Sweet, innocent ELLA landed at GHF at the moment an adopter was searching for a female BC mix with her qualities.  Her new guardians had been patiently waiting to hear when the right dog showed up, so soon as she did, we contacted them!  Ella will have a wonderful, loving family plus GHF alum, Lacie, who visits at their house regularly. And, we'll get to see her all grown up next summer when she visits for a vacation.  Ella's joining two other GHF alums, Lacie & Ty, who vacation at the Canine Country Getaway each summer for a family dog vacation! Ella now lives in NY.

ELLA: A 9 month old Border Collie mix, Ella is a gentle, loving girl full of charm. She is so adorable to watch as she bounds across the field and pounces on her favorite toys, all legs moving in anticipation of the fun of the toy 'catch'.  She may be part retriever as well as BC with an easy going personality far far different than the more intense young BC's. She is curious and playful and loves to cuddle, winning hearts here quickly at the Farm.  Ella bonds quickly and loves to explore new situations, fairly confidently. She is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats.  She was a stray in a PA shelter that contacted GHF for help.

Lovely LYRA found someone who will not only adore her, he understands the breed having had a few over the years and loving every one of them! He met Lyra and knew this smart, sweet girl would fit into his family's life perfectly. She'll join him at work at landscaping sites as much as possible, as well as head out to nearby fields for lots of hikes and fun each day! This little girl won't ever be fending for herself, abandoned again.   Lyra is now home, living in NJ.

LYRA: A petite 10 month old Border Collie, Lyra is a beautiful girl and incredibly sweet to everyone she meets. Her outgoing nature is instantly obvious, as if everyone is her best friend. She is clearly people focused and happy to accompany you wherever you go.  She's just showing interest in toys which would be easy to broaden since she is curious about everything. She's quite a thinker, making sense of her new experiences at GHF, quickly. Lyra is easy going in nature, not overly intense but does love to race and run outside.  She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She is not comfortable with other dogs at this time so will be placed as a solo dog.  She was found by a dog lover when she slept at the door of their vacation cabin in West Virginia, clearly a stray for awhile, skinny, matted and covered in burrs. Relatives in Maryland, took her in a month ago but couldn't keep her so reached out to GHF.

Hearing the story of how Lyra literally, saved her own life, is amazing:  "She came to us while we were checking in our 1st night at our cabin at about 1030pm. She ran up to us jumped up and put her front paws on us and laid her head down with her ears back and tail wagging! She was dirty, smelled like she got into a fight with a skunk her tail was one complete matt with burrs, and she had matt and burrs along her butt down the back of her legs, behind her ears, and around her neck, and really skinny. We called the emergency maintenance number that night and asked about her and the maintenance guy told us she has been hanging around the last few days and that when he called animal control they told him they would come euthanize her that they can't take dogs in. He didn't want that to happen so he left it alone and hoped she would wander off. We felt bad for her so we drove 20 minutes at 11pm to the nearest convenient store to get her food! When we came back we didn't see her. We heard a thud against our front door at about 1am, we went and Lyra was laying against our front door curled up. We fed her and gave her a bowl of water and when we woke up in the morning, she was still at our door. So we fed her again. We left around noon and as we backed our of the driveway she did laps around our truck! Then she proceeded to chase our truck up to the main road and then down the main road. When we stopped she stopped. When we went she went. So we didn't want her to get hurt so we stopped and got out she came over to us, and jumped right into our tailgate." 

NITRO found guardians who were hoping for a sweet, smart guy just like him to show up at GHF. They'd been waiting for over a year for just the right fit for GHF alum, Brenny, now a senior. She needed a younger friend for play and stimulation but someone gentle and Nitro is exactly like that…so soon as he came to the Farm, his new FurMom got the call to come and off he went! He now lives in Ct, where he will be adored for sure.  We're just thrilled for both canines and humans, alike!

NITRO: A 5 year old Border Collie, Nitro is a smart guy who thinks about everything going on around him. He isn't one to boldly push himself on anyone, rather he's pretty low key with an easy going hello. Nitro lived in one home since a pup so he's trying to understand this new change and understand what's happening next. Meeting Nitro in his home, he was friendly, happy and good-natured, not an overly intense BC but comfortable meeting anyone.  He is also comfortable with other dogs but used to be a solo dog so could easily enjoy that life again or enjoy a mature dog who respects his space, as he does theirs.  Nitro likes toys but isn't overly crazy having to play non-stop but he does love to cuddle, once he knows you. Nitro is good with cats and about 40 pounds. He was relinquished to the Farm due to a move to an apartment that doesn't take dogs. Nitro lived in a tiny apartment most recently and prior to that, a one acre yard which he loved. H

The great GIB landed a life that suits him perfectly, as the companion to his new FurDad, going everywhere he goes plus having a canine buddy, too, which he has had all his life. Gib's new FurMom was thrilled to meet this sweet boy and have another GHF rescue dog in their lives and knew he was a perfect fit! Gib will have a wonderful rural setting with 6 acres, surrounded by another 25 where he can enjoy hiking and exploring. We're thrilled this sweet, gorgeous boy now has a home again, a wonderful one full of love for him. He now lives in NY.

GIB aka Giggles: An 11 year old Border Collie, Gib is a delightful, happy, easy going boy who just loves to check everything out! He is enjoying all the activity at the Farm! Gib hangs with the other BC's easily and could slide into any pack without hesitation. He could also enjoy being the special boy getting all the attention from his person. He is a wonderful, thoughtful, attentive dog. Gib is good with cats and weighs about 50 pounds. He's a tad hard of hearing but focused enough to sort out wherever he needs to be and join the action. This sweet guy loves to be with his person. Gib was relinquished to the Farm from a NH guardian who had to move to an urban setting which didn't suit Gib/Giggles at all.

Little MAEVE found a new life quickly since one of our former adopters had been waiting to add a pup so came right away to meet this little fireball! Her new FurMom has had many BC's so knew as soon as she saw her that she would need lots to do and someone as her partner to keep her busy! She's a classic female BC full of confidence and ready to go into action. Maeve will be with her 24/7 on a large country property with two small canine buddies, having a blast! A brilliant little girl, she's now landed where she'll be understood and adored.  Maeve now lives in NY.

MAEVE: A 13 week old pup, Maeve is quite amazing - an independent thinker who focuses on what she wants to do and while she thinks people are wonderful, she is eager to focus on her own interests, doing what she wants to do - she appears to be a strong female BC, which is pretty typical of the girls. She is super sweet and very confident and curious. She will only go to a BC savvy home who understands the brilliance of the breed. Maeve is about 12 pounds. She was given to GHF from a NY guardian who could not meet her needs properly.

OLLIE found the right people and right situation to suit him well - he'll get to do agility and plenty more! This focused boy will do well with the challenges of this mental sport but he'll also get plenty of hiking on 12 acres of land near to his home! His new guardians love to hike and his new FurMom is thrilled to have a new boy to adore as well as train and stimulate mentally with fun activities. Whatever Ollie likes to do, they'll figure it out and let him learn! His new guardians had been patiently waiting many months for just the right GHF boy to join their pack! Ollie now lives in New Hampshire.

OLLIE: A 2 year old Border Collie, Ollie is a gorgeous, perfectly built sport dog, one of the fastest boys to zoom around here! Like a flash, he can turn on a dime and focuses on the next move. Ollie loves to make up chase games with other BC's and could use a canine buddy to stimulate his mind for fun. He is very smart and responds well to learning though he can be a bit aloof at first so will do best with a BC savvy guardian. Ollie has so much potential to blossom with an active, engaged person who really understands the breed. He is clearly looking for something to do with his mind, body and heart, a classic BC personality. Ollie will only go to an adult home since he's not that comfortable around the chaos and squealing of kids so would not do that well in a crowded suburban/urban setting. He is about 35 pounds and great with cats. Ollie was relinquished from a Massachusetts guardian who felt their suburban setting with numerous kids was too stimulating for him though he lived with their special needs child without any issues.

BENSON found exactly the right life and people to suit him perfectly - they love to cuddle and adore their Border Collie and that's what Benson loves too! He happily hopped up on the couch next to them as if he'd been with them forever. They instantly knew he was the dog to add to their lives! He now lives in NY where he'll be the constant companion to his new FurMom who is home during the day and enjoy lots of attention with them both! This sweet boy is set for a great life!

BENSON: A petite 6 year old Border Collie mix, Benson is a neat little guy with lots of personality. He's smart and curious and very interested in everything that goes on around him, pretty easy going about it all. He's spent time happily running at dog parks and even managed living in NYC well so Benson clearly takes everything in stride. He is a friendly boy, happy to say hello to anyone and loves having his person with him as much as possible. He's a great companion for someone who really wants a good natured dog to go everywhere with them. Aside from being with his person, Benson loves to run, run, run and he'll even it mix it up with other dogs who like to make up chase games. He instantly favors female dogs but manages most all dogs of any size that he meets. However, he would prefer to be a solo boy when it comes to his home life, not keen to share the attention once home. He is about 30 pounds and good with cats. He's not a big ball dog, more interested to explore the great outdoors on runs or walks. He came to GHF from a NYC guardian who had a new baby and the fit was not great with Benson.

Sweet JILLIAN won the hearts of recent Canine Getaway campers who wanted to add another Border Collie to their lives. They came to meet a few dogs and felt that Jillian would fit their lives perfectly - they just adore her! She's now got two BC buddies, a sheltie friend and two guardians who adore her! She now lives in PA and we'll get to see her again for their vacation at GHF!

JILLIAN: A 7 year old Border Collie, Jillian is a gorgeous little girl who likes to be with people though can be timid at first. She takes a little time to get oriented to change but happily bonds with the person she knows well. She's a bit sensitive so will do well with patient guardians. Jillian does love the company of another BC and instantly, becomes more relaxed, curious and eager to explore. Jillian was a geese-chaser on a golf course so does have a strong interest in herding. While she's used to a working life, she also loves attention and can easily be a great companion. She is good with dog savvy cats. She weighs about 40 pounds. She came from to GHF from NJ.

Thanks to transporters Marybeth Powers, Jane and Dennis Weslowski, and Sue Myers.
Max's Angels
Greenfield Garden Club: Christine and Alan, Jeff and Shane, Karen and Wes, Bob and Grace, Jen
MAX: A 7 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Max is a gentle, sweet guy who really loves being with his person. He feels most confident in a calmer setting without a lot of chaos so an adult home is better for him. He loves having a canine friend and quickly joins in with other dogs,  though could be a solo dog in the right setting. He loves playing ball and enjoys toys of any kind.  Max previously had a fairly quiet life with a postage stamp yard so is starting to learn how fun it can be to run and have plenty of freedom. He's taking all the new changes well, very responsive to what is asked of him and eager to please. Max lived in one home since a pup and is good with cats. He's showing interest in the movement of cars so will only be placed in a hard fence yard away from traffic. He was purchased as a Border Collie pup and now given up by PA guardians due to a move.  Max needs a savvy guardian who can help him feel comfortable in some new situations since his previous home was a bit simpler with just his yard as his outlet. He's blossoming in his foster home, going on hikes and really enjoying a more interesting life.

Puppy JUDE found a life with GHF adopters that will bring him great joy! He'll be their constant companion, enjoy great hikes and travel everywhere with his new FurDad, just like GHF alum, Muck/Milo, does now! Jude won their hearts the minute they saw his picture on the site so they came quickly to scoop up this sweet boy!

JUDE: A 3 month old Border Collie mix, Jude is a friendly, good-natured boy who believes every human is his friend and every human, so far, agrees! He is super sweet and loving and smart, too. Not as intense as a purebred pup, he loves to race and chase other dogs but isn't showing herding interest, just enjoyable play. Jude is quite a delight. He also loves the other dogs and eagerly wants to befriend them so would be thrilled to have a canine friend. His good nature will make him a wonderful companion but he has lots of energy, too, so needs a guardian who understands part of his nature is Border Collie for sure. Jude just loves playing with the jolly ball, plays like crazy and wants to chase all the time to engage in play! He is about 15 pounds and is good with cats. He was too much for his former guardian.

Sweet CHLOE found the right guardians who not only love the breed, they really understand their sensitive nature and will easily give Chloe all the nuturing to build her confidence and trust that this new life is a great one! She'll be their constant companion and enjoy hikes through 300 acres of woods right out her back door which we know she will love!! Chloe won their hearts quickly with her gentle nature. Chloe now lives in PA.

CHLOE: A petite 5 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Chloe is a gorgeous girl, settling in pretty well to her new surroundings.  She really seeks out a person to call her own and would be happiest as a constant companion to her new guardian. She's a sweet girl who likes attention and wants to be part of the action but she's not overly intense since she had a quieter life in her previous home.  Chloe has handled the change to GHF pretty well but is most content with a simpler life, so we'd like to find an adult home without a lot of chaos.  She is the mother of Bryce, both relinquished to GHF due to a move. Chloe gets a little worried with new changes since she lived in one home since a pup, left alone all day inside so is learning to have a more active life now. She is good with cats and about 40 pounds. Ironically, we have had five of her relatives (grandparents & great-grandparents) here in rescue, back in 2006, all nice dogs who are now in homes.

LEAH, a remarkably sweet, smart girl found someone who would love her special sweetness but also challenge her wonderful mind which she just loves! Leah is a smart girl who wants someone as her partner, exactly what her new guardian wanted, too. She'll be his constant companion plus enjoy plenty of other dog lovers as she goes with him to the office every day! Her new guardian loves the friendly nature of the breed and felt drawn to have Leah join him in. She'll get plenty of activity hiking in the nearby woods, too and become the greeter at the Ct church where her new FurDad is pastor.

LEAH: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Leah is a character, full of personality! She is super smart and very attentive to all the action happening around her. She's a toy girl for sure, happy to play endlessly with ball catching or frisbee! Frisbee is her favorite! Leah has good recall so would be a great hiking partner, too.  This girl is eager to bond and willing to try anything you introduce her to, ready to learn any challenge. She would be wonderful with an engaged guardian who liked to do sports and training.  Leah also loves other dogs and can run as fast as the wind, happily making up chase games.  She could be a solo dog or join another dog who is like her, eager to have fun. Leah is about 40 pounds and she is OK with dog savvy cats. Her family loved her dearly but felt they could no longer offer the right life for her. She came to GHF from PA.

DEJA landed perfectly in a new life that suits her well with lots of agility ahead to keep her busy! This sweet girl has the classic BC brain so needed a savvy, engaged guardian as well as a mature BC buddy to teach her the ropes.  Deja will have 65 acres to call her own for lots of hiking and her own agility equipment right there for lots of learning! She's now living in Canada and we're sure we'll hear great things about this petite powerhouse.

DEJA: A 4 1/2 month old Border Collie, Deja is learning that other BC's can be fun! She's all about the action! She's super fast and very coordinated in all the herding and chasing of the other dogs, quite the spitfire.  Deja is very people oriented and eager to please, too, a classic smart girl who understands very quickly what's being asked of her. An adorable cuddler, too, Deja will do best in an active BC savvy home with focused activities to keep her stimulated. Deja is an unbelievable athlete, already chasing down and catching frisbee throws!  Deja is half-sister to another GHF dog, Zoe, who is excelling in agility and Deja's showing interest herself, already. She's not yet tested on cats. Deja came to GHF from a NY guardian who was given her as a gift but was too busy with toddler grandkids and personal illness.

Sweet, brilliant SADIE found the guardian who would understand her and felt drawn to come meet this engaging girl. Based on everything she heard on the phone, this is the Border Collie she was looking for - smart, sweet and sassy with all the classic intensity of a youngster, rolled into one. Once seeing her in action, her new FurMom laughed when asked if she felt she was too much to handle, cause Sadie is clearly ' a real BC', to which she heartily replied, "I drove 500 miles for the real deal - she's perfect!" Sadie's new guardian did indeed drive 16 hours roundtrip from Maine to take her home, where ironically is a few hours from where Sadie started, IN Maine! We're so happy for this charming, intense girl to land in good hands with a BC savvy adopter who will meet her needs well. Sadie has 14 acres to call her own, with plenty to do including trying agility and flyball and even herding!

SADIE: A 6 month old Border Collie, Sadie is smart, focused and a real thinker. She is fascinating to watch, classic in her interest in everything around her. She is also quite the herder, really tracking with other BC's to intently match their every move, herding.  Sadie is also super sweet and loves attention but like many female BC's, then looks for her job to do. Fairly confident, even at this age, she will do best with a savvy BC guardian who understands the mental stimulation needed by this intelligent girl. She also needs a physical outlet for her body since she is agile, fast and focused. Sadie is about 35 pounds, a little bigger in size than some at her age. She is good with cats. Sadie could easily join a home with other BC's or be a solo dog with an active, engaged person. She came to GHF from Maine, being given up due to a move.

Sweet BEA found a life that is far from what she's ever experienced, living on 38 acres of gorgeous countryside. Her new guardians have a Farm with plenty to do which Bea can help them with, each day. Plus, their friends are all dog people so lots of canine visitors stop by, giving Bea all the play she wants and boy, she loves to play with other dogs! We're thrilled for Bea to be the center of attention and yet have so much to do in a life filled with interesting stimulation - ideal for her! She now lives in NY. Her FurMom & FurDad were so excited to meet Bea, they raced to the Farm on FRiday just at day's end so ended up heading home in the dark! Bea didn't mind at all.

A huge, heartfelt thanks to Mark and Vicky Fung who contacted GHF looking for a way to help Bea and soon Bing. They handled all the expenses associated with her care and flight, making it easy for us to say yes. And, we're very glad we did!

BEA: A very petite 1 year old Border Collie, little Bea is adorable! She is super sweet, super friendly and so, so wants a buddy to play with.. she is hilarious as she paws at the other dogs and attempts to initiate play games. Bea clearly needs a buddy for her greatest happiness. She is also quite the charmer, winning everyone's heart instantly along the transport, from arrival at JFK to an overnight with one of our adopters to then another adopter driving her to the Farm - everyone wanted this petite doll. Bea is such a happy, friendly girl, loving her first race around the Farm, including a little ball play, too. She loves every person she meets, so affectionate. Bea is Ok with dog savvy cats and weighs about 25 pounds.  BEA was abandoned outside her apartment in Beijing, China with a horrible case of mange in August. Her medical needs were handled and she was then able to travel. Her 'before' picture is just heartbreaking but that's now a fact of the past!


TIP found a life that will be ideal for him where he'll be the focus of attention and he can have all the ball play he wants!  He loved his new guardians soon as he realized they understood him well and had a blast doing what he loves to do.  He'll be adored and enjoy their constant companionship since they both run a home-based vegetable farm. Lucky Tip has 14 acres for hikes and play! He now lives in NY.  The irony is that his new FurMom frequents Thousand Island Park (TIP) in upstate NY where vacationers end up naming their dogs TIP and Tipper after the famous spot…meant to be, they felt!  We agreed!

TIP: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Tip is a delight. He is so sweet and incredibly people focused, always ready to go wherever you are and be with you. He is also a complete ball nut, super focused to play, play, play, like more young BC's. Tip has a great temperament, clearly a boy that has been loved completely. He is good with other dogs so could easily be a buddy to another BC but he'd also enjoy being the only dog in an active home. He loves to hike off leash and comes instantly. Tip is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He lived in one home since a puppy when he was adopted from GHF March 2012. He and his BC buddy, Jem, were returned after two years due to a divorce. We are very sad about this development. Both dogs were beloved family members who through no fault of their own, landed back at GHF.  Tip has been trained on the invisible fence.


BRYCE found the ideal home with a guardian who can really be his buddy which Bryce loves! Plus, he'll be with someone 24/7 when he goes to the parent's house, on the family compound, when his FurDad goes to work. They all came to meet this sweet boy and felt he was the perfect addition to their family. He'll be joining his FurDad on plenty of hikes as well as enjoy the cuddling on the couch with his 'grand' parents who love the breed, too. Bryce won their hearts quickly so off to NY he went to enjoy 150 acres to call his own!

BRYCE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Bryce is a ball guy, really loving a good game of fetch. He's great to play with since he truly enjoys the ball as much as he does being with his person!  Bryce is a smart guy who aims to please and does well with guidance from someone who really understands him.   He is clearly a confident, curious guy who enjoys other dogs so could have a friend though he could also be a solo dog.  In an odd twist of fate, turns out we had his great-grandfather here many years ago and he looks identical to him! Bryce is good with dog savvy cats and weighs about 40 pounds. He came to GHF from PA guardians who were moving.

JEM found the right guardians who would enjoy her sweet nature and understand her BC brainpower too! They loved her the minute they saw her and of course, she charmed them as she always does, a real sweetheart. She mixed perfectly with their two dogs as if they'd already been a trio before. Jem will love this pack since she gets to be the princess of the group, the special social-bug, stealing the attention! She'll be the constant companion to her new FurDad who is home, enjoys hiking with the dogs and will now, have plenty of focused ball time for this playful girl. We're so happy that Jem has the best life possible and it will be forever. As her new guardians said, 'well, this is the last time she'll be in rescue for sure! She's part of our family now!' Jem now lives in NY.

JEM: A petite 4 year old Border Collie, Jem is as her name says, a gem! She is very very friendly to everyone - men, women, kids - no one is stranger to this little girl. She's super affectionate and a real cuddler, right on your lap. Jem is also a curious girl who loves to check out everything around her, keeping track of the outdoor wildlife or comings and goings in the neighborhood. Ever watchful, she just wants to know what's going on and then happily wags her tail with a big greeting! She's an adorable girl with tons of personality. Jem doesn't like being alone so really needs a home where people are around and she can join them in all their activities. She is good with other dogs so could have a BC companion or be a solo dog with active guardians. She is about 35 pounds and good with cats. Jem lived with Tip since she was adopted from GHF in November 2011 but finds herself again, going through another change, due to divorce. Through no fault of her own, this additional move is not only sad, it's ironic, having been originally relinquished to GHF due to a divorce. Jem really deserves a forever home once and for all. 

Mr. MAC aka Biggie MAC is going to live where he's been already living for the last 6 months - with the founders - this boy is so content and so happy and so loved here - there is no reason to move him anywhere else! So, MAC is officially adopted and staying at GHF. He went through 3 homes, one shelter stay and two stays at GHF, trying to find just the right place for a rewarding life and we feel that he's voted a big YES to stay here! We just adore this boy and he balances all the discordant energy of unadoptable dogs who permanently live at the pond house with the founders since they have no other place to go. Mac takes it all in stride, a helpful compliment to the pack.  We are thrilled to have this sweet, smart, interesting boy live with us.

MAC: A 5 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Mac is an easy going, friendly, want to be with my person type of boy - he loves attention and loves people. He is smart and good natured, eager to connect with anyone around. Belly rubs and back scratches are his favorite! Mac is good hanging with other dogs but could also be a solo dog since he's so people focused. First and foremost, he wants to be a companion to his person, with them as much as possible, giving all his attention and love! He also loves to play ball, really enjoying a great game of catch but he's not overly intense instead 'hanging with his person' matters most. He was adopted 4 years ago, living happily with a female BC and had an active life til the recent birth of children. Mac is happiest in a home without chaotic  toddlers. His previous adopters adored him and feel awful about letting him go. He was then adopted from GHF and recently returned due to a move where having dogs was not possible. Mac is handling all this change well, clearly eager to bond with someone. He is not good with cats and 50 lbs.

We are so excited to announce that FLETCH is HOME! His foster Mom wrote to say that she couldn't imagine him going anywhere else - "Fletch is awesome!" Fletch has been in rescue for two years since his original life wasn't so good and he needed a long time to balance out emotionally, get back to good health and realize that he could live a good life in a home. We couldn't be happier to know he has landed perfectly with one of our dear Friends of the Farm, who does many, many transports and meets many, many dogs so could have easily fallen in love many, many times. Instead, Fletch is the one that got that chance at a great life with her, totally adored which he so deserved. He now lives in PA.

FLETCH: A 6 year old Border Collie, Fletch loves to race around and check out anything going on with the dogs and people. He is a sweet, affectionate boy who would love one-on-one attention where he could be special to them. Fletch really blossoms when he has time with a person - quite the cuddler. He is smart, good natured and energetic though not overly intense. Fletch can become nervous meeting new people but with encouragement and time, he lets his worries go.  Fletch loves toys of any kind and is wonderful to watch him entertain himself or play with someone!  He really enjoys female BCs and would be happiest with a canine friend who leads the way.  Fletch is about 40 pounds and best with no cats. Fletch will only be placed in an adult home experienced with BC's.   He is more nervous with men and will need a woman in the home for him to do his best, at first.  He was relinquished to the Farm from an Ohio rescuer who became ill, giving up 7 dogs to GHF

Sweet, lovely KATE found guardians who could understand her worries and timid nature and help her gain confidence step by step. Her new BC buddy, Jet is a happy boy, willing to show her the ropes that a great life is about to unfold for her! We're so happy that Kate caught their hearts as she did cause this gentle soul deserves the chance at a loving life. Her new FurMom will be with her 24/7 and patiently help Kate blossom further. She now lives in CT.

KATE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Kate is a sweet, sweet girl who loves to be right by your side. Part of her desire to be with a person is to feel safe since she's shy but the other is to kiss you and let you know, she wants to be with you. Kate is a gentle soul. She has little herding instinct but will track with animals nearby that are moving so while she never had a chance to herd livestock, she probably could have done so. At this point in her life, however, Kate would blossom with the companionship of a human who loves intelligent and sensitive BC's. Kate is always going to need some reassurance in new situations yet has confidence in other situations so she's a unique blend of smart but soft. Kate could be a solo dog or have another BC buddy, preferably male. She lived with 13 yr old Casey, in a farm setting, though she never worked. Her elderly NY guardian could no longer keep either dog. Kate is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. She is pretty camera shy so we'll update her pics as we can!

DOUGIE is more bold in new situations and leads the way, more curious and outgoing. He is also incredibly affectionate.
SAMMIE & DOUGIE found the ideal life for them to stay together, as best buddies, and have all the room to run that they cherish. They will now live on 10 acres with their new guardians in Vermont where they'll be long distance cross country skiing, do daily 5 mile hikes and be their constant companions! This wonderful pair won't even needs leashes since their new life is a very country one with lots of outdoor adventures right where they live! Their new guardians were smitten with their sweetness and loved their puppy antics, too, as they headed out to a great new life. We're just thrilled for these boys!

SAMMY & DOUGIE: Two 8 month old Border Collie/Lab mixes, these boys are super sweet, absolutely loving and gentle. Both adore people and it's easy to instantly adore them. They are also big time players who love to rough house and need a strong, athletic canine friend. They will most likely be separated so they each have a chance to develop individually but for now, they do enjoy playing with each other. And, they do play, play, play! They like to play with toys but also really love to make up running and chasing games. Both liked their kiddie pool in their previous home and lived with kids beautifully.

Sammy & Dougie are used to a more rural setting and could fit with other dogs well. Both are good with dog savvy cats which they've lived with since pups. They are about 40 pounds, taller than the typical BC but lean like any young purebred. In their previous NY home, they were pups from a purebred Dad and BC/lab Mom so there mix is known for certain.

SAMMY is a little shy in new situations but with reassurance, comes around swiftly. He loves attention and a very affectionate boy.

DONNER was sitting chained to a vehicle when we met him 6 months ago. We wanted to 'right this wrong' and now, he'll no longer have such a substandard, inappropriate life. At 11 months old, he's ready for the next step in a forever life with someone who adores him, loves him and will guide him to grow, step by step, into the amazing boy he can be. His new FurMom knew she could understand his OCD tendencies and was willing to tackle whatever he needs to give him a full, happy life. She drove in a rough snowy day to meet him, many many hours, only to find he was exactly what she was hoping he would be - a sweetheart who needs a chance to heal and she wanted to be the one to continue to help him. We are so thrilled for Donner.

Special thanks to Pam Davies and Kristen Holeck who stepped up to foster him when we realized his OCD nature needed attention. Familiar with OCD herding dogs, Pam developed a structure and program that started him on his way to normalcy and his new guardian stepped up to do this for the rest of his life. We're confident that he's now going to have a very good life! He now lives in Maryland. He has a BC buddy, will go with his FurMom to work each day and be her beloved partner in life.

DONNER: A petite 10 month old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd, Donner is a sweet, lively little guy who knows that life is great! He's so inquisitive and eager to meet everyone, wanting to crawl right into your lap for attention. He's wonderful with other dogs and would do well with a BC buddy though in an active, engaged home, he'd also love all the attention as a solo dog. This good-natured boy is blossoming, step by step and will need a special adopter since he can have a tendency toward OCD behaviors. He will sometimes randomnly run, unsure of what to focus on or shadow chase at the ground. Since he came to GHF so young, he's had a skilled fosterer working with him to undo these behaviors. Fortunately, he is NOT stuck in compulsive behaviors but this could worsen without proper shaping. Donner needs the right person who understands how to manage his day with structured activities and relaxed down-time.  Things like hiking or frisbee or agility for fun will make a huge difference as well as joining his person in their day to day life.  He's very food oriented and eager to please - the key is a routine.  Donner is a fabulous boy who truly deserves a chance to learn and be loved.  He is about 30 pounds and good with cats. We thankfully got Donner from an inappropriate situation where he was left alone outside 

DELL found a wonderful couple who wanted a good friend to cuddle and hang with them, which suits Dell just fine. He'll be the constant companion to his new FurDad, even hanging in his truck as he runs errands. Dell won their hearts with his charming antics and they both felt he could fit their lives perfectly. He now lives in NY.

DELL: A petite 2 year old Border Collie mix, Dell is a curious guy who loves to race and chase and explore outdoors! He's a joy to watch run, happily zipping around!  Soon as he hears his name, he's on his way back to say hello.  He loves attention and being with people though he can get overwhelmed with new people so needs a savvy guardian to help him gain confidence. He's very food oriented and eager to please so does well in training. Dell would be happiest as a solo dog with someone who wants a real companion side by side. Dell is about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. Dell was sadly dropped into a shelter drop box in PA, abandoned in a very uncaring way.

Sweet KIT found a new life she'd clearly LOVE - on 10 acres with sheep to keep track of, with a BC Buddy to oversee and even a beach nearby for lots of walks! Her new FurMom loves the breed and knew her beloved Jay-Jay missed his female BC companion so wanted to add Kit to her life, for them both. These two got along just fine, except when it came to their picture! Kit now lives in Massachusetts. A typical relationship in the making!

KIT: A 12 year old Border Collie, Kit is a doll. She's super friendly and eager to be with her person. She also loves to herd other BC's and really is quite focused on joining the action! She's adorable to watch as she stalks, step by step behind another dog waiting to leap into action. Kit is also a sweet, smart, lovely girl who likes to cuddle. She's a classic female BC who keeps order so does best with submissive dogs who don't mind having a leader. Kit is good with cats and an easy going companion. She was relinquished to the Farm due to a family illness. She's living in the Farmhouse Sanctuary, enjoying all ages of dogs in the Farm yard! She is about 35 pounds.

Sweet, wonderful SAM landed at GHF just in time to find a home for the New Year - one that suits him perfectly! His guardians are former GHF adopters who love to mix a golden and BC and had such a great pairing many years ago, came back to GHF. Sam found his match and so did Zach, these two were playing like long lost friends, instantly…it was adorable! So, Sam now gets a great forever home with all the fun with a big time play buddy as well as lots of walk on the beach which is right near his home in Massachusetts!

SAM: An 8 month old Border Collie (possibly mix), Sam is a love-bug. He is soft, gentle and also quite the play dog, happy to enjoy other canine friends, instantly. Sam is very people focused and attentive and also love toys. This friendly boy could easily be a wonderful companion, happy to greet everyone as well as accompany his person everywhere they go, quite affectionate. He's high energy but not quite as intense as a purebred. Sam is best with dog savvy cats since he may chase. He's about 35 pounds and would love living with a canine buddy who likes to play. He came to GHF from a PA guardian who couldn't meet his needs. 

RIPLEY found a canine buddy who loves to play just like he does - wrestling, chasing, rolling around, making up puppy-like games - so adorable. He loves his new friend, Oliver and both seemed perfectly suited for a great, forever life! His new guardians chuckled at the antics of these two new friends and felt Ripley was surely the best boy for them. He'll be with his new FurMom 24/7 which will be ideal for Ripley who spent such an awful length of time alone before (12-16 hours a day). We are absolutely thrilled he now has everything he needs - a wonderful, loving home and a buddy to enjoy!

RIPLEY: A 3 year old Border Collie, Ripley is a blast. He loves to play, chase and race and especially loves the jolly ball! He's adorable to watch with all his enthusiasm to get the ball and interact with someone. He's the sweetest guy, quite the charmer, always eager to get attention and share his love. Ripley is also good with other dogs and could live with another BC buddy or alone if the person is involved with him. He has the same fun racing around with another dog, too. He doesn't care to be alone long periods since he already did that 12 hours a day tied to the handle of a door while his previous guardian went to work. Thankfully, this boy made it to rescue and is enjoying all the freedom of playing and being with people. However, he'll need someone patient to give him time to adjust to stretches of time alone since he so craves the companionship of a person. Ripley is doing well at the Farm, positively making sense of his new experiences. He was obviously loved since Ripley loves everyone he meets however he wasn't given the best setting for him to blossom. He is good with cats and about 50 pounds.

Sweet, brilliant BO found the right home with someone who will completely understand his need for stimulation, structure and high energy fun! He's joining GHF alum, Blazer, who voted that Bo fit just fine for a buddy. The two of them will be hiking 5 miles each day and enjoying full time fun with their FurMom! We're thrilled for Bo who hung out in a NY shelter for 2 months, totally frustrated before landing at GHF where he's shown us he's ready for action! Bo is in good hands and will blossom beautifully. He now lives in Massachusetts and has a country home with plenty of acreage in Vermont, too!

BO: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Bo is delightful, smart and responsive with commands he's eager to accomplish. He comes to the whistle and wants to please, a very good-natured boy. Bo is also a high drive BC outside, leaping all four feet into the air, ready to chase any ball and fired up to race around as fast as possible! He clearly needs to use that brilliant mind in sports and benefit from mental stimulation. Bo is best with savvy BC guardians in an adult home since he's so athletic and physical in his play style. He's extremely easy to live with inside but will need an active, physical lifestyle. He is crazy for ball play, too! He's super friendly and happy to join in the excitement at GHF, really enjoying meeting other Border Collies. He could join a home with a BC friend or be a solo dog. Bo is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats. He was abandoned at a NY shelter that fortunately works with GHF.

MINK found the ideal life for her, one that we were so hoping would happen! This talented girl will have her own 270 acre Farm with 50 sheep to herd. She's got her work cut out for her, helping her new FurDad, handle moving them from pasture to pasture but with her new herding skills, she's up for the task. She'll be his constant companion plus enjoy daily hikes on the nearby 4000 acres of state land and even a pond to call her own! Her new guardians are thrilled to add her to their lives and we know Mink will thrive in this Border Collie paradise! She now lives in NY.

A HUGE thanks to Warren Mick who helped develop Mink's natural instincts to a level where she could land such a perfect life.

MINK: A 4 year old Border Collie, Mink is incredible to watch as she herds sheep. Her intense stare is controlled, accurate and in charge. She listens to the handler easily, taking guidance. The instinct testing was done with Warren Mick who feels that Mink has tremendous talent, doing things in the session, in five minutes, that can take a year for a dog to get. Her natural abilities are what herding handlers would love, he said.  Mink is extremely intelligent but also sensitive so needs the right guidance in this process so she can succeed. She lost her original NY home when the guardian died. Her second home helped give her security but knew her working drive was too strong to just be a pet. Mink is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. 

Mink's been in herding training for 2 months, here is the assessment a/o 10/23:

"She's one of those very bright BCs that adjusts to new situations quickly and in one day settled in with us, 11 dogs, cat and sheep.  Mink is easy to live with: totally house broken, quiet at night, no chewing or destructive tendencies, loves her crate and travels well.  Mink goes around sheep nicely and has good balance.   She'll stay off most of the time but will still slice in tight occasionally.  She won't bite. Right now (late October) Mink is learning her left and right commands and working on gathering from longer distances. She'll outrun about 100 yards now and I'm sure that will extend quickly.  I think she'll make a fine farm dog or trial dog for someone with just little experience." 

WYLER holds a special place in our hearts as one of the long-timers who has been at GHF. He came to rescue 12/30/10 and he now heads to his forever home 12/24/13 - it took awhile but he's clearly landed exactly where he was meant to be!!! He'll be hiking the hills of Vermont with his new FurMom and be her constant companion. She has been visiting him in his foster home since he arrived there many months ago and was drawn to him.

When another adopter came to visit Wyler, she jumped into action with a loud chorus - I want him! - confirming her inner desire to add this special, brilliant, sweet boy to her life, as her beloved canine friend.

We are thrilled!! And, a huge thanks to Anne Cattaneo and her family who continually help the under socialized, shy dogs get ready to go!

Also, a big thank you to Esther & David Bozak and Bob & Pat Maier who were his angels years past. And, Marian Edmond who must have brought him good luck being his angel this year!


WYLER: A 6 year old Border Collie, Wyler is a gorgeous guy who is likely to be your shadow wherever you move. He really wants to be with a person but is a little unsure if everything is ok cause he's a shy BC. He will bark meeting new people and need help from a seasoned BC savvy guardian.  Bring out his toys and he LOVES to play, especially with the jolly ball!  He'll need a quieter home where everyone is patient as Wyler takes chances to come out of his shell for attention.  He loves to retrieve any ball - soccer or tennis balls and he is very very loving with his person and likes being near.  He walks well on a leash and rides well in the car but would not be a good candidate for a chaotic, suburban setting.   He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats. He was a stray in PA.  An adult home is best for him since clear direction and guidance is important.  He is more nervous with men and will need a woman in the home for him to do his best, at first.

MAGGIE & BAILEY found exactly the right life for them - with someone home all the time who loves to throw the ball and cuddle, equally! They'll be her constant companion and enjoy complete love! This charming pair won her heart instantly as she came to visit hoping to add another beloved BC to her life. Her GHF alum, James, passed away so she came to find another, this time, a pair! Soon as Maggie and Bailey burst into the new adoption center, she was hooked! Laughing, smiling, throwing the ball - their joyful nature was infectious! So Maggie and Bailey now live in PA and we're sure to hear about all their exploits. Their new FurMom is camera shy so we'll only get updates on this pair in action! We'll share their recent excitement seeing all the Christmas toys arrive - suffice it to say that happiness for them, is toys! and a person to love!!

MAGGIE & BAILEY: This 8 yr old brother-sister duo are hilarious… they love to play, play, play, intensely happy for the next toss to come their way! Both are in love with every human they meet and hope they feel the same way about them, including tossing a toy or ball, as well as giving them tons of attention. They follow you wherever you go, come close for lots of cuddles and then wait for that next toss. Though both are carrying extra weight, they could care less and will enjoy non-stop play if you let them. Maggie & Bailey have a great relationship, making up games together and clearly a great pair. They are good with cats. They were relinquished to the Farm due to a move, coming from CT to GHF.

No Home Photo -but a delightful video of the two the day before they went home 



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