Sweet Ryan is joining his new family and canine friend where he'll have plenty of acres to explore, living in Vermont and enjoy being the center of attention, too. He and his new friend, Floss, developed a style of play in rough-housing and chasing the soccer that was great to watch. His new guardians were thrilled to see them in action and so Ryan headed off to a life of love and fun.

RYAN: A 3 month old Border Collie, Ryan is a sweet, good natured, little guy who loves to play with other dogs.  Soon as he meets a new canine friend, he wants to wrestle and chase and boldly invites them to do so.  Ryan would clearly love a friend.  He wants to be in the middle of everything, including your lap. Ryan is easy going though if he has enough activity with another dog and then hangs out near you once content.  He is smart and likes to be involved with all the activity but he's not overly intense. He is a sweetheart relinquished to the Farm after the guardians realized he was just too much for them. 

REECE found a great home where he'll be running on open fields joining his FurDad at work, overseeing parks in upstate NY. And, he'll get to cuddle at night with his FurMom and join her at athletic events where she's the coach, fitting right into their active lifestyle which will suit him perfectly. He'll get to try agility and frisbee and everything that's fun for a young Border Collie. They loved him instantly and were thrilled to have him join their lives.

REECE: A 6 month old Border Collie, Reece is all action as well as affection. He loves to race, run and chase and is showing herding instinct when with other dogs. He is very smart, and very fast and eager to bond with people and join in the action. He is super friendly and good natured as well as high energy, like most young BC's. He is about 30 pounds and is OK with dog savvy cats.  Reece loves the water and is one happy swimmer. He and his sister, Rayne, came to rescue from NJ when their guardian became ill.

CHESSIE found the perfect life where she can have a BC buddy and a guardian who understands her. Chessie loves to cuddle and play and she'll have plenty of time to do that in her forever home. She's joining another BC alum who also loves that same thing and they hit if off playing like old friends. And, Chessie and Willy (formerly Chance) have 125 acres to enjoy in their new life, happily living in MA. We are so happy for both of them!

CHESSIE: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Chessie is a sweetheart, she loves attention and also loves action! She is great with other dogs and loves to play and chase and make up herding games. Chessie is smart and attentive and could easily learn anything. She can be a little shy at first meetings but warms up quickly and would be great with a Border Collie savvy person and other BC's in the home. She is very sweet and good natured. She is 30 pounds and is not good with cats. She is trained on the Invisible Fence. Chessie (originally named Princess), was relinquished to the Farm from PA guardians due to issues with the other more mature female dog in the home. Chessie is being fostered in NH

Rusty remembered....
LACE happily found a new life with guardians who adore the breed and love all the wired antics of maniacal ball play and frisbee catching...surely what Lace loves too! She won their hearts when they saw her online and in person, lived up to that wide-eyed, focused manner, exactly what they wanted in their lives. Lace hopped in the car and headed out to a great life in NJ, where balls, frisbees and lots of loves are all hers to have. Lace found her new home, in honor of Rusty, a GHF alumni, who passed on unexpectedly with ill health. They knew she'd carry on his legacy well.

LACE: A petite 1 year old Border Collie, Lace is all action, she just loves to play ball and will focus fast to catch and return it instantly. She is super sweet and eager to find a connection with someone where she can use her mind and body together. She is classic in her drive and intensity, a very good candidate for sports. Lace is fine with other dogs and will engage in play if the ball is not the focus, but really wants to intently use her mind with a person. She can easily fit in with other Border Collies but could also be a solo dog where she had the right outlet for her. She is about 25 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She was a stray in PA. 

GUS found his new home quickly, almost as soon as he came into rescue when just the right guardians came to meet him, looking for a friend for their BC girl, Layla. She and Gus hit it off instantly, playing like fast friends, clearly the right fit for her and for them! He had a great chance to get to join their family since they stayed at the local Inn, spending a relaxed time getting to know him and allowing him to get to know them before they headed off to home in PA. Gus will have plenty of toy play, including frisbee and even a chance to try sheep.

GUS: AN 11 month old Border Collie, had his first outing apple picking and found the whole experience to be a bit of surprise since the apple surely wasn't his ball! Gus is a sweetheart, gentle and smart and really enjoying being with other BC's. He is learning that life is good and he can learn to relax and trust everyone around him. He can be timid at first so will need some time to blossom. He's a wonderful guy with lots of energy and lots of ability which now can be productively focused. Gus really needs a BC savvy person who understands what makes this breed so unique and special. He is about 30 pounds and is good with cats. 

GRIFF found a great Border Collie life on 30 acres with another BC friend, where he'll be the constant companion to his new guardians. He'll get plenty of ball play since his new BC friend, Bess, also loves the ball. His morning throwing routine will make Griff one happy boy. Griff won their hearts with his gentle nature and sweet ways, knowing that they could offer him lots of love and patience in helping him continue to trust that life is great! We know Griff is great and we're happy to say we know his life will now be great! 

Special thanks to the Rollins family who helped Griff learn all about living in a home with people he could count on, which gave him the foundation for this big day to become reality.

GRIFF: A 3 year old Border Collie, Griff is a gorgeous guy who is shy and needs patient people who love drawing out his sweet, curious nature. Like most skittish Border Collies, he does best with dog friends so will only be placed with other Border Collies. He is very gentle, very sweet and curious about everything. He's learning all about toys now and will eagerly come up for attention, too.  He is a wonderful spirit and will surely blossom into the border collie he was meant to be. He is about 35 pounds and ok with cats.  Griff will be placed in a hard fence situation only, not underground electronic fence systems Griff was originally a stray in Texas when our new caretaker took him into her rescue. Griff is being fostered in NJ

DUSTIE:  A 4 year old Border Collie, Dustie is a smart, focused Border Collie who responds well to attention. Dustie loves balls, frisbee and toys of any kind, a classic BC. He is an incredible ball guy, who is fast and focused going after any ball toss sent his way. Dustie loves people and toys pretty much the same so will easily enjoy a new life with someone who understands his BC brilliance and desire to play. Dustie needs a strong leader who gives him the job of frisbee to do, ideally. He does best relating to one person clearly giving him direction since he is so focused on work. He will only be place where there is work for him in sports and with a savvy BC person.  He could be a solo dog or join other BC's in a BC savvy home.  Dustie is a sweet guy who loves to be in the center of the action, for fun and for love. Dustie is OK with dog savvy cats.   He was abandoned at a PA shelter. Dustie learned all about frisbee in his foster home and was superb at it! 

BUDIE is about to be the happiest Border Collie in all of NY...he's landed the ideal home for him! He's the constant companion to his new guardians who love this breed and understand them and felt he was perfect for their life, too. He has a great yard for exploring but knowing Budie, he'll be right at their feet, contentedly tossing toys or chewing on a bone. Budie loves to be with a person and today made that all possible again!

BUDIE: A 7 year old Border Collie, Budie is all about people and playing. He is fast and fun to watch as he chases ball and frisbees. He loves the game but the great thing about Budie is he also knows how to relax and will contentedly hang with you inside, happy to be by your side. Budie is great with other dogs but could happily enjoy life as the solo dog, which he's used to. He needs someone who keeps him mentally stimulated with toy play or walks cause he will make up his own games which includes a focus on cars so while he's a calm, easy going guy, he still needs to play, play, play. Budie is great with kids and fine with cats and could easily join other dogs in a family or be a beloved companion. Budie was abandoned at a shelter in NJ due to allergies. He is 60 pounds and a bit taller than the average BC.  He has an interest in cars so will need to be on a hard fence in a more rural setting, not a high traffic area

Little ANGIE won the hearts of a former adopter who brought alum, Finn, back to visit to add little Angie to their lives. Angie happily said hello to everyone and gave her approval, asking for plenty of belly rubs. We're sure she and Finn will find their way to enjoying plenty of border collie games in their new life together. They have acres and acres to explore and a family devoted to loving her forever! She lives in upstate NY.

KELLIE got it all!! Sheep, chickens, llamas, goats, two BC buddies, including one young GHF alumn plus two loving guardians who adore the breed and fell in love with her instantly! Kellie and Duncan (previously Dougee) were fast friends, racing around, chasing and wrestling til they both focused on herding the animals, quite a pair to watch. We are certain Kellie will have a fabulous life, forever happy and busy! She now lives in upstate NY. We're just thrilled for this little girl to have found a border collie dream come true. 

Special thanks to Kristin and Dana Browne who gave their hearts and home to help Kellie be ready for this moment.

KELLIE: A petite 10 month old Border Collie, Kellie is a gem, full of energy and ready to go. She just radiates joy.  She is the most affectionate little girl and the most active, non-stop BC. Kellie loves to race and chase and make up herding games with the young BC's at the Farm.  A really wonderful temperament, this girl needs a lot to do so will be placed with another young BC.  Kellie is smart and interested in learning, very relationship oriented so could learn anything. She is good with cats. Kellie came to the Farm from a PA shelter where she had been found as a stray. She came to the Farm with a broken leg which is  now all set to go.  She'll have a bit of a turn outward but orthopedic surgeons agree that it's as good as it can be. She may need pain meds later in life but right now, this incredible girl is all about fun and joy and love and is very ready to find her new home!!

: A 1 year old old Border Collie mix, Rylie is a lively, happy, good natured boy who loves to run and chase with other dogs. He is fast and focused when he's making up his canine games. Rylie is also super friendly and a real cuddly guy, full of joy. He is smart and interested in everything going on around him, joining into the action at a moment's notice. Rylie can be a little skittish with some men so needs to be with someone who understands training and how to keep him feeling confident.  He has been a part of Camp Border Collie for Kids and is doing great with the kids. Rylie has been enjoying time on the trails at the Farm and turns out, he is a water lover supreme - he splashes and dunks and swims like a fish - happily entertaining himself. It's fabulous to see his puppy nature discovering the water!  He is about 35 pounds and is OK with dog savvy  cats.  Rylie was abandoned in a NY shelter due to his energy level
RYLIE and BOBBIE found their forever home TOGETHER and we're thrilled they did! Their new guardians really understand what these two boys need and fell in love with their sweet natures instantly. They knew they could help their confidence grow and get stronger when it comes to strangers and enjoy their transformation, having a hand in making life great for them, forever. We are so appreciative of people with great hearts who know that rescue dogs often need guidance and help in making life work for them. It was a great day to see these two boys head out together to a loving home like this. Rylie had a chance to overnight in the nearby Inn in town, and he became fast friends with his new FurDad who absolutely adored him, come morning. The irony is they felt drawn to each of these dogs and so it was no surprise, that once they met them, they knew they were the right place for them, forever. They now live in NJ on lots of acreage where they'll have the space to enjoy a fabulous life. They have a small canine friend, sheep, horses and lots to do!

Special thanks to Lori Coon and her family who helped Bobbie mature over the past 7 months so he could be ready for this day!

BOBBIE: A 1 yr old Border Collie mix, Bobbie is all fun and play. He is good natured and ready to enjoy a good game of ball or anything going on, he joins right in. He is interested in dogs and gets along well with most dogs he meets.  He is also very sweet and loves to cuddle. Bobbie is energetic but not as intense as some so could enjoy a companion home life without needing something to do all the time. He absolutely loves having another young canine friend so will only be placed with another dog and with someone who can provide a positive training approach.  Bobbie is about 40 pounds and Ok with dog savvy cats.  He came from PA, his family was unable to meet his needsBobbie was taken in by caring people who actually were driving behind a car and saw him tossed out the window - the car did not stop - he was approximately 4 months old 

Little Aidan found his new life on a rainy day at the Farm when he met his bc friend, Maggie and she gave her vote of approval. She wagged and he wagged and it was a done deal. Of course, his new guardians were so hoping Maggie would say yes so once she did, they were thrilled. Aidan has a great life with lots of people around with their home business and lots of land to explore plus even chickens to herd! Aidan now lives in MA and we know he'll be adored and busy!

Little ALEXIS found a wonderful life with a GHF alum, Buzz, who came back with his guardians for a BC friend. They fell in love with her gorgeous face and sweet nature and happily headed back to NJ, thrilled to have another beloved canine friend. Buzz is camera shy but happily greeted his new friend til it was time for the picture! We know Alexis will have a great life of Border Collie fun and love.

RAYNE found her forever home where she'll be doing agility all the time as well as having fun exploring her great yard with her canine friends. She won the hearts of her new guardians when they met her in the foster home and just felt she was exactly the Border Collie they were hoping for! Rayne thought so too and now happily lives in NJ and we'll get to hear about her great successes and loving life all the time.

RAYNE: A 6 month old Border Collie, Rayne is all BC, very classic in her focus and herding interest. She is very smart and responding to the dogs with keen interest, watching and thinking about everything going on, then she decides on her action -herding. She is super agile and fast and could be a great sport candidate. Rayne is also incredibly sweet and eager to bond, friendly with everyone. She is about 30 pounds and she is OK with dog savvy cats. She and her brother, Reece, came to rescue from NJ when their guardian became ill.  Rayne is being fostered in NJ to be evaluated for herding and agility, we'll update her bio shortly.

NINA found a great home where she'll be able to do agility, try herding and learn all kinds of things that Border Collies love to do. Her new guardian loved her personality and smarts and Nina clearly picked her, happily in her arms and thoughtfully showing that this was the home she wanted. It was so obvious, that it just reconfirmed just how smart Nina is! Nina will have two canine friends to enjoy this great new life and we're sure she'll love all of it! She now lives in MA.

NINA: A petite 2 year old tri color Border Collie, Nina is a wonderful, smart , ready to go girl who is all about the ball! She is focused and eager to play, doing her work retrieving. She is all Border Collie with the intense traits of a young dog and will need an outlet for her mind and body, like sports. She is excited to learn frisbee and doing incredibly well, loving it.  Nina is very sweet and affectionate with gorgeous freckles that you can't quite see in her pictures, a very pretty girl.  She is fine with other dogs but most interested in an active life with a person. She is good with dog savvy cats and about 35 pounds. Nina was relinquished due to a divorce, from a NY guardian.

SLOAN found his new life, far from TN, instead living in upstate NY with two canine friends! He'll be hiking and enjoying the great outdoors with his new guardians who just love his sweet nature and were thrilled to have him join their lives. He happily strolled around the field at the Farm, playing with his new friends and following their lead in what will be a wonderful, loving life, forever. Sloan deserves only the best and now, he'll have it!

SLOAN: A 1 year old Border Collie, Sloan is a doll, happy, good natured and very involved in everything around him. He's quite the herder but also enjoys playing and chasing games. He is smart and curious and very eager to bond.  His good nature is a joy to see as he's really having a great time at the Farm, free to be himself.  He would be happiest with a BC friend and a patient person who can help him navigate his new life.  A real love bug, he races right out to the first person he sees to say hello and then off to the action!  He is about 40 pounds and not yet tested on cats

JUDD found his forever home with one of our favorite families who has adopted three dogs from us over the years, all living long long lives. This time, they were ready for action and Judd won their hearts and is keeping them on their toes! He's a bit bigger than the furry friends they've had so they have lost some bed space but he's charmed everyone he's met and loves playing jolly ball with his new kids! Judd is a family boy and is clearly loving the family life! He now lives in PA.

JUDD: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie mix (possibly Great Pyrenees), Judd is a lover, so excited to be with everyone and what a happy guy he is! He's good natured, easy going and just reminds us why BC mixes are such great dogs. He is energetic and playful, eager to be with a person. He gets very excited and since he's a big boy, could easily overwhelm kids so best in an adult home who can focus his energy and mind, all in one direction. Judd needs a great yard to explore and run since he is an active guy who loves to play, his favorite toy is the jolly ball and he'll leap across fields, racing to play time and time again. He's like a big puppy.  Judd is interested in other dogs but could live as a solo dog. He is a tall mix and bigger boned and since he came from a farm area, he just might be part Great Pyrenees but we don't know for sure. He is good with cats and 70lbs. Judd was a stray in upstate NY and a nice couple held onto him until they could find rescue to make sure he finds a good home. 

HONEY found her forever home with another Border Collie and two guardians who just love the breed and fell in love with her quickly. Her funny nature, carrying that jolly ball while herding their dog, made them chuckle and then once inside the adoption office, her sweet ways touched their hearts. Honey will surely be adored and have a great time playing ball and frisbee and being the constant companion to her new guardians. She now lives in New York.

HONEY:  A 9 year old Border Collie, Honey is all about the ball - she just loves to race and chase and carry it around with her! She is a sweet, fun girl who also loves to hang with you once inside. She curls right up in the bed and takes part in all that goes on - she's our office dog right now and hearing all the excitement at the Farm - she's enjoying every bit of it. Honey is smart, responsive and very tuned into people. She loves everyone she meets. She is good with other dogs but could easily be a solo dog since she loves being with her person. She is about 40 pounds and not good with cats. She was abandoned at a Delaware shelter due to a move. She had a summer clip so soon we'll update her pictures with gorgeous long hair! 

WILSON found his forever home with an adopter we suggested meet him right in his current home since they also lived in Ct. Well, they just loved him and knew he'd fit their lives perfectly and was exactly what they were looking for! Wilson's current guardian felt wonderful about this match and Wilson is now moving to his new life, adored and loved forever. We're happy to have made this match happen for him and assure a new life!

WILSON, a 5 year old Border Collie, is a sweet boy who loves his people and a good throw! Wilson is a focused boy when it comes to a good game of fetch. He’ll retrieve endlessly and patiently wait until you are ready to throw again. Inside, Wilson settles well, happy to just be with his person. He is trained on the underground fence and is approx 60lbs. Wilson is in CT, being given up because of issues with another dog in the home. 

Little ADRIAN loved meeting his new Border Collie friend and is about to have a great time on 13 acres, joining a bunch of other BC's who visit the Farm where he'll be living. His new guardians adopted Flyer last year and came now to add a new friend and fell in love with this little dynamo. Adrian happily cruised the field, said hello, stalked the other dog and checked out everything around, boldly content to explore and also happy for cuddling. He quickly won their hearts. He now lives in NY.

ADRIAN: A 10 week old Border Collie, Adrian is a classic BC - smart, energetic and observant. He's eager to be involved with everything and happy to also be cuddling next to you. He is smart and sweet and would love a BC friend!  He came to the Farm, part of the recent trio that were just adopted. 

OREN found a wonderful life with lots of land to run and play and a canine friend who likes to chase and race just like him. He touched his new guardians with his sweet nature cuddling next to them and then his fun loving playful side as he enjoying canine doggie games with his new friend. Oren happily headed out to his new life in NY where we are sure he'll be adored.

OREN: A 1 year old Border Collie, Oren is a delightful guy, so friendly with everyone and eager to say hello. His good nature is obvious right away and he wins friends quickly. He's very outgoing and while energetic, not overly intense like some purebreds. He could easily do well in sports or as a companion, enjoying hiking and play activities. Oren loves to play with other dogs and they with him. He is smart, responsive and focused to play or cuddle, a great combination. Oren is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He was abandoned at a PA shelter due to the guardian's health issues. 

JAZZI had her dreams come true and quickly! She met one of our volunteers who helped with the arrival of the TN dogs and their hearts connected. Quiet promises of 'I'll be back' came true today when Jazzi's new furMom brought her gang to meet Jazzi (minus the senior BC at home) and things went so well, off she went to Massachusetts to start her new life. Jazzi was so excited to say hello again, it was quite clear that she believed those simple words and now, will live a great life, one that she most certainly deserves. We are thrilled for both Jazzi and her new guardians.


JAZZI:  A 1 year old Border Collie, Jazzi fits her name perfectly - she is full of spunk, ready to go and all about action. She is a very focused, intense girl who will most likely need something to keep her busy but at the very least, she'll need a young BC friend. She is having so much fun playing with other BC's, it's fantastic to see. She's smart, affectionate and wants to be connected to people and all the action.  She is ready for a new life and will be a wonderful companion, a  good candidate for sports. She is 35 pounds and needs dog savvy cats since she's got a lot of BC eye and interested in herding

GILLEY found her forever home with a new guardian who had patiently waited for just the right dog to come into rescue. In fact, she waited 9 months as dogs came and went, hoping to hear about a dog that fit her situation perfectly. Soon as she saw Gilley's pictures, she wrote asking about her and once she heard about her sweet, easy going nature, she knew she had to come meet her in person. Overnighting at the nearby Inn in town, they bonded quickly, Gilley looking to her as if they were long lost friends. Her new FurMom felt the same way so Gilley headed out to Ct for a new life, living inside a nice warm home, truly loved and adored. She'll have a great property to explore, lots of people to meet and just the right home for the rest of her life!

GILLEY: 5 year old Border Collie, Gilley is a doll and loves everyone instantly. She is super friendly and eager to say hello.  She is also enjoying her freedom to really explore the Farm, racing around and smelling everything, curious to see it all.  Gilley is pretty relaxed, not an overly intense BC, so would love being the constant companion to someone. She also enjoys other dogs though a person matters most. Gilley had been left outside, chained to a dog 'box', sitting in mud, day in and day out. She was relinquished to the Farm due to her guardian's illness. Fortunately, Gilley will now enjoy a better situation. She came from Pittsburgh directly to the farm.

WELLER found the perfect life for him where he's got plenty of Border Collie friends and a family that really understands the breed plus one of his new canine friends is his age and they love to play. Soon as they met, they raced off around the field like fast friends, absolutely fantastic to watch. Clearly, the picked each other, two joyful, good natured friends for life! Weller will have great fun in his new life and tons of love, too. He's a long way away from the awful kennel setting now and we're so thankful to see this day. He now lives in MA.

WELLER:  >A 1 year old Border Collie, Weller is all about fun and he is focused on everything - toys, herding, other dog play - he's the life of the party.  He came to the Farm curious and eager to check everything out and that is exactly what he's been doing. He just loves his new freedom and is one very happy, good natured boy. Weller loves playing with his canine friends and will clearly do well with a canine companion. He also loves toys and flies across the field full speed to chase the other BC's he plays with.  Weller is sensitive too, so needs a patient guardian who allows him to learn about life in a home. He's been doing great with his housetraining, with full freedom in his room with no accidents at all.  His training needs will be much like a puppy where he'll need step by step instruction Weller is about 35 pounds and is good with cats

ENNIS found a wonderful home where he'll be truly cherished forever.  He clearly choose his new guardians, instantly curled up in his FurMom's lap, happily pawing at her for attention. He climbed up on the couch for a seat next to his FurDad surely saying - wahooo, I've found it! - we all laughed as we watched Ennis relax and enjoy his choice just as his new guardians did, too. It was instant love. Ennis will have canine friends at his home as well as his furgrandparents who came along to meet him, too. He made quite the impression and headed out the gate to a new life where he'll be their constant companion. He now lives in NY.

ENNIS: A 3 year old Border Collie, Ennis is a doll. He loves everyone and enjoys affection and attention, as much as he can get and give. He's super sweet. He also loves to run, run, run, enjoying his freedom. Ennis is great with other BC's and would easily enjoy having a canine friend as well as someone who adores him. He's a character full of personality and he quickly fits in wherever he goes, happy to be with people or dogs. Ennis is about 35 pounds and good with cats. He was no longer wanted by his guardian. Ennis does have some hearing loss so can hear high tones like squeaky toys and high pitched voices.

TRIPP found a forever home any Border Collie would love to have! He'll have 100 acres he can call his own and a devoted FurMom who loves the breed and just adored him instantly. He'll be her constant companion at their farm, enjoying the days with her and his new canine buddy. Tripp had a great overnight at the nearby Inn, hopping up on the bed for a cuddle, then herding his new puppy friend and then out for a walk, happily content to have a new person focused on him. We are so thrilled for Tripp who's been in rescue for one year, getting ready day by day, month by month, for this great moment where he could have a life of love and freedom to be a Border Collie. He deserves it all! Tripp now lives in MD.

A special thanks to Joy Moll who fostered Tripp for five months to help him learn again that people can be good. 

TRIPP: A 3 year old Border Collie, Tripp is very smart and curious about everything around him. He's very easy to live with, not high energy and will relax inside with his person. He also loves car rides and would happily head out for any adventure with his guardian.  He is good with other Border Collies and would be happy with a canine friend, to explore and investigate everything going on.  Tripp is a friendly guy but has a real thinker, very common in Border Collies so will only be placed in a border collie savvy home that understands him and doesn't force him into situations he's not ready for.  He will do best with clear leadership and lots of love. Tripp is good with cats and lived in one home since a pup, from a nearby breeder. He lived with senior guardians who surrendered him to their local vet in CT who contacted us to take him into rescue. They felt he was too much for them to handle. Tripp is being fostered in upstate NY and can be seen at the Farm

JET found a classic Border Collie life with two other BC's who are as action focused as he is and love the ball just as much. Soon as he joined this duo, they were a trio like dogs who were meant to be together. The soccer ball was tossed and off they went, racing and chasing, each with a jolly ball in their mouths. They got along beautifully. Jet's new guardians were in love before they came and soon as they saw this, it was crystal clear this is exactly where he belonged. He now lives in MA. Charming Jet struck his normal puppy pose, with a little tip of his tongue sticking out! That's Jet!

JET: A 6 month old Border Collie, Jet is a sweet, good natured, happy boy who loves people. He also loves action! He is classic BC through and through and loves to have another young BC for playing. He and Ruby have hit up a great connection instantly and loved herding each other all over the Farm. Jet is smart, attentive and very responsive. He will quickly learn whatever is asked of him. He loves to swim and is great at playing hide and seek games. He'll be placed with another young BC so he can enjoy a great life, Border Collie style. Jet is about 35 pounds and while good with cats, will chase them. He was surrendered to the Farm from a NY guardian who felt he  needed more than the family could provide

Every now and then, a certain dog just touches your heart and you know instantly that the particular dog in front of you must be YOUR dog. That's exactly what happened to our web person as she visited the Farm. She's met thousands of dogs and manages all the wonderful listings, seeing their faces day in and day out but something between she and Ean clicked like no other the day she met him. So, Ean is now living in NJ with a pack of Border Collies, so he's in good company and will be cherished beyond belief. We are so excited for Ean to have a chance to receive the deep and lasting love that he was not given at first but will surely receive forever now. WAHOOOOOOOO Ean and Cindy!

EAN: A 5 month old Border Collie, Ean is a gorgeous guy who adores toys of any kind. He will entertain himself endlessly with a squeaky ball or race around tossing toys to catch. He loves being with other Border Collies and quickly pals up with another young dog for racing and chasing games. He loves to join in herding games and follow the lead of the other dogs, learning quickly from them. Ean is very sweet, cuddly and curls up next to you in bed, happy to stretch out all night. He is also a pup who has had a hard start so really needs patient guardians who let him enjoy the freedom of play without being wrong. His previous guardian was rough on him when he did anything 'wrong' like having accidents. Ean works hard to not do anything wrong because of that so needs soft, positive approaches. He is having a blast living in the founder's home with a big pack who show him things are all ok. He could easily fit into a Border Collie pack and will certainly do well. He gets nervous in new situations at this point so will be placed in an adult only home. Ean is about 20 pounds and good with cats. He was relinquished because his family could not meet his needs. 

RUBY found a fabulous home with lots of canine friends who love to race, chase and do agility! She will be a star in the sport, exactly what her new FurMom was looking for since all their dogs compete and are a part of her life as a dog trainer. Ruby will also be a beloved family member for sure and quickly won their hearts with her dog kisses and leaps into their laps. It was adorable to watch Ruby be the wild and crazy, loving Ruby and be totally loved for it all! She now lives in NJ. We are hoping to hear of her great successes in the future and know for sure, she'll be having a blast in her new home

RUBY: An 9 month old Border Collie, Ruby is a lover, a doll and all action, non-stop go, go go, just like every other young BC! She is smart as a whip and could easily learn anything and excel in sports. She's the perfect more petite size for sports, too. Ruby is great with other BC's and really needs a friend for all the racing and chasing she loves to do. She fits in with other dogs just fine, easily adjusting and in fact, has decided that the big pack she's living with now, suit her just fine! She's quite the cuddler too and loves people. Ruby is, however, very high energy so needs a BC savvy home. She is about 30 pounds and loves the water and will happily jump in for a swim. Ruby needs to be with dog savvy cats since she's interested in herding them.  She lived in NY, in one home as a puppy but was too much for her guardians who were gone all day. 

GWEN found wonderful guardians who were drawn to her beauty and intelligence and easily fell in love in person. They knew their Border Collie needed a friend and most importantly, they wanted a 2nd BC to join their family. She was exactly what they were hoping to find. Focused totally on the dog's needs, Gwen is about to enjoy tons of BC games, racing and chasing and enjoy plenty of toy play as her life unfolds in Canada. She will surely be a cherished family member and one of the most stimulating canine friends imaginable since Gwen is wickedly smart and will thrive with people who can keep ahead of her!

GWEN: A 1 yr  old Border Collie, Gwen is incredibly sweet and loves to be next to her person. She also loves to race and chase with other Border Collies. Gwen is toy oriented and fast on her feet. She is also deaf and already has basic obedience commands with hand signals. She is very relationship oriented and is a great learner. Gwen does best with submissive Border Collies since she's like most girls, a bit bossy and likes to be in charge.  Gwen loves to go on trail walks and also love the water! She could be a solo dog, too. Gwen is 40 pounds and is OK with dog savvy cats. She was a present to an elderly woman in NY near the Farm who of course realized she couldn't care for her properly.  

KELL found a marvelous life with 125 acres, his very own lake and guardians who are around all the time to enjoy his Border Collie nature! They love the breed and found his sweet, friendly nature and maniacal ball play, to be exactly what they were hoping to have again since their beloved BC passed on. He won their hearts with big licks of love and cuddling so he happily headed out to VT where he's about to discover a nature wonderland fit for a BC!

KELL: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Kell is a wonderful, easy going, all action boy who wants to play and run and chase. He loves balls and loves to play with other dogs, too. Kell is great with everyone he meets and fits in beautifully into new situations. He is smart, focused and very responsive, a great candidate for sports. Kell is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He was surrendered to a NY shelter by guardians who had to move. 

DUKE found the best life he could find where he'll be the constant companion to his FurDad, have a great, easy going canine friend who likes to hang out with his person, and, he'll get to hike and swim in his own pond which Duke will absolutely love! Duke, Scout and his new guardian walked the fields, enjoying time together, getting into a rhythm that clearly showed they were going to be a great trio! We are so happy for Duke who was so upset by the change in his life but now, he'll be back in a home again, living in NY.

DUKE, a gorgeous 7 year old Border Collie, Duke is an easygoing guy. He has been an adored much loved companion, and is fantastic with people, a perfect gentleman who loves to spend time relaxing at home. Duke has lived in one home since a pup so really loves being with his people.  He is a great companion, not overly intense but instead, more excited by joining in family life. He is very smart and observant and eager to bond.  Duke loves balls of all sizes, swimming, and car rides. Duke is about 60 pounds and is taller than an average bc.  He is not good with cats. Duke was relinquished to the Farm by his elderly guardians from CT


On sunday Dec, 14th at 1:30am, Willow had 7 seizures clustered together within 45 minutes that required valium to stop the pattern from continuing. At 6:55am, she had another seizure, again controlled by valium. Willow will now begin medication for treatment of epilepsy. This new situation, combined with her compulsive spinning and barking means Willow will remain at the Farm rather than be adopted into a home. She will continue living with the founders which offers her the best opportunity for healing. The canine pack helps stabilize her while the medical intervention helps to hopefully control her seizures. We love Willow and optimistically hope we can give her the loving life she so richly deserves.

WILLOW: A 6 year old Border Collie, Willow is finally taking interest in the people around her, not so lost in her own world. She is super sweet and gentle, absolutely asking for little when it comes to people. Of all the TN dogs, she is the saddest case but we expect the greatest transformation as she finds her spirit again.  She'll be at the Farm awhile as she finishes her heartworm treatment and then ready for foster care. She is fine with other dogs but in need, mostly, of a person, to focus on her and give her the love she has clearly never had. We are sure Willow was a breeding dog, litter after litter, only exploited for breeding. She is about 35 pounds and not yet tested on cats.

MEKO found the perfect home where he'll get a chance to enjoy serious agility competition as well as other sports. His new guardian is a dog trainer and had been looking for just the right young rescue so when she saw him on the site, she knew she had to travel to the Farm to meet him. Seeing him in action made her know he would fit perfectly into her canine pack and her life with all the dog training and activities she does. Meko will thrive and blossom we are sure as he really gets to combine all his focus, energy and mind in jobs that are so well suited to him. Plus, he'll get plenty of running time at the beach which he loves, the water boy that he is! He now lives in NY.

MEKO: A 9 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Meko is all action, a big ball dog who wants to go, go, go. He is an amazing Border Collie, so focused and with so much eye, he would love an active home that uses his mind and body.  Meko responds in seconds to what is asked of him, whether it's with toys, being called or to race at high speed, he is eager to be challenged. He is fearless, leaping up onto any tall surface or jumping through anything in his way, and could really learn anything and is super fast and agile. He is good with other dogs, especially best with other Border Collies though he could be a solo dog with an active guardian. Meko will only be placed in a BC savvy home since he is high energy. He loves attention and responds quickly to affection and is happy to meet everyone. Meko would do best with dog savvy cats since he's interested in herding them. He is 33 pounds. Meko was bought as a gift by a NJ guardian who wanted to cheer herself up after her father died but now realizes she doesn't have time for him. 

GERTIE found a fabulous home where she'll have plenty of acres to explore, racing, chasing and playing, as the constant companion to her new guardians. She won their hearts instantly, jumping into their laps for cuddling and kisses, as only Gertie can do. They'd met a few dogsbut quickly decided this was the one they wanted to spend their life with, forever! Gertie will be totally adored for sure with her new guardians who were charmed by her loving ways. She now lives in New Hampshire.

GERTIE: A petite 1 1/2 Border Collie with ABCA papers, Gertie is a sweetheart, so gentle as you go to say hello with those persuasive eyes, she is lovely and instantly friendly with everyone. A curious, good natured girl, she loves to check things out and enjoys the other Border Collies at the Farm. Gertie is also quite the cuddler and loves a good snuggle. She is good with the other dogs though seems most interested in people at this time. She previously lived with golden retrievers and loved to play. She quickly got Stan to play and is giving play bows to all the dogs she meets so we'd like to see her have a BC friend. Gertie is good with cats. She is about 35 pounds. She was living in an unfenced situation on a Farm and the farmer didn't want her because she wouldn't herd the cows. A neighbor intervened to get her to safe haven at the Farm because she had started to visit neighbors, wandering along near the traffic. We are so happy Gertie made it to the Farm. 

SHANON found a wonderful home where she'll be the center of attention, along with her new canine buddy and enjoy the adoration of her new guardians. They thought she was a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality and her charm quickly won their hearts. Shanon will enjoy cuddling this holiday after so many months post surgery and rehab, waiting for the day she could run around, pain free! She happily headed out to her new life, living in NY.

SHANON: (RENAMING: We decided that Shadow described her behavior too well and we wanted to give her a name that encouraged a more confident, outgoing nature) A 3 year old Border Collie mix, Shanon is a lovely, good natured, sweet girl. She loves everyone and is super friendly. Shanon is also good with other dogs, a very easy going human companion and canine companion. She loves playing with toys but we're keeping her calm right now until she can arrive at the Farm. She was abandoned at a PA shelter when her guardians could not afford her medical care. She lived her entire life with an elderly relative who recently died, meaning she went to the guardians home who then could not care for her. 

CALLIE found a great life filled with agility, another Border Collie friend and loving guardians who fell in love when they saw her on the site and again, in person. Callie of course happily hopped into their laps for attention and raced around the field, chasing and racing with her friend Max. Callie will excel in agility and love all the challenges! She now lives in PA

CALLIE: A petite 7 month old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Callie is super smart and sweet and very responsive to whatever is asked of her - classic BC style. She is quite observant and watches everything around her, thinking through what is going on. A friendly girl, she loves people and is charming to everyone she meets, a really sweet cuddler. Callie has the potential to be a great agility dog.  . Callie came to the Farm from NY guardians who felt they could not meet her needs. 

CHIP found a fabulous home where he'll have plenty of fun with active guardians who spend lots of time outdoors, hiking, snowshoeing and exploring their 230 acres! Chip is great off leash so will have a blast joining them as well as his canine buddy, Shady, who loves to run and play, too. He'll have lots of love, too as he won their hearts soon as they spent time with him! Chip now lives in Vermont.

CHIP: An 11 month old Border Collie, Chip is learning that life can be quite fantastic if you have dog friends and toys to play with!  Chip is a bit insecure but quickly comes out of his shell with the help of another, confident young dog.  He likes to herd other Border Collies but is also learning how to wrestle and play like a young dog should.  In the house Chip is a very happy, easygoing boy, entertaining himself with toys and then curling up on the couch to watch television. He also loves to cuddle in your lap, taking a break from all the action. Chip LOVES toys of all kinds and is learning how to play frisbee - showing lots of promise in his foster home.  Chip had previously lived on a farm where he was kept mainly outdoors before being relinquished to a shelter that works with the farm. He is being fostered in Vt and blossoming quickly.

BEA found a great home to call her own with 17 acres and a person devoted totally to her so she'll have tons of play and plenty of time to explore the outdoor paradise, including swimming which is her favorite activity. Her new guardian understood Bea's hesitations with strangers since his previous BC was pretty similar so he was excited to help her gain more confidence and provide a loving life. Bea now lives in NY.

BEA: A 1 1/2 year old Border Collie, Bea is a sweet girl who will blossom with a routine and a person who cares about her. She loves attention and offers plenty of affection. Bea is very observant about everything around her and wants to join in all the action. She needs some help with her confidence at first and with men. Once she feels comfortable and secure, she's one very happy girl. Bea is high energy like any young BC but settles beautifully inside. She is great with other dogs but happiest as the center of attention so will be placed as an only dog. She will only be placed with Border Collie savvy guardians who can help Bea gain more confidence. She is about 40 pounds and good with cats. She was abandoned at a PA shelter that works with GHF. 

BAILEY found the perfect forever life with loving guardians who adore the breed and knew a sweet, good-natured mature dog would fit their life perfectly. His new FurMom saw his picture and fell in love, wanting to meet him. And, once he shared his sensitive gentle side along with his maniacal ball side, the combination was irresistible. Bailey will have a great New Year and many more to come, enjoy hiking and being her constant companion. He now lives in NJ

BAILEY: An 8 year old Border Collie, Bailey is an active BC who is very smart, alert and affectionate. He loves people and with a little head scratch, thinks everything in life is great. A real cuddler, he loves his belly rubs and quickly makes friends with anyone new he meets. He is hysterical with his 'woo-woo-woo', I want to do something with you communication and his tap dancing of his feet when excited!  Bailey is adorable and absolutely delightful, a classic BC with charm!  He is very intelligent and loves to watch everything going on as his 'work'. Bailey enjoys chasing balls outside and plays along side the young dogs, like he was only 4 himself, clearly a healthy happy mature dog.  He also loves going for walks.  Bailey is a lead dog so could be a solo dog or fit with a submissive dog.  He is being returned to the Farm due to a death in the family. He lived with a collie and a family for the last 5 years. Bailey is 35 lbs and good with cats.


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