Oreo found his forever home with his foster family in CT...he now has two border collie pals, one of which he plays with continuously, and he gets to run across acres and acres of the family farm while enjoying the complete love of his new guardians!  yea to Oreo!

OREO:  a 3 year old purebred, Oreo is very, very easy-going and gets along beautifully with strangers and dogs.  He's friendly, gentle and interested in everything.  Oreo is also good with kids, having been with two 9-year old twins from puppy hood on.  He loves the activity and energy of being with other dogs and could easily fit into a larger pack of 3, 4, up to 7, depending on the dogs.  However, he would not be happiest alone which is why he was relinquished.  Like all border collies without enough activity when alone and bored, he gets frustrated and will chew.  Since being with other dogs at the Farm, he has not chewed anything. Oreo is a taller border collie yet does not jump up or push other dogs around with his size.  He weighs approximately 50 pounds, typical for his size.   Oreo was dearly loved in his previous home which explains his ease with people.  OREO relinquished by guardian.  Oreo is being fostered in Western Ct.

Daisy found her forever home with another border collie, just as obsessed with frisbee and ball as she is...plus she'll be able to do agility for fun, joining her new 'fur mom' in classes!  Daisy now lives in Rhode Island.

DAISY:  A brilliant and agile Border Collie, Daisy is a cuddler by nature, that is, when she isn't playing ball. She jumps quickly toward you for lots of hugs and affection, then immediately heads for the ball, frisbee or any toy nearby.  Only 15 months old, Daisy is a petite purebred border collie with American Border Collie Association papers & AKC registration.  Her grandsire on the sire side was the 1999 Purina Herding Dog of the Year.  Her grandsire on the dam side was the 1996 USBCHA National Finals champion.  One of his sons (Bill) won the 2001 Finals.  Daisy can do agility or flyball as a hobby but not competitively due to a previous leg injury.  It does not hamper her in any way unless she is going through the demands of competitive training.  She is very sweet, incredibly alert and focused on toys of all kinds.  She knows sit, stay, down and comes when called.  Daisy is very intelligent and shows all the classic border collie traits, being high energy, though not nipping.  She would be best in a home with another border collie and with someone committed to rigorous activities as an outlet for her mind and body. When bored, she can become depressed and chews her tail and back legs (very typical of an under-stimulated border collie). She is good with other dogs though territorial over her toys and will give a quick growl to signal other dogs what the rules are...she does not fight.   Daisy is 29 pounds and quite tiny.  She is good with cats.   She was dearly loved but given up due to a lifestyle change where there was no time for her.

GRIFFIN:  gorgeous Griffin will now be walking great trails throughout Massachusetts as a hiking companion and beloved friend.  He'll also get a chance to do competitive obedience and maybe agility.  Griffin caught his guardian's heart when they first met, leading her to travel back for him, weeks later!

GRIFFIN:  a 1 1/2 year old border collie (possibly aussie mix-his tail is docked), Griffin is a gentle, sensitive and affectionate dog.  Obviously previously loved by someone, he is very responsive to people and bonds quickly.  He is very playful with other dogs but loves to sit next to you on the couch, relaxing.  He  knows sit and is good on leash and off leash.  When walking through the woods, he is keenly alert, ears pricked up high and his body has a graceful look, almost like a deer in a field.  Griffin would be fine in a home without another dog but will need to be involved in activities with his human....relationship matters to him.  Griffin is typical in size for a border collie, but his body is a bit longer & heavier at 52 pounds.   Griffin has been cat tested and was very good.  Griffin was a stray due to be euthanized.

RAIDER:  Loveable, ball-crazed Raider found his forever home now far from the local PA shelter where he was surrendered  but he'll be living in his forever home this time because his new guardians love his spunk, his focus and his obsession with balls, as you can see he's always diving for the ball! Raider has a furry pal to keep him company plus 30 acres of beautiful country side to explore.  After 6 months at the Farm, we're sure he's ready for his new life.

RAIDER:   A gorgeous 15 month old border collie/aussie mix, Raider is a delightful, playful fun dog!  He is great off-leash, never wandering far, more eager to stay connected to people.  He is a very balanced, confident dog, responsive to learning and LOVES to endlessly play ball yet once in the house, he enjoys laying down near you, just being with you. He comes when called, will always sit for a treat and is very tuned in to pleasing someone who is interacting with him.  Raider would be a great companion for adults who want an active dog. Raider has been cat tested and was very good and is good with all other dogs,  even fitting in with difficult dogs. 

He has been passed over at the Farm numerous times due to one piece of work that is needed...we do not feel this is a big task but it takes a commitment to help him...he is shy with meeting new people and doesn't like them reaching for his head to pet him...once people offer treats, give him time to acclimate to them without pressure, he will very quickly warm up. He is not aggressive at all, it's just when a stranger approaches him, he needs to be allowed to smell them, get used to them and receive a treat, then he's comfortable.   He'll be best without children in the home, living with adults who can offer the continuity of proper introductions.  People often hesitate to adopt him because of this which is such a shame because he is truly one  of the most wonderful dogs at the Farm, very very loving and friendly.  We see many dogs in rescue with an issue and only hope that people understand that the dog didn't come into the world with issues, a human mistreated the dog, creating the fear.  Raider's reaction to meeting new people is completely manageable and only requires a sincere desire to help him gain more confidence.  Raider is approximately 47 pounds and shows no herding or nipping traits.  He was relinquished by guardians to a local pound because he was too active for their 2 year old child. 

Jess will be chasing squirrels and rabbits with a furry buddy on 25 acres in Vermont, happily adored by her new guardians who found her to be so delightful they couldn't imagine life without her!

JESS:  a petite, approx 4 year old Border Collie, Jess is a sweet, affectionate, loving girl who loves to be with people.  She is shy and cautious in new situations but quickly overcomes her hesitancy for a pet on the head and a rub on the stomach.  Jess really  wants to connect with someone for a relationship. Over time, she is likely to gain more confidence that she is safe and won't be hurt because it seems she's probably been yelled at or worse.  Her neck is presently scabbed from a collar too tight or being tied out on a rope or chain.   Jess is fine with other dogs, very submissive, but definitely interested in them, though she'd be best with a less pushy dog or as the only dog.   She'll also do best with someone around a great deal since her need for healing is strong.  Jess is a lovely little girl, just eager to please.  She is good with cats and a bit smaller size border collie, approximately 30 pounds. Jess was due to be euthanized in a pound.

Cera found her forever home in MA on 7 acres with a loving couple who consider their dogs to be their kids!  She has an aussie pal to play with and will be able to go to stay home or go to work for a bit of variety!  Cera quickly jumped into their laps and their lives, happy to have a loving home.

CERA :  A  1 year old purebred, a little mix (her father was purebred, her mother 7/8ths' border collie), sweet Cera is delightful and instantly friendly with everyone she meets - a true social butterfly!  Even the people who helped transport her to us thought she was a  dream dog.  Cera is very eager to connect with people, very good with other dogs (making instant friends with Tweed who arrived the same day).  She has lots of energy, is eager to play and would be best with another dog since she needs to burn off her energy and doesn't like being alone with nothing to occupy her mind.  Cera needs obedience to help her know the rules and is eager to please so will be a pleasure to train.  She is not showing signs of nipping or herding and is a bit bigger than the typical border collie, weighing 54 pounds.  Cera is okay with cats but will need a bit of supervision since she is curious.  She takes a correction very quickly and is so people focused, she wants to please  Cera was relinquished due to the lack of time to handle her needs and energy levels.

Cheyenne found her forever home with another border collie, a young boy named Raider who is curious about her and know she's in charge!  Cheyenne will now be living in PA with two kids and a very committed border collie family! They just fell in love with her, of course!

CHEYENNE A 1 year old border collie, Cheyenne is a very loving girl, eager to bond with people.  She is very playful with other dogs, high energy and in fact, would do really well with another dog to play all day.    Cheyenne is rather shy at first, hesitant to trust people, more so men, but clearly wants to connect.  Once she does, she offers her paw, loves her chest being scratched and will sit quietly by your side.  She is very alert, observant and will bond to someone who commits to her.  Cheyenne is typical in size for a border collie, about 40 pounds.  She is crazy about toys, taking toy after toy out of the basket, creating a collection outside for play!  She is extremely fast, in fact, faster than all the other dogs at the Farm and she loves to run, angle, cut and get others to chase...quite an incredible sight to watch.  She was relinquished to a local pound due to having too much energy.

Lucky Wyatt found his forever home with another border collie from the Farm, Moli and he's now living in upstate Ny with new guardians who adore him.  They found his sweet innocence to be endearing and couldn't leave the farm without him so after adopting Moli, they came back for Wyatt.  Both Wyatt and Moli LOVE to play together for hours and hours.  His new guardians have found challenges with Wyatt and are persistent in training him to better understand the rules of the pack (read The Dog Listener if you want to know how the dog pack really works).  Fingers crossed, Wyatt and Moli will be together forever in their new home!

Wyatt, a 1 1/2 year old purebred border collie, Wyatt is a lover, very very affectionate and needing human companionship.  He is very friendly with everyone he meets and eager to bond.  He's fine with other dogs and wants to play but will be a bit territorial over food though he takes a correction instantly.  Wyatt is not showing any signs of heavy bc instincts, not herding or nipping.  He is mostly focused on getting affection and will need to go to a home that gives him reassurance to gain his confidence that he is permanently in a loving place. Judging from the condition of his coat and his thinness, he was neglected.  Wyatt will need obedience work as he knows no rules right now and is quite curious about everything. Wyatt mixes well with other border collies but isn't that fond of other breeds who have a different style of play. He could be in a home with another border collie or as the solo dog.  Wyatt is approximately 45 pounds, typical in size.  Wyatt has been cat tested and was curious but could be supervised and be fine.   Wyatt was relinquished to a pound because the guardians 'had too many dogs'.

Fresca found her forever home with a wonderful woman who absolutely adored her as soon as they met (on the left).  Fresca will now have 18 acres of great countryside plus an additional 200 acres for hiking and walking which she'll do daily plus her new guardian works from home so can play any time during the day she likes!  Fresca now lives in CT.

FRESCA:  a 4 year old purebred, Fresca is friendly, playful and very very focused on her frisbee!  She is high energy and loves to run.  She responds best to a relationship where she is challenged mentally, emotionally and physically, typical of an active border collie.  Fresca is a very high energy, active border collie who instantly interacts with people and wants to play.  She could be very good in agility as her focus is exacting and she can be taught anything quickly and she is VERY fast.   She is being socialized with other dogs now and doing well, though she'd be happiest with only one other dog, not a pack of three or more.  She is very obedient, eager to please and sweet as can be.  She is best in a home that knows and loves this breed.  Fresca is typical in size for a border collie.  She is being given up due to a change in lifestyle where there is less time for her. 

Mickey found his forever home with a wonderful couple who want to devote lots of attention to their beloved furry friend and also want to help Mickey with some of his issues with strangers.  They are committed to Mickey and felt he is the perfect addition to their life.  Mickey now lives in upstate NY.

MICKEY:  4 1/2 years old, Mickey is a border collie mix (possibly w/collie) who is friendly and interested in bonding right away.  He loves the attention and connection with a human who understands him.  Mickey is not high energy, preferring to be a good companion, with someone as much as possible in their daily life.  He is also good with other dogs, very playful and not dominant.  He is not showing heavy border collie tendencies to nip or herd but he will protect his family home from strangers not properly introduced.  Mickey barks and will growl to handle unknown visitors so needs training from a seasoned dog person to let him know when that is appropriate and when it is not. Mickey is best in a home with older children. Mickey is typical in size for a border collie, about 40 pounds.  He was relinquished to a local pound.

Cassie (aka Sophie) found her forever home with a nice family who waited for the right time to introduce a dog to their home.  Both children felt Cassie was the 'greatest' and happily played ball, ran around and loved her instantly.  Cassie now lives in upstate NY.

SOPHIE:  Little Sophie is only 4 months old and a lovely little girl, complete with puppy energy, licks and kisses.  She's also got the chewies of course and loves to play with other dogs.  Sophie is partially housetrained and quite smart, eager to be with people and cuddle.  Sophie was part of a neglect case, confiscated with 75 other dogs, improperly cared for.

Tweed, now Calvin, found his forever home with two furry friends, a border collie and a lab mix, both who love to run and chase and play. Tweed loved his new guardians instantly and will now be living in Delaware.

TWEED, a 1 year old red and white border collie, possibly a bit of a mix, Tweed is an affectionate, playful, ready-to-go guy...he truly is friendly with everyone and every dog, eager to play, race around and grab toys, just a like a puppy.  He could be less than a year old with the energy he has with other dogs and his excitement to be in the middle of the action.  He's very smart, knows sit and very oriented to learning and responsive.  He's also quite fast and physically confident.  Tweed will need obedience to help him know the rules. Tweed would be best in a home with another dog since he loves to play.  He's not showing heavy herding or nipping instincts.  He is typical in size for a border collie, about 45 pounds.  Tweed is good with cats but will need a bit of supervision since he is curious.  He takes a correction very quickly and is so people focused, he wants to please.  Tweed would be happiest with another dog to play and thoroughly occupy himself or would need an active lifestyle if there is no other dog. Tweed was a stray in  a local pound.

Merlin just went to his new home where he'll be  a geese chasing dog!!!! he will be working on golf courses 3 days a week with a wonderful man who does this part time and also is a competitive frisbee champ....so you can imagine that Merlin will be very busy between the two He'll be living in New Jersey with a great family, 2 kids who both play soccer and of course, are fantastic frisbee throwers as well as ball throwers..  they installed the invisible fence already and came for him today...they LOOOVVVVEEE him....  he begins some training tomorrow, watching another border collie who works the geese, too!!   Should be an incredible life for him.

MERLIN:  a gorgeous 4 year old purebred, Merlin is a ball fanatic and would be fantastic in flyball!  He is relentless in his desire to retrieve the ball, bring it to you and catch it which he does very precisely, almost every time.  Merlin is also a very loving, sweet border collie, interested in people and friendly to everyone he meets.  He would do best with an active guardian who can stimulate his mind with the ball or in other ways and he will bond very quickly and fully.  He would also be okay without another dog for company, though he is fine with other dogs.  He is a brilliant dog, clearly observant of everything around him and very, very alert.  Merlin has lived with very young children but would be best with older children where he can bond better.  He is about 50 pounds typical in size.  Merlin is trained on the invisible fence.  Merlin is good with cats but may also need some supervision.   Merlin was relinquished due to a family change in lifestyle.

Sweet little Mika (aka Cammie) found her new guardians within days of coming to the farm!  They came to see her and just adored everything about her, as she did them.  Mika is now living in upstate NY.

CAMMIE:  A 9 month old petite border collie mix, Cammie is a sweetheart, loving to be in your lap and a part of all the action!  She's very friendly with everyone and loves to be in the center of the action with other dogs, too.  She is very small and has a docked tail but her charm is big and she's always 'waggin' with energy  - she loves to run and move and check out everything.  Cammie is about 20 pounds.  Cammie was a stray in a shelter due to be euthanized.

Sweet Delaney (aka Brenn) found his forever home with another Border Collie (mix) adopted from us over a year ago.  They were fast friends and he'll be happily playing together in MA now!

BRENN:  A loveable  3-4 month old purebred, Brenn is very people oriented, jumping into your lap for cuddling and of course, nibbling on your fingers, too.  He is full of energy yet also very sensitive, wanting to be with people.  He's good with other dogs but a little less confident than his brother, Dru, so will do best with an easy-going dog, not a dominant one.  Brenn will be placed into a Border Collie home and preferably with another border collie.  Brenn will need obedience and patience as he's in the chewing stage, typical of a pup.  He is about 15 pounds, typical for a pup. Brenn was a stray due to be euthanized.

Wonderful Dru has a new home in the Adirondacks on a lake with a family that just loves him!  He's got another Border Collie (mix) for a furry pal and plenty of fun things to do with the kids, maybe even agility!

DRU:  A wonderful 4 month old purebred, Dru is all border collie, running, cutting and angling, focused (at the moment) to play!  He is also very, very sweet, eager to be in your lap and give and get kisses.  He's very sensitive with people yet he is confident with other dogs and will take care of himself with adult dogs.  Dru needs to be in a Border collie home and with another dog, preferably a border collie. He will need obedience and patience as he is in the chewing stage, as typical of a puppy. He is about 20 pounds, typical for a bc pup.  Dru was a stray due to be euthanized.

Glen (aka Mirk) found his forever home with another border collie who is just as focused on toys and balls as he is!  His new guardians hike and canoe and can't wait for him to join them on their trips!  Glen now lives in upstate NY.

MIRK:  an 9 month old petite purebred, Mirk is a sweetheart, very affectionate with people and eager to bond. He is typical in border collie energy, very focused, observant and highly trainable.  He is quite fast, already showing the 'eye' with some herding.  Mirk could excel in agility with his eye, speed and size, being a bit smaller than the typical bc.  Mirk is very smart, knows basic obedience and is eager to please.  He is good with other dogs though he will guard his toys and is very confident for a puppy, willing to handle other dogs to keep what's his.  He loves to play with other dogs, especially border collies.  He is about 30 pounds.  Mirk was given up because he 'was too big' for the apartment his guardians lived in and upon relinquishment, was due to be destroyed (there is no law about holding surrendered dogs for any length of time.) Fortunately, a rescue person happened to see him come and saved his YOUNG, SWEET life!  Mirk is not good with cats as he focuses on them as if they are 'sheep', ready to herd them.  Mirk would be fine as the solo dog in a home or mixing with more submissive dogs.  Either way, he will need an outlet for his mind and body.  He was relinquished by guardians to a shelter and was due to be euthanized.

SCOTTY & KELLY:  Lucky for the new guardians, this wonderful pair of border collies are together forever... they love each other and both absolutely love people, which their new guardians found out upon meeting them.  A wonderful duo, they will now be living on a 100 acre estate with 20 fenced acres where they can freely race around and play all day.  Their new humans are home all the time and available for lots of fun as well as watching sheep, chickens, horses and everything else you can imagine!  Scotty & Kelly now live in upstate NY.

SCOTTY:  A 1 year old purebred, Scotty is full of life and ready to play!  He adores people and is friendly to everyone, eager to bond and  be hugged and give kisses.  Scotty has gorgeous markings, including one light blue eye.  Scotty is high energy and would do best with another border collie so he'd be mentally and physically stimulated.  He responds well to commands and is very eager to please so would do well in training.  Scotty knows sit and will come when called, though this is a new name for him.  He is not showing heavy herding or nipping traits but does need an outlet for his energy.  Scotty is curious about cats and needs some supervision but won't hurt the cat & easily takes correction because he's so eager to please.  He is typical in size, about 40 pounds.  Scotty is okay with cats but will need a bit of supervision since he's curious.  He takes a correction very quickly and is so people focused, he wants to please.  Scotty was a stray in a local shelter.

KELLY:  A 9 month old purebred tri-color border collie - sable, red & white, Kelly is incredibly people oriented, affectionate and wants to be in your lap instantly.  She is friendly with everyone she meets and great with other dogs, mixing well with all temperaments.  Kelly is VERY high energy and will need an interactive relationship with a person involved in activities with her.  She would also be happiest with another dog to race and play and invent dog games. Kelly is very smart and highly trainable and game for pretty much anything, just to be with her person. She would be best with someone who knows this breed.  She is a bit stockier with shorter legs, than the typical border collie but her weight is typical, around 40 pounds.  Kelly is okay with cats but will need a bit of supervision since she's curious.  She takes a correction very quickly and is so people focused, she wants to please. Kelly would be happiest with another dog to play and seems to prefer male dogs.  She could be the solo dog as long as there was enough activity to stimulate her. Kelly was a stray due to be destroyed.

Sweet, kind little Leah found her forever home with another border collie and guardians who just fell in love with her sweet nature!  Leah will now be living in upstate NY.

LEAH:  A petite, 8 month old Border Collie (mix?), Leah is thoroughly adorable and sweet, cuddling in your lap and eager to kiss your face.  And yes, she does have a little pink nose with spots- quite charming! Leah is very people oriented and friendly with everyone.  She is very small, about Minna's size, and will probably not be a large dog.  Leah is extremely agile, fast and races wildly with Minna and the other young dogs, eager to play.   Leah will be placed with another active dog since she is energetic.   She will need obedience as she is full of puppy energy. She is about 20 pounds.  Leah was given up due to her energy level.

Tye found his forever home in Ct with a great couple, former border collie guardians, who just fell in love with his brilliance.  Walking on the trails at the Farm, Tye connected with them completely.  He'll be running around in a big back yard as well as trying agility at a nearby canine sports center, plus lots of walks in the woods every day. 

TYE:  a stunning 11 month old border collie, Tye is full of life, ready to play and eager to be with people to do so.  He will run to catch balls and toys of any kind, happily coming back again and again for another throw.  He is very lively and full of energy, yet not hyper.  He has a graceful prance to his run and a powerful jump when he comes to you for attention.  He will settle down next to you for affection.  Tye is good with other dogs, preferring females more than males, but he's fine with either.  He is very very alert, watching everything that goes on and is not showing any nipping or herding instincts.  However, as a young dog, he is very mouthy and unaware of how he uses his mouth so will not be placed with young children. Tye is not good with cats and is typical in size for a border collie, approximately 35 pounds. Tye would be fine as the solo dog in the home or can mix with other dogs, depending on the temperament. Tye was a stray from a local shelter.

Little JD (aka Wylie) caught the eye of a wonderful couple, retired farmers who had lost their beloved border collie.  With 15 acres of countryside for fun, JD  will be their constant companion, totally the center of attention. Wylie now lives in upstate NY.

WYLIE:  An 8 month old Border Collie mix, Wylie is a teddy bear and in fact, carries his teddy bear around in his mouth all the time.  A real sweetheart, he wants to be with people, loves affection and will follow you around everywhere.  He also loves to play with other dogs and race around like young pups do.  Wylie is very alert, aware of all the activities around them and eager to join in everything.  He knows sit and will need further obedience since he's a young dog.  Wylie would probably be happiest with another dog to play and burn off his puppy energy.  He is not as large as his pictures look, actually he's shorter than normal border collies and a bit thicker.  Wylie will probably not grown much larger than he is. Wylie is curious about cats but in a puppy-like way and would be fine supervised since he's very eager to please. Wylie was a stray in a shelter, about to be euthanized.

RODNEY (aka Donney) found his forever home on a beautiful farm in Vermont, where he'll be living with another border collie.  He'll be able to run the fields and acres of land (fenced in), keeping busy with all the animal activities and always have the companionship of his new guardian who works on the farm day and night.  She loved his gentle nature which matched her current beloved border collie perfectly!

McDonney:  a 1 1/2 year old purebred border collie, McDonney is a gentle, affectionate dog, eager to bond with people and happy to be loved.  He's a more sensitive dog, aware of everything around him.  McDonney is very friendly with other dogs, very playful and a classic border collie, eager to focus on a ball or race around and herd the other dogs.  However, he is not showing heavy border collie instincts.  He is quite handsome in person with unique markings, typical in size of 35 pounds.  He knows sit and will come when called, even with his new name.  McDonney earned his unusual name because he had a McDonald's hamburger as a treat en route from the pound where he was due to be euthanized.  Instead, he happily made it to the Farm. He is good with cats.  Donney would be fine as the solo dog or can mix with other dogs, but does get along best with females.  McDonney was a stray from a local shelter.  

Nellie's new 'furmom' saw her picture and just knew she had to come live with her family!  And, then upon meeting her in person, was crystal clear that sweet Nellie's heart joined theirs.  Nellie now lives in Ct with her beagle friend, Peaches, where they can both share their special kind doggie love!

NELLIE:  A 3 year old mix (we're not sure about border collie), we heard of Nellie's story and just couldn't leave her to die.  She and Bree were in a kill shelter where they still gas the dogs rather than use humane euthanasia procedures, so with only 20 minutes to decide her fate, with no pictures in our hands, we said we'd take the two border collie mixes, sight unseen.  It just didn't seem right not to help.  

So, sweet Nellie is here at the Farm and hoping someone will find her as adorable as any of the Border Collies they see.  And, she is wonderful, incredibly sweet and quite the charmer.  She gently crawls up onto your lap, hoping for affection, just eager for a connection with someone who is kind.  We think Nellie didn't have such a good life because she's a little timid, seemingly afraid she might be hit.  But, she holds no grudges, as she is easy going, playful and gentle, never jumping up or pushing herself unless invited.  She is good with other dogs and will certainly blossom with loving care.  She's a petite girl, about 30 pounds and is good with cats, disinterested.  Pictures don't do Nellie justice because you can't feel her warm, sweet heart, which is ever present as soon as you meet her.  

Wren and Macleod became fast friends at the Farm, racing, playing and wrestling and have now found a new life together with their  guardians in New Jersey.  They'll have another furry friend, Beagley, all of whom will be totally adored and loved as 'their kids', as they are now called!

MACLEOD:  A 1 year old Border Collie, Macleod is striking with his freckled nose and one blue eye.  He's a playful, fun loving, friendly guy who is eager to meet everyone and anyone near him.   He is great with other dogs, mixes easily and quickly and likes lots of activity.  He is high energy so will need another dog to keep him stimulated enough.  Macleod will need obedience basics but is very food oriented so easy to train.  He will guard his food from other dogs (not from people) since he was a stray and has a strong sense of need for food.  Macleod is about 40 pounds, typical in size. Macleod is curious about cats but in a puppy-like way and would be fine supervised since he's very eager to please. Macleod was a stray at a shelter that needed to get him out fast!

WREN:  a 1 year old Border Collie mix, Wren is a sweetheart, in need of a human connection.  She really desires warm affection and gentle touching.  She is not high energy and would prefer to sit by your side on the couch.  She does like playing with other dogs and the fun of going places with you and being involved in everything.  Wren is a bit shy at first and hesitant to be touched on the head so will need some patience and a home that is not chaotic.  Once she feels safe, she's a real love.  Wren is typical in size of a border collie, about 35 pounds.  Wren is okay with cats but may also need some supervision. Wren would be fine as the solo dog in a home but with her shyness, probably most comfortable with another dog or other dogs in the environment. Wren will be best with older children since she is a bit hand shy, fearing she may be hit. Wren was found at the pound, trembling, shaking and paralyzed with fear due to the kennel environment.  She has blossomed at the Farm beautifully changing from a terrified girl to a playful, tail wagging gem.  In the right home, she will continue to blossom.

Bree found her forever home with another great dog from the Farm, Lucy, adopted last June!  She's now living in New Jersey, happily racing around with Lucy and loving her life with her new guardians who adore having two!  And, they'll both be coming to Camp this summer so we'll have lots of updated pictures to show!

BREE, a 1 year old Border Collie mix, Bree is very petite (you can't tell in the pictures) and very, very affectionate. She loves attention and kisses and cuddling and she also loves to run and race around, playing with other dogs.  She is very agile and alert and eager to please.  She also loves toys and is very trainable.  Bree is good with cats and all other dogs and would enjoy a home with another dog to burn off her energy and playfulness. She will not get much bigger as she is a petite dog. Bree was a stray, in a shelter about to be euthanized.

Brigit found her forever home with a wonderful family who has had two Border Collies before and just love the breed.  They, of course, fell madly in love with the sweet, gentle nature of Brigit and happily welcomed her into their home.  Brigit now lives in upstate NY.

BRIGIT:  A 2 month old purebred Border Collie, Brigit is a delightful beautiful pup, eager to explore everything and anything.  Brigit is actually a tri-color with a little light tan on her face.  She is already showing signs of a being a high energy border collie!  She is very focused, observant and eager to be in the middle of all activities.  She loves the other puppies and adult dogs and is very responsive to people, loving to cuddle and get attention.  She sits on your lap for kisses and affection, then bolts off after whatever catches her interest.  Brigit will be placed in a border collie home, with another border collie since she is showing signs typical of the breed.  Brigit is about 8 pounds and will be a rough coat when grown.  She was in a shelter due to be euthanized due to space.

Brilliant Bess found her her forever home with a great couple who adopted their first dog, Cammie (now Mika) from the Farm.  Their former Border Collie was a beloved family member as is Mika and now Bess!   Bess is living in upstate NY.

BESS:  Little 2 month old Bess is a purebred Border Collie, showing all the signs of being a high energy dog!  She's playful, mischievous and alert watching everything that goes on at the Farm, as well as trying to get into it!  She is a little fireball and will be placed into a Border Collie home only, with another bc.  Bess loves playing with the other pups, will gladly play tug of war or grab any toy she can, racing around instigating a game of chase.  She's also good with adult dogs and loves people.  She comes right to you when called, and loves attention.  Bess is about 8 pounds and will be a rough coat border collie when full grown.  Bess was  in a shelter due to be euthanized due to space.

Sweet, shy Fawn found her forever home right away with two loving guardians who literally felt her special charm in a surprising way...they came to adopt an adult border collie and instead, seeing her amazing gentle eyes and calm nature, found her irresistible!  Fawn now lives in upstate NY. 

FAWN:  A 3 month old border collie, maybe sheltie, maybe collie, Fawn is very precious.  She is one of the most gentle little pups we've seen, a bit timid at first with people and then warming up quickly to enjoy lying next to you, stretched out at your side. She loves to give kisses and sit on your lap.  She is very, very observant, watching all the pups activities and everything going on at the Farm.  We think of Fawn as a more sensitive dog who will benefit from kind and caring guardians who nurture her confidence.  She races around with the other pups and adult dogs, getting into mischief like any pup but she's the first to quiet down and loves affection.  The sister of Tuck, she's the quiet one while he's the outgoing one.  Fawn is about 10 pounds, has a beautiful chocolate color coat that will be a rough coat when grown.  She was in a shelter due to be euthanized due to space.

Zappa found his forever home in one meeting...his new guardian absolutely fell in love with his picture and knew when they met, he was his dog! Zappa now lives in Pennsylvania and will be his new guardian's constant companion.   We're so happy for Zappa, he'll never be abandoned again.

ZAPPA, a 1 year old gorgeous Border Collie/Husky mix, Zappa is incredibly alert, responsive and eager to play. He is very people oriented, very loyal, full of energy and loves car rides!  Zappa loves to lick faces, have his belly rubbed and will go anywhere for fun!  He is great with other dogs and in fact, needs the play to work off his energy.  Zappa would be a good family dog because he's so  eager to please and wants to be a part of everything. Zappa will need consistent obedience training since he is young plus he tends to be mouthy, as most young dogs are, so would be best in a home with older children.  Zappa has been cat tested and was too interested to live with cats.  He is about 45 pounds, typical in size.  Zappa was confiscated by the Humane Society when he was discovered abandoned in an empty apartment.      Zappa is being fostered in Southern New Jersey

Megan found her new home in an unexpected way!  She was being transported by former adopters, (Brither aka Merlin's guardians) who volunteer to help rescue dogs who need to get to the farm (they previously brought Fiona to safety) and surprisingly, after dropping her at the farm, they realized they just couldn't live without her! So, Megan came to the Farm and promptly found her forever home!  That's a lucky girl!  She'll be joining a family of 4 border collies, living in upstate NY.

MEGAN:  A gorgeous 3 year old purebred, Megan is very friendly, bonds instantly and wants to be with people.  She is a very alert, lively Border Collie but not high strung or obsessed.  She is good with other dogs, causing little or no problems but she is dominant and will take care of herself if another dominant dog confronts her.  She is a real sweetheart, eager to please and confident.  Megan is a a large size, tall Border Collie and has a few pounds to loose (don't we all!).  Megan was taken to a shelter due to a divorce. 

Sweet, gentle Tuck found his forever family when they fell in love with him, first online and then again, even more, in person!   He jumped in their lap, licked their faces and said 'take me home' which they happily did!  Tuck now lives in Massachusetts.

TUCK:  Little 3 month old Tuck is a border collie mix, maybe sheltie or collie though his markings are just like Bing's who is a purebred who came from the same shelter. (see Bing on our site) His coat is a beautiful chocolate brown and looks like he will be a rough coat when his long hair grows in.  Regardless, he is a gem, very very outgoing and absolutely loves people. Upon meeting you, he races over for kisses and attention, even foregoing food just to get lovin.  Tuck is very observant, alert and interacts beautifully with the other pups as well as adult dogs.  He is full of puppy energy and gets into mischief, like all puppies do, but he is truly a sweet, sweet dog.  He's about 10 pounds. Tuck was in a shelter, due to be euthanized due to space.

Fletcher has his own family now!  Never abandoned again, Fletcher has a furry friend and two kind little girls who thought he was the best 'big puppy' they'd seen.  Bounding into their arms and laying on their lap, he quickly won their hearts!  Fletcher now lives in New Jersey.

FLETCHER:   A 2 1/2 year old border collie, Fletcher is extremely friendly, very lively and loves people.  He is eager to bond with someone and would prefer a relationship where someone is around.  Fletcher is very good with other dogs, mixes fine instantly.  He is a bit larger than the typical border collie and very strong so not good for a home with young children.  He will also need consistent obedience training because his enthusiasm can knock you over! Fletcher is good with cats, disinterested. Fletcher was due to be euthanized at a shelter

Bing found his forever home with another wonderful Border Collie from the Farm - Daizy - adopted 6 months ago!  Just like Daizy, Bing's sweet nature won them over within moments of meeting him!  Bing will now enjoy hiking and ball and frisbee with Daizy and her, and now his, loving guardians!  Bing now lives in CT.

BING:  A 3 year old tri-color purebred smooth coat with papers, Bing is a wonderful Border Collie who is very very people oriented, easy going and bonds quickly.  He is extremely good natured and affectionate without the nipping and herding tendencies of the breed.  Bing does love to run and needs lots of exercise and ideally, another dog for play.  Otherwise, an active guardian would be great.  Bing is a rare find with all the brilliance and athletic abilities of a Border Collie without the intense obsessions needing to work. In fact, Bing was bred to herd sheep and relinquished because he didn't have a heavy drive to do so.  Bing is about 40 pounds, typical in size for a border collie. Bing has not been tested with cats yet.   Relinquished by guardian.

Wonderful Flora found her forever home on a 105 acre horse farm with a former border collie owner who loves the breed, their brilliance and sweet nature which exactly Flora!  She also wanted to adopt an older dog since many people overlook them so Flora found a special place in her heart. Flora now lives in New Jersey.

FLORA:  A 5 year old Border Collie, Flora is quite wonderful, sweet, loving and eager to be with someone.  She's really a gem, great with other dogs and so friendly - but not great with cats.   Flora was 'a town dog', caught as a stray on the street numerous times.  This owner's negligence has come with a high price and probably reflects a lack of education about proper care of dogs. Because, unfortunately, Flora has heartworm disease which can kill her without medical intervention.  Now in rescue, she will undergo a two-month treatment before she is available for adoption.  We have successfully taken two other dogs through this tough treatment and they were adopted and lived healthy, full lives.  We are so grateful that she's landed in our care because unchecked, she would definitely die.

Please remember to give your dogs heartworm preventative every month in order to insure that your dog won't have to undergo the painful medical procedure Flora is about to endure.  Due to improvements in the drug, which injected directly into the heart to kill the mosquito larvae that is eating at the heart, it's fairly certain she will recover completely because the disease has been caught early (which is confirmed by an xray).

Sweet, gentle Rennie found her forever home with a great family who fell in love with her good natured disposition and once they knew her story, wanted to give her a loving home!  She bonded quickly with the children and happily headed out the gate to her new life! 

RENNIE:  is a 6-8 month old Border Collie with lots of energy and interest in playing!  She is great with people and learning obedience quickly - sit & down.  Like any young dog, she will need an outlet for her mental, physical and emotional needs, probably with another dog.  She likes to play ball and is not showing any herding instincts.  She is not good with cats. She has a beautiful brindle coloring in her coat which is hard to see in the pictures.  Rennie is very alert, lively and extremely friendly to everyone.  She has been well socialized with children of various ages and all dogs.   She is typical in size for a border collie, about 35 - 40 pounds. Rennie, a stray left on the streets of the Bronx.

The free spirited Huck found his forever guardian, a great guy who really wants a companion to hike and explore the great outdoors.  After walking the trails at the farm & playing fetch with sticks in the pond, he knew Huckey was his dog!  Huckey happily hopped in his truck and headed to his new home in Pennsylvania.  

HUCKEY:  Huckey (Huck) is named after Huckleberry Finn, probably appropriate because Huckey is a free spirit.  A 2 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Huckey loves to play with other dogs and in fact, prefers dogs to people most of the time. He'd fit in beautifully within a home with lots of dogs and where there was one guardian able to focus on him. He bonds best with one person, preferably a man, since he is a strong-willed dog.  He is very trainable, incredibly eager to learn and is one of the most obedient dogs with consistency in sit, down, stay and come but requires a strong alpha leader in his human. Huckey is wonderful off leash, staying closer with you, never venturing far.   He does have a tendency to guard his space from people he doesn't know, giving a growl or curled lip.  He has not bitten and shows no interest in doing so, but prefers less contact with strangers, so necessitates a guardian who understands this, yet gives firm rules for what's appropriate.  In some respects, he'd probably be happiest with a man who took him everywhere and challenged his mind while giving him an outlet for playing with other dogs.  Huckey is approximately 40 pounds, typical in size for a border collie. Huckey would be fine as the solo dog if there is a close relationship with a person but he also loves to play with other dogs and would be great in a home with multiple dogs.  Huckey was relinquished to a local shelter and due to be euthanized.


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