Little CARRICK found a wonderful life with two GHF alums, now rounding out the family pack to four Border Collies so there’s surely plenty of action. His new FurMom loves agility and is hoping this petite boy stays small so she can enjoy teacup agility but if not, he’ll be doing the sport!  Carrick absolutely loved the gang and clearly fit like it was meant to be!

CARRICK: A 10 week old Border Collie, little Carrick is coming out of his shell, starting to explore more boldly. He’s so easy going that we think he might even be a mix but we’ll see as the days unfold and he gets a chance to really run with other Border Collies. This little pup surely deserves a marvelous life and he’ll happily give his heart, such a charmer he is!  Happy, playful and loving to cuddle, Carrick is quite a special boy.  He loves his toys and happily responds to anyone who says hello!!  He’s a tiny 8 pounds now.

OSCAR landed with his buddies, Abby & Ritter, when their guardians came to pick them up.  They knew he had been rooming with them since his arrival and were open to meeting him since they made such a great trio.  After overnighting, they agreed that Oscar surely needed to come home with them, too!! So, Oscar joins the duo forever and they truly are such a great pack!  He’ll have plenty of attention and love plus tons of play time!!

OSCAR: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Oscar is a much happier guy at GHF where he can hang with other herding dogs and really enjoy creating games. He's confidently exploring, curious about everything and follows the lead of a more confident dog, really enjoying his new life.  Oscar is a sweet guy who likes attention from anyone willing to say hello but he truly does love another BC buddy so we're going to make sure he has a friend.   He is a fairly calm boy, happy to hang out inside after a bit of fun outside. He is very companion oriented, a people dog and used to going wherever his former guardians went -they took him everywhere.  Oscar is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He came to GHF directly from a PA guardian who had two toddlers and could no longer give Oscar the attention he needed.

NELLA landed with just the right guardians who will give her time to adjust to her new life and reassure her that she is home forever!  A sensitive girl, she needed understanding and care to make this new transition easier for her which they completely understood. She lept into their laps for attention and eagerly looked to the door to head out to the car, giving her vote of confidence that they were the ones for her!  They felt exactly the same way.  Sweet Nella had her head out the car window toward the road, moving forward to her new life as they drove away from the Farm - happy as can be!

NELLA: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Nella is a sweet girl who loves attention. She is also very very smart and thinks about everything around her. She does really well with someone she knows who gives her reassurance that all is well since she is very observant, trying to understand when anything changes. Nella lost her home due to a divorce and has had some trouble adjusting to rescue but is doing better day by day. She lived in one home since a pup so she’s trying to make sense of such a big change. Nella will do best with a savvy adopter who understand how sensitive a Border Collie can be. She is very good with other dogs and cats and about 40 pounds.

Sweet LENNOX found someone perfect for him, who would understand his gentle, soft nature and be willing to reassure him that he would be safe, now and forever.  A little bit of cheese and a big hug, allowed Lennox to cuddle up for attention and then head home with his new FurMom.  He happily hopped in her car, ready for the new journey to Ct where he’ll be her constant companion. They’ll enjoy plenty of long walks which he loves and he’ll go everywhere with her! She said it best as she patted his head, ‘we’re going to be pals for life’. We are so deeply touched to see this ex-Sprakers boy land so beautifully.

LENNOX: A 9 year old Border Collie, Lennox is a love. He is so good natured and gentle, truly asking for very little but so appreciative of attention. He loves to come to your side for a neck scratch and assurance that he is loved -he's quite endearing. Everyone wants to cuddle this sweet boy. He does also love, however, to trot along checking out everything outside. He’ll race around on patrol for any action, keeping an eye for all that is unfolding, classic BC style!  Lennox is smart as can be and knows every activity at the Farm and would be clearly aware of all the action in a new life, too.  Everyone loves Lennox and we know he has so much to give someone special.  Lennox is one of the Sprakers/Flat Creek confiscated dogs so had a hard life left outside 24/7 with little human connection. Now, it’s clear Lennox wants someone to call his own. He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats.

Every now and then a dog arrives in rescue just at the moment when someone is looking to rescue a dog just like THAT one!  And, TOBY is the lucky boy who had that happen.  His new guardians are former GHF adopters and were set to come, hoping to find a family dog but after much conversation, it was clear that the dog that could fit their family best, just wasn’t here….YET. In came TOBY, and OUT went Toby!  Such a sweet, fun, loving boy, exactly the personality they wanted for their active life in Nanctucket Mass.  Toby has a BC buddy and plenty of people who will adore him, forever.  He happily hopped into the car and out to his new life! Lots of beach time fun ahead!!

DILLON found a wonderful life with a herding buddy who loves to wrestle and chase like he does plus guardians who really understand the brilliance of a BC and love the challenge of getting into their heads. Dillon easily won their hearts with his sweet nature and they knew he was the perfect addition to their lives, even with all that young chaotic nature that comes with young BC’s…this boy charmed them to no end!  Dillon will have a huge outdoor space, lots of hikes and tons of fun in his new life, including a chance to herd sheep!  Dillon now lives in Vermont.

DILLON: A 9 month old Border Collie, Dillon is a sweet, interesting guy who loves attention and blossoms with reassurance.  He is an active boy with lots of interest in playing with other BC’s so we want him to have a young play friend.  Dillon is people oriented and toy oriented but not yet super focused so he’ll be shaped a lot by someone who adopts him. He needs some confidence building and a chance to experience life in a bigger way. He was tied out for the last 4 months in an unfenced setting so is really loving all the racing he can do at GHF. His coordination is changing and we expect he’ll really change in a few weeks where other BC’s can guide him. He’d do well with a confident BC as his buddy.  He is about 35 pounds and good with dog savvy cats.  Dillon needs a fenced yard. He was relinquished to the Farm by guardians who couldn’t meet his needs.

CODY found exactly the life tailored to who he is - a FurDad who wants to do everything with him and lots of canine activities to enjoy!  Cody will be hiking lots of places which he clearly loves and jump into water sports, literally, which he also loves! Plus, he’ll get to try flyball and frisbee competitively as well as have plenty of ball play since the ‘chuck-it’ game is a big activity with his new canine pack already.  His new guardians overnighted at the Farm to see how Cody fit their family and he slid in, happy as a clam!  Cody is off to CT for a very active life!

CODY: A 7 month old Border Collie, Cody is a curious, observant, out-going boy who clearly wants to DO something!  A classic high energy pup, he is loving hanging with the Farm BC’s and learning all about herding games as well as high-speed chase games.  He is very sweet, good natured but will need an active home and young BC buddy and he needs to be with a BC savvy guardian only.  Cody loves toys and entertains himself though loves a good ball toss game, too.  He is about 40 pounds and good with cats. Cody was relinquished from a NJ guardian who felt the 12 hour workdays gated in the kitchen, was not ideal for him.

Young ROSIE landed in a family with 5 kids so plenty of cuddling and action combined! Her new guardians were eager to have another BC but this time one for the whole family and Rosie (now known as Josie) fit the bill perfectly! She’s loving life already and the total center of attention! We’re just thrilled for her to have a great life where she is truly appreciated and challenged! “Let the games begin”, as her new FurDad says! She now lives in CT.

ROSIE: A 5 month old Border Collie/Aussie pup, Rosie is a busy girl with lots of drive to do something - action, action, action!  She is smart and focused and could do well in sports or could enjoy an active life with a savvy adopter. Rosie will need someone who understands herding dogs. Rosie likes to play with other dogs but is happiest with focused attention on her! She is very affectionate and loves attention, happy to cuddle but then go, go, go. She is about 30 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. She came from a PA guardian who could not handle her needs.

JACKSON or JAX as his foster folks like to call him, is doing well in their home along with GHF alum, RUE, and the other canine buddies they both enjoy. SO HE’S GOING TO STAY!! His new guardians feel he’ll do best living with them, step by step, year by year, trusting that life in a home is safe. Moving Jax anywhere else seems very unfair since he’s got such a long way to go to be ’normal’. Little victories are so exciting and all the dogs are helping him unfold. He’s finally accepting his FurDad a bit better following him down the stairs in the morning for breakfast and barks when his FurMom comes in the door!! Simple things that other dogs do naturally are tremendous changes for ex-Sprakers dog, Jax! A huge sigh of happiness fills the air today with the news that he is safe and loved, forever.

JACKSON: A 2 year old Border Collie, Jackson is very sweet with a gentle heart and nature. He is very polite, a 'soft' boy. He tries very hard to figure out what you want, watching intently to make sense of all the new things in his life, following his person to make the brave next step. He loves to adventure and run in the woods, checking out the sights and smells... under the cover of the trees, he is a motoring red dog on the move! He is fine with other dogs, but he needs time to trust that he is safe. Jackson was removed from the Sprakers NY situation, along with 45 other Border Collies. He lived outside 24/7 and had little or no human contact so everything is new for him. He is blossoming well in his foster home but it will take quite awhile for him to feel fully safe in life.  He will need a patient person who understands his worries and helps him grow further. Jackson must have a fenced yard and a BC buddy since other dogs help signal 'all is well'. He is about 40 pounds and not yet tested on cats. 

Wonderful 10 year old CULLEN landed with a former GHF adopter who wanted another friend for her GHF alum.  Cullen fit perfectly so was able to move from his previous home to new home thanks to the help of many many kind people who volunteer all the time to get dogs into safe haven at GHF.  Cullen is thriving beautifully and he is totally adored. He needed a new home when his person had to move into assisted living. 
Cullen had been a beloved friend for all these years so we are so pleased to have helped him find such a wonderful new life, so easily. It was clearly meant to be!

Special thanks to Teresa and Dan Landon, Kristine Hammar, Flo Garlinger, Dick Dumaresq, and Cindi Piccolomo who made this “home to home” transfer work out so smoothly.

Sweet IVY found two friends as busy as she is…ready to hop off the couch and into action! Her new furMom has a great sense of humor so enjoyed every minute of the attempted adoption picture session! IVY will have a great life, with her new canine buddies and guardian 24/7, enjoying all kinds of dog training as well as learning agility!  Ivy should excel at anything asked of her since she’s one smart, focused, eager to please gal! She now lives in VT.

IVY: A 4 month old Border Collie mix, IVY is an amazing pup with tons of enthusiasm for life - she is ready to GO! A fearless happy girl, she joined the founder’s pack like she’d lived here all her life, reading all the adult dogs beautifully and enjoying all the action. Ivy can clearly adjust to new situations and is curious about everything. She would be a fabulous candidate for sports with her agile, athletic nature. She is also the sweetest girl, soliticing attention with a wiggle and kiss and then back off for fun! Ivy loves toys and instantly enjoyed tug games with GHF foster Dillon who loved having a young chase buddy! She is about 25 pound and not yet tested on cats. She was living in NY with a guardian who felt their situation didn’t suit her well.

TAIT found a new life with a canine buddy and a loving guardian who understands Border Collies with special histories like Tait. She was so excited to meet her and just loved how sweet, bubbly and happy she was so Tait headed home to a great life on 17 acres where she’ll be with her new FurMom 24/7 hiking and snow-shoeing in the VT countryside!  We’re thrilled for Tait who so deserved a better life - safe and loved - forever.

TAIT: A 1 year old Border Collie, Tait is a friendly, happy girl who loves to curl up in your lap.  She is instant friends with everyone she meets and everyone adores her!  She is quite playful with toys and will make up her own games if you’re not free to interact but she prefers to be the center of attention.  Her Foster Mom calls her ’the sweet comedian’ cause she’s such a quick learner and so adorable to watch as she figures things out! She blossoms with encouragement. She’s very eager to please and loves to learn.  A super athlete, she also loves to race and chase and make up games with other dogs but can be a bit barky. Tait could either live as a solo dog or with another dog who is easy going and allows her to get comfortable over time. Once she feels settled, she joins in dog games easily.  

Since Tait came from the Sprakers group of 46 confiscated dogs, she can get overwhelmed by some new things so will need a patient person to guide her at times.  She is about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.

NIKO found the perfect guardians who love the BC brilliance and wanted a good guy to complete their trio, playing with the young dog while respecting their aging dog which Niko did beautifully. They overnighted and got to see the charm in this very special boy and knew he was the one to take home! Niko will be with is FurDad 24/7, enjoying hikes in their summer home in Maine as well as an active outdoor life in their NH home, along with his new canine pals!

NIKO: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Niko is super friendly, so eager to be with people and loves attention, a real cuddler! He is easy going yet loves his ball play. A classic mix, he is not herding oriented or overly intense, instead, a real canine pal, one happy boy. He really likes other dogs and could be happy with a friend or as a solo dog with someone home to interact with him. Niko is a people dog so will flourish with someone devoted to him. He is about 40 pounds and is best with cats that are used to dogs since Niko is intrigued by a cat but he will not hurt them. He was a stray in a NY shelter that works with GHF.

An amazing gem landed at GHF - LINCOLN! Only 7 months old, this Border Collie mix just jumps into your heart with his good-natured antics, winning friends instantly. Love, love, love and fun, fun, fun - that is Lincoln’s motto! He landed quickly in a new life with former GHF adopters who wanted a wonderful family dog and that Lincoln will be! In the meantime, he’s making them laugh and loving life with his canine buddies and has a new name that suits him well - Ollie! He lives in Massachusetts. Lincoln previously lived with 3 kids under the age of 8 and two dogs, a bit more chaos than that family wanted but we know Ollie/Lincoln is now in good hands.

Sweet, lovely BELLE finally found the guardians who can enjoy her wonderful nature, with all her curiosity and zest for life and also help her with some of her insecurities. This young girl lived with 3 kids, ages 2, 3, 4 in a small trailer with no yard, creating confusion about lots of new things. Now, she’ll have her own big yard, a beach for hikes, nearby trails, canine buddies and two people who are devoted to helping her understand she can enjoy new things without worry! We’re just thrilled for Belle/Annabelle who deserves a loving home where things make sense! She now lives in an adult home in Massachusetts as a beloved friend.

BELLE: A 7 month old Border Collie, Belle is an adorable, smart, attentive girl who joins in the action instantly. She is fast and focused with lots of potential to do sports or learn any activity. She’d also be very happy as a beloved canine friend since she’s quite the cuddler. A super sweet, good natured girl, Belle is high energy so needs a BC savvy guardian who can stimulate her mind as well as give her a physical outlet. She loves playing with the other BC’s so would be thrilled to have a BC buddy. She is about 30 pounds and good with cats.

Sweet KELSEA found the great life she so deserves where frisbee games can happen all the time and lots of love is hers, too. Plus, she’ll be hiking and swimming in a nearby pond cause her new guardians love the active life of the working breeds. Kelsea has a new canine bud who is a frisbee dog, too and they felt at ease joining in the game together. Kelsea is now living in Massachusetts with a FurMom and FurDad who dearly love their dogs and fell in love with this little girl when they came to overnight.

KELSEA: A 1 year old Border Collie, Kelsea is all about action! She is learning about the frisbee and having a great time racing to catch a toss, quite the athlete.  Kelsea is enthusiastic about everything in life, full of joy and energy to play, especially with another young dog.  She likes a fast game of chase and moves like the wind, happily free to run.  She is smart and super sweet, a real cuddler, snuggling right next to you on the couch or happily laying by your feet. Kelsea is very good natured and friendly with new people. Having said all this, Kelsea did come from the Flat Creek Sprakers NY group of dogs recently confiscated so she may have some things that pop up where she'll need some help. For example, she often barks seeing new dogs or new people so would be best not living in an active suburban setting.  She is now learning that car rides are great but is still a bit nervous.  Some home appliances scare her into barking too but with help she investigates and realizes there is nothing to worry about.  All in all, Kelsea is one of the few young Flat Creek dogs really ready for a great life, with someone skilled who can continue helping her blossom. She is so eager to learn. Kelsea is best with male Border Collies or BC mixes. She is about 35 pounds and is good with cats.

JACK found guardians who adore the breed and instantly felt the special nature of this quintessential border collie and hoped that their girl would be charmed by him, too. And, she was! There was instant chemistry as if they had been together before so Jack headed out to a new life where he’ll be with his FurDad and FurMom 24/7, enjoying great hikes each day in the beautiful woods nearby. He’ll even have a chance to swim at a nearby pond. Jack will love being their constant companion and keeping watch at his new home! He lives in PA.

JACK: A 7 year old Border Collie, Jack is an amazing guy, with a big heart who loves people. He is smart as a whip and so observant, thinking through everything going on around him. Jack is a classic BC bred from years ago with clear intelligence and charm, a very in-tune dog.  He would love to be involved with someone most of the day and is used to a life like that.  His only reason for needing a new home was the toddlers in the house who were not making him comfortable.  He loves his toys, loves to run and loves his people but screaming, chaotic kids were not for him. Jack was relinquished to the Farm directly so he could find a better situation. He had been a beloved family member since a puppy.

DEREK found exactly the right person and canine buddy to give him the perfect life! His new guardian understands the cattle dog mindset and quickly saw that brilliant thinking in Derek the minute he met him. Derek sized up the situation calmly and clearly and then said hello to his new friend Lila and a big hello to his new FurDad! He’ll have country acres and a pond to call his own plus someone who really loves the mix of these two herding breeds. He now lives in NY.

DEREK: A 4 month old Border Collie mix, Derek is an amazing boy - so brilliant, really focused and clearly interested in one thing - his person! He is very eager to lock in on someone he can call his own. Unlike a chaotic pup, Derek watches everything that goes on around him and sorts out what makes sense, a real thinker. We like to think of him as an ‘old soul’ pup who is looking for just the right life that makes sense. This little guy is very special and needs someone who can be with him, developing this very special bond. He loves his toys but most importantly, he loves his person. Derek is approximately 15 pounds and is good with cats. He is a spectacular dog with so much heart, a very special pup for sure!

MISS MAIZEY shared her sweet nature with her new guardians and they instantly loved her! Then, she showed her athletic nature catching frisbees and chasing balls, and they thought she was delightful. But, most importantly, she and their new boy, Riley, hit it off beautifully, very comfortable together and clearly a good pairing! So, Maizey headed out with former GHF adopters who know exactly what a BC needs - love and lots to do! She now lives in NY.

MAIZEY: A 7 month old Border Collie, Maizey is a sweetheart, absolutely a doll with people, loving everyone instantly. She curls up right by your side, happy to be in your lap and give kisses. Maizey is also a high energy girl who is blossoming with a focus on toys. She’s learning to really enjoy using her mind on an activity and her real Border Collie focus is developing beautifully.  In her previous home, Maizey’s life involved toddlers so she was not the focus which didn't serve her well at all. Maizey loves the ball and is just a doll, happy to join you in any activity.  She is about 30 pounds and is not good with cats.  We really feel Maizey will thrive as a solo dog with people devoted to her needs.

NICK finally found exactly what he had been waiting for - guardians who love Border Collies and also love a senior with the zest for life! Tons of ball play is ahead for Nick, exceeding all expectations of what people assume about seniors! Nick is like a puppy when it’s ball time cause his drive to work/play is strong! His new guardians love the combination of an intense player and an easy going friend in the house so he’s now got the right home for him!! Many people think of senior BC’s as sedate and that’s never the case for Nick! He now lives in Ct.

NICK: A 9 year old Border Collie, Nick is an incredible ball nut! A classic focused BC who loves to play and play and will happily respond to anyone kind enough to toss that ball!  He's a very smart guy, settled and balanced, very clear that people are great to be around and eager to join the fun with a person. He can settle well when there is no game to play and enjoys hanging out at home too. Nick is good with other dogs but possessive over his toys so best as a solo dog. He lived in one home since a pup but was relinquished to GHF due to allergies their toddler developed. Both dogs in the home were given up. Nick is about 45 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. He came from PA guardians who wanted to be sure he had the opportunity to have another loving home. 

OLLIE was adopted a year ago and landed back at the Farm through no fault of his own however upon this return, it was clear that this boy had a bunch of issues that made him very challenging to live with in a normal setting - OCD behaviors, car chasing, big kid issues and a high-pitched squeal talking to you about everything he wants! A gorgeous sweetheart but coming with a package of quirks that make adoption difficult. So, we tucked him in the founder’s home with the pack of other challenging dogs who had no place to go and he fit like a glove. So, OLLIE IS HOME…no need to send him anywhere when he’s handling this rural setting beautifully without all the stimulation that sends him in the wrong direction.

He’s already enjoying hikes on the trails, hanging with the back making up herding games and is much more at ease about life. We’re happy to offer him a life where he can thrive, forever.

OLLIE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Ollie is a gorgeous, perfectly built sport dog, one of the fastest boys to zoom around here! Like a flash, he can turn on a dime and focuses on the next move. Ollie loves to make up chase games with other BC's and could use a canine buddy to stimulate his mind for fun. He is very smart and responds well to learning though he can be a bit aloof at first so will do best with a BC savvy guardian. Ollie has so much potential to blossom with an active, engaged person who really understands the breed. He is clearly looking for something to do with his mind, body and heart, a classic BC personality. Ollie will only go to an adult home since he's not that comfortable around the chaos and squealing of kids so would not do that well in a crowded suburban/urban setting. Ollie is interested in chasing cars so will only go into a rural location where roads are not nearby. He is about 40 pounds and great with cats. Ollie was relinquished from a Massachusetts guardian who felt their suburban setting with numerous kids was too stimulating for him though he lived with their special needs child without any issues.

FAITH was aptly named by her former guardians, giving this girl a way to land safely, soundly and cared for properly, with someone who would really understand her. At 3 months old, GHF was her first step in the right direction and then to her foster Mom, one of the most skilled, patient, caring people we know. Many, many months of helping Faith through her food guarding and then dog issues and worries about new, novel things have led Faith right where she needs to be..  she is staying with her foster Mom. Their journey together has been remarkable, with ups and downs but always, a deep compassion for Faith’s well being and true perspective on the hard history of being a Sprakers pup, fending for herself, amidst a crowd of multiple dogs and little human contact.

So, Faith is home. We’re so happy for her and the wonderful life ahead. Our abiding thanks to Joy Moll who has a heart of gold for the troubled, yet wonderfully sweet dogs, who need deep understanding.

FAITH: A 9 month old Border Collie, Faith is a super sweet, smart girl who loves to be with her person. She really thrives in a setting with lots of people around since she is so affectionate and friendly. Everyone loves Faith and she loves them right back!  Faith is a drivey girl who needs something to do so will be best with someone savvy who understands Border Collies. She loves toys and loves her person so bonds quickly and will enjoy learning whatever is presented to her. She will thrive as a solo pup.  Faith is 30 pounds and is not good with cats. She came to GHF from a CT family with toddlers which was not a great fit for her. 

Miss MOLLY found loving guardians who wanted an athletic BC to join their lives and were thrilled to watch this girl race full speed for her ball and then leap in the air for her frisbee catch – exactly what they were looking for! Molly happily headed off to a new life where she’ll enjoy hiking and toy play and be loved, forever. She now lives in NY.

MOLLY: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie or BC mix, Molly is an outgoing, friendly, happy girl who loves her toys and people, too. She is a gem. Molly has a great nature, adjusting to new things well and enjoying the fun of being with other dogs. She does love her toys and would be happiest as the solo dog though likes meeting dogs for outside play.  She loves attention, takes direction beautifully and is very eager to please. She landed in rescue due to a divorce, coming from a family of kids and 2 other dogs. She is very active but doesn’t have an intense herding nature. Molly is good with cats but best with dog savvy ones since she will chase. She came to GHF from CT

Sweet PHOEBE found her person, clearly waiting for this very special someone to show up! Turns out this former GHF adopter has the sad situation of suddenly loosing her young BC to cancer. Heartbroken, she was thinking she would wait and then something felt clear as a bell that she had to go on the site. Her friends all cheered her on, hoping for the return of happiness with a beloved canine friend. It was Phoebe she saw on the site and soon as she wrote, it was crystal clear THIS was HER dog! They are a wonderful pair where Phoebe can be her companion 24/7 which she just loves. She’ll get to hike with other dog friends but mostly have a human best buddy and we know Phoebe will LOVE that and so will her new FurMom!!

PHOEBE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Phoebe is a very sweet, gentle girl who wants nothing more than to be side by side with her person. She is a very observant thinker who wants to make sense of everything around her. Her easy going nature is delightful, not a heavy herder and not intense so she does well in most situations. For her, she’s just fine with other dogs and enjoys the company but is truly more interested in people. Phoebe likes toys and enjoys a good walk and is also fine with cats. She is about 45 pounds. Phoebe was relinquished to the Farm from a PA guardian who was moving.

BLUE found the guardians who would love him no matter his worries and delighted in watching him unfold overnight at the the Farm. They came to the Getaway Camp to meet him and realized what a marvelous boy he was, enjoying all the dogs here to vacation and having fun with him on the trails but most importantly, he captured their hearts big time. This sweet boy so eagerly showed his wonderful nature and they absolutely adored him so off he goes to Massachusetts where life will be great! 25 acres of fun, a FurMom who understands the breed and canine BC buds who love to play, just like him!! wahoo Blue! He’s joining two BC buddies, too, one GHF Alum, Angel!

BLUE: A 5 month old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Blue is one great guy, really enjoying his new found freedom at GHF! He loves toys, swimming and other dogs, though needs a little time to understand how dogs feel about him – that enthusiastic puppy is not always welcome with adult dogs. He is an affectionate boy, eager to learn and a bit more easy-going with the aussie side of him though still full of energy. Blue is going to be happiest with someone who understands herding breeds, as well as canine buddies. He is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was relinquished to the Farm by guardians who felt he was not a fit for them, energy wise.

RAINE: A 5 month old Border Collie, Raine landed at GHF due to allergies with the former guardian who was already her 2nd home. In a few short months, this spectacular girl had been in 2 homes but thankfully, landed with us. Her life is now set forever, with one of our caretakers who fell in love instantly. She knew this little spitfire was the perfect addition to complement her pack. She headed home for a visit and all the canines, agreed, she fit ‘like a glove’. Of course, the humans rejoiced to find a little girl to add to step into the big shoes of their recent aussie girl, Shelby, who left them too soon due to illness. Raine is proud to be the ‘leader’ of the gang, growing into those big shoes and sharing her heart with her new guardians. We’re so happy to get to see this little girl grow up, coming to work each day! She’s a petite athlete with plenty of goals ahead! She joins GHF alums, Tuck and Jake.

CARTER waited patiently for someone who would not only love him, they would understand him. His new FurMom came to GHF to visit a few dogs, carefully deciding who would be her next furry friend, having had amazing Bc’s before. She met a few wonderful dogs but it was Carter who caught her heart, literally making her feel pulled to this sweet boy. A few weeks unfolded as she organized a visit with her husband and then, once the two came to visit, Carter was theirs, clearing exactly the boy that fit them both. His new FurMom was so excited by this sweet, smart, interesting boy and happy to take him home, forever! Carter landed with people who really understand him!

CARTER: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Carter is a smart, sweet, sensitive guy who is discovering that having another BC buddy is a blast! He’s really enjoying life at the Farm, meeting lots of other young dogs who love to play, wrestle and herd like he does. Carter is a good natured BC who loves his toys and loves a person who loves him! He is friendly and affectionate and clearly eager to bond but he sure loves having a buddy. Like all young Border Collies, we can see he’ll be happiest with a BC friend. Carter is a bit taller than some BC’s and weighs about 50 pounds. He is not good with cats.  He was relinquished to the Farm from a PA guardian who knew he couldn’t handle the chaos of young children and needed an adult home.

MOLLY is a gorgeous, classic 3 year old purebred border collie. She is unusually quiet and calm for a young border collie, and is delighted to snuggle - but when the ball comes out, she's ready for play, play, play! Molly loves people of all ages and is very gentle. She lives successfully with smaller male dogs but might prefer to be the only dog in the home. She needs a home without cats, or with very dog-savvy ones. Molly has been a beloved companion. She can be seen in her home in Fulton, NY (near Syracuse) Please contact Glen Highland Farm for more information about Molly. She WILL be placed directly from her home, not through GHF but we want to help since Molly is such a nice girl and we agree she’ll do better going from home to home.

Lovely LUCIE found ideal guardians who adored her charming personality and crazy ball antics! Lucie is the best soccer ball player with 4 legs and she showed off all that skill with her new audience! Then happily said hello with a big warm wag and sweet cuddle, landing her very quickly in their hearts. She’s off to Canada to be their constant companion and enjoy lots of hiking and ball play!

LUCIE: A petite 6 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Lucie is a delight. She absolutely loves people and will instantly go for a belly rub after giving a hello kiss. She’s one of the favorites on rescue tours saying hello to each and every person, one by one! Ten people got to meet this sweet girl and every one of them just loved her. She would be a wonderful companion, happy to go wherever her person goes and be quite the ambassador for the breed. Lucie is crazy for ball play and happily makes up her own games as well as playing with you. She is picky about dogs, enjoying some of them but preferring to be with people so we’re going to find a home where she can have all the spotlight. Lucie is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. She was in a NJ shelter as a stray.

JAKE needs angels - click here to learn more
Jake’s surgery was $3100 so we need NINE angels or donations to help cover this cost

Jake epitomizes sweetness as well as smartness - he is an amazing young Border Collie with the greatest nature, a total love-bug. Everything about Jake is mentally wired beautifully however his body is another story. Not only does Jake have hip dysplasia in his rear limbs, he has bum elbows in the front too, also dysplasia.

Working with our orthopedic Vet, Dr. Paul Bookbinder, surgical decisions have been made on his behalf. It is very important to quickly handle the dysplastic elbow joints at a young age so Jake is undergoing surgery with a recovery period of 6-8 weeks. He will be under strict exercise restrictions post surgery which will be very challenging for this active, spirited boy. Once he’s back on his feet, literally moving better, he’ll be available for adoption.

As far as his hip dysplasia, Dr. Bookbinder does not consider surgical intervention until all the growth plates are in place and it is clear that Jake's mobility is suffering. With growth ahead and muscle development, his back hip dysplasia may improve. However, he will need to be monitored and assessed for pain as he grows and could require surgery in the future. Jake will be on pain management medication as needed and benefit from cosequin supplementation now and forever, since he will have arthritis.

The spirit of this young boy is fabulous so we know Jake will succeed with the help he’s about to have. Please help us cover the costs of this unexpected surgery..... thousands of dollars obviously well spent for a very very special boy.

SIMON: 3 year old Simon likes to herd and ended up herding children, nipping their legs and causing concern in the neighborhood. So, Simon needed an adult home without suburban chaos. Lucky for him, just as we came to hear of his story, go out to meet him and agree to take him into GHF rescue, one of our former adopters was searching to adopt another Border Collie since the passing of their beloved GHF friend, Scout. As we chatted about candidates to meet, the irony was that Simon was right there at their 2nd home location in NY. SO… the saying goes, fate stepped in, with a little help and Simon is now their new friend. We’ll have pictures soon! As they said after spending the weekend with Simon, “we both knew we would be sad if we headed home w/o Simon, which meant for us that we were ready and he was the right one!"

ROSS found the family he had been hoping for…kids to call his own with plenty of fun stuff to do! And, a FurMom who would be around most of the day since she works from home. Exactly the combination he needed for an ideal life. He quickly enjoyed them all and happily hopped in the car to head to his new life. His new family had been watching the GHF site since January looking for just the right dog to add to their lives and Ross is it!! He now lives in NY.

ROSS: A 10 month old Border Collie, Ross is a thoughtful, observant guy who is eager to join in all the action at the Farm. He’s also very eager to connect to his person, super attentive and loving. Ross loves toys with all the enthusiasm of at typical young BC – balls, frisbee – all a good time to him. Ross is good natured, a ’softer’ dog and will do well with another BC for play and leadership. Ross is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He came directly to the Farm from PA guardians who could no longer meet his needs. He lived in one home since a pup.

JAKE is still in post-surgery recovery for 3 more weeks so a bit frustrated with all the leash walking but that is about to change! Not only will Jake soon have the freedom to run better with front legs that work really well, he’ll have a new home! Jake is being fostered in Pittsburgh with Hallie and surprisingly stole the show a bit unexpectedly. Turns out a former GHF adopter felt drawn to meet Hallie, driving from NJ, overnighting in a hotel, expecting to bring her home BUT she and GHF alum, Savannah, did not hit it off at all. Well, Jake barked so loudly in the background, it seemed only natural to say hello to him, too! Out he came and the rest is history, as they say. The three dogs hit it off beautifully and Jake’s new guardians were totally smitten instantly. They understand the deficits of his dysplasia and are willing to support this boy in whatever way is needed – he is going to be a beloved family member! We’ll even get to see Jake since they come to vacation at GHF each season!!! We’re just thrilled and will have pictures to show when they pick him up in early October.

JAKE: An 8 month old Border Collie, Jake is smart as they come and loves the action of being with Border Collies, clearly happy to have a herding buddy. He loves, loves, loves people and gets along with everyone. He’s curious about everything now having the freedom to really use his mind and body as one. He’s got that wonderful people focus that makes him so eager to please and happy to be with someone. Jake is a ‘soft’ dog so we will place him in an experienced home only since we know he was yelled at for his puppy behavior. He is good with cats. Jake was in a very bad situation with, literally crated all the time or as we found him - tied to a swing set in full sun, wound so tightly, he couldn’t move. He was kept that way so he wouldn’t tear up the flower beds. Needless to say, Jake is a very very happy boy now and on the road to understanding how great life can be and should be!

*For anyone who imagines what it is like to ‘fix’ joints in such big trouble…here is the ortho description… suffice it to say, IT IS A VERY GOOD THING THAT JAKE HAS HAD SURGERY! The elbows in his front legs will work so so much better!

from Dr. Bookbinder:
All went well, and I am GLAD we operated... 8/19/2014 - Elbow OCD Lesion Bilateral : Virtually identical surgeries on both sides - separation between pronator teres and flexor carpi radialis muscle to expose medial compartment of elbow joint. Free floating fragment of medial coronoid process located and removed, Bed of fragment smoothed and debrided of granulation tissue. Opposite the lesion there are partial thickness erosions of the articular cartilage of the medial humeral condyle ( "kissing lesion" ) but no OCD lesion per se. Joint flushed, closure PDS deep, nylon skin.  This will help him dramatically in the long run

The lovely, sweet MOREA found her new life with GHF adopters who know how to help bolster her confidence and guide her to being the fabulous BC she can be! GHF alum, Max, had some worries when he left here years ago and he’s now the happiest guy around so we know they will work ‘their magic’ to ensure that Morea blossoms just as well. She absolutely loved her new buddy, as did he and with the overnight at GHF, sealed the deal that she was the one to add to their lives! This cuddle-bug shared her heart and won theirs! Morea now lives in Massachusetts and will enjoy a chance to try agility for fun and lots of BC activities to engage her mind!

MOREA: A 1 year old Border Collie, Morea is a beautiful girl who so wants to love everyone and join in the fun of being a herding dog! She will, however need a BC savvy person who can guide her through some worries meeting strangers. She needs to have proper introductions that are positive and give her confidence. Once she knows who you are, she is the sweetest, most lovable girl, in your lap for hugs and kisses. She’s a gentle girl who wasn’t given a lot of exposure to the real world but clearly wants to dive in. She is blossoming beautifully with herding friends and really needs a confident canine buddy to keep that going. Morea also loves her toys and will retrieve and play endlessly. She is a smart girl, very willing to learn and in the right hands, will thrive. Morea is about 30 pounds and needs to be with dog savvy cats. She came to GHF from a NY guardian who could not meet her needs.

Little PIXEL took time to show her true self. Her fosterMom had been watching, waiting and hoping for this skittish, gentle soul to share some joy. Now, 9 months later, Pixel spoke to her and today’s email told the whole story: "She's finally made her way into my heart...on the eve of your hiatus, may she remain here forever?"  So, PIXEL IS HOME!!! now living with other GHF alums who think she’s meant to stay, too!

PIXEL: A 1 year old Border Collie, Pixel is a sweetheart and is slowly learning that life can be fun. She loves to go out in the yard and is quite the speed demon as she runs after the other dogs. Pixel is a herder so loves the action of other Border Collies especially GHF rescue dog Chip. She’s decided his ball play is fascinating and provides just the right action!  She now does really well in public places, as her Foster Mom takes her out in the world. She is fascinated by what she sees and bravely checks things out. A great deal of her worries have diminished though she still needs a patient person to help her gain more confidence.  Pixel hangs out calmly inside, finding special spots to call her own.  Pixel was part of 46 dogs removed from the Sprakers NY situation where they were all left outside 24/7 with very little human contact. This very sweet girl is going to need a patient adopter who can help her blossom, step by step. She's about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats.

Wonderful, fun-loving JETTA found guardians who understand the JRT in her and loved the energy of that focused BC too! She won their hearts with that huge personality and joy for life! They spent time with other dogs to consider, trying to decide who to take home and in the end, said it best: “we can’t leave without her!” and Jetta agreed. She was beyond happy to head out to their car and hop in to start her new life! Jetta has been at GHF for a year, almost to the day, so we’re beyond thrilled to know she’s about to enjoy the love, care and understanding of two people who really ‘get her!’ She absolutely adored her new FurDad and loved her FurMom who laughed heartily watching this little powerhouse radiate all that zest for life! She’ll have plenty of fun and settle in to an active life with people who adore her.

JETTA: A VERY petite 1 yr old Border Collie mix, possibly jack russell terrier, Jetta is a sweet girl, really adorable. She loves everyone and loves attention, happy to be with her person instantly. Such a charmer, she wants to meet everyone who comes to the Farm and happily wags her tail with excitement to get attention.  She's quite the cuddler, too, nestling right in on the chair or couch for relaxing time.  Jetta is smart as can be, eager to learn and loves the stimulation of new activities. She is also super fast and can race around the Farm fields beating any BC out there. Jetta is a toy girl, too, hilarious as she races around having found her favorite 'teddy'! Jetta can be good with some dogs but bossy with others so is best as a solo dog. She is about 30 pounds and not good with cats.  You can see her actual size much easier standing with a normal 45 pounds purebred BC. Jetta is very PETITE! 

BRICE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Brice is not only gorgeous, he’s so smart! He understands what you want and is eager to show you his brilliance, a classic BC.  Brice is a big time ball boy so loves a great game as well as other retrieval games like frisbee. He is very friendly, very sweet and clearly, needs someone who understands him. He’ll do best in a savvy BC home with seasoned guardians who understand the complexity of the breed. He is very very affectionate.  Brice is fine with cats and about 45 pounds. He was found as a stray in upstate NY, landing in a shelter that thankfully works with rescue.

Every now and then a pair of dogs come to GHF separately and CLICK when they meet and BRICE & MIST are that pair! So, it’s so fitting that they will now spend the rest of their lives together! Their new guardians spent the night at GHF to be sure these two liked them and they felt they could give them what they needed. After time together, their FurMom and FurDad felt these spectacular dogs needed to go home with them! Brice and Mist agreed, clearly enjoying all the attention but even more importantly, they found people who really really understand the breed and love all the quirks that accompany living with a Border Collie. This wonderful pair are about to have a marvelous life, together with loving people who will cherish them. Brice and Mist now live in Maryland.

MIST: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Mist is a gentle girl who loves attention but is also timid about asking for it. She needs time to understand who you are and feel secure, then she is all wiggly and happy to say hello! She’s has a very soft personality and will need some reassurance in a new life. We would like a calmer, adult home for her so she can more easily blossom. Mist is going to be a lovely companion for someone who understands her sensitivities. She is best as a solo dog or with a submissive male BC. She lived in one home, mostly as an inside dog but the PA guardians gave her to GHF due to threats of neighbors who didn’t like their dogs running free all the time. They had no fence. Mist is very petite, only 30 pounds. And, is good with cats.

JIGGS found a family that not only think he’s the best dog ever, they will be giving him everything he needs! – tons of game time since his new kids are homeschooled; a farm with chickens, horses and sheep and his new FurDad is planning on trying Jiggs with herding lessons to help out – what could be better - a place with lots to do and tons of love! We’re thrilled for this spectacular BC who is so brilliant and so good natured, a great family friend. The day he visited with them, he clearly voted to stay and they felt exactly the same way. He now lives in NY.

JIGGS:  A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Jiggs is a doll, absolutely a blast to play with and enjoy! He is such a huge toy dog - no matter what kind- he’s up for a big game and he’s quite the athlete to see in action. He’s smart as a whip, loves to learn and needs the challenge of a stimulating relationship with a person who understands the breed. Jiggs will only be placed in a BC savvy home.  He already knows plenty of tricks and took to clicker training quickly, a brilliant boy with tons of energy. Jiggs is VERY friendly with everyone and happy to say hello, hoping for something fun to do, together.  He is happiest without the competition of another dog in the house so will be placed as a solo dog. Jiggs is about 40 pounds and is best with dog savvy cats since Jiggs is a herder though won’t hurt the cat. His previous guardian felt he needed a home setting more focused on him vs living with her pack which didn’t work for him.

GLEN found wonderful guardians who will reassure him that he is adored and loved, helping him to blossom fully as their friend. Glen’s history left him with some worries of being wrong so a wonderful home where he can just be himself, is what he needed and now has! He just loved all the cuddles and happily headed out to his new life. His new FurMom and FurDad were unexpectedly heartbroken, loosing their beloved GHF dog, Mackayla to cancer. Glen will help heal their hearts as they join with his to give him all the love he needs.

GLEN: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Glen is a sweetheart. He is curious about everything and jumps into anything new with gusto! A classic BC, impulsive and yet, thoughtful, he is very smart and very eager to tackle new things. Glen is from good breeding lines though lost his home due to the death of his guardian. He came to GHF with a buddy, Nim, though they could be placed separately since their lives were very different. Glen is just starting to enjoy a lot of freedom he previously did not have, really racing across fields at the Farm, loving to chase and herd whatever moves. Glen is becoming the BC he was meant to be rather than crated as much as he was in his former home. He is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He prefers female Border Collies but is evolving while at the Farm so we’ll update his bio. Glen and Nim came to GHF through a friend of the deceased guardian, who wanted to insure they landed safely in rescue.

OWEN, the sad faced poster boy of the Sprakers confiscation, has now forever said goodbye to that history and onto a wonderful new life! He has his own Farm and two GHF alums who are happy to share their lives with him. His new FurMom offered to foster and found that this mysterious, gentle, old soul took his own time to sort out the new options he was experiencing. Day by day, week by week, Owen unfolded like a flower. With her incredible patience and kind heart, he trusted her on his own time and shared his heart completely.

"this boy is on my bed every morning laying across me, rolling over on his back, licking my face, pushing his head under the covers and just SO happy. i love his morning routines-if i don't get right up then he settles down right next to me and goes back to sleep. it took him a while to "discover" furniture but when he did he adopted that big chair so i covered it and it has been his ever since.”

OWEN: A 6 year old Border Collie, Owen is a gorgeous guy with a big heart. He's also a curious fellow who is happy to have a bigger life where he can explore outdoors, even other animals! While he loves being outside with you and going on walks, he is a fairly calm border collie and also loves the quiet time of being inside and settles right in, nearby. He is QUITE taken with the goats and will sit and just watch them, using that BC mind of his! He's very content with his two BC foster pals, GHF alums Shelbee & Bebee, who are giving Owen the confidence that life is good!  He follows them wherever they go and now loves to run around and is beginning to initialize play with them, too.    He is a really sweet soul who loves being with his person and he is learning to trust but has a way to go given his history. His skittish nature is still evident at times but more and more, he really wants to trust being with a person to call his own.  He has a spectacular 'old soul' way about him, everyone who spends time with him, can feel.  Owen will need a patient person who understands his worries and how to help him blossom, healing his history. Owen came from an awful situation living outside 24/7 without much human contact, part of 46 dogs thankfully removed from Sprakers, NY.  He is about 50 pounds and not yet tested on cats.  

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