Jazzy Jazz found her forever home right where she had been living in her foster home. After months of patient care and guidance, Jazz began trusting that people can be good and life isn't all about fear so when Jazz seemed ready for adoption, it turns out her foster family felt they wanted her to remain in their lives. She had healed step by step with them, able to be a happier, more settled girl and they knew their home would be the best place for her to blossom as more and more time unfolds. We are so happy for Jazz and deeply thankful to Ginny and Mike Cappello who opened their home and their hearts to help.

JAZZ: A beautiful 2 year old tri-color Border Collie, Jazz is a ball and stick nut, absolutely loves to play non-stop. She is very smart, very focused and a classic Border Collie who needs an outlet mentally and physically. She will only be adopted into a seasoned bc savvy home. Jazz would be fine as a solo dog or with another Border Collie, especially an easy male since she is a strong female, like most in the breed. Initially cautious with strangers, she is extremely affectionate once she is comfortable with people.  She has no food or toy guarding issues. Jazz is learning her commands and has a good recall. She is not good with cats. Jazz was a stray in Westchester NY and thanks to the collaborative effort between the local shelter and the Farm is now safely in rescue. She was petrified at the shelter and fortunately, the staff work carefully to keep her from deteriorating. Jazz is being fostered in CT and can be seen there or at the Farm

BEN & SHEP: In an ironic twist of fate or let's just say 'divine destiny', Ben and Shep went home together to a new life where they will be totally adored, enjoying constant dog play as well as their very own pond on five acres. They are joining six other border collies, one previously from the Farm (Rio) and another 
from the Farm who recently passed on (Gully - a Shepherd mix). Their guardians are incredible fans of this breed and huge supporters of the Farm, traveling from CA to come to camp, volunteer, adopt and help fund The Connor House.
The special magic of this adoption is that their furmom actually found the Farm through the story of Ben and Shep, the puppies, who died one Christmas after arriving at the farm undiagnosed with parvo. A tragic experience, their hearts graced us greatly though only here a short while. Their heartfelt story gave deep meaning to how the spirit continues after death because both Ben and Shep continued to share great love. 
Two years later, in meeting this Ben and Shep, (who did not come to the Farm together), it was instantly clear that they, too, had special gifts to give, a special grace and gentle love, very very similar to the puppies. There was a clear sense about them, giving credence to the return of spirit. 

So, it is a great joy to see how they interestingly landed together linking their hearts with the people who were so taken years ago by the story of Ben and Shep.  We are deeply humbled by the miracles of the heart and spirit. 

BEN: A 1 1/2 year old blue merle Border Collie/Shepherd mix, Ben is a very sweet, mellow dog who likes to be with people and enjoys play with other dogs. He can be timid at first in meeting people so needs other confident dogs in the mix to help him relax and not feel pressured. He will do best with a patient person, other dogs and a fairly quiet home setting. Ben is good natured and not intense whatsoever. He good with cats. He is about 50 pounds and longer (the shepherd part) than a typical border collie. Ben was in a shelter in Long Island, completely shut down by the chaotic environment. 
SHEP: A 10 month Border Collie, Shep is a sweet, friendly, affectionate boy who loves being with people. He also absolutely loves running, chasing and playing at full speed with another Border Collie.  He is incredibly fast, always on the move and ready to go, a classic high energy Border Collie. He will settle once inside but needs an outlet for his mind and body, easily good in any sports. He is about 35 pounds, and is good with cats. Shep was a stray in PA.

Sweet Mandy found her forever home with a loving guardian who really wanted to bring a senior dog into her life, one that needed a caring home where she could be forever. When she met Mandy, she knew this sweet, gentle girl was the perfect fit and wanted to commit her love, time and energy to making Mandy's life a fantastic one filled with toys, lots of play and affection. Mandy happily joined her heading out to her forever home! She now lives in upstate NY.

MANDY: A 12 year old Border Collie, Mandy is adorable, a wonderful, friendly sweetheart, happy to be with people and interested in everything around her. She is very affectionate and easy going and adjusts to everything with ease. She also loves to play and people cannot believe her age when watching her run around. She has a perfect bill of health from the vet and is incredibly fit and loves the water. Of course, older border collies are still very active all their lives.  She is great with other dogs and not yet tested on cats. She is about 50 pounds. Mandy has just had a very "short grooming" but she's a beautiful "long haired" rough coat border collie when it grows back.  Mandy was given up by her guardians who had her for 10 years and no longer had time for her needs. She came from NJ. Mandy is being fostered near the Farm in NY.

Magical Merlin found his forever home with another young dog who loves to play as much as he does and a little boy who absolutely fell in love with him the moment they met. Clearly a great match, Merlin happily headed out to his new life where he'll get to try agility and go hiking and of course, enjoy being loved completely forever!  Merlin now lives in upstate NY. 

MERLIN: A 8 month old Border Collie mix, Merlin is all puppy, with lots of running, tumbling, chasing and play, he is ready to go anytime for fun. He is friendly with everyone and loves other dogs, eager to play and play and play. He is not overly active or high energy like a purebred border collie but is energetic and playful so needs another young dog as an outlet for his energy. Merlin is easy going and will be a great companion and is good with cats. He will need some obedience since he's still a bit mouthy as a young dog. He is about 40 pounds now so may grow a bit bigger as an adult. He was taken to a PA shelter for having too much energyMerlin is being fostered in New Hampshire and can be see at the Farm.

Pennie found her new person the day of Chip's adoption when the family member accompanying Chip fell in love with Pennie. She instantly felt Pennie's remarkable connection to her heart and wanted her to live with her forever and even more amazing, Pennie will be trained to be a therapy dog in homes with retarded residents, working to assist them, sharing all her love. She is an incredible loving Border Collie, very mellow and patient, sharing herself so totally that she lands right in your heart, the perfect medicine for people with special needs. Pennie will be living in CT and we will have her new home  picture on the site shortly, after she undergoes hip dysplasia surgery.

PENNIE: A very sweet 2 year old Border Collie, Pennie is a stunning red merle. She is very very sweet and a bit cautious with new people and new situations so happiest when there is a routine and her 'person' is with her. She bonds very quickly and feels safest and happiest when someone is around. She is content to sit on the couch side by side or follow you around throughout the day. Pennie is good with all other dogs and could live with another dog or without, depending on the situation with the person's lifestyle. She would not be happy left alone long periods or living in a chaotic situation. Pennie is good with cats. She was a stray in NJ given to us from the shelter. 

FLEX: A 5 month old Border Collie, Flex is a live-wire, absolutely great with everyone he meets and happy to jump into your lap for attention and giving puppy kisses. He is a confident, balanced young pup who fits in with all dogs and can read them very easily. He has no worries about a great game of tug with a dog he's only known for hours and he loves any and every toy he can find. Flex is a wonderful young spirit and would be happiest with another dog or dogs to play with. He is one of the few puppies who could handle a multi-dog household easily. Flex is fine with cats, housetrained and about 30 pounds, typical in size for this age. He came from a shelter, probably given up for too much energy. 

Little Flex found his forever home with Anney who happily enjoyed meeting a few of her new fur friends, instantly racing and chasing and herding in border collie games as border collies do...it was a crowd of focused energy and fun! These two are joining a guardian who loves the breed, has 45 acres and sheep to keep them busy plus a life tailored to their needs. It's an incredible life for six lucky border collies! Flex and Anney now live in Canada.

ANNEY: A 2 1/2 year old tri-color Border Collie, Anney is stunning and very sweet. She is good natured and gentle, really rather shy with people until the ball comes out, then she is off to play and focus on a good game of catch. Anney is a thoughtful dog who will blossom with people who are patient and help build her trust and most importantly, play with her. Through games, she gains confidence quickly and is eager for more interaction. She is good with other dogs and will be placed with another more confident dog. She is good with cats and is about 35 pounds, typical for the breed.  Anney has a sweet nature though she can be shy in new situations so needs a patient guardian to continue helping her build her confidence. Anney came from a PA shelter to the Farm.  Anney is being fostered in NY and can be seen at the Farm.

Appropriately named, Lucky found his forever home with one of the dogs adopted from the farm, Codie, and two guardians who are just smitten with the breed. This time they came back for a ball and frisbee nut which Lucky most certainly is, while Codie gets to 'work' herding him while he 'works'. They now have the perfect combination to experience the brilliance of these two full swing....Lucky loved having someone for serious play and Codie loved have someone to seriously herd! Lucky now lives in Ct.

LUCKY: A 5 year old Border Collie, Lucky was often called Happy by everyone he met in his previous home and we agree, he is one happy Border Collie. Of course, he is happiest when he is playing catch with the tennis ball which he will do endlessly, content with anyone who will engage in a game. He is a classic Border Collie with lots of focus. He is very good natured and people oriented, happy to be meet anyone new, though he can be timid with men at first. He will be a great companion in a home with people who want an interactive and loving friend. Lucky is great with other dogs, good with kids and at that great age, where he can settle easily but also loves to go as soon as you do. He rides great in the car, loves to swim and is trained on the invisible fence system. He is about 48 pounds, typical in size. He is also good with cats. Lucky has had 4 seizures in the last 5 years when under stress but does not require medication. He came to the farm from upstate NY due to a divorce situation. Lucky was a beloved and adored family member. 

Sweet Nan found a wonderful home with adopters who have a dog from us when we did rescue in Ct. Their Border Collie, Jett, was one of the first ten dogs we rescued so it was very sweet to have them come six years later for another great dog, Nan. They were immediately in love with her good nature and classic border collie brilliance! And, she very quickly snuggled up for attention and then happily headed out for herding! Nan has two fur friends, a large farm and will have her own ducks to herd, too. Nan now lives in CT.

NAN: A 3 year old Border Collie with ISDS papers, Nan is an absolute sweetheart, loves everyone and wants to be in the middle of everything. She is good with other dogs and is very friendly, easy going and good natured. She is also very intense, very focused and very fast so needs a sport home for an outlet for her mind and body. Nan comes from very strong herding lines but is too tough on sheep and very hard headed so a sport home would suit her best. She bonds very quickly and wants to please so would do well with someone who has border collie experience since she is very very intelligent. Nan is about 35 pounds, a bit petite. She has been introduced to cats and is insecure around them so needs to be with dog savvy cats. Nan was relinquished to the Farm due to her energy level. 

Sweet, gentle Payton found her forever home with a loving couple who wanted a full time companion to join them day by day in their outdoor activities, in frisbee and ball, just like their beloved border collie of the past. Payton was happy to have full attention on her as they helped her gain confidence that her life would be great with all their love. Payton now lives in upstate NY.

PAYTON: A 5 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Payton is a sweet, loving, gentle dog who is very easy going and calm. She is happy to be with her person and go with them wherever they are. Payton is a bit timid at first and then once comfortable, just a very gentle soul. She does not have the wound-up intensity of a young Border Collie, so would be more of a great companion. She is very very responsive to people and would do best in an adult home that is fairly calm. She has a little bit of weight to knock off but since she had little exercise before, it is will come off more easily here at the Farm. Peyton herds cat so can be over zealous if living with one. She lived in the kitchen area of her previous home or outdoors in a small fenced yard. She has never experienced the fun of balls or frisbees before but is showing fast interest of course! Payton came to the Farm from CT through a family member of a Friend of the Farm. She had nipped a child while who was going for a ball at the same time she was. 

Sweet Hep found her forever home not far from her foster home, with a wonderful guardian who wanted a companion in his life at work and at play. Hep accompanies him to his bookstore each day, then heads home for lunch with him and then they spend 'siesta' time in the afternoon together. She is an adored friend, now loved for life. Hep now lives in PA.

HEP: A 9 year old Border Collie, Hep or Hepburn as she was called, is a sweetheart, quite loving and happy to be with people. She has a laid back personality and is content being a companion. She is great with other dogs and fits in easily. Hep lived in one home since she was a puppy, with another female Border Collie in a small backyard, staying on the porch so she is carrying extra weight which will come off with more activity. Hep is not good with cats. She came from a shelter in PA where she had been left due to a move. Hep is in foster care in PA and can be seen there or at the Farm.

Sweet Gus found his forever home with guardians who love the breed and thought his good natured gentleness was exactly the right fit for them. Gus clearly liked being with his new people and was happy to hop in the car and head off to his new life, forever loved. Gus now lives in upstate NY.

GUS: A 5 year old Border Collie mix, Gus is a thoughtful, people-oriented dog who wants to be with a person. He thrives on a companion relationship where he can be involved in someone's life. A sweet, easy going dog, he is very smart and alert, observing everything around him. He is friendly with everyone and good with other dogs but probably happiest as the main dog in someone's life. He has a lot of love to give and blossoms when he is the center of attention. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Gus is good with cats. He came to the Farm from upstate NY. 

DAKOTA found her forever home with one of our fosterers and volunteers for dog intake. As part of the key team who helps dogs in need, she saw the email about Dakota coming to the Farm, and wanted to meet her before she even went on the site and as they say, 'the rest is history'.  She took her home with her border collie gang and she walked in as if she'd lived there all her life. Dakota now lives in upstate NY. 

DAKOTA: A petite 5 month old Border Collie, Dakota is a classic, high energy, bright, ready to go any minute Border Collie. She loves people, loves other dogs and is absolutely crazy for the water, splashing and playing in anything filled with water. Dakota is a toy girl, too, has had basic clicker training and knows basic obedience. She goes non-stop of course like every young bc. A cuddler and affectionate girl, Dakota will only be placed in a Border Collie home with other friends for play. She has not been tested with cats but should do fine since she is so responsive to people and eager to please. She is spayed and housetrained and about 20 pounds. Dakota was given up due to chewing.  The NY shelter thankfully felt we would be best to place her due to her energy levels. 

Marvelous Moss found his forever home with a former adopter who now lives nearby, moving her geese control business from the Cape to NY, and now with lots of land on her farm and sheep, Moss joins her as the official farm dog to help her with work and even do some sheep trialing which he did many years ago. We are so thrilled for Moss to have all the love AND all the work he needs forever!

MOSS: A marvelous 8 year old Border Collie with papers, Moss has been herding all his life competitively and on a farm so he definitely knows how to work. He is fully trained with all the commands. His intelligence and need to work is quite obvious plus he is also very sweet, gentle and eager to bond. A very gentle dog, he is very loving though he can be timid at first. He is great with other dogs, enjoying border collie herding games. Moss herded sheep and has been a companion living in the home so will placed in a working situation but not living outside. He gained a bit of weight over the winter not working but will knock that off easily. He is good with cats. Moss's recent guardians surrendered him due to a nipping situation with children after a newborn baby came into the family. He came from Buffalo to the farm thanks to the vet who cared for him and felt he did not warrant euthanasia. 

Beautiful Berty found her forever home in an amazing place.. she lives on her own 207 acre island with 80 sheep for work each day. She will be an adored companion to her new guardians who lost their beloved Border Collie a few years ago and had been waiting for just the right dog to join them again. Berty has 1 1/2 miles of open ground for continuous racing and chasing as well as daily sheep herding from the pasture to the barn. A wonderful life for her, it was quite an adventure to get there, crossing by ferry and then exploring her new world.. our dog, Luke, went along to help make Berty more comfortable and he had a blast, too. Berty now lives in VT.

BERTY: A gorgeous 3 year old Border Collie, Berty is a brilliant, focused girl who wants to be with a person and is happy to be their companion, going everywhere and doing everything together. She is very high energy, has strong herding instincts and needs an active home. She is very friendly and affectionate and eager to bond. She is very very smart and would benefit from being with a seasoned Border Collie person who knew how to challenge her mentally. She has some anxiety about men so will need a patient guardian to help build her confidence. Berty is okay with other dogs but is a strong female so would be happiest as a solo dog or with submissive male dogs. She is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed and will herd the cats in the house. Berty is one of 5 dogs surrendered to a PA shelter who then came to the Farm.

Sweet Russ found his forever home with another Border Collie who loves toys as much as him and likes to race and chase at high speed. They hit it off quickly as good friends who would enjoy a great life together. Russ now lives in upstate NY.

RUSS: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Russ is very friendly, easy going and loves to play with other dogs. He races, chases and runs like the wind, happy to chase after balls and toys of all kind. He is alert and tuned into everything around but good natured and not as intense as some young Border Collies. He does, however, need a friend for lots of play with his energy needs. He is about 50 pounds and not yet tested on cats. Russ was given up due to a divorce. He had been chained outside during the day in his previous home. He came to us from a PA shelter. 

Sweet Stash found his forever home with a loving family and furry friends to keep him busy for the rest of his life! Stash has his own creek on 10 acres for tons of play, racing and running and a wonderful forever home! Stash now lives in PA.

STASH: A 3 month old Border Collie, Stash is a gentle, sweet, good natured little pup who loves to play. He loves other dogs and will be placed with another dog rather than alone. He is also a cuddler and great with people. A little guy, he is fearless and happy go lucky, ready to try anything and everything. Stash was in a shelter in Brooklyn that fortunately likes to work with rescue so 'stashed' him away for us to pick up! 

Sweet Jason found his forever home with a furry friend, just about the same size as he is, who he was very happy to get to know. It was quite clearly a great match for him with two loving guardians who will adore him forever. He'll be their constant companion which he just loves. Jason now lives in western NY.

JASON: A petite 2 yr old border collie, Jason  is a very, very sweet, friendly, good natured dog who wants to be with people. Quite a cuddler, he is very loveable and gentle and quite calm so could do well as a wonderful companion. Jason  is good  with other dogs though happiest with his person nearby first, then he will be interested in other dogs around. He will chase cats though takes a correction to stop. He is about 30 pounds and a bit shorter than the average BC.  His favorite thing is a nice belly rub and lots of love.  Jason came from a loving family in NJ that just didn't have the time for him since he was left alone for 9 hrs a day. 

ROSA found their forever home together! with a loving family who clearly fell in love with both dogs though they had only come for one. After an overnight stay at the nearby B&B, the next morning left them with one decision - take them both home which was perfect for  Rosa who love playing with each other and for their children who each had a special connection with the dogs, quite a wonderful match unfolding right at the Farm. We are so happy for everyone, especially these two sweet dogs who have enough love to give forever! They now live in Ct.

ROSA: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Rosa is a love-bug, happy to cuddle and play and be with anyone and everyone. She is very very sweet, easy going and loves other dogs. Rosa would be happiest with another dog and most importantly with someone around a lot since she loves people. She also loves toys and is interested in playing all the time. She is good with cat.  Rosa was dropped at a shelter in MA because she was too energetic for the older dogs in her home. A rescue colleague brought her to the Farm.

Sweet Skeeter found his forever home with wonderful guardians who were smitten by his great looks, sweet nature and charming ways...he just won over their hearts. Skeeter clearly chose them, too, happy to sit right next to the man of the house, indicating he was ready to go! Skeeter will be living in NJ. They felt Skeeter should finish his work in Camp Border Collie for Kids so they  returned to pick him up so the young man training and living with Skeeter wouldn't miss his company.  

SKEETER : a 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Skeeter is very outgoing with everyone he meets, happy go lucky and eager to be with both people and dogs. He's a sweet guy with a great personality. He gets along with dogs easily and happily likes to play, wrestling and running. He is very responsive to any interaction and eager to learn. He can jump up all four feet at once, leaping very high so could easily do well in agility. He also loves squeaky toys and active play. Skeeter loves car rides and is happy to go anywhere, including to get ice cream on a hot summer! He is about 50 pounds, a little fuller in body than a purebred and very physical so needs an active home. Skeeter has shown no issues with cats, but is interested by the caged birds. He came from a shelter in upstate NY.

Sweet Ojo found his forever home with one of our former adopters who was ready to add another dog to his life. When he and his wife contacted us and discovered I was suggesting Ojo, he was thrilled because that's exactly who he wanted to meet. It was clearly a wonderful match when they met and Ojo now lives in MA. They will be constant companions, accompanying him in his truck everywhere he goes and side by side each day.

OJO: A beautiful 4 1/2 year old tri-color Border Collie, Ojo is a friendly, people oriented dog who enjoys lots of attention and is happy to be with his person. He is observant and alert and eager to bond. Ojo is fairly easy going and would be a great friend with someone home a lot. He absolutely loves people and is a sweetheart! He is happiest as the solo dog and gets along best with easy going females rather than male dogs. Ojo lived with cats and will chase them but not hurt them. He was surrendered due to nervous reactions to a new baby in the house. He came from New Jersey.

Beautiful Bally found loving guardians who could understand her gentle, shy nature and were drawn to offer their love to gain her trust. She clearly responded step by step, feeling the safe comfort they offered. Bally now lives in upstate NY and will never be alone again.

BALLY: A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Bally is a very sweet, gentle girl, eager to be connected with people and very loving. She is gaining her confidence at the Farm, playing with other dogs and toys for the first time, from what we know. She is great with other dogs and good with cats. She will be placed with another more confident dog. Bally is very smart and bonds quickly. She is about 50 pounds. Bally was used as a breeder dog, living in a stall at a farm for her life so is now enjoying all the fun of being free to run and play. Day by day, she is becoming so much happier. Bally, along with Luce, were relinquished to the Farm from NJ. 

Tweed found his forever home with loving guardians who were smitten by his charm and good nature as well as his gorgeous looks. It was quickly clear that he chose his new people as well as them choosing him, a wonderful match meant to be. Tweed will be the constant companion of his 'furdad' with him day and night and even traveling everyone in his truck plus his 'furmom' loves toy play, lots of hiking and walks so he has the best of everything! Tweed now lives in Vt.

TWEED a 4 year old Border Collie, Tweed is a very affectionate, playful, ready-to-go guy...he truly is friendly with everyone and eager to play, race around and retrieve toys of any kind. He has lots of energy for hiking and sports and even ran 20 miles at at time while his previous guardian was training for a marathon. He's very smart and very oriented to learning and responsive to whatever challenge he is given. Tweed is physically very strong and active but can also settle easily, happy to be with his person. He is not frantic or overly intense and not showing heavy herding or nipping instincts.  He is typical in size for a border collie, about 45 pounds.  Tweed is good with cats but will need a bit of supervision since he is curious. He can be a solo dog or could live with submissive female dogs best.  Tweed would be happiest with someone with an active lifestyle if there is no other dog. Tweed was originally a stray in  a local PA shelter and was then adopted from the Farm in 2002, now returned due to issues with one of the other dogs, concurrent with the birth of a baby. He was very loved and adored in this home and they were heartbroken to part with him.

JERRY, a 10 yr old border collie, doesn't act his age, as he races after balls, frisbees, and goes for long walks.  Jerry is a 55lb border collie, a little taller then the average, that has been a loved companion that is in excellent health.  Jerry is looking for a new home due to an unexpected move and will be coming to the Farm from NJ in the near future.

Sweet Sashi found her forever home with the foster family who initially helped restore her health when she first came into rescue. This sweet little girl had previously endured health challenges but with their tender love and care, fun filled dog games and living with other furry friends, she bounced back quickly and very happily. We are thrilled that we get to see Sashi the rest of her life since her new fur MOM is the person who does our website!!! Sashi now lives in NJ.

SASHIE: A sweet 2 year old Border Collie, Sashie isn't showing all her beauty right now since she has been clipped extremely short due to a skin condition. Sashie has had a rough two years where she had been unsuccessfully treated for this so we are very eager to help her in rescue with homeopathic remedies and less invasive approaches. She is very very sweet, loving and so happy to be playing and with people who understand what she needs. She is bright, alert and eager to bond with people and loves being with other dogs, herding, and chasing toys. Sashie needs some time to heal since her former guardians unknowingly did her more harm trying to help her with odd mixes of bath ingredients that were actually toxic and lethal, causing her to vomit due to the poisonous nature of the mixture and with home made food remedies of sardines, almonds and garlic which of course were not the right combination to insure her health. Sashie's former guardians loved her but were challenged in understanding how to properly care for a Border Collie as well as a dog with health issues. She came to the Farm from Maryland. We are very thankful to be helping her and will update her progress. 

Sweet Bleu charmed his new adopters immediately with his good nature and loving ways and quickly won their hearts for life. He will have another border collie for constant fun and tons of love day in and day out. He now lives in NJ.

BLEU: A gorgeous 9 month old Border Collie, Bleu is a gentle, sweet guy who loves to romp and play with other dogs. He craves attention from people and will seek out a person immediately to be with them. Bleu will gain more confidence as he enjoys more dog play here at the Farm. Bleu has been loved but also sheltered so he is under socialized in new situations. He will do best with another confident dog and with someone who is around most of the day. A very sweet dog, he is not showing herding tendencies. Bleu will however, chase cats. He is about 35 pounds. Bleu came from upstate NY, surrendered to the Farm due to a move. 

KEATON: A 1 year old Border Collie, Keaton is a loving, friendly dog who loves to play with toys and other dogs. He is very outgoing and needs another Border Collie friend for herding games. Keaton bonds quickly with people and is very comfortable quickly in new situations but he does want reassurance from a person, as is the case with any young dog. Keaton is about 30 pounds, very thin at this time. Keaton will herd cats so needs some supervision and cats used to the breed.  Keaton came from a Brooklyn shelter turned in due to a new child in the home. Thankfully, the shelter is committed to working with rescue. 
LILY & KEATON found their forever home together with loving guardians who are crazy about the breed and ready for the fun and action of two young focused Border Collies. They fell in love with their pictures and upon meeting them, just had to have them join their lives. These two will have a blast together with a huge backyard with tons of toys! Lily & Keaton now live in upstate NY.

LILY: A petite 1 yr old Border Collie, Lily is absolutely adorable and lovely, she's quite a character full of personality. She loves toys and like most female border collies, loves to boss other dogs even at her young age. She is very very smart and observes everything so can be easily trained for sports or just fun with toys. Lily can be a little shy at first meetings, and takes awhile to warm up to new people. Once she knows you, she is fine.   She is quite the thinker, very obviously working through everything mentally, then deciding to act. Lily will be a great companion full of spark and fun. She does best with another dog around so she can be in the background since she can be shy. She is good with cats.  Lily was relinquished to the Farm due to issues with the older dog who she was dominating. She came from a home NJ. 

Sweet, good natured Kit found her forever home with another Border Collie and friends of the farm who we have known since we started rescue. They just fell in love with this girl and wanted to add her to their family. We are so happy for Kit to find a loving home where she will be adored forever and even gets to try agility!! Kit now lives in Ct.

KIT: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Kit is a sweetheart, very friendly with everyone, happy to be with people and be wherever the action is around her. She is incredibly easy going, good natured and great with other dogs. She enjoys lots of running and playing with other dogs so will be happiest with a canine friend. Kit also loves to play with toys and happily joins in any toy games. Kit loves the water and happily jumps in to cool off whenever she can! She is about 40 pounds, and will bark at cats so needs some supervision to gain her confidence.  She was a stray in a PA shelter. 

Sweet friendly Sadie won the hearts of her foster family and they quickly decided they couldn't live life without her. She will now have two great kids to play and love her and she can share all her love with the family forever! Plus, Sadie gets to see two other dogs from the Farm that are living on the same street!! Sadie now lives in CT.

SADIE: A 4 year old Border Collie, Sadie is a very sweet, good natured girl who loves being with her people and happily enjoys the activities of their life. Her previous guardian described her as very relaxed in the home, easy going and loving. She is not high energy though does love to race and run the perimeter of the yard and really enjoys playing with other dogs. She is a thoughtful dog who observes everything around her and quietly approaches you with a nudge of her muzzle for affection. She will be placed in a home that is fairly quiet since she doesn't like chaos or loud commotions around her. Sadie was surrendered to the Farm due to nipping a child who entered her yard and home uninvited. The child was overly boisterous and ran toward her causing her to react. However, Sadie is good with children, as she lived with young children and did beautifully with them. Sadie is good with cats and is presently carrying some extra weight which should easily come off while at the Farm. She is trained on the invisible fence system. She came from PA. Sadie is being fostered in Ct and can be seen at the Farm

Little Peg found her forever home with guardians who came especially for her! They had seen her picture and knew she'd fit right in with their gang of beloved canine friends and that she did, happily trotting up the hill like she had been with them all her life. Peg now lives in upstate NY with acres and acres of land for exploring.

PEG: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Peg is a playful, energetic, fun loving girl, happy to be with people and be in the middle of all the action. She is quite a character and loves to play with toys, full of personality and spunk. She is a big cuddler, a very affectionate girl. Peg is playful but not intense and has none of the herding traits of a purebred. Peg is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. She came from a shelter with her pup, Demi, where she was going to be gassed.

Darling Demi found her forever home with loving guardians who were drawn to her picture and felt she would be the perfect friend for their granddaughter as well as their older Border Collie mix (not pictured). They excitedly came to visit and of course, fell in love. Demi now lives in NJ.

DEMI: A 3 month old Border Collie mix, Demi is a very petite girl, probably going to be small like her mother, Peg, who is about 30 pounds. Demi is a loving, friendly, calm pup who really wants to be in your arms all the time and is happy to nap and/or play with other dogs. She is a charmer, sweet as can be.  She will be placed with an adoption contract that requires a $100 returnable deposit for proof of spaying, in addition to the normal adoption fee. She came from a shelter in the south with her mother Peg and her littermates, all were to be gassed there but instead, found their way to safety in the north. 

BRADLEY found his forever home with loving guardians who have another special dog from the Farm, Cassie. This time, Cassie got to pick her new friend, excited to have a playmate who understands border collie games and can join in all the fun at her new home. Bradley will be joining a family of 5 other dogs as well as hundreds of animals at one of our favorite places, Spring Farm Cares animal sanctuary. He may even get a chance to help in teaching people all about animal communication.  Bradley will be living in upstate NY once he has finished his rehab from surgery. 

Bradley is a 4 1/2 month old Border Collie who loves cuddling and attention. He is very people oriented and very sweet. We don't yet know about his energy needs since his movement is presently restricted but we assume like most young pups, he will be very lively. He is very smart, alert and bonds quickly. He has not yet been tested on cats but we are certain he will do fine. He is typical in size for his age. He came from a vets office in NY where he was left to be euthanized.


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