Lovely sweet Rae found her forever home with guardians who were instantly charmed by her warm, loving nature and couldn't imagine leaving without her so off she went with them, clearly happy to be starting her new life. Rae will have be the constant companion to her people as well as have plenty of squirrels to chase each day. She now lives in PA.

RAE: A 3 year old tri-color Border Collie, Rae is a sweetheart, she absolutely loves people and wants to be with you all the time. She is happy to join in an activity, just content to be with her person. Rae is rather camera shy so it's hard to see how gorgeous her markings but she's as pretty as she is sweet. She is good with other dogs but a strong female so best with submissive males rather than females and would be happiest with another Border Collie. She could be a solo dog, too, as a real companion and friend. She is very smart and eager to learn and very easy going, not overly intense. Rae is good with dog savvy cats since she will herd them. She is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. Rae was relinquished to the Farm due to issues with another female Border Collie in the home. She came to us from NY. 

Beautiful Billie found her forever home with a loving guardian who wants to try agility and therapy work, both of which Billie would love. She also has a furry friend, Arrow (not pictured), for lots of play and fun day in and day out. Billie's new family fell in love with her gentle, sweet ways and clearly chose them, too. Billie now lives in upstate NY

BILLIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Billie is not only beautiful, she is friendly and fun. She is great with people, very loving and affectionate and wants to be with you and involved. She is calm and gentle but comes to life with other dogs because she just loves to play. Billie is good natured and playful but not as high energy as some so could be a great companion. She is about 35 pounds, typical in size for a female and not yet tested on cats. Billie was a stray in western PA. 

Heidi found her forever home quickly, happy to have acres of yard for exploring and two people who love the brilliance of the breed and fell in love with her. She had waited (unbeknownst to us) in the shelter two months before getting to the farm so certainly was ready to head out into her new life! Heidi now lives in Massachusetts.

HEIDI: A 3 year old Border Collie, Heidi is very sweet and wants to connect to people right away. She is friendly and happy go lucky about pretty much everything. A bit undersocialized with other dogs, she is doing just fine fairly quickly at the Farm meeting other Border Collies and is happy to have lots of room to run and play exploring with the gang. We'll know shortly whether she'd be happiest with a friend or as a solo dog. Heidi is very attentive and eager to please and also active but not overly intense. She has not yet been tested on cats. Heidi is about 35 pounds, typical in size and weight. She was a stray in western NY where the shelter contacted us for help. 

Sweet Spence found his forever home with adopters who previously had a dog from the Farm and just fell in love with his easy-going, good nature. He quickly connected with their dog and it was clearly a match made forever! Spence now lives in Pa, not far from where he was fostered. A special thanks to the Toomey family who kindly made room for Spence in their home since the Farm was full! Turns out he never needed to leave the area!

SPENCE: a 10 mo old border collie (possibly a mix) is full of BIG puppy energy.  He weighs approx 45lbs, and still has a little filling out to do.  Spence  does not have strong herding instincts and is more of a companion who wants to be with people first and dogs second. He has all the border collie intelligence and wants to please and be loved. Spence was relinquished to a shelter in NJ because of his energy level.

CHASER & SHENNA found a new life TOGETHER where they can herd til their hearts are content with sheep and geese and a loving guardian who was drawn to their focus and intensity to work and play!...At their weekend farm, they will have their own sheep to herd on 435 acres abutting an 8600 acre nature conservancy plus chickens, turkeys and horses with days filled with hiking, running and tons of outdoor play. Their weekday home is a cottage on a 300 acre Golf Course & Country Club where they can assist in geese control (for fun) and live an ideal outdoor life running, chasing and playing Border Collie games. Their new person quickly fell in love with this duo and knew they would be great companions for life. Chaser and Shenna are an amazing pair that everyone at the farm adores and will be missed but, quite obviously they will enjoy their new life so much more than what they had before - Chaser was in suburban NJ with children tormenting him with sticks...Shenna was tied out on a concrete slab in Brooklyn, then dumped at a shelter. We are so thankful that wonderful people turn to rescue to adopt. A special thanks to one of our friends of the Farm, Debbie Lind, who helped make the connection to the Farm. 

SHEENA: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Sheena is not only beautiful, she is smart and focused and agile. She is a classic Border Collie who wants to be active interacting with a person and her work (toy play). Sheena really would benefit from someone who can develop her confidence through play and training. She is a bit shy at first with strangers but once comfortable, is friendly and happy. Sheena would be best with another Border Collie, a male ideally, since she is a strong female. She is good with cats. Sheena is about 35 pounds, a bit petite. Sheena came from a shelter in Brooklyn where she was surrendered because the owner was moving. 

CHASER:  A 6 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Chaser is focused, fast and fun when it comes to toys. He lives for the frisbee and balls being thrown over and over again. He has a strong 'eye' and can catch pretty much anything that comes his way. Chaser is eager to interact with someone for play or what he would consider his work and probably could have herded sheep when he was younger. He has been tested on sheep at the Farm during camp and has tremendous potential to work. He has great authority and handles the sheep beautifully. He is independent in his interactions with people, typical for border collies with a strong instinct for working. He is totally trustworthy off leash once he has bonded with the person who is his partner. He is about 55 pounds and good with cats and great with other dogs. Chaser has some issues with being physically handled because the children in the family teased him with a stick since he was a puppy so he will go to an adult only environment. He seems most comfortable with men and would be best suited to a border collie home without children, and one that understands the wonderful brilliance of such a focused dog. Chaser was relinquished to the farm from New Jersey because the children now want a dog they can 'rough-house' with.   

Sweet Dillon found his forever home with a guardian who was drawn to him immediately and actually became his Border Collie Angel before traveling to meet him in Buffalo and becoming his new life-long guardian. Dillon has a border collie friend and lots of love forever! Dillon now lives in PA.

DILLON: A 4 year old red tri-color Border Collie, Dillon is a sweet dog who is very people friendly and loves attention. His first interest is people and being with you for loving. He likes dogs but he is happiest with a submissive dog who is easy going and friendly. Dillon is sensitive like many Border Collies so needs a patient person to help build his confidence, then he will return affection quickly and happily. He is not overly intense or active and would be a wonderful companion. He is good with cats. Dillon was in a shelter in Buffalo NY.  He is being fostered and can be seen in Buffalo or at the Farm. 

Wonderful Rio found his forever home with an adopter who has Fresca, another gorgeous, brilliant dog from the Farm. She patiently understands Rio's quirkiness and is happy to have him join her life where he'll have acres and acres to run and play and lots of time to make up border collie games! He'll be her constant companion so he'll never be discarded again. Rio now lives in Ct.

RIO: A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Rio is very people oriented and affectionate - he even gives wonderful doggie hugs. He is very intelligent and a keen observer of everything around him. Rio likes to be with the action and with his people. He gets along well with other dogs and enjoys play. Rio is fine with cats and about 50 pounds, carrying a few extra pounds which he will drop soon since he is more active. He had been left alone all day for 9 hours, not getting enough exercise. Rio loves to run and is a good natured, playful Border Collie. Rio came from PA , given up for lack of time for him. 

found his forever home with his own backyard of 20 acres for lots and lots of doggie exploring and doggie friends nearby. He now lives in upstate NY. 

found his forever home with another dog adopted from the Farm, Tresa, and will now be joining a family of three Border Collies  for lots of racing, playing and even agility. 
Walt now lives in  Vermont.

Wallis found his forever home with loving guardians who plan to take him camping, fishing and on their boat at their lakefront home. He'll have another furry friend visiting every week, too, when their daughter's puppy comes to play.  Wallis now lives in upstate NY.

Also a big thanks to Joyce and Duke who came to camp and shared the picture of how 'disabled' dogs can do anything!  and sparked this connection. Check out

Sweet Jessee found his forever home with a wonderful guardian who wanted to enjoy the remarkable relationship of a dog with special needs and offer a wonderful loving life full of hiking and play and companionship. Jessee loves toys and loves to explore and was quite clearly happy to hop in the truck and head out to a new life, never again to be left tied to a dog house all alone. He and Jessee will be best friends, together all the time and he's reworking the house to help Jessee find his way easily once he looses his sight. Jessee now lives in New Hampshire. A special thanks to Sandy Rivera, a friend of the Farm, who helped make this match happen.

JESSEE: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Jessee is incredibly sweet and loving and friendly. He absolutely loves to play with toys and will race around throwing them in the air, entertaining himself endlessly. He also LOVES to sit next to you and is a very very loving dog. He will also happily run for a ball you toss and is happy to be with people. Jessee has an eye problem and is partially blind and likely to be fully blind at some point. His sight is still fairly good and he can catch moving objects, follow direction doing almost what other sighted dogs can do, just every now and then bumping into something. His hearing and sense of smell is acute so he compensates beautifully and frankly, makes it hard to tell he has issues at all. He is about 40 pounds, very similar to body shape to a retriever and is good with cats. Jessee and his brother, Jax (adopted) were left tied to a dog house day and night until a neighbor stepped in to take them to a shelter which contacted the Farm for help. He came from western PA. No one realized that he could not see properly until they arrived here.

Hi Lillie:
I canít even begin to think of the words that would describe the joy of Jessee. Our ride back to New Hampshire was pleasant as he spent the entire time calmly in the front seat. In the last two days he has never left my side. He follows me every where. If Iím at the computer he rests at my feet. When Iím on the couch reading or watching TV he sits beside me. If I leave the room to go to the kitchen he follows me. He waits for me outside the shower every morning. In short we have bonded very quickly. His cognitive mapping abilities are amazing to say the least. He instinctively seems to know where the furniture and dogs bowls are located. He has learned the up and down of stairs very quickly. He is a very bright dog (after all he is a border collie) and he has made my task of teaching him the surroundings a very easy one.  We have taken three walks and he is always by my side. I am his eyes and he seems to know that.
I took him to my vets and he tells me Jessee has totally lost his vision in his left eye and has maybe 10% left in his right.
I just hope I can bring a little light into his very dark world.
Thank you so much and keep up your wonderful work,

Brilliant Brewster found his forever home with an adopter who adopted her dog from the Farm two years exactly the day of Brewster's birthday! A sweet irony that she can now celebrate that day for both dogs! Brewster will enjoy the great outdoors full-time with his new guardian who hikes, snowshoes, x-c skis, mountain bikes and even kayaks with the dog(s). Brewster will love all the activity and constant companionship, well-loved forever! Plus, Lil, the first dog from the Farm clearly picked Brewster as her new toy buddy - two toy maniacs! Brewster now lives in Vermont.

BREWSTER: A 1 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Brewster (formerly known as Buster) is very sweet and playful, eager to find an outlet for his mind. He is a thoughtful dog and would do well with someone focused on an interactive relationship like sports. He also loves to play with other dogs and make up games of running and chase. He is good natured and very smart. Brewster is about 35 pounds and he is good with cats. He was relinquished to the farm due to lack of time to meet his needs. He came from MD. 

Wade found his forever home right here at the Farm with our new caretaker who fell in love with his easy, sweet nature and couldn't bear to part with him.

Sweet Toby found his forever home with loving guardians who understand his shyness and need for patience because his new furry friend, Cassie, was once also very shy. So, Toby now has a dog buddy to help him feel safe and confident and people who adore him. Toby now lives in upstate NY and he'll never have to worry again about being mistreated.

TOBY: A 14 month old Border Collie, Toby is an adorable young dog with a sweet, gentle personality, a real love-bug and cuddler. He is timid with people but wants so much to connect that given time, he comes over and checks in, sitting right by your side. Then, he bonds for life! Toby likes to run and play with other dogs and make up Border Collie games and does best with another dog who is confident since he can be a bit shy at first. He definitely needs a furry friend. He is about 35 pounds, a bit smaller in height than the typical Border Collie and is good with cats.  Toby has such a sweet nature  though he can be shy in new situations so needs a patient guardian to continue helping him build his confidence. Toby came from a PA shelter to the Farm.

SAMMIE: A beautiful 2 year old Border Collie, Sammie (Samantha) is a bit camera shy but she is all energy and border collie play when the camera is away. She loves to be around other Border Collies and will make up games so would be happiest with a friend. She is very smart, attentive and eager to bond.  She loves toys and loves to snuggle. She is trained on the invisible fence and has had basic obedience training.  She can be in a home with dog savvy cats since she will chase them but not herd them. Sammie is about 45 pounds. She was relinquished from PA due to a lack of time for her and a new baby.
SAMMIE & MIRKE found their forever home together where they will be the constant companions of their new guardians who are border collie lovers and they'll have 65 acres in the country to enjoy exploring and making up border collie games. They have lots of woods for play as well as their very own pond. They'll also travel to Florida for winter escapes! Their fast friendship of play and games will be continual fun for them together in their new life where they are totally adored! Sammie and Mirke now live in upstate NY.

MIRKE: Marvelous Mirke is a petite 11 month old Border Collie full of playful, curious energy, ready to be in the middle of everything. He is a classic pup with some herding interest but mostly play so will do best with another young Border Collie who likes to wrestle, chase and run. He is very smart, attentive and eager to bond. He will need some continued obedience training since he can be mouthy and also needs new experiences for socialization. Mirke is about 30 pounds, a bit petite and is good with cats. Mirke was rescued by a NY breeder as a younger pup and then relinquished to the Farm. He had a hard start, living with an alcoholic owner on the back porch, undernourished and improperly cared for. It took some patience and focus to help him transition to a house setting with normal living but he's done very well and is now ready for the next phase of life in a new home. He will be placed in a Border Collie savvy home that understands the breed without young children. Mirke came from upstate NY. 

SAMMIE went home with MIRKE - see above for picture and story!

Sweet gentle Dottie found her forever home where she will have constant companionship with her new person, traveling with him on his job surveying out in the countryside. Dottie will have lots of work keeping track of all the activities each day as well as enjoying the land for ball play and walks. Dottie now lives in central NY.

DOTTIE: A petite 2 1/2 year old tri-color Border Collie, Dottie is a very smart, gentle dog who wants to be with people. She loves a head rub and will nudge your hand for more, content to just be near you. She is very quiet and timid now but will blossom just fine with patient guardians who understand her past situation and the breed. She is a strong female so does best with submissive dogs and may even do well as a solo dog. She recently had pups so doesn't have her normal gorgeous coat but will in a few months. She is good with cats.  Dottie came from a PA shelter to the Farm.

DAWN: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Dawn is a sweet girl and also quite timid now so will need a patient guardian to build her confidence. She is good with other dogs and will be happiest with furry friends for lots of play. She is very smart, observant and curious about everything. She is not good with cats. We'll be working with Dawn for awhile before she is ready for adoption. Dawn was taken to a shelter in Rochester NY. 
DAWN  found her forever home together, not far from the Farm, with one of the staff who works at the Farm who just fell in love over the last year and wanted to have them both join her family in their life.  Dawn absolutely adores her new guardian, both mother and daughter who work at the Farm part time and quite clearly wanted her new life with them. They will happily have 12 acres to explore and lots of love, forever adored. Dawn now lives in upstate NY where we'll hear lots of updates on their new lives!

Wonderful good natured Nash found his forever home with another furry friend who instantly became his best buddy, chasing, wrestling and playing non-stop. They were clearly meant to be buds and live together, happily making up games. Nash will be hiking each morning and then having the day for doggie play. He now happily lives in New Jersey with plenty of room to run.

NASH: A 3 year old Border Collie, Nash is a loveable sweetheart, very very friendly to everyone and happy go lucky. He loves belly rubs and gives great hugs. He is very eager to play with other dogs and would be happiest with another young dog. He is smart, alert and eager to bond for direction. He is not showing heavy herding instincts. Nash is about 40 pounds, typical in size. He is not good with cats. Nash was relinquished to the Farm due to a divorce and no time for him. He came from western NY. 

Marvelous Maxey found his forever home with a wonderful family with two girls who love playing soccer with Maxey which is his favorite sport in the world! He will play endlessly which is exactly what he did in their back yard when they first met him, happy to dodge and chase and run for the ball all the while keeping the girls thoroughly entertained. Maxey fit perfectly as a new addition to their family and will happily now live in PA!

MAXEY: A 1 1/2  year old smooth coat Border Collie mix, Max or Maxey as we call him is a fun loving puppy, ready for any activity. He is a confident boy, fitting in just fine with numerous rescue dogs.  Maxey is very alert, very smart and responsive to being involved with people as well as dogs. He will need an active home and preferably another dog for fun.  Maxey is not showing herding instincts. He is OK with cats.   Maxey was originally from a pet shop in Philadelphia and relinquished to a PA shelter given up due to his energy levels. Maxey is in a foster home in NJ and can be met there or at the Farm.

is a love bug, coming for cuddles all the time and eager to be held and loved. She is also very very playful and loves being with other dogs so will be placed with another dog for companionship. 
Wonderful Wanda found her forever home with adopters who have a Border Collie from the Farm as well as three other dogs, two aussies and a bc mix so Wanda will have tons of doggie play and loads of love as a cherished addition to their family. She quickly caught onto the tasty treats, happily ready to join her new people and her new furry friends. Wanda now lives in New Hampshire.

Little Will won his way into the hearts of his new family instantly when he raced around with the soccer ball and happily jumped into their laps for kisses!  The youngest girl in the family quickly proclaimed that Will would be her best friend for life and he most definitely agreed. Will now lives in NJ.

Will is a friendly, outgoing, love to play 5 mo old pup who wants to be in the middle of everything. He also loves snuggling and being held, kissing your face. He is very energetic so will be placed with another dog. 

DAKOTA: A wonderful 7 month old pup came into rescue due to too much energy and with lightning speed, he found his new home with adopters from the Farm who were patiently hoping to find another Border Collie to add to their family pack...they wanted one with a gorgeous white face much like our Magic at Glen Highland Farm so when Dakota came in one day, he quickly went out to his new life!! Dakota now lives in NJ with lots of furry friends who all enjoy tons of doggie games and border collie sports.

HAILEY: A 6 year old Border Collie mix, Hailey is a loving, sweet girl who just adores being with people. She is a very gentle dog, eager to bond and happy to be with you. She is good with other dogs and good with cats. She is about 35 pounds, a bit smaller than the average BC. Hailey had a horrible tooth problem so has just had major dental work with 17 teeth pulled so she is feeling much perkier. Hailey came from a shelter in NY, left due to a move. She is being fostered near the Farm and can be seen there. 
GIZMO & HAILEY: This sweet duo will now enjoy life together, happily sitting on the couch with their new people and being constant companions day in and day out, which they absolutely love. Big time people dogs, Gizmo and Hailey will be forever adored for their sweet, gentle good nature. Their new guardians wanted to give a great home to older dogs who really deserved the best and just fell in love with them. Gizmo & Hailey found each other at the Farm and can now share many many loving moments together. They now live in upstate NY.

GIZMO: An 8 year old Border Collie mix, Gizmo is a very sweet, happy go lucky dog, so easy to be with and so eager to be a companion to someone special. He is friendly to everyone and happy to be in the middle of lots of fun. He joins in quickly with other dogs, running and playing. He has not yet been tested on cats. Gizmo came to the farm with some extra weight which he'll quickly loose now that he gets more exercise. He lived with an elderly woman who could no longer keep him. Gizmo came from central NY. 

Timm found a terrific home where he will be playing frisbee til his heart's content, the constant companion to his new guardian who is on the go all the time.  Timm will be joining him in jeep rallys, mountain biking, camping trips, winter climbing, rock climbing and even playing frisbee disc golf every day! Timm has found a human version of a border collie for sure and will truly enjoy the perfect match, as will his new guardian who absolutely loves this breed.  Timm now lives in MA.

TIMM a 2 year old purebred border collie  is a friendly, smart, toy focused dog. He would be an exceptional sport dog as has incredible eye for frisbee, balls and all toys. He is fast, focused and very very smart. He is eager to relate to people and would be happy interacting with an active person for play. A high-drive Border Collie, Timm loves to show you his brilliance, eager for a person to connect with. He is good with other dogs, shares his toys easily with other high drive Border Collies and would be happiest with other Border Collies or as a solo dog. He is about 45 pounds, typical in size for the breed and will chase cats but not hurt them and is easily corrected but will be best with cats used to border collies .  Timm came from a shelter in PA. 

Boyd found his forever home right where he's been living in his foster home.  He's been incredibly happy with his other border collie friends and clearly bringing joy to his foster mom, so when it came time for him to be ready for adoption she just couldn't let him go.  Boyd now happily lives in PA where he'll be adored for the rest of his life

BOYD: A 3 year old Border Collie, Boyd is a sweet, friendly, good natured dog who wants to be with people. He is very loveable and gentle and quite calm so could do well as a wonderful companion. He is so happy to be with you and interacts with conversations by a tilt of his head, listening intently to every word, Boyd is great with other dogs and will be placed with another Border Collie. He is good with cats. He is about 45 pounds and a bit taller than the average BC.  Boyd has a sweet nature though he can be shy in new situations so needs a patient guardian to continue helping him build his confidence. Boyd came from a PA shelter to the Farm. 

Lovely Lucy found her forever home with a guardian who adores the breed and wanted to add another driven Border Collie to her group for agility and other sports activities. Lucy quickly showed her natural talent at frisbee and her keen interest in toys and happily fit in with the pack, ready for her new life. Lucy now lives in upstate NY.

LUCY: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Lucy is sweet, friendly and active, like any Border Collie. She loves toys and loves to run and play frisbee or anything else you throw.  She has a bundle of energy. She is good with other dogs and not yet tested on cats. Lucy is very smart and also sensitive so needs a home that is savvy to this breed's needs. She knows sit, speak, down, stay. basic commands.  She is currently in her home in Pittsburgh PA Lucy is in Pittsburgh PA and will be going into a foster home shortly. If interested, please contact the farm. 

Brilliant Tyler found his forever home where he can play frisbee all day on 80 acres with his own pond for swimming! His shy, gentle nature captured the hearts of his new guardians who love this intelligent breed with all their quirks and were thrilled to have him join their lives. He'll be going on lots of hikes and even snow-shoeing in the winter. Tyler now lives in upstate NY.

TYLER: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Tyler is gorgeous, sweet and friendly dog who loves to interact with people for attention and toy play. He is happy to retrieve balls and frisbees all day like any Border Collie. He is fast and focused and when introduced to agility equipment, was interested and willing to try anything. Tyler is a a bit shy in meeting new people but wants to connect and will warm up quickly and becomes very affectionate. He loves car rides, knows obedience commands - sit, down, stay, heel. He is happy with other dogs and loves to race and chase, making up herding games so would enjoy another border collie friend. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed and is good with cats. A patient guardian would be helpful, one who understands the breed. Tyler came from a shelter in the Pittsburgh area.

Brilliant Chip found his forever home that is a perfect fit for his incredible mind and physical agility. Chip will be doing search and rescue in the wilderness and in disasters helping to find people in trouble, just like dogs assisting relief workers in 9/11. Chip is joining another border collie who at age 11, Lizzy (in the picture) who is now retiring and happily passing her role onto him. He absolutely loved his new person and his new fur family and quickly passed all the tests for sound sensitivity as well as hiding retrieval or toys. He already knows how to open doors, ring bells, open trash can lids and put trash in it and so many other things and that was before the training he is about to receive! One of the most complex Border Collies to come into rescue, Chip can now use his intelligence each and every day. He is the first dog placed into a Search and Rescue home and we will be updating his work on the site as his new life unfolds. To see his person's former search and rescue dog, Barkley, visit the special site of his memorial and those of other beloved working dogs. Chip now lives in Rhode Island.

CHIP: A 2 year old Border Collie, Chip is gorgeous and smart and friendly with everyone he meets. He has lots of energy and intelligence and needs a border collie savvy home that understands what makes him tick in order to make him happy. Chip is very sweet, eager to please and learns quickly. He loves toys and could be trained for any sport. Chip already has lots of tricks he knows, too, like 'roll over', 'high five', 'want to play' for hide and seek games, plus lots of other commands. He will chase cats like many Border Collies and living with another Border Collie would be best for a new home for Chip. Chip lived in a home where he was adored but was too near busy traffic in an unfenced situation. He came to the farm from CT. 


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