Little COLE has a new big sister and while he may not be quite that size all grown up, we know Cole will have a blast keeping with this new canine buddy. Plus, his new FurMom's daughter has a young golden that will be Cole's pal too. So, Cole gets the best of everything he could want - dog buddies and a FurMom who is so excited to share her heart with him. He'll be with her 24/7 and her hope is that he will be a wonderful therapy dog one day. We're pretty sure that Cole will help a lot of hearts heal once he gets to work! He now lives in PA.

COLE: A 4 month old Border Collie/Lab pup, Cole is a great combination of sweet and smart, all rolled into one. He's curious, playful and full of spunk. We just couldn't resist helping this little guy find a new life soon as we saw him posted on craigslist. The person who could not keep him only had him three weeks and said the parents were purebreds, BC and Lab. So far, we're seeing the easy going lab personality the most as he mixes in with the Border Collies at the Farm. Cole is friendly and cuddly and just as adorable as he appears but he must have another canine friend to handle his energy!.  He is good with cats.

If you've ever wondered what makes a Border Collie happy, just check out ROSS with his new guardians! They love what he loves - ball play! and they have plenty of time to make him the spotlight of their lives which he also loves. His new FurMom and FurDad came to visit and overnighted in our adoption RV and turning the corner to check in on them, all that could be heard was Ross racing after the ball over and over again - he couldn't have been any happier. This smart, focused ball maniac brought tears to the eyes of his new FurDad who just loves to see this brilliance in a Border Collie and instantly knew Ross was his new boy! They were both smiling ear to ear enjoying Ross as if he'd been with them all his life…he happily headed out to his new life in NJ.

ROSS: A 6 year old Border Collie, Ross is all about the ball…a very focused, very serious ball nut! He clearly has a ton of BC eye, eager to catch endlessly and very fast heading to grab any toss thrown his way. He is a very responsive boy, eager to please and connected instantly to anyone who understands his needs. He's well mannered and orderly about how he handles life, a classic thinker. However, he needs someone who really loves to play ball cause clearly that is a huge part of his happiness. In his previous home, he was the center of attention until the household changed with young children in the mix. Ross is a serious BC so toddlers make little sense to him so he does best with older children and in an adult home. Ross is carrying extra weight from less exercise recently. He is good with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from a PA guardian who had him since a puppy.

PEP & BUD found guardians who were looking for a pair of BC's just like them - sweet, loving and easy going - so soon as they met these brothers, they were thrilled to make them part of the family. Their FurMom and FurDad couldn't help but continue petting these sweethearts and of course, Pep & Bud thought was the greatest thing ever! So, they are now happily in a new life with lots of love, ball play and continual cuddling, exactly what they wanted and deserve. Pep & Bud now live in NY.

PEP & BUD: These 8 year brothers with ABCA papers, are the sweetest guys who just love attention and everyone they meet! Friendly, easy going and good natured, they would love to have a person to call their own, truly people dogs.  Pep & Bud are curious about everything and enjoy exploring outside, checking out all the nooks and crannies in the yard but soon as they are called, turn on a dime to come to you, wiggly and eager to say hello. This pair of cuddle-bugs are delightful. Both are good with cats and about 34-40 pounds.  Pep and Bud get along with other dogs just fine and will be placed together since they are good friends.  They came to GHF when their PA guardian died.

RILEE found a great life with a canine buddy who likes to play and explore, just like he does and he'll even have 10 acres to call his own! He loves the great outdoors and he'll also get to enjoy the surrounding forest for lots of hiking! Rilee and his new buddy, Shadow, hit it off at the Farm and became good friends quickly, exactly what his new guardians were hoping for. Rilee will be the non-stop companion to one of his FurDad's who works from home so have plenty of attention and time to play, too! Rilee headed off to Vermont for a loving life which he so deserves, completely adored.

RILE: A 5 month old Border Collie/Cattle dog mix, Rile is a little thinker, paying attention to everything around him to figure out what he wants to do! And, then, when he's ready, he jumps into action, quite impressive for a pup this age. He's very attentive to people and very eager to please, clearly going to be a good learner. He is also super sweet and learning to enjoy the other pups who are at the Farm right now, as well as the adult dogs. Rile's taking it all in stride, thinking step by step, making sense of this new, big life! He is about 25 pounds, typical in size for his age and fine with cats. Rile came to GHF from a PA guardian who bought him as a pup, had no time for him and left him home alone all day while she worked. Thankfully, he's here in rescue now.

BECK literally bounded into a new life soon as he ran up to his new guardian, sat right in front of her and said "I'm the one!" It was that loud and clear!  She'd returned to find a friend for GHF alum Lilah/now ND who clearly loved this little guy instantly, racing around non-stop as if they'd been buds for life.  So, between Beck's fast decision to claim his new person and his 'click' with his new canine friends, it was so clear Beck had found a new life that suited him well!  Off he went to Delaware to learn agility, herding and any other sports or activities he likes cause his new FurMom just loves this breed and finding things that stimulate their brilliant minds.

BECK: A petite 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Beck is a little guy with a big heart - he loves people! Instantly ready to say hello to anyone and everyone, he loves to cuddle, too. He of course is a BC so a ball boy soon as it's time to play. Beck has discovered he is a Border Collie and is fast, focused and can turn on a dime as he joins in herding games or goes after the ball. He's an amazing athlete and could easily do sports being petite and light framed plus so focused! Beck is very good natured and curious about wherever he is and whoever he is with, eager to please. He likes to play with other dogs and could be a good companion or a solo dog with someone who can focus on his needs. Beck is a tiny guy, only 30 pounds and is OK with dog savvy cats. He was surrendered directly to GHF when his guardian's life changed and he had no time for him.

We said goodbye to sweet CHARLIE, knowing that we had to make the tough decision best for his quality of life. Charlie's backend had always been extremely weak so a simple tumble off the ramp left him weakened and unable to stand up without assistance.  A week of pain meds didn't help so it was important to give Charlie a peaceful exit without causing him frustration and pain.  We will miss this character - a BC boy with a personality all his own - Charlie only did what Charlie wanted to do which included a great non-stop stroll through the farmyard.  He wouldn't allow any physical touching or help when he'd get stuck while investigating the yard since this boy had his own will to do it 'his way'.  Godspeed to Charlie and a huge thanks for spending time with us at the Farm…we are always changed by those that grace us with their presence.  

FROM JOYCELENE, the senior farmhouse caretaker: I'll miss this boy, he was a big presence here in the Farmhouse. He was willful, stubborn and grumpy but somehow it worked for Charlie, because I became very fond of him.

CHARLIE: A 12 year old Border Collie, Charlie is a sweet guy who is quite the thinker, making sense of all these dogs and all these new people. He likes the company of people, wanting to be near you inside or following you around outside. Though he's a more conservative boy, needing time to reflect and take in his surroundings, when he warms up, it's a gift that will make you smile, he loves to give gentle kisses on your hands. Charlie is a doll and at this age, doing beautifully with all this change especially considering he rarely left home and he never went to a vet. Charlie enjoys meeting all the other BCs and seems pretty content with all these new friends. Charlie is ok with dog saavy cats. His PA guardian had to move to assisted living, leaving Charlie in need of help.  Family members stepped in, contacting GHF for help.

Sweet DAVIS headed off to his new life where he'll be the center of attention with his new FurMom and her son, who absolutely love this breed. She was drawn to meet Davis and within minutes of spending time with him, she knew he was exactly the dog for them. His sweet eyes caught her attention and in person, she could feel his loving nature. Davis happily headed out to a wonderful life of love, exploration and learning that life is safe. They love to help the shy dogs realize just how good the world is and Davis certainly deserves all that they will provide.  He now lives in upstate NY. 

DAVIS: A 1 year old Border Collie, Davis is a gorgeous guy who is eager to bond with someone and looking for the fun to begin! He's enjoying a chance to hang with other BC's and he's really starting to blossom. Davis can be shy meeting someone new but is gaining confidence as the days roll by, so sweet and willing to trust that life is now going to be great. He's a gentle dog with people but does love to play with young BC's so would be happiest with an outgoing canine buddy who can lead the way. He is super sweet and curious about everything around him. He is good with dog savvy cats. Davis is about 35 pounds. He was from a shelter in MD.

Sweet little KONA found the perfect life with BC lovers who devote all their attention to their dog, now dogS! They came to vacation at GHF a few weeks back and hoped to find the ideal match for their Chase. After meeting many dogs, they just couldn't find quite the right fit but came back again and there was KONA, the sweetest, most easy going, 'old soul' pup and she fit everything they were hoping for!! Chase thought so, too!! So, Kona will now live in PA, enjoy all kinds of sports, training activities and off leash trail walks in addition to being thoroughly, adored! She won their hearts instantly. We'll get to see her when they vacation at GHF again! Kona got her first taste of the trails at GHF, taking a quick swim at Linc's Look-out!

KONA: A very petite 6 1/2 month old Border Collie, Kona is an amazing little girl with an eye for action. She's already stalking the BC's as they run around and focusing intently on where she needs to be to herd them all! She is super sweet, very attentive to people and clearly a very typical BC. She is extremely observant and learns quickly about whatever she sees and she's very responsive to people. Her BC focus is clearly present. Kona could easily do a sport like agility since she's confident. She is about 25 pounds and 15-16inches to the withers. Kona was sold to a family with a 14 month old toddler, a combination that doesn't work well soon as the young child was crawling around, so Kona came to GHF to find a more appropriate fit. We are very happy to help her in her new journey.

DAISY found exactly the right guardians who would adore her and enjoy throwing a ball non-stop! They're used to a ball maniac from life with their beloved BC, Annie so when they read about Daisy, they were so excited to meet her. Daisy's brilliance is also what they love since they talk to their dogs like they are people and enjoyed the responsiveness of this sweet girl Daisy. She quickly won their hearts with a tilt of her head and understanding of commands from her former life. Daisy will be the queen bee of the household when it comes to the canine duo and clearly has a special spot in the hearts of her FurMom and FurDad, already. She'll be enjoying 10 acres at her home as well as a country home in NH where she'll be hanging at the beach and their constant companion wherever they go!

DAISY: An 8 year old Border Collie, Daisy is a blast! She loves to play ball or catch any toy thrown her way - she's agile, focused and ready for non-stop fun. She's a super smart girl with lots of commands since her previous person talked to her like a human and she clearly gets it all. A real sweetheart, she's easy to live with if you understand her work ethic about the game of ball which means playing a lot is what keeps her happy. She likes to swim and happily joins you in any activity where she can tag along. Daisy has lived in one home since a pup and is good with cats and other dogs though used to being the only dog. She is about 45 pounds. Daisy came to us from a PA guardian who went through a divorce, leaving her alone all day which was not ideal. 

Sweet, wonderful BENN just went through a rough lyme infection but happily found a new life on the other side! Way to go Benn!!! His new FurMom had her eye on him for awhile since loosing a GHF alum recently and wanted to visit to meet him and newcomer, Beamer. She's adopted 3 GHF dogs so knew the process would lead her to the right choice, watching Phoebe give her vote, too. As the adoption visit unfolded, it was clear that Benn was the dog for them and Benn agreed completely. He jumped into her lap for some cuddling, hung out with Phoebe to get her to play and then headed out to his new life in Vermont, as if he'd been with them both all along. We are so thrilled for this wonderful boy to land in a fabulous life with hiking in the countryside as well as agility fun and all the great outdoor activities that he can imagine! Benn will never be tied to a dog house again but instead, have all the love and freedom he so richly deserves.

BENN: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Benn is gorgeous to watch running and run he did, soon as he landed at GHF! He is loving the freedom to glide along at full speed and cut and angle with turns that would topple any dog other than a BC - he is such an athlete! This speedy boy is also a sweet, loving dog who wants to enjoy all the affection you want to give. He's a true cuddle bug and loves every human who says hello! He also loves to join in with other BC's making up chase games and clearly will love having a young friend. Benn is smart, observant and curious, one happy boy, not overly intense but he does need an active home to handle his energy.  He is about 40 pounds and is ok with dog savvy cats. He had been a stray in PA, picked up by the pastor in town, handed over to the guardians who gave him to the Farm, having had him since this past fall. Ben was tied out to a dog house though given some freedom to run, he is clearly thrilled to be here.

Sometimes dogs find their person in interesting ways but it takes a bit of time for the person to realize that! Beamer landed for a few nights with one of our Intake Team members and then once he was gone, she started to think about just how great he fit her pack and fit her life and asked to be considered as his new home. Ironically, another former adopter was already set to meet him so we let the universe lead the way and lo and behold, Beamer ended up back in CT right where he started in rescue! He's joined by three GHF alums and will now have a great life of agility, hikes and even visits to GHF. We're thrilled it all turned out the way it was clearly meant to be! Beamer now lives in CT.

BEAMER: A 1 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Beamer is a really amazing guy, ready to join the action and fit right in. He loves to play with other young BC's and will quickly adjust his style of play, based on the dogs he's with. He is smart, focused and super toy focused. Beamer could easily do sports though he's taller than the classic sport bc's often seen today. He is very very people oriented and takes direction quickly from anyone who is his person.  He's very good natured. Beamer is good with cats and about 45 pounds. He was relinquished directly to the Farm from a CT guardian who felt her situation was not quite right. Beamer really needs a young BC buddy and someone who understands his mental needs. He came from a breeder out west.

This little bundle of joy and spunk, JENNIE, found exactly the right people and right situation that suits her. She'll be with them 24/7 as they work and live on-site at a CT boarding school for 12 year old girls. Jennie will be the center of attention of course but even more importantly, be adored in her new family, have her own canine buddy and enjoy plenty of hikes on the campus trails. Jennie is clearly going to have a 'big' life with lots of people and a fun life as the companion to her new FurMom and FurDad who just loved her the minute they saw her. This friendly, big-hearted girl will share her joy with so many!

JENNIE: A 4 month old Border Collie mix, Jennie is  loving, little girl who has everything in balance - she thinks life is great, people are great and dogs are great! She's a doll. Jennie would love a canine buddy to handle her energy needs and is really eager to meet any dog she can. She's a sweet girl, instantly wanting to play. She also loves to cuddle with people and is eager to say hello instantly to anyone near her.  Jennie is a mix so will be easier as a companion but still has lots of energy so needs an active home. She is about 20 pounds. She came to GHF from a NY guardian who felt his situation just wasn't enough to meet her needs. She was a beloved family member with two children in the household but the lifestyle of long days away were just no fair.

LINCOLN found the right family home that suits him - kids for play and loving guardians who were looking to add a dog just like him! They wrote to GHF, went to meet Lincoln at his home and now has a loving life.

LINCOLN, a 6 yr old border collie mix - (possibly golden retriever or lab) is a people oriented dog.  He is currently living with 2 small children and a boston terrier friend. He is wonderful with all of them.  He enjoys a good squeeky toy and run in the back yard.  Lincoln is not showing any herding tendencies and enjoys being part of whatever the family is doing.  He is 55lbs and has not been tested with cats.  Lincoln is looking for a new home because a new baby in the home has developed allergies and he can no longer be as involved.  He is being placed from him home in NJ.  Applications being taken at the Farm

Busy pup KIRAN landed beautifully with a guardian who has a pair of GHF girls and felt this little boy would fit perfectly. They are perfect guides to growing up BC!! While nibbling on her hand and everything else, he's showing all that busy puppy energy all day long. Kiran even has his own facebook page where we can follow life as he grows up!  He now lives happily in New Hampshire as the constant companion to his new FurMom and BC buddies!

KIRAN: A 7 week old Blue Merle Border Collie, Kiran is presently four pounds of pure delight and joy. His name means 'bringer of light' which suits him perfectly. This wee boy is curious and eager to explore everything around him, already showing all those wonderful Border Collie traits.  He's now in foster care where he'll learn new ways to handle life since he's deaf.  We'll update his bio as he progresses.  Kiran will be exposed to lots of other BC's, and even agility since his Foster Mom is an agility teacher.  He's presently in NJ.

HENLEY landed in a great home with a FurDad who is home 24/7 and really wanted a buddy like he had from GHF many years ago. He had been patiently waiting and visiting the Farm to find a new beloved companion with just the right energy and Henley arrived! He and his daughter agreed that this ball playing boy fit their family life perfectly. Henley hopped into his truck and headed out to his new life in NY. And, when winter hits, he'll head to Florida and his camp home!

HENLEY: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Henley is an adorable guy with a big personality. He's friendly to everyone, eager to say hello and thrilled to play ball, ball, ball! He'll toss that ball in to the air repeatedly hoping for a quick game and he's quite focused to get you to play. Henley's got a great nature to relax too, happy to join you wherever you go. He's good with other dogs but happy as a solo boy with someone who enjoys Border Collie fun! He is not yet tested on cats. He weighs about 35 pounds.

Miss MISTY really wanted to be a close companion to someone who needed her and her new FurMom wanted a good friend. Misty's now found just what she wanted and her new FurMom feels the same way. Her former GHF dogs were big BC's with lots of energy, but this time she wanted a cuddling friend to hang on the couch with her and that's exactly what Misty loves. Now, they are together 24/7, creating a new life together. Misty now lives in Massachusetts.

Special thanks to Cheryl Lewis and Carol Bradford who helped Misty get to her new home.

MISTY: A petite 8 year old Border Collie mix,  Misty is a charming little girl with a wonderful presence and a big tail wag! She is super loving, always watching out the window for the return of her person, to then give a big hello!  Misty would be a wonderful companion and happiest right on your lap for cuddling.  She's also eager to watch the action of her yard, checking out the smells and creatures that move around.  She settles beautifully in the house, content to hang near your side. Misty gets along fine with other dogs but would be happiest as the solo dog, focused on her person.  She's such a loveable little girl!  She does like to go for walks, too. She does need a fenced yard and is ok with cats. Misty is about 30 pounds. She came to GHF from Massachusetts when her person went into assisted living.

BRISTOL landed exactly in the home she needed with a new guardian who really loves to shape behavior and enjoys the intelligence of dogs, working side by side with her in fun activities. Bristol will get to do agility and frisbee and anything else that makes sense to stimulate her mind and help her grow. We're so happy these two found each other, a wonderful pairing for this athletic, sweet girl. Bristol now completes a pack of fun-loving canines! Special thanks to Rosie and Rose for spotting Bristol while vacationing at the Farm and letting her new FurMom know there was just the right dog waiting for her at GHF.

BRISTOL: A petite 9 month old Border Collie, Bristol is an adorable, sweet girl with a serious focus for playing ball and frisbee! This girl is energetic and eager to play, play, play. She is smart and loves attention from people, very cuddly and gentle. However, when she gets focused on that ball, she's as intense as any other BC around. Bristol is very confident about her toy play but has some shyness in new situations, especially with other dogs and new environments. She'll need a patient person to help diffuse her worries so she can blossom into the outgoing girl she really can be. Bristol will do best in an adult home that can help build her confidence in new situations with new people. Bristol is about 30 pounds and is good with dogs. She would do well with an easy-going BC to befriend her but not control her. She came to GHF from a PA guardian who had her since a puppy and could not properly meet her needs. She was crated ten hours a day which created this more timid nature since she was left alone all day.

RYE aka RYLEE/ RALLY is staying at the Farm, joining our resident pack. He's a sweet guy with a lot of issues and needs that make him a challenge so giving him an easier life without expectations just makes sense. This beautiful young guy seemed delightful upon arrival but quickly showed significant handling issues as well as issues with men and severe car chasing behaviors, all in addition to his damaged front elbow. He's quite a package for most people in 'real life' but here at the Farm, he fits in fine. He's slid into a very tolerant group of Border Collies, the majority of which, landed with us for similar reasons. We're happy to give Rye a wonderful life, adjusting to his needs and quirky nature. Over the years ahead, we know he'll heal some of his worries yet other aspects of who he is, will never change, which is what we expect.

He will undergo surgery late August to hopefully improve use of his front leg. This boy loves to race and chase but is so crippled by the old injury, it's just awful to see. His front leg dangles as he runs, causing him to fatigue quickly and experience pain. However, Rye is full of spirit and spunk and determined to catch his ball, too! So, we are determined to make that possible for him!

RYE: A 10 month old Border Collie, Rye is a good guy with tons of energy. He loves to play ball non-stop however he is not yet available for adoption, because he came in with a fractured front leg that happened long ago and healed without treatment. Though he doesn't care much about this old injury, it does slow him down quite a bit and it's actually awful to see as his front leg flops around loosely so we're off to Cornell for the vet who helped Lucas to see if we can improve his motion in this front right leg.  Rye deserves a chance at a very active life since he loves to move, play ball and race and chase with other dogs. Rye is also a significant car chaser when traveling in a car and has some handling issues perhaps due to his injury so needs a savvy home able to manage his challenges.  He is fine with cats and about 35 pounds. Rye was relinquished to the Farm by an elderly NY couple who felt they were the wrong fit for him. We agree..

BRADY, now known as Quinn, found a new life with guardians who really understand rescue dogs! They are oriented to help the more timid ones, blossom and knew that Brady would thrive in their care. They opened their hearts to him, instantly and he clearly knew that, so content and at ease with them both. He overnighted in the Adoption RV and easily slid into the pack as if he'd know both dogs and people all his life. In fact, his new FurDad said late at night, snuggled in bed, he let out a big sigh, one of those wonderful moments when you know just how happy a dog really can be…Quinn is clearly very happy. Besides all the love he'll get, he'll be doing frisbee with his FurDad who likes to go to events, doing freestyle frisbee as well as competition frisbee and Quinn LOVES the frisbee so this will be a blast for him! We're really thrilled for this sweet boy who had already been in two homes before coming to GHF and now, is set for life. He lives in PA.

BRADY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Brady is all about playing with dogs.. he loves all the games of wrestling, chasing and playing. He's also a focused ball boy, happy to race after a throw and play again and again. Brady is shy with new people so will need a calm life with patient guardians, ideally in a more rural setting, not a noisy densely populated area. He will need confidence building exercises so he can more easily greet new people. He is really blossoming in his foster home and letting go of his worries, especially when paired with confident dogs who give him the cues to follow. Brady is a sweetheart, gently coming up to your side for affection and belly rubs. This gentle boy thrives with help of a person and a canine friend.  He is about 35 pounds and is good with cats. He was relinquished directly to GHF from guardians in Maine who felt they could not meet his needs.

DANNY found the right people to create a wonderful life that would be exactly what he needs - lots and lots of time and lots and lots of love! His new FurDad will be with him 24/7 and is thrilled to start shaping behaviors with clicker training and mental stimulation activities that would give Danny 'jobs' to enjoy. His new guardians wanted a loving BC to join their lives now that they have time to really be engaged with such a wonderful dog. Danny is so ready for challenges and will also enjoy the gorgeous country side of the Adirondacks where he now lives.

DANNY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Danny is a great guy, eager to please and ready to enjoy whatever you want to do with him! He loves to race and chase and zoom around with the other dogs but also enjoys going where you go - coming right to the whistle, to be by your side. He is smart, focused and really sweet. Danny loves everyone he meets with a speedy race right up to say a big hello. He is good natured and not overly intense however he is a busy guy so needs an active life, like most dogs his age. He is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. Danny came to GHF when a NH relinquisher realized they had adopted the wrong type of dog for their situation so made sure he landed with us to find just the right life he needs.

Sweet, little KEDDY landed in a home where he'll never be lacking for attention - he's got his own trio of boys for tons of play! His new FurMom loaded everyone in the car for a 7 hour trip to come for Keddy, knowing he would be a great addition to their lives. He'll be with her 24/7 and be the 5th Border Collie so she knows exactly what to expect from this active boy! Keddy will have 22 acres to call his own in his new PA home. A bit of destiny was at work here when meeting his new Furkids who have names starting with 'k' sounds - Cole, Cade and Carrick - so Keddy fit just right!

KEDDY: A 3 month old Border Collie, Keddy is classic. Thoughtful, attentive, people-oriented and full of action! He is loving life with BC mix, Breezie, as they give each other a work-out! They are hilarious to watch. His focus herding nature is kicking into gear as he tracks after her in her high-speed chase games. Keddy is a sweetheart, a cuddler who wants to know where his person is at all times. He'll mature a bit while here with the adult BC's and get to continue fun games til just the right savvy adopter comes along. Like any young BC, he's just starting to really show his curious and confident personality. He is about 15 pounds and good with cats.

RIDER found exactly the right humans and right canines to make his life wonderful! He met his new canine buddy, Laney, and the two of them were fast friends, non-stop playing with chase games and wrestling that were so much fun, it's like watching 'dog tv!'. And, Rider hopped up on the couch for a big hello to his new guardians, loving all the attention from the kids. He'll have a wonderful yard and lots of love and non-stop play, all combined for a great life! He headed off to NJ, happily jumping right in the car.

RIDER: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Rider is Mr. Happy Go-Lucky as the expression goes. He adjusts pretty easily to a new setting, saying hello to everyone, looking for the person to call his own, fitting right in! He's friendly and happy and very good natured. Rider is attentive but not overly intense so could easily be a good companion. He is quite the cuddler and loves attention, too. Rider is good with other dogs though could be a solo dog in an active home. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. He was a stray, landing in a NJ shelter that works with GHF. So, Rider is now here and happily ready for a new life.

Sweet HARTLEY, now known as Sparky, captured the hearts of his new guardians quickly - such a charmer and sweetheart - so he now has 30 acres to call his own, a pond for swimming which he loves and the companionship of two people who love their dogs dearly. His new canine buddy, Jessie voted a big yes for him, too! So, Hartley is loving life and the center of attention! He now lives in NY.

HARTLY: A 9 month old Border Collie mix, Hartly is a great little guy who absolutely wants to join in everything! He loves saying hello to everyone and wants to join the dogs in whatever play is going on. He's exuberant and super sweet, very curious and ready to explore - a great combination of traits that make him a delightful friend. He always checks in with his person, eager to please, never going far from where his person is. He loves food and could easily learn whatever is asked of him, being so food motivated and so compliant. Hartly also loves to cuddle and clearly wants to be with someone who loves him. This sweet guy is wonderful and very confident and adaptable. He is great with other dogs and loves to play so could be happiest with another young dog for play. He is about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats since he's curious about everything. He came to us from PA as a stray.

BRADLEY found wonderful people who are committed to giving him the great life he never had, with tons of time to play in a big yard and hike on nearby trails! But, most importantly, they will love him and guide him to feel he can trust people completely. His new FurDad will be with him 24/7, his first real experience with a person who cares deeply that he's happy. And, his new FurMom can't wait to see how he blossoms over time. They both felt drawn to this young, sweet boy who really needed patient, caring people to call his own. Bradley won't sit alone outside on a chain all day, ever again. He now lives in NY.

BRADLEY: A 10 month old Border Collie, Bradley is a sweet guy with a lot of enthusiasm about saying hello to everyone he meets, giving his signature hug. He's got a soft nature, hoping not to be wrong but can knock you over with his body hug for sure! Bradley is now starting training and will step by step grow into a wonderful friend who is clearly quite affectionate.  He's blossoming into a more confident dog with other BC's and enjoying the freedom to run, race and chase now that he's at the Farm. Bradley is about 40 pounds and good with cats. (His pictures make him look much larger but he's not) He came to the Farm from a farmer who had hoped to give him a better life, hearing that he was tied out all day in a city setting in NY.  Since Bradley is a youngster, his exuberance was a bit more than the dairy farmer needed so he's here in rescue. We're happy to have this good natured guy here and help him fulfill his potential.

Little BREEZIE found the ideal situation for her, absolutely perfect - with a spaniel buddy and a bc buddy - so she can instigate each to play in different ways and they both respond! This trio was amazing to watch as they accepted each other perfectly, like they had been best friends forever. We are so happy for this special little girl who was so clearly in the wrong situation and now, will have a life of fun and joy and love. Her new guardians were delighted to meet her and see her in action, exactly the little dog they wanted who also had a big personality! Breezie now lives in Maine.

BREEZIE: A 6 month Border Collie mix, possibly with cocker spaniel, Breezie is a little girl with a charming personality, happy, happy, happy. She landed at the Farm, meeting dogs and people alike, enjoying all of it! She then began to get the zoomies, making figure eights around the dogs and with the dogs and just everywhere in the field. A really, adorable girl, she's likely to be small though full of energy and quite the speed demon. Her face lit right up as she began to realize that life was now going to be fun and very interesting. Breezie had been stuck in a crate almost 9 hours a day, clearly in the wrong home.

 Sweet, wonderful RUSS landed with a former GHF adopter who loves the seniors and had her eye on Russ after beloved Jay-Jay passed. So, off she went to meet Russ in his foster home and within short order, knew he had to head home with her. Russ hadn't met many non-BC canines so took a little while to adjust but once he realized that HE now has the cherished BC spot, well, he blossomed quickly looking for all the attention! We're thrilled for this great boy to have found a wonderful forever home. He now lives in NY.

RUSS: A 10 year old Border Collie, Russ is a bit camera shy but normally, is super friendly, happy and eager to give a little hello lick on your face. He's adorable. This petite fellow is great natured and great with dogs, too, happily herding everyone who races after a ball. But, he's also content to explore outside and hang by your side wherever you go. He is really outgoing and thinks life is just great! Russ is smart, focused and very athletic, racing around like a youngster.  He is great with other dogs as well as cats.  A super affectionate cuddler, he is so easy to enjoy and live with - a real gem!  As with all seniors, he had a geriatric screen: full chem panel, thyroid test and urinalysis and everything is normal. We did a dental cleaning on Russ, too.  Thanks to all the angel support, we were able to cover all these costs and Russ is clearly ready for a new home! Russ came to us from PA.

RAYCER: An 8 year old Border Collie, Raycer is a joyful guy who is eager to play and race around happily with lots of energy. He is focused and loves his toys! Raycer is very wound-up when playing and needs a savvy guardian who understands how to combine his obedience work with his active play style.  Raycer takes direction well and has done beautifully with our training  but will only be placed with a skilled person. He can be nervous meeting new people so the obedience work helps him relax, too so he can then cuddle and be everyone's best friend. He is about 45 pounds and not good with cats. Raycer came to GHF when his guardians lost their home.

RAYCER had a blast on the GHF trails!

Sweet NICKEE found the people who would not only love her completely, they would also stimulate her BC mind to try new things. Her new FurMom loves to train and do agility so will give Nickee a chance to learn all kinds of fun things which she will love.  She'll join GHF alum, Ky, who loves to play as much as Nickee does plus have other canine buddies in the house.  The canine family got along beautifully and her new FurMom was thrilled! Nickee now lives in NJ and we'll hear all about her new activities since her FurMom is also involved in the Farm. So far, Nickee has seen agility in action, met plenty of people and done beautifully as the new rescue diplomat!

NICKEE: A 7 month old Border Collie, Nickee is a sweetheart, loving to curl herself into your lap for cuddle time. She also loves to chase any ball thrown to her and really is a fast girl racing to catch it - her favorite game! Nickee is very good natured, not too intense though a busy young BC who needs an activity to occupy her brilliant mind. She loves other dogs and could easily have a BC buddy though she does best with more submissive dogs. She is blossoming at the Farm and discovering her BC nature, a real joy to watch. Nickee is good with cats and about 35 pounds. She came to GHF from a PA guardian who felt she needed more.

MADDOX is one of those sweet BC's who needed time at the Farm, to find himself, gaining confidence and a sense of life.  Over the months, he'd met his new FurMom when she came to vacation here and this time, when she came to teach at the Canine Country Camp, she just couldn't leave without taking him home. We knew their connection was strong from the minute they met so quickly agreed, Maddox had a new home! He now lives in NJ and will get a chance to try agility, herding and just being a happy go-lucky, busy BC!  We'll get to see him when she vacations at the Farm again and next summer, teaching! He loves his new BC buddies, a big pack full, just like he had at GHF.

MADDOX: A 1 yr old Border Collie, Maddox is a gentle, sweet, good natured dog who loves attention. He can be a bit worried at first but warms up quickly, sitting next to your side asking for attention.  His nature is gentle and he will need confidence building to know what is expected of him. The flip side of Maddox is a young, energetic herding oriented BC who turns 'on' ready to make up herding games with every dog he meets. His has a lot of 'eye' and clearly needs a friend who can enjoy the herding play like he does.  Maddox could live as a solo dog and develop into a wonderful companion or he could live with another BC who will play.  His wonderful nature is obvious the minute you meet him. He will be placed no cats and weighs about 40 pounds.  Maddox was abandoned at a PA shelter by guardians who could not manage him at their Farm which was on a busy highway.  He will do best in a fenced yard in a more rural setting since that's what he is used to.

TOBY found a wonderful home with a family who knew the Thera-Vet clinic well since they had been clients. They had been looking for just the right Border Collie to add to their lives so when they heard about Toby, they were intrigued to meet him. Well, Toby certainly won their hearts quickly being the brilliant and friendly guy that he is, so he now has adoring guardians, thrilled to have this special boy. He'll get to accompany his new FurDad to training sessions as the 'demo dog' and do other canine activities to stimulate his mind and body like Rally Obedience and anything else that keeps him happy. Toby's new name is Merlin which suits him so well…a bit of magical qualities led Toby to find a wonderful, new life! He now lives in NY.

UPDATE: TOBY had his post-surgery visit with Dr. Bookbinder and is doing well! With extreme muscle atrophy in the injured back left leg, he's got a long way to go for full use to be possible but the vet felt his progress to date has been good. Toby is still in some pain and not relying on that back leg as much as he should so his next weeks in physical therapy at Thera-Vet will be critical. Recovery can be very painful but the result, in the end, should be good for Toby! He'll be undergoing many strenuous exercises as well as underwater therapy. We're rooting for this sweet guy to get that leg back and be able to run like normal or as close to normal as possible.

Special thanks to Heather Lynch who kindly transported Toby to Syracuse for his check-in and volunteers each week to keep his mind occupied as his body heals!

TOBY: A 10 month old Border Collie, Toby is a cute little guy who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and was hit by a car. Fortunately, his fate turned around by being at the right place at the right time with a vet who knows GHF from one of our Intake Coordinators. The vet called right away to see if we could help because Toby's PA guardians had no money to fix his busted back leg so euthanasia was about to be his fate.

RUSH found the right home as if it was ordered just for him - he's joining a pack of performing canines!  He'll be taking his talent in frisbee to a bigger level, traveling all over the country, in shows. Rush is now part of The Marvelous Mutts! We're sure to hear about all the fun this brilliant boy is having and he'll also enjoy agility and dock-diving as part of his busy life.  He lives in a rural setting with 750 acres surrounding his home and will be the constant companion to his new FurMom!  We're thrilled this special boy landed perfectly!

RUSH: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Rush is an incredible athlete, focused, driven and fast. He is a super smart boy with lots of drive and needs a seasoned sport handler who wants to enjoy all his brilliance. He is very active outside but settles beautifully inside. Rush is great in the car and good with dogs though we'd like to see him with other herding dogs only since they have a similar mindset as him. He is friendly with people he meets though really look for someone who will team up with him to accomplish a goal. He is a wonderful, agile BC and would clearly excel in frisbee. Rush came from a working farm in NY where he had been over-herding the livestock so was not wanted. He not good with cats and weighs about 35 pounds.

JOC came out to meet everyone at the Canine Country Camp and won hearts instantly! This social boy loved all the attention, all the dogs and all the action. Of course, he caught the eye of many campers but one of our adopters who came to volunteer, just knew he was meant to go home with her and we agreed! So, Joc will be helping her with her pet-sitting business, meeting all kinds of dogs and people, sharing his wonderful nature. He's quite the canine diplomat so a more perfect life couldn't have appeared! He now lives in NJ.

JOC: A 2 year old Border Collie, Joc is a really nice guy, easily adjusting the Farm like he'd been here a long time. He likes to meet everyone, is curious about everything and very easy going. He loves toys and happily plays with anything and everything, entertaining himself. Joc is not overly intense so could happily enjoy the action of toy play and then settle down. He does like other dogs and engages quickly to see who wants to be with him. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. Joc was a stray in NY, unclaimed by his guardian.

PIPER found the perfect life on 11 acres with a BC buddy who will show him the ropes! He'll be hiking a lot, canoeing and exploring the great outdoors of Vermont, adored forever. His new FurMom has all the skills to keep his mind active, body healthy and heart fulfilled. We're happy both Piper and Tweed are now safe and sound, in new lives.

Special thanks to Joyce Darrel from Pets with Disabilities who helps us respond to shelter dogs in the MD area!

PIPER is a tiny 8 week old male pup, probably Sheltie purebred, weighing about 4 pounds, clearly far tinier than any 8 week old BC pup. We were told he and brother, Tweed were BC pups when they were surrendered to a MD shelter but we doubt that. These little fur balls race around non-stop, chasing each other and checking out anything and everything. They are meeting adult BC's and doing well with that, too. Piper is more the thinker, taking time to watch and observe, then act. We will only place Piper into a sheltie experienced home with another young dog, ideally a sheltie.  The play style is very different than a BC so we feel it is best for Piper to land with someone who understands the breed.

TWEED found an ideal situation with a Friend of the Farm who has brought her shelties to Camp Border Collie for Kids, for years, to help with the camp kids. She was thrilled to find a young pup at GHF that would slide into her life perfectly, joining her fur gang. Tweed will get to try agility and enjoy a life with someone who adores her dogs. We're so excited to hear all about Tweed's new life! He now lives in CT.

TWEED a tiny 8 week old male mix pup, probably Sheltie with Border Collie, weighing about 5 pounds each, clearly far tinier than any 8 week old BC pups. We were told they are BC pups when they were surrendered to a MD shelter. Regardless of exactly what they are, they are adorable and absolutely so outgoing, curious about everything! These little fur balls race around non-stop, chasing each other and checking out anything and everything. They are meeting adult BC's and doing well with that, too. Both love toys and love people. Tweed is a bit more confident and outgoing, more the leader in this duo, ready to jump into action. Piper is more the thinker, taking time to watch and observe, then act. 

FENNEC caught the eye of a dear Friend of the Farm who's adopted dogs who need special encouragement so when she saw Fennec, she was certain she and her husband could help. They offered to foster him and then within short order, confirmed that he could blossom in their care and with their pack, almost all who are GHF alums. We are so excited for Fennec and know he'll thrive with their special skills and love. He lives in NY.

FENNEC: A very petite 1 year old Border Collie, Fennec is a charming little guy who is very, very timid. He's curious and hoping to understand that people are ok but he's going to take some time to be sure. He will come over to say hello and then races off in a panic, overwhelmed. We're going to give Fennec some time to gain confidence and experience life in a home, at the Connor House. He had a rough start with a backyard breeder noted for undersocializing dogs. He was with a large group of Border Collies so loves dogs but really needs more one-on-one people time. He'll eventually be ready for a very patient person who wants to continue helping him. Fennec is a sweet, tiny guy who deserves a loving life. He was relinquished directly to the Farm. Fennec is the father of deaf puppy Kiran who recently came to the Farm and found his new home. He is about 25 pounds and is good with cats.

PAIGE found wonderful guardians who laughed at her antics including bringing a 2x4 'stick' into the adoption office for them to throw! She's a classic BC with plenty of focus to play, just highly creative in her choice of 'toys'…she charmed them instantly. Paige will enjoy tons of attention from these BC lovers and even have a chance to enjoy her own pool play too. She will be happily loved, living in NJ.

PAIGE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Paige is a beautiful girl who loves to say hello with a big grin!   She has a sweetness to her that draws you right in, wanting to get to know her. She's clearly a smart girl who wants a person to call her own and loves to get belly rubs, too. Paige is very affectionate and loves attention. Paige has a funny game of playing with rocks or sticks only rather than toys but we're seeing some interest in real toys now and her playful ways are fun to watch - she tosses 'toys' in the air, making up all kinds of games.  She's a confident girl who has really blossomed at the Farm. She will do best as a solo dog. She was originally a stray in a PA shelter. She is about 40 pounds and is ok with dog savvy cats. 

Little LUCY's lovely charm came through soon as she met her new FurMom who had patiently been waiting for a sweet, easy going BC mix to arrive at GHF. When she heard about Lucy's funny antics and great personality, she wanted to meet her right away. Lucy will enjoy lots of love in her new life in NY, happily the center of attention.

LUCY: A 3 year old Border Collie mix, Lucy is a charmer. She instantly loves people she meets, happy to say hello to everyone and anyone. She is precious. Lucy has a pretty relaxed nature, getting the zoomies when she is happy and wanting to play with other dogs sometimes but mostly, Lucy wants to love someone. She follows you wherever you go and enjoys a good cuddle on the couch. She has no herding instinct, she just has the delight of a fun nature, super sweet and playful. Lucy could be a solo dog or fit with submissive male dogs who let her lead and want to play. She is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Lucy was a stray in NJ.

Young pup RIO, approximately 7 months old, was sitting in a PA shelter a long way away from his potential new FurMom in NH. She had seen him on the shelter posting and felt drawn to him.  Informed he was coming to GHF, she contacted us, hoping to meet this boy. She had been searching for over a year for just the right BC to join her life. Although she'd been watching GHF listings all this time, it was Rio who just caught her heart and gave her a knowing that she had to come for him.  So, Rio joined a transport of 4 other dogs heading to GHF and she drove to meet her new dog!  As he sat so trusting in a volunteer's car heading to the Farm, she was driving hours to be his new guardian. Rio is one lucky guy cause he'll be doing tons of activities since she's a dog trainer and he'll also enjoy the gorgeous countryside of NH, accompanying her wherever she goes.  This bit of destiny is a joyful moment to witness!

A special thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible and especially Carolyn Dumaresq who pulled him from the shelter for a couple nights of normalcy before the long journey.  Thanks to Dick Dumaresq, Gary Cease, Cheryl Lewis & Heather Lynch.

Sweet, majestic, graceful BLAZE left us on 9/26 due to the bad news of spleenic tumors. We awoke with a trip to the vet, not knowing today would end with his departure but once the facts were clear, it was time to let him pass peacefully. We have been so touched by this gorgeous Border Collie, only with us 6 months since his person passed. About to turn 14 in November, Blaze is now in spirit, side by side with the woman who completely cherished him and made sure he had a safe place to be, upon her death. She willed him to the Farm and knew he would be well cared for.  We loved knowing you Blaze…the perfect senior, brilliant and beautiful…godspeed Blaze, rejoining the one he loved.

BLAZE: A 13 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Blaze is wonderful boy with the thoughtful traits we see in the seniors, quality BC's bred years ago. Not chaotic or confused, he's intelligent, watchful and tuned in to everything going on around him, ready to understand what he needs to do…the kind of Border Collie that has a good mind and composed nature. Blaze is delightful and responsive to people, friendly and loving. He is handling this big change pretty well, enjoying all the Farmhouse Sanctuary seniors who find themselves in a new life, too.  His tail wags happily as he greets others and is learning to get around the Farm. He is good with cats and about 50 pounds.  His PA guardian died recently, leaving provisions for him to come to GHF since she'd been a supporter for many years and knew he would be safe in good hands here. We are very happy to have Blaze with us.


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