KAYLA found the people she had been waiting for who came from New Hampshire to meet her - it was her eyes that led them to make the trip! They were thrilled to meet her and knew within a few moments that she was the girl they wanted to add to their lives. Kayla loved meeting them too and happily hopped in the car to head to her very own 32 acres of doggie paradise! She'll be the constant companion to her new FurDad as well as have her BC buddy for lots of play. Plus, Kayla will have plenty of hiking on their private trails which we know she'll absolutely enjoy.

KAYLA: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Kayla is a sensitive, playful girl who loves her person and loves toys too. She is eager to chase and race with other dogs but Kayla is happiest with her person, cuddling and happily busy playing. She loves squeaky toys and retrieving balls. She also loves to run in the woods. Kayla is great with another male Border Collie, happily content to play, making up wrestling games.  She can be timid with new people at first but warms up if you're patient and give her time. She has great recall and loves to be with you.  She'll do best in an adult home. She is about 40 pounds and good with cats.  She was adopted from the farm a year ago but ended up in a situation with too many dogs and did not do well. One other male canine friend would be better than a large pack. 

RUE found exactly what she was waiting for..a wonderful guardian who understood her Aussie nature and didn't mind finding her at a BC rescue! Her new furMom drove 7 hours from Maryland to meet Rue and overnighted with her in order to create a wonderful bond of love and trust. Rue's first cuddles and kisses were instant and then the two of them had a great afternoon and evening getting to know about life together. Rue will have a great yard to explore as she joins the senior Aussie at home, starting their life together.

RUE: An 8 year old Australian Shepherd,  Rue is a sweet girl that just loves her person. She is happiest to laying right at your feet.  She is enjoying the freedom she has in her foster home where she has land to explore in the woods and run through the pasture with the other dogs.  She has good recall and always looks for her person when out walking in the field.  She likes to catch balls and run with toys.  She will get a chance to try some short off leash hiking in a few weeks which will help her loose some weight.  She was in a shelter in NH previously living with an elderly couple that could not meet her needs. Aussie Rescue was full so we took Rue into GHF rescue.  Rue is being fostered in NH

EIN: A 10 yr old Border Collie, Ein is a quintessential BC, with lots of energy for frisbee and ball and anything else that is going on around him. He is super smart and super friendly. He is still very athletic and eager to play! Ein has been the constant companion of his FurDad who works from home but now with a baby in the house, Ein is very uncomfortable so he needs a new home. He is fine with older children and everyone else he meets. He is currently living outside since there is a conflict with the baby. With winter coming, Ein needs a place to go!  He is a real charmer and won the heart of our evaluator who said he's really fantastic. He will herd cats so needs a dog savvy cat home. Ein does not like other dogs in his space so needs to be the only dog. He is about 40 pounds and very healthy. HIS CURRENT GUARDIAN IS WILLING TO COVER REASONABLE VET NEEDS FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS LIFE in order to help Ein find a loving home again. Ein is in Catonsville MD

LIZA found the perfect place to use her mind, body and heart with a guardian who loves the breed and loves sports! Liza will be doing agility all the time and we are convinced she'll do great at it, too! She easily fit with her new FurMom's pack and enjoyed an overnight visit with all them together, just to be sure. Liza looked like one of the family within moments and her new guardian was easily sure she was the perfect dog for her life! Liza now lives in PA

LIZA: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Liza is all action, very focused and ready to go for her ball or any toy! She is fast, running in full stride, like any young BC on a mission - to get her ball! Liza is also very smart and eager to bond with everyone. She loves people. She is also good with other dogs though doesn't like to be bossed around or overwhelmed so does best with easy going BC's who like toy play like her. Liza is super sweet and loves attention, happy to cuddle or be next to your side. She was originally pulled from Ohio by an aussie rescuer who then passed her to us. 

Miss MAGIE found a life that will fulfill her every wish...frisbee, ball, a BC friend (former GHF alum) and two guardians who understand what she needs! She'll get plenty of love and lots of fun on her own 42 acres to explore. Magie is a sweet girl who really wanted a home to call her own again and now she surely has it! Magie now lives in upstate NY.

MAGIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Magie is very people focused and really cares that her person is with her, even more than toys or other dogs. However, once her person is around , she is quite the athlete, running like the wind and playing with other dogs. She is a sweetheart and really loves attention and is affectionate and attentive. Magie is a classic young BC who enjoys activity and her people. She is very eager to please. Magie is about 40 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She came to the Farm from a NY guardian who ended up with her when his son abandoned her. 

DASH found the best situation where he'll have a BC buddy to play ball with and guardians who really understand the BC mind and emotional needs! His new friend is named Blitzen so Dash just may end up as Dasher to complete the duo but either way, he's found a ball loving buddy and people who get 'it'! Dash is now living in MA.

DASH: A 2 year old Border Collie, Dash is a great, friendly guy. He loves his ball and is happy to retrieve all day but he also loves frisbee and will love someone who wants to do both. He is a settled BC with playful energy but not overly intense so would enjoy an active life but also time with his person relaxing nearby. Dash is good with other dogs and enjoys playing but could be a solo dog, too. He is sweet and eager to be in the middle of the action. He is great off leash for hiking. Dash is good with dog savvy cats and about 40 pounds. Dash is from NY guardians.

KEP found a great home with a former adopter who was ready to add a pup and soon as she saw him, knew it had to be Kep! He'll have lots of acreage for romping and play which he loves as well as his own pond. He'll also get to try agility which we bet he'll love, too. Kep is a love bug and was happily cuddling in his new home soon as he got there. He now lives in NY with two other BC's. 

KEP: A 3 month old Border Collie, Kep is a cute, little guy who does well keeping up with the adult BC's and enjoys the action. He's quite the thinker though, really watching as things go on around him before he jumps in the fray. Kep is a softer BC in personality, not overly impulsive or intense though as he matures, that could change. He's very responsive to people and wants to be your shadow wherever you go. He is about 10 pounds, typical in size for this age. Kep came from a farm. He has a soft blue coloration (gray) in his coat making him very unique looking. 

RYE & RIVER found a great life together with plenty of land to play and enjoy, with lots of hikes, too. They both love the outdoors and will now enjoy the freedom of running. They'll also have all the love they need with loving guardians who are hooked on Border Collies and fell in love with them! They'd seen them on the site and had been following their progress and as soon as they were ready, they came right up to meet them! Rye & River will have a great life together, living in PA.

RIVER & RYE are 5 1/2 months old and ready for adoption. We've decided they would be happiest together. They are good friends and have a play style that both are comfortable with - wrestling, chasing, running and making up BC games. Both are very soft with people but love to play rough and tumble with each other so they are well matched. Rye can be a little shy meeting new people though he relaxes quickly with River around. They both think through whatever is going on around them and then decide to jump into the action, once comfortable. They are a wonderful pair of friends and love cuddling with their person as much as they love playing with each other. They would benefit from an adult home that could focus on their needs since they are high energy BC's. Both absolutely love toys and will play with their person or entertain themselves with whatever is their favorite toy at the time. Both loving, sweet young BC's, they will need a patient person to continue building their experiences since as pups, they were with each other more than with the people who had them. Both have blossomed beautifully at the Farm. 

FINNEY won the heart of his fosterers when they agreed to temporarily help out but he was just so marvelous, he couldn't leave!  They'd been thinking of adding another BC to their gang so when Finney slid right in like he'd lived there all his life...  he now will!!!

FINNEY: A 1 year old Border Collie, Finney is a gentle, sweet guy who wants to be with a person as well as having dog friends. He loves other dogs and the action of play and is learning how to join in. He is not overly intense like other young BC's. He'll do best with a confident dog friend since he can be shy at first with people but warms up quickly. Finney is a wonderful young BC who is learning that life can be fun! He is about 40 pounds and not yet tested on cats. He was bought as a Christmas present for the kids in the family and then in a pen outside all day and in the basement at night when the guardian became sick and could no longer afford his care.  

RUDY found just the right place that would love him and understand him...he's a sweetheart who needs some exercise in addition to love and that's what he'll get in his new home. He'll be along for bike rides and long daily walks as well as off leash on great trails with his new FurMom and canine friend, Luna. His new guardian just loved his personality and knew she couldn't leave without having him join her family, forever. Rudy now lives in Ct where we know he will be cherished.

RUDY: A 2 year old Border Collie mix (possibly retriever), Rudy is a happy and friendly guy who enjoys everyone he meets. He's got a great nature, curious about everything and easy going.  He loves to run and chase with other dogs so could be happy with another canine friend.  Rudy is about 45 pounds and is good with cats. He will do best in a home where someone is with him most of the day rather than left alone. He is a big people dog and loves everyone he meets, and especially a good cuddle on the couch. He was a stray in PA, landing at a shelter that works with GHF.

SADIE found her new life right in her foster home! Our evaluator went to meet her at the shelter and since we were full, she agreed to take Sadie home for awhile. And, the rest is history, as they say....she fit in with her new pack perfectly and her new FurMom had a strong feeling that letting her go would be impossible. Shy, shut-down Sadie blossomed into a sweet, loving, happy girl. So, Sadie is home! Her new name is Tessa and she'll enjoy plenty of BC companionship with her new pack, including one GHF alum, plus she'll get to try freestyle, dancing for fun!  She now lives in PA

RHONA found a loving home where her new FurMom will be her best friend and adore her forever...she saw her picture and knew she had to come right away to meet this special girl and as soon as they met, she was in love! The whole family knew that Rhona, now known as Dutchess, would be the perfect friend for their BC, Duke. She'll have tons of play time and running as well as plenty of cuddle time! Rhona is one happy girl and she cuddled up to everyone to show just how excited she was to head home to her new life.

RHONA: A 9 month old Border Collie mix, Rhona is a sweet, loving, easy- going girl who enjoys everyone. She also likes other dogs and is eager to say hello. Rhona is more laid back than a purebred pup and demands a lot less activity though she loves to run, galloping around for play as you go out with her. She's an adorable girl and incredibly affectionate. Rhona is normal size for a young BC, more petite than her pictures make her look. She is good with cats but will chase them so best with dog savvy cats. She is about 35 pounds. Rhona was relinquished to the Farm by NY guardians who could not meet her needs. 

NEWT found the perfect situation with two Border Collie friends and guardians who really 'get' this breed. They were in love with Newt before meeting him and even more so after spending time together. They will give him continued confidence and help him overcome some of his shy nature with strangers while they enjoy the cuddly affectionate boy that he really is all the time with people he knows. Newt clearly felt they were the family for him! He'll have plenty of acreage to explore and also hop into bed at night for all the affection he loves to give and get. We're very happy for Newt! 

NEWT: A petite 10 month old Border Collie, Newt is a friendly, people oriented boy who wants to be in your lap. He loves cuddling and sleeping next to you so a home that allows him time side by side, would be great. He loves to follow you everywhere. Newt is a sweet, good natured BC who is not as intensely focused as other young dogs though he loves to play with other BC's. Newt will be placed with another canine friend to handle his energy needs best. Newt can be a little shy at first in meeting people but warms up very quickly and then loves you for life. He is a cute, little guy who would be a wonderful companion and he loves the water and  toys of any kind. Newt is about 30 pounds and best with dog savvy cats since he will want to play with them. He was surrendered to the Farm from PA guardians who felt they could not meet his needs

KITT found her home!! And, a great home it is..perfect for her with 36 acres to call her own for exploring and hiking. Kitt won over her new guardians quickly with her charming sweetness and playful toy games and while they met many other nice BC's...it was Kitt who had to come home with them. Clearly, Kitt was thrilled with the decision, too! She now lives in upstate NY and will be the constant companion to her FurMom and be the traveling buddy for her FurDad when he runs errands...plus Kitt gets plenty of time for water play at the nearby lake where they live in the Adirondacks. Kitt waited a long time for just the right people and she picked perfectly.

KITT: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Kitt is smart, focused and very classic BC. She is super friendly and affectionate too, loving everyone she meets, a real sweetheart, quite the cuddler and easy going inside. She does love to play with toys. Kitt is super smart, very very tuned into people, comes to you instantly when called and very eager to please.  She is one of the sweetest, best natured BC's and also one of the most intent in her focus. She is a strong herder so best as a  solo dog. She is a natural when it comes to herding sheep and would be incredible with someone who wants to learn herding or enjoy trials with her.   Kitt is about 40 pounds and not best with cats.  She came to the Farm from another rescuer who felt we could best rehome her

ZEUS found just the right people to help bring him into the big world of life and patiently guide him along the path. He'll have another BC friend to help him, too. They hit it off perfectly, just the right balance of leadership and play between two dogs. His new FurMom and FurDad were thrilled. Zeus will now have the love and direction he richly deserves. He now lives in NY.

ZEUS: a 6 1/2 month old Border Collie, Zeus is all about playing. He loves to run and chase and also loves the ball, of course!  He's been romping with Newt who is almost a perfect match in looks and he's also playing like crazy with 6 month old Orie. Zeus will only be placed where he has a BC friend who likes to wrestle and chase like he does. Zeus can also be a bit shy at first so needs someone patient to give him time to get settled in a new situation. He's sweet as can be and loves attention but needs a more confident dog to draw him out.  He is very responsive and smart and enjoying his new freedom at the Farm. He previously lived in a NY condo setting without a fence and was leashed most of the time.  He is about 30 pound and not yet tested on cats.

MOLLY found a great home for her where her new FurMom thinks of all kinds of things to keep Border Collies busy, including agility equipment in the bedroom for the winter...bed out...tunnel, weave poles and jumps in! Plus, Molly and her new BC buddy, Harley, will be doing flyball and agility and plenty of outdoor games and hikes through nearby forests where she now lives. Molly and Harley loved each other instantly and had continual wrestling games and toy chase games, clearly best of the buds which is exactly what her new guardian was hoping to find. Molly now lives in NY. And, both she and Harley have the same 'entertaining' habit of tipping the  water bowls, making up their own fun so her new FurMom is ready for all of Miss Molly's BC antics!

MOLLY: A very petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Molly is all about the ball...she loves to retrieve and will happily play for hours. She is also super sweet and friendly with people though always hoping for one more throw! Molly is good with other dogs and could have a friend or easily be happy as the solo dog in an active home. She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She has a summer clip so her coat is short rather than a full coat. 

GEM: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Gem is all full of action, ready to go! She loves toys and is fast and agile. But, she loves having a new home even more...Gem was lucky to meet a qualified applicant before she came to the Farm so now has a great life where she is the only BC there. She is getting plenty of special attention since her new guardians love the quirks and spunk of this breed and think she's a classic. We are thrilled that this sweet girl went from 12 hours outside alone all day in a pen to a wonderful loving home. She loves being in the house! Gem lives in PA. 

Special thanks to LuAnn Heller for transport Gem to her new life!

JJ found the best life he could imagine - wonderful guardians who will adore him; a canine buddy who likes to play like he does and a chance to do agility which he sure loved this summer at kids camp. And, most importantly, JJ will have the support of people who can continue building positive experiences in his life and giving him the confidence to handle anything that comes his way. We loved watching JJ learn and grow at the Farm and are delighted he now has a great life ahead where he can use his brilliance, sweetness and athletic nature fully!

JJ: A 2 year old Border Collie, JJ is a very smart, very active boy who needs a person who understands his needs. He is fast and loves to run like the wind and is long overdue for a place to do this. His previous home had a cramped, tiny yard so JJ is really enjoying the Farm. He is also loving the wiggly giggly ball and enjoys entertaining himself with the sounds. He also loves playing ball. JJ will benefit from someone who can work with him, building his confidence and focus in a productive way. He is a super athlete but needs direction with positive training. JJ is like a diamond in the rough, best with a BC savvy person. He is fine with cats and weighs about 40 pounds. He was given up due to a move and had been left alone 8-10 hours a day which didn't work for his active needs. 

BOOMER found the perfect person who understands him and came just to meet him! He caught her eye and she felt she could offer a great life to him as her constant companion which we know Boomer will absolutely love. He'll also gets a chance to enjoy trail walks and learning tricks which is fun for him since he has the perfect special 'sit' to show just how smart he can be! Boomer is so food oriented that his new FurMom had a blast working with him soon as she met him. He happily hopped into her car to head to his new life! Boomer now lives in VT.

BOOMER: A 5 year old Border Collie, Boomer is a very intelligent guy who checks out everything around him and then decides what makes sense to do! He's also quite the affectionate BC once he has his person nearby, content to go on walks with them or hang out, as a great companion. He has great leash walking skills as well as enjoys car rides. Boomer is into toys but mostly, into his person. Boomer can be nervous meeting strangers so does need someone skilled to help him feel safe. He is good with other dogs, but quite the herder so best with low-key canine friends or as a solo dog. He is good with cats. He lived in one home since a pup but was given up due to a move. Boomer is about 35 pounds and from NJ. Boomer has been trained on the invisible fence and loves to work for treats and has his own sitting pose that is a real charmer!

MUTLEY found a home with a GHF adopter who has lots of dogs for him to play with and time to enjoy him. He'll enjoy walks in the countryside of Vermont while having a blast!

MUTLEY: A 14 month old Border Collie, possibly Aussie mix, Mutley is the sweetest guy, super friendly and easy going. He is a doll and everyone who meets him, agrees...he is one very special boy. Mutley loves taking walks and loves to play with other dogs, too. An all around wonderful dog, he is need of a special home where someone is not gone many hours. Mutley has under-sized kidneys that mean he has to go outside often and while he is totally housetrained, he can't hold his urine for long stretches. He would do great with a doggie-door or with someone around since he gives the perfect cue to go out. Mutley has lived in one home since a puppy but now, both guardians work too long outside the home so are hoping he can find a new life better suited to his situation. They will provide $250 toward his medical care as well as his current meds which help his kidneys work better. Mutley's vet would also be happy to provide the medications to any new family and would be happy to explain his situation further. He will not have a long life since his kidneys are congenitally deformed but he sure could have a happy life with someone who is up for all the fun he has to offer! Mutley is about 45 pounds and good with cats. He lives with a 6 yr old child now and is very tolerant of all the hugging! 


BODIE found a fabulous life with two other BC's and his own family of kids who think he is absolutely the best buddy ever! He will have a 300 acre park nearby for long hikes with other dogs and friends as well as his own yard which includes a fun island where dogs and kids have a blast exploring. Bodie will be joining the family for all the special outings at their summer home for swims and time off, too! He found guardians who we know very well since they adopted both dogs from us long before we started the Farm, back in CT when they were fosterers, too. We are thrilled for Bodie to have such a big life! And, he'll have a chance, when he's older, to try therapy dog work which we know he'd be a natural to do.

BODIE: A 5 month old Border Collie/ (possibly) Corgi mix, Bodie is outgoing, friendly and all about action.. he loves to play with another rough and tumble dog buddy and will do best with a friend. Bodie is also in love with people, instantly saying hello to everyone and anyone and he loves to cuddle. He likes to play with toys and will entertain himself but he wants most to have his person nearby, like most little pups. Bodie is a sweet guy with a great temperament, not showing the intensity of BC traits though he is very energetic. He was relinquished to the Farm from a guardian who felt he couldn't meet his needs. He came to the Farm from NY.  Bodie is growing but not at all in height, he is very short, more corgi size and growing longer and stockier.

TREY found a great life where he'll have a BC friend to play with, lots of acreage to explore and a family (not all picture yet) who will keep him busy day and night, with BC fun. They understand the mind and emotions of this breed and were thrilled to have little Trey join their lives. He now lives in NH and will be the constant companion to his new FurMom plus have two kids to call his own! more pictures to come soon! Trey now lives in NH.

TREY: A 2 month old Border Collie, Trey is a sweet guy with tons of energy to play! He is a classic young BC who needs another BC friend to help with his energy needs and he loves other Border Collies. He's smart, focused and already showing those fast action traits common to the breed. He will only be placed in a BC savvy home with experienced adults. Trey has tons of energy and is going to need an outlet for his mind and body for sure. He was reported as a stray wandering on a military base in upstate NY.

Sweet BECKER found the right family to love him to bits and give him plenty to do at the same time. He loved his new canine friend, racing and chasing endlessly. They have been patiently waiting for him to finish his physical therapy program so soon as he did, they wanted to meet him at the Farm. Becker will blossom with someone to really focus on him as well as having a dog buddy for tons of play....he needs both! Becker now lives in MA.

BECKER: A 5 month old Border Collie, Becker is a love-bug, friendly with everyone instantly and eager to be in your lap. He's super sweet and also super smart. He is a gentle with people and an active young BC, too. He would love a friend for play. Becker had an injured leg before he came to rescue so favors one back leg a bit so needs an easy going home with lots of love to give but won't need an overly active home. Our orthopedic surgeon said the leg is healed as best it can be. Becker was in a PA shelter that fortunately works with rescue. He is great with other dogs, good with dog savvy cats and about 35 pounds. 

ALLIE found just the right life for her - wonderful people who thought she was just the sweetest girl and a huge property for lots of exploration and running - the perfect combo for Allie! She won their hearts with that sweet nature of hers as well as that charming orientation to people. She just loved them! She now lives in upstate Ny and happily hopped into the car for her new life.

ALLIE: A petite 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Allie is all go, go, go! She loves to move and run and herd and play. She really loves people and will happily be in anyone's lap in a moment but she also needs something to do with her mind so jumps right off ready for action.  She enjoys wrestling with several of the dogs here and they will play endlessly, so we'd like to have her live with another BC. Allie is smart and interested in everything around her but is not the right BC for a first-time guardian. She will need someone familiar with her needs. She is about 30 pounds and not good with cats. She came from the VA area in another rescue who asked GHF for help. 

CASSIE found the perfect life with guardians who really understand the breed and love the energy and brilliance! They thought Çassie was a doll from the website but soon as they spent time with her, they knew she had to come to their home where ball play and frisbee games would be right up her alley. Of course, Cassie agreed and hopped into their car as if she knew this was exactly what she wanted, too. Cassie joins GHF alum, Flash, adopted 8 years ago, one of the first adoptions from the early days! We're thrilled for Cassie and her new FurMom and FurDad who are great Friends of the Farm!

CASSIE: A very petite 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Cassie is a sweet girl who loves the ball and enjoys being involved with her person. She is very shy at first, meeting new people but once she warms up, is a very happy, good natured BC. Cassie is very bright, observant and likes to assess what is going on before she jumps in so will do best in a calmer, less busy household. She would love a close relationship with someone as their constant companion. She lived with two other dogs but doesn't like pushy dogs in her space so may be happiest with one confident BC as her friend which would not push her but offer some security in new situations. Cassie is fine with cats. She is about 25 pounds and also loves to swim. She came from NY guardians who had to move out of the country and relinquished her directly to the Farm. 

TOBIE: A 5 month old Border Collie, Tobie is all action - he LOVES to run, chase and play with the other young BC's. He's very fast and can sail up and onto the couch like he's walking, clearly athletic. Tobie is very smart and focuses quickly on the person he is with, eager to respond to whatever is asked. He's also very loving and affectionate, enjoying time that is calmer, too. Tobie will only be placed with another young BC since he is happiest this way and clearly needs an outlet for his energy. He is about 30 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. He was relinquished by PA guardians who felt they could not meet his needs properly. 
MIA & TOBIE met at the Farm and now will have a wonderful life TOGETHER! They were fast buds and played non-stop, wrestling, chasing, playing tug-of-war - it was an instant affinity for both. Their new guardians were looking for a young pair to add to their lives and love that these two clearly adored each other. They've always had two and know that the BC's are happier that way! So, off to a life of fun and exploration, hiking in the great outdoors. They'll also get to meet lots of people in their new life when they go on-campus with their new FurDad who teaches there and loves to have the dogs with him. We're so happy for these two pups who will really flourish with people who understand the breed. Lots of happy smiles in meeting these two today! Mia and Tobie now live in NJ.

MIA: A 5 month old Border Collie, Mia is a love. She's friendly and cuddly and loves attention. She's also a busy girl who loves toys and playing with other dogs. She fit into a large pack of BC's with no trouble at all, just joining in without worry. She is very smart and attentive and could easily learn anything. She needs some confidence building since she can be a bit shy at first in new situations with new people. Mia follows other dogs so a more confident dog, is a good teacher for her. She is quite the cuddler and loves to be in your lap. She'll do best with another canine friend and is showing tendencies of being a bossy girl, which is normal so will be best with an easy going male BC. Mia loved the recent snowfall and joined in all the action. Mia is about 25 pounds and ok with cats. She was abandoned in a MD shelter that works with GHF.

MERLIN landed exactly where he needs to be, with a family that really understands his mental and physical needs but also loves him for who he is - a very unique guy!! They met him at the Farm and found themselves quite intrigued to take on the challenge of having a deaf dog and after almost a week, they feel it's not so hard at all. Being a Border Collie, Merlin is of course brilliant and focused so it's very easy to build a relationship even if they have to work quietly to do it....he's right by their side and ready to go! They adore him and affectionately call him, 'the little magic man!' Merlin now lives with another canine friend in upstate NY.

MERLIN: A petite 9 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, 'Merlin' is the perfect name for this magician who will cast a spell on your heart at first sight.  Are his light-hearted and whimsical ways actually calculated by that little, hyper- intelligent BC brain?  You might think it's all "by design" as he seemingly blinds you to an endearing mischievous nature that will keep you on your toes. Did I mention Merlin harbors another secret?  You may  not recognize it right away .. depending on the  environment you meet him in you may not recognize it for days - but Merlin is completely deaf.  He 'feels' vibrations if they are extremely strong but he cannot 'hear' "danger."  Merlin will need a special human guardian who can provide him with a safe environment, spend time strengthening his recognition of 'signs' for communicating and basically give a little extra attention.  For the most part however, Merlin is a very normal dog, he likes playing with his canine friends, he likes soft frisbees and tennis - both balls and shoes ... Merlin is terrific in the car and is not afraid of children.  Merlin's heart is full of love and everyone is his friend.  He weighs 33 and will be best with dog savvy cats since he may chase them. He will need a hard fence situation. 

POLO found a great life for himself with guardians who love to play ball and love to cuddle, too, both things he wants! He won their hearts quickly when he gave them a big hello, coming right over to give them a kiss. He and his FurDad then hung outside in the cold weather playing lots of jolly ball. Polo bounded back into the adoption office with a big doggie smile. We know this boy will be happy! He now lives in upstate NY.

POLO: A 2 year old Border Collie, Polo is a friendly guy who loves to run and retrieve, like most young BC's. He's smart, focused and fun with an easy going side that loves affection. He is really a love, happy to meet anyone and everyone!

Sweet SADY won the heart of one of our caretaker team soon as she came in!. And, the more she got to know her, the harder it was to leave her at the Farm and not take her home so....home Sady went! She now lives on a big farm, too, and will have plenty of ball time as well as visiting at GHF when her FurMom comes to work, since she is her constant companion. We're really happy for Sady and Kylie, one of our new team members.

SADY: A petite 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Sady is adorable. She's a bit shy at first but once that ball comes out, she's raring to go.  She loves anything thrown her way and will happily bring back a ball over and over again. Sady is very smart and observant so takes in everything around her very quickly which causes her to be cautious in new situations. She'll do best with another BC, preferably male, who likes balls tooand can be confident to give her some ease around strangers. She is submissive and will retreat when worried but again, bring out that ball, and the game is on! Sady is good with cats and about 35 pounds. She was relinquished from PA guardians who had to move to an apartment and leave her alone 8 hours a day five days a week which didn't work well. 

BANNING found exactly the life he needed - BC savvy guardians who really understand the breed - a 15 acre farm of his own - and BC friends who love the ball just as much as him!! He's got plenty of space to run and explore plus swim, too. For Banning, this is a dream come true since he was previously in a city setting and so stressed by all the stimulation that he 'over-worked' everything. No place for a BC to live, Banning now has the right place for him! We are really excited that this really great dog will have a wonderful life that finally suits him well. He now lives in PA.

BANNING: A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Banning is a thoughtful guy who observes everything around him, making sense of what's going on and then deciding what he wants to do. He is very smart and responds well when people around him are clear and provide leadership. Banning loves to play ball and is fast and focused when it comes to his 'game'. He is really unwinding here at the Farm and learning to be an active BC without worries. Banning will succeed with a guardian who is skilled and savvy with this breed and understands how to help him in meeting strangers in new situations. He will do best in a rural area without a lot of chaos.  He lived in a city setting with urban sounds and lots of traffic which created anxiety for him, plus a tiny yard that didn't suit his needs well. He came from NH. Banning is about 40 pounds and good with cats.

AUGIE found exactly the guardians who understand his mind and know what he needs to be happy - they really got him! And, he knew it for sure as he chose them, too. Augie couldn't have been happier to have people who love to throw the ball as much as he loves to catch it. They fell in love soon as they saw him in action and he gave those big kisses of thanks right on their cheeks! He'll be their constant companion, with them all the time which he will absolutely love. Augie now lives in CT where a lot of ball play is in his future for sure! And, maybe another dog from GHF in the future!

AUGIE: A 4 year old Border Collie, Augie (August) is a doll. Augie is a really outgoing, friendly guy who wants to say hello to everyone and instantly makes friends. He's all about the ball and needs someone who enjoys playing cause he is a great retriever and will play endlessly. Augie is super smart and responsive, instantly coming when called and could learn anything easily. He is good with other BC's but could be a solo dog with an active person. He's been off leash for hikes and does great though will chase bikes so like most BC's, needs wooded trails to enjoy. He also loves the water and swims eagerly to retrieve sticks tossed from the shore. He is good with cats and about 45 pounds. He lived in one home since a pup but his NH guardian worked too long for Augie to be left alone so he was relinquished to the Farm. 

INDY finally found the right people and the right canine friend that fit him perfectly! He's going to be the full-time pal to a GHF alum, Sadie, who recently lost her canine pal who was adopted at the same time. This is an important addition to the family, filling the hole left by their beloved Tyson. Indy LOVED his new FurDad who instantly knew this big boy would enjoy all the hiking and romps in the 90 acre park near their home. And, he'd clearly join him for rides everywhere they all go!  Indy now lives in MA.

INDY: A 4 year old Border Collie/Aussie, Indy is a wonderful guy who is instantly at ease wherever he is...a really great dog. Indy loves people and is happy to be by your side, not needing tons of things to do all the time. He enjoys other dogs and also fits in easily with them though craves a human relationship more. He loves walks and frisbee and ball play and can easily go off leash for hikes, sticking right by your side. Indy is a great companion oriented dog who would enjoy a close relationship with his person. He is fine with cats and a bit overweight now so will probably be a 50 pound boy once thinner. He was originally a stray in Nevada and the person who found him recently passed him to a friend who then had to give him up due to a move. He was relinquished directly to the Farm from the Massachusetts guardian. He is in foster care in MA

KRISTY found a new life with canine friends who like to chase and race like she does and guardians who love the breed. She'll be the focus of attention, enjoying lots of hikes and swims on their 33 acres as well as agility for fun! Kristy cuddled right up to each of them as if she'd known them forever, happy to head home to a great new life. She now lives in NY.

KRISTY: A 10 month old Border Collie, Kristy is a fun girl who is really enjoying her freedom at the Farm, running with the other BC's. She is very athletic and active and loves to play with toys. She's friendly with people though sometimes, a little shy at first with someone new but she can be won over fairly easily. Kristy is really eager to interact with other dogs here and has a blast with them so we'd like to place her with a canine friend. She is smart and energetic and eager to learn. She is about 35 pound and best with dog savvy cats. Kristy was in a tie out situation with a PA guardian who could not meet her needs. 

She landed the absolutely perfect home for her and while she waited a year to find her person, she found the one who will love her and give her everything she needs! We watched as Jilley matured at the Farm and in her foster home and we wondered, who would fit this girl with all her energy, smarts and gusto...and along came one of our adopters who has two dogs from GHF. She happened to be on the site as she was about to send in her holiday donation and just for grins, wanted to take a peek at the current dogs. Though she had no thought in mind of a third dog, she spotted Randi and then, Jilley and soon as she did, she knew she had to come visit. Daring out with the coming snowstorm, she drove north from CT to GHF determined to meet this girl. Over the months, Jilley had learned to really play with other dogs and relax, not worrying about being overwhelmed but we held our breath to see how this would go, with two tall GHF boys. Well, Miss Jilley absolutely loved Cosmo, the husky/golden/collie mix, instantly play bowing and happy as a clam to play. She then met Dodger who is a balanced, relaxed BC when meeting dogs so Jilley decided he was just fine, too. She even met her FurMom's daughter's dog and hit it off with her, too. We were applauding with glee. 

WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR JILLEY AND HER NEW FURMOM...she'll be doing plenty of agility as well and enjoy 5 1/2 acres of great land to  race around in. If there was a vision of a home for Jilley - this has always been what it would look like...way to go Jilley!!

JILLEY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Jilley is always ready to play.  She loves toys and will pick up anything and everything in order to play. She is an amazing athlete and can run incredibly fast chasing a ball or racing around. With her long legs, she is gorgeous to watch as she races through the fields, enjoying the movement, happy as can be.  She is also brilliant, super in tune to learn. Jilley is focused and loves to learn anything new.   She is a sweetie, very friendly with everyone and absolutely the sweetest cuddler around.  She loves, loves, loves people! But, first and foremost, she wants to go, go, go, like all young BC's. Once she's had her exercise, she also loves to hang with her person, right near your side.  She is totally responsive and eager to please for whatever you ask.  Jilley also loves the water and swimming and is great in the car. Jilley has a great personality and the energy to match so will need an active home.  She is about 45 pounds and not good with cats. She is safely now in rescue rather than running loose on the streets

FERGUS has a big smile about his new life because he's about to be the center of attention and he's ready for that! He'll be the non-stop companion to his new FurMom, traveling everywhere she goes around town for her work and then enjoy plenty of play with his FurDad in lots of outdoor activities. His new guardians fell in love with the breed having adopted a recent senior GHF alum so they knew they wanted another beloved BC friend right away. Fergus now lives in PA and will surely have a blast in his new life!

FERGUS: An 8 year old Border Collie, Fergus is a smart, attentive guy who likes to be with his person and he loves to play ball. He is observant and watches to see what's going on around him before jumping in, like most mature BC's. Fergus is energetic and loves to play ball games of any kind. He gets along with other dogs well, too. He is about 50 pounds and good with cats. He's lived in one home since 1 yr old but has not tolerated the new baby and toddler, which make him anxious and nervous with their crying. He came to the farm from MD guardians. He's temporarily in NJ at The Canine Cottage, a boarding facility run by a GHF adopter. 





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