Sami was our first border collie into rescue in NY so we're especially pleased that he's landed in a wonderful home in New Jersey.  Sami's new family - two children, Mom and Dad- feel like Sami's been a part of their family forever and he just arrived!  He's had a great bath, has his own new toys and is living as the center of attention - just like he likes it!  we're so so pleased that Sami has found his forever home!  And, by the way, turns out Sami led us to meet not only his new family, but the creators and host of our website!  The little dog from West Virginia linked the entire world to Glen Highland Farm!

SAMI: Sami is 1 year old, and a gentle, sensitive, fun-loving border collie. He may be a mix or he may just still have his puppy fur. He is very friendly and absolutely loves to play with other dogs. Upon first meeting people, he can be shy but usually runs up and wants attention. He's full of mischievousness as he collects toys and whatever objects are laying around, putting them into his own little pile of goodies. He's well balanced and not too high energy. Sami is on the smaller size for a border collie and about 35 pounds.   Sami was found as a stray.

We're so proud  Luke is going to be considered a pet therapy dog with Dogs In Service!....visit our success story page for details and to learn more about service dogs.

Luke is going into Dogs In Service to be a pet therapy dog! This is a real honor for one of our dogs to be accepted into working with people in need. In this case, the service will generally be with a young person most likely in a wheelchair...Luke's temperament is so, so good and without any encouragement, he already opens the toy bin, doors, cabinets, and when he wants to go outside, he bangs at the door...all the things needed to be a service dog! Luke is most definitely a special border collie! In fact, the foster family's son will be taking Luke through his basic therapy training which is wonderful because they will get to follow Luke's progress from beginning to end. Luke will be working in New Jersey. Please visit to learn more about the service program Luke is entering. Such a wonderful opportunity for such a wonderful dog who was previously in the wrong home with an elderly person who felt he was 'too much' dog.

LUKE is a 9 mos old gorgeous purebred with a wonderful soft, fluffy coat!   He is playful and focused without being overly pushy and is not at all "mouthy".  While very energetic, he  does not act overly "herdy" and does not chase or nip.  Instead, he  endlessly delights in playing fetch with balls, frisbees and toys!  Luke gets along well with other dogs.  He was raised and played with three kittens, and loves children with whom he is gentle and affectionate.  Luke needs obedience training, but is so intelligent and focused that training him will be a pleasure!  He will make a great agility/ competitive obedience dog or given sufficient exercise and mental stimulation, a loving family pet!  Luke was originally spared from ending up in the pound by his former owner who needs to work long hours and realized Luke needed more attention!  Luke weighs about 40 lbs.  Luke is being fostered in New Jersey.  LUKE relinquished by guardian. 

Sweet little Samma is now living on 25 acres with a furry friend, a bc/lab mix named Lady and they LOVE to play and rumble and tumble which means she's bound to use all her border collie energy and brains! Samma will now be living in her forever home in upstate NY, a long way away from being a stray, unwanted on the street.

SAMMA:  Little Samma is only 3 months old, and very small.  She is very observant, friendly and wants to be with people or other dogs all the time.  She's a real love and could fit into most homes with or without other dogs. Her personality is developing beautifully and she's a secure little pup.  She is, as expected, mouth and nippy though.  SAMMA was a stray. 

Bryn and Jake are adopted together and are going to a wonderful home with 18 acres and they are now the 'kids' in the family! From when they both came into rescue, it was clear that they loved playing together and always chose to focus on each other, actively playing tug of war or whatever shenanigans felt right. Both are young and play all day. It's not very common to find a home where people want two dogs so when their new guardians came to visit and fell in love with both, it was destiny.  If you could see them in person, it's always a match of beautiful sable colored coats that's as unique as they are! Both were trained in obedience by the Fresh Air Fund children attending Camp Border Collie for Kids and got "A" marks on their skills.

BRYN: a young purebred female, approximately 10 -11 months old with mostly puppy fur (her longer hair will grow out soon), Bryn is beautiful and she's all border collie, with intense high energy and the need for use of her active mind and body. She is friendly with everyone, responsive to commands and very very sweet. She's great with other dogs and should go to a home with another dog in order to burn off her energy. She is very fast, agile and would respond well to agility training as she is very smart and eager to please.  Bryn has gone through consistent obedience training and knows sit, stay and come. She was part of our Camp Border Collie for Kids program working with the Fresh Air Fund children in dog training. Bryn received an 'A' on her skills, working every day.    Bryn is about 45 pounds and average size for a border collie. Bryn was found as a stray hiding under a truck for 3 days until she was coaxed out to safety


JAKE:  an adorable purebred tri color border collie, Jake is 6 months old and full of pure puppy energy. He is very very affectionate, loves people and bonds instantly and is great with other dogs. He's absolutely wonderful except he is nippy and mouthy, as all puppies are, and he jumps on anyone and everyone, as all puppies do and he is boundless in his desire for activities, again a typical puppy. Nothing at all is a problem that some consistent training wouldn't transform. He was just too much for the original guardian who also had a two year old child. Jake will thrive anywhere where there's enough for him to do and someone truly loves him. He'll do really well if there's another dog, too. He will be placed with a contract for neutering.   He weighs about 25 pounds and appears to be typical size for a border collie puppy .  JAKE, Relinquished by guardian.


Layla: Lovely Layla is now living with two young boys and a Mom who just adored sweet Layla, her 2nd border collie mix. She is the center of the family's attention, along with the grandparents who live next door, so Layla has two families in one! and shes' the shining star! Layla now lives in New Jersey.

LAYLA:  Little Layla is a lovely girl of 3 months old, she may be a border collie mix.  Layla has markings like a tri-color border collie.  She's very playful, alert, interested in relating to people and cuddles all the time, loving to sleep on you!  She's not showing any strong border collie instincts like herding or nipping, she just loves to run and play.  She's very gentle and plays with other dogs, even older ones, taking up for herself just fine. LAYLA was a stray found wandering down a busy street

Jett, the brilliant border collie is going to a new home! and this time, he gets to be the kid...he, along with two other border collies, are the focus of the family's heart, time and kids in the family, just these great dogs! A wonderful couple from New Jersey, they fell in love with Jett's sweetness and intensely focused personality and felt he'd fit in perfectly with their family. So, Jett will have lots of time for swimming, running, ball chasing and LOVE!

JETT:  a stunning 4 year old purebred, Jett is a very sensitive, thoughtful border collie that is focused on play, retrieving balls, playing basketball (it's true!) and any other activity where he can move, including playing 'hose', watching ceiling fans and of course, chasing cars.  He is very very obedient and trained on the invisible fence.  He also loves to swim in the water and is a wonderful companion, seeking out people with which to bond.  He is, however, shy with other dogs and a bit under socialized so he feels more comfortable alone.  He was with one family since a puppy and only recently had issues with the 5 year old so will be best with older children only.  He loved all the activities of the family's 14 year old son.  Jett is a loving classic border collie, exhibiting typical border collie behavior.  He is about 60 pounds so a bit bigger than most bc's.  JETT was relinquished from a guardian.

ELLIE,  a one-year-old female, border collie with an amiable personality. She is calm, sweet, quiet, likes everyone she meets, and is good with other dogs. She isn't, however, a wimp.  She will let other dogs know if she doesn't like what they are doing.  While she is house trained, she arrived not knowing how to sit, stay, or play with toys.  She learned "sit" in just minutes and we are working on basic commands. Ellie is definitely a low-energy border collie with the best traits of the breed: she's intelligent and eager to please.  Ellie is typical size at 30 lbs. She is being fostered in Boston, MAELLIE relinquished to a shelter.


A stray without a home,  Shane called in the most wonderful forever home imaginable! A house truly for animals with 4 other dogs (3 border collies!) and goats, horses, rabbits, parrots, and almost everything else you can think two wonderful children who adore animals and of course, ADORE Shane! We're so happy he lives in so much love!

SHANE: approximately 2 years old, Shane is a gorgeous purebred who is sensitive, focused, very aware, alert and affectionate. He mixes very well with other dogs, is very responsive to people and eager to please. He has classic herding traits in managing a group of dogs or any commotion around him - he will circle and maneuver to manage the activity. He will also herd other dogs as they run and would most likely chase cars and/or bikes. However, he shows no signs of nipping and is a more reserved border collie, not intense high energy. He would be fine with or without another dog and would benefit from a close relationship with a person. We suspect he was yelled out and neglected as he is shy upon first meetings and will often cower but quickly warms up and wants to bond. Shane is about 45 pounds and a typical size border collie. SHANE was found as a stray.

Cato has found a perfect human companion - he now lives with a wonderful gentleman who had wanted an older dog for quite awhile and fell in love with Cato. The minute his new guardian came in to meet him, Cato 'stuck' to him instantly...they'd obviously found each other! Plus, he has a 16 year old girl to hug him and love him and cuddle! Cato is now living in upstate New York, happily giving love to his new forever folks!

CATO, about 6 years old, Cato is a gem, a real sweetheart, very loving and friendly. He is not overly-energetic but loves to run and play. He is very eager to bond as a companion. In fact, he cuddles with you, putting his head next to your neck and shoulder, just resting there for affection, given and received. He's curious about everything and adjusting well to new surroundings. Cato was most recently living with an elderly person who went into a nursing home and gave him up.  Cato is being fostered in CT.   CATO, Relinquished by guardian to a shelter.

Lucy: Lovely, sweet Lucy landed beautifully in a home in southern New Jersey where she is THE shining star of their life! She is totally adored, goes everywhere with her new family and joins in all their activities. A sensitive, thoughtful border collie, Lucy now has a home where her intelligence and sweetness are really appreciated!

LUCY approximately 2 years old, Lucy is a smooth coat border collie. She is a really loving, special dog attuned to people and very, very affectionate. She seeks out a connection to whomever is with her and will be a very close, loyal companion. She is exceptionally bright, willing to learn anything and very physically agile. She gets along with other dogs beautifully, loves to run and play and is very balanced, not overly energetic and yet playful and fun. Lucy is also very obedient and excels at performance tasks, most likely a fantastic agility dog. Lucy is about 40 pounds and typical size border collie. Lucy was found as a stray.

    LUCA (aka Lucky): We are especially proud of Luca who is now in training for sheepherding! She has the border collie 'eye' and the focus to do almost anything so her new guardian is thrilled to have her as her new companion because they will be working competitively in agility and also pursuing sheepherding. Luca has other dog pals at her new house and also gets to meet lots of people and go everywhere with her new family who lives in New Jersey. Luca is very lucky because she was set to be euthanized due to space at the shelter and now, of course, has a wonderful 'forever' home!

LUCKY, a 1 yr old purebred, Lucky is gorgeous with piercing golden eyes and she is really sweet. She is extremely responsive to people, very very alert and tuned in to everything around her all the time. She is a classic border collie with the focus and eye to excel at agility, flyball or other activities. When you throw a ball to her, she rarely misses it! She would be best in a Border Collie home where knowledgeable guardians can channel her energy. Though she is all border collie in instincts, she is reserved and obedient, quietly fitting into the house, adjusting easily to new people and very friendly. She was bought from a breeder in Colorado by an elderly couple who found her not to fit their energy levels. Lucky gets along easily with other dogs and would be an incredible companion. She is being fostered in CT. LUCKY, Relinquished by guardian to a shelter. 

TYSON: approximately 1 year old, Tyson is a gentle, thoroughly sweet border collie mix. With beautiful markings and fluffy, soft hair, he's quite eye-catching and simply wonderful. He's very calm, low key and loves people. Tyson can be shy at first and is spooked by loud sounds and strangers but bonds strongly and shows affectionate instantly. He's great with other dogs, loves to run and play with toys and is very obedient and eager to please. He is about 65 pounds and taller than the average border collie. Tyson was found wandering on the side of a road with another young puppy, seemingly dumped Tyson & Sadie: Another incredible success! Tyson and Sadie get to live together in their forever home! A wonderful couple from Massachusetts met these two and loved them both so much, they wanted to have  them stay together. Although they look like they are brother and sister, they aren't but if you spent anytime with them, you'd see that they love each other and often lay wrapped together, resting. They now are the favorite 'kids' in the house and have a huge yard to run and play!

SADIE: an adorable 7 month old border collie mix, Sadie is exceptionally sweet, gets along with other dogs famously and basically fits right in wherever she is, instantly. She's not showing much of the border collie instincts, probably because she's a mix, but she's very very alert, smart, responsive to people and bonds quite quickly. She knows sit and will come when called and loves to play with toys, run and jump and just enjoy being a dog. Sadie is a wonderful girl. She was given up by her guardian, coming from a troubled situation where the husband was likely to harm her. She's about 30 pounds, almost full size and a very secure, confident girl. SADIE, Relinquished by guardian.

GINGER: Lovely Ginger found her forever home in Syracuse, NY, a long long way from Missouri!  Once a cast-off after 7 years of giving love, she's now receiving so much love that she's a non-stop cuddler!  Her new family of two boys and Mom and Dad say she sleeps faithfully at the foot of their bed and adoringly follows them everywhere.  Ginger is gingerly sharing her big heart with all of them!

GINGER: a stunning purebred with classic markings and lines, Ginger is 7 years old and full of love. She adores people and immediately comes for loving and attention. She's very very obedient and eager to be with people and please you. She settles right down next to you and curls up quietly waiting for what's next. She's an ideal companion without the challenges of a young border collie. She is however, full of energy outside and runs and herds like any younger border collie. She lives to work the perimeter of the property, patrolling and keeping an eye on things. She will chase cars so must be on leash if walked outside the yard. Ginger is about 10 pounds overweight due to lack of exercise and will be 45 pounds when trim. Ginger was in one home for 7 years and recently surrendered because through no fault of her own, the owner's new boyfriend didn't want a dog. Ginger, Relinquished by guardian.

Jeremiah was our second border collie into rescue in NY and we're so happy he's living safely now after spending 1 month at animal control, tied out to a dog house.  Jerry's new family in Troy, NY is wonderful - two furry female friends and a Mom and Dad who think he's THE most affectionate dog they've ever had, but don't let their other two dogs hear that!  Jerry fit right in perfectly and no longer has a care in the world!

Jeremiah: A one year old beautiful border collie, Jeremiah is all affection. He LOVES to be loved and will sit by your side, waiting for more attention. He's good with most other dogs and very interested in people and being with them. He's not showing typical border collie traits and is much more mellow than the norm. He knows sit and come and can stand on his hind legs, balancing perfectly! JEREMIAH was a stray.

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