Little FELYX landed the perfect person and situation that suits him so well…a low key rural life with hiking and play time with a BC pal but more importantly, a FurMom who really understands his sensitive yet confident nature. Within minutes of being around him, she knew he was an ‘old soul’ puppy with something special to share. His joyful and heartful nature touched her instantly. So, Felyx headed off to New Hampshire to enjoy his new life on 65 acres!! This ‘earth dog’ will surely flourish on the land with love, all his to enjoy.

FELYX: A 5 month old Border Collie mix, Felyx is a cool little guy with lots of confidence about lots of things - like his toys - he loves to play, play, play! and being outside - he loves to run, run, run and will really explore on his own happily or along with other dogs! Felyx thinks life is pretty great and he’ll dive in to whatever is going on around him, with gusto. He does, however, have a sensitive side too so needs a bit of reassurance at times if he gets in ‘over his head’ in the action or is a bit overwhelmed. Since he’s so food and people oriented, he easily responds and returns to his happy self. He is a thoughtful pup with a nice blend of strength and softness. We feel he’d be happiest with a canine pal who is confident since he loves to wrestle, chase and run. Felyx is a major cuddler, too, happiest to be right in your lap. He is about 18 pounds. Felyx came to GHF from a Delaware relinquisher who felt he was not a good fit for their toddler.


                 Sweet, wonderful Dolan brought tons of laughs to his new guardians as they got to know him which was an instant joyful moment! Plus, Dolan and his new pal, Jake, hit it off like long lost brothers, racing, chasing and playing with glee. A real match of two kindred spirits with guardians who just loved watching it all unfold and know that years and years ahead, it will be just as much fun! Dolan now lives in NY.

DOLAN: A 10 month old Border Collie mix, Dolan is a doll, just the sweetest guy and loving life where he can run, run, run. He is a strong athlete and gorgeous to watch move, very coordinated and body aware. Dolan is not yet super focused on toys but sure loves having a dog friend for non-stop play so we’d love to see him with a canine pal. Dolan is confident and fair with other dogs, taking cues from stronger dogs but so happy to play with any that will accept him. He’s going to be a wonderful companion since he’s so eager to please and affectionate. Dolan loves everyone he meets! He is about 50 pounds and fine with cats. He came to GHF from West Virginia where he was found as a stray. We think we’ve discovered how he became a stray cause this boy can jump a fence pretty easily, climbing right over so he’ll be placed on an invisible fence only. He does not want to leave his person, just jumping to be with them.  He requires an invisible fenced yard.

 SHAYLA found the person who would understand her needs and help build her confidence with new people as well as give her the fun Border Collie life she wants! She is joining two GHF alums and will step into the role of the ‘princess of the pack’, exactly what her FurMom was looking for! Shayla lives in New Hampshire where she’ll be her companion 24/7 with long walks and plenty of play!!

SHAYLA: A 3 year old Border Collie, Shayla is a pretty girl with a sweet nature and quite a big personality once she’s comfortable…a funny, playful, happy girl but she is also skittish about new things and new people. This timid trait has been her nature since her previous guardians obtained her a year ago. With the right situation and patient people, she will blossom since she is food oriented, affectionate and loves people. Her curious nature pulls her out to discover whatever is going on around her, to be interesting and she wants to join in! Shayla will do best in a calmer setting with a BC savvy guardian so that she can build her confidence with some help. She had been living with a family in PA in a condo setting and done well but they could not have two dogs so relinquished her to the Farm. Shayla is most secure with a friendly, outgoing male BC who enjoys playing with her but also signals her that people are to be trusted. She will require a ‘mentor’ dog friend. She is about 40 pounds and good with cats. She requires a fenced yard.

             Little JUNIE met her new FurMom and it was love at first sight, instantly heartfelt friends! Junie will join two GHF alums, now living on her own farm complete with goats, chickens and even a peacock! Her new guardian works from home so Junie will be with her 24/7, enjoying the fun of a great rural life where dogs come first! We are so happy for this very special little girl.

JUNIE: A 3 month old Border Collie mix, Junie is very small, clearly mixed with a tinier dog. She has a big personality however with confidence and spunk and curiosity. She loves cuddling and attention but also likes to jump into action with her toys or checking out the environment around her. Junie is quite something. She’ll be meeting GHF Border Collies soon so we’ll update her bio shortly but so far, she’s bold enough, even in that tiny 8 pound body, to handle it all.

             Sweet, petite SADIE found her new home!! We are beyond thrilled cause we’ve been waiting to see who was coming for this little powerhouse with so much personality. Soon as her new guardians arrived, they were smitten and chuckled over and over again watching her figure things out and then joyfully do whatever she wanted to! They loved her independent nature and then fell madly in love when she rolled over for her bellyrub and gave them a kiss on the cheek, too. They had been watching her videos on their big screen tv so excited to meet this special girl. Of course, Sadie being Sadie, she did a ‘victory lap’ all around our five acre field with a perimeter check just like her arrival a year ago! What a gem…now set forever where she’ll be 24/7 with her new FurDad and have a great property of 2 acres with plenty of room to race and chase and play. She now lives in PA.

SADIE: A very petite 2 year old Border Collie mix, Sadie is absolutely adorable. If any dog epitomized the meaning of JOY - it’s this girl! She’s like a pint-sized BC but easy going and playful without the intensity. And, now that she has a fenced yard for racing around. We barely got any pictures where she wasn’t off the ground in full flight! And, what a happy girl she was as she flew across the field. She loves squeaky toys and loves to investigate anything, quite curious. Sadie is also such an affectionate, cuddly girl, loving to be right in your lap, sweet as can be. Everyone at GHF just adores this friendly, outgoing, joyful girl! She is a strong female so mixes well with submissive male dogs. She is 25 pounds and is not good with cats. Sadie came from a NYC home but her previous guardian felt it was really unfair to keep her leashed and alone all day while she worked - we agree - this little girl is going to love moving freely and choosing what she wants to do! She requires a fenced yard


              We’ve been patiently waiting for Finn’s new guardians to come for him…and now, they have! The last two years, they've visited GHF on a Getaway vacation with their BC, Archie and so wanted to add another BC but lived in a high rise in NY so knew having two would be hard there. Soon as they made their move to a new 3 acre home in NJ, a bit of destiny was at work and Finn arrived at GHF! A few months passed as they readied their home and we waited, so hoping the timing would still work for them to meet him. Finally, they came and Finn joined them on vacation at GHF to see how the match would be and it was perfect!! After plenty of trail walking and an overnight in the tent, Finn headed home to a new active life, exactly what he needs. His new FurDad works from home so makes sure to take time for tons of ball play as well as plenty of attention. His new guardians completely understand the comittment needed to satisfy a young, smart Border Collie and are thrilled to add him to their lives!

FINN: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Finn is a delight, absolutely the coolest little guy to land at GHF in a long time. He is smart as a whip, focused and fun, like a little person in fur! Finn loves having a human to partner with, whether it’s for hiking, frisbee or sports cause he bonds fast and is eager to learn. He is super responsive and sweet as can be, too. His classic BC mind blossoms with someone savvy who loves stimulating a brilliant dog like him cause he’s not one to just ‘hang out’. He dives into toy play and would be a blast shaping his behaviors since he’s so agile and so focused. Finn is very friendly with everyone he meets and so observant as he goes out in the world, truly paying close attention to every little detail, curious and confident. He was clearly a beloved family member but needed a more active life than his previous VA guardians could consistently provide. He has a great foundation of behaviors and training already in place that easily transfers to anyone new to him. He is about 35 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. Finn has a juvenile cataract in his left eye that has been monitored all his life and re-evaluated at Cornell once he landed at GHF. Impacting only one eye, it’s considered a ‘faint cataract’ with minimal impact in his vision. All other aspects of the eye are perfectly normal and it’s low probability that the other eye will be affected. Finn would require yearly eye visits.

            We are beyond thrilled for ACE to finally find the love he so deserves, with two guardians who truly want to help him blossom even further. His new FurMom and FurDad were drawn to this gorgeous boy and felt they had the patience and love and caring to give him what he never had before - a real home with appropriate human contact. Ace warmed up to them instantly, spent the night in the GHF adoption center and never looked back, happy to be the center of their world. This marvelous Border Collie will be cherished, rather than cast aside alone 24/7. He bravely grew at GHF, step by step, learning the simple things he had never had a chance to do like riding in a car; walking down a street; or cuddling with a person and now, he’ll have the rest of his life to experience even more.

We are so grateful that special adopters can see the potential in dogs like Ace…so many Border Collies currently at GHF have been left outside in pens or chained, alone day in and day out, totally unloved. ACE HAS ALL THAT BEHIND HIM NOW!!

ACE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Ace is a gentle guy who turns to people for reassurance, sweetly by your side. Wherever you go for a walk outside, he’s right there, step by step. He is friendly and loves attention, happy to be with someone. Ace will need a patient guardian who doesn’t rush him into new situations since he lived a pretty sheltered life in a dog ‘house’ outside rather than in the home. He is adjusting beautifully, loving his soft bed and new toys, really an easy guy to enjoy. He loves to go for walks and is enjoying new experiences. Ace doesn’t demand much except kindness and will nudge you for another touch. He is not good with cats and about 45 pounds. Ace & Arlo came to GHF from PA since both were escaping the chain link pen where they were confined. He requires a fenced yard.

              Six year old CHASI came to GHF when she and the toddler in the family were not quite in sync so this sweet girl found herself looking for a new home to call her own. She came in a few weeks before we heard from a GHF adopter who had lost their beloved friend and wanted to honor her memory by helping another dog in need. We knew instantly that Chasi was the perfect fit for them! Chasi agreed soon as she met them, happy to cuddle for attention and be their new best canine pal 24/7. She’ll have plenty of long walks in the neighborhood plus enjoy tons of love and play joining their family. We are so happy this worked out just as it should!!! Chasi now lives in NY.

              Sweet 6 year old SKARA has been in boarding for two months waiting to see if she could go home with her elderly FurMom or not…not was the answer but a new loving home came just in time! Skara, now Sara has landed beautifully with a former GHF adopter and fosterer who just happened to be looking as Sara was, too. So, she will now be her companion 24/7, enjoying a great life with someone who understands the breed well and was absolutely thrilled to have a new canine friend.

            When a special dog finds a special person, there is a moment of grace that fills the room. It’s such a humbling experience to witness such a heartfelt exchange. That’s what happened for CAPP as he met a former GHF adopter who felt drawn to him. She had gained skills working with blind dogs, so knew what would help him, even bringing a bag of goodies to intrigue his mind and hearing in order to find a bond together. She then, smartly, spent the night, to give him time to connect without pressure and of course, connect he did. Before nightfall, he was closely by her side, coming over for attention when hours before, he had been wary. Capp’s lack of trust of new people had fallen away and his contentment was clear…the pairing was perfect. He hopped into her car, with all his toys nearby, totally at ease to head off to a new life. He will be the center of her world where together, with secure guidance and love, he will blossom, safely cherished.

CAPP: An 8 year old Border Collie, Capp is a lovely guy, gentle and mellow, partly because of his compromised eye sight. He is almost totally blind though can still navigate outside in a big yard with trees, managing around them, being directed verbally by someone he knows. He loves to explore and will happily accompany his person for a jaunt around, being a very content Border Collie. Cornell ophthalmology confirmed Capp has Progressive Retinal Atrophy and cataracts so has no use of one eye and some ability to see shadows in the other eye. Eventually, he will loose all his sight.

For the last two years, he was herding cows on a farm in NY, living in the barn and did a great job moving the cows along with a couple other herding dogs. Prior to that, he lived in a home, sleeping in the bed of his first guardian, a beloved companion. Capp has experienced both worlds and now finds himself in rescue hopefully about to start another journey with someone new. He is a bit worried meeting strangers so will need patient guardians who don’t rush him. Being approached too quickly makes him want to move away but once a person sits down and calls him over, he will come and ask for attention. A calmer household would be best for him. Capp is fine with cats and good with submissive dogs who don’t overwhelm him. As you would expect, his world is changing so easy dogs and easy people help him feel more secure. Capp is about 50 pounds and requires a fenced yard.

         PETE found the perfect life, not far from GHF, living a rural life with two guardians who adore their dogs completely. He’ll have five acres to call his own for running and playing and nearby hikes each day on 70 acres plus swimming, exactly the life this boy will love! We’re so happy for this nice guy to land where he’ll be the center of attention and he can give his whole heart fully.

PETE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Pete is a great guy, full of energy and spunk and courage. He is super curious about anything and everything! Pete is also reserved and sensitive when asked to do anything where he feels he’s being pressured so we’re going to give him some time to understand the human/canine connection and then update his bio. He’s very eager to please, very friendly and very fun, all good qualities that will help him blossom as he experiences more of life at GHF. He is good with other dogs, too and we’ll introduce him to more friends shortly. He is not good with cats and about 40 pounds. Pete came from a Texas ranch picked up by dog lovers who moved him to Vermont to help save his life since he had no interest in working livestock. We’re happy to help Pete find a fabulous companion life.


              MARTIE finally found the people who would appreciate all his smarts and enjoy all his sweetness as their new best friend. Former GHF adopters, they were back again to find a beloved pal to share their life 24/7, enjoying the fun of 10 fenced acres to call home and up to 73 acres for long walks in the country or rides on the quad, exactly the kind of paradise that suits Martie! He loves to hunt and smell and take in nature which made his new guardians chuckle to see. Once he realized just how nice his new FurDad & FurMom were, he hopped up in between them for some kisses and of course, that sealed the deal! Martie is a big personality who will bring them lots of laughter just as he did with all of us.

MARTIE: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Martie is a character through and through. He loves his toys, entertaining himself with anything that rolls or tosses into the air. He also really loves to explore the fields at GHF, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, happy to be alive. Martie is extremely outgoing and loves to say "Hi" to people, full of energy and play. He is a pretty bold fellow, confident and engaged, a large personality. He came to GHF from Virginia where his time was up when dog lovers reached out for help. He is about 45 pounds and is not good with cats. We did a DNA test on Martie and he’s part boxer and husky! He requires a fenced yard

             We are so thrilled for this fabulous pair to have their lives back on track, adopted by two loving GHF adopters who we know so well. Sammie & Casey will be cherished, play tons of ball, hike and walk daily and be a family again. They follow in the footsteps of their previous beloved BC, Jake & GHF alum Deke and then Pritzi & Layce, the pair they lost recently. In honor of these great dogs, they wanted to open their home and hearts to love again and these two girls so richly deserve just that! They made the trip from Illinois and happily hopped in the car again to their forever home in NY!

SAMMIE & CASEY are 9 year old sisters who love everyone they meet, truly the friendliest pair of Border Collies! They love their toys too and will enjoy a good game of play as long as you want to toss the toy. Both are so good-natured and easy going, happy to be loved and give lots of affectionate right back. They landed in rescue due to the death of both elderly guardians. They were beloved companions and lived in one home since puppies. They’ve got some weight to loose from the inactive years of recent past and are happily exploring at GHF, eager to check out their new world. They are truly wonderful dogs. Casey, the black and white, has the longest tongue so we captured one of our usual poses!!! GHF stepped in to help them when they were posted on a BC board covering the Chicago area. We intend to find them a new home together since they get along well and have worked out a solid understanding of their friendship. They are not good with cats and have only lived in a fenced yard.

: A 7 month old Border Collie, Sadey is a super friendly, outgoing girl who loves to be in the action! She’s fun and sweet and full of spunk to learn anything thrown her way or just enjoy the fun of other dogs. Sadey has a lovely nature and is quite a cuddle-bug too. We’d love to see her have a canine pal, preferably a male since she has some stronger leader-like tendencies already showing like most female BC’s. She’s a super athlete and loves a good game of chase, fast and focused. She and GHF rescue, Rudy, got along well, both the same strong players. She is about 35 pound and good with cats. She came to GHF from a guardian who could not meet her needs.

         Two friends about to begin their life together, such a joy to see! They are joining former GHF adopters who had a great pair many years ago and knew they wanted to enjoy another duo again, this time starting a bit younger. ABE & SADEY just loved playing non-stop so we knew they’d have a fun-filled life, happier together rather than apart. Their new guardians chuckled to see just how great they were together and were thrilled to take them home to begin enjoying their antics, full time! These two will have a country life living on lots of acres with the FurDad home around 24/7 for tons of fun! And, of course, both pups love kids and now have their very own youngster for play and cuddling, too. Everyone was pretty happy to begin this new journey! Abe & Sadey now live in upstate NY.

ABE: A 3 month old Border Collie, little Abe is all you’d expect a BC pup to be…right in the middle of the action, confident and outgoing and eager to see the world. He came into the founder’s large pack with complete comfort and has navigated adult dogs and found some young pals for non-stop play! He is quite a personality, super sweet and super curious, clearly ready to learn whatever is thrown his way. Abe is very good-natured, not overly intense but busy for sure so will be placed with a BC savvy adopter only. He is going to be happiest with a young herding pal for mental stimulation as well as a great outlet for all his energy. Abe is about 20 pounds and fine with cats. He was relinquished to GHF once his NY guardian realized he was going to be too much for her. She had a Border Collie many many, years ago but now older herself, she had forgotten just how challenging a young pup can be so we are really glad to be of help.

         JETA found her person pretty soon after she arrived at GHF when her FurMom came to volunteer for a week. Seems Miss Jeta knew who she wanted to live with cause she loved her instantly, clearly comfortable! And, that just wasn’t the case with everyone. It didn’t take long for her new guardian, a former GHF adopter, to agree that it truly was love at first sight so when she came back to volunteer again, she and Jeta were reunited and this time, it’s forever! She will be living with her in the countryside of Vermont, taking long hikes and swims and truly being 24/7 pals. A very happy pairing for sure!

JETA: A 3 year old Border Collie, Jeta is a funny combination of brilliance and chaos, just full of energy and ready to explode in any direction - she needs someone who really understands that she is HIGH energy and all about action! Full of joy, full speed running straight at you and then spinning twice before jumping up to say hello - that’s her! Jeta loves toys of any kind and is quite the athlete for frisbee games or other ball play. She is fast, focused and ready to act, happy to play with her person. This sweet, good natured, happy girl has another quality that will need attention. She is a bit worried about new people and first meetings so will need time with a BC savvy adopter so that introductions go well, without her feeling afraid. Jeta’s first choice is to avoid meeting someone that makes her nervous so she cannot be pressured too quickly or she looses her trust in her person, too. Time with the right person, helping her handle a new life will be important so only seasoned Border Collie adopters will be considered. Jeta is fine with cats and about 35 pounds. We will update her bio when we have a chance to see how she fares with other dogs. She came to GHF from a NJ shelter where she landed after a dog lover found her wandering on the streets and then animal control was called in when it was discovered she was chained in a backyard without proper care.

         JAX found just the right life for him - BC pals to hang with and learn from - and two guardians who adore the breed and have plenty of patience to insure that Jax will feel secure and finally loved, forever. This little guy was bounced 3 times so is very ready to be the true companion he was meant to be all along - yea Jax! He’ll have 9 acres to call his own, a pond and a FurMom who is around 24/7, making sure this trio enjoys the BC life they love! He now lives in NY and his new guardians are thrilled to have him join their lives.

JAX: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Jax is a friendly little guy who is handling the change in his life pretty well. He’s friendly as can be with everyone, quite the cuddler, too. He’s not overly intense like some purebreds so will be a great little companion eager to be with his person and go wherever they go. He is a softer dog, a bit sensitive and does beautifully with positive reassurance. Since he is so people oriented, he could be a solo dog or have a BC pal cause that is how he lived previously. Jax came to GHF with Jade, both being used for breeding by someone who no longer wanted to continue so passed them ‘free to good home’ on craigslist. Thankfully, we were able to get them to rescue and ensure they would be safely and appropriately cared for, no longer used for breeding. He is good with cats and weighs 35 pounds. He was living in shed before arriving at the Farm and handling real home living just fine.

           Lovely, sweet ASIA won the hearts of her new guardians just as we knew she would - an amazing girl with such personality and charm - she now has a big life of love and of course, ball play! She’ll even get to do some swimming in a nearby creek when she heads off for trail walks with her FurMom and FurDad. They absolutely adored her during their overnight at GHF. When we saw her in the morning, she was 100% THEIR GIRL!! She now lives in Massachusetts

ASIA: A 4 year old Border Collie, Asia is one cool girl, she is a classic BC in mind and body, ready to go! She loves toys, especially the ball and frisbee and she’s fast and focused, just waiting for another catch. Asia is very smart, learns fast and adjusts well to new situations, handling her new life at GHF really well. Asia loves people! She is clearly enjoying being the center of attention since previously she had to share the home with two other females which often created tension and conflict. We’re happy to have Asia here and watch her blossom, coming into her own. She listens beautifully, aims to please and loves a challenge. She would be a great hiking partner and would in fact, love being with her person everywhere they go! She is good with cats and about 40 pounds. She was relinquished to GHF due to the dog conflicts. We can see that Asia would love being the solo dog in her next home!

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