HOP found the best home for him with two other Border Collies and a Lab friend (not all pictured) plus his own little boy who has grown up knowing exactly what makes Border Collies happy - ball, ball, ball!  Hop quickly played and raced after his new canine friend plus gave his puppy kisses to his new guardians, who traveled from CT just for him! 

KAZZ: A 4 1/2 month old Border Collie, Kazz is a lover, a cuddler and a chaser, playing endlessly with his sister, Elly. He is incredibly sweet and just learning about exploring the world. Kazz is good natured and easy going, not overly intense though he will need a canine friend for play. He is about 25 pounds. He came from a NJ shelter. 
QUINN & KAZZ were so adorable that they won the hearts of their new guardians who decided they had to have them both in their family. Former adopters of Andy, they came for one pup to finish off their trio but once they saw Andy, Oliver, Quinn and Kazz together, they were sure it would be wonderful to enjoy them all. These four Border Collies will surely have it made, with lots of love from the kids plus tons of play and about 10 acres for exploring in New Hampshire...a perfect Border Collie life!

QUIN is also full of energy to play but also has a quieter side, very eager to be with his person.

MEGG found her forever home with guardians who love Border Collies and were thrilled with Megg's intensity and sweetness, all in one package. She responded quickly to whatever was asked and showed all her eagerness to work, waiting for some direction. Megg will have a great life, as the constant companion to her new FurMom, going everywhere with her including a nearby Farm plus plenty of outdoor activities and a try at sheepherding. Megg now lives in CT.

MEGG: An petite 9 month old Border Collie, Megg is all action. She is smart, focused and very athletic. A very bright, eager learner, Megg could easily do any sport. She is fast and so responsive. Megg is also a real cuddler, loving attention with her people. She's great with other Border Collies and races around the Farm at fast speed, joining in the herding action. She is only going to be placed in a seasoned Border Collie home with another young dog. She is non stop play. Megg will herd cats so would be ok with cats used to living with the breed. Megg came to the Farm from CT. 

MAVERICK found the home he really wanted, being the center of attention and constant companion to his new guardians. They were charmed by his picture on the site but fell in love instantly after spending time with him playing ball and cuddling. Maverick headed out the gate, happy to have a loving home where he'll be cherished. He now lives in NY.

MAVERICK: A 2 year old Border Collie (possible mix), Maverick is a loving, sweet, good natured guy. He is interested in everything going on around him and wants to be involved but he's not too intense, instead a better companion than working BC. Maverick mixes with other dogs well and fits in easily wherever he goes. He is good with bunnies, which were with his previous guardian but not yet tested on cats. Maverick is about 45 pounds. He was relinquished due to a move to an apartment, from PA. 

BENN found his forever home where he'll be the center of attention with his new guardian, being her constant companion at work and at home.  She loved him on the site and then soon as he laid his head on her knee, that was that! Benn found his person and she found her canine friend. He'll have fun hiking, camping, swimming and enjoying endless doggie play! He now lives in Maryland.

BENN: A 3 year old Border Collie, Benn is a doll. He is very loving and sweet, sweet, sweet. He is friendly and easy going, mostly though, he sure loves people. He'll get along with other dogs but doesn't like being pressured. Benn is smart and focused though not high intensity. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. Benn was surrendered to the Farm from a NY guardian who could not meet his needs. Benn is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm

Sweet camera shy Magie brought tears of joy to our eyes today when she found her forever home! One of the smartest, sweetest Border Collies we've met, she waited a year for just the right place for the rest of her life. She'll get to keep track of an 80 acre Farm, meeting and greeting all who come to visit as well as keeping an eye on the chickens, ewes and horses. Magie loves a job and at 10 years old this fall, she can still be the best working Border Collie we know, very responsible for being the partner to her new guardians. We'll miss her deeply since she worked the yard at the GHF all the time here. A special thanks to Roberta and Jonathan Bray who fostered Magie for awhile to give her all the focused attention she deserved while she waited for her new life to begin. We'll be enjoying Magie stories from her new Farm in NY.

MAGIE: An 10 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Magie is a loving, brilliant girl with a focus on people and action both. She loves to play ball and frisbee and she also loves to be in the middle of all that is going on. She is incredibly sweet and easy going, adapting easily to new situations. Magie is a classic Border Collie who has all the calm confidence that comes with this breed. When she was younger, she used to herd geese and it shows because she still has a ton of focus when the action happens. Magie is very gentle and a real cuddler. She  would be happiest as the companion to her person without other dogs. She was relinquished to the farm from her PA guardians who had grandkids and felt her working tendencies would be too much. She is about 45 pounds and good with cats. She is trained on the invisible fence. Mag is in a foster home in upstate NY and can be seen at the Farm

BAXTER charmed his new guardians instantly, soon as he gave them that wonderful sweet look just like in the picture on the site! Of course, he ran all around with his squirrel toy, having a blast and then joined them walking all around the field til they sat down and he cuddled quickly by their sides. He'd found his people and headed out the door to his new life in NY, adored and understood since they had a Border Collie before.

BAXTER: A 11 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Baxter is a lively, fun, happy dog who loves to be with people. He is interested in everything going on around him and happy to be in the action. He is very very sweet and good natured. He is also quite athletic and eager to try new things. He previously lived with two dogs but is now learning about Border Collies and how he can make up herding games for play. Baxter is focused and smart, a good candidate for sports. He is about 40 pounds, a bit taller than some and not yet tested on cats. He came from PA, given up due to a relationship break up and move. He came from a PA breeder. 

KAMERON found the perfect home for her - with guardians who understand Border Collies and where she'll get a chance to try herding! How much happier could a young girl be?! Kameron is quite the herder so will do well we bet and even if not perfect, learn all about her instincts to do what she was meant to do. She'll also enjoy the great outdoors, hiking and playing with her new friend who is 100% go, go, go, just like her! She now lives in NJ.

KAMERON: A 1 year old Border Collie, Kameron is all action! She loves to run and chase and herd border collie style with other dogs. She's super sweet and loving with everyone, too. Kameron will need an active home to keep her happy, ideally another Border Collie. She can be a bit timid at first but once settled, is happy as can be, a good natured girl. She is about 35 pounds and good with cats. She came from the New England area. 

ELLY & ARLOWE are about to have a life that Border Collies dream about - running, playing, chasing, exploring and being loved as the constant companions to their new guardians. These two pups charmed them quickly and magically of course with lots of licks and cuddles and toy play. Elly & Arlowe will have a great home and even their own summer lakehouse for lots of swimming. They now live in Maine, cherished forever.

ELLY: A 6 month old Border Collie, Elly is a doll, instantly eager to be in your lap and also curious about everything. She is very attentive and focuses well, ready to learn and follow direction. Elly is very sweet and loves to play with other dogs, though she'd be interested in learning about other activities too. She is friendly with everyone and good natured. Elly is about 25 pounds. She came from a NJ shelter. 

ARLOWE is all action, happy to explore with the gang. He is very very sweet.

GRACE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Grace is not only gorgeous, she's smart and very engaging with a person she trusts and knows. She loves to play with toys of any kind and is a classic, fast, energetic Border Collie, ready to do anything asked of her. Grace loves people and while she can be a little shy at first, once she is content, she loves her person completely, happiest to be with them as much as possible. Grace loves to chase squirrels and chipmunks and also cats so will be placed in a home without cats. She is about 45 pounds and relinquished to the Farm due to inability to meet her needs. She came from PA.

GRACE & TUCKER met at the Farm as roomies and loved each other, playing and racing and chasing, really a wonderful pair and so it's wonderful to see them go to a new life together! They charmed their new guardians who love this breed and quickly won their hearts with their sweet and brilliant nature. Grace and Tucker happily headed out the gate to their new life in NY where they'll have constant fun playing for sure.

TUCKER: A 11 month old Border Collie, Tucker is a gorgeous boy, a thinker and a doer. He is friendly and easygoing in any situation, very comfortable with new places, people and dogs. Tucker loves playing with other dogs and loves the frisbee, playing as long as you like! He also settles well indoors, happy to be with his person.  Tucker is good with cats. He was surrendered to the Farm because his NY guardian could not meet his needs.

DOUGHAL found his soulmate, if dogs have soulmates because when he met Lily, it was instant and continual bliss, running, chasing, wrestling, rolling..they were in heaven playing with each other. Doughal took a break every now and then to say hello to his new guardians who were thrilled watching this match unfold but then he of course returned to his canine friend for more and more fun. They played together the entire hour, non stop...a fantastic duo! Doughal and Lily and their humans live in PA and we can just imagine what life is like in their home now!

DOUGHAL: A 1 year old Border Collie (possible mix), Doughal is a very sweet, energetic boy who loves people and also loves to play, play, play with other dogs.  He is all about racing and chasing games and would be so happy with the right canine friend. He is ready to learn and could easily be trained since he's food oriented and very smart but he needs an outlet for his energy so will only be placed with another dog. Doughal is a bit taller than the average BC, about 50 pounds but very lean. Doughal also loves to cuddle, getting as close as he can for belly rubs and attention, a sweetheart.  He is good with cats.  Doughal was a stray from a PA shelter that works with the Farm

JESS found her new life with two other dogs adopted from the Farm! She was thrilled to have her own boys to throw frisbees and balls and offer tons of endless play! And, knowing Jess, she'll enjoy her canine friends just as well, racing and chasing around the property. She'll be in heaven as the constant companion to her new FurMom and with a yard filled with birds and squirrels and everything else she loves to chase! She now lives in upstate NY.

JESS: A 2 year old Border Collie (or possibly mix), Jess is all action...she is fast, fun and can leap off the ground in one fearless jump. She loves toys of any kind and has the athletic style which would make her great for sports. Jess is also a sweetheart and loves to play with other dogs. She is a physical player and will wrestle and chase and with the right dog, they have a blast. She is very smart and responsive to what is asked of her though needs some structure and obedience work since her enthusiasm carries her away sometimes. She settles fine if exercised enough and enjoys everyone she meets. Jess is a stable, good natured happy girl but does need an outlet for her energy and mind, like any young Border Collie. She has a bobbed tail which could be from injury or birth, we don't know. She was surrendered to a NJ shelter. 

DAKOTA & CAPPY found a new life together with another Border Collie, Luke (camera shy!) who loves to herd and play just like they do, racing around for the ball and frisbee. They were a great trio instantly and like most Border Collies, found their rhythm together quickly. Their new guardians were thrilled to add two more great BC's to their life. This trio will have a wonderful time exploring their new property, hiking and being the constant companion to their new FurDad as he works outside. And, their new FurMom always wanted a petite little girl so Dakota was thrilled to be chosen! They now live in Maryland.

CAPPY (aka Buddy), a 5 year old border collie with ABCA papers, is every bit the loving companion his name suggests.  He adores people, including older kids, who he's used to living with.  Cappy is good with cats too.  Cappy loves to go for car rides or to play catch, and will stay right with his person for attention.  He's used to living as a solo dog but is respectful of other dogs and would probably enjoy canine company as well.  He is being relinquished due to a lack of time for him.  

DAKOTA: A 4 1/2 year old petite Border Collie, this little girl is one frisbee fanatic! She lives for a throw and is so good at catching pretty much any toss, she's amazing. Dakota is a wee girl and so fast with quite a herding eye! She is super smart and very active when it's time to play but can settle inside well. She loves to swim and will happily retrieve a ball in the water and of course, out!  Dakota is excellent off leash and often goes with volunteers for trail walks and weekends all over the Farm. She would be a superb hiking companion. She can be shy at first so needs a calmer home where she can be the center of attention. Dakota is about 30 pounds and will herd cats but not hurt them. She can fit with other Border Collies easily but doesn't like pushy dogs in her face, very typical of the breed. She was relinquished to the Farm due to lack of time for her. She was originally from a breeder in Colorado, living in one home since a puppy and came to us from PA. 

Sweet FLEET found two loving guardians who were drawn to add him to their lives, his sweet nature and loving ways won their hearts. And, they understand the quirkiness of Border Collies to find ways to enjoy Fleet and help him be his very best. He now lives with a canine friend in PA where he'll be adored. He clearly loved them too though being camera shy, we couldn't capture this wonderful meeting of the hearts to show the world but he is most certainly their dog and they are his people.

FLEET : A 5 1/2 year old Border Collie, Fleet is very very gentle and sweet, enjoying attention and time with his person. He is smart and attentive, a keen observer. Sometimes, when you're very busy, he'll get your attention by sitting down, looking directly in your eyes and offering his paw, almost as if to say, "hey slow down and come hang with me"! He is friendly with everyone he meets. He also loves to make up herding games with other border collies  so will be placed with another BC, even younger than him.  He loves to play. Fleet is very good natured and easy going, though enjoys chasing and running like any BC. Fleet herds children when they are active so will be placed in an adult home. He is about 40 pounds and is good with cats. He was a stray in PA.  

LIBBY found her forever home right where she's being fostered in PA! Her new guardian had been looking for a friend for her Border Collie, Pepper and shortly after Libby arrived, the two of them were fast friends, playing and running and enjoying life together. So, Libby is all set with love, fun and a great home!

LIBBY: A 8 month old Border Collie, Libby is an energetic, fun little girl who really loves to play, play, play. She loves people and will engage in any game with toys though is still learning how to bring toys back for another throw, common with puppies. She is a sweet, gentle dog who is eager to explore everything around her. Libby is also quite the herder, circling anything that moves, classic for the breed. She has a great personality and is a very well adjusted pup. She is wonderful in the house and happy to be with her person, a cuddly active classic Border Collie. She is good with cats.  Libby was abandoned at a PA shelter for too much energy. She is being fostered near Pittsburgh. 

BLUE: A 6 year old Border Collie who loves the ball, anytime, anywhere, Blue wants to play and chase and retrieve.  While he's great with other dogs and cats, he'd much rather be playing ball with his person.  His high energy level requires an active home that will enjoy his brilliance and need for stimulation. He is sweet and friendly to everyone, easily adapting to new situations.  Blue also adores older kids who will throw the ball for him!  He is about 45 pounds. Blue is from PA, being given up because the family’s situation has changed and he is being left alone for too long every day. 
BLUE & COLBEE & KYLIE found a new life together!! Three dogs to one home in one day - a first at GHF! Their new guardians knew the minute they saw Blue in action, that he was the one going home for sure. As they met dog after dog, they were drawn to sweet Colbee and she to them so, number two had found them! In the midst of meeting various candidates, their hearts melted with the gentle sweetheart, Kylie. So, as the visit went on, the idea of three seemed perfect. A great trio found each other at the Farm and then found a wonderful life with lots of acres to explore and run and make up games as well as being the constant companions to their new family. They live in PA.

KYLIE: A 1 year old Border Collie, Kylie is a love bug who wants to climb in your lap for attention. She loves to run and chase and play with other dogs but really wants to be with her person. She is eager to interact with everyone. Kylie can be timid at first but easily adjusts to positive attention. She'll do best with another more gentle dog as a companion who can be her friend and also give her more confidence. She is about 35 pounds and good with cats. She came from the New England area. 

COLBEE: An 8 year old Border Collie, Colbee is a friendly, good natured, happy girl. Everyone who meets her falls in love, she is so sweet and gentle.  She also LOVES to play with other dogs, chasing, racing and playing with toys.  Colbee is a a very young eight, nothing like what most people imagine. She likes to meet everyone and enjoys lots of attention, quite the wiggle-butt. She is easy going and adapts well to new situations. She is not as intense as many Border Collies, a much more balanced even tempered girl. She is very obedient and eager to please. Colbee would love having another canine friend for sure. She is 38lbs and fine with cats. Colbee was adopted from the Farm a year ago but returned now due to a divorce.

TRIXIE: A 6 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Trixie is a doll. She is fun, focused and so eager to be with her person chasing balls. For anyone who has enjoyed a Border Collie, this girl is classic fun. So smart, so interested in everything and so ready to go, she is a sweetheart. Trixie is a delightful companion, too, very people oriented and friendly. She is good with other dogs and fine with cats. Trixie is about 40 pounds. Trixie was surrendered to the Farm from her PA guardians who had moved to a smaller property, leaving Trixie with less space to run which they felt wasn't best for her. 

HUCK & TRIXIE found their forever together when one of our former adopters came back with Spike to find him some friends and enjoy enlarging his pack to a trio! He fell in love with Trixie instantly and she had her new home! Then, when Huck arrived in the fields to play ball, he knew he was number three! With lots of tossed balls and racing and running, this trio came together as a perfect group for life together. Their new guardian was thrilled and off they headed to PA and a life of Border Collie games.

HUCK a 5 yr old border collie with ABCA papers. Huck is a sweet guy that loves the ball, and the frisbee, but will also settle for a well deserved belly rub.  If the tennis ball isn't close enough to your foot, he'll happily give it a nudge closer with his nose.  Huck can be a little hesitant in new situations, but has tried many new things in his foster home, and quickly becomes confident.  He gets along with other dogs and is good with cats.  He is approx 50 lbs .Huck came from a family in NJ that had a hard time managing his energy.  

SHAWNIE found her forever home where she'll be super active on the Ski Patrol, hiking lots of acres cause she lives surrounded by 500 and most importantly, loved by a family that fell in love with her. They knew she was the one they wanted to live with and have join their family so off she went to a new life. Shawnie will get to try agility too! She now lives in New Jersey.  

A special thanks to Kay DeFlumere and her family who fostered all the pups til they could find their new lives.

SHAWNIE is a  wonderful 4 month old border  collie! She is a classic,  with lots of energy and eager to go, go, go! She is already showing a big interest in toys of any kind and  is a very focused girl, a natural for sports.  She is friendly, attentive and learning all about playing with other dogs as well as enjoying the fun of the great outdoors at the Farm! Shawnie came from the New England area. 

BANNER found his new life with his foster family who in very short order, fell in love. He is now known as the "Banner Blanket", the best cuddler and friend they could have, whether it's at the beach or at home, Banner is their best buddy. Banner is thrilled with his new life and follows his foster Mom everywhere, happy to accompany her on any activity. We are so happy for him and for the Toomey family who have fostered for the Farm for 8 years! Thanks Pat, Tim and the gang for all your help with so many dogs - Banner is one lucky Border Collie- he's now in the Toomey house of love forever!

BANNER: A gorgeous 2 year old Border Collie, Banner is all about hugs, belly rubs and love. He runs and plays with other Border Collies but is most interested in being with his person. He is friendly to everyone, happy to be involved in all the activities around him. Banner is not showing herding tendencies and is more easy going. He is good with other dogs though may prefer female Border Collies. He is very responsive to learning. He is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He came from the New England areaBanner is being fostered in NJ and can be seen at the Farm.

KIRBEY found his forever  home with guardians who actually had met him when they were here before and when they were ready to come back to adopt, he was here since he'd been returned to the Farm...we consider this to be a classic example of how these dogs find their people even if the route to their new home looks a bit different..some may call it fate but we know that these dogs are masters of their own choices...Kirbey found his people!  His new guardians were thrilled to have him join their lives and he and his new Border Collie friend, Lady, enjoyed lots of time playing frisbee and ball. Of course, Kirbey showed off all his new skills as the confident happy boy he had become since they first met him. He was now ready to join them in a loving life in MA.

KIRBEY: A 10 month old Border Collie, Kirbey is learning that life is good and beginning to trust that people are fun and loving. He is an adorable, friendly boy who needs a patient person and other dogs to keep him blossoming.  Kirbey's innocent, puppy-like nature is so endearing and he will surely be a wonderful companion as he matures. He already knows that the other dogs are so much fun, cause he runs and wrestles and plays in his room all day and outside, too. Kirbey is a very gentle, sweet, soft Border Collie who deserves a ton of love and a patient guardian who will help him continue to gain his confidence. He will be placed with another Border Collie or other dogs to help build his confidence. He loves to play. He is about 30 pounds and good with cats. We rescued Kirbey from a filthy horse stall where he had been neglected, all alone, living on a farm. His good nature is intact. All he needs is time and guidance.

BUDDIE found his new guardian quickly soon as she saw him on the site, she wanted to visit.  He and his new Border Collie friend did just fine together but even more importantly, his new furMom was in love and so was he! Buddie will be her constant companion, enjoying his new life, adored in NY with lots of room to run and play.

BUDDIE: A 4 1/2 year old Border Collie, Buddie is Mr. Friendly, "hello" to everyone and happy to see anyone willing to say hi to him! He is easy going and happy go-lucky though like any Border Collie, loves his toys! Buddie will play happily or hang with his person, cuddled next to them. He is very, very people oriented and good with kids, too. He is not as intense as other Border Collies but does love playing with other dogs so could be really happy with a canine friend. Buddie is good with cats and about 45 pounds. He came to the Farm from a PA guardian who could no longer meet his needs. 

CARA found her forever home when she found her people...they fell in love with her from the website and after many conversations over the month, learning about her sweet but skittish nature, they knew they had to travel to meet her. They drove from Maine with their two dogs and discovered that everything they had felt in seeing her picture and hearing about her was true in person....  she was THEIR dog so off she went to a new life with tons of love and plenty of patience to help her blossom. We are so thrilled for Cara, who quickly curled up on the couch with her new FurMom, giving a vote of YES for her new life.

CARA: A 1 year old Border Collie, Cara is a beautiful girl, stunning in person. She is, however, super shy and afraid of people at this time. She came from a hoarding situation where she had not lived in a home, close to someone so will need some time at the Farm to gain confidence and also some experience feeling safe with people around. Cara is very typical of Border Collies left in barns, basements or outdoor kennels. Once she gains some new life experiences, she will blossom but will always require a patient guardian who understands her worries. She is so sweet and wants so much to be with a person but it will take time. Like with any of the other skittish dogs in rescue, we will place Cara in a multiple dog home since she is most comfortable with other dogs. She is about 40 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She came to the Farm from a NY shelter.  Cara is being fostered in NH and can be seen at the Farm

CHLOE found a wonderful home where she'll be the agility star! She'll get a chance to jump into agility and show her brilliance, with her new FurDad who loves the sport and wanted a high drive girl to join him each week. We know Chloe will do so well cause she loves to work and has a heart of gold to do anything and everything! Chloe will be joining another canine friend and jump into sports soon as she's in her new home in MA. A special thanks to Diane Bauman for helping Chloe to find her new life!

CHLOE: A very happy, friendly 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Chloe is ready to go, go , go. She is a high drive athletic girl who will chase any ball or catch any frisbee - she is fantastic.  Chloe is also quite the cuddler, happy to be next to you relaxing, she definitely has an 'off' switch and will enjoy a close relationship with her person.  Chloe loves toys and would love an interactive life with a person giving her a job in sports or training since she's all about playing. She is very very smart and could learn quickly. Chloe is OK  with dog savvy cats.  She was surrendered due to issues with an 'in your face' toddler but lived with other older children and did just fine.


SAMSON & DELILAH found their forever home with loving guardians who have plenty of time to devote to them. Delilah showed her immediate vote of yes, hopping into her new FurDad's lap for constant cuddles as Samson stretched out for belly rubs, curling up around his new FurMom's legs. This great pair of Border Collies clearly chose their people! They also showed their fun antics of jolly ball play, joining in their duo game of pushing the ball all over the field, happily entertaining themselves as their new guardians chuckled, delighted to see such a joyful pair of dogs. Samson & Delilah headed out to their new lives in upstate NY where they are certainly going to be adored.

SAMSON and DELILAH:  A brother and sister duo, Samson & Delilah are petite 3 years old and the happiest pair of dogs we've seen!  Some brother/sister combos argue but not these two, they are truly wonderful together. They make up games, pushing the jolly ball all over the fields and they race and chase and follow each other everywhere, just happy to be together exploring. Both are so good natured, friendly and easy going though they are high energy, too.  They have an endless desire to run and play.  Both are very very people oriented and friendly with whoever they met, a really delightful duo. They are also very very cuddly and affectionate, happy to be in your lap or near you. Samson is very devoted to Delilah as well as equally devoted to playing with his basketball.  They are good with cats and good with other dogs though happiest together.  Samson & Delilah were surrendered to the Farm from NY guardians who had to move.


Mr. BIGGS found his forever home with a family that is so excited to have him join their lives. His new FurMom came to meet him two months ago and waited anxiously for today to arrive so he could be theirs. She organized his arrival, taking an entire week off so he could be her full focus, getting to know him. So, off he went to his new life in Maryland where he'll enjoy plenty of outdoor life and have all the life he deserves. We're thrilled for Biggs and his new family.

BIGGS: A 5 yr old border collie with ABCA papers, Biggs is an amazing Border Collie, a classic herder with tons of focus yet a quiet, calm boy once with his people. He is very very friendly and gentle, loving attention. Biggs bonds quickly. He loves squeaky toys and frisbee and will happily play with his person as well as relax, calmly at your side.  He is also very focused and can easily herd geese which he did in his previous home.  He is a very smart, alert, intelligent dog and very well balanced. Biggs also likes to swim and is up for any adventure exploring. He is fun and smart and all the personality of a classic wonderful brilliant BC. Biggs is 50 pounds and trained on the invisible fence. He is not good with cats. Biggs was relinquished from NJ due to the family moving. He is camera shy so it's hard to see just how gorgeous he really is, very stunning.

DASH found his forever home with guardians who understand the breed and fell in love with his crazy ball focus as well as his sweet nature. Dash LOVED the long ball tosses from his new FurDad and actually beat out his new Border Collie friend, able to get there and back quicker. The two of them enjoyed comparing ball retrieval with each other, too. Dash now lives in Massachusetts  where he'll have acres and acres to race around on his new Farm.

DASH: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Dash (Dashiel) is all about toys. He is super fast and very focused on catching anything thrown for him..balls, frisbee, you name it..he LOVES toys. He'll toss anything your way hoping for a toss back to him. Dash is great with other dogs and happiest with another dog for his confidence. He can be a little shy at first but once the toys are out and the other dogs are there, he is ready to go.  Dash is about 35 pounds and good with cats.  Dash will be placed in a hard fence situation only, not underground electronic fence systems  He was surrendered due to a change in the living situation. He came from NY, where he had lived in one home since a pup.

MARLY found her new life with a canine friend who hit it off with her really well. He'd lived with a female BC so knew all about those bossy girls so Marly was right at home. Her new guardian loved her gentleness and desire to trust and felt confident she could help her blossom even more. We're really happy for Marly who needed a home with a patient person who would adore her. She'll have lots of land for running and playing and especially enjoy tons of jolly ball throwing! Marly now lives in upstate NY.

MARLY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Marly is a gentle, super sweet girl who comes up for cuddling and kisses and wiggles her whole body to say hello.  She absolutely loves to wrestle and chase with other dogs and really comes to life playing. Marly is also learning all about clicker trainer and excels at everything she is asked to do, very driven to try it all. She's motivated by food and the excitement of something new, very eager to try anything and everything. While she is a very gentle, she is also curious about everything and so willing to experience whatever is introduced to her, whether it's new dogs or new challenges. Marly is 35 pounds and good with cats.  Marly will be placed in a hard fence situation only, not underground electronic fence systems.   Marly was from PA where she had been left to die, without food or care

RUSTY charmed his new guardians instantly with his playful antics and clever toy play, squeaking one in his mouth while pushing a jolly ball around - smart is smart! Of course, he then climbed into their laps for cuddles and they were clear as a bell that this Border Collie belonged in their lives. Rusty won their hearts and now has his forever home where he'll be happily loved and played with constantly, as the companion to his new FurDad whose office has him at home. Rusty now lives in upstate NY.

RUSTY, a 2 yr old purebred border collie with papers, is a high energy "lovebug".  He knows how to play soccer, and will play as long as his person will throw the ball. He is a great frisbee player too, able to catch pretty much any disc tossed his way! Rusty loves interaction with people, either playing or will settle nicely for a long cuddle. He is a very focused, sweet guy.  Rusty is a soccer nut and will actually move the ball all over the yard and could easily play with a human partner. He's a huge toy lover and came to the Farm with a ton of toys, clearly a beloved canine friend and a play dog for sure. He is good with cats and weighs about 35 pounds. Rusty will need a hard fence situation since he will run through an invisible fence.   He's lived in one home since a puppy, but a recent move to NJ, meant no yard and being left alone 10 hours a day which was making him unhappy.  

SASHA found her forever home with guardians who love the breed and fell in love with her on the site and instantly in person. Her sweetness and Border Collie nature won their hearts. A little camera shy, sweet Sasha hoped to find a place to hide while the picture was being taken but she was certainly happy to head out for her new life. She will have 100 acres for daytime play, going to work with her FurDad and then she'll have plenty of cuddle time at home. Sasha now lives in MA and in the future, she'll have another Border Collie joining her life, too, which she will love.

SASHA:  A 2 year old Border Collie, Sasha is spunk and sweetness combined....she can herd any dog that moves and enjoy cuddling with any person nearby... a wonderful combination.  She is great with other Border Collies, really enjoying the fun at the Farm, mixing it up playing and herding.  She is very smart and focused and bonds quickly, though she can be a little shy in first meetings so will only be placed in a Border Collie savvy home with people who understand what she needs.  Sasha is about 35 pounds, good with cats and came to us from a PA guardian who could not meet her needs.

BLITZ & BEA (a new arrival) found their forever home together when their new guardians arrived to adopt two dogs, one older & one younger. They met a few wonderful pairs. They knew Blitz was the perfect choice for their family and he loved them, wiggling for attention and happy to retrieve toys endlessly. The dilemma was that the boys really also wanted a puppy so when they heard a new puppy had arrived a few days ago, not even listed on the site, that was who they wanted to meet. Little 10 pound Bea walked in like she was claiming her new people, licked them to say hi and played like a long lost friend.  Soon as she and Blitz met, it was heaven...play, play, play. So, this great pair found a great life together with tons to do with their new family and plenty of love to go around. They both now live in western NY. 

Bea came to the Farm from a PA shelter where she had been abandoned. Funny thing about Bea's rescue experience was that she landed at two temporary homes with horses and she was enamored with them, watching every move, even sitting upright mesmerized by them. We all chuckled that we needed to find this little girl a home with horses and that is exactly what happened. Bea, now called Flash, will accompany her FurMom on trail rides (once older of course) so she did quite a good job of calling in exactly the life she wanted!

BLITZ: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Blitz is a fun loving, good natured, happy guy. He loves everyone and is happy to meet any dog and ready to play.  He loves to run, run, run and is starting to learn all about toys.  Blitz is energetic but also loves attention from anyone around.   He really enjoys dog play so would be happiest with another canine friend.  He is good with cats.  He is about 35 pounds.  He was surrendered to a NY shelter from guardians unable to meet his needs.

Marvelous MAGEY found the perfect life for her - living in Maine, hiking, skiing, living and working outdoors with her new guardian who is a trail worker, creating trails in huge preserves. He once lived on 1500 acres, in a cabin...another time in a tent while doing his work. Magey will love this unusual life where she can accompany him all day long and join in the adventure. And, in winter, she'll join him cross country skiing and in the ski shop where he works part-time. Magey happily headed out in his car, with her toys and jolly ball, all set for the life she had patiently been waiting for...a real Border Collie paradise. We are so happy for her and for her new FurDad who was smitten from the minute he met her. 

A special thanks to Debbie Lind who fostered Magey for a year to let her unwind and enjoy the great outdoors, hiking and playing each day. Magey decided that life fit her just fine so she created the perfect forever home!

MAGEY: A 7 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Magey is all about the ball, focused, fast and ready to go. She also loves the frisbee and lots of other toys, too. Magey would be more than happy to be the constant companion to a person.  Magey is very intelligent and easily finds 8 or 9 of her toys by name (they came with her in her own bag) plus a dozen or so other words she understands completely, including of course, "shake". She is very active and loves to play but can also relax easily.  She is trained on the invisible fence.  Magey will chase cats so would probably be best without them in the home. Magey is also good at herding and could work to move sheep if more fully trained.  She is showing great promise.  Magey has great recall for off leash hiking, too. Magey was relinquished to the Farm because her guardians are now retired and traveling and feel their lifestyle change means Magey is in a kennel too much. She came from NJ. 

All of you donated with such kindness for her care 
AND she found a new life!

Kameron supporters:  Sharon Buechel; Susie Mautz and Grant Wheatley;
Terri Pedone; John Sterling; Kristine Hammar; Margot Unkel; former GHF BCs Brither, Meghan, MacCroi, Babby and sisters Zaine and Baillie; Kathleen Rupert & Kelli; James & Sharon Votraw; Quinn, Alex & Magic

KAMERON found the perfect home where she will have tons to do, herding other Border Collies and receive so much love and attention, she will surely blossom. It's obvious she loves being a lap dog, cuddling for belly rubs. Her new guardians adore the breed and have a great pack of young dogs who race around on lots of acres as well as join them as constant companions. We are so pleased that Kameron has found people who will move mountains to make sure gets the care she needs and will cherish her for her sweet, loving nature. She now lives in upstate NY joining her favorite thing: a pack of Border Collies, three adopted from the Farm not long ago.

KAMERON, a 1 year old Border Collie, Kameron is a lively, active girl with the sweetest charm of any Border Collie we've had in rescue.  A real lovebug. She is also quite the herder with a strong eye.  She loves herding games with other Border Collies and would be happiest with a canine friend or a very involved human relationship since she also adores people.  Kameron is good with cats and about 30 pounds.  Kameron is epileptic so will need medication for the near future to stabilize her properly. The hope is that she can come off the meds at some point.  The vet tests done at Cornell showed a very healthy Border Collie with only one challenge..the epilepsy.  She is still being treated by neurologists there as we determine her needs fully.  The Cornell staff has fallen in love of course and thinks she's such a doll.   Kameron came to the Farm in late August, from an awful situation, living in a 4x4 pen, inappropriately cared  for. The farmer had the mother and three sisters, breeding the mom for many many years, all treated poorly. Kameron and her sisters arrived and  revealed THE sweetest nature of any Border Collies we've seen: gentle,  curious, soft, good natured and a bit skittish too. 

BLAZE officially went to his new home, traveling in a blizzard with his FurMom who determined to have him home for the holidays! She was volunteering the day he arrived at the Farm and fell in love with him. He was the frisbee dog she was looking for and he loved it! So, Blaze now lives with four other Border Collies from the Farm and will enjoy a very very active life in Vermont. We'll get to see him all the time since his FurMom is one of our intake volunteers.

BLAZE: An 11 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Blaze is focused, fast and fun. He is intensely interested in any game and ready to go in a flash. He is smart and eager to learn and responds quickly to whatever is asked. Blaze is great with other dogs and good with cats. He will only go to a Border Collie savvy home. He was given up due to his energy level and no fenced yard. 

GILI found her forever home with her foster family who fell in love with her brilliance and sweetness, an irresistible combination. When Gili came back to the Farm to meet a potential adopter, her foster family quickly realized they missed her so much, they were glad the adoption visit was cancelled so they could quickly drive up to bring her home! We are so happy for Gili who now has her forever home where she will be completely understood and enjoy plenty of stimulating BC activities and sports.  She now lives in CT and we'll even see her at Camp this summer!

GILI: A 2 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Gili is a remarkably smart girl with lots of interest in the world. She came from well known breeder, Kent Kuykendall.  Gili is very friendly to everyone she meets, a wiggly, happy girl who loves to say hello and loves attention, too. She would thrive in a home with a person devoted to her who is active and athletic.  She also loves kids and would do really well in a home with energetic, loving kids. Gili also loves the water Gili is ok with other dogs and will play but is a strong female so needs just the right match if she is living with another Border Collie, a more submissive but equal personality. Gili will focus on herding cats so needs to be with dog savvy cats or an easy going cat.  She is about 35 pounds. Her previous guardian felt she could not meet her needs so relinquished her to the Farm. She came to us from NY Gili is being fostered  in CT.  She can be seen at the Farm. 


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