AUSTEN found a fabulous life with a former GHF alum, Bee, also adopted 2 years ago as a pup and now about to be the mentor to him! The recent passing of special GHF alum, Griff, left Austen’s new guardians feeling a friend was needed. So, out they came and within short order, knew Austen was exactly the fit! He’s about to enjoy a wonderful country life having a farm to call his own and, he’ll get to travel everywhere with them, too. We know Austen will blossom here.

AUSTEN: A 5 month old Border Collie, Austen is a gentle guy, truly happy to hang with you and lay by your feet. He loves being with people, blossoming with attention. A cuddle-bug, Austen is easy going plus super thoughtful and observant. He likes time to make sense of the world around him and would do best in a quieter setting. Austen loves other dogs and would really blossom with the right canine pal, clearly a follower, he would welcome a mentor dog. A sweetheart with a nature of an old soul, mature beyond his years, Austen is delightful. He is good with cats and 30 pounds.

 REMEY found a wonderful couple who have so much love to give and just were smitten the minute they met him!  So, off he went to a new life where he’ll be their focus with tons of attention. He’ll get plenty of toy play which he loves and lots of fun going with his new FurDad for rides which he also loves! Remey happily hopped into the car to head out to his new adventure!!

REMEY: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, possibly mix, Remey is a fast, fun, focused, "got to go" boy. He loves to race and chase with other dogs and is quite the ball boy. He’s very driven when playing and not up for sharing but it’s all enthusiasm for his love of retrieving. Remey is very people oriented and connects quickly to anyone around him, super friendly and right in your lap. He easily adjusted to the action at the Farm and fit in with another petite BC mix, Lexey, instantly. They are having a blast together. Remey also loves the water, happily splashing around making up his own fun! Remey is about 35 pounds and will be placed with dog savvy cats since he might chase them.. He was relinquished to a PA shelter that fortunately works with GHF.

 Every now and then special people arrive for a senior and once the story unfolds, it's clear that ADDIE would be sharing her heart in a very deep way. Her new guardians were drawn to come for her, hearing the situation of such a hard change in Addie’s life at a late age. Her spunk, spirit and sweetness won them over instantly, making it crystal clear that this girl would be a wonderful addition to their lives. They were thrilled to bring her home! Addie happily agreed, charming them as she does everyone. The story is a bit more important than what it may appear as Addie’s new guardians had rescued a young BC from the southwest with such hard issues that she repeatedly bit them, severely, leaving them worried about again coming to rescue. Their hearts had been broken unable to continue on with her so finding a loving Border Collie who would safely be their companion, was their hope. Sweet, wonderful Addie will help in this healing and allow their hearts to fully reopen again. Her work will be an important one in the back portion of her life…a spectacular girl, this Addie will flourish with them and they, with her.

ADDIE: A 12 1/2 year old Border Collie, Addie is not only a gorgeous girl, she is so much fun! Meeting Addie makes the word senior seem completely wrong - she is active, focused, loves her ball game and is ready to go, go, go.. seriously this is one athletic drivey Border Collie.. we can just imagine what she was like when she was younger!  Addie is also extremely good-natured and loves everyone she meets, very easy going, even about the change to a new life.  Clearly, Addie thinks life is grand now with tons to do and lots of BC buddies but she’d trade it all for a human friend to call her own who makes her the center of attention. Addie is a great swimming, really enjoying being in the water!  She lived in one home since a pup but a divorce and work change left her in need of a new home.  Addie is smart as a whip and a joy to be around. She is good with other dogs and cats.  About 35 pounds, Addie is in great health.  She came from a home in NJ.

           Sweet NANN found exactly the right family that suits her nature and a canine pal, too! This thoughtful pup joins an attentive family who will design the best life around whatever she needs including daily hikes in nearby conservation lands and lots of activities to stimulate her mind. A very outdoor oriented family, she’ll join them rain, shine or snow, playing and chasing with her new buddy and kids. Nann just loved the kids who clearly loved her right back! Nann can even get a chance to try agility as she hangs with her FurMom throughout the week. We’re thrilled for this sensitive girl to find such a perfect match.

NANN: A 3 month old Border Collie, Nann is a very thoughtful, observant girl who likes to check things out and make sense of everything before she jumps into action. She is super sweet and loves every person she meets, easily the center of attention. Nann is also a sensitive BC who withdraws a bit when feeling overwhelmed with new things so we want her to have a BC buddy to help her blossom more easily. She needs a fair friend, not one too controlling, a nice male BC who loves to play, would be ideal. She absolutely loves having a pal and is starting to enjoy toy games, too. Nann is a smart, sweet girl with a great nature and will only be placed in a BC savvy home. She’s about 15 pounds and good with cats.

                   Little pup AUGGIE came to us at 2 months old, given to GHF with an eye issue that prevented him from being sold. We tackled his needs with an ophthalmologist and over the course of months, his problem improved. So, pup AUGGIE, now Brig, found a new life with someone who had been patiently waiting for this good news. He’ll join a canine pack of herding dogs where he’ll fit in beautifully. And, he’ll get to try agility and herding which he clearly has a keen instinct to do! A huge thanks to Rosie Sutherland for fostering Auggie through this time as we hoped and prayed for a good outcome and in fact, that’s exactly what we got!!! We’re thrilled for this fabulous little guy.

                   Gorgeous 4 1/2 year old ZOE needed a new home in the Pittsburgh area and luckily as our evaluator remembered, one of our dear Friends of the Farm was ready to find a new dog for her life! So, after realizing what a wonderful girl Zoe was, it was obvious that giving these two a chance to connect, made sense and as they say, the rest is history. Zoe, now River, has a great life where she’ll join her FurMom on daily walks as well as join her on her big 5K runs! They’ll be constant companions: "After the passing of Ruby and GHF alum Spenser, I now am over the moon happy to be sharing my life with another border collie. Such joy.”

 ZACH landed with guardians who really understand the breed, having many in their lives including fostering, so when they came to GHF, they were thrilled to meet Zach. He fit with their girl perfectly and slid into their hearts instantly! They spent the night and were crystal clear that this match was ideal for all involved and they adored him! He’ll be with them 24/7 and enjoy tons of activities tailored to him! They will give Italian a try, too since Zach is a bilingual BC!

ZACH: A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Zach is a clever boy who loves his balls and races full speed ahead to retrieve, a super agile fast guy! He is also a thoughtful dog who observes everything to make sense of the world around him. A bit sensitive, Zach will do best with a BC savvy adopter who understands how to fulfill his potential. He loves everyone and blossoms with attention and has really opened up at GHF, step by step, enjoying his new journey in life. Zach is great with other dogs and would really benefit from a submissive BC pal who wants to make up race, chase games though he could also do well as a solo dog. Zach is very easy going with other dogs so would be overwhelmed with too strong a canine buddy. He’s a very sweet guy with a great nature though we’d prefer a calmer life where he could be the center of attention. Zach is a worldwide citizen, having lived his life in Italy til his guardians made the move to the states. A relative stepped in so Zach could have a chance at a more typical BC life with a country setting, tons to do and guardians who loved the challenge of an active BC! Zach is about 35 pounds and not good with cats.

       Mr. MILES finally landed in the life we were so hoping he would have, with tons to do and a FurMom who can commit focused attention on canine activities that would stimulate his mind, like agility. This little guy is a big thinker so needed just the right fit plus a canine buddy who would make life even more interesting, matching his every move! We’re so happy for this brilliant pup who even now has his own pond for swimming and a loving family who were thrilled to have a new family member!

MILES: A 5 month old Border Collie/Aussie, Miles is a curious boy with the confidence to check things out, whether it be dogs or toys or people. He has a bolder personality though not overly driven like a purebred BC pup, he’s more easy going. He loves to engage with toys and new things, eager to learn. Miles is likely to really blossom with someone helping him reach his potential, with mental challenges. Smart and loving, he loves toys and is looking for an active life. Miles would be thrilled to have a canine pal. He is 13 pounds and fine with cats. He and his brother were relinquished to the Farm by a guardian who felt he could not meet their needs.

 MACK & MARLEIGH, 1 year old siblings, recently arrived at GHF just as an adopter was searching for a pair to add to their lives. Though they had only been here a short while, their sweetness as brother and sister gave them a chance at a forever home quickly so…they landed a new life! This wonderful duo won the hearts of their new guardians within minutes! Marleigh’s shyness with men led her new FurDad to want to help her so she could really trust a loving life was hers to have. And, outgoing friendly Mack made him easy to adore instantly. Their hearts felt that tug that happens when dogs find their people and people find their dogs and it was done!! So, off they go to a new journey! Even though both still need some serious TLC, their new guardians knew these were their dogs!!


 Sweet, loving LUNA found a new life with a BC buddy, GHF alum Rhain who matched her perfectly with energy to play and chase and run, which she loves. Her new FurMom was smitten soon as she met her and even though Luna is camera shy, trust us when we say, she loved this forever home! Soon as her FurMom called Layla, her new name, she came running as if she’d lived with her forever. We’re so happy for this very sweet, smart girl!

LUNA: A 1 year old Border Collie, Luna is not only a gorgeous girl, she’s sweet as can be, happy to have attention and loving to be with people. She is a gentle girl but also focused to ‘work’…she loves to chase and race and hang with another young BC, quite the player! Luna loves toys of any kind and could easily enjoy more mental stimulation from a savvy BC guardian who loves to challenge their dog. She is high energy so will need an adopter who understands her needs. Luna is not comfortable with toddlers so best in an adult home or with older kids. She does really well with herding dogs who click mentally so we will place her with another BC pal. A lovely good natured young BC, she didn’t fit the family lifestyle where she lived since a pup and was surrendered directly to GHF. Luna is about 35 pounds and is good with cats.

 DEXTER found a canine pal that loves to wrestle and romp just like he does and a FurMom who chuckles at all the antics, thrilled to have such happy dogs. She fell in love with his sweet nature and knew he would fit perfectly with her life. He’s got a large backyard for tons of play as well as her non-stop attention with plenty of cuddling, too. A big lover, Dexter hoped right on the couch content to be heading home

DEXTER: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Dexter is a handsome boy with lots of energy and enthusiasm and he’s excited to have the space to finally explore and run! He is one of the happiest, most curious guys we’ve seen land in rescue in awhile, truly joyful much like a puppy. Dexter is also gorgeous to watch as he runs and races around with any toy in his mouth, making up his own games. He is eager to please and very people oriented, loving as much attention as he can possibly have. We’ll be seeing how he feels about BC buddies soon and update his bio about that. He lived in a tiny concrete yard without the space he needed so neighbors stepped in to help him land at GHF. A big thanks to Sal & Liz Zappala who helped make a new life possible for Dexter. He is about 50 pounds and is not good with cats.

 POTTER landed perfectly with new guardians who loved his sweet, smart nature, instantly! He had won their hearts on the site but in person, soon as they met him, they knew he was heading home with them. Potter will have a canine pal who likes to race and chase like he does plus he’ll have 13 acres to call his own for hikes and canine fun which he will love. This athletic boy hopped right into the truck ready to head out for tons of fun!!

POTTER: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Potter is a gorgeous dog with a very intelligent nature, classic thinking BC style. He also has a hilarious play style where he body blocks and races and chases and mixes it up like crazy with dogs who like to play, classic for a mix! A great combination for the right dog and right adopter and a sweet guy on top of it. A super affectionate love bug, he doesn’t realize he’s all grown up when he heads for your lap. He’s also a snuggler at night, on the bed, very very cute. Potter will need a young physical dog who really enjoys to play, so he’s happiest, though he adores the humans he meets, too. Potter is 50 pounds and fine with cats. He was relinquished to GHF due to a divorce and lived in one home since a pup.

 Lovely SARA won our hearts upon arrival at GHF and then her new FurDad’s the same way - she’s just instantly wonderful - and the perfect fit for him! A former GHF adopter, he wanted another very special girl to join his life for long walks and ball play and being his 24/7 companion which we knew would suit Sara well.  Literally upon arrival, he was the one we called since he’d been patiently waiting for just the right fit so he came as soon as he could and off Sara went!

SARA: A 6 year old Border Collie, Sara is a dream, just so delightfully connected to people and eager to be by your side. She’s very much a thinking Border Collie, super smart and super in tune with everything around her. Sara loves her ball and is ready to play as much as you like or ready to sit by your side for a cuddle. She’s the great BC age where both things matter equally. Sara is good with other dogs, having lived with two small dogs though she’s rather indifferent so could happily be a solo dog. She is good with cats and carrying a big of extra weight which will come off easily with her activities at GHF. She lived in one home since a pup but a move forced her guardians to pass her to us. She was very loved and we can easily see why. Sara is a special, gentle, good hearted soul.

 There are some days in rescue where celebratory moments are through the roof and today was one of them when ASHER & GRACIE found their new lives, at age 11 and 12! A very special couple arrived to open their hearts and homes to these magnificent seniors, knowing that giving them a loving life of adoration and care was worth everything! They agreed that knowing a shortened relationship was a reality didn’t matter because what they could enjoy together now, would be spectacular!! We agree knowing full well that senior Border Collies are like no others - at this age, they offer themselves so fully in relationship - it’s magical!

So, ASHER & GRACIE overnighted with their new guardians, enjoying cuddling on the couch and naps in the bed as well as plenty of ball play, tailored to their age. This fabulous duo met at GHF and clearly had an affinity for each other…one playing ball and one herding, creating a great pairing. They will be the constant companions to their new FurMom and FurDad who were thrilled to come to take them home. They’d been watching the site for quite some time, wondering if they should take them from the Farm which looked so ideal but finally decided, they’d ask to visit. We’re so happy they did because no matter what we do here, it’s still not a home setting where hanging with a FurMom and FurDad happens 24/7!!!!

ASHER: An 11.5 year old Border Collie, Asher comes to life herding other dogs, keeping up with all the crowd half his age! We’d love to find a home with at least one other ball dog who wouldn’t mind being herded! Asher lived in a multiple dog household and fit in at the Farm easily. When he isn't keeping tabs on the action of other dogs, he is a sweet, mellow boy who loves to hang out with you, nudging you for a hello and an ear rub. Asher does have hearing loss so a fenced yard is a must. He is fine with cats. His story is a sad one where he was left 12 hours a day alone, no one willing to even let him outside. He was abandoned at a shelter who contacted us. We are really happy to help him renew his energy to find more purpose in life.

               Little Miss MYA now has two loving guardians who will cherish that brilliant mind of hers while keeping her busy with lots to do! They are used to active Border Collies and felt that her classic nature suited them just fine and Mya felt the same right back - they over-nighted at GHF and by morning - they were a tight trio!  Her new guardians love thinking of creative ways to fulfill Mya’s potential and give her the greatest happiness possible.  We’re so happy for this little spitfire!

MYA: A 6 month old Border Collie/Aussie, Mya is super smart, very focused and clearly a big time thinker…she would be fun for sports or other challenging activities since she loves to learn. She also loves people, making friends with everyone easily in any new situation. A real cuddler, Mya is full of energy and will need a seasoned BC savvy guardian who enjoys providing stimulation for her. She bonds very quickly and would be a great hiking partner, eager to be with her person. Mya loves toys and engages in any kind of toy play instantly, even making up her own games. She would enjoy another herding buddy and would be happy with a pal but would succeed as a solo dog with a very involved guardian who made her their total focus.  She hates being left for long and really would love a 24/7 companionship. She is about 15 pounds and good with cats. She was given up to GHF from a guardian who was pregnant and felt having a pup and baby was not a good fit.


 At GHF, we pair dogs together and often, they absolutely click, truly becoming best buds and that’s what happened with Shane & Kenai so you can imagine our delight when they were adopted together.  After five months at GHF, they now have a lifetime of racing, chasing and being pals, forever. Their new guardians are good Friends of the Farm so came to adopt one, planning to add another later but once they met these two together, they just knew their family was complete!  We’re thrilled for all involved!! 

KENAI: A petite 1 year old Border Collie mix, Kenai is a lovely, funny girl! Super friendly, she is also fast and agile and loves to play with toys as well as other dogs. She’s had a canine pal since she was a pup, so could again enjoy a canine buddy though she’s really eager to be with a person so might do well as a solo dog, too. Kenai loves to be close to you and would love being a great companion to someone active. She came from PA guardians who were moving. She is trained on the invisible fence. Kenai is about 30 pounds and is good with cats.

SHANE: A 2 year old Border Collie/Aussie mix, Shane is a smart guy with lots of fun energy - he can literally leap off the ground all four feet to catch a toy or treat. He’s fun and quite the character, too! Shane does have a full teethy grin which makes us all laugh. He has a classic aussie style of physical play and really enjoys another dog who can match this, with a preference for female dogs. Always a busy canine player, he’ll be happiest with a fur Buddy! Shane does really bond closely to a person and sticks right by your side so does well as a hiking partner, too. He is 45 pounds and is good with cats. He was relinquished to the Farm from PA guardians who had a change in their work situation and felt he was home alone too long. He lived in one home since a pup

 Sweet EDEE caught the eye of a former GHF adopter who had patiently been waiting for just the right dog to add to their lives, joining GHF alum, Sport.  Months passed as she watched the site so soon as she saw Edee, she immediately contacted us to visit and now Edee is onto a new journey!  She’ll be with her new FurDad 24/7, enjoying lots of fun outside on their property with acres of countryside. Then, when her FurMom is home, they’ll be off on adventures for walks, tons of ball play and even a try at agility!  She’s found a loving couple who adore the breed and we’re happy for this lovely girl.

EDEE: An 8 year old Border Collie, Edee is not only a gorgeous girl, she is outgoing, friendly and sweet as they come - she’s a delight! She likes to be with her person and sticks right by your side, joining in anything you like to do. She is smart, focused and attentive. Edee is fine with other dogs even soliciting some play but could be happy as a solo dog, too. She is very good natured but happiest without the chaos of toddlers which is why she is at GHF. She lived in one home since a pup but a 1 yr old and 3 yr old were just too stressful for her. Edee was relinquished directly to us and was clearly a loved family member.  She is 40lbs and is good with cats.

                 Little sweet JEANNIE found the family who would nurture her as well as have fun enjoying her as she blossoms!  She’s got their undivided attention as well as a canine buddy who loves to play and chase just like she does - they were adorable together!  Jeannie will enjoy her own kiddy pool in the summer and lots of frisbee play too but best of all, tons of cuddling!

JEANNIE: A 4 1/2 month old petite Border Collie, Jeannie has lots of focus and interest in everything, easily flying all four feet off the floor, right into your lap! She’s a spitfire and also sweet as can be. Jeannie is a big toy girl and can clearly tackle any challenge put her way. She’s happy enjoying another BC buddy so we’d love to see her have that, forever. Jeannie is smart and good natured but high energy as are most young BC’s! She was given up when her guardian could not meet her needs. Like many of the pups lately at GHF, Jeannie has those wonderful ‘multi-directional’ ears that add to her charming personality! She is approx 20lbs and good with cats.

                         Little 6 month old ROSA was on her way to GHF via our volunteer transport when the person who held onto her for a couple nights prior to the trip, wrote and said, she really, really wanted her! As she said, "In some odd way, it feels so perfectly meant-to-be. She's a gem”! So, Rosa turned around and headed back to where she started - HER NEW HOME! - we’re thrilled for this wonderful girl to have such a good life ahead! A huge thanks to all our volunteers who spend countless hours driving for these dogs to get to GHF, including Rosa’s Mom, who clearly knew this one was a bit of destiny!!!

 Adoption days at GHF are always special but every now and then, something really magical happens when canine and human find each other, like long lost friends reuniting. Well, Olly and his new FurDad just clicked instantly, clearly a match for each other in a way that goes beyond anything you’d expect. Cuddling in his lap, ready to be his best bud, Olly voted a big YES for his life with his new person and his guardians agreed. His FurDad had been mourning the loss of his Border Collie, just feeling so ready for another heartfelt friend. The joy between these two was wonderful so off they went together and his new FurMom chuckled, knowing she’d lost her spot in the bed for awhile! The buds were taking over!! They’ll be together 24/7, Olly going everywhere he goes, whether it’s car trips or hikes, they’ll be together!

OLLY: An 11 month old Border Collie mix, Olly is smart, super sweet, eager to learn and loves life. He is exuberant in all he does, whether it’s dog play, toy play or racing around. Full of energy, he loves to join in all the action. He loves to swim and also loves any kind of ball, so happy to play. He can also relax and cuddle like crazy, happy to be with his person. Olly often leaps into your lap for a big hello and then races off for fun, all in one motion! He would love a canine pal to enjoy since he’s quite a player, a great combination of fun and love. Olly has a spectacular personality but we’d like to tuck him in an adult home so he can be someone’s focus which he would truly love.  He is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats. He was relinquished directly to GHF by a NY guardian who could not meet his needs.

Olly loves the water...

                    Sweet RIKKI found loving guardians who know the breed well and eagerly waited for just the right fit for their life and it’s Rikki! She’ll enjoy 10 acres of countryside in Vermont with lots of dog walks with their friends all the time! Rikki will love all that action but blossom with all their attention focused on her at home! Quite a love-bug, this little girl will no longer sit in a crate for 12 hours a day, instead she’s joining her new FurMom and FurDad 24/7 as their constant companion!

RIKKI: A 5 month old Border Collie, Rikki is a sweet, outgoing girl who loves to run, play and herd the other dogs. She is really blossoming being at the Farm amidst other BC’s and it’s easy to see her ‘turning on’ mentally with more focus! She is super sweet, smart as as whip and loves people.  Since she’s showing some bossy female BC tendencies, we’re going to let her be a solo dog. She loves playing dogs outside but clearly wants to be the center of attention in her home which is just fine! She is fast and fun and agile and ready to join in any activity offered to her. Rikki has a lovely nature with a classic strong female need to ‘do’ something! She is about 25 pounds and good with cats.

                    DEDE found her person, without a doubt, literally THE person she was hoping to meet again, reunited. Her new guardian is a former GHF adopter who lost her beloved Tess four months ago and had been sensing her return, ‘back to her’. Upon arrival to GHF, Dede seemed like any normal BC pup, but there was something about her that felt very special. Dede had been on the site for two weeks as a twist of destiny brought them to finally meet. As her FurMom said upon their reunion, ‘she feels so very familiar, I'm just in awe. Silent awe. I know it's her. It's like this deep knowing."

Journeys like this one happen at GHF. It's so very special to witness a deep heartfelt bond between two spirits instantly blossom. The magic of the union is humbling and uplifting, providing confirmation that hearts join between canines and humans, way beyond anything we all fully understand. Yet, if we remain open, we feel the truth of who they are WITH us. This deep friendship lasts forever.

DEDE: A 6 week old Border Collie pup, landed at GHF to start a new life as the year turns! She is clearly adorable and already showing that remarkable intelligence that comes with being a BC..quick and focused and learning about life as fast as she can..what a doll! Dede is meeting adult BC’s and within short order, we’re expecting to see her herding instincts come alive. A cuddly character with tons of energy, she’s going to need a BC savvy home for sure. Dede is a tiny six pound powerhouse!

          Little LOCHAN found someone who knew he is a special guy deserving a fabulous life, with everything under the sun! She just adored him from the minute she saw his picture and in person, even more! Lochan will be with her 24/7 as well as his new canine pal, Dixie, who thought he was just great, too. He’ll have a country property with a pond for some swimming and lots of time to explore the great outdoors. This little guy will love it!! He’s fearless and fun and truly loving life.

LOCHAN: A 10 week old Border Collie, little Lochan luckily found his way to GHF thanks to a good friend of the Farm. He is a spectacular little spitfire, full of confidence and eager to go! His name is Indian, meaning "bright eyes", suited to him since he has an eye condition that diminishes his sight but that doesn’t hold him back one bit. He is fearless, fun-loving and a classic BC in his energy and intelligence. He’s managed stairs in a split second, follows people and dogs easily, chases balls and can judge distance beautifully, really very close to any normal pup. In bright light, there may be some limitations and seeing very small things is not too easy but he is such a fast learner, it’s easy to teach him how to manage anything at all. Lochan is hearing impaired so will need a BC buddy to guide him as well as a person who understands the important step by step learning needed now as a young pup. Gaining a foundation now in understanding how to communicate with a person and other dogs will give him a fulfilling life ahead. Lochan has been evaluated at Cornell ophthalmology and cannot benefit from surgery. This ten pound boy is such a wonderful little guy!

        Little MAGEE, a spitfire of a pup, found a new life with guardians who are ready for all that energy and love having a 2nd BC in their lives. They’d patiently been waiting for a male pup to land at GHF so soon as he did, they drove a 10 roundtrip journey to meet him! Magee will have a mentor pal, Coara, to show him the ropes and be with his new FurDad 24/7, going everywhere he goes! He’ll also have lots of acres in his new home and a 2nd lake house for tons of swimming in the summer! His new family loved him instantly, of course, so off he headed for a big new adventure!

MAGEE: An 8 week old Border Collie pup, little Magee brings a bit of magic with a special charm all his own. A real love-bug, he’s people oriented and loves to be held in your arms. He’s quickly blossoming into a busy BC boy though, full of spunk to play and race and chase. He’s enjoying the founder’s pack, fitting in easily among all the herding fun so we’ll see how his focus develops after a bit more time. He loves toys of course, too! We’d prefer to place Magee with another young BC so he’d have a lifetime of friendship and someone to match his activity needs. He’s typical in size for his age, about 8 pounds.

 Sweet APRIL spent her life tied to a ‘dog box’, literally a plywood dog house, 24/7, hot or cold weather. Well, now that is completely over, forever. This sweet girl found guardians who not only love the breed, they absolutely felt a connection to her, instantly. They so missed their BC girl who passed, so spending time with April, they decided she would go back to her original name, ANGEL and she’d be their Christmas Angel! As they teared up, the room filled with that heartfelt love that happens when canines and humans really, really connect. So, we know sweet Angel was meant to be theirs. Off she went, their 24/7 companion day in and day out! Another moment of holiday cheer!

APRIL: A 4 year old Border Collie, April is a curious girl, eager to understand her new situation at GHF and as lively as any young BC in rescue! She’s coming to life quickly and showing her focused nature. A super sweet girl, she loves people and sticks right by your side, happy to go wherever you go. She is really enjoying all her new toys and we’re seeing her playful nature come to life day after day. She is best as a solo dog since she’s inexperienced with dogs other than the one BC mix she knows.  April was tied outside with very basic care but not much direction. She and a canine buddy, Daisy, both lived in a less than adequate setting until a neighbor who loved dogs stepped in to save their lives when the guardian threatened to shoot them since they were no longer wanted. Both are incredibly sweet and we’re excited to help them step into a new journey.  She is about 40 pounds and is not good with cats

                    Little TIGHE found his new life soon as one of our team went out to meet him, under consideration for rescue! At 6 months old, he and two other young pups, needed new homes from a breeder who couldn’t use them for geese chasing so to GHF they all came…except Tighe…he landed right at home instantly. He joins four other GHF alums for a lifetime of love and fun which suits him just fine!

                 ANDIE found a new life in her foster home, winning their hearts with her big personality - everything from jumping into kitchen sinks cause she’s so agile to over fences to run after them to cuddling non-stop in their laps as she barked from happiness - a big personality indeed! She now joins a pack and one GHF alum, Trip, for a life of country living, not far from the Farm. She has great trail walks each day, canine pals for fun and then couch cuddling whenever she wants it.. all in all, the ideal life for this vibrant girl!

ANDIE: An 11 month old Border Collie, Andie is a gorgeous girl with tons of personality! She loves people and happily says hello to everyone, loving attention. She also loves her toys and will play with pretty much anything tossed her way, enjoying a great game of retrieval. Andie bonds quickly to a person and wants to have someone to call her own, happily going wherever they go. Andie would love a canine pal, ideally a male who loves to chase and wrestle however with the right person she would be fine as an only dog, she will always want a special human relationship more than a canine one.  She can jump a fence so needs an invisible fence. She is really blossoming quickly having dog friends and enjoying the idea of canine play, especially with herding dogs that think like her! She is smart, focused and eager to learn. Andie was living with an autistic child and gave lots of love to him but her previous guardian needed more than Andie could offer so she relinquished her to GHF. We’re happy to have Andie here and clearly see how much she was adored. Andie is best with dog savvy cats since she is likely to bark at them due to inexperience.

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