Sweet, good natured Jensen found his forever home with an active family that loves to camp, hike, run, kayak, snowshoe, cross country ski and everything else outdoorsy so he'll have a very active life of fun and love together. Jensen bonded instantly with the kids of course and happily trotted off to their car to begin his new life! Jensen now lives in central New York.

JENSEN: A 1 1/2 year old petite Border Collie, Jensen is adorable, really really sweet and is eager to be with people all the time. He just loves affection, getting it and giving it, to anyone and everyone. He is very playful, loves toys and wants to run and romp with other dogs, especially other young dogs. He is very fast and could easily do agility, also because he is small in size and very lean. Jensen is very smart, attentive to everything around him and responsive to people and could easily be trained. He is good with cats. Jensen was a stray in a shelter in Camden, New Jersey. 

Luckey found his forever home the minute he met his new guardian...it was one of those moments where it's easy to see that dogs pick their people! Luckey will now enjoy a new life living right on a lake which is perfect considering he's a big water boy! He'll also get to go everywhere with his new person, a constant companion! Luckey now lives in upstate NY.

LUCKEY: A  3 year old tri-color Border Collie, Luckey is a friendly, easy going dog, eager to be with people.  He's very sweet and good natured and has a balanced energy level, ready to play yet easily settles down. He is good with other dogs, especially females, loving to race around and run.  When he walks, he trots with a graceful prance, a joy to watch.   Luckey knows sit and will come when called and would benefit from more obedience training.  He would be best with older children or in an adult home.  Luckey is about 40 pounds, typical in size for a border collie.  He loves playing in water and will happily jump into the washtubs at the farm and probably into creeks or lakes, given the chance.  Luckey is very interested  in cats so probably would not be good, though it seems more like active curiosity, but it is strong. Luckey was relinquished by his guardian who did not have enough time for him.

Luna found her forever home with a guardian who loves agility and will give her a chance to learn and regularly compete. She joins three other border collies in her new life and a handful of cavaliers cared for by her new dog-loving guardian! Luna now lives in central NY.

LUNA: A 2 year old purebred Border Collie with ABC papers, Luna is extremely sweet and loveable and brilliant. She is also extremely agile, a great candidate for agility or flyball. (Luna is taking agility lessons now and is a natural - excelling, fearless with the course obstacles.)  She loves to chase balls and could probably easily learn frisbee. She is gentle with children; chases cats but will not harm them.  She gets along with all dogs and loves to play. Like many border collies, Luna will chase cars so must be in a contained yard. She is in need of a forever home since she has already been in three homes. Luna was originally rescued from people who kept her tied to a coffee table all day because they didn't know how to handle her herding instinct and the owner prior to that had her in a hallway for most of the day with no exercise or attention.  Luna settles nicely in the house, is crate trained and is 36 pounds.  Her current guardian adopted her five months ago and has now fallen ill and cannot keep her or her other young dog. Luna was living in Point Pleasant NJ  Luna is being fostered in New Jersey and can be met at the Farm in NY or at the foster home.

Boisterous Breez found his forever with another border collie, Indy, in a seasoned home that will enjoy his strength and help him blossom into a wonderful dog. They loved his sweet nature and he happily got tons of affection as well as lots of running and doggie play with his new friend. Breez will also be doing agility on a regular basis. Breez now lives in Pennsylvania.

BREEZ: A 4 month old purebred Border Collie with papers, Breez is a gem, very outgoing and ready to play with any and every dog. He loves people and quickly wants to bond for hugs and kisses. He also loves toys and like any puppy, is curious about everything. Breez is very outgoing and active so will be placed in a border collie home with other border collies. He is typical in size for his age. Breez was in a shelter in Mechanicsburg PA where someone had bought him from a pet store, then taken him to the shelter two days later. The shelter staff fortunately called us to help find him a border collie home. 

Gorgeous Ziggy captured his new guardian's hearts before they met him and then again, of course, it was instant connection. His good nature and friendly ways made it seem like he'd lived with them all his life.  Ziggy has lots of furry friends, including Tess who was also adopted from the Farm and Bjorn and two whippets who he'll be playing with, too. Ziggy will be actively doing agility and herding, both of which he should just love. Ziggy now lives in western NY.

ZIGGY: A gorgeous deep red 10 month old Border Collie, Ziggy is quite wonderful. He is very affectionate, eager to bond and like all border collies, very busy. He is fast and agile and wants to play all the time. He loves toys and is eager to please so could be trained in agility easily. Ziggy is great with other dogs and fairly submissive so could fit in a multiple dog home or with another border collie. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for a border collie. Ziggy is good with cats.  Ziggy was a stray in Staten Island.

Sweet Jacke found his forever home on 10 acres next to a river with guardians who are devoted dog lovers and ready for an active border collie.  They've had his picture hanging up in their house for weeks waiting for the day they could meet him! Jacke will be hiking, biking and spend lots of time outdoors exploring the land and even chasing the ducks they live there. Jacke now lives in West Virginia, near the Pennsylvania border. 

JACKE: Jacke is a marvelous 1 year old purebred Border Collie with all the athletic nature typical of the breed. He absolutely loves toys, is very very fast and could easily excel in agility or other sports. He has very fast coordination with every move he makes, possibly because he is petite in body size and long-legged. Jacke is also a really affectionate dog, jumping into your lap for cuddling and kisses and he loves sleeping side by side, very connected to his person. He is very friendly and adores everyone he meets and is also good with other dogs.  Jacke would be happy as the solo dog with an involved guardian and an active lifestyle.  He would be best with older children in a sport home or with another young Border Collie. Jack is good with cats and has been trained on the electric fence. He was given up due to his herding tendencies so would be best with older children.  

Good natured, mellow Aggie (notice she is very relaxed about her new life!) is on her way to fun with a new friend, Copper and lots of hikes and even visits to doggie daycare to play a few days in the week. She is going to undoubtedly be the hit of the place just as she was for her guardian who actually helped transport her to the farm and fell in love on the spot. As soon as she heard Aggie's first adoption didn't work out, she called, eager to make the trip to the farm to have her join her life forever! Aggie now happily lives in CT. 

AGGIE: A 6 month old Border Collie mix, Aggie is one sweet girl, very very eager to bond with people. She is happy to be touched and happy to sit by your side. She also likes to play with toys though everything is still pretty new to her, like all pups, she'll need to learn ball games. Aggie is alert and curious but not hyperactive or difficult as many puppies can be. Since she is a mix, she is also much more easy going than a purebred border collie.  She has not yet been tested on cats but will probably do just fine since she is so eager to please. Aggie is not fully grown and it's hard to say how large she will be, possibly typical 45 pounds or maybe more. Aggie was a stray in Brooklyn, NY.  

Marvelous Maya caught the attention of her new guardians as she sped across the farm, faster than any other dog around! Full of energy and affection, Maya showed her stuff as only she could- jumping for toys, creating chase games and  happily playing. Maya will be using all her talents in flyball in her new home in Pennsylvania.

MAYA:  A 2 year old Border Collie, Maya is a very petite girl, smaller than most we've seen.  She is absolutely a sweetheart, too, very eager to bond with a person and happy to be at your side.  She is however, rather shy in new situations, so will need a patient guardian.  Maya would be happiest as the solo dog and really wants an interactive, involved dog to human relationship. She must live with a secure fence as she can be an escape artist so electric fencing would work well. Maya is good with cats.   When she is the only dog, she just loves to retrieve the ball and is fast and agile in play.   She is very very bright and responsive so could potentially enjoy agility or flyball.  Maya is good with cats.  She is about 25 pounds. Maya was found tied to a boarding kennel door in East Brunswick NJ one morning and thankfully, they found out about us at the NJ Pet Expo.

Sweet Cricket stepped into the shoes of beloved deceased Erin, the 1st border collie we rescued. Cricket captured the hearts of her new guardians instantly who found her enchanting and exactly the right addition to their family. Cricket now has her 13 year old boy, Jan, to play with all day and he's even going to try agility, giving her a chance to show off all her brilliance! A perfect sweet girl now carries on the legacy of another wonderful dog. Cricket now lives in Ct and upstate NY.

CRICKET: A petite 7 month old purebred, Cricket is a sweet, gentle girl eager to join in activities but a little shy at first. She soon warms up and wants to play ball or join you wherever you go. Cricket is good with other dogs though would probably be happiest with only one other dog or as the solo dog. She is very bright and affectionate. Crickett is good with cats. She was relinquished to a shelter in Bradford County, PA due to her puppy traits. 

Well, Bray found his temporary foster home to be his real home! A fabulous, unique boy, he fit perfectly with a pack of 9 and clearly wanted to stay right there so we happily announce another adoption where the dogs choose their people! Bray now lives in Pennsylvania.

BRAY: An 8 month old Border Collie, Bray is very people oriented, happy to get to know everyone and anyone. He is full of puppy energy and ready to play and loves running with other dogs. He has lots of enthusiasm for everything, including herding ducks! Bray is a natural with herding interest and could potentially work. He is not yet tested on cats and is temporarily in foster care in PA. Bray was in a shelter in Wilkes Barre, PA where he was part of an anti cruelty case, found hanging from an eight foot porch. 

Sweet, good natured Bryce landed in a loving home with a new guardian he met at Camp Border Collie & friends. He now has a new furry friend to play with for the rest of his life and will even get to try agility for fun! Bryce will never again need to fear people harming him.

BRYCE: A 7 month old tricolor purebred Border Collie, Bryce is a very loving dog, eager to bond and be with someone. He is also great with other dogs and really enjoys border collie style playing so will most likely be placed with another border collie. He is very responsive and just loves to cuddle at night and sit next to you for attention. Bryce is also timid and will need a patient guardian because he was abused by a child in the previous home. He shows no problems with people except for being cautious. He wants to connect quickly though and will heal this with a bit of time at the farm.  Bryce is about 35 pounds, typical for his age and is good with cats. He was in a home near Hazleton, PA and thanks to another rescue group, found his way to safety at the farm. 

Sweet Gilly found her forever home with another furry friend and a family who fell in love instantly, watching her play ball and give kisses and jump in their lap...a perfect fit for their lives! Gilly now lives in Ct. and will never be straying on the streets again.

GILLY: A 6  month tricolor Border Collie mix, Gilly is a classic pup with lots of energy and a desire to play, play, play. She would be happiest with another young dog and lots of time to romp and run. She is very sweet, people oriented and friendly. Gilly loves other dogs and will be fine with cats, too.  She is eager to please and responds to interaction quickly. Gilly was a stray in a shelter in Clifton, NJ that called us for help to bring her to the farm. 

Reed found his forever home with a loving family who understand border collies and thunder phobia and are happy to help him feel safe. Reed now can enjoy 14 acres of beautiful land, a pond and believe it or not, a seat at the dinner table, along side his furry friend, Rusty and the cats. (we hope to see that picture cause we know how Reed likes people food!) Reed now lives happily in PA.

REED: A 4 year old Border Collie, Reed is a gentle, sweet, good natured dog, eager to please and be part of activities. He is very attentive to people, friendly with everyone and great with other dogs. He is not showing heavy herding instincts or high energy levels. Reed loves affection and will do best with gentle guardians since he has a history of some heavy handling. Reed is fine with cats. He is typical in size for most border collies, about 40 pounds.  Reed was relinquished to a shelter in Pottsville, PA, hard to understand considering his sweet disposition and eagerness to please. 

Lovely Laney found her forever home where she is being fostered...the kids just adore her and everyone in the family said there is just no way she could ever leave! Laney now lives with Nellie, another rescue from GHF and two other furry friends! plus a houseful of loving children and adoring adults who feel Laney is the best addition to their lives.  Laney now lives in CT.  Her "furmom" said:  "we are so thankful to have this little girl to cherish and love..she is so special!" we agree of course!

LANEY: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Laney is a sweetheart, she is playful, loving and eager to engage with people and other dogs. Laney is full of pep as a young pup but not overly active since she's a mix.  She loves to make up her own chase game, grabbing a ball and running for fun. She's toy oriented though puts people first. Laney is good with cats. She is petite, about 35 pounds. Laney lived in Oneonta NY and was relinquished to the farm due to landlord problems.  Laney is being fostered in Ct. and can be seen there or at the Farm

MAGGIE & FERGUS found a wonderful forever home with loving guardians who work at home and have plenty of time for frisbee and ball which they adore! Their dogs are the focus of their lives so Maggie & Fergus will have tons of attention and plenty of gorgeous countryside with 16 acres to explore and even their own pond for swimming (which they also love!) They now happily live in upstate NY. The kids from CAMP BORDER COLLIE FOR KIDS also got to show off the obedience work they had done with Maggie & Fergus and proudly join in the adoption!

MAGGIE & FERGUS: Two gorgeous Border Collies, Maggie, age 6 and Fergus, age 4, love to play frisbee, ball and interact with people. They are classic border collies, very focused, brilliant and agile. Both are very friendly with everyone, good with other dogs and just delightful as a pair. A real joy to watch together, they have a very strong relationship, sharing the same interests. Both are from the same breeder with the same father. Both are great with cats.  Maggie is a bit petite, about 30 pounds and Fergus is more typical in size, about 40 pounds, but lean. They will be placed together and can easily join any household. Maggie & Fergus were given up in Syracuse NY due to a move and ill health.

Sweet Checkers found his forever home with loving guardians who thought he was the cutest dog they'd met plus the sweetest, which we know is true. Checkers will be adored completely in his new life, taking lots of great walks at the nearby reservoir and get a chance to try being a therapy dog with his person who works with children with disabilities....we think Checkers will be a wonderful friend to any child! Checkers now lives in MA.

CHECKERS: A 4 year Border Collie (possibly mix), Checkers is a very easy going, friendly boy. He wants to be wherever people are and is happy to join in activities, as long as he gets to go! He is good natured, fairly mellow and a happy dog. He is fine with other dogs but could be happy as the solo dog, too.  Checkers is fine with cats but is very food oriented so cannot be fed with them around or expect him to let them eat nearby. Separation for feeding times is what is needed.  He is about 50 pounds, a little overweight which will go while running at the farm.  Checkers was in a shelter in Long Island after his guardian died, adopted once and returned because he did not get along with cats. 

Polo is going to his new home in California - our second adoption out of state - because the woman who spent the week with him at Camp Border Collie and Friends found that life at home just wasn't the same without him by her side. He'll be the sixth dog in the house, a few are border collies of course, so he's bound to have plenty to do plus he gets his very own pond which he absolutely adores...getting Polo out of the water is a challenge! His new name will be Rio and he'll be happily enjoying a very loving life soon doing agility and herding.

POLO: A 1 1/2 year old purebred tri-color Border Collie, Polo is all border collie, with strong instincts and eye. He is incredibly fast, very very focused and instantly responds to the ball.   Polo has been introduced to sheep and geese work and done beautifully with both. He also excelled in agility, easily working each of the pieces of equipment, eager to do more.  He is very very smart, engages quickly to respond to people and wants to relate for work/play. Polo is good with other dogs, and will be placed in a seasoned border collie home only where he can do agility or herding or flyball, using all his incredible talents. Polo is good with cats. He was originally due to come to the farm a few months ago, but his guardian decided to keep him and then changed his mind, taking him to a shelter in Higins PA where fortunately he found his way to us since they work with the farm a great deal.  

Connor is joining the Glen Highland Farm pack since he clearly loves our gang and is thriving at the farm. Connor came to us the very day he turned one year old in March. He's gone through some tough challenges for such a young dog and now is on the other side of it all. He happily participated in the kids camp this summer as well as the adult camp but always seemed most happy racing, herding and playing with our gang. 

CONNOR:  At only a little over one year old, Connor has had more than his share of rough encounters - first being stabbed as a pup by the child in the house; then severely injured by an SUV at 9 months old; then his 2nd hip surgery at 12 months old (once he got to the farm); and most recently, pneumonia and bronchitis which landed him in intensive care at Cornell for 6 days. Connor is a survivor, beating all odds. He is a joyful border collie, full of spirit and love, truly a delightful friend to everyone he meets. Those that met him at Pet Expo in NJ know how special he is and anyone who has met him at the farm has the same reaction. Even the vet staff at Cornell fell madly in love with him and wanted to adopt him. Considering his history, we're going to give him time before we move forward with any decisions about a new life and just consider that this pup has earned the right to just 'be' without any pressures whatsoever. Connor wants time to unwind, heal, play and work with the kids at the farm so will be considered for adoption after August.  This is dependent on what feels right at that time for him.  We are deeply thankful to all who gave generously to support his unexpected, costly medical care. Our gratitude is enormous.

Wonderful Roxy found her new home with another intense border collie and a houseful of shihtzus and scottish deerhounds...she'll have plenty of furry friends to herd and keep her mind occupied! But, even better, Roxy will be learning agility and have a serious chance at competing, along with her fur buddy, Theo. We know we;ll hear great things from this star! Roxy now lives in New Jersey.

ROXY: A 7 month old purebred Border Collie with papers, Roxy is a live wire, eager to be involved in everything. She is very very smart ,observant and likes the activity level of other dogs and dog play. She is showing some herding instinct and is also focused on playing ball so will need a savvy bc home in order to stimulate her adequately. She is a bit shy with initial introductions and new situations so will need a patient guardian to help build her confidence. Roxy has not yet been tested on cats. She is a lean build and long legged for her age but typical in weight for the breed. She was relinquished to the farm from Rochester where she was overly active with the children.  She will only be placed with older children, if any at all. 

Ball chasing Riley found his forever home with a furry friend and new guardians who don't mind throwing the ball over and over and over again! And, they felt he was just perfect joining their family, especially since their current border collie, Shadow, is a ball nut! Riley now happily lives in MA.

RILEY: A 4 year old Border Collie, Riley is a wonderful dog, friendly and easy going. He also loves to play ball and frisbee and is actively interested in play with a person. He's not quite as busy as a younger dog but needs mental and emotional stimulation, common for the breed. Riley is very smart, very responsive and fits in with dogs easily.  Riley is a big toy dog, living for a frisbee throw or ball throw and would be extremely happy with kids willing to play all day.  He could be happy as the solo dog or with another dog to help handle his energy needs.  Riley is good with cats. He was relinquished due to lack of time for him. Riley came from Rochester NY. 

GLENNA will now happily live in upstate NY for the rest of her life, love dearly as this sweet poem shows from her caring foster folks who are now her forever guardians!

The time has come for us to say,
 We'd love dear, sweet Glenna to stay.
 If she left us now, it would tear us apart,
 Her new name "MacCroi" (Kree) is Scottish for heart.
 It's true six dogs are a lot for our house,
 But luckily MacCroi is the size of a mouse.
 Our pack would be sad if she went away,
 ‘Cause with her they all love to play.

 "I ride in the car now and don't even drool,
 Once I threw up on Dad's leg a warm, smelly pool.
 Dad's still a stranger, but I think he's okay,
 I sniff at his sock and then run away.
 I knew nothing but fear as my only emotion,
 But Mom taught me love, trust, and kindness with her constant devotion.
 I still have a ways to go, but I run with much joy,
 Mom's always encouraging me and buying me a new toy.
 I come when I'm called now, and I think I'm housetrained,
 I measure my short life by all I have gained.
 I'll always be grateful for you taking me and my brother in,
 Without you, Lovely Lillie, how could my new life begin?
 When I think of the Farm, I wag my small tail,
 So kindly put up my Big Red 'Adopted' Heart, the check's in the mail."

GLENNA: Four month old purebred  is adorable, incredibly beautiful. Glenna is very very shy, afraid to interact with people so will need a very patient guardian. She sits quietly when held, timidly unsure if she is safe. She responds to love and affection and will be placed with other dogs and in a knowledgeable border collie home. Glenna was left by the side of the road, unwanted when animal control in Missouri found them. 


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