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Glen Highland Farm is a 501c3, non-profit New York corporation, established in January 2001 by Lillie Goodrich who currently acts as Executive Director.  Glen Highland Farm is a 175 acre nature sanctuary in upstate New York that was created to protect animals from cruel and inhumane situations.

Throughout the year, GHF operates a proactive rescue and adoption program (Sweet Border Collie Rescue) for homeless, unwanted and abandoned border collies and border collie mixes.  These dogs are frequently victims of neglect and abuse.  At Glen Highland Farm, they are evaluated, spayed/neutered, treated medically where necessary, rehabilitated socially and eventually placed into new homes.  GHF will save 200 dogs every year.

The annual cost to run the Glen Highland Farm programs for the rescue of 200 abandoned border collies is $650,000.  Funding to support the programs at GHF must be raised through grants and charitable contributions of money, services, and product by individuals, companies, foundations and groups/associations.


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Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY  13808
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