Gorgeous Griffin found his forever home living right off the beach so he can have surfside walks all the time! plus he now lives in a neighborhood full of dogs for lots of play and even better, one of his new guardians works from home so he'll have company all the time!  We are so happy for Griffin and his new life which started long ago abandoned in a shelter, where he had been due to be destroyed. Griffin never needs to worry again. He now lives in Rochester, NY.

GRIFFIN:  A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, Griffin is a marvelous dog to experience!  He is gorgeous to watch in action, moving across the fields leaping in the air, bounding through the fields, much like a stallion.  He is athletic and agile with a striking presence in person.  He loves racing and exploring in the woods and on trails and is very good off leash, checking back often.  Griffin is also very playful, friendly with everyone and eager to participate in all activities, whether it be with people or dogs.  He is great with all dogs and would benefit from another dog for play.  He would also be happiest with someone around most of the time as he is quick to bond and very relationship oriented.  He has some separation anxiety so prefers to go everywhere, rather than be left alone for long periods.  Griffin is very responsive to training and already knows sit, stay, stand, come, down and heel with both hand and voice signals. Griffin is good with cats.  Griffin was a stray due to be euthanized. 

Sweet Sasha found her forever home with another furry friend from the farm, Tuck, who was adopted a year ago. She will now share the fun of racing along the beach, learning agility and playing non-stop with her new furbuddy. Her sweet nature showed clearly with her new guardians who had fallen in love with her long before they even met her in person! Sasha now lives in MA.

SASHA: A 1 1/2 year old purebred tri-color Border Collie, Sasha is a delight, very inquisitive, intelligent and eager to explore.  She is an astute border collie, connected to the activities around her, exhibiting the border collie eye with quite a focus.  She is gentle and good natured, very affectionate, friendly and playful, very people oriented and eager to please. She will be an incredible companion with the person that understands her and enjoys active play.  Sasha is fine with other dogs though probably best with males.  She is petite, about 30 pounds and is good with cats.  Sasha was given up due to illnesses in the family.

Wonderful Wynn easily charmed his new guardians with his loving ways, athletic actions and focused border collie brilliance! He will not only enjoy lots of love but will be learning agility and even have a new border collie puppy joining him in a month for lots of active fun! Wynn now lives in Ct.

WYN: A 1  year old purebred, Wyn is incredibly alert, focused on everything around him and eager to interact. He affectionately nudges you for attention and loves time sitting by your side. He is very playful with other dogs and very responsive to people and full of energy like all young border collies. He would benefit from another young dog for play. Wyn is also very smart and wants to please so will be very trainable. He can be a little shy at first until he feels comfortable, again, typical of many border collies. He is good with cats. Wyn is around 35 pounds and average in size for the breed. Wyn was a stray in a shelter.

Schaefer found his forever home and his dream come true home! He will be herding geese every day which means he'll finally get to do what he was born to do - Schaefer comes from well bred herding lineage! He'll also be learning agility which is exactly what will make him very happy. He joins another furfriend, Roscoe, a Belgian sheepdog for a very loving and busy life in New Jersey.

SCHAEFER:  A 6 year old purebred with papers, Schaefer is very very intelligent, observant and connected to all activities around him.  He actually worked in his previous home as a hearing aid companion to one of the guardians so he has the foundation of training to be in service.  He is very obedient, eager to please and responsive to everyone he meets.  He gets along great with all dogs, absolutely loves to play ball and play with other dogs who like play.  Schaefer is a classic border collie with the eye but not a heavy herder.  Schaefer can fit in with another dog or would be happy in an active home with an outlet for his physical play needs. Schaefer is good with cats.  Schaefer is a tall border collie, about 50 pounds. He has a working vocabulary of various words and phrases and can learn quickly.  Schaefer was relinquished because the guardian's health worsened.

Kyla found her forever home at the Farm. After five months of morning greetings with complete face washes, we decided to add her to the Glen Highland Farm gang. Person after person decided Kyla was too much for them with all her frantic energy and her bum back leg (a former injury) kept her out of agility, yet for us, the day we picked her up from the shelter, she was a perfect fit! She has joined the pack like she's been here all her life. Klya lives in Morris, NY.

KYLA:  A 1 1/2  year old petite purebred, Kyla means lovely in Gaelic and she is just that!  Kyla is lively, energetic and ready to do anything and everything, a classic border collie.  She loves to race around with other dogs, playing border collie games and would be best with another young dog.  Kyla is very very alert and responsive to people and bonds quickly.   Kyla will be best with a seasoned border collie guardian.  Kyla is good with cats and petite, about 30 lbs. She was a stray taken in at a shelter.

Good-natured Hobbs found his forever home with another Border Collie, Jake who loves dog play as much as he does. The instant they met, they were fast friends, rolling on the ground, neck grabbing, play growling and just having the best time like they had been buddies forever. It was so clear they were a perfect match!  Hobbs also gets to go on lots of hikes, play soccer, football and frisbee! Hobbs now lives in Buffalo NY.

HOBBS:  an 8 month old border collie mix, Hobbs is a wonderful, very playful, athletic pup eager to be in the middle of everything.  He also completely loves playing with other dogs and will need a young energetic dog as a playmate.  Hobbs is very responsive to people, friendly and wants to bond instantly.  He would do best in a home where someone is home a lot or he can be with his people, rather than left alone.  Hobbs loves to play catch and retrieve balls and engages easily in any interactive play.  Hobbs is a bit mouthy, as young pups are, so will need teenage children who understand this and can help with obedience work that will be needed for a little while or an adult home. He is about 38 pounds, typical in size for a border collie. Hobbs is good with cats, will chase a bit but means no harm. Hobbs was relinquished due to city living that was not conducive to his active nature where he was alone for 10 hours a day.

Good-natured Tully found his forever home with a wonderful family who had been patiently waiting for their newest family member to join them! For months, they had watched our website hoping to find a fairly low-key, easy-going border collie and of course, Tully fit the bill perfectly! A sweetheart, just wanting attention and wanting to give love, he quickly charmed them with his big heart. Tully now lives in CT.

TULLY: A 3 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Tully is a sweetheart, a real lover who just wants to be with people and loves affection. He is very very friendly with everyone he meets and eager to connect. He is also great with other dogs, likes playing and running but most importantly, wants a person to be with so would do best with someone home a great deal. He truly wants to be a loyal companion. Tully is about 40 pounds, typical in size for a border collie and he is good with cats. Tully was a stray at a shelter. 

Blaze is a natural at frisbee with incredible eye/mouth coordination and unbelievably skilled with using his paws to move balls and other toys as well as a natural soccer nut, pushing the ball quickly in front of him! 

The magical Blaze is about to have the time of his life, learning agility with his new guardian who is an agility teacher. She introduced him to the equipment and said, 'He will be brilliant! She discovered that "he has no fear and took to everything instantly, ready for it all!" She expects him to be superb and excel at whatever he does. Blaze will be living with five other border collies, two who already do agility and three who are herding for fun/work. He's now living in a border collie playland across the border of Vermont, in Canada!  We're sure to hear about Blaze as he competes in trials all over the country. 

BLAZE:  A beautiful 1 1/2 year old purebred with papers, Blaze is a sport boy, loves balls and even invented his own game of batting balls with another toy in his mouth. He's a bit camera shy, but we tried to capture his great game...it's quite amazing!   He is a very friendly boy, though a bit shy at first.  Blaze is good with other dogs and great with people.  He is very active since he's a young border collie and needs a very involved guardian to be with him.   He is about 50 pounds and on the taller size and good with cats.  Blaze has been very well cared for and loved and was only given up due to health issues of his elderly caretakers.

Wonderful Cap found a great forever home with 6 other border collies with whom he will join in geese herding work every day! He'll also be living right near the shore for walks on the beach, as well as helping in work with the horses, chickens and sheep! Cap landed the perfect border collie home and he even gets to live in Cape Cod!! He quickly charmed his new guardian and fell in love with her, too!

CAP:  An incredible, fun loving 2 year old tri color Border Collie (with ABC papers), Cap is a gem!  He is very lively, loves people and other dogs so will need an active guardian as well as another young dog.  Cap adjusts to new situations beautifully, without any issues and is friendly to everyone he meets.  He is very smart, and very responsive to training and eager to please.  He loves to toss toys in the air and play ball and is quite athletic so could be good in agility, too.  Cap is average to smaller in size, about 35 pounds and tends to chase cats, so will be placed in a home without cats.  He was relinquished to a shelter due to his energy level playing with young children.

Clever Cooper found his forever home not far from the foster family - in fact, the mother of the fosterer - she and her husband had been drawn to Cooper on our site and finally met him and their own border collie just loved him and so did they! And, the rest they say is history....Cooper lives on 20 acres in Pennsylvania, not too far from his foster family!

COOPER: Cooper is a beautiful 2 year old Border Collie. He loves to pal around with his Border Collie friend (at his foster home) and play puppy games.  He can catch snowballs, tennis balls and furry toys; rarely missing any.  But, above all else his most favorite activity is riding in the car. He will go anywhere! Cooper has had the pleasure of meeting a herd of sheep.  As he watched another pup work the sheep Cooper talked and talked and could not sit still.  He wanted part of the action too.  So, the trainer graciously allowed Cooper to join the sheep. His instinct kicked in, and he tried with all of his might to herd the sheep.  The trainer believes that he is easily trainable in herding and in agility.  Cooper can be a bit shy and seems to gravitate to men so would do best in an adult home that is patient and helps him gain his confidence with people or uses herding or agility as an outlet for his talents which also builds his confidence.  He will  do best as the only dog or with a more submissive dog.  He is about 40 pounds, typical in size and tends to chase the cats. He was a stray at a shelter.  Cooper is being fostered in northern PA. 

Baby found her forever home right away, a bit of destiny at work! Just as Baby was en route to us, one of our former adopters who has three dogs through our rescue program, contacted me to say they wanted to add a female pup! I knew instantly that Baby was the right one for them. Sweet Baby spent one night at the farm and now will spend her life at another farm with 5 other dogs, horses, goats, rabbits, birds and two wonderful children and guardians who absolutely love animals, especially border collies! Baby now lives in Ct.

BABY: A 5 month old tricolor purebred with papers, Baby is a gem, a real sweetheart and all border collie through and through. She has the eye as well as the interest in herding other dogs which means she'll need other dogs and an active home life to keep her occupied. She loves to sit in your arms for cuddles and quickly rests on your lap, content. Baby will be placed in a seasoned border collie home. She is about 22 pounds. Baby was relinquished to rescue from the breeder who loved her dearly but felt we could help find her a home. 

ROBY, now COSMO, found his forever home about three weeks ago when we first saw his picture and sent it to his new guardians who were looking for a puppy. They fell in love with his one blue eye, one brown and his sweet face and were happy to patiently wait for him. So as soon as he was healthy enough to come to the farm, he went right to his new home and new life with a loving family in Connecticut. 

ROBY: A 4 month old Border Collie mix, Roby is all play, ready for fun and loves toys. He also loves to play with other dogs and is confident in all his interactions. He is very bright and responsive and also loves to sit on your lap being held, giving kisses. He is full of mischief, like any puppy, so will need an active home. Roby is about 18 pounds. Roby was a stray at a shelter that asked for our help.

A 3 year old petite Border Collie mix, Maisy is a very smart, alert girl, aware of people and activities around her. She bonds strongly with her people and wants to please though she is also an independent thinker so responds best to someone who understands dogs. She can be a bit shy so needs a patient person to understand her brilliance. She is great with other dogs and loves Guinness as her buddy. She is okay with cats but may need some supervision, depending on the cat. Maisy is great in the car, loves  to go for rides and also content at home, watching over the yard and house as her job.  Maisy and Guinness are being given up due to a lifestyle change.  
Guinness & Maisy found their forever home together! Their new guardians are border collie fans and had wanted two so when they met them, it was a great match. They will now be living on 10 acres, hiking, x-country skiing, swimming and playing together in a loving home in Vermont.

GUINNESS: A 4 year old purebred Border Colllie, he is a sweetheart and a real cuddler. Once he knows you, he just loves being with you. He also loves toys, especially balls and will enjoying playing with other dogs, even running around them with a ball in his mouth. Guinness is responsive to his environment and can be a bit shy with strangers and in new situations, feeling most secure with another dog companion. He has lived with Maisy for the last year, having been adopted from the Farm. He does best with her as the lead dog and they play together easily and happily. Guinness is about 35 pounds, average in size.  He is good with cats.  They are being given up due to a lifestyle change. Guinness can be adopted separately or with Maisy since they have been together, both living now in their current home in New Hampshire. They can be seen there or at the Farm.

CLIO & MORA: These two sweet sisters found their forever home together! They will happily play for hours, racing, running, wildly exploring and of course, chewing everything in sight but their new guardians are ready for all of the puppy antics, having waited to add a furry friend to the family. They absolutely adored these two and couldn't part them. Clio and Mora new live in New Jersey.

RIO: Riordan (RIO) found his forever home weeks ago when former adopters (Dru is now a year old!) saw this sweet pup and asked to add him to their family. Waiting patiently for weeks, they finally drove to the farm to meet the transport around 5pm and like most schedules, had to again patiently wait til 8:30 pm when Rio landed at the farm! A long night's journey ended with a lovely little pup beginning his new life! Rio now lives in upstate NY.  

WILBUR: A one year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Wilbur is very friendly, loves to be with people and is eager to please. He is good with dogs and likes to play. He will need obedience training, like any young dog and needs an outlet for his energy, though he is not as intense as some border collies. Wilbur has not been tested on cats, is about 55 - 60 pounds. He has a slight deformity in his front leg but it doesn't stop him from any activities whatsoever. Wilbur is in foster care in Syracuse, NY and can be adopted directly from there by contacting Harriet Turner 315-488-1227, 7-9am or 8-9 pm.  He is also on the list, waiting to come into the rescue program at the farm. 

MAGGEY JOINS CAP!! We're very excited that Cap's new guardian came back one month after adopting Cap to add another glen highland farm rescue dog to her group of 9 geese-herding border collies! Maggey  instantly loved her and quickly adjusting to being one of the pack , heading off for long trail walks, even spotting Canadian geese in our creek. She had a blast doing what she loves to do - herding! Her life will be busy every day in a very very active geese herding business in Cape Cod, plus they get lots of time at the beach playing!

MAGGEY:  A bright-eyed, magical 1 1/2 year old purebred smooth coat with ABC papers, Maggey is alive with energy and needs an outlet for her mind, body and heart.  She loves people, bonds instantly and could easily be trained for agility or possibly herding since she has excellent breeding lineage.  Maggey is very loving and gives lots of affection.  She gets along great with other dogs and would be happiest with another young border collie or a very active home fitting her skills.  She is very very bright and all Border Collie.  Maggey is about 35 pounds, a bit petite. Maggey has not been tested with cats.  She was relinquished due to her energy level.  

Shy, sweet Meg found her forever home with people who really know border collies - being from Scotland - and they fell in love with her picture long before meeting her so the day they finally met, it was crystal clear that Meg had finally found the right home with people who would truly adore her. Once a stray on the streets of Brooklyn, Meg now safely lives happily in Pennsylvania with food and love in her life everyday.

MEG: A 6-7 month old purebred, Meg is a wonderfully sweet, easy going border collie. She likes to play with other dogs and also loves being with people.  She is a vocal girl, making funny sounds as if she is talking til she works up to a bark. Meg is very responsive to people so could easily be trained and will actually need some training to help her with her confidence to be a bit more independent. Meg is about 30 pounds and will be typical in size, about 40 when full grown.  Meg is curious about cats but is not chasing and can easily be corrected.   Meg was a stray. 

Gentle, good natured Chelsea found her forever home with a loving family who recently lost their beloved dog and were finally ready to add another family member. She captured their heart, climbing right into their laps and giving sweet kisses on their cheeks. Chelsea now lives in upstate NY will never again be in harms way.

Sweet little Tag found his forever home with a young girl who instantly bonded to him and he to her, both being a bit similar in their gentleness, shyness and sweetness. A wonderful site to watch unfold! Tag now lives in New Hampshire where he'll have another dog to play with every day as well as lots of love!

TAG: A 4 month old purebred Border Collie, Tag is very spirited, eager to be in the middle of everything and shows his confidence in taking risks to overcome his shyness by checking out everything first. He's got the classic border collie eye, though not showing the other traits yet.  Like his brother, Sloane, he will need a patient guardian to help him continue gaining confidence. Tag will be placed in a border collie home, with another dog. Tag is about 18 pounds. He was relinquished to the farm, along with his brother, from the breeder who had a large litter and needed help. 

Darling Dora found her forever home with a loving family who had been waiting to adopt a puppy since November...  soon as they met Dora they knew the wait had been worth it and she was the perfect addition to their family! Dora now happily lives in Pennsylvania.

Blair, now Buddy/Bud found his forever home almost the very day he landed in Cape Cod at his foster home...his guardians had rave reviews for this sweet boy and so has everyone else who met him! So, in a twist of destiny, he's safely found a real place to call home where he'll never be in harm's way again.

BLAIR: A two year old tri-color Border Collie, Blair is a lively, easy-going and playful boy. He is very curious about everything, enjoys running and exploring. He is starting a whole new life now without one leg due to an unfortunate accident where he was shot in the leg, causing it to be amputated. Blair could frankly care less, as agile as any other dog in rescue, racing around just as fast, easily jumping into the car and happily playing. He is quite wonderful to see! Blair is good with other dogs and also cats. He is about 40 pounds. Blair was confiscated by the Humane Society who then asked us for help. Blair is being fostered in the Cape Cod, MA area and can be seen there or seen at the farm, with notice. 

Petite Oreeo, now Reo, found her forever home with a fantastic guardian who needed help with her sheep which means Oreeo will get to do what she was bred to do - WORK!! She is quite the herder and eager to please so fit in beautifully in a new home with lots of other dogs and has won the heart of her new person who loves the relationship of a working dog! Oreeo now lives in western NY and will appear in next year's xmas card making it an almost even dozen dogs!

OREO:  a 4 year old smooth coat petite purebred, Oreo has a striking split face that accents her sparkly personality - she is a little fireball of sweetness and charm.  (Oreo is very camera shy though so it's hard to show her off perfectly)  She is very people oriented, happy to come right up to say hello and nuzzle you for attention and she is also happy to watch everything going on around her, curious about all of it.  Oreo needs an outlet for her focus, like agility or herding or another dog and would be best in a seasoned border collie home.  Oreo lived with a cat and is about 35 pounds.    She is being relinquished due to allergies with a new baby.   

Boone, now Teddy, found his forever home the day he was transported to the farm except it took a little longer for it all to become a reality. Teddy's new guardians fell in love with him but wanted to be sure everything would work just right so they cautiously approached adding a second dog. Well, Teddy had other ideas of course and he grabbed their hearts so thoroughly that no matter what obstacle seemed to appear, they just kept returning to one thought...Teddy belonged with them! So, Teddy aka Boone now lives in Syracuse where he was originally found as a stray and of course, will never have to worry about life being good for him again.

BOONE: A two year old tri-color Border Collie, Boone is a sweetheart, very happy to be in your lap or play ball, racing around to retrieve and return it. He is very friendly with everyone and instantly eager to meet and greet people. Boone is good natured and playful but not as intense as some border collies so could fit easily into an active household with another dog. He loves companionship and also loves dog to dog play, friendly with every dog. He is a very easy-going boy, quite a delight and loves playing with toys of any kind. Boone is about 50 pounds and has not yet been tested on cats. He was a stray taken into a veterinary hospital who contacted us for assistanceBoone is being fostered in upstate NY and can be seen there or at the Farm

Radiant Ruby found her forever home with a loving guardian who had looked everywhere to find her new dog...in fact, her good friend looked at 450 pictures of golden/toller mixes and when she saw Ruby on our site, she said 'this is the one for you!' So, off Ruby went into a wonderful life where she can be the center of attention, along with her furry friend, Snuffles, who seemed happy to have a new pal, too! Ruby now lives in Pennsylvania.  A very big thanks to Shea, a young woman who worked to insure that Ruby was taken from the horrible life she had been stuck in, literally tied to the banister. Without the caring help of this one woman, Ruby will still be without the life she deserves.

RUBY:  A 1 -2  year old Border Collie mix, Ruby is a loving, friendly, playful girl.  She completely loves to play with other dogs and happily grabs toys and runs for dog games.  She also loves people and will readily jump up onto the couch for hugs and kisses and of course, belly rubs.  She has lots of energy so will need an active home and/or other dogs.  Ruby is very responsive to people and wants most of all to be around someone so would be best with a guardian at home a lot.  She is not showing herding traits or nipping, but is good with cats, responsive to supervision.  Ruby is playful but not as high energy as a purebred, so is classically an easier dog and she would be good with a family.   Ruby was confiscated from a home during a child abuse investigation where she was found tied to a banister with a muzzle on her to prevent barking. 

Sweet, good natured Rhona came to the farm from Brooklyn (as a stray) and quickly found her way back to city life, now living in NYC and in Connecticut on weekends! Rhona wanted that combination of urban and country fun because she quickly fit right into the furry pack that lives with her new guardians now. She'll actually have 4 fur buddies but she's the lucky one who goes to work with her new guardian and gets the spotlight all to herself all week long and that even includes agility! Rhona will forever be safe, never having to scrounge for food.

RHONA: A petite 7 month old Border Collie, Rhona is a lovely, spirited young girl, very very people oriented and happy to be with anyone she meets. She is very friendly, playful and lively but not overly intense like some border collies. Rhona needs mental and physical stimulation through play and exercise and because of her small size, would be a natural for agility. She is good with other dogs and probably best with males if joining another dog since she is a strong female, though not alpha. Rhona is eager to please, responsive to learning and very very smart. She is about 28 pounds and has not yet been tested on cats. Rhona was a stray in a shelter that we work with regularly who thankfully called us to help her. 

The wonderful Bleu found his forever home with a unique job fitting his personality just perfectly- he's going to be a therapy dog in a special school for teenagers with disabilities. All the kids already have Bleu's picture on every screen saver in the computers! Bleu will offer his good natured grins and sweet charm saying hello each day, happy to accept and give affectionate nudges and play. A natural, sensitive boy, Bleu has lots of good work to do plus he'll have other border collie buddies who live nearby in his new home in Maine, complete with horses, too!

BLEU:  A gorgeous 4 year old Blue Merle purebred, Bleu is an incredibly affectionate dog, very eager to be with people and bonds instantly.  He seeks a connection to people first, happy to cuddle, be petted and give kisses.  He is also good with other dogs and does show some herding eye, circling and controlling motion like the breed usually does.  Bleu is obedient, eager to please and happy to be in the middle of activities.  He can be shy sometimes and is very camera shy so  would be best with with activity around him but not too much commotion. Bleu could be adopted into a home with other dogs or be the solo dog.  Bleu is about 50 pounds. Bleu is good with cats. He was relinquished to a shelter who contacted the Farm for help.  Bleu is being fostered in central NY and can be seen there or at the farm.

Charming Olly found his forever home with a golden retriever fur buddy and guardians who just fell in love as soon as they saw him on the site and then met him in person. We're anxious to see Olly as he grows, maybe to the size of his friend, Chance! Olly now lives in New Jersey. 

Charming Cole found his forever home on the ground and in the sky - his new guardians are both pilots so he'll get to spend some time seeing the world from a different viewpoint! He'll also get a chance to try agility and of course enjoy being the constant companion to two dog lovers! Cole now lives in MA.

JENN:Three month old border collie mix, sweet little pup are just bundles of fun and energy, happy to race around, chew and get into everything and anything. They are lively, responsive and very affectionate. Just delightful little puppies, they are curious about everything. We are uncertain of the mix but obviously see border collie in there for sure but it is difficult to say how large they will be.   These puppies were about to be drowned in Missouri when a local rescue person stepped in to save them, then helping them get to us.
A wonderful pairing, Brea and Jenn joined their new family to be together in a life where border collies rule! Going to a border collie home, these two will have lots of love and lots of play, border collie style! Brea and Jenn now live in upstate NY.

BREA: An 11 month old Border Collie, Brea is a sweet, good natured girl, interested in people, toys and dogs. She loves to race around with other dogs at breakneck speed - she's a good candidate for agility! Brea is very sweet, gentle and responsive to people, eager to please. She is content to sit next to you for attention. She also has good obedience skills and even retrieves and drops the ball, probably signs of earlier training. She is about 45 pounds, a taller girl than some and her puppy fur has not fully changed to adult length hair yet. Brea has not been tested on cats. She was in a shelter in Brooklyn NY, due to be destroyed due to space. 

Finley found his forever home sooner than expected when another friend of the farm lost her beloved Zelda, and felt ready to add a second dog. With her patience and love, Finley, now Nemo, will blossom just fine so happily went to his new home in CT. 

Sweet, shy Sloane gained his confidence at the farm over the last month and was ready to go to his new home with two other border collies, one of which was also from the farm, Tyler. He will happily enjoy tons of border collie games as part of this trio! Sloane now lives in MA.

SLOANE: A 5 month old purebred Border Collie, Sloane is a very sweet, playful boy, jumping around everywhere and curious about everything. He's all puppy! He is responsive to people and is very confident, outgoing and good natured.  Sloane is about 18 pounds. He will be placed with another dog,  is housetrained, and is not a chewer or destructive in any way, like many puppies his age!   He was relinquished to the farm, along with his brother, from the breeder in North Rose NY who had a large litter and needed help finding them homes. 

Sport changed his destiny forever in the ride with Bud and Ellie Powers who were bringing the Missouri pups to the farm...he hopped into their car in Pennsylvania and into their hearts at the farm, spending two nights in the cabin with them, helping him to acclimate to the change. Well, he acclimated just fine... into their life! With no plans to add a fourth border collie, guess what?- they ARE!!! Sport will now be living in Tenn.

After driving 550 miles to bring the Missouri pups to the farm and meeting Sport in PA, his new guardian drove 880 miles to come back to get him! That is true love! We now have a story to tell anyone who complains about the long trip to the farm! 

SPORT: A 4 year old purebred Border Collie, Sport is a charmer with people - he bonds instantly and is friendly with everyone he meets. He is eager to be with people and responsive to going anywhere or doing anything, as long as his person is with him. He is very easy going, not hyper and could be happy as the solo dog. He does get along with other dogs but really prefers the interactive relationship of a person. Sport is good with cats though may chase them, like any border collie. He is about 55 pounds and will trim down a bit at the farm as he runs more. Sport was tied out to a dog house all his life, living with 4 young children in Chambersburg PA and was given up to a shelter because the family wanted a dog to have puppies for the kids. 

Ty found his forever home with a lively furry friend as well as two active guardians who are big dog lovers and plan to introduce him to agility, daily runs at the dog park and life in the great outdoors of New Hampshire. They just knew he was the perfect addition to their family!

TY :  The 1 remaining sweet Kentucky pup is at the farm and ready for his new life!  Ty is one of the sweetest pups ever to come to the farm, very calm and easy going. He is also very very attentive to people and interested in being with you, content to enjoy human company as well as any dog company. A very unique boy, not hyper at all and certainly well balanced, especially for a pup. He is about 85% housetrained.

Jolly Jak loved his new guardians, happily running to them, jumping up for kisses and of course racing around the farm to show off all his border collie traits! He joins two graceful greyhounds and thankfully, since he's a mix, he won't be herding them all over the place every day. Jak now lives in New Hampshire where he'll even get to try agility and maybe join the pet therapy program at the workplace of one of his new guardians. 

Sweet little Jill jumped into the hearts of her new family instantly, even before they met her in person, so upon saying hello at the farm, they were all completely enamored with her and off she went to her new life in upstate NY. The kids had been patiently waiting for Mom & Dad to say yes to their very first dog so they were delighted to have Jill in their arms. Harm and cruelty will never be a threat again!

Jaxx found his new home where he;ll get to use the incredible talents he was born to use...herding! Jaxx will be working herding geese with his new guardian who works everyday in New Jersey to handle the geese population. Jaxx will also enjoy having furry buddies for running and play! 

JAXX:  A gorgeous 4 year old Border Collie, Jaxx is all love and affection.  Of course, he will herd on occasion but mainly he loves being with people, laying by your side or next to you, happy to get and give affection.  Jaxx is fine with other dogs though will be happy as a solo dog, too.  He is very, very smart, observant of everything around him, yet not hyperactive with activities.  He's content to 'play hose', catching the water spraying out or check out whatever is going on near him. He also loves soccer balls and will carry one around for hours.  Jaxx is a well balanced, easy going Border Collie, oriented to being a companion.  He has been thoroughly temperament tested and done beautifully in all areas. He is very good with cats.  Jaxx is about 50 pounds, typical in size for the breed.  Jaxx was given up in Voorhees NJ  due to a move.

Shay found his forever home with another furry friend who has just as much energy as he does - a Belgian Turv named Max - within moments, they were racing full speed around the paddock, neck wrestling, barking, verbally talking and doing anything and everything to trigger each other to play, play, play! A very funny sight to see, they had each found their match. Shay gets to try agility and he lives on an island in MA where he gets to go to the beach every morning for romps and runs - should be quite the sight! 

SHAY: An 1 year old Border Collie, Shay is a real lover, very affectionate with people and eager to bond. He loves to cuddle and be in the center of activities. He has lots of energy since he's a young dog so would be best in an active home or with another young dog. He gets along beautifully with lots of dogs and likes to play. He is showing no signs of herding or nipping and seems to be a pretty easy-going though active Border Collie. Shay is okay with cats. He was given up in Mahanoy City PA due to his energy level, common in the breed. 

Allie found her new home with another furry friend, Jake, a gorgeous australian shepherd...together they are stunning to watch! Her new guardians are wonderful dog people, having playgroups at their house for the dogs as well as agility training twice a week so Allie will be happily busy with activities as well as love! Allie now lives in MA.

ALLIE:  A 2 year old purebred Border Collie, Allie is wonderful!  She is very focused, alert and eager to play and she loves toys.  She's great with other dogs and definitely needs a friend to race with since she is fast and loves to run.  Allie is friendly and affectionate and very classic border collie where she checks everything out before she commits. Once she's decided you're okay, she's forever loyal.  Allie has been trained with hand signals to sit, go down, come and stay.    Allie is okay with cats but curious so needs some supervision.   She is typical in size, about 40 pounds.  Allie was very loved but given up due to lifestyle changes.

We had ironically, seen Wills ourselves and wanted so much to 'rescue' him but do not feel buying dogs sends the right message to the store owner who will then resupply with whatever sells.  We are very happy to help this boy and amazed that he made it the Farm, after all. 

WILLS aka DOMINO found his forever with another border collie who he just loved as soon as they met. The two of them raced and played and had an instant connection that was obviously fun for everyone involved!  Wills now lives with Zoey, his new 'girlfriend' and two guardians who love this breed. He lives in Maine.

WILLS (DOMINO):  A 1 year old purebred Border Collie, Wills is very, very friendly, playful and just wants to be in the middle of activity.  He responds quickly to meeting people with interest in affection.  He loves toys and is good with other dogs, especially submissive dogs.   Wills is energetic and athletic and races around so fast it's hard to spot him.  He is alert, eager to please and adjusts quickly to new situations.  He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed and has gorgeous freckled legs, a combination of brown and black, a uniquely marked tri-color! Wills would be happy as the solo dog or with one other dog for play. Wills has a strong interest in cats so would be best without cats in the home and has been trained on the electronic fence system.  Wills was relinquished from a guardian in Oneonta NY, who bought him in a local pet store & no longer had a safe environment for him.  Wills is being fostered in northwestern Ct and can be seen there or at the farm

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