Gorgeous Kizzy found her forever home on a 75 acre farm with another Border Collie friend, Kate who loves to herd and play with toys as much as she does. Kizzy's new guardians loved her sweet face and brilliant ways and felt she would be a wonderful addition to their lives. Kizzy has safe territory to play in with 15 acres invisibly fenced, insuring her plenty of room to explore, making up her own Border Collie job! Kizzy now lives in upstate NY.

KIZZY is a 3 yr old liver and white purebred. Kizzy is a really wonderful dog. She loves all people. She is energetic and will need a person that can spend time playing with her and loving her. She loves all toys, makes up her own games or would rather have you throw a ball or frisbee for her which she catches in mid air! She knows all of the basic obedience commands and wants very much to please. She has personality plus, is a comic and a clown and has all sorts of little noises she makes to let you know what she wants or that she wants to play. She will herd cats and chase them but has never put her mouth on them or hurt them in any way. She is a classic strong female and would be best as a solo dog or maybe with one other laid back male. She is typical in size, about 40 pounds. Kizzy is being given up in Ithaca NY due to tension with another female dog, adopted from the Farm. 

Gorgeous Gavin found his forever home where he'll get to try agility and obedience while totally being adored day and day out! A sweet cuddler, he was quite happy to have lots of loving hands touching him and gladly hopped in the car to head to his new life. Gavin now lives in Vermont.

GAVIN: A 3 year old Border Collie, Gavin is very easy going, very friendly and a very fun, sweet boy. He is also very smart, comes to the whistle and wants to bond quickly. Gavin is about 35 pounds, typical in size for a bc. He has one beautiful light eye. He is good with cats. Gavin would be happy as a solo dog or with other dogs and gets along with pretty much every dog easily. Gavin was a stray in the Mechanicsburg PA area animal shelter. 

Kasey found his forever home in the most unusual way - the ICU technician who cared for him while at Cornell during his pelvic surgery, just fell in love with him and immediately wanted to have him in her life, with her other Border Collie. We're sure Kasey has an angel on his shoulder! He not only landed at a vet who cared enough to get him to the Farm, he had many supporters who funded his operation and then a wonderful person who now adores him - we are sure Kasey knew exactly what he wanted in his new life - lots of loving people who care about him! Kasey now lives in upstate NY.

Our sincere appreciation to Helene Lawler who cared for Kasey during his recovery after surgery and to all his angels: Marta & John Aberg; Cynthia & Jeff Spicer; Sherri Fetterman & Michael Staiano; Jodi & Gregg Ruff; Jessica Stier; Jennifer Amick; Nikki Hart; Dee & Joe Hines; Alison & Tim Smith; Kathleen & Warren Keyser & family; Bud & Ellie Powers; Charles & Elizabeth Vehse; Dwight Wildman; Mary & Peter Franzoso; Liam Tilling: Larry & Lynn Adelsohn; Cindy & Terry Rollins; John Andersen.

Sweet Stella found her forever home with someone who will completely adore her gentle ways and brilliant mind. She'll get to go hiking on 10 miles of trails and enjoy being the center of attention day in and day out! Stella is now safe and sound, living in the upstate NY.

STELLA: A petite 6 year old purebred Border Collie, Stella is one of the most gentle, sweet girls we've ever met. She is very very people oriented and loves to sit with you and happily give and get affection.  She is very smart and engages quickly with everyone she meets. Stella is a great age for a companion since she's not hyperactive or overly in need of constant motion but happy to go anywhere her person goes and loves to run and play. Stella is petite, about 35 pounds and not good with cats. She is in a foster home in MA, near Cape Cod and can be seen there or at the farm

Wonderful Tilly found her forever home the day she jumped into the car of one of our transport volunteers. That seemingly simple drive to the Farm cemented a connection between two hearts that just continued to grow. After fostering her for awhile, it was crystal clear that she and Tilly would be together forever. Tilly now lives in upstate NY and will visit the Farm frequently!!

TILLY: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Tilly is a gem, a truly wonderful, good natured sweet girl. She is very very people oriented, great with other dogs and up for pretty much anything. Tilly lived in a home with lots of kids, other dogs and a fair amount of chaos so she is one of the best natured border collies we've had in rescue. She is so bright, so eager to connect and just all around, great. Tilly is not good with cats though we have been told she chases them. Tilly is about 35 pounds. She was given up in Trenton NJ  with the help of a local rescue group who knew she had had three litters of pups and needed a life with more care. We are so glad she made it to the farm where she now has the proper vet care and can focus on being a happy girl.  Tilly is in a foster home in NY and can be seen at the Farm

RAMSAY found his forever home right in his foster home. Joining another foster/adopted dog from the farm, our foster family, Judi and Andy obviously not only help get the dogs ready for homes, they also give their hearts fully. In this case, after loosing one of their beloved family dogs, they decided having Ramsay join their family was perfect. They'd fallen in love with him! Ramsay now lives in Buffalo.

RAMSAY: A beautiful 2 year old blue merle Border Collie, Ramsay is a sweet, friendly dog who enjoys people and would enjoy another dog friend for play or could be a solo dog in an active home. He is very alert, eager to connect and responsive so needs people who want to be engaged with him in play, mentally, physically and emotionally. Ramsay loves to hug and thoroughly enjoys affection. He is about 50 pounds, typical in size for a larger bc. He is good with cats. Ramsay is being fostered in Buffalo and can be seen there.   Ramsay was a stray in Erie NY who had been shot with bb guns to get off a property and a dog friendly person called rescue for help which fortunately led him to the farm.

Dylann found his forever home not far from the farm, with a couple who recently moved from Long Island to Morris to help at the farm and enjoy the countryside in upstate NY. They had originally evaluated Dylann at a LI shelter and thought he was great then, so when asked to foster him, they immediately agreed. Well, as great as he is, they just couldn't see having him go anywhere else but their home so he joins them with four other dogs, two who were also fosters! So, with three fosters and three adoptions, it's clear that Nancy & Chris Tringali are bonafide big heart dog lovers! We're happy Dylann landed where he'll be loved and we'll even get to see him all the time! He now lives in Morris, NY.

DYLANN: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie (or possibly collie mix), Dylann is a stunning boy, very graceful and athletic at the same time. He wants to bond with someone instantly and is very eager to please. He is very smart, responsive and highly trainable. Dylann gets along with other dogs though could be a solo dog since his interest in a human relationship is so strong. Dylann is about 55 - 60 pounds and larger than the average border collie. Dylann is not good with cats.  Dylann was a stray taken to a shelter in Babylon, NY where he was used locally to herd geese for the last 2 1/2 months while waiting to be adopted. The shelter agreed to give him to rescue so he could find a home life suited to him. 


BONNEY found her forever home just in time for the holidays! After fourteen months at the Farm, waiting to find the people who would love her and adore her sweet nature, she did! And, she landed beautifully with another border collie mix, Preston who she can play with endlessly. We hear that they are racing around outside like speed demons! As her new guardians said, "Thank you all for taking such wonderful care of Bonney and for helping her find her 'forever home' with two Border Collie lovers who took a chance on Preston, a BC mix from the SPCA and then decided that one good 'mix' deserves another. She will be treated like a queen and spoiled rotten with us - we love her!" We are so thankful to see Bonney with such loving people and happy. After one short week, she's gained back weight she lost from anxiety and her face looks light and happy. She is most assuredly home for the holidays! For all us who know Bonney, this is the best present anyone could receive! Bonney now lives near the Farm in upstate NY.

BONNEY: A 3  year old Border Collie mix, (possibly Setter), Bonney is a very very affectionate girl.  She just loves to cuddle on the couch and happily asks for belly rubs, nuzzling your arm or hand, asking for more love.  She just loves people and enjoys meeting everyone.  Bonney is also very smart and bonds instantly, wanting a relationship with a person.  She is responsive to training and will excel in obedience because she is very eager to please.   Bonney settles easily in a home and is not overly active at all - she's more like a happy go lucky setter than an active border collie.   She would be best as the solo dog since she gets overly charged by other dogs and doesn’t do well with females.  She is about 45 pounds and is not good with cats. Bonney was surrendered to a shelter in Albany NY who contacted the Farm to prevent her being euthanized due to space.

Magical Micky found his forever home with a border collie guardian who recently lost his dog and wanted to have another brilliant border collie as his pal for frisbee, lots of ball playing and walks. Micky loved the attention and clearly was eager to start a new life where he would be the focus. Micky will be enjoying life in upstate NY plus a 2nd house on Lake George where he can play til his heart's delight. His new guardian just felt Micky was a fantastic addition to his life.

MICKY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Micky is a classic bc with lots of energy and needing an outlet for his mind. He is also very sweet, friendly and wants to bond quickly. Micky is becoming socialized with other dogs while at the farm and getting a chance to really run and play border collie games. He will need a little time here to unwind before being adopted and will only go to a seasoned border collie home, preferably with another border collie. Micky is about 50 pounds and long legged like some bc's. Micky is not good with cats. Micky came from a home in New Jersey where his needs and activity level was just too much.

Beautiful sweet Bonne found her forever home right near the farm where she'll now be totally adored day in and day out with a new guardian who just fell in love as soon as she met her. We'll get to hear about Bonne's new life a lot since her new guardian owns the local diner where we breakfast. Bonne will never be let outside without human companionship again! She now lives in upstate NY.

BONNE: An adorable, petite 7 1/2 year old Border Collie, Bonne is delightful, always at your feet, asking for attention. A simple pat on the head and cuddle and she's happy. Bonne also loves toys and has the classic border collie 'eye', focused exactly on the toy in hand and quickly moving to race after it and bring it back. She is very sweet, and even a bit comical with her enduring charm. Bonne is about 35 pounds and great with cats as well as other dogs. She tends to be the submissive one, a bit picked on by the others. She and LASS are sisters, both having mothered dozens of litters.

Sweet Patch found her forever home with a guardian who lost his beloved older Border Collie and wanted to add another to his life and fell in love with Patch on the site! He found himself drawn back to her no matter who else he saw so when he came to meet her, he was crystal clear that she would be a wonderful companion. And, of course, Patch thought so, too. She quickly lost all interest in herding Bonne (her long time 'job') and put full attention on her new person, as if she was ready to start her new life right then and there! We are so happy that Patch found her way to a loving home where she can be totally adored. Patch now lives in upstate NY.

PATCH: A very beautiful, petite 7 year old Border Collie, Patch is sweet as can be, very shy to come up to ask for attention but so happy to have the touch of a human paying attention to her. She's a cuddler for sure. She is also very fast, showing the same Border Collie traits of focus and speed. Born with only one eye, she has no disadvantage at all in maneuvering and responding in true Border Collie style! Patch is interested in toys, has some herding instinct and would be happy with someone interacting with her in an involved relationship. She is about 35 pound and good with cats. She is a lead female so would be best with males and especially border collies. Patch had five litters while being bred.

The wonderful holiday pup, Parker, went to his new life with another border collie, Chazz, (adopted from the farm last year) and Tootsie, a good natured lab so he'll have lots of doggie play forever as well as two great kids who were thrilled to have their first puppy!  And, he'll have 40 acres on his own horse farm and 170 acres at the tree farm where any border collie would love running, working and playing!  Little Parker will never ever need to worry that he's not loved!  Parker now lives in NJ and PA.

PARKER: A 3 month old Border Collie, Parker is a powerhouse of energy and spunk, classic active BC. He has a ton of personality and will need a lot of activity to keep him happy, including other dogs. He is fairly small, only 12 pounds now and could be a petite boy. Parker is very alert, very connected to people.  He was abandoned at a shelter due to mange and about to be destroyed at 8 weeks old. He came to us from TN.  Parker is enjoying his time in our home, meeting all the dogs and especially Ema who knows just how it feels to be a puppy looking for someone to play with since she came to us two years ago under very similar circumstances!

Lively good natured Ryan found his forever home quickly when his new guardians spotted his new face on our site. They'd been watching for months and he was the one that they knew they needed to come see, making a trip from central PA to meet him. Ryan caught their eye with his expressive eyes and unique markings and of course, in person, his vocal nature, having something to say about everything! Ryan now has another border collie, Lexie, for lots of play and will never be a stray again. He now lives in central PA.

RYAN: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Ryan is a playful, friendly happy hearted dog ready to meet anyone and everyone. He does not have strong herding instincts and is more of a companion who wants to be with people first and dogs second. Ryan is smart and wants to please and be loved.  Ryan loves to chase after balls and race around happy to have his toy!  He is a young dog so will need an outlet for his energy which in his case, could be accompanying his person throughout their day vs. agility or some other sport. He could do those but really wants to be with people. Ryan will be placed in an adult home since he's still learning about mouthiness and can be a bit grabby like a puppy.  Ryan has not yet been tested on cats. He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. He was a stray in NJ

Wonderful Mac found his forever home with a guardian who wanted a real close companion to be with him all the time, like his previous beloved Angus. When he saw Macduff, he felt this was the dog for him and of course, it was crystal clear the way that Mac responded, that they were a real match for each other since Mac also wanted a very close relationship. Mac will now happily live in upstate NY, able to go everywhere with his new guardians, even in the truck, which he loves!

MACDUFF: A striking 4 year old Border Collie, Mac is so loving and attentive, resting his head near your side for attention. He is also athletic and loves racing after toys, happy to play and retrieve. He is very very focused on people and would be an incredible companion, very happy to accompany his person everywhere. He is used to riding with his former guardian on chores and has spent the most time living in the breeder's home. He is very eager to please and wants to bond instantly with everyone he meets. Mac is about 45 pounds, typical in size for the breed and good with cats. He would be happiest with female dogs and of course, very happy with any of the dogs he's already lived with.

COSMO AND DODGER found a home together! A wonderful home on 5 1/2 acres with mother and son who just love dogs and wanted to add two to their lives! They fell in love with them at the farm and after hearing story after story of how these two were truly best friends, felt it was a perfect decision that they stay together forever! Cosmo and Dodger certainly agreed, having formed such an incredible bond between them, clearly best buds. They both now live in CT.

DODGER: A 2 year old Border Collie, Dodger is all fun, easy going and eager to be with everyone he meets. He is very playful and absolutely loves big balls which he endlessly rolls around, making up his own play. Dodger is energetic like any young dog but very responsive and trainable because he's eager to please. He is friendly, affectionate and good with other dogs. Since he is young, he will need an active home or another young dog for play. Dodger is about 45 pounds, a little taller than some Border Collies and good with cats. He is not showing herding or nipping instincts, typical of the breed, instead he seems pretty easy going and playful. Dodger was relinquished to a PA shelter because he kept running away. He lived in an unfenced yard. 

Cosmo gets to live with his best Farm buddy Dodger - see Success Story above 

COSMO: An 11 month old Border collie/Shepherd mix, Cosmo is a very friendly, well socialized dog who loves people and also likes to play with other dogs. He is a very sweet, gentle dog who wants to please. Since he's a pup, he'll be happiest with another young dog so he can race and play. He has all the basics in obedience and is very responsive to training. Cosmo loves riding in the car and is just happy to be wherever his people are in whatever activity. Because he is a large dog, he will do best with teenage children. Cosmo loves balls and frisbee and is good on leash. Cosmo is not good with cats and has been trained on the invisible fence. Cosmo originally came to us as a puppy in March and was adopted into a loving home but one of the children has behavior challenges that made having a young, large dog too much to manage so he was returned.

Sweet Bonnie found her forever home with a new guardian who has been proudly carrying her picture in her wallet for the last week, just hoping to have her join her home. Bonnie loved the gentle head rubs and felt right at home with her new furry companion, Cocoa,  who recently lost her border collie friend. Both Cocoa and Bonnie's  fur mom were so happy to add another Border Collie to their lives and  just fell in love with Bonnie. Bonnie now lives in CT.

BONNIE: A petite 1 yr old Border Collie, Bonnie is a delightful, sweet, loving girl. She loves to cuddle and be with people. She is also good with other dogs and will do best with another mature, confident dog living with her since she can be shy in new situations. She is very gentle and still needs encouragement and positive experiences to build more trust. Bonnie and her brother, Brent, learned about other dogs and people and having fun while in rescue and have blossomed beautifully here. They were both living in an outside situation at a farm in CT where they had little people interaction. Both are now more secure and confident. Bonnie will need patience and love to continue what has already been started. Very much like a young puppy, everything is still new to her so a calm, focused home would be best. She is about 35 pounds, typical in size. She has not yet been tested on cats. She is crate-trained and very responsive so quick to learn. Bonnie is in a foster home in NY and can be seen at the Farm

Sweet Brent found his forever home with loving guardians who understand the patience needed to help him continue to grow and enjoy being a safe, loved dog! He'll have a doggie companion, Tilly, plus enjoy a life of constant attention in his new home. Brent quickly responded to the kind touches of his new people who just adored him.  Brent now lives in upstate NY. (sorry flash did not work for the picture)

BRENT: A petite 1 yr old Border Collie, Brent is very very loving and just thrives with affection. He is a major cuddler, happy to have his belly scratched at every moment. He is good with other dogs and will do best with another mature, confident dog living with him since he can be shy in new situations. He is very gentle, puppy-like in his curiosity and needs encouragement and positive experiences to build more trust. Brent and his sister, Bonnie, learned about other dogs and people and having fun while in rescue and have blossomed beautifully here. They were both living in an outside situation at a farm in CT where they had little people interaction. Both are now more secure and confident. Brent will need patience and love to continue what has already been started. Very much like a young puppy, everything is still new to him so a calm, focused home would be best. He is about 35 pounds, typical in size. He has not yet been tested on cats. He is crate-trained and very smart so quick to learn. 

Good-natured Stitch landed in an active Border Collie home with a guardian who understands him completely and plans to enjoy  developing his athletic talents in agility! Stitch will have his own agility equipment in the backyard and a chance to show the world his stuff in competition! Stitch now lives in upstate NY.

STITCH: An 8 - 9 month old Border Collie, Stitch is adorable, completely loving to play with other dogs and race around. He is good natured, easy going and friendly with everyone. Stitch is very alert, eager to please and wants to be with people.  He is a focused pup and happy to catch balls and drop them at your feet for another throw!  Since he's a young pup, he'll be best living with another young dog so he can make up games for hours on end. Stitch is about 35 pounds, typical in size for his age. He is good with cats  . Stitch was abandoned at a vet hospital in NJ who agreed to relinquish him to the farm. 

Sweet Rhys found his forever home with a Border Collie buddy, Kip in a family who knows shelties and obviously knows border collies and just loves the combo! Both Kip and Rhys raced and played and tackled each other instantly, quite clearly good pals. Rhys healed just fine and can enjoy a life of lots of love and play. Rhys now lives with guardians who will cherish him and he will never worry about being unwanted again! He now live in NJ.

RHYS: An adorable petite 6 month old Border Collie-Sheltie mix, Rhys (pronounced reece) is a charmer, a total love-bug. Not intense at all, he just wants to cuddle, be with you and enjoy a very straightforward life of being loved and giving love...he is a real gem. Rhys came to us with a fractured back leg when he was hit by a car. He has healed beautifully and will be ready for adoption in about 3 weeks. Rhys is 17 pounds and more sheltie size than bc size. He has not been tested with cats but will probably do just fine since he's so easy going. He was originally found under a woman's house, part of a litter of nine pups in TN

Brilliant Kipp found his forever home where he will be herding geese day in and day out with a guardian who loves the breed and loves what they do so well - work! Together, they'll be a great team. Of course, after a long day at work, Kipp will be cuddling in bed, happy to have a life where he is truly loved. Kipp now lives in NJ.

KIPP: A 3 year old tri-color Border Collie, Kipp is very very bright and alert and observes everything going on around him. He is also very athletic, a great frisbee player as well as very fast. He gets along well with other dogs and responds instantly to people, very friendly and affectionate. Kipp is good with cats. He is about 35 pounds, a bit petite. Kipp was a stray in Hopewell Junction, NJ and thanks to a local rescue group, found his way to us.

Lovely Lily found her forever home joining a family of animals on a farm with lots to do! She can use her border collie mind talents herding and be the farm and family dog which she is enjoying immensely. Lily now lives in upstate NY.
LILY: A 10 year old purebred Border Collie, Lily is not only gorgeous, she is sweet and smart. She is settled, very obedient, is loving and loyal. She is so smart and picks things up so fast. She  rides well, crates well, will play ball for hours, loves to swim, and  does the air bud thing and will play ball with anyone who will throw  one to her. Lily is also experienced in agility, with a CD and is very  close to her first leg of her CDX. She is trim and still runs five  miles every few days on and off the road without a leash, leaving deer  and wild turkeys and other people's dogs alone. She has been wonderful  with the family's two children growing up and with our other pets as  well.  Lily needs a home right away due to severe allergies that can no longer  be managed by medicine. She is in Camden NY, and may be moving to a  foster home. Contact the farm ASAP to meet her.

SCOOTER found his forever home with three kids who love to play ball, especially the youngest who of course thought Scooter was THE greatest since ball play is something he LOVES to do, too. Scooter now lives in MA with lots of acreage and room to run with new guardians who adore him.

SCOOTER: A 5 year old purebred with papers, Scooter is a delightful, social boy, eager to meet everyone around him and very very happy to have a ball tossed or a frisbee thrown, especially since he has the border collie 'eye' and is a great catch. He is stunning in person with a bit of merle on half of his face and beautiful blue eyes.  He is very obedient and eager to please. He is happy to be with you and is very companion oriented. Scooter lives with another dog now but would do best as a solo dog since he tends to try to control other dogs by herding them. He has not been tested on cats. He has been neutered, is up to date on all shots and would be happiest in an active home who understands his needs.  Scooter lives in the Albany area and is being given up because he is unhappy left alone for 9 hours a day.  Contact the farm if interested. This will be a direct adoption with the guardian but we will help gather applications.

Lucky Leo found his forever home quickly with wonderful guardians who had been patiently waiting for just the right dog to add to their family. Leo will now enjoy a life with Sadie who recently lost her beloved furry friend, Sparky and she'll be the new companion for Leo, who left his furry friend, a yellow lab, at the shelter when they were both relinquished. We are so happy for Leo who really loves people and adored his new caretakers who also adored him! Leo now happily lives in western NY.

LIAM (LEO): A 3 year old Border Collie, Liam is a sweet, loving dog who loves attention from people. He's also good with other dogs and likes to play. He is also good with cats. Liam is a bit overweight so is already looking better than these recent pictures now getting the exercise he needed. Liam lived with an 8 year old yellow lab and was relinquished to a shelter in PA due to allergies. He is now is foster care in Buffalo, waiting to come to the farm. 

Sweet Jayke found his forever home with guardians who had adopted a dog from us last year, Pyke (head turned) and wanted to add a third to their family and they just adored Jayke. He quickly hopped up on the couch, head in lap and chose them, too. It was clearly a great match.  Jayke will now be able to play and run and make up border collie games without fear and he'll also get a chance to do agility and enjoy using his wonderful mind in a fun way. Jayke now lives in CT.

JAYKE: A gorgeous, petite, 3 year old Border Collie, Jayke is a sensitive, gentle dog who is very interested in being with people. He responds instantly to affection and loves being with you. He is also a lively Border Collie, eager to be in the middle of activities. He is great with other dogs and also cats. Jake will need some time to build his confidence so will benefit from someone with border collie experience as well as a gentle nature. Jake lived in a home where he was not liked or wanted. The previous guardian said, 'he never pleased me', 'I never liked him', all because he was not doing well working sheep and they wanted a dog to work. Jayke is 30-35 lbs.  He lived with a lab and a golden retriever and was crated all day. Jake came from PA. 

Cuddling Cully found her forever home with another Border Collie who almost looks like her littermate, Jocko. The two of them hit it off beautifully, running and playing and chasing after toys. Cully will have plenty of attention and time to play with her new loving guardians who adore the breed. Cully now lives in MA.

CULLY: A 7 month purebred with papers, Cully is a sweetheart, ready to play and go, go go! She loves toys of any kind and is very athletic so would be great in agility. She also loves people and will jump into your lap and literally put her paws around your neck for cuddling. (Her original name was Cuddles!) She is learning about other dogs here at the farm and doing just fine but would be happiest with only another dog who is easy going and not too pushy. Cully has not yet been tested on cats. She weighs about 35 pounds and is petite. Cully was relinquished due to family health problems. She came from NY. 

Marvelous Zip found his forever home with five other dogs (all not pictured), one also a young border collie, where he'll be doing competitive agility all the time as well as racing and running and playing on 5 1/2 acres with real dog loving guardians! One of his new guardians saw his picture and just had to come meet him and add him to their family. Zip now lives in New Hampshire.

ZIP: A 6 month old Border Collie, Zip is an incredible, agile energetic pup, completely in need of tons of play and attention. He is fast, focused and eager to learn anything and everything. He would be superb in agility as he jumps up onto anything of almost any level. Zip also has quite a talent.. hard to catch with the camera.. but notice the sequence of toy shots....what he is able to do, self taught, is actually pitch the toy right up to you. This is no ordinary retrieval technique, this is literally a whip of his head with a couple warm ups as he turns, getting the toy in his mouth at just the right angle and boom, off it flies right to you! We have never seen such an inventive game since Blaze who taught himself how to return balls by using a baseball bat to hit them back. We can just imagine Zip pitching to Blaze! Needless to say, this young border collie has tons of talent and we are eager to find him an agility home. His temperament is marvelous, very very sweet. Zip is good with cats, great with other dogs and will most definitely need an outlet for his mind, body and emotions...he is all border collie. He is about 35 pounds now, typical in size. Zip was relinquished from MA because of his needs. 

Wonderful Marley found her forever home with a great family that had a sheltie so understands her quirky character plus their Border Collie mix, Buddy, loves to have a pal for running and playing and Marley's favorite game - chase! She'll be now happily living in upstate NY.

MARLEY: A very petite 6 month old Border Collie-Sheltie, Marley is a spitfire. She is a little ball of energy, all puppy and quite brilliant. She loves toys and even has a special toy with a pull wire that she herself can pull to make the toy move around on the floor - she is quite ingenious and learns fast. Marley is a very energetic dog so must be in a home with an outlet for her mind and energy levels. She is completely agile and fearless so could be a good agility candidate. Marley is good with other dogs and loves to play so would be happy with another canine friend. She is also good with cats and weighs approx 20 lbs.  Marley was surrendered due to her energy levels and came from York, PA. 

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