MIA found her forever right where she was being fostered! Her foster family just felt even after a few weeks, when faced with the prospect of her leaving to go to another home, they just couldn't do it so Mia now has officially started her new life in Pittsburgh PA where she is adored.

MIA: a 4 year old beautiful petite purebred, Mia is a very smart, alert, active border collie, ready to bond quickly with people. She needs an outlet for her energy and mind, like sports or an active home savvy to the breed. She loves squeaky toys and anyone who wants to play with her! Mia would be fine as the solo dog or with another dog. She is very agile and can jump/climb a 4 foot fence so like most border collies, need secure containment. Mia is good with cats and  absolutely adores children and is thrilled to be with them, especially teenage children who interact with her and understand her energy needs.  She was relinquished from a family in the Pittsburgh area who was moving into an apartment. Mia is being fostered in the Pittsburgh area and can be see there. 

Lunna found her forever home where she'll get to work everyday, chasing geese, happily giving her lots to do with her focused mind and energetic body! Lunna loves to swim so will surely be in the water too, having the time of her life, getting to do what she was bred to do! Lunna now lives in NJ with her new guardian and her shepherd friend, Lady.

LUNNA: A lovely 3 year old border collie, Lunna is very very smart and likes to engage with people. She is friendly, affectionate and even has  a big grin when she sees you each day...very very cute! Classically  border collie, she needs something to do so will be best in an active  home. Lunna lived with another dog and is good with other dogs (especially males) but could easily  be a solo dog. She is eager to please and is trained in basic  obedience. She is typical in size for a border collie, about 45  pounds. She is good with cats and  will need regular fencing.   Lunna has been well-loved in Rhinebeck, NY, but was relinquished to the farm because they felt she needed  something more to stimulate her mentally and physically than they could  give.

"Skye walked into our home and into our hearts, it is like she has been here with Shadow from day one. Never missing a beat. I am telling you if someone was to see our two girls they would never know that they weren't sisters or that they didn't come into our house at the same time. They are so much fun to watch out in the yard, Shadow loves her to death, and Skye is a very loving content girl. "

Gorgeous Syke (aka Angie) quickly found her new home in a surprise fit when the adopters of Bandit returned hoping to find a better match for their dog, size-wise (Bandit was just too overpowering physically for their petite bc) Well, Skye and Shadow were like two peas in a pod, racing, playing, exactly timed for the same interests and focus...balls, balls, balls...a wonderful pair, now together happily in MA.

ANGIE: A 7 month old Border Collie, Angie is not only stunning and sweet, she is a live wire, full of border collie energy. She has everything that makes the breed magnificent and also a challenge....she is fast, she has herding interest and she absolutely loves toys. She is a ball nut! She shows no nipping tendencies, typical of the breed. Angie is a blast, eager to do anything with people at any time and gets along well with other dogs. She'll need another young border collie to work off her energy and a committed bc person who understands the breed. While Angie is high energy, she is also very very affectionate and people oriented. She is okay with cats but will herd them, not hurt them. Angie is typical in size for her age, about 30 pounds.  Angie was given up to a PA shelter due to her energy needs. 

GULLIVER found his forever home with Polo/Rio when Rio's new guardians saw him on the site and just had to meet him. It was a match made in heaven, a true connection and both Gully and Rio clearly wanted to go to California. We made this exception out of the northeast since we knew the adopters from the week at camp and were confident that these dog lovers would adore these two. So, Gully now lives in central CA with his own pond and five acres plus some other fur buddies to play! And, like any good dog lover, one of the guardians flew to get them and the dogs are being driven cross the country to go home! We know Gulliver would love this adventure!

GULLIVER: A 4- 5 year old beautiful golden retriever/belgian terv mix (we guess) found his way to the farm when a neighbor called about two dogs wandering nearby. Gulliver and his pal, a purebred GSD came right up to the car and hopped in, happy to have a friend. The Shepherd went to rescue and Gulliver stayed at the farm because frankly, we fell in love with him and want to know where he goes for the rest of his life. He spent two weeks meeting all the campers, happily mixing in with all the dogs and people and not a moment of trouble or worries. He is very very friendly, very very smart and bonds instantly. Gulliver wants a person to love him for sure and will gladly enjoy lots of attention.  He is a very easy going guy, can play ball or lay around at your side. Gulliver is great on leash and even great off leash, never loosing sight of his person (in this case, Lillie) He's about 55 - 60 pounds, as tall as a shepherd and as a gentle as a golden retriever. He is good with cats and would be happiest with lots of space to run and variety - to meet people and go places. He's a wonderfully wise dog with a big heart and could even be a great therapy dog.  

Both Hart and Luckie not only roomed together at the Farm, but they'll get to live together! They both found their forever home with border collie lovers who thought Luckie was 'just perfect' with all his wound-up ball focus and Hart was the sweetest, most gentle girl imaginable...a wonderful pair and since they already liked each other, a wonderful addition to their family! Hart and Luckie now live in upstate NY.

HART: A beautiful, petite 10 month old Border Collie, Hart is a delight, brilliant, fast and focused. She is also very gentle, responsive to positive attention and settles beautifully. She is not high strung though she is active and energetic, typical of her age. Her size and focus would make her great at flyball or agility. Hart bonds very quickly and wants to please and will blossom in an active home. She is great with other dogs though could be a solo dog, too. She is good wtih cats. Hart is 30 pounds, small and petite. She and her brother were relinquished to the farm from Long Island because they were not what the guardian wanted and he planned to dump them at the pound.

LUCKIE: A 9 month old Border Collie, Luckie is a fun loving, sweet guy eager to play and be in the middle of everything. He is easy going, very people oriented and really wants to be in an interactive relationship as a companion. He is great with other dogs and also good with cats. Luckie will be happiest with another young dog for play since he loves to make up games and race and run. He is not showing heavy herding tendencies, mostly just energetic playful interests typical of young border collies.  Luckie loves to play with toys and will happily bring a ball back so you can throw it again and again and again!  Luckie is about 40 pounds, full grown and about average in size. Luckie was given up due to his energy levels and relinquished from Albany, NY

Boisterous Bandit found his forever home with former adopters who wanted a second GREAT dog (they adopted Spryte, Jr, now Pyke from the farm) and felt Bandit fit the bill perfectly...a real focused border collie but a big puppy full of energy to play with Pyke...it was a fantastic match, insuring that Bandit will happily enjoy his new life in New Hampshire on 100 acres with his own pond!!

BANDIT: An 11 month old Border Collie with papers, Bandit is a fun, people oriented dog. he wants to relate quickly and just loves to play. He is great with other dogs and will happily wrestle and run and play for hours, so would be happiest with another dog for play. He loves to learn and be mentally stimulated and he will do best with someone interested in an interactive, involved relationship. Bandit is eager to please and learn. He is not showing heavy herding instincts. He is about 50 pounds so a bit larger than average so will be best with another dog who is his size. Bandit is good with cats. Bandit was relinquished in Buffalo NY because his guardian had no time for him.

Champ found his forever home with the adopters who recently lost Prince, adopted from the farm. When they started looking for a new companion, they thought Scottie was the right one, but his energy was too much in their home so next came Champ who fit perfectly, actually quite similar personality to Prince who also came from a farm situation. We are so thrilled for Champ and his new family - we know he will be adored! Champ now lives in MA.

CHAMP: A 4 year old Border Collie (maybe a little mix), Champ is a friendly, happy go lucky dog, interested in being with people and being part of everything going on around him. He is not hyperactive like a young dog, but happy to be with people joining in activities. Champ is about 55 pounds, good with cats and mixes with other dogs well. He could also be happy as the solo dog. We have temperament tested Champ and feel he would be happiest with older children and in a loving home where someone is around during the day. Champ's former guardian was heavy handed with him and had planned to shoot him because he didn't want him anymore. Champ is in the Herkimer County Humane Society, contact Stephanie 315-866-3255 or gaffeyd@ntcnet.com .  

The incredible, good natured Logan found his forever home with a loving family who first met him at summer camp, vacationing with their two border collies.  Watching him month after month on the site, waiting for his home, made them decide they wanted their home to be his home. "Well, we can't imagine what life would be like without Logan" his new furmom says and so it goes...Logan's new fur dad is completely patient with low expectations of what will work and yet, amazingly, it's working beautifully. Logan is less skittish with his new furdad then he's ever been...a match made in heaven all around.  Logan now lives in New Jersey in a place that understands his quirks and loves him no matter what. We are very thankful for the kind hearts of Dee and Joe Hines who reached out to open their home to a wonderful dog with special needs.

LOGAN:    A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie mix, Logan is gorgeous, friendly, wants to play and is very easy going!.  He is very eager to connect with a person but also cautious and shy with strangers so will benefit from a patient, gentle approach that allows him to build his trust first.  Logan is very smart, observant of everything all the time and loves to engage with toys and also other dogs. He would be happiest with another young dog to race around with.  He would also be best in a home without children since he is a little bit nervous of commotion.  Logan will be placed in a quieter home with predominantly female guardians and another dog. He is not showing any herding tendencies but is a bit mouthy when excited, much like dog play.  Logan is good with cats but may chase when the cat runs, like most border collies  Logan was previously at Best Friends in Kanab Utah, relinquished due to lack of time. 

Seems like Scottie finally found the home of homes! He has a wonderful family with two kids who love border collies and new guardians who love him!  After tragically loosing their border collie, they were so grateful to find another wonderful one to join their lives and Scottie caught their attention on the site right away! So, of course, meeting him just confirmed he was most definitely the one!  And Scottie certainly felt the same way, cuddling and playing like he'd been with them forever.  Scottie now lives in central NY and will be forever loved.

SCOTTIE A 7 year old Border Collie (possibly mix), Scottie is a delight, very very friendly with everyone. The day he arrived at the farm, he entered the gate, joining 13 dogs as if he had known them his whole life and then proceeded to say hello to numerous visitors who were at the farm. He is very secure and very balanced, enjoying people and curious about everything going on around him. Scottie does not have heavy border collie instincts of herding or nipping, instead he is easy going and playful, loves belly rubs and being next to people. He is a bit camera shy so his gorgeous eyes are hard to see and his beautiful prance just cannot be captured.  Scottie is about 45 pounds, typical in size and is good with cats. Scottie was relinquished to a Pittsburgh PA shelter when his family wanted him to have a bigger yard. 

Blarney found his forever home with a wonderful guardian, and her son who had been patiently waiting for his new furry friend. Blarney now lives in western NY, joined by another border collie where he can race and play and enjoy a new loving life.

BLARNEY: A 2 1/2 year old Border Collie with papers, Blarney is a friendly, playful border collie who bonds easily. He is very affectionate and loves stuffed animals and squeaky toys. He is a great companion and very well behaved though energetic like all young border collies. He has not yet been tested on cats and would be fine as a solo dog. Blarney was given up to a buffalo shelter due to a job loss He is currently being fostered in Buffalo and about to come to the farm.

Gorgeous Grace found her forever home just a month shy of being at the farm with her pups (last xmas) so we are so happy for her and for her new guardians who really wanted to bring a sweet border collie into their lives. Grace now has her own yard to patrol, a soft comfy bed to rest on and lots of fun ahead with two loving humans and their talkative bird, Flyer, who Grace think is just fine! Grace now lives in New Jersey and will always be near and dear to our hearts and many of those who have met her!  (Picture coming soon!)

GRACE:  Gorgeous Grace is a petite 9 year old purebred with lots of spunk!  Though she lost her puppies, Ben & Shep, she is full of charm and love for everyone she meets.  She is an adorable, friendly happy go lucky girl, very content to be with you.  While she enjoys hanging out on the couch, she's also got a love for herding a bit which means she runs the perimeter, working to make sure everything is in order, a classic border collie trait.  She is a supervisor by nature and wants to turn chaos into calm.  We just love her good nature and sweet ways and feel she would be an incredible companion.  Grace would be happiest as the solo dog as she doesn't really love other dogs that much but sure loves people. Grace is good with cats.  Grace came from a West Virginia shelter where she birthed two pups that came with her to the Farm.

OLLIE found his forever home with a loving family and a young girl he immediately adored, eager to follow her everywhere! Plus Ollie will have three furry friends (not pictured) two shelties and a corgi who he fit with just fine, a happy gang of furbuds eager to be involved in everything. Ollie now lives in central NY.

OLLIE:  A 3 1/2  year old Border Collie, Ollie is a fun-loving boy who wants to play ball and race around with other dogs.  Hes very fast, agile and up for any games.  Ollie is eager to connect with people, sharing his sweet nature. He is very gentle, obedient and eager to please. He loves an interactive relationship with people.  Ollie will be placed in an adult home or with teenage children.   He is about 40 pounds. Ollie is not good with cats. Ollie was relinquished to the Farm because he was living as the solo dog and his guardian felt he needed more activities that another dog could provide. 

DILLON: An 10 month old purebred, Dillon is a lovebug, very very happy to be with people and ready for hugs all the time. He is truly people oriented and very friendly to everyone. He is also good with other  dogs and likes to play though would be best with a young dog since he's only a pup. Dillon is very responsive and smart, wanting to engage and  interact though not showing heavy border collie traits of intensity.  He would be happiest in an active home with lots of attention. He is  about 45 pounds and we believe full grown. He is good with cats. Dillon was relinquished to the Peru, NY shelter for having  too much energy.

Brilliant Buddy and daring Dillon found a great home together with two other furry friends so they can explore a new life of playing, running and chasing the ball in the yard while being adored! Buddy clearly chose his new furdad, sitting by his side quietly acknowledging a new companion and Dillon of course, won their hearts with his sweet good natured and humorous ways! Their new guardians came to adopt one dog and after meeting these two, felt they both needed to join their lives and couldn't imagine leaving one behind! Buddy and Dillon now live in upstate NY.

BUDDY: A beautiful 6 year old Border Collie/Aussie (bred intentionally with both breeds), Buddy is a sweetheart, very very friendly and happy to be with people. He is responsive to people, loves touching and hugs and has basic obedience training. He also loves to play ball, retrieving and gently dropping the ball at your feet. He is good with children, loves to run and play, as well as play 'hose', trying to catch the water He is good with other dogs so could live with a furry friend, too and seems to have an affinity for females. He is not good with cats. Buddy is about 55 pounds and loves playing in water and will happily jump into the washtubs at the farm and probably into creeks or lakes, given the chance. Buddy has lived in one home since a puppy and was given up in Newburgh NY due to lack of time for him. 

Lovely Sophie found her forever home with another young border collie, Max, who really loves to play and run and chase, like she does. Plus Sophie's new loving guardian loves the fact that she loves to cuddle and is the ultimate lap dog albeit active border collie, which they also love! Sophie now lives in upstate NY.

SOPHIE: A petite 10 month old Border Collie, Sophie is a wonderful, smart girl ready to interact and be involved in all activities. She can be a little shy at first, then comes up for lots of affection and loves to cuddle near you. She is good with other dogs and would be happiest with another young border collie since she wants to play and run.  Sophie has not yet been tested on cats. Sophie was a stray in the Oswego NY animal shelter. 

Brilliant Pegi found her forever home with another young Border Collie, Dillon who is a perfect match for continual play! They race and tumble and wrestle and chase balls like the best of buds. Pegi also has two kids of her very own (not shown) to play ball and frisbee for hours on end and she'll get to have fun with agility with the equipment in the backyard! Pegi now lives happily in upstate NY, never to be in harm's way again, living with loving guardians who adore the breed.

PEGI: An adorable 8 month old Border Collie, Pegi is absolutely wonderful. She loves people, jumping right into your lap for attention and she loves to play with other dogs. She runs and races and even jumps in the water for fun, a natural swimmer. She is already ball focused and eager to play! Pegi is very sweet and will do best with someone who really wants a relationship where she can be with them everywhere. Pegi is fine with cats and is typical in size for her age, about 25 pounds. She does not have heavy herding instinct and would be best as a companion. Pegi came to the farm from a shelter in PA.

Mollie found her new home with a relative of the family so she will fortunately be safe forever.

MOLLIE: A sweet 8 year old purebred, Mollie is a sweet, attentive Border Collie, very easily bonding to people. She has lived with children and another Border Collie so gets along fine in family life.  She loves road trips in the car, and is used to camping trips as well as lots of fetch. Mollie is good with cats. She needs a new home through no fault of her own. Her current guardians just moved east and had no luck renting a place that would take animals so had to give up all their animals, including Mollie and another Border Collie. Mollie is in her home in Rome NY, waiting for a space at the Farm. 

ZAKERI found his forever home with an adopter who wanted to meet him in his current home and fell in love so off he went to his new life! Zak now lives with loving guardians on two acres, able to race freely in his new yard as well as enjoy hiking and camping! Zak now lives in upstate NY.

ZAKERI: A little over a year old, Zakeri is a lively, smart border collie eager to play and connect with everything around him. Zak loves affection and attention and really wants to be with his guardians as much as possible. He loves to ride in the car, play frisbee and fetch. Zakeri mixes well with other dogs but would be best with another female border collie since he likes to be the lead male. He is friendly, obedient and eager to please, but he needs an adult home and a border collie savvy home. He is good with cats. Zakeri is about 40 pounds, typical in size for the breed. He is being given up due to chasing horses so needs a fenced yard.  Zakeri is in northeastern PA in his home and will be coming into rescue shortly but can be seen there until then. Contact the farm if interested.  

Little Polly made it the farm just long enough to enjoy one week of racing around with other border collies when the person transporting her contacted us asking to adopt her! A thanksgiving holiday surprise!....pretty Polly found her forever home with the very person who drove 8 hours to get her safely to the farm. Many thanks also to Pat Toomey who went to pull Polly from her previous home and started her on the journey to the farm. We are thrilled to have helped this little girl land in rescue and into the home of loving guardians!

POLLY: A 7 month old petite Border Collie, Polly is a charmer, as sweet as can be. She loves everyone and wants to play and cuddle all the time. She is also showing some herding instinct with good focus which could be channeled into ball or agility. She loves the soccer ball and will happily push it all around, chase and bring it back for fun. She is good with other dogs and likes to play so would be best with another young dog. She is more on the submissive side with other dogs. Polly is very responsive and smart so easily trainable. She has not yet been tested on cats but should do fine. Polly was relinquished to the farm from a family in New Jersey who had a change in lifestyle. 

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