LANE found the life he really needed and will love - another BC friend, GHF alum, Carly and a furMom who does agility all the time so he'll be busy using his mind and body! Little Lane is full of spunk and needed focused one-on-one time plus a place to use that brilliance of his so now he's got it all plus lots of love. He and his new BC buddy hit it off when his new guardians overnighted at the Farm and these two began playing like crazy. He won their hearts and off he headed to his new life in NJ.

LANE: A 5 1/2 month old Border Collie, Lane is a character through and through. He's bold and fun and loves to try anything and everything, mixing it up with the adult dogs or playing with toys. He loves life and has a spirit that says it should be fun. Lane is a smart pup, food motivated and eager to learn. He would do well with another BC in a home focused on sports where he can combine his athletic body and mind with someone to do. He's agile as can be, loves toys and the frisbee and could learn anything. Lane was from a situation where his needs were not being met. He's 35 pounds and good with cats. 

PIPPA found just the right people and just the right canine friend to create a wonderful life that she so deserved! She'll have hundreds of acres to explore and lots of fun activities to learn with her furMom who loves training and most importantly, she'll be loved completely. Her new guardians saw her on the sight and drove a long way to be sure they could meet her and it was an instant YES, she's coming home with us! After an overnight stay at the Farm, Pippa was happy to hop right in the car to head home! She now lives in Canada and has another winter home in Florida!

PIPPA: A 7 month old Border Collie, Pippa is a wonderful, good natured, happy girl who really loves everyone she meets. She is also a young BC with tons of energy and loves to play with other dogs. She gets everyone playing, chasing and racing and would be happiest with a BC friend. She is smart and bonds quickly to a person so would easily excel in sports or any activities where she's engaged with her person. Pippa is not as hyper as some young BC's but she does have energy needs which are met by the play of another BC. She is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats since she is interested in playing with them and chasing them. Pippa was originally with a goat farmer who was going to leave her to die, tied to a tree, because she wouldn't herd his goats well. The previous guardian stepped in to take her but tied her out since they had no fence and crated her while at work all day so felt she deserved more. She came from upstate NY. 

WREN found the best life she could imagine - right in her foster home! She will enjoy lots of BC playing and exploring, plus enjoy the farm animals that live at her new home as well as her BC friend, GHF alum Becke, who is teaching her the ropes. Little miss Wren has found all that she needs to busy her mind and body and most importantly, her heart, which clearly linked with her new FurMom, to be her best friend, for life. We're so happy that Wren found her way to right where she was supposed to be! She now lives in upstate NY.

WREN: A 4 month old Border Collie, Wren is learning that life can be fun, fun, fun, Border Collie style. She's enjoying new dog friends and having a good time cuddling on the couch, too. She is starting to come out of her shy worried nature to join in activities. A sweet, little girl, she is super food motivated so can learn all kinds of things as she gains confidence. Wren is a toy girl, too, and really starting to play. She is in a foster home to help her have plenty of one-on-one attention to blossom. Wren came from a situation where her needs were not being met. Bal and Wren are sisters from the same litter.

FLASH found the best guardians who not only love him, but really  understand him perfectly! He has a new canine friend who clicked with him and now enjoys lots of hikes and lots of love in his new life!!!! And, lucky for Flash, he'll be chasing geese for fun too, which he absolutely loves. We are so incredibly happy that Flash finally found a place to now call home forever.

FLASHY- A 5 year old Border Collie, Flashy is a wonderful companion, good natured and eager to be with people. He loves being in the middle of the action. A really good guy, he wants to connect with someone quickly. Flashy is great with other dogs and enjoys Border Collie games, happy to entertain himself. He is about 40 pounds and trained on the invisible fence. If living with cats, they would need to be dog savvy. Flashy originally used to herd geese at his  home property but was relinquished to the farm from NJ due to a move. 

Milo's story is one that brings a tear to your eye and warms your heart...he came from an awful situation in TN where a breeder used him all his life for breeding and never cared for him properly. Well, that day changed when he landed in rescue in NY in late September. And, things have been looking good ever since. But, little did he know that his new guardians actually met him the very week he landed at GHF when they came to volunteer. They brought their RV and stayed a week to help out with the load of 8 dogs coming in all at once from the confiscation. Milo was the one they fell in love with but the timing just wasn't right for him to join their lives. Now, it most certainly is and back they came for Mr. Milo. They affectionately are calling him the HD in 'honey dog', the one who is so sweet they loved him long ago and even more now. We are incredibly happy for Milo who really needed patient, loving people like his new guardians. He will have a great life with time spent at their Adirondack camp; their home in upstate NY and their winter spot in Georgia where he'll get to walk and play right on the beach. Milo will join Boo, as their constant companions.

MILO: A 7 year old Border Collie, Milo is an easy-going guy who likes to be in his home with his person. He's all about companionship rather than toys or anything else. Milo loves his person! He enjoys cuddling though can be sensitive so needs a patient person to help build his trust. He's been meeting lots and lots of people in his foster home and never forgets anyone he meets, happy to say hello again.  Milo is very observant and attentive, watching everything that goes on so he can be sure it all makes sense to him so he does really well with someone willing to help guide him so he'll easily relax. Milo also gets to try agility and has been trained to learn new things which makes him so proud and happy. He's quite adorable as he is so eager to please and knows he's done well.  He would be fine with another BC, female is best though  

ELLIS found someone who suits him perfectly where he can be his constant companion, day in and day out. Ellis will have almost 100 acres to enjoy and explore with his new FurDad as they become best buddies. Ellis absolutely loved his new guardian, hopping right up on the couch, clearly casting his vote to be the one to go home with him. Sweet Ellis won him over quickly and the two seemed like they'd already been together forever. Ellis now lives in upstate NY.

ELLIS: A 7 year old Border Collie (with a summer clip!), Ellis is a nice guy who wants to be near his person, on the couch or in the house. He's all about being your friend, an easy going BC. He is good natured and gentle but like every Border Collie, he loves his frisbee and squeaky toys. He 'talks' to you most of the time hoping for a good game of fun. He is smart and attentive, quick to make sense of what's around him. Ellis lived in one home in NJ since a pup but the toddlers were too much for him. He is good with cats and about 50 pounds. 

We are thrilled to announce that MEGAN found a wonderful home to enjoy the rest of her life. She will have 28 acres to call her own and be the constant companion to her new FurMom's elderly father who loves the breed and is eagerly awaiting his new friend by his side. Megan is the perfect canine buddy and will flourish with all the love she'll receive plus have lots to do at her new home with other canine buddies, too. She has plenty of energy and sweetness to share though she has a cancer that is likely to reoccur in the next few years. It's fantastic for her to find a great country paradise to enjoy as long as she can! Megan loves to be busy checking everything out (even on her adoption day) so we know she'll be very happy no matter what turn her health takes. Special thanks to Sudie Clark for making this match happen!

MEGAN: A 10 year old Border Collie mix or possibly purebred, Megan is a gem. She is absolutely the friendliest girl around, happy to say hello to anyone and eager to do so. She is good natured and loves to be in the middle of the activity but is not high energy, rather just a playful, happy girl. Megan is good with other dogs though doesn't like the pushy youngsters, doing best with more mature dogs. She could live with  another dog or as a solo dog since she's so into people. Megan is about 40 pounds and good with cats. She was in a NJ shelter picked up as a stray.  Megan would do best in a ranch home without a lot of stairs. She has some eyesight impairment as well as being deaf, along with her health issues that stem from the tumor removed from her leg.

PYE found exactly the spot she needs to be - in a loving home WITH SHEEP on her own 96 acre farm! Pye joins another Border Collie who loves herding too and she also has another canine friend for down time and play. Her new FurMom said Pye 'was tickled when she went to the pasture and saw her new sheep!' And, also loved a good soak in the water tub after working. Pye got it all! A wonderful home with loving guardians who adore their dogs and a real job where she can use her mind, body and heart all in one! She now lives in PA.

A very, very special thanks to Warren Mick who fostered Pye for a long time in order to get her ready for this incredible life she so deserved. Pye came to us at 6 months old as a car chaser and a shadow chaser and it was his work with her and sheep, that helped lessen the obsessive behaviors that were created originally in the wrong home setting. Her previous guardians played with her with a laser light and actually triggered the OCD behaviors. Please never do this with this breed. We are just thrilled for Pye.

PYE: A 1 yr old Border Collie, Pye is a typical, non-stop, high energy girl who thrives on something to do. She will make up her own herding games or play with toys if she is not engaged with her person cause she's smart and focused and ready to go. Pye is great with everyone she meets, happy to say hello and then hoping for a connection. She cuddles and loves to be in your lap but like any young BC, she is then off and going. She loves toys of any kind and loves to play with other dogs, too. She is good with cats.  She was abandoned at a PA shelter that fortunately works with GHF.  .  Pye is being fostered by Warren Mick in upstate NY where she's learning about herding. We plan to place her in a herding home where someone is home most of the day and she can work.  We're so excited for her since she showed lots of talent when she was tested on sheep this summer.

COKEE found the perfect guardians who are at home so she can be their constant companion as they work. She'll love that since she's a big-time people girl, always enjoying a belly rub and attention. They fell in love within minutes of meeting her and knew there was no way they wanted to leave without this sweet girl. She now lives in PA.

COKEE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Cokee is a wonderful, happy girl with a great nature. She is super friendly and loves to be involved with everyone quickly. She is a big greeter and shows her sweet nature quickly. She also loves other dogs and wants to join in with games with them instantly too. Cokee is really adaptable and just wants to be with her person and in the middle of the action. She is quite a player, racing and exploring, when engaged in play. She is good with cats and about 45 pounds, a bit overweight but will knock that off quickly with her running. She was a stray in PA. 

PEPPER found the perfect life where she can enjoy trying all the border collie activities like agility, flyball and obedience to see what she likes. And, if nothing suits her well, she'll enjoy a great life with her BC friend, Risky, at their home with their own pond, racing and chasing and making up their own BC games. Pepper's new guardian came to the Canine Country Camp looking for a new friend and found just the right match for her and for her dog. Pepper now lives in Canada where she'll surely have plenty to do!

PEPPER: A petite 4 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Pepper is a sweetheart, absolutely lovely with people. She is one of those sensitive, quiet Border Collies who comes up for love and kisses and then runs off to do what interests her. She is delightful. She is a very smart girl, too, and loves to run as fast as she can, enjoying the outdoors. Pepper is ok with other dogs but could be happiest as a solo dog since she is so people oriented. She lived in a home with an invisible fence where she chased cars so we want to place her with a hard fence in a more rural setting. She has lots of energy but is not a chaotic high energy BC, rather a thoughtful, observant girl. She is about 35 pounds and good with cats. She was given up from PA guardians who felt she needed something more than they could give her. She's a little camera shy so it's hard to capture how gorgeous she really is but she is. 

PETE lucked out with finding his new home quickly and a great home at that - over 200 acres for his own playtime and exploration as well as a great life as the campus dog with his FurMom and Dad. Pete is the absolute perfect pup for this family since he is totally interested in people. Even at this age, he quickly showed that he was ready to do a big job with human hearts, climbing in the laps of the inner city kids at Camp Border Collie for Kids. His brother, Andy, while a sweetheart too, was busy with toys and other dogs as little Pete went from kid to kid to kid. He's quite an ambassador for the breed, showing all his brilliance and incredible sweetness, too. Pete now lives in Vt. 

The toddlers in the home were making him anxious, combined with a move to a hot climate, the guardians felt it was best for Storm to have an easier life. Storm is the first generation born in the states, from Scottish breeders so he has that classic intelligence and calmness combined with the focus to respond to whatever is asked of him...a classic BC! He herds cats obsessively so will go to a non cat home. He is 50 pounds. Storm has been diagnosed with heart disease through Cornell cardiologists so he is on medication now. He will need to visit a cardiologist for an echocardiogram once a year and may have to go on additional medication.  Heart disease in Border Collies is not uncommon and older BC's live long lives doing just fine with the support of meds, as needed. 
STORM lost the battle with lymphoma, peacefully passing while with his foster family. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of such a terrific and special Border Collie. Storm had an amazing spirit and love of life, whether it be with people, the frisbee or running the trails. A great dog is gone but he left his heart with the Holeck family who kindly fostered him since he came into rescue. A special thanks goes to them for their wonderful love. And, I, for one, am incredibly happy to have had him at our home, too. We love you Storm and will miss you.

STORM came to the Farm a fun-lovin' frisbee boy and thankfully, found a BC lovin' family that welcomed him into their home as a foster dog.Well, within short order, Storm was diagnosed with heart disease and then had a back injury from the winter but through it all, his foster family loved him through and through,  enjoying this wonderful boy.  He and their female BC played endlessly and he went everywhere with them, truly a family member.  And, now, it's official, Storm will remain with them permanently.  Through his rehab to bring him back to walking fully again, they knew there was only one place he really belonged - in their hearts and home. We're really happy for Storm, who gives back his heart 100%

STORM: An 12 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Storm is a smart , focused, fun guy who loves to be involved with his people.  He is incredibly sweet and always by your side, excited for any toss of a toy or ball. He has the classic BC traits of looking for something to do yet a beautiful ability to relax and lie down when asked to do so. Storm is very eager to please, has great manners inside and out, a brilliant BC. He loves frisbee and ball and is as fast as the younger BC's he's living with at the founder's home. He'd never turn down a chance to catch a toss.  Storm is great off leash and a wonderful hiking partner.  He's lived in one home since a puppy and has been a beloved companion for all his years, leaving a family who dearly wishes things worked out differently.  

We are incredibly happy to announce that JUSTIN has a home! Two of our former adopters came back for another senior BC once their beloved GHF Mandy died. And, we are so glad they did cause now Justin gets a great life with 6 acres of doggie fun and plenty of canine friends, too. He'll be their constant companion, enjoying plenty of play and love! Justin had a cancerous tumor removed early in the year which meant he may not be adoptable so it's with great excitement that he heads off with guardians who kindly open their hearts to a rescue dog in need. They came looking to help the most neediest of dogs in rescue and they fell in love with sweet Justin! We are so grateful for their caring hearts and know Justin will be adored, no matter how long he is with them. He now lives in MA.

Special thanks to Karen and Geri Del Priore who kindly fostered Justin for 5 months, giving him all the happiness to launch into a new life! 


JUSTIN: A 10 yr old Border Collie, Justin is a really sweet guy, very easy going and happy to explore outside with other dogs or with his person. He's super friendly and affectionate, happy for a belly rub or nudging you to give you a light doggie kiss. He is fantastic with people.  He is also fine with other dogs.  Justin is finally getting a chance to explore the world since he spent the last 9 yrs in a mobile home park that did not allow dogs - so he had very little outdoor freedom and exercise.  He was, however, adored and clearly knows that a special person is exactly what he loves to have in his life. Justin has vestibular disease but moves just fine.  Justin will not hurt a cat but will chase to play so probably best with dog savvy cats.   Justin is 65 pounds and has a longer coat, making him look much larger. Justin was relinquished in MD. Justin is in a foster home in NY.

We just had to share a couple of great pictures that capture the moments of three puppies saying hello for the first time. It's a classic! 
Andy loves the water and is happy to splash and explore and race around with Geena and Isabele all day. 

GEENA & ANDY found a new life together! They met at the Farm, living up at the Founder's home and the two were clearly fast friends. It was incredibly exciting that they could stay together since they really loved playing, racing, chasing and wrestling together, like two peas in a pod. They'll now have their own family for constant love, a great yard and even a beach to visit for lots of fun playing. These two will happily live together in NJ now.


ANDY  An 8 week old Border Collie, Andy is an amazing little guy. He is confident, outgoing and really eager to be in the middle of everything. He absolutely loves other dogs and quickly engages for play and handles himself beautifully. He is already stalking other dogs too, showing his herding tendencies. Andy is clearly a very smart pup and also super sweet, loving attention. He was from a litter on a PA farm.

GEENA: An 8 month old Border Collie mix, Geena is sweet, people oriented and bonds quickly to her person. She loves to cuddle, sitting next to you or on the bed, sound asleep by your side. She is definitely all about her person though she sure loves to race with the other BC's in the field. She is fast and happiest with a friend who can keep up so we'd like to place her with another BC or mix, preferably a boy. Geena is also interested in toys and could enjoy playing though isn't overly intense needing to play all the time. She can entertain herself or settle easily while you're busy. She is a thoughtful girl who assesses everything around her and then decides to join in, making sense of what is going on, clearly a smart BC. She is about 35 pounds (her pictures make her look large but she is not) and will chase cats so best in a dog savvy cat home. She was dropped at a PA shelter who works with GHF

SCOUT finally found exactly what he was hoping for - a family! Three wonderful kids to call his own so he'll have tons of ball play and loving guardians who just thought he was the most fun, smart and sweetest Border Collie...exactly what they were looking for! We know Scout will have a blast in his new life, living in NY.

SCOUT: A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Scout is a blast! He is all action, ready to play ball endlessly and happy to be with his person doing just that. He's sweet, fun, focused and super smart. For Scout, he loves a life where he can use his mind and body together. He'd be a great athlete with an active person and yet can settle down once inside, enjoying affection. Scout adjusts easily to new situations and fits in wherever he goes. He'll entertain himself with his toys, making up his own games, a wonderful guy! He'd be a great family dog with kids who want to play or with an active adult.  He is typical in size, about 45 pounds and fine with cats.  Scout would be happiest as the only dog since he wants an engaged relationship with a person. He lived in a home where his guardians felt they could not meet his needs. He was abandoned at a NJ shelter that works with GHF and thankfully, he came to us. 

BRODY came to the Farm and instantly showed his sweet, friendly nature, fitting in with everyone and all the dogs, clearly enjoying a chance for a new life. His new guardians had been patiently hoping for a dog just like him so raced up to meet him. And, it was crystal clear that he was perfect to join their lives. Brody will now enjoy living on a lake, lots of boat rides and going to work with his FurDad as well as plenty of racing, wrestling and chasing with his new canine buddy, Rascal. We're so happy for him! He now lives in NJ. 

BRODY: A 2 year old Border Collie mix (possibly retriever), Brody is a happy and friendly guy who enjoys everyone he meets. He's got a great nature, curious about everything and easy going.  He loves to run and chase with other dogs so could be happy with another canine friend.  Brody is about 45 pounds and is good with cats.  He was a stray in PA, landing at a shelter that works with GHF.

ROSS: A 2 year old Border Collie, Ross is a sweet, gentle, good natured BC who wants to have a person as his own. He is eager to bond and once he does, he's incredibly happy to see his person come through the door, jumping into your lap for belly rubs.  Ross needs the confidence of someone on his 'team' when he encounters new situations since he can be a bit nervous. Good positive training methods help him relax.  Ross is smart and observant, more of a thinker before he takes action on what's going on around him so will do best with a bc savvy guardian. Ross is very smart and attentive and could easily be trained though is not as intense as other bc's who need the outlet of sports activities.  He likes to play with other dogs and will only be placed with another dog or two since he feels more comfortable with canine friends.  He is best with dog savvy cats and is about 40 pounds. He was a stray in MD. Ross is very camera shy so it's hard to capture his wonderful, expressive face but we tried!  Ross will be placed in an adult only home since he does best with clear leadership.
RHEA & ROSS found a new life TOGETHER! They've been friends for a long time at GHF, herding each other non-stop and sharing a room too so it's a wonderful day to see them go into a forever home now sharing a great relationship for life. They will have a Border Collie paradise with 90 acres to explore - trails and water and tons of fun with guardians who really understand their needs and love the breed. Soon as they met these two, they were totally enamored even though they saw many more other candidates. It was Rhea & Ross who ultimately won their hearts and hopped into their car to head home to their great new home! They love the Border Collie intensity and herding focus and that's what this duo is all about!  They now live in CT.

RHEA: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Rhea is a smart, driven girl who loves everyone. She is sweet and likes to connect with her person, a super affectionate girl. Rhea is quite cuddly, jumping right into you lap for belly rubs and hugs and she'll happily stay right there til you're ready to go.  Rhea loves to play ball and frisbee but like most BC's. She would love an active life where her person hiked and took her everywhere. She has excellent recall and always wants to be right by your side, soon as she's called. Rhea is a fantastic girl with everyone she meets.  She is a strong herder so tends to instantly herd other dogs but will not hurt them.  She is good with cats and fine with other dogs but does best with males.  Rhea lived in a farm situation but was fostered in a loving home for a number of months and is now ready to start a new life. She came to the Farm from Vermont when a neighbor stepped in to help her.

RUDY found his forever home right away when a family heard about him online and knew he was the right fit for them...they had been patiently waiting for the companion that fit their life and Rudy was surely it! He loves to swim and will enjoy their pool day in and day out plus lots of trails on acreage nearby as well as  tons of ball play with his new kids! Rudy now lives in MA.

RUDY: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Rudy is a good natured guy ready to play ball and jump into the action.  He also loves people and happily enjoys meeting anyone new. Rudy gets along with other BC's well and could have a pal or be a solo dog in an active home. He's full of energy to play but also unwinds well, able to settle and enjoy his home.  Rudy is about 40 pounds and is unsure of cats so totally indifferent. He was relinquished from a PA guardian who had a living situation that prevented him from keeping Rudy.

ROMEY found a great life where he'll be the constant companion to his new guardian and have a BC buddy to pal around with in the yard, on walks and forever, in their life. He charmed his new guardian with his sweet, gentle nature and she knew she could provide a wonderful home for him. He now lives in upstate NY.

ROMEY: A 4 year old Border Collie, Romey has blossomed into a more confident boy, enjoying life in a much bigger way than when he first arrived. He just loves being with his person and is an easy boy to live with, his good nature is sweet as they come. He needs some reassurance at times when things are new to him but he is a brave guy, trying anything suggested to him. He loves treats and loves to hang with other Border Collies so we'll place him in a home with at least one outgoing canine friend. Romey is an amazing cuddler, literally happy to sleep curled up next to you or around your head, he just wants his person nearby. He also loves to chase his BC friends as they play games. He is about 35 pounds and fine with cats. Romey's life changed when his NY guardian died, pushing him into a new life that was not as reclusive as the old so he's now had time to adjust and done really well. He will still need patient people who can guide him and not a lot of chaos. He is incredibly sweet and  good natured. He is being fostered in Rochester NY, thanks to Joy Moll. He's getting a chance to experience the world of agility, too.

DINNIE found the perfect person who understands him and absolutely loves him. He joins GHF alum, Pepper (on the left) and new canine buddy, Stella. Dinnie enjoyed many days with his new guardian and dog friends at Camp Border Collie for Kids when his new FurMom volunteered at Camp. They walked plenty of trails, hung out in the cabin and all got to know each other making this transition to his new life, easy as can be! We are thrilled for sweet Dinnie, who will now live in Ct and we'll see him next summer at kids camp!

DINIE: A 9 year old Border Collie, Dinie or Houdini as he was known, is a wonderful, good natured, happy guy. He is curious about everything and joins in with the other dogs and all the action easily. Dinie is smart and thoughtful, thinking about everything going on before deciding what to do. He loves other BC's and wants to play, happy with chase games or frisbee. He loves toys and enjoys engaging in frisbee or balls games. Dinie is about 45 pounds and good with cats. He was abandoned at a PA shelter when his guardians moved to an apartment from a larger property. He has always lived with another dog but didn't handle being tied out all day. 

SUZY found the perfect life with a new guardian who loved her wonderful nature and knew she'd fit in perfectly with her beloved canine friend. She will introduce Suzy to agility with all the fun and focused attention that every Border Collie loves! She'll be the center of attention discovering all kinds of fun activities, including herding and even canoeing! We're excited for Suzy will never be wandering alone and unloved again.  She now lives in NJ.

SUZY: A 4 month old Border Collie, Suzy is all about action.  She loves to go, go, go and is very agile. She is a classic young BC pup, full of energy and non-stop.  She also has the sweetest personality, easily saying hello to everyone she meets, a real cuddler. She's very curious and loves to explore the great outdoors. Suzy also loves the water, dunking her entire head in as she splashes endlessly. She'd be happiest with another BC friend. Suzy was a stray wandering in a field when dog lovers spotted her and scooped her up to safety. She is from PA.

LUKE: An 8 month old Border Collie, Luke is a friendly, good-natured, happy go lucky guy who adjusts easily in new situations. He came into the Farm as relaxed as could be and met other dogs easily, thrilled to have a play friend. He is smart, focused and loves life. He has a great trick where he sits straight up, perfectly balanced with his front legs up and he holds that position for longer than you'd think possible... a very cute trick. Luke likes to race and chase so would love a BC friend who likes to play. Luke will only go to a BC experienced home since he has some nipping tendencies that need to be managed.  He'll do best with another BC who is confident and gives him an outlet for his energy.  He is 40 pounds and good with cats. He was a stray in the Pittsburgh area and fortunately, landed in a shelter that was happy to work with GHF.  
IZZY & LUKE became fast friends at the Farm and now, forever, as they head off to a new life with another BC friend, Jess. They'll have plenty of ball time, hiking time and even chickens and horses to watch over with lots of land for exploring. Their new guardians were so excited to meet them and chuckled over the young BC antics that they remember when they had two pups years ago. They understand the breed well and loved them both instantly, providing a wonderful life for this great pair. They now live in NJ.

ISABELE: A  4 month old Border Collie, Isabele is quite the pup. She is already showing her BC focus, readily following all the action and her person and she is intense for the ball.  She instantly stalks into position, waiting for a throw. She is very, very smart and will need an outlet for her mind and body, in order to be content. Isabelle is good with other dogs and understands adult dogs well but she will also happily engage in constant play with young BC's.  She would love a BC friend to join her in herding games, chasing around the field. We would prefer to place her with at least one other BC, male not female, since she is already showing a confidence in controlling other dogs. And, she must have an active person as her guardian, someone who really understands the breed. She is tiny for her age so likely to be a petite adult. Isabele is quite the cuddler, loving to nuzzle in right by your side. She came from guardians who lived in an apartment without a fenced yard and knew this wasn't ideal. 

MAX found a wonderful life with a new canine friend who likes to play as much as he does and they were clearly well suited to each other. Lucky for him, his new FurDad has plenty of time to be his constant companion as does his new FurMom, so he's got it all! He got a chance to get to know his new family while his new guardian was volunteering as one of the cooks for Camp Border Collie for Kids. Max spent the night in the RV for a few days and quickly claimed it as his own! He'll be on his way home in another day and we'll get to see him next summer at kids camp again!

MAX: An 8 month old Border Collie, Max is a sweet, gentle guy who is gaining confidence each day at the Farm playing with other young BC's. He is happy to join in herding games and have a canine friend to learn about life. Max is smart and sensitive so will continue to blossom with patient guardians who guide him as well as another BC friend for play. He loves joining in trail walks off leash, swimming and exploring. He is the brother of KC and like an innocent pup learning everything anew. Max is a real love-bug, happy and good natured, just a bit shy at first. He is petite, about 35 pounds and good with cats. Max needs an adult household only without a lot of chaos since he can be skittish with people.  He came from a home in upstate NY

KOLBY found the greatest life where he can join in tons of border collies activities with his new guardians who are dog trainers. But, he can be the star in their classes teaching and working with kids which should be a great fit for him since he loves everyone. Kolby loves action and he loves loving people, so this will be a wonderful situation for him. He now lives in upstate NY. His new guardians were charmed by his sweet nature.

KOLBY: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Kolby is a gem. He is friendly and sweet and eager to say hello to everyone. He is exactly what makes BC mixes so but more easy going. He is full of energy and loves to play with other dogs so would be happiest with a young canine friend. Kolby is very people oriented and happy to be by your side as well as hang with the dogs. He's super responsive to what you ask of him. Kolby loves to chase the ball and also likes to swim, with good recall when off leash. He won't hurt cats but will chase them so best with dog savvy cats. He is about 35 pounds. He was surrendered to the Farm from a NY guardian who took him in when Kolby's guardian was deployed. He was too much energy for their older BC. 

PRITZI and LAYCE found their forever home with good friends of the Farm who were here 9 years ago to adopt their beloved Deke from GHF. They have been patiently hoping for the right addition to join wonderful Jake, now 14 yrs old. Since he needed a calm companion, they had been watching the site for awhile. Soon as the email newsletter came to them, it was Pritzi and Layce who caught their attention as the perfect pair. They'd had them on their minds and this spotlight attention prompted the decision to visit. Having always had two Border Collies, they knew it would be great for them, and right for Jake to have some new friends to liven up his life a bit and of course, perfect for this mother - daughter pair who needed to stay together. The hard, hard life that Pritzi and Layce had before is forever behind them now. It was a day of tears of joy for Pritzi and Layce and sweet memories of Deke - a very special adoption! We are deeply grateful for adopters who understand that giving to a rescue dog who really needs you is a gift back to yourself. Their guardians wanted to make a difference for these girls, for their own hearts and for Jake, the sweetest inspiration to them for helping Border Collies. Pritzi and Layce now live in NY.

PRITZI, age 6 and LAYCE, age 3 are mother and daughter who will be placed together.  Both are very good natured, sweet and happy girls. They love to nudge you for attention and happily say hello asking for belly rubs, too.  Pritzi and Layce are very happy with each other, racing around together and quickly enjoying the outdoors. Neither are high energy, intense BC's, instead very easy going inside and outside.  They love attention.  Pritzi can be shy but Layce leads the way, eager for a connection with everyone. They were originally from the south adopted by an upstate guardian who could then not keep them. Fortunately, the shelter where they were abandoned regularly works with the Farm.  They are not good with cats

HARRIS found a wonderful home where he'll be the constant companion to his new guardians, exploring the great outdoors and receiving all the love he deserves. In addition, he'll be the greeter for clients who come to his FurMom's salon business where he'll get plenty of goodies and surely be center stage. And, next week, he heads out with his FurDad for his annual fishing trip with friends where Harris, will step into the beloved footsteps of their former Border Collie who went everywhere and met everyone. We're sure Harris will win their hearts big-time with his wonderful nature, just as he did with his new guardians who knew he was the perfect one for their lives! He now lives in NY.

HARRIS: A 4 1/2 month old Border Collie, Harris is a confident, fearless little guy who joins in the action around him quickly and happily. He loves meeting everyone and quickly goes up for a hello and affection. Harris is smart, eager to use his mind and will respond to direction, with ease. He is a very responsive pup. He is not overly intense and does settle well once he's had enough exercise and play, with his person or other BC's. He's stalking already as the ball games are underway with his foster pack. Harris loves toys of any kind and is happy to play with anyone. He is a pretty easy BC pup and loves having a canine friend. He was a stray in PA and fortunately made it to GHF. He is about 25 pounds. 

We are so happy for ACE who found someone who will help him gain his confidence while loving him for his insecurities and worries, too. He joins GHF alum, Jett, another tongue out BC! who will show him the ropes of a great life! Plus, Ace will have two female BC's to be the leaders of the pack as he and Jett enjoy tons of fun playing, wrestling and racing around which Ace just loves! This wonderful sweet soul touched the heart of his new guardian when she saw his sweet face so she came right away to bring him home! He now lives in New Hampshire.

ACE: A 10 month old Border Collie, Ace is a sweet, gentle guy who really wants to believe that people are good. He is timid but wants so much more than what he has had. Some of the signals he gives are touching -he is very close to you all the time, quietly at your feet inside or up against you sitting outside, just to be near. But, Ace isn't so sure about everyone and will need a patient person to help him feel safe with strangers. He gets concerned and will tend to dodge away from people at first, going to the person he knows or the dogs that make him feel safe. He loves other Border Collies and really needs the security of a friend and could easily fit in a pack of BC's. Ace also loves to run and run and run. Knowing his history of being out on a four foot chain, no water or shelter and no name, it's easy to understand why he's happier now. He is a really wonderful, good natured guy who is now having a blast at the Farm. Ace will, for sure, be transformed by the love of a person. He is so wanting to share himself with someone. We are really happy that Ace made it to safety thanks to the actions of the NY Animal Control Officer who stepped in to get him out of his bad situation.

REESA found a great life where she can do everything every Border Collie would love to do - agility - obedience - geese chasing - herding! you name it, she'll get a try at it! She joins a pack of very active dogs who do tons of things to keep their minds and bodies engaged but even more importantly, they are completely loved and adored. Reesa joined this group as if she'd been with them all her life! She now lives in NY.

REESA: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Reesa is a loving, friendly, outgoing girl who loves to play ball. She also loves her person and is quite the cuddler.  She has a great nature, focused like every Border Collie but also able to unwind and hang with her person. She likes other BC's, too.  Reesa is quite petite, about 30 pounds and is indifferent to cats.  She was a stray in PA, landing in a shelter that works with GHF.

PUCK found a wonderful life with guardians who can give him all the attention he needs with lots of love and caring as well as fun. He cuddled close to them and happily voted a big YES to go with them! They were totally charmed by his sweet nature and happy to have him join their lives. Puck will continue learning lots of new things about life and enjoy lots of acres to explore like he loves to do!

PUCK A 1 yr old Border Collie, Puck is a sweetheart and super friendly now that he understands the world around him better. He is action oriented and really enjoyed learning agility in Camp Border Collie for Kids. He learned about toys, walking on a leash and basic obedience thanks to the kids.  Puck absolutely loves to be in your lap and clearly needs a guardian who wants that.  He is energetic but settles well inside with his person nearby.   Puck is very people oriented so could do well as the solo dog. He is now continuing confidence building each day with dog trainer, Abbie Tamber.   We are also presently working on introducing him to other dogs and will update his bio when completed.  He is fine with Buzz but not Zip, if someone wanted to adopt two together. Puck came to the Farm with his brothers from a NY guardian who could not care for them. He is about 40 pounds and not yet tested on cats.

We are incredibly happy that GOOCHIE & KELSIE came to the farm and within days found their new life! At ages 12 & 13, we know one move is best and thankfully, their new guardian had been patiently waiting for a senior to adopt. Soon as they came in and showed their sweet nature, it was clear this mother and daughter had to stay together. The email went out - how about two? and one came back - of course! So, Rosie, our camp agility instructor & well known agility trainer drove up to get them right away. Soon as she met them and they met her two young girls, Rosie knew they would be just fine at their home. Goochie & Kelsie will have a big adjustment but we all have a strong feeling that these two seniors will blossom with all the love and stimulation they're about to experience. And, we know for sure that they'll charm everyone they meet. A special thanks to Rosie Sutherland for opening her heart and home to help! They now live in NJ. 

GOOCHIE, age 12 and her mom, KELSIE, age 13, just arrived at the Farm and are exploring everything! They are very petite sweet girls who are very curious and taking in all the sights and sounds pretty well, considering how different it all is to them. They are gentle souls who love to be petted and want to be near you. They've lived a fairly quiet life until one of their guardians died and that meant they needed a new home. Kelsie came from a breeder years ago and they bred her to a male Border Collie and then kept Goochie. They've lived in one home all their lives, on 7 acres without fencing. Neither of them strayed however now with some deafness, it would be best for them to have a fenced yard. A kind neighbor stepped in to handle their vet needs, both were suffering from bad flea infestation and eating bad food. She changed all of that and then got them to rescue so they could continue to share their sweet nature with people. Both are about 35 pounds. They are absolutely wonderful and grab everyone's heart instantly. Goochie and Kelsie clearly have a good relationship, tracking each other side by side and sleeping curled up next to each other on any chair or couch they can find. Kelsie is blind in one eye and will soon visit the ophthalmologist. They came from PA, living right near a very well known breeder though we cannot confirm their lineage. 

TIPPER found a new life with GHF alum, Quill who clearly enjoyed herding him as Tipper waited for his new ball throw. Tipper will get to do agility, herding and plenty of other BC sports with his new guardians who love the breed! Plus, we'll get a chance to see them both at the Canine Country Camp next summer! We are so happy that this agile boy found just the right place to use his mind and body!

TIPPER: A 10 month old Border Collie, Tipper is fast as they come, turns on a dime and leaps into the air to catch anything - he is super athletic! He loves toys and will retrieve endlessly so needs an active guardian for play and possibly sports. He is smart and bonds to a person fast. Tipper is not a lay around BC, he is all action and loves to run full speed. He is very light on his feet and has a small frame, a petite size BC. His body size and focus would make him interesting for agility or flyball. He also loves attention and happily sits in your lap for affection and cuddling. He has a full teeth grin when he says hello, sometimes misinterpreted but it's merely a smile. Tipper is about 35 pounds and would be best without cats. He is also best with older teenage children or an adult home. He came from a PA guardian who could not handle his needs.

BUZZ found a great life where he'll be the center of attention for his new guardians who love the breed. They absolutely fell in love with his charming ways and knew he would fit perfectly with them and Buzz certainly agreed! He happily hopped up on the couch for cuddling and then in the back of their car to head home! We are just thrilled Buzz will have a life full of love and fun, everything he richly deserves.

BUZZ A 1 yr old Border Collie, Buzz is a smart, attentive guy who likes to snuggle as much as he likes to run. He is fast and fun to watch as he races around.  Buzz loves everyone and has to be a lap dog to be happy and have some room to run.  He is learning about toys and enjoying his new found freedom at the Farm.  He is very people oriented so could do well as the solo dog. He has gone through a summer of Camp Border Collie for Kids and loved it, which helped him learn to walk on a leash and overcome some confidence issues. He is now continuing confidence building each day with dog trainer, Abbie Tamber.  We are also presently working on introducing him to other dogs and will update his bio when completed.  He is fine with Puck OR Zip  and could live with either of them but not both.  Buzz came to the Farm with his brothers from a NY guardian who could not care for them. He is about 40 pounds and good with cats.

KRISTIE found a wonderful guardian who was smitten with her bio and pictures and felt drawn to come meet her. Once she met her, she was certain this was the beloved canine friend she wanted and Kristie agreed whole-heartedly. Kristie will have a great life as her constant companion, enjoying plenty of outdoor walks and running in a nearby field with her canine buddies who visit often. Kristie deserves this loving life and we are thrilled she found it so quickly. She now lives in VT.

KRISTIE: A 5 year old Border Collie mix, Kristie is all about people. She wants to be with you, exploring or playing or just next to you. She's super sweet and quite the charmer. At the vet, she had to say hi to everyone who came in, the official friendly greeter!  Kristie is fine with other dogs and enjoys engaging in some play but always comes back to her person as most important. She is clearly a companion girl. She has a great temperament and takes everything in stride. Kristie will have a gorgeous coat once it's all grown out fully - we suspect a flea allergy or a recent litter of pups cause her coat is so thin in the back. Regardless, this girl is all about love. Kristie is about 40 pounds and good with cats.She was picked up as a stray and the PA shelter works with rescue. A special thanks to a caring dog lover who spotted both Kristie and a pup that both made it to GHF, thanks to her. 

We are so excited that JACK has found his forever home!!!! His new guardians really understand the breed and want to continue helping Jack enjoy life with people. This will be his first time living in a real home day in and day out, as part of a family, both canine and human. Jack grew into a different dog while living at the Farm over the last year, when we tucked him into our Annex Building so he learned to enjoy a quieter indoor life, having BC friends for play and a restful warm, clean place inside. So, now, he begins the next phase of learning how really great life can be when he hangs on the couch next to his person, goes everywhere with them and enjoys tons of playing games with his canine buddies, a BC and an Aussie's everything Jack really really deserves! He will also enjoy lots of time at their cottage near the lake, exploring the great outdoors which we know Jack certainly loves!. He now lives in Ct. Jack is being his camera shy self but trust us, he's a happy camper when the camera is off!

JACK: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Jack is very classic in his temperament - energetic and very sensitive - he responds quickly to gentleness and attention yet wants to run like the wind exploring. He will do best with someone who understands the complexity of this breed. Jack will not succeed with heavy handed approaches, instead, he needs direction and guidance that is kind and fair, leading him to enjoy life as an active BC. He is focused and eager to connect with people. Jack is very smart and  observant of everything around him, easily influenced by people - what we would call a 'soft' dog.  He is about 35 pounds and good with cats. Jack would be happiest with a female BC who loves to play since he also loves to wrestle and chase and make up games. He'll be placed in an adult home since he is sensitive and loves a close bond with his person. Jack was in a corgi rescue, thankfully pulled to safety. He originally came from KY


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