The talented, wonderful character we call Minna found a new home recently with our frisbee instructor from Camp Border Collie & Friends.  He had initially seen Minna during the camp week when she was adopted and said he'd take her in an instant if the camper didn't take her...well, his wishes came true when Minna came back to the Farm due to personal reasons.  We quickly told him she was again available so she had a home within seconds. We're proud to say that not only will Minna become a talented frisbee dog, but she'll also be doing therapy work with Fly-n-k9 USA, performing for children in hospitals and other educational venues.  She joins her new guardian's other dog, Spirit, shown with her. The Fly-n-k9 team has logged over 20,000 hours of therapy work.  For anyone who has met Minna, especially children, it's clear to see how destiny led her to her new life!!!!  Minna will be coming back to Camp Border Collie for Kids and showing us her wonderful ways for years to come!  Minna received her Canine Good Citizen certificate too!  Minna now lives in upstate NY.

MINNA - petite Minna is a 6 month old purebred border collie with the unusual blue coloring complete with white tipped ears. She is a wonderful little girl, with lots of spunk and curiosity and eager to bond with someone instantly.  She grabs toys and wants to play all the time, joins in with the other dogs, racing and running around the Farm and most of all, lands in your lap or by your side for lots of affection.  Minna is very, very alert and will probably be a typical border collie, active and energetic and she is very smart.  Minna is about 22 pounds and will always be fairly small. Minna is not good with cats. Minna would be fine as the solo dog in a home or mixing with more submissive dogs. Either way, she will need a physical outlet for her mind and body as she is fast, smart and very agile.  She'd be incredible in flyball or agility.  Minna will need to be in a home with an electronic fence system since she can dig and climb most fences fairly easily but will respect the invisible fence. Minna was a stray in a shelter.

The big bear-like Smitty found his forever home with a wonderful couple who just felt his sweet nature belonged in their life.  He has another doggy friend, a 120 pound German Shepherd to play with, 10 acres of wooded countryside and guardians who are home most of the day to enjoy him.  Smitty happily hopped into the front seat and rode cuddled in their laps all the way home. Smitty now lives in central NY.  Smitty had just gotten a Border Collie Angel from our final summer camp which just proves that all that loving energy helps!!

SMITTY:  A 5 year old Border Collie (maybe mix), Smitty is a gentle, good natured, people oriented border collie.  He fits in beautifully into new situations, joining all the dogs at the Farm without any issue whatsoever.  Smitty is very interested in everyone he meets, comes over and quickly sits next to you and wants to be connected.  He's a cuddler!  He is also fairly mellow so very content to hang around with whatever activity is underway, not herding or nipping but literally, just being with people or dogs.  Smitty is obedient, knows sit and comes when called even though he's literally only had his name for days.   He likes toys and wants to play but would be best with adults since he is a bit protective of what's his.  Smitty is good with cats.  He is around 60 pounds.  Smitty was in a shelter, found as a stray and because of his sweet ways, the staff worked diligently to get him into rescue.

Brilliant Murphy found his forever home in a fabulous adult home, on 60 acres where he can run, play and explore til his heart is content.  His new guardians loved his calm nature and gentle ways and felt he would fit perfectly in their family.  Murphy will be hiking and playing, basically loving the country life, living in Connecticut.  Murphy had just gotten a Border Collie Angel from our final summer camp so all that good energy obviously helped 'pull in' his new home!

MURPHY, a 3 1/2- 4 year old purebred border collie, Murphy is very tuned in, aware of everything around him.  He is responsive to people, friendly and also thoughtful, being a bit cautious about first meetings, very typical of a border collie.  He's checking everyone out a bit, before deciding to connect.  He is very interested in the ball, fast-moving to chase it and will release it easily for another throw.  Murphy is great with other dogs, loves riding in the car and is good on leash.  He will be best in an adult home with someone who understands the mental, physical and emotional stimulation needed for a border collie.  Murphy is typical in size, about 45 pounds.  He was a stray taken into a local pound

The wonderful, sweet Larney found his forever home at Camp Border Collie & friends when his new guardians came to visit with three of their 7 border collies.  While playing frisbee with Larney and their dogs, they decided to become his Border Collie Angel and support his stay at the Farm.  Upon returning home, they called late one night to say they just couldn't live without him.  He had obviously won their heart and now joins the pack, living in a home with agility available all day, a great pond for swimming and continual frisbee and even sheep.  Larney definitely had an angel on his shoulder!!  Larney now lives in Pennsylvania.

LARNEY:  A 1 year old Border Collie, Larney has unique markings with beautiful brown border collie eyes, complete with the penetrating 'eye' the breed is famous for.  Larney is a very sweet, easy-going, engaging dog, interested in people and great with other dogs.  Larney simply loves playing ball and fixates on anything and everything having to do with catching it and continuing the game of retrieval.  He is very focused and has an incredible eye, the classic herding instincts.  Larney went through our Camp Border Collie for Kids program and passed his obedience work beautifully, knowing sit, stay and come.  He thrives on learning.  He'll need another dog companion since he has lots of interest in playing and enjoys dogs immensely.  Larney is about 40 pounds and is good with cats.  Larney was a stray due to be euthanized.

Chazz is feeling his way through his new home and we're waiting to see how he adjusts since he had such a rough start from his past.  He's found wonderful guardians who fell in love with him when they met him and is joining another furry friend to enjoy 170 acres on a horse farm in Pennsylvania as well as 40 acres in his 'suburban' home in New Jersey.  Chazz can actively enjoy racing around, exploring, playing and even some agility with the boys.  We're hoping he can relax into his new life and be there forever.  Send good energy to Chazz as his transition is causing some stress. (Chazz was abandoned in a kennel for 2 months after living in a chaotic life with a heroin addict so gets nervous with change)

CHAZZ:  A 3 1/2 year old purebred Border Collie, Chazz is wonderfully affectionate, loving and happy to be with people interacting with him.  He is a classic Border Collie, alert, observant and sensitive.  He doesn't like a lot of commotion and prefers the routine of a fairly stable home.  He's great with other dogs, enjoys playing and would probably feel most comfortable with another dog or with someone who was with him most of the time.  Chazz is not good with cats and is in need of lots of love and TLC since his former guardian abandoned him at a kennel due to their problems in life.  Chazz was relinquished to rescue after a month's stay in a kennel.  

The wonderful brotherly duo found new guardians who love border collies and especially two!  It only took minutes before they knew this was a match made in heaven...after cuddling, playing with toys, racing around...they knew they were the sweetest, good natured dogs around.  Jaye & Kent now live in New Hampshire.

KENT & JAYE : 2 year old Border Collie brothers that simply adore each other, thriving on the companionship, play and fun.  They are delightful together! Every attempt will be made to place them into a loving home together.  They have not yet been tested with cats.  Both are about 40 pounds, typical in size for border collies.  They were relinquished to a shelter because 'the kids outgrew them'...they were due to be destroyed.

A beautiful red & white purebred (with papers), Phoebe didn't even make it onto the website. A former adopter, who now has Zappa as their beloved companion, came to visit the Farm and fell in love with her.  At 3 years old, Phoebe, is an incredible athlete, poised to catch any ball thrown as well as easy to teach frisbee- she's now the 'disc dog' in the family and will be learning next week.  These two quickly hit it off, racing together and eager to connect, an obvious match.  Phoebe now lives in Pennsylvania where she'll be hiking, playing ball and frisbee and even agility.

Lovely little Lacey found her forever home with a border collie lover who works from home, has a pool (Lacey loves water) AND will be geese herding twice a week -!!!! perfect for our herding girl who lives to round up everything with her border collie eye!  Her new guardian chuckled at Lacey's brilliant and willful ways and felt she'd be a perfect addition to her life and understands that Lacey lives to work!  Lacey now lives in NJ.

LACEY:  a 2 year old purebred, Lacey is keenly alert and aware of everything around her. She is affectionate and very responsive to people. She'll sit next to you, happy to be by your side, for hours. And, Lacey absolutely LOVES children and will happily play for hours with toys, racing around, throwing them in the air and making up games to entertain herself and whomever she's playing with.  She is incredibly gentle with children and comes to life around them.  She also loves the water, hops right into the tub to cool off as well as will play 'hose' , trying to catch the water as it comes out!  She's a lively little girl who loves to play, as well as work.  Lacey is very, very fast, agile and likely to do well in agility or flyball because of her size and speed.  She has been tested on sheep and possesses an intense focus to work and could excel working with sheep or geese and love every minute of it.  She is petite, about 25-30 pounds.  She is good with most dogs but is dominant so best with submissive dogs. Lacey is very obedient, quiet, not a barker and eager to please.  She's a wonderful little brilliant border collie!  Lacey was relinquished to a local shelter because the people had no time for her

The wonderful little Mojo found his forever home with guardians who adored him the minute they saw his picture and knew he'd fit in perfectly in their life. He now lives on 11 acres with the pastor of a community in VT who works from home and can't wait to take him to church - there's another border collie already there every Sunday!  Mojo also has a new buddy in the young boy who fell in love with him, too.  No more worries for Mojo as a stray on the street surviving each night.

MOJO:  A 4 month old border collie mix, little Mojo is wonderful!  A lively, spirited soul who just loves other dogs and people, too.  He already knows sit, is almost totally housetrained and responds easily to people. He is very alert, very fun and on his way to being a wonderful companion.  Mojo is not showing heavy herding instincts so would be fine in most family situations.  He'd be happiest with another dog.  Mojo was a stray taken to a animal hospital.

A 4 year old purebred Border Collie, Mickey came to our attention one day in a literal 'do or die' situation...  Mickey's elderly owner was going into the hospital and the family had to find a solution for Mickey that day. Just as they were to take him to a local shelter, a family member read the newspaper and saw the article about Glen Highland Farm.  That meant Mickey found us and also found his new guardian, the person who agreed to foster him.  A few fast phone calls back and forth and everything happened within hours. A beautiful, easy-going sweetheart, his life had turned upside down, as was the family's but fortunately for Mickey, he landed safely in a home for life.  The foster person felt Mickey was the beloved companion he'd been waiting for!  Mickey lives in Rochester, NY.

Hailey found her forever home with another border collie on 10 acres with goats and chickens and a family of kids and adults who just love this breed!  She was immediately adored, as to be expected and will now have a loving life forever!  Hailey lives in New Jersey.

HAILEY: An 8 week old border collie mix, little Hailey is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle as well as race around making mischief!  Like any puppy, she is playful, full of energy and needs lots to do.  She is getting along beautifully with other dogs and friendly with everyone.  Hailey is not hyperactive but would be happiest with another dog for play.  Hailey was in a kill shelter.  She is being fostered in southern NJ and will be coming to the farm on 10/6.

The wonderful Daemo now lives with another young border collie who loves to play ball and soccer as much as he does and guardians who adore this breed for all their brilliance and sweetness.  Of course, Daemo won them over with his desire for cuddles as well as his accuracy at dropping the ball right in front of their feet!  A smart Border Collie, of course.  Daemo now lives in Pennsylvania.

DAEMO:  A 9 month old purebred tri-color Border Collie with papers, Daemo is a very well balanced, energetic young dog.  He is friendly, great with other dogs and loves to play with balls.  He's ready to catch any and every ball!  Daemo knows basic obedience commands, is very responsive to people and eager to learn.  He would be happiest with another young dog and lots of room to run. Daemo is good with cats.   He was living in an urban environment and relinquished so he would have freedom to run.

Sweet little Cinnie found her forever-ever home, as her new guardians called it, living as the first dog for their little girl as well as enjoying their love day and night.  Within moments of meeting her, she curled up by their side, loving to be touched and cared for and giving back her sweet heart in exchange.  Cinnie now lives in upstate NY.

CINNIE:  A petite 2 year old border collie mix, Cinnie is very sweet and adores human interaction.  Her amber eyes will melt your heart.  She is always ready for the next adventure, keeping track of everyone in the house and what they are going to do next.  Cinnie loves to ride in the car - insisting on being in the front seat.  She is housebroken, and gets along with dogs, cats, men and will fetch a tennis ball for the kids (as long as she gets hugs in between throws!)  Being petite at just 25 lbs, she loves to curl up on the couch or stretch out on the bed when it's time to settle down.  Cinnie was in a kill shelter, due to be euthanized. 

The boisterous and bold Maxx found his match with another border collie mix, Kelsey who kept up with him on long dashes around the paddocks and racing like speed demons.  Instantly, they played together like they'd always been together, which was obvious to his new guardians who fell in love within moments.  Maxx now happily lives in Maine!

MAXX:  A 10 month old purebred Border Collie, Maxx is a blast! He has lots of energy to run and race and must be with another young dog in order to play.  He is very alert, smart and interested in everything around him.  He is not showing heavy border collie instincts but is high energy  and must go to a home with a large yard and fencing.  Maxx knows sit, comes when called and is good on leash.  He has been well socialized with other dogs and people so is easy going around strangers and loves being with people.  Maxx is about 35 pounds and is good with cats.  Maxx was given up due to the death of his guardian.

The gorgeous and brilliant Paris found her forever home doing exactly what she was bred to do - herding - she will be joining another dog adopted from the farm, Merlin, who is chasing geese for his life's work as part of his guardian's company, Geese Chasers.  Paris runs like a bullet, jumps high into the air and loved to race with Merlin, in a chase for the frisbee.  She will be happily learning all about geese and working each day in New Jersey.

PARIS:  A 9 month old purebred Border Collie, Paris is a brilliant, focused dog, ready to respond instantly to people or other dogs.  She is very very alert, shows herding abilities and could easily be trained for sports since she is so athletic.  She is very fast, loves to engage with other dogs and is active.  She is also very sweet, affectionate and is very social, responding easily to everyone she meets.  She adapts quickly and is a well balanced Border Collie.  Paris is fine with cats and would be happiest with an active Border Collie guardian and another young dog.  Paris was previously at Best Friends, relinquished due to lack of time.

Frisky Frisco found his forever home with one of our adopters who recently volunteered, bringing Reece back to visit with her.  Not even planning to add a third dog, little Frisco entered the cabin for an overnight and obviously entered her heart, too!  She felt bringing him to their home was the right thing to do so he now lives with two other border collies in New Jersey, happy to race around like crazy as well as cuddle!

FRISCO:  A 10 month old sable color Border Collie, Frisco is a gem.  Very interested in people and eager to please, he is acclimating beautifully with the other dogs and into the routine at the Farm.  He is also very agile, able to jump straight up as high as 5 feet which is how we spotted him at the shelter. He was literally jumping up and down, making sure we saw him! (we had gone in to see another dog)  Frisco is petite, about 30 pounds and will only be placed in an adult home.  Frisco is okay with cats, only needs a little supervision since he will chase, as most border collies do but he is just curious.  Frisco was in a shelter.

Zoe found her forever home with her foster guardians who just fell in love with her as she blossomed.  Having come from an unfortunate history of loosing her former guardian in a car accident and also being injured herself, Zoe was in need of a real home again.  She quickly blossomed into an attentive, happy, good natured Border Collie, one they wanted in their lives forever! Zoe lives in Long Island, NY.

ZOE:  A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Zoe loves to play!  Whether it;s with sticks or balls or with other dogs, she will race and run happily.  She is very very smart, responsive to people and enjoys companionship.  In fact, she bonds very quickly and is going to be a very loyal friend to a new guardian.  Zoe is about 40 pounds with only three legs due to a car accident yet her stamina, strength and ability to move like any Border Collie is amazing.  She is very obedient, good natured and aims to please.  Zoe was relinquished due to allergies in the family.  Zoe is being fostered in Long Island.

Lovely little Hollie won't ever wander the streets of Brooklyn again, she now lives with new guardians in New Jersey, a caring minister who wants Hollie to share her sweet heart with her forever as well as do therapy work in the community.  Hollie also gets another home in upstate NY on 200 acres she can call her own!

HOLLIE:  A 10 month old Border Collie mix, Hollie is very very sweet, eager to be with people and great with other dogs.  She is very shy at first and will need patient guardians and a fairly calm environment so that she can blossom.  She would be happiest with another young, small dog for play that would build her confidence more quickly.  Hollie is housetrained and a very petite girl, about 20 pounds and likely to stay small.  Hollie was a stray at a shelter.

Rae found his forever home in a home of music lovers! His new guardians are music teachers so have a houseful of young pupils who learn the flute each week which of course Rae will enjoy, too, being the curious dog he is! Rae's new guardians just found his sweet nature to be irresistible so had to have him join their family. Rae now lives in New Jersey. 

RAE:   a 1 1/2 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Rae is a very gentle, loving dog who craves being with people and will thrive and blossom with the right people who will adore him.  Rae has stunning border collie eyes and focuses directly on you when he's with you.  For him, people are the most important need in his life yet he's great with other dogs and likes to play.  Rae loves to play with balls and play catch the water from the hose, jumping up with glee in an all out effort to 'get the water'!  His sweet nature is amazing considering he is shy and skittish around men, and will run away if there is loud yelling or he senses anger, most likely from a rough past.  Rae is truly a diamond in the rough and will be a very loyal companion, closely bonded to whomever loves him.  Rae is good with cats.  He would be best in a home without children and a lot of commotion, a calmer environment would be best, probably with another dog which helps him feel more confident.  Rae was previously at Best Friends Sanctuary for 9 months.  Rae is being fostered in Southern NJ.

In rescue, we hear story after story of neglect, abuse and ignorance.  We share this one with the hopes that you will help in funding the care of this pup and/or consider adding her to your family.  She will need a home shortly and needs your support now.
DIXIE:  A 6 month old border collie (with a bobbed tail), Dixie had an unfortunate accident where she was carelessly allowed to run free in the street, chasing an ATV.  The guardians recently had their 6 month old lab killed by a car, so it was incredibly fortunate that Dixie survived this mishap with a broken jaw and dislocated shoulder.  An awful occurrence for any dog, yet such a young dog who now requires 4-6 weeks of recovery from serious reconstructive surgery.  The family had no interest in funding her medical care so Dixie has luckily been supported by a caring veterinarian in the NY area and through donations of other dog lovers. 

PERRY: Our foster volunteers always make a difference in the lives of the dogs they meet, but to Perry, it meant everything! He joined h is new home, being fostered in in Rochester after being a stray on the streets, meeting another border collie, Mickey, who also was fostered and recently adopted. Well, Mickey and Perry now share the same home as their new guardian, our foster volunteer Michael Heasley, decided they were both just to wonderful to part Perry is officially adopted! Yippeeeee!!!!

Another angel kindly brought Callie into their lives forever - our foster family, Martha & Hartley decided that Callie's best life would be staying with them.  After pulling Callie from a PA shelter where she had been brought in on a stock truck, no longer wanted.  She obviously had a life quite abnormal from other dogs so will always need special understanding which she will now get. We are forever grateful for their decision.

CALLIE:  Callie is a stunning 2 year old purebred Border Collie, who is extremely under socialized with people.  She will be in foster care for many months until she improves and begins to adjust to normal day to day life.  Callie was relinquished to a shelter by a farmer with 6 other dogs, not all in good condition.  Fortunately, Callie seems very good-natured, showing no signs of issues with people other than fear of new situations.  Callie is now being fostered in western Connecticut to help acclimate her to everyday life.  

:  A beautiful 3 year old purebred with papers, Dawn (formerly called Dawg) is very very affectionate and just loves to be petted and give her love back.  She is completely people oriented and will happily be with whatever person is nearby.  She is also very very active and loves circling other dogs, using her herding instincts which are strong.  She mixes fine with other dogs but would need to be placed with a more submissive dog as she can be protective of her food or toys.  Dawn could also be a solo dog if she had an active guardian.  She is a petite 30 pounds, common in female bcs and has not been tested with cats, yet.  Dawn was relinquished due to nipping a child so will be placed in an adult home, preferably border collie savvy.

  A REAL ANGEL ARRIVED!!  Every now and then at the Farm, we are so inspired by what happens that we are certain that Angels are real! Dawn's new guardian is one such angel because Dawn has issues that prevent most people from wanting to adopt her.  Relinquished to us for nipping a child, Dawn has a pattern of nipping anyone she does not know, not biting but nipping.  Obviously a very special person would tackle this but our belief was that if Dawn could work, her anxiety and frustration would end ( a very common belief among trainers that frustrated working border collies develop aggressive behaviors since they are living as a family pet rather than working)  Dawn's herding instincts came alive at the Farm and she lived to herd the other dogs non-stop, 24/7 so when her new guardian called to adopt her for geese herding work (3 times a day) and was an animal control officer, we were thrilled.  With seasoned skills to develop Dawn's trust as well as handle her as a working dog, Dawn went to her new home in  New York!

Socializing Nanna will be able to meet and greet people til her heart is content now! She's found her forever home with another dog we adopted from the farm, Lindy (the red one), and together they will be the dogs at a NY upstate winery who of course steal everyone hearts with their friendly hellos.... on some weekends, Nanna and Lindy will be greeting 800 people who visit the winery! As anyone who has met Nanna will know, this is just the perfect place for her sweet, good natured 'therapy'!

NANA:  A 5 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Nana is an affectionate, people oriented dog who is eager to be with human companions. She mixes in fine with other dogs but definitely people are her first choice, dogs second.  Nana is quite a character as she talks to you all the time, verbally making sounds to let you know something is on her mind!  She is fairly calm, not showing herding or nipping instincts.  Nana is good with cats and is fantastic with kids and loves being with them, not minding their chaos, in fact, loving it! Nanna is such a loving, friendly dog that she would make a wonderful therapy dog...she doesn't jump up on people; is very calm; eager to say hello to everyone; and happy to be sitting with you for hours on end!   Nana was a stray taken in for three weeks by a caring animal lover who then gave her to rescue.  Nanna is being fostered in Ct.

Sweet Katie found her forever home with one of the first dogs adopted from our rescue efforts in 1999 in Ct, Maggie - the two of them absolutely hit it off, wildly racing around the paddock acres, playing chase like two lost friends. Katie finally found her match in speed!  She now lives in Massachusetts where she'll also be hiking the White Mountains every day.

KATIE:  A 1 year old border collie (maybe mix) Katie is playful, friendly and eager to be with people. She is very very sweet and responsive and would love companionship.  She needs the activity another young dog provides since she's full of energy and loves to race.  Katie is very fast and gorgeous to watch.  She is good with most cats and good with all dogs, a little on the submissive side so fits in beautifully.  Katie absolutely loves the water, dunking her head in, splashing and playing and of course, loves to retrieve balls, too.  Katie is about 40 pounds and has had her long rough coat shaved for the summer so she looks a little different now than when it grows out. Katie was relinquished in Rhode Island due to a move.  She was taken at the Farm because the other bc rescue in her area of New England was full.

Tanner found his forever home on 40 acres of beautiful countryside with another furry friend and loving guardians, one who works from home and will make Tanner a real participant in every activity 24/7..just what he wanted! Tanner now lives in upstate NY.

TANNER:  A stunning 2 year old red & white Border Collie mix, Tanner has the most wonderful blue eyes and calm manner, very happy to be by your side endlessly, clearly bonding for human companionship.  He gets along very well with other dogs but connects with people instantly.  He is a very very smart dog, observing everything around him at all times, eager to participate in every activity.  Tanner is not high energy, nor is he exhibiting herding or nipping instincts.  He really would be an incredible companion, bonding deeply. He is very happy riding in the car, sitting by your side or just being with you and would be happiest with someone who takes him everywhere or wants an interactive relationship.  While fine with other dogs, he'd be fine as the solo dog.  Tanner knows sit, gives his paw and is good on leash. He is about 35 pounds and is not good with cats.  Very agile, he will need invisible fencing as he is able to crawl over 5 foot fences easily.   Tanner was a stray in a shelter.

JAG & NESSIE: These two found their forever home together where they met at the Farm, ironically rooming together from the first day of arrival. Now, they will be cross country skiing together, hiking and enjoying life in upstate NY with their new guardians who absolutely fell in love with them!

NESSIE:  A 4 year old Border Collie with ABC papers, Nessie is a wonderful, friendly dog eager to participate in any activity with you.  She is very very smart, alert and attentive to anyone around her.  She enjoys being with other dogs but would also be happy as the solo dog since she has not been heavily socialized with other dogs.  Nessie is a classic Border Collie who benefits from mental stimulation and an emotional relationship.  She is about 35 pounds, fairly small.  Nessie is not nipping or herding and is good with cats.  Nessie was relinquished due to an inability to meet her needs.

JAG:  A 3 year old purebred Border Collie, Jag is a sweet-natured, loving dog who wants to connect with people.  He is very observant and smart, watching everything around him.  Happy to sit next to you for belly rubs, Jag is relearning how to trust and play so can be a bit reserved. Once he is secure, he gives you his heart.  He is not showing signs of herding or nipping but does like to play ball!  Jag is about 35 pounds, not yet tested on cats.  Jag was given up to a lifestyle change.

Gorgeous Gordon found his forever home herding geese with his new guardian as well as playing frisbee, of course!  Gordon will happily enjoy his new furry friend as well as a life of play and work.  Gordon now lives in New Jersey.

GORDON:  A stunning 3 year old purebred with papers, Gordon is from working lineage and has the classic border collie 'eye' but he's happy to play ball non-stop instead. Gordon loves to play frisbee - fast, accurate and focused!  He is very friendly with everyone, a people focused border collie and would be happiest with an interactive relationship, actively playing dog sports.  He is good with other dogs as he lived with another dog.  Gordon loves to run and needs space to do so.  He is very responsive to people so could easily be trained.  He is good with cats, just tries to herd them but won't harm them.  Gordon is approximately 58 pounds, on the large size.  Gordon was given up due to lack of time for him

Mystical Sky (aka Broc) found his forever home when his new guardian dreamt about him! Oddly enough, a few people dreamt about Sky so obviously he was tuning into where he wanted to go. So, it was clear upon meeting at the Farm, that his new person had arrived. A bit magical with dogs playing with ease and he and his new person very much connected at the heart. A clear bond! Sky will now live where he can run and play in New Hampshire on 136 acres, (a woodland area) and a 9 acre home area plus another 180 acres in NY at their Retreat and Earth Awareness Center, Rune Hill, a personal growth facility. Odds are that Sky will be doing therapy work, too.

BROC: A stunning 2 year old purebred Border Collie, Broc is incredibly friendly with everyone he meets.  He is a real lover, affectionate and eager to be with people.  Broc is very good with other dogs, loves to run and race around the farm with all the dogs, easily mixing in with them.  He is very bright, alert and responsive.  Besides his good natured temperament, he is gorgeous in person with one blue eye and one brown. He is not showing heavy herding instincts or nipping.  Broc is really very easy going and playful.  He is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed and good with cats.  Broc was a stray surrendered in the night deposit box of a shelter.

Sweet Ziggy found his forever home with former adopters who now have Ness in their life and wanted to add a companion for him. They saw Ziggy on the site and knew he would be a perfect addition to their family. Just like Ness, little Ziggy;s sweet nature won them over and it was clear the two would happily enjoy each other. Ziggy now lives in NY.

ZIGGY:  A 5-month old Border Collie mix, Ziggy is a love bug, very sweet and easy going. He likes to play but is not hyperactive or overly busy.  In act, Ziggy can be a bit shy at first so will need a patient guardian to help him become more confident.  Ziggy is good with other dogs and responds easily to playing with toys and is more at ease when another dog is around.  Ziggy is housetrained and is about 30 pounds now, rather large so likely to be a good sized dog, probably bigger than typical border collie size.  Ziggy was a stray at a shelter.

Cooper found his forever home with guardians who fell in love when they met him! Their two dogs fit in beautifully as they raced around and played and they knew Cooper was the perfect compliment to their life. Committed dog lovers, Cooper new lives happily in Rhode Island.

COOPER:  A 10 month Border Collie, Cooper is a very fun, playful, ready to go pup, eager to connect with people as well as dogs.  He is  affectionate, very friendly and well-adjusted though he is very active so needs another young dog for play or a very active life. He would also be better with older children since he is so enthusiastic. He is quite focused, can jump straight into the air, loves toys and could be great at agility.  Cooper is about 35 pounds, typical in size.  He has not yet been tested on cats.  Cooper was relinquished due to his energy level.

Hudson found his forever home with another Border Collie where they will enjoy daily play on the backyard agility equipment as well as competition twice a week. He'll also get a chance to try herding once a week which is perfect for his high energy, focused nature. Hudson and their dog, Oisin, instantly became fast friends, playing like crazy!  Oisin came to Camp Border Collie and Friends this summer as the only dog and of course, now, has a favorite friend for lots of play so maybe we;ll see them again next summer, together! Hudson now lives in NY.

HUDSON: An 8 month old Border Collie, Hudson is full of life, very high energy and loves to play, especially with other young dogs.  He also is extremely friendly and eager to connect, happy to cuddle and be the focus of attention.  Hudson is also very agile and athletic so needs an active outlet for his energy. He would also be best with older children since he is so enthusiastic.  Hudson is about 35 pounds, typical in size.  He is good with cats.  Hudson was relinquished due to relocation moves.

Mason found his forever home with another dog, Casey, adopted from us in CT, one of the first when we started rescue! Watching Mason choose Casey was a fascinating experience in dog chemistry...he followed her everywhere, literally obsessed with her every move and once outside, she reciprocated her interest, racing around the farm to play! Both ball and frisbee maniacs, they'll now happily be busy together living in Massachusetts.

MASON: A 3 year old Border Collie/Aussie, Mason is a frisbee/ball maniac, happily wagging his tiny tail with delight!  He is also very very fast, catches almost everything thrown to him and obediently drops his catch right at your feet, eager to go again!  Mason is affectionate and sweet, quite gentle and eager to be with people.  He has been the solo dog so is just starting to get comfortable socializing with more dogs since he is submissive and a bit intimidated at first.  He would be happiest in a home where sport activities are the focus and he could live alone or with another submissive dog.  Mason is about 40 pounds with a lean border collie body rather than the stockier aussie build.  Mason was relinquished due to a change in the family's health.

Lark found her forever home in Maine with another dog from the farm, Fraser, who upon meeting, become fast friends quickly playing keep away and running through the yard. She also jumped into the laps of the children and decided this was her home! Lark happily found her new place!

LARK: a 9 month old Border Collie (possibly mix), Lark is a fun loving, playful girl fitting in with all the dogs, eager to play. She is alert and affectionate, enjoying a good tummy rub as well as a throw of the ball. Lark loves to run and chase and is very eager to connect with other dogs. She is about 25 pounds. Lark has not yet been tested on cats. She was a stray left in the night deposit box of a shelter. 

The great Gillis, as we call him, found his forever home over the thanksgiving holiday and we're thankful he did! He now lives with a 7 year old border collie named Captain Max who seems delighted to share his people with Gillis. And, the loving Gillis found a warm lap for cuddling and seemed to settle in choosing his new home instantly. We adore this little character and wish him well, bringing chuckles to all he meets! Gillis now lives in New Jersey, no longer abandoned in Brooklyn! 

GILLIS:  A 4-month old tri-color Border Collie mix, little Gillis is a rowdy, fun-loving, high energy boy, ready to play at any moment. He is very confident, even at such a young age and mischievous, of course, like any puppy. He will be best with another dog for his friend as well as a lot of activity. He is great with other dogs, fearless with any that he meets and LOVES to play.   Gillis is very bright, responsive and already knows sit and is housetrained.  He is about 20 pounds, rather large now so likely to be a good sized dog, probably bigger than typical border collie size.  Gillis was surrendered to a shelter before coming into rescue.


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