It's time to book your summer vacation with your dog - check out our NEW WEBSITE!!

Join us this summer at Glen Highland Farm for some exciting new camps, 175 acres of nature, and many hours of improving your friendship with your dog.  Please click on each button for more detailed information on the different options....  don't hesitate to contact us if we can help you decide which camp is best suited to your needs.

A 6 day vacation
Itís time for a vacation...why leave your dog at home? Go together for a doggie break in the country where you'll have instructors introducing you and your dog to agility, frisbee, flyball, tracking, water sports, animal communication and more! !

All breeds are invited!! 
All teaching & meals included in this full activity camp experience!

Enjoy the Farm on your own - 3 night min stay
THE MOST PRIVATE CANINE GETAWAY AVAILABLE ANYWHERE! The Canine Country Getaway location is a special, private part of the Farm acreage set aside for visiting campers who want to be in the country on their own. 
An awakening of spirit, of heart, of joy
The old ideology of being master to your dog is an archaic belief. There is a fresh perspective that dog lovers are embracing each day as they realize the serious nature of this relationship. There is a honest companionship. Now, it is time to go even further into greater understanding of The Inner Dog.
Translating the Dog Experience 
Enjoy agility with a fresh vision and uncover the canine world with new eyes of understanding. Uncover the energetics of how dogs respond. Living in a world without words means that dogs Ďreadí the energy of everything around them. This  camp sharpens your perceptions about the innate brilliance in dogs, going way beyond the basics of dog training.


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