Boisterous Boomer found his forever home with guardians who understand the liveliness of the breed, having a dog from the farm already, Maya now Crickett (camera shy! in the background) so they fell in love with Boomer's wonderful good nature and passion for ball playing! A real athlete, Boomer will get to try agility plus have a great yard for lots of ball play and fun! Boomer now lives in PA.

BOOMER: A 1 year old Border Collie, Boomer is full of energy, eager to learn and very athletic. He has the border collie eye for herding as well as focus for toys or agility. Boomer is very willing to please and works easily for treats as well as praise. He is a loving dog, happy to be with people and friendly and good with other dogs. He is very very smart, alert and will be best in a seasoned border collie home where his emotional, mental and physical needs can be met. Boomer is about 40 pounds,  would be best with cats used to living with Border Collies since he likes to herd them but won't hurt them. He was relinquished by someone living in an apartment without a fenced yard who left him inside most of the day. The Rhode Island shelter contacted us to help with placement. 

LARRY: A 1 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Larry is a sweet good natured, fun loving dog, ready for play and happy to meet anyone and everyone. He is full of energy so would be best living with other dogs. We will know more about Larry once he comes to the Farm but he can also be met where he is being fostered temporarily in Freehold, NJ.  If interested, please contact the farm. 

PIFF: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Piff is a sweet little girl who loves attention and loves to play with toys. She is very friendly, good natured and happy to go anywhere and do anything. She is also very good with other dogs and would be happiest with a dog pal, especially male dogs. Piff is about 20 pounds, very petite. She is in a foster home at this time in Delhi NY and can be met through the Humane Society, ask for Cheryl 607-746-3080 or email at 

SAGE & JORDAN: A wonderful duo were adopted by caring guardians who have patiently waited for Sage to get healthy in order to bring her to their home. They just felt drawn to be with her and then upon meeting Jordan, decided that this twosome was a perfect pair to have in their lives. Sage perked right up, following Jordan all around, happily 'flirting' in her sweet way and Jordan just felt right at home having a shadow. Trixie, their first dog, found herself in the middle of a literal three ring circus except this one was calm considering both Sage and Jordan are real cuddle bugs happy to be with their people and without interest in chaos. It was a truly sweet moment to see all this unfold and we are so happy that these two now have a great life forever and very very happy that they will grace the hearts of their new people. Their new guardians recently lost their beloved Beau/Brody, adopted from the farm two years ago.  While playing ball in a park, Beau leapt up, hyper-extended to catch a ball and tragically broke his back. A tremendous loss. We know having these two sweet souls, Sage & Jordan, will help heal that loss. 

SAGE:  A petite 13 year old Border Collie, Sage is very gentle, content to lie in the sun on her bed or wander in the paddock, smelling grass and watching the other dogs. She really likes other dogs and is adorable with them, eager to meet everyone. She is a very pretty girl with beautiful white eyelashes, making her face look quite special. She is partially deaf so sleeps a bit later than the other dogs but she is full of spunk and rather comical in a happy go lucky way. She is living in our adoption office so it's not so chaotic which seems to suit her just fine. Sage was very sick when she first arrived and is now healthy and happy. Her eyes are bright and she is full of charm, a remarkable little Border Collie Sweet Sage was wandering the streets of Pennsylvania when she was picked up by Animal Control. We are happy that the Shelter asked us to help because leaving this gentle soul in a shelter just wasn't right. 

JORDAN: A 3 year old Border Collie, Jordan is a character, full of charm and affection, ready for belly rubs.. he'll lay down for a belly rub anytime and anywhere! He is a bit comical, too, always checking out everything and anything going on, then checking back with you to make sure all is's his version of work. He doesn't seem too interested in toys yet, it's more important to make sure all things are in order that are occurring around him...he's full of charm! Jordan is very friendly, a little bit timid at first, then very eager to have lots of attention and happy to give it back, too. He is good with other dogs but could also be happy as the solo dog, as long as his people were around.. he loves being in relationship with someone. Jordan is not yet tested on cats, is about typical in size for the breed, approximately 40 pounds. He was a stray in western NY. 

Charming Chase found a unique forever home...he's in the Coast Guard! Well, not literally but more or less because he'll be with his new guardian 24/7 at a Merchant Marine Academy joining him for his duties on the Search and Rescue Team..  there's even a possibility that Chase will have his own Coast Guard life jacket and go out on calls!  Chase also has a great four acre yard for exploring when at home and will get to do lots of hiking! Chase now lives in upstate NY.

CHASE is a 3 year old Border collie. He is active, playful, easy going, and laid back. He loves to be outside playing fetch. Chase is obedient and knows basic commands such as sit, shake and down. He is curious about everything around him. He is a very affectionate dog.  Chase is happy to be with people and will tell you so by giving you lots of kisses. Chase is a strong dog, mixes with all dogs but would be best with a more easy going fur friend.   Chase needs another young dog for play and  also a good sized yard for running or a similar space for his energy. He is fine with cats.  He weighs approximately 40 pounds and is trained on the electronic fence system.  Chase was rescued from a shelter in Scranton PA. 

. Jakey found his new life with another Border Collie, Abby, who is interested in exactly the same things he is...the ball! the frisbee!  and people! mirror images, they fit beautifully, almost like they'd been together all along! Jakey will have 26 acres for exploring, his own pond and guardians who adore this breed and enjoy their brilliance! Jakey now lives in upstate NY.

JAKEY: A wonderful 2 year old Border Collie, Jakey is the life of the party! He absolutely loves toys - balls, frisbees and anything and everything for play. He is very focused, very smart and also very sweet. Jakey is happy to meet people and also great with other dogs.  He is a classic border collie who wants something to do so will do best in an active border collie oriented home. He could live with other dogs to help with his energy needs or be a solo dog in an active home.  Jakey is about 35 pounds, and not yet tested on cats. He was relinquished to the farm from PA due to a move. 

Marvelous Mitzy found her forever home where she can play tons of ball and run in the woods a lot because one of her new guardians is a major runner, having been an Olympic athlete. She'll even have two homes since she'll live with his parent's during the week enjoying 2 acres of gorgeous greenery and a nearby golf course for runs and then accompany him for play time on weekends and even to his ski house! A real athlete, she;s found the right home for lots to do! Mitzy now lives in New Hampshire.

MITZY: A 4 year old Border Collie, Mitzy is a ball girl..  she absolutely adores playing ball anytime and anywhere with anyone!  She is great at it, too, able to catch pretty much anything. She has the wonderful talent of also dropping the ball right at your feet, literally in between your feet, and nudging it with her nose to you. Mitzy makes it very easy to play with her! She is very very smart and observant about everything, eager to please and relate to people. She is good with other dogs but could be happy as the solo dog in a home that played ball a lot with her. Mitzy has not yet been tested on cats.  She is about 45 pounds. Mitzy came from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, taken in as a special request since they have trouble placing Border Collies. 

Wonderful Reo found his forever with two other dogs adopted from the Farm and he now has more play time than ever! Plus, he gets to try agility and live with two loving people who think he's not only charming and smart, but a wonderful addition to their lives...he has now landed safely forever in the loving care of people who understand the needs of Border Collies! Reo now lives in MA. (picture to come)

REO: A petite 10 month old Border Collie, Reo is a fun loving, happy guy and ready to run and play with other dogs. He just loves to race and make up herding games so would do best with another young Border Collie. He is very sweet and affectionate, happy to have attention and content to sit for pets and love. Reo is young and very playful so would do best with teenage children rather than little ones. He is good with cats. Reo is petite, about 35 pounds. He was relinquished to a Reading, PA shelter due to his puppy actions with little kids.

Sweet Scout found his forever home right where he is being fostered. A very special Border Collie, Scout has emotional needs that linked him to his new foster family in such a strong way that it was clear that it was meant to be his new home. He has two Border Collie friends for life, Dillon and Pegi, who came from the farm, and two great kids who think he's the best buddy to have! A gentle, shy dog, he has blossomed already being loved so much. Scout lives in upstate NY. (picture to come)

SCOUT: A gorgeous 2 year old Sable Border Collie, Scout is a loving dog who is happiest around people. He is very friendly with everyone he meets and very good with other dogs. He loves to run full speed sprints and then come back to lay by your side. Scout could live with other dogs or be the solo dog but needs a home where someone is home most of the time. Scout is good with cats but needs to be with dog-savvy cats since he likes to herd them.   He is typical in size for the breed, about 40 pounds. Scout was a stray in upstate NY.  Scout  is being fostered near Rochester NY and can be seen at the Farm.

Sweet Spenser found his forever home with special guardians who understand the patience and care needed for this sweet dog. They have another dog from the farm, Bella, and are ready to add a third and just felt drawn to Spenser. They have two wonderful young dogs, a fenced yard and someone home all the time so Spenser will be well cared for and completely adored forever! Spenser now lives in upstate NY.

SPENSER:  A 9 month special needs pup, Spenser is a gorgeous alert boy who absolutely loves dogs and is learning that people are really wonderful, too. Spenser also has a special need beyond love since he is deaf so he will need someone who understands the simple things needed to live with a deaf dog. He is doing well with his foster family and welcomes visitors (human and canine) when they come. He is very social with all dogs, is fine around cats and loves horses. He is progressing with hand signals and has begun the equivalent of clicker training with a vibrating collar. Spenser shows an incredible aptitude for agility and is doing tunnels and the dog walk with no hesitation. He does need to sleep close to his people at night for reassurance. He crates well and loves riding in the car.  Living with a deaf dog is not that different from any hearing dog, it just requires some adjustments in using visual cues and commands rather than typical sounds. Spenser is a very smart, incredibly sweet dog who will be a loving companion for a special person. He will only be placed with other dogs, hopefully a younger one, since he has tons of puppy energy to play, play, play. He will also be placed in a fenced yard only, not electronic fencing.   Spenser is being fostered in CT and can be seen there or at  the Farm.

Comical Andy found his forever home with wonderful guardians who just love that he will explore all their acreage and get a kick out of it! Andy loves the land and is curious about everything so now he'll have four acres fenced to enjoy and eventually, 65 acres for hikes and playing! Andy obviously thought they were the right people for him! He now lives in Vermont.

ANDY: A 3 year old Border Collie mix, Andy is a sweet character. He is full of playful energy and just loves to explore everything and anything..a very curious guy! We always find ourselves chuckling with Andy's antics. Andy is also very very intelligent, observant and will quickly jump into the middle of any activity. Though he is a busy boy, he does settle beautifully for affection, happy to sit next to you on the couch. He just loves being in the center of loving humans. Andy is also great with other dogs and good with cats. Since Andy is a bit of an explorer, he will need to be in a home with an electronic fence since he can dig out when bored (he has not done that at the Farm at all). Andy is about 35 pounds, a little shorter than a typical border collie. Andy was in a NY rescue who needed help placing him so he came to the Farm. 

Sweet Dell found his forever home with wonderful guardians and a unique situation where he'll be with the Mom all day while the daughter goes to work so he'll never be alone! He will have two homes and twice the love! He'll also have a fur buddy, a fun young lab, Jake, for toy play and even get to try some agility for fun, too. Dell jumped right on the couch for lots of love and gave his vote of approval right away!  Dell now lives in MA.

DELL: A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Dell is a sweetheart. He loves people and wants to be with them, happy to say hello to everyone he meets. He is eager to please and very interactive so would thrive with training or any activity where he could work in relationship with someone, accomplishing fun goals, like in obedience or agility. He also loves to play ball. Dell would be happy as the solo dog. He is also good with cats. Dell is about 5 pounds overweight due to his last home situation where he lived in a tiny yard with a caretaker who had no time for him. His original guardian had died so someone stepped in to care for him but then realized he needed more. Dell came to the farm from Kingston NY. 

Sweet Bailee found his forever home with another Border Collie the same age so they will have tons of puppy play! They both were quite a match, rolling around, grabbing, jumping, inventing games only they could make up! Bailee will also get to try agility for fun.  Bailee's new guardians understand Border Collies and love everything that makes them so brilliant, which Bailee is! Bailee now lives in CT.

BAILEE: A spirited 6 month old Border Collie pup, Bailee is full of energy, ready to run and play and loves toys! He also likes other dogs and would be happiest with another young dog for fun and handling his energy needs. Bailee is very smart, alert and eager to interact. He is toy focused and could easily do agility or other sport activities. He has all basic obedience commands and also loves to swim, fetching sticks and balls. He is about 30 pounds, typical in size for his age and not yet tested on cats. Bailee was living in a condo in CT and obviously needed more of an outlet for exercise and attention so was relinquished to the farm

Little Luci found her forever home with another dog adopted from the Farm, Tanner who was the perfect match for big runs and chasing throughout the paddocks. She kept up with him just fine and gave him a challenge, too. Luci loved her new guardians, curling up in their laps for affection, charming them to no end like she does! Luci now lives in upstate NY.

LUCI: An 8 month old Border Collie mix, Luci is a ball of energy and loads of fun! She loves to race, play and chase with other dogs and is also quite happy to jump into anyone's lap for attention. Luci is very alert, smart and could be trained for any activity especially because she is athletic. She also loves people and belly rubs. Luci is petite, a bit shorter than a Border Collie this age so likely not to grow much more. She has not yet been tested on cats. Luci was given to the Farm from a shelter in PA. 

DEXTER: A beautiful 4 year old Border Collie mix (most likely), Dexter is friendly, fun and a really good guy. He gets along with other dogs and cats and likes to play. He also likes to ride in the car. Dexter is not high energy like most Border Collies, he is playful yet happy to settle down. He has happily lived with a 10 year old child. His previous owner moved and took him to the shelter in Wellsboro, PA, where he is available to be seen.  Please contact the PSPCA in Wellsboro, PA at 570-724-3687 or e-mail 

Lovely Coco found her forever home with a wonderful woman who broke into tears upon seeing her, just delighted by her sweet face and lovely nature. She recognized this gentle soul as a companion for life, as did Coco, who happily rolled over for belly rubs. Sweet Coco won't have to sit in a home alone for 16 hours a day ever again! Coco now lives in upstate NY on 83 acres and her very own farm, complete with horses and chickens and two caring humans.

COCO: A 6 year old Border Collie, Coco is the sweetest girl, truly loves people and affection. She is friendly with everyone she meets and great with other dogs. She is also very smart and eager to participate in any activity. Coco's original home was very sedate, where she was left alone for 16 hours a day with little exercise, so like many people we know, she put on some pounds and will be loosing them here at the Farm since she is more active. She loves to play and run with the other dogs. Coco responds beautifully to any request and is a very obedient, happy go lucky girl. She is also good with cats. Coco came from a shelter in Pittsburgh. 

Marvelous sweet Myles found his forever home with two wonderful, fun loving dogs, Padma & Molly, who came to Camp this summer and enjoyed dog play with the camper dogs so much, that their furmom said adding another dog was the right thing to do! So, returning for a visit made it crystal clear that Myles chose this new home as much as they all chose him... rolling and wrestling and playing with Padma, his new playmate for life! Myles now lives in upstate NY.

MYLES: A 3 year old Border Collie, Myles is a gentle, sweet playful dog. He is happy to be with people and he is also happy playing with toys or other dogs. He is easy going, not high energy but needs an outlet for his mind and body like walks or toy play since he is a young dog. Myles has not yet been tested on cats. He is about 45 pounds (looks a little bigger with his fluffy hair). Myles came from a shelter in western NY where he had been confiscated, having been chained outside. 

PATCHES: A 3 year old Border Collie, Patches is a sweet, friendly dog, happy to be with people. She is good with other dogs and cats and has lived with children. Patches is good natured and playful so will benefit from an active home. She is currently being boarded in a kennel due to medical reasons where her guardian can no longer care for her. She is in the Philadelphia PA area, waiting to come into the Farm rescue program. If interested before she arrives here, please contact the farm directly to meet her in PA. 

Buddy found his forever home with adopters who have another dog from the Farm and wanted to add a sweet, cuddly big bear like Buddy to their lives. They had been patiently waiting for months til the call came to meet Buddy and it was crystal clear that this sweet guy just had to go home with them! Buddy now lives with Cassie (formerly Sophie) in upstate NY.

BUDDY: A 6 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Buddy is a sweetheart. He just loves being with people and is happy to be by your side all day long. He also loves to play with tennis balls and play tug with other dogs. Buddy is very gentle and easy going. He is a wonderful companion, happy to go anywhere with you, including car rides. Buddy could be the solo dog or live with other dogs since he lived most of his life with a yellow lab. Buddy is good with cats. He is a bit overweight since his yard was small so will trim down pretty quickly running at the farm. He was relinquished to the Farm from upstate NY. 

ROSIE: A 1 year old smooth coat Border Collie mix, Rosie is a character and full of charm. She is not only uniquely beautiful, she is spirited and fun. She absolutely loves toys of any kind and especially loves to push the large purple ball around the paddock, entertaining herself and everyone else. She is great with other dogs and most definitely would love a young fur friend to pal with, especially her friend Wes.  She would also do best with teenage children rather than young ones since she is a bit mouthy as a youngster. Rosie is about 40 pounds, typical in size. She is good with cats. Rosie came to a NJ shelter as a 4 month old pup, was adopted out and returned recently due to her energy level. The shelter asked us to place her since her behavior was so clearly border collie.
ROSIE & JESSIE went to a new home together, a sweet duo full of affection and tons of personality. Rosie will now have her own little boy for constant ball playing and Jessie will have a loving home that understands her curiosity with everything and anything from all her days on the street, learning to search to survive. These two were paired together while Wes has been facing a health challenge and it turns out they sweetly played together and quickly developed a great bond. Rosie and Jessie now live in upstate NY and of course Rosie got to take her big purple ball!

JESSIE: A 8 year old Border Collie, Jessie is a character, friendly, full of spunk and curiosity. She absolutely loves to check out everything under the sun and especially will search for anything that seems like food. She is also very adorable as she trots along at a very quick pace, with her ears flipping up and down, tail wagging and legs literally lifting in a perfect trot. She is just a gem. Jessie also loves people and is great with other dogs. She is good with cats. She is about 45 pounds, typical in size. Jessie was a stray from a shelter in upstate NY. Often stray dogs are naturally quite focused on food so her new guardians will have to be patient when she creates some mischief searching through the house a will lessen with time once she understands her meals will always be there. 

Spenser found his forever home with a camper who came to Glen Highland Farm in the summer with their border collie, Ruby and decided adding another dog would be a great idea. Upon meeting Spenser, they felt his sweet good nature would be just the perfect addition to their lives. Spenser now lives in Pittsburgh with guardians who love the breed and love him.

SPENCER: An 7 year old Border Collie, Spencer is a friendly, easy going dog who gets along well with other dogs or could be fine on his own. He loves to run, jump and play and is happy to go lots of places visiting at the dog park, friend's houses and of course PetSmart! Spencer is obedient and eager to please. He does love to be the center of attention so will need lots of love.  He is a nice boy, house and crate trained.  Haven't tested him with cats.  He comes when called and knows "sit". Spencer doesn't have the classic herding traits.   He is quite content to eat, sleep, play tug and be wherever his person is, sitting next to them. Spencer is being fostered in Pittsburgh PA and can be seen there but will be adopted through the Farm. 

Grady found his forever home where he'll have his own little girl, a fur friend and a family who likes dogs with big personalities who like to do lots of fun things like agility-both of which are true about him. Grady also gets 9 acres and a pond for lots of fun which he will undoubtedly love cause he is a water dog for sure! Grady now lives in upstate NY.

GRADY: An 8 month old Border Collie mix, Grady is a happy guy, ready for play and happy to give and receive attention and affection. He is a sweetheart. Since he's a young dog, he also has lots of energy and needs an outlet for play. He loves running and chasing with other dogs.  Grady is athletic, very smart, alert and eager to please so could be trained for any activity. He is petite, about 35 pounds, a bit shorter than a typical border collie. Grady is good with cats. He came to the Farm from a shelter in NJ. 

Sweet Meggy found her forever home with two loving guardians who are happy to share their lives with her and just felt she was the cutest pup around. Meggy is quite the charmer with her brilliant focused reactions and it was clear she chose them, too. Meggy now has her own 45 acres in upstate NY for lots of exploring plus her own NYC co-op for her about to be 'busy' life! Meggy now resides in NY.

MEGGY: A 4 month old Border Collie mix, Meggy is a bundle of energy, sweetness and brilliance rolled into one. She is ready to do anything with you and eager to learn. She loves racing with other dogs as well as a cuddle in your lap. Meggy is a classic puppy with mouthiness and lots of play needs so will only go to a home that understands how to manage a high energy, smart pup. She will not be placed with young children since she would benefit most from the guidance of adults or older teenage children who can offer consistency in direction. Meggy is about 25 pounds, typical in size for this age and not yet tested on cats. She was from a NY shelter near the farm, a stray picked up by animal control. 

Sweet Barney found his forever home right where he is being fostered! No surprise to us in a way because when they picked him up the first day, they said this one won't be going back! Here is the email about Barney today:  "Once again, as you might have figured out, the complete family o' Fitzgerald has fallen in love.  Yes, we have fallen under the spell of Barney and his quiet acknowledgements of affection, and his head butts for pats.  I know it is a lot to ask, but is there a possibility he might become a forever Fitzgerald?  Five dogs- we must be nuts- but I swear, once you get to 3, it is over anyway- what is one more?  You're still vacuuming hair, cleaning accidents and most importantly, given the privilege of knowing and loving another gentle soul."  We are so happy to say that Barney is staying in this loving home, forever safe, never to be cast out for any reason. Thank you Margaret and Mike for loving this boy and the other two you adopted from the Farm!  Barney now lives happily in CT.

BARNEY: A 3 year old Border Collie mix, Barney is a sweet, loving dog who completely enjoys people as well as belly rubs. He is a gentle guy who also loves to roll around on the ground and enjoy the outdoors. He has had an unusual history before landing at the Farm. Barney appeared on our courtesy listings in Feb 2002, was adopted privately to a local family near the Farm. With courtesy listings, we are not involved, but in an odd twist of fate, Barney was recently taken to our rescue vet with the request to euthanize him. At the time of his adoption, he was completely healthy, a happy one year old. Roll the clock ahead, and Barney is now an overweight dog, lethargic and suffering from an injury leaving him unable to walk which is why the adoptive family wanted him euthanized. After extensive vet 

work - a full bloodwork panel, heartworm and lyme test, as well as bringing him up to date on his shots, turns out Barney has a torn cruciate, meaning his kneecap is literally torn, unable to support him. The surgery for cruciate repair involves placing a lateral nylon system around the knee to restore his ability to move. This procedure is fairly common, though requires extensive rehab.  Barney is now going to a foster home in CT with one of our adopters, the Fitzgerald's who kindly offered to love him back to good health.  We feel that Barney most definitely had an angel on his shoulder the day the adoptive family took him to our vet because their normal vet would have euthanized him without concern. Her compassion saved his life, led her to us of course, which meant as a team, we can give Barney what he deserves - proper health care and eventually a new home. This time, Barney will be in our rescue program, fully protected for life in the event any other mishaps occur. Our contract is a lifetime agreement for follow-up to insure the dog is safe

Tazz found his forever home working geese day in and day out in NJ and enjoying a life with two loving guardians who enjoy his brilliance and clever antics. He now happily has an outlet for both!

TAZZ: A 3 year old smooth coat Border Collie with papers, Tazz is  terrific! He is playful, energetic and up for fun at any time. He loves being with people and he also loves the soccer ball! A big toy boy, Tazz happily plays all day, if someone wants to join him.  Otherwise, he is happy to be with other dogs, making up border collie games. Tazz is a very smart Border Collie and will be best with seasoned Border Collie adopters as he needs to be mentally challenged as well as physically engaged. Tazz is good with cats and has been introduced to agility and herding during the camp weeks and excelled at both, eager to participate.  He is typical in size for most border collies, about 35 pounds. He was relinquished to a shelter in Media, Pennsylvania due to his energy levels. 

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