SAMMI found a loving family who really understand the sensitivities and brilliance of Border Collies and adored her instantly. She fit the family so well, making friends with everyone and now has a great life where she is their favorite dog ever!  She charmed them with that quirky nature of hers and they knew she was exactly who they wanted to add to their family!  She now lives in NJ.

SAMMI: A 7 year old Border Collie, Sammi is focused on the action around her, very curious about everything, a classic female ‘superviser’, clearly a smart, smart girl! She is very sweet and attentive to anyone around her, eager to please and bonds easily. Sammi also loves her ball play and will happily retrieve for anyone willing to toss a ball. Sammi has the classic BC brains and beauty! She was surrendered to GHF along with Molly, due to the death of her PA guardian. She is not good with cats and about 40 pounds. Sammi is trained on the invisible fence. Sammi is a lead female so we’d like to allow her to be a solo dog in her new life.

               JJ found the life he will love as the constant companion to his new FurDad who adores the breed and more importantly, knows exactly what they need to be happy - lots to do! JJ will be out in a huge field for ball tossing and race and chase games every day plus go everywhere he goes, his canine buddy. They made the long trip from Virginia to adopt from GHF, knowing they would find exactly the dog that matches what they hoped for - a beloved friend. JJ loves affection and clearly loved being the center of attention meeting his new guardians! He now lives in Virginia.

JJ: A 1 year old Border Collie/Aussie, JJ is a good natured, happy go lucky, eager to please boy. He loves everyone he meets and also loves having a pal (like Ben) for serious wrestling, chasing and racing games. We want to give JJ a canine pal in his adoptive home cause he’s so much happier with a friend. JJ is focused and quite athletic in his toy play and would love someone who enjoys a toy dog for sure. He is smart and bonds fast, loving attention and cuddling. He is about 45 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. He lived in one home since a pup but their unfenced PA yard didn’t work well for his curious nature so he was relinquished to GHF. He originally came from Ohio bred as a bc/aussie.

                           BEN found a BC buddy who loves to chase, wrestle and play as much as he does as weall as new guardians who were thrilled to have such a gem of a boy to add to their lives. They wanted a pal for their Wiley and Ben was the perfect fit! Both paired up easily for their overnight stay and come morning, Ben had a new home! He’ll have tons of attention, lots of play and be the center of their lives, exactly what he deserves. Ben now lives in PA

BEN: A 10 month old Border Collie, Ben is a sweetheart, just a happy, good natured, playful guy. He absolutely loves having a pal (like JJ) who can race, chase and wrestle with him so we want to find a canine friend for him for sure. He also absolutely loves toys of any kind and would love the fun of someone who enjoys living with a toy boy! Ben is super friendly, loving everyone he meets with his exuberant big hellos! He is easy going and not as intense as some BC’s but he’s got plenty of energy like all young herding dogs. Ben is good with cats and and 50 pounds. Ben was originally living in an apartment since a puppy and then passed to friends who attempted to give him a home but then realized they could not meet his needs and contacted GHF.

                          Marvelous KELLI found a life where she will be the center of attention and has 11 acres to enjoy - with all her energy to play frisbee and ball and explore, we know she’ll love it! Her new guardians wanted to add a brilliant BC to their lives and Kelli was exactly the right fit. Within a few tosses of the frisbee, she felt comfortable that heading home to a new life made all the sense in the world!

KELLI: A 3 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Kelli is amazing. She is focused, brilliant and bonds fast to someone who understands her. She is a crazy frisbee girl and loves her toys for non-stop play. She really has to be stopped cause like many high-drive BC’s, she’ll play til she is wiped out. Kelli is very sweet, attentive and responds to whatever you ask of her, even total strangers calling her name will make her turn to go to wherever the call came from. She would be a great hiking partner however will guard her toys from other dogs so needs to be a solo dog and have a fenced yard so other dogs are not wandering into her play space. Or, she needs a rural area where guardians know she will hike without toys and at no risk of arguments. She is fine meeting dogs until the toys come out. Kelli is a remarkable, well-loved girl given up due to dog issues with the sheltie in the house. Kelli is about 40 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. She was relinquished to GHF from a NJ guardian. Ironically, Kelli’s mother is Shawnee, now in rescue at GHF.

                           Sweet, brilliant AARON found a loving couple who knew instantly that he was the one to come home with them - he touched their hearts so! Aaron headed off to PA to enjoy being with his new FurDad 24/7 and lots of long hikes at the nearby rail trails where they live when his FurMom is home from work. He’ll have lots of toy play which makes him so happy but also plenty of love and affection. One of the GHF favorites, we’re just thrilled to see this wonderful boy have a new home!

AARON: A 9 year old Border Collie, Aaron is all BC through and through…focused intensity for ball play and always looking for something to do! He is a lively, high drive boy who would love someone who is as much fun as he is…we can just imagine what he was like at age one...he is quite a player now! Aaron is also a sweetheart, super friendly and outgoing with new people, everyone is his pal. He bonds easily and clearly aims to please, super responsive to whatever is asked of him. Aaron lived with another dog until a newborn baby arrived in the house which resulted in allergies and both dogs had to be rehomed. Aaron was a beloved family member and even a dock diving superstar, quite the athlete. He is not good with cats and about 50 pounds. He could easily be a solo dog since he is so focused on a relationship with a person to call his own.

Special thanks to Dennis & Sandy Sprole & Carol Deal for transporting Aaron to GHF.

 Gentle GILLIE finally found someone who would patiently give her time to blossom without pressure, rather giving her kindness and guidance so she could enjoy a loving life as someone’s very, very special friend. This is exactly what we had so hoped she would have…now at age 10, almost 1 1/2 years in rescue at GHF, shy Gillie is going to be a beloved Border Collie friend to her new guardian. She adores the breed and wanted to add a companion again, for long walks in the countryside of New Hampshire and Gillie will just love that…exploring outside and playing some ball, too. A nice simple life with two hearts joined in a very touching way.

GILLIE: A 10 year old Border Collie, Gillie is a sensitive, sweet shy girl who so wants to be friends but would never presume to boldly let you know! With patience and kindness, she quickly shows her true nature and enjoys lots of attention. Gillie loves the frisbee and other toys, interested in a game of retrieval as long as you’ll continue to thow it! She’s been in one home since a pup, bred by her guardian and lived an outdoor life in a rural NY setting. Gillie was surrendered to GHF due to her reaction around kids where Gillie wants to hide, very nervous by their chaos, so will do best in an adult home who understands her soft nature. She’s a lovely girl, really starting to blossom at GHF. Gillie is 45 pounds and with exercise at the Farm, will trim down. She is good with cats.

                             Little REGGIE landed in his new life just in time for his 7 month birthday, tomorrow, on Thanksgiving! He won the hearts of GHF adopters who found their beloved canine friend back in 2002 and returned to find another, all these years later! This smart, fun, sweet guy will get a chance to try some agility, hike in fields near their home and be loved and adored, which is what he really wants, even above his toys! We are so happy for this nice Border Collie to find a loving forever home.

REGGIE: A 6 month old Border Collie, Reggie is a lean boy, full of energy to race and chase and play with the other GHF rescue dogs, having a blast! He’s an adorable boy with the sweetest nature and loves to cuddle with his person, happy to be as close as possible! Reggie is easy going so could easily be the solo dog in a home with someone around a lot or have a canine pal. Reggie is so incredible loving, absolutely the greatest lap dog we’ve seen in rescue in awhile! Reggie is 30 pounds and good with cats. He was given up to being too active for the kids in the home.

                             PEYTON found exactly the right guardian for her - someone really experienced with the breed who loves all their quirks as well as their intelligence! A former GHF adopter, he’s come back for his 5th dog from us and now has had a total of 8 in his life. Soon as he met Peyton, he was thrilled to take her home and she cuddled instantly in his lap, voting to go with him for sure! Peyton will have 2 1/2 acres to call her own for tons of fun and enjoy nearby hikes too! We’re really excited for them both - happy birthday Bill!

PEYTON: A 1 year old Border Collie, Peyton is very smart and sweet, content to be with her person cuddling on the couch. She is also a busy, young girl who loves to run and race, enjoying the freedom at GHF. She is really wonderful with the person that is ‘hers’, absolutely devoted and loving. She has a great nature, fairly relaxed inside and busy outside, a good combo for a young BC. Peyton is curious, confident and very smart. She had a previous situation crated 10-12 hours a day while her guardian worked so she’s really loved having a more active situation. Peyton has some interest in car chasing so will do best far from traffic sounds She is about 45 pounds and good with cats. Peyton came from a NY farm.

                            JADE joined GHF alum, Bentley to start a new life full of activity that these two love - tons of ball play; plenty of hikes and complete and total love - both will be the center of attention with their FurMom especially who loves the intensity of this breed! The whole family was thrilled to now have two great Border Collies in their life and we are so happy for all of them!

JADE: A 10 month old Border Collie, Jade is very smart and focused, classic BC in her brainpower, looking for something to do. She is also extremely sweet and loves people, everyone, quite the cuddler at home! She is also so incredibly athletic with great intensity and afraid of nothing! She is crazy fast, great off leash and loves her toys, too. She would be a wonderful partner in sports or hiking, needing an active life. She will only be adopted to a BC savvy guardian with another herding dog, preferably male. Jade is about 30 pounds and good with cats. She was relinquished to GHF due to a relationship break-up and move to an apartment. Her NY guardian wanted more for her and we’re glad to be of help

     TANNER found exactly the right people and right canine pal to make his life a blast! He’ll have almost 4 acres to romp and race and chase on with his new pal, plus a pond which he will love, being the water boy that he is! His new guardians really wanted to add a Border Collie or BC mix to their lives and knowing Tanner, we had a strong feeling that he would click with their super physical athletic boy, Shadow. Well, they certainly did with high speed chases around the GHF field as if they had been friends for life! So, Tanner went home to CT to be with his new FurMom 24/7 and live a great life!

TANNER: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Tanner is a fun-loving, good-natured, active boy. He loves to explore outside on his own but also loves playing high-speed chase games with other dogs, a gorgeous athlete with a beautiful stride. He is light on his feet and very agile as he focuses on his ball games, too. Tanner is a very friendly, affectionate boy who wants to bond quickly with anyone new, happy to be their companion. He is really blossoming quickly being at GHF, a really wonderful guy. He is about 50 pounds and not good with cats. He came to GHF from a PA shelter that asked for our help.

                         Sweet FIONA won the hearts of her new FurMom instantly, absolutely a brilliant connection between them but then she met her daughter and those two were fast friends, too, playing non-stop outside - so adorable to see! Fiona has a new family with a big country property where she can hike and explore til her heart is content. She’ll be her FurMom pretty much 24/7 and get plenty of frisbee time with Dad who loves the game! She now lives in Massachusetts.

FIONA: A petite 1 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Fiona is not only adorable, she is smart and sweet and a classic BC through and through! One busy little girl, she loves her toys and will entertain herself if you are busy but sure loves to engage with a great game of tug or retrieval. She has the right body frame to be a great little frisbee dog and is already good off-leash as a hiking partner. Fiona is good with other dogs and could live with another BC buddy though seems just as content as the only dog with all the attention. Fiona is a soft girl so does really well with reassurance and a positive approach to learning. She is about 30 pounds and fine with cats. Fiona was relinquished to GHF by her NY guardian who felt she could not meet her needs.

                           Lovely LUCEY found a wonderful life with former GHF adopters who came back for their third dog and knew from what they heard about this girl, that she was the special one just for them! We totally agreed and know that Lucey will love this new world she is about to enjoy - acres of country play and even going with her FurDad to work each day at their tree farm where she can race and chase and play ball all over the fields! But, more importantly, she will be the center of their world, adored and cherished, another great Border Collie for them to love. We are thrilled for everyone! She now lives in PA. Lucey fractured one of her toes two days before their arrival but they didn’t care cause she was the one they wanted and they would tackle whatever comes their way for this sweet girl!

LUCEY: An 8 year old Border Collie, Lucey acts like a 4 year old, full of play energy and focus, totally a blast! (In fact, her age is an estimate so she really could be younger) She is smart, sweet, and the classic BC brain. Anyone who is in love with this breed, would love Lucey. A total toy maniac, she will endlessly play and enjoy herself even if you are too busy to toss a toy though she’d love it if you would. She listens beautifully and wants to be wherever you are, clearly bonding fast. Lucey loves everyone she meets and has the friendliest nature to say hello and show her wonderful personality. She is great with other Border Collies so could have a buddy or two but could also live alone, like she did previously. Lucey will be on her 3rd home once she leaves GHF, having been first with an elderly person who couldn’t care for her. And, now her previous guardians are starting a family, live in an apartment and have a mother-in-law allergy problem, so Lucey needed another move. We are very happy to help her find her next and final home!! She was living in Canada, 12 hours a day in the apartment while they worked. Lucey is good with cats and about 40 pounds.

         CHAZ found a new life with two other Border Collies, also on the bed sacked out! He’s joining GHF alum LUNA (with the white head )who won their hearts the minute she landed there. Chaz was supposed to be the foster dog but as the weeks rolled on, it became hard to imagine him leaving so he’s not! So he’ll have a huge property to call his own, two pals and tons of love from adoring guardians who really understand the breed.  Chaz clearly loves his new life!

"We would love to have the best Christmas present and welcome Chaz to our family permanently.”

CHAZ: A 10 month old Border Collie, Chaz is a gorgeous guy with the sweetest nature, happy to say hello to everyone, but a really innocent soul. He can be rather shy and worry with new settings so needs positive reassurance and then his curiosity takes over and he’s happier. This sweet guy has tons of potential but does need a guardian focused on him with a calmer home setting. Chaz is amazing considering he was part of a confiscation situation where he was left to basically fend for himself, with lots of other dogs. He does love to play with other dogs but we’d like to give him a home where he is the main focus so he can blossom further, gaining more confidence in life. He is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. A NY shelter asked for assistance and we were very very glad to help.

                           HUDSON found a new life with loving guardians who adore the breed and knew this young energetic little guy would fit them perfectly. He joins their BC girl(a bit camera shy) for a life in Canada, with acres and acres of trails near their home for daily hikes, plus a beach escape in the warm weather. Hudson pretty much has a canine paradise to enjoy now as he and his new BC friend pal up for plenty of herding antics! As his new FurMoms said: ‘he’s a bundle of happiness!.

HUDSON: A petite 8 month old Border Collie, Hudson is full of energy, a live wire looking for something to do. He responds to whatever is going on around him, ready to jump in, whether it’s other dogs or toys. He is also extremely people oriented, bonding quickly to ‘his person’ and wanting a very close relationship. Since he was originally obtained as a service dog, he is used to spending quality time with someone, rarely alone. We feel another BC pal will give him some independence and help balance out his drive in a more productive direction. Hudson is smart and eager to learn so in the right hands, will do beautifully in his development. He is about 30 pounds and good with cats. He is very good with other dogs though learning to share his toys while now meeting many Border Collies who are also toy ‘hogs’! Hudson was relinquished to GHF due to the toddler in the apartment and just too much energy with him, too.

                          RODIE landed a loving home with guardians who adore the breed but also know how to provide a BC paradise for them - he’ll have 12 acres to call his own for tons of exploration and fun! Swimming, hiking, ball play and a BC buddy, Duncan who loves to chase and race just like Rodie does! He’ll be with his FurMom all the time which matters so much to Rodie who really blossoms when with his person. We’re so thrilled for this wonderful boy who can truly enjoy being an active BC rather than being trapped in a tiny row home with no yard whatsoever, left alone all day. Rodie now lives in PA.

RODIE: A 10 month old Border Collie, Rodie is all legs at this age, with quite a gallop as he learns to cut and turn and keep up with the other young BC’s he’s now meeting. He’s really having a blast playing tug games and making up chase games! He’s never lived with herding dogs but clearly showing some focus, intensity and speed. Rodie would do well with another BC pal who can be playful and burn off some energy. He is super sweet with people and enthusiastic about saying hello, happy to have some cuddles and attention. Rodie loves the water and will instantly jump in for fun! He also loves a good ball toss game, too. Rodie is 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats. He came to GHF from a guardian with no time for him and unable to handle his energy so was crated excessively.

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