ARCHER found a new friend in GHF alum, Casey, racing, running and chasing around the field like best buddies. The wonderful thing about this pairing is that Archer's gentle puppy nature of instigating play matched Casey's style well, even though Casey is blind. The two were tugging like long lost pals, quickly in sync. Archer's new guardians were hoping to find a friend to enhance Casey's already amazing life and wanted to help another rescue have a loving home and Archie was the best companion to add to their lives. These two has a chance to spend two nights vacationing at GHF, getting to know each other before heading home, both enjoying hikes and lots of play time! Archie now lives in Pennsylvania.

ARCHER: A 7 month old Border Collie, Archer is all action, he just loves to run and join in herding games. He's a very smart, sweet, young guy who has all the classic energy of BC's eager to DO something. Archer is really excited by having other dogs who understand his play style and he's blossoming quickly. He'll clearly need a savvy BC person as his new guardian and another young canine friend. Archer is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He was abandoned at a shelter in NY by people who could not handle his needs. He has some worries around men so will do best with guardians able to build his confidence with positive training. 

Sweet SOPHIE landed with exactly the people who can understand her high drive and need to be with someone all the time plus her brilliance to learn new things...this sweet girl needed caring guardians like her new FurMom and Fur Dad who would devote their attention to her needs. Her FurDad is home all the time which she will love and he's crazy about the high energy fun of this breed so knew Sophie fit them perfectly. She will have a big property for lots of hikes and runs as well as plenty of ball play since they know what this breed needs. Sophie climbed in the lap of her new guardians happy to join them. She now lives in NY.

SOPHIE: A 9 month old Border Collie, Sophie is all action - super fast and very eager to run, chase and play. She is a natural athlete and can turn on a dime to keep up with the action of all the BC's she's around. She loves toys, is very focused to interact with anything thrown her way and could easily excel in sports. She has quite the vertical leap! Sophie will need a patient, skilled BC savvy guardian to help her put that body and mind together in one package with a 'job' to do since she has some worries with new people. She is smart and food oriented so can learn how to handle surprises and introductions to new people, especially men, but it's going to take some time to help her trust. She panics at first meeting people and toys are one way to help her refocus positively. Sophie is a sweet, affectionate girl and will only be placed in the right situation with another confident BC and the right person. She is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats since she will chase. She was abandoned at a NY shelter. 

GEO is one funny character and today, he met his perfect partner...sweet Izzy who knew what she wanted and so did Geo - a buddy to race, chase and play non-stop. The two of them met and Geo quickly said she could be boss if she would just trade off some fun games with him, he'd follow her anywhere! They were adorable to watch as they discovered the fun of having a buddy who fit just right. They really did wrestle and race and chase and then settled down as if they were long lost friends. So, Geo headed off to New Hampshire for a new life where he won't be lost anymore and in fact, he's got it all - a great dog friend, wonderful guardians who thought he was just a hoot and a safe haven to call his own!

GEO: A 10 month old Border Collie mix, Geo is most likely a Golden Retriever with some BC in him, obvious from his looks and also his temperament. He is friendly and gentle and curious about everything in a relaxed, good natured way. He loves attention and a good belly rub. He's enjoying walks at the Farm and getting a chance to really unwind after spending a month at an Animal Control facility in PA where he was picked up as a stray. He's 45 pounds and is ok with dog savvy cats. Geo loves other dogs but has a rough and tumble play style quite different than purebred BC's, so would do well with a similar canine friend. He will need a fenced property. 

NASH: A 1 year old Border Collie, Nash is a sweet guy who is getting braver by the day, so eager to see what his new life is all about! He is very observant and loves to meet other BC's, joining in BC play games. Nash loves attention and is happy to be by your side. He will need a patient guardian who wants to guide him step by step into the new world of meeting people, leash walking and being part of a home. He and his sister, Nina, love to race and chase and are hilarious to watch as they stretch their legs, enjoying the freedom of a great run. He is a super sweet guy whose only aim is to please. He came from an undersocialized situation where he was not cared for properly but he's quickly making up for lost time. He is about 35 pounds and good with cats. Nina and Nash could be adopted together if the right adopter, with a patient attitude, was interested. 
NINA & NASH are about to enjoy a lifetime together where running, playing and exploring will be their daily activity! No longer kept confined, this duo loves their new found freedom and their new FurMom loves to watch them so happy. She is ready to help them learn, step by step, all about life and understands the challenges of their fears. Once she spent time with them in the adoption RV, hanging on the bed where they had tucked themselves for safety, she felt drawn to bring them home. We know this special pair will be cherished and transformed by her love and she herself, by what they share in trusting her. They now live in NY.

NINA: A 1 year old Border Collie, Nina is a happy girl who is curious about the new life she finds herself experiencing at the Farm. A charmer, her real personality is starting to bloom! She loves attention and also wants to investigate new things, including a race and romp with her brother, Nash. They love to zoom around the fields at full speed. Nina will need a patient person to help teach her all the things that she needs to learn like leash walking and meeting people and understanding home living but she is an eager student with a heart to give the right person. She and Nash could be adopted together since they get along so well but both require the same development to be the confident dogs they will eventually be, With two, with the same needs, someone special is important. Nina and Nash had a history that left them undersocialized and not properly cared for but they surely have all the potential to turn that around quickly. Now healthy and happy, they are ready for a new life. She is good with cats and about 30 pounds. 

SWEET RIO found the people who would love him unconditionally and enjoy all his brilliance and energy to play! He loved having a child who wanted to play and his new guardians knew this match was exactly what they wanted for the entire family. Rio will have plenty of property for hiking and plenty of love and affection once all the action stops. Rio now lives in Massachusetts.

RIO: A 6 year old Border Collie, Rio is very outgoing, friendly with everyone instantly and is all about action. He is a mature dog but has tons of energy for ball and could learn anything easily. He is super focused and eager to connect with anyone who will do something with him. Rio loves ball play and does need an active life with someone who really loves the breed and wants a fun, active BC. He is good with other dogs but could easily live by himself, too. He would be a great family oriented BC with kids who love to play. Rio will not a harm a cat but does growl when they are near so is best in a non- cat home or with a savvy cat. He is petite, about 34 pounds. 

Sweet DIXIE came into rescue in mid-september when we were full so she went to a nearby foster home, waiting for space at the Farm. Well, as often happens, she's not leaving - Dixie is home! Her new FurMom had kindly taken in another foster not long ago who unexpectedly died so she was willing to help out again. Miss Dixie shared her heart as she so wanted to connect with someone special again, as did her FurMom. These two have a lot ahead to enjoy -all kinds of canine activities as well as lots of exploring in life. Dixie is a beautiful BC/aussie who lived in one home since a pup but had trouble with the toddler who would not leave her alone and with another baby on the way, she was relinquished to GHF. Dixie is 8 1/2 and full of spunk and joy, ready for her new adventure. 

SHEA found his new guardians in a very unique way...he arrived at GHF just as his new FurMom was visiting en route back home, actually not here to adopt that day but wanting to stop by and say hello. Well, when she and Shea met, it was very clear that he was exactly what they were looking for so she and her husband set up a date to return and Shea headed off to his new life with them. They were looking for a more petite BC with lots of ball drive and that is most certainly this boy! He is going to be the center of attention along with his canine buddies and enjoy a life where he'll be adored. He now lives in NY.

SHEA: A 4 year old Border Collie, Shea is all about the ball! He just loves any throw, anytime, anywhere and is happy to play endlessly like any ball boy. He's a good natured guy, friendly with everyone and easily adjusts to new people and new situations. Shea is good with other dogs though quite the herder so does best with another BC who is a ball dog, too. He is very responsive to people and used to a big family of nine grandkids and lots of activity with lots of visitors. Unfortunately a new baby was on the floor next to his food bowl with dog food in her hands and Shea nipped her so had to be given up. He is not yet tested on cats and weighs about 40 pounds. He lived in one home in NY since a pup. 

 FIONA found a loving couple who were so excited to add a Border Collie to their lives and absolutely fell in love with her! They met a few dogs and chose to overnight at the Farm with her, pretty certain she was the one to head home with them. Well, seeing their faces in the morning, it was clear this sweet girl was already deeply in their hearts. Her new name is Liberty to celebrate her new world in NY, now free to enjoy a loving life forever! She'll enjoy tons of ball play, and be the constant companion to her new FurMom.

FIONA: A 2 year old Border Collie, Fiona is a sweetheart. She instantly befriends any person near her, happy to get attention and happy to share her joyful spirit. She is sweet, sweet, sweet. Fiona also loves the ball and is looking for something fun to do. She gets along well with other BC's, but seems really focused on finding her person. A good natured girl, she is smart and energetic and everything a classic young BC can be.. she can also clear a fence so will need an invisible fence for containment. Fiona was a stray in NY and will only be  placed with safe containment. She is OK with dog savvy cats and weighs about 35 pounds. 

Lovely LUNAH found exactly the right life for her, as the constant companion to her new FurMom, (on the right) and joining GHF alum, Mickey (Beckett) adopted last year. Her new guardian knew that Mickey loved having a female BC buddy so when GHF alum, Kallie passed on, she felt drawn to search for a friend. Lunah caught her eye and she knew she had to make the trip from Vermont so she and her friend came along again, for their third trip to adopt! Of course, soon as she spent a few minutes with this lovely girl, her decision was easy and off Lunah went to enjoy lots of hiking and plenty of play in a country setting, ideal for her! Former Texas dog, Mickey, gave his vote of approval!

LUNAH: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie, Lunah is a sweet girl who likes to be involved with her person and can also enjoy being independent, a pretty classic female BC trait. She is smart and friendly, happy to enjoy being part of the  action. Lunah is fairly easy going though has a strong herding instinct so loves to run and race, and explore outside. She would love accompanying someone throughout their day. She is fine with other BC's but seems happiest as the only dog. Lunah is about 35 pounds and is OK with dog savvy cats. She came to the Farm from a PA guardian who pulled her from an undesirable Farm situation so she could have a much better life and felt we could find her a  good home. 

WILL came to the Farm with a special mission to share his heart with someone special. He'd been in a PA shelter for two months and we kept trying to help this boy find his way to GHF and finally when he did - it was clear who he was waiting to meet. His new FurMom had been waiting many months for him, too! She emailed numerous times and soon as he came, she heard from us and bingo...she came for him! These two hearts clicked instantly and the time of waiting was over and off they went for a life of love and learning. Will now lives in NY, happily adored, sharing his wisdom and wonderful heart.

WILL: A 4 year old Border Collie, Will is a great boy, happy to be with his person and just as happy to play ball! He's good natured, easy going and loves attention. Will is quite the charmer, with a lot of character that makes you smile.  He has plenty of energy for fun but is not overly intense. He is fine with cats and about 45 pounds.  Will was a stray in PA.

KATIE landed at the Farm this summer hoping to find someone special who would love her and she did! One of our team happened to be helping out in the office the day we were thinking about who might foster Katie cause she so wanted to be with a person rather than in rescue and bingo - her Foster Mom was right there - so off Katie went. She quickly enjoyed being her constant companion 24/7 and her very own Farm with lots of land to explore and jobs to due, helping her new FurMom with all her tasks. So, it quickly became apparent that Katie found exactly what she wanted and so did her new guardian! They were a fabulous pair!! And, now Katie visits the Farm almost every week, helping out with work here, too! She now lives in NY.

KATIE: An 8 year old Border Collie mix, Katie is all about loving, absolutely in your lap instantly and curled up for a belly rub. She is super sweet and very very friendly. Katie is a gentle girl who would really love being with someone as their constant companion, not left for hours alone. She enjoys going wherever you go and wants to be your best friend. She gets along with dogs beautifully but is more people focused so could be a solo dog. She is good with cats and very easy going in the house, calm and quiet. When she's with other Border Collies, she does enjoy some herding fun, circling around, following the action. Katie is about 40 pounds. She came from a VA guardian due to a home foreclosure. Katie came to GHF with her Dad, Jack, who is not available for adoption at this time.

Sweet SPRYTE found the right guardians to give her a fabulous life forever! She'll have a canine BC buddy which she loves since she is quite the herder with other dogs and she'll have tons of attention which she is crazy about, too, being such a big cuddler. Spryte has it all along with a 40 acre preserve right by her home for plenty of hiking, too! SHe now lives in NY. We're so happy for this petite girl who is now healthy and  will clearly be happy!

SPRYTE: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Spryte is a sweetheart, loving and friendly and quite a little herder when she's mixing with other BC's. This tiny girl can be high speed, a joy to watch and loves playing with toys. She is in good health and ready for a new life, eager to race, chase and play.   She has a wonderful nature, eager to say hello to everyone.  She is fine with dog savvy cats. She is about 30 pounds.  Spryte came to GHF from a NY guardian who could not handle her care properly.  

JASON found just the right person to share his wonderful heart with and receive the love he so deserves. His new FurMom had an overnight with him since she lived near his Foster Mom so they both had a nice chance to see how their relationship could be - he gave a big 'yes' vote to stay as did his new guardian who already adores him. She cooked extra eggs for him in the morning and cuddled all night, enjoying this sweet boy and all his brilliance. Jason caught her eye, smartly wearing his plaid coat and she found he was the one she kept focusing on when she visited the site, looking for a new canine buddy. Jason now lives in NY, happily cherished.

JASON: A 9 year old Border Collie, Jason is a gentle, super sweet guy who really enjoys being with someone who understands his nature.  He is a real 'people dog', not a chaotic dog. He enjoys running around with his person outside and then curling up on the dog bed keeping track of all that goes on inside.   He's also a great lover of a good couch and loves to nudge his person for more pets whenever he can.  A super cuddly BC, he is a wonderful companion. So, we want to find a gentle guardian who helps him blossom. Jason so wants to be loved and share his love. He's very affectionate. He is smart and interested in everything going on around him and he enjoys exploring outdoors. Jason is fine with other dogs but happiest as the center of attention. Jason doesn't have much toy interest at this point so would be happiest as a companion BC. He is 40 pounds and good with cats. He would be fine in an unfenced situation that is more rural. His previous guardian was a rescuer in Ohio who then became ill and surrendered him along with 6 other BC's to GHF. Jason has had a full geriatric screen and his bloodwork, thyroid values and urinalysis are all normal. He has no health challenges.

Sweet SOPHIE found two people who could understand her worries and love her just the same, making life a success for her, step by step. They were drawn to meet her since they had their own shy boy, Levi, as well as a female BC years back, much like Sophie, so they felt they were equipped to be her guardians. Sophie showed her worried side upon meeting them but quickly befriended them and then her sweet inquisitive nature shown through. This special little girl now has a chance to share her heart with two loving guardians and have a life of love forever. We're so happy for her. She now lives in Massachusetts.

SOPHIE: A 2 1/2 year old petite Border Collie, Sophie is a sweet little girl who loves her person and will hang by their side 24/7 if she could. An incredibly cuddler, she tucks herself nestled right into your lap, leaning on you. She's very attentive and wants direction from someone she trusts. Sophie also loves to chase and herd other BC's so would do well with another friend, ideally a male who is confident. Sophie enjoys her toys and will entertain herself or play eagerly with you. She loves car rides, too and sticks right by your side for off-leash walks. Sophie will need a special adopter who can help manage her worries meeting strangers so that she is not allowed to panic, bark and react to what scares her. She's made tremendous progress and responds well to positive training, including refocusing her with toys however she still has a way to go. Sophie will only be placed in a BC savvy adult home and is best with dog savvy cats since she will chase. She is a stunning little girl who unfortunately had very little socialization at a young life but clearly can learn a new way, based on the past 1 1/2 years in her adoptive home. Sophie was returned because their other BC began picking on her which wasn't productive for either. 

Miss MADDIE happened to arrive at the Farm just as a former adopter of GHF alum, Josh, felt she was ready to add a friend. She'd been thinking another BC would be a wonderful addition to her life so when she saw Maddie, it was an instant, 'gotta go meet that one'. Well, as the mature Josh decided whether he'd accept Maddie, the pairing was a back and forth question mark...good or bad? til finally it seemed best to go for it! And, today, these two are best buddies. Seems Josh (who was adopted as a pup from GHF) just needed to be sure he was the 'lead' man of the house and Maddie was happy to agree. They play and play now like best buddies. Maddie will get to do formal obedience and be the constant companion to her new FurMom. She lives in NY and has two canine buddies to keep her busy!

MADDIE: An 8 month old Border Collie, Maddie is a gorgeous little girl with lots of energy, classic BC 'gotta have something to do' energy. She has quite the vertical leap, happy to be right by your face to say hello, showing promise for sports. Maddie is just learning about other Border Collies so having a great time realizing she likes to herd and chase but is showing a soft side if told to stop. She would clearly enjoy a friend to play with who has the same energy and mind as she does. Maddie is very cuddly and loves everyone, a super friendly girl eager to share her heart. She is best with dog savvy cats since she will chase. Maddie is about 30 pounds. Maddie came from a NY dairy farm, bought by a woman who then had a young toddler in the home. A busy young BC and busy boy were not a good combination so they relinquished her to the Farm. 

 FIGARO found a great home when his new FurMom was searching for a Border Collie and discovered his bio as the first listing! Funny thing is his new guardians have a long history of going to adopt a dog and ending up with a cat, too so this made them chuckle, yet again, a cat finds them!

So, Fig is on his way to a fabulous cat life complete with a BC mix, other cats and his own enclosed outdoor cat area which he'll just love! He now lives in Massachusetts, his guardians driving all the way from the Boston area for this special little guy.


 Sweet SAVANNAH found her forever home not too far from her foster Mom in NJ. Her new FurMom had been watching the site, thinking about fostering and found herself drawn to Savannah's picture over and over again and thinking she really wanted to adopt.  She had a sense of how to help shy dogs and had a playful BC mix who really needed a friend so the family went to meet Savannah in her foster home and fell in love.  She was the dog they wanted to add to their family and they were certain they could help her blossom even further! Her Foster Mom agreed and she's now home forever, loved!

SAVANNAH: A 1 year old Border Collie, Savannah is a very very sweet girl who is blossoming as the days go by and she realizes that life can be fun and interesting. She loves to play with other dogs and gains confidence from them, quickly. However Savannah will need a patient guardian who can show her step by step, how to respond to new situations since everything is new for her, especially inside the house. She can be timid inside or when she hears a male voice but is curious enough to go to her Foster Mom cause she trusts her so that's a good start. Since Savannah is a very shy girl who needs the reassurance of her person, she will only be placed with someone who understands very timid BC's. She will do best with another confident canine friend. Savannah came with two siblings from an inappropriate situation where she was mostly living with other dogs. She is approx 35 lbs and good with cats.

 This big boy BECKER showed the side of himself we all adored - the big love-bug he is - happy to hang with his new FurDad!  Becker charmed him right away (of course) and then showed off his ball play.  His new guardian loves the breed and has a lovely 14 year old female as his best friend but knew it was time to add another buddy and Becker fit the bill perfectly.  Becker has his own Farm now in NJ where he'll be his constant companion.

BECKER: A 3 year old Border Collie, Becker is a big personality, instantly capturing your attention and ready to join in the fun! He is a sweetheart with a great mind who loves to play ball or enjoy some herding games with other BC's. A gentle, good natured boy, he likes action but is not over the top with his energy needs. He is easy around other dogs but mostly wants to interact with someone who can toss the ball! Becker loves the water and happily hops in a pond for a swim. He can also hop over a fence and will explore when bored so will only be placed on an invisible fence system. He is good with cats and about 50 pounds, a bit bigger in size than the standard BC. Becker was abandoned at a PA shelter for chasing the chickens on a hobby farm. Fortunately, the shelter works with GHF and we were able to ensure Becker found safe haven here. 

 SASSIE & COOPER won the hearts of their new guardians with their sweet, cuddly nature, happy to hang with them on the couch. But, they also loved all that fired up energy, going a thousand miles an hour racing and chasing outside!  Their new FurMom and FurDad had always had 2 BC's so came to the Farm planning to take two home and this was the duo that won their hearts!  They felt their life would suit these two well and they had a strong feeling being drawn to them, that a long loving life would unfold.  Sassie & Cooper headed out to NJ for tons of BC fun!

SASSIE & COOPER, age 4, have lived together since pups though they are not siblings, they did have the same parents. They are clearly happy together and have a relationship all worked out where Cooper relies on Sassie to let him know things are ok. He can be very shy at first meeting new people but is also very curious about what is going on around him. Sassie likes to play ball and Cooper will chase her but neither are overly intense. Both are good with cats. They will need patient guardians who help them adjust to a new home life since they can be worried at first. We'll update their bios as they unwind and relax at the Farm where they have much more space to be active. They were relinquished by NY guardians who felt they needed a life more suited to the breed. They are both about 40 pounds, typical in size. 

 PATCH found exactly the guardians who would understand him - they love a ball nut and they love the brilliance of a Border Collie looking to bond with them and do a job he'd love! Within minutes of meeting Patch, they wanted to take him home so Patch headed out to Massachusetts.  This adoption is an inspirational tale of two people certain they would find their next beloved BC, so much so that his new FurDad endured serious back pain to make the trip, laying down in the back of the car all the way.  He's handling new options for treating his physical challenge but was totally determined to come meet Patch and be sure this boy was the one for them!  So, Patch got to do what most BC's would love to do, cuddle in the back of their car, all the way home, stretched our for his new FurDad's comfort and of course, Patch's too!  He'll be living on a golf course and have plenty of acreage for tons of ball throws, day in and day out and even get to go to work with each of his new guardians, both working in dog friendly places....absolutely perfect for this people boy!

PATCH: A 2 year old Border Collie, Patch is Mr. Friendly! He really loves meeting anyone new and certainly loves his person. Patch has a sweet nature and endearing way of leaning right into your body for a good belly rub, so happy to be with you. Patch is also is a ball maniac, ready to race, chase and retrieve as long as you will throw. He's a good natured BC who is eager to please and would prefer being with someone all the time, if life could work that way! Patch is good with other dogs but could be happy as a solo dog. He is not good with cats. Patch came to GHF from VT where he was surrendered to a local vet after a dog fight in the home left him injured.

CODY: A 1 year old Border Collie mix, Cody is all about being friendly - he loves everyone and is so eager to say hello, he can almost jump into your arms! A good candidate for learning sports or hiking, this little guy is full of spunk, like most young dogs. He absolutely loves to play with other dogs and can instantly even get some older dogs to engage in play with him so we'd love to place him with a friend. Clearly, he loves dogs. Or, he'll need an active guardian who really wants to do things with him if there is no other canine in the house. Cody is fairly fearless, is eager to please and likes to learn. He's super curious about everything and gung ho to investigate new things. A real people oriented buddy, he is a wonderful little guy. He is a bit interested in cats so needs to go with dog savvy cats only. He is about 35 pounds. Cody was relinquished to the Farm by NY guardians who felt he was too much for them. Brodin & Cody are brothers fortunately landing safely in rescue, for lives that better suit them.
 CODY & VENUS met at the Farm and within 48 hours, were best buddies with a play style that was so compatible, we were absolutely thrilled they both did get adopted together! Their new guardians came to see Venus, knowing they also wanted a second dog so were open to this pairing. Once they saw how sweet and friendly and fun they were with them and with each other, they agreed that having them stay together was perfect!  Cody and Venus were all nestled together on the couch next to their new FurMom, then headed outside for an incredible dashing, darting, chasing game that was hilarious to watch!  Like their new FurMom said, it was like these two dogs were kindred spirits finding each other again! The kids were thrilled to have new friends and they both might even get a chance to try agility for fun with the older daughter.  This sweet duo now has 44 acres to call their home in NJ!

VENUS: A young, very petite Border Collie mix, Venus is a love, full of spunk and play and absolutely loves to play with other young dogs. She is a toy girl too and will quickly jump into games with her person or with dogs. She is very good natured and eager to bond and learn, potentially a good sports candidate for agility. She had a chance to go to an agility venue and was fearless and confident doing what she was asked to do! Venus is temporarily being fostered in Rochester until she moves to the Farm. She is about 25 pounds, about 15" tall and not yet tested on cats. She was originally from an Ohio shelter then transferred to a NY shelter that works with GHF.  

 Loving LOUIE strutted his stuff with such pride and confidence, the ever Mr. Friendly, that his new FurDad just couldn't leave without him. He had come with the plan to meet Louie and a few others but thinking ahead of time, that this sweet, good-natured boy was exactly what he and his wife had hoped to add to their life.  Soon after meeting the 2nd dog, his new guardian said that Louie was certainly perfect and there was no reason to look any further -Louie agreed! So, off he went to NY for a loving life as the 24/7 companion to his new FurMom and Dad's buddy for hikes and play.

LOUIE: A 6 year old Border Collie mix, Louie is a love. He is into anyone he meets, happily galloping to say hello and eager to be with a person who loves him. He's an affectionate guy with a great nature. Louie is ok with other dogs but not inclined to play so happy to be a solo dog as long as his person is around so he can join them in whatever activity they are involved in - he just wants to be part of it all! A very people oriented boy, Louie is very sweet, easy going and loves being a friend. He likes toys but he's not overly intense about play, rather happy to be with person. He is about 50 pounds. Louie is very enthusiastic meeting cats, not to harm them but to play so will be best suited to cats that are used to this. . He came to the Farm from a NY relinquisher who felt he was not suited to their situation. 

Sweet BEA blossomed at the Farm, incredibly happy to be here and today, she did that same thing again, meeting her new guardian. He overnighted after meeting two dogs and felt strongly that Bea was the brilliant, interesting girl he wanted to get to know. Well, we know Bea so knew that she'd work her magic even more and by morning, he confirmed that Bea was going home with him! And, Bea, clearly agreed, wagging her tail, staring out the window as he went to the car to get her leash and collar. Soon as he opened the door, she was all set to go! Bea happily spent the night right up on bed, too, a real treat that she clearly enjoyed. Bea will be his constant companion, going to his dog friendly office and on hikes and pretty much, anywhere she can go, she will! We know Bea will love this - she is such a great ambassador for Border Collies! She now lives in Massachusetts.

BEA: A 10 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Bea is wonderful. She loves to race around the Farm, playing with toys and herding the other Border Collies. She's a joy to be around and clearly loves having her person as well as a fun life with something to do! She's very responsive to whatever is asked of her, sweet and affectionate, with all the qualities of the older BC's we see - smart, focused and easy going. Bea will herd cats so will be best with only dog savvy cats. She could easily live with a canine friend or alone, with someone who enjoys doing activities with her. She is carrying some extra weight since she got little exercise, left alone all day which is why her family felt it best she get a chance at another life. She lived in one home as the first 'child' but three children under the age of 5 and two working parents did not make sense for her to be happy. Bea came to GHF from NJ. 

Little LUCY found her new guardians the minute they laid eyes on her...she charmed them of course but it was the sweet mischievous way she gave them lots of love and then figured out exactly what she wanted to do next, that really made them chuckle. This smart little girl has found two people who understand how she thinks... whatever Lucy wants, she'll figure out how to get it and they will love her for it! Their former BC had similar qualities and while never to be replaced, they were ready to open their hearts to this little love-bug and enjoy a lifetime of brilliance and fun. Lucy now lives in NY where she will clearly be cherished forever.

LUCY: A 5 1/2 month old Border Collie/Aussie, Lucy is a lover. She wins over everyone with this sweet puppy face, so gentle and bashful, sitting right by your side for attention. But, little Lucy is also a big player and bounces to life with toys and other dogs, eager to join in the fun. She is extremely curious about everything, investigating new situations easily once she gains her confidence. She is not a herder at this point, instead more focused on interaction with a person or active racing and chasing with dogs. However, Lucy is already showing the typical female BC traits of being the boss. She likes to take all the toys and bones and claim they are hers! If Lucy has a guardian willing to work with her, she could have fun with another dog in the home. Otherwise, she'll be a solo dog with an active person who understands how to satisfy her mental, emotional and physical needs. Lucy is a remarkable little pup, full of charm. She is good with dog savvy cats and about 25 pounds. Lucy was relinquished to the Farm from PA guardians who knew a toddler and a young herding dog were not a good combination. 

Sweet LILA landed beautifully with just the right guardian who not only loves the breed, but she also understands all the mental and physical and emotional stimulation needed to have a happy, well balanced Border Collie. She spent about 30 minutes seeing Lila meet her dogs, interact at the Farm with the people here, sail over the fences following our caretaker and knew that this petite powerhouse was exactly what she was looking for...and had driven from Delaware to take home! Lila will be doing agility and enjoying all the activities that her BC buddies have loved all their lives, now both senior dogs. Soon as we saw Lila as part of a this new canine trio, we knew she was home! And, though camera shy, she knew it too, happily kissing her new FurMom and hopping into the car to head out!

LILA: A petite 11 month old Border Collie, Lila is a sweet, gentle girl with classic focus on whatever is going on around her - she is bright, alert and observes everything! She loves exploring and eagerly jumps into action especially with interest in herding other Border Collies. She's got a strong herding instinct so quickly kicks into action circling around another BC so does best with dogs who are not overwhelmed by this. She loves saying hello to new people as well as being quite a cuddle-bug. She's a girl who comes right under your armpit, sliding right next to you on the couch, happy for loving. Lila is everything a classic BC is - brilliant, gorgeous and ready to go, go, go. She loves to learn, is very food motivated and could easily do well in sports. Lila is about 30 pounds and will chase cats so is best with dog savvy cats only. Lila is super athletic and can jump any fence so needs an invisible fence system to safely contain her. Lila came to GHF from a dog lover who stepped in to get her out of the wrong home in NY.

RORY happily found the right life where a canine buddy matches his play style and his new guardians understand him completely. They loved his sensitive, sweet nature and also his ability to be gung ho, playing with their dog who absolutely loved him and the feeling was mutual. Getting a picture was impossible cause all they wanted to do was play, play, play! Rory now lives in New Hampshire and will clearly have a blast. This sweet guy had been through 4 homes, through no fault of his own, and really deserved a life tailor made to him! He'll enjoy plenty of hikes on his new 12 acre property, too and be a constant companion to his FurMom and FurDad.

RORY: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Rory is a doll, super friendly and eager to say hello to anyone and everyone. He's got a great nature, very easy going and also full of play. He loves other dogs and quickly joins into chase games.  He's not showing any herding tendencies which is typical of a mix though he has lots of energy to run. Rory really loves people and is used to having someone around most of the time so will do best as a companion where he can be with his person a lot.  He is fine with dog savvy cats.  He is about 40 pounds.  Rory was found as a 6 month old stray and lived in that home til one month ago when he was given to someone through a craigslist posting who then dumped him in a NY shelter. Fortunately, the shelter works with GHF so Rory has a chance at an appropriate forever home.

A 2 year old Border Collie, Jelly Bean's guardians contacted GHF looking for help, feeling they could not meet her needs. We went to meet this sweet girl and happily realized that there was a BC savvy adopter not too far from where she lives and they were looking to adopt! So, over to JB's house they went and she joined their life! They are thrilled to have a new family member and we're glad we could help. She still lives in NJ

DUBLIN: A 4 year old Border Collie, Dublin is a great guy who needed a new life when his guardian had to move into a small condo and work longer hours. His family contacted GHF to help and that we did! Dublin found a new home with an adopter 20 minutes from where he was living - the applicant had been looking for a nice red and white BC just as Dublin was looking for a new home, so....he's set and happily enjoying lots to do with his new FurDad who is his constant companion. He still lives in MD. 

FEATHER found a wonderful family who just adored her soon as they saw her sweet nature in person! They drove five hours to come meet her on a blustery, snowy day and were so happy they did! She now has a 'big brother', Dakota and her own little girl, Riley, who Feather absolutely adored! She'll be with her new FurDad during the day at his home office and have a big property for lots of fun whenever she wants to go out! She now lives in Massachusetts, a beloved family member.

FEATHER: A petite 7 month old Border Collie, Feather is fun girl who is discovering that hanging with other BC's is a blast. Within moments of arrival, she's turned on to herding and chasing games and having a grand time. She is a sweet, sweet girl and super friendly with everyone.  She's not quite sure yet what to focus on so would need a bit of time to learn that puppy chaos is not always desired but no matter all the vertical leaps as she springs off your body, she is a love-bug. Feather is extremely good natured and ready to join a savvy BC guardian who can enjoy shaping her mind and body into one direction! Feather is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. She is shorter in height than the pictures make her appear. She was relinquished to GHF from a NY guardian who stepped in to be sure she landed in an appropriate home. She had been purchased by her daughter with toddlers to be the family dog and of course, the chaos of little ones and a young BC was too much.

MACK went off to physical therapy, courtesy of our GHF adopters who run a wonderful clinic, Thera-Vet, in Rochester and it is there where he found his new guardian! Soon as he arrived, the team thought he just might be the right BC for one of their staff. As the days rolled into weeks, it became clear that she was thinking the same thing herself! And, Mack now has his new forever home! He has a great BC buddy who loves to play, just like he does and a family who adores all the energy and fun of this breed. Mack captured their hearts and slid into their home as if he'd lived there all his life. He now lives in NY.

MACK: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Mack is a ball nut, absolutely happiest enjoying any ball thrown his way. He is a sweet, friendly guy with lots of energy. He's eager to be with people but also eager to go, go, go!  Mack is a very bright, naturally curious guy, a classic BC mind who needs a job. He is a classic BC with all the traits of a busy, smart, engaged boy.  He was dumped at a NJ shelter for not getting along with the family boxer. Not all BC's mix with other breeds well however like normal, Mack is fitting in with the other BC's here at the Farm, beautifully, absolutely loving all the dogs.  He is about 40 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. We are so happy to report that Mack did beautifully with his femoral head surgery and physical therapy handled by Thera-Vet in Rochester, who kindly donated their services to be sure he could have the best recovery possible. 

MACK just underwent femoral head surgery to improve what appears to have been the same operation done sometime in his history. We don't know the details of this previous operation but we do know he was lame and in some pain in his backend so we had to help him. Our orthopedic surgeon, DR. Paul Bookbinder felt this surgery would return him to a pain-free, happy, ball-playing BC! At age 4, we felt we needed to offer Mack the best life possible and he's showing us, that he's ready now! 

ROZZ has a new life with a former GHF adopter who wanted to enjoy a focused, fun, smart Border Collie who would be ready to interact with her, doing all kinds of activities like agility, trick training and freestyle - Rozz will love all that! Plus, she'll love all the attention living with her FurMom's Dad who is around all the time. Rozz's new FurMom loved her brillance and sweetness - a perfect combination. Rozz now lives in MD with a great property which will allow her to run like the wind and play plenty of ball, which she loves to do.

ROZZ: A 6 year old Border Collie, Rozz is a doll. She is smart, focused and ready to connect to anyone who is with her, so friendly and eager to bond. Clearly a super smart girl, she is athletic and will play endlessly if you want to and could learn anything quickly. Rozz loves to go for walks and is a good running partner, too. She loves to cuddle and is super affectionate, happy to be by your side. Rozz previously lived with a Jack Russell and both were rehomed when her PA guardian had to take a full-time job. Rozz lived in one home since a pup and was clearly a beloved family member. She is best as a solo dog. Rozz is good with cats and about 40 pounds, she is not as tall as her pictures may seem, she is average size for a BC. 




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