who saw him on the site and knew he was the perfect match for her family. He'll join in the fun activities of her boarding business which is filled with dogs who play together all day and then he'll head home to cuddle on the couch with his guardians. He won her heart instantly and headed out to his new life in upstate NY. We'll being seeing Patch when he visits since she often volunteers at the Farm.

PATCH: A 2 year old Border Collie, Patch is a blast! He loves to play with other young BC's and easily joins in for herding games, racing and chasing, happy to have a friend on his wavelength. He is very smart, very people oriented and adjusts quickly to new situations. He has no worries and thinks that life is grand and people are wonderful, a very good natured, happy guy. Patch is trained on the invisible fence and lived in one home since a pup. He lived with three young children and did very well. He was relinquished to the Farm due to a change in lifestyle where both guardians had to work long hours away from home. He came from NY. Patch is about 40 pounds and good with cats. 

BEN found a great home where he'll be the center of attention and also have a canine friend (who visited the first time to meet him) and he'll get to try competitive obedience. Ben is a natural learner and smart as a whip, so we think he'll do great! Most importantly, he loved his new FurDad and family members who also came to visit previously. He happily hopped into his new car and headed out to his new life in CT where he'll be a part of all the action! We're thrilled for sweet Ben who showed his camera shy nature again today!

BEN: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Ben is a loving, friendly, good natured boy who enjoys being with his person most of all. He is a wonderful companion, exploring outside happily or chasing a ball, he wants to be with you. He is focused and smart, very willing to learn and is not as intense as some BC's. He is good with other dogs but doesn't need another dog for his happiness. He'll do best with someone who is able to fully include him in their life day in and day out. He is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. Ben was relinquished to the Farm from a NJ guardian who could no longer meet his needs. 

JOBE found a forever home with one of our fosterers who had hoped to help him with his obsessive behaviors and once he landed in her home, she knew he had to stay! He fit beautifully with her other Border Collies (from the Farm) and touched her heart deeply. He'll get to herd with the sheep she is getting which is great since Jobe was a natural herder and that lessened his OCD tendencies quickly. He'll also get to compete in frisbee since she's part of a frisbee club in VT and we all know Jobe has the moves to excel in this sport. We're all so happy for Jobe and his new guardian.

JOBE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Jobe is a very unique boy with a focus that takes him flying into the air, his entire body leaping for a catch and turning 360 degrees with ease. He can propel himself into the air from a complete stand still, like only a few Border Collies, a natural for frisbee. His balance in moving his body and landing with ease is amazing. We hope to have a video soon. Jobe is very eager to bond with someone who will guide him to focus on what he can do with his mind AND body. He is very very smart, responds instantly to whatever he is asked to do and is always ready to go! Jobe has the challenge of defaulting into shadow chasing when he's bored, most likely from a history with nothing to do. He will only go into a home with a savvy BC sports person who wants to re direct him and reshape his focus. Jobe is completely ready to respond and is showing great progress with the work at the Farm, training him with focusing techniques as well as daily frisbee. He could be a phenomenal talent in the right hands. He is more petite than the standard BC size, about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He is ok with most dogs around him but not interested. He was dumped at a shelter by a PA guardian who didn't know how to handle his needs. 

MISTI is going back to her original guardian who has agreed it would be best for Misti to return to her home since she has not been doing well in rescue. Misti's issues will make it hard to adopt her to another person so we are very glad she has a place to return to and be loved.

MISTI: A very petite 4 1/2 year old Border Collie, likely mix, Misti is a sensitive girl who loves the reassurance of her person nearby and then her comical personality soars. He can jump straight up five feet high with no effort at all, as high as your head, to give a kiss. She loves attention and is so animated her wiggly hellos, she is funny. Misti can also be nervous in new situations and needs some time with patient people so she can feel comfortable. She is good with dogs but seems most happy as the solo dog with her person. She is not good with cats.  

GILLIS found a wonderful new life in Maine where he'll be able to explore acres and acres to call his own and be the constant companion to his new FurDad. Watching Gillis race around the Farm, we know he'll love all that space to race and chase and learn all about frisbee, too! His new guardians are BC lovers who felt the trip west to find Gillis was worth the drive - he was exactly what they were looking for since the loss of their beloved BC friend. Gillis of course loved all the attention and will blossom so well in their care.

GILLIS: A 1 year old Border Collie, Gillis is a live-wire, a really fun-loving, happy, good natured boy. He loves people and is happily interested in everything around him and wants to learn anything new. He is very responsive and takes direction well. He also loves to race and chase with every dog he meets, even the Beagle! Gillis is focused, fast and fun, a wonderful young Border Collie with lots of energy. He was a stray in CT in a shelter that works with GHF. He is good with cats but probably best with dog savvy cats since he will chase if they run. Gillis is about 40 pounds. 

RALEIGH found his forever home, patiently waiting for just the right people who would understand him and love him for his sweet nature. It took a little over a year but the perfect guardians came and they knew they could provide a wonderful, calm, loving life for him where his worries would be diminished and the love would be abundant. His new Furmom is a special education teacher so has all the patience in the world for Raleigh's timidity and will happily guide him through any surprises. We are so happy for Raleigh who deserves all the love in the world and a marvelous life where he can learn how great it is to be a Border Collie. He now lives in PA. 

A special thanks to Linda Wood who kindly fostered Raleigh for many months to get him ready for this special day.

RALEIGH: A 5 1/2 year old Border Collie, Raleigh is a gentle, sweet, loving dog who loves other dogs and comes to life around them. He is skittish with people so is learning that people, as well as dogs, are safe and will love him back. He is getting  some time in a foster home to help him blossom, each day he's feeling more confident already. He is about 35 pounds and is good with cats.  He will be placed in a hard fence situation only, not underground electronic fence systems.  Raleigh came from another rescuer who got him to safety from a rough situation where he had been neglected. He came from PA. Raleigh is being fostered in NY and can be seen at the farm

Sweet, wonderful DARCIE found a wonderful life with another Border Collie friend, adopted from the Farm. The two of them raced and chased and wrestled and rolled and had a blast together. They were fast friends and now Darcie will be the constant companion to her FurMom, learning all kinds of great Border Collie activities and most importantly, being loved forever by someone who really understands the breed. We are thrilled for her. She now lives in upstate NY where we'll see her often.

DARCIE: A 6 1/2 month old Border Collie, Darcie is all action, ready to go soon as you stand up and head for the door and eager to play with any and all toys all the time - she is classic high energy BC! She loves other Border Collies and quickly fit in with a pack of 12, undeterred by older dogs and happy to herd and stalk and join right in the games. She is very focused and very fast and fearless. She has wonderful eye contact and connects instantly to whomever she is with, absolutely eager to learn and do whatever is asked of her. Darcie is about 30 lbs and a cuddle-bug of course, too, and curls right up next to you. She will only be placed with BC savvy guardians since her energy needs are high. She would excel in sports and will need another young BC companion for sure. Darcie came to the Farm from a PA guardian who bought her for his 3 year old son. Darcie loves the water and is a natural swimmer. 

MICK found a great home where his new guardians will focus on him lovingly and happily, to enjoy his sweet nature. He instantly showed them how much he loves a jolly ball but also just how much he loves to nudge them for attention and thoroughly enjoy their company. It was an instant match! Mick now lives in PA where he will clearly be adored.

MICK: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Mick is a wonderful guy, very easy going and happy, a really good nature. Mick is fitting in with other dogs just fine and everyone he meets, too. He is adjusting easily to the Farm and enjoying other dogs and the running and racing of Border Collie play. Mick is friendly and not showing heavy herding tendencies though is happy with someone or something to do, of course, like all Border Collies. Mick is about 45 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He had been a stray in NJ. 

LASS found her forever home with her new FurMom who loves this breed and understood her instantly, knowing that a quick bark meant throw the ball and certainly meant that it was time to work! She and Lass hit it off quickly as Lass cuddled to her as well as ran out for a throw! Lass will be her constant companion and join her with piano students as they come to visit each day for lessons, clearly being a Border Collie ambassador to all the kids. Lass now lives in upstate NY.

LASS: A 5 year old Border Collie, Lass is a delightful companion, favorite of the neighborhood where she used to live. All the kids loved her and we can see why - she is a ball nut but also loves attention. Lass can be a little shy at first until she is comfortable and then she's classic BC, looking for something to do with someone she knows and trusts. She is very smart and sensitive and can't be pushed to do things til she is ready, another typical trait of a mature BC. She'd do well in a family who patiently lets her adjust to her new life and then watches her blossom. She is a gentle, sweet girl who is feeling a little out of sorts with this move but doing pretty well adjusting to the Farm and we expect she'll be thrilled to be back in a home again soon. Lass is 50 pounds, is good with cats and was relinquished to the Farm because the son, whose dog she was, went off to college and the parents felt they could not meet her needs. She came from NY. 

Sweet Sam found his forever home after two years with the fosterer who has adored him all along. Sam has finally gone blind and his recent visit to the Farm made it clear that rehoming him would be too hard at this point, so sweet, adorable Sam is staying right in CT in the place he understands and knows so well. Sam is quite confident in his CT home, able to manage the stairs, and outdoors so well so we are thrilled for him to remain there. A very special thanks to Ann Gardner who does so much for the Farm and has offered Sam a loving place since the day he came into rescue and now, forever. She's camera shy (Ann that is) so if you can picture a happy little blind guy following along with his person, that's exactly what the picture would be!

SAM: A 11 year old Border Collie mix, Sam is like a little bear, cuddly and sweet and so happy to follow you anywhere. He is the center of attention wherever he goes, a gentle little guy with so much personality. Sam clearly wants to be with his person so would be thrilled to be a beloved companion. He is very very happy and responsive, a real comical dog, curious about everything. Sam does have impaired vision so sometimes bumps into things but quickly compensates and finds his way really well. Sam is being fostered in Ct and can be seen there or at the Farm

RASCAL found a wonderful loving home with his foster Mom who loves the senior Border Collies! She took one look at him when he landed on the site and asked to foster him and of course, within days, knew he wouldn't be going anywhere else! Rascal is enjoying his new life where he lives with two other dogs but is the center of attention and deservedly so! He now lives in NJ.

RASCAL: A 13 year old Border Collie, Rascal is a gentle, sweet soul who quietly comes over for love and then lays down to be with you. His little rump wiggles joyfully but then he quietly disappears if you don't have time for him...the perfect gentleman. He's a bit camera shy so it's hard to see how gorgeous he is but Rascal is one handsome Border Collie. He is fine with dogs, having lived with four other BC's though he really wants nothing much to do with them, he'd rather just be near his person. Rascal is great with cats and about 42 pounds.  He was relinquished to the Farm when his NY guardian went to jail. We are very happy he found the Farm. Rascal is being fostered in NJ and can be seen there or at the farm.

BEEGS found a wonderful home with relatives of one of our camp teachers. She and her husband met Beegs and spent a week watching him cavorting around as the greatest camp diplomat, happy to be with everyone and every dog and just had a feeling he would fit their relative's life perfectly. Once they heard about him and saw him on the site, they excitedly called to find out when he could join their lives. He'll step into the shoes of their beloved Beagle and surely heal their hearts and become their best friend, just like he did with everyone at the Farm. The "Beegs" will go into history as one of the greatest dogs of all time to every land here and of course, he'll be an honorary Border Collie for life! He now lives in PA.

BEEGS, the Beagle! Yes, GHF Border Collie Rescue has a beagle here...Beegs, as he's affectionately known found his way to the Farm when we spotted him in the middle of the road, looking for help. No one came to claim him so he's looking for a new home. Beegs has won everyone's hearts here at the Farm, even joining in The Canine Country Camp where every camper loved him, too. He is fantastic with other dogs and loves to play and race and chase with every dog he meets. He adores people and happily climbs in your lap for attention and loves to sleep head to head right in the bed next to you. Beegs is a people dog as well as a dog's dog. He's about to join the  kids at Camp Border Collie for Kids and try agility. He loves toys of any kind so should be a natural in sports. Beegs would be marvelous as a therapy dog, he hops right up into your lap, puts both paws around your neck and nestles right in for a hug.  He is one great Beagle!! Beegs is petite, approx 3 yrs old, about 35 pounds and fine with cats. 

DERRICK found his forever home not far from the Farm with relatives of one of our fosterers! They came looking for a gentle family dog and soon as they met Derrick, they knew he would be perfect for them. Derrick went for a long walk with them and won their hearts quickly. They knew they wanted to go home and think it over but before they exited the parking lot, they were sure they wanted him to join their lives so the decision was made! Derrick now lives with two wonderful children and a loving family where he can be with them all the time which will make him so very very happy. This sweet boy is all about love and now he can share it all the time.

 DERRICK: A 7 year old Border Collie mix, Derrick is sweet, gentle, and people oriented. He is curious about everything and ready to be involved in everything around him. Derrick is good natured and playful but most importantly, all about people.  He'd be a wonderful therapy dog as he loves everyone.  Derrick is not high energy or intense, he's more easy to be with and loves to be with his person.  He is great with other dogs but could be happy as a solo dog since he's so people oriented. Derrick has some hearing loss but not anything that is an impediment, especially since he sticks so close with whomever is with him.  He has a great personality, talking when he's excited to see you and then a real cuddler. He is 50 pounds and good with cats. He was a stray in PA at a shelter that works with the Farm.

Marvelous Luc found the perfect life for him with a loving guardian who loves to hike and explore just as much as he does - he'll go on 4-5 mile hikes and runs every morning and every night as well as weekend outdoor adventures. Luc loves the great outdoors and where he now lives, he'll be out in every inch of forests, and streams with endless outdoor exploration. He'll also be the lucky Border Collie who joins his other canine buddy with his new FurDad at work each day, accompanying him day in and day out on the road with his projects. He'll be able to chase balls during the day, too, which Luc just loves. Luc of course won his heart as they hiked around the Farm for hours and then joined him overnight at the Farm. By the time they headed out, Luc had found his new life and clearly, his new guardian had found his new friend. We are thrilled for Luc who deserves a fabulous life and love and fun and freedom, especially considering what he overcame. A special thank you again for those who donated to Luc's care many months ago. He now lives in MA.

LUC: An 11 month old Border Collie, Luc is a sweet guy who everyone loves, super friendly and eager to bond. He is focused and classic with a brilliant mind and will need a BC home for sure. Luc is very active and loves to hike, swim and explore. He is great off leash and comes back eagerly when called.  He is a blast, all full of life and energy like any young BC. He is great with other dogs and could easily enjoy the action of another young BC.  He also loves to cuddle, a very good natured happy people dog. Luc is good with dog savvy cats and about 35 pounds.  He came from the Plattsburgh NY region and was obviously not vaccinated as a puppy so contracted parvo. He made a full recovery and has a clean bill of health.  As we were told, he was left with a friend but the guardian then moved leaving no contact information. The person who took Luc in, contacted us for help.  Special thanks to all the angels who sponsored Luc for his emergency medical care, which saved his life.

ZOEY found the perfect Border Collie life for her doing agility all the time! She is now living with a guardian who is a dog trainer and major sports enthusiast so Zoey will be able to use her mind, body and heart joining her in activities that she will surely excel doing! We are so thrilled for Zoey who really needed a life that suited her energy level and someone who knew what made her happy! She now lives in MA.

ZOEY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Zoey is all action, non stop go go go. She is eager to learn anything and does so instantly. A major ball nut, she picked up frisbee within minutes, turning and spinning and racing with perfect coordination. Zoey will only be placed in a sport home where she can use her mind, body and emotions in one package. She is the classic young Border Collie, very obedient and sharp as they come. Zoey is sweet as can be and a loving girl who is friendly to everyone she meets. She is OK with cats, but will herd them. Zoey was relinquished to the Farm from an upstate NY guardian who could not meet her needsZoey was evaluated on agility equipment and showed interest and talent. She is fearless about all the obstacles and eager to learn and do anything asked of her. She has been in Camp Border Collie for Kids and is incredible in everything she does with them. She also has an interest in cars so will need to be on a hard fence in a more rural setting, not a high traffic area


CAPPY found the perfect life where he'll be the center of attention, absolutely the beloved buddy to his new FurMom who really wanted a canine friend who would go with her everywhere. Cappy loved her and the idea of a new life where he's the 'big' dog in the home and at the same time, the sweet cuddler of the house. His new canine friend Zoey told him she's the boss and put him right in his place and he was just fine with that as long as he has his new guardians! Cappy will be hiking and hanging and enjoying a great doggie life in rural Vermont! We are really happy for him.

A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Cappy is a very sweet, energetic boy who loves people and also loves to play, play, play with other dogs.  He is all about racing and chasing games and would be so happy with the right canine friend. He is very smart and has the basics in clicker work and obedience, eager to work and please.  He is a happy go lucky, good natured dog and also full of energy so needs an outlet for his mind and body.  Cappy is a bit taller than the average BC, about 50 pounds but very lean. Cappy also loves to cuddle, getting as close as he can for belly rubs and attention, a sweetheart.  He is good with cats.  Cappy was a stray from a PA shelter that works with the Farm He has an interest in cars so will need to be on a hard fence in a more rural setting, not a high traffic area.

JONES found his new home with Border Collie people who love the breed and know exactly what needs - love and lots to do - Jones will join his new FurMom in CT as her companion in all the activities including playing with all the neighborhood kids. Her previous BC was the hit of the neighborhood and she's sure Jones will be too. He happily headed out to his new life, ready to be adored and offer his sweet, good nature in exchange.

JONES: A 2 year old Border Collie, Jones is a great guy, eager to bond and be with a person. He loves attention and he also loves racing around with toys, classic Border Collie style. He is smart, observant and fits in easily wherever he goes, well adjusted to people and dogs alike. Jones is very affectionate though does love herding other Border Collies, too, as well as cuddling. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. His previous guardians no longer had time for him. 

TURNER is about to start his new life in Rhode Island with another Border Collie, Bekk, who he immediately loved. They played and played and played while his new guardians attended agility camp at the Farm. They came to camp to enjoy agility and most importantly, spend time getting to know Turner and it was wonderful. He relaxed and grew to trust them quickly and loved his hikes during the day. Turner happily curled up in the RV for a rest and overnights, giving his nod for his new life! We are so thrilled for Turner and happy for his new guardians who love the breed and felt he would fit their lives perfectly. Turner and Bekk agreed! And, wait til he sees the beach and state park that is an island just for exploring and swimming!

TURNER: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Turner is very smart and very observant, classic in his ability to understand what is going on around him. He is sensitive too and wants to please so does best with positive encouragement and leadership. Turner is friendly and affectionate and loves playing with other Border Collies, making up herding games so will be placed with another Border Collie. He is a thoughtful Border Collie who will do  best with an experienced BC person who gives him time to understand new situations and builds his confidence in trusting his person to be there for him. Turner was in a home with children in and out a lot, causing anxiety for him so he will be in an adult only home. He came from PA guardians who felt a different situation would be better for him. He is having a blast at the Farm playing with other dogs and enjoying all the new people he meets. 

Little ANA banana, as we called her, found a great life with 80 acres to call her own and even a bit of work, herding the two horses in from haying. She'll be joining a veteran BC, Cara, who is the matriarch of the Farm and will clearly mentor Miss Ana on the way things work. We are certain Ana will be a great student and come to run this empire with all the smarts and grace she clearly has in her! She now lives in upstate NY and happily laid on her new land, as if she'd been there forever.

ANA: A 3 month old Border Collie, Ana is a wonderful sweet, curious, outgoing girl who loves to cuddle and play and be with her person. She's very affectionate, and super smart, focused on everything around her. Ana is incredibly agile and leaps off furniture and tables and anything else as if it's not high at all. She is also already showing the classic female tendencies of controlling other dogs. She is likely to be a strong girl with dogs so will need another strong dog to teach her or a submissive dog who wants to play or she could be a solo pup. She's learning all about dog behaviors now and doing really well in a pack of 12 who offer lots of play opportunities and also dog to dog learning. Ana has an emotional side and needs to feel her person is with her, especially at night, when she cuddles head to head, tucking her little head right in your neck, then she's out to sleep for the night. She is a puppy for sure, with tons of energy but she's a bit of a wise soul too, very observant about her new life. She came to the Farm due to no time for her. Ana is interested in chasing cats so will do best without cats 

KASEY: A 3 1/2 month old Border Collie, Kasey landed at the Farm with perfect timing! She had been instinct tested for herding and shows great promise and an adopter was looking to add a pup for their farm to join their two BC's herding the sheep. So, Kasey came in for a few days to say hello and show off her focus and fearless nature and out she went to a great new life in MA joining her new family as a full time member, doing exactly what she was bred to do! Kasey instantly herded her two new canine friends and raced with them as one of the pack, as confident as any puppy ever could be. Kasey came from NJ, surrendered by a guardian who felt she was more than they could manage. We are thrilled for her to have such a great life on her own farm with acres and acres of land to enjoy as well as work! 

SHELBIE found wonderful new guardians who fell in love instantly. They thought she was not only beautiful and sweet and friendly, she was smart and fun and so great, they wanted to add her to their lives. Shelbie of course climbed right into their laps for kisses and then lots and lots of ball throws. In her own special style, she made them chuckle and charmed them with her incredible focus and sweetness, too. Shelbie now lives in Ny with a fabulous yard to explore and continual fun with her new family.

SHELBIE: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Shelbie is a classic fun-loving BC who is a great ball catcher and will happily retrieve endlessly. She is fast, focused and runs like the wind. She also loves to swim. Shelbie fits in with other dogs beautifully and could easily join another dog but really enjoys having her person to play with her and bonds instantly to the person who is hers. She is a really sweet, affectionate girl with the typical BC traits of being brilliant and needing something to do with her mind and body. She is a well balanced, good natured girl. Like most Border Collies, she will chase cats though lived with three and never hurt them so will be best with BC savvy cats. She is about 40 pounds.  Shelbie loves the water and will endlessly enjoy splashing in a baby pool or full size pool, happy as can be Shelbie originally came from a PA breeder bought as a gift for the husband 4 years ago. Upon his recent death, Shelbie was surrendered to the Farm. 

Marvelous Missie decided that she wanted another whole life even in her senior years and her new furMom agreed. She found Missie on the site and couldn't resist her smiling picture so drove 7 hours to meet her and then headed back with Missie and her new collar and leash and a wonderful excitement about a new life with this very special sweet girl. Everyone who's met Missie agrees, she is one incredibly adorable girl and now she'll have a great property, a wonderful person and lots to do! Her new FurMom is planning a little ramp for Missie so she can climb in bed at night and enjoy all the special cuddles that come with being the only girl! She now lives in Vermont and we know she'll have a great time!

MISSIE: A 13 year old Border Collie mix, Missie is a gentle sweet, good natured girl who loves her people and wants to be back in a home. She is fine with other dogs but most importantly, wants to be by her person's side. She is used to living with kids and in a family life where she is one of the family! Missie is also fine with cats. She is a petite sized girl though a little overweight at the moment. She was relinquished directly to the Farm due to a move where she had to be given up. She came from the Long Island, NY area. 



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