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Click here....  Krystal walks!


GREAT NEWS! Krystal has full permission to run! The vet said 100% normal use is called for now - just let her be a puppy! So, she's off to run, jump, fall, on furniture, up and down stairs, she can play like everyone else and she certainly is: "she is running in the yard and playing!!! RUNNING!!! She wants to constantly play with us. She jumped all over me. Grabbed my shirt collar.... my hair.... a normal puppy!" We are so happy to report that this little pup beat the odds and will have a wonderful active life.


Her foster family is thrilled to see her progress, almost to normal. They put in long hours and many vet visits to make sure this little pup got everything she needed to recover and she's definitely on her way. Krystal is not out of the woods totally since her muscle on the right leg could seize up and prevent movement plus there is no surety of the growth of the length of the leg but her left hip is working just fine and she clearly is voting to walk and run! 

We are so excited for Krystal and happy to announce that as might be expected, her foster family has fallen deeply in love. Little Krystal will grow up having all the care she needs and all the physical support to insure her legs work as best they can. Most importantly, her heart works wonders on everyone she meets and that will continue to be the case as she joins in workshops at Spring Farm Cares, one of the wisest teachers in a small package! She is joining the Spring Farm animals who share their spirits and hearts at the sanctuary.

Thank you all for supporting her needs and helping with your heartfelt love and caring. She felt that from everyone who helped to make this all possible.

We'll continue to update Krystal's progress over the next few months.

ELENA: At eleven pounds and 10 weeks old, Elena met a rough fate early when someone backed the car right over her. Her little body took it hard with a fractured hip on the left side and a fractured leg on the right, separating the joint away from the leg bones, by far one of the worst xrays to see. Elena's pain must have been unbearable.  She was brought to us by her guardians who could not handle the vet needs and we rushed her to our favorite Orthopedic surgeon who has worked miracles before with other rescues at the Farm. Elena underwent surgery Friday, the 14th, on the right leg and Monday, the 17th, on the left hip. She came through the procedures well and though feeling pain, it's far different from the days before when she was hobbling around undiagnosed.  Of course, Elena is charming everyone at the vet hospital as well as all of us who met her. A little bundle of sweetness, Elena's got the spirit to survive this though we are not certain how her right leg will heal. The good news will be full use, the bad news could be a shorter leg due to the impact on the growth plate or potentially amputation. We are all holding good  thoughts for this little pup and so thankful that she made it to us at the Farm.  A special thanks to Dr. Paul Bookbinder of Upstate Veterinary Surgical Center in Canastota NY who stayed late Friday to make sure surgery happened right away before her bones began setting, making any help impossible.

BRYSON quickly fit into his new family, racing on the trails at the Farm and chasing after his new canine friend, Jedi. He loved all the attention from his new guardians who were smitten with his good nature and sweet ways plus his gorgeous looks. Bryson will get to trying herding and agility and flyball and all the other Border Collie activities he wants. His new guardians visited the Farm and camp this summer and were happy to return to add him to their family. He will never worry for love or food again and be adored in his new life in Maryland.

BRYSON: A 4 month old Border Collie, Bryson is a very alert, attentive boy who bonds quickly with people. He wants to learn and has all the energy to match whatever he tackles. He is affectionate and sweet, a real cuddler but needs an outlet for his mind and body. A classic young pup, he would do well with other Border Collies to play with or an active guardian who can challenge him. He is very very sweet. Bryson was pulled out of a bad situation by a volunteer in Vermont who wanted him to have a better life. 

NORMA found the perfect life with her new guardian who wanted a beloved canine companion to help her in her practice and join her in her life. Norma will be with her each day in family counseling sessions, where she helps children, teenagers and adults who seek assistance. Seeing Norma with the inner city children in Camp Border Collie for Kids showed everyone here that she has a special gift with everyone but especially kids and can turn around their pains to healing and joy. She is an amazing dog and will now share her heart with many many people, including her new person who just adores her! Norma now lives in Maine.

NORMA: An 8 year old Border Collie mix, Norma is a happy go lucky sweetheart. She loves people and wants to be with her person first and foremost. Once she has that loving bond, she's then off to play and chase and run with the dogs. Norma is great with other dogs and fits in easily when she meets new dogs. She previously lived with Tam so is used to having a canine friend but if someone was around a lot, she'd be fine alone, too. Norma is very good natured and very sweet. Norma is good with dog savvy cats only so probably best without cats. Norma was a cherished member of her previous family but relinquished from CT to the Farm due to a lifestyle change.  

STUEY won the hearts of his new guardians very quickly when he ran over to say hello and give a kiss. He loved them all, but he and the teenage son hit it off, a perfect match. Stuey will have also a big canine brother, Spike, and tons of attention and love, as well as frisbee, ball and soccer game playing too. He spent the night in the nearby Inn, happily sleeping with his new young guardian and headed out the next day to a new life in PA.

STUEY: A 9 month old Border Collie, Stuey is a loving friend, very eager to be in your lap for kisses and attention. He loves everyone. Stuey is also full of energy, like any young Border Collie so needs another young dog or an active home. He is curious about everything and eager to learn. Stuey is also a gentle dog, and very good natured, not hyper or chaotic. He can easily enjoy some down time inside with his person. Stuey is very smart and will be a wonderful friend for life. He is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He was given up from a NY family who did not have time for him. 

Sweet ROY found his forever home with guardians who love the breed and understand all their quirks and wonderful brilliance. His new FurMom fell in love instantly with his charm as well as his shyness and knew he was the one she wanted to be with...he enjoyed all the cuddling and clearly felt great with his new family as he headed off to Massachusetts. He'll have his own farm with a barn and horses, somewhat similar to GHF so Roy will be right at home.

ROY: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Roy is a border collie, through and through, interested in herding games with other dogs and lots of play. He is, however, also very very gentle with people and a bit timid at first so will do best with other Border Collies around. Roy is very sweet and eager to be with people, he just needs some confidence building to trust that no one will harm him. Once with other dogs, he comes to life! Roy is 30 pounds and will herd cats so best with cats who understand bc's. He was abandoned at a shelter in PA because he was herding livestock. 

PATTI found her forever home with another canine player: the two of them were instant friends, racing, chasing and wrestling, absolutely a great pair. Her new guardians watched as their dog chose his new friend and clearly, Patti was the one! She will be adored and get to play lots of frisbee in her new home in CT.

PATTI: A 2 year old Border Collie, Patti is the friendliest girl around - she loves everyone. She is very very sweet, good natured and happy to be with her person. She is focused and smart and interested in everything going on around her. Patti would be a wonderful companion and friend for life. She also loves dogs and is interested in playing with anyone though she is best with submissive males. Patti is confident and outgoing about everything, enjoying herself in whatever she does. She is about 45 pounds, good with cats and recently had pups, so should have her longer coat return to normal soon. (females blow their coat post pregnancy) Patti was relinquished by a NY guardian who felt she needed more than they could give her. 

MADISON found his forever home with another canine friend who will wrestle and chase with him endlessly plus his new guardians will have lots for him to do, accompanying them each day in their home based business. He'll also get to travel to their lake property for lots of exploration and fun, too. He now lives in upstate NY where he'll never feel neglected again.

MADISON: A petite 1 yr old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Madison is a very very smart boy who is eager to learn. He is very attentive and responsive though can be timid at first. Madison will blossom with someone who is patient and can build his confidence in trusting people since he is very loving and good natured. He is also very affectionate. He is great with other dogs and happy to explore and race and chase in canine games. He is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He came from a farm in upstate NY where he was given up because he was not herding well enough and wanted to play instead. He has clearly been yelled at for being wrong but is thriving now at the Farm with encouragement. He is a wonderful companion. 

LEWIS found his family and a wonderful life where he would be adored and cherished as well as add tons of enjoyment and friendship to his new young friend and even have a canine friend, Zia, to herd! Most importantly, he'll now have his own boy to play soccer and love and laugh and share moments of joy. His new family fell in love instantly and knew he was the perfect fit for their family and their hearts. We loved seeing Lewis in all his happiness. He now lives in Ma.

LEWIS is a 6 year old Border Collie who is loving, gentle and very good natured. He also loves to play with the ball and herd other dogs. He is always eager to play but also happy to be next to you, content to be by your side. Lewis is very affectionate and loves to connect with people, great with everyone. He's also great on the leash and good in the car, happy to be with his person. He is a great companion, like all the mature Border Collies, not a frantic, chaotic youngster. He was surrendered to a PA shelter. Lewis is currently being fostered in NJ and can  be seen at the Farm.

NICKE found a new life that will be filled with love and reassurance to build his trust that humans are to be loving beings. Former adopters from the Farm, they came to give their hearts to a dog in need and Nicke won them over instantly. He'll have lots of fun with his canine friend, too and be cherished as he learns that life is good and full of fun! He now lives in Vermont.

NICKE: A stunning 2 year old Border Collie, Nicke is very smart and very alert to everything going on around him. He is timid with new people but wants to get to know people, once he is comfortable. His shyness will require confidence building and a skilled BC person, plus other Border Collies to help him learn to trust people more easily. He is very gentle and loves attention once he feels safe. Nicke is learning new skills at the Farm and thriving.  He is about 45 pounds, typical in size for the breed and good with cats. He came to the Farm with Trina and Tucke, all living outside until the guardian died and then abandoned in a PA shelter. 

MAIZEE shared her loving cuddly ways with her new family and of course, they felt drawn to add her to their lives. They had done all the research, visited the farm before adopting and were now ready to find that perfect new family member and there was Maizee with all her joy and love and high speed border collie focus...soon as they spent time with her, they knew she was the one and so did she!! Maizee now lives in Ct. where she'll be doing agility and keeping track of the entire family, too!

MAIZEE: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Maizee is a love bug with people and also quite the herder with other Border Collies. She loves to initiate play with another BC getting them excited about toys she is playing with and then herding them. She also loves squeaky toys and is happy to play with you endlessly, too. Maizee is focused and smart and bonds once she is comfortable. She can be a little shy at first but warms up quickly. Maizee is good with cats and is about 35 pounds. She was relinquished due to herding tendencies with a toddler in the home. She was then left in a 10x10 pen outside since spring until we brought her into rescue. She came from upstate NY.

BELLAH found her forever home with a loving family as gentle and caring as she is, a perfect joining of hearts. She enjoyed cuddling with them as well as walking in the field, exploring, clearly happy to find her new life. We were thrilled to see this joining. She now lives in Massachusetts where she will be adored and never left to wonder where she belongs. 

BELLAH: A 10 mo old Border Collie mix, Bellah is a gem. She is a very affectionate, loving girl who gently nudges you for attention. She loves to run and play with other dogs but mostly loves being with a person. She is relaxed and easy going, rather than an intense herder. Bellah is the perfect canine friend, happy to go anywhere with you or be at home. She is 40 pounds and good with cats. She came from a PA shelter

FISKE found his forever home when former adopters came to find a friend for Emie and these two were a perfect match. They raced and chased and wrestled as if they were long lost pals and clearly belonged together. Fiske will join a loving family where five mile hikes are a normal event and lots of ball and frisbee play happen every day. Fiske now lives happily adored in upstate NY.

FISKE: A 6-7 month old Border Collie, Fiske is a sweet, friendly, outgoing, happy guy. He loves attention and he absolutely loves playing with other dogs. He wrestles and chases and would be thrilled living with another young canine friend. He is gentle and sensitive sometimes too in new situations but once comfortable, he is all ready to go. Fiske is a young pup who needs patient introductions to new things so he can succeed since it seems no one invested time in helping him. He is eager to learn and very very sweet. Fiske was abandoned in a shelter in PA, that regularly works with us. He is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. 

LUKE: When hearts meet, an unexpected surprise often happens and that is exactly what happened with Luke. His foster Mom agreed to take him in to help him have a more normal life filled with fairness, consistency and love, rather than torment. Well, the  gentleness of Luke won her over and within short order, she couldn't imagine sending him anywhere else. He quickly blossomed, happier and content, trusting her completely. Luke now has a canine family, too and will be trying agility and all other Border Collie games. He lives in upstate NY and may visit the Farm from time to time which we would all love.

LUKE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Luke is a classic thinker, aware of everything around him and whatever he is being asked to do. He is very very smart and will bond quickly to someone who really understands him. Luke is attentive and eager to learn. He is also a ball nut, fast and agile zooming quickly after each and every ball. He loves chasing sticks and herding games with other Border Collies. Luke can be sensitive about new situations so will be placed with another Border Collie so he can have his confidence built even more. He is a wonderful loving dog who is high energy and active outside but calm inside. Luke is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. He was relinquished to a shelter in NY that works with rescue. Luke was originally  purchased from a breeder in PA. Luke is being fostered in upstate NY and can be seen at the Farm.

ZAC found his forever home quickly and it is perfect....he'll be the constant companion to a former adopter who recently lost his beloved canine friend and was looking for another - Zac was the one! Zac happily hopped into the car and headed out to his new life in Ct, knowing he had finally found his friend, too - a perfect pairing! 

ZAC: A 4 year old Border Collie, Zac is a sweet guy who has a charming nature, gentle and yet playful. He is easy going and enjoys being with people. He also enjoys other dogs but could easily be a solo dog since he loves attention. Zac likes jolly balls too and will happily play retrieval games. He is not showing strong herding tendencies, instead he is more of a companion Border Collie. Zac is 65 pounds, a bit taller than the standard and not yet tested on cats. He was a stray in a shelter in upstate NY, fortunately the shelter asked us to help. 

MAXX found his forever home with two canine friends and loving guardians who fell in love with his wonderful personality and understand how to keep him satisfied with lots of hikes, agility and plenty of love. Maxx happily showed his enthusiasm for his new guardians and will happily join their family living in upstate NY.

MAXX: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Maxx is a ball of fun. He loves people and dogs and playing. He is very good natured and full of play. Maxx is great with other dogs and enjoys the action of running, racing and chasing. He is also very sweet and loving, enjoying all the attention he can get. Maxx also loves the tennis ball and will enjoy retrieving games endlessly. Full of spunk, he would be a great loving companion. Maxx has beautiful blue sparkles in his brown eyes, giving him a very unique look. He is about 35 pounds and is Ok with cats. He was in a shelter in upstate NY, originally a stray.  

SPECTACULAR SPECK found his forever home where his sweet nature can be a bonus - he'll be going to work each day in his guardian's florist shop so he'll share all that love and gentle, good nature with lots of people. Speck loves belly rubs and quickly won their hearts with his loving way. Speck was the star of the recent CBS documentary on Camp Border Collie for Kids so maybe someone will even recognize him! He now lives in upstate NY.

SPECK: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Speck is a teddy  bear, just loving to cuddle and hang with people. He is very gentle and good natured, very easy going and happy go lucky. Speck is a sweet, affectionate, playful boy who also loves other dogs. He wants to play and run though he has no real herding tendencies so could easily live with other breeds. He quickly engages in games  of chase, that is, after he makes sure to check in with the people around and share his sweet good nature. Speck is 40 pounds and good with cats. Speck was originally living with a lot of border collies, all given up to another rescuer who asked for our help. He came from PA. 

SANDI found her forever home with a former adopter who saw her picture on the site, contacted me and headed out within 24 hours to meet her and it was love at first sight! She fit with her other two perfectly and will have tons to do with agility, trail walks and will even go to work with her new furMom. Sandi was clearly the perfect fit! She now lives in Massachusetts. We'll get to see her when she visits again in the summer!

SANDI: A 6 month Border Collie, Sandi is a very smart, attentive young Border Collie. She is very connected to people and focuses well on the task at hand. She is also very high energy like any young BC and as agile and fast as they come. Sandi is a love bug as well as ball and toy nut, ready to go, go, go. She also loves to swim and can entertain herself with whatever is around! She is about 25 pounds and is good with cats. Sandi was relinquished to the Farm from guardians unable to meet her needs. She came from Cape Cod, MA. 

CASIE truly picked her new guardian and it was crystal clear to all of us witnessing it as well as her new person. She went over, sat next to her and wouldn't budge even after being coaxed with a ball. After lots of play and meeting her dog, she was miserable going back to the barn while the next dog came out to visit. So, when she came inside the cabin to say hello, that was it...she joined her new family and it felt perfect! She will get to do agility and all kinds of activities that border collies love plus she lives near a river for lots of water play and swims which Casie also loves! She now lives happily in Ct.

CASIE:  A 9 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Casie is a good  natured love-bug who is great with everyone. She is also a high energy girl always looking for something to do. She loves to play with other dogs and would be best with another young Border Collie but also would benefit from activities and sports that stretch her mind. Casie is a serious water lover, absolutely happy to swim and jump in any puddle, pond or tub!   Casie is also quite fast, runs like the wind and is fearless with her athletic nature so could do well in agility. She is about 35 pounds and not good with cats. She was relinquished to the Farm by guardians who loved her but could not meet her needs. She came from NY.

CARREY found his forever home with another canine friend who runs with a great bunny hop, race and chase style just like him! They quickly paced well with each other in the field and looked like they had lived together already! Carrey will have lots of fun playing and running and being loved. He now lives in upstate NY.

CARREY: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Carrey is all fun, running, chasing, racing around and excited about everything. He is a very sweet boy who enjoys other dogs as much as people. Good natured and easy going, Carrey has a great combination of playfulness and gentleness. He will need an outlet for his energy so another Border Collie would be great for him plus he could easily do any sport since he's so agile. Carrey is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He was a stray in PA and landed in a shelter before coming to the Farm. 

CLAIR found her forever home with a former adopter who loves the breed and wanted to add another focused fun girl to her life to do agility and lots of border collie games - Clair won her heart with her gentle sweet nature and her fired up focused play! Clair now lives in Pa, never again to be dumped and abandoned, instead she will be adored and cherished and we'll even get to see her at the Getaway camp!

CLAIR: A 5-6 month old Border Collie, Clair is all about the action. She is focused, fast and ready to go, go, go. She is a classic young Border Collie who needs an outlet for her mind, and body in order to be happy. She is very friendly and outgoing, eager to learn and responsive to everyone she meets. An incredible athlete, she could excel at any sport, channeling her herding instinct in any direction. Clair is about 30 pounds, typical for her age and not yet tested on cats. She is great with other dogs and will be placed in a sport home or with another young Border Collie. Clair could live with cats used to border collies, since she herds them. Clair was dumped in the front yard of a dog lover who contacted us, asking for help. She came from upstate NY. She is such a sweetheart, a very affectionate and good natured girl. 

TOBY found his forever home with a guardian who wants to play, do agility and hike - a perfect life for him! He quickly won her heart with his affection and his fun nudge of the ball to play, play, play. Toby now lives in Vermont where there is lots of land for border collie fun!

TOBY: A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Toby is a wonderful, friendly, happy dog who wants to play ball instantly after he's said his hellos. He loves everyone and is happy to be in the action, mixing in with other dogs well and playing Border Collie herding games. Toby is very skilled at catching tennis balls and quickly nudging them back to you for another throw. A real toy dog, he's happy enjoying retrieval games endlessly Toby is like any young BC, who needs activities to stimulate his mind and body but he can also relax after his exercise. Toby is very very sweet and quite focused and intelligent, catching on quickly to what is being asked of him. He is about 40 pounds, and will herd cats. He came from the PA area, a product of a divorce where well meaning dog lovers tried to take him in so he wouldn't go to a shelter but then realized he needed more than they could offer him. 

FINNEY found a loving home with kids who are around all the time to play with him and teach him new games since they are home schooled. Plus he'll have his own ten acres to run and play and explore, including a pond for swimming. His new guardians love the breed and absolutely fell in love with him He now lives in upstate NY.

FINNEY: A 3 month old Border Collie, Finney is a ball of fun and energy, classic border collie energy. He is sweet, sweet, sweet and also busy, busy, busy. He'll enjoy any activity he tries and is learning all about dogs at the Farm and enjoying that, too. He is a focused boy with tons of potential, ready to bond and be with his person. He is about 20 pounds, typical in size for his age. Finney was relinquished to the Farm due to his energy level and a guardian who loves the breed but felt she could not meet his needs. He came from upstate NY, originally from a breeder in Maine. 

SHEPPE found his forever home with another canine friend just like him, a bit shy and sensitive but loads of fun. They two of them chased after balls and enjoyed wrestling with each other, quickly good friends.  Sheppe will get a chance to do agility and enjoy the challenges of being a sport dog! He now lives in upstate NY where he will be forever adored.

SHEPPE: A 1 year old Border Collie, Sheppe is a wonderful, good natured, easy going boy who loves to be in the middle of the action or with his person. He is very affectionate and also playful, eager to run and race and chase. He could easily live with other dogs or as a solo dog in an active home. Sheppe is not showing herding tendencies but he is energetic and needs a physical outlet. He is a very fun, loving Border Collie. Sheppe is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He came to the Farm from a PA shelter where he had been abandoned due to no time for him. 

JAXIE found her forever home with adopters who have three dogs from us and happily fell in love with her! She'll be joining their pack of 6 and will have tons of love as well as plenty of Border Collie play since they love the breed and understand all their needs. Jaxie won the heart of her new FurMom on her visit here and she just knew she wanted her to join their family.

JAXIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Jaxie is all energy...go, go, go, full of drive and able to tackle anything. She would be outstanding at sports and could excel easily. Jaxie loves everyone and is eager to bond quickly. She is a classic young Border Collie who needs an activity to focus her mind, body and heart and in return, she'll give you her all. She is very very smart, quick and agile and wild about toys of any kind. Jaxie smiles a wide mouthful of teeth grin when she's happy. Watching Jaxie dash around the Farm with 20 other Border Collies, it's easy to understand why this is a special breed. Jaxie will be placed in a border collie savvy home with someone who wants to help her fulfill her potential. She is about 30 pounds, and is good with cats. She was surrendered to the Farm from NY when her guardians realized they could not meet her needs and high energy. 

Two of our favorite adopters came back to the Farm late in the day Sunday and while this picture is full of flash eyes cause it was dark , the room was full of joy and happy dogs.  Brandi (in the middle on the couch) will be living with Haley and Scout, both adopted from the Farm. This fun-filled picture actually captures real life too because the people are friends and the dogs and kids all hang together as one big happy play family. Brandi fit right in, racing outside in the last daylight on the large field at the Farm and all enjoying the fun of ball throwing inside and lots of loving. Brandi now lives in CT

BRANDI: A 6 month old Border Collie, Brandi is a live wire, classic BC energy to go, go, go. Like any young Border Collie, she wants to focus her mind and would excel in sports. She is super fast and incredibly agile. Brandi is also a gentle, sweet, loving girl who loves to cuddle. She also loves to learn and is so excited by mental challenges and is eager to try anything. She is very attentive and focused on a person when she is going through training sessions so could easily develop a strong bond. She is also great with other dogs and will be placed with another young BC. Brandi is about 30 pounds and good with cats. She was relinquished to the Farm from PA where her former guardian could not meet her needs.

CONNOR found a fabulous home full of other Border Collies with someone who really loves the breed and understands their brilliance. He will get a chance to do flyball, agility and enjoy frisbee and lots of border collie games on 100 acres! If he loves the sports as much as it seems he will, he'll be a competitor and peforming too as a disc dog! Connor will be in a border collie paradise for sure and he'll enjoy all of it. He now lives in Canada.

CONNOR: A petite 10 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Connor is lively and all ready to go, go, go. He is also very very sweet and loves people, pretty much everyone he meets. Connor would be a great candidate for any sport as he learns really fast and is very athletic and sound. Connor loves action of any kind so really needs a home where he has something to do that will challenge him. While he loves to cuddle, he is no couch potato, instead he'd happily enjoy learning and he loves toys. He is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He loves to play with other dogs so would be a wonderful pal for another young BC. He was surrendered to a NY shelter for having too much energy. 

MISHA found his forever home with another canine friend who instantly raced and chased with him, just like he likes to do! They went tearing all over the field like fast friends. Misha will have lots of land to explore and get to do agility which he'll surely love. His new guardian loves the breed and understands exactly what he'll need to be adored as well as challenged. Misha now lives in upstate NY.

MISHA: A 10 month old Border Collie, Misha is all about action - balls, racing, herding games - he wants to be in all of it. He is super agile and fast and could easily excel in agility or any sport. Misha is also very very smart, attentive, alert and focused so would do well with someone interested in training. He is great with other dogs, easily plays in a herding style  and can outrun many of the rescue dogs. He loves to swim and will retrieve from the water endlessly or just enjoy a swim by himself. He is about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. Misha was surrendered to the Farm due to an inability to meet his energy needs. He came from upstate NY. 

ANNE in her usual ball crazed style has one eye out on the camera and one eye ready to catch the ball that one of her new guardians is about to throw! Annie-Fannie, as we affectionately call her, won the whole family over with her comical, fast-paced, style and wiggly-giggly body that gets so excited for attention. They quickly saw how special this petite little girl really is and felt she had to come home to live with them! Anne will have a fun life of lots of ball throwing plus her own summer lake house and weekend getaway to 70 acres in upstate NY. For Anne, all that space just means more room to fly across the grass in pursuit of a ball. She is one fast little Border Collie and now, about to be one very happy girl. She'll never be abandoned again.

ANNE: A very petite 1 yr old Border Collie, Anne is a serious ball player already, ready to focus instantly and all the time on her favorite toy - the tennis ball. She is very very sweet and super smart, bonds quickly and likes affection but she is also a classic Border Collie who needs a job and for her, the ball is perfect. Anne is a great frisbee player, perfect at catching every time!  She has a wonderful grin she gives you when she says hello! Anne is already a strong female with other dogs so does best with submissive dogs. She is very quiet and calm inside, happy to lay near you waiting for that fun moment of work and play to begin! Anne could be happy with another dog or as a solo dog in an active home. She is approx 25lbs and is good with cats. Anne was picked up by animal control in Maryland when neighbors reported seeing a pup running loose.  

JACQUE found his new home on the ride from New Jersey to the Farm late one friday. His new guardian fell in love with him as he cuddled next to her for the ride and once here, decided she had to come back and meet him. Soon as the dogs met, the match was perfect, from chasing and tugging to wonderful play bows, it was perfect. This lucky guy will be adored forever, living in PA, having a blast! He waited quite awhile in an empty house when his former guardians moved, and then a few weeks in our foster home, but took no time at all to let his person know - she was his pick, too!!

JACQUE, a 4 year old border collie, Jacque is all about the ball, focused, fast and ready to go. He also loves the frisbee and lots of other toys, too. Jacque is very intelligent and has lived with other dogs and several cats, but would be more than happy to be the constant companion to his person.  Jacque is very good in the car, enjoying being the co-pilot, likes to go for walks and give lots of hugs and kisses.  Jacque is carrying a little extra weight, which will come off quickly at the Farm.  He is good with cats.  Jacque was relinquished in NJ due to a move with his family.  

BO found a new guardian who loves the breed and wanted a real companion to run with each day and explore on hikes with each weekend. He and Bo will be playing lots of frisbee each day, too and will be constant companions. Their first walk together on the Farm's trails clicked so well for both of them, it was clear they'd each found the perfect fit. Bo now lives in Massachusetts.

BO: A 4 1/2 year old Border Collie, Bo is very very smart and bonds quickly to a person, eager to please and happy to join in any activity. He is a great frisbee dog and loves all toys and already knows lots of commands for enjoying continual games. He loves the water and will eagerly swim. He has also succeeded in agility and is very athletic, happy to do any sport. Bo would thrive living with someone where he could be their companion in an active life. He is about 50 pounds and good with cats. Bo is a marvelous example of a mature BC with tons of energy to do anything and everything while putting his relationship to people as paramount to his happiness. He is good with other dogs and previously lived in a multiple dog household so would enjoy another canine friend though could be the solo dog, too. Bo was relinquished from PA guardians who adored him but had another dog who fought with Bo and they felt he deserved a happier life. 

JESTER & JAXIE went together to a new life that is wonderful, joining 3 other dogs from the Farm as well as other canine friends, a pack of nine. These two will fit in beautifully and happily headed out to their new home with their furDad who they absolutely loved. Their furMom came from California for a visit not long ago and again fell in love so a cross country trip to get them west came true again. Good friends of the farm, we are thrilled that Jaxie & Jester will join their home and hearts, joining Ben, Shep and Rio who made the same trip the same way long ago!

JESTER: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Jester is a wonderfully affectionate, good natured, friendly guy. He enjoys meeting everyone and greets everyone with the same nudge of the arm or cuddly hello. He loves people. Jester is also quite the herder, happy to herd other dogs or anything that moves. He gets along beautifully with other dogs so could easily enjoy canine friends or being with a person who involves him completely in their life. Jester is very well balanced, smart and sweet. He is carrying a bit of extra weight which will come off at the Farm easily. He is good with cats. He previously lived on a hobby farm with goats and horses and was allowed to run free which is probably how he lost his front leg, chasing a car. He was picked up by Animal Control and the guardians did not want to pay money to reclaim him. The upstate NY shelter staff works with the Farm so were happy to have him come to us. 

Sweet EMIE found her forever home with a family that adored her instantly. The amazing thing to see was how she picked her family, too. She absolutely loved the two boys and bonded with them as if they were long lost friends. Emie will be adored and also be the constant companion to her new furMom plus they'll be back in a few months to find a friend for her! She happily headed out to her new life in upstate NY

EMIE: A 5 month old Border Collie mix pup, this little wonder girl is full of energy and non-stop play. She is fun, fun, fun and really needs another young canine friend to be happy. She does love people just as much, cuddling with you at night, her head by yours right on the pillow. She just has to be near her person and loves being close. Emie is a wonderful little pup with so much potential, super athletic and eager to learn anything. She is good in the car, settles well when inside but for sure, needs an active home with plenty of room to run. The pictures don't show her beauty - she is just gorgeous. We feel convinced that Emie is a Border Collie/ Portugese Water Dog...she looks so similar to a recent pup we met and acts so similar too. She is fine with cats and is about 25 pounds. Emie was a stray in Long Island, picked up by caring dog lovers who made sure she got to safety at the Farm. 

WHEELER now known as Simon, went to his forever home today (post neutering) where he'll be endlessly playing with his new Border Collie friend and be the constant companion to his new guardians. They fell in love with him a few weeks ago visiting the Farm when he had just come from the shelter, sick with a respiratory infection. Ready to go, he happily cuddled with them and played with his new friend before heading out to his new life in NY.

WHEELER: An 8 month old Border Collie, Wheeler is a love bug, a really sweet, happy guy who loves attention and is happy to cuddle. He also loves to play with toys and will make up games to entertain himself or happily enjoy retrieving. He is a great little guy who will be a wonderful companion. Wheeler currently has a respiratory infection and will be adopted shortly once he is well. Lucky for him, he's already met his new people and when well, will meet his new Border Collie friend and start his new life! He came from PA as a stray at a truck stop, hence the name Wheeler! 

COMET found the perfect home for him- he'll be the constant companion to his new guardians for tons of ball play and he'll also have a blast on serious hikes. He'll be going everywhere they go on mountains and into forests and certainly keeping up with an active life. He, of course, was thrilled to have someone who can really throw the ball and he happily headed out to his new life in central NY.

COMET: An 1 yr old Border Collie, Comet is an amazing athlete, ready to play ball and focused on every throw like it was the first. He is clearly a ball nut, making up his own game of '2-ball' where he simultaneously plays with both. He also loves all other toys and would thrive in a situation where he could be with an active person or doing sports. He is great with other dogs and would enjoy a young Border Collie friend or could possibly be a solo dog, depending on the activity level. He is very calm and quiet inside but all action outside. Comet is a thoughtful dog and would benefit from someone who understands the mental needs of a BC, as well as the physical. He is about 40 pounds, a bit taller than the average height and good with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from NJ by people who could not meet his needs. 

CARR found a wonderful home with 40 acres for exploring and play, plus two friends who think just like he does, frisbee and ball players, too. The trio were immediately comfortable together, went for a ride in town and had the perfect chemistry for a great life together. Besides enjoying a doggie paradise, he'll be going to school spending time where one of his new guardians' teaches. He'll be the hit of the place, just like he was in Camp Border Collie for Kids, a natural with children. Carr happily headed out to his new life in Vermont. With a snowy wintry day, he's glad his guardians made the trip!

CARR: A 2 year old Border Collie, Carr is a ball nut, who loves to race and chase in any good game of throwing the ball. He is playful and fun and very smart, connecting to people quickly. Carr also observes everything around him and thinks through what is going on, taking a bit of time to get comfortable, classic with the breed. He is very focused and fast and also quite a cuddler, a real sweet guy. Carr is a young BC so likes to play with other Border Collies and quickly makes up herding games. He is ok with cats and about 40 pounds. He was living with another border collie previously but the family could not meet his energy needs. He will do best with people focused on activities that use his mind and all his energy. His name was Caramel previously. He was relinquished to the Farm from NJ. 

MCGEE found his forever home with another Border Collie where he'll be racing and playing and exploring together. They instantly connected for lots of play and he happily cuddled for belly rubs with his new guardian. McGee will have a family loving him and a life of Border Collie fun, even skiing in the winter! He now lives in upstate NY.

MCGEE: A 3 year old Border Collie, McGee is a sensitive, thoughtful dog who observes everything around him and wants to think things through. He is easy going and eager to meet people and other dogs as he takes in any new situation, clearly a very smart Border Collie. McGee is not as intense as some others so could be a great companion. He loves the car and is great in the house. He is good with cats and weighs about 45 pounds. McGee lived in one home from a pup til now when his guardians in PA could no longer care for him. 

BAKER found his new guardians quickly when he won their hearts with his focused frisbee catches combined with his cuddly ways. He spent the night at the nearby Inn with his new canine friend and guardians who quickly knew they'd made the right decision when he happily snoozed near their bed, a very content boy. Baker will clearly be cherished as their beloved Border Collie and he'll enjoy life at his new lakefront home where he'll be playing endlessly and be their constant companion. He now lives in upstate NY.

BAKER: A 7 year old Border Collie, Baker is a remarkable athlete, incredible at ball and catching a frisbee, rarely missing it. He is fast and focused and very fun. Baker is also the perfect canine citizen, responsive and obedient and very happy to take direction, eager to please. He is very very smart and loves to be in a relationship, close with someone. We believe that Baker deserves a wonderful home, regardless of his special need.  His condition, laryngeal paralysis, occurs because a nerve stops sending the signal to move the larynx flaps open and closed - so in his case, the airway is always open.  It also means that things can go down his throat, like food or any other small object, and nothing stops them. What he will need is a setting where he is monitored, is a bit calmer, and one or two other Border Collies would be ideal -  since he loves to herd other dogs and gets along famously with every dog. His life should be fairly normal but a bit calmer. Baker races around like normal, as energetic as the other 20 Farm dogs he is playing with each day and a very happy Border Collie. He still 'hacks' in the morning and evening and has trouble swallowing but he can eat just fine. Baker eats canned dog food, which is softer and easier to swallow, from an elevated bowl. His treats are canned cheese or peanut butter which he can easily lick versus hard dog treats which would cause him to cough.  Baker is a classic Border Collie: brilliant, people oriented and truly will be a fantastic friend to the person who opens their heart and home to him.  

BEAR found his forever home where he'll be loved and adored all the time (which he of course loves) plus he'll have his own nine acres for roaming and playing frisbee and he'll have his own canine friend (he met on another day) who will be his companion. The two of them got along great and his new guardians loved his spirit and spunkiness. Bear now lives in upstate NY, not too far from the Farm.

BEAR: A 10 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Bear lives up to his name...he is a friendly, loving, cuddle bug who loves everyone. He is happiest with people and happy to say hello anytime anywhere. He is also a focused ball player and frisbee nut, too. Bear is great with other dogs and loves to play. As he knocks off the weight, he'll be back to more fast paced running which he clearly wants to do. He keeps up with the 20 Farm dogs just fine even now. Bear is good with cats. He was relinquished due to an illness in the family which left no time for him. He came from PA.

ISHA found her forever home right in her foster home. An unplanned adoption, this sweet, shy girl blossomed into a frisbee fanatic and just loved her foster family, especially her furDAD that they just couldn't part with her. She adored him and as everyone said who saw them together, 'she is his dog' Isha will have a fantastic life with other Border Collies and canine friends living in Vermont, hiking and playing and exploring, forever cherished. We'll even get to see her since her foster family volunteers for the Farm.

ISHA: A 1 yr old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Isha is a classic action-oriented BC who loves to be with her person, very affectionately loving them. She also loves the action of other dogs and will enjoy racing and chasing with other young BC's. Isha is an incredible frisbee dog and can easily catch whatever is thrown her way. Isha would be a wonderful sport dog: she is super focused on toys; ready to retrieve and respond; and incredibly smart and agile, all perfect traits for an agility or flyball dog. She  is also a serious water lover, absolutely happy to swim and jump in any puddle, pond or tub!   She would thrive in a home where she could play any toy games and is great off leash with good recall.  Isha would be happiest with another young BC who loves toys as much as she does. She is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats since she is curious. She will not hurt a cat but loves to herd a bit. She was given up by her PA guardian who could not meet her needs. Isha is being fostered in VT

BUSTER found his forever home with three other canine friends, two of which loved getting to know him and they were a great trio very quickly. He'll have a great place to explore, including horses, chickens and bunnies! Buster jumped at the gate with joy waiting for his new person to come take him to the car to head to his new life! He now lives in PA.

BUSTER: A 3 year old Border Collie mix, Buster is a really gentle, affectionate dog. He is one of the sweetest dogs in rescue, so happy to be with someone and so easy to be with. He enjoys exploring the fields at the Farm, hanging with the other dogs around and loves a good belly rub and pat on the head. Buster is very very good natured and would love being the constant companion to a person. He is just fine with other dogs and in fact, lived with three labs previously but really blossoms with people around. Buster is about 45 pounds and fine with cats. He was given up when his former guardian who had him since a pup, moved to NY and could not longer keep him. 

: A 4 month old Border Collie mix pup, Phaedra is brilliant and a real spit-fire, ready to try anything and do anything. She is fearless and fun and clearly a busy girl. She was in foster care and given to the Farm to place in an appropriate home. She came to us from CT.
PHAEDRA found her forever home with a wonderful dog trainer who met her while in foster care and absolutely fell in love! She's been on hikes already and easily keeps up with their pack, bounding over ledges and into creeks. She's been to training classes and wows everyone, including her new guardians who are so excited to have her join their lives. She's going to be plenty busy with tons of activities and she'll even get a chance to do therapy work with young children who have suffered traumas. Phaedra is already working her magic with everyone with her wonderful friendly nature! She's even attended a baby shower! Phaedra now lives in Vermont.

MEMPHIS found his forever home with a relative of one of our caretakers who knew immediately he would be the perfect dog! Once her sister met him, she completely agreed. Of course, Memphis gave his incredible toothy grin as his vote, too. Memphis will be joining two other canine friends in a wonderful life of fun and exploring and lots of smiles and grins!

MEMPHIS: A Border Collie/Collie mix, Memphis is a wonderful, sweet, loving dog whose good looks match his great temperament. He is very obedient and easy going, happy to be with his person. Memphis also loves toys of any kind and will happily retrieve and squeak and play endlessly. He is a mix so has no herding tendencies and is fitting in best with the Border Collies that are not heavy herders. He loves to play with other dogs and could easily fit in with other gentle dogs. He wouldn't do well with a strong dominant dog since he is more submissive. Memphis is fine with cats and weighs about 60 pounds. He came to the Farm from NY guardians who were moving. He lived in one home since a pup, originally adopted from another rescue. 


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