"We love our dogs and thank you very much for saving them and keeping them!"

JoJo & Mollie found a wonderful couple who are as loving as they are and of course, it was an immediate match made in heaven.  Former border collie owners, as well as other breeds, they were stunned  by their unique beauty and sweetness and felt they'd love their home on 83 acres! Now, these two will never be abandoned again.

MOLLIE, a magnificent 18 month old female border collie collie, Mollie is really friendly, warm to everyone and playful.  She quickly bonds and loves affection and also loves to lick your face, as well as play with JoJo.  She is graceful as she moves, every bit the collie in her 'elegance' yet all border collie in her speed to move, her gorgeous eyes and her coat, which is exactly border collie in consistency.  Though Mollie looks the size of a collie, she only weighs 48 pounds which is similar to Jo Jo.  Mollie was relinquished to a local pound due to a move.  She will be placed with JoJo since they have a fabulous relationship.

JOJO:  a wonderful and beautiful 3 year old female border collie collie, JoJo is gentle, friendly and easy-going.  The collie personality makes her very gentle while the border collie focus means she's paying attention to everything!  Very people friendly, and good with other dogs, JoJo is a very unique dog to come into rescue.  She's obviously tall like a collie but has the coloring and coat of a border collie so the hair is not long.  JOJO was relinquished to a local pound due to a move. She will be placed with Mollie since they have a fabulous relationship.  (See Above)


Sweet Piper found a great home where he's joined by a border collie mix and a guardian who wants to teach Piper agility for fun - it's her hobby! So, homeless Piper now has his own bed and own family who adores him!

PIPER, approx 8 months old, this border collie is a very affectionate, cuddly dog who is focused on bonding with people and eager to please.  He's approximately 35 pounds, typical in size, and full of energy. He will need another dog to burn off his energy and be an outlet for his puppy nature.  He loves to run, plays with any toy and is curious about everything around.  Piper will need obedience training and still has some puppy chewing left in him, but easily takes corrections for right and wrong.  Piper was a stray at a local pound.  He and Jesse and Rena all came in to the same pound together.

Little Liza is now living with Layla, another Glen Highland FArm rescue from this summer!  Layla's now the big sister, ready to teach Liza all the rules (you can see their first meeting)  plus she's found two wonderful boys and their grandparents who adore dogs!  Liza is now living in New Jersey.

LIZA:  little Liza is approximately 8 weeks, possibly a border collie mix and most definitely, a sweetheart.  She's a little cuddler and loves people, preferring to lay on your lap for hours.  She's gentle and sensitive, gets along with other dogs but at this age, showing a greater interest in people.   We believe that Liza is likely to be a purebred border collie so she will be placed in a home with another dog or another border collie, in order to insure she has an outlet for her energy.   Liza was rescued from a kill shelter. 

Brilliant Guinness attracted a young couple with another wiry, high-energy, brilliant pup to be his friend, yet he can be the sole ball dog in the family!  Since he's a ball maniac, he did beautifully.  After much cuddling and ball chasing at the Farm, Guinness is now living in New Hampshire.

GUINNESS:  a 2 1/2 year old purebred, Guinness is incredibly affectionate and completely energetic and ready to go, playing ball or frisbee or whatever activity is available!  He's fun-loving, smart and agile and was introduced to agility at 6 - 7 months old and apparently excelled at it.  Guinness is intensely ball focused and will play for hours and hours, anticipating the throw and racing to snatch it mid-air and return to you for more.  Guinness was given up because he needed 'more than the family could give' since they had a 2 year old.  He is under socialized with other dogs so tends to be afraid but he's doing very well at the Farm in getting more and more comfortable in playing.  Guinness has a fear of some men also so will need to be socialized in that area, too.  He is very, very responsive to people, eager to please and has been clicker trained and knows sit, down and come.  He is a very loving border collie.  Guinness is a typical size border collie, around 40 pounds and lean.  Guinness has been cat tested and was curious but could be supervised and be fine.   GUINNESS, relinquished by guardian

Fun-loving Jack has a new girlfriend, a fun-loving Golden Retriever, Avery, who became fast friends right away, racing around the farm like they had been together forever.  Of course, Jack took charge as the boss and quickly led Avery into mischief but Jack's new guardians love the fun of these two together.  Jack is living in New 

JACK:  a 1 1/2 year old border collie mix, Jack is all play and lots of fun!  He loves the water, plays with toys endlessly and craves attention from people. He's great with other dogs and needs play to burn off his energy, but he's also very calm, and quietly sits outside, literally watching everything going on at the Farm. He's very alert and wants to be a part of the action! He will need consistency in obedience training to build on his skills- he knows sit, roll over and down but is strong spirited so mischievously does what he wants to do sometimes, too.  Jack is about 50 pounds and probably part spaniel.  He was relinquished due to a move.  Jack, relinquished by guardian.

Jesse has a new furry friend, Maggie, another border collie mix, to run with and play.  When they first met, it was clearly big fun for both and the family fell in love at the same time.  Jesse is now happily living in Ct, a long way from being euthanized.

JESSE:  little Jesse is a 6-7 month old border collie mix, only 25 pounds and sweet as can be, she's very very playful, great with other dogs and very interested in people and affection - both giving it and getting it.  She's curious about all activities and also loves toys of any kind.  She may not get much bigger at all but knows how to handle herself with adult dogs. Jesse would fit in fine pretty much anywhere.  She will need obedience training and still has the tendency toward puppy chewing, but is so eager to please, she'll learn quickly what's right or wrong.  Jesse has been cat tested and was very good.   JESSE was a stray in the pound.

Lovely Mollie found a wonderful home with two children in CT where she's the adored dog in the house, after the recent loss of a beloved sheltie.  It was love at first sight, literally on the site, when Mollie's pictures caught their eye!  She traveled home as the star passenger in the family!

MOLLY,  little Molly is approximately 8 weeks old, a border collie mix (we are unsure what mix)  She is very curious and playful, mixes with other dogs as well as people and will explore everything around her with confidence.  Molly is as sweet as can be and happy to be pretty much anywhere where she's adored.  Molly was rescued from a kill shelter.

"Molly loved the first snow. We took her on a little cross-country ski trip at the local high school and she had a blast.  She kept right up with us. I have to say we were all pretty tired when we got home so we all took a nice nap!"

Daisy:  (aka Morgan) little Daisy found her forever home in New Jersey with a loving family and another border collie mix, Sparky!  that's just what Daisy wanted of course...another dog and lots of love!    Right before Daisy left the Farm, she'd been crouching down and starting to herd the other dogs, so Sparky will be the new target for sure!

MORGAN:  little Morgan is approximately 12 weeks old, maybe mixed with corgi or aussie as her lower legs seem shorter and her body fuller and longer than a purebred border collie.  Morgan is very playful, exploring everything and anything and especially likes to play with other dogs.  She would do best in a home with another dog as she is confident and ready to play.  Morgan is a very sweet pup who loves people.  She already comes on the whistleMorgan will be placed with another dog since she is already eager to be with other dogs and would be happiest this way. Morgan was rescued from a kill shelter. 

Shelby:  Gorgeous eyed Shelby landed in a multi-dog home so she has lots of dog friends - 3! plus a wonderful couple who are devoted to their furry friends - they even have a van filled with dog pillows so each dog rides comfortably wherever they go!  Shelby is now in New Jersey.

SHELBY:  a 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Shelby is incredibly sweet and eager to connect with people though she is also very sensitive and shy. She has gorgeous eyes and easily makes contact with you and wants affection.  Shelby was abused in her past so can be afraid to trust people and will tend to seek a place to hide at first. She then becomes braver and wants to be by your side.  Shelby will require a long-term commitment to patient, loving care because forcing her to do things will not help rebuild her trust in people.  She is a very loving dog, not showing any border collie traits of nipping or herding.  She loves to run and play with other dogs and will be placed in a home with another dog, which also helps build her confidence.  Shelby was relinquished by her guardian due to a move and divorce.

Little Lukie landed at the Farm and within days, found his new home!  he's going to live with Tucker, another border collie mix rescued at the Farm and he'll have 3 wonderful kids to play with him as well as his new furry pal!   Lukie is now enjoying hikes in the CT woods instead of the concrete shelter in TN where he was slated to be euthanized.

Lukie:  a 4 month old border collie,  he is one of the sweetest puppies we've ever had at the Farm.  He's very outgoing and friendly with everyone and he's absolutely fearless with other dogs.  He goes right up to adult dogs and takes a toy to play chase.  Lukie is going to be placed with another border collie since he's high energy and likely to be full of classic bc traits.  He is good in the house and will lay down with a toy but just as happy to race around, play and chase all day.  Lukie was a stray due to be euthanized.

McCoy (aka Kizzy) landed beautifully in a great home in Ct with another GHF rescue dog, Maud, a border collie mix, adopted two years ago!  Well, McCoy and Maud raced madly around the farm, happily saying hello and getting acquainted, much to the pleasure of his new guardians.  So, a long way from the threat of euthanasia, McCoy has his loving forever home on 2 acres!

KIZZY:  a 1 1/2 half year old Border Collie, Kizzy is very very responsive to people and in fact, in need of companionship and security.  He's a real lover, very smart and interested in toys and balls, but most of all, people.  He has come from some neglect so he will become more secure once he can count on a consistent relationship. Kizzy is good with other dogs, friendly and eager to bond.  Kizzy is about 40 pounds, typical in size for a border collie.  Kizzy was a stray due to be euthanized.


Casey & Rena found their forever home together...their new guardians read the site and understood that dogs enjoy being with other dogs and would be happier so they came to adopt two!  These two are like sisters, Casey, the older, confident one and Rena, the mischievous, less secure one...a perfect pairing.  Well, the family thought so too, so they will now live in Ct on 3 1/2 acres with two children and a life where they are adored.  On their first walk with Casey & Rena, the little girl told her Mom, (about Casey) - "I feel like I've found my best friend!"  This new year will mean a new life for Casey & Rena! 

CASEY: a lovely 4 year old purebred, she is a real sweetheart and would be a very loving companion. She has a beautiful reddish/brown coloring with tri-color markings, hard to see in the pictures. Casey is great on-leash, very easy going and obedient and so eager to please. She's very smart and likes the challenge of people to dog interactions.   She is a real gem, very eager to bond and affectionate. She is very obedient and good with other dogs. Highly intelligent and observant, she can quickly respond to any situation or relax with you. She knows sit and comes when called, sitting at your side, giving you her paw. She loves to ride in the car and will constantly watch passing cars, hoping to herd them, as they speed by.  Casey is very good with cats. She also likes to play ball and will retrieve and return the ball right to you. She would be a wonderful friend.  Casey loves to run so will need a yard with room to do so, as well as another border collie ideally.   CASEY relinquished by guardian, moving.

RENA:  a beautiful 8 month old border collie, Rena is very playful yet thoughtful and sensitive.  She bonds instantly with people and is friendly and loving.  She will need obedience since no one invested time in training her yet, but she is very smart and responds well to training.  She is great with other dogs and would be happiest with another dog in the home.  Rena is a young border collie so needs lots of activities around her to keep her stimulated. Rena has been cat tested and was very good.   RENA was a stray. 

From the moment of arrival, Gibson was quite clearly unique, with off the richter scale border collie herding tendencies plus he was a classic escape artist, jumping the fence five times while at the Farm as well as at the local pound where he was found as a stray.  They are all border collies but this one had every trait magnified...even nipping the heels of other dogs.  In order to effectively handle the escape artist tendencies, it meant bonding to him in a big way.  We spent extraordinary amounts of time together hoping to 'ground' this dog into a sense of belonging.  Each escape and each search (one time he was away all night) brought up such strong emotional reactions to loosing him so that when he was found, it was celebratory.  Heart pounding panic of finding him hit by a car or never finding him, led to joyous delight when he was found.  Somewhere between 4 - 6 weeks, the magical relationship took hold and it was quite clear that the bonding had worked....only too well....giving him up was now impossible.  Our hearts were connected way beyond the normal foster relationship.  

So, when John's son, Cameron, pushed the decision by requesting that Gibson stay to be his sheepherding partner, taking lessons together and forging a working experience, beyond what he'd done with all the other border collies he'd met on the Farm, the decision was finalized.  So, Gibson joined our Glen Highland Farm pack and fit in as if he'd been here all along.

GIBSON, a fantastic tri color purebred, 2 years old.  Gibson is incredibly affectionate, craving connection with people.  He will come up and sit at your feet, lay his head in your lap and push his nose at your hand to be petted and loved.  Though he's as sweet as can be, he is still a classic border collie in energy level and needs room to run and activities to occupy his mind.  He's very good with other dogs, especially female border collies who he seems to prefer. He just loves Casey!  Gibson is also obedient and seems to have some history of being yelled at, as he will cower when fearful.   Gibson is a more sensitive border collie, can be skittish at times and lacks confidence, needing to feel safe and bonded with a human. It's possible his history has caused him to be fearful so he'll need proper socialization to gain back that confidence.  He is starting to trust those days are over and learning that he can play freely here at the farm.  Gibson is able to jump six foot fencing so will need electronic fencing to contain him.  Gibson weighs approximately 45 pounds, typical in size. Gibson has been cat tested and was very good.   GIBSON was a stray taken to a local pound.

Prince:  sweet, good natured Prince finally found his forever home in MA where he'll be the constant companion to an older woman who is an incredible dog lover (you can see her former beloved dog - Muffy's memoriam on our site)  She and her daughter fell in love with Prince and will patiently care for him as he transitions into their home...and love him forever.  After 7 months at the Farm, we're so pleased that Prince will now have a loving home of his own.

PRINCE:  Prince is a spectacular purebred Border Collie, as regal as they come. He is by far, the most affectionate, good-natured and obedient border collie ever to come into rescue.  He's beautiful and carries himself like a dog that's full of confidence but his past  guardians didn't help him blossom into the fully confident dog he could become.  That's why Prince has a Border Collie Angel looking out for him as he waits for his new forever family.

Four & 1/2 years old, Prince is full of energy to toss toys into the air and entertain himself and he loves to run free in the acres on the Farm because his history was not that way....he was tied to a dog house day and night with the constant restriction of a chain. This history makes him nervous and uncomfortable with lots of new experiences, but after some time here, he's gotten better and better.  He had became a creature of habit due to the circumstances, so now, he feels safe when he has the same routine, albeit not restricted like before.   Prior to that, he lived with a farmer where he herded cattle and was abused and yelled at while working.  He's since been tested on sheep and has an incredible sensitivity to being guided by someone who gently leads him rather than dominates him, making him wrong for using his instinct.  However, Prince does not need to work sheep or cattle to be happy.  In fact, he is craving the companionship of someone who loves him, understand his needs and allows him to enjoy a new life without anger and with freedom to move.

Prince will never jump up on anyone, get up on furniture or grab for food.  Instead, he patiently and gently takes food, waits for your direction and is very eager to please.  We often see this behavior in dogs who have been mistreated which is why they make such incredible, loving, loyal companions once the right person adores them. 

What Prince reallys needs is a home that is predictable with a routine where he can count on a place to eat, a warm place to lie down at night, a yard to race around in and watch the action and someone who loves him.  He won't thrive in a situation where he's taken into chaos, expected to go everywhere in the car and introduced carelessly into new situations.  With patience and thoughtfulness, he will adapt.  Without that caring, he will shut down, assuming he's done something wrong.   Also, since Prince herded cattle, he does not like other dogs coming into his 'space' or face, so he will growl or snap to make them go away (very similar behavior used in moving 3500 lb cattle) so he's a wonderful solo dog.  On leash, he can easily be managed when other dogs come around, but off leash with pushy dogs, he will not be passive.

Prince came to the Farm on Memorial Day and has acclimated beautifully to enjoying the activity of the Farm.  He was the most beloved dog for the inner city kids at the Camp who came every day to see him, practice Tellington Touch massage on him and playing with him.  He was adored because of his sweet, affectionate nature.  Great with kids, great with people and asking for little, but to be loved and cared for, Prince is ready to go to a home now.  He needs people who are patient, gentle and desire a truly heartfelt relationship with a Border Collie, with a Prince.   PRINCE relinquished by guardian to a local pound.

Tess found her forever home in NY with a pack of furry friends - a german shepherd and two whippets - she and Bjorn, the shepherd, were love at first sight, playing and vocalizing their new friendship.  Plus, Tess has a wonderful young girl who will be taking her through 4-H obedience events and possibly agility!  Tess also gets to sleep every night in her bed!

TESS: a beautiful 2 year old border collie (possibly a mix), Tess is THE most affectionate, loving dog, very comfortable meeting new people and offering kisses to everyone.  She also stands on her hind legs and puts her front paws together in a little 'air pawwing' to greet you!  She is very good with other dogs, loves to play and run and yet, will settle calmly.  She is keenly alert, watching everything around her at all times.  Tess is approximately 35 pounds and petite though her pictures may not convey that.  She would probably be happiest with another dog as well as activities to stimulate her mind.  She is fine with cats but will need some supervision because she is curious and may chaseTESS was a stray.

Clint:  gorgeous and brilliant, Clint found his forever home with one of our foster families who just decided they couldn't part with him. Clint, also had some challenging issues which required a special home able to handle him so we're sooo pleased that Clint landed safely, rather than being put to death.  A beautiful sweet dog, Clint just needed some additional ongoing guidance to help him.  Clint now lives in Ct.

Clint is a very energetic 15 month old purebred, who enjoys ball, Frisbee and stick. He learns quickly, and is a good fly ball or agility candidate, Clint has yet to show any herding instincts. He is extremely affectionate and loves to snuggle and give kisses. He is somewhat fearful of new situations and people, and needs his person to remain in the alpha role so he can gain confidence. Good with other dogs, even when he firsts meets them. Clint is house trained and knows come, sit and lay down. His foster parents are working with him, but he will still need some obedience work for stay and pulling on the leash. Clint will do best in a home that understands the young border collie's need for consistent physical exercise, possibly with another active dog. While he is very affectionate with children, he will placed with older, teenage children.  CLINT was relinquished by guardian due to divorce.  Clint is being fostered in CT.

Oz:  fast, fun & furiously in love with soccer, Oz found a home with two young boys who also love soccer...they've been playing with their current dog, Ruby and now it will be Oz & Ruby together!  Oz is now living in Rhode Island with a wonderful family.

OZ:  a 1 1/2 year old purebred (with papers), Oz is extremely friendly with people, eager to play and race around.  He's great with other dogs and full of energy with classic border collie traits.  Oz's favorite toy (so far) is the wiggly giggly ball which he moves around the farm like a soccer ball, tossing it into the air, scooting it at high speeds all over the farm, thoroughly entertaining himself!  He is quite skilled and a blast to watch. Oz is very smart, responsive to people and affectionate.  He'll probably be placed with another dog due to his high energy level.  Oz is about 40 pounds, typical in size.  Oz is trained on the invisible fence and good with cats.  Oz can easily be the solo dog in the home but requires a very active family, ideally kids or teenagers who would love to play 'soccer' with him and teach him lots of other games.  While he's a loving, calm dog inside, he needs lots of mental and physical play outside.  Oz was relinquished by his guardian due to a change in lifestyle. He was originally 'rescued' as a puppy when he was being auctioned off as a prize at a charity event. 

Syd found her forever home unexpectedly with her foster furdad who had been hoping for a 2nd dog to join his current border collie, but hadn't really planned on it happening so soon. After two months of giving Syd the special care she needed, he felt he couldn't part with her. Syd now lives in Buffalo NY and obviously enjoys the snow!!

SYD: A 2 year old purebred, Sydney is most definitely a Border Collie through and through. She is VERY HIGH energy and LOVES her frisbee or ball or stick or anything else you can fetch. (She ran for two hours this morning and still wanted to play ball when she came in). She seems to get along well with people and bonds quite well, she's a cuddler! She is very intense and very focused, but so far ignores cars, trucks, joggers and bicycles. She did well at the vet and took to the exam quite well, she was a little stressed but showed no aggression. She doesn't mind being picked up but doesn't like her feet or ears touched and isn't crazy about being combed. Syd is crate trained, knows commands for food, sit, down and outside.  She is also very agile and would make a good flyball dog since she is VERY toy focused and loves to play fetch with sticks and toys.  She can probably jump a 5 foot fence so will need electronic fencing in the yard.  She is a wonderful border collie!  Syd is very sweet, loves people and kids and doesn't have a heavy herding instinct, she just likes to play. She's also very obedient, great on leash and will retrieve a ball and drop it at your feet.  She'd be fine in any home as the solo dog.   SYD was relinquished from her guardian due to a change in work where she was never home to give Syd what she needs. Syd is being fostered near Buffalo, NY.

Lyle, now Skip, has a great furry playmate to race around with and roll over and chase through the yard, Travis, a golden retriever. He instantly connected to Travis and his new guardians, happily right at home with lots of love and attention plus a pal to run off lots of energy! Lyle now lives in Ct.

LYLE, loving Lyle is 1 1/2 years old purebred Border Collie, completely affectionate with people from the minute he meets them. He is a gentle dog even when he jumps up to say hello.  He is a more sensitive Border Collie who doesn't like chaos and will retreat to lay down away from whatever is disturbing him.  His favorite spot is on a couch, if there is one, where he'll quietly curl up in the corner.  Lyle is definitely a more mellow Border Collie but does love to play with other dogs.  He'd be happiest with one or two other dogs, rolling around together, chasing each other and creating fun games like dogs do.  Ultimately, though, he craves a connection with people and wants to bond instantly which is evident in his sweet eyes.  Lyle is typical in size, approximately 40 pounds.  Lyle has been cat tested and was very good.  LYLE was a stray.

 Woody found a wonderful home with a loving couple who feel he's the perfect additional to the family. They are semi-retired and able to give him lots of patient love as he learns to trust people even more - Woody loved the treats and goodies and happily headed to the car for his new life! Woody now lives in New Jersey.

WOODY, a 6 month old Border Collie mix, little Woody is a sweet, gentle little guy, truly looking for someone to love.  He's a little diamond in the rough cause he's a bit shy now until he gets used to everything at the Farm. He's always wagging his tail no matter who is around but he's a bit timid upon first meetings.  That's also how he reacts to other dogs but is eager to be with them, too. He's very, very alert though, watching everything that goes on around him much like a Border Collie but he shows no signs of nipping or herding.  He just wants to crawl into your lap.   Woody has the markings of a Border Collie with a coat that looks like it will grow long like a rough coat.  Other than his ears, he'd probably pass as a purebred.  (His former guardians cut his tail fur so it looks a little odd now) Woody is 29 pounds and probably will grow to be a medium size dog, about 35 pounds.  Part of his hesitation around people probably came from his former guardians who were uneducated about dogs, leaving his puppy size choke collar on him so tight that it had to be cut off at the pound plus the children were apparently teasing him while he ate, so it's anybody's guess what he endured.  Yet, he's as sweet as can be and wants to be with people!  WOODY relinquished to a pound.

The Woolie Bear loves people and found his new forever family in NJ.  Former border collie guardians, they wanted a 2nd dog for their tiny mix, Roux.  Within a short time, it was clear that Woolie liked being the bear to little Roux and his new guardians felt he was the perfect addition to their family.  They loved him!

WOOLIE a 9 month old border collie mix, Woolie is fun-loving, playful and full of puppy energy.  He loves to lick faces and get attention as well as happily share his good nature. Woolie is interested in everybody and everything!  He is rambunctious and good with most dogs, though sometimes has some scuffles (probably due to his age).  He would be best in a home with another dog to work off his energy and will need consistent obedience to reinforce some rules. Woolie is a very loyal companion and will follow you everywhere and rest calmly at your feet once settled. He is very people focused and happily walks by your side, exploring new things. He is a very good natured dog who loves everyone around him and will adapt to wherever he is placed.  Woolie just loves to be loved and will give that back ten times over. He's  a bit mischievous but sweet as can be.  Woolie is too interested in cats so will go to a dog only home though he'd only chase them, not hurt them.  He is about 45 pounds.  Woolie was a stray.  Woolie is being fostered in Southern New Jersey

Sweet little Pippin found his forever home with a loving family and a little girl in central NY.  Pippin's guardians had a border collie before but needed a pup since their little girl has some physical challenges and needs a more gentle dog like Pippin to grow up with.  Upon meeting, Pippin instantly licked her face and cuddled with her, the two of them bonding in a very special way.  Pippin's human furmom is a veterinarian so he'll not only be loved, he'll be very well cared for, forever! 

PIPPIN:  a 4 month old border collie (possibly mix), Pippin is sweet and gentle and very bright. He is always watching everything around him with keen interest and ready to play when another dog comes around.  He is a bit shy, more like a thoughtful, sensitive border collie rather than a boisterous puppy.  Pippin is fine with cats, would be good with another dog, preferably border collie size or smaller and a fairly calm household.  He is very affectionate and loving and eager to bond with people.  Pippin was a stray, due to be euthanized.

Selby, now Shelby, met his "twin", a smooth coat border collie/shepherd mix and now lives with his buddy in Ct, with new guardians who instantly fell in love him.  His original name is Shelby, the name of the dog they who recently passed on, so much to their surprise, another Shelby is now in their life.  The two will be hiking the woods of Ct and living to play where they even have their own 'dog couch', a special couch covered just for dogs!

SELBY:  an 8 month old beautiful border collie mix, Selby could be part belgian shepherd (though he is not large)  but he is more border collie size.  Selby is very very friendly with everyone, eager to play with other dogs and an all around well tempered dog.  He has lots of energy so would be happiest with another dog and definitely wants to interact with people.   He is very smart and very responsive to people.  Selby is approximately 45 pounds and typical in size of a border collie. Selby has been cat tested and was very good.   Selby was relinquished due to his energy level and due to be euthanized at the pound.

Sweet Moli found her new family and now lives in Buffalo NY.  Former border collie lovers, her new guardians missed having the brilliant, funny, intense manners of a border collie in their home so when they met Moli, they chuckled, delighted to see such a sweet, typically border collie girl!  In moments, it was quite clear she had chosen them, too, not to be moved from the sides of the children, content to sit for affection forever!   That is, unless the ball was around!  Then, she'd take a moment to play, then come back for more kisses.

MOLI, a 1 1/2 year old border collie, is a  very, very friendly girl, eager to meet everyone and be involved in everything.  She is also quite affectionate & sweet and wants to be loved and with people. Moli is also great with other dogs, loves to run and play and also herd and nip the other dogs.  She's an active border collie so would be best with an active home - another dog or kids - she's very easy going and playful. Moli also is ball oriented though not obsessed with the ball.  She is very expressive, with ears that go up when she's busy and occupied and back when she's looking for affection and attention - very cute!  She is about 15 pounds overweight and when trim, will be about 35- 40 pounds. Moli has a shortened tail, which seems like it was damaged rather than docked since it's not short but not full length either.   Molli is good with cats but may chase, though not hurt them. Moli was relinquished by her guardian who was elderly and lost her eyesight.

Ness:  A gentle giant, larger than the typical border collie, his sweet, shy nature caught the eye of his new guardians in central NY, where he now lives.  They loved his friendliness and kind nature, even the 10 year old golden retriever of the house, Sadie, voted yes for Ness to join them.  Ness gladly accepted lots of kisses from the family's fourteen year old daughter, too. 

NESS:  a 2 year old border collie mix, Ness is a very gentle, affectionate guy. He's also shy at first, a little bit unsure if harm will come to him, so will need a patient, loving guardian to help him feel safe.  Once he bonds, he is so friendly and playful.  Ness is very good with other dogs of all sizes, with no interest in being dominant.  He is what we'd consider to be a sensitive, thoughtful dog, always aware of everything around him. Ness is approximately 60 pounds and tall for a border collie, though he does not jump up and is very low-key so does not seem large in size. Ness has been cat tested and was very good.   Ness was a stray due to be euthanized.

Little Sam was fostered in a home before coming to the Farm, so once here, he was ready to go!  He found his wonderful new family right away and is now living in MA with a young boy who will teach him all the fun fetching the ball!  He has another border collie friend, a 10 year old, who will wisely give him doggie guidance, too.

Sam:  a 1 year old tricolor border collie, possibly mix, Sam is a very sweet, affectionate, people oriented dog, ready to relate instantly to anyone who is around. He's very playful, easy-going and has lots of puppy energy.  He's up for anything and ready to learn and is eager to please.  Sam is good with other dogs and learning the rules of dog play.  He's also good with cats but will chase them. Sam was a stray due to be euthanized. 

Flash found his forever home with 3 other border collies (one is Jett, who was adopted from the farm!) and two guardians who adore everything about the breed and especially Flash who cuddles in the bed at night, races around with their dogs and makes them chuckle with his jumps in the air! Flash now lives in New Jersey.

FLASH,  A brilliant and agile Border Collie, Flash is also a cuddler and truly loves to jump in your lap and wiggle his way under your hands for a tummy rub. He'll also nudge your face to get even closer!  When sleeping in a bed, Flash cuddles just like a human, head to head, happily resting all night. He just blossoms when he's adored. He really wants a close, loving human relationship.  This 8 month old purebred pup, has papers and is registered with American Border Collie Association.  Flash is very alert, very fast and is showing all the signs of a highly intelligent, tuned in border collie. It's quite possible he'd be good in agility or flyball, but  Flash would be incredible at frisbee as he jumps from a standstill right up into your arms and around your neck....for  affection, of course! He is very toy focused and responds beautifully to people, including strangers.  He is a bit shy at first with other dogs but is getting lots of socialization here at the Farm and loves to play with other dogs once comfortable.  Flash is a more sensitive border collie who will need continued exposure to other dogs and new situations so he'll gain more confidence.  Flash is almost full size and approximately 35 pounds now. Flash has been cat tested and was very good.    Flash was relinquished to rescue because of his energy level and allergies in the family.


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