Little MAIA came to GHF and upon arrival, the transporter asked if she could adopt her! So, in very short order, this spectacular pup landed right where she needed to be…in a loving home with BC buddies, including 2 GHF alums! We’ll get to see Maia all grown up this summer when her new guardians vacation at GHF.

This sweet girl, HALLIE, landed in a foster home filled with love and patience so she could grow and heal from her hard start in life. As the months rolled by and time was nearing for Hallie to be ready to leave, the fosterers just knew she was meant to stay. They poured their hearts into her growth and watched her blossom, step by step, bravely facing this new opportunity for a better life. Little victories like walking on a leash or coming up for a treat or safely walking through the house, touched them deeply. She filled their hearts and home with joy. So, Hallie is now officially home, safe and sound and dearly loved, forever. She now lives in Pa with her other GHF alum pals.

HALLIE: A 1 year old Border Collie, Hallie is learning all about life and how she can enjoy herself. This sweet, petite girl is very, very shy but her curiosity is leading her to try new things and accept this new life. Hallie will now take treats from her foster Mom's hands and is starting to play with toys. She will now take treats from people she doesn’t know and enjoys being touched, more interested in people as well as dogs. The other BC's in the house are helping her see how much fun herding games can be so she's now watching them and exploring everything, inside and out. She's even boldly jumped up on the bed to see why that spot is so appealing, too! She will take a very patient person who wants to continue helping her blossom, step by step. She’ll do best with male Border Collies who are confident. Hallie came from the awful Sprakers situation, left outside 24/7 with little human contact at all. She will need a great deal of patience and time to adapt and will only be placed in an adult home with a hard fence. She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats.

 Sweet and gentle WISP found her way out of the terrible conditions at Sprakers and into the arms of a new family who adore her. Quiet and content to observe the goings on from the comfort of a dog bed, and with one paw tucked up under her, she watched the arrival of her new guardian. Previously afraid to meet other dogs, Wisp walked right up to her new dog brother to greet him. She also voted for her new person by immediately sitting by his knee for petting…a loud yes for a quiet girl.  Lucky Wisp now has a brother with whom to continue learning about being in a happy dog family and now has a person devoted to her and committed to helping her grow her world, one step at a time.  Wisp now lives in MA.

WISP: A 1 year old Border Collie, Wisp is a sweet, gentle girl who is blossoming with attention. She loves lying across people's laps, truly content to be touched. In fact, she loves it! She's discovered that she likes belly rubs and although sometimes hesitant, she really wants to connect with a person. Wisp really relies on the reassurance of a person and a dog buddy to show her the way as she encounters anything new and frightening. Unlike many of the confiscated Sprakers/Flat Creek dogs, Wisp adores men - she thinks they are just wonderful and will happily take treats and solicit attention.  Wisp is a super gentle, good natured girl who will do best in a quiet home with a canine friend and a patient guardian. She doesn’t need a big life, going all kinds of places and is really enjoying her own home and safe spots as well as the yard where she can freely explore.  She is about 35 pounds and good with dog savvy cats. Wisp is one of 46 BC's taken from the Sprakers NY breeding situation, living outside 24/7 with little or no human contact. 

 Sweet, shy ANNEY has taken many, many months to get ready for this very moment - when someone just as special as her would come forward.  She needed just the right person and the right person needed her.  That day came and Anney is about to be showered with love, attention and wonderful care.  Anney’s new guardian had adopted from GHF two other times, in fact, another confiscated x-Sprakers Ny dog.  Anney and Skye lived the same horrible life before but Skye’s new adopted life ended abruptly with illness.  Undeterred by that tough experience, our adopter asked to meet Anney.  She wanted to help a special dog in need and knew she had all the patience in the world to do so.  Now, Anney will be cherished just as were Skye and Corbin (her first GHF rescue). Anney is already making herself right at home in the new loveseat, sprawled out!   Sometimes extraordinary people step forward to do incredible things. We are deeply grateful that Anney, like Skye, will live a life of great love.  Anney now lives in NH as her FurMom’s constant companion.

ANNEY: A 6 year old Border Collie, Anney is all about having a person to call her own.  She loves to go for walks and rides in the car, curious about what is going on in the world. She does need someone special to help her navigate if something is overwhelming but she looks for reassurance and is content to carry on, once feeling settled. Anney is a brave girl when she explores and a more settled, easy going girl inside, content to hang out.  She’s very comfortable in the house, a super affectionate girl.  Anney is one of the 46 confiscated Sprakers/Flat Creek dogs so she has some worries, especially men, so will need a savvy person to help her continue to blossom. Anney leaps on the bed now for special time with her Foster Mom and happily stays by her side, truly enjoying a whole new way of living. Anney loves going for walks in the neighborhood as well as trails, happy to be with her person. She is good with cats and about 40 pounds. Anney will need a great deal of patience and time to adapt to a new situation. She will only be placed in an adult home.

 In a wonderful twist of fate, CONNELL found his new guardian as she visited him day after day while on vacation at GHF.  A dear friend of the Farm, his new FurMom volunteers, transports, donates AND vacations with her BC Sky and was ready to consider a new BC in her life.  She so wanted to help a dog in need, committed to find one that would benefit from her quiet life in rural Maine. She fenced in her yard to be sure any skittish dog would be safely contained and hired a dog sitter for those two long work days. Connell is the lucky boy who landed the spot!  He’ll be with her almost all the time, getting all the love and attention he so deserves while watching his new BC friend chase the frisbee, having a blast being the busy one in the household while Connell is Mr. Cuddler.  We’re just thrilled for this very special ex-sprakers dog who had such a rough life before.  He clearly loves being with her:

“He and Sky were looking out the window when I drove in and the other time he was on the couch. He sleeps with me. Going out and coming back is easy. Eating well. A real joy to me! Thanks for choosing him to fit our life.  Linda"   We’re looking forward to seeing this wonderful trio again this spring camp season!!

CONNELL: A 6 year old Border Collie, Connell is a gentle soul with the desire to enjoy people and so wants to trust everyone. He has blossomed over the past few months, learning that life is great and humans are wonderful but he'll still need a patient, kind-hearted guardian to help his confidence grow.  Connell is a very sweet boy who  loves other Border Collies and is interested in all the herding action but is a pretty easy going fellow himself. He loves to join in the herding games but then easily settles once asked to do so. He will truly transform in the right hands and has so much potential to grow into a  true friend to the right person but he can't be rushed. Step by step, he so wants to meet people for a cuddle and attention.  He was part of the 46 dogs taken from a backyard breeder situation in Sprakers NY. Connell will only be placed with a BC savvy guardian in a relatively quiet home with a hard fenced yard. He really loves dogs so needs a BC friend. Connell is about 50 pounds and is good with cats.

CHIPPER found the perfect guardians to love him fully and provide him a stable, calm setting like he was used to..they saw his picture on the site, read about him and asked if they could come right away to meet this little guy. Used to shelties, they knew they would understand his personality very very well. He absolutely adored them. Chipper now lives in upstate NY.

CHIPPER: A petite 7 year old Border Collie mix, Chipper is a doll. He just wants to be where you are and happily tag along for whatever journey unfolds. He’s friendly and outgoing with a bit of spunk that makes you chuckle. He’s very sweet and had been a 24/7 companion to a woman who recently died. He has only lived in an adult home and has some worries meeting new people at first so will only be placed in an adult home with a fenced yard. Chipper lived with multiple cats and did beautifully with them. He is about 35 pounds and came to GHF through the help of a neighbor

 Charming GRACEY had been patiently waiting for just the right folks who would love her fun antics with toys and also cherish her sweetness….finally they came! She made them chuckle with her soccer games and nose push of the balls to them.  Then, her gentle nudges for attention instantly won their hearts. So, Gracey is now home where she will be loved and adored, forever.  It only took minutes to change an entire lifetime for this wonderful girl!  She now lives in NY.  

GRACEY: A 2 year old Border Collie, Gracey is a really lovable, outgoing, friendly girl, absolutely the classic brains and beauty in one dog. Her coat will be a long length once her awful clip grows out (no clue who did that). She is smart as a whip, loves toys of any kind and will retrieve endlessly. She also settles beautifully, full of affection.  She would be happy to be an only dog. She is so people oriented and bonds fast. A very athletic girl, she is eager to race, chase and play or hang with her person. Gracey is about 30 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. She was found wandering near a creek in upstate NY in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, one of our adopters lives nearby and contacted us to help her.

 TESS  now knows that the life she always dreamed of is very real and very possible and very FOREVER!! Tess is home and she’s thrilled! She absolutely blossomed in her foster home with a pack of other BC’s, including a GHF alum but it was really her Foster Mom that helped her feel true love and true safety with people.  She will never again experience the mistreatment she endured for so long.   WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR THIS GIRL!  Tess vacationed at GHF this summer and truly loves her new life!

TESS: A 6 year old Border Collie, Tess is a beautiful girl, gentle, sweet and so eager to be with people. When she’s out in public, she is good when people stop by to say hello and handles visits with a tail wag!  She loves to snuggle and be near her person, happy to say hello the minute you come home and be next to you, by your side.  Her Foster Mom says, Tess is so wonderfully affectionate, gazing up at her for attention, a real sweetheart.  Tess is a wonderful girl with plenty of tail wags to go around!  She is great with other dogs and loves to play if another dog will chase and wrestle, she'll join right in.  She also enjoys toys, having her favorite to carry around.  Tess would love a life where she had a canine buddy and someone who understands her when she gets a bit worried with something new.  She was one of 46 dogs removed from a very bad situation in Sprakers, NY, left outside 24/7, with very little human contact.  Fortunately, Tess made it to safety and is clearly on the mend, truly happy to have a cozy, loving experience with people. She can be wary of some men so will need a woman leading the way for her continued healing.  She'll only be placed in an adult home with another BC and with savvy adopters who can help her continue gaining confidence. She is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.

 Little LOGEN went to a big life with two other GHF alums and a family who really understand what BC’s need! He’ll have tons to do including agility and we’re sure this amazing and brilliant athlete will be a blast to enjoy for many years ahead. He now lives in NY.

LOGEN:  A 9 week old Border Collie, this little guy is smart as they come, quite the observer, watching everything around to decide just what he wants to do!  He is interested in other dogs sorting out all the herding games of the adult dogs.  Logen is a wonderful boy with a great temperament. He will only be placed in a home with another BC and a savvy BC guardian. He is about 10 pounds.

 Wonderful pup, RYDER found a great home with another BC buddy (who is learning about pups!) and a guardian who loves the herding breed. She has plenty of time to focus on his needs, introducing him to agility as well as swimming since Ryder now has his very own lakefront home!  He’ll be a cherished member of the family, going everywhere they go, the center of attention which he will so love!  He now lives in NY.

RYDER is a super outgoing, focused, ready to go boy, clearly athletic. He is really enjoying all the adult BC’s and jumping right into the action. Ryder is super cuddly too while loving a good tug or ball toss.  A smart thinker, he could be a good sport candidate and needs a lively, action filled life. He is about 10 pounds, typical size for his age.

 RUDY found a new life with a loving guardian who has a big heart for this little pup.  He had been hoping to add a pup to his life and seeing Rudy made it clear that this tiny boy was going home with him! He’ll have a GHF alum buddy to hang with a lot of the time too but mainly, he’ll be the center of attention, going everywhere with his new FurDad.  He now lives in NY.

RUDY is a tiny boy, much like his petite Mom and sister, Rhys however he’s not quite as bold as Rhys. Rudy is a bit more thoughtful, figuring out what makes sense to do and then jumping in with glee.  He’s certainly a happy guy who loves playing with toys and his siblings but being so tiny, he is wise beyond his years, carefully considering how things might leave him on the bottom of the heap - in the puppy pile up, he tries to stay on top!  (and yes that’s Rudy in the big group shot)  Rudy is sweet as can be and learning that the big adult dogs can be his friends, too.  He is about 8 pounds.

 Pup RAMSEY was looking for a purpose…you could just feel that this ‘old soul’ pup had someone on his mind so finding that special match was clearly important! Former GHF adopters who we’ve known since the early days of CT, returned to meet some pups to join their family. While one seemed ideal, it was Ramsey who clearly leapt to the top of the pack, signing up to be the best buddy! No matter how adorable all the pups could be, Ramsey literally walked right up for kisses, signing on to his new role as ‘best friend’. Sometimes at GHF, special moments humble us all as we watch these dogs ‘find their people’. Wahoo Ramsey, you’ve done it! Onto your new work..that of the heart..where great things are about to happen, for all involved. He now lives in Maine with GHF alum, Mollie.

RAMSAY is the biggest boy of the group and the male leader, keeping tabs on everything. He and sibling, Ryder, are hanging together at the founder’s home and he’s already keeping watch. Ramsay is smart and thoughtful, thinking about all that is going on in this new life.  He joined the adult dogs easily but prefers to be cuddling with a person. Ramsay has an ‘old soul’ quality ready to be someone’s very special companion. He is about 12 pounds

 RALEIGH landed a piece of New Hampshire paradise with his own pond, lots of woods for trail walks and two loving guardians who adore herding dogs.  He’ll also have tons of fun with his BC buddies, including GHF alum, Kayla!  He’ll be with his FurMom and FurDad day in and day out with plenty to explore!

RALEIGH is a gorgeous brindle, unusual in bc/aussies but not unheard of but regardless of his unique coloration, he is absolutely wonderful. A real lover, he looks intently into your eyes, instantly connecting to a person. Raleigh loves to cuddle and has that very special quality that charms everyone instantly. He is a busy pup of course but more thoughtful and like Ramsay, an ‘old soul’.  He has  a really special nature and is enjoying all the fun of his new life at GHF.   Raleigh is about 9 pounds.

 Little pup ROYCE landed a great family who clearly fell in love instantly! He’s got a GHF alum pal to make up canine games when he’s not being cuddled and adored by the kids.  Royce, now named Bandit will have plenty to keep him busy now! He now lives in CT.

ROYCE is a sweet, loving pup, so happy to have attention, quite the cuddler. He is also loving all the action of exploring and meeting the adult BC’s. Royce has a quieter nature seeking a connection with a person and then settling into his puppy ways.  This very special boy is quite the charmer. Royce is about 10 pounds.

 ROSS, now known as Tiger, has a family who adores him plus two canine buddies for lots to do! He’s joining a GHF alum to round out a trio of big fun and lots of love. He caught their attention instantly and off to a wonderful life he went!  He now lives in CT.

ROSS is another gorgeous boy, just stunning in person. He is also quite the character, outgoing, confident and ready to join the action instantly. He’s having a blast exploring his new life and meeting the adult BC’s.  Ross has the mind and body to be a sport boy and enjoy a lively active life.  Sweet as can be, he’s full of spunk!   Ross is about 9 pounds

 This little powerhouse attracted so much attention and wonderful adoptive candidates but this fit is surely perfect for her! She will be the center of attention in all ways and have a very full active life joining them in all the outdoor sports they love plus she’ll be doing agility too!  Rhys will have a very close relationship with her FurMom who loves to mentally connect on a very deep level much like a working home would provide. They’ll also be trail partners in the wilderness, strengthening that intuitive connection for both.  We’re thrilled for Rhys who now lives in NY.

RHYS This tiny little female is a spitfire.. focused, fast and absolutely fearless. She would clearly make a great sport dog. She is a very confident pup who was the boss of the gang of boys and is now learning that bigger dogs just might be in charge!  Rhys is taking it all in stride and learning quickly about a bigger world. She is definitely small like Mom, now about 8 pounds.

RHYS is a little bundle of complete and total intensity - she is smart, smart, smart! And, so fearless and confident, it’s amazing. Rhys will join in any adult dog games and wow everyone with her ability to problem solve. Standing around her foster Mom’s dogs, Rhys realized she was just too short so up she hopped to make a level playing field. That’s the kind of problem solving that is so easy for this girl. She is clearly a girl who will need mental challenges and someone who truly loves a big brain dog! She explores with such enthusiasm, happy to check out everything that comes her way. Bold, beautiful and brilliant, this little powerhouse if for a BC savvy person only! And, someone who has an active life, too. Rhys is about 10 pounds and leader of her puppy pack and now pushing the envelope to see what other empire can be hers! She’s fearless and ready to grab all the gusto life as to offer. Sweet as can be, she’s spectacular.

 We are so happy for XAN to have a forever home finally and with adopters we know will really understand his worries. They previously had another dog, Kinnon/Levi, from the Texas confiscation many years ago and when he passed on, they wanted to help another.  Xan will be in such loving hands and truly adored plus his canine buddy, Ben, knows exactly what to do as the leader of this duo!  Xan lives in NY.

XAN: A 2 year old Border Collie, Xan is a sweet, good-natured, gentle boy. He quietly comes over for attention and happily enjoys having someone notice how special he really is!  That’s a long cry from the scared boy who first came to GHF. Xan clearly now wants a person to call his own and is ready to continue growing, enjoying human interaction. He is not a heavy herder, instead, happy to hang inside and then explore the great outdoors. Xan does well having a canine friend or even multiple dog pals and can easily follow their lead to learn more about this new life.  He will do best with a patient person in a calm setting so he can continue trusting all the new experiences. He was part of the 46 confiscated Sparkers/Flat Creek dogs so had a very hard life living outside 24/7 without human connection.  Xan is making great strides now.  He will clearly enjoy a simple life with someone who can adore him.   He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats.

 Sometimes, a dog who needs just the right people, finds them when least expected. Former GHF adopters came to bring a new friend home for GHF alum, Lucie and their other canine friend, Mishka. While they saw a few dogs that seemed right, it was one who fit perfectly…, not even scheduled to be met…Orey. He wasn’t on the list originally since Orey has some special worries meeting new people but these adopters do understand a rescue dog who needs guidance so when the ‘easier’ dogs didn’t quite fit, they were totally open to meeting one more. Well, Orey was clearly their boy. He fit the pack perfectly and they know exactly how to help him be comfortable meeting new people so the life ahead for him is ideal!  We are so happy for Orey to be in such good, loving  hands! He now lives in NY. Sometimes unexpected things happen and the dogs finds exactly who fits them even when it isn’t obvious at first!! 

OREY:  A 4 year old Border Collie mix, Orey is a toy boy, absolutely in love with his balls and frisbee and eager to play, as much as you’ll play! He is very good natured and wants to engage with someone who loves the game. He is a loving boy who affectionately makes friends with people. He can have some worries with someone he doesn’t know but will relax once the game is underway! Orey will need a seasoned guardian who can build his experiences meeting new people so he realizes he can trust everyone. His toy focus makes it easy to help him feel at ease plus he absolutely loves other dogs. Orey will make friends with most every dog and creates a great game of wrestling and chasing and racing, adorable to watch.  He will ONLY be placed with another canine friend or two plus someone who understands how to guide him when in new situations. Orey is very smart and very eager to learn and be involved with people. He is about 45 pounds and not good with cats. He was abandoned at a NY shelter that fortunately works with GHF.

 Sweet LIZZA found the right home just for her…a wonderful couple who love the breed and a way for Lizza to share her joy all day long! She’s going to work with her FurMom at her framing shop so Lizza will be a little celebrity there!  We got to see this special girl as our office dog so know she will capture the hearts of all the folks who shop there just like she did at GHF.  This little character has a big job ahead besides enjoying lots of love and ball play which will make her very very  happy! She now lives in NY.

LIZZA: A petite 5 year old Border Collie, Lizza is a hoot! She talks right to you to throw that ball and gets so excited jumping up and down waiting for the toss.. you just have to laugh! She is such a little athlete with a fast dash to get her ball and quick return, classic BC style. Lizza loves attention and is affectionate but she’s got a work ethic for toy play so she’s happiest with someone who understands this!  She is very people focused and wants to be right by your side. Lizza is a strong girl with other dogs so best as a solo dog though she can interact outside with others whenever there is no toy game.  Focused, fun and funny….that is Lizza. She is 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She was a stray in a NY shelter that fortunately works with rescue.

Serena (photo above)
Scarlet (photo below)

 This remarkable pair of happy, busy girls have finally found someone who really understands them! Their new FurMom loves the herding drive of the breed and has 17 acres to give them plenty of space to make up herding chase games which these two absolutely love to do together.  She had been watching the GHF site for some time and knew she had to come meet this very special pair of sisters. Within minutes of getting to know them, she was chuckling at their amazing talents and sweet nature, too.  In constant motion, it took numerous tries to even get a picture that represented the fun of the moment!  Scarlet & Serena will now live in Massachusetts and be the constant companion to their new guardian.

SERENA & SCARLET are 6 year old sisters with ABCA papers, who get along beautifully and have been together since pups. They are very sweet, friendly girls who come instantly to the whistle and a 'here girls!'  Both are smart, confident and curious and love playing with toys, entertaining themselves. Their room looks like a toy store! Scarlet and Serena are very very sweet and love attention and cuddling. They were originally purchased to work cows but the farm was downsized and they began having problems with the livestock so they were surrendered to GHF.  We want to place them together in a rural setting, not suburban, but they will need invisible fencing since both can clear a 6 foot fence easily. Most farm BC's are used to flying over fences to accompany their guardians all over the farm.

 Nathan won the heart of our senior Farmhouse Caretaker who felt he was meant to be hers and clearly, we all agree as we watch this little guy follow her all over the Farm. He lightens the day with his cheery nature and lifts her spirits!  He’s signed up for the big job of helping other seniors feel safe and grounded in their new lives at GHF, showing them that LIFE IS GREAT!  This funny character went off on a recent vacation with our Caretaker and voted to never leave her.

NATHAN: A petite 12 year old Border Collie/sheltie, Nathan is hilarious! He is outgoing, fun and friendly and absolutely loving the space to explore at the Farm. He’s living in the Farmhouse Sanctuary with the other seniors but he’s full of spunk and clearly planning for lots of fun ahead. This totally adoptable boy makes us all chuckle and will clearly be a great friend for someone looking for an easy going yet lively pal. Nathan is very smart, very sweet and loves to join you in anything going on, happy to be by your side. He is 35 lbs and great with other dogs and cats, frankly one of the nicest little guys around. As with all seniors, we’ve handled diagnostic lab work and found him to be healthy as can be.

 Well, we were about to post pup Kellie as available for adoption but heard of a former GHF adopter who really wanted another special needs pup so soon as we sent her pictures along, the call came back - I want her!  So, tiny Kellie has a new life with a loving family who adore the breed and welcome any challenge, no matter how big or how small!  She’ll have canine pals and plenty to do and learn with her new FurMom who will expertly help this pup fulfill her potential and purpose.  We are so thrilled for both of them.

Lillie - I would love to be trusted with the care of this special girl. I really am feeling a draw here that I haven't felt in a while. I have found a passion for caring for and training special needs dogs. One of our current dogs - a 2 year old Aussie - is deaf and has limited eye sight. We are a great team and he's loving agility and lure coursing and I'm hoping to start canine freestyle. While I do work, I have a very flexible job which will allow me to come home when needed and also bring her to the office. 

I've been thinking about her and talking with my family since you contacted me on Monday and we would really love to be considered for her care.  

KELLIE: An 8 week old Border Collie pup, Kellie is incredibly precious and charming all of us with her wonderful nature. She’s sweet yet strong and has an amazing sense of everything around her which is good since Kellie has limited eyesight.  She is maneuvering well with the help of other dogs around. Kellie also tunes into people easily and loves attention.  She’s just arrived at GHF and we’ll have results from our Cornell ophthalmology visit soon.  This beautiful little girl found her way to us from a ‘breeder’ we know who didn’t want to use her as a breeding dog due to her disability.  We feel delighted she is here.  We’ll be looking for a home with another BC to help guide Kellie and someone who understands how to design an engaging world for a smart girl like this!

Nim's Angel
 -Lisa Topol
NIM: A 6 year old Border Collie, Nim is a gorgeous, brilliant girl who loves to be with her person and quickly befriends anyone near to her. She loves people! She is a classic BC with focus and smarts to sort out where she is and who matters, eager to bond to a person. Nim comes from very good breeding lines and had been a dear friend to her previous guardian who died. Up until then, she went everywhere with her 24/7. Nim loves a life like this and clearly devotes herself to her person. She is very very smart and interested in the environment around her, keeping track of everything that goes on. She lived on 25 acres so is used to a more rural setting and loves it. She is not that interested in toys but is more people focused. She is very controlling with other dogs so should be a solo dog. She is good with cats. Nim is about 40 pounds. Nim will do best in an adult home with a hard fenced  yard. She came to GHF through the help of a friend of the previous guardian who wanted to be sure they were both safe

 COOPER is staying right where he landed so many, many months ago, with his Foster Mom.  He is a sensitive pup who has a hard time with change, clearly still carrying the damage from the Sprakers atrocity. While he’s bravely tackled lots of new things and blossomed in many ways, there is a place where Cooper has done all he can to be a ‘normal, happy’ dog.  Two failed adoption trials led Cooper back to where he feels safest, among other BC buddies, including GHF alums who kindly mentored him.  Cooper plays, chases, runs joyful as can be and then curls up under the desk as his now FurMom works. He’s truly settled and content with this life.  Such a young pup in February and now a little over a year old, Cooper is now home, forever. 

COOPER: An 11 month old Border Collie, Cooper is a gentle soul who really loves to be with his person. He is a good-natured companion BC without herding drive so loves to curl up next to someone and is happy to shadow you around the house or outside.  He is very easy going and can also be timid with anything new so does best with a confident, young BC buddy who he can follow.  When he’s with a buddy, he wrestles and chases and has a blast playing.  Cooper really needs a simple life with a dog friend to call his own and a person devoted to him.  He’s curious about the big world he’s never known and watches everything intently but will need someone patient to take him step by step through things that overwhelm him.  Like the other Sprakers dogs, he was left outside 24/7 with other dogs and little human interaction, so he’s now learning about human relationships and appropriate care. He’s a wonderful little guy who shares his heart fully, just a sweetheart. However he is very hesitant with people and skittish in new situations. Once he knows you, he does well but he will need a great deal of patience and time to adapt. He is about 40 pounds and good with cats.

 POE is now living with GHF alum, Brok, adopted as a pup awhile ago. When his FurMom asked to meet Poe…it seemed like a perfect plan so off he went right before the holidays. No time for pictures that day so a quick peek at Poe’s new life now shows the two are fast friends. Poe will also get to do agility and lots of hiking since his guardian is a very active dog trainer who loves to challenge her canine friends. She loved Poe instantly! He now lives in NH. We’re so happy to see this boy in great hands to challenge his mind and body, both, plus be adored!

POE: A 3 year old Border Collie, Poe is the nicest guy. He loves his toy play and will enjoy anyone willing send a toss his way! Frisbee is his favorite! Poe is a really sweet guy who engages with everyone happily and easily. He loves to cuddle for awhile before springing into action for another game. He is smart, focused and good-natured though very energetic like all young BC’s. Poe would be a great hiking friend since his recall is so strong. He is fine with other dogs though could be happy as a solo dog. He is about 40 pounds, a bit underweight. He is good with dog savvy cats.  Poe loves the water, quite the swimmer!

 PASHA patiently waited a few months for his person to come and now he’s off to a family life where he’ll be the center of attention and adored!  He has his very own boy to call his own which means tons of ball play and a FurDad who really ‘gets’ the breed.  Funny thing about this adoption…they traveled all the way from Maryland, overnighted in a hotel the night before, feeling they just had to come for Pasha!  Why? Plenty of dogs nearer to them…well, turns out his new guardian had a big time dream about Pasha, awoke knowing he had to make the trip and yet he normally never remembers his dreams!  We chuckled as we surely know that these dogs know exactly who they are supposed to be with and when! Happy holidays to PASHA and his new family!!!  And a big hug to Pasha who helped semi-feral Nya come to life playing!

PASHA: A 5 year old Border Collie, Pasha is quite a presence, a big boy with lots of charisma. He is also a huge ball nut, absolutely ready to play anytime, anywhere. He is fast, agile and focused, quite an athlete. He is also affectionate, very eager to be with his person and enjoys whatever they want to do with him, as the best reward. Pasha is clearly observant and smart and sensitive, a very ‘plugged-in’ Border Collie. He was a beloved family member but allergies led to his relinquishment to GHF. His former family dearly loved him and it shows. Pasha is good with cats. He is about 50 pounds. Pasha lived without other dogs in his previous NJ home so could do that again but does love playing with dogs and could buddy up with another canine friend easily.

 MERLIN found someone who will understand his special needs, giving him time to adjust to all that is around him while having a blast with the one thing he adores - frisbee!  He’ll have 3 canine buddies too, but he’ll be front and center, capturing all her attention as she helps him blossom even more.  Gone are the days left out in a pen alone without a human to call his own - he now has it all - lots to do, lots of love and lots of compassion! Merlin now lives in CT.

MERLIN: A 6 year old Border Collie, Merlin is a really interesting, sweet guy who is enjoying his new life!  He absolutely loves toys - a major ball nut - so happy to play and play.  He is an affectionate boy, too, though is most comfortable with women since that's what he is used to from his previous situation.  Merlin is a bit of a 'velcro' dog cause he sticks right by your side, really bonded to his main person.   He is good with other dogs so could have a canine buddy or be the center of attention with the right, patient, yet active person since he sure loves to play! Merlin is good with cats. He will need someone who understands that while Merlin is an adult dog, he is very innocent and puppy like in his new experiences. He can also get overwhelmed and extremely nervous so cannot be rushed so will need a great deal of patience and time to adapt. He will only be placed in an adult home with a hard fenced yard.  He is about 40 pounds. He came to GHF from a PA guardian who stopped breeding and wanted a better life for him.

 Sweet CHIPS landed with two new guardians who fell madly in love with her soon as they laid eyes on her! Then, she promptly sat down for a head scratch, wagging her tail while sitting down and that did it!!  Chips is exactly the friend they wanted to add to their lives and she felt just the same, pawing for attention and happily following them everywhere they went, inside and out. This good natured girl has now landed in a loving life with people who will continue to share their hearts deeply with her, just as her original FurMom had done for so long.  We’re thrilled for Chips!  She now lives in Ny and will even joy time at the nearby lake as well as visiting the Farm on vacation in the spring!

CHIPS: An 8 year old Border Collie, Chips is a spirited, funny character with lots of personality. She is game for pretty much anything…meeting a new dog, taking a car ride, playing with toys, going hiking.. she’s wonderful.  Chips is also quite the cuddler and used to sleep on the bed in her former home cause she loves being the center of attention. Chips is very smart, focused and eager to take direction from a person, bonding easily. She is good with other dogs and lived with Corky and Pepper though gets along better with Pepper since Chips is a bit controlling, like many female BC’s…submissive females or male dogs work best for her!  Chips was adored in her former home as were all the dogs who found themselves at GHF due to their FurMom’s illness.  We knew Chips having met her many times when they all vacationed at the Farm so were happy to help. Chips is carrying some extra weight which will come off easily. She is not yet tested on cats.

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