Pennie found her forever home with another furry friend who instantly ran around together, chasing around the paddock as if they'd lived together forever!  Pennie also has two wonderful children in her new family and will be doing agility competitively!  Pennie now lives in upstate NY.

PENNIE:  A 10 month old Border Collie mix, Pennie is really very, very sweet and affectionate and adores people.  She's friendly with everyone and loves to play with other dogs.  She has lots of energy and would do well with another young dog.  She is very responsive so should do well with training and she's eager to please.  Pennie also loves to cuddle, curling up next to you for affection.   Pennie enjoys toys of all kinds and is always eager to play, like any young dog.  Pennie is about 30 pounds.  She is OK with cats. (She has beautiful eyes which are hard to see in the pictures) Pennie was a stray in a shelter.

Josie found her forever home with a young boy who has been waiting for his furry friend and fell in love with her!  They played ball and quickly locked their friendship, so off went Josie to Long Island, NY!

JOSIE:  A petite 10 month old Border Collie mix (maybe retriever), Josie is a delight, very very friendly and eager to connect with everyone. Very alert, observant and sweet, she is a smart girl.   She loves to play with toys and other dogs, wrestling and racing around like young dogs do.   She is easily trainable and learned sit in a few hours so would be very responsive to training. She is not as big as she looks in her pictures and will probably not be as large as a retriever.  Josie is not good with cats. She would probably be happiest with another dog since she has lots of energy to play.  Josie was a stray in a shelter due to be euthanized

BOBBY:  Bobby found his forever home with another border collie and border collie/lab, both of whom he seemed to enjoy as soon as they were together. He also quickly picked his guardians, laying at the feet of his new furdad, uninterested in moving anywhere else! Bobby now lives in upstate NY where he'll be happily playing lots of ball and frisbee!

BOBBY, a 2 year old purebred rough coat, Bobby is great with people, instantly connects and wants to interact. He will gently jump up and give a hug! He is also very typical of a Border Collie, alert to everything around, ready to move in a split second to 'herd' whatever moves. He is very good with other dogs and would be best engaged with another active Border Collie or with a guardian who is committed to agility or herding. Bobby is very smart and needs an outlet for his mental and physical abilities in addition to the emotional needs of being with someone who adores him. He is good with cats. Bobby will need the safe containment of fencing since he will explore when bored. Bobby is typical in size for a border collie, about 40 pounds. He was relinquished to rescue because his guardian could no longer respond to his needs for interaction.

LINDY found her forever home in upstate New York with two furry friends, two loving teenage girls and her own family winery where she can meet and greet all the people who visit, sharing her sweet, friendly good nature! Plus, now Lindy will happily be busy at work, keeping track of everything that goes on!

LINDY:  A 10 month old purebred Border Collie, Lindy is truly a bundle of energy, racing around to check out everything around her!  She is very typical of the breed with her high energy and brilliance.  She is always watching activities, deciding what she wants to do with whatever is going on - though she's not showing heavy herding tendencies.  She is a very sweet, loving dog and Lindy is also great with other dogs and would be best in a home with another active, young dog.  Lindy is not interested with cats though may chase if they run.  Lindy is about 30 pounds.  She was a stray in a shelter.

MacDuff found his forever home in upstate NY with a new fur buddy - Zeus - a wonderful, playful lab who found MacDuff, now named Maximus (after the gladiator) to be his perfect partner in play.  They both raced around the farm, happily together.  Maximus also has a great family with two kids to adore him.

MacDuff:  a 6 month old border collie mix, MacDuff is a mellow yet playful pup, eager to find people to love him.  He will be by your side happily going everywhere with you or playing with another young dog which he also loves!  He's a gentle dog, willing to please and give love, a  very sweet boy.  MacDuff will need obedience, knowing only sit at this point.  He is going to be a bigger dog, maybe mixed with lab but is not jumping up for attention or throwing his size or weight at dogs or people...he's quite gentle.  MacDuff is about 45 pounds.  He was a stray in a shelter due to be euthanized.

The wise and wonderful Nic found his forever home with a great couple who rescue Golden Retrievers and wanted another Border Collie like they had years ago.  Nic will be busy living with a few dogs as well as meeting lots of foster Goldens as well as doing therapy work in nursing homes.  We're so happy for Nic who has been with us for 7 months, waiting for just the right place to share his heart and mind.  Nic now lives in Maryland.

NIC:  A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Nic is one of the most gentle, more mellow dogs at the Farm.  He's much like a Golden Retriever in personality, easy going and loves to play with other dogs.  But, like any smart border collie, he is also very alert, observing everything that goes on, deciding whether he wants to participate or not.  Nic can be a bit shy so he tends to choose you and whether he wants to be with you, giving kisses and a sweet look that says 'you're okay!'.   Nic responds best to positive encouragement rather than demands, probably indicative of his past where he may have been man-handled and or mistreated.  He can be leery of men approaching him too quickly, but once he trusts you, he's absolutely fine.  Nic would be happiest with another dog around to race, play and chase.  He really enjoys dog play and room to run.  Nic is about 57 pounds, lean like a border collie but taller in size.   Nic is okay with cats.  Nic was a stray in a local shelter.  Nic is being fostered in northwestern Connecticut

Tom & Meg found their forever home in Pennsylvania, now living with a loving couple who just adore them completely and fully.  We consider them to be true angels since they felt age didn't matter, in fact, they wanted to bring this good natured pair into their lives because they were so gentle, calm and sweet, perfect for their new family and young child.  We know Tom & Meg will share their wonderful hearts forever!

Update:  The new guardians of Tom & Meg had a bumpy start with their other dog but felt they wanted to try again because they loved the two of them and it's now working much better so Tom & Meg now have their forever home!

TOM & MEG:  Two wonderful Border Collies - brother and sister, Tom (the sable one) & Meg (the black one) have been together since birth and now, at age 7, need a new loving home - together.  They are delightful, incredibly gentle and obedient dogs, never even jumping up to say hello.  Tom and Meg are friendly with everyone, good with all dogs and absolutely love children, having grown up with kids.  They are well trained to sit, come when called and are good on leash.  Both have strong herding instincts yet are fine with cats, chasing but not harming them at all.  They've recently gone to a foster home for care and have quickly (within 2 days) acclimated into life there without any adjustment - they're so adaptable and eager to please - they happily moved right in.  They both have long coats, probably due to being outside a great deal.  They have been very well cared for and well loved.  Both are about 50 pounds.  Tom & Meg were given up when the guardian had to return to England.

Brody found his forever home with the best of both worlds - he'll be physically active on their boat, able to swim til his heart's content (Brody LOVES water) and he'll be able to work his wonderful magic as a therapy dog in hospices (Brody has an incredible heart) so Brody is one happy pup!  Brody now lives in upstate New York.

BRODY:  A 1 1/2 year old tri-color purebred, Brody is friendly, easy-going and very eager to bond with someone. He is very affectionate and just loves the company of people. He is also good with other dogs and mixes well.  Brody is not showing signs of herding or nipping but does have the intensity of energy typical of the breed.  Brody has been temperament tested and is fine being touched all over and has a great disposition.  He is not good with cats and weighs about 40 pounds.  Brody was a stray in a shelter.

LENA found her forever home with another border collie and guardians who love the breed! It was instant love for both person and dog as Lena and her new furry friend played tug of war, negotiated for toys and enjoyed a trail walk at the Farm.  Lena now lives in Connecticut.

LENA:  A 10 month old petite purebred, Lena is brilliant, alert and ready to go, showing strong border collie instincts.  She is very loving and wants to be with people and she also could thoroughly enjoy agility, frisbee or being trained in any other dog sport.  She shows herding tendencies and will need an outlet mentally and physically.  Another border collie would be important for her activity level.  Lena is very responsive to training and will  do well in whatever is presented to her.  She is good in the car and good with cats.  Lena is about 25 pounds.  She was relinquished to a shelter due to her energy level.

Dayze found her forever home with an active guardian who likes to camp and boat and wants a beloved furry friend with her for everything she does.  She and Dayze hit it off right away and Dayze even slept with her in one of the farm tents overnight, having fun in the creek, playing ball and walking.  Dayze now lives in upstate NY

DAYZE (Daisy):  A beautiful 5 year old purebred with papers, Dayze is a sweetheart, very loving and easily connects with everyone she meets. She is very, very smart, observant and responsive to training.  With only an introduction to agility, she did beautifully. She already knows sit, comes when called, gives kisses and is good on leash.  She's also trained on the invisible fence.  Dayze loves to play ball and is very fast and very accurate with the classic border collie eye.  She's good around other dogs but since she's been a solo dog, she'd be happy in a home without other dogs or with one that is not pushy in her space.  Dayze has been well loved and is most fond of adults and older children, rather than young ones who she tends to herd. She is not good with cats.  Dayze is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed.  She was relinquished due to her reactions with young children in a suburban home.

NESSA:  Nessa found her forever home with 5 other dogs, including a few Border Collies, as she settled in with the pack as if she'd been with them all her life.  She'll join a family where dogs are their 'kids', sharing every moment of their lives.  She'll also be training for agility and maybe frisbee.  Nessa now lives in Massachusetts, a long way away from when she was forced to wear a logging chain around her neck rather than a collar!

NESSA:  A 8 month old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Nessa is full of life, ready to go at any moment and very, very friendly.  Nessa is striking in her merle coloring and beautiful golden eyes with a silver fleck in one eye.  She's quick to connect with people and wants to bond with someone.  Nessa will sit next to you, happily content to be with you.  She is very smart, alert and highly trainable.  She is also very active so will need an active guardian and/or another dog for play.  Nessa is a loving dog who will blossom quickly in the right home.  Nessa's sweet nature is amazing considering she was chained outside with such a large chain that her neck was scabbed and balding.  She was a stray in a shelter due to be euthanized.

Kady found her forever home with another Border Collie in a loving dog family where the dogs are the focus of their life. And, they just loved Kady and her sweet nature!  She'll be trying out agility as well as spending lots of time in a nearby lake which means Kady will be very very happy...she LOVES water! Kady is now living in New Jersey.   

KADY, an 8 month old border collie mix, Kady is a wonderful, fun loving, friendly pup.  She completely loves playing with other dogs and is eager to play with all toys anytime, anywhere.  She loves kids and loves attention.  Kady is very people oriented and would be fine in a family and especially happy with another young dog.  Kady is doing beautifully with her obedience work, learning sit, down, stay and comes when called.   She's good in the car and happy to be wherever you are.  She has not been tested on cats yet.  Kady is about 30 pounds, typical in size for the breed.  She was relinquished to a pound due to her energy level.

PETEY:  The brilliant and talented Petey will now live happily in an agility home, with another furry friend and two guardians who are committed to enjoying his incredible mind and sweet nature, keeping him busy with a dogsport that he will love.  They had a chance to introduce him to the agility equipment at the Farm and after seeing him zip through the tunnel, prance over the dog walk and easily tackle whatever they showed him, they knew he'd have a blast with them!  Petey now lives in western NY. 

PETEY:  A 2 year old purebred Border Collie, Petey is all motion, ready to go in a second and very very fast!  He's a sweet, loving dog who wants to be with people but more than that, he wants to play, move and race around.  Petey would be best with another Border Collie or active with agility or flyball.  He absolutely loves toys and is eager to interact with anyone interested in playing with him, otherwise, he'll make up his own games with other dogs at the Farm.  Petey is very smart and very obedient, knows sit and comes when called.  He is highly trainable for any dog sport.  Petey does not like being moved by his collar and will warn you with a growl so will not be placed with young children and due to his energy level, will be best in a home with adults who have had border collies.  Petey is a wonderful, good natured, lively dog, typical of the breed. Petey is only interested in cats when they run.  He is about 40 pounds.  Petey was in a shelter when rescued.

Pickles found her forever home with a loving guardian who is devoted to agility and fell in love with her! Pickles now happily lives in upstate NY.

PICKLES:  A 2 1/2 year old purebred tri-color Border Collie, Pickles is a very sweet and smart girl, interacting easily with people.  She is a classic Border Collie with high energy levels and interested in herding cars and bikes so will need a fenced yard. She loves to play with toys and will pick up a toy, run around the house, throwing it in the air, amusing herself for hours.  She loves to give hugs. If you are standing, she will approach you, and jump up on you. When you ask her to get down, she drops her front paws, but then places her head on you, as if she is trying to cuddle.  She is also very good with the small dogs, cats, and birds. She has never threatened any of them. Pickles was trained on an electronic fence, and is very predictable on the barrier. She is about 50 pounds so has a bit to loose which is now doing with all the running with other dogs.  Pickles was relinquished due to lack of time for her.  She is being fostered in Buffalo, NY.

HEIDI:  A stunning red & white Border Collie, Heidi has a wonderful story of finding her forever home INSTANTLY!!  Taken in by an animal control officer, her care and living conditions had been horrible: She was chained on a short chain in a rural home, completely matted, extremely thin. Her ribs were just jutting out, probably a combination of worms, pacing and bad food.  Her doghouse was basically in the middle of a mud puddle, so she was always cold, wet and dirty. Her coat was very  matted. When bathed at the shelter when she originally came in, and after combing mats out, the water was just pure brown for a good five minutes.  Needless to say, Heidi needed to be rescued.  Fortunately, the shelter called Glen Highland Farm and we quickly arranged transport. One of our adopters volunteered to help and to her surprise and pleasure, fell in love with her, as did her family.  Her call asking to keep Heidi came within an hour of meeting her.  An incredible dog, filled with life, she played frisbee, ball and raced around, like the happiest dog in town.  Heidi now lives with a wonderful dog family (they adopted Tess recently) where she'll do agility and use all her brains and beauty to enjoy a life where she is totally adored!!!!  Talk about angels!!!  She definitely had one over her shoulder that day! 

BRANDY:  Sweet Brandy found her forever home when the family's little girl visited and no matter who she met, she felt Brandy was the one for her!  Brandy will be the children's first dog so has an important role to play in sharing her sweet good-natured way.  Brandy now lives in upstate NY.

NEENA:  The loving Neena found her forever home with a young lab and two guardians about to start their family.  Neena's sweet nature melted their hearts and made their beloved lab happier than ever, quickly making a new friend.  Neena now lives in New Jersey.

MACKENZIE:  Sweet little Mackenzie found her forever home with a border collie lover who just fell in love with her within moments of meeting.  Spending time with all the pups, she just 'knew' that Mackenzie was the one she'd been longing to find!   Mackenzie now lives in Connecticut and no longer has to worry that no one cares for her....she's completely loved!

Adorable little Coby has a big furry brother now and four young teenage boys to play with, non-stop.  He's in the middle of lots of action each day, cuddled, pampered and of course, taken everywhere the family goes.  Coby happily joined his forever home in New Hampshire, racing around exploring everything in sight.

Gentle, loving Torey found her forever home with guardians who are border collie lovers and fell in love with her the moment they saw her picture.  She'll be with them 24/7 as they are both home, plus she has a young teenager who thinks she's the best friend anyone could have.  Torey happily lives in Long Island, NY.

SHANE and MILES found their forever home together, happily playing with toys, each other and their new guardian.  They live in New Jersey where they are completely adored and never have to worry about being unwanted again!  

SHANE and MILES found their forever home together, happily playing with toys, each other and their new guardian.  They live in New Jersey where they are completely adored and never have to worry about being unwanted again! 

Sweet Davis found his forever home with another furry friend and a wonderful young girl who simply fell in love instantly and plans to have him by her side non-stop.  Davis will now be happily living in Massachusetts, sleeping on a bed every night!

Bailey found his forever home with another furry friend and a loving border collie guardian who feels Bailey is the sweet, good natured dog she was looking for!  Bailey endlessly plays with his blue ball at his new home in Ct.

BAILEY:  a 6 year old purebred, Bailey is a blast!  He loves to play ball, play in the water and go wherever you are!  He's game for pretty much anything and eager to be with people.  Bailey is very friendly and very affectionate, loves giving kisses and getting hugs.  He is fine with other dogs, having spent his life with a female border collie or could be the solo dog in an active home.  He is very obedient and eager to please.  Bailey is about 60 pounds.  He was relinquished due to allergies of a new child in the family.


MARCO, known affectionately known as Marco Polo because he's about to begin real adventures since he's going to be doing films and commercials! Marco is now the 2nd to Nana, (next to him) from Snow Dogs (her real name is Fly) and he'll be doing all the physical stunts and some of the amazing snow scenes, maybe even on camera every now and then, too. Plus, he'll be doing his own commercials as well as living happily with three other dogs and his new guardian in New Jersey.  We're all very excited to watch for Marco in TV and films!

MARCO:  A 2 year old Border Collie (maybe mix), Marco is very friendly and very playful.  He loves balls and toys and enjoys retrieving but mostly, he enjoys being with people.  Marco wants to be in all the action, eager to go anywhere and do anything with his person.  He's fine with other dogs but would be just as happy as the solo dog as long as he was included in lots of activities.  Marco is also very obedient, he sits upon command as well as for treats and is good on leash.  He would be happiest with in an active household.  Marco is good with cats.  Marco was relinquished to a shelter because he was unhappy from being tied out all day.

Buffie found her forever home with the family that was fostering her for us!  Lucky for her that we asked for some special help at the farm because Buffie now has her own fun trips to the lake (she loves the water) and has a new best furry friend, their other rescue border collies! Buffie now lives in upstate NY.

BUFFIE:  A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie (maybe mix), Buffie is an engaging dog, eager to be involved in everything that's going on around her.  Yet, she can easily relax and calm down, happy to be by your side.  Buffie is good with other dogs and would be happiest with another dog to play with, rather than being alone.  She lived with three children in a townhouse without a yard so will need a place for lots of exercise in a new home.  She is happiest playing, running and actively interacting. Buffie would be a great candidate for agility or flyball since she is fearless, loves to jump, climb, go through obstacles besides catching frisbees that are tossed straight up as well as balls!  She is a happy dog, knows sit, down and is trained on the invisible fence.  She rides well in the car, likes the water and loves to play with balls.  She is about 38 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Buffie is not good with cats.   Buffie was given up due to lack of time to exercise her properly.

  Hogan quickly found his way to the Farm and then quickly found his forever home as the new companion to the 10 year old boy in the family.  Hogan, now known as Petey, will be trying agility as well as playing lots of ball!  Hogan now lives in upstate NY.

HOGAN:  A 10 month old Border Collie Mix, Hogan is easy going, friendly to everyone and very eager to bond with people.  He's playful, very good with other dogs and wants to spend as much time cuddling as possible.  He will surely blossom once he's in his forever home.  Hogan knows sit and is okay on leash though will benefit from consistent obedience.  He's a gentle dog and can fit with other dogs easily.  Hogan was returned to the shelter where he had been adopted at 3 months of age.

Reece found his forever home with another border collie who upon meeting, raced around the farm in a fast game of chase - it was a match made in heaven!  Reece's new guardians just loved his affectionate nature and of course, the playful match of two young border collies worked beautifully.  Reece now lives in New Jersey.

REECE:  A 10 month old Border Collie, Reece is an incredibly smart, responsive dog, ready to relate to everything around him.  He wants to connect with a person who focuses on him and he will then, perform in whatever way asked.  Eager to please, he offers a sit and down instantly and comes when called.  Reece is a very high energy, young dog who would excel in agility since he can easily scale a 7 foot fence, without much effort at all. He will only be placed in a home with invisible fencing.  His main interest is people so he will be very loyal in bonding with someone and will be unlikely to leave their side.  Reece would be good with another dog though it needs to be a young, easy going, energetic match for him.  Reece is about 40 pounds, typical in size and is not good with cats.  Reece was given up due to his escape artist tendencies.

Mingo is happy as can be in his new home with guardians who absolutely adore him.  He now lives with another dog adopted from the farm, Jesse and another border collie mix, Maggie plus two kids who thought Mingo fit their life perfectly.  They met him at Camp Border Collie & friends and within 15 minutes, knew Mingo needed to join their family. Mingo now lives in Connecticut

MINGO:  A 5 month old Border Collie (mix?), Mingo is a precious pup and very sweet, easy-going and friendly.  He is very people oriented and wants to cuddle and be with someone all the time.  He's great with other young dogs, loving to race around and play with toys.  Mingo is  very responsive to interaction with a person so will be very trainable as he always makes eye contact and aims to please.  He's about 20 pounds, typical in size for his age.  Mingo was a stray due to be euthanized

Little agile Sadie is squirming to head out and over our paddock fences for her final run at the Farm cause she safely landed in her forever home with the flyball teacher from Camp Border Collie & friends.  She'd seen her in June at our first camp and fell in love then but waited a few months to be sure and upon coming to camp one day, she was informed that Sadie was about to be adopted.  With that news, her face went white and she said this was the day she had decided to take her home! Well, the rest is history, as the cliche goes.  Sadie, now known as Sparkle, always belonged in this home and anyone during camp who saw her with her new guardian and her daughter, would agree. Sadie will be actively pursuing agility, flyball and everything else athletic.  She now lives in upstate NY with another border collie who also is an agility/flyball star!

SADIE:   A 9 month old tri-color, smooth coat purebred, Sadie is an adorable loving border collie FULL of energy!  She is very focused, eager to connect to people and very, very trainable.  She is extremely friendly yet also a bit insecure so needs activities like flyball or agility to build her confidence.  She is now about 25 pounds, knows sit and comes when called.  Sadie is good with other dogs and would be best with another Border Collie.   Sadie just loves toys of all kinds and is so eager to interact with you that she will be easily trainable in any dog sport...she's smart as can be!  She will only be placed into a knowledgeable Border Collie home because of her intensity and energy level and will be placed in a home with invisible fence or a lot of acreage since she is capable of crawling up and over almost any height fence. Sadie is afraid of cats and will avoid them but also growls so will need some good socialization since she's a pup.  Sadie was relinquished due to lack of time for her.

Loving, little Annie found her forever home with her foster Mom who volunteered to bring her home after she'd been at the Farm for 8 months.  She felt Annie needed to be with people and wanted to give her more home contact.  Well, little did she know that her decision to help would lead to Annie's new life forever.  It was quickly apparent that Annie wanted to stay, so she joined the family, along with their border collie, Casey, and now lives in southern New Jersey.  The decision to have Annie stay came to fruition at Camp Border Collie & friends when her new guardian realized that she just couldn't leave the Farm without her!!
Way to go little Annie!

ANNIE:   A 5 year old border collie/jack russell mix, Annie is a pistol, ready to run, jump, play and be in the center of all activities!   She is adorably affectionate and loves people. She'll jump with a big leap right into your lap for attention and kisses.  Since Annie is a combination of two highly intelligent, high energy breeds, she needs exercise and activities to keep her busy.  She is not going to be happy  sitting quietly at your feet all day.   

Annie is fine with other dogs, of all sizes.   She has had basic obedience but needs consistent reinforcement since she is so spirited and cannot be trusted off-leash at this time.  Her previous guardian crated her for 8 hours a day and in the evening so Annie will do best now where she has more freedom to be active. She's good on leash, walking closely with you, just thrilled to 'see the world'!  She is approximately 25 - 30 pounds and very petite.  Annie is not good with cats because she is very pushy and curious, disturbing the cat, though will not hurt them.  (for those interested in agility, Annie is 13 1/2" at the withers)  ANNIE relinquished by guardian due to energy levelAnnie is being fostered in southern New Jersey.

Duncan landed the perfect border collie home, working on a real farm!  He has incredible natural herding abilities so will be a close companion to his new guardian all day long, joining him everywhere,  as well as work in helping him move baby calves and other livestock.  Duncan will be living in a loving home as well as working 'til his heart is content! He has 120 acres of pastures, woodlands, wetlands and a stream to call his own. Duncan now lives in upstate NY and will soon be starting sheep herding training with one of the top instructors in the country who taught at Camp Border Collie & friends this summer.

DUNCAN, a 2 year old purebred, Duncan is all border collie, brilliant, focused and full of energy!  He is incredibly fast, always tuned into what is going on and very very responsive to people.   Eager to please and bond, he will be a great companion.  He's also great with other dogs, very easy going and mixes beautifully.  Duncan would probably be best with someone with an understanding of border collies though he's not showing any herding or nipping traits.  Duncan is typical in size, about 40 pounds and he is not good with cats. Duncan would be fine as the solo dog in a home but will need mental stimulation and a physical outlet for his classic border collie energy. He mixes fine with other dogs, too.   He was part of  a neglect case where 75 dogs were confiscated

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